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tv   CCII Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  December 6, 2020 6:30am-9:01am PST

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entertainment, i wanted us to ask for us to adjourn this meeting in evening in memory of the members of the night life and entertainment completion who died of hiv and aids as well as recognize the enormous efforts of our night life and entertainment communities in raising money and raising awareness and providing support to people living with hiv and aids. i love that idea. before we adjourn, is there any public comment on this agenda item? >> there are no hands raised. there is another comment from piano pipe productions that was received during this agenda. want me to read it? >> all right. thank you for your time and consideration and i'm here to use you to support emergency
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financial relief and know this commission does not have the jurisdiction to award such a package but members of the commission are friends and supporters of live entertainment and knowledgeable and committed public servants so i'm here to ask you, use considerable care for the industry and hard earned understanding of governments to advocate to the board of supervisors, mayor breed and the action to help sf venues makes it three this pandemic. i don't want to live in a city that can't host live music. i don't want to live in a city without dance halls and i don't want to live in a city that won't help one of the few things that make it great. it's culture. so, please, join with me and support this measure for immediate financial relief for san francisco venues. thank you. >> thank you, very much. and with that, we will adjourn this meeting in honor of world
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aids day and the contributions that entertainment has made to that cause. and all of the people impacted by that cause. thank you, very much. we will adjourn the meeting at 7:15:00 p.m. thanks. >> have a good night.
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i would like to welcome members of the public and to the staff preparing for today's meeting. following the guidance set forth by local and state officials during this health emergency, the members of the commission and staff are meeting remotely to ensure safety for everyone including members of the public. thank you for joining us. please call the first item. >> first order of business is roll call. please respond when i call your name. >> commissioner brackett. >> present. >> commissioner scott. you are on mute. >> commissioner rosales. >> present. >> commissioner scott. >> present. >> all members of the commission are present.
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the next order of business is item 2. announcements. the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held remotely december 15, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. b, announcement of public comment. a member of the public has three minutes to make public comments on each agenda item unless the commission adopts a shorter period. viewers will be instructed to dial 415-655-0001 and to access code (146)671-6888. press pound twice. when prompted press star three to submit the request to speak. when you dial star three you will hear the following message. you have raised your hand to ask a question. wait to speak until the host calls on you. when you hear your line is
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unmuted, this is your opportunity to provide public comment and you will have three minutes. please speak clearly and slowly. you will be placed back on mute when you are done speaking. you can stay on the line to continue to listen to the meeting and you can choose to hang up. if you are planning to provide public comment on any items on the agenda today it is recommended that you call the public comment line listed on the agenda or on the screen. allow you to listen live. today's presentations and other materials are available on the website at under commission and the public meetings tab. next order of business is item 3. report on actions taken at previous closed session meeting if any. there are no reportable actions. next order of business item 4. matters of unfinished business. no matters of up finished
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business. next is item 5. matters of new business. consisting of concept and regular agenda. first concept agenda 5a approval of minutes. regular meeting october 20, 2020. b, authorizing a second amendment to the personal services contract with century urban llc, a california limited liability company. contractor to increase the contract amount by $21,000 for a total not to exceed $97,000 for the negotiation of a disposition and development agreement for transbay block 4 assessor's parcel 3739. porks of lot 008.
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transbay redevelopment project area resolution 36-2020. mr. chair. >> madam secretary. anyone from the public who wishes to speak or comment on these items? >> at this time members of the public may provide public comment on this item. call 415-655-0001 enter the access code. press pound twice and press star three to submit your request to speak. it does not look like there are any members of the public to speak, mr. chair. >> hearing no further request. we will close public comment.
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commissioners may i get a motion for these items. >> i move approval of the concept agenda. >> thank you. >> seconded by commissioner scott. madam secretary. please take roll. >> commissioner brackett. >> a. >> commissioner scott. >> yes. >> vice chair rosales. i see you motioning yes. chair bustos. >> yes. >> mr. chair, the vote is 4 ayes. >> motion carries. next item. >> regular agenda. item 5c appointing interim
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executive director to the successor agency to the redevelopment agency of the city and county of san francisco. discussion and action resolution number 37-2020. >> the human resources administrative services manager will present on this item. >> good afternoon, chair and commissioners. the item before the commission today is to appoint sally ord as interim executive director. please note that agreement has been reached to the terms and conditions of the appointment. should the commission approve this action today the
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appointment would be effective december 2, 2020. that is summation of my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, monaco. madam secretary anyone from the public to comment on this item? >> at this time, members of public who wish to comment on this item call 415-655-0001. enter access code (146)671-6888. followed by pound and pound. when prompted press star three to be placed in the queue. we have one caller. it looks
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like the caller may have withdrawn the request. we have no members of the public to speak on this item. >> okay. hearing no further request to speak i will close public comment. i will turn to fellow commissioners for comments or questions they may have. commissioners, commissioner scott. >> i would move forward with the appointment and appreciate her for being a great listener and one that shows herself as being
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open and changeable. i am thankful that she is willing to step in at this time. >> thank you. commissioner brackett. >> no comments at this time. >> vice chair rosales. >> i have no comments. i think it is an excellent recommendation and i move the item unless there are other comments. >> thank you. i just want to thank sally for stepping in. for those on the call. will be leaving for bigger things and i appreciate sally
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for stepping in during this time. i would like to get a motion which i think there is a motion. is there a second? >> i believe it was commissioner scott with the motion and seconded by commissioner rosales, is that correct? >> i thought it was the other way around. we do have a first and second. madam, secretary, please take roll. >> commission members please announce your vote when i call your name. commissioner brackett. commissioner scott. >> yes. vice chair rosales. >> yes.
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>> chair bustos. >> yes. >> going back to commissioner brackett. >> i said yes. >> thank you. the vote is four ayes. >> motion carries. >> please call the next item. the next is regular agenda item 5d. commending and expressing appreciation to nadia sesay for her dedicated services and her de par terrace executive director of office of community investment and infrastructure resolution 38-2020. >> this is the date. i have no words. i will say how grateful we are.
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>> we are a family, and when one of the family members leaves to go to other things, we are sad and need to show gratitude for all that they have done at a time at oci. we have several presentations. madam secretary you are first,
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right? >> if the commissioners would like to present the resolution first. >> we have put together resolution honoring nadia. there is a lot of feedback, jaime. >> i believe it is coming from dr. scott's microphone. >> if all of you would put yourself on mute, that would be helpful. thank you, commissioner scott. we have a couple presentations to nadia. these are just an ounce of our gratitude for what you have been able to do for us, provide us and lead us. i cannot tell you how grateful i
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am when you first came do help us when tiffany left. you came in and provided such a sense of family, joy and so much hope and optimism that wases so needed in the organization. the work we do at oci is good work, and you believe in this good work and exuded that belief. not only the work but in the staff. that is important. you gave the staff a sense they belong to a greater good and all of the staff i spoke to only emphasized that. as a commission we are grateful for you for being such a wonderful leader during this time, especially during this
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time of covid. you still have been able to keep the family together. we are forever grateful. we would like to start with a resolution commending and expressing our appreciation to you, nadia, for your dedication and service on your last day as executive director of oci. each commissioner will read a portion of it and we will start with commissioner scott. >> thank you, chair. whereas, in january 2017 the commission on community investment and infrastructure
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appointed by unanimous vote nadia sesay as executive director. then the permanent executive director also by unanimous vote. whereas, prior to her appointment as executive director, ms. sesay had a distinguished career at the city and county of san francisco. having first joined mayor willie brown's administration in 1998. she woulds promoted to be the director of public finance where she excelled in creating key financing policies such as the
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city's debt program, was influential in bringing forth the city's first 10 year capital plan and instrumental in many financial transactions for important city assets. some of her accomplishments include securing financing for the laguna honda replacement project and themu and the moscot and the transbay community facility district. she also was crucial in helping restructure the strained debt portfolio for the city's asian art museum. under her leadership the city received the highest rating of aaa. she woulds valued and respected
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across the city as a creative and dedicated problem solver who never lost sight of the public policy goals at the heart of the financial transaction, and as a city official she became involved with the implementation of the 2011 redevelopment formation of the agency known as office of community investment and infrastructure and preservation of public financing for ocii. she provided a steady hand through a challenging transition to a successor agency and shared her financial expertise as ocii embarked on the first financial transactions after redevelopment
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dissolution. after the state of california dissolved the redevelopment agency, mayor lee appointed her to the oversight board of city and county of san francisco where she over saw ocii implementation of the redevelopment dissolution law. she approved numerous matters that completed the unfinished business of the redevelopment agency. she approved by oversight resolution 5-2012 the continuation of the program for mission bay, transbay, candlestick point shipyard and construction of affordable housing destroyed and not replaced by redevelopment agency. whereas when she became the executive director she negotiated complex situations and brings view points to achieve shared goals.
