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tv   Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  May 22, 2021 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> president bleiman: i'm the commission president. due to covid-19 health emergency and to protect entertainment commission members all meeting rooms are closed. all members and employees will be participating in the meeting remotely. commission members and employees will attend the meeting video
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conference. public comment will be available on each agenda item both channel 26 and, our streaming number across the screen. each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak. opportunities to speak during comment period are available .using zoom platform to speak, select raised hand option by the time for public comment. you'll be unmuted when it's your turn to speak. while we recommend you use audio, you may submit public comment on the chat function on zoom. we'll start with the roll call.
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[roll call] >> president bleiman: all right. first order of business is public comment. this is for any time that's not listed on the agenda. any public comment? >> clerk: there are no hands raised. >> president bleiman: we'll close public comment. next item is number two. approval minutes from the may 4t2021 meeting. do we have a motion to approve the minutes from may 4, 2021? is there a second? >> i will second. >> president bleiman: is there any public comment on the minutes from may 4th?
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>> clerk: there's none. >> president bleiman: all right, the meeting minutes have been approve the. next agenda item is report from the executive director. >> we have to vote. >> president bleiman: they are not approved yet until we vote. [roll call vote] >> president bleiman: now the meeting minutes have been approved. next item 3, report from executive director >> hello commissioners. i do not have an update this evening. i held in some reserved items just in case we had big updates about anything for you. one thing i will just say that in debrief from friday's retreat, i thought that was
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fantastic for smaller working groups to start working with that analysis in terms of how they move their groups forward. again, as much as staff can be helpful to all of you and putting out invites, we can use teams for this kind of activity and we can ensure that we have staff available to take notes and send out those numbers after the fact. happy to do that. happy to do research in between on items that are needed for working groups however we can be helpful. really looking forward to all of that. hoping that our leaders of each groups will start scheduling their meetings soon. we're going to meet tomorrow as a group and we can discuss those next steps in more details. thank everybody. it was really successful and you all had some great ideas and inspired all the staff to keep it moving.
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that's all i have. >> president bleiman: any questions or comments? i want to say what a great job that our staff did, maggie and the team, in putting together that retreat. thank you so much. dylan, antonio and krystal and everyone else, thank you for all of that hard work. it was effective. i thought that was a really well done retreat. even though it's on zoom, i thought it was the most productive that we had. that was pretty cool. thank you. any public comment on the director's report? >> clerk: there is none. >> president bleiman: we'll close that item. move to the next. the next agenda item is number 4. which is report from senior
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inspector savino. >> thank you president bleiman. good evening commissioners. it's been an interesting two weeks regarding our approach to the venues. let me explain here. since our last hearing, there's been 25 sound complaints we issued three e.r.v.s. we believe highlights will support our enforcement efforts as well as those of the businesses we permit.
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one example is curio. we intend to implement this approach with businesses you see on this list. first business is 16th street on mission. i been to this business three times. regarding live noise. found that the business was hosting indoor entertainment but not have place of entertainment permit. since the business continue to operate without a permit, director bleiman decided to issue notice of violation on wednesday may 12th. we sent destructions to talk to the director if they wish to
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apply for a p.o.e. their location ma make it challenging by the planning department. next up is foreign lens. located in north beach. we been to this business twice in response to a complaint made the supervisor of the district. not only this business but the street has become increasingly louder in the past few weeks and nuance to the neighborhood. the first visit the inspector educated the business owner on the j.a.m. application. found they were waiting for pending shared spaces permit approval. after the second visit, director weiland issued notice of violation on wednesday may 12th for continuing to operate without a permit. the business has not submitted a j.a.m. application as they are still waiting to be approved for an s.f.p. i followed up with this to the owner this past weekend.
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we'll continue to be in touch to make sure their application is submitted. we can bring them into compliance. next i like to bring to your attention kapla gardens. this has one neighbor that's displeased. this business is not operating within their j.a.m. permit conditions as made over ten complaints via 311 platform and through e-mail since they opened about a month ago. we have visited on four separate occasions. last wednesday i conducted a sound test and issued sound limits. moving forward i will return to conduct the secondary test for approved special events that will include special specific days where they want to host live bands which are inherently louder. the plan is to approve them for special events a month and if
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and when they're able to produce these events without complaints we'll be able to consider increasing their number of events a month. the last business that i have flagged for you is the midway. this business has received three noise complaints in the last two weeks. two of them from complaints located in two miles from the business. i was able to visit the compliance with air sound levels. the business wasn't seven decibels over the sound limit. after the sound check, i drove
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up to the location to see if the sound frequency were noticeable. they were. due to the topography of the city and potentially due to the way sound carries when we're experiencing fog, which we had a great deal of the past couple of weeks. i was able to hear the base frequencies all the way in noelly valley. director weiland decided to issue a notice of violation due to business operating in access of their allowable sound limit. please let me know if you have questions. >> i'm shocked that someone in noe valley hearing the noise
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from bayview. how did they narrow it down to this noise? >> you may know about that. this is not the first time -- this has happened many times in the past from that specific location either pier 70 or midway because it's so close to the bay during those foggy nights. it can kick up the hill and that's all of a sudden, the only place where sound is being heard and complaints are happening. >> i remember that one. >> pier 70 and midway had these issues before. that's why we noted the fog. for whatever reason, it's a limit that helped carry it. tony, do you have any idea? >> no. potentially the residents have lived there for a long time. they've heard it before maybe
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during beyonce or other events. that's why myself and the manager and a sound -- someone from the sound department, we went up there and listened ourselves and were texting the other staff members to turn the volume down and up. then collectively, we agreed that, this is coming from the midway. for a moment, it could be just a car. in my professional opinion, i think it was coming from the midway. >> pretty cool you did that. >> thank you for the detective work. >> for sure. >> president bleiman: any more questions? thank you very much inspector
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savino. is there any public comment on this agenda item? >> clerk: there's is none. >> president bleiman: we'll close this item and move on to the next. item 5 which is hearing and possible action regarding application -- sorry. next item is number five, hearing possible action regarding applications for permit under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. director weiland will introduce one item today. then we have a visit from one of the aides, supervisor peskin here.
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>> commissioners, only permit onent agenda is place of entertainment for club fugazi experiences. you may know this location because it was formally home to a long-running beach show here in san francisco that closed at the end of 2019. we're delighted that this space will continue on as an entertainment space and i'm really excited for you guys to meet the new owners. david and eric from club fugazi will tell you about their actual plans and circus performances, i will mention that space will be used for neighborhood community and private events.
