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tv   Treasure Island Development Authority  SFGTV  June 10, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> clerk:for the board members are via video conference and we are in the same extent as if physically present. public comment is available with each item on the agenda. the members of the public who wish to make public comment the phone number is 1-(415)-655-0001. and the access code is 187 087 7247. then press pound and press pound again. when your item of interest is called, dial star, 3, to be add added to the queue to speak. you may speak once per agenda item up to two minutes. item number 1, call to order. >> president fei tsen:[roll cal
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>> president fei tsen: excellent, good afternoon to all of you. we are glad to see that our city is beginning to open up. in the last month we have been able to more freely gather with our friends and our neighbors, at least those who have been vaccinated and it's such a joy to see the smiles on their faces. i've gotta say that this city has been remarkable in the way they've mobilized so that residents can get free tests and vaccinations. so if you haven't yet taken advantage of the free vaccinations, do so now to protect yourself and your loved ones. we are continuing to meet online until the mayor gives orders to go back to in-person meetings, but we hope by september we will be back at our regular meetings in city hall and on treasure
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island. so with that, let's go to general public comment. >> clerk: item number 2, general public comment. this item is to the members of the public to address the treasure island development authority board on matters that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the authority board and that do not appear on today's agenda. in addition to general public comment, public comment will be held during each item on the agenda. members of the public who wish to address the board on items that do not appear on today's ajend, please dial star, 3, to be added to the queue to speak. >> president fei tsen: are there any members of the public who would like to address the board? >> clerk: there's no public comment. >> president fei tsen: hearing none, next item, please. >> clerk: item 3, the report by the treasure island director. >> president fei tsen: mr. beck >> thank you. we want to start by asking now if you wanted to give a report
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on one treasure island activities? >> good afternoon, directors and hi, bob, i would love to give a report. so my report is in your packet and i'll highlight a few items. one is that just general reminder that covid testing is continuing to the end of this month and that d.p.h. is beginning to wind down vaccine shots after second shots are done. and they will be leaving the island and then plan to return again when ages 2 and up can be vaccinated. so there's that. the resource line, just a little update that we through the nurse treasure island program, we are going to be using the resource line for families on the island to call to be able to get access to meal kits that will feed
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families 4 to 6 and also gift cards for those families that may have children or members of the family that have special dietary needs. some mention about some programming that will be happening this month. we have some financial services workshops and some employment readiness workshops that will be happening. and then for our construction training program, unfortunately, or fortunately, we postponed it until july 12th, and so it was initially intended to start june 14th, but we found that we had a smaller candidate pool and so we wanted to an toibl have more time to recruit candidates, so we are actively recruiting candidates now and we will begin the class july 12th. and newsletter is set to come out this month and so it will come out at the end of this month and i'll be sure to
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forward it to kate so that members of the board can receive the newsletter. very excited to report that we have -- before we we had the emergency prep workshop last month, thank you to the board member julia for her assistance and planning and showing up on the last completion plus celebration day. we had 21 participants who enrolled and we had 17 that completed the series and on the 24th, the group attended a celebration gathering, socially distanced, which included pizza and every participant was able to receive a gift bag with items. we're really excited because there was overwhelming interest in continuing to have these emergency prep workshops and so internally at one treasure island we are planning to do just that, beginning in the new fiscal year and so as we develop
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the plan in more detail we will certainly reach out and to let everyone know. and the other thing that i want to mention are that for island residents who receive, they will receive a back-up battery to assist them when the power goes out on the island, and so we're hoping that that will be an incentive to have more and more residents take the series. it's really a great informational emergency prep series so we're excited to provide that in the near future for some holiday celebration and events juneteenth coming up on june 19th, we're really excited we had a great meeting with members of residents supporting community and the parent council and some of the non-profit housing providers yesterday. and we are set to go.