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she woulds instrumental in bringing the city departments together to achieve success in significant matters including overseeing the land use changes at candlestick point, coordination and acceptance of mission bay. she secured the approval of the california department of finance for important land use actions and ocii obligations as successor agency to transfer assets to the city. and leadership over 3100 housing units completed since 2017, all four faces of thal list griffith revital ligation project, mission bay and 1600 units in
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the transbay neighborhood. she guided numerous affordable housing projects to the start of construction including mission bay south block nine, the first ocii housing project for modular construction to bring supported housing units online sooner for less cost. she championed ocii continuing efforts for state approval to develop thousands of housing units to replace housing occupied buy low and moderate income households never replaced by redevelopment agency, and whereas she made equal opportunity in contracting and work with employment among professional service consultants and construction contractors and seamless part of all of the ocii economic and community and affordable housing work. she spearheaded $3.7 billion in development which creates tremendous benefit for the small
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and local business community including $1.3 billion to numerous small minority and women owned businesses and 4,000 construction jobs for san francisco residents. and whereas through it all ms. sesay had a commitment for economic benefits for the community she served. she announced her resignation from ocii to be the chief community growth and development officer of bedrock specializing in revitalization. she has been a dedicated effective and community leader, public servant and supporter and mentor of ocii staff at all levels, her generosity of spirit, excellent sense of humor
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and ability to forge true partnerships served her well and made her a highly esteemed among her staff, colleagues and the community. she will be missed. now therefore be it resolved the community investment and infrastructure commission on behalf of its commissioners, staff and the city, county of san francisco in recognition of service for which she rendered to the office of community investment and infrastructure does by this resolution express the sincerest appreciation of work well-done. best wishes in all her future endeavors. i believe the staff has a brief presentation as well. >> yes, thank you, mr. chair. madam director, following the
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presentation is a preview of an album we have put together containing photos and messages from many of your colleagues and friends. we have a small gift for you. we ask colleagues and friends to share a word or two that best describes you. >> you are a strong leader. you always think of others. you are a professional and true housing advocate. your work and accomplishments are an inspiration to many of us. you exemplify great character.
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you have been a friend and a mentor to many of us. you are also pretty cool. your contributions to the city through the work that you have done will leave a lasting impact for years to come. we will remember you not just for the work with ocii commission and policy bodies, but himself for the countless work you have done for the
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community. so many of us will miss you. although your city family will be sad to see you go, we have nothing but best wishes for you. it won't be the same without you. for everything that you have been to us and for all of the contributions you maid to make this city a much better place, we thank you. nadia, we will miss you, and this is from all of us. know that you are loved. >> thank you, staff, so much. jamie, is the other thing ready?
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>> no, it did not arrive on time. >> something else later on to share with you. madam secretary, do we have anyone from the public to comment? >> at this time members of the public who wish to provide public comment please call 415-655-0001. enter access code 14667 is 6888. press pound and pound. star three to raise your hand and for all of the callers on the line to provide public comment press star three so we can call you in the order. press star three to provide public comment.
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>> i see one hand up. >> thank you. >> i was trying to catch the last part. it sounded as if the staff had left someone very valuable to the organization. i wanted to be clear. i was calling specifically about the certificate of preference. i wondered how long on the list do we have to wait? we have many callers calling around that particular issue? >> we will get there shortly. just hang on tight. >> thank you so much.
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>> if you want to comment press star 3. this is a public comment for the comments for nadia. withdraw your comment at star three. thank you. okay. mr. chair, at this time there are no members. i am sorry. there is one. >> i am calling on behalf of mission bay. yoyou will be missed. we appreciate what you have done for our city. you are great to work with and
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great to work with. getting millions of office space open, getting streets open and, finally, accepted. you have been a great leader and friend. so sad to see you go. we learned a lot working with you. we wish you knowing but the best -- wish you nothing but the best. >> no other hands, mr. chair. >> no further requests do speak on this item. public comment is closed. turn to fellow commissioners for comments. commissioner scott. >> thank you, chair. nadia, this is such a difficult
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time to just say farewell, but wishing you all of god's best. nadia, you are did prime example of a humanitarian with love and kindness. from the first encounter of meeting you through commissioner linda richardson, i just felt that you were a person that could be trusted, a person who cared and worthy of all of the attention that your leadership projected. i just saw as we continued to follow and walk with you and around your leadership, a love for this city, a genuine love for the people you cared about the homeless, the middle class, you care about us all. you really looked at the
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marginalized and wanted to make sure there was justice, equality and quality along with it. your leadership as executive director has been stellar with integrity of a true humanitarian. you brought forth hope with a bright future for all. nadia, as we know, promotion comes from above. may god continue to bless your steps and the works of your hands as you go forward with god. intelligence and character is the goal of a true education. doctor martin luther king. when you say something, say something. say something and do something. john robert lewis. with god all things are possible. one of my favorite speakers and
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writers and life givers. i just thank you for all that you gave and shared of yourself with us. >> thank you, commissioner scott. commissioner brackett. >> i am just here to say how honored i am for the past year and a half to work with nadia to see the work with the team to take all of the considerations of the commission into heart. it is not very often that a commission has such a great working relationship with the executive director and also with the community and with everyone else at-large. i just want to say it is an honor to be a new member of the commission and to see the hard work and creativity that has gone into making the decisions that have happened over the last couple months, especially during
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covid and the attention to the needs of the community: i have been grateful to witness personal accounts from people previously displaced and now have housing due to the leadership and hard work of nadia and her team. also the zeal that she brings to the team. i think one of the things that people don't give her enough credit for that i would like to highlight is the negotiation skills. nadia has been able to get a whole lot of additional community benefits from our various development partners, which has created all types of opportunities for the disenfranchised especially residents of the bayview hunters
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point and filmore district, which were the two most impacted project area residents within the redevelopment agency. i just would like to wish her well wishes. i know that she is going to be a rock star out there. we are going to mys her. we have so much work to do. i am excited and want to wish her the best. thank you for your service and everything. we are going to my going going . >> nadia, i will be brief. if i am too long i might get emotional. i want to say thank you. i get emotional because i consider you a friend, and i am
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expecting you will continue that friendship not just with me but with the commissioners and the city of san francisco. i am grateful for you stepping up when tiffany left us. as the resolution spells out there was an interim six-month period to get your feet wet, but i had no doubts. i was hoping you would stay with us and you did. from day one what i saw is everything that my fellow commissioners have said and what the staff have said and what is set forth in the commission resolution. what i saw was a lot of humility and humanity but in a very intentional way. it may sound contradictory, that allows you to be open, listen,
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lead, in many ways quietly. to persuade, as commissioner brackett said, provide confidence to the public, to the community that you are listening to their concerns and to what the commissioners want the objectives of the commission. i have represented in my career many commissioners and the general council. i agree with commissioner brackett. the chemistry between you as executive director and the staff is very special. you have a huge amount of gratitude from me. i am not going to say good-bye because i get emotional when i say good-bye. my understanding you will be in
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san francisco and i expect you to stay close, and make the rounds in detroit at some point. i will connect with you. all the best to you. >> thank you, vice chair rosales. >> nadia, a lot has been said by commissioners and staff, and there is not much more to add. a lot of public servants within the city and county of san francisco but there are very few that put the public and service together the way you have. your leadership, more importantly your heart, i think, has been something to model and to emulate for others on what it means to be a public servant. i am always talking about we
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have to do the right thing. with you it was never a question. it was about a must. i think we are grateful for that. as we show gratitude to you, we need to show gratitude to your mom, dad, ancestors who raised you to be the incredible human being that you are. you have exemplified that. take us with you in your thoughts and in your heart. don't forget about us. keep us in your prayers and we will be cheerleading for you from afar. know that we love you dearly
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and that until we meet again, my friend. so before nadia says a few words i would like to get a motion for this item. >> motion. >> thank you, commissioner brackett. >> second? >> second, vice chair rosales. >> can we take roll and i would like to ask nadia to say a few words. >> commissioner brackett. >> aye. >> commissioner scott. >> aye. >> vice chair rosales. >> aye. >> chair bustos.