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there are five letters in support in your file. there was no opposition to this permit. the officer did approve it. here to tell you more about their application and planned activities this evening are david dower and eric eislund from club fugazi.
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>> thank you for having us. i'm david. >> i'm eric. >> i'm dana. >> as maggie said, we are taking over the lease at club fugazi. the previous tenant was there for 45 years. one of the wonderful things with working with the owners of the building is that they said to us very early on when we started talking about our interest there that success for them would be that they never have to talk to a new tenant again. it's kind of a marriage on both sides of hope for a long and happy relationship. i did want to take a few minutes to walk you through what we have planned. i think you can hear in some of the letters of support.
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tomorrow you're going to see all the press hit. you'll get a lot more information at that point. i want to give you some sense of the ideas behind what we're doing. this is the presentation that we've been giving in the neighborhoods. we done it in a number of neighborhood organizations. we've done it with businesses. it's been a really wonderful process getting to know the neighborhood. we think of this as a phoenix rising story. we didn't know when we started this was the bird on the flag of city of san francisco. it's about the venue and forum. our culture has taken hit in san francisco over the past year. this is our project to rise again. club fugazi, many of you know, has a huge history.
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we feel like we're in continuity with that long history and that it's always been a space that was about what was coming. beach blanket was a brand new idea. when it jumped in, grateful dead first album released. we feel like we're in a great tradition in this venue. fugazi back through the wonders of very accomplished global brand call the seven fingers. which is contemporary circus company. one of the largest brands in san francisco. based in montreal but founded here in san francisco. the team includes two san
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francisco natives who are creating the show. gypsy, child of the founders of pickle family circus, they ran off to join cirque du soleil and think haven't been able to come home. this is their first opportunity to create a project in the city of san francisco and to return. they've been looking for a space for years. club fugazi was the first time it came together. we think of san francisco as much as an idea as the geography. we are as interested in the myth of the place as in the physical plant of the space. it's this myth of myth and magic, we want our show to
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recreate on stage. circus does not tell story through tech. it's not a verbal form. it tells more like in the manner of dance. it's an emotional art. it's through tableau and the human body as opposed through the voice. we still expect this experience to deliver us kind of love letter to san francisco. we start from the premise that our city has been dealt a series of blows over long period of time now. it's time to recover. we want to make sure that when we come to into this recovery, we are moving forward and not going back to normal. part of the situation of normal is what led us in the problems that we had prior to the pandemic and all the things that have arisen through the pandemic. we think of part of our job is to tell the story of our interdependence. it's unity and our differences that will lead us forward. circus is the best way to learn
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that without having to be beaten over the head by it. largely in a circus performance, every performer is dependent on the other performer for their lives. if you are on the tight wire and i decide not to spot you, you fall and you die. in circus every moment every performance we can see how we're all are one to another. what if through this jewel of theater, we retell the story of our capacity to rise. this is not a pipe dream. there's no recovery without imagination. there's no recovery without optimism. that's what our project is about. we can't leave the job of our resurgence to the politicians
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and to the engineers and business people. we need our artist as well. we need our stories. stories with powers are resilient. here's shana and gypsy. pickle family circus. lot of work on broadway. they've done opening ceremonies in the olympics. they've done events for stadiums of 100,000 people. they've done night clubs around the country. it's not a dream. it's real. the team is in place. the vision is clear. the venue is now ours. and the city is with us. if you think about this little act in the circus what you see here in this picture, you jump on one end and the person on the other end is flying. all i'm asking you to jump with both feet and we'll take it from there. timing, spring of 2021 is now and we begun operations. we started the demolition in this space. we'll be doing the renovations
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throughout the summer. we go tomorrow all the publicity drops. including in the "new york times" and the chronicle and live feed from the television morning news. tickets go on sale 2021 and for all of 2021, we expect to be in performance. what we kind of need is permission [laughter] hopefully we're not ahead of ourselves. we're scheduling all of this to drop tomorrow. there we are. that's the basic outline what we're up to. eric, did you want to add anything? you're muted. >> david and gypsy and shana. the opportunity to work on this
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and involve the community is central to what we're doing and central to the seven fingers work. it's a great opportunity and beautiful venue to present a show. it's also sort of a model for how a show can work within a community with a venue. we're excited about that. we got a great marketing team local bay area. people have been beyond with and other shows. i think we're going to do a great job in terms of getting the word out and hopefully reaching lot of people. >> we don't tend to focus much on our own experience. all these institutions have been about fostering transformation through our culture. eric has worked in massive global brands as a general manager of global enterprises like disney on ice.
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i'm returning, i was here for --20 years. it's a lot about homecoming. dana is helping us navigate the permitting process and also made her way back home. lot of us who are coming back to pull this off. dana, did you have anything to add? >> it's been a delight to reconnect with david. i've been helping with the performance arts association. delighted that we team up with david and eric -- [indiscernible]. i will be helping with some logistics and administrative
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items. any questions? >> president bleiman: thanks for presenting. commissioner lee goes first. >> only thing i can say, i'm really happy that -- i was wondering what's going to happy after they left. when i used to run -- i took over -- we used to do little circus performance.
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>> my background, i was with felt entertainment for years. i was a promoter for years. then i started a company when i left, i got married and decided to stay here in san francisco with my wife and kid. i started a company that produced shows and we ended up
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working selling the company. my background is a promoter and building audiences. this show like the presentation that david mapped out for you, is something we strongly believe in but also is reflected in the show. what's interesting about the concept that shane and gypsy come up with. it's unique niche in san francisco. we can fill in niche in a new way. it will reach tourists when tourists come back.
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this show is going to reflect that. it's very young and fresh. we do have great marketing team in terms of getting the word out and having a compelling message.
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we're hopeful dome -- come out of the box strong with ticket sale and ride demand so we can have a sustainable business that works with the community and all the staff that works on the show. we do have a plan to reflesh the show every two years. there's a plan to refresh the show and have people come back and want to see it. there's sort of this hybrid of definitely model to reach locals which we're excited about going at again. i know i am.
