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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  December 13, 2020 2:30am-6:01am PST

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>> i think if that's it. >> we have to do public comment on all three. >> is there any further. i thought there was someone else doing a presentation. for public comment dial the number on the screen and the meeting i.d. to raise your hand to speak exprespress star 3.
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do we have any callers? >> public comment on item 8d, e and f. >> under g i'd like to just make a couple of sentences, a couple of comments about what has been
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happening over the past week within the puc and one of the things that wore doing is we're internal control and ensure and the on going and this is looking at our contractors and improvement project now with head works and biosolids underway and these are large, large contracts and we're going to address and keep you informed of what is is going on and we have operation this is this
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pandemic and we are in a surge here in san francisco and the bay area and we're being called upon to provide resources to the covid-19 command center in san francisco and we will be doing that and there's an essential service and we're providing service 24/7 and we're committed to doing that so, those were just some comments i'd like to make. members of the comment who wish to make comment on item 8b dial the number on your screen and use the meeting i.d. to raise your hand to speak, express star.
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public comment is close and that concludes the general matters report. the next is item 9, new commission business. >> commissioners. >> commissioner moran. >> thank you. following up on peter directmire's reminder that there's a request outstanding from may, for the water supply budget work sheet, it keeps being delayed can this be on the next meeting? >> >> we are planning to have it on the 22nd meeting. >> yes. >> yes. >> ok, thank you. it is frustrating. i do know however, and i guess
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important to point out that the easiest part is coming up with the work sheet and it's a good deal with what is and getting buy in within the organization and also with our president bosca and some of the environmental community as well so at that time, it seems like it's been a long time. i'm sure that for all that time it's going to be just a fabulous product and there's been good work going on. >> i agree. >> commissioner harrison. >> just for our education and engagement projects, i know that we had a great conversation last week. thank you for the work on that
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workshop. we anticipated having another workshop next month or so on demand and supply. i think we have to push that back a bit and have the equivalent of part 2 of that first workshop to hear from our staff and our folks about their point of view on the science of what is happening in the delta and the lower tuolumne. if you could arrange for that and figure out what that might be and when that might be and working with the commission secretary for our vil availabil, that would be greatly appreciated. >> thank you. >> any other discussions? >> thank you, madam clerk. madam secretary. >> members who wish to make two minutes dial the number on the screen do we have any callers?
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>> there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you, public comment on item 9 is closed. thank you. >> next item, please. >> your next item is the 10 consent calender. all matters listed here under constitute of consent calender are considered to be routine by the san francisco public utilities commission and acted on by a single vote of the commission. there are no separate discussion and unless a member of the public show request in which event the matter will be removed from the cam der and discussed as a separate item. you have received multiple members of the public have e-mailed to request that item 10e be removed from the consent calender and these e-mails have been forwarded to the commission
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and an explanation be provided to address why lbe discount points were provided to non qualified companies end quote. the commission will consider 10a through 10d and i will read 10e after you acted on the first part of the consent calender and then we'll need separate public comment and vote if action is taken on item 10e. >> i have a legal reques questit i would like to ask and francesca is still on, how can, just for process, multiple e-mails make us want to say and this is before anybody does anything and --
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>> on your agenda it says any item will be removed if it is so requested by either a member of the commission or a member of the public p the standing rules of the commission provides as a member of the public makes that request it will be removed and heard separately and there's separate public comment. >> so the secretary is ruled within the legal opinions of the council that that can be done without us doing anything, correct? >> correct. >> since you have received request. >> thank you. >> you gave the answer. so, let's go back to the secretary and move forward. thank you.
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>> donna, through the -- it's with the commission president now. >> colleagues, are there any further discussions? any other items that you would like to have severed. seeing none, may we have a motion and a second on the consent calender. >> and i'm sorry, madam president, for clarification, this is consent items a, b, c and d only. >> if i make a motion to approve a-d on the consent calender. >> there's a motion, may i have a second. >> second. >> thank you. roll call, please. >> donna i believe we never called for public comment on a-d if anyone wants that. >> correct. i will call that now.
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>> members of the public who wish to make two minutes of public comment on consent calender items a-d only, dial the number on the screen. this is items a-d only if you wisonly.if you wish to call for, wait until public comment is called on that item. >> do we have any callers. >> there is one caller in the queue. >> caller, your line is open. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners i would like to bring up to your attention that the request that i sent in this morning to remove
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and the idea from the calender and also as long as it also includes and because the challenges that we're having with the fraud db program in the city and county in san francisco is not limited to the construction management contract. the other contracts that are still on the consent calender do fall into this category and the question is very simple and the point is very simple. there's no need to approve contracts with they have committed acts on a false-claim basis. you might consider this illegal and it's up to you and your legal department but this is becoming an ethical issue as to how to move forward with this mess and i hope you deal with it
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and thank you again. >> >> thank you for your comment. madam secretary, there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you, public comment on items 10a-d is closed. we've had a motion and a second. roll call, please. [roll call vote]
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>> bay region. inform provide construction management services and staff augmentation for overlapping construction projects and to execute these two professional service agreements with cpm, cm, jv, pro, 0140a and pro1040b and each for an amount not to exceed 9 million and each with a duration of seven years.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners, assistant general manager for infrastructure. we received numerous comments regarding mck america and the third ranked firm that was part of a joint venture team with we're not awarding a joint venture of nck americas today and we also received comments regarding the firm dabri as a joint venture hazen, avila and dabri and around cmd assigned bonus points given to the firm. we are considering approval for a contract to this joint venture firm today. so, i'll start off by saying that sfpuc does not take the lead to assign ratings bonuses to any of the proposers. the city's contract monitoring division applies the ratings
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bonuses and in this case, in order for an lbe propose to receive a rating bonus the lbe must have been certified by the contract monitoring division and the area of construction management a lot the time of proposal submissions. resist contract pro 140, proposals were due on may 28t 28th, 2020. so i would just like to read for context, comments from our response memo from the contract monitoring division to the fourth ranked firm, mcdonald group that should address the concerns about the ratings bonus. according to the certification letter issued by the contract monitoring division, mck americas was certified on march 7th, 2017, through september 30, 2020, as a small
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san francisco local business enterprise and a sa san lbe in e construct management category and issued by contract monitoring division and certified on may fifth, 2017 through august 31st, 2020 and a micro san francisco local business enterprise in the construction management catego category. dabri was in the construction management category on the proposal due date of may 28th,
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2020, and was entitled to a 7.5 rating bonus, percent rating bonus as a 40% joint venture partner. and i also have jason chow here and from the contract monitoring division if you have any questions on this item. ratings bonus. >> well, cooling' kathy, can hed anything to what you said? >> he can answer any additional questions he may have? >> thank you have. >> thank you. >> the way the cmd bonus works if i'm correct, is the top four firms got 7 and a half percent bonus points so if you took all that away those top four firms would still be ranked in exactly
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the same order and the top two firms would still be the same firm, is that correct. just the math of how this process works? >> it wouldn't make a difference in the rankings of the top four firms. >> that's correct. >> commissioner moran. >> so we are saying that for the specific concerns raised, they're without merit and they're factual and correct? >> yes, just to say what commissioner harrington asked, mot mcdonald would have been one of the -- would have gone up in ranking that's why they raised the question about mtk
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americas. if mtk americas did not get the bonus points then mot mcdonald would have been the third ranked firm but we are only awarding contracts to the first two. >> have any of the firms that were on that list protested the award? >> they have not. >> that's a determination by the contract monitoring division. >> commissioner, do you have a comment or question? >> >> thank you, colleagues, any further discussion?
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>> yes. >> commissioner paulson? >> no, i have no comment on this. >> thank you. >> colleagues, any further discussion on 10e? madam clerk. >> are you prepared to vote on this? do we want to put it off? what is -- >> do we need public comment? >> we do need public comment on this. public comment on this, madam clerk. >> members of the public who wish to have two minutes of public comment on item 10e dial the number on the screen and the i.d. --
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to raise your hand to speak, exprespress star 3. >> mr. moderator, do we have callers? >> madam secretary, there's one caller in the queue. >> thank you. >> your line is open. >> thank you. commissioner, president maxwell, i don't now how to say this but what i heard from kathy howell is a lot of unfactual facts. she said there's no merit and yet there is measur merit. there's no effect on the scoring initially and then she corrected herself and then she said there was no protest. i can assure you, i filed a protest so i'm not sure why she's ignoring all this and i know for a fact and i have seen at least one more protest on
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this item. the fact is this is an ethical issue. and i am not picking up on personal companies and personal names but this is an ethical issues that needs to be addressed. those companies were not qualified to begin with and it doesn't matter what c and d does because we all know what c and d does and did and has done and what is more important is that you are taking the kid for lbe firms from legitimate ldes and you are given it to fraudulent certified ldgs on this contract that's the point that kathy will never respond to and justify. you cannot take legitimate firms that are duty licensed and give them work so 66% of the cmd ldes are certified without a state license. i'm not saying that just to read the west side observer with
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their report. so, please, i'm begging you again one more time, this is far more complicated than just a simple statement from kathy howell and the others. how do you want to move forward as an agency. this is the decision and this will make or break it for everybody. thank you for your consideration. >> commissioners, i wanted to make a clarification. i'm told by my staff that there was a protest but it was not related to the lbe bonus point. there was a protest that was resolved. >> by one of the firms? >> yes. >> madam secretary and commissioners there's one additional caller in the queue.
