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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 7, 2021 9:00am-11:16am PDT

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welcome to the welcome may 4, 2021 meeting of the board of supervisors. madam clerk, please call the roll. [roll call]
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safai not present. >> president walton: san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unseated ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their tradition, the ramaytush ohlone has never lost nor
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forgotten their responsibilities of caretakers of this place. for all people who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. colleagues, please plays your right hand over your heart and join me in the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] on behalf the board of supervisors, i would like acknowledge the staff and sfgov
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tv. we have kaleena mendoza with us who record each meeting and make the transcripts available online. >> clerk: the minutes will reflect the board member's participated in this remote meeting through video conference to the same extent as though physically present in their legislative chamber. the board recognizes the public access to city services is essential and invites the public to participate in the following way. if you may send your written correspondence by u.s. mail to the san francisco board of supervisors 1, dr. carlton b. goodlett place, city hall, room 244, san francisco, california, 94102. or send correspondence by e-mail, using the e-mail address
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b--pleasebe,do--airingonyourcabl the best way to provide public comment is to listen from your touch phone to avoid the signal delay and be in live sync to listen to the proceedings and to provide your public comment. the telephone is streaming on your screen. it's 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d., 187 960 8700. once you're ready to provide public comment, press star 3. listen for the prompt. you have been unmuted. then just begin speaking your
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comments. since there are no special orders at 3:00 p.m. today, the only opportunity for public comment is during general public financing comment. that's item 28. at that time, you may speak to the items that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board but do not appear on the agenda. items 31-39. those items that have not been to committee, nor had their public comment requirements satisfied. all other agenda items are not eligible for your public comment this afternoon. in a great partnership with the office of civic engagement, we have two interpreters with us today. they know to jump in and assist speakers with their language needs. i'll ask each interpreter to introduce themselves and the services that they provide.
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welcome. [speaking chinese]
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[speaking spanish]
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>> clerk: thank you both for being with us. we appreciate your service. finally mr. president, if the members of the public are experiencing any trouble connecting to this meeting remotely, we do have someone standing by to assist them. if they call (415)554-5184
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>> president walton: just reminder colleagues, please mute your microphones when you're not speaking so we can avoid any audio feedback. i believe it is time for our consent agenda. items 1-7. >> clerk: items 1-7 are on consent. these items are routine if a member objects an item maybe removed and considered separately. >> president walton: thank you so much. i don't see anyone on the roster. please call the roll. >> clerk: on items 1-7. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, these ordinances are finally passed unanimously. please call item 8. >> clerk: an emergency ordinance to require property owners of high-rise buildings with 50,000 square feet of nonresidential floor area using mechanical ventilation system to certify such systems are operating in compliance with the law to
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require on site businesses to post certification within their work spaces and require the department of public health and building inspection to post information pertaining to filing complaints regarding noncompliance and ensure that such compliants are inspected within five business days. this requires eight votes for passage today with one reading. >> president walton: supervisor sta salesforce safai. >> supervisor safai: i will make a motion to table this matter. last week, supervisor peskin led the charge. we were involved in marathon negotiations in both the representatives from the building and also the janitors were at the table and they came to an agreement. this is something ventilation and safety and workplace
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standards were discussed. it was reflected in their collective bargaining agreement. it's my will that we would table this matter and for further discussion. >> president walton: thank you. motion to table. do we have a second? >> supervisor mandelman: second. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor mandelman. madam clerk, roll call vote. >> clerk: on the motion to table item 8. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. this ordinance is tabled unanimously. supervisor mandelman my apologies. i'm not sure when you jumped in the chat. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you congratulate supervisor
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peskin on his good efforts in resolving what has been a many months long dispute between local 87 and the building owners. my tried and got it done. thank you supervisor peskin and safai. >> president walton: thank you. i will add my name in support to your comments. madam clerk please call items 9-11 together. >> clerk: there are three resolution that authorize recreation and park department to accept and extend certain grants. this. allows the department retroactive authorize department statewide parking community revitalization program grant $8.5 million to support 900
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innes boatyard project. authorize the approval of the grant contract and amendment number 1. which requires the department to maintain the project for the duration of the contract retroactive from july 1, 2018 through june 30, 2048. item 10 authorizeses the department to extend $4.1 million cash grant from the university of california board of regents to be used for construction of the three park renovation projects and to approve an additional grant agreement with the university of california board of regents. project termed december 1, 2021 through december 31, 2023. item 11. retroactively authorizeses the department to accept $835,000 in kind grant value from the dogpatch and northwest potrero
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green benefit. >> supervisor peskin: i've been long standing supporter of both projects. help bring some $5 million to the 900 innes street project that back in the day, we turned into a city landmark. i'm actually asking that -- as to the free park renovation, that we understand the role both of the green benefit district and the parks alliances. is there anybody who is ready to respond to that and mr. president, with all respect, you're a cosponsor of both matters. anybody who can explain the roles of the green benefit
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district only one in san francisco and the parks alliance. i like to better understand that. >> president walton: you know we have representation. i see nathan sinclair is here. >> hi supervisors. i'm nathan sinclair. i will start off by saying that parks alliance played no role in the renovation project. they have played no role at all in that. the green benefit district it was formed in 2015 under a charter with the city and approved by the board of supervisors to design and approve and maintain green spaces in the neighborhood. they have served as our partner during the planning outreach and design phase of this project. they received $835,000 grant from ucsf to manage design
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services for the project in partnership with rec and park. that's what this resolution represents. >> supervisor peskin: if i may through the president, mr. sinclair, i believe in true giving. what is the university california rel vacation to this funds? >> ucsf committed grants through the dogpatch community task force that was convened couple of years to identify steps that the university can take to help mitigate the potential impact from university development projects within the neighborhood. this park is a much loved, much used park and the population in the surrounding neighborhood is growing further.
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ucsf very graciously committed this funding to help improve it for additional users in the >> supervisor peskin: mr. sincla ir, you mean no offense, i never met you before, i don't know how long you worked for rec and park. your name is new to me. when you saying, this is a mitigation payment? not a grant? >> it's a grant. to be honest, i'm not sure what the definition would be mitigation payment in my role in this, it's been considered a grant to the community. allocated through ucsf dogpatch community task force. i'm not sure technically. >> supervisor peskin: if university of california presumably spending taxpayers dollars is giving this to city and county of san francisco for
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something that we have been in involved with now for generation. it will be 20 years. they are doing it for what reason? they're giving taxpayer money from one entity to another because of why? is there a representative here from? >> i'm not sure we have representative from a donor. to be clear, this is a grant for sure that the university committed. we have a grant agreement with them. i'm not aware of a separate agreement that would cover these funds. it was grant committed to the neighborhood in recognition of potential impacts. >> president walton: supervisor peskin, i do not believe we have a representative ucsf here
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today. these resources are one of several grants that were provided to the community during a time period for mitigation and for other purposes. ucsf as you know, has a pretty sizeable footprint in the area. part of community benefits agreements was to make sure that they provided resources for improvements to parks and streets and other things that when you have a footprint of this size. you want to come into district 10, you're going to have to do. >> mr. president, madam deputy >> supervisor peskin: ms. pearso n. >> president walton: your volume is really low. >> can you hear me now?
