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tv   Treasure Island Development Agency  SFGTV  October 22, 2020 7:30am-10:01am PDT

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due to covid-19 health emergency, board members are participating in this meeting remotely, via video conference and they're participating in the same extends as if they were physically present. public comment will be available for each item on the agenda.
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for members of the public to wish to make public comment, the number so use it (408)418-9388. the access code is 146 308 6161. then press pound and press pound again. when your item of interest is called, dial star 3 to be added to the queue to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. you may address the board once per agenda item for up to two minutes. item number 1, call to order. director tsen. unmute, director tsen. >> yes. present. >> clerk: director dunlop. >> present. >> clerk: director richardson. >> present.
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>> clerk: director kwon. >> here. >> clerk: director shiffrin. >> here. >> clerk: supervisor haney. we do have a quorum. >> okay. thank you. i'm sorry we're still meeting remotely. but anyways welcome to the public at large and thank you for being here on a beautiful, very hot san francisco day. but at least it's clear. it means we all have found out how important clear air is to all of us. but welcome. we'll go to the first item, please, kate. >> clerk: item number 2, general public comment. this item so to allow the members of the public to address the board within the subject matter jurisdiction of the authority board and do not appear on today's agenda. in addition to general public comment, public comment will be held during each item on the agenda. members of the the public may address the board once per agenda item for up to two
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minutes. members of the public who wish to address the board on matters that do not appear on today's agenda, please call (408)418-9388. then 146 308 6161. when you are connected, dial star 3 to be added to the queue. moderator, are there any callers on the line for public comment? >> we'll wait just a few minutes just to make sure that there's nobody on the line. >> it looks like a couple of public comments. >> okay. >> clerk: michael, are you ready for the public comment? >> i am. two minutes, correct? >> clerk: yes. >> michael, you have to unmute yourself.
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>> good afternoon. this is jailan. i was calling in. i'm thrilled to listen to the board meeting today and glad you're having the meeting today. thanks so much. >> thank you. thank you for listening in. next, please. >> hello, my name is barkley sanders. i was calling in in regards to the public comment. i've been working with will -- [indiscernible] he is looking to deploy solar trailers and battery backup boxes throughout our community. and is looking for a connection to help our community via solar trailer deployment and battery boxes in puerto rico. and also we are looking for tida to donate about 200 u.p.s.
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battery backup batteries through the community, so that we can have internet backups during outages, at a cost of roughly $12,400 basically $60 per unit. we're asking tida to explore purchasing 200 of these items. and we are also looking for a connection on where these solar trailers can be deployed on the island, in collaboration possibly with one treasure island. so feel free to reach out to will at will that is all. >> okay. thank you, barkley, for phoning in. i know this has been an issue that you follow. but could i request that you make a written -- basically a
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written request and direct it to the staff, to bob beck. >> mr. sanders has provided a written item with the information from we'll be following up on that. it's included in today's package. >> okay. i guess i didn't see that. so thank you. okay. good. are there any other people on the line? >> there are no other callers in the queue. >> okay. so hearing no other commentators on general public comment, we'll go to the next item. >> clerk: item number 3 report by treasure island director. >> thank you, chair tsen, members.
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[technical difficulties]
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>> journalist had our variety virtual meeting on october 6th. and ten people showed up for that. so that went really well. we had not met since march. but everybody that attended that meeting expressed a desire to continue the work. again we're looking for leadership on that. we really had the biggest agreement that we need more people who are residents of
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treasure island to get on our board. so we're looking for more members to be on the board, directors at the island. because it's really all about the island. people living there now. there's going to be a lot more of them. i live in san francisco, by the way. always had a great interest in this island. we discussed the things we might be wanting to do. we've had to not deal with that during the development process. as you know, it's there. i don't know what the existing situation is. are they occupying it or not. whatever it is, we want to make a real effort to connect with the job corp leadership and how we can start working together to make it one treasure island. the process is ongoing, as you know, and we are all looking forward to a day in the near future to have that done.
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we follow that every time we meet. we hit the same kind of reports that you all get. and it's amazing what's been done there for sure. so we had a presentation by the people from the community buildings. and the community facilities planning, that one treasure island is leading. so we feel we need to work together with them and one treasure island. so that's the focus of things we want to get involved with. and so we've got a list of, you know, another dozen things that people mentioned that we all get into. but, you know, it's really going to be a decision point for all of us here and all of us on the committee what's our purpose exactly and how do we go forward from here. so we are ready to continue. and look forward to your input and any questions you have now or statements that would be of interest. if not, thank you very much.
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i'm here to help. >> okay. thank you, tim. thank you for chairing the board. we want to work closely with the new citizens' advisory board. i welcome any time there's issues that you would like to discuss to do so. we're certainly working together to try to implement the vision of that master plan for the treasure island. and welcome onboard. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> so with your permission, i will be here, either at every meeting, or whatever meetings you want me here. maybe we'll be meeting in person soon. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> kate, do we have anybody else on the line? >> i have more to go in my report. >> all right.
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>> actually i want to invite shonte lewis with the ymca to give an update next on the learning program that they're hosting, in conjunction with san francisco unify. >> there we go. sorry about that. hello. thank you for having me. always a pleasure to give updates to the group about the things that we're doing here at the hub. so as you know we've been running a hub since technically august $17, but officially started with dcyf on august 14th. since then we have enrolled 39 youth in total into the program. so we are averaging about 33 of them every day -- some of their schedules they don't have class every day. 39 youth in the program. we are currently serving 32 youth in all but five of them
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are all island residents. the other five are residents or children of an employee that works on the island. and needed a spot for their children to go. other are actually former residents who used to live on the island and have requested to come back to our site. and a lot of the enrollment was done through dcyf so we had no control over who were placed here. so we were very excited when the numbers were so high, because there's other hubs around the city with two, three kids in their hub, as they're waiting for more kids to come in. so it feels really good with our numbers. of those 39, 32 are k-6th graders, because as of right now, dcyf has not given us the green light to service 7th and 8th graders. although it is approved in the
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guidelines. dcyf is going out in phase. what we've been doing is having another special hub. so 7th and 8th graders -- and everybody -- we have a schedule. every day we serve them -- the first kid arrives at 8:15 and we're here until 5:30 every day. and during our day, we provide breakfast, two snacks and a lunch. and then we do academics with them from 9:00 until 2:30 every day. for the older kid, it's 9:00 until 3:00. and academics is zoom, consists of doing a google classwork, connecting with their speech therapist, figuring out with other p.e. classes, our special enrichments they're suppose to be in. it's very challenge going you don't have a schedule. because not all kids in the same group go to the same class. and even if they're in the same school, teachers definitely do not have the same schedule.
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so it's up to us to definitely communicate and get that information out. because the families that we're working on, and making sure the kids know their schedules. with the incoming kindergarteners, their their first experience in a school. that's also been an experience as well. but the middle schoolers are actually billion very consistent. they just guilty to their grades and we find out some of the kids made the honor roll and some parents are really proud, because it's the first time that some of these kids meat -- made the honor roll. we're going to take it as a win. i don't know. happy about it. aside from that, we have -- so we're waiting the phase of allowing the 7th and 8th graders to be included in our dcyf numbers. that will be hopefully at the end of the month. but we're not sure. we're going to continue to work to serve them as much as we can, because the services actually have been very beneficial to the community. we are three spots away from being filled 100%.
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we can take 42 in total in our hub right now. and that's based on the current amount of staff that we have. and we are also actually looking to -- we're actually looking to hire two more staff, because we did have a partnership with the treasure island salem center, multiple reasons didn't pan out. and they put us in a position where we're two staff short. we did post the position recently and then we also pushed it out to all of our treasure island partners, because we would love to actually get the residents into the program to work -- working with the kids. they're familiar, close proximity. we'd love to support that. other than that we are going strong and going good. i don't know if it came up or anybody has heard, i want to put this out there, too. although some gyms are opening up around the city, right now our focus is still on the youth. because they need the support more than anything. so we're focusing on that.
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and i know specifically embarcadero, we need to get approval and we want to work with tida and make sure everything is good, too, when we open. embarcadero doesn't have a plan to open yet until at least december or january. so once embarcadero opens, if this facility wants to continue to service the kids, we're working out a deal to where the island -- the island residents can potentially can go to embarcadero to get to the workouts, because the facility won't have any kids. so we don't have any generational crossing until we have a clear to do so, with everyone in the building. aside from that, we are going strong. we are here. if you know anyone looking for a job, send them my way. and that's all i have today. >> thank you. we're always glad to hear from you. it's really great to see that you've got the program up and running, especially after all that planning. so good for you. >> thank you very much. >> bob, did you want to
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continue? >> yes. i also wanted to ask sherry williams to say a few words about -- activities last month. >> yeah. thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. and i just wanted to shout-out to the crew at the y. we really appreciate them them on the island. they do an amazing job. so one treasure island. we continue to partner with the treasure island development authority and all of the other agencies on the island to provide specialized services during the covid-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place. we continue to host a bimonthly covid-19 coordination meeting with all of the island partners. we ended the supper club. 12-week hot meal distribution program september 17th. the pilot was a great success, serving 160 hot meals per week to island residents. and we are continuing to seek out funding to re-establish this type of service on the island.