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>> i am eric from transparency and fairness of the government and i would like to say lbe is public information searchable on the website and i followed this contract and did one alone and dabri and mck did not have their certification throughout the process and in number 10 and each face and written proposal or oral interview and ops and stuff like that and they are not currently lb certified and
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should not be awarded the contract. i do have a memorandum from vivian lu to james and daniel and in it it out lays the reason why the points were awarded but in there, it is incorrect the layout is incorrect and the information referenced is like these they've mistakenly awarded based on the sub consultant being lb and participation and not the primes being lbe certified and if you can hold off on this matter i would be willing to provide evidence showing that there was an error in this matter and i hope that you do that because it's only right and fair and i'm not saying anybody committed any fraud or corruption, i just think there was a mistake made and i hope that you would give me a chance show you that a
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mistake was actually made. >> thank you, caller. your two minutes has expired. madam secretary, there are no more callers in the queue. >> thank you, public comment on item 10e is closed. commissioner harrington. >> thank you, madam president. can you talk at all about what what or wouldn't happen if this was delayed two weeks to our next meeting? >> so, if we delayed it, basically we're understaffed and construction management so we do have enough inhouse staff and we currently have the alameda watershed center under construction and it's at the for
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that particular project. >> that is actively happening in the next two weeks? >> it's currently under construction. >> so, commissioner harrington, i really appreciate that question. i don't want us to diminish the capability of the bidding process based on things that i'm just hearing kind of like slowly right now, as opposed to a process that i think, based on not as thorough as maybe we could hear it as been moved forward in terms of the lb issue and who is going to do this stuff. i want to make sure that the public utilities are going to be able to do stuff so, you know, i would like kathy howell to say,
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you know, i want to pile on what commissioner harrington says is, you know, why shouldn't we move this forward? i mean, is there any reason where we are ful vulnerable not going through the process that we advocate for because i don't see anything. i don't see anything just in general. i've heard very passionately from a couple of advocates that think there's fraud lens and there's no corruption and there's fraudulence but it's easy to say. i don't know, maybe kathy you can, you know, rephrase the question that commissioner harrington said because i'm willing to move this forward because i want things to work without squabbles. >> this has been a very long process with this particular rfp. we tried to -- because in the
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original rfp we had plan to work to one consultant and we had quite a few projects on that list. we were trying to create more opportunities and to eliminate any potential conflict if one of the firms had dunde done done dy wouldn't do construction management so staff was thoughtful and separating out the projects and coming up with two contracts as opposed to one contract and so that was part of the reason it took us a long time to sort of the projects and the potential conflicts among the various consultants. and so when we advertised the contract, we also had a protest that was brought up was without merit and they said there was bias and we viewed that and we didn't find any merit to that protest and so, we really do need these contracts and we have
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been -- our capital plans are quite large. if we could wait, we would wait. i would have suggested that we we've been working with cmd for a long time and they make that determination and we do make the determination so i don't know if we delayed it what we would ask of cfd -- i don't want us to be vulnerable to some type of piece where the public utilities commission is moving too fast or not taking care of what i think sounds like it was a very transparent process that dealt with some of the complaints that
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we're hearing about today. so, i don't know, francesca, do you have a answer for us about vulnerabilities about this thing between just doing it right now and getting it done and as opposed to just waiting another -- until the next commission meeting. i'm leaning towards moving this forward to get the work done. i'm about getting work done. so francesca, do you have a comment on kathy howell's analysis? >> this is john from the city attorney's office, i'm sitting in for francesca. she had to deal with -- >> please, go forward. >> i am not familiar with this particular contract but i do know and kathy can verify, that when they have protests or
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issues, with procurement process, that they consult with the city attorney's office and our contract lawyers and i'm sure that my colleagues are satisfied with the result and they also work on protests with kathy howell's group. kathy, you can verify that. >> yes. that's true and we usually consult with the city attorney office on any and every protest that we get. >> so, i'm sorry through the chair, i was trying to expedite this even though i might be -- maybe feeling like i'm taking too long because i'm close to making a motion we move forward. again, city attorney, we have no vulnerability on this one and i want that answer even though you
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don't apparently are the wrong person to answer this question. >> i do not know the specifics of this particular issue. i do understand that my colleagues have vetted the protest. i also note that cmd is not part of the puc so the rules really aren't -- >> you are not answering my question. >> are we vulnerable on anything if we moved this thing forward in terms of. >> low vulnerability because our city attorney, on contract, randy parent, did speak with the cmd city attorney as well on this item. and so, they are all on the same page on this so it's low vulnerability. >> thank you. that's the question mr.
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>> that's what i was trying to say, i guess. >> thank you. >> and before we make any motions, commissioner harrington, would you like to speak with someone from the monitoring -- contract monitoring? would that help? >> no, that's fine. thank you. >> then, we're going to make a motion, commissioner paulson. >> i'll make a motion to move this contract. >> there's a motion. is there a second? >> >> i'll second it. >> there's a motion and a second. roll call. [roll call vote] >> you are four ayes.
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>> motion has been approved. next item, please. >> item 11 public hearing san francisco public utilities commission budget priorities for upcoming fy2021-22. presented by eric sandler. >> all right, mr. sandler. >> commissioners, eric sandler, assist apartment general manager of business services and c.f.o. i'm here to present, provide a brief presentation on the budget reopening for fiscal year 21-22. the budget that will be effective 7-1-21. i'm going to provide a little bit of background on budget process to date and the budget and planning activities ahead of us to describe our approach to this budget reopening which is unusual and a function of the
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disruption due to the pandemic. i'll talk a little bit about the instructions provided to staff and the upcoming calender and the by an yell budget themes and highlight the areas we'll focus on in this reopening and ultimately the purpose is to solicit input from the commission and any input from the public as well. because it's been an unusual budget period, i think it's helpful to just remind us of the path we've been on. february 11th, last year, after four public hearings where the commission reviewed the budget extensively but the capital budget, the operative budget. the 10-year financial plan, the 10-year capital plan, awe adopteyouadopted the budget ande items. it was forwarded to the mayor's office on february 21st, later that month, and less than a week
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later, a state of emergency was declared and the shelter in place order was issued on march 16th. and at that point, the mayor and the board of supervisors quickly realized that the regular budget schedule for the city needed to be adjusted and changed. we changed with it and in april, may and june, a cross functional team at the puc looked at the potential impacts to demand and to revenues and to expenses and to awful ou all of our budget i. we went through a rebalancing plan that laura bush described in the quarterly budget update report and we ended upcoming back to you july 14th, and presented to you a revised rebalance budget which then the mayor included at end of july, submitted to the board of supervisors, that we had budget
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hearings with the board of supervisors in august and the budget went into effect october 2nd and you heard a report from director bush where we are with the budget. one of the agreements between the board -- so ordinarily, we have a closed fixed to your budget. meaning the budget you adopted and that the board adopted is a by an yell budget so this fiscal year we're in and usually in the mid cycle, zo so that's what wee talking about now. and i wanted to talk a little bit -- so we're talking about reopening the budget for fiscal
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year '22 but there's a broader context of other plans charter required planning activities that are going on on an annual basis and that includes updates to the commissions' 10-year capital plans as well as 10-year financial plans for water waste, water hetchy power, clean power and so, one of the big items there really has to do with what are the impacts, what are the implications with respect to long-term demand projections, for example, for our underlying businesses, for our businesses and what does that mean for long-term capital plans and long-term rate projections and so we'll be presenting this on december 9th. this would ordinarily be closed
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and it will be reopened to update our revenue projection and make limited expenditure changes to rebalance based on funding availability so it won't be a full-blown budget like our biennial budget but it's to make small adjustments. and then earlier this year, the board of adopted public hearings with respect to budgets in the city and it required that they're at least two public hearings and though this legislation doesn't apply to our budget, because we have a two-year fixed budget, we are holding two hearings, one is today and the other would be february 9th and if the commission sees that there's a need for additional hearings in between we have sufficient time and now really is the opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us about what you think regarding our approach
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and priorities. next slide. just to recap the approach. our first priority is updating our sales volumes and revenue projections for our various enterprises and as you heard from budget director bush, we were fairly well spot on with respect to projections of retail water and wastewater use as well as power sales for hetchy power and clean power. we're seeing above projected levels of demand for wholesale water. and we took conservative approach to forecasting demand and we've been fairly on the the instructions that we provided to staff --
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>> commissioner, discussions or comments? >> again, the diligence of the staff has been good. i felt like i was listening to the same thick all over in some regards with the other folks, you know, there is, you nodi versety diversity issues and hr stuff. we say we are doing it and doing it but i'm not sure if that must fit into what commissioner herrington said we are leaders in the community. we volunteered to be on the commission. when we talk about diversity in one department and another department within the department i'd like it to be more efficient. everything said was
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wonderful. i think we should be proud of the department. it's like, okay, we are doing the right thing. we are doing the right thing. i'd like it to be more efficient in terms of hearing what we are doing in terms of coordination. i'm sorry too whine but i'm trying to be efficient. >> commissioner herrington. >> thank you for the work on this. our budgets are big unruly kind of thing. i guess, two questions. one, do you have assumptions about how long the covid-19 thing happens or what might changeover time over the next few years. i was expecting to having the opening on the operating budget. we are reopening on the
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capital budget. if you could talk about in the capital items, is there anything significant we should be aware of. >> um, yeah. good question. what are assumptions with covid-19. we have been coordinating closely with the coordinators office and ted ebegan to ensure there is alignment between assumptions regarding economic recovery of the service area.
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that's an accurate assumption. one of the things that we were adjusting the assumption in the first forecast and folks were optimistic about a recovery. it's sort of a quick recovery and out-of-the pandemic in september an things return to normal. what they are forecasting in san francisco is a longer economic impact them a much slower recovery for tourism related induction tries rather
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than a 2023 related activity we'll look at 2026. so, a fairly much longer extension. one of the other issues that's particularly important for the power enterprise is what is the future of redevelopment activity that's one of the areas we'll pay attention to right now does that answer your questions there. >> the major changes relate to the project the schedule is
3:25 am
accelerating from the last years forward. this is not an increase in amount. we had a lot of success with the grant program and capitalizing those assets. we are looking to accelerating funding forward into the budget period. those are the two areas i'm aware of. >> that's great, thank you very much. >> sure. >> commissioner. >> thank you. a few things on my mind i'd like to consider as you make revisions. the first is whatever resources we need to fully
3:26 am
support the untextingty in a program we need to make sure those are provided for. this might be an opportunity to take a look at what we are doing and make sure we keep the faith for people who pay our wages. the second is two point parts of the same issue having to do with flows. we spoke about early implementation of actions. i believe we budgeted for the official parts of that. i'd like to make sure that funding stays in fact and the other in the water supply planning area. i'd like to make sure that i have for the as adequate
3:27 am
resources and also has a sense of urgency to deal with some of those issues. as a spoiler alert when we get into the water supply what we will see is there isn't much of a challenge to provide water for people where did difficulty lies that's a water supply issue. i think it's coming at us quickly and the amount is large and we can't have a water supply planning process looping. i'd like to make sure the water supply planning with the fishery needs coming at us.
