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tv   BOS Land Use and Transportation Committee  SFGTV  April 13, 2020 1:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> this is thes transportation committee for monday, april 13th. i'm the chair of the meeting. our clerk is miss erica major from before miss major gives any
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announcements, i want to thank all of the staff from the clerk of the board who are bringing this virtual meeting to everybody who is participating and watching. thank you to john c. and author thorougarthurcoo. >> the board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee room are close. however, members will be participating remotely as if they were present. public comment will be available for each item on the agenda. channel 26 and sf gov tv are streaming the number across the screen. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. comments are opportunities to speak via phone by calling
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(888)204-5984. the access code is 351-1558 and then press pound. you will be lined up in the system in the order you died, 1 and 0. while you're waiting, the system will be silent. >> thank you, madam clerk. could you please call the first item. >> sure. item number one is a resolution renaming the 200 block of stewart street to stewart lane to honour william m. executer. stewart. members should call in and present 1 and the number provided. >> thank you, miss major. this item was brought to us by supervisor haney and his staff.
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anabigail, the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair peskin. good afternoon. thank you for considering this item. the designation of this 200 block of stewart to lane serves several purposes as residential use. the new residential building is replacing a seven-story garage whose entrance was at 75 howard and only address will be impacted as there are no other buildings on this block. this compliments the bike lane on howard, and drop-offs will occur. there are other examples of town that -- >> sorry. >> there are several letters of
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support in the packet from the neighbors including the stewart street hospitality association. this went through the port process under jurisdiction and it passed unanimously at the port on december 10th of 2019. if you have further questions about this item, we are also joined today by justin zucker for any technical land use questions and thank you so much for your time this afternoon. >> my connection timed out and i'm back. >> supervisor, i just ended my remarks. if there are any questions, we have others from justin zucker and miss rose to any technical land-use questions, as well as kristine mann. we're supported today by public
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works and jeremy spitz is on standby. >> thank you, abigail. i will note for the record with received a letter of support from the nearby boulevard restaurant which i forwarded to clerk major which will be a part of the record. are there any comments or questions from supervisor safaye or peskin? >> not at this time? >> public comment, any members of the public who would like to comment on this item? >> mr. chair, staff is checking to see if there are any calls in cue. >> there's one question. >> hello, caller, you have two minutes. please begin now. >> this is peter dislow. the generai'm a member of the eo
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street. we in support of the remaining of stewart street where an association of members and harbour court, hotel griffin and ozomu restaurants and we have no problem with the renaming of that portion. stewart street would like to also add the cooperation of the developers of the project to this date and the distance concerns of everyone in the area, so we're in support of the renaming of that portion of the street. >> thank you for your comments. are there any other members of the public who would like to comment? we have zero questions remaining
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and we'll close comment, and if there's no objection, there's a motion to forward this to the full board with positive recommendation and on that motion, a role call, please. >> supervisor preston? >> aye. >> preston aye. supervisor safaye. >> aye. >> supervisor pekin. >> aye. >> you have three ay session. >> could you please call the next item? >> yes, item number two is an ordinance amending the planning code to modify the district regarding minimum parking requirements for ceiling height and to allow payment of the inclusionary housing fee and assert finds. members should call the number provided on the screen and press one and zero to line up. >> thank you, madam clerk and
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this item was reviewed by the planning commission back in january and was originally scheduled for a hearing in front of this committee earlier, but, obviously, it was delayed and needed to be renoticed. this was brought to us by supervisor stephanie and supervisor stephanie, the floor is yours. >> thank you for your scheduling this item. this is a special use district that would create 100 new homes in district 2. i'm doing everything i can to make sure my district does its fair share to provide homes for families and working people. i think a lot of people do understand the background of this special-use district and this project. when the project sponsor approached me and asked me to make a change to the original use district and allowed them to say i was less than thrilled is an understatement. i say that because the value of
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having inclusionary housing on item is important to all of us. this was agreed to under the initial sud and shown with the original conversation, there was ncondition, there was nopath wi. so as it stands right now, the lucky penny or the copper penny project will not be built if i don't make this change. so i want to be clear that the process that brought this project here was not typical. in general, we should be following our city-wide inclusionary zoning rules when increasing density. however, the site as a special set of circumstances that make it different. the underlying zone itself was a planning mistake. as initially zoned, the height limit would be 80 feet but 21 units allowed. the sud allowed for 100 units of
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housing, bringing the density in line. this is transit rich and has easy access to the 38 garry bus where our city is investing over $3 million. the project sponsor has also committed to using union labor for the project, ensuring that we will be creating jobs with fair wages and benefits and we all know now we need that more than ever. a long and thorough community process brought the surrounding neighborhoods together in support of this project and i have heard concerns that the funds raised through this special use district will not be used to build housing in the immediate vicinity and i'm working to find locations for projects that are 100% affordable in my district and this would be a welcome addition to making sure that we create housing for people of all income levels in district two. so i wanted to let the committee
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know that i am working with supervisor fewer to write legislation to hold that 4.$5 million fee while we try to identify a site. i want to thank supervisor fewer and her staff. i would ask that you move this legislation forward to the full board with a positive recommendation as the committee report and, of course, remain available for questions and thank you again, chair peskin for scheduling this item today. >> colleagues, if we don't have questions for supervisor stephanie, i would like to ask miss veronica florez from the department of city planning to make a presentation a. i think this went before the planning commission on january 23rd and recommended unanimously to the board of supervisors with one
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modification that supervisor stephanie has just addressed that, would be the subject of trailing legislation. with that said, miss florez, the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair peskin. >> thank you. you have shared my presentation, but to reiterate, this relates to the proposed change to the garry masonic district and chill alinwillallow a housing fee. this was heard by the planning commission and the planning commission recommended approval to earmark the impact fees to district 2. supervisor stephanie was amenable to the changes and would look into this further and she's also working with the neighboring districts to identify potential sites. this concludes the staff
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presentation and i'm available to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you, miss florez. are there any questions for veronica? >> just for the record, this particular change is specific just to this project, correct? this does not set precedent. i just wanted that on the correct. >> yes, correct. this is specific to this project. >> thank you. i just wanted to hear the planning department say that for the record and i know you know, and i know, as well, but i wanted to hear it from the planning department. >> veronica florez, that the proposed amendment regarding the option for an includingary housing fee is specifiinclusion. >> done through the special-use
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district project, correct. >> yes, this would be to the living planning code, which we would review the planning projects against. >> ok, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, chair. >> chair, i have a couple of questions, if i may. >> supervisor preston. >> thank you. >> i'm trying to understand the history here and just my understanding is that the original rezoning or the creation of the special use district was premised on the purpose of that as stated in the ordinance, was to provide mixed-use development, with a combination of income levels at this site. so i'm a bit concerned with a proposal that essentially removes the affordable housing from this site.
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i am right in my understanding that the special use district that quadrupled this was to allow mixed income on site there? >> so the original sud revised the zoning to allow much more housing on this site. i believe it's 65 or 67 units. so as supervisor stephanie mentioned, the special-use district increased that number dramatically. and part of the original sud was to include a different set of market rates and inclusionary housing requirements. however, during the planning commission hearing after listening to the project sponsor, supervisor stephanie's presentation and comments from the general public, the planning commission did support the proposed ordinance with the
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caveat for the recommended modification regarding the collected fees to be designated towards district 2 or the surrounding vicinities. >> just for a follow-up question. looking act other sites of comparable sides here, we have others that lift the restrictions but the developers there agreed there may issues but they have agreed to all all of the inclusionary on site and i'm wondering if you could comment on other compraably sized projects. >> i can speak to two very particular projects.
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there's one by the same developer and that was in home sf program and they are providing 25% on-site units and that is for on-item, as well. and i'v i'm still working on anr housing development project with around 1167 units and this is located next door, both of which are in supervisor safyay's district and they're voluntarily providing the units on site. so these are just two projects of comparable or larger size that i worked on recently.
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(inaudible). >> the former lucky penny restaurant has been vacant under underutilized for a number of years and that's one reason why supervisor stephanie said we're trying to bring housing in and activate the site and this is one of the ways we would bring momentum back to the project. >> thank you.
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my microphone was muted. my apologies. the one point was going to make is that the entire inclusionary housing regimen incentivized on-site inclusionary, which is why the percentage for on-site is 23% as compared to the in lieu, which is 33%. so there is a disincentive financially to go off-site and that is captured here. >> the off-site was not an option and frankly, in looking through, at least on paper here, not seeing what makes this site any different to any of the
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other places where we either insisted on or have voluntarily obtained on site affordable housing at a time when we desperately need that, but that's more of a comment than a question. >> thank you, supervisor. shall we go to public comment? i believe cyrus, the project sponsor, is on the line but there may be others, as well. >> they are checking to see if there are any callers in cue. mr. chair, no callers wishing to speak. >> so with that, public comment is closed. >> mr. chair, we have veronica, who would like to
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speak. >> miss florez. >> thank you, chair peskin. just one more comment i would like to add in response to supervisor preston's inquiry. after the special use district was set in place and after the recent years, the project sponsor came back to the planning department and to supervisor stephanie sharing that the cost estimates came in, about $10 million, above the original estimate. this is largely due to the voluntary measures to higher union labor. so this is based on information from the project sponsor. this is the primary reason why providing on-site affordable housinaffordablehousing and whyd to make the option for an inclusionary housing pee.