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>> i would add, two of the first people to raise their hand or businesses to raise their hand potential sponsors and partner, one is san francisco travel association. they see it as a win for them to be able to track tourists back. they see a win for them to be able to market to potential -- people are considering san francisco as a tourist locations. in that sense, it's going to do both things. we are already have seen from the travel industry that they are anxious to have us come back so they can pick up where they left off. >> that's great. we need the show back, for sure. there's not very many. i saw the news that the governor
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spending lot of money on tourism. maybe you can get some of that. [laughter] >> good to ask. good luck to you. i don't see any security issues small venues now, unfortunately, i come from a larger venue. i run a small venue now. i tell you to stay in business these days, sometimes smaller is better than bigger. >> one of the things, -- i put up a seat map. this is the street side. when you come in, this is what you'll see. these are community tables with seats on both sides. the show will take place all up and down these aisles. we're not sure what capacity is going to be. how many can we see.
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these seat will go in as we can increase the density of the space. the space will look full even if you're at 50% capacity or social distance of 6 feet. we'll fill in it club as it goes. it will feel like a success. this strategy here has been to keep the floor flat so that the unicycle oare on a flat floor.
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i have no other questions. >> watch the chronicle tomorrow. come join us. commissioner perez? >> commissioner perez: thank you so much for your presentation and welcome. i have couple of questions and comments. i was lucky enough to be able to attend the very last performance. very emotional. very nice show. i hope that your show will have the same legacy. good luck for you. two questions. the first one is during your rebuilding, are you planning on adding additional soundproofing things inside the space? >> we are not intending to do additional mitigation unless we find it becomes necessary on
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inspection. beach blanket was a vocal show with 13 people on mics. they're not belting while they're flipping around. [laughter] i think the sound load is going to be lighter than what it has been prior. if we find -- we are working with meyer sound, which is the sound designer in the bay area. we may find that we have to and we're prepared to do what we need to do to make the venue functional. so far, our load will be lighter. >> commissioner perez: my second question is about community outreach. i'm glad to see you have several
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that support business organization. i was wondering if you can expand more on your outreach to specific neighbors and residents in the neighborhood? >> sure. lot of the north beach neighbors are residential group. we did those early. we wanted to make sure that we had reached the neighborhood groups before they heard it in it paper. since then, i've been walking around the neighborhood with these letters. i put them in mailboxes or taped them on the vestibule probably six blocks around several hundred at this point have gone out into the neighborhood. we only had couple of people check in with us. most of the people lived there, literally next door and one from across the street. i haven't had a lot of response to the letter. but the letter is out there. all -- it's in all of the
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businesses. all the businesses on green street, all the businesses on stockton and vallejo and to powell and down to washington square park and down greene to grant. one of the things that maggie alluded to was that we want the space. we want to bring that back. it's only accessible down flight of it stairs. it would allow for community meetings, it would allow for the partners that we have in the space to be able to have additional space. it's a lot of -- that's an important room.
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a.came up several times. that's a ram that matters to them. it's important to us because of the location there, on the even side is north beach and outside is chinatown. we're commit to this notion of this connectivity in this space but that downstairs room is going to be important for that. everybody is happy that we're back and wanting to know if we'll get the downstairs open. >> did get to see the condition from the police department? are you okay with it? >> yes. part of the thing is, we're actually marketing an experience not a show. for us, it's going to be really important that the experience is the same whether it's our
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resident show in there or music presenter. the experience for the patron has to be the same. it's got to be friendly. it has to be organized and efficient. it has to be safe and comfortable. we will always have -- when that venue is open to the public, it will be member of the fugazi team on site in charge. >> commissioner perez: thank you so much david and eric. >> president bleiman: any more questions? i don't have any questions. i'm so happy this space is being activated again. you guys have a lot of experience. i think i speak for at least
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myself. we're excited for this project. we want to see it succeed. with that, i will -- there's no other commissioner comments. did sonny ever make it? i have a feeling she will be in support of this. [laughter] >> i want to turn to take public comment. >> president bleiman: i appreciate that. is there any public comment on this agenda item? >> clerk: i'm going to flash the screen again just for short bit.
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>> i would like to say, everybody we've been involved with in the city has been incredibly helpful. you don't always hear that story. i want you to guys to hear that story. from economic workforce development and supervisor peskin staff. just so responsive and to seeinger to -- so eager to help. it's been incredible with the amount of support and patience and accessibility and responsiveness that we've gotten. >> we're trying to open in the fall. we're in a hurry. >> president bleiman: still no public comment? >> clerk: there's none. >> president bleiman: we'll close public comment.
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we'll leave up to motion. >> i'll make a motion that we approve club fugazi experiences for a place of entertainment permit with the staff recommendation of approval good neighbor policy and sfpd central station recommended condition that a managing staff member shall be on premise. >> second. >> president bleiman: we can vote. [roll call vote] >> president bleiman: all right, so moved. congratulations on your permit. just reach out to our staff as soon as you can. they'll follow-up with you. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you all.
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>> come on june 4th. there's an open house at 6:00 on june 4th. >> thank you. >> president bleiman: i believe we are on to our final agenda item. which is commissioner comments and questions and new business request for future agenda items. what we got? we just had the retreat, there was lot of time. >> i think that said everything that i need to say. >> president bleiman: my jaw hurt from talking so much. usually it's fine. all right. i don't have anything. thanks again for all the work the staff did and thanks to all the commissioners for showing up last friday and really making the most of it. any public comment on this agenda item?
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>> clerk: there's no public comment. >> president bleiman: with that, we will adjourn the meeting at 6:15 p.m. thank you everyone. have a wonderful day.
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[♪♪♪] [siren] [indiscernible radio chatter]
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>> hello. i'm dr. john brown, the medical director of the san francisco e.m.s. agency. this is national e.m.s. week. it's a time for us to take a moment and celebrate the e.m.s. providers throughout the country. i want to take this moment and this time to thank all of the e.m.s. providers in san francisco who have gone way beyond the level of care in this situation. as the covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe and we prepared to respond to this disaster, you stepped up to an integral part of that response. you wore cumbersome p.p.e. and responded to rapidly changing protocols on a daily basis.
10:48 pm
your commitment to this e.m.s. system is truly extraordinary. additionally, you helped us push our care along even further, and about to start our lucas device program to improve the care for cardiac arrest patients. this is amazing to push e.m.s. care above and beyond where we are before during the midst of this pandemic. i thank you for that. i also wanted to shoutout and especially recognize all the folks that have helped us in the e.m.s. transportation hub, the 911 dispatcher, the paramedic supervisors, the patients transfer coordinators, the paratransit drivers, everyone coming together to spare the 911 resource and keep us responding to disasters in an appropriate fashion. while we can't celebrate e.m.s.