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>> president walton: yes. >> supervisor peskin: do you believe that it might be more appropriate to characterize this grant as a mitigation payment? >> i'm sorry, i don't know anything with the grant agreement or the circumstances under which ucsf is awarding this grant. i'm not able to speak to that. i know nothing about the grant program through which they are granting funds here. >> supervisor peskin: representa tive from rec and park said for the record that it was a mitigation payment. there's no representative from the university of california. the cosponsor to the mayor is representative of mitigation payment. do you believe that there should not be characterized as a grant or a mitigation payment? >> i appreciate that they
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represented this payment to be a mitigation payment. i allies see there is a grant agreement and grant award in the board file. without looking at the grant award and understanding more about the grant program, i'm not in position to characterize the donation of funds. >> supervisor peskin: mr. president, i apologize for not previously discussing this with you which would not have been a brown act violation. through the president, are there any other things that you want to say before i make a motion to continue this which may or may not pass? >> all i would say is that ucsf has been an incredible partner. we worked closely with supervisor office to move ahead through outreach around this project. we're incredibly grateful for
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ucsf's compliment. i'm not sure i would -- i have always considered this to be a grant and categorized it as such. i will be happy come back. i will be happy to come back with information if you need it. i would say this is a truly exciting project for the neighborhood and we hope to be >> supervisor peskin: mr. sincla ir, given that this instrument item number 11 is retroactive, if i were make a motion for a one week continuance to allow your department and the university of california to address these matters, it would do no harm to the grant or the department because this is a retroactive expense. is that correct? >> yes or no question. >> the answer is yes. >> supervisor peskin: i like to make a motion to continue this item for one week.
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>> president walton: thank you supervisor peskin. that will require a second. i don't see or hear anyone. >> supervisor chan: second. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor chan. there's a motion to continue for clarity, is it continue both items? >> supervisor peskin: no, only item 11. >> president walton: motion to continue item 11 made by supervisor peskin. seconded by supervisor chan. madam clerk, can we have a roll call vote? >> clerk: mr. president there are members of the the board on the roster. >> president walton: i don't see anybody. my apologies. i only see supervisor peskin's name.
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>> clerk: all right as the president said on the motion to continue item 11 to may 11th. [roll call vote] there are 3 ayes and 8 nos with
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supervisors melgar, preston, ronen, stefani, walton, haney and mar in dissent. >> president walton: thank you motion fails. supervisor peskin do you wish to speak on any other items? >> supervisor peskin: no sir. >> president walton: please call the roll for items 9-11. >> clerk: items 9-11. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you so much. these resolutions are adopted unanimously. [please stand by]
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have any statements, supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: not on 12. only 13. >> president walton: thank you. let's call the roll on item 12, madam clerk, please. >> clerk: [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you so much. this item carries unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 13. >> clerk: on item 13, [roll call] >> president walton: hold on, madam clerk. i was just saying let's call the item. >> clerk: my apologies, my apologies.
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>> mr. president? >> president walton: go ahead, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: thank you. so i have some concerns about these lease extensions and these leases, the current leases, will last by their own terms through the end of june, so we have a little bit of time. and so i would request that my colleagues grant me a little bit of time to -- say, two weeks -- to dig into some of my issues and concerns about these leases at the airport. so that is my motion that we continue this for two weeks. >> president walton:second? >> second. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor haney. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: just curious, supervisor mandelman, what the issues are? >> supervisor mandelman: i have concerns -- >> supervisor melgar: if you want to get into it. >> supervisor mandelman: we could do a closed session on it i have concerns about term,
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about, you know, about payment. i have a number -- and overall relationship between the u.s.c.s and the city. >> supervisor melgar: okay, i see, thank you. >> president walton: thank you. a motion on the floor to continue item number 13 to i believe it is may 18th meeting, made by supervisor mandelman and seconded by supervisor haney. can we have a roll call vote. >> mr. president, my name is on the roster. >> president walton: my apology, supervisor? >> this was forwarded unanimously by the budget committee? >> for me?
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>> supervisor haney: it's for the chair of the said committee >> president walton: supervisor haney, can you speak on that? >> supervisor haney: yes, it was forwarded unanimously. >> and remind me, through the president to the chair of the committee, who is on that committee? >> supervisors safai, mar and i >> and were these issues raised at that committee? >> not -- supervisor mandelman raised the issue with them, with this item today, and i want to give him the time to consider them further. they were not raised at committee. >> so through the president, supervisor mandelman, it's the term of the lease? i mean the term of the term of the lease. and through the president to supervisor mandelman respectfully, what new issues are you bringing up?
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>> supervisor mandelman: these are extensive, extensive lease agreements with provisions around liability and a number -- a number of issues that i am concerned about and i would like time to look at. >> supervisor haney: through the president to the chair of the committee, supervisor haney, what is the recommendation of the budget and the legislative analyst office? >> supervisor haney: to approve the item. >> supervisor peskin: well, respectfully, colleagues, i see no difference in my request in the last item for a one-week continuance and supervisor mandelman's request for a two-week request for this item. please call the roll, mr. president. >> president walton: we have a motion to continue item number 13 for two weeks made by supervisor mandelman, seconded by chair haney. madam clerk, please call the
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roll. >> clerk: on the motion to continue item 13 to may 18th [roll call vote] there are 10 ayes and one no with supervisor melgar in the dissent. >> president walton: thank you. by a vote of 10-1 this resolution is adopted. supervisor peskin, did you have
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something? >> supervisor peskin: i said some of us are consistent, mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much for your consistency, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, call item 14. >> clerk: item 14 is a resolution to approve a third amendment to the grant agreement between the city and the institute on aging for the provision of the community living fund to extend the grant tomorrow by two years for a total term july 1,2019-june 30, 2023 and to increase the grant by $10.7 million for a revised total not to exceed $22.4 million. >> president walton: thank you so much. seeing no one on the roster, madam clerk, call the roll for item number 14. >> clerk: on item 14 [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you so much. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, call item 15. >> clerk: item 15 is a resolution to retroactively to authorize the department of public health to accept and expend a $113,000 grant from the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases through
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research triangle institute international for participation in a program entitled "amber statement of work -- san francisco department of public health," term through july 31, 2025. >> president walton: thank you so much. please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 15 [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes am. >> president walton: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 16. >> clerk: item 16 is a resolution to approve the sixth amendment to a paratransit broker and operating agreement with transdev services inc to exercise the option to extend the term by five years to june 30, 2026, and to increase the amount of the contract by $165.3 million for a total contract amount not to exceed $308.2 million. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. please call the roll for item 16. >> clerk: on item 16 [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 17 and 18 together. >> clerk: item 17 and 18, pertain to the 4840 mission
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street housing project. item 17 is the resolution to approve the acquisition of the real property. 4840 mission housing associates l.p. for 100% affordable housing and exchange for approximately $8.1 million in credit and a ground lease with a base rent of $15,000 and to approve and authorize a loan in an amount not to exceed $28.7 million. and item 18 is the resolution to authorize the execution and the delivery of a multifamily housing revenue note in one or more series in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $75 million for the purpose of providing financing for the construction of the 137-unit multifamily rental housing project known as the 4040 mission apartments. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, colleagues. i just want to say that i'm super, super happy today. this project has been years in the making.