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fee. >> just a quick follow-up on that, because i want to be careful here, because i think often, the cost of these are unfair of labor and i want to make sure that's not the case here. the ocean avenue site you mentioned, my understanding is that is able to do the 25% on-site and that is fully labor committed site, as well. so i'm not sure -- again, i upset the cost o the developer faces and i commend them on commitment but i think to use union labor here, but i'm still looking for why this is different, again, than something like ocean where the 25% affordable is done on site but can't be done here. >> chair peskin, can i speak on
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that since it's in my district. >> sure. >> supervisor preston through the chair, the reason the 65 ocean still pencils and we hope it continues to pencil is because it's in one of the economic empowerment zones that the federal government created. we were able to get that project fully entitled prior to the end of 2019, when the tax ability for investors -- essentially, it offsets certain tax liabilities and that is not an option at the lucky penny site and so, the reasons that our project continues to pencil because of that. they are also doing 100% union labor on the ocean avenue project and have committed to that, but it's a significant difference in terms of the amount of capital and the amount of off--se offset for the cost e
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project and changes the return for investment for those that are in investing in the overall project. so i think that's probably the most significant between the two. you have the project sponsor on the phone that's doing both projects and he could speak about that, as well. >> thank you, supervisor safaye for that piece of information. cyrus, if you would like to just clarify for the committee and madam clerk, if you can magically patch cyrus in. >> good afternoon, and thank you so much for your time this
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afternoon and i hope you can hear me. >> yes, we can. >> i'd like to thank supervisor stephanie and her entire staff and the land use committee for hearing our project today. this process has been ongoing at the laurels since 2014 and i think time is a key element here that has been touched upon but not exclusively. it started off as a project and a parcel that permitted 21 housing units. so the density limit on site only allowed 21 units within the existing mass restrictions that are still in place and have not been changed. from the extent of community outreach process over the years, over six years at this point, we were able to establish a
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coalition of support from the immediate neighbors, some of whom are loudly in opposition to another project that's nearby. but we're able to create a large consensus of neighbors that delivering housing within the site's current constraints made sense and were able to add housing without any of the underlying zoning constraints. and so that conversation had started well before the discussion of home sf, which when we were about a month or two prior to heading into our original planning commission on the issue, was announced and at that time, we approached the neighborneighbors and sought toe
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home sf. but there was a significant amount of opposition and we were faced with a lawsuit that would never allow the lawsuit to move forward or working within the constraints of removing the density limits and so that's the reason why we could not pursue home sf at the laurel. the significance expect difference between the laurel and the ocean project is that we've been pursuing our approvals and trying to break ground for six years now at the laurel. and through that time frame, we've experienced a pretty significant escalation in construction pricing.
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the building is a type one project, concrete construction is substantially more expensive than wood-frame construction than 65 ocean. 65 ocean, begin that we were able to pursue and with the support of supervisor safaye, we were able to pursue the approval in a much more timely manner which continues to be prioritized as a project through now the plan check and building process, as well. by way of comparison, we submitted a comprehensive building permit for the lucky pepnpenny site that we would brk ground. april 15th was our scheduled date and we were informed that
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the building departments only picked up the permits for review. so the projects really are very different in nature and, unfortunately, there's a lot of variables at play with regards to the conditions at the lucky penny that have necessitated that change in this off sighting. we are committed to deliver housing and committed to deliver affordable housing on site. and we have tried to demonstrate that across all of the projects in the city, but this is a matter for the laurel of feasibility whether or not we get any housing and this is different than the ocean project. >> thank you for the comments, cyrus. just out of an abundance of caution, i would like to reopen this up to public comment. if there are any members who would like to comment on item number 2, please do so now.
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>> checking to see if there are any callers in cue. >> thank you, miss major. >> mr. chair, m no callers wishing to speak. >> we'll close -- mr. chair, i just wanted to say forked recore record, the san francisco building trade called me and let us know that they were 100% in support of this project. >> i received a similar call, as well. >> supervisor preston? >> yes, i don't know if this is better directed through the chair to the developer or supervisor stephanie. i'm curious if there's been any consideration of how this
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pencils out if it's not all or not. seems like the claim is being made that it cannot be developed as originally proposed with on-site, but then we have before us an amendment that would allow them to do zero on-site and do everything in lieu. has there been any consideration of something all or not requiring two-thirds, half, some portion of this affordable housing to be on site and the rest feed out? >> cyrus, would you like to take a shot at that? >> please give me a second, please. >> sure. >> i apologize, there's a little
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bit of a lag. i'm assuming it's our phone call, but supervisor, preston, we've extensively looked at a number of achieve the returns that would make this project feasible to move forward. we've been as aggressive as we can be with regards to our revenue assumptions and trying to cut as much as we can on the cost side to hit those threshholds and the proposal in front of you came about after numerous iterations and back and forth with supervisor stephanie's office and the entire team at the planning department, as well. so, unfortunately, i don't like to characterize this as an all-or-nothing, but we have exhausted over the last two and
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a half years now, since the original approvals, all of the different ands. avenues. frankly, the gap we needed to bridge if feasibility came down to cost and just between when we received the planning commission approval and when the site permit was ready for issuance originally, we saw this escalation which really resulted in the only choice which was to either abandon to bridge that gap which is 1.a millio 1.$5 mio come back and do this and now the gap has grown even further. our original is three years old. >> supervisor preston? >> my apologies.
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i think i shared it earlier in my initial opening comments that the building permit process itself was also further exacerbating the issue and we're hoping with the current economic condition, at the very least, we won't experience further escalation. we're anticipatin(inaudible). >> supervisor preston. >> an additional comment but not a question. >> so thank you, cyrus, for those additional responses and supervisor preston, your comments, please. >> thank you, chair peskin. so i remain troubled by this and also concerned with the potential precedent with respect
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to other developments not far away over on divizadaro that are in the pipeline and one is a little smaller than this and one a lig bigger than that, trying to hold developers to their promises, do on-site. i have to say that like just looking back at how we got here, we had an increase from 21 units under the original zoning to more like 100, which was a huge upzoning and it allowed a lot more units and one would assume a lot more profits and a lot more room to absorb some costs. so i don't understand how that property, after that upzoning, with your valuable upzoning and i should say that that original special-use district in the upzoning, the only additional
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affordable added was 5% additional affordle and it was targeting folks at 140% ami, so, basically, six-figure earners. nothing wrong with that range, but, basically, a large increase in the development potential on that site with very little additional required. one of the things required was that the housing be on site and that's why it was upzoned. i want to read just a sentence from the original special-use district legislation which was for this project. the purpose of the legislation and i quote, in order to provide for a mixed-use development project with ground-floor retail and a combination of very low income, low income, moderate income, middle income and market rate residential units at densities hire than what would be permitted in the density
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district in an area well-served by transit, there shall be a masonic district and so on. this is the fundamental premise on which the number of units was upzoned to allow gra qua quadrue number of units. i think this opens the door to other developers, potentially making the same decision to see out, when as chair peskin correctly notes, as a policy matter, we try to incentivize folks to build their affordable housing units on site. this is not just a general issue of strong preference for inclusion on site, but it's two blocks from district five. so i appreciate the outreach to supervisor fewer and the plans around trailing legislation and
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let me just say two blocks from district five and it is a big loss, not that we don't have afforabilitaffordable units. we want it to go forward. as much as some loved the lucky penny, spent many late nights in that establishment, we lost the lucky penny and i think we would all like to get housing on that site. but as it stands, i am disappointed this goes from all-affordable to zero, to the affordable being on-site. i don't think that's ki consistt with the original use district and it's not something i can support. and i should clarify, there are three parts of the amendment proposed.
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supervisor stephanie, i have no problem with the parking and ground-floor. (affordable). >> so are you saying that you would like to sever out the subsection of ge at the bottom of page 3, i believe it is. i don't have it. i can turn the other screen on. and we can vote for those two items or alternatively, if this goes to the full board, you could sever it out at the full board. >> right. i could do it by motion. i don't know the reference of the sponsor to potentially treating that differently and moving the other two pieces of the boaofthe board.
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>> is there an opportunity for me to make any additional remarks? >> of course. supervisor stephanie, go ahead. >> i would like to follow up on some of the comments made by supervisor preston. and first of all, the premise of what we were doing, what we started to do back in 2004 was housing. in your remarks you say one would assume that they would be able to build it. i don't have the luxury of assuming things when i am drafting legislation and when i am working with developers to actually provide housing in my district. so in drafting this legislation, there were no just assumptions being made. there was actually sitting down, going through the financials and realizing that there was nothing more left for this developer to give that we were on the bubble. and i just want to say, too, that this started in 2014.
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i was a legislative aid to supervisor farrell for two years and then i came back and i still have an empty vacant lot because i can't get this housing built. so when they came to me and said we need a change in the sud, as i stated in opening remarks, i was less than thrilled. so i didn't assume what they were telling me. we sat down, looked at the financials and realized this property is different and this property is unique and is something when i went to the planning commission in january, the planning commission agreed unanimously with that premise. the fact that this site was zoned for 21 units and eight stories was absolutely reamed. iridiculous. i also want to say that this is district 5, that this borders
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district 5 and i first heard from you today about ten minutes before this meeting. so i'm opening to having conversations with you about legislation that you're concerned of. all i can say is that in this regard, i do not think the perfect should be the enemy of the good. we need housing in district 2. i am committed to building affordable housing as you've seen at 3333 with 100% affordable housing for seniors and i ask that you respect the fact i have been work on this legislation for over six years, both as an aid and a member of the community and now as supervisor. it is something i have not assumed. it is something i've worked hard it and something that the planning commission has unanimously agreed with me on and like i said, i am not going to tolerate an empty lot without housing when in this housing crisis that we're in and what
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we're facing right now, the fact that it will provide jobs. we know that jobs are more necessary than ever. it is a piece of legislation i hope will stay intact and forwarded out to the full board will full recommendation. i ask for that today. thank you, chair peskin and supervisors. >> i want to weigh in a little bit and however, supervisor preston wants to proceed relative to how we vote this either piece by piece or as a whole. i was around for the creation of the sud and i shared initially the concerns that supervisor preston has spoken to. but as supervisor stephanie knows, we went to some lengths with folks from chuchu and
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others, to number one, really determine what has been represented to the developer is true and two, to differentiate this project and other potentially similar-situation projects that it's not upheld as precedent. i think that has happened and i want to be very clear that other similar situated developers are going to have to have pretty incredible stories to tell if they think this will be the normal course of business. so i wanted to put those things out there. supervisor peskin, however you would like to proceed. i intend to vote for subsection d. i think the first two issues set forth relative to parking minimums and the 12-foot floor height on the ground floor are without controversy. so how would you like to
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proceed, supervisor preston? >> let me just start and clarify, supervisor stephanie. thank you for your work on this. our office reached out over a month ago, my staff to your staff, to indicate our concerns. we did not hear back anything of substance. we followed up again last week to indicate our ongoing concerns and, frankly, we have not been presented with anything that would distinguish this from alternative otheanyother projeci reached out personally right before the hearing, as you indicated. i do not believe that the issue before us is whether we are accomplishing density or not. that ship has sailed. that was done with the special-use rezoning. the issue before us is simply whether the affordable housing needs to be provided on site or
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not. and i believe it should be. so chair peskin, i would like to move to amend the legislation to restore on page 3, line 20 to 22, restore the sentence that begins in order to allow. >> supervisor peskin, can i just make a comment before you do that? >> sure. >> i just want to add a little color to the conversation. i think that certainly under both circumstances, i would be in 100% agreement with the theory of doing everything on site, and i think at all costs, when we're dealing with adding density, but i think that this
2:20 pm
project has gone through many different renditions and i think because some of state of the std goals, one, keeping a commitment to the union labor and to increasing density and then being given the choice and i think it's on site, we would be left with an empty parking lot. because i don't think this would be a financeable project. and so, i'm in agreement with you. my first reaction, and i think supervisor peskin said this, as well, is to say this is not the number one objective, but at the same time, if we create an opportunity to build housing, build more dense housing and then also -- i think i her supervisor stephanie make a commitment to work with chair
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fewer and she's said she's happy to work with you, to finding a project within a particular radius or site within a particular radius of the project, spend the next couple of years looking for that, i think taking that and putting it towards affordabl affordable hos left with zero on this site and going back to the drawing board and not having any housing in a housing crisis. while i appreciate what you're saying, it's unique to this particular site. so i am in support of this going forward and look forward to seeing supervisor stephanie work with both you and supervisor fewer to find the site or even in her district within the area to build some affordable housing. thank you for giving me the opportunity to say a few words. >> supervisor peskin, i can't
2:22 pm
hear you if you're speaking. are you muted? >> i apologize, thank you. so supervisor preston, i think you were in the middle of making a motion to restore the language from lines 20-22 and i assume in the same breath, would want to delete in your motion the language that starts on line 22 and goes to page 4 to line 6. is that correct. >> correct. >> ok. >> so that motion is made and i think has been sufficiently discussed on that motion. a role call, please. >> on motion as stated by supervisor peskin, preston. >> aye. >> supervisor safaye? >> no.