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>> aye. >> the vote is four ayes. >> thank you. again, are if i could ask commissioners and staff to put themselves on mute. thank you. nadia. >> wow. this is a very, very difficult decision for my. my time with icii and the work with each of you has been extremely rewarding. i am grateful and honored to have worked with commissioners that i enjoy as friends but have aligned in the thinking and what is best in the community in a team member staff and making it so easy even when the complex issues we pays in challenging times we are able to work through it. you guys as commissioners have made me a better leader as a
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result. i know when i do call and want input, get counsel, you are available. that may beings the work we do as a team much more rewarding as well as easy. i do want to say i have greatly enjoyed working with folks, my staff, my god. up of this would be possible without them. the entire team. eve and every one of them welcomed me when i joined four years ago. i have learned a lot. it is on the transaction finance side. i was fortunate to have an amazing team that are amazing. the quality of work. within the agency and the value and buy in to what they do making it easy and attractive.
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they have helped us implement amazing policies to our commitment to advance affordable housing, opportunities for the work force and smal small busin. all of this i will take with me. without this opportunity i didn't think the opportunity would have been an option because you guys have made me grow. i do want to say thanks to the commissioners for being great leaders, my friends. it is not good-bye. thanks to all of the folks that worked with me over the city. i have been fortunate to have good people to mentor me to this point, and i can't say thanks enough to the staff we are going
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to do a field trip. you will be hearing from me. i will be coming back and forth between detroit and san francisco. i hope to connect with you when i can get a few hugs. i couldn't celebrate the way i want to celebrate with you guys because of the circumstances. i just want to thank you all, and chair bustos, rosales, doctor scott, commissioner brackett. you are all amazing. i am fortunate to have the relationship with my commission. that is why we were able to do what we needed to do without obstruction. thank you. i hope you give the same to sally who will be in my absence. i am a phone call away.
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i will call on you. we need to replicate the work in detroit. thank you. i love you all. i appreciate it. >> thank you. may god give you strength and courage and love on this next phase of your life. >> thanks to my colleagues for giving me the opportunity be to serve and for supporting me and the board of supervisors as well. >> thank you. >> madam secretary, please call the next item. >> agenda item 5e. comely approving an amendment to the skimatic design for rincon center at 101 speer street to convert approximately 67442
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square feet of ground floor retail use to office use. rincon point south beach redevelopment project area. discussion and action. resolution number 39-2020. >> thank you. through the chair. i want to just emphasize the timing is meaningful. this project, as you know, will be presented upon the project area expires on january 5th. there is an urgency to make the conversion proposed here. particularly in time of covid. this is the right place in the right location. we are fortunate there is a
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desire to convert the retail to office and we would -- staff recommends we do so so that we can meet the amendments by the expiration date. i will turn it over to laura to present. >> thank you so much, director. thank you for your leadership. good afternoon, commissioners. i am the planner at ocii. today we are requesting the consideration and conditionally approving the amendment for 101 speer street to convert 67,442 square feet of ground floor retail offices. it is located in the rincon point south beach redevelopment project area.
7:21 am
>> the project area is one of six redevelopment areas in san francisco where we have authority. the sub area is adjacent to the transbay redevelopment and embarcadero and includes the projects. the south beach is adjacent. the embarcadero includes the ballpark, south beach marina and improvements and mixed-use projects. the development plan will expire on january 5, 2021 after which the plan and demand for development will no longer be in effect. after the expiration of the plan the san francisco planning code and zoning project area. the staff has been working.
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[please stand by]
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>> on the -- and two
7:24 am
residential towers containing a total of 260,000 gross square feet, and 250 to 350 residences. next slide. the southern half of the block where the howard street rincon center contains two residential towers above a six story commercial building. next slide. the history -- the original
7:25 am
schematic design approval was 450,000 square feet was on the block. 357,000 square feet was allocated to office use. this proposes the conversion of portions of the ground floor internal atrium from retail to office use. this entails an amendment to the schematic design that would allow for the conversion of up to 67,442 square feet from retail gallery to office space in the atrium. currently, the atrium contains retail and restaurant spaces
7:26 am
that have no visibility from the street. atrium's retail gallery cannot be open to the street due to the historic frontage facades and the interior facing vacant retail spaces. the schematic retail amendment meets all parking and loading requirements. next slide. the development plan, the design for development, and the o.p.a. govern the scope of development at rincon center both at the time of its original construction and through subsequent changes or alterations to the existing building. the project aligns with redevelopment plan objectives of simulating and attracting private investment, there by improve the city's economic health, tax base, and employment opportunities and providing neighborhood
7:27 am
commercial facilities, a small boat harbor, a hotel complex, and activation of the spaces. the project is compliant with the design for development standards and all urban design guidelines. the o.p.a. gladly authorizes the adapt tiff [inaudible] it does not limit the amount of office use authorized at the ground floor of the rincon annex, nor does it require retail area at this point. next slide. this is the program table that outlines the existing and proposed areas for each floor of the rincon annex, and the retail to office conversion of the ground floor would result in no change to the gross square floor area. there's 14,000 square feet of the existing ground floor space
7:28 am
has been converted to office space prior to ocii approval [inaudible] and now i'll hand the presentation over to melinda to describe a few project details on behalf of the project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm joined today by several members of the project team, including carl, joey, mark, and ken, who are the project architect. we wanted to provide some context on the building which explains the reason for the conversion. due to the physical design of this landmark building, it has faced a lot of difficulty over the years. these are some images of the rincon annex exterior. the building was built in 1939 as a post office, and it was designed as a government facility and not as a retail
7:29 am
destination. the windows are raised from street level and there's no direct access from the street to the interior retail. the entrances are nondescript, and there's no retail signage. because this is a historic landmark, this prevents hudson from opening up to allow access or street visibility. the retail area occupies space that was designed for back of house post office functions. as you can see, the retail were tucked back under overhangs and had complicated access. [inaudible] however, due to the challenges that the annex
7:30 am
building's layout, they historically experienced around a 40% vacancy rate for this units. the on slaught of covid-19, retailers are struggling to attract customers, and they want retail access from the street. next slide, please. there is no active c.a.c. currently in the plan area, however, hudson has proactively outreached to neighbors and nearby entities. they've received no objection to these groups, and the owner of the property, carmel properties, has provided a letter of approval in your packet. hudson is also committed to working with the south
7:31 am
beach-rincon-mission bay association to provide them access or space at the retail center. they appreciated that accommodation. this is to help reactivate a largely vacant space by creating office space with window access to the street. now i'll turn it over to the whole team who is available for questions. >> thank you. next slide. to summarize, the project complies with all requirements of the redevelopment plan, the ceqa plan, and all other ocii policies [inaudible] including the preservation and place of the historic post office lobby [inaudible] and the space is excluded from the ground floor office conversion scope of the schematic design amendment.
7:32 am
although the amendment is not subject to any enforceable obligation, the plan complies with ocii program, and they agreed to voluntarily comply with ocii and make good faith efforts to achieve the [inaudible] project goals. they shall always participate in the city's [inaudible] hiring program, which is compatible with the ocii [inaudible] the owner has greed to provide the [inaudible] next slide. the commission's approval of the schematic design amendment is categorically exempt from ceqa because it would
7:33 am
[inaudible] and involves no extension of an existing or former use. next slide. in conclusion, ocii recommends that the staff conditionally approve the schematic design of rincon center to allow for the ground floor to retail office conversion. and next slide. thank you so much for your time, and ocii staff and members of the project team are now available to answer any questions you mahy have. >> great. madam secretary, do we have any member of the public who wishes to provide comment? >> clerk: yes. at this time, members of the public who wish to provide comment on this item should call 415-655-0001 and enter access coat 146-671-6888.