9:42 am
it will be -- it is currently under construction now. they have demolished the old building. it will be the first 100% affordable family housing in district 11 ever on this scale. and it is such a model for success that we will be relocating former public housing residents that are in the hope and the staff development providing space for them. we will be providing units for those making under 40% a.m.i. we will provide formerly homeless families space and for working families and every single piece of this legislation and project was very thoughtful i want to thank bridge housing. we will have a large neighborhood serving health clinic on site and neighborhood health centers. they have spent years in the neighborhood and they'll expand to now include free dental
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services. this is a wonderful design. and i want to thank the folks at the mayor's office of housing for all of their hard work over the years. and just really, really happy that we were able to include housing for working families. in its original concept, about 40% of the land was going to be utilized for luxury townhomes. we scrapped that idea, working with the community and neighbors and came up with a plan that was 100% affordable that included housing for working people. so just really, really excited about this opportunity. one little side note, supervisor peskin you will be very happy to know that we have saved the historic sign. that was something done even more recently and some of the neighbors called and we made a last-minute call to the project sponsor and the neon sign will be preserved as well. so i feel like there wasn't one stone that wasn't unturned in
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this project, and i just wanted to really thank all of the people that put a lot of time, effort, and energy into this process. the architects, bridge housing and the mayor's office of housing and community development and also our treasurer, fiona mobb, because she had the opportunity to transfer funds that were designed originally and looking at other projects around the state that allowed us to get the tax increment finalized. and finally and not least, the mayor prioritizing this project and making sure that all of the additional local funding was supplied so that we could go after the state financing. so i really want to thank mayor breed for all of her continued support for the folks in district 11. it might not be on the scale of the numbers of housing that you're building, president walton, but for us this 137 units is a really big deal and
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we have more to come. so thank you, colleagues, and thank you for your support today. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. i'm always excited to see amazing work happen across every district in san francisco. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you very much, president walton. i wanted to just congratulate supervisor safai on this project. and also the community. so for your work and for all of the folks that for many, many years advocated for 100% affordable housing to be built at this site. and i'm watching it with keen interest because like in your district, supervisor safai, my district has not seen investment in affordable housing in quite some time. and we share some of the community dynamic. so i am so grateful to you and your leadership that you were able to work it out with folks
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involved in bringing the community to the table and making sure that something wonderful happened at that site so, congratulations to you, and also thank you to mayor breed and to the mayor's office of housing for pulling this off. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. i don't see anyone else on the roster. madam clerk, please call the roll for item 17 and 18. >> clerk: on item 17 and 18 [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, these resolutions pass. madam clerk, call item number 19. >> clerk: item 19 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to designate the lion -- >> chair ambrose: thank you, please call roll for item 19. >> clerk: [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 20. >> clerk: item 20 is a resolution to support california state senate bill number 110, also known as the recovery incentive act, which would legalize the substance use disorder treatment known as contingency management, an incentive-based program that gives financial rewards to those struggling with a substance use
9:49 am
disorder if they enter substance use treatment programs and authorize medi-cal to cover it. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, mr. president, and madam clerk, colleagues. i just wanted to say a few words about this to underscore the importance of a program like this. we do have contingency management integrated into a number of the programs in our city today. however, not on the scale and not with the support of medi-cal that would then really help to fund the incentive-based aspect of this program. what we have heard in committee was that those that participate and engage fully in this program, with contingenty management which is a reward-based system, have about a 63% success rate in getting completely off of meth in particular. and this is something that i
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believe and that many believe that this will help us to reduce the fatal drug overdoses that we have been experiencing here in san francisco. so i wanted to thank senator wiener for putting this forward very hopeful that it will be supported at the state level, but if it is not, we intend to push forward at least on a pilot basis this conversation through our budget process. so i wanted to really thank senator wiener. and i wanted to thank the aids foundation for their support. this is something that has been successful in past, but it is something that we need to now to uplift even more and really look into supporting more as a successful model to deal with those with serious substance abuse issues. and as i said, we believe that it has the potential to really help with the fatal drug overdose issue that we have in this city. thank you, president walton.
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>> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: thank you, president walton and thank you supervisor safai for bringing us this resolution. one of the terrible things about meth is that there is not a pharmacological treatment as there are for opioids from methadone to others. there are prescriptions that you can give folks who are recovering or trying to go into recovery from opioids. and there just is nothing comparable to that with meth. and the meth test, the contingency management was, you know, one of the very few things that actually seemed to be able to help folks along. so it's really important. medi-cal needs to cover it. this is an important bill. and i believe that i have asked to be a co-sponsor, but if i haven't, please add me.
9:52 am
>> supervisor safai: thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor mandelman. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: thank you. i just wanted to thank supervisor safai and senator wiener for promoting this intervention and i want to echo everything that supervisor mandelman said and ask to be added as a co-sponsor, thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: i wanted to be added as a co-sponsor as well, thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston? >> commissioner preston: please add me as a co-sponsor. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor preston. and i would like to be added as a co-sponsor and i thought that i was. and i really appreciate all of my colleagues and i appreciate you, supervisor safai. madam clerk, call the roll for item number 20. >> clerk: on item 20 [roll call
9:53 am
vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 21 and 22 together. >> clerk: items 21 and 22 are
9:54 am
two resolutions that pertain to liquor licenses. item 21 determines that the transfer of a type-20 off-sale beer and wine liquor license to lucinda's deli and more, l.l.c., doing business as lucinda's deli and more, located at 535 scott street will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city. and item number 22, the resolution determining the issuance of a type-57 sperm on-sale general beer, wine and distilled spirits liquor license to two gents, l.l.c., to do business as the academy located at 1166 market street, will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisco. and to impose conditions on the issuance of both license. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll on both items. >> clerk: on items 21 and 22
9:55 am
[roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item
9:56 am
number 23. >> president walton: item 23 is a resolution to support california state senate bill number 299. this are moves barriers faced by victims and families of peace officer violence with the california victim compensation board fund. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 23 [roll call vote]
9:57 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 24. >> clerk: item 24 is a motion to appoint dr. susan philip m.d. to the position of health officer for the city and county of san francisco. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton and colleagues obviously, we have discussed this in an open session as a committee of the whole at the board. and we discussed this in the rules committee, but i just wanted to use this as an opportunity to thank not only dr. philip and her predecessor,
9:58 am
dr. argon, and dr. colfax, but the entire apparatus that is d.p.h., over the last 13 -- depending how you want to call it -- 15 months, for their professionalism, for their care, for their smarts. as hopefully that we are emerging at least in part from the pandemic for, of course, with some urging here and there for being equitable, and for bringing vaccines to folks when folks couldn't get to vaccines. so i just want to use this as a moment to really thank the department of public health and to welcome our new chief health officer, dr. susan philip. thank you, colleagues, i think for really the intellectually honest conversation that we had a couple of weeks ago.