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>> supervisor peskin. >> no. >> peskin, no, one aye and two nos with supervisor safaye and peskin on defense. >> so that motion fails and we have the item before us that is unamended and we have two choices, which is we can send that item to the full board as a committee report with or without recommendation. what is this committee's will. >> chair peskin, i would request that we move without recommendation and also would very much welcome the opportunity to talk with any of my colleagues, developer and others before the hearing on this as to whether play be may e opportunities to expand on site, even if not to require all on site to make this, in my opinion, more positive for the
2:24 pm
community in the end. >> i certainly respect giving you that opportunity. so why don't we move this item without recommendation to the full board as a committee report and i will get you or the committee clerk will get you the contact information from the gentleman representing the developer, cyrus, and so, is that supervisor safaye? >> what i would say is -- and again, this is just respecting the process, the amount of time and energy put into this, i would say that the district supervisor has stated their request to have this as a positive recommendation to go to the full board and i think there's opportunity between now and tomorrow and then a subsequent vote, requiring two
2:25 pm
votes, chair peskin? >> that is correct. >> so that gives ten days for the opportunity for a sit-down i would vote to -- this has no disrespect to supervisor preston, but just the fact that so much time, effort and energy has been put into this and i would say do it with a positive recommendation and give the two sides. that was my preference. >> committee report? what's the proposal? >> i think the request is for a committee report? >> that is correct. >> that would send it to the board tomorrow. >> and that would give the project sponsor -- i would like
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to give them some time, namely the next 24 hours to have those conversations. supervisor, i would like to make a motion to send this item as is without recommendation to the full board as a committee report. >> ok. >> on that motion, madam clerk, a role call, please. >> on the motion to refer without recommendation as a committee report, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor searc safaye. >> aye. >> peskin.
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>> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> can you read 3, 4 and 5 together. >> to revise the central waterfront plant and industry element and the recreation and open-space element and transportation element. the urban design element and land use index to reflect the mixed use district. item number 4 is the planning code to establish the power station special use district and the appropriate finding. item number 5 is approving the development between the city and county of san francisco and california farrell company, llc, for the power station mixed-use district with various benefits including 30% of affordable housing and approximately 6.9 acres of publically accessible park and open space. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on these items should call the
2:28 pm
number provided on the screen and then press 1 and then 0 to speak. >> thank you, miss major. and before i acknowledge supervisor walton, i just want to say a little bit about the history of this site, the old murant power plant site which the board of supervisors and then under the leadership of supervisor sophie maxwell was the source of a tremendous amount of pollution in the southeast corner of san francisco. there were years of struggle to have this plant closed that required any number of infrastructure improvements back in the days of the california independent system operator, the cal-iso, and it was really a great day for san francisco, along with the help of the city attorney's office, then under
2:29 pm
and still under dennis herrero, the incredible work of teresa mueller, that closed that power plant and gave priority for the development that has long been in the making. i want to acknowledge the project sponsor for the, i think, really superlative outreach they have done with the community and the level of outreach and cooperation over a host of different topics, including the preservation of historic resources and having an appropriate mixed-use development is, as i said, really been done very well and very carefully and i would like to acknowledge the project sponsor for that and then, it is my pleasure to introduce the sponsor of these three pieces of legislation, supervisor walton and the floor is yours. >> thank you so much, chair pe
2:30 pm
peskin and thank you to my colleagues. i am not going to be very long in my statements. but i do just want to say that these items, 3, 4 and 5 comprise planning approvals for the power station development project which represents one of the last outstanding puzzle pieces to connecting the neighborhoods at the southeast san francisco to its waterfront. the project of over two years of community engagement is stakeholder input. this will provide jobs, economic development, affordable housing and elements more critical to sustainability of our city given the current public health crisis. this project will also provide almost 800 below market-rate units for a bmr level of over 30%, no less than two-thirds of these affordable units will be provided on site. i might add and emphasize that
2:31 pm
we fought to make sure that we have affordable housing on site within the first phrase of the build-out. this includes the robust work for a development program, a range of new recreational and open spaces and tens of millions of dollars for transportation improvements, all in the area which are features of this project. and also, items shaped by community input over the course of the planning process. the community was heavily involved in all coverageses which is why we are in a place in position to hear this before you today. in short, this will be transformative in nature with a destination caliber waterfront. and also before you today, a companion is a lease agreement with support that has already been forwarded by the budget committee with a positive recommendation that will provide
2:32 pm
much-needed and additional open space in an area in a community where this level of open space has been looking for quite some time but that's another exciting piece of items 3, 4 and 5. i want to say that we are here today to talk about the fact that this is something the district office supports. we fought hard to make sure certain commitments were made and, of course, we'll see it through to the continuation to make sure that everything we have fought for comes into fruition. with that said, i will leave it to the committee and just say thank you for this time, for these three items. you will hear from me for 6 and 7, as well. >> on behalf of the office of the economic and workforce development, we have john lao, who has a power-point presentation to make and we have josh witskky from city planning.
2:33 pm
mr. lao, the floor is yours. >> i'll go through a few house thanksgivinhousekeeping items ay to load the presentation which is not showing up now. so it takes a second to load.
2:34 pm
do you see the presentation? >> we do. apologies. so as you noted, some of my colleagues from the city are online today, john fitzky and john francis and the manager of our section at oewd.
2:35 pm
>> we'll ask for a motion to accept the sud, addresses the number of technical corrections that the city attorney discovered to help clean up at this time. so on to the presentation. you see the site today and thank you to both supervisors walton and peskin for those introductions. i want to set a little bit of context from a planning perspective, too. and some of you may have seen
2:36 pm
this slide before. it's the framework at oewd established, the southern bayfront framework with an organizing strategy to help keep track of this suite of projects that the city has processed over the past couple of years and the waterfront, obviously, together, representing an incredible amounamount of space for jobs ad housing units and we tried to coordinate an approach that makes the public benefits commensurate and the district needs as a whole. and then moving to the context of this area of this central waterfront, when you see the proposed plan near pier 70, you can see what a transformation al effect these two will have in
2:37 pm
the area and critically connecting these neighborhoods to a part of the waterfront which have never been open to public access. that's one of the more important points of the project. moving to the site itself, you can see that our sequence analysis actually analyzed items the project is proposing do on port listenland, as well. there was a proposed lease agreement, recommended bit port commission is few weeks ago and already reviewed and recommended by your colleagues on the budget committee whereby the project would improve 1.6 acres of shoreline, port known property. here is the proposal itself as a land use diagram, you see a mixed-use project, residential and commercial, the hope is to
2:38 pm
develop a hotel, as well, on the unit 3 site, adaptively reuse the power block that supervisor peskin made reference to. here is that same land-use information as a masking state. and 2600 units of full build-out of office and/or life science development, as well. a few images of the shoreline here to is sho show you this. again, such and important feature of the design of the project and, really, a focal point of the documents that draw people to this waterfront, not only to open it up for the first time public access, but to draw people to it and provide space
2:39 pm
for vitality and dynamic opportunities once there. this really has the potential to become the destination waterfront, perhaps regional in nature, and something we're very proud of. this isupervisor peskin made ree to the community engagement process and then you add up all of the office hours, the larger scale community, meeting, workshops and the larger social events on the site and that all adds up to hundreds of opportunities where community members involve themselves in this process. so i'll get to you in a moment, the crux of the matter, which is the nature of the public benefit's package. just a quick note on the
2:40 pm
mediation. that's and important topic, too. i will summarize that the upshot which is this, that the site cannot be developed as is just described in items in front of you as it is signed off and finalized by the quality control board who is the lead agency for those in mediation efforts. much of the project is ongoing and much is complete. so it has been underway for some time and these agreements go back through a series of prior owners. when this developer stepped into that agreement, collaboration to them and pg & e, they've been able to realize efficiencies in terms of a time-table in accelerating that clean-up and
2:41 pm
they expect to be able to have the site remediated even to prior schedules. all of that process and the documents associated with this is a public process, of course, and all of that information is available through the water board site. so, on to kind of the crux of the matter, a few different topics. the centerpiece for this project, of course, is the 30% below-market rate level that we were able to negotiate with this developer. so a full project that equals almost 800 affordable units on this site and again, without intervention of major public participation either in the form of funding or land or both. so the housing plan requires both 30% level and then amis consistent with section 415 of
2:42 pm
the planning code. up to one-third of the requirement, the developer is allowed to meet that through fees and those fees will need to be spent within district 10. the on-site units are subject to the neighborhood reference program and that fee amount equals over $45 million. on transportation, several items that baked into the project from day one, the extension of this dog-patch line, the project providing lay-over facilities and a turn-around for that line. obviously a robust tdm plan and over $65 million in tsf fees going to a suite of important projects in the district and more broadly, this is something we've worked on with the community a lot in addition to
2:43 pm
many other points, been able to support the potential for a water transit pilot project in the area, something that a lot of folks in the neighborhood are interested in, as well, including the ports. the force development, we've initiated a $1 million contribution from the project to help fund job and training, both on the construction side and end-user side and essentially we'll be creating a pipeline for and then putting those applicants to work and opportunities generated with the activities on site, both instructs and then with end-user site. i mentioned the importance of the waterfront and the port-owned areas. to that one piece of the
2:44 pm
open-space framework, including recreational opportunities, as well as passive interaction and in terms of facilities, the developer is in the advanced conversations with the ymca to be the provider of an on-site recreational facility and that facility will be required of the developer through the agreement and the ymca at this point is intended to be the operator. similarlsimilarly on site for ac library, should they be interested in that. in terms of preservation, this is items that has moved through because of and thanks to the deep engagement of members of the community and so the project that's before you will
2:45 pm
adaptively reuse the resources on site, notably the station a structure which remains of much conversation and this iconic symbol of the neighborhood that everyone in the waterfront know today. being a waterfront site, sea-level rise is of concern and we both are addressing that and from an engineering standpoint, through the project, as designed. then in the out-years, part of a community facility's district that we will be establishing in partnership with the sponsor, some dollars at which will be available to the city for sea-level waterfront model. so we've been through already a number of commission, all of
2:46 pm
which receive positive recommendations unanimously at each one and the planning commission certified the approval adopted at the end of january. so the actions before you today are three ordinances that we are requesting for recommendation on ordinances that amend the general plan and a planning code. the planning code amendments would establish the special use district and that's the way the city implements the design for development document which was part of your package in a much lengthier design focus and, of course, an ordinance adopting the agreement itself, the contract between the city and california barrel. it ensures these public benefits we've discussed are delivered. and i'll leave you with just a few renderings of the future project. the future of 22nd street and
2:47 pm
23rd street, as well as reused station a in the future. so myself and my colleagues are available for questions. thank you, supervisors, for the time. >> thank you, mr. lao and i want to mention you were an aid to then supervisor sophie maxwell and so you have watched this for probably getting on to a decade and a half or 12 years, at least. so i wanted to note that you've seen it all the way through. with that, are there any questions or comments from members of the land-use committee?