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then press pound, and pound again. if you wish to provide public comment on this item, please press star, three to submit your question. we'll give members of the public a few minutes to call in to provide public comment. mr. chair, it does not look like there are any members of the public wishing to comment on this item at this time. >> thank you. hearing no requests to speak on this item, i will close public comment, and i'll turn to my fellow commissioners for think comments or questions, starting with commissioner brackett. commissioner brackett, are there any comments or questions? all right. let's go to commissioner scott.
7:35 am
all right. how about vice chair rosales, any questions or comments? >> sorry. my mic was on mute, still, but thank you so much, chair bustos. thank you for this comprehensive presentation, and to that thorough presentation, i don't have questions or comments at this time. >> okay. thank you. commissioner brackett? >> i do have a couple questions. i noticed that in regards to the existing businesses that were occupying the space prior to covid, are any of them or all of them being removed from this area?
7:36 am
because in the schematic design, there was a difference of about 3,000 square feet. >> yes. there's one restaurant at the ground feet. it's at the corner of the midblock pedestrian access, and it has more exposure from the outside. >> i think, if i heard the question, i had a little trouble hearing the question, we do have a destination restaurant that is in the area and has been able to continue to operate, depending on different health code areas, and we will be honoring all leases going forward in relevant area. does that answer the question? >> not necessarily. i'm just wondering if there were any businesses that wanted to remain in those areas, but
7:37 am
due to the changes that you guys are proposing, they're unable to? >> i do not believe that's the case, no. >> all of the residents -- the current tenants that are business owners are expected, or they've indicated that they do not wish to renew their lease, is that correct? >> so we have one restaurant that has a long-term lease, and that we would be able to honor that lease long-term, and the remainder have actually recently moved into the courtyard, where they have preferred to be in location. >> my questions were more directed to knowing a lot of
7:38 am
these proposed changes were due to covid, but the long-term leases were looking at it from the perspective that we may noting covid forever, and so a lot of these businesses may be willing to stay post covid. >> sure, sure, that's helpful. yeah, i think a large part of the issue has been, and that 40% vacancy has been pre-covid, and so that's been an issue that's predated it. >> and knowing your presentation, if i may, you did acknowledge that it was a challenging site to be in, and so with the vacancy prior to covid and where we are, this is what -- does the proposal still look like it's going to be a handful, in terms of vendors that would transition to better
7:39 am
locations, then, within the same floor? >> yes. [inaudible]. >> sorry. >> the presentation shows [inaudible] will remain on the ground floor, and the historic post office lobby will be [inaudible] of the building. >> great. anything else, commissioner brackett? >> i was just asking because there were a lot of little businesses on the post office side, like a liquor store and two or three other businesses? >> that helps. so several of those businesses were already interested in
7:40 am
moving on, but several of those smaller businesses -- hair shaper, eyeworks, and others actually preferred to move to an external facing location within -- in the courtyard side, so we actually had recently completed a build out, and to the extent the health orders are allowing, they're being allowed to operate in those locations. >> thank you so much for that. >> they feel they have better foot traffic than the other location. >> thank you, commissioner brackett. commissioner rosales? >> yeah, the only question i had was the yang sing, the yang sing, i'm assuming it's still in the busineilding. are they still in the building?
7:41 am
>> yeah. they have a long-term lease, and we will continue to operate with them in the building. >> excellent. no other questions. >> thank you, vice chair rosales. well, i'm glad that yang sing is staying because i love their chow mein and egg rolls. i actually had the opportunity to work in that building many, many years ago, and you are correct. there were a number of spots that were always empty, but i also appreciate commissioner brackett's desire to want to make sure that those who want to stay can stay, and if they're pivoting, as well, so they can get more foot traffic, then more power to them because small businesses are the life blood, i think, of any major city. the question i had was really about the murals in the -- throughout the building, so you
7:42 am
have some in the row continutu and out in the lobby area. those are still staying because of the historical significance? >> yes. the businesses in the lobby will be untouched by this, and so i think that is all going to be untouched and remain open to the public, as it has been. >> so i was looking at the slides, and in the rotunda area, you see murals that sort of go around it, around the fountain. >> yeah, i think what you're saying is in the atrium, it actually came to be in the late 80s, so those are not historic and are not in the location today. >> okay. so those have already been
7:43 am
removed? >> correct, and those are -- and those are not being historic. these were -- those were 1990 motif that was put in. >> okay. thank you for your answers to the questions. commissioners, may i get a motion for this item? >> i move, mr. chair, that we would approve the amendment to the schematic design for the location 101 spear street to confer approximately 67,442 square feet of ground floor retail use to office use. >> great. thank you, commissioner scott. is there a second? >> second. >> okay. commissioner brackett, thank you for seconding it.
7:44 am
madam secretary, please call roll. >> clerk: thank you, commission members of the please announce your vote when i call your name. [roll call] >> clerk: mr. chair, the vote is four ayes. >> thank you. motion carries. madam secretary, please call the next item. >> clerk: the next is agenda item 5-f, workshop on annual housing production report fiscal year 2019-2020. this is for discussion. madam director? >> thank you, madam secretary. through the chair, this is the only housing production report. this is the third year where
7:45 am
we've used this new format, so i'm glad it's working. we've gotten compliments. we're making some modifications on the website so it's more interactive, and that will be available next year, but jeff white will be presenting on this item. >> thank you. hi. good afternoon, commissioners and director sesay. that's probably the last time i'm going to say that all in one sentence. so yeah, happy to be here to presents for the period of fisk of year 19-20. please keep in mind these results are for the period ending june 2020. the report itself is in draft form, and we'd like to get any suggestions or input you have today, and then after incorporating any revisions, we'll distribute it to all interested parties and post on our website as in years past.
7:46 am
so this report is powerpoint up. >> clerk: i'll allow you to share in just one second. >> all right. >> clerk: sorry about that. technical difficulty. >> and i'll keep going. and as we go through the presentation, i'm going to just follow the flow of the report, which is an overview of the housing program, description of the project areas, the fiscal 19-20 results, and activity including marketing outcomes. i'm on the second slide now. and more comments on completion and construction, and small business enterprise highlights and workforce highlights. next slide. here's a map, which looks more familiar to the map that i shared a second ago, but it's a reminder of our major
7:47 am
development projects that are in the north bay slide, the transbay, and then mission bay north and south, and hunters point and shipya point and shipyard north and south. this is the housing in each area and then percent complete, so you can see in shipyard phase two and candlestick point, we're at 3% complete, so we have the most to go there. and then mission bay north and south there, we're at 91%, so we're getting pretty close to completion. and then, overall, we've got 21,806 housing units, of which 32% will be affordable. next slide. i wanted just to touch on who
7:48 am
we -- ocii, the affordable housing serves, and the very large mode of san franciscans. these are the income levels 2020 for each of the different income a.m.i. levels, and just for context, a two-bedroom rent for a low-income, 50% apartment is $1,441. 80% is 2,306$2,306, and 100% i $2,883. before jumping into the 19-20 results, i wanted to just update you on changes to funding sources that we're seeing in our projects. as you've seen in the past with affordable housing loans that
7:49 am
we seek approval from the commission, typically, it includes tax credit equity, which is about 35% of the funding, and then ocii typically covers the remaining gap. sometimes we have state funding sources from different programs at the housing and community development department with the state of california. one thing we talked a little bit about last year but is now sort of in full swing is some significant changes to getting our tax exempt bond financing allocation. in past years, it was not competitive. now it's competitive, so it's really adding some unkernt to bo
7:50 am
-- uncertainty to ocii and mohcd projects. we're trying the best we can to ensure that san francisco is not disadvantaged in that competitive process. next slide. so this slide shows the status of the affordable units in relation to the -- to all units, and as you can see in the chart, we -- in -- i missed something here. so -- so in -- i'm going to go just project by project, and in phase 1, 35% of the housing is complete. buildout 29% will be complete. as you know, phase one, we've got hilltop, which is well
7:51 am
underway, and hillside. and vertical construction on the hollside has not yet commenced. and candlestick point, as i mentioned before, 3% of the housing is complete, and at buildout, 31% will be affordable. all the units there are affordable units. and then in mission bay north and south combined, overall, it's 91% complete, and 31% are affordable. mission bay north is complete. mission bay south, it's 83% complete, and 34% will be affordable. zone one and zone two combined will be 35% affordable.
7:52 am
okay. next slide. so this is just a chart showing the completions and starts. in 19-20, we didn't have any starts, and that's a reflection of putting a couple of larger projects on pause, two projects specifically in candlestick point. the chart shows that we have got -- we completed 798 units. next slide. this slide just shows our funding activity in the fiscal year, and we funded -- we committed 44.2 million toward three projects, one predevelopment, one in shipyard phase one, one predev loan in mission bay south, and one gap loan also in mission bay south. next slide.
7:53 am
this is just how far we've completed. of the units, 305 are affordable, and in those affordable units, we housed over 750 low-income san franciscans. next slide, please. and then, this is just a project by project, the -- our completed, and we've got a market-rate project with inclusionary phase one, and we've got the three east project, which had a nice opening video about three weeks ago, and then, we have two projects in transbay. th next slide. this just shows the completion of affordable units. 70% is family rental, 12% is
7:54 am
home ownership. 6% senior rental, and 12% supported. okay. next slide. okay. so this is just an overview of the completions and an aimage. this is also in the housing report -- an image. this is also in the individual housing projects. next slide. thank you. and then, this slide shows basically the results of tiff over the past several years, schematic design approvals, and these are projects that are in construction. we have two right now, mission bay south, six west, 100% family available, and then,
7:55 am
west bay, and that's all home ownership. it's market rate, and there's 80 units that are affordable. they're all moderate income home ownership units. okay. next slide. and again, these -- these images are in your report, and they have specifics about each of the projects. next slide. so i wanted to touch on our working relation with the mayor's office of housing and community development. mohcd oversees the marketing of ocii's affordable housing units, and each time a project reaches 100% occupancy, mohcd produces a marketing outcomes report. those reports are well aour website. i think most recently, you saw the one for ed lee apartments,
7:56 am
and the occupancy preferences are applied. c.o.p. is always first, and then, the dthp, the displaced tenants housing preference, anand as you know, we are now applying neighborhood marketing preference. in 2019-20, 600 units in four different projects reached 100% occupancy during the period. of the 216 units, we had more than 10,000 applicants. three c.o.p. holders were us hoed, one of whom returned to san francisco from outside of the city, and the next item on the agenda today is the c.o.p. annual report, marketing report, and we can go into more
7:57 am
detail during that presentation. next slide. this is also a summary, and also in the report itself, the marketing incomes by project. and like i mentioned before, this is the first time we used neighborhood housing preference, and we used that at mission bay south three east, and 14 households in the category are now living in the project and will project, and we'll be applying that preference on all projects going forward. okay. next slide. so this is a slide that shows our c.o.p. results, certificate of preference results over the past seven years, and it reflects from 13-14, the first year we did this, and it reflects consistently increased outreach to c.o.p. holders. and this year, there were only
7:58 am
three c.o.p. holders, which is less than 13, from last year. there were also fewer lottery units available, and there's a trend -- there has been a trend over the seven-year period of more c.o.p. holders applying for housing. however, there has been a little bit of a down tick in the activity, and later in the meeting, that's one reason we are planning on hiring a consultant to help us ensure we've found all the c.o.p. -- people who could be eligible for c.o.p. certificates as we can and to try to get our numbers back up. next slide. then, here are some highlights, s. s.p.e. and workforce. our developers are continuing to work with us to meet ociis 50% goals, and this year,
7:59 am
fiscal year, 47% of the contracts or $39 million of the contracts were awarded to s.b.e.s. 87% of professional services were s.b.e., and 45% in construction, so i think those are really strong numbers. 16.6%, there was a local construction workforce participation, 752 san francisco residents performed over 275,000 hours of work. next slide. so yeah, ociis housing accomplishments are really an effort of the entire ocii staff, commission, all of our team, and we're really grateful for everybody's support, and our housing team [inaudible],
8:00 am
and james huskin. with that, i'm happy to take any questions you might have. >> thank you, thank you, jeff. madam secretary, is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak on this item? you're muted, jamie. you're mute, jamie. we can't hear you, jamie. >> jamie, it looks like you're on mute at the moment. it looks like she's talking to someo someone. okay. it looks like we have one caller at the moment. >> beiokay.
8:01 am
can you let that person in, please? >> yeah. will y lucinda, are you there? >> clerk: i'm sorry. i was having a technical glitch. my computer was stuck. sorry about that. >> okay. >> at this time, members of the public wishing to comment on this item, please call 415-655-0001, with access code 146-671-6888. press the pound sign twice, and then enter star, three, so i will go ahead and let them start speaking. thank you. >> okay. so as the gentleman who spoke before mentioned affordable housing, and a little bit about the certificate of preference, and i just wondered, has that item come up yet?
8:02 am
>> that will be the next item, ma'am, so just hold on tight. >> okay. thank you. >> thanks. >> clerk: next? hi, caller, go ahead, please. hello? >> let's go onto the next caller. >> clerk: i am, but they're next speaking. hello, caller, it's your turn to speak, please. >> okay. i'll go to the next caller. >> hello? >> clerk: hello? >> hello, is this public comment? >> clerk: yes, it is. >> is this public comment for which item? >> clerk: this is for the housing report, the only housing report. are you calling for the certificate of preference? >> yes. >> clerk: okay. that will be the next item. >> being on. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. mr. chair, it looks like those
8:03 am
are the only members of the public who wish to speak. >> okay. seeing no further public comment, i'll close public comment. i'll turn to my fellow commissioners for any comments or questions. let's start with commissioner scott. >> thank you, chair. thank you, jeff white, for the comprehensive presentation, and right now, i don't have any questions or comments. >> thank you. commissioner brackett? >> i have no questions or comments? >> thank you. commissioner rosales? >> i echo my fellow commissioners. i think it's a great report, and i have no comments or questions. >> okay. thank you for your comments. madam secretary, please call the next item -- this is an item that requires no item.
8:04 am
please call the next item. >> clerk: agenda items 5-g and 5-h. let me put participants on mute. agenda items 5-g and 5-h related to the certificate of preference program will be presented together, but the commission will only take objection on item 5-h. item 5-g is the workshop on annual certificate of preference marketing and outreach report fiscal year 2019-20 from the mayor's office of housing and community development, discussion. 5-h is approving the second of two five-year extensions of residential a and c certificates as authorized under the property owner and occupied preference program certificate of preference program, discussion and action.
8:05 am
madam director? >> the first item was a workshop on annual housing production report. i do want to talk briefly about the other item, c.o.p. it's an objection of the commission to extend the second five-year extension. in 2008, the commission took action -- or the redevelopment agency took action to extend the c.o.p. program seven years with two five-year options. several years ago, they took the option of extending for five years, and now, we're in the process of extending for the second five years. i know my fellow commissioners are passionate about this and there's some interest of extension in the program.
8:06 am
we're also looking into getting a private investigator consultant to help us, but more specifically, in our partnership with the mayor's office of community housing, in ocii, we're partnering with mohcd, and more specifically, with the mayor's office to remove some of the barriers that are causing us difficulties to try to expand and extend it. so we have engaged with the mayor's office, and they are working with us to extend the program as was intended at the time. with that, i'll turn it over to pam to present on the item. >> good afternoon, chair bustos, commissioners. sadly, last time, executive director sesay, and commissioners. i'm pam soon, executive
8:07 am
specialist in the housing division, and as stated, i'm here to talk about 5-g and 5-h, the fiscal report and the extension program. this was created to provide a housing preference for low and moderate income households that were displaced in the 1960s and 1970s that were displaced in the shipyard areas and hunters point areas of the city. 301 of the active 884 c.o.p. holders have used their certificate once, which is a smaller subset of the total number of c.o.p. holders housed. next slide, please. so fiscal year 19-20, ocii had
8:08 am
a total of three rental projects and one ownership project for 216 units that were available for rent or purchase. a total of 17,853 applications were received for those units, and of those, 58 applications were received by c.o.p. holders. three c.o.p. holders were successfully housed, as jeff white just told you, two households in transbay, and one household in mission bay south. next slide, please. as for activity in ocii projects for the last seven years, you see there have been 1,283 units lotteried, and 305 applications have been received from c.o.p. holders. 83 c.o.p. holders have been successfully housed, and i'm pleased to say 30 c.o.p.
8:09 am
holders can now call san francisco their home again. as a note, innisk if will year 16-17, ocii had three projects for 186 units go to lottery, and one was a dr. davis senior community that was 100% subsidized. the other was pacific point, in the shipyard, where units are restricted to 50% a.m.i. as you can see by the numbers, seniors that were housed and c.o.p. holders are very interested in living in these developments, and that is significant because the san francisco housing authority now allowed c.o.p. holders to be added to the existing dr. davis community wait list. this is significant because if it were not for the combined effort of director sesay, maria benjamin, tanya lejeune, and
8:10 am
supervisor walton, this would not have happened. as of last week, an additional six c.o.p. holders are now residing at the dr. davis senior community, and these numbers will be reflected in next year's annual report. next slide, please. so as of june 30, there were a total of 884 c.o.p. holders who were engaged with mohcd. however, only 20% or 177 are actively seeking housing opportunities right now. to date, all of the displaced individuals -- of all the displaced individuals, a total of 1,832 c.o.p. holders have used their certificates at least once to secure affordable housing in san francisco. and unfortunately, 1,628 are known deceased.
8:11 am
next slide, please. this chart shows a higher number, total of 6,870, and this includes the residential a certificate holders and over 1,000 residential c holders, who are individuals who lived in the units that experienced displacement. what's unique about this chart is that you see the 2,446 number. that's the number of individuals for which we don't have current contact information, but hopefully, with the request for proposals that we will be releasing, that number can be reduced. next slide, please. data for both ocii and mohcd for the 19-20 fiscal year is a total of 55 c.o.p. holders committed 107 applications. of the 107 applications, a total of three c.o.p. holders were housed in ocii
8:12 am
developments, seven were housed in mohcd units, and six were housed in mohcd rentals. two c.o.p. holders held onto their certificates for several di decades before deciding to use them in the past fiscal year to secure housing in the mission bay and haight neighborhoods. another c.o.p. holder worked with staff to secure housing assistant and receive a mortgage house. in this instance, the c.o.p. rented for a couple of years, participated in workshops, until the right opportunity presented itself, once it did, they worked with mohcd staff to
8:13 am
make this opportunity work for them. next slide, please. the c.o.p. coordinator is extremely important to getting individuals to participate. they obtains subsidies for under income c.o.p. holder applicants, responding to questions that c.o.p. holders have, which often means providing various resources to people, for example, on how they can prove residency, and assist laze holders on lease ups and sale processes. further, as we all know, 2020, we've experienced the covid-19 pandemic, so in addition to securing funding from the q corporation, ms. mcdaniel has been very busy providing assistance to c.o.p. holders.
8:14 am
also, paper applications are not being accepted during the pandemic, so mohcd has extended the application period from 21 to 28 days, and all c.o.p. workshops and information sessions have gone virtual. next slide, please. and as you can see, this is what director sesay was talking about. she introduced this item. i'm also here for an action item, which is the second five-year extension for the c.o.p. program, and the next five-year extension, if approved, will take us through december 31, 2025. and in the upcoming, in the next five-year period, as mohcd continues to administer the program, we really are excited to work with the mayor's office and mohcd as they work with the state to assume and expand the
8:15 am
mohcd program. and we anticipate providing an update to the commission in the spring 2021. and finally, we are very excited to inform you that we will be releasing an r.f.p. later this week to seek submittals for consultants on-site occupancy records or s.o.r.s. they must be culturally competent and have strong research and data analytic skills. once individuals are located, mohcd will confirm their program eligibility and determine whether they want to be included on the actively searching for housing list. after this record is completed, staff will return with the consultant to provide the commission an update on their work. and now, i'd like to introduce maria benjamin, deputy director
8:16 am
for the home ownership and b.m.r. program, and sonia daniel, the c.o.p. program coordinator. we are all here to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> great. thank you so much, pam. madam secretary, is there anyone from the public who wishes to speak on this item? you're on mute again, jamie. >> clerk: at this time -- sorry about that -- members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, enter access code 146-671-6888, press pound twice, and press star, three to be placed in the queue. members of the public who are already on the phone with us, please press star, three if you would like to provide a public comment on this item. for many of you who have asked
8:17 am
earlier, this is the c.o.p. related item, so if you'd like to provide a comment, please press star, three on your phone, and we have one comment right now. >> hi, there, commissioners. secretary. my name is nunvalo marian. i serve as the executive board with the harvey milk democratic club. i'm also with the black organizational caucus. i'm an activist and organizer in my community, and one of my jobs is to try to -- is to try to address the issues particularly affecting our black community and people of color, including immigrants who i've worked with extensively through my union local two. so in response to the c.o.p., i
8:18 am
became a naturalized american many years ago. i have three children here in san francisco, so this is what i would like to say about extending the c.o.p. i feel that the -- it should be extended indefinitely. we shouldn't be talking about a date. when we talk about reparations, and you go back historically, we know that this country has a legacy of oppressing people of color. when it comes to african americans, these are the only immigrants that were forced to come here. now, the people that were here before, the ohlone indians, and all the natives that we hear, have basically been decimated and placed in small reserves, where they don't even still have much equity. we know that there's no unrunning water in some of
8:19 am
these -- no running water in some of these places where native americans live. the descendants of the original recipients, we need to conduct extensive outreach to notify them of their rights. certificate of preferences were granted to victims of redevelopment policies from the 60s and 70s. we must implement and expand historic racial initiatives to address policies and practices that have resulted in significant -- significantly depressed and declining democratic representations of historically vibrant racial and ethnic communities in san francisco, especially the afterri can americans and latinx communities. -- african americans and latinx
8:20 am
communities. policies related to education, affordable housing, economic development, employment and job training, and other areas which led to the economic and cultural vitality, as well as a diversity resulting in long-term widely reported and alarmingly disproportionate displacement and declining communities of color, especially the african and latino populations. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> thank you. that's what i wanted to say. >> clerk: thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> clerk: next caller, please. >> hi. my name is cheryl thornton, and i am a city and county employee for the health department, as well as i am the youth advisor for the naacp, and i do a lot of community grassroots
8:21 am
advocating for the black community. and i just want to say that i think that these -- this certificate of preference should be indefinite due to the harm that's been caused to the black community in san francisco. case in point, red lining. a lot of people could not ascertain wealth in this city, and they were forced out through the gentrification process, so i think due to that, this should be extended indefinitely. we can see that through the census tract in the last ten years, we are the only minority
8:22 am
that's gone down, and we're down to 3%. i think we need to bring black people back to san francisco to make this a more balanced and diverse city. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next caller? hello? >> oh, hi. my name is gwendolyn brown, and i'm a founder of black wall street. i'm calling to ask that the c.o.p. be extended indefinitely. to repeat what some of the people who called in before in public comment have just said, the displacement that the african americans and black community have experienced in san francisco have affected our
8:23 am
economic development. although c.o.p. are more focused on housing opportunities and rentals, we need home ownership. one of our standards in black wall street is building wealth through home ownership, so i'm calling in today to ask that you guys consider extending this program indefinitely in the future. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next caller? >> hi, i'm tiffany carter. i'm a san francisco native, and i'm also a cofounder of s.f. black wall street. i am asking for the c.o.p. to be extended permanently. i feel that san francisco has really done away with the black community, and we need time to enter the city that i was
8:24 am
raised in, and a lot of my generation has not been allowed to be here. we are asking for the c.o.p. to be permanently extended. >> clerk: thank you. next caller? >> hello. my name is [inaudible] i am also a member of s.f. black wall street, and i'm calling to support and advocate for the extension of the certificate program indefinitely. we believe that african americans should be able to be here thanks to my family's labor, specifically, the community -- the black community that has been displaced and forcefully removed from san francisco, to have a chance to come back to the city, you know, that they helped build. so i think that as long as there's families out there that haven't been able to come back,
8:25 am
the program should be available, and expand it more than five years. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. mr. chair, at this time, there are no more members of the public wishing to comment on this item. >> thank you. hearing no further questions to speak on this item, i will close public comment, and i will turn to my fellow commissioners for their questions and comments. i'd like to start with -- >> clerk: sorry, mr. chair, it looks like one more hand came up as i was -- >> okay. just one. >> clerk: just one. i only see one. hi, caller. >> hi, sorry. i was muted and then unmuted. i am curtis wu, a chairman of [inaudible] that helps people navigate home through the housing lottery system. we urge the commission to
8:26 am
extend the program indefinitely and make it more accessible. you know, just some stats on our clients who identify as african american, you know, the average income is below 24,000. when we talk about displacement, gentrification, the certificate of placement program is the least we can do. we need to keep these tools in place. i will say one of the things that we can do is make sure it can be used, so, you know, there's a lot more work to be done, but we would like to continue it, and we urge the commission to extend it indefinitely. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> clerk: and that's all of them, mr. chair. >> thank you. so we will close public
8:27 am
comment, and i'll turn to my fellow commissioners, starting with commissioner scott. >> thank you so much, chair bustos, and i'm grateful for the community at-large that has stepped up and come in to share their heart and opinion, and i stand with the community on this in saying i believe it needs to be indefinite. i believe we need to take the brakes off and give families a chance to return; and that's my take on this, and i would say that i am fore the indefinite taking the brakes off. so whatever it might take to move with the mayor's office and our state to unceasingly work on making this better as a
8:28 am
program opportunity for us all. >> thank you, commissioner. commissioner brackett? >> thank you, everyone. this is probably one of our longer meetings, but i wanted to read a statement that i had prepared. [inaudible] 1948 universal declaration of human rights and the 1966 international covenant on civil and political rights, as well as the 1948 geneva
8:29 am
convention. in the 1950s, our redevelopment agency was headed by a few racist leaders who decided to use racist enforcement policies to demolish numerous buildings and displace thousands of families and overwhelming the majority of them were black. the redevelopment agency in san francisco at the time, after displacing these families, they officially implemented the federally funded urban renewal program and placed displaced residents in the western addition neighborhood and bayview-hunters point. that's the premise that we sit on today, is that the redevelopment agency create this had to ensure the right of return, and since this
8:30 am
government sanctioned return of the black san franciscans, we have seen a steady decline of the black population to its current rate of less than 7%. only 83 of the 1,283 lottery units were actually secured by c.o.p. holders. that represents 6% of people able to return in a seven-year period. conversely, 40% of those helped we know are people who returned to san francisco, so therefore, we do know that even with the miniscule amount of people that we've been able to serve under ocii, we know that there were a large amount of black san franciscans who were displaced outside of the city who deserve a right to return. what's also questioned today is the inherentability of this -- inheritability of this issue. on june 1, 1999, our city
8:31 am
expanded the certificates to other people in the household, there by creating a new classification of certificates, the classification c. then on june 3, 2008, commission authorized the extending of all residential holders of certificates. there's always been a legal precedence for expanding inherentability of the certificate of preference. in fa the board of supervisors concerns were not whether or not this was legal or equitable, but the concerns back then were primarily concerned if those certificates were extended to the descendants, would it affect
8:32 am
the housing supply at any time? shortly therefore, there was demand made for the redevelopment agency to do research on that. unfortunately, [inaudible] a changing of the guards of the redevelopment agency, and -- a changing of guards into the redevelopment agency, and unfortunately, the work was left undone. instead, work was being done on trying to figure out how to unwind due to the impending dissolution laws. just because the redevelopment agency dropped the ball on further expanding the inheritability of c.o.p. to descendants who did not reside in original units, that does not mean that the community should bear the brunt of that
8:33 am
action. this gross negligence to failure to [inaudible] to date, none of the small businesses were ever issued their certificate b, and thousands of residential a and c certificate holders have not been claimed due to this agency losing its records and poorly executed outreach strategies over decades. the time is always right to do what is right, and justice delayed is justice denied. we have a moral and legal responsibility to undo these unjust laws. this commission has the power today to right the wrongs of the past and set forth on a new course, which is why i'm asking today for my fellow commissioners to help approve an amendment to the current resolution at hand and add in the whereas clause, which is
8:34 am
removing the final clause and instead implementing this clause instead. whereas as of december 1, 2020, almost 50 years after the redevelopment agency of the city and county of san francisco initiated its federally funded urban renewal program, the project areas governed by its successor agency, ocii, still remained unfinished, and ocii does not expect the remaining project area to be completed for another 40 years. therefore, ocii has a statutory obligation under the california health and safety code and california community redevelopment laws, to amend the certificate of preference programs to preserve enhanced preferences to those who were directly or indirectly impacted by urban renewal activities. in order to preserve these rights, we must amend the time limits set forth in resolution
8:35 am
57-2008 until all project areas are completed, and stepped this to certificate a, b, and c owners. it this action is consistent with the dissolution law which upheld the priority in renting or buying to displace low and moderate income whenever all or any portion of a redevelopment project is developed. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. we will take -- commissioner rosales, and then we'll circle back. >> okay. i'd like to hear what chair bustos has to say with respect to the proposal by commissioner brackett, but before i defer, i
8:36 am
had a couple of questions on the issues of not necessarily the c.o.p., but the extent of studies that are still ongoing. just so that director sesay knows, my recollection during mayor lee's tenure is that there was a study, an effort, a collaboration regarding the outward migration of african americans from san francisco. i frankly don't know whatever happened to that, whether that's, you know, still in the study stage, the action stage. can anybody give me information on that, if anybody knows? >> so maybe we can have our city attorney comment on this.
8:37 am
or nadia, do you have info? >> i do not. i'm thinking -- >> okay. >> okay. commissioners, jim morales here. i'm not aware of those studies, and so i'm not prepared to describe what those studies might have said at this point. >> so basically, the point i was trying to get at here -- >> laura, can i interject right here? >> sure, sorry. >> there was a 2009 report on the san francisco mayor's task force on the african american
8:38 am
out outmigration. the issues that i'm addressing are larger than the c.o.p. program. i don't conceptually have any worries or concern in recommending or at least exploring, you know, the extension of the program indefinitely, but in my -- my interest would also be to get to the nut of the issue, right? early on in my tenure as a commissioner, i said it on the record then, and i'll say it as a record now, but as a commissioner, during my first few meetings, i heard members of the hunters point community talk about african americans 6%, and what are they talking about? and then, thought wait a
8:39 am
second -- as i said it on the record, and i've continued to say it since, more than shocked, and that's one reason why i have pushed for perfecting, to the extent that it can be perfected, the c.o.p. program because it's within the jurisdiction of the commission, and two, there was a parallel track at the time when the ocii was established in 2012, that are pertaining to some of these things from a city perspective. so i'm not -- you know, again, i'm not objecting to the proposal, but i do think that the questions that are raised are serious questions. they stuabsolutely have to be looked at, and i think the c.o.p. program is, in some
8:40 am
ways, a small remedy for the prior redevelopment agency and the city of san francisco, you know, have visited on african american san franciscans. so i do think that i would recommend that we -- that we take time and -- to consider more information -- you know, i would defer again to our general council sel as to how can receive some of that information? is there a conversation with the mayor's office, for instance, about -- collaboration with the city, the board of supervisors? you know, i'm just kind of talking out loud right now. but with respect to item in front of us, i don't have a problem with moving the short-term extension, understanding that there are greater larger questions that could entail a more detailed
8:41 am
conversation in extension of the program. >> thank you, commissioner rosales. i think i'm agreeing with commissioner brackett on the need to extend this. you know, i'd love to see the report issued in 2009. i think it got in just before i started in redevelopment, but i'd love to see it. commissioner brackett, with regards to your motion to amend, would you -- given the fact that i think we need some more information and also an ability to look at how we can operationalize an indefinite extension with some efforts to re really go out and find people,
8:42 am
would you be willing to maybe we continue this item for another week or so or two weeks, or maybe to early january, to get some of this other additional information? is wou would that be okay with you? >> i think that would be helpful to do a continuance because i think there are other issues that are germane to this other than just extending the time limit. we're talking about the availability of the certificate, and as you know, because it's taken us 50 years to get to this point, most of the people that were originally displaced, as pam said, they're now senior citizens looking for housing. however, it's impacted their children, their grandchildren, and down the lineage who have not been able to return to san
8:43 am