3:28 am
okay. >> ensure we have adequate resources for scoping out the work in the gms report. we have quick funding for the implementation process and water supply planning and we have the resources and urgency behind it. >> that's right. , okay. >> thank you. >> i'd like to thank you for adding to the budget the equity and racial injustice. without it being resourced it doesn't happen. we have these ideas but with flow resources. i'd like to thank you for adding it. part of what we are suppose to do is look at it through the
3:29 am
budget as well. thank you for that. all right, any farther comments or questions? seeing none public comments on this item. >> members of the public that wish to make comment on this item meeting id (146)395-4844-pound pound. >> do we have any callers. >> madam secretaries there are three callers in the queue. thank you. >> first caller your line is open. >> can you hear me now. >> david, i have been waiting for this all afternoon and
3:30 am
well worth it. okay, i have read the memo and for the budget hearing. it's a shorter version and not the full blown thing. it's a reopening on the issues and you plan to do it today unless something changes. on priorities, this is what consider important or not. i'd add condition assessments. it's not just asset management but condition assessments. i'd highlight to continue in city asset renewal investments and generally, that's when your assets are increased for infection and maintenance. i'd say something about being
3:31 am
discerning or a nice word like that about critical versus not critical projects. pursuing the critical capital projects and deferring noncritical projects and being careful about which is which. that's embedded but i didn't see that calls out on the high level themes. those are my four comments. please post the presentation to the website. it wassen available beforehand. perhaps the asset management that was discussed will be back to commission on or before february 9th with input. that would be great. those are my comments on item 11. great work, everybody. thanks. >> any comments?
3:32 am
next caller, your line is open. >> commissioners. i wanted to talk on racial equity. i'd also like to talk on one of the comments made by one of the commissioners. so, we have to figure out a way to have -- the way to figure that out is by looking at the data or fines. i don't understand when some advocates who are inter-rested on this topic for decades speaks true to power and no one is paying attention to
3:33 am
them. was of the civil rights movement you will see that we have many lawsuits against ffpus and city. it's easy to say racial equity. those who should provide leadership are crooks. we have blacks that are crooks that get fired and we have blacks that would like racial equity. where is the spirituality that was brought here from the
3:34 am
south? there are elders black elders that understand what i'm saying. >> thank you caller. your time has expired. last caller. your line is open. >> this is eric wright again. i can't believe i was willing to provide you evidence and had you review it there was some wrongdoing. now i'm concerned. this smells like corruption to me. i'd like you to know commissioner when you violate the brown act today. i called in prior to the meeting and the mics were hot. you were discussing item ten e. i'll take this stuff to the news. you want to move forward with
3:35 am
construction just to move forward. it's clear someone knows someone. i know someone from cpn has a second business with a previous commissioner on the board so there is a link there. so, with all of the fraud and corruption going on at this time with the fbi arresting your director and you shoving it so quick and abruptly. commissioner you are so quick to get this approved. when i go to the news and fbi more will come of this. i yield my time. >> thank you, caller. madam secretary, there are no more callers. >> thank you, public comment on item 11 is closed.
3:36 am
any farther discussion? seeing none, would you ready temperature number 12 please. authorizing the temporary reemergency customer assistant program for customer relief. >> this was presented by aaron frank. >> hello, good evening. i'm erin franks within the finance bureau. i'd like to give you an item about three emergency programs implemented. next slide please? so, this slide summarizes the three categories of program we are proposing to extend one is for residential customers and
3:37 am
one for small businesses and nonprofits this includes late payment fees or on property. there are details about the program next slide. the proposal today is just to extend the programs and moratoriums the residential program will be extended through the end of the fiscal year current customers that are enrolled will continue to receive discounts through the end of june they can also apply for the program through the end of june. they should apply as soon as possible to maximize the discount. those apply for the last month
3:38 am
will get one month of discounts. the small business and nonprofit program is set up differently when you apply you get six months going forward they will continue for six months. we will allow new customers to apply through june 30 of 2021. both programs and discounts were scheduled to expire at the end of december. on the shutoff we are making no changes appeared with all of the programs the general feeling is the pandemic and businesses and residents are taking pretty serious problems. we have seen unemployment it's the appropriate time to list
3:39 am
the benefits put into place. next slide please. this is just what we have been doing and how the programs have been going so far. i'm excited about the data and i'd be happy to talk to you about it in farther detail they are receiving $50 per month in discounts for power customers. we have about 350. there is not a lot of customers which is why there is a discrepancy in the number of applicants as far as the nonprofit program we have over 500 enrolled their bills are all over the place.
3:40 am
for our residential program on average a family of five were precovid-19. they reported before they lost income due to covid-19 and afterwards. so, precovid-19, the revenue and income for residential was 50 % of san francisco area median income. that's what the ami stands for. before covid-19 hit them the average applicant was making 60 % of the median household after covid-19 they are down 30 %. it's a 50 % drop i can't image
3:41 am
living on $3,000 as a family on the business side the averages are all over the place we have a lot of variation on that. the average applicants lost 50 % of their revenue. they can enter comments and they are businesses that had to shutdown. restaurants that had to switch to delivery, so, i know this is a big help to those receiving the benefits. next slide. one thing i'm looks at is we had an opportunity to improve our reporting and data collection on who our programs
3:42 am
are reaching and think critically how we can improve outreach this is a sample of the data collected. we have mapped the applications we have received for the program as a percentage of total eligibility. they are total single residential on the census tract. i hope we can tie this to our racial equity work. you can pullout the demographic information and communications team that's been doing outreach is using
3:43 am
the information to see what neighborhoods we are missing. where we could be focusing our energy this is something we could bit off of as we transition from the pandemic. >> going back to page four when you talked about the hatechie. >> we don't have a lot of them. we had a separate one time credit that went out it's mostly housing authorities
3:44 am
there is not a lot of them. >> okay, great, thank you. i like to move this forward. i know we'll go to public comment. mr. herrington. >> this is the right thing to do and i appreciate the staff let's hope to be of some assistance we can try to do something. any farther commissioner comments? let's go to public comment.
3:45 am
>> members of the public wishing to make two minutes of public comment call-in. the meeting id is 484-pound pound. to raise your hand to speak press star three. do we have any callers. >> there is one caller in the cue. >> thank you. >> can you hear me now? >> i can hear you. okay. >> this meeting is still ongoing. we have a brief comment. the report on page four in the middle. let me call that up. it's a little vague on the
3:46 am
fiscal impact of the proposal. if you could ask for a sense of quail. scale. i assume this is more than a couple hundred thousand. anyway, i'm trying to get a sense of the revenue delayed or fore forgone. i assume they don't violate proposition 218 and they are happy about that. again, if you could post the presentation to the website. i didn't see it before it was just made right now. thank you, caller. madam secretary there are no more callers in cue. >> commissioner peskin it's
3:47 am
time for the motion. >> i make a motion to continue the program. >> do we have a second? may we have a second. >> second. >> thank you. madam secretary roll call please. [roll call] >> the motion has passed. next item is item 14 for clean power between the public utilities commission and energy services >> hello, commissioners, can you hear me. >> yes >> okay, i'm the director of the clean power program for
3:48 am
power enterprise. you have before you a resolution to approve a package with energy services. i should say i have a short presentation. i'll get through it quickly in total there are three contracts of services bringing to you for approval. next slide. first, we are seeking the proactive aprovalue of an amemberedment to existing contract to provide capacity from the geo thermal power plant. research of the regular torrey provide retail and electric service to customers. the requirement is intended to ensure there are enough power plants to meet peak levels of
3:49 am
demand. the amendment extends the agreement from g,o thermal plant several years through december 21st 3039. they also increase the capacity by 25 mega watts starting in january of 2022. the amended contract cost will be 3.6 million per year for a total not to exceed amount 30,230,000. the contract has been submitted in response to solicitation conducted to work with compliance efforts. the general manager executed the amendment on october 28th. it's the resource adequacy
3:50 am
requirements due to the california public public utilities commission on november 2. next slide, please. the second contract before you is an amendment they extended the term of that contract as well this amendment would it also increased the amount from 25 megawatts to 50 megawatts. renew able energy will be provided 24/7. the contract will also help implement it's 2020 resource
3:51 am
plan adopted by the commission on august 25th that called for 50 megawatts of energy and clean power to achieve a 100 % energy supply. the proposed contract will cost $25.8 million per year for a total not to exceed amount of approximately $243 million the amendment extends and increases what they made. they will make direct contributions to support stem education to the girls 2000 program each year from 2017 to 2025. they will provide girls ages 8 to 16 with mentorship and
3:52 am
leadership opportunities they will focus on communities like hunter points to combat the climate change. next slide. >> there it is. the proposed contract is january 1, 2024. the purchase under the contract of 150 megawatts is the system is flexible with capacity. we have clean power assessment in the greater resource plan and support clean power and compliance with state compliance. the not to concede amount is
3:53 am
9.9 million. the contract with help clean power and exposure to volatile and resource adequacy prices. this is what happened in recent years. while the contractusn't identify a specific resource or unit they will have a fleet of resources including natural gas resources. i'd like to emphasis this is not energy but purchase of capacity meaning a commitment to make the plans available to the grid operator as required by state regulations. the plant characteristics required to meet the regulations are provided by natural gas plants. we are participating with
3:54 am
other community showers and energy programs that will allow us to reduce and eventually eliminate reliance on natural gas in the future. we are working now to form a joint powers agency to procure energy storage that might benefit from economies of scale we can achieve. we will bring more information about the work in the coming months. to secure a reliable source these three contracts before you today will reduce clean power supply costs by $27 million over the fiscal year 22 to 29 time frame relative to our adopted ten year plan.
3:55 am
this will help them develop clean reliable power and affordably priced ratepayers. i'm happy to take any questions you might have. >> any questions? commissioner peskin >> i have no questions. thank you. >> all right, may we -- madam secretary may we go to public comment. >> this is on item 13. meeting id 146395-48 pound pound. this is item 13.