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in partnership with tida, the department of public health and island residents, we assisted with the coordination of four weeks of covid-19 testing on treasure island. we've continued to provide supplemental cleaning supplies to all island residents at the food pantry. so far we've distributed bleach twice, hand sanitizer and masks, in addition to the weekly supplemental groceries that are offered at the food pantry. we are currently collaborating with tida and the department of public health to bring flu shots to treasure island during the food pantry. and this is going to start later this month and we'll also have some dates in november. a flyer for residents will be forthcoming. we are currently planning a safe, socially distanced flow-through holiday celebration on treasure island with hand sanitizer stations. and our first event is going to
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be a socially distanced mask-up flow-through halloween event on friday, october 30th. it's going to be a fairly short event. it's really just for residents to come out and take a picture. and take home a goodie bag. it won't be people lingering for a long time. there will be a one-way flow is required by regulation. but just to have a little bit of a holiday spirit. we wanted to offer that. so we're taking all the precautions. and we've been doing that in concert with everyone, all the other agencies and, of course, tida on the island. then we're in the process of planning to provide supplemental food during both the thanksgiving and the december holidays, because we understand, of course, that people are in great financial need and we're trying to do what we can to meet that need. we've hired it -- one treasure island has hired a community engagement coordinator. bree anna bankly's role is to
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provide community engagement activities. the halloween event is the first event. to build community and keep residents abreast of the island development. so we begin with -- we've begun to post island ver events on sol media. our construction training program, as i have reported in the past, we were able to pivot it to make it a virtual online training. we're pleased to announce that we're graduating our second online class, our eighth cohort of construction training program. 13 graduates will be graduating this friday. and all 13 are currently being matched with employment. they get 14 certifications that are uniformly recognized by all of the trades, including everything from traffic and flagging, confined space, osha 10, first aid, protection, and the like.
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and we're pleased -- we're really very pleased to also inform you that from the last training class, the cohort 7, all of those graduates are engaged now with employment, with 11 of the 14 currently employed. and the remaining three are union -- are awaiting employment assignments. so not only are we continuing to move forward, but we're also continuing to place people in jobs, not just training, but also in jobs and in union employment. in terms of our financial services that we offer, we just came off another successful tax season, which we, you know, had to shift mid-tax season to go virtual. we're going to begin a series -- an online series of financial education and planning workshops that we're calling wealth building wednesdays. and we're currently surveying residents to mistake sure that -- make sure we have topics of most interest to residents.
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in addition to planning for how we're going to be doing 2021 success season again virtually. so as you can see, there's a lot happening on the island and we sincerely want to thank the treasure island development authority. and you, the tida board for all of your support. just everyone on the island has really come together during these very challenging times. we are grateful for everybody's spirit and support. thank you. >> thank you so much, sherry, for what treasure island does for the island and all of our non-profit partners. you have really stepped up during this covid crisis and provided the services that the island residents need. so thank you very much for that. linda, did you want to say something? >> yes. i'm extremely excited and i want to congratulate you for the ongoing work at the ymca. and sherry, in particular, about
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the graduation of the online. you know, for the commissioners, i think this format that we have, where we are showcasing our providers, people that are working on the ground at treasure island is very powerful. and often times we try to convey to the community what we are doing here at treasure island. and sometimes people don't get it. so we are providing jobs. people can distribute food, they are taken care of. we have the hubs. and i would encourage and second the suggestion for -- [indiscernible] she can do hiring for the residents of the island. we continue to build opportunities. we know that residents on the island are participating in the work development program. and we are also helping the city
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and county of san francisco to provide employment training to help youth and adults. the candidates that we help have backgrounds, they have coming from -- they are changing their lives. we provide financial training, how to show up at work, and you name that. so this is great. i saw commissioner kwon here and echoing his congratulations. and i think that the supervisor and everyone that is listening remotely, and really understand what we are doing now. and i think that we need to continue to showcase other progress that has been made on the island and thank you to staff also. they made this day happen. thank you to everyone. >> thank you. >> okay, bob, yes. >> thank you. just to add to shionte and
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sherry's comments, we are also completing some renovations at the ymca, that will allow us to relocate the san francisco unified meal program from the ship shape to the ymca. those changes should be completed next week. and this program moved over from the ymca, from the ship happy shape to the ymca. sherry mentioned the covid testing program we had last month. we were able to test more than 2,000 residents and commercial tenants with the 98% negative result rate. also on the covid front, three tida staff members peter summerville, lorraine lee and jack nathanson have completed a second round of assignments, as disaster service workers in support of the citywide covid
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response function. also in adapting to covid on the island, the public library has come out with a public library to-go program, where they will be -- the bookmobile will be coming to the island again and delivering books that residents have requested to check out. people won't be able to go into the bookmobile, but will be able to pick up titles and there will be a reading area set up next to the bookmobile. we're also in the process of relocating the san francisco police department's motorcycle unit from the school to a
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location in hangar three, in their new location that will open -- that will open up the part of the space to be utilized by the school district, when we go forward with a lease with the school district. also we have a new tenant in hangar three doing film production. so we have a film production activity resuming on the island. and they've leased 84,000 square feet within hangar three. on the construction front, the transportation authority's project to improve the i-80 hillcrest interchange is fully mobilized. the framing of the bristol continues and should be completed by the end of the year.
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the east excavation of the east side of the causeway is complete now. and the cement deep soil mixing work to improve the soil conditions, beneath that, half of the causeway is wind way. on treasure island the focus of activity has continued to be on the installation of new utilities north of california. the developer has also demolished the oasis and 12 smaller structures around hangars two and three, in preparation for the subphase three of development. geo technical work in the first block of clifford cove is now complete. and work on the ferry facilities continues. the northern break water is more than 50% complete. the guide piers for the landing have been installed, as have the foundations for the gang way
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pier. the ferry contractor, or the ferry landing contractor power maining, also removed the pier on the west side of treasure island earlier this month. over behind the ship shape, the installation of the civil substructures for the new electrical switch yard is under way. and the installation -- or the demolition of utilities in the subphase 2-3 area will begin shortly after the beginning of 2021. the navy completed their work at north point and resurfaced and reopened the north point roadway. and their next project will be in the solid waste disposal area west side, beginning early next year, as i had mentioned in prior reports. they had asked to vacate two
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existing residential buildings by the end of january. and the villages have been working with those households to relocate. six of them have completed their moves, two others are scheduled to move before the end o end ofe month and the final two are expected to relocate in november and december. on the complaint that was filed last january, the plaintiffs filed amended complaint on september 9th. and multiple defendants filed new motions to dismiss on september 23rd. the plaintiffs filed response briefs to the court on october 7th. and our response to briefs are due on october 24th -- 21st, with a hearing scheduled on the motions to dismiss for
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november 5th. so we'll continue to monitor that process, as it moves forward. and that completes my report. >> thank you. are there any questions or comments by the directors? >> yes. thank you. there seems to be all kinds of activities going on on the island. i just wanted to -- because we on the outages and what are the steps going forward, just to kind of give an update on the outages on the island. again to reiterate the timeline when the infrastructure, the permanent infrastructure will be completed. but also have a discussion on where the temporary -- temporary situation is and where do we go from here.
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and who else do we need to get involved with the broader discussions on what's going on. if you could just talk to that. thank you. >> thank you, director. the p.u.c. has completed the installation of reclosures and fault indicators that we funded in last year's budget. so that work has been completed. but that is intended to improve the reliability of existing infrastructure. meanwhile, as i mentioned, the geo technical work for the new switch yard has been completed. and the developer is working on the installation of the substructures, the conduits and vaults and pads for the installation of new switch gear, which has been ordered by the
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p.u.c. again that new switch yard is going to be the significant step towards improving the reliability of the system on the island, as was discussed in public comment, we are in receipt of the information from mr. sanders about footprints and tida staff will be reaching out to them to learn more about their equipment. it appears to be solar-powered stations that could provide battery charming and similar services in centralized locations for residents. similar to the generator that we had previously acquired to provide a charging station. but we'll look to learn more information about that as well. >> thank you.