10:49 pm
week together, i hope you know how much i appreciate all of your courage, professionalism, and dedication in this unprecedented time that we're living in. >> greetings, and happy emergency services week in san francisco. i am san francisco fire chief jeanine nicholson. i wish i could be there in person to express my gratitude to all of you. the call takers and dispatchers, the call taking personnel, and, of course, paramedics and e.m.t.s. i understand and appreciate what it is you do day in and day out. i sat where some of you now sit. i'm a firefighter, but i worked on both d.l.s. and a.l.s. ambulances in the san francisco fire department before some of you were born. i know what it is that you see and do while at work. i know the impact it can have. i know you make sacrifices to do what you do, and i know many
10:50 pm
of your families do, as well. so continue to take care of yourselves and each other. go out and learn something new every day. keep up that positive energy and enthusiasm. thank you for your loyalty, not just to the job or to the fire department, but to the people here in the city and county of san francisco. there is no higher calling than one of service to others. you are appreciated. >> hi. i'm san francisco police chief william scott. on behalf of the officers and the personnel of the san francisco police department, i'd like to thank you and congratulate you on this, the 46 annual e.m.s. week. like our brothers and sisters in the fire and sheriff's department, we rely on all of you in e.m.s. for emergency medical care. i have experienced nothing but the highest level of
10:51 pm
professionalism from our ambulance crews in the field and know that each of you go the extra mile, whether it's a broken finger or cardiac arrest. >> hi. i am mary ellen carroll, director of the department of emergency management in san francisco. we are the city's 911 center, and we answer every fire, police, and emergency medical service call. our dispatchers work hand in hand with field personnel to make sure that every call for medical care is handled not only efficiently but with compassion. you are the next link after we take the call. the care that you provide to these patients can truly be the difference between life and death. i want to thank all of you for your dedication, your service, and commitment. >> hi. i'm sheriff paul miyamoto, and
10:52 pm
i'm proud to call out the professionalism of our e.m.t.s. we provide safety services for both zuckerberg and laguna honda hospitals, and we've come to know many of you. >> i'm grant colfax, director of public health for the city and county of san francisco. i just really wanted to say thank you to the e.m.s. team for your work. 2020s been a challenging and unprecedented year as we work together to address the covid-19 pandemic, and your work being on the frontline every day is saving so many lives. these are unprecedented times, and we've had to come to new
10:53 pm
ways to thank people. so while i can't do it in person, i want to thank each and every one of you. e.m.s. has always been an incredibly strong and important partner for public health, with public health and our work, and it only continues to be more so during this pandemic. i want to thank you, but i also want to make sure, with those thanks, to express the clear ask of you to take care of yourselves and your families. we know that during these times, self-care and getting the help that you need is so important as you work on the frontlines saving lives every day. thank you so much for your help. >> hi. i'm mayor london breed. i want to thank every e.m.t., paramedic, firefighter, nurse, physician, and the support personnel who are part of our e.m.s. system in san francisco. during e.m.s. week, and as we
10:54 pm
are fighting this global pandemic, i am especially grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the important work you do every single day. it's because of you that we feel safe knowing you are in that ambulance, in that fire engine, or in that hospital emergency department, really to provide assistance to anyone in need. most importantly, you carry out your duties with care and compassion. now more than ever, our city appreciates the extra effort and sacrifice you have made to keep us healthy and safe. tonight, we light up city hall, coit tower, and salesforce tower in e.m.s. blue and white to honor your service and sacrifice. [♪♪♪]
10:55 pm
>> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you so much for what you do. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. >> e.m.s. strong. thank you. [♪♪♪]
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>> my nave is jeffrey and i'm the director of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and i am so excited to be here and to inago rate the restart of the san francisco subway system and our f-line. it has been a long 14 months and we are not out of the woods yet. i am so grateful to my hard-working teams. everyone who has been work to go try to get service restarted. muni is the life blood of san francisco. it's how college students get to school and it's how people around and how we function as a place and brings service back is
11:01 pm
absolutely essential to san francisco's economy so with no further adieu, i would like to introduce our mayor, london breed. [applause] >> thank you, jeff. first let's give it up for the official band of san francisco! the gay and lesbian band. i don't know about you, but i'm excited to be here. we're listen to go live music for a change. san francisco is truly coming alive. and one of the things that happened at the beginning of this pandemic, so many of us basically said, i hope san francisco will do a better job at some of the construction projects so that they don't interfere with my commute to work or to school when the city begins to reopen. well, in some cases we couldn't necessarily do that. but the good news is, we have an incredible leader in jeff tumlin
11:02 pm
and an amazing department m.t.a. and the commissioner who is joining us here today. they knew this was an opportunity and an opportunity to make significant improvements to muni. because let me tell you, as we begin to open our city and begin down the path of recovery, having a good public transportation system is going to be critical. now, some of the nuts and bolts, mostly don't sound really exciting to people, but they're exciting to the people who ride muni, who for example, want to access the internet when they're underground, this is something i've been work on since i was supervisor and scott wiener was helping for this cause. here is the good news, a lot of the work we were able to do is making it possible to make muni more efficient than ever. it was a struggle, yes, but we
11:03 pm
are in a very, very good place. we're asking for people to be patient. so here is what we have planned. first of all, the f-line, the historic cars, the museum, that's over there that talks about the history of rail in san francisco and just how important it is, bringing those cars back is really important, not just for transportation but for tourism and the f-line that goes from the castro to fisherman's wharf, those with the open covers and the closed covers, those lines are starting back tomorrow. [applause] under ground. i know we missed the different underground trains to take us from downtown all the way to the west side in rapid speed when it's working right, right.