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they'll have free barbecue and a d.j. and activities for adults and children, and something that's developing that we're really excited about are that residents who either -- you know, they bake sweets or sell things are coming forward and are interested in sort of tabling that at the event. we have also arws thereby well to talk to reresidents about below-market-rate home buying so we're excited about this event. so we invite all board members free on juneteenth to come out and we will be on gateview port and gateview avenue. and i will send kate actually a map of the event in case anyone is interested to come out and to celebrate with us. let's see. the other thing is that we're planning national night out. we're going to take the lead over for planning that and we'll
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still be working with tida and so that's on august 2nd. it will also be a backpack giveaway. it will be an outdoor event. and we'll see, you know, where we are then, whether or not masks will be required, but at this point we're planning for that -- for actually both events. and then i'm really excited to talk about nurse treasure island. i believe that i mentioned this last board meeting. we received a large grant from the crane start foundation to address food security and diversity on the island. and so we are partnering with both of the restaurants on the island, and we are partnering with island cove market to be able to provide island residents with three free meals a week. ariseli with a meal that residents can pick up between 4:00 and 6:00 on monday, and
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merci, with a meal that residents can pick up between 4:00 and 6:00 on thursdays, and i'm sorry, mercili is beginning june 14th, and the other july #st. and we'll provide on the weekend food trucks. and here's where we'll bring in the food diversity piece, that we'll have food trucks that mirror the cultural diversity on the island, so our first food truck is coming out and we have on the 19th, barbecue for the barbecue for juneteenth. and we are excited about that. we'll be formally launching this, hopefully with some press on july 10th, on a saturday, and so with the food truck there, we plan to have food and island vendors there. you know, and hopefully to get some news media out there so we're excited about that.
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and then for providing meal kits which we can provide to island residents wie working with abdo, who is a great partner with us and he'll provide us with bulk food at a discount so we're able to prepare kits that folks, you know, can call the resource line and say, hey, me and my family need food. and like i said, i think that it will feed a family of four to six. last, but not least, i want to talk a little bit about an oral history project that we are planning at one treasure island we feel that we have a really special opportunity in the island's evolution to bring together the past, the current and the future residents, workers and business owners, by sharing stories of truly remarkable experiences of living and/or working on treasure island. so the ideas that the project will capture 10 to 15 past or
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present residents or workers of treasure island, with the aim of invoking curiosity, garnering empathy, fostering community, for the visitors. the stories are available in a public forum of an outdoor art exhibit. and we're working with the treasure island museum to help us to bring this project into fruition and we're very excited about it. so i just wanted to sort of mention that and to put that on everyone's radar and i will be discussing it in the future as we progress through the project so that is the end of my report thank you. >> president fei tsen: thank you. >> thank you. continuing with my report, on may 20th, the community housing partnership announced that it's changing its name to home rise. so you will start to see that name more frequently. their relationships with one
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treasure island and tida, however, are unchanged. and we touched upon the city hall began reopening this week and we anticipate the return of in-person board and committee meetings will likely happen in september and october. also kate, our commission secretary, for disaster worker service deployment has been extended to the end of september, continuing to provide support to the city's emergency operations functions. on may 25th, the board of supervisors approved resolution for authorizing the second issuance of debt under the community facilities district. we anticipate that the preliminary official statement will be posted on july 8th, and that the bond sale will close in
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early august. and any board members have questioned related to the bond issuance or edits or comments on the group preliminary initial statement, you are encouraged to contact jamie, our finance manager. in terms of other on-island issues, we are working with john stewart company to refresh the playground at 13th and e. in response to the resident requests during supervisor haney's town hall. and also the gaelic field between h and i and the little field at f and m are open to residents when not in use for league activities. the fields are being opened in the morning and secured in the evening by admiral security.
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on april 25th, treasure island residents supporting community hosted a second movie night behind the school. and the filming of the nash bridges mini-series in hangar 3 wrapped up production last week the california academy of sciences will complete their two-year marine and intertidal habitat surveys of y.b.i. this friday. the survey data will provide valuable insight to our natural areas management efforts, and we -- we plan to invite the cal academy to a future board or committee meeting to present on survey methods and findings. the d.p.h. san francisco health network clinic at the gymnasium has reopened, and it is providing nurses services to island residents as well as
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referrals for primary care in san francisco. the clinic is open tuesdays between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and tida is working with d.p.h. to develop and to do additional community outreach to educate residents on the availability of the clinic. we have a new events facility, called skyline events, which is in a 5,000-square-foot temporary tent structure adjacent to mersier. they did a soft opening event on june 2nd to begin the process of publicizing their facility and are actively seeking future corporate and social events. on -- in terms of covid-19, this past weekend was the last weekend for the covid
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vaccination center on treasure island. more than half of the island's residents received shots through the center. and we are working with d.p.h. to make vaccinations available through the clinic at the gymnasium during their regular hours and will distribute that information and how to make appointments with residents when that becomes available. this past tuesday -- sorry, tuesday of last week -- the contractor working to excavate utilities near hangar 2 accidentally struck an underground electrical line, resulting in an outage of approximately 3 1/2 hours. the contractor has prepared an incident report and tida and t.i.c. staff are reviewing that with the contractor to avoid a repeat of this incident. it does highlight the importance of isolating the residential area from other areas of the
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existing distribution system and working through p.u.c. to feed the residential area -- the residential neighborhood, independently from the switch yard by the end of this month and have weekly calls can the p.u.c. on planning and progress for that work. the -- also the transformers that the p.u.c. has on order to replace existing transformers in residential neighborhoods, we received notice that the delivery will be delayed until july, but we're still working with the p.u.c. to see if we can achieve our goal of having those installed by the end of august. on construction, p.u.c. has been paving roadways in front of treasure island from the top of the administration building, you can see the new neighborhood beginning to take shape.