9:59 am
and i think we've made the right decision. and i commend it to all of you. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor peskin. i could not have said any of that better myself. madam clerk, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 24 [roll call vote]
10:00 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 25. >> clerk: item 25 is a motion to appoint the james lance taylor, residency requirement waived, and tinish hollywoodlins, and eric mcdonnell, the reverend amos brown, onmerede rico hamilton, nicole cunningham, gloria berry, daniel landry, tiffany walker-carter, gwendolyn brown, anitie ekanem, starr williams, shakeyla o'kane,
10:01 am
latisha irving, and yolanda harris for indefinitely terms to the african american reparations advisory committee. >> president walton: i want to point out that this is an historical effect that i'm unaware of any other place or legislative body that prioritizes injustices and that has created a true reparations plan and package for black people. this is a first in san francisco. i want to thank mayor breed and all of the advisory committee applicants for stepping up to ensure that we not only improve outcomes for black people in san francisco, but also that we repair the damage of the past. and make compensation tangible in order to overturn the negative outcomes and to create generational wealth. again, i want to thank everyone who did apply to serve. we had an extremely difficult decision, narrowing down the committee to 15. but now the real work begins.
10:02 am
madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 25 [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you, without objection, this motion
10:03 am
passes unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 26. >> clerk: item 26 is a resolution -- well, this item was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday, may 3rd. and it was recommended for the new title. it's a resolution to support california state senate bill number 37, contaminated site clean-up and safety act. authored by senator david cortese, expressly prohibiting the use of the common sense expressly prohibiting the use of the common sense exemption to be applied to construction projects location locate located on the contaminated sites. >> president walton: supervisor mar. moirs i want to thank chair
10:04 am
melgar and supervisors preston and peskin about the discussion about s.b.37 that took place in committee yesterday. and the committee highlighted how our planning department has been granting both categorical and common sense ceqa exemptions for developments on the so-called cortese sites with a list of hazardous waste contamination. there's over 2,000 of these sites in our city and they're targeted for housing development. in my district, for example, five of the eight multiunit developments recently constructed or in the pipeline are former gas station sites with leaking underground storage sites and they were granted ceqa exemptions. it will bring grants on the sites to a stop. state law governing these contaminated sites does not allow for exemptions to be applied, so the legislation is
10:05 am
ensuring that the local planning departments will adhere to state law to protect our environment and the health of residents and the construction workers, as well as to ensure public oversight and participation in the environmental review of these projects. i would like to thank lisa gibson and other staff from the environmental planning division for their engagement with us about s.b.-37. and also for raising concerns that s.b.-37 could potentially impact minor building permits that don't involve oil disturbance. i would like to note that a legislative aide from senator dave cortese, made it clear this is not the intent of the bill and they'll explore needed amendments to the bill to ensure that this is the case. so i -- i finally would like to thank the co-sponsors of the resolution, president walton and supervisors melgar and peskin,
10:06 am
preston and chan and safai and haney. and i urge your support on this resolution. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor mar. madam clerk, please call the roll for item number 26. >> clerk: on item 26 [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you.
10:07 am
without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, we are now at a roll call for introductions. >> clerk: yes. and the first member of the board to introduce new business is supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: thank you very much, president walton, and madam clerk. colleagues, today i have an in memoriam. this past week, district 7 and our city lost daniel kiminsky, died on april 23rd, at the age of 42. and daniel was born at children's hospital in california street and raised (indiscernible) and daniel was a genius who contributed greatly to our world and he was kind and just. for those of you who have not heard his name yet, it is not an exaggeration to say that daniel
10:08 am
saved the internet and profoundly shaped the world that we live in today. he was a respected security tech for computer systems. so he had hacking skills and daniel was ethical and outspoken about the need to protect individuals and security even from the n.s.a. and for discovering the security flaw in the internet in 2008, daniel notified the government and tech companies and worked to create a patch, rather than to exploit it for personal profit. daniel was a computer prodigy from a young age. his father bought him a primitive computer from radio shack at age 4. by age 5 he had taught himself how to code. and at age 11, he was advanced enough to hack a weak military security system. his mother received an angry phone call from the network administrator informing her that
10:09 am
he -- that daniel had been up to and threatening to cut off the family's internet connection. his mother, trudy, supported his inquisitive nature and told the caller that if he did cut off their internet she'd take out an advertisement in the "san francisco chronicle", and announcing the military's weak security that was so crappy that even an 11-year-old can break it. daniel's punishment for hacking without her knowledge was a three-day break from the internet. many years later in 2008, that same network administrator who had threatened his mother expressed gratitude to daniel for his work and saving the internet. daniel attended hubert middle school and st. ignatius high school in san francisco. he was the captain of his high school debate team and volunteered at laguna hospital. and he attended santa clara university and worked as an
10:10 am
intern at cisco. and daniel is survived by his mother, trudy moore and his step-father randy howell and his sister, angie roberts and his father, marshall kiminsky of chicago and his grandmother, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you supervisor melgar. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam clerk and colleagues. today i'll submit all of my legislation but i would like to adjourn together with supervisor stefani today's board meeting in the memory of someone who i have had the honor and pleasure of knowing for a quarter of a century. an artist and a poet and an historian and an ambassador of the northeast corner of san francisco. alasandro, known as al bacari
10:11 am
who passed away a couple days ago at age 91. and supervisor stefani and i had the pleasure of hanging out with him not too long ago at the seaman's chapel that he actually put together at pier 45 a long, long time ago in the 1970s. after that visit, together with the consul general of italy, he actually sent me -- i should probably not be saying this -- the actual key to the church, which i now have in my possession. he was a great friend of benny fafno, the incredible sculptor, who did the images -- not only of st. francis of asisi that used to be in front of the airport and are now on brotherhood way, that used to be in front of st. francis of asisi
10:12 am
church, and now are the property of iowu at fisherman's wharf and also did other things. mr. bacari did an incredible study and i think that in those days it was called an 8-track tape of the life of benny bofano. he celebrated what we now call the fishers, with a crate of fishing boats and the celebration. but most importantly, he was a lover of san francisco and everything in it. and to his family, predeceased by his wife, kathy, who was incredibly involved, and at fort mason, which may soon have a new home in district 3 -- sorry, supervisor stefani.
10:13 am
and to his successors who received this memoriam from the board of supervisors i wanted to adjourn the meeting in the memory of al bacari. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. >> commissioner preston:thank you, madam clerk. i have two items today. colleagues, first today i'm announcing an extension of our local moratorium on no-fault residential evictions to cover the period through september 30th of this year. this past -- or last october, i introduced and this board unanimously passed an ordinance to prohibit a broad range of evictions, particularly so-called no-fault evictions like owner move in evictions and capital evictions through the
10:14 am
end of march 2021. as the march deadline came up the board unanimously passed a 90-day extension to be in effect until the end of june. and i am asking the board again to extend by an additional 90 days these really crucial protections. we all received at the board the annual eviction data that was just released by the san francisco rent board. and so we now know exactly how significant these protections have been, not just from talking anecdotally with constituents but now from the comprehensive city-wide data. the rent board report shows that from march 2020, to march 2021, that as compared to the same time period the year before, breach of lease evictions filings decreased by 79% from
10:15 am
467 to 100. and the no-fault eviction rates plummeted and capital rates in that year fell from 68% from 87% to 28% in this most recent year and owner move in evictions dropped sharply and showed an 85% decline from 196 to 29. and so this is, to be clear, a reflection of the protections that we have put in place. but if we fail to act now and extend them further, we risk a july 1 eviction eclipse, where hundreds, if not thousands of tenants will be at imminent risk of displacement. i think that the sharp drop in eviction filings tells us what is really a fairly complicated story. i mean, on the one hand the data shows that our policy on eviction prevention have been extremely effective with the
10:16 am
overall number of evictions dropping and decreased 49% from 1,442 filings to 733 filings. that's a huge drop. at the same time, it does show that notwithstanding the laws prohibiting most evictions that there still have been hundreds of eviction notices served and filed with the san francisco rent board. and these pending cases could move forward to court as soon as the protections last. we cannot let this happen at any point in the near future. and we also need to recognize that perhaps more than any time in the program's existence that the tenant right to counsel will be absolutely be critical in staving off a potential avalanche of evictions as protections expire. so, colleagues, i think that we should be proud of the swift and the decisive action that this board and the mayor have taken together over the last year to
10:17 am
prevent displacement during the pandemic, but we can't let up now, and we need to keep in place the protections that have been keeping people in their homes. and the second item, colleagues, today, i'm introducing a resolution authorizing the recreation and parks department to enter into a agreement with the trust of public land to accept and to extend an in-time and cash grant funding in the amount of up to $7,100,000 for the buchanan malrenewal project mall renewal project. i have spoken previously about the buchanan mall, and i won't repeat myself too much, except to say that the buchanan mall is really a remarkable but long neglected pedestrian walkway and recreation area that extends along buchanan street from grove at its southern most point to
10:18 am
north of turk street. while city leaders discuss and debate the future of car-free spaces in our city, i think that it is important to remember that we have long-standing and very special car-free areas and buchanan mall is one such place supporting the community-led effort there to improve the but canal mall as a car-free space is a top priority for my office and the state grant in the resolution is a collaboration between rec/park and the trust for public land green street to support the first phase of renovation work on the properties two northern blocks to golden gate. the state grant application was under prop 68, the drought water
10:19 am
park climate coastal protection and outdoor access for all act. and administered by the california department of parks and recreation to benefit projects that would create new parks or recreation facilities in communities that serve critically disadvantaged communities. defined as a community with a median household income less or yell to $58,000 or with less than 3 acres of open space per 1,000 residents. so it's a state grant and it's awarded and the trust and public land will use those funds to support the project and grant rec/park $1.3 million for a total of $7.1 million in funding for the project. so buchanan mall project is a really critical part of the district 5 ecosystem. just last year in partnership with green streets and citizens themselves, we successfully advocated for the buchanan mall
10:20 am
to be in the health and recovery bond that passed with unanimous support of this board and the mayor's office and an overwhelming majority of voters in november 2020. and it includes $2 million in dedicated funding for the buchanan mall and this is coupled with other park and rec funds including our ntip funds, $756,000 for improvements at the intersection that are expected to break ground in early 2022. so i realize this is a lot of detail on a small corner of my district, but, colleagues, i want to say that you don't have to go to barcelona to experience a super block. you can come to visit us in district 5 and see the buchanan mall and what will become of the buchanan mall with all of this investment. so i'm very excited about the momentum and all of the community organizing around buchanan mall improvements and
10:21 am
i'm looking forward to resourcing the green spaces and the additional lighting and traffic safety improvements that are long overdue for this community. thank you, and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, colleagues. i have two items. first, i'm introducing legislation to close a loophole in the health care security ordinance that has allowed san francisco employers to avoid making health care payments to employees who are working from home because of the covid-19 health order. when our health order closed offices, schools and other work sites, tens of thousands of workers, many of whom do not live in san francisco, quickly shifted to working for their san francisco-based employers from their homes. may last year my office was connected by a group of university of san francisco adjunct professors who had not been receiving their monthly hsco pan payments in the middle
10:22 am
of a pandemic. and it is for eligible workers who work within the city and the county of san francisco. once workers began their remote work, some employers found a loophole to discontinue payments for those workers who reside outside of san francisco. in the midst of a pandemic their employer was no longer contributing to the accounts to pay for supplemental medical bills. this legislation will make all of the work on behalf of the san francisco employer as if they were physically -- as if the employee was physically in the city and eligible for reimbursement. and the hcso is one of the strongest municipal health care laws in the country, and ensures health care benefits for thousands of san francisco workers. this ordinance will close the loophole and ensure that the order is in place. and doing work for the benefit
10:23 am
of san francisco employers will receive their health care benefits. second, i'm introducing legislation to -- to require any decision about where and how to prosecute juveniles arrested in san francisco to the elected district attorney. and san francisco voters expressed their own vision of a criminal justice system and expectations for the role of the district attorney in protecting public safety. recently, however, the san francisco police department diverted a juvenile case to another county though the alleged crime was committed here in san francisco. this ordinance protects and affirms the right of san francisco voters and the d.a. to weigh the safety and protection of the public and the best interest of the minor. and it provides the d.a. the opportunity to decide whether to file charges in san francisco and bars sfpd to present a case covered by this ordinance to a district attorney in another county without the consent of the san francisco d.a.