11:04 pm
muni underground is coming back in effect tomorrow. we did a lot of the underground work and you know how sometimes you get stuck in that tunnel at church street, and you are like, man, and all the trains get backed up because our system wasn't necessarily equipped to handle the number of riders that we see and jeff had the foresight to look at this along with a number of experts in transportation and we're going to combine the t and the k line and we're going to make that line more efficient but let me tell you, i'm most excited about this because this is something that i've been working on, again, since supervisor. they will have two car trains in every instance instead of one for all those folks who wait where i used to campaign at when i was supervisors at the early stages of my political soft
11:05 pm
involvement, it was providing better service for then june a. i'm excited about it. just imagine being late to work and school all the time because of then june a. the other thing that will happen, which is really great, i think, is we'll have wifi underground and publicard and better mow efficient service so i can tell you this but you are going to experience it. you will fee. i was listed a a celebrity announcement and your mayor welcome you you back to san francisco muni train and that
11:06 pm
includes the voice of renelle brooks moon and jerry rice and there's also one other person ledge on dar tee actor bd wong so great voices including mine so this is a good day for san francisco and we have a need to make sure our transportation system is up and running and getting us from point a to point b. i want you all to return to muni and i want you all to be patient with us we're keeping our cars clean and keep service working more and i want to take this opportunity to especially thank many of the drivers of our trains and our buses because let me tell you, this pandemic has
11:07 pm
hit our city hard and when you look at the city data for those impacted by covid it was many of our drivers who were on the front line and they put their lives on the line to continue to make sure our essential workers and people got to and from work and i really want to thank them and thank you all so much and thank you for the work that you continue to be there for the people of san francisco and make sure you treat your drivers with kindness and respect because they go through a lot in this city trying to get people around. all the staff and all the parking control officers and all the of the folks who have been out there trying to direct traffic and do all the things that make sure we can efficiently get from point a to point b. there's a new day in san francisco, i appreciate you all being here and we're here with a
11:08 pm
number of officials that will speak and i've went on for way too long but at this time i want to introduce someone who has been a true champion of public transportation for this city. i miss him when he was in san francisco fighting the good fight but i'm excited about his fight in sack ra men co and it's why the government is making a big announcement about a significant increase in support for transportation no one is aggressive and support, calling financial support for this city and this state for public transportation to make it better and more efficient for all of us than our state senators, scott wiener. [applause] >> thank you, madam mayor. i have to say, i do miss when the mayor and i were on the board of supervisors together and we were probably a little
11:09 pm
irritating to m.t.a. at times because we were pushing and pushing but in the end, we were all able to work together to make muni run better and so thank you madam mayor for your leadership and thank you to jeff tumlin, who i was so excited when he agreed to come in at the m.t.a. it's an exceptional leader and visionary and jeff and i actual low road muni from castro and market today. it felt like the old days when we would get on muni and take the f-market down market street and now that's going to be the new days because the f is coming back and that is so exciting. so, i have pretty long relationship with muni. i've been a regular daily muni rider since 1997. obviously in sacramento i'm not riding it. it was how i commuted and i
11:10 pm
didn't drive my car, i took muni. thank you again to the muni drivers who have gotten me around for 23, almost 24 years here and who have stood with us during this terrible pandemic. and so, this matters to me personally but it also matters to my community. so many people in this city are dependent on muni. they don't have a car. muni is how they get around. it's how they get to work and to the doctor and it's how they go shopping. and so the idea, when we were starting to hear things, during the pandemic, about would -- there we go. [ bells ringing ] i'll wait a second. >> i'm compete against the bell. so, when we were hearing during the pandemic, that what would
11:11 pm
muni be like after covid. would muni still be around in the same way? were we going to loose lines? what bart going to be around in the same way. for a lot of us, it was really scary because san francisco would not be san francisco without muni. san francisco won be the transit oriented climate change friendly place that we are without muni and it's part of not just our life blood but our core values as a city and as a community and so i am so excited that muni will come back as strong as ever many of the subway, the f-market and we'll keep these bus lines riding because so many people rely on the buses as much as we love the subway and i am optimistic about where this agency is going to heaved. i want to really thank congress and our federal government for throwing repeated life lines to muni, to bart, to all of our
11:12 pm
transit systems and had congress not stepped up and dramatically funded transit, multiple times, we would not be here today. i don't know where muni would be. i don't know how we would get reopened. how do you do that? where would bart be. so what the federal government did, was absolutely life saving for these transit systems. and we are working very hard at the state level toll make sure that this amazing budget surplus that we have, because of income tax and because of our stimulus relief, that we're using a portion of that for transit and other sustainable transportation. and the governor just made a big announcement today and i am very, very excited about what we're going to be able to put in as a state. thank you to everyone. thank you muni for helping get us around and let's keep fighting and making this system as amazing as it can be. thank you.
11:13 pm
>> i am so grateful to have a state senator who i can randomly run into on my morning commute on muni. i am so grateful to mayor breed and scott keener's support and helping us come back and also to the federal government because we would not be here today. we're also going to be grateful to the state for using some of their surplus on capital investments because while we've made a lot of progress in the subway over the last 14 months, we still have a jenky system that runs on floppy disks so things will be better tomorrow but they're not going to be perfect. what i can promise you is we will continue to be honest with the public about the state of our conditions and what our service is like and what you can do if things don't work as well as we moment and that has been my over all strategy as director
11:14 pm
sfmta. we're grateful for community partners who have helped us come back and continue to advocate for our success. one of our port post art partners is market street railway and so i would like to introduce. >> thank you, jeff. isn't it great to be vaccinated. let's all thank the mayor in her leadership in bringing us through the fog of this pandemic. [applause] you have been a great light to this city, mayor breed. thank you to jeff and julie and the entire muni team, mta team. from the very top all the way through the ranks to the front line people who made this happen. you know, a famous leader in america, another great woman
11:15 pm
leader, said it takes a village. that's what made the return of the f-line possible. it was all up and down the mta pulling together with operators taking the initiatives to say we want to come back and how can we help? they helped design the protective barriers you will see in the street car as it pulls up. in the all the street cars you ride on the f-line, you will be able to be safe and this is a very positive development. it was a real collaborative effort and the shop team put them in at an unprecedented pace. i have never seen such collaboration in my 40 years around muni so i want today hear a shout out for the operators and the maintainers. [applause] also i want to give a shout out to all the business leaders and the neighborhood groups, the cbds and bids and all those alphabet agencies that bring our businesses, our small businesses