2:48 pm
seeing no questions from committee members, let's go to the planning department, mr. switsku. i. >> to presentation today but we're here to answer questions. >> thank you, josh. >> let's open this up for public comment and i believe the project sponsor, enrique landae may be on the line and madam clerk, let's open this up for public comment. >> i wanted tthis was noted to n
2:49 pm
economic impact. (inaudible). >> thank you for that. we'll hear from mr. kahn. i want to go back to mr. lao, that are amendments to item number 4, the 2039 file. i am not, to my knowledge, in receipt of those. i don't know if my colleagues are, but that is new information for me. i just searched my emails during the power point presentation and i don't think anything, at least not from miss major. colleagues are you in receipt of that? or mr. lao, do you know how we received that, or miss major? >> this is john. i shared those with the clerk. we can send those to you live.
2:50 pm
we can get that to you right here in a moment. >> ok, maybe if you can email that to the members of the committee and the committee clerk and madam, clerk, are you familiar with what mr. lau spoke to earlier? >> the technical amendment? >> yes. >> yes, i can share them if you give me a minute. would you like me to share them on the screen. >> yeah, i certainly would like to know what i'm voting for. >> one minute. [ laughter ] >> and while she's pulling that up, sorry supervisors, and that's a relatively lengthy ordinance, but amendments are not substantive in nature. we will be providing to the clerk updates to the file. but exhibits and attachments as part of the d.a. file, specifically those are an exhibit which is the finance
2:51 pm
plan, in addition to the workforce plan. and i wanted to have the record show that and share that with you, as well. we'll be getting those updates to the clerk. >> and those are attachments that are incorporated by reference? >> that's right. >> ok. >> i see somebody's screen. >> that's my screen, clerk major. i don't see any notes as any amendments. maybe if john can specify which paige anpage and i can navigate. >> john, if you could send those around. >> i can do that right now. >> and we'll forward it all, as well. >> so while we are doing that, why don't we open this up for public comment. are there any members of the
2:52 pm
public, including the project sponsor, who would like to testify on items 3, 4 or 5? >> mr. chair, our phone staff is checking on the callers. >> ok. >> mr. chair, there are two callers wishing to speak. >> first speaker, please. >> you have two questions remaining. >> hello, good afternoon. i'm cynthia gurman. i'm calling from local 2. is there a way to confirm you can hear me? >> we can hear you. >> thank you. i'll try to be brief. we are in support of the proposed mixed-use project. and as was mentioned earlier,
2:53 pm
one of the many uses of this project would be a very creatively use of some of the building elements of the decommission power station for a hotel and we at local 2 signed an agreement with the job at the hotel, specifically a guarantee for a fair and neutral process for the eventual hotel workers we ask for your support. thank you and that will conclude my remarks. >> thank you. another caller? >> you have one question remaining. >> you have two minutes and you
2:54 pm
can begin now. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, supervisors. this is corey smith on behalf of the san francisco housing coalition, also in support here today. given public comments on this a number of times, but we want to really applaud project sponsor for bringing together a true coalition for this project and having all of the stakeholder meetings and doing the difficult work to build support within the community an in and around the y and move the project forward today. thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any callers? >> you have zero questions remaining. >> seeing no other members of the public for public comment, public comment is closed. that's me knocking my han on thn the table.
2:55 pm
so are there questions or comments from committee members? >> chair peskin, through the chair, i think to planning, just curious in you could elaborate -- i was, frankly, impressed by the depths of the affordability here, the depths of the average but was wondering if you could lay out the spread in terms of affordable units, how many at each level? >> this is josh from planning. i think i will have john lao answer that question. thank you. >> i'll take a whack at that. can you hear me? >> go ahead. >> let's see, maybe i didn't entirely hear the question, but as to the housing plan -- >> i was just asking supervisor
2:56 pm
peskin as to 72% average on amis, which is the deep affordability for the public's benefit and my own, if you could break that down if you have those figures, as to what percent at each level and how we get to an average of 72% ami. >> yeah. the global response is the city we negotiated with line section 415 and we know there's an importance, a ke connection to e board more broadly. that's where the averages do come from and we can do the math on the fly, but the 780 units, the percentage and i don't have the specifics. but essentially, both the maximums on price points through sale and rental and we took from
2:57 pm
section 415 and the overall average was the negotiated point between this city and the developer, of course. >> got it, thank you. >> mr. chair, just to follow up to that, it should be pretty easy to break down what the percentages are in each tier. so if you don't have that information, maybe somebody else on your team does, but it should be pretty straightforward to say what at the different income levels. has that been income levels? >> it's an average that -- >> i understand the average, but i would like to know what the break-down is of that average. does mr. switsky, can you break that down, if you don't have it john? >> the housing plan as
2:58 pm
negotiated requires a few things of the developer and then provides flexibility on some related items. so we've required the 30% overall, by phase, i'll add, an additional requirement on site and units in the first two phases and the averages and max price points for 415. but beyond that, currently, the housing plan does provide some flexibility in how those averages are met, again, staying within the points provided by 415. >> so it hasn't been scoped out yet. >> well, beyond them needing to keep wi with the average, we knw the developers will meet this through the mix of land dedication, we'll refer to it is, 100% bmr projects on site,
2:59 pm
and that inclusionary and a range of amis. typicalcally those 100% affordable projects are 55% we'll call them to take advantage of the low-housing. so we'll arrive th arranging thd respecting the maximum points at 415. >> and i understand that the project sponsor, mr. landa, is available to address that issue. madam clerk, could you please give mr. landa access to comment, please.
3:00 pm
mr. chair, it doesn't look like we have that caller on the line. >> let's circle around to the email you sent us, miss major, that john lao spoke to earlier. it is very difficult for me to see -- because most everything in this file is underlined and i assume the only technical changes are what is double underlined. is that true? is this a complete substitute? i only find one place that seems to have double underlining. so it's very hard for me to see what changes you have made.