3:56 am
>> mr. moderator, do we have any callers. >> we have one in the queue. >> thank you. >> can you hear me now. >> i can hear you now. >> great, david again. on this very briefly. sometimes someone could get clarity on how the city contracting process and dynamic power. i assume with the contracts will provide enough flexibility. it's like capacity and enough flexibility for staff to acquire a power to sever customers i assume there are opportunities to buy and sell power on the market that can
3:57 am
be done in the next five minutes. processing contracts take time. once again if you could post this presentation to the website and thank you to the staff that worked on this. not a simple matter >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you, i'm looking forward to the conversation on the joint powers agreement. that's a great way to come together. it's very creative. the pca i get better storage because the sooner we get away is better it is and the more
3:58 am
you come together the better that is as well. any farther discussions when we approve the contract the prevailing wages i don't have the relationship with the folks it's made a little irritated. employ yeariers also i don't know if someone has a comment on that from the staff someone
3:59 am
put that in the record. >> maybe barbara hill. that should be a part of what we do. someone can you talk to that speak 120 that. >> the general manager when you make long-term commitments for new power to be constructed. we identify or prevailing it's a necessary component and we get preference to projects for our local requirements as well. >> so, barbara, do you feel
4:00 am
with the responsible contractor with our organize >> yes, there have >> been labor complaints? >> no not that i'm aware of they have been operating them for sometime. i can do additional resource for you >> yeah, don't spend a lot of time. we'd like to work on local hire and wages and what have you. this is what a substantial contract is. i'll put that on record and barbara, please if you can get me that without going crazy, thank you. >> any farther comments or questions. seeing none may we have a
4:01 am
motion >> thank you, do we have a second. >> it's been moved and seconded. madam secretary role call vote please. >> public comment >> we had public comment. i'm sorry. [roll call] next item number 14 approve contract. continue with public manager bringing adequate projects and not to exceed 1,273,000 authorize the general manager
4:02 am
to secret retroactive retro act approval. mr. heinz. >> i'm back i have brief comments. on september 23 they submitted bids into a solicitation to purchase adequate capacity and so system resource adequacy capacity in 2021 and 2022. the purchase and cell bids we submitted were designed to clean power for the balance and supply by acquiring product types and selling product types that it didn't need. a portion of clean bids were
4:03 am
accepted by public california edison. they required they execute a contract no later than october 28 to ensure timely filing of it's own annual research adequacy report. the general manager executed the contract with souther california on october 27th. executing the sale prior to november 22. the sale of the resource adequacy products maximize the benefits of ratepayers. the revenue received by the sale will offset the cost of resource adequacy purchases. this will make from southern california and contract. the sales contract with southern california edison
4:04 am
exceeds $1 million it will require approval from the board of supervisors. we are also asking we authorize retroactive approval from the board for the contract. with that, i'm happy to take questions you might have. >> i have a question what kind of products do you sale? >> they are resource adequacy capacity. like described in the last item capacity is making the plant available to the grid operator the california iso. it's a commitment to do so to keep the lights on. so, when we submitted bids which were trying to add quire types of products in certain areas of the california system
4:05 am
understate regulation. >> what kind of products >> that's what we sell as well. we needed to acquire these products. we had excess of a certain other type. we sell the excess. >> the various regulatory requirements. >> that means it could be natural gas.
4:06 am
>> it could be any of the fuels. >> you'll right, thank you. >> the contractusn't specify -- contractusn't specify specific plants. that's the process when we submit subsequent reports. >> thank you. any other discussions or comments. comments? open this up to public comment please. >> members of the public that would like to make public comment on item 14 call-in. to raise your hand to speak press star 3.
4:07 am
do we have any callers? >> we have no callers in the queue. public comment has been closed. motion to move this item. >> move it. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. roll call vote please. [roll call] >> you have four ayes >> moved and seconded and approved. next item please. >> the next order of business is is item 16 amend to the first agreement establish the terms and conditions of electrical transmission and
4:08 am
this is through december 2022 for 15 and half years for the board of supervisor approval. this will be presented by mark. >> good evening, commissioner, thank you for having me here. i'm margaret and division mar manager. >> thank you for describing my request. i'd like to get to the point about why we need the contract and what is new to their agreement. so, why we need the contract? the electrician grid in california subject to first regulation. the city uses it to buy and sell electricity. we must have arrangements with the company to govern the cities transactions on the
4:09 am
transmission grid. this agreement abrought to you today is one of those types of agreements. the city will not likely occur any costs they will provide transitional services to a different balancing authority. though this is unlikely staff estimates the cost on transition services will not exceed $100,000 during the ten year term. this provision for transition services is new to this agreement in conclusion with water and power we reaccess approval of the first amendment to the second amended and restated operating agreement to begin on march second for a total duration of
4:10 am
approximately 15.5 years subject to board of supervisors approval. that concludes my presentation and look forward to your question. >> any questions or comments on this item? >> commissioner herrington. >> thank you very much, margaret. the last three items are retroactive. the board keeps getting upset when we do things retroactively with needed to do something at the end of october to do something. this is almost three years retroactive. can you talk about what took so long. >> the agreement expired in 2018 it was approved for continued use and continues to remain in place until there is a request to terminate the
4:11 am
agreement if the agreement is in place we can still use it. it slipped through the cracks. it does maintain a list of agreements with termination dates. we i'd deposited to the list and monitoring it in the future. i agree with you. it's a concern. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other questions or comments? >> members of the public wishing to make 2 minutes of public item on 15. please call-in. to raise row hand to speak press star three.
4:12 am
>> move >> second. >> roll call vote please. [roll call] >> we have four ayes. >> next item. >> participating in the public utilities commission arrearage management program providing customers with debt
4:13 am
forgiveness for past due amount owed. this is presented by a.j. >> thank you commissioner secretary this item will allow us to participate in a program the california commission adopted this past june. they are completing their implementation at the end of december. this program incentivizes customers the programs back in june required utilities like pg and e. this is what is expected to be
4:14 am
approved by the california commission on december 17th. they are asking for your approval to participate now. the program will launch shortly after the california commission approval and pg and e will have 50 days after we say if we'd like to participate. this program is 12 months long and provides customers with debt relief by forgiving 112th one 12th 12th twelveth of the amount. that will maintain charges one h will be combined. those customers that are
4:15 am
enrolled in the alternative rates for energy program and family alert assistance program. those are residential customers that meet certain income eligibility criteria. customers must owe at least $400 in combined clean power they should be a customer for six months. there is no minimum duration for the clean power assess and they need to have made one on time payment within the last 24 months. one of the benefits is the california commission. it's expected to authorize the forgive and forget to be collected and pg and e easter
4:16 am
torrey through a public purpose charge that will be charged on the pg and e distribution rate s. they receive recovery for the forgiven debt. with that summery, i'd be happy to take any questions you might have. >> any questions or discussions? all right, madam secretary public comment please. >> anyone wishing to make public come youment dial (415)655-0001. meeting id is (146)083-1034. do we have any callers.
4:17 am
>> there are no callers in the cue at this time. >> thank you, public comment on item 16 is closed. >> thank you. seems like a very worth wild program. do i have a motion or second. >> so moved >> second; thank you. roll call vote [roll call] >> you have four ayes. >> so moved and seconded. the next item authorized the general manager to execute an agreement with fish and wildlife. >> i go, commissioners. this agreement provides for the
4:18 am
creation of a system. we provide water to the fish hatchery so they can grow trout. it's a very productive hatchery. this water recirculation sum allows the department to treat water and reuse it so when there are times we have lack of ability to provide water they can get bion less water because they will recirculate the water. we will pay $2.6 million on the facility. this is a treatment plant. the responsibility for operation and maintenance. the circumstances where it would be in use would be extended shutdowns of the system particularly those upcoming from the mountain construction projector in terms of doubt.
4:19 am
actually, this is an agreement with fish and wildlife. i'd like to give credit to margaret forgetting a conclusion on this. this would be a good project for us and the department of fish and wildlife. i'd be happy to answer any questions. >> any questions or discussions. it might be a good idea to see what happened with that. >> we have been working on the lease and we were diverted by other things. it continued on a year to year bases. it was a good one to get out-of-the-way working through the issues coming up. >> good.
4:20 am
any farther comments may we open to public comment. >> members that make to two minutes of public comment dial 1-4125-655-0001. press star three to raise your hand. >> do we have any callers? >> secretary, there are no callers in the cue at this time. >> public comment is closed. >> thank you, i have a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> so moved and seconded. roll roll [roll call]
4:21 am
i have four eyes. >> madam clerk, madam secretary will you read the next item to be addressed the close session please. >> item for closed session is item 20. existing litigation from pacific bell telephone company all proposed sell thement to play the city 72,000 and plaintiff to release all claims >> open to public comment. >> if you wish to offer public comment call 1-415-655-0001. to raise your hand press star
4:22 am
three. any callers? >> there are no comments in the cue. >> the item is closed. >> a motion to assert the attorney-client privilege regarding the -- i move the motion. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. >> roll call. >> roll roll [roll call] >> we have four ayes. >> it's been approved. >> yes, madam president. we will move into closed
4:23 am
may i have a motion to disclose discussions in the closed session? >> not to disclose? >> second. >> all right. the settlement was approved and recommended for the board. we need a vote madam president. >> madam clerk take the roll please. >> president maxwell. [roll call] >> we have four ayes. that concludes our business for today adjournment. >> bye yawl. >> thank you, sophie for running this efficiently. >> thank you. .
4:24 am
>> hi, i'm ryan a prlth letting project manager with the sfpuc working at the sfpuc is a fast-paced environment the puc is american people eye person so breath and depth allows us to work on allows me to move across my career path. >> fill the roadway. >> our unique projects is the heritage puc water treatment
4:25 am
long-term improvement plant it's one of the largest projects i've managed and supervised to be successful as a project manager you have to be hard working and self-motivated and being adaptable is important because the construction it is very fabulous that get me up in the morning you're going to be project solving and seeing the project go to me that's fun, i like coming to
4:26 am
4:27 am
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
>> welcome everybody. i want to say thank you for catching this important moment. this is a really very critical issue that we're all here dealing with. this is a real nationwide effort to end senseless gun violence to get guns off the street. this is our ninth annual gun buyback. we have lot of people who are on here today who want to share some information about ending senseless gun violence. before i bring on the mayor, i want to say i'm not against the second amendment, but i am against senseless gun violence. with that said, i want to bring on our mayor, fierce leader, hard working committed, intelligent, beautiful, mayor
4:31 am
breed. >> thank you so much for joining this press conference supporting the ninth gun buyback that will take place this saturday, december 12th between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. you don't center to get out your car no questions asked. rudy will provide the details. we want to get as many weapons as possible off the streets. many of us here have been affected by gun violence. sadly, i feel like it's been my entire life. so many of you know that i grew up in the western addition. we have lost friends, family members and this senseless violence continues. if we can get these guns off the streets, get the guns out of the hands anyone who will use them, it is in the best interest of our communities and it is in the best interest of our families and friends.