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and in subsequent meetings then we can, you know, rank them together and be able to discuss further. thank you. >> thank you. kate, are there any public comment? >> i had a quick follow-up on that. >> yes, ruby. >> can you just let us know -- the longer term fix that you were saying that would be a significant improvement on the reliability of the grid. do you have an estimate of when that's going to be online? >> yeah. we're expecting that to be completed in january, february of next year. >> okay. great. thanks. >> all right, kate, any public comment? >> clerk: moderator, are there any callers on the line? >> it appears there are no
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callers on the line. yes, there are. one caller. >> clerk: caller, whenever you're ready. >> caller: hello, my name is barkley sanders again. i have just making a public comment on the reclosures and fault indicators, that after they were installed, as a way to help decrease the outages, that there were four more outages within 30 days of them being completed. so i was hoping to learn more about why they didn't mitigate the outages in the way that they were talked about. and didn't necessarily decrease the time to get the power back on, knowing that it's new equipment, maybe adjustments
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need to be made. [indiscernible] the equipment was re-installed. >> thank you, barkley, for your question. mr. beck, would you like to answer it now or should we -- [indiscernible] >> there have been communication with mr. sanders previously that from the p.u.c. that there was some tuning of the sensitivity of the reclosures, relative to the sensitivity of the switch gear itself. the existing switch gear that
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faults that were intended to, you know, where the reclosure was meant to fault, trip out, rather than the switch gear tripping out, the switch gear was still faulting. and so there's been some adjustments that have been made there by the p.u.c. but the reality is that the existing switch gear is very sensitive to these types of interruptions. and the fault -- the reclosures, in combination with the new switch gear, will yield even greater benefit than they do with the existing switch gears. >> okay. >> but we'll be planning a more comprehensive update on the
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electrical system for our future infrastructure committee. >> okay. well, i think as you said, certainly this is an issue that's of concern to some of the residents. and if you could have another report in november, so that we can continue to have some attention to this issue. that would be helpful. >> yes. >> okay. good. kate, we can go on to the next item if there's no other callers. >> clerk: item number 34, communications from and received by tida. >> do any of the board directors wish to comment on communications? okay. hearing none, is there any public comment? >> clerk: is there any public comment. >> let's go on to the next item. >> clerk: item number 5, ongoing
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business by board of directors. >> do any of the board of directors wish to bring up any ongoing business? hearing none, let's go on to the next item, please. >> clerk: item 6, consent agenda. all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent agenda are considered to be routine by the authority board and will be acted upon by a single vote of the authority board. unless a member of the authority board so requests, the matter shall be removed from the consents agenda and considered as a separate item. 6 an a approving the minutes of the august 8th, 2020 meeting. j6b, resolution approving the authorizing the execution of 7th amendment to the professional services agreement. 6c resolution revising the membership of officers to the
8:11 am
infrastructure and transportation committee and the sustainability committee. 6d resolution authorizing the director to enter into amendment number 3, to the agreement with the sfcta for westside bridges and seismic rote refit project right-of-way certification. 6e, resolution authorizing the director to enter into amendment number 3 meme ran of agreement. 6f, resolution approving the authorizing the execution of a first amendment to the professional services agreement. to increase the annual zone scope of services and not to exceed contract amount. 6g, resolution approving and horsing the execution of the lease to lease number 1327 with aracely, hospitalities, a california corporation doing business as aracely cafe.
8:12 am
the former treasure island elementary school located at 4 401, 13th street, treasure island. >> so moved. >> do any of the directors wish to take any of the items off the consent agenda for further discussion? okay. so then i think that we will have to do a call -- a roll call for the vote. so go ahead, kate. >> clerk: director tsen >> yes. >> clerk: director richardson? >> yes. >> clerk: director kwon. >> yes. >> clerk: director shiffrin. >> yes. >> clerk: there are four ayes. >> okay. so then the ayes have it. thank you. next item, please. >> clerk: item 7, resolution establishing an ad hoc nominating committee, consisting of three members of the treasure island development authority board of directors to nominate officers to serve a one-year term.
8:13 am
>> thank you. bob, are you giving the report on this item? >> yeah. i can provide context. each year the officers of the tida board and members of any standing committees are reappointed or request for reappointment are presented to the tida board. so this would be to form a nominating committee of three members of the tida board to make recommendations for officers and committee members to serve for the year 2021, as representing the board and sitting on our infrastructure and sustainability committees. although our sustainability committee was only able to meet once this year and our
8:14 am
infrastructure committee twice, hopefully next year we'll be able to have more regular committee meetings. so all of those positions are up for appointment. >> okay. the ad hoc nominating committee, that would be linda fadeke richardson and myself and ike kwon will serve on that committee. and we will meet i believe in november. before the regular tida board meeting. >> yes. we would propose to meet -- our november meeting will be on the 18th, because november 11th, the second wednesday of the month, is veterans day this year. so we would hold the nominating committee meeting at 1:00 p.m. on the 18th. >> okay. [indiscernible] okay. thank you. yes.
8:15 am
anybody? >> thank you for nominating me, commissioner tsen. i look forward to the meeting. >> so we'll go on to the next item. sorry. we have to make -- this is an action item. >> yes. >> clerk: yeah. >> we have to actually make an action. so we have a motion. >> yes. >> i move to accept the nomination, the committee recommendations by the president. >> okay. and do i have a second? >> yes. >> ruby or ike? >> i second. >> so we will have -- we can't do is by acclimation, we have to do it by roll call. >> clerk: yeah. director tsen. >> yes. >> clerk: director richardson. >> yes.
8:16 am
>> clerk: director kwon. >> yes. >> director shiffrin. >> yes. >> there are four ayes. >> that issue is approved. >> clerk: item number 8, community facilities needs assessment update. >> i'll say a few words of introduction. at our august meeting, we had a presentation by the national institute of mixed income communities on work that we're doing to build a mixed sustainability use from a community building perspective. one treasure island has also engaged m.i.g. to look at the community facilities plan that was adopted in 2010, to see if
8:17 am
the physical space that were identified at that time, if our needs for physical spaces have changed. and so i'll hand it off to lauren shifman to say a few word. >> good afternoon. i'm laura shifman with treasure island. just to reiterate what bob just said, today we're briefing you on the update to the 2010-2011 community needs assessment. much has changed in the decade since the last needs assessment and the aim of this community facility needs is to check back in and learn from community members, stakeholders and partners to the agencies about their current needs and visions for future community facility space programming and locations. and also to incorporate current trends and best practices. this assessment is anticipated to continue through the end of this year.
8:18 am
and then we plan to return to you with draft analysis and recommendations. but that will turn it over to jen with m.i.g. to give you an overview of the work to date and next steps. >> great. thank you very much, laura. hopefully my audio is okay. give me a signal if it's not. good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for having us here to discuss the community facilities needs assessment update and our progress. i'm jen isaachof and i'm joined by my colleague lauren schmidt, whose video is also there. i'm going to share a presentation here. can everybody see that okay? >> yes. >> so what we're going to go through today is -- hold on a quick second. okay. sorry about that. okay. what we're going to go through today is just quick
8:19 am
introductions of who we are and the scope of our work and show what we're working on so far with you. we're going to focus a little bit on trends and stakeholder outreach, which is a big bulk of our work to date and let you know where we are in the schedule and timeline of the project. so as i mentioned, this is a core team with m.i.g., which stands for our three founders. i'm jen, lauren is pictured here and we're joined by two our core members, jimmy and monique, who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on community engagement aspects with some of the urban design pieces. all of us are planners and landscape architects with a range of expertise in community engagement and environmental design. and the firm itself, m.i.g. was established almost 40 years ago. we've got about 15 offices in the west.
8:20 am
but we work nationally and internationally. and we're a mission-driven firm. our other commission revolves around the belief that the environment around us has a profound impact on our lives. we plan, design and sustain environments that support human development. and we're a multi-disciplinary firm. so we have focus areas in planning, policy, design, engagement, and we all work in an integrated fashion to ensure equitable outcomes in our work. so m.i.g.'s values and approach are really in alignment i think with the shared visions that treasure island is a thriving and ip exclusive new neighborhood that celebrates diversity and offers opportunity for all. this vision is one treasure island's goal to champion integration and access to opportunities within a broader mixed income neighborhood, are the foundation of our community facilities needs assessment update. laura mentioned that our colleagues performed the first
8:21 am
needs assessment back in 2011. and those recommendations helped to kind of guide the master development for treasure island. nearly ten years have passed since we assessed the community needs. the first phases of development are now under way. and we need to make sure that we're planning properly for the future, instead of full build-out and those community needs. we're preparing for treasure island that's going to be growing from community of 2,000 to 20,000 or so, with a broad range of income spectrums over the next 15 years. there have been a lot of flew edgessal changes over the last few decades. we were reflects the other day on all of the technology changes alone. things like the ipad, the kindle, alexa, lyft, instacart, instagram. all of these things. wi-fi becoming available in parks. just those innovations alone have really influenced our lifestyles and our use of community facilities and our
8:22 am
needs for public spaces to function differently today. so our scope as laura indicated is going to really consider how current trends influence the future of the community facilities planning, and then we'll weave that with what we're learninlearninglearninlearning s who are offering programs and using the facilities, the community members themselves through surveys. and focus groups and really try to understand how needs have changed over time. so we're going to look at current conditions on the island and the ability to remain along with the planned development. and really focus on the community services, the amenities, the education and cultural facilities and public facilities. we'll be making those recommendations for location, co-location, space planning requirements, and that sort of thing.