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the podium level of the masaille building is now substantially complete and we expect to start receiving delivery of the modular units for that building in july. so we'll keep board members apprised of that milestone when we begin receiving and stacking those units. the bristol building is being enclosed and making substantial progress on the island and i'll talk about that in our informational item later, but the target there is to have occupancy in january of next year, and anticipate pre-marketing of the below-market rate units in that building beginning next month. the construction of the ferry facilities is also nearing completion, and we'll have an update at the july board meeting
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on planning efforts for both an interim and a potential permanent ferry service construction on the causeway is continuing and the p.u.c. anticipates advertising the new wastewater treatment plant for construction in july which will also be a huge milestone for us and we have active negotiations and dialogue going with pg&e and comcast to get their facilities installed for occupancy of both the bristol and the marsaelle buildings. on june 24th of this month there's a hearing scheduled in district court on the petition from the plaintiffs to file a third amended complaint in the environmental lawsuit that's
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been filed against the navy, tida and the state. and that concludes my report. >> president fei tsen: thank you, bob. we will take questions and comments from the board and then from the public. yes, go ahead. >> thank you, bob. so many things going on, i wanted to have a comment on the one treasure island. it's really great that construction, you know, training, is moving forward and i think that they are saying july 12th or july 4th. 14th. this is related to the treasure island development that every time we get an opportunity to talk about it, we should talk about it, which is really good. you mentioned about the emergency services and that the
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batteries. what is that related to? is that battery for the (indiscernible) for the emergency services, i think that it is a great idea. will that alleviate the shortages and the outages that we are, you know, moving forward? that's number one. and number two, i didn't hear this and just for the record, out in the community, there have been discussions about l.b.e.s or something like that, and i don't know precisely what the details are, but, you know, it has to do with opportunities for, you know, minorities or something like that. and i know that mr. beck earlier asked for you to kind of lock into what's go -- look into what is going on there. and for the record here. so that at some point this
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commission will be given the information and you will update us or whatever, right? thank you, sir. >> president fei tsen: thank you, linda. bob, you wanted to answer some of those questions? >> yeah, well, i was going to ask, so nella had mentioned the battery packs and those are given away to the residents who participated in the 20 households that participated in the emergency preparedness workshop. and they can help alleviate some of the challenges of an outage, but they're not a home power supply. and they won't keep a unit powered throughout an outage. also on the discussion of the small business participation, we have been invited to give an
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update to the local business enterprise committee, and we're working with them on the scheduling of that, but we'll also, you know, bring that update to the board as well. >> president fei tsen: okay, yes, julia, go ahead. >> director prochnik: thank you so much, for your update and, nella, for all of the work that you and your team did on those workshops. i want to applaud you all on that. and thank you for the push to get the information out there. there was a ton of awareness what to do, being trapped on the island and trying to get off island and trying to get on to the island and there's a lot more communication and outreach so i'm thrilled that there's interest by residents to continue the dialogue, because it's critical. so, thank you. and thank you, bob, and nella for working on the batteries. it's a band-aid but it's an
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important one so we have more work to do. i am glad that you noted, bob, for more information about that outage that happened and working with the contractors and sfpuc on trying to solve the problems i think that it's going to be very important for sfpuc to give an update to the infrastructure community, on what their plan is. and working in the industry, the transformer is probably going to be delayed to the fall. this is happening around the nation so you might want to ask them what their back-up plan is we are not the only ones that have a delay so that might be important to follow up. and i want to applaud you and the team on covid and helping out with the vaccinations. it's very important. and then also with the blackouts -- and in a previous board meeting and i have heard from residents how their wifi is affected and it takes a long time to bring wifi back on. we had the talk of reaching out
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to providers on how to improve their return to services. did we get more information on that? >> i don't have more information on that right now. there are a couple things that working on also on a related note, supervisor -- director dunlop had brought up that the 311 calls, what a resident makes a 311 call, you know, it doesn't always go to san francisco 311. and in my own field survey, i managed to connect to san francisco 311, oakland 311 and berkeley 311, depending where i was on the island. so, yeah, there are a number of things there that we're trying to improve. >> director prochnik: okay, i look forward to the update on that.