11:16 pm
together to make their neighborhoods a better place to do business and they stepped up, they talked to their district supervisors and they talked to jeff and they got results and the folks in castro, and andrea yellow the people up in the wharf, randel scott and on and on and on, they've all done a great job. are there any neighborhood representatives here? and robbie silver from downtown. and karen flood from union scare. they were all here. you guys were all great. one more shout out is to michael dellard, an old friend who has been a stalwart businessman here at one market restaurant for a long time and he stepped up to us and said what can we do to get the f-line going and by the way, we would like to give you a merge of every proceeds from every ruben we sell in our new
11:17 pm
newdeli. you help us when you help yourself to a ruben. it's a brooklyn sandwich but it's a san francisco generosity. we appreciate that. it's all part of our san francisco village. it's a city that honors its her tige while it strives to correct mistakes we've made in excluding people, denigrating people and keeping people down. we work to make this city better all the time and that's what our future is. that fits right in with our organization's motto, which is keeping the past, present in the future. and we are glad that these street cars are going back to work, helping to rebuild our economy, and helping to carry people where they want to go and helping to draw visitors back to our city. we're going to be riding on this wonderful boat tram and that vehicle was brought by our non-profit along with a second
11:18 pm
one to san francisco years ago and our board is led by our chair carmen clark, who is here and i want to shout out to. carmenwho used to run muni. and our board members, ron fisher and cat siegel are here. we are proud to have done that and told the story of how for transit built a livable city and keeps renewing it. we're open, go in and get a free calender from us because the rest of the year is going to be a lot better than the months we've had. thank you to our mayor, thanks to this team. thank you all, very much. [applause] >> thank you, rick. well, many of us spent the pandemic behind our computer screens at home and in our pa jam a. the entire sfmta front line crews have been out there everyday during the pandemic
11:19 pm
getting essential workers to work. i am so grateful for their resilience and hard work through all of this. they're why i work the hours that i do. and so i would like to introduce one of our operators, alena galloway who worked at agency for over 25 years with 19 years of safe driving experience and someone whom we rely upon for her direct advice. >> good afternoon. there's some expressions of gratitude in order. thank you to london breed, union, roger moranko, market street railway, rick lobsher, president, engineer body and pcc shop for their craftmanship when building the operators safetien
11:20 pm
close you'res. san francisco board of supervisor, citizens advisory committee, thank you to sfmta for placing the f-line back in business it takes a village to get our float rolling again. from castro and market to the west field shopping center past the railway museum and down the embarcadero to pier 39 and on to fisherman's wharf. the f-line transporting a diverse ridership in our diverse city on a uniquely diverse historic street cars. from all around the world, our cars are so unique, that people travel far and wide to get photo ops or a ride. now along with san francisco's resilience, and survival instincts, that is something to be proud of.
11:21 pm
it's an honor and a pleasure to be a operator in the city of san francisco. ladies and gentlemen, please help me help you a arrive at your destination safely by wearing your mask and practices all cdc guidelines. thank you and i'll see you out there. [applause] getting through the pandemic has required all sorts of new partnerships. it's required a depth of pippa cross almost every city department and so, i would like to introduce the director of the ports, elaine forbes, who is here along with our key policymakers. including sharon lie who is on the sfmta board and of course, member of the board of supervisors ahsha safai. and in order to introduce our last speaker, i want to say while the sfmta is mostly about
11:22 pm
mobility, we are about so many other things as well. our vehicles are a symbol of san francisco and support the visitor economy. we're also a primary driver of supporting small business success which is why we have been such staunch supporters of the shared spaces program from the very beginning and one of the many reasons we're so happy to be bringing back the f-line the way it supports small business recovery and so now i'd like to introduce joseph who is the owner of a restaurant here at the ferry building to say a few words. [applause] thank you, mayor breed for in inviting me to speak and forgive me if i sound a little nervous, i'm a baker not a speaker. i also want to say thank you to the sfmta for reopening the f-line. i run a bakery line and it's a
11:23 pm
charge. i can't imagine running a whole transit line. my name is joey and my wife and i opened in 2008 and which started at farmers' markets which led us to a spot in the ferry building. in that time, we've been in the ferry building for 10 years, in that time we've enjoyed the crowds shoulder and shoulder crowds of international travelers, bay area commuters, and then also experienced charges more recently of of course the last year with the pandemic. with the ferry building being opened during the whole time, you know, it gave us and our colleagues in the marketplace the opportunity to continue to service our communities and to give our ploy's a place to work and really was a lifeline to
11:24 pm
keep and stay open. so, with that, with the farmers market and the marketplace, i've been firsthand witness to see what public easily accessible transportation does to a small economy and it not only brings more traffic into the areas but it also brings more diverse crowds. i think some of our customers would probably not make it to us without places without the f line. i think right now, as we see san francisco and the bay area seeing air recovery, it's a great time to be opening up the f line. not only is it a beautiful
11:25 pm
streetcar, it's also a need that allows bringing people into the area. i think the cable cars are the world, the world can have the cable cars but the street cars are ours, they're very san francisco. i'm really looking forward to welcoming back our customers and really want to saw thanks to everybody. thank you, very much. [applause] >> thank you so much, everyone for being here. i just want to take a moment to say how excited i am to see elaine a here today and i didn't recognize her because she still looks the same since i was a kid. her grandmother, miss redman, used to press my hair and all
11:26 pm
the kids' hair in the neighborhood in the back of her house. you can get a press for $8 and if you didn't have enough money, her grandmother would let you slide and that was, her grand mother was less than 100 pounds, the cutest woman you want to see but the toughest woman you want to meet. those hands were brutal. she would get your hair straight as i nails. i'm so excited to see her, someone who has been working for muni for so many years. along with so many people who have an incredible history in this city. and that same history that is existed for some time are resilience and how we've been able to look back and use the examples and the mistakes and the challenges that existed in the past to bring us forward towards a future is exactly how we're going to recover as a city. i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited about it and let me also just sigh, it's small business month in san francisco for the month of may, stop buy some of the small businesses and provide support and go to a
11:27 pm
restaurant and different places all over the city. hop on muni to do that and smile and say hi to your muni driver and enjoy and be patient as we continue down our path of recovery for our city. thank you all for joining us here today.
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
>> good morning, everyone!