8:23 am
there are a lot of community facilities listed here. the open space and recreation facilities and the retail and commercial are not part of our scope. those are being taken care of in other venues. but we just wanted to share with you a little bit about what we're thinking so far. and again reflecting back, the 2011 trends, you know, we were identifying existing conditions, the demographics, plus the trends. back in 2011, the needs assessment really saw the outdoor lifestyle and integrated park and open space system as priority trends. and these have really been well factored into treasure island's plans for development. back in 2011, we also saw planning for children and elders, as an important piece to include. and that is now not in the innovative idea, but widely
8:24 am
recognized idea and an important one to have been shown to result in more inclusive and equitable design. so we're going to be during a forward in 2020. also a decade ago, many institutions were eager to adapt new technologies to better serve customers with communications and operating systems. we're finding way. some of the interesting pilot partnerships that were tried out back then, have really stuck and organizations and institutions have decided that it's not just more efficient to partner with other institutions, but actually it's becoming very successful in serving families better. i think the ymca report early was an excellent example of how partners between different institutions are really meeting community's needs more
8:25 am
intentionally. fast forward to today. in 2020, a number of overall trends that we believe will impact and inform community facilities of the future. we're seeing advancements of technology and rise of personal choice and ultimate flexibility dominating different service models for businesses and for facilities. we're starting to understand the effects and impact of climate change and traumas on the communities and we're focusing on the need for community resilience. we're also seeing fewer single-purpose institutions, like i mentioned, those shared pilot programs have evolved into different type -- kinds of shared facility combinations. and, you know, this drive for sustainability is encouraging different facilities to kind of reach out beyond the four walls to have, you know, outposts who
8:26 am
are present in the broader facility. and then also we're looking at lifelong environment, you know, planning for the full age spectrum from 0 to 100 and taking care of those most vulnerable population, so we ensure and include this community. so what does that mean for buildings? we're analyzing that right now. but just some high-level thoughts. for on-demand lifestyle and convenience, you know, this -- i think i covered that pretty well, that what we're seeing -- what we're hearing from stakeholders is this interest in looking at the facility itself. but also how do they share space or presence in the outer neighborhoods. and looking at businesses -- business opportunities or facility opportunities, not necessarily right on main
8:27 am
street, but that they can thrive in other areas with the presence of personal technology and social media. there can be other ways that they can connect and do outreach. for community resilience, you know, again we're living with this heightened awareness of how major environmental and social crises reflect our lives. the master development goals for treasure island will guide the development into a moder resilient community. but the trend that we see in the concept of resilient be hads, the community facilities combine stat resilient framework that's being laid, would also be empowering communities and increasing community a capacity for handling crisis. community facilities can play a role by supporting resident networking and community-building, being a trusted service center with active might be and centrally
8:28 am
located. accommodating resource distributions and resources before, during and after national hazard events, by looking at things like common kitchens, location. and the facilities themselves need to be built and programmed with the expectation that they'll serve dual purposes in times of crisis. features like solar power, cooling and air filtration systems and flexible multi-purpose stations can meet community needs for the long run. we're fortunate in the bay area to have some real pioneering leadership on the impacts of trauma on individual members of our society. and the ripple effect that that can have in the family, into the community. and we're going to draw on this expertise. we've had some great conversations with stakeholders. and we want to make sure that
8:29 am
we're avoiding creating layouts and conditions that make people feel unsafe or overwhelmed. and look to strong community-centered institutions. we are looking at recommendations that will focus on integrated relationship-centered, flexible, adaptable spaces that can be inclusive and again serve our most vulnerable residents. the nature of work is a trend that we are taking a look at. you know, where we work, how we work, training programs, access to workforce opportunities. all of these things are becoming more and more flexible. they were before covid. and after covid, we've been testing a lot of systems that are seeing things work. things are still functioning. so looking at how to ensure that all residents have access to a community facilities that
8:30 am
support entrepreneurship, that support staying in the workforce, that provide flexibility are key aspects that we'll be looking at. and hybrid community spaces. you know, again so these are looking beyond the single-purpose spaces and designing public spaces to accommodate multiple uses. libraries, community centers, schools and rec centers are all being constructed to provide a range of services, beyond the traditional institutional definition. and again ymca was a really great example of this. so there definitely are some efficiencies and shared operations here. but again user convenience and promoting community-building, which is especially important on treasure island. bob referenced the national institute on mixed income communities, who we've been working with a little bit in this process. and are really impressing upon us that the facilities need to
8:31 am
help support intentional community-building among all residents. so we will be looking at strategic adjacent and co-location, different operational issues, and partnerships that will help support community needs, regardless of what the actual facility and program provider is. and with lifelong environments, you know, there are global movements now that are talking about planning for eight -- they're 880 cities. and we really think looking 0-100 is key for treasure island, especially when we want to make sure the 0-5 childcare is so essential for getting people started off on the right foot in life, for community benefit, for helping families get back into the workforce. and we will be looking at the community facilities and
8:32 am
programming along all the lines of safety, flexibility and helping people to create that sense of belongings and reliability. there are some needs to have intentional stand-alone facilities, stand-alone programs. and we'll just want to look at balancing that with integrating within the community and connecting, so that especially facilities can support caregivers as well. another key piece -- i'm going very quickly. i know. high level here. but another key piece that we've been working on is stakeholder outreach. we've met with a number of stakeholders and thank treasure island for setting up these incredible meetings. the different stakeholders have operated different community facilities, either on or off field. we've gotten a lot of insights from them related to their needs currently, to future
8:33 am
programming, what they predict need will be in the future. and some advice to share on, you know, things that work well and things we might look to when providing -- when designing and planning for community facilities. so we really delved into also access and barriers to participation and inclusion and learn about these kind of key partnerships that work and don't work that will factor into the planning. we're still in progress. we have i think one or two final interviews and then analyzing all of the data right now. but some of our key takeaways are up here. again integration into the community is a top concern. making sure that the community facilities are actually serving folks. and extending service to those in the most need. they recognize that this may also not have anything to do with location. but really hours of operation or
8:34 am
changing service models to be able to directly meet resident needs, especially given some of the barriers of transportation or, you know, timing of their own work/life and picking up children. and food actually popped up as a very interesting and common topic, just a real interesting opportunity maybe, as a potential connector for looking at community, economy, culture. it came up in a number of different ways. flexible spaces. i think we talked a lot about that. that certainly came out of the stakeholder interviews. and lastly, nearly every stakeholder really was interested in making sure that they could continue to celebrate the unique environment of treasure island and make sure that that continues to be accessible and affordable to the
8:35 am
residents. so we are synthesizing all of the information that we are getting from the stakeholder interviews. we have a community questionnaire that's out, that we are receiving comments now. and i think that's out for a couple more weeks. we had a focus group workshop in early october. and we also presented to the cab a couple of weeks ago. they provided some comments that we will also weave in, related to, you know, art and food and again integration and communication and reliability of connectivity. all points that easily woven into the trends and issues that we'll be looking at. laura indicated that, you know, we're moving quickly through our process. we wanted to share our progress with you today, answer any questions, we have some comments
8:36 am
that you have. and then we'll be quickly pulling together our findings and i think coming back to you with a presentation of those. so thank you very much. >> thank you, jennifer for that report. certainly is a study in progress. and we are looking forward to hearing your study and your recommendations. certainly i think we on the board are all interested in developing an inclusive whole community, not just about the buildings. it's not just about the housing. it's also about the services and the feeling of inclusion that people live here can have. so thank you very much for that report. are there any comments or questions from the board? yes. >> yes. thank you again, jennifer. that was great presentation.
8:37 am
it was impressive. you hit all of the buttons there. and just so we can help, you know, for those living in the communities in san francisco and actually professionally and community wide be involved in helping to shape all kinds of stuff in san francisco. the trend. as you mentioned, it has to be equity and inclusion. in fact, we know that treasure island, you know, we went all the way to new york about a year ago. and we also have been going worldwide to look at best practices. because san francisco is already an iconic city. it's because we're a part of the decisions and all of the people making decisions.
8:38 am
treasure island has to be an iconic city. we wan want to eclipse san francisco, and arts and culture will be an integral part of what we're trying to do here with that. given that we'll have more open spaces and parks, more than the mainland in san francisco. so everything that we are doing has to be sustainable. and you mentioned transportation. absolutely. how do we even get to treasure island. so that's a high priority that we are going to be helping you to provide that. because tida is actually -- actually working on that right now. and anyone that's listening to tida board, the meetings, the president says all the time, the
8:39 am
public -- [indiscernible]. it's becoming synonymous with our discussions here. it's not just the facilities or anything. how do we treat all the spaces here. how do we make it accessible, welcoming to all the residents there. you were correct. you highlighted the youth and the seniors. they're the population. they also have to be actively addressed. i sit on the senior board of san francisco. i know of the need because of the aging population. they're also active. these are people who spent the whole life contributing to the city. in their older senior years also, they need to be actively engaged. you mentioned that they're going to be able to help you provide that. and technology. there are great institutions in san francisco, even some of them are shared by some of our, you know, our commission. and we are going to borrow and
8:40 am
make sure that -- [indiscernible] we can replicate that in san francisco on treasure island. so this is an active, robust discussion here. we're glad to have you onboard. and when we go there, we'll be actually helping your organization and one treasure island to kind of mold it so whatever coming out of it, it's in line with the sustainable vision that we have for treasure island. and the fact that our development has already won -- [indiscernible] leed and all of the outstanding world, you know, kind of recognitions that other cities in the bay area and around the world can emulate. so thank you. >> okay. any other comments? okay. hearing none, are there any public comment? item 8.
8:41 am
>> clerk: michael, is there any public comment? >> there is one caller. >> clerk: caller, you may go ahead. >> caller: hi, there. everybody, can you hear me? >> yes, we can. go ahead. >> thank you. i'm sorry. this is peter brasso with the department of environment. i was challenged with the technology and, if i could, i'd like to make a comment on the previous item. on item 6. >> peter, we're finishing item number 8. i will go back to the item 6, if you could hold on. let me first finish item 8. and then we will return back to you. okay. >> caller: okay. thank you. >> so are there any public comments for item 8?
8:42 am
>> clerk: i believe it was just peter on the line for public comment. >> president yee: okay. all right. >> this is not an action item. it's merely informational. so hearing no other public comments, thank you very much to the presenters. and we look forward again to hearing your presentation. and even before you're finished, we would like to have a conversation piece. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> all right. so we'll finish this item 8. peter had wanted to comment on item 6, on a matter on the consent sedge. peter, we'll let you go ahead. yes. hello, peter? >> caller: hello. okay. i think i'm unmuted now. >> yes. >> thank you very much. chair, i just wanted to make a
8:43 am
comment quickly on the rubicon contract. as many of you know, i work for the department of environment and support tida, as an ecologist and we work closely with rubicon programs. and this contract amendment is top give them a great opportunity to work with us to expand our stewardship of the natural island and working with some other partners. so so we're excited to do that. we just wanted to say that. and i appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do so. >> okay. thank you, peter. we have already passed that item, it's part of the consents agenda. we know well the rubicon program. it actually helps to hire people who otherwise would be
8:44 am
unemployed. so we're glad that they are part of it. but there is an overall thinking that we have to do about the ongoing management maintenance of the open space and the parks system. this has been a major concern of mine and of the board. and i think that we haven't yet delved into it as deeply as i would like. i know that the staff is working on a plan. but i'm hoping, bob, that we can have this as an item for discussion, if we can, in november. i do think that because we're putting hundreds of millions of dollars into creating this open space and these parks, and that capital money is available, but there's so little money for operations, maintenance management that we have to look
8:45 am
carefully at how we view it. and that's my hope that we're going to have a dedicated staff that is going to take care of the planting fortunate landscapes that -- of landscapes that we have. rubicon, certainly as a non-profit service provider, will be part of that picture. but i do believe that we need to have dedicated staff, horticulturists, you know, others who are really dedicated and there at the beginning when we are creating these parks and open spaces, so that they can continue maintenance of a great, you know, investment of dollars. so if that could be a future conversation, i would appreciate it. okay. so let's see. we can go to the next item, kate. >> clerk: item number 9, wayfinding signage and y.b.i.
8:46 am
parks name. >> and, yes. who will be presenting here? >> so laura with c.m.g. will be presenting on this update. >> hello, lauren. >> can you all see my screen now? >> good afternoon, directors. i'm happy to be with you virtually today. some initial proposals for the yerba buena. we're at a really exciting time in the project, where construction is under way and we're seeing the places that we've been designing start to take shape. as part of that construction, we'll be installing wayfinding signs that help people orients themselves and find destinations
8:47 am
throughout the island. in order to finalize those wayfinding times, we need to finalize the names of the parks. which is why the few items are combined in the presentation today. so before we get to the names, i'll give you an update on the wayfinding signs. for the wayfinding signage program was first developed in 2015. the signage master plan was presented to the tida cab and board, as well as the san francisco arts commission. the plan was approved by the board in august of 2015. and in 2017, we also took it to the bcbc who conducted an initial review and comment on the access signs and the trail signs. from there the signage was designed to a 90% level, we specified the locations where they'll be installed and the kind of information on them. the final design and the graphic design and the maps and imagery have yet to be developed. i'll give you a brief overview of the signage program. so this is the cover of the
8:48 am
signage master plan from 2015. and c.m.d. worked with hunt design, a firm with experience developing signage for the national mall in d.c., as well as the wayfinding signage for the golden gate and national recreation area here in san francisco and marin. and the plan itself, the contents of the plan i listed on this slide. it includes the design, the types of signs and identify proposed location for the signs throughout the development. and to develop the designs, the team looked at and honed in on the bold styles shown in these images. the signs will have a clean background, a simple text and icons and a black background with color accent, as needed for clarity. and then in a nod to the marine
8:49 am
environment, a color palette uses greens, blues and bluish-greens. as we develop the design and formal language for the signs, we wanted the many different types of signs to be united in style. most of them use the type of wrap you see here, where it wraps around three sides of the post. this gives the signs a unique and defining feature that will be used throughout the island. of course, accessibility is really important in the development project. there aren't many codes that regulate wayfinding signage. but we wanted to ensure that we're going above and beyond the codes that do exist. and, you know, we wanted to do things like making sure that the signs are easily visible and readable by as many people as possible. so making sure that directories are at the right height for people with mobility devices and using universal icons, in addition to text, that the signs are equally understood.
8:50 am
and the wayfinding signage plan includes a digital kiosk at the ferry terminal, that can be updated regularly, with new information. but it also could be complemented by technology in other ways, including the development of a treasure island-yerba buena specific app. and we do want the signage to function at all hours of the day. we want to be visually appealing. most signs will not be lit. but they'll be illuminated from the streets and park light. some key signs could include light, minimal lighting. the most light will be unlit, since they want to minimize light pollution from the development. so the plan includes several types and scale to function for different user groups. so the different types are design for motorists for bicycles, for pedestrians, and interpretive signs. most motist signs are directional and point people towards parking, parking or
8:51 am
other destinations. as you can see here, we have a car for scale. they're quite tall and they have really large text that's designed to be visible from moving cars. bicycle signs point cyclists to the best bike routes and find the dedicated networks throughout the island. they also include safety notifications like letting cyclists know when to walk the bikes heading into the pedestrian plaza areas. and then many types of the signs are geared towards pedestrians. so there are directional signs that point them towards destinations, map kiosk signs that help them orients themselves and find programs in the area. and also a.d.a. signage that point visitors toward accessible routes or entries. additionally for pedestrians, there are muni signs, the digital map will be at waterfront plaza for giving updates to arriving visitors. then there's signs with
8:52 am
necessary safety information. and then there will be a series of regulatory signs letting visitors know there's no smoking or where they can and can't let the dogs off leash. these will be adopted following the adoption of the park rules. a program of interpretive signage that will be developed as projects are realized. so there are several interpretive signs that that were assigned as part of the community transit authority work. right now there are plans for additional interpretive signs to be installed at building one, teaching builders will the sculptures that will be installed as part of the park there. so you can see throughout these examples, how the park names will appear on the signs. which is why the park naming and wayfinding signs are linked. so today's presentation of park names is focused on yerba buena
8:53 am
island. we're here to present some initial proposals for the names and we'd like your feedback. we'll also be presenting the names to the cab in december for their review. on the we anticipate we'll return one more time before gaining approval, likely early next year. and then once we get approval of the yerba buena island park names, we'll present initial ideas for the first phase of the treasure island parks. and then following the adoption of the y.b.a. park names and the park rules, we'll work with hunt design to finish the signage design. and that will be reviewed with the board next summer. and the signs will be b fabricad and be installed at dog park in the fall of 2021. so on to the park names on yerba buena island. we've used place holder names for the open spaces and c.m.g. and tadg working together with
8:54 am
tida have developed proposals for the parks on yerba buena island. and as a reminder, we went through one of the names processes so far on the project, which was for the streets. the treasure island street names were inspired by the golden gate international exhibition. the larger connecting avenues seen here were named after places from the exhibition shown on the exhibition map. [ please stand by ]
8:55 am
the proposals for treasure island referenced the use of the
8:56 am
this plan seems in o zooms in od but the side shows the place holder names that we have been using up-to-date. hill top park, quarters 10, beach park and the senior officers quarters over great white. and these are proposings for the park which i'll explain in more detail in the following slides. in addition to the park names we're proposing names for the trails both through the trail loops and for segments of the trails which i'll also detail. s this is a historic photo of the island. it's the natural island in the bay and it's neighbor treasure island is man mate and under construction in the photo.