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and on our last meeting we spoke about the ongoing table or list to some of the action items that we brought up so we don't have to reinvent the wheel and we can just help you to check them off i didn't see that in the minutes or the notes and i definitely encourage us, it helps us to all coordinate. >> okay. >> director prochnik: thank you >> president fei tsen: okay -- >> director prochnik: one last thing -- thank you for all of the work on the bond measures. there's a lot there and a lot of complications, and to see the success of doing that through the next stage. and, you know, the ferry update, i am really excited to see that go forward and we highlighted the need for an e.v. charging station or some backup system there. and i wanted to put that in the dialogue. >> president fei tsen: any other questions or comments? yes, mark? i am seeing you.
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i think that you have to unmute yourself. >> i think that i'm on mute. okay. so i certainly wanted to thank the staff for the amazing progress in getting here it does look like snail's pace, but when you take the entire two islands together, it's like, wow, this is amazing. and i think that it's really great for residents here to see the building going on. so that's just -- thank you. thank you so much for the hard work and, yes, the bonding, i know that can be extremely complicated. and it seems like it's going smoothly. a quick question about the lawsuit, and i don't know if this is appropriate at this time, but -- so it's going for
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amendment. is that something that will just be approved or is that something that really could end the lawsuit? >> it's more likely that the -- that they will be approved as opposed to just ending the complaint. there was -- right now the plaintiffs had made a second amended complaint last august, and we had filed motions to dismiss in response to that second amended complaint, and then in february the plaintiffs filed this motion requesting to substitute the third amended complaint before the court had ruled on the motions to dismiss the second amended complaint. so i believe that it is likely that the court will accept the third amended complaint.
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it does revise and in some ways it narrows the complaint. john stewart company, and one treasure island are no longer named as defendants in the third amended complaint. so, yes, we do anticipate that will may be accepted, which the pace at which things, unfortunately, are moving -- if it is accepted, then the city will file -- the city and other defendants will file motions to dismiss in response. the plaintiffs will have the opportunity to -- to reply to our motions and then the court will schedule a hearing on that that would be the more probable time at which the case might be dismissed or more substantially narrowed. but i don't expect that to
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happen, likely not until near the end of the year. >> president fei tsen: okay. >> another question is about the batteries. are they strong enough to -- you said they wouldn't power a unit, but could they power a refrigerator or something for the folks who need, you know, cold, medication or something like that? >> yeah, the units that were being looked at are able to -- to energize a typical refrigerator for a few hours. it always -- the ability of the power supply to power anything is dependent upon its energy draw, so the more efficient a refrigerator, the longer it will support it.
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as an example, the items that were being looked at are 300 watt hour power supplies, which would supply a 30-watt lightbulb for 10 hours but if you tried to plug a space heater, into it only lasts for 20 minutes. it depends on the power of the individual appliance. but refrigerators, because they're not always on, they cycle to keep the refrigerator cool but most of the time it is keeping cool through its insulation. so it's not a continuous draw the way that a heater might be. so based on the calculations we have done, it could supply a typical refrigerator probably for five to six hours. >> following up on that, do we
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have a list of the people who definitely need power their health, safety, or life? >> we have been trying to work with the housing providers to identify residents that may have emergency medical equipment, whether that's an oxygen concentrate or others. so we're trying to -- to identify those households and those numbers, but we anticipate that there might be as many as 50 households on the island that have that type of equipment and would benefit from some storage >> i believe that it's really essential that we know exactly who needs this, and you know, perhaps it's something that that we can share with others.
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so just have somebody knock on the door to make sure that they're okay. i'm not quite sure if that is really part of our function with units, but i think that it is very important for us. i wanted to ask if the gymnasium is open yet. >> i would need to confirm that, and i believe that they are reopen. they certainly have been planning for it and i believe that they will be fully reopened next week on the 15th. but i believe they may have already done a soft open. i will get confirmation. >> thank you. the final question -- on the vaccinations -- do you have the exact percentage of, you know, people over -- what age -- 12 or
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something -- the percentage on the island that we have reached? >> we don't have an exact percentage. the -- because we don't have a reliable figure on the denominator. if you go to the city's website where they track by zip code, they estimate that the island's population to be over 3,000. and so based on their percentages, the last i looked, our percentage was below 40%. but our estimation, working with one treasure island and the housing providers, is that our population is closer to 1,850, and so with those numbers our vaccination rate is about 60%. so as i said, we -- from the d.p.h. website we have a figure
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of how many people on the island have been vaccinated. but there's some -- in terms of calculating the percentage, we don't have a precise figure for what the actual population of the island is. but we know how many of those people have been vaccinated. >> president fei tsen: thank you. bob, other than the topics raised, i want to highlight how important it is our first affordable housing project, which is moving forward. and that they are using modular technology. this has been a policy which is really discussed, and it's great that on treasure island that this cutting-edge technology is
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being implemented. so we definitely want to celebrate when the modular units come to the island and when they are stacked. and, please, let us know. please let the directors know when that first stacking is, because i think that it will be something incredible to see. and then the other thing is that it's wonderful to hear that the ferry facility is nearing completion. and when will it be open for ferry service to begin? go ahead. >> the treasury island mobility unit has been working on an m.o.a., for a framework for planning for future service. right now because of the subsidy
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that is required to support ferry service, we don't anticipate ferry service beginning, we don't see ferry service beginning before tolling, but the developer has been evaluating options for privately funding a public ferry service as early as next year. and anticipate having -- as i mentioned in my report -- anticipate having an update on those planning efforts at our july 4th meeting. >> president fei tsen: okay. well, last week i was at the new plaza, which is in front of terminal e on the mainland side, next to the ferry, south of the ferry building. that is the terminal that will connect from san francisco to treasure island. and it was great to see that
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terminal and that plaza finished, and i'm looking forward to having the terminal and the ferry landing for treasure island to be finished as well. yes, julie, you have a question on that? >> director prochnik: and i spoke to the m.l.a., they had not finalized the ferry terminal and that it could be b instead of e and i wanted to flag that because it goes to your point when that will open. because if that gets delayed, that will cause an issue. >> president fei tsen: yeah, i don't know what the status of that, i was told that it was terminal e that was built for this purpose. but we -- we breathlessly await the start of ferry services, because it's the real connection that we need with the mainland.
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yes? >> just to substantiate and the i.t.c., we would like to revisit. so any new information, and as commissioner fei tsen mentioned, it's going to be a gateway to treasure island. so all of this infrastructure is being developed now and everybody should be excited about that -- that finally all of those pieces that were just on a drawing and a design, and now they are being activated. so it's definitely exciting. and, you know, very excited about the (indiscernible) so we are pleased. we do not have everything in place, however, coming first quarter in 2022, we should at least have some form of ferry transportation. i also mentioned at some point
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that i would like to invite the new administration, it's very supportive. i heard that from the ssfta and this is really great. so it will be great to -- i would like to invite them to just let them know that we're a partner and we encourage everyone to work together. thank you. >> president fei tsen: and also i think that for the sustainability committee, bob, i'm glad to note that the council of sciences is going to do their count of the number of plans and c.c.s and even impacts, and would like to have their report at some point in time, either to the sustainability committee or to the full board. so the scientists at the
5:41 am
california academy of science are really terrific and i know they have been involved with the habitat on treasure island. any questions from the public? >> clerk: first director direct brestoncalled in as an a can you hear us? >> director breston: yes, i can i'm having trouble with my connections. and, no, i don't have any questions right now. >> clerk: okay, great, wanted to make sure that you could get through. thank you. and we do have not any members of the public on the line. >> president fei tsen: next item, please. >> clerk: item 4, communications to and received from tida. >> president fei tsen: do the directors have questions or comments on communications? hearing none, next item. >> clerk: item 5 -- oh, -- item 5, ongoing business by the board of directors.
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>> president fei tsen: director, any ongoing business that you would like to raise? yes, mark, i see your hand up. >> i should have asked this earlier, but are we doing anything for pride month? this is to bob. >> yeah, we -- tida doesn't have anything specifically programmed. if nella is here, i'm not sure that one treasure island has anything either. but tida doesn't have anything planned. >> i'm sorry, i missed that? >> mark asked if we had any -- any observances or celebrations for pride month planned? >> we don't have any celebrations, but at the shipshape center we have the
5:43 am
pride flag up and then the trans-flag up and then we have a huge sign in the window that says that we support lgbtqa plus in june and every month. and then we're working with the villages, dan stone, to have the flag erected on the building, but right now they're in the window. and then the plan is for next year to actually to engage the lbