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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 22, 2021 7:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the may 18, 2021 regular meeting of the san francisco san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, will you please call the roll? [roll call]
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>> all members are present. >> the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unseated ancestral homeland of the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous steward of this land and in accordance with their tradition, they have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the care
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takeers of this place as well as for all and by observing. colleague, please join me in the pledge of allegiance and place your right and hand over your heart. [reciting the pledge of allegiance]
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i want to acknowledge our staff who records the meetings and makes the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk, i am not sure. are we ready for the special order? >> yes, we are. >> thank you so much. madam clerk, please call item number one. >> thank you so much. >> the special order at 2:00 a.m. is the special appearance by the hon honorable mayor london m. breed. the mayor may address the board initially for up to five minutes. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. welcome, mayor. if you have any opening remark, you have five minutes to open.
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>> over 50% have received a full dosage. that's an incredible accomplishment. and san francisco is once again leading the way in our covid response. i really want to acknowledge the city staff who are out there as well as our nonprofit partners and the community organizations and our private health care partners. they've done an amazing job with this pandemic and we are so grateful. and as we reopen, we have to make sure we're doing our part to ensure our city is safe and vibrant for everyone. that includes the areas outside city hall. it's been a tough year and tough on the residents, the businesses and everyone who works in the area. there are people who are struggling and have concerns about safety and there is too much drug using and drug deal going on in brood daylight. i want everyone in the city to feel safe no matter what
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neighborhood they are walking through or live in. sometimes that means making sure we have police officers walking the beat. other times it means having a friendly face who can help guide or give directions or help connect people with services. that is why today we announced the mid market vibrancy and safety plan. this was developed with the community to meet the needs of everyone in the mid market area. this plan will be composed of two main focuses. and an increase in police officers walking the beats and connecting with the community and putting the community ambassador from urban alchemy on nearly every block along the mid market corridor. the goal is to make the neighborhood a more welcoming place. >> i urban alchemy's ambassador wills bring a positive presence. i want to thank the straight holders to u.c. hastings which is helping to fund this effort.
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we have the resources to get this going, but i welcome asking for long-term funding. and it is so important to help members feel safe and right now, not just in san francisco but across the bay area and across the country is shameful. especially to our seniors. no one, and i mean no one should ever put their hand on the elderly person. >> we need real solutions. we recently launched the community gardens program and which is part of the street violence and prevention program to have proactive, multi-racial community safety teams in our neighborhood like chinatown, tenderloin, and the richmond. and this is not just about responding to crime or violence but about preventing it.
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and showing solidarity and trust in this relationship. we are at about 75% of the way towards meeting the commitment we laid out in march. and i heard from the community that they want this program to continue, which is why i will propose to do just that in the upcoming budget. i was proud to join community organizations and in launching this program and together we will make sure it is funded to be sustainable. we have also heard the there were three people killed from one violence and survivors of crimes continuously get left out of this equation and they are retraumatized by the interactions with the criminal justice and legal system.
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that the system is working better for the survivors of crime. right now there is no centralized approach to supporting victims or to identify and address systemic flaws and gaps in the city's victim support services. we also know that language and cultural barriers to be seen, feel heard and have the support that is so important to helping with recovery. that is why the proposed budget we will invest in victim services. insuring that the city has a centralized victim rights advocate with particular attention paid to victims of crime and the a.p.i. community. this will not be all of our investments in the a.p.i. community in the upcoming budget but it is a clear commitment i am making to insure the safety of the community. we have lots of work to do in the city to make people feel
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safe. this is going to be an exciting year, though, after a really, really challenging time. >> madam clerk issed city services re-- is city services reopening and i know, mayor breed, you have announced the opening of services at city hall via press release. is there any additional information you want to share with everyone about city hall reopening? >> yeah, and thank you, president walton. as you know, and said, we announced last week that we're re-opening city hall to the public on june 7. what that means is the assessor's office, the county clerk, city hall events,
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elections office, office of small businesses and the treasurer's tax collector will be open for in-person services. and that means we will have tourists wonned wandering the hall, people taking photos and weddings in the rotunda. as hard as it is to deal with the challenges that you face, nothing more can lift you up than walking to the second floor and seeing all the amazing weddings take place. the city administrator's office under the leadership of carmen chiu is working already hard that collaboration with the department of public health, human resources and the labor partners to reopen services beyond what is happening here at city hall. as services reopen, we will be sure they are posted publicly on and i want to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work of all of our san francisco employees who have taken on a tremendous load during the pandemic under very uncertain circumstances and
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continue day in and day out to serve the residents of san francisco and particularly those who have served as disaster service workers over the past year. i look forward to welcoming everybody back into city hall and throughout the city as we begin to reopen. >> thank you, mayor breed. >> do you have any questions to ask me or any other supervisor here pertaining to the same topic? but not necessarily related to the previous question? >> i have a question for you, supervisor. i heard that board meetings will start to resume in-person. maybe you can tell us a little bit about that. >> definitely. thank you so much. we released a press release to open the board chambers to board meetings on june 15 to consist of only members of the board of supervisors and the clerk's office and our staff. and we would also continue to
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have public comment remotely to open for committee meetings and other services that the board of supervisors provide soon after as we continue to pay attention and listen to public health orders. and one more thing that i do want to note, we are also opening offices for appointments only for meetings with your board of supervisors. if you have a meeting to set in person, please make sure you reach out to that office. and we will have appointments scheduled by appointment only in-person. thank you so much, mayor breed. and madam clerk, would you please -- well, before i do that, mayor, is there anything else on this topic? >> no, i am okay. thank you.
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>> just really excited to be reopening. >> madam clerk, please call the the second topic. >> the second top sick re-imagining food security submitted by supervisor safai. >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor safai? >> thank you, president walton. thank you, mayor breed. we have had some of these conversations over the years. i know, you and i, and i know you have some feelings about this, but as we've gone through the covid crisis, one of the things that many people have experienced personally is food insecurity. not being able to access food, healthy food and if it weren't for the covid response and our command center, and the support that you gave that and the money from the federal government,
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many families would have gone without food and one of the things that this has highlighted is we need to look at re-imagining the way we deliver food and get food to people who need it the most. do you believe the current way the city distributes food to those most in need is the most equitable, dignified and culturally responsive waver? >> thank you, supervisor safai. i'm going to deviate here a little bit. and i'll just be honest. sadly, when i was a kid growing up in san francisco, i was one of those kids with my grandmother who had to wait in line to get food. and i was embarrassed. and uncomfortable. and even worse, when i was a teenager, because my grandmother was not always in the best of health, i would have to go get the food for her. and let me just tell you, going to the store and at the time we
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used food stamps, as a teenager who thinks she is cool, but i had no choice. i had to do that to support my grandmother and our family, but it didn't feel good. the thing that i am most bothered by with the way we distribute food has everything to do with people standing in line and waiting to be handed the food that we choose for them. in fact, people deserve more dignity than that. we had w.i.c. and only get the cheerios and milk and you name it, all the experiences that that people are dealing with an experience that i had personally and i want to change that. and i know that would have been in conversation about a number of programs that provide
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dignity. to not feel they are being looked at because they might be using that ebt card and being judged because they don't have the resources necessary to cover the food or whatever it is they are trying to purchase for their families and we definitely need to change how we provide resources with the the products to allow people to do so and walk them to the store with the same respect and dignity and pick up anything we want in aisle after aisle without hesitation and not be afraid. that our card may get declined or someone may be looking at us or judging us because we don't have the ability to afford it in the same way that other people do. so this is a to wait to get food
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during the pandemic has demonstrated we have to approach in it a different way. i am looking forward to working with you to do just that. >> great. that is wonderful to hear and i know you had committed to that. that pretty much answers my second question about if you're interested in re-imagining how the city handles resident spacing, food insecurity in a more consumer friendly, dignified way that kree t creates lines and extends the hours. today i am introducing legislation to create a food empowerment fund that would be done by h.s.a. grant process overseen by oewud to get the money to the nonprofits to operate the food empowerment and it will not displace the food
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banks and it will work, but it creates an opportunity for us to build on the success at the mission food hub and in the excelsior we have a food hub as well. we are looking at community driven, community based models in the areas that are most there. so we started conversations with your staff and appreciate the help and to answer the question and to look forward and i know that so many people go and volunteer and hand out food and it makes them feel good to give back. the one thing that bothers me the most and my staff and what i am out there doing, but i don't like to take pictures when i am
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giving out food and helping people because i don't want to put people's business out in the streets basically. just imagine being on the receiving end and someone celebrating they helped you when, in fact, this is probably one of the most challenging times of their lives. we need to think about how we're treating people when we distribute food to them. how we're supporting them and not like a social media photo op because this is not comfortable and talking about this brings me back to my own experience that makes me want to work even harder to transform how people and to take care of their families. i saw on the news -- i don't remember what city it was in -- but there were some people walking in and they picked what they wanted, and people put it in the bag. i saw peace coffee and all this stuff and they put it in the bag and here you go. there is your food. you take what you want. and folk who is had lost their job and experienced hardship and
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challenges, and ultimately let's not try and -- this is not an equitable system. it is segregated and i am looking forward to us make significant changes and we are elected officials and go out there and do this, but it does not feel good for the person on the receiving end. >> look forward to working with you. and thank you so much madam mayor. and unless you have any questions for supervisor safai? >> i'm good to go, president walton. thank you so much. thank you so members of the board. appreciate your time. >> this concludes the district
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10 and district 11 topic discussions and this special order. we will see you again, too, madam mayor. and madam clerk, are there communications for us? >> and the minute school will reflect the board winners participated through video conference to the stadium extent as though physically present in the legislative chamber and recognizes that access to city services is essential and invite public participation in the following ways by u.s. mail and use the address to the san francisco board of supervisors, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, city hall, room 244, san francisco, california, 94102. or you are able to if you can use email. use the email address
7:22 pm the meeting is being live streamed at be aware there is a 30-second delay. the meeting is airing on with a five to seven second delay. the best way to provide public comment is to listen from the touch phone to be in live sync and telephone number streaming on the screen is 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt, enter (187) 789-0947 and press pound twice and you will have joined the meeting as a listener. once you are ready to provide public comment, press star 3 and listen carefully for the prompt that you have been unmuted and
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begin speaking your comments. just a few words about what agenda content is eligible for public comment. there being no special orders at 3:00 p.m., so public comment is occurring during general public comment. that is item 17 where you may speak to the mayoral question time with the eligible district supervisors pertaining to those topics. approval of the meeting minutes as presented. and items that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board but do not appear on the agenda. and items that have not been to committee but are on the agenda as items 18 to 26. all other agenda content is not eligible for public comment. and in a great partnership with the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs we have interpreter who is know to jump in and assist speakers with the language needs. i can ask each operator to
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introduce themselves and the service they provide. welcome. [interpreter introductions]
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>> thank you for being with us for the majority of the last year. we appreciate your services. and finally, to the members of the public who might be experiencing any trouble connecting to this meeting remotely, we do have someone standing by if you dial 415-554-5584 with a live person who can help you get into the meeting. thank you, mr. president and members.
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>> a friendly reminder, colleagues, remember to mute your microphones when you are not speaking in order for us to avoid audio feedback. today the minutes from the april 13, 2021 regular board meeting. i don't see anyone wishing to change any aspects of the minutes. seeing none, can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? >> so moved, mr. president. >> we have to motion to approve and seconded by supervisor peskin. >> please call the roll. [roll call on the minutes]
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there are 11 aye's. the minutes will be approved after public comment as presented. madam clerk, please call item number two. >> resolution to authorize retroactively to the dogpatch and northwest potrero hill green benefit district of design services for the esprit park
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renovation design grant project from march 1,2021 through december 31, 2023. >> president: thank you very much, madam clerk. i know this item has been continued and with most retroactive requests, marly when it involves a third party, this body wants to make sure everything is in order before we approve any such requests. in this case after speaking with the department of public works, city attorney's office and the clerk's office, we found that the g.b.d. has been out of compliance in term of reporting and that g.b.d. has not been filing the report with the clerk's office. and we have no record of reports being completed and submitted since 2017 until some recent late submissions. it is our duty as the body of
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the board to insure compliance with the g.b.d. and other community benefit districts. importantly for us here in district 10 and for the dogpatch and potrero hill community, we need everything in order as there are several projects and resources that the g.b.d. are connected to and a part of. so after research we as an office will support this retroactive approval, but the g.b.d. will be required to participate in the hearing at g.a.o. for approval of recently submitted required reports. esprit park is a community gym and the community deserves the renovation they have been promised regardless of the errors of the g.b.d.. we will continue to work through this so that the community receives all of its benefits. madam clerk, would you please call the roll on item number two. >> item two, supervisor preston.
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aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 aye's. >> thank you and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number three. >> item three, resolution to i a
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prove a lease modification to the 2011 lease and use agreement between the city and 39 various signatory airlines to extend the term from two years from july 2, 2021 through june 30,2023 and to affirm the ceqa determination. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> please call the roll on item number 3. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye.
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>> supervisor melgar. >> aye. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 aye's. >> thank you. and without objection this, resolution is adopted unanimously. maz am clerk, please call item number four. >> item four is an ordinance to amend the fire code and existing building code to extend the deadline for building owners to upgrade existing fire alarm systems from july 1,2021 to july 1,2023, and to make the appropriate findings. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll on item number four. >> clerk: on item four, supervisor presa canario. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye.
7:36 pm
>> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you. without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number five. >> item five is -- [audio disruption] supervisor ronen, mute your microphone. >> item five, resolution to approve amendment two to the agreement between baker places and the department of public health for behavioral health
7:37 pm
respite services, to increase the agreement amount by approximately $17.200-0000, for an amount not to exceed $27.2 million and to extend the term by five years, july 1,2021 for a total agreement term of january 1,2019 through june 30,2026. >> president: thank you. supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton. i could not allow this item to pass without noting that today is the opening day for the second but first ever community-based hummingbird behavioral health navigation center. it's been a long and wine windy visit from two years ago through the pandemic and various unforeseen project complication. but valencia hummingbird in district 8 finally opened its doors this morning. i know all agree every unhoused person with significant
7:38 pm
behavioral health issues should have an immediate low barrier exit from the street and no person should be released from the jail or hospital back to the street. the hummingbird model success at sf general shows us one path to get there. and i do want to thank d.p.h., salvation army, prc, tipping point, mayor breed and her staff and aaron mundy on my staff for the work of this project, and now we just need about a dozen more. thank you. >> president: thank you, supervisor mandelman. madam clerk, please call the roll on item five. >> clerk: on item five, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan.
7:39 pm
>> aye. supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. without objection this, resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item number 6. >> clerk: item six, resolution to i a prove for purposes of the internal revenue code of 1986 as amended, section 147, subsection f, of the issuance and sale of revenue obligations by the california enterprise development authority in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $20 million to finance or refinance the acquisition, construction, renovation,
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rehabilitation, improvement, and/or equipping of educational and related facilities to be owned and operated by alta vista school, a california nonprofit public benefit corporation. >> thank you. please call the roll for item number six. >> clerk: on item six, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye.
7:41 pm
>> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president: thank you. without objection this, resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 7. >> clerk: ie mr. president, were you interested in item 7 through 11 or specifically item 7 together or separately? >> president: i would in orderarily, but there is a request for item 7. >> clerk: item 7 appropriates $122.7 million of proceeds from series 2021c transportation and road improvement go or general obligation bonds to the municipal transportation agency for street and transit projects. $425 million of proceeds from series 2021d health and recovery g.o. bonds to the recreation and park department, department of
7:42 pm
homelessness and supportive housing, department of public health, and department of public works for improvements to park, recreation facilities, and open spaces, permanent supportive and transitional housing, mental/behavioral health facilities and street resurfacing and right-of-way projects. and $90 million from series 2021 e earthquake safety and emergency response general obligation bond to dpw and the public utilities commission for fire department facilities and emergency firefighting water system improvements and to place these funds on controller's reserve pending the receipt of bond proceeds. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton. colleagues, at the request, suggestion of the city attorney, i would like to on this file insert a new paragraph at page
7:43 pm
15, line 7, which would be a new section 8, that would read $54 million of the appropriation is hereby placed under controller's appropriation reserve for lease of appropriation reserves by the controller for construction laden expenses and expenditures excluding program management and design for the subject prior to concurrence -- to the occurrence of the board of supervisors discretionary adoption of ceqa findings reports from the square and following review and consideration of completed project and environmental analysis where required. and renumbering the existing section 8 to section 9. i would like to make that nonsubstantive amendment. >> president: thank you, so much, supervisor peskin. do we have a second? >> second. >> an i believe i heard supervisor haney second. >> there is a motion to amend item number 7 made by supervisor
7:44 pm
peskin. seconded by supervisor haney. madam clerk, can we get a roll call vote on the amendment. >> clerk: on the amendment to item 7, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. supervisor chan. >> aye. supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> there are 11 ayes. >> president: without objection, the motion passes. madam clerk, call item roll call
7:45 pm
vote on item 7 as amended. >> clerk: supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president: without objection, the resolution passes unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 8 through 11. >> clerk: items 8 through 11
7:46 pm
comprise four ordinances that purr pertain to the issuance and sale of general obligation or g.o. bond for the following amounts and purposes. for item 8, this item provide for theish shurns of a not to exceed amount of $487.5 million in aggregate principal in g.o. bonds for health and recovery 2020 to authorize the issuance and sale and to provide for the levy of the tax to pay the principal and interest thereof. item nine authorizes the issuance of a sole not to exceed $425 million in 2020 series and 21d. item 10 is the issuance and sale not to exceed aggregate of $90 million in a series on a tax exempt or taxable basis of city and county of san francisco g.o. bond for earthquake safety and emergency response 2020. item 11 is a resolution to authorize the issuance and sale
7:47 pm
of a not to exceed $122.7 million aggregate principal amount of one or more series of bond on a tax-exempt or taxable basis of the city and county of san francisco g.o. bonds for transportation and road improvement bonds 2014, series 2021c. these items also prescribe the form and terms of bonds and any subseries designation. providing for the appointment of depositories and other agents for such bonds. provides for the establishment of accounts and/or subaccounts. authorizes the sale of the bonds by competitive or negotiated sale. approves the form of the official notice of sale and notice of intention to sell these bonds. and directs the publication of the notice of intention to sell bonds. approves the form of the purchase contract. approves the preliminary official statement and the execution of the official statement relating to the sale of the bonds, approves the form of the continuing disclosure
7:48 pm
certificate. authorizes and approves modifications to such documents, ratifying certain actions previously taken, hopefully as defined herein, and grants general authority to city officials to take the necessary actions in the authorization, issuance, and sale and delivery of the bonds as defined herein. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll on items 8-11. >> clerk: on iteming 8-11, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye.
7:49 pm
>> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> president: without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, call item number 12. >> clerk: and thank you for correcting me. i indicated ordinances when you correctly stated they were resolutions, so thank you. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. i made a mistake when we approved item 11 and said resolution. touche. >> clerk: thank you. item 12 is a resolution to urge governor newsom and the california public utilities commission to extend the utility shut-off moratorium past june 30, 2021 and to forgive utility debt beginning march 2020.
7:50 pm
>> president: thank you. supervisor chan? >> supervisor: thank you, president walton. colleague, i wanted to provide a quick update on the status of utility debt forgiveness. after the introduction of this resolution and that we had a hearing at our government audit and oversight committee, after that hearing now i want to thank governor newsom for including $2 billion to go to utility debt forgiveness including water and power bills in his may revised budget. i urge the state of family and senate to support this increase funding and i also urge the governor and state legislature to insthur state relief goes toward community choice like clean power sf and not have to investor-owned utility. i also urge the governor and spuc to extend the moratorium on
7:51 pm
utilities shut off as residents and small business will still need assistance as we come out of this pandemic. colleagues, i also want to urge you if you have the opportunity and you haven't done so already to read the attachment with this resolution that including the presentation from our sfpuc to really talk about the utility debt that is such a great burden for our residents and small business in san francisco. and you will see the breakdown in zip code that actually impact your individual district as well. so colleagues, i look forward to having your support today. thank you. >> president: thank you, supervisor chan. i would love to be added as a co-sponsor as well. madam clerk, please call the role for item number 12. >> clerk: and we will add you, mr. president.
7:52 pm
on item -- >> thank you. >> clerk: you're welcome. on item 12, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor man. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> president: without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 13. >> clerk: item 13 is an
7:53 pm
ordinance to amend the administrative code to clarify the rights of landlords and tier one commercial tenants, certain commercial tenants that employ fewer than 10 full-time equivalent employees as of november 1, 2020 following the tenant's termination of the lease due to covid-19. >> president: thank you. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor: thank you, president walton. colleagues, i think it's fitting that we're considering this item right in the middle of small business month, and this is an update to the commercial eviction protections we passed unanimously and clarifies a fundamental part of that legislation, namely, that if small businesses terminate their lease, they are not obligated to pay future rent under that lease. but i also want to say that i'm very proud that this is one of the strongest protections for small businesses in the state and i think we should all take some pride in passing a law that
7:54 pm
has been replicated in cities across the state of california and it also comes at a time when california and that passed last year and 70% of the voters in favor before the pandemic hit. and next week i look forward to introducing a couple of additional pieces of legislation to design enhanced opportunities for legacy businesses and protect community institutions and in the same breath acknowledge that yesterday the rules committee unanimously recommended supervisor chan's neighborhood and anchor legislation to be before us next week. all of that good work comes in the context of pair'll efforts which i am afraid are moving in the wrong direction under the banner of helping small
7:55 pm
businesses, i am really quite concerned, colleagues, that the anything goes approach to economic recovery will have the opposite and adverse effect of hindering the small businesses we purport to be safeguarding or setting then up against each other in ways that will imperil communities serving anchor businesses and uses like laundromats which are in some ways the canary in the coal mine of our delicate and complex neighborhoods and are under tremendous pressure. i look forward to your support of this legislation today and continuing this conversation around the other piece of legislation that will be forthcoming. thank you, president walton. >> president: thank you, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, please call the roll for item number 13. >> clerk: supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye.
7:56 pm
>> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president: without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. madam clerk, please call item number 14. >> clerk: item 14 is a motion to i a point supervisor dean preston to the local agency formation commission, term ending february 4, 2022.
7:57 pm
>> president: thank you, and before we vote on this item, we need to have a motion to excuse supervisor peskin -- i'm sorry, supervisor preston. >> i move -- supervisor melgar. >> i second. >> thank you so much. we have a motion to excuse supervisor preston for this vote. seconded by supervisor melgar. madam clerk? please call the roll. >> clerk: on the motion to execute supervisor preston from item 14, supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye.
7:58 pm
>> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 10 ayes. >> president: thank you. and the motion carries unanimously. madam clerk, please call the roll for item number 14. >> supervisor ronen on item 14. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor haney. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman.
7:59 pm
>> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 10 ayes. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. and without objection this, motion carries unanimously. supervisor preston, welcome back. madam clerk, please call item number 15. item 15 was considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday, may 17, 2021. item 15 is an ordinance to amend the planning code to provide that temporary closure of liquor stores in the polk street neighborhood commercial district as a result of a major capital improvement project is not an
8:00 pm
abandonment of such use and that relocation of such use to another location in the polk street ncd does not require a new conditional use permit. and to affirm the ceqa determination and to make the appropriate findings. >> president: thank you, madam clerk. please call the roll on item 15. >> clerk: on item 15, supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton. >> aye. >> supervisor chan. >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye.
8:01 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president: thank you,. without objection this, ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. madam clerk, let's go to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: first up to introduce new business is supervisor preston. >> supervisor: submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor: submit. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor safai. >> thank you, madam clerk. thank you, colleagues. i have one item today. started to talk about it during our question time regarding food insecurity and re-imagining the way we distribute food in the city. in october 2020 the city's food security and covid food coordination group provided an overview of how the city was meeting its most vulnerable
8:02 pm
residents' needs. the function of the covid food coordination group was to support the city's food system. the food coordination was to support the city's food system, to align with the covid containment, and mitigation strategies which we also send and encompasses in the isolation and quarantine meal programs for residents with covid and their families. and the second and third function was for the covid food coordination group was to leverage existing food resources and their infrastructure as the bedrock of mass food support strategy. and lastly to develop new food resources to address the unique needs of high risk populations. today the two ordinances that i am introducing would permanently embed some of the great work and food coordination that was developed by the food coordination and equity and neighborhood groups at covid command center as well as adopt lessons learned from the community hubs on how to address food insecurity in a dignified
8:03 pm
and supportive manner that removes any shame or embarrassment for residents that need assistance with food. further more as we begin a massive reopening plan, we cannot dismiss the glaring crisis the city has in regards to food insecurity. for over six months my office has been working with food insecuritasing force, member of the sugary drink tax advisory committee and others. in addition my office spoke with the healthy retail koord naytors and various stakeholders with the department of public health. we have worked with veronica shepard, organizer of the african-american faith-based equity coalition and the equity officer paula jones, director of food security, and dr. bennett, chief health equity officer, and director of office health equity, and lastly, we have been working with director dr. cheryl davis with the human rights
8:04 pm
commission and director shakur simile through the office of racial equity. through all the conversations and impact i present you all today the biannual food security inequity report. i'm happy to have supervisor ronen as my inaugural co-sponsor of this ordinance. the proposed legislation would amend the administrative code to require d.p.h. to publish a by annual report on food insecurity and equity in the city and codify a method for d.p.h. to solicit data for the report from other city departments. d.p.h. would first send health equity related data to other city departments along with the framework and informing the departments how to apply the data. my second ordinance that i will be introducing today is the community food empowerment markets fund if proposed legislation is an ordinance that would amend the administrative code to create a special fund to provide grants to nonprofit organizations, to establish and operate food empowerment
8:05 pm
markets. money in the fund could come from city appropriation or any gifts made from philanthropy to the city to support this program. under the ordinance of food empowerment market with free food pantry and the distribution of donated or discounted food and other supplies from cooking and dining from commercial grocery retailers, community food banks as well as for many other sources. we have looked at the community models. we looked to that success and like shared spaces and other streets, we want to build and the success of our community hubs that have been a wonderful area for culturally competent response and looking at things from an equity lens for our communities that are most in need. and taking away the shame that
8:06 pm
many feel by having to stand in line. thank you supervisor ronen and the second ordinance with the community food empowerment markets to expand this model and re-imagine how we distribute free food in the city. and the rest i submit, colleagues. thank you. force >> supervisor stefani. to serve as a consul general in san francisco and italy and the western united states for the past five years. and the consular general has honored the storied italian and
8:07 pm
helped establish italian american heritage day and month honoring the history of ieal yans and italian americans to san francisco including the celebration at city hall and in 2019. and in addition, he helped oversee the creation of tony bennett way near the fairmont and brought renowned italian chefs to the area with a tis of italy. during the tenure he further strengthened the sister city relationship between san francisco and helping to make the 50th year anniversary of that relationship a huge success with delegates from each city visiting the other. and of course, we can't forget president's special visit to the bay area in october of 2019.
8:08 pm
from the the leadership with the district flight between san francisco and italy after a 20-year hiatus. and created with the italian researchers and the scientific community. from the city of san francisco to be there with so much more and introducing a resolution day on the first friday in june. this year june 4. since 2013, gun violence prevention advocates have recognized the first friday of june as national gun violence awareness day to commemorate the life of who was tragedy cally
8:09 pm
shot at 15 years old who ask the classmates and to announce themselves to other hunters when out in the woods. and symbolizes the value of life. and more than 100 americans are killed by gun violence and 230 are shot and wounded. americans are more hikely to die and as covid continues and increase called to domestic violence hot lines and increase violence in san francisco and across the united states. gun violence prevention is is more important than ever and is meant to honor the victims and
8:10 pm
like gun violence and banning untraceable ghost guns we must remember the toll to take on victims and family and to recommunities live free from gun violence. and finally i will be closing today's meeting in memory of oscar peralta. oscar was born in honolulu on june 30, 1929 and at age 10 moved to san francisco. after graduating from lincoln high school, oscar entered the u.s. navy where he served as instructor with the rank of senior chief petty officer during the korean and vietnam wars. after two decades in the that
8:11 pm
navy, he had a long career in technology before becoming babysitter in chief and volunteered a z a docent at the u..s.s. at pier 45 in san francisco. for more than 30 year, oscar gave communion to patients at st. mary's hospital on sundays an was a devoted member of the saint parish who loved sharing his faith with those around him. oscar is survived by his wife olivia, four children and his grandchildren who will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. i did appreciate when you pointed out to me that when i mentioned that it was supervisor ronen who might want to mute her microphone, i was wrong. and that it was actually you who made the noise on the mic open. but just thank you, supervisor stefani, for letting me know.
8:12 pm
my apologies to you, supervisor ronen. all right. the next member up to introduce new business is, mr. president, supervisor walton. >> president: thank you so much, madam clerk. and pretty soon we will be in the chamber again and maybe we can avoid some of those types of incidents from happening from all this team and zoom when we have to operate the past year plus. colleagues, today i am introducing a resolution along with co-sponsors supervisor preston, haney, chan, mandelman, and mar honoring a san francisco life long activist and educator susan sullivan on the retirement as president and a longtime member. susan is a life long educator,
8:13 pm
passionate activist, dedicated neighborhood, and loving and beloved parent, partner, sister, friend, aunt, great aunt, and grandmother. her legacy is that of a tireless leader who cares deeply for the happiness, well being and growth of her community. susan was born in san francisco on december 7, 1954 to herschel and josephine solomon. the solomons were politically engaged family. susan grew up in a family which nurtured a strong sense of justice and solidarity, and a strong sense of humor flavored with sarcasm from her mother. susan has fond memories of being walked off the travis air force base during the vietnam war where she and her father were caught distributing anti-war
8:14 pm
flyers. throughout her childhood, susan's family moved often, including a short stint at saint francis square in the western addition where susan would later set will her own family. due to the frequent moves, she attended numerous public schools in san francisco and dade city. ultimately graduating from lou el high school lowell high school in the class of 1972. susan attended u.c. berkley and was among the first students to graduate with a degree in genetics, a new major at that time. while she had initially planned to go into medicine, the classes that brought her the most joy during her undergraduate days revolved around art and education. two things that would prove central to her career. after completing her degree, susan moved to buffalo, new york, to live with her partner,
8:15 pm
the late fred pecker, also a legendary ilwu local 6 union activist here in san francisco. she ultimately earned her master's degree and early childhood education from the bank street college of education in new york city. when they first moved back to the bay area, both susan and fred took classroom teaching positions with low income preschoolers at the headstart program and immediately began organizing parents and fellow teachers to improve conditions by forming a union. the campaign was successful and workers eventually secured a contract with management responded by firing susan for being pregnant, something that was illegal but very common at that particular time. susan and fred raised their children as well as their nieces
8:16 pm
and nephews to have a dedication to social justice and a deep love of learning. before they could walk, herschel and naomi were carey and pushed in strollers on picket lines and marches and learned chants of protest songs alongside nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. they would attend san francisco public schools for their entire k-12 education. susan began teaching in the san francisco unified school district in 1999. she taught kindergarten at the former john swick alternative elementary school until it was closed in 2006, and then became a uesf staff representative for all high schools and 20 elementary schools. as a longtime activist, susan had served as union building
8:17 pm
representative, executive board member, elementary committee chair, secretary, executive vice president, and now president. she is currently also the vice president for political activity at the san francisco labor counsel, a california federation of teachers, vice president and a member of the american federation of teachers program and policy council. over the past year, susan's powerful leadership has guided uesf through this pandemic as she has worked unceasingly to prioritize the health and safety of san francisco's educators, students, school worker, and families. her loving family, friends, and labor siblings are thrilled to see her transition into the role of grandma buddy and we know her dedication to educating the next generation with passion, care,
8:18 pm
heart, and a decent objective of justice will continue to extend far. congratulations on your retirement, susan. and thank you so much for your service for so many years. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. and supervisor chan. >> supervisor: >> thank you, madam clerk. today i am introducing a resolution to declare may 18 as asian american and pacific islander day against bullying and hate. thanks to the co-sponsors supervisors melgar, mar, and walton for joining me on this resolution. may 18, 195 # a was the birthday of vincent chen when he was
8:19 pm
brutally beaten to death by two white men in detroit during a time of extreme racial animosity toward asian americans who were being targeted for the decline of the u.s. auto industry with the rise of the japanese auto industry. this case was a critical turning point for the asian american civil rights movement that continues to fight against hate, bigotry and racialized violence today, even 39 years later. this resolution is part of a national effort to rally cities states, and community organizations to highlight the need to protect our young people from bullying and hate even before the pandemic and the aapi community, particularly youth, have been increasingly targets for bullying and hate crimes. with certain populations including south asian, muslim,
8:20 pm
sikh, micronesia and lgbtq and limited proficiency english use at even greater risk. last year nearly 20 cities and states and 200 partner organizations declared may 18 as aapi against bullying and hate. we need to increase that number and that awareness of the need and urge more proactive measures such as school-based curriculum -- sorry, curriculum, in order to effectively combat this rise of hate and bullying against our aapi youth so that they not only feel safe but actually have safer communities. also, with my co-sponsor supervisor, supervisor peskin, i'm introducing a resolution urging the governor and the california department of housing and community development to immediately remove language barriers from the state rent relief program, aened to provide equal access for those in need of assistance.
8:21 pm
the state has failed to meet the language access needs of tenants and land lords in our district in san francisco and all across california. according to the u.s. census and american community survey of 2019, over 89,000 chinese americans are not english proficient, and that is about 10.6% of all san franciscans. so the largest limit to enenglish proficient population and according to the state's data, only 88 applications out of 252,000 applications were by persons whose primary language is chinese. so we know tenants and landlords who are in desperate need of rent relief but don't speak english or have access to the internet have been left behind by the state rent relief program. in april, colleagues, this board
8:22 pm
unanimously passed a resolution that i authored which called for specialized in-language support for non-english speakers to allow them to get the rent relief they need. so i really appreciate our mayor's office of housing and community development. they got that message. but i am really disappointed that the state has not. so we all expect that the city's rent relief program will be much more accessible than the state's program, but the failures at the state level have caused delays for our local program, and we don't know what state funds will become available. this is unacceptable. the state must do better and do it quick. the state's eviction moratorium is expiring on june 30. we cannot afford to wait any longer. the governor has announced he will be allocating another $5 billion for rental assistance and $2 billion for past due utility bills. i'm really grateful for that,
8:23 pm
but we need to make sure that our working families, non-english speakers, and those without access to internet, still have ability to these funds to access these funds. one of my top priorities as a district supervisor is to insure that the immigrants and non-english speakers get the services they need. i intend to make sure that the department and the state department of housing and community development share that commitment. so in addition, i would also like to thank our co-sponsors supervisor walton, melgar, ronen, haney and preston for this resolution. >> finally, i am requesting a hearing on the progress the city is making as we are reopening our economy. this is specifically about family friendly work places. in 2014 the family friendly work place ordinance championed by
8:24 pm
then supervisor david chiu went into effect to give caregivers working in the private sector more flexibility and dependable work schedules, recognizing that social changes around work places and care giving responsibilities. now, as we're coming out of a pandemic, where everybody has been forced to work from home while they balance their care giving responsibilities, i think it is important to take another look at this ordinance to see how it's serving our working families. most importantly, as the largest employer in san francisco, i would like to hear from the city, our city government, how our employees, our workers, how we're doing in creating family friendly work spaces for them. i have heard from our labor partners and it is my understanding that they have sent the city a letter highlighting their concerns about a return to work places including the lack of notice to employees, to return to the
8:25 pm
offices, the lack of appeal process and grievances for these types of positions, to deny community and finally the lack of assurance for safe work sites with adequate ventilation. so i would like to hear what the city's plan is to address the concerns and what other policies we can implement to make sure that we can pave the way on these ground breaking initiatives that will look inward to the internal policies and make sure that we are consistent with the outward facing policies. at this end this is really about equity in the work places. we know early on i have learned
8:26 pm
about working moms and they are really experiencing a lot of anxiety. and how do we balance work? how do we perform our best? not just as a worker, but also as a mom to care for our kids. i look forward to this hearing and to have the support to move forward to the current family friendly work place ordinance. the rest i will submit. >> thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor haney. >> supervisor: thank you, madam clerk. today i am introducing a resolution in support of ab988, the miles hall lifeline and suicide prevention act introduced by member rebecca kahn as an alternative to police responsibility to emergency response and the number of adults --
8:27 pm
35% over the last two decades and the suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and to face the health crisis and 1-6 live with a mental health diagnosis. among unhoused individuals the numbers are high we are 1/3 of
8:28 pm
unhoused people found to be struggling with mental health issues. according to the department of homelessness and and also the issues are more likely to be arrested over the lifetime and arrest and following the 63 to 90%. and in san francisco we are proud we have begun to address the need for the alternative to police response to mental health through the implementation of a street crisis response team. the california state assembly bill and by establishing a suicide and mental health crisis hotline in california. so that all people experiencing mental health crisis and our state are able to receive the appropriate nonpolice response to provide access to life saving care. 8988 will provide 24/7 access through call, text, and chat and deploy the mobile crisis teams for the appropriate intervention
8:29 pm
and expand access to stabilization services after a mental health crisis. this act has been endorsed by those across the county and the board of supervisors and the cities of concord, davis, lafayette, livermore, san diego, walnut creek and the california democratic party. >> i hope you will join them as the city of san francisco.
8:30 pm
8:31 pm
8:32 pm
>> and was also featured as a grand marshal of san francisco pride. have known her for all of hearses -- service to the city and county of san francisco. we are grateful to her and we hope she can rest easy knowing she will always be our icon. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor mandelman? >> thank you, madam clerk. i have two items which i will address today and the rest i will submit. the first is an ordinance, colleagues, earlier this year i announced a two pursuit legislation or discourage the production of large family residences affordable only to
8:33 pm
the wealthiest households and instead encourage the production of more smaller multifamily residences. at that time i introduced an ordinance to establish conditional use requirement for new large single-family homes and large residents expansions. that ordinance is going before the planning commission next month. i look forward to discussing further with the wall here -- with you all soon. today i'm introducing a second piece of legislation that will loosen the control that currently restricts housing production in many of our cities -- city's neighborhoods. the density control in these districts were established in the 1970s when san francisco's population was three quarters of what it is today. since then, the city has grown by 200,000 people and added over half a million jobs, but only 70,000 new housing units. during this time we all know what has happened to housing prices since a 2008 and 2009 recession. the median sale price of a
8:34 pm
two-bedroom home is $1.5 million in the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment has nearly doubled $4,500 a month before the pandemic. this has not been a uniquely san francisco problem. in 2016, a study found california ranked 49th out of 50 in the number of housing units per person and the average sale price statewide has grown to nearly 706 he thousand dollars. we who serve as the board are working to get historically exclusionary jurisdictions to increase their housing numbers instead of continuing to rely on san francisco to be a veteran community for their workforce. that said, we have to do our part here as well. doing that means we need to open up new housing opportunities here. and equity demand that we spread those opportunities citywide rather than relying on a few neighborhoods to bear the entirety of the new production.
8:35 pm
it will allow for a modest but long-overdue increase in the number of units across the city while maintaining existing height and bulk standards. in other words, we are not changing the allowed size of buildings, but we are allowing for owners and developers to add more units if they can within those units while respecting existing height and bulk controls. the ordinance would allow the development of four units on corner lots in all districts. this was a concept that was discussed quite a bit in the covid-19 economic recovery task force which recommended zoning changes to allow for small, multifamily buildings in low-density neighborhoods to support housing opportunities for middle income san franciscans. they identified corner lots and multifamily buildings, and based on the historical pattern throughout the city of larger and higher density buildings on corners, those buildings having
8:36 pm
been built before the zoning. the ordinance would allow for a density exception and districts on corner lots, only for projects that are not seeking any confessions or waivers under the state density bonus. when i originally announced might request for this ordinance in february, i propose making similar changes near major transit stations. based on consultation with the planning department in the city attorney's office and neighborhood groups and housing advocates and some of you, this ordinance only addresses corner lots as this is a change that can be made this year without requiring a brand-new e.i.r. i have not given up on a broader four plex proposal and with working -- i'm working with the city attorney's office to introduce that in a couple of weeks. two introduce a separate ordinance that would allow four plex is in all of the districts. that change would require a full environment overview which will mean that the board will not be voting on it much before the end
8:37 pm
of 2022. i'm proposing today we move forward with a piece of density control that we can do relatively quickly. i hope before the end of this year. my next item is legislation to require the city to provide reimbursements to qualifying small businesses for the cost of repairing or replacing storefront windows broken as a consequence of vandalism or burglary. even prior to the pandemic, i had heard from merchants from the castro concerned about increasingly unsafe conditions for small business owners, employees and their customers. conditions worsened during the pandemic. they had a window smashed twice. and one night in november, they
8:38 pm
all had their windows smashed. in response to these incidents, they did a survey for the cost of the broken windows in the neighborhood. they found 91 broken windows in the castro had resulted in $164,946.2 in rick hit -- and repair costs. in february, the merchants requested i introduce legislation to require the city to help to frame the cost of a growing problem over which the merchants have no control. i thought it was a reasonable request. today i'm introducing their legislation. it is not normal for a local government to act as an insurer for small businesses, but it is also not normal or acceptable for small businesses to experience property damage multiple times in a year as is currently the case in san francisco. paying to fix smashed windows multiple times a year should not be normalized as another cost of doing business, another crime
8:39 pm
tax paid by san francisco's merchants and residents. this issue is not unique to the castro and i know the businesses and all of our districts are struggling with this problem. supervisor mart secured $1 million in supplemental funding earlier this year for the office of economic workforce development to provide grants and distances to address these windows and other types of property damage. it builds on the efforts and requires the city to reimburse qualifying building and businesses for up to $2,000 for a smashed window and for up to two incidences within a twelve-month period. eligible small businesses must have total annual revenue of less than $5 million and cannot be a formula retail use. they need to report the incident to the police department within 60 days and must present a claim to the office and of economic and workforce of element within 20 days.
8:40 pm
they establish the economic and workforce development broken window fund as well, which i hope will be adequately resourced by the mayor and board of supervisors during the budget process. it is my help that this legislation will be rendered unnecessary and san francisco makes progress in reducing crime and getting people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorders off of our street and into care. i have added a sunset date of two years to the legislation. it is my hope that if we can get this in place we can extend the legislation. i want to thank the small business community and i want to thank the castro merchants for championing the issue and demanding the city do better. i also want to thank the council and others for their feedback and thank you two supervisors preston and moore and their staff for sharing feedback based
8:41 pm
on your office's experiences with these issues and thanks to tom soprano in my office for his many years of work on this issue. i will submit the rest. thank you, everybody. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mart? >> submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor melgar? you might be muted. >> thank you, thank you. colleagues, today i am introducing a resolution to affirm our city's commitment to paid parental leave. it is to support this the passage of a.b. 123, which would increase up to 90% of wages for paid family leave that can be acceptable to lower income workers.
8:42 pm
[indiscernible] for very low income workers. they will return the state to 55%. even fewer people will be able to take paid family leave. they pay into it. surviving on a 55% income is not an option for many californians, certainly not san franciscans. letting this happen would be inequitable and reflects poorly for estate that was the first to implement the family leave in 2004. last year, the state passed stronger protections for workers and small businesses to prevent job loss. if they took paid family leave it would be a shame to bring back another deterrent to taking paid family leave without -- with insufficient wage
8:43 pm
replacement. this is an essential issue for racial and gender equity. it is often folks of color and women of color who can least afford to take family leave. when workers use paid leave, premature birth and infant mortality are reduced, and breast-feeding duration increases. moreover, bonding time with parents in the first month of life has proven effect on child health for a lifetime. family resiliency and child development. the center for disease control says paid leave is crucial and it reduces the likelihood of intimate partner violence, it provides survivors the economic relief on healthy relationships. research shows that paid family leave and disability increases women's participation in the workforce. lack of paid leave is estimated to cost the nation's economy $500 billion per year in lost
8:44 pm
earnings. this past year, women left the workforce in record numbers. often citing the need to care for children as the main reason. letting these benefits decline will add further barriers to women trying to return to the workforce. we know 70% of wages still isn't enough, but 55% would be devastating to low-wage workers. many of whom are the same essential workers who have been surviving the covid-19 pandemic. the truth is, returning to 55% wage replacement would be catastrophic for low income families. california needs to pass this bill this year so it's replacement can increase up to 90% and paid family leave can be accessible to lower income workers. san francisco has a unique programme that fills a different portion of leave, which means that if the faith decreases the
8:45 pm
percentage for wage replacement, it could potentially put san francisco employees more on the hook for that difference. if anything changes at the state level, i want to urge the city to come together to re-examine our current local ordinance to ensure families are offered sufficient wage replacement, protection and time, despite this action. however, i hope that doesn't happen and i want to support the efforts. the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor peskin? >> thank you. colleagues, last but not least, i have a number of items this afternoon and i will speak to some of them. first i am introducing a resolution addressing a perennial and long-standing issue for the city, the region, and the state.
8:46 pm
it is a complement -- complex environmental policy matter which i hold dear and have a long history with. namely the allocation of water from the river watershed and its major tributaries to meet the needs of not only san francisco residents, but residents along the peninsula all the way down to southern alameda county, as well as the agricultural sector in the central valley, and critically, and this is the sector that has been perennially ignored, our environment, which has suffered immensely from diminished flows resulting in catastrophic declines of not crashing of the population of key species like the chinook salmon. those of you who were on the board back in 2018, which is most of us, will recall when the state water resources board last updated the quarter -- water policy control plan. this board of supervisors
8:47 pm
unanimously adopted a resolution adopting -- urging the p.u.c. to have 40% unimpaired in stream flows and for the p.u.c. to enter into voluntary agreements to effectuate this. folks may also recall that earned a very rare veto of a non-binding policy resolution from mayor breed. that chapter is behind us, but i was chagrined to put it lightly, to learn last friday that the san francisco public utilities commission filed suit against the state of california, namely against the state water resources board, not in san francisco county where we are located, not in sacramento county where the state water resources board is located, but in superior court. without so much as a word, not only to the supervisor, but to the selected policy body and the
8:48 pm
decision to do so and without a single public hearing on the matter except for a closed session meeting of the public utilities commission. i'm also compelled, and i don't do this lightly, to add that the inflammatory language from the city attorney that appeared in the chronicle is really not conducive to moving forward with a collaborative negotiation between the multitude of parties that could and should resolve this matter without years, if not decades of unnecessary, toxic litigation. colleagues, we have an obligation to honor the needs not only of municipal and industrial water users and of the agricultural sector, but we have an obligation to uphold the environment that the state of california is trying to uphold only to be litigated against by the city and county of san francisco. i have expressed my frustration to the acting p.u.c. general manager.
8:49 pm
i have accepted his apology for failing to inform this board of supervisors. nevertheless, today i'm introducing a resolution, which i hope will be seen in the light that i introduce it in a constructive way. that i hope will provide a public forum for this critically important policy decision and create opportunities for open public discussion with all of the appropriate parties, including the environmental community and other experts who have questioned our p.u.c.'s numbers regarding the so-called a model design. my decision to proceed with this is informed by the context of the p.u.c. that has been embroiled in the recent public corruption scandal and which has no permanent general manager. so i think we should see it in that light. i want to thank supervisor mandelman for his support of this effort and look forward to bringing the results of these hearings and deliberations
8:50 pm
before the board of supervisors. next is -- a supervisor chan mentioned earlier, we are working together as it gets to push the state to address what are gross inequities in the implementation of the rent relief programme that rolled out at the beginning of this year, but has yet to be accessible to chinese tenants and tenant and -- and chinese property owners. the programme remains locally out of reach for many modelling immigrants and it should be keeping pace. i want to acknowledge and think the news for covering this issue back in march. albeit, little has changed, while hundreds of thousands of residents wait to hear whether they have received rent relief. i hope that our state legislative delegation will champion this issue and push aggressively to get the state to
8:51 pm
take the steps it needs to reform these programs as expeditiously as possible. next i am proud to cosponsor supervisor stefani's resolution, bidding farewell to lorenzo, who i have had the pleasure of working with since resuming office a number of years ago. he is a lovely and special person and was a pleasure sharing north beach with him and supervisor stefani over the last couple of years. from events like the chapel, to recently the 75th anniversary on the avenue, to countless other events over the years. he was everywhere, always delightful, kind, thoughtful and humourous and finally, i would like to be added to supervisor haney's in memoriam. i remember her fondly.
8:52 pm
and a supervisor haney mentioned earlier, she worked with my chief of staff to rename the 100 block of turk after her friend and legendary drag review star along with programming and for residents. she was a talented performer and will be dearly missed. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. we will add you to that in memoriam. i believe supervisor ronen asked for the same, to be added to the in memoriam as well. >> i did. thank you. >> we have you as well. thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you, colleagues. thank you, madam clerk. now we are at public comment. >> thank you, mr. president.
8:53 pm
at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes public comment. the telephone number should be scrolling on your screen. when you hear the prompt, entered the meeting i.d. it is (187)789-0947, press pound twice and you will have joined the meeting. you will hear the discussion and you will be muted, but in listening mode. to be added to the speaker's q. to provide comment, press started three. when it's your turn, the system will send you a prompt. listen carefully for when you have been unmute it and begin speaking your comments. each caller will have two minutes to provide public comment. you are able to comment on the mayoral question time, the minutes, as presented. the subject matter items that do not appear on the agenda, and items 18 through 26. all right. we have interpreters standing by
8:54 pm
and they know to jump in to assist any members of the public -- public with their assistance. we have 13 members of the public who are listening and one member of the public in the queue. if you would like to provide comment, now is your opportunity. make sure you press start three to get in line. operations, let's hear from the first caller. welcome. >> supervisors, i have been listening to the deliberation and usually it's all over the place. a why are you all not speaking about the palestinians? they have contributed so much to our city and are being tortured and treated with disdain.
8:55 pm
who all have the feeling about anything and everything in the world. monday and stuff. it's time the board of supervisors passed a resolution thanking the palestinians for their contribution to this great city and county of san francisco. and at the same time, thinking about the millions of children who have been brought up in refugee camps for over 70 years. children who have not seen. who have not had nurturing, and
8:56 pm
i am going to impress upon the senators and the congress people to do what they have to do. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller, please? >> good afternoon, president walton and supervisors. i am the policy director for the river trust in san francisco. i want to express appreciation to supervisor peskin for bringing up the issue of being better stewards of the bay delta. [please stand by]
8:57 pm
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
9:01 pm
murders at the hands of police. i urge you to support the solution because it's the moral thing to do but also because we too demand humane actions from
9:02 pm
the federal government. and community here and our allies are calling for your support. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: [no audio]
9:03 pm
>> clerk: welcome, you we can hear your television. you might want to turn that down. >> caller: is it my turn? >> clerk: it is. >> caller: okay. i turned it down. >> clerk: yes, it's your turn. >> caller: hi, my name is laurie hamilton and just want to thank the board of supervisors for the meeting today and would like to address the low market rate tenant protections under the evictions. i thought that the low many of market rate tenants were covered under the rent ordinance section 37.9. we are trying to address
9:04 pm
homelessness in san francisco but low-market rate units are no longer in compliance. i'm in a two-bedroom apartment but my son moved out when i received a 60-day notice for non-compliance in the middle of a pandemic. so i contact the mayor's office of hours because that's where the units are governed and have yet to receive a response therefore i thought it be best i try to take this issue to the board of supervisors because what happens to tenants like myself? we don't fall under the rent board and now i'm worried we're not covered under the covid-19 protections. hello? >> clerk: ma'am, you have about
9:05 pm
35 seconds left. >> i'm hoping i'll be able to get a response in how to address this issue. >> clerk: so, this afternoon probably not but what i can do is have you call my office and we can take your information. may i give you the telephone number? >> yes, ma'am. >> clerk: i don't want to ask to you prode it over the meeting. call 415-554-5184, i do have an individual standing by who can take your information and we can get you the information you might be looking for, okay. >> caller: thank you very much. >> clerk: okay. thank you, ma'am. >> caller: bye-bye. >> clerk: operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please.
9:06 pm
>> caller: afternoon i'm laura campo calling to urge the board of supervisor to pass the resolution on the human rights violations in colombia. the government and police. the protesters face abuses by the national police. over 40 people have been killed by national police and anti-violence protest and over 60 are reported missing though i think the numbers are higher and they have marched globally over the proposed reform. the columbian president has protesters remain in the streets to denounce human rights abuses during the national strife. demonstrations are expected to continue and this matters to me
9:07 pm
because the people are not terrorists. they're my cousins, my aunt, all my ex-colleagues. the streets are full of people, mothers, elders, youth clinging to change. there's indigenous people and descendants have been murdered between 2016 and 2020 since the columbian peace deal. last year over 375 social leaders were murdered and the columbian government has done nothing to stop the killings. i want to thank the supervisor for the resolution and [indiscernible]. thank you.
9:08 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have 16 listeners and 11 callers in the queue. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon, supervisors. my name is douglas. i've been urged to call in so unfortunately i are to call in. first, i would like the police chief to resign. anything he has to issue public apologies in my opinion that's very demoralizing. if he doesn't want to be the police chief, he doesn't have to. i suggest he park his vehicle in the middle of the tenderloin, get on the bullhorn and tell everybody there'll be no more drug dealers and the laws will be fairly enforced. if he's not willing to do that i
9:09 pm
don't think he should be the police chief any more and would like the police officer association to take a no-confidence vote in the choice of the police chief. secondly, i think everybody in san francisco knows the police department has lots its deterrent affect. i feel sorry for every police officer what to do their job with both hands tied behind your back they're not police officers. they're paper pushers. ask them how they feel, i believe they'd all agree. and third with all the crisis in the chinese-american community are where our two heroes fred lau and heather lo. i smell something fishy regarding those two. i'm not about to make
9:10 pm
suggestions, i'm putting it in the public. two of our heroes have been silent. i would like to know why. number four, weren't there two high profile bank robberies in chinatown recently? i don't remember the local media covering it. one was on grant. one was on stockton and everybody saw the videotape. >> clerk: thank you, mr. yip. operation do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> caller: this is peter warfield executive director of library users association. we can be reached at
9:11 pm and we have a p.o. box and it's important i give this information because in the real world before covid and hopefully after, meetings enable folks to approach each other if interested to make arrangements if they wish. that's not possible here unless folks give some kind of contact information. the issue i have is affecting city wide and certainly the library almost complete withdrawal from contact by and in person of all kinds of city agencies and we used to be able to drop in on the office of this or that agency or 40 hours a week when we could phone those
9:12 pm
agencies and now most if not all have closed their office to personal visits and also are not taking phone calls or at least not directly. the library, for its part, has completely cut down except for -- well, with respect to programming they have cut anything occur than virtual programs for which you need a computer unless you know you could take part by phone and they have completely lacked any publicity for that and that means folks concerned about equity the most affected people are minorities, poor people, older people and those with english -- not so proficient in english. there's a discrepancy in the service provided to those people. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. operations do we have another
9:13 pm
caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good afternoon, everyone. i'm daniellea onisa. i'm a member of colombia sf area and look to increase social justice conditions and peace building activities in colombia. i'm here to urge all of to you pass the resolution opposing human rights violations in colombia by the government and national police. some callers have said columbus is currently under attack. over 40 people have been murdered, over 12 people have
9:14 pm
experienced sexual assault or more have experienced some sort of police violence. we urge you to support this because of the source of the violation. colombians here in the united states and now citizens of this beautiful country it's concerning how my taxpayer dollars are being utilized to hurt the people i love and kill the people who brought me up as a human and trying to kill my culture. i urge you to police support this resolution -- please support the resolution. >> clerk: thank you for being with us this afternoon and providing your public comment. we have 15 listeners in the
9:15 pm
queue and eight callers. if you're one of the 15, now would be a good opportunity to press star 3 to make sure you don't miss your place in line. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: this is gloria berry from district 10. good afternoon. i would like to also compound on the silence in regards to palestinian human rights. it's sad. thank you to supervisor peskin's public statement on it and as far as colombia also thankful for supervisor hanney's resolution. other than that i would like to say something i've been wanting to say for a while. i feel like on the subject of city hall opening back up and
9:16 pm
then one day the public being able to come back into chambers, i am really concern about the disenfranchisement of us participating in the process when it comes to parking around city hall. i don't think anyone who participates in making san francisco a car-free city should be driving to city hall that works there and also i would like to recommend that when it's time for the budget matters one of the supervisors take issue with the benches in chambers. it shouldn't be literally a pain in the [bleep] to sit through these meetings and when we come back it's very painful to sit on those wood benches. perhaps something through a black contractor or what not could come and design a
9:17 pm
beautiful cushion wipe on, wipe off seating so people who would like to participate don't have to agonize about the pain -- you guys are all sitting in cushion seats right now. imagine that being wood. i'm just speaking from my heart. have a good day. >> clerk: thank you for your important comments. thank you for being with us this afternoon. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> caller: good afternoon, honorable president and members of the board of supervisors. i'll calling in on behalf of the city of oakland. we're the co-sponsors of assembly bill 528 and appreciate your considering supporting the
9:18 pm
item number 21. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please. >> caller: i'm calling on behalf of the bay area and an organization and i need to thank supervisor mendelmen supporting the item the qpapi week is through the efforts of the coalition which is a cross-section of we're and trans
9:19 pm
organizations in the bay area and beyond as a we're immigrant i'm grateful for the existence of this we're and trans api community here for giving me a sense of belonging and pride. and it will bring greater visibility to the queer community and declare the first queer and pacific islander's week in the city and county of san francisco. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. thank you for joining us. we have 13 listeners and five callers in the queue. if you're one of the 13 and would like to make public comment now is a good time to
9:20 pm
press star 3. let's hear from the next caller, please. okay. we'll go to the next caller, operations. >> caller: i'm calling to ask the board of supervisors to pass the resolution for the violation of human rights in colombia. for three weeks columbian protesters have been experiencing human rights abuses from the columbian police and military and armed forces are now brutalizing people in colombia. since 2001 the u.s. has sent
9:21 pm
funds to support the troops responsible for riot police and they have been brutalizing columbians with impunity since the beginning of the protest. over 80 people have been killed by national police and anti-riot police and are missing and there's been at least 12 cases of sexual assault by police. it's almost been a year since george floyd was killed by police in minneapolis and like him there's been many people in colombia who have been recorded. here in the u.s. columbians and our social media is being flooded by videos of police brutality, seeing how people are being killed. just like george employed seeing our fellow brothers and sisters
9:22 pm
being killed in colombia and their last seconds of lives being live streamed i can't imagine having to experience it and now we who are privileged and seeing this and become witnesses we can't sit around and watch the videos and do nothing. that's why i'm urging you to take action and pass a resolution opposing human rights violations in colombia by the government and national police. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller, please? >> caller: i'm john mcmanos president of the golden state salmon association and i want
9:23 pm
daylight shined on the san francisco utilities commission. it was interesting to hear the acknowledgement of native indians once the residents of what we now call the city and county of san francisco. while we pay homage to those before and the p.u.c. who i can describe as renegades insulting not only native people but everyone else who appreciate the environment who once existed in the state and still could down stream and the drainage on the tuolumne river and out through the delta and bay. i'd like to remind folks our commercial salmon season this year has been truncated due to low measure of salmon in some measure to the activities of the
9:24 pm
s.f. p.u.c. and they're looking at less than 50% of a regular season and will open this week and we'll be out there in nasty conditions expected to be blowing in excess of 35 miles an hour and there's a low number of days given which is a reflection of the abuse of the environment going on i'd also a -- like to remind the board that the trump administration sought to strip california of its authority to regulate air pollution then attorney general javier becerra fought back and the trump administration has gone after the rivers in the stream --
9:25 pm
>> clerk: apologies if i'm interrupting your comments, sir. we're setting the timer this afternoon. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: yes, good afternoon. barry toronto. a couple quick things. the mta is making it very -- m.t.a. is making it difficult for taxi to get around and traffic has gotten worse due to the closure of golden gate park and the great highway. it makes 19th avenue a nightmare it makes it difficult to serve that part of town. i'm hoping that supervisors can take an active interest and
9:26 pm
continue what supervisor gordon mar is doing by trying to engage some more dialogue with the board. i also would like to address when a supervisor addresses a foreign event i think it's concerning if you're going to denounce israel you have to also recognize hamas is a terrorist organization and have to wonder what happened to the humanitarian aid that went to gaza strip and how it was spent? i would have to say alienating some of your supporters by not looking at the whole picture is disturbing and hope you'll do more research and recognize the fact that hamas does not care about the survival of any jewish
9:27 pm
people in the state of israel. one thing, i agree with supervisor mandelman about the vandalism. it's a problem because a lot of people say they're homeless but hang out at night in the castro and though i've not personally seen damage done by these individuals but see people loitering around at night that have no business to be there. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have two callers in the queue, 10 listening. if you're one of the 10 that wants to speak press star 3 otherwise we'll take the last two to the end. let's welcome the next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon, president and members of the board. my name is pedro galvan a policy
9:28 pm
director in northern california. we're based in san francisco and our mission is to have everyone a place to call home. we're calling in support of 21 to urge the board of supervisors to urge the resolution by supervisor peskin to support a.b.528. due to the pandemic, more home owners are falling behind and drawning in debt. it's a critical to keep tenants housed and the homes be converted. it's proud to co-sponsor this within oakland and giving developers to build in more places. we believe by investing and maintaining the affordability
9:29 pm
and keeping tenants in place we protect communities from gentrification and displacement. we thank you for the support and urge you to vote yes on this today. thank you for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good afternoon. thank you for having me. i'm a member of connection san francisco and also a public servant of the state of california. i'm calling to urge the board of supervisors to pass the resolution on the human rights violations by the columbian government and police as callers have shared it pains me to see how my taxpayer dollars are
9:30 pm
promoting violence in colombia and i hope one day we can use the money sent to colombia to build a better future so to not facilitate the state violence. i urge you to please pass the resolution of human rights violations and i stand in solidarity with the brothers sisters in palestine and urge you to pass a resolution to the violence in palestine is stopped. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. okay. operations, let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon, president walton. this is bobby lopez, she, her director of policy of baska a local housing provider.
9:31 pm
i'm calling in support of item 20 and support of assembly bill 816 homeless plan and item 21, california bill 528 regarding abandoned and lost properties. a.b.816 is paramount to ensuring local governments and state agencies are part of an accountability process by engaging to collectively find solution to our housing crisis. it creates a housing and homeless inspector general position within housing and community development that monitors the implementation of such plans and also ensures there's technical assistance. it's support the corporation for supportive housing and affordable provide and the city
9:32 pm
of san diego and now on to a.b.528. current law allows non-profits to buy tax defaulted properties. only 55 have been repurposed as affordable housing in the last 10 years. we believe this bill will make that difference to make sure we are preserving the properties for affordable housing or that tenants have an opportunity to purchase these delinquent properties. it's supported by the city of oakland and emeryville and cchp, east bay housing organizations and many more organizations and thank you so much for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. nice to hear your voice this afternoon. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please?
9:33 pm
>> madame clerk, that completes the queue. >> commissioner: thank you, madame clerk and thank you to everyone who called in. public comment is now closed. madame clerk please call items for adoption without committee reference, 18 through 26. >> clerk: yes, mr. president. items 18 through 26 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee and unanimous vote is required on first reading today and alternatively any supervisor can provide a resolution to go to committee. >> commissioner: colleagues, would you like it sever any items? supervisor mandelman. >> item 18. >> supervisor stefani.
9:34 pm
>> item 22. >> supervisor peskin. -- supervisor preston. >> item 21, please. >> thank you so much. supervisor safy. safai. >> item 24. >> thank you, supervisor safai. madame clerk, please call the roll for the remaining items. >> clerk: mr. president, my staff has signalled supervisor haney may have his hand up. >> sever item 18.
9:35 pm
>> clerk: on items 20, 23, 25 and 26 supervisor preston. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor ronen. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor safai. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor walton. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor chan. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor mandelman. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor mar. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> clerk: supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> without objection the
9:36 pm
resolutions are adopted unanimously and motions approved unanimously. >> call item 18. >> it's a resolution to oppose human rights violations in colombia and demanding the implement of the lehey law to suspend assistance to the riot police known as the anti-mobile disturbances squadron. >> thank you, supervisor haney. >> last week i introduced this resolution in solidarity with the activists facing concerning threats to civil liberties and human rights. before we vote on the item i wanted to highlight new information and details on the developing and escalating situation. since we introduced the
9:37 pm
resolution the number of interactions have grown as they riot and police have committed violent interventions and 146 cases of firearm shootings by police and 18 victims of sexual assault by the police force and arbitrary arrests and we've seen cries of help from columbians and the president of colombia said he'll continue to use these forces. media attention has grown with members of congress issuing statements condemning the violence and implementation of the lehey law. i want to thank colombia connection for sharing their
9:38 pm
legislative resources and supervisors preston and walton for co-sponsoring and statement of support. this resolution expresses san francisco's solidarity with the latin american immigrant community and the recognition of columbian immigrant and american to the social fabric and diversity of our community and hope you support the resolution. >> commissioner: thank you, supervisor haney. madame clerk, call the roll on item number 18. >> clerk: [roll call] .
9:39 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> thank you. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item 19. >> clerk: item 19, resolution to celebrate queer and transgender pacific and asian -- asian and pacific islanders week may 22 through may 29. >> supervisor walton. >> thank you for the resolution declaring the week queer and
9:40 pm
transgender asian and pacific islander week in resolution. this will make ours the first city in the country with designated week of celebration and recognition. amidst a heinous week of attacks around the united states and with state legislatures targeting the lgbtq plus and trans community this will send a strong message of support and solidarity to qtapi folks have been bettering our city and people like margaret chung and crystal jang the first openly gai and lesbian teacher in the
9:41 pm
1970s. people like the transgender hiv positive and sex work activist known as the god mother of pole being street who an activist who became the first publicly out accivist -- activist. organizations like the gai asian support group, and the gay asian pacific alliance and pacific islander wellness center formed in the 1970s, '80s and '90s to build access to essential services like health care. in the 2000s, organizations like
9:42 pm
formed as a hub to change news and coordinate projects in the san francisco bay area and there was a response to the anti-asian quality and built people power. in early 2019 the bay area qtapi coalition was formed to build community and recognize the historical context and interdependence and look at the identity and create many member organizations and have produced fantastic fund raising events up response to the murder of three asian women and at massage parlors in atlanta they
9:43 pm
immobilized into action and conducted a solidarity march led by gafa and rallied against aapi hate they mobilized to take a stand against aapi hate. this is a time when organizers look at the strengths of the community in the face of continued violence and pride and identity as part of the community. during the week, member organizations of the bay area coalition will host member meetings, networking activities, capacity building events and facilitated conversations that further the work of the qtapi movement in the san francisco bay area. many community leaders collaborately author the resolution before us with a detailed history of the community.
9:44 pm
i would like to thank jasmine hu and [listing names] and nick large and michael wynn for their work on the resolution and thank my colleagues on the board for my co-sponsorship and join me in celebrating the community and declare may 22 through may 29, 2021, qtapi week in the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> commissioner: thank you. madame clerk, call the roll for item 19. >> clerk: [roll call] .
9:45 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner: madame clerk, call item 21. >> clerk: resolution to supporting california state assembly bill no.528 abandoned lots and properties and give developers an opportunity to build in more places and remove
9:46 pm
tax delinquent properties from the ledger and strengthening the chapter 8 process for acquiring and rehabbing tax delinquent second homes. >> commissioner: thank you. supervisor preston. >> thank you. i wanted to take a moment to thank the folks who called in for the resolution the abandoned lot and property into opportunity act. this will make it easier to convert tax delinquent properties into affordable homes. due to the pandemic more home owners and renters are falling behind and drowning in debt. it's critical to keep tenants
9:47 pm
housed and home owners out of collapse and in the event second homes fall into tax delinquency they be con verred into affordable housing creating more opportunities to take private properties out of speculative market and into the hands of nonprofits and public agencies was a core element of i and i believe 528 compliments the efforts at the state level with an underlying recognition as policy makers we must learn from our experiences of the great recession of 2008 and not lose thousand of housing units to the speculative market. i want to thank the co-sponsors and would like to acknowledge and thank the city of oakland
9:48 pm
and the non-profit housing association of california for being sponsors of this important bill and the almeida democratic central committee and habitat for humanity and other organizations and individuals for their support of this bill. thank you. >> madame clerk, call the roll. >> clerk: [roll call] .
9:49 pm
there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner: thank you. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, call item 22. >> clerk: resolution to support state assembly bill 812 the repeal of the spousal rape exception act to make sure it's treated as seriously the rape of a non-spouse. supervisor stefani. >> this supports assembly bill 812.
9:50 pm
the repeal of the spousal rape exception and it would be treated and penalized as the rape of a non-spouse. it's baffling to me this is still on the books in california. we're one of 11 states that distinguish between spousal rape and other forms of sexual assault. this is based on antiquated notions that wives were once property of their husbands. last week i shared the bill stalled in sacramento and turned into a two-year bill and i wanted to report and to share that state assembly reggie sawyer will have this heard as soon as possible due in part because of the attention given to this. he made this announcement not
9:51 pm
long after it was reported and i'd like to this many state senator cortez for introducing this in the senate rape is rape regardless of marital status. i hope you'll join me in urging the legislator to passing the bill and thank you to supervisor walton for co-sponsoring the legislation. >> thank you, madame clerk, call the roll on item 22. >> clerk: item 22.
9:52 pm
[roll call] there are 11 ayes. >> thank you. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, call item 24. >> clerk: the motion to appoint monique guidry term ending september 14, 2023. >> thank you. i want to say words about her. i'm excited to put her name forward thor the childcare planning and advisory council. she's a native san franciscans who served in the early
9:53 pm
childcare community and education workforce the past 24 years and the former president of the family childcare association of san francisco. she's recently been appointed as a delegate for district 19 california party. she's been a mentor teacher through the early childcare mentor program the past 15 years. she's a dedicated member of the lake view community serving multiple organizations. one recently called invest black and volunteering a significant amount of her time on a regular basis. she has a deep commitment to black children and early childcare in particular and inspired her to become a founding member of the african american early childcare educators collective with a
9:54 pm
specialty in helping children that are often unable to fit into a traditional early education environment. she takes some of the most challenging children and makes them into calm wonderful children and then able to transition to kindergarten in a productive way and have seen her work personally the last 15 years. she's done a tremendous job and has a deep appreciation for the necessity for early childhood members and is a respected voice. i'm happy to put her forward today and hope you will support her colleagues. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you, supervisor safai. you'll probably never ever hear me say this again but i echo every last word you said about ms. guidry.
9:55 pm
>> supervisor ronen. >> i echo everything you just said, president walton. if you ever want to understand how important of a role a person can play in guiding a children in the right direction look at their mom and kids. if you look at monique's mom and children, you want the same thing for every child. i want to echo how excited am about the appointment and thank everyone involved in making it. >> thank you. madame clerk, please call the
9:56 pm
roll on item 24. >> sorry, my chat box is broke en. i want to say this is the first instance of our new board rule of direct appointments that no longer go to the rules committee and go to the full board calendar, thank you, supervisor safai for i think being the first to do that and there'll be more to come. this is the most expeditious way of making those appointments quickly and i encourage colleagues to follow suit. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the first.
9:57 pm
madame clerk, call the roll on item 24. >> clerk: on item 24. [roll call] >> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> thank you. without objection the motion carries unanimously. madame clerk, do we have any
9:58 pm
imperative agenda items? >> clerk: none to report, mr. president. >> thank you. would you please read the in memorials. >> clerk: yes. today's meeting will be adjourned on the name of the following individuals for the late mr. oscar peralta and mr. paul anka ayovel and on behalf of supervisor haney and supervisor mandelman, ronen and peskin, i believe for the late felicia arredondo. >> thank you, madame clerk. is there any further business before us today. >> clerk: that concludes the business for today. >> as supervisor chan is pushing for today to be anti-asian bullying day here in for
9:59 pm
instance, i want to end with this very brief quote. strong people stand up for themselves. stronger people stand up for others. this meeting is adjourned.
10:00 pm
>> president bleiman: i'm the commission president. due to covid-19 health emergency and to protect entertainment commission members all meeting rooms are closed. all members and employees will be participating in the meeting remotely. commission members and employees