8:57 am
most has plans to preserve and restore the native happen at that time of thatthat time ofnae island supports several native habitat types. the oak woodland and california grasslands as well as others. it has panoramic views to san francisco and other landmarks around the bay. the history of the island is found throughout, there's ecological sites and also the naval building seen here from the senior quarters. as we develop the names for the parks and destinations, we wanted to acknowledge all the different characters of the
8:58 am
island so we developed a few themes that you can see on this slide and then generated names based on the themes and so names thanamesthat reference the geolf the island and since the island has had several names through out the history and naval and nautical terms and we considered some names of the adjacent streets and historical figures is now i'll go to and walk through in more detail. starting at the top, hill top park is, which has two peaks on the island becomes infinity point and signal point. this park is split into two tabs that each sit on a high point and have its own look out and character so we want they warranted separate names. they both the names reference the two large features in each parks so the communication tower
8:59 am
or signal tower that existing on the site now and then also the prominent skull upture that will bsculpture and bothwill act as n the park and will be part of the regional destination that will draw visitors throughout the bay area to enjoy the unique panoramic view from the park. this is the eastern portion and you can see the existing signal or communication tower in the background here. 245 gives it the name signal point and in the western portion, you can see the future sculpture which it's infinity see which is where we developed the name infinity point and we have variations of the name you can see in the upper right-hand corner of the side we have several names like tank hill reference to the water types and we ruled those or and other
9:00 am
existing parks. moving down the hill from hill park is one of two central of the island the buck eye growth. and that name references two large buck eye trees that are being preserved on the site and as can you see on this picture, they're beautiful, old trees. the photo on the right of this slide shows the and this photo
9:01 am
is taken from the location of the new park. it's almost overhead and it will be a really prominent feature in the park. and also hear is a photograph of the native will be plant inside the park and the willow portion of that name in addition to willow bridge park we consider willow glen as an option. for the senior officers quarters historic district, we proposed shortening the name to the quarters and so this is the historic house and the naval buildings around that as well as the individual buildings can be called out by their historic names and a group of building and the landscape we propose referring to as the quarters or quarters district.
9:02 am
so back up toward the top of the island is the new dog park which we're proposing to name the rock dog park. as you can see in this rendering, they're defining feature in the design. we have a lot of mounds design using the boulders found on site during the excavation of the infrastructure so the rocks is a playful way to name the park after it is prominent and memorable feature. and here is another view of the park showing the proposed use of the boulders, which was assigned the space as well as active place for the dogs and integrated into the seating elements that you can see. then, moving back down the hill is to the shoreline is clipper cove beach. and we propose keeping the name of the beach since it is specific to its location on the shore of clipper cove. it was named after the china
9:03 am
clipper planes that flu in and d out of this area in the 1930s. this is a park that we have called quarter 10 or beach park and so we propose renaming this park clipper cove park. and this name we feel is fitting. this is a great use that overlooked clipper cove and the historic hangar one on to treasure island and beyond. and we also considered, because it's up on the hill above the beach, we considered the name clipper cove which in reference its location overlooking the beach and cove. so for the trail we're calling out two naming systems so we proposed the loop that visitors can use to surgery the island and those are portions of the
9:04 am
trail that can be used independently and they can combine them into circular walking pats. this naming system is common in some trail systems and help people find both specific sections of the island and then also understand how to connect the segments into loops. so these are the segments you can see color coded on the side here. in orange, is the trail that we're proposing to call the sunset trail and sunset point because of the western aspect on the island. they will provide great views of the city and the point there will be a great place to see the golden gate bridge and it will be a great sunset viewing spot. the live oakville is not to be existing habitat and proposed press to bation for the island so it's part of the scrub which is where we get the name live oak trail.
9:05 am
and and in blue and old reference jack buller and as old jack and he is the person who is credited with bringing goats to the island that was briefly known as goat island and finally in the park blue at the bottom is signal ladder and this is a short segment of trail that connects from signals load up to the portion of the hill top park that we propose naming signal park and we're giving it the name ladder.
9:06 am
it makes for a great trail run and this loop is made by combining segments of the the live oak trail and old jacks trail and signal ladder and the sun side trail. and the second loop connects several of the island existing and newly built so it goes from the beach to the navy here which will be retro fitted as part of the stairs project and then connects to some of the publicly accessible stairs through the new development. this will be the most difficult loop that connects or has the most elevation gain over the shortest distance on the island. and this trail connects the live oak trail signal ladder and portions of the sunset trail. and the infinity loop is the shortest and easiest loop and it winds through the park and the surrounding area and gives people a great view of all parts of the top of the island. so i will end on this slide that
9:07 am
shows a composite of the ybi park name and wore looking forward to your comments and to finding the pro pre a approprian the island. thank you very much. >> thank you so much for that very comprehensive report on the way finding and the naming of all these different spaces. what it highlights for us, is what incredible new trails and new open spaces that we're going to be opening up to the public. not just for the neighborhood but for the city and for the region. i hope to be able to be hiking many of those trails when they are finished the renovation and creating of those places. so thank you very much for that. i would just like to add a few
9:08 am
small details. you know, the way finding and the signage i'm glad that they are the comprehensive system and i note the particular tension for the bicyclist so often the signage is there for the pedestrians who can stop in front or for motorists that are large enough to see but for bikes first, it's much harder to see the signs as you are cycling by and so i would just ask that you take some care and making sure that bicyclists also are able to find their way and that those signs are visible and at the height appropriate for people going by on bicycles. and the other thing i would like to ask is we got such a great,
9:09 am
wonderful native vegetation that the transbay park at the top of the transbay center, they do an excellent job of identifying the plant materials that are there and it is enjoyable because it's educational and you learn a little bit about the plants and the habitats as well and i didn't see in your signage whether there was any mention of that but i think it's a good idea to have signage that is basically allowing people to understand the type of landscape, the type of plants, the type of trees that are there. i think that is a very
9:10 am
educational way to involve the public to understand more about the plant and landscape tag is around them. may i offer that as a suggestion to your team. >> thank you so much, lauren. you mentioned that in 2015, you came before the title infrastructure and transportation committee and we had a lengthy discussion about some visions for the row naming and representations so i'm going to first, for me, one of the primary interests here in the line of equity inclusion and we talked at length about the
9:11 am
disabled and seniors and especially the visually impaired, given the fact that we are going to be having large local space and arts in a history of san francisco to ensure it's a signal of making you comfortable for us to go beyond the mainland of san francisco, especially how would someone that subpoena visually impaired or some have disability to be able to access. i talk about that at length and i would love to be having something definitely by know that you have interpretive signals in here and this is something you have to pick and wait to see how we can refine what you have now. also in the times of equity and inclusion, i know that the recommendations specifically the
9:12 am
artist sergeant claude johnson i know you gave some -- i do not see his name there and also some of the names that would suggest it and this is comprehensive because i like to really see some of the names that we're talking about in there so you can kind of look at that to have claude johnson in there and i saw such a there and there was some of the artist and we've also been getting a lot of requests from some of our partners regarding that treasure island was part of chicago it's a great group, great historical event and the development on the island, given all the opportunities that we have here we ought to be able to have that and so that is something to consider. could you go into the technology slide that you showed earlier on
9:13 am
and there was something picture there that i could not muster, i don't understand what was depecked in that language and in that particular picture and i cannot say yeah, so the technology there and what is that sign that was supposed to be down here so you have desighs specific it's something we click where is that object. >> so it shows a potential aspect to be developed to help supplement the signage program and the bottom, oh, god, no. >> you have the bottom here. >> it's looking that the where is that? >> that is a digital sign it's something that could be updated regularly with more information. >> this is a person looking at the map? >> yes. >> yep. >> yeah, i didn't understand you could do better with that picture and again, we have to be
9:14 am
explicit here. that picture i would not suggest that. so you would understand what it is i could not understand what you are trying to do there and i feel this object looking at this there so that definitely is something from you to change and to look at and finally, the bicycle, because it's an open space and you are going to have a law of traffic of a scheduled a bicycle and all of that and we had said all along that tuesday object a way of navigation making it easier especially i know there are going to be restrictions on the island but again, what is the entire picture going to be like and that's basically still something that i would like to see. looking at the timeline, given
9:15 am
all the here i think i would like to entertain you back itc because we always finalize these names and we are to know what is going to be included and if there all suggestions that the commissioners and the public would like to see so that before we move forward, we're all really saying yes. when you've done the technical aspect of the work here but the naming conventions and it's going to be there i think those are important too. having said that, i want to acknowledge that a lot of work and you are been doing since you came back and so we are almost there and take off those suggestions and let's plan to see how we can all help you and also move forward on this item. thank you. >> ok.
9:16 am
>> i see what commissioner linda's talking about. the image at the bottom is unclear of what that image is. it looks like the back of a hood and it could be a face so it's very unusual and so i would suggest changing that i see that now too. any other comments from commissioners. hearing none, we can open up to public comment. kate, is there any public comment? >> yes, we have public comment. >> go ahead. >> >> president, and directors, can you hear me? >> yes, we can. >> great, thank you. this is walt from treasure island museu museum and this isk
9:17 am
at a wonderful public area that is going to be developed for san francisco and for the new community and we're very excited about the inter leaving of historic themes along with the other cry ter why for place names and as director richardson mentioned there's one historic event that really stands out above all others on yesh a on t. it was a turning point for the desegregation. navy before the don of the civil rights movement last century but it resinates so strongly with important issues of today. the struggle for systemic change and the black lives matter movement. it's something that really deserves to be commemorated in the place naming on yerba buena
9:18 am
island. it took place on yerba buena island on the exact location was not well documented and the museum is working with academic partners, the navy, we're waiting for the national archives in maryland to reopen because they have building records from yerba buena island but our best guest is it's between the west-end of hill top park going down towards treasure island avenue. so that area would be a wonderful location for a place named memorializing the port chicago trial. and i hope your board and the developer will support doing that. thank you. >> thank you for that comment. i think at the very least, some sort of commemorative plaque, which marks that spot, and
9:19 am
certainly tied to anything the treasure island museum would have would be a good thing. ok. any other comments? >> >> there's no other public comment. >> then we can go on the next item. >> item number 10, transitional housing updates. thank you directors and karen is going to give an update on the work that they've been doing recently. since last dis, the post eda residents at our december board meeting we still have had to cut
9:20 am
back on the number of public comments he have with residents we're still a future meeting but i'll turn it over to karen to give an update on their more recent activities. >> thank you, very much, president and members of the directors. i just wanted give you an update of some of the work we've been doing over the last three years under bob's direction under treasure island. on the island related to the regulation and the transition healthy program. as you are all probably aware, we have been charged with working with the households and we have currently about 110 households that are pre da with 153 households that are post pda
9:21 am
households and moved in after june 29th. we were at 72 hours holds that are a mix of the two. we've been working with treasure island with head staff since 2017 to help create information programs for the residents of the island about the thrr. and our team has been made up of us as the project managers and the translators and interpreters and graphic designers and infinity outreach team and more consulting as community outreach board. and in 2019, they expanded the outreach efforts to include the post pda households. i want to talk about 10 different areas of outreach or
9:22 am
the work that we did to engage the community and the first and try to help who they were as households and how the thr and r applied to them directly. and then we have home buyer outreach and education and more recently we added the early payment program and we working with those to work through that process and as we all know in
9:23 am
march, we all shifted to virtual engagement of our committee so we didn't lose our momentum to engage folks in considering available housing that is coming available the lower market rate and yea yerba buena island and b mentioned in his previous presentation we were working with the relocation requests and we want to talk about coming up in the future. >> so, prior to development suppose sort, the board has been wonderful in zeroing in some of the fission we put out and and developing for the timeline
9:24 am
goals of the team about when to interact with folks and with to engage them and have open house and we have been working with head of staff and to talk about what is coming in the future and how we can prepare for that and how we can prepare the households for the affordable housing and the housing that will be available for them. we also worked with the tag members as the interpretation and communications. making sure our messaging with correct and appropriate and on point. and here is say quick story of what we've been doing. we have 2017 we joined the team and we created initial outreach letters and program development that we can communicate clearly with folks. in 2018, we opened a relocation resource center that allowed us to interview people in-person and meet with households and help them understand the program itself and answer other questions. and we had open houses, we
9:25 am
hosted home buy errorrentation and three home buyer workshops and to help people prepare to purchase homes and one of our major goals is to get people to have some of the low market housing that is available. we sent out notices of eligibility which was per household to help them understand what all of those regulations meant to them specifically. and then we talked more about the bmr housing and how we can get information to the community and make that presentation to the board. we continue to work with and continue with individual
9:26 am
households in april we had meetings and that gave people freedom to make choices and we were wasting time explaining that to folks and helping them understand what it means to them and claiming payment. we had another open house events in may of 2019 and in december as the board and elected to approve benefits for council and so we have been busy since then and creating a campaign around that helped them to understand how folks can receive business as well. and we continued to reach out in 2020 at free market notice for some of the first housing and yvi and then, as we all know, march hit and we responded to
9:27 am
shelter in place we thought would be temporary and luckily, we really dug in and decided that there needed to be a forum to reach out 209 community so we created a portal which is allowing us to communicate with folks in a way that the people were communicating with that don't have printers or scanners or real sophisticated way of finding documents so we can communicate with them in a way where they can find things electronically with that in the investment and technology so we were excited about that and we'll talk more about that and lastly, we're going to be launching this week our second premier notice for ybi. i want to show you some of the program support for the support tools we've used over the years. it's a timeline to help people understand that while this is a long process, there's a sense of urgency because things take time
9:28 am
and how do we get them engage in being prepared to purchase homes. and also, just making sure that things like (inaudible) when they can see the timeframe. we developed frequently asked question pages, flying and handouts and post cards and brochures and all kinds of materials that our goal was to make it really clear that we were here and we were here to help and we have done that through some leg owes an logo ag that we've used throughout our documents and e-mails and our portals so people understand who they are and hopefully they're not confused with many of the other voice that's are out there. and it's been wonderful to get feedback from some of that and kind of help us pivot when we
9:29 am
weren't as (inaudible) as we hoped. our hope house is in part because we really made every effort to reach people by e-mail and by posters and by post cards and door hangers. anything to get people tone gage with us. and we think it's been really successful and we saw the languages that were really being asked to translate or interpret in spanish or korean so, again, we just continue to engage folks even with our new portal launch and in 2017, we had initial outreach letters to the legacy household that open house events in january 18, may '18 and february 18 we established a relocation resource center that was very helpful during the early times so we have folks one-on-one and in march through
9:30 am
june, 2018, we met individually with folks and in april of 2018 we hosted four home buyer education events which were really successful and we're excited about that. one thing that was important to us is to really, especially in the early years before the boards extended the benefit and we really wanted to engage the households and answer the questions and really help them get on track, continue one of my meetings as needed and calls were needed and follow ups to the e-mail answers questions and we saw it was helpful and wore hoping they were feeling very engage in that time. and again this just reiterates some of the tolls we used and the meetings we had have been really successful and we delivered the preliminary notice of eligibility that we talked
9:31 am
about. outreach was great and i touched on that a bit. one of the excite being things was now the home buying classes through virtual which is you can stay on track with our goals of engaging people and helping them get through the combine workshops. again, some of our outreach materials, just trying to really help people understand that urgency of being one of those folks that get to buy the bmr unit and preparing for bmr purchases through the future with other condos on the island. and our outreach has been in english and what spanish and korean as needed and just really trying to help people understand these opportunities. and we're able to do it through door hangers and e-mail education and pro marketing
9:32 am
notices and as i mentioned we have one more going out this week. because it's such an important part of this, we kind of were on round three of continue engagement different marking materials and helping people understand what opportunities are available to them. and some of the feedback we've gotten has been great. people who didn't know they were going to be able an opportunity to buy a house, especially in san francisco. they're very excited about that and it gets overwhelming when you purchase homes for the first time and that learning to do that is pretty exciting and i answer those answers and the
9:33 am
board approved and so we never thought all the households and we engage folks and help them understand about that opportunity. they have had 22 pre legacy households and we're excited about that because it gives them the freedom to make choices about their life. many of whom have been honest for a very long time. and in december, in 2019, expanding the outreach to households and we've been actively engaging them and helping them understand who we are and the opportunities that are available to them. and we in march we pivoted and tried to move everything electron you cannily so we don't meet people in-person and in-person the last resort and if someone really wants that but we're available to work with people and make sure that the
9:34 am
last person does not mean lack of progress on housing and or early payments. and the portal launch that we have is fantastic and it's a great tool to communicate with folks and get information to them and a place where there are documents can live and making references as needed so we're very happy about that and we continue to do about 25 launches a week in the purpose of that is so that as people have questions we can engage them one-on-one and answer their questions and help them engage in the portal and see how it a employ applies. it's all mentioned we've been working with 10 households who have been asked to move as a result of maybe the naming of the building so that's going forward and we hope to have everybody moved out by the end of the year. some of the events, this is the
9:35 am
pre marking windows for how to engage and help people understand what a great opportunity that this is and also, we have murphy housing and just trying to understand how best to communicate the opportunity of the process to the community. and as going forward, we just want to support the goals of the education program and it's now gone virtual and how do we get more and more people engage in that. home buyer education and it's
9:36 am
one our big passions forward and housing opportunities evolved and what those opportunities mean to each household and coordination with partners to finalize the protocols for housing collection and engagement and household for all for rent and self-housing opportunities. we'll continue to process the claim and we will continue to update the board with our activity reports and we welcome any questions that you have. and just as you have about how to continue to engage the community and there's so much more that happened in the last few years and they're not included in these slides and we just wanted to give you an overview of where we've been and where we're going and we're really excited and we're going
9:37 am
to open it up for the board. do i have any questions or comments? so hearing none, karen, thank you for your report. and the history of hearing the issues. thank you, very much. i'm going to open up to the public comments now. kate, do we have anybody on the line for public comments? >> there's no public comment. >> so, thank you for that report and i think then the next item is kate -- >> >> clerk: discussion of futures agenda items by directors. >> are there any items that directors would like to add to
9:38 am
the agenda? >> >> just, echoing what you said earlier about a future report on th energy piece. >> i requested on the maintenance and operations about who is facing for us to have a continuing discussion on that and maybe we can have an initial report to november. >> one more thing too, which i think commissioner lie had requested this in pa th pasta pl gees ipast, what themayor set ak and wondering treasure island would get that funding? wondering if there's anymore clarity on that? for future items.