4:32 am
whether it's a friend or family member or someone we know from the neighborhood, as we are addressing this global pandemic, we are seeing heart breaking news. there's an increase in gun related incidents in our nation. some of the victims being young kids, children. in san francisco, we saw an increase in firearm related incidents during the first seven months of this year compared to the same period last year. although, we don't know all of the reasons, there's likely a relationship between the isolation, absence of in-person support people usually get during normal times and gun violence. sadly, many of the critical in-person support systems are unavailable to do so in person. there are fewer opportunities for intervention. what we know is that the loss of
4:33 am
a life from gun violence has to stop. we all need to work together to save lives and keep our community safe. many of you who are here today, who have been fighting to end gun violence for years. we need you. the gun buyback program provides people with the opportunities to get these guns out ever their hands, off the streets and out of our communities. thanks to the charitable giving and fundraising efforts of our community partner, we will be able to purchase firearms from anyone who would like to turn them in, no questions asked. this event has brought in 2000 firearms in the past, getting them off the streets. think about in. 2000 guns off the streets because of this program. that means lives saved. this year, we are still continuing this effort to make sure that we are doing everything we can to reduce the harm and the violence on our streets and in our communities
4:34 am
as many people are struggling with so many different challenges. this is part of our broader effort both locally and nationally to end gun violence. we need to create common sense gun control legislation so these guns don't end up on the streets. we need to engage local university and residents is so they don't feel compelled to act violently in it first place. every year in we do this gun buyback, we go and do it at the united player's office and facility location. every year, when i look at those walls, surrounded with african-american men that i grew with, that i dated, that i went to school with, that i played in the playground with, these are men that that are my age that did not center to die. this is what this is about.
4:35 am
to make sure there's not one more black man, lost at the hands of anyone. whether that be law enforcement or any other community member. this is about changing the future, especially because african-american men in san francisco and around this country continue to be victims of gun violence in this country at a young age. we can do better than that. it starts with each and every one of us. i don't want to see another photo go up on that wall. i don't want to see another life lost. help us change that. help us change that by turning in your guns. help us change that by making sure that you're a part of the solution and not part of the
4:36 am
problem. thank you to rudy and the united playaz team. we appreciate george floyd brother and his friend who will be speaking with us today. we are so sorry for your loss. we are so grateful that you have taken the time to be here with us to share your words and your advocacy for ending gun violence, especially in the african-american community. thank you to all the community partners who are here to fight against violence every single day on the streets. i hope all you will continue to join this fight to end gun violence here in san francisco and across the nation. remember, this year's gun buyback event is between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. this saturday, no questions asked. thank you. >> thank you so much mayor
4:37 am
london breed. this gun buyback is from different partners from music industry and mother who lost their kids to gun violence, to sfpd and to the private sector. there's so many people here to make this happen. it's not justs doing it. it takes lot of different people to make it happen. when a bullet comes out one of those chambers, it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't matter. that's what we're doing is to make sure we end senseless gun violence. it's my honor to have this brother coming on next. he's out there in louisiana, baton rouge, he fights all over the world to make sure we end senseless gun violence. he's a good friend of mine. our brother silky. >> thank you, rudy. i want to commend you on the
4:38 am
work in you're doing and let you know i and we appreciate you allowing us to be part of what's going on. due to covid, we have to do it virtually. it's better to do it virtually than not do it at all. you still thinking about those that lose their lives to the violence and senseless killing that take place in the community. that's one of the things that we're very, very, pushing and i'm tearing up because i lost my brother two years ago to senseless killing in louisiana. we're very, focused on getting these guns off the streets and you know like you say, we're not against the second amendment. we want to get the illegal guns off the streets and bring awareness to gun owners that you can take your gun to work and leave it in your car and it becomes illegal gun on the
4:39 am
street. this is important for us to make sure that we get weapons out of the hands of the criminals that's committing senseless acts of violence in our communities. to have the police department to be part of this. even though what happenedly to george, is not something it turns either of us anti-police. we understand that we need the police and we can't let the action of one bad person turn our feelings toward the police to be negative. this is an important event this you're giving. i want to commend you on that. thanks to the mayor for her kind words to the family. we have to get the guns off the
4:40 am
street to in order to stop the violence. rudy i commend you and thank you so much for what you're doing. >> neighboring, brother. usually around this time when we go the gun buyback, it's a nationwide effort. this year with the covid, i believe we're like the only organization that's doing the gun buyback. it's the actual anniversary sandy hook and mayor breed and our late mayor who appointed this gun buyback. make sure we acknowledge them. i want to bring on george floyd's brother. he's been so kind and been involved in the gun buyback helping us out and supporting us. for him to take his time. brother felonious. >> how you doing, i'm brother of george floyd. happy to speak with you guys today. the buyback program, this is something that -- this is my
4:41 am
first time being part of one. it's great knowing that you can decrease violence by taking guns off the streets. many people out in the world don't understand just because you can go get a license, it still doesn't mean you should have a gun. they don't show when they look at your background that you have a mental problem. it's not showing certain things. just me growing up in a neighborhood where i feel -- i see my friends, it wasn't until covid didn't take them out. they died because somebody pulled the trigger, senseless violence killing young men, men that are growing up, wanting to be something in their life. me understanding that california had bad situations in the past.
4:42 am
i look at lot of different things when it comes to the gangs and killing. i live in houston, i don't live see a lot but people are still doing it in different neighborhoods. we don't have lot of gangs and stuff. i commend you all for doing what you are doing. we need to have many more all across this nation. not just here in the united states, we need to see it everywhere. we need to take control of our neighborhood. we need to make sure that we will be here tomorrow. me, thank you all so much by having me here. i want to decrease violence everywhere across the nation. rudy, i can see the heart and your passion. i thank you all, the mayor for
4:43 am
participating in this event. i wish i can be there. we're going to have a good time while we're here. thank you all so much. >> we can't never forget that. it takes a hood to save the hood. the hood-to-hood connect. >> if you turn in a thousands guns today, rudy agreed to cut it in half. [laughter] >> thank you so much. >> i appreciate you for joining us. >> rest in peace to your brother george floyd. i knew we had jamie foxx, i know he's a busy man. he provides support with us also. next, i want to bring on the ceo of empire records, one of the
4:44 am
biggest record labels in the country. my brother who's also native of san francisco like me and mayor london breed. >> i wanted to say i appreciate everything that you're doing for the community. i've known you for over 20 years. it means a lot to me who you're doing for the community, what mayor london breed is doing for the community in helping to keep the streets safe and better place to raise our children and conduct business and run operation in the city. i wanted to say, i truly appreciate. it means a lot to me. i lost a lot of people that i love over the years to senseless gun violence. quite few in the last 60 days. i wanted to do my part to contribute and just be a battery in your back. thank you so much for everything that you do.
4:45 am
>> thank you so much, brother godley. he's being really humble. this gentleman here was instrumental of actually contributing to this cause and making this happen. big respect to you. i know you're going through a lot because we lost a lot of good brothers in the music industry. thank you so much. i salute you man and look forward to working with you. >> i appreciate it. god bless you. >> i want to also bring one of our main partners to make this happen. we can't make this happen unless we got sfpd i agree with them. without them we couldn't do it. i want to bring on our captain of the southern district.
4:46 am
>> thank you, rudy. thank you everyone who's participating making this a successful event. gun buybacks are part of a proven strategy to address gun violence and help get firearms out of the wrong hands. we thank you, rudy for your partnership with the police thousand us to participate in providing the resources you need to make this a successful event. i like to thank mayor london breed for her leadership on this and public safety initiatives, programs like this, they are designed for the sole purpose of raising awareness about gun violence and reducing the likelihood of future gun violence by getting these firearms off the streets. that continued partnership and we at southern station are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and reach out to the community. it's not just one day. people hear about united playaz and they see the work you're doing and they start talking about gun violence. that's one of the things like to
4:47 am
get people talking about gun buyback to make sure the word gets out. lot of people will be surprised to know how many of their friends and family members have firearms in their home. we want to make sure these guns are taken off the streets. some people maybe they had a relative passed away and they found a gun in the house and don't know how to get rid of it. please bring it back to the gun buyback. no questions asked. we don't want guns left carelessly in homes where there can be tragedies with children find guns or if burglars get in your home and they find homes that aren't properly stored. we're glad to be working with you, rudy, the staff at city hall who are helping us with this. we will bring the resources necessary to collect the firearm safely, to get them off the
4:48 am
streets and we'll destroy them afterwards. please get the word out and look forward to seeing you there, rudy, little before 8:00 on saturday morning at 10:30 howard street. please everyone, get the word out, get the guns out the house and keep them out of the wrong hands. thank you. >> thank you, so much, captain. when we leave in the morning, we'll have some breakfast burritos. how about that? [laughter] thank you so much. we have one more speaker. i save the best for last you guys. before i bring the sister on, the outreach that's being done prior to our gun buyback is done by 15 people and everybody who's doing fliers or putting up the post of all ex-lifers. who did a life sentence behind murder but now they're giving life instead of taking life.