francisco and enjoy that premise of return. could you imagine being displaced and then, several generations down the line, saying you don't deserve the right to come back because that happened to your grandparents, not you, so i think that's another really deep issue we need to deal with as a commission, as well as the certificate bs that were also -- kind of fell off during some of the transitions and leadership with the old redevelopment agency. so as you mentioned, the last study that was done on the grandchildren, that was done under fred blackwell, and once he left the commission, that work stopped being done. >> yeah, so -- >> i don't think there was ever a final report that was done. >> okay. so -- >> okay. [inaudible]. >> sorry. i just want to finish, and that
8:44 am
was a promise that was made during the board of supervisors determination on that final resolution that was passed, that that was supposed to happen, and they were supposed to go back to the board of supervisors with that information, so that they could make that determination and codify that into law. and so here we are, writing about this some 12 or 13 years down the lane, and we need to have a permanent solution to repair the harm that was done by the redevelopment agency. >> okay. director sesay. >> thank you. through the chair, i concur, and i echo all the comments from the commissioners, specifically commissioner brackett. i do know that the agency's really committed to doing what's in the best interests of the community, specifically to the modifications you've outlined. i know because we feel as -- because we're a sole entity,
8:45 am
and there is he aa department of finance that reviews the strategy, and it's always been to transfer as quickly as we can to the mayor's office of housing and community development so that the city can partner through the state and the mayor's office to make those changes. so i do want you to know, we are prioritizing this as an agency. we have been talking about this for the last year or so, and whoever who is the new director is really committed for this. so extending this for five years, it allows us to program running so we can look at that, and i know we got good feedback
8:46 am
from you. i do want to note that because it expires end of the year, the only option is december 15. if you continue the item after january, it's gone. we know we have work to do. we just know that extending it and partnering with the mayor's office of housing will get us there. if the city assumes this, and it's transferred, there's more flexibility. >> so commissioner brackett, hearing what we just heard from director sesay, would it be possible to approve this item to get us over beyond -- so that we renew it, but that we
8:47 am
then direct staff, within -- let's just say within the what, next 30 to 45 days, 1.5 months, to look at the issues that you brought up, and to begin to work on these issues? >> no, and i'll tell you why. based on what we've read, and the controlling documents that determine what we can and cannot do. as ocii, we do have, as commissioners, right now, to
8:48 am
extend that indefinitely. this is going to be the same fight that m.o.h. would have any ways, and they would have less jurisdictional powers to change the law than we do right now. >> so what i'm hearing is there's a motion on the table to amend this particular item that was moved by commissioner brackett. she moved the item. is there a second? i'm not hearing a second, commissioner brackett? >> chair bustos, may i ask this -- >> yes. >> -- because it sounds like
8:49 am
what commissioner brackett and nadia are saying, if we could look at the amending statement she just read and consider it, make any changes that need to go in there, could that happen? >> so what we could do -- again, it's a motion on the table by commissioner brackett. what we could do, if commissioner brackett is okay with it, to continue it to the next meeting to allow us to go over -- >> yes, i'm open to continuing the item to next meeting. >> okay. so jim, [inaudible] we need a
8:50 am
motion to continue the item. >> i move to continue the item and have it set and fixed for the next meeting. >> okay. so there's a first and a second. thank you, commissioner skye. jamie, please take a roll continuing this item to our next meeting in december -- >> clerk: 15. >> december 15, so this gives us time to go back and look at some of these outstanding issues. >> can i just clarify? >> yes. >> so we're moving to continue the item on the agenda only, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> so continue and amend possibly, right? >> well, so i think that's a separate -- you know, an
8:51 am
amendment to the action would be separate. what you have is the matter that's already been agendized for this meeting. so i'm just going to say, so you can continue this matter for two weeks, and if you want to consider another action, then you could make a motion to consider another agenda item on the 15 or at a later date. >> okay. so we can continue it right now, and then, between now and our next commission meeting, we could agendize an amendment to
8:52 am
what we're trying to consider. so that would be two separate motions for the next meeting. is that -- >> so you -- so the commission can place matters on the agenda by placing items on the agenda for a future meeting, or you have an agenda committee that agendizes matters for the commission, so you have those two options to place items on a future agenda. >> okay. so we'll continue this item from right now, from what i'm hearing from commissioner brackett's motion. and then, at the next commission agenda meeting, which will be next week, we will then put it on the following -- which is the december 15 agenda, so we can
8:53 am
discuss and take an action on that piece. so there'll be two votes, two discussions, two actions for the next commission meeting on december 15. are we all clear with that? >> yes. >> i am. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> so the motion is on the table. moved moved by commissioner brackett, so it be thcontinue m to december 15. it was seconded by commissioner scott, and madam secretary, please take roll. >> clerk: commission members, please announce your vote when i call your next. [roll call] >> clerk: mr. chair, the vote is four ayes. >> motion carries to continue
8:54 am
this particular item. madam secretary, please call the next item. >> clerk: the next order of business is item six, public comment on nonagenda items, and at this time, members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call 415-655-0001, enter access code 146-671-6888. press the pound sign twice, and star, three to get in the queue. for members of the public already on the phone, please press star, three if you'd like to submit a public comment. we'll just give them a few moments. and mr. chair, at this time, it does not look like we have any members of the public wishing to comment on this agenda item. >> okay.
8:55 am
seeing no requests to speak on the item, i will close public comment. we can go onto the next item. >> clerk: the next order of business is item seven, report of the chair. mr. chair? >> there is no report. >> clerk: the next order is business is item eight, report of executive director. item eight, informational memorandum on issuance of a request for proposals to seek a consultant who can search for individuals who may be eligible to receive a certificate of preference. all redevelopment project areas, discussion. 8-b is informational memorandum on issuance of a request for proposals for interim activation of the former transbay temporary terminal
8:56 am
site, transbay redevelopment project area, discussion item. >> thiank you. i think we talked about the first time. on the second item, there were a few community meetings talking about the activation of the terminal, transferring activation from the tjpa to ocii. we are in the process of effectuating that transfer which would occur early january. the intent is that, in the meantime, knowing that development will start in the spring of 2022, and beyond, the community would like to see that space activated, so we're prepared to issue an r.f.p. for that activation. we'll continue to work with the committee to move that forward. >> thank you.
8:57 am
madam secretary, do you have any speaker cards for this item? >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call 415-655-0001. enter access code 146-671-6888, press pound, followed by pound sign again. for members of the public who wish to speak, press star, three to be entered into the queue. we'll just give them a few moments. it does not look like there are members on the phone -- no, it does not look like there are any members of the public who would like to provide public comment on this item, mr. chair. >> all right. hearing no public comment, i'll close public comment. i'll turn to my fellow commissioners. does any commissioner wish to speak? >> i have a quick question
8:58 am
regarding the r.f.p. activation uses? will there be a selection process to start -- it says in february, and what does the outreach look like before the february 3 selection process? >> sally, are you on? >> it looks like we have did e denise. >> oh, yeah, denise, do you want to address that? >> yeah. it looks like we have pulled together a list of individuals that do farmers markets and outdoor recreation uses, food tracks. we're trying to pull together a list of parties that would be interested in this type of opportunity, and also, we'll be doing outreach via the city's outreach bids and contract
8:59 am
website, our website. the tjpa will be doing an e-mail list, will be e-mailing this opportunity out to folks. we'll send it to the transbay c.a.c. if you have any suggestions, we'd be happy to hear what you have to say. >> yeah, and the ocii will be helping, as well, which is our area of expertise. >> thank you. all right. hearing no other questions or comments, madam secretary, please call the next item. >> clerk: the next order of business is item 9, commissioners' questions and matters. >> any questions, commissioners? >> i did have one. i know that we've recently -- last year, we were supposed to break up into committees and possibly meet, and i'd like to see if it's possible to maybe start setting up in quarterly
9:00 am
meetings in the different areas so we can have a little bit more community feedback. >> great. thank you. so sally, if you could put that on your list, that would be great. okay. madam secretary, please call the next item. >> clerk: the next order is business is item 10, closed session. 10-a, conference with legal council. anticipated litigation, initiation of litigation pursuant to paragraph four of subdivision d of section 54956.9, discussion. >> okay. commissioners, we are not ready to discuss this item, so i would like to get a motion to continue this and a second. >> mr. chair, i move we continue this iteo