3:01 pm
i see the insertion of the word active under lane frontages and the only things that seem to be double underlined havin are havo do with languagin lane frontage. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> well, then, supervisor walton, any final words you would like to add? >> thank you, supervisor peskin, and thank you to my colleagues for your thoughtful questions. those are things that, of course, were at the forefront of my mind when we were having conversations about the community benefits, particularly about affordable housing. one of the major things for me, aside from the 72% average, was
3:02 pm
just to make sure that we have on-site affordable housing in every phase, which is very important. as you know, we have affordable housing crisis and not too many projects billed in the sale manner and that is something we worked with through the developer, as well as the 100% affordable projects being built for our non-project developers and our partners which is something else we wanted to make sure was a major benefit for communities. so as we think about affordable housing on this project and future projects, making sure we make those opportunities available was at the forefront of our mind, as well, aside from getting over 30% affordable on the project. and i just want to just say that having conversations and making sure we looked out for the workforce. we heard from local 2 and thank you so much for everything you
3:03 pm
worked out with the hotel. as you know, we do not have hotels in district 10 and this is something that will be a major benefit for our community as a whole. with that said, i appreciate all of your suggestions and comments and i will make sure i stay on top of this developer like we always do, 24/7. >> thank you swa, supervisor wa, and thank you to the project sponsor, the house of labor and the office of economic workforce development for a project that deals with everything from sea-level rise to community benefits to the preservation of historic resources to hazardous materials and mediation. as i said earlier, the public outreach really has been an involvement, not just outreach, but outreach and involvement has been superlative. i would like to make a motion to accept a motion for file 4,
3:04 pm
2009, and can we do that without objection? >> mr. chair. >> madam clerk, can we do a role call? >> yes. on the accepting of the amendments, a role call, please. >> on the motion to amend as supervisor peskin, supervisor preston? >> aye. >> supervisor safai? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> i would like to make a motion to send the file as amended and the other files, items 3 and 5, with positive recommendations to the full board as committee reports with positive recommendation. a role call, please. >> on the motion as stated, for item number 3 as a committee report, item number 4, recommended as a committee report and item number 5,
3:05 pm
recommended as a committee 4, preston? >> aye. >> safai. >> aye. >> peskin. aye. >> you have threas three ayes. >> we will look forward to the files forthcoming. with that, can you read items 6 and 7 together? >> by amending the zoning map to change the use classification on certain parcels in the industrial redevelopment project from n1 and ndp and districts to change the height and roll classification of part and parcels. item number 7 is an ordinance in
3:06 pm
the industrial use district. (inaudible). >> members that wish to provide comment, should call into the number on the screen and press 1 and then 0 to speak. >> thank you, madam clerk. this is a banner day for district 10. supervisor walton, the floor is yours. >> thank you, chair peskin. i was going to make the same statement. the two ordinances being introduced are in response to the expiration of the bayview industrial triangle redevelopment plan which was first adevelopmente adopted in 0 and expire on june 30th of this year. this is a very, very small piece of land area in bayview. the first ordinance would amend the zoning map to rezone the parcels and the bay view industrial triangle from m1 and m2 to pdr1g and nc3 zoning
3:07 pm
districts. this will preserve pdr and allow for several uses such as building grocery stores, theaters, recreation spaces in a district that is building over 17,000 units of housing that we have in the pipeline the second ordinance would apply a restricted-use district to the bayview district triangle, prohibiting cannabis retail establishments in the project area. that does not eliminate the continued opportunity for a manufacturing distribution and culcultivation in this area. this is a small piece of land in bayview. i might add that we have several dispensaries and permits within walking distance from this particular area. the purpose of this proposed rezoning is to stabilize the existing businesses in the
3:08 pm
bayview industrial triangle and as a result stabilizing the surrounding community. we support the need to add housing and other opportunities in our communities, but this is a small piece of land that would not solve the housing crisis and along the lines and in conjunction with our current bayview plan to make sure that we build housing along third street corridor with commercial on the bottom and housing on top, and this does allow for that in this bayview industrial triangle, as well. the only on position we've had to these changes has come from wealthy landowners that do not reside in this area but would benefit if we were to allow small possibilities of very minimal housing in the bit. again, it is more important for us, in in particular area, to preserve pdr space, to preserve the jobs that come with the pdr and also allow for the
3:09 pm
opportunity for thousands more jobs to be in the same area and i might add that this is adjacent to the sewage plant in bayview. therefore, building housing next to a sewage plant we know is not optimal and creates other issues and we're trying to go away from providing this type of nuisance to community and making sure that we are building with optimal for the surrounding community as a whole. i will pass it back to the committee and thank you so much, supervisor peskin. >> thank you, supervisor walton and i believe we have a presentation from planning. is that coming from rhianna tong. is that correct? >> good afternoon.
3:10 pm
i will be presenting for these two ordinances. so i'm going to pull up the power-point presentation now.
3:11 pm
>> i don't see a power-point presentation. ok, now i've got it. thank you. >> thank you. >> ok, so some backyard on the industrial triangle plan. the redevelopment plan was adopted in 1980 and it is still in effect today. it is situated in bayview, just
3:12 pm
east of the southeast treatment plant and west of third street. and the redevelopment plan was developed with community members, with the main objective of preserving and expanding industrial and commercial development while also providing a buffer between the industrial eras from the more commercial and residential areas along third street. the redevelopment plan also specified to relocate existing residential structures from the industrial triangle to nearby residential areas. the redevelopment plan is expiring on june 30th of this year and when that happens, the zoning will revert back to the underlying predominantly m zoning districts underneath. the m zoning districts are outdated that the city has been and is continuing to phase out.
3:13 pm
but it will likely happen if it is allowed to variety back to the zoning district and one of the greatest implications is that office and residential uses, which are not currently permitted under the redevelopment plan would now be permitted and this could lead to some consequences such as property speculation, sizing vents, the displacement of businesses and gentrification in and around the industrial triangle. supervisor walton introduced this to address the potential impacts of the zoning -- sorry, i just want to connect that.
3:14 pm
(brief pause). >> can everything still hear me? >> i'm sorry. my internet said that it was not connected. i'm going to resume. supervisor walton introduced this ordinance today to address the potential impact of the zoning reverting back to the underlying end zoning and it is to rezone the underlying m1, m2 and nc3 zoning districts to nct3 along third street and pdr 1g, production distribution and repair general, everywhere el in the bayview triangle. i also want to note there has been a minor amendment to the legislation. there was a typo identifying the underlying zoning for one parcel as m1, when it is actually m2. however, this doesn't change the proposed planning code or the zoning map amendments before you today.
3:15 pm
>> and miss tong, do we need to fix that in the subject ordinance? >> it should have already been sent to you with the amendment. we'll get that done. >> sorry, please proceed. >> the bayview industrial triangle to nc32 and it's to stabilize the community within the bayview industrial triangle at least until the african-american's arts and culture districts can establish a more neighborhood-wide vision for the bayview. also, the n ct3 zones encouraging zones along the
3:16 pm
corridor and everywhere else is preserved land for pdr businesses to continue to operate and grow. housing on much of the third street was recently incorporated into the bayview area commercial district and we are proposing to update the zoning along third street within the bayview industrial triangle to nct3 with the understanding that nctp zoning districts allow for a greater capacity and density of housing comparhousing compared . we're aware of the pipeline in this area for requiring greater density. obtaininmaintaining pdr in sanfo
3:17 pm
has been shown to be a positive contribution to the diversity and dpr businesses and manufacturing, in particular middle-class jobs, especially for those who might not have the traditional four-year degree and data also shows that manufacturing jobs actually pay higher than retail and offer more opportunities for career advancements. and at a geographic city-wide scale, you can see here that the bayview industrial triangle in yellow and outlined in red sits in an area that is largely zoned as pdr already and that's the areas shown in blue. and it's important to note that pdr zoning actually allowed for a variety of uses from cafes to grocery stores to community facilities and to even a few
3:18 pm
distribution centers. another consideration for the proposal is the existing and proposed heights. it allow for 65 feet development along third street and 40 feet everywhere else. the underlying heights it would revert to allow for 65 feet throughout the bayview industrial triangle with maximum parcels along third street. this ordinance proposes to reclassify those remaining 40-foot maximum parcels to 65 feet so that the entire bayview allows for a maximum of 65 feet consistently. i want to go over briefly the racial and social equity consideration we took throughout the project. on the right, you'll see a map of the bayview industrial
3:19 pm
triangle outlined in blue and purple-shaded areas that are communities of concern. and communities of concern are a cross-section of playings ansecs that are disadvantaged and could include minority populations, low-income, seniors, people with disabilities. you'll see that the bayview triangles and overlaps with the communities of concern. and bayview remains one of the few neighborhoods in san francisco where working-class and low-income households can afford to live. so with this context in mind, we developed some equity goals which include the ones listed here to displacement risks and negative health impacts on low income, people of color and small businesses and increasing affordable housing options and also increasing the opportunity
3:20 pm
for job access to low-income people of color. by preserving the nt3 zoning, we believe we're helping to stabilize the triangle and surrounding community and making progress to advancing these equity goals. we have been conducting an engagement on this project since june of 2019 and we've been collaborating closely with the economic and workforce development. we have presented a various cac meeting, merchant's group meeting and we've held office hours and hosted our own workshops. we presented at planning commission on february of this year and for that hearing, we hosted the typical online and newspaper postings and sent out letters via mail to people in
3:21 pm
the area and people in that vicinity. we sent out notices to the project email list and for today, madam clerk handled the noticing for today's hearing. we've been doing a good bit of outreach on this project. throughout this process, we've heard support and opposition to the proposed update. many of the concerns relate to the conditions of building structures, the occupancy and use of lots in the area, safety and homelessness in the bayview triangle and a general desire for more residential and employment density. and we also heard from community members a request to consider the impacts of any zoning changes on the broader community, especially considering jobs for local use and the sustainability as existing pdr businesses in the area and around san francisco.
3:22 pm
in the initial rounds of outreach, one of the major concerns that came up was the large amount of cannabis retail applications going through the bayview and so that resulted in the second ordinance before you today, which is the cannabis restricted use district and this strictly prohibits cannabis retail in the bayview industrial triangle and does not prohibit other cannabis related uses. that concludes my presentation and i will be here to answer my questions. >> thank you, miss tong. and while we go to miss kan, from the controller's office, if you can get the clerk and committee members the amendments that you spoke to earlier for our review, that would be great. and meanwhile, miss kahn, the
3:23 pm
floor is yours. >> that was for items 3 through 5 and they'll be submitting an economic report later this week. these items do not have an economic impact. >> my apologies to the controller's office for having them speak on the last item. but sobeit and we can review it when we get it and so, with that, i guess this is just on to miss tong as to the amendments that she previously mentioned. with the typo. touto my knowledge, they're not
3:24 pm
before the committee. you mentioned them but i can't vote on them unless you can describe them or i can see them. >> so the amendment is one parcel where the underlying zoning is m2 currently and this is at the northern point of the bayview industrial triangle. this parcel was identified as m1 in the ordinance that was sent to you, but it is actually m2. >> go it. got it. sand i'm looking at legislative version number one, which is the one and only verge o version of. so where is this in section 2, on page 2? there's a list of blocks and
3:25 pm
parcel numbers. >> yes. it would be 5235-003. that is listed as m1, when it is actually m2. >> ok, so on page 2, at line 18, parcel block lot number 5235-003, strike m1 and insert m2. is that correct. >> correct. >> thank you for that. are there any comments or questions from members of the committee? seeing none, madam clerk, why don't we go to public comment. any members of the public who would like to comment on items 6 or 7? >> mr. chair, staff is checking to see if there are any callers in cue.
3:26 pm
>> mr. chair, there are no callers wishing to speak. >> ok, with that, public comment is closed. and supervisor walton, any final comments that you would like to make? >> thank you so much, chair peskin. i don't have any comments at this point, but i do appreciate the committee's time and i want to thank miss tong for all of her work on this project with the community and with our office. >> thank you, supervisor walton. are there any comments or questions from community members? seeing none, is there a motion to sen -- i will make a motion o make the one technical amendment on page 2, line 18, changing m1 to m2. on that amendment, a role call, please.