4:49 am
when captain talked about the destroying the guns, these are the guns right here from the last gun buyback. we're actually invoicin -- destg them. with that said, my partner who actually helped destroy the guns and creates art out of them, is a mother who lost her son to gun violence and she's the founder of the robby foundation. i want to welcome you, patty. thank you. >> thank you so much. i wanted to thank the united playaz and mayor breed for bringing us together. i'm the founder of the foundation. it's an organization i found in honor of my son robby who was shot and killed who obtained a gun illegally after the weapon was used to kill my son, it was resold on the streets where it was used to commit some other
4:50 am
crime. i believe in gun buyback because i know firsthand that one gun has the potential to commit numerous crime and take numerous lives. the week that my son was killed, he laid out his suit on the bed in preparation for a job interview that he was guaranteed to get the job. instead it was the suit that he was buried in. that's what gun violence does in a matter of second. it can rob someone of their life and change the life of everyone left behind and that includes the prethe perpertrator. now we're in covid-19 this existing health crises of gun violence. since the expand, we've seen sharp increase in gun sales in in june, there was 2.6 million additional sales. we now have more guns in circulation with i millions of children home from school,
4:51 am
domestic abuse victims, we have people facing depression due to unemployment and isolation. when you add access to guns, you're facing a convergence of major health crises and more loss of life. i think we all know that low income black and brown community suffer the most when it comes to both gun violence and the pandemic. 2020 has been a challenging year but it has been a transformative year. it's a year of reckoning where people across the country have marched against systemic racism and injustice. i believe we have to be just as passionate about preventing gun violence which disproportionately exacts -- impacts communities of color. i can do whatever i can to make sure there are fewer mother who lose their children. i want to thank mayor breed. i want thank united playaz and
4:52 am
family of george floyd for theiring their passion. so we can put an end to senseless gun violence. i want to encourage everyone to bring your unwanted guns to buyback saturday. you'll never know how many people lives you saved by doing so. thank you. >> real talk. thank you so much. may your son robby, prest in peace. i want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge and experience. i'm a survivor gun violence, twice. last time i was shot at in 2012 in this neighborhood that i'm at with someone who got murdered yesterday three blocks up. one gun off the streets where people who say this doesn't work, one gun off the streets can destroy one person's life. that one person life can be the person who can save this whole planet. you never know who that can be, who that person will grow up to
4:53 am
be. we want to make sure we get all the guns i can. i'm not against the second amendment, i'm against senseless gun violence. if shouldn't be little kids and innocent people, people going to work working hard for their families and get killed. i'm not trying to advocate violence, i understand the streets. i understand the world that we live in. i want to be real clear. i'm not against second amendment. one gun that you may turn in, will be the life you may save this world. how about that. thank you guys for all, everybody on here. mayor london breed, patty, captain, silky, all you guys for your effort for help us end
4:54 am
senseless gun violence. we got to do it together. united we stand and divided we play. i'm a united player for real. bullets, they don't discriminate and no namessen them. don't wait somebody you love or you know get killed and for you to be involved. you want to be involved now. you play your part. by turning in your gun that's in your house. thank you guys, thank you mayor london breed for being the leader that you are. >> thank you rudy. can you remind people of the date, time and the location one more time? >> it's this saturday december 12th at 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 at my headquarters. i will give you a $100 for a handgun, shotgun or rifle. if it's a assault rifle, i'll give you $200. you bring me five handgunnings i will give you $500.
4:55 am
>> you don't have to get out your car or do anything. drive up, keep your mask on and we'll get it out your trunk. you don't have to do anything. you don't center t -- to talk to anybody. >> we've been planning this for the last two or three months. we have a way where it's all covid free. it's all covid free. everybody masked up. everybody got chills on. our team with the captain, captain mcdonnell and damien has been together and planning it. we got a great plan to stay covid free and sucker free. thank you. any questions? i want to turn it over to maria valdez. >> thank you, rudy.
4:56 am
i'm the san francisco covid command center. we're happy to address any questions that you may have. please e-mail us. >> this saturday, december 12th anniversary is sandy hook, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. $100 for your guns, $200 for assault rifles. 1038 howard street. if you want to contact me, get more details, my number is
4:57 am
(415)716-4100. any questions? >> not at this time. thank you everyone. >> thank you guys. appreciate you. >> thank you.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> welcome to the land use transportation committee for december 7, 2020. i am chair, aaron peskin, joined
5:01 am
by supervisor safai and committee member preston. our clerk is ms. major. do you have announcements? >> due to the covid-19 health emergency, the board of supervisors legislative chamber and committee room are closed. members will be participating in the meeting remotely. this is taken pursuant to the statewide stay-at-home order and statewide directives. committee members will attends through video and participate as if they were physically present. public comment will be available on each item of the agenda. channel 26, 78, 99 and sfgovtv are streaming across the number. each speaker is allowed two minutes to speak. comments or opportunities to speak are available via phone by
5:02 am
calling 415-655-0001. the meeting id1469924841. press pound and pound again. when connected you will hear the meeting discussion and you will be muted in his senning mode only. when your item of interest is coming up dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. call from a quiet location, speak clearly and turndown your television or radio. you may submit public comment by e-mailing myself at erica.major at sfgovtv. it will be forwarded to the supervisors and made part of the
5:03 am
official file. written comments may be submitted by the u.s. postal service to city hall room 244 san francisco california 94102. items today will appear on the board of supervisors agenda december 15 unless otherwise stated. mr. chair. >> thank you. can you please read first item ordinance of the hunters view phase three project in the hunters board neighborhood the interest in the areas and the san francisco housing authority not with standing the requirements of the ad min code 23 and affirming appropriate findings. members of the public to comment on this item call the number on the screen. 415-655-0001.
5:04 am
the meeting id1469924841. pound and pound again. please press star three to line up to speak. mr. chair. >> thank you, ms. major. we heard this a week ago. we have questions about who would ultimately steward this property. we have subsequently gotten an e-mail about that. is there somebody here from ocii or the housing authority or public works to present? >> we have lydia. >> we spoke earlier or late last week. go ahead, lydia.
5:05 am
>> good afternoon. thank you for the opportunity to follow up on the questions that were raised last week. we do have a powerpoint that we can present to summarize what we discussed last week. if you prefer, i can just address really your key issues, i believe. supervisor, you had a question about what would happen under the vacation ordinance if the developer were not able to complete the infrastructure as proposed. >> that's correct. >> and/or if the city did not accept the infrastructure improvements as proposed. >> that's right. >> so we have explained to you and i will explain for the committee that there is an infrastructure ground lease structure during the infrastructure improvements. during the time that work is going on and new streets are
5:06 am
being built there is a short term ground lease the housing authority that anticipates the city will accept improvements, and if for some reason that were not to happen, the housing authority would potentially need to own and maintain those improvements. they would fund the developers to cover the cost of maintaining the street improvements. as you know, the housing authority is fully disposed of the hunters view property. they don't have operating funds available to operate the streets. if for some reason the housing authority could not or would not accept the responsibility we would have to involve hud to do a workout and new agreement between the city, hud and housing authority to come up with a solution. this has not been a problem on
5:07 am
previous projects. the first hunters view improvements will be accepted by the city shortly. we do not anticipate this condition. >> thank you, lydia. your e-mail sets that forth very clearly. you have assed the questions i raised a week ago. we are doing with time that is unanticipated things happening repeatedly. i thought the questions should be asked. any questions from committee members? seeing none, madam clerk, let's open up to public comment. are there any members of the public to comment on item 1? >> we have dt. she has confirmed there are zero
5:08 am
callers in the queue. >> public comment is closed. i would like to make a motion to send this item with recommendations to the full board of supervisors. on that item, madam clerk, a roll call, please. >> the motion to recommend. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> madam clerk. please call the next item. >> item 2. resolution initiating landmark designation under article 10 for the ingle side tear raises and sundial court and sundial park situated within then trada court. if you wish to comment call 415-655-0001.
5:09 am
(146)992-4841. press pound and pound. please press star three to line up to speak. mr. chair. >> thank you. this is a cool thing. when i was reviewing this over the weekend and looking at the google images, my wife said have you ever been there? i said no. but with that it seems completely deserving. is there a member of president yee's office here to present? >> yes, thank you so much, chair peskin. i am from the staff here to present. we are delighted to bring forward this to the land use and transportation committee. i am surprised this hasn't been landmarked before. that is precisely why we are bringing it forward. it was brought to our attention from the san francisco heritage.
5:10 am
that district 7 has so many wonderful, charming structures like this that are about 100 years old. we don't have many landmarks. supervisor yee earlier this year wanted to do more of though those. it was derailed with covid-19 response. we would like to bring this forward today. it is definitely a treasure in the district and for the city. we welcome you to come to district 7 to walk along this beautiful icon of the west side of san francisco. it stands 17 feet high and is a working sundial. if it is okay with you, i would love to share the screen to provide background information on this. mr. labounty was the author of the book that provides the
5:11 am
background of information about the inaboutthe stories. we are delighted to have him today. i would like to hand it off to him. >> before we go vote. i want to say in addition to the fact that it was interesting item in early subdivision on the west side of the city, it has been a great play feature for many kids and families. the floor is yours, mr mr. labounty. >> thank you. are you able to see my presentation? >> we can. >> good afternoon, supervisor peskin, saw fieand preston. i am from the san francisco heritage here to share some information on sunday dial park, which is within the ingle
5:12 am
sideter operations neighborhood. it began in 1911 by the urban realty improvement corporation led by joseph leonard a architect and builder known for work in alameda and the san francisco jordan park and richmond districts. he performed a horse racing track and earthquake refugee camp to develop the residence park with winding streets, ornamental gate and landscape community spaces. location of sundial park is circled in red. the parks of the early 20th century featured public benches and fountains and stairways to serve as marketing and to provide a sense of place, identity. for the terraces he began by installing the sandstone pillars as gateways which survive today
5:13 am
the streetlamps and archways are gone. in 1913 in competition with st. francis wood and forest hill. he decided he needed something greater. there was massive pools and fountains. he decided to add a new element to the terraces. the circular park on the court was landscaped with a central sundial 34 feet in diameter surrounded by winding pathways, plantings and four columns with benches. the sun dial, the angle piece that creates time keeps is 28 feet in length and 17 feet high. it had a reflecting pool with two seal heads. >> has the historic integrity
5:14 am
been compromised? >> the pool and the seal heads are gone. the rest of the sun dial park is intact. >> wouldn't the planning department say it is compromised? >> depending on what you feel the significance is. they were gone before 1930. the sun dial is a neighborhood icon and place of pleasure since that time. >> proceed. >> i would be okay if you bring the seal heads back. the plantings on the sections of lawn denoted cardinal direction in the shape of nsew for the directions. wading pool and plantings were removed by the late 20s. the other elements of the park remain including four columns each representing a different classical order.