10:24 am
and, colleagues, the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, madam clerk. i have one item today. introducing the resolution in support of california senate bill s.p.617 introduced by senator scott wiener to allow jurisdictions of certain sizes or a jurisdiction to have automated permitting for very small residential solar rooftop systems. and it calls for to have a grant program to provide resources for cities and counties to do so. in our climate emergency crisis that we're in with unprecedented droughts and unprecedented wildfires, and climate change across california as so many of us know, the state needs to
10:25 am
accelerate the clean energy grid and rooftop solar solutions are part of that solution. and along with the great work that we have done in the city, thank you supervisor mandelman for leading on all electric. this is a complement to that. so red tape often prevents homeowners from putting solar systems on their roof. and the permitting process can often non-standardized and adding thousands in cost in installing solar systems. so this automatic online system can produce 14 times more solar permits than traditional over-the-counter processes, so cities like san jose and los angeles have already gone forward and this allows san francisco to do the same. to have a program that provides funding and technical assistant to help the cities and counties to streamline their permitting process, requiring all counties with populations greater than
10:26 am
150,000, and all cities within these counties to allow homeowners and contractors to receive an automated permit online for standard solar and solar plus storage systems, be it software or a solar app. the app developed by the federal department of energy. so overall the bill would increase the number of households installing solar, and install systems, help californians and california meet its greenhouse gas emission goals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals -- excuse me -- increasing the resiliency of homes, especially during the public safety power shutoff and reduce the electricity costs to homeowners reduce the administrative costs to the local governments and create solar installations and jobs. so i want to thank the council and the housing coalition and habitat for humanity, the local government coalition and local
10:27 am
solar for all and next-gen policy, and sierra club, and youth climate action, and solar right to alliance, solar united neighbors and sun power corporation, and vote solar, and advanced energy economy. so, thank you, for ensuring that this gets forward. i hope, colleagues, that we can support this. and i also have had conversations with our local i.e.w. local 6 and they have worked with senator wiener on language at the state level. so in all, a lot of people have been involved in this conversation so we're very happy. and hopefully we can pass this resolution and we'll pass it at the state level and allow us to do this locally here in san francisco. and rest, colleagues, i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madam clerk. today i support senate bill 693, the never again education act.
10:28 am
introduced by state senator henry stern of los angeles on holocaust remembrance day, this bill calls on the state to move beyond remembrance to action by addressing the extremely troubling young americans, and according to the u.s. millennial holocaust awareness survey, the first national survey of adults between 18-39, nearly half of the respondents could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto created during world war ii. almost a quarter believe that the holocaust was a myth or had been exaggerated or that it was fact. and they did not know that six million jews were murdered during the holocaust. and the anti-defamation league audit of anti-semostic incidents in the united states counted 2,107 and incidents over the country in 2019 as most since
10:29 am
tracking began in 1979. and s.b.693 establishes the governor's council on genocide and holocaust education to establish best practices for and to promote the implementation of the education on genocide, including the holocaust, the armenian genocide, and the rwandan genocide and more. it would also recommend instruction on other crimes against humanity, including the internment of japanese-americans and japanese immigrants during world war ii. educating our state's children on these atrocities during a time when we're seeing a surge in hate crimes in california and across the nation could not be more important. i hope that you will join me in urging the legislature to pass this bill. also i would like to join supervisor peskin in closing today's meeting in memory of al bacari who was an incredill san franciscan, and thank you supervisor peskin for his beautiful words.
10:30 am
and seeing their friendship was a beautiful thing to see. they were such good friends and i know that the loss is very personal for supervisor peskin. (please stand by)
10:31 am
>> san francisco state university and managed his own company which worked on economic studies. throughout his professional career, he never strayed far from his creative side. photographing san francisco, how he always had an incredible fashion for san francisco. at least once a year growing up in san francisco during the time when italian was still the most common language heard on the north beach, he was always a champion for italy and the northern italian community. he's also described as the unofficial historian of north beach. on bishop and rourke and one of
10:32 am
his proudest moments was receiving the president of italy upon his historic visit to san francisco in october of 2018. i had the privilege of attending al's 90th birthday party with supervisor peskin with peter and paul in 2019. and i'll always remember the crowd representing the huge and diverse cross section of san francisco that had grown to love him over the years. in a beautiful speech seaman's chapel on peer 45. he gave about a 45 minute al was a true renaissance man. his legacy and impact on our city will live on. my deepest condolences to all
10:33 am
who loved him and the bacari family.
10:34 am
to the city administrative code. all shelter residents should have a right to invoke fair, timely, and accessible due process procedures upon notification of a denial of service or warning notice. the shelter agreements policy was initially adopted in april 1992 and amended in august 2015. the policy was amended in 2016 to reflect the transfer of function from human service
10:35 am
agency to the department of homelessness and supportive housing. over the last 28 years, the shelter grievance policy has become a best practice for the fair and equitable application of shelter rules as well as monitoring of shelter conditions. however, this policy was never formalized in the city's administrative code and that's why i'm requesting legislation to do so. the rest i submit. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today, i am introducing a resolution to recognize and honor our very own asian art museum during asian heritage month. the asian art museum is home to one of the world's finest collection of asian art including more than 1800 works ranging from ancient and tradition arts forms such as
10:36 am
jade, ceramics to contemporary to interactive installations. particularly at in the face of unprecedented violence perpetrated on our aapi communities, asian art has stepped up to demonstrate a role that art can play to confront and bridge cultural divides. we know our names campaign features the 5 street art wall. jennifer indicate woodard to emphasis li fie and uplift the voices of aapi artists. not only is the asian art museum reframing how we understand what asian american art is, they're also taking bold leadership that impact all of us. for that, i would like to honor
10:37 am
them during the asian american heritage month. the rest i will submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: thank you, madam clerk. submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mandelman: submit. >> clerk: thank you. and supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you, madam clerk. i have one item today. when my father and grandmother came to this country from other countries, they were detained on angel island. over half a million immigrants from over 80 different countries were detained on angel island. under the racist chinese inclusion act. as we recognize asian pacific islander heritage month, it
10:38 am
remains a vital part of our history of immigration and the racist and exclusionary treatment of immigrants. we have to contend with the injustices of our past. we have to preserve these places, their memories and their lessons and, as you sit here today, access to angel island for san franciscans is threatened by the potential cancellation of ferry service by the only ferry operator who offers in our city. our access to a place where hundreds of thousands of immigrants were detained. our ability to walk the halls and ruins to see the hundreds of chinese poems carved into the walls by detainees. to see and feel and hear their stories, that access to our history is important and it is in jeopardy. i am bringing up the importance of angel island park as it cites public and historic
10:39 am
interest and urging the public california utilities commission, the california department of parks and recreation and the golden gate bridge, highway and board of transportation directors to work together to identify alternative solutions for maintaining essential transportation service to angel island. as the saying goes, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat. i want to thank the angel island immigration station foundation for remembering our past and protecting and preserving this important historical site and the also want to thank supervisor melgar for your cosponsorship. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. mr. president, i believe that concludes the introduction of new business unless there are any members on the roster. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. we are now at public comment. >> clerk: at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes the general -- welcomes general
10:40 am
public comment from the members who are connected to the system remotely. the telephone number is scrolling on your screen. it is area code (415) 655-0001. and, when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id 187967. you will be muted, but you will be in the listening queue. to be added to the speaker's queue to provide comment, press star 3 and when it is your turn, the system will send you a prompt. listen carefully for you have been unmuted and just begin speaking your comments. we realize you may be multi-tasking and the phone you may not hear the when it is your turn to speak. we always do try to circle back to the quiet lines.