3:27 pm
>> on the motion, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> safai. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> and then i would like to make a motion to send items 6 as amended with recommendation as a committee report and item 7 as presented with recommendation as a committee report. that would be one motion for the two items. >> on the motion as stated by supervisor preston. >> a earthquakes. ye. >> safai. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> any more business before this committee? >> no further business. >> we are adjourned. is --
3:28 pm
3:29 pm
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3:39 pm
>> our united states -- constitution requires every ten years that america counts every human being in the united states, which is incredibly important for many reasons. it's important for preliminary representation because if -- political representation because if we under count california, we get less representatives in congress. it's important for san francisco because if we don't have all of the people in our city, if we don't have all of the folks in california,
3:40 pm
california and san francisco stand to lose billions of dollars in funding. >> it's really important to the city of san francisco that the federal government gets the count right, so we've created count sf to motivate all -- sf count to motivate all citizens to participate in the census. >> for the immigrant community, a lot of people aren't sure whether they should take part,
3:41 pm
whether this is something for u.s. citizens or whether it's something for anybody who's in the yunited states, and it is something for everybody. census counts the entire population. >> we've given out $2 million to over 30 community-based organizations to help people do the census in the communities where they live and work. we've also partnered with the public libraries here in the city and also the public schools to make sure there are informational materials to make sure the folks do the census at those sites, as well, and we've initiated a campaign to motivate the citizens and make sure they participate in census 2020. because of the language issues that many chinese community and families experience, there is a lot of mistrust in the federal
3:42 pm
government and whether their private information will be kept private and confidential. >> so it's really important that communities like bayview-hunters point participate because in the past, they've been under counted, so what that means is that funding that should have gone to these communities, it wasn't enough. >> we're going to help educate people in the tenderloin, the multicultural residents of the tenderloin. you know, any one of our given blocks, there's 35 different languages spoken, so we are the original u.n. of san francisco. so it's -- our job is to educate people and be able to familiarize themselves on doing this census. >> you go on-line and do the census. it's available in 13 languages, and you don't need anything. it's based on household.
3:43 pm
you put in your address and answer nine simple questions. how many people are in your household, do you rent, and your information. your name, your age, your race, your gender. >> everybody is $2,000 in funding for our child care, housing, food stamps, and medical care. >> all of the residents in the city and county of san francisco need to be counted in census 2020. if you're not counted, then your community is underrepresented and will be underserved. welcome to the ep
3:44 pm
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3:49 pm
3:50 pm
did you know that many buildings in san francisco are not bolted to the foundation on today's episode we'll learn how the option to bolt our foundation in an earthquake. >> hi, everybody welcome to another episode of stay safe i'm the director of earthquake safety in the city and county of san francisco i'm joined by a friend matt. >> thank you thanks for being with us we're in a garage but at the el cap center south of market in san francisco what we've done a simulated the garage to show you what it is
3:51 pm
like to make the improvements and reduce the reflexes of earthquake we're looking at foundation bolts what do they do. >> the foundation bolts are one of the strengthening system they hold the lowest piece of wood onto the foundation that prevents the allows from sliding during an earthquake that is a bolt over the original construction and these are typically put in along the foundation to secure the house to the foundation one of the things we'll show you many types of bolts let's go outside and show the vufrdz we're outside the epic center in downtown san francisco we'll show 3 different types of bolts we have a e poxy
3:52 pm
anchor. >> it is a type of anchor that is adhesive and this is a rod we'll embed both the awe hey that embeds it into the foundation that will flip over a big square washer so it secured the mud sell to the foundation we'll need to big drill luckily we have peter from the company that will help us drill the first hole. >> so, now we have the hole drilled i'll stick the bolt in and e post-office box it. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea but the dust will prevent the e post-office box from bonding we need to clean the hole out first. >> so, now we have properly
3:53 pm
cleaned hole what's the next step. >> the next step to use e post-office box 2 consultants that mixes this together and get them into tubes and put a notice he will into the hole and put the e post-office box slowly and have a hole with e post-office box. >> now it is important to worm or remember when you bolt our own foundation you have to go to 9 department of building inspection and get a permit before you start what should we look at next what i did next bolt. >> a couple of anchors that expand and we can try to next that will take a hole that hole is drilled slightly larger marathon the anchor size for the e post-office box to flow around
3:54 pm
the anchor and at expansion is going into the hole the same dinning room we'll switch tamet so, now we have the second hole drilled what next. >> this is the anchor and this one has hard and steel threads that cuts their way into the concrete it is a ti ton anchor with the same large square so similar this didn't require e post-office box. >> that's correct you don't
3:55 pm
needed for the e post-office box to adhere overnight it will stick more easily. >> and so, now it is good to go is that it. >> that's it. >> the third anchor is a universal foundation plate when you don't have room above our foundation to drill from the
3:56 pm
top. >> so, now we have our foundation plate and the tightened screw a couple of ways to take care of a foundation what's the best. >> the best one depends on what your house is like and our contractors experience they're sometimes considered the cadillac anchor and triplely instead of not witting for the e post-office box this is essentially to use when you don't have the overhead for the foundation it really depends on the contractor and engineering what they prefer. >> talking to a qualified professional and see what
3:57 pm
>> we're here to raise awareness and money and fork for a good accuse. we have this incredible gift probably the widest range of restaurant and count ii destines in any district in the city right here in the mission intricate why don't we capture that to support the mission youths going to college that's for the food for thought. we didn't have a signature font for our orientation that's a 40-year-old organization. mission graduates have helped me to develop special as an individual they've helped me
3:58 pm
figure out and provide the tools for me that i need i feel successful in life >> their core above emission and goal is in line with our values. the ferraris yes, we made 48 thousand >> they were on top of that it's a no-brainer for us. >> we're in and fifth year and be able to expand out and tonight is your ungrammatical truck food for thought. food truck for thought is an opportunity to eat from a variety of different vendor that are supporting the mission graduates by coming and representing at the parks >> we're giving a prude of our
3:59 pm
to give people the opportunity to get an education. people come back and can you tell me and enjoy our food. all the vendor are xooment a portion of their precedes the money is going back in >> what's the best thing to do in terms of moving the needle for the folks we thought higher education is the tool to move young people. >> i'm also a college student i go to berkley and 90 percent of our folks are staying in college that's 40 percent hire than the afternoon. >> i'm politically to clemdz and ucla.
4:00 pm
>> just knowing we're giving back to the community. >> especially the spanish speaking population it hits home. >> people get hungry why not eat and give >> growing up in san francisco has been way safer than growing up other places we we have that bubble, and it's still that bubble that it's okay to be whatever you want to. you can let your free flag fry he -- fly here. as an adult with autism, i'm here to challenge people's idea of what autism is. my journey is not everyone's journey because every autistic child is different, but there's
4:01 pm
hope. my background has heavy roots in the bay area. i was born in san diego and adopted out to san francisco when i was about 17 years old. i bounced around a little bit here in high school, but i've always been here in the bay. we are an inclusive preschool, which means that we cater to emp. we don't turn anyone away. we take every child regardless of race, creed, religious or ability. the most common thing i hear in my adult life is oh, you don't seem like you have autism. you seem so normal. yeah. that's 26 years of really, really, really hard work and i think thises that i still do. i was one of the first open adoptions for an lgbt couple. they split up when i was about four. one of them is partnered, and one of them is not, and then my
4:02 pm
biological mother, who is also a lesbian. very queer family. growing up in the 90's with a queer family was odd, i had the bubble to protect me, and here, i felt safe. i was bullied relatively infrequently. but i never really felt isolated or alone. i have known for virtually my entire life i was not suspended, but kindly asked to not ever bring it up again in first grade, my desire to have a sex change. the school that i went to really had no idea how to handle one. one of my parents is a little bit gender nonconforming, so they know what it's about, but my parents wanted my life to be safe. when i have all the neurological issues to manage, that was just one more to add to it. i was a weird kid.
4:03 pm
i had my core group of, like, very tight, like, three friends. when we look at autism, we characterize it by, like, lack of eye contact, what i do now is when i'm looking away from the camera, it's for my own comfort. faces are confusing. it's a lack of mirror neurons in your brain working properly to allow you to experience empathy, to realize where somebody is coming from, or to realize that body language means that. at its core, autism is a social disorder, it's a neurological disorder that people are born with, and it's a big, big spectrum. it wasn't until i was a teenager that i heard autism in relation to myself, and i rejected it. i was very loud, i took up a lot of space, and it was because mostly taking up space let everybody else know where i
4:04 pm
existed in the world. i didn't like to talk to people really, and then, when i did, i overshared. i was very difficult to be around. but the friends that i have are very close. i click with our atypical kiddos than other people do. in experience, i remember when i was five years old and not wanting people to touch me because it hurt. i remember throwing chairs because i could not regulate my own emotions, and it did not mean that i was a bad kid, it meant that i couldn't cope. i grew up in a family of behavioral psychologists, and i got development cal -- developmental psychology from all sides. i recognize that my experience is just a very small picture of that, and not everybody's in a position to have a family that's as supportive, but there's also a community that's
4:05 pm
incredible helpful and wonderful and open and there for you in your moments of need. it was like two or three years of conversations before i was like you know what? i'm just going to do this, and i went out and got my prescription for hormones and started transitioning medically, even though i had already been living as a male. i have a two-year-old. the person who i'm now married to is my husband for about two years, and then started gaining weight and wasn't sure, so i we went and talked with the doctor at my clinic, and he said well, testosterone is basically birth control, so there's no way you can be pregnant. i found out i was pregnant at 6.5 months. my whole mission is to kind of normalize adults like me. i think i've finally found my calling in early intervention, which is here, kind of what we
4:06 pm
do. i think the access to irrelevant care for parents is intentionally confusing. when i did the procespective search for autism for my own child, it was confusing. we have a place where children can be children, but it's very confusing. i always out myself as an adult with autism. i think it's helpful when you know where can your child go. how i'm choosing to help is to give children that would normally not be allowed to have children in the same respect, kids that have three times as much work to do as their peers or kids who do odd things, like, beach therapy. how do -- speech therapy. how do you explain that to the rest of their class? i want that to be a normal
4:07 pm
experience. i was working on a certificate and kind of getting think early childhood credits brefore i started working here, and we did a section on transgender inclusion, inclusion, which is a big issue here in san francisco because we attract lots of queer families, and the teacher approached me and said i don't really feel comfortable or qualified to talk about this from, like, a cisgendered straight person's perspective, would you mind talking a little bit with your own experience, and i'm like absolutely. so i'm now one of the guest speakers in that particular class at city college. i love growing up here. i love what san francisco represents. the idea of leaving has never occurred to me. but it's a place that i need to fight for to bring it back to what it used to be, to allow all of those little kids that come from really unsafe environments to move somewhere safe. what i've done with my life is work to make all of those
4:08 pm
situations better, to bring a little bit of light to all those kind of issues that we're still having, hoping to expand into a little bit more of a resource center, and this resource center would be more those new parents who have gotten that diagnosis, and we want to be this one centralized place that allows parents to breathe for a second. i would love to empower from the bottom up, from the kid level, and from the top down, from the teacher level. so many things that i would love to do that are all about changing people's minds about certain chunts, like the transgender community or the autistic community. i would like my daughter to know there's no wrong way to go through life. everybody experiences pain and grief and sadness, and that all of those things are temporary.