5:15 am
the columns were meant to represent four times of the day morning, noon, afternoon and night. four seasons and four ages of life. childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. on top of each column is an urn with the freeze to that. leonard designed a dedication pageant that took place on october 10, 1913 including electric lights, music and play starring neighborhood children, and a procession which included two of the first children born in the terraces homeowners. each was pulled in a baby buggy by a live stork. >> how diverse is the stork?
5:16 am
>> sundial stork was a potential tool to the buyers, of course. this is a tour from downtown showing the terraces. the urban realty improvement published a promotional booklet on the sundial size, importance and relation t sundials and highlighting the benefits to homeowners. the park and sundial have been a gathering place for more than a century. it is the site of annual picnics and celebrations. since creation the park and sundial have been a playground and informal climbing structure and slide for the children. this is in 1930. this wases when i took about five years ago. sundial park is appreciated and
5:17 am
enjoyed bidenerations of residents. the sun dial is distinctive, puzzling and elegant at the same time. an icon of the neighborhood situated in one of the foggy neighborhoods it is a timepiece. it is a worthy candidate for city landmark status. thank you. >> thank you, president yee and chief of staff. any comments from the members of the land use committee? i would like to affix my name as co-sponsor. vice chair safai. >> you took the words out of my mouth. i would like to be added as co-sponsor this is in close
5:18 am
proximity to my district. i have spent a lot of time in this area. it is a wonderful landmark, given the history of that area and it is referred to as a race track in the area. these are beautiful, beautiful homes. often times people feel like they are transported to another part of the bay area. it is unique. the sun dial is tremendous. i am happy to be part of adding my name as co-sponsor. >> thank you, vice-chairman. supervisor preston. >> yes, please add me as co-sponsor as well. i will confess in my 27 years in san francisco to never having visited this site. i am very interested now that we are back out and about at some point. i will say it is one of the great pleasures of serving on the committee and these matters
5:19 am
before us to learn about corners of the city with such historical significance that have not been at least on this supervisor's radar. thank you, president yee for bringing this forward. >> before public comment. i want to say there are any number of places in urban areas on the planet earth where former horse track racing facilities have become urban neighborhoods. from havana, cuba, to many other places in mexico city. some of the most incredible neighborhoods are built-up around former race tracks. i share in common with member preston the fact that we have never been to this place in our city. we are both going to go. field trip with that, ms. low, if there is nothing to add let's
5:20 am
open to public comment. the floor is yours, ms. low. >> there is a minor amendment that wases brought late. i apologize not providing this sooner. page 2, line two, there are four classical columns to be way finders at is noter, south, east, west. they were 45 degrees off. to reflect the factual information in the findings. >> they are not cardinal directions? >> they are just off by 45°. we are thinking we should strike out the language on the cardinal directions of north, south, ea east, west on page 2. >> are they off 45°? here we are off by 17° from magnetic north. was it really 45? i am happy to strike the
5:21 am
language? >> mr. labounty? >> north, south, east, west on the sundial was in planting that said nswe. there were ads that said they represented the four cardinal directions. they do not line up that way. maybe supervisor preston. >> i am peskin not preston. >> supervisor peskin they were off originally because of our angled situation. they don't seem to represent the true cardinal direction. >> disputing 45 versus 17. i am happy to strike that. subject to public comment will make a motion to do so. if there are no other comments why don't we open item 2 to public comment. madam clerk. >> thank you, mr. chair. we have 11 listeners, two in ky.
5:22 am
first caller. >> i was premature with public comment on this topic. good for the moment. >> thank you. item number 2. >> i am robert. 40 year resident of ingle side terraces. thank you, woody for the summary. i believe they deserve landmark status. i believe i can answer the question about the position of the columns. they are not at the cardinal direction. they are at what is called the ordinarynal direction northeast. >> that would be 45.
5:23 am
>> 45°, right. north, northeast, southeast, southwest. they have always been that way. magnetic north. it is geographic north. it is not related to magnetic north at all. now up to my points about the description woody covered so well. if you google the sun dial you have got hundreds of web pages and images online. please take a look at that. you will find woody's website and i have a website with pages about the sun dial. >> i did that over the weekend. those are amazing images over 100 years. >> yes, they are. i would emphasize one point. the sun dial is not air garden
5:24 am
ornament. it is precise. it is 34 feet for a si circumference of 100 feet. it is accurate within one to two minutes. the sun dial is not the world's largest but it is as accurate as larger sundials. to mention a personal thing. i put together that shows the minutes to be added to or subtracted to the sundial time throughout the year to get local clock time. i have asked the homeowner association for a plaque near the sun dial to replace the plaque originally present. i am going through the public library pictures. you can see if you magnify the picture, you can see the plaque
5:25 am
on the north side. it has been missing since the 1930s. last picture i found was 1929. i would like to replace that plaque and you can convert sun time, which is very accurate, to your local time. if there are other questions i would be happy to answer them. >> we will have future opportunities. this is the initiation and actual landmark will come back to this board. unfortunately, president yee will not be on the board but his successor will be on the board and she will have some of the same staff. supervisors preston and safai and myself will still be on the board. we look forward to seeing the final landmark designation before us. are there any other members of
5:26 am
the public for item number 2? >> there are no more callers in the queue. >> public comment is closed. we have said everything we have to say. thank you, mr. labounty and san francisco heritage. i would like to make a motion to move the amendment that has been suggested by ms. lowe. on that motion, a roll call, please. >> motion as stated. supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. and i would like to make a motion to send the item as amended with recommendation as committee report on that motion. a roll call, please. >> motion as stated. supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin.
5:27 am
>> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> next item, please. >> ordinance amending the administrative code to report on housing needs for seniors with people with disabilities. input from the mayor office. to comment on item three, call 415-655-0001. 146-99-2484 one. pound pound. if you have not done so press star three to line up to speak. system will indicate you have raised your hands. mr. chair. >> i believe you are presenting on this as well, ms. lowe? >> yes, sir. thank you for hearing this item today. this legislation comes from our work in trying to highlight the
5:28 am
needs of seniors and people with disabilities in san francisco. as you know the federal government failed in its role in providing housing. san francisco stepped up to fill this need. we are definitely a long ways away. what we discovered is that the affordable housing for people with disabilities and seniors is not really affordable. as you know one of the fastest growing groups of people in san francisco are seniors. in 10 years one in five americans will be over 65. because of the diminished ability to save for retirement and lack o affordable housing. people have worked hard aging on to the street. 1990 only 11% was 50 or only.
5:29 am
today it is 50%. if you want to avoid human tragedy and costs of frail and aging population on the streets we need to examine the housing strategies now and into the future. we need housing options to address that most seniors and people with disabilities or on fixed incomes cannot qualify for affordable housing which requires being at or above 50% of the area income. now 50% of the area media income is $45,850 for a household of one person. the averaging retiree right now receives less than $1,500 per month in social security benefits. that total is less than $18,000 alley. even higher income earners are running into trouble because of longer lifetimes and unanticipated health issues and
5:30 am
rapidly growing living costs. without affordable housing seniors will spend fixed incomes on housing costs and forego medical care and basic needs such as food. no one should have to make that choice. supervisor yee asked for hearings on the affordable housing for the city and those with disabilities. he wants to ascertain the number of assisted living, independent living, affordable versus middle income units that have been built and are being planned for the future. what does the housing strategy look like when it takes for our aging population into account without an eye towards fixed incomes most seniors have. from the findings we discovered the city fail to provide the housing for seniors and
5:31 am
disabilities. two. the city has no plans for senior housing and people with disabilities. over the last course of the last two years with the affordable housingbon of 2019, we fought really hard with community advocates to dedicate $150 million of the $600 million affordable housing bond for senior housing. we want to make sure that funding is made affordable for those we are trying to house. before you today is legislation to jump start this issue and to get the data that we need to respond accordingly. the original legislation asked for biannual report to compare the rents what we are charging and the median rents of seniors and disabilities in the city. we ask for the department of
5:32 am
disability to undergo a needs assessment to better understand the housing needs in san francisco. these are followings on the streets looking for stable housing and those housed right now but looking to move out of their homes because they are no longer able to live or age there. we don't have that data to plan ahead. there are a number of amendments not substantive. as you know, due to covid-19 when we first initiated this the due dates for the reports have since been overdue. we are asking to amend the legislation for time for the departments to adequately meet the deadlines of the reports. we are asking the needs assessment and pipeline due
5:33 am
october 2022 and every three years there after. every year starting in october 2021 an overview report which would compare the rents we are charging t to the rent for e people we are trying to serve. the main changes. i am happy to go through the amendments. we are here today with the director of disability and aging services, the human services agency, the mayor's office and the mayor's office of disability to answer questions. one of the things in the amendments is to call off this should be interagency. we have a lot of direction across agencies. we have a lot of processes going on. we want to streamline that
5:34 am
through the department of disability and aging services to fast track this as soon as possible. >> thank you, president yes. in this report and i am a co-sponsor is profoundly important. yes, we are in the middle of covid and delaying the implementation and reporting requirements is something i personally have to agree with the i like it or not. we all have to agree with. i want to project and report be a success. this is not something that heretofore has been here. i think while i am prepared to vote for the amendments shared with me and committee members which we can talk about, i think
5:35 am
that what you just said, ms. low, this has to be collaborative between dos and mohcd and one thing you did not say is planning. planning actually -- and i believe that during the policy discussions you tried to get planning in here, although you did not invoke their name. i really think that all three of those agencies have to come together if the information in those reports are going to inform decision-makers in a way that allows us to adjust public policy. i wanted to throw that out. i see vice chair safai would like to engage. i want to make sure there is a commitment between the various agencies. dos has not done it before.