10:41 am
each caller will have 2 minutes to provide their comment. i believe we have six callers who are listening and just a couple who are in the queue at this point. if you are interested in making public comment and you're one of those six listening, now is your opportunity to press star 3. so we are able to hear from you this afternoon. operations, let's hear from the first caller, please. >> linda chapman. again, seeking ten cosponsors for supervisor mar's ig. you know, i recognize i may not be the smartest kid in the room with a prosecutor and some lawyers and some other community organizers, but the thing is that i did work for five federal agencies and so i got to see some systems that work and can contribute to solving various problems that the city has. one of which is the fact that the ig's resolved complaints
10:42 am
that may be some workers or members of the public as well as the investigations that are directed by people like you or their commander or whatever. and, also, the things that are just not working as opposed to things that are necessarily. if you grew up in the city as i did, you didn't expect to see corruption and government, and have you to say neighbors organizing, we were in touch all the time, two particular agencies, your clerk's office and the planning department and they were on absolute par with the federal departments. we refer to our career as the service. so, you know, there was a whole list of stuff that planning saved us on being our mentor. who do you think now that work undone by some planner who has
10:43 am
not yet been identified i suppose in the department for rezoning maps which have been used for building on knob hill. and because we don't have an ig the director and scott sanchez are trying to figure this out, it's been well over a year that i've been trying to get to the bottom of this. where are the [inaudible] that were passed unanimously by the board of supervisors? several different rezonings, by us, chinatown, you know, where are they? we need those maps in order to reconstruct what should be there. because we dongt have an ig. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, ms. chapman. my apologies to interrupt any speakers this evening. we are setting the timer for two minutes. so we're hoping that you mr. tie your comments to two minutes. okay. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please.
10:44 am
>> hi, board of supervisors. my name is pat and i'm calling about the issue of flag stops in san francisco. those of you who aren't aware, a flag stop and a bus stop with these block side car parking. this is illegal car parking where the city allows the car driver to park in front of the bus stop. this creates all sorts of problems and is hopefully obvious when people can't -- they would have to squeeze between parked cars to board the bus which makes it difficult for people in wheelchairs, people with walkers, the elderly, people who have things in their hands, carrying bags or have a stroller, it's also very dangerous because people have to walk in between the cars in the street. and often times bus drivers
10:45 am
won't see people waiting for the bus and they don't realize someone's sitting there. so i did some research and i found out there are over 1,000 flag stops in san francisco. there's one in each and every one of your districts. i looked at them and figured out how much car parking. the city is allowed to remove parking in front of the bus stops if it chooses. that's what i'm demanding and requires sif fmta to remove these from these bus stops. more than half the majority of these flag stops are located in district 10 and district 11 and i really hope that all the supervisors and especially those supervisors will get behind this idea of eliminating flag stops once and for all making our bus stops accessible to everyone. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments.
10:46 am
operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> am i on? >> yes, mr. warfield. >> can you hear me? thank you. this is peter warfield, executive director of library user's association. we can be reached at i did want to bring up two things and the first one is that the library is taking steps to get more open and on monday, yesterday, started with the main library being open at least on the main floor and having a variety of services available within the library for the first time in some 13
10:47 am
months. we're always very happy to hear that there's a library coming back to life, that the bliesh is providing some of its valued services while all of its services are valued by somebody. but it's an extremely limited thing. we're disappointed that it's not a lot more. as far as opening into the future. i think there's some six libraries planned to be open june 21st and covid has limited some of those services as well. one of the things we talked about the last time we spoke is still true. the library has utterly neglected yet folks who do not have e-mail access for whatever reason, they haven't sent their folks who are on the mailing list anything about the opening, there's nothing that i
10:48 am
have seen on the outside of buildings where they could be putting publicity and on and on. i did want to say from the last time i commented that the clerk's office has done better than most as far as i can tell with regard to services during covid, but that doesn't mean that the city hasn't withdrawn essentially from -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments, mr. warfield. >> thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, kindly for your comments. okay. we have six listeners and three callers in the queue. if you're one of the six, you should press star 3 now if you'd like to make public comment, otherwise, we may take the next three callers to the very end. welcome to the next caller. >> thank you, madam clerk. ladies and gentlemen, i reference item number 24 in the communications packet. in section 15.12 in the san francisco administrative code, you legislated that the san francisco behavioral health
10:49 am
commission have four seats reserved for constituents. five seats for representatives of the public interest. two for mental health professionals, one for child advocates and one for older adult advocates. why did the clerk's announcement with five seats as reserved for consumers, six for family members and consumers, four for representatives of the public interest. two for mental health professionals and none for either of child advocates and one for older adult advocates. they can see announcements are clearly wrong and yet the clerk refuses to change either. the san francisco sunshine ordinance allows any member of the policy body in response to a comment by a member of the public to make a reference to staff or other resources for factual information or to request staff to report back concerning the subject matter raised by such testimony at a future meeting of the policy body without notice on the agenda of the san francisco
10:50 am
administrative code. i will now pause to give any supervisor the opportunity to do either or both of these things. hearing none. back to you, madam clerk. >> clerk: thank you. i will indicate to you that my staff just sent a quick e-mail just indicating that they are working with dph to identify and perhaps if it's necessary to update the vacancy notice, but if i need to just say thank you for bringing that to our attention, but it's nuanced.
10:51 am
it's not exactly correct, but we will look into that. thank you, sir, for your comments. okay. operations, do we have another caller, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm calling today to ask as we return to normal or normal reference in this yellow tier that we might also permit people to gather in our parks for a long time, we've had events in closed spaces and only available indoor spaces where there was revenue involved and i'm asking that the outdoor spaces that are obviously safer for everyone to gather in from the cdc recommendation is all of our own department of health recommendations be allowed to be utilized in a more galtary apmanner. i see private venues being open as sort of elitests.
10:52 am
to gather and if we permitted people to be able to listen to music in the park and gather in the parks at night, we would instead of having a few people that could pay to be able to gather, we would have a wider variety i think this nixing and this availability of venues would benefit our city and would benefit each of our individual smaller public like constituencies enabling san francisco to return. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. okay. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> madam clerk, that completes the queue. >> clerk: okay. thank you, kindly. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk, and thank you everyone for your public comment. public comment is now closed. madam clerk, i'd like to apologize, but i do want to
10:53 am
rescind the vote for item number 11. >> clerk: okay. and so then just for the public's edification, i will just state the short title for item 11 as i'm scrolling towards it. item 11 is a accept and expend in kind grant. benefits district first free park. >> president walton: thank you. can i have a second? >> supervisor: second. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor preston.
10:54 am
>> clerk: [roll call] there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you. motion passes unanimously. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, president walton and colleagues. i apologize for the confusion that i created between items 10 and 11 and albeit they are
10:55 am
related. i think there may have been some misunderstanding around my line of question to the university of california interest and item 11 which is the item i've wanted to continue, not item 10 which was the u.c. related item, but item 11. so i would like to remake a motion to continue item eleven for one week, thank you, mr. president and supervisor shamann walton. >> president walton: seconded. madam clerk can we have the roll, please. >> it seems madam clerk may be having issues. on the motion to continue the item 11 to may 11th, 2021,
10:56 am
[roll call] there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you. the motion carries unanimously. thank you so much, lisa. madam clerk, we are now going to skip items 29, our closed session item and item 30 and come back to them after we do
10:57 am
items that are for adoption without committee reference. would you please call item 31 through 39. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. and thank you to the legislative deputy lisa samara much appreciated filling in for me for that. >> president walton: welcome back. >> clerk: thank you, kindly. items 31 through 39 were introduced for domgs without reference if to committee. the unanimously vote is required for resolutions today. alternatively any member may require resolution to go to committee. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: president walton, may i please sever item number 36. >> president walton: 36, supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: yes. >> president walton: thank you. and i don't see anyone else on the roster. madam clerk, please call the
10:58 am
roll for the remaining items. >> clerk: the remaining items would be items 31 through 35 and 37 through 39. [roll call] there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you, and without objection,
10:59 am
these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 36. >> clerk: item 36 is a resolution to approve the use of the san francisco police department insignia on uniforms and shows for the television series "nash bridges". >> supervisor stefani: i would like to strike line 15 and 16 on page 1 and replace it with the following sentence: it would read the board of supervisors finds that the use of the sfpd will enhance san francisco's image as a premier location for film and television production to film and it's in the best interest of the city. i would like to make that amendment. >> president walton: thank you so much. we have a motion to amend, do
11:00 am
we have a second. >> supervisor safai: seconded by safai. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor safai. >> supervisor peskin: i would like to make a friendly amendment which is also to acknowledge that this is a union production and i have to say that in the last several weeks as the district three supervisor, i have been delighted to get more and more notices from the film office noticing me and my staff and my constituents about the wonderful inconvenience that's coming with increased amounts of filming. again, it's a sign that spring has sprung, the pandemic is winding down, hopefully maybe
11:01 am
kind of sort of. i also know that some of these productions have union gapers and union grips and some of them don't. so to the extent that supervisor stefani you're making that amendment and i don't have the exact language, i heard what you said, we could also acknowledge that nash bridges is a fully union production that honors local 16. i have not crafted those words, but if we can put those words -- that's a friendly amendment to your amendment through the president, supervisor stefani, and vice -- and seconder, supervisor safai. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor stefani, do you accept that friendly amendment? >> supervisor stefani: i definitely do. this is definitely a projection using local labor in the 18 days that they'll be here, so i think it's a great addition to the resolution.
11:02 am
>> president walton: thank you so much. and since you made the motion, i believe that it is acceptable by -- who made the second? >> clerk: supervisor safai. >> president walton: thank you very much supervisor safai. so we have a motion to amend made by supervisor stefani seconded by supervisor safai. madam clerk, can we have a roll call please. >> clerk: on the motion to amend item 36 as stated, [roll call]
11:03 am
there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you. and without objection, the motion carries. >> clerk: that's correct. apologies, mr. president. >> president walton: and, now can we have roll call on item number 36. >> clerk: yes, on item 36 as amended, [roll call]
11:04 am
there are eleven ayes. >> president walton: thank you and without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, would you please call the closed session item, number 29 and 30. >> clerk: okay. item 29 was scheduled pursuant to a motion made and improved on april 27th, 2021, during action at the board of supervisors meeting for file number 210329. item 29 is a closed session for the board of supervisors to convene this afternoon, may 4th, 2021, for the purpose of conferring with or receiving advice from the city attorney regarding existing litigation relating to the lawsuit filed by the city and county of san francisco against recog san francisco sunset scavenger and
11:05 am
golden gate recycling company for a payment of $94.5 million in restitution and related interest as well as $7 million in civil penalties. and, item 30 is an around set the by the lawsuit filed by the city of county of san francisco against recology san francisco for payment of $94.5 million in restitution as well as $7 million in civil penalties. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. for members of the public that are still here with us, the board will be leaving this regular meeting and convening in closed session and we will return after our deliberations. >> president walton: coming out of closed session for may 4, 2021, board of supervisors meeting and i was entertaining a motion that the board finds it in the best interest of the
11:06 am
public that the board elect not to disclose its closed session deliberations. >> so moved. >> president walton: moved by supervisor peskin. >> second, preston here. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor preston. madam clerk, can we please call the roll. >> clerk: yes. on the motion not to disclose before the closed session, and i will state for the record, mr. president, that no action was taken in the closed session [roll call vote]
11:07 am
there are 11 ayes. i apologize, i have a sick pup at home. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clrk. without objection, we will not disclose our closed session deliberations. madam clerk, call item number 30. >> clerk: this item is recology san francisco sunset scavenger company and golden gate disposal and recycling company. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. and would you please call the roll for item -- sorry, supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you, president walton. i just wanted to put on the public record and to make a
11:08 am
statement here. i think that, colleagues, we are all aware already that there have been to date two arrests of the recology executive on bribery charges by the u.s. attorney and i want to remind us that is still going on and in that, you know, recology with the intent to bribe has used tools like the non-profit, local non-profit, and one of them is san francisco parks alliance, with the intent to bribe. and through those non-profits that this -- something like this has occurred. and so i just wanted to remind all of us as we move forward why i will continue to -- with public hearings to really, truly
11:09 am
hold our city government accountable and continue to uphold integrity with the way that we operate. i wanted to to put that on record. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much, supervisor chan. madam clerk, call the roll on item number 30. >> clerk: on item 30 [roll call vote]
11:10 am
there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner preston: thank thank >> president walton: thank you, and without objection this ordinance is passed on first movement immediately. any other agenda items? >> clerk: none to report, mr. president. >> president walton: thank you. would you please read the in mow more yums. >> clerk: today's meeting is adjourn on behalf of supervisor melgar for late mr. daniel kominsky and on behalf of supervisor peskin and supervisor stefani for the late mr. al bacari. >> president walton: thank you so much, madam clerk. do we have any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president walton: to commend the passing of the first reparations advisory committee to be legislated, i provide the
11:11 am
following quote. "justice requires not only the ceasing and desisting of injustice, but also requires either punishment or reparation for injuries and damages inflicted for prior wrongdoing. the essence of justice is the redistribution of gains earned fly injustice. if restitution is not made and reparations not made to compensate for prior injustices, those injustices are, in effect, awarded. and the benefits of such rewards conferred on the perpepiators of injustice will continue to draw interest to be reinvested and to be passed on to their children who will use their inherited advantages to continue to exploit the children of the victims of the injustices of their ancestors.
11:12 am
consequently, injustice and inequality will be maintained across generations as will the deleterious social and economic and political outcomes." andrew wilson. this meeting is adjourned.
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> executive order. emergency proclamation suspending and modifying requirements for in-person meetings. during the coronavirus disease emergency, this meeting will convene remotely. public comment will be available on each agenda item. each speaker will be allowed three minutes to speak. public comment will be available via calling (415) 655-0001. access code 187 735 4661. again, it's 187 735 4661. hit pound and then pound again. when connected, to hear the meeting discussion. you will be muted and in list