4:09 pm
4:10 pm
4:11 pm
>> hi everybody, we down here at the /ep is a center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has
4:12 pm
never done anything in the house to the most advanced structure engineers we have working around here. we we're going to here from kelly to talk a little bit about san francisco. how are you doing kelly? >> very well, thank you for having us here. >> in front of us, we have a typical soft story building. when i see this, i think this is some of the most beautiful architecture our city has. a lot of people don't know these are problematic buildings. why don't you tell us about some of the risks he we have in these buildings? >> soft stories are vulnerable in past earthquakes and the northridge earthquake to this type of building and character of building. when we talk about the soft story, what we're talking about is generally a ground story that has less wall or other /pwraeugs to resist the lateral forces that might be imposed by the earthquake. so we're looking for something that is particularly weak or soft in this ground story. now, this is a wonderful
4:13 pm
example of what some of the residential buildings that are soft stories in san francisco look like. and the 1 thing that i would point out here is that the upper force of this building have residential units. they have not only a fair amount of wall around the exterior of the building but they also have very extensive walls in the interior and bathrooms and bedrooms and corridors and everything that has a certificate amount of brazing yea it's significantly less country /srabl in those stories. now very often, we get even a garage or storage or sometimes commercial occupancy in this ground story. that very often not only has a whole lot less perimeter wall but it often has little or no wall on the interior. that wall is the earthquake bracing and so he see very significant
4:14 pm
bracing in the top floor and very little on the bottom. when the earthquake comes and hits, it tries to push that ground floor over and there's very little that keeps it from moving and degrading and eventually /paoerblly keeping it from a collapse occurring. so we know they're vulnerable because of this ground story collapsing >> is this only a problem we see in sentence france? san francisco? >> no, this is certainly a national problem. more acute in western but more up to california, washington, moving out into other states. this kind of building exist and this kind of building is vulnerable. >> when you're involved with the community safety, this is a different way of thinking about these types of things. we had a community group of over 100 people involved and upper 1 of them. tell us about * how that
4:15 pm
conversation went. why did we decide as a city or a community to start fixing these types of buildings? >> there were a lot of aspects that were considered well beyond just the engineering answer that these are vulnerable. and that effort brought in a lot of people from different aspects of the community that looked at the importance of these buildings to the housing stock and the possible ramifications of losing this /houbgs in the case of an earthquake. the financial implications, the historic preserve vacation s implication as you mentioned, these are very handsome looking buildings that are importance to the tourist city ask which make san francisco something that people are interested from outside in coming and visiting. >> it's such animation story when you think about the 10 years that the community spent talking about this /seurb but we actually did something
4:16 pm
about it. now we have an order unanimouses put in place to protect 100,000 residents in san francisco and retrospective in 2020. so on behalf of residents and employees in san francisco, we want to say thank you for the work you've done in pushing this forward and making people more aware of these issues. >> and it was a fantastic community effort. >> so in an earth quake, what happens in these kinds of buildings? >> what happens when an earthquake comes along is it moves the ground both horizontally and vertically. it's mostly the horizontal that we're worried about. it starts moving the building back and forth and pushing on it. when you see i'm pushing on it, the upper stiff of the wall stay straight up but the lower floors, they actually collapse just like i did there. >> luckily, we can put this building right back up where it came
4:17 pm
from so it's a lot easier. now kelly, obviously these aren't real frame walls here but when you talk about buildings, what makes the property for stiff? >> the easiest and most cost-effective type of bracing you can put in is either put in a brand new wall or to potentially go in and strengthen a wall that's already there where you don't need to have an opening is where you maybe have a garage door or access to commercial space, you might go to a steel frame or other types of bracing systems that provides the strength and stiff if necessary but at the same time, allows continued use of that area. but some combination of walls or frames or other tools that are in the tool kit that can bring the building up to the strength that's required in order to remove the vulnerability from the building so that when ground shaking comes, it
4:18 pm
in fact is a whole lot more resistant and less vulnerable. ideally, this story down here would be made as strong and stiff as the floors above. >> if i'm a property owner, what is the first thing i should do? >> the first thing you should do is find professional that can come in and help you evaluate your building in order to, 1, figure out that indeed it does need to be retro fitted and 2, give you some idea of what that retro fit might look like. and third, evaluation and design to help you determine the retro fit requirement. >> well kelly, i can't thank you enough for being here today. thank you so much for your wealth of information on how we can take care of our soft story problem in san francisco. and you the viewer, if you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website
4:19 pm
(clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we
4:20 pm
trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is (inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have
4:21 pm
what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this
4:22 pm
particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking
4:23 pm
chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location.
4:24 pm
>> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want.
4:25 pm
>> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the
4:26 pm
assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know, we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in
4:27 pm
you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at
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4:31 pm
>> all right. good afternoon, everyone. i'm london breed, i'm mayor of san francisco. and today we are joined by the department of emergency management, director carol as well as the department of public health director, dr. grant coal fashion. colfax. we are joined by police chief scott as well as our sheriff and the director of homelessness and housing services, abigail kahn. today we want to provide a few updates of where we are and and some very serious challenges that we face. so far as of today, we have
4:32 pm
confirmed 797 cases and sadly 13 people have lost their lives due to the virus. the covid-19 virus. and we had said all along that this would be very challenging, and in fact, in the past week or so, dr. colfax and i continued to make it clear that it is of course important to stay at home as much as possible. because the fact is the worst is yet to come. and today, unfortunately, we have a situation that we knew could potentially happen in one of our congregate living settings. an outbreak occurred at msc south, one of our shelters. and the real challenging situation that we know could
4:33 pm
have been worse will be a little bit better because of the work that we were preparing to do in order to make sure that we were able to respond quickly. today we want to announce that we have identified 70 people, 68 members of the shelter as well as two staff members who tested positive for covid-19. this is one of the larger shelters in san francisco with on any given night, over 340 people that are located in that shelter. part of acquiring hotel rooms and vending out our shelters has truly helped in this particular case because there were only 100 residents in the shelter last night which provided us the flexibility to turn this from a shelter to a medical facility. so dr. colfax will talk more
4:34 pm
about what that means but the fact is we were on top of it. we know that there are a number of people who tested positive. and we are going to reroute our medical health experts and people, our nurses and other health support to this facility to help manage and maintain and support the people who tested positive. the reason why we are able to act fast is number one, we had hotel rooms available. and we had plans to staff up hotel rooms as rapidly as we possibly can in case an outbreak occurs. but number two, because so many of you are staying at home, our hospitals are not as overwhelmed as they could be, giving us the flexibility to handle an outbreak of this nature. we know that from the very, very
4:35 pm
beginning, congregate living settings like our shelters, like laguna hospital, like our single room occupancy hotels, we knew those had the potential of being hot spots. and so we have been preparing for that. we have been preparing for that by acquiring a number of hotel rooms, making sure that we have the supportive service necessary, making sure that we can keep the people that we are asking to work at these hotels safe, making sure that we can see people, that we can clean the rooms, that we can do the laundry, that we can do all that it takes to manage the situation in any place that we acquire under the new orders that we've put forward to obtain as many hotel rooms as possible. so although the news of this outbreak was definitely very troubling, the fact is i am so
4:36 pm
grateful and proud of this hard-working city workforce, the department of public health to the department of human services to the department of housing and home homeless services, the folks who work for these departments who are showing up, putting their lives on the line and working every single day with the nonprofit providers who help to manage these hotel rooms, they are the ones who are on the front lines, trying to make sure that they not only protect themselves, but they want to make sure that they protect others. and so we were prepared for this. we are managing the situation. and dr. colfax will provide more information as to what is happening at this particular facility and where we go from here. i want to also talk a little bit about another very troubling situation that we know exists
4:37 pm
and because so many people are being asked to shelter at home, we know that, sadly, some people who are sheltering at home may not be in safe environments. we know that domestic violence doesn't stop because of a pandemic. and it is important that we continue to provide support, we continue to provide services, so that we can help the people who we know need it the most. and i know that so many domestic violence survivors out there are probably thinking about what we are doing as a city to protect others who have not been able to escape those very challenging situations. and i am grateful to ending domestic abuse and so many of the folks who work tirelessly on helping to end domestic violence and the work they have continued
4:38 pm
to do. they have sadly seen an uptick in the calls that they receive for help, for assistance, for their shelters. and as a result, we teamed up with the district attorney and veritas, a property owner in san francisco, to provide 20 new units that are fully furnished so that when we need to get people out of a situation, we can move quickly. so i want to thank veritas, and i want to thank our district attorney for working with us to recognize this very serious issue and reacting quickly to provide resources in addition to the shelters and the other support that we have been able to work with nonprofit providers to provide to families who are experiencing domestic violence. but we know it's not just about making sure we have places for people to stay. if you are in a situation at
4:39 pm
home, and you can't pick up the phone and call 911, what do you do? it's hard enough feeling like you are trapped and you can't escape. and what we have been able to do here in san francisco, and i am so, again, grateful to the department of emergency management and dedicated people who work for the city who have been able to have our system and our city so if you text 911 and say help or if you are able to say what the situation is and you are in trouble or what have you, you will receive a response. and i think this is an incredible tool, because, again, we know that if there's an attack or if there is something going on, and you can't necessarily talk out loud or what have you, it is definitely difficult in order to reach out for help. so to anyone who might be
4:40 pm
hearing-impaired or others in our communities who are struggling and may be attacked or may need 911, now here in san francisco, the option to text 911 is available. and so especially at such a really challenging time for all of us, we know that having access to support to safety is critical to being able to survive this pandemic. and so, again, thank you so much to carol and the department of emergency management. i also want to say to those who are looking for help and support, we are here for you, you are not alone. and we will do everything we can to support and protect you during this pandemic. if you need help or you need assistance, please call or text 911. if you need someone to talk to or you are looking for resources, you can call 311 and
4:41 pm
we can direct you to some services including the national domestic violence hotline as well as la casa, amazing organizations that continue to uplift and help those who are not only in domestic violence situations but also survivors. so thank you so much for your work on helping those who are struggling during this pandemic. we also want to talk a little bit about what's happening with our restaurants here in the city. some of you during, when we weren't in the pandemic, many people, including myself, used a lot of apps to get food delivered. and after we had to unfortunately close restaurants, and basically not allow them to have in-house dining, we still
4:42 pm
allowed pick--up and delivery and some restaurants chose to close because sadly, it was too expensive to even have that level of service. and others who are struggling even now with their delivery and pickup service, they're still in business, but the fees in some cases very outrageous fees that are charged to them, basically in some cases may not allow for them to continue with their delivery services because they are not even breaking even in some cases. and so unfortunately with the delivery services there is a fee that's assessed. sometimes there's free delivery as you see on the apps but the restaurant is still charged a specific fee as it relates to the delivery service which usually happens with a third party. and we have seen those fees basically go up and down.