5:36 am
i am an old guy. mocd, mayors office of housing and community development and planning. with that, vice chair safai. >> thank you, mr. chair. the amendments that i received does reference the planning department and does talk about the mayor's office of disability. >> i will interject. i was only referring to ms. lowe's comments that planning was not present. i see they are present. >> the other thing and i appreciate that. our office also reached out to president yees office. i think this is extremely important. i think that having an inter agency report talking about needs of seniors and housing challenges is extremely
5:37 am
important. we highlighted for them that we thought also the department of homelessness should also be involved in participating in one of the required departments to assist in compiling the proposed data. in 2019 during the homeless count, it was very clear that over one-third of the homeless and unhoused individuals are over the age of 50. one in 10 over the age of 60. when we look watt some of the information sited such as the five yearlongtudenal study where they examined 450 homeless individuals and they talked about this in 2019. individuals that were age 50 or older. one in four experienced difficulty walking. nearly half became homeless after the age of 50. so we need -- it is important
5:38 am
that this needs assessment and production pipeline is extremely important. we also want to make sure it is inclusive and that we are talking about a population that might to many people not be 100% on the radar. seniors that are unhoused. i would like and i think it is a friendly amendment. supervisor yee's office is open to it. that the department of housing be one of the departments to compile the proposed data. >> thank you. ms. lowe, on behalf of the sponsor any comments on that suggestion? >> we support that. we didn't include it because the mayor's office of housing has that information. it is really important to call it out, given, like you said the
5:39 am
vice chair safai a great number of people on the streets are homeless and people with disabilities. >> member preston. >> thank you. i just had a question on the timelines. i am curious from just we have a number of different reports from the housing balance report and now with prop i, we have been talking with ocd to work out timing there on reports. we will be talking with another agenda item later. >> relative to the reporting on the funds. it strikes me as i look at calendaring of this. >> dean, prop i is a general
5:40 am
tax? >> we have been trying to be sensitive to the various overlapping reports here, and i don't know the extent to which these overlap with the work involved in preparing other housing related reports. the question as much for the staff whether it may beings sense as we put these reporting obligations in. should they be staggered with other things, along with housing balance? i don't have a sense if they are a disstipulation body of work versus where the work is the same and we should line up deadlines together? >> supervisor peskin you raised two issues. one, which is the idea of making this efficient.
5:41 am
the second is that i used to work in nevada. i called them ely on the eastern side of the street. is it ely or elie? >> it is ely. >> i was right it was ally. >> ally, minnesota. >> your name is eli? >> it is ellie. >> supervisor, i am glad i was right. it is a cool town. you are a great city official. with that relative to the motion of consolidating these various reports and functions which i totally agree with supervisor preston. we don't want to have redundancy. we want to not inundate this
5:42 am
board or future decision making bodies with 18 tidbits of information when we can get one or two reports that can inform our decision making. what is your response? >> well, than thank you so muchr bringing that up. i am looking at the list of reports to the board. we make nine annual reports to the board. on top of that we make quarterly reports to the board on affordable housing. we don't currently have any october reports. we do have september reports and december reports. these are an annual report, as i understand it, i don't think we have any problem with october
5:43 am
just because it actually, this will be a different set of data, different presentation and different analysis, i think october would be fine. again, i appreciate the thought. >> thank you. not that it is germane to today's decision, but do you think that there is any benefit or efficiency from consolidation of any of these ninetic reports? >> you know, i would need to get back to you on that. i appreciate the concept of streamlining. when the content varies dramatically in the reports. sometimes we do benefit from spacing them out so we aren't burdened by too much reporting all at once. >> i don't want to consolidate for the notion of consolidation. if there are efficiencies to be
5:44 am
gained, it would be an interesting thing to think about. i think member preston and i would be interested in making sure this operates -- when we get 10 reports, we respond to the two. when we get three reports, we respond to the one. i am just saying to the extent some of this information can be consolidated, that would be helpful to decision makers. i hear you. it is not an issue today. member preston. >> thank you, chair. i want to clarify that there is a huge value in a stand alone report. my question is more targeted around the timing so it is, you know, i am open to, as mr. chair, you indicated looking at the reports to see if there
5:45 am
are more efficient ways. i don't want to in any way detract from what is an important exercise embodied in the ordinance to make sure we get the reports. i would like to have the lines of communication open. as we do things with scheduling that we are sensitive to that. it is helpful to know. sometimes there is value in stag gerring. sometimes it helps to not have all of deadlines at the same time. i would like to support this and would be added as a co-sponsor as well. >> madam clerk, let's open this up to public comment. first speaker, please. >> we have 13 listeners and three in queue. first caller, please.
5:46 am
>> i am calling in support of this very important legislation. it is so needed. we have no idea what we actually have and what we need. i think of seniors that i know who are evicted around the corner from me have been applying for housing at seven different places. they are wait listed. they need accommodations. it would have to be specific to their disabilities in terms of being able to continue living
5:47 am
there and living in the city. i wish that 2022 was actually a different date like 2020. i understand that it takes a lot of time to put all of this together, but if we could try to do it sooner rather than later to have these reports to actually start building what is needed. for affordable. the housing now is unaffordable. affordable housing if we can make sure we ensure affordable housing, that would be wonderful. thank you so much, president yee, on this. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors. the development center. i want to thank supervisor yee
5:48 am
for the tireless work on behalf of seniors throughout the city. when the groups noticed the disparity between rents charged and actual income for seniors, we went to supervisor yee and immediately he grasped the situation and thought about a creative endeavor and legislative solution with the senior operating subsidies. this is a really collaborative tool that we were missing the data. data is what this legislation is about. we would support a consolidation of data. i think that it is fundamental that at the basic level of what are the rents charged? at what level? what is the income of an average
5:49 am
senior that is fundamentally important. the needs assessment of the needs of the seniors and people with disabilities as they age in place and live in san francisco. i know from my time serving the district 7 community there are many in district 7 that would like to downgrade from homes that they no longer need but they want be to stay in the neighborhood. getting a sense of what the fo folks need throughout the city is important. we support this legislation. we look forward to seeing it the sooner the better this ordinance answer report. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> lenda chapman, a member of
5:50 am
the action team. i want to mention that the failure of the homeless managers to take advantage of the resourceses temporarily available for lodging and your ordinance we formed a committee to deal with the subject that actually you are talking about now. housing for homeless and disabled people. whale we have not considered this ordinance, i would like to say in general it seems like it is on target. i have one question which is whether it is written in a way for the existing resources data. for example, the federal census has a lot of data on nob hill. i am not sure it goes into disabled. it should be material that you could get from the planning department, the mayor's office
5:51 am
of housing rather than spending money trying to develop additional data. i would suggest a meeting about having affordability survey to cost $3.9 million. i have seen six units, three bedroom flat available for less than that which would provide a lot of housing. i would hope you would look into making sure you are not going to have to do a lot of extra stuff. some tavtime is worth it. the other thing i want to do. it is a concern of ours when housing is available now or has been. it is cannibalized. housing for elders or disabled. the granada hotel and broad more have been providing housing for old people forever. we have known people who lived
5:52 am
in one of those hotels. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am here from district 5, long time affordable housing advocate for seniors and disabilities. it is long known among the seniors and those on fixed income, very, very low income applying for affordable housing. number one, there is nowhere near enough. two, when asking for affordable housing far out strip actual income. thanks to supervisor yee, the city will be required to document these realities. the supervisors will be equipped
5:53 am
better to intel get bely plan for affordsable housing for seniors and people with disabilities. some kind of equity injustice. according to what the community needs. i urge you to pass this legislation. i hope these reports could be done annually. with the agency copperration and include all seniors and those with disabilities. i urge this report not be consolidated or combined with others. this needs attention, urgency and focus on the problems of seniors and those with disabilities which have long been ignored. thank you very much. especially supervisor yee. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> to the chair. that wases the last caller.
5:54 am
>> we will close public comment. ms. mcspaed den. >> yes. >> how are you doing? >> good. how are you? >> just having a ball. you heard my earlier comments where in i said that this wases not in your house but about to be and wanted to have transparent conversation with you and ocd and planning and who is now represented by ms. flores if you think you can get together to make this a meaningful report to help me and my colleagues now and in the future to make good policy off of this. >> that is a good question. i do think we can.
5:55 am
we have had some preliminary conversations about this even over a year ago when president yee first brought this to our attention and we came together as departments and started talking about what it would look like. the thing that dos brings is serving people with disabilities and older adults. as a population we are charged with thinking about the needs of older people and people with disabilities. i look forward to working with colleagues and planning and mayor's office of disability with controller's office to ensure we are accessing all of the available data and thinking together about what we need to track and how we are to use that data to work together to better the situation for people with disabilities and seniors. i know lydia and director shaw
5:56 am
have good information about what data exists for them. i want to stress that the mayor's office should be part of this. they bring together -- they bring knowledge about the communities and ada and accessibility in general and and know about what is available for people with disabilities in a way our department is not. i think if we all come together to form a committee of the people within our department who would be best suited for this , we are very much able to come up with a good report. the overview in october and the more deep report in 2022. >> ms. mcspaeden all of these things need a lead agency and quarterback. do you believe your agency can
5:57 am
play that role? >> i do believe that. >> relative to the current legislation and amendments which have been shared with this committee and your department relative to the involvement of the mayor's office on disability are they sufficient in your mind? >> i actually think if we had time we could strengthen it a little further. the other departments are clearly called out in there. i have a recent version. there are a few changes we discussed. >> ms. lowe, i looked at the changes you sept me yesterday -- you sent me yesterday. i will let ms. mcspaeden and you discuss that if you add that at
5:58 am
the full board tomorrow that that would not be substantive. i am not the city attorney. ms. lowe can you first address whether or not you believe the solid issues she has raised are addressed and if not i will defer to the deputy city attorney as to whether or not adding between now and tomorrow should this committee choose to forward this could be done so and they will not be substantive. >> thank you. i believe the amendments reflect the changes requested by the department of disability and aging services in calling out the collaboration with the departments. the mayor's housing of planning department, office of disability. i think there is a friendly
5:59 am
amendment to include department of supportive housing. we should talk to the controller's office. one thing i want to implore this committee to do since president yee is not going to be here. we were trying to do this during the last budget cycle is that there probably needs to be resources or thought to some budget inn conclusions for this work. i think it is something to keep in mind. same with the senior operating program to lower the leve the we most current projects on boards for seniors. those require the future board to ensure this is done on time. i believe the amendments set forth today reflect the changes requested by the department. >> thank you. deputy see attorney pearson. i assume that is not fully
6:00 am
articulated amendment by vice chair safai relative to inclusion of hsh is not substantive. is that true? >> that is true, chair peskin. >> i believe that we can include that in the same amendments by adding hsh. does that work for you ms. pearson? >> it does. where are you adding it? looking at the amendments des contributed earlier would that be page 2 line 15? that is departments would consult with? >> yes, it would be on the version i have page 2, lines