9:39 am
>> right. so, is that something that you can report on in the future for now even? >> there's an over all effort to do racial equity planning throughout city government and i think write an update on that from the role in that over all. we have not been -- there's been no specific funding districted to coming out of the efforts but i believe those conversations are still going on at city hall. >> if we can perhaps have it on the week and tonight and just noted sometimes. that would be helpful. >> great, so if there's no
9:40 am
further items, then i believe we can adjourn so, be healthy be safe, i think the next board meeting we hopefully will know who our next president will be. [laughter] >> so, go out and vote. with that thank you. >> working with kids, they keep you young. they keep you on your tones -- on your toes.
9:41 am
>> teaching them, at the same time, us learning from them, everything is fulfilling. >> ready? go. [♪] >> we really wanted to find a way to support women entrepreneurs in particular in san francisco. it was very important for the mayor, as well as the safety support the dreams that people want to realize, and provide them with an opportunity to receive funding to support improvements for their business so they could grow and thrive in their neighborhoods and in their industry. >> three, two, one! >> because i am one of the consultants for two nonprofits here for entrepreneurship, i knew about the grand through the renaissance entrepreneur center,
9:42 am
and through the small business development center. i thought they were going to be perfect candidate because of their strong values in the community. they really give back to the neighborhood. they are from this neighborhood, and they care about the kids in the community here. >> when molly -- molly first told us about the grant because she works with small businesses. she has been a tremendous help for us here. she brought us to the attention of the grand just because a lot of things here were outdated, and need to be up-to-date and redone totally. >> hands in front. recite the creed. >> my oldest is jt, he is seven, and my youngest is ryan, he is almost six. it instills discipline and the boys, but they show a lot of care. we think it is great. the moves are fantastic. the women both are great teachers. >> what is the next one?
9:43 am
>> my son goes to fd k. he has been attending for about two years now. they also have a summer program, and last summer was our first year participating in it. they took the kids everywhere around san francisco. this year, owner talking about placing them in summer camps, all he wanted to do was spend the entire summer with them. >> he has strong women in his life, so he really appreciates it. i think that carries through and i appreciate the fact that there are more strong women in the world like that. >> i met d'andrea 25 years ago, and we met through our interest in karate. our professor started on cortland years ago, so we grew up here at this location, we out -- he outgrew the space and he moved ten years later.
9:44 am
he decided to reopen this location after he moved. initially, i came back to say, hey, because it might have been 15 years since i even put on a uniform. my business partner was here basically by herself, and the person she was supposed to run the studio with said great, you are here, i started new -- nursing school so you can take over. and she said wait, that is not what i am here for i was by myself before -- for a month before she came through. she was technically here as a secretary, but we insisted, just put on the uniform, and help her teach. i was struggling a little bit. and she has been here. one thing led to another and now we are co-owners. you think a lot more about safety after having children and i wanted to not live in fear so much, and so i just took advantage of the opportunity, and i found it very powerful to hit something, to get some relief, but also having the
9:45 am
knowledge one you might be in a situation of how to take care of yourself. >> the self-defence class is a new thing that we are doing. we started with a group of women last year as a trial run to see how it felt. there's a difference between self-defence and doing a karate class. we didn't want them to do an actual karate class. we wanted to learn the fundamentals of how to defend yourself versus, you know, going through all the forms and techniques that we teaching a karate class and how to break that down. then i was approached by my old high school. one -- once a semester, the kids get to pick an extra curricular activity to take outside of the school walls. my old biology teacher is now the principle. she approached us into doing a self-defence class. the girls have been really proactive and really sweet. they step out of of the comfort zone, but they have been willing
9:46 am
to step out and that hasn't been any pushback. it is really great. >> it is respect. you have to learn it. when we first came in, they knew us as those girls. they didn't know who we were. finally, we came enough for them to realize, okay, they are in the business now. it took a while for us to gain that respect from our peers, our male peers. >> since receiving the grant, it has ignited us even more, and put a fire underneath our butts even more. >> we were doing our summer camp and we are in a movie theatre, and we just finished watching a film and she stepped out to receive a phone call. she came in and she screamed, hey, we got the grant. and i said what? >> martial arts is a passion for us. it is passion driven. there are days where we are dead tired and the kids come and they have the biggest smiles on their faces and it is contagious. >> we have been operating this
9:47 am
program for a little over a year all women entrepreneurs. it is an extraordinary benefit for us. we have had the mayor's office investing in our program so we can continue doing this work. it has been so impactful across a diversity of communities throughout the city. >> we hope that we are making some type of impact in these kids' lives outside of just learning karate. having self-confidence, having discipline, learning to know when it's okay to stand up for yourself versus you just being a bully in school. these are the values we want the kids to take away from this. not just, i learned how to kick and i learned how to punch. we want the kids to have more values when they walk outside of these doors. [♪]
9:48 am
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9:55 am
. >> president yee: of the 26 neighborhoods we have in west portal, it's probably the most unique in terms of a small little town. you can walk around here, and it feels different from the
9:56 am
rest of san francisco. people know each other. they shop here, they drink wine here. what makes it different is not only the people that live here, but the businesses, and without all these establishments, you wouldn't know one neighborhood from the other. el toreador is a unique restaurant. it's my favorite restaurant in san francisco, but when you look around, there's nowhere else that you'll see decorations like this, and it makes you feel like you're in a different world, which is very symbolic of west portal itself. >> well, the restaurant has been here since 1957, so we're going on 63 years in the neighborhood. my family came into it in 1987, with me coming in in 1988.
9:57 am
>> my husband was a designer, and he knew a lot about art, and he loved color, so that's what inspired him to do the decorati decorations. the few times we went to mexico, we tried to get as many things as we can, and we'd bring it in. even though we don't have no space, we try to make more space for everything else. >> president yee: juan of the reasons we came up with the legacy business concept, man eel businesses were closing down for a variety of reasons. it was a reaction to trying to keep our older businesses continuing in the city, and i think we've had some success, and i think this restaurant itself is probably proof that it works. >> having the legacy business
9:58 am
experience has helped us a lot, too because it makes it good for us because we have been in business so long and stayed here so long. >> we get to know people by name, and they bring their children, so we get to know them, also. it's a great experience to get to know them. supervisor yee comes to eat at the restaurant, so he's a wonderful customer, and he's very loyal to us. >> president yee: my favorite dish is the chile rellenos. i almost never from the same things. my owner's son comes out, you want the same thing again? >> well, we are known for our mole, and we do three different types of mole.
9:59 am
in the beginning, i wasn't too familiar with the whole legacy program, but san francisco, being committed to preserve a lot of the old-time businesses, it's important to preserve a lot of the old time flavor of these neighborhoods, and in that capacity, it was great to be recognized by the city and county of san francisco. >> i've been here 40 years, and i hope it will be another 40 yeararararararararararararararr
10:00 am