11:30 pm
i get the amazing privilege of being the coronavirus of habitat for humanity greater san francisco and we're so pleased you can join us. we're here in diamond heights to break ground on a very important project to us. there's not very many community occasions that is exciting as the ground breaking except for the day we give the keys to the family which is coming soon. as we begin, i would love to invite a champion for affordable housing and a good friend to habitat for humanity, pastor teresa chow sigh a few words and to bless us all. pastor chow. [applause] thank you. a house carries very significant importance. it's more than just a shelter, for some it's a sanctuary, place
11:31 pm
of rest and belonging. for my parents, who emigrated to the u.s. from south korea a house was a dream, however their dream didn't stop at owning a house for themselves, but being able to provide a house for their children and grandchildren. 20 years ago, when i moved to san francisco, newly married, my parents' dream was realized as they helped my husband and i purchase our first home. and it's why i chose to wear this particular stolz today. this korean fabric means many colors. during very difficult times through out korean history, parents would don their children in these colorful fabrics as a symbol of their hope. they carry the hopes and dreams of the community and i wear this carrying dreams many of us for not just housing but affordable housing. to make this dream come true, it takes the community to put fourth the sweat equity, to push fourth just policies, build a
11:32 pm
foundation, network the resources and carry the hopes with determination. i love that the homes that will be built here on this land begins with community. city officials, faith leaders, volunteers, neighbors, homeowners and home dreamers, which truly makes it our house. in the korean angst possess i have pronoun, my is rarely used. we use our. my house is our house, my dream is our dream, my land is our land. however, when we say our house, we also carry the responsibility of not only the hopeful future but the past so that our dreams do not -- are not at the expense of others and that's what it means to be a community. so in the spirit i would like to share this house blessing by poet jan richardson and acknowledging this is on the
11:33 pm
ancestrial home lapped of the aloney people who are the or not inhabitants. think of the year as a house, door swung wide and welcome, threshold swept and waiting a grace spaciousness, opening and offering itself to you. let it be blessed in every room, let the it be hollowed in every corner. let every nook in the refuge and every object set to holy youth, let it be here that safety will rest, let it be here that health will make its home, let it be here that peace will show its face and let it be here that love will find its way, here let the weary come and let the aching come, let the lost come and let them find rest and find their soothing and let them find their place. and let them find their delight. and may it be in this house of a year that the seasons will spin in beauty and may it be in these turning days the time will spiral with joy and rooms will
11:34 pm
fill with ordinary grace and lights spill from every window with welcome to the strangers calling it home. amen. [applause] >> thank you so much pastor. we appreciate you and your congregation for your friendship and your advocacy on housing and your on going support. i want to welcome our guests here with us today. because of covid we had to limit the crowd. i appreciate all of you who are here with us, and physically and in spirit. i'm delighted to say that mayor breed is with us today. since her inauguration, mayor breed has been a true champion and leader prioritizing affordable housing. under her leadership, the mayor's office of housing and
11:35 pm
community development has continued and increased their work supporting families and communities across the city. today, san francisco has a robust pipeline of affordable housing and ready to be built and available at all levels for all family sizes. madam mayor, it's great to see you and we look forward to bringing hundreds more homes that we have in our pipeline in the next several years forward to partner with the city. i also couldn't be happier the district 8 supervisor mandelman is with us today. there are few people who have worked harder more thoughtfully than you have to get more affordable homes built with the needs of each neighborhood. it's good to see you. i'm going to come back to a would be wonderful proposal of yours in a little while. eric shaw is also with us today. thank you for your leadership and your vision and we really appreciate it. we also have with us three san
11:36 pm
francisco habitat homeowners today. den ice, jenn, and jeanette. if you can all just wave. like all habitat homeowners, denise jenn and janette know their way around a construction site and experienced home builders. i know they can't wait to welcome new families to these homes and help them on their journey. i'm so pleased to see bryn smith here today, a fantastic volunteer who has worked hundreds of hours both here in san francisco and overseas across the globe. thank you, bryn. you live a stone's throw away and we'll see him working on the homes. representing our amazing dime opened heights neighborhoods, i can see betsy eddie, thank you, co president of the diamond heights community association, and betsy is such a strong supporter of this project. from the moment i first called her to say yes, how can we help and i really appreciate you. last time we were together, just up the hill at the police
11:37 pm
academy, we had about 70 community members join us to learn about and support the project. i was so impressed that we had almost everyone 68 out of the 70 who said yes we want to see this project happen. something that doesn't get enough recognition here in our city. our architectses, toby is here and you can see the beautiful rendering behind me and it will turn into a beautiful community for the families that live here. and you can see reflected in the design the compliments of the neighborhood as you look around. several members of our habitat for humanity greater san francisco board are with us today. mark and ken preston and thank you for coming out and if i missed anyone, sorry. we have a board meeting later so i'll hear about it. normally, of course, in pro covid times, we would be able to welcome many more of our hundreds of homeowners and thousands of volunteers to this event. i feel so blessed that we've been able to be here together
11:38 pm
and gather as many friends. i know we're all excited to be moving forward with this path to a gradual and safe reopening. we're starting the project with a very special story attached to it. on this site, right here, stood the home of a great san franciscan maria collish. she was one of the first people to move into the diamond heights neighborhood in the '50s when all of this was in open meadow. she was a chemist, activist, medical researcher whose circle of friends included chemist line, artist, and venture and architect fuller and photographer imaging cunningham and if you look over at the plaque, you will see the beautiful image that the shot of her that we memorized on a plaque. she loved her city and had he loved the people who live here. the site was donated by her son and his wife. in her honor and memory they wish to help more hard-working
11:39 pm
families stay in the city that she cared for. today, mischa at 99-years-old is resting at home and he is looking forward to seeing a video of us all later today. the flag recognizing his mother will be a fix to the building when finished. the sculpture is based on a photo. this will stand as a reminder to all of the life maria left and her generosity to families in san francisco. so now where there was previously one home, there will be eight homes. three and four bedroom homes for families. this type of urban refill project typically more manageable numbers on units on smaller parcels o of land has potential to contribute to the number of homes that low income people can be homeowners in in san francisco. that's why we're so supportive of sensible proposals such as
11:40 pm
those by supervisor mandelman to make it a little easier to build smaller size projects and certain locations that are in keeping with the neighborhood character density and transportation availability. just yesterday, the supervisor introduced legislation to make four-unit buildings easier to build and we support that effort. so what makes a habitat project? well, all of our homes are affordable homeownership. because we know home opioid allows families to realize potential, to build wealth and equity and accomplish their dreams. habitat serves as both the general contractor, the developer and the mortgage lender with a zero down and zero percentage interest loan for families. we cap all families housing costs at 30% of their income and this pro voids predictability, stability, and for the next generation, and for this generation as well. our homeowners invest 500 hours working alongside their neighbors and the community.