4:43 pm
the restaurants have experienced it. and it has been hard. they want to remain open for all of you. they want to be available for all of you but they are struggling because the delivery costs are making it unsustainable. so that's why after working with the golden gate restaurant association and carefully evaluating the situation, i've decided to execute an emergency ordinance to cap the amount of fees that a third party can charge to restaurants for delivery services at 15%. and what this will do is to make sure that our restaurants are protected, because we know during this pandemic, which we are not certain as to how long it will last, there are going to be a lot of restaurants who may not come back from this. and we want to make sure that when we identify a situation that's problematic, we address the situation and the goal here
4:44 pm
is to address the situation with putting a cap on the amount of the percentage of which the third party delivery entities could charge restaurants for delivery service. and i want to thank the golden gate restaurant association, and i also want to thank supervisors ahsha safai and aaron peskin for working with my office oncoming up with something that would be fair and more helpful to our restaurant community. so i also want to take this opportunity to talk about just, again, the importance of staying at home. now, i know, having these conversations here every time there's a press conference, it reminds me of my grandmother and oftentimes because, you know,
4:45 pm
sometimes i was a difficult kid to discipline, and my grandmother would say to me over and over again, no, you can't have that, no, you can't have that or no, you can't go outside, no, you can't go outside. and i would say please, mama, please can i go outside? and my grandmother would just say no, no, no, for whatever reason. and she had to tell me that over and over again sometimes. and eventually i gave up or she gave up, who knows. but the fact is you're hearing this beating drum from me, from so many other people. we're asking you to stay inside, to stay inside, to stay inside. and i know that it's hard. i know that so many of you are getting restless and getting frustrated and wondering when it would come to an end. and really what difference it does make. and let me just go back to what i said earlier about our shelter system.
4:46 pm
the fact is because so many of you are social socially distancing yourself from one another, what's happening is you are not getting infected, you are not showing up at our hospitals. we have seen a slight reduction in the number of people who are occupying our beds. and even though we know the numbers will continue to go up, even though we know this outbreak at one of our shelters has been challenging, the fact is because of what you are doing, we are able to move quickly to address an outbreak. because of what you are doing, we are able to redeploy medical health professionals to one of our shelter systems in order to provide the resources necessary to take care of those 70 people that have been infected, because you are staying at home, you are making a difference.
4:47 pm
and when you look at other places all over the world, i'm sure you've seen some of the videos of the hospitals in new york, you've seen the videos of some of the hospitals in italy. you've seen some of the videos of people who can't bury their family members. to think about it. because you are following the order, you are making a difference for others in this city. so i just want to ask you, again, because we know that the weather is going to be really nice this weekend. we know that it's so tempting, especially because it's also easter, today is good friday, it's easter, it's it's a very spiritual time for so many people who are religious. and folks are probably thinking just this one time, i miss my friends, i miss my family members. i want to have dinner together.
4:48 pm
i just want to sit down and enjoy their company. and as hard as it is to be isolated in your home, i'm going to ask just one more time that you don't tempt yourself, you don't do it this one time. because that one time could be problematic. i saw on the news this past week a family that got together for birthday party for one of their family members and now every one of them are infected. they don't know how, they don't know where it came from, but the fact is they are all infected. we all heard about the choir in washington state. they practiced social distancing at choir rehearsal. the order was already in place there, 45 members were infected and two died. and so as hard as it is to stay
4:49 pm
at home, to continue life in a world that's not normal for us, it's necessary. it does make a difference. it does save lives. and some of the things that you can continue to do is call people, you can zoom call with folks if you have that level of technology. and you can just reach out and check on folks. i also talked about the note i got from a neighbor with their e-mail and their phone number, asking if i needed any errands to be run or just someone to talk to. that's going to be critical to getting through this is how -- and social distancing is probably not the best term developed to talk about this. it's really about physically distancing ourselves of my it's important that we physically distance ourselves but we continue to engage with one another. we continue to reach out to one another for help, for support,
4:50 pm
or what have you. so as we go into the weekend, we are going to be watching closely and monitoring our parks. we are going to be monitoring various locations where we know large groups of people gather. and i hope that we won't be forced to close any parks or make any adjustments because people are not following the order. we want you to get fresh air, we want you to get outdoor exercise in whatever way you feel is appropriate. we want you to walk your dog. we want you to be able to do some of the basic things of grocery shopping and what have you. but as you do those errands, make sure that you keep your distance from others that are not a part of your household. make sure that after you are done, you go home. make sure that you're not driving to locations that aren't near where you live because that creates a bigger problem than
4:51 pm
what we want to happen in our city. and then it forces us to make adjustments in order to keep you safe. and i want people to have the ability to just go outside and get some fresh air and because so many of you have cooperated with this order, we are here. and as i said, as we go into easter sunday, i want to again thank folks from the interfaith counsel, michael was here on wednesday, and i continue to be grateful for your prayers and your support during this difficult time. so many people who are spiritual are really not only struggling themselves but so many are reaching out and praying for others and this is definitely a time to just remind us of how challenging it has been with so
4:52 pm
many folks who are part of our community, but also the acts of kindness, the acts of love, the things that people in the city have continued to do to just really amaze me and others has been truly tremendous. and we want to thank you all again for just being good neighbors, being good citizens of the city, continuing to put out positive messages and hope and inspirations. we need it now more than ever. and yes, we are in this together. which is why we will get through this together. and with that, i would like to take this opportunity to introduce the director of the department of public health, dr.
4:53 pm
>> good afternoon. i'm dr. grant colfax, director of health for the city of san francisco. thank you, mayor breed. i would like to start by thanking everyone in san francisco for your cooperation, your sacrifices, and your
4:54 pm
community spirit. as we join together, we are helping fight the spread of the coronavirus. when you stay home, when you keep 6 feet apart, when you wash your hands and when you cover your nose and mouth when you cough, you are literally saving lives every day. today i would like to update san franciscans on a few developments in our ongoing work to respond to the coronavirus and to protect our community. today's data tracker shows there are 797 san francisco residents with confirmed cases of coronavirus. sadly, 13 san franciscans have died of the disease. my condolences to their families and loved ones. there are 88 patients reported
4:55 pm
in the hospitals across san francisco with coronavirus and approximately one-third of those are in the intensive care unit. our hospitalization numbers had been holding relatively steady over the past few days, which is positive and good news. but, and i emphasize, but, that number could change at any time. please stay at home and do your part to keep these numbers steady. at this time, our san francisco hospital system has enough beds to care for all of our current coronavirus patients as well as patients who are hospitalized for other reasons. we continue to make progress expanding hospital bed capacity for an expected surge of coronavirus patients. the worst is still yet to come.
4:56 pm
and sadly, as the mayor mentioned, we have troubling news to report with regard to an outbreak. tomorrow's case of coronavirus, case numbers of coronavirus, will be significantly higher once we factor in new test results from the msc south shelter. on sunday, we confirmed that two guests at msc south, san francisco's largest homeless shelter, had tested positive for covid-19 and were moved into isolation hotels where they are in good condition. those first steps, my department took immediate action to contact investigations and test people who were close contacts showing symptoms or at-risk exposure. as the test results started to come back and we saw these t
4:57 pm
extent of the spread, we moved on wednesday to test all guests and staff at the shelter. on wednesday, there were five positive cases at msc south. today, there are 70. there are currently 71 test results that are negative and 3 results are still pending. we have always known that from the data that this virus can take off quickly. and we are prepared to provide aggressive responses, especially in congress regatt settings -- in congregate settings. from the beginning, a prioritized population. unfortunately, the moment is now upon us. i would like to assure san franciscans that this outbreak does not mean there is significantly greater risk to the general public.
4:58 pm
however, it is a very serious matter. though not expected, we are very concerned about the health of the people at msc south. many of them have chronic health conditions and are vulnerable to getting very sick or even dying from coronavirus. we are doing everything we can for them and to reduce the size of the outbreak. we have taken and will continue to take aggressive action to prevent health and safety. every step of the way, the department of public health has been working closely with the department of homelessness and supportive housing and with the operator of msc south to follow our congress -- congregate setting protocols and identify the contacts of the people who
4:59 pm
tested positive. these efforts continue and are intensifying as the situation changes. currently, my department is conducting a mass testing strategy at msc south, testing all guests and staff for covid-19, whether they are showing symptoms or not. again, as of this morning, dph tested 144 guests and staff. of these, 68 guests and 2 staff have tested positive for covid-19. at this point, none of these people are seriously ill. one former guest of the shelter is in the hospital. we are now converting msc south into a medical facility to care for people who are living with coronavirus. this new recovery center will be staffed by the department of
5:00 pm
public health, nurses and doctors, experts, who will provide care, monitor patients and arrange transport to hospitals if their conditions worsen. the solution has been part of our emergency planning scenarios from the beginning. and it's the best one to preserve the health and safety of the shelter community. it will reduce transports and patients with a dedicated stuff of healthcare professionals -- staff of healthcare professionals who are attend their needs. staff members who have tested positive are being offered places in isolation hotels if they do not have a safe alternative in their own homes. this offering of hotel rooms will continue for staff who