11:41 pm
they will be joined by hundreds of volunteers who live and work in san francisco and who want to make sure families have a chance to stay and plant their roots in the community. these homes are forever affordable as habitat buys them back when families move on it market rate homes or relocate after their children are grown and the process starts over again with another family. san francisco loves volunteers, pound for pound we have the most generous people in the country right here in san francisco. we've already been inundated with offers from volunteers who are anxious to safely get back to work after the past year of quarantine. this will be supported by habitat pro commercial construction staff and they have kept our construction sites safely and productively across our region. habitat san francisco is building in and to see so much affordable housing gun o in our.
11:42 pm
and the balboa reservoir projects last year. we're excited and proud to be homeowner developers in these projects. this is being supported by the mayor's office of housing and community development with $1.5 million in construction and permanent financing. just like so many affordable developments, the mayor will drive them to the finish. i want to acknowledge eric. when he learned that 85% of habitat homeowners were bipoc family in san francisco and we look forward to carrying the legacy forward in awful our projects. and as our reopening process proceeds, we listen to the guidance from local government, we look forward to restarting our critical repair work which has helped so many of our neighbors stay safe and warm in the homes they know and they've been in for a long time, especially in the buy view and san francisco. tur for being here.
11:43 pm
i'm delighted to introduce you to the woman who needs no introduction, and the leader mayor london broad. breed. [applause] madam mayor, welcome. >> thank you, i had to put my hair back. it's windy out here. first of all, let me say how excited i am about this project and i am not surprised the community here in diamond heights rallied together to support it. this community is a very active community and i have a history, believe it or not, with the diamond heights community when i worked at treasure island when the city was considering moving the police academy to treasure island. this community fought to keep the police academy right here in this community and they were successful. along with the work and the advocacy around george christopher park and we broke ground on a new playground and in that particular area, a
11:44 pm
couple weeks ago. and so, this is an amazing community. it's a resilient community. it's a community that has a history that was just talked about. maria polish, one of the first residents here in the 1950s when it was just a meadow and now look at it. a neighborhood and a community where children are raised and people shop and see each other at the grocery store and we know that this project is going to be an important part of this community too. so, i am excited about it. i'm especially excited because some of you might have remembered when i served on the board of supervisors i introduced neighborhood preference legislation and that legislation made sure that when we build affordable housing in communities, the right of first refusal for the certain percentage of those units goes to the people who actually live here who are qualified for the affordable unit. in order to allow for opportunities for your children or grand children, who may have grown up in this community, to have at least the possibility of
11:45 pm
getting access to these homes. so in this particular project, neighborhood preference will be used for home ownership. i can't be more thrilled to be working with habitat for humanity because of the incredible work that they do the hardest part of owning a home is putting together a down payment. and in san francisco, that's at least a minimum of $250,000 in order to own a home that many people sometimes can barely afford. and here, no down payment. no more than 30% of their income used to pay representative. a place that people will call home and be able to raise their families. and if they are so fortunate enough to excel in life and generate more revenue for their household and move on to purchase another property, the home will still be affordable to the next generation. this is an incredible project for our city. and i couldn't be more thrilled.
11:46 pm
i wanted to say how much i appreciate all of you the voters of san francisco. when i first became mayor, we put on the ballot an affordable housing bond which wow supported overwhelmingly and since i've taken office, we've been able to, along with that affordable housing and other resources, we're able town vest over a billion dollars in affordable housing in san francisco. that's why it was not a hard sil for us, immediately providing the resources necessary to get the job done for this project so it's your support, your advocacy and everyone coming together and it really does take a village and this village came together to provide incredible opportunities for home ownership for families and i'm looking forward to being here when we cut the ribbon in the first families move in. thank you all so much for being here today. [applause] thank you so much, mayor. now i want to introduce someone well-known to us and well-known
11:47 pm
further afield for his thoughtful approach to an environment where more affordable homes can be built. i want to welcome rafael mandelman. welcome. >> thank you. samson bloom. this is a little bit of like a collision of my multiple world's. i want to grad school 20 something years ago with eric and hey eric, and i worked when i was a lawyer in private practice representing local governments on many teams, are you representing kappa chat? you are on the board. awesome. well, good to see you. so, at any rate, everybody, i am so excited about this particular moment. from the moment that i started as a supervisor, i wanted to see more affordable housing built in district 8 and district 8 is a hard district to get affordable housing built in notwithstanding the displacement that has
11:48 pm
happened from district 8. it's hard because we're built out and we don't have a lot of available sites because land values are high. from our very first meeting with mayor breed, i've been asking her for help with affordable housing in district 8 and she's been delivering it. she acquired a big giant property on market street that is going to house lgbtq queer seniors and friends. this particular project is really exciting and required moe and eric to do outside the box thinking about how to use the funds. in district 8, projects small projects like this habitat projects, affordable home projects make a lot of sense on these small sites. but it's been something that most have been funding before and i'm sure partly through the intervention of our mayor and
11:49 pm
doing things like this and it showed great flexibility around funding this and i have all sorts of people who i should thank. got the mayor and eric shaw and of course habitat for humanity and the tremendous work you do and you are pushing us to think outside the box about getting this project done. all of the volunteers and of course the neighbors. betsy, deserves praise all the time in every way but it's wonderful to be in a neighborhood that is welcoming affordable housing and wants to see it built here and i'd love to say this was courageous to have this project here but the neighborhood wants it and people have been e-mailing us saying when is it getting done. there's excitement and enthusiasm and of course finally to mischa and his family for making this opportunity availability this is exciting. thank you, everyone.
11:50 pm
>> thank you so much. so as we get ready to mark the occasion with some photos. we're going to put some shovels in the ground. i want to thank everyone for being here and lending your support. thank you mayor breed, you are well served by your staff and they were amazing to work with and thank you supervisor mandelman and your team, also amazing and thank you to our neighbors here in beautiful diamond heights we can't wait to see you out on the construction site in the spring and be ready to start with our volunteers, right, err on, and all our communities of homeowners, volunteers, board members, staff, donors, thank you, thank you, thank you. and a most special thank you to my friends, and our generous donor mischa and the vision and donation of this hand in honor of maria, began journey and brought us here where today. thank you all. thank you very much and we appreciate you joining us. we're going to move over to some
11:51 pm
photos. 3, 2, 1, turn that dirt! >> we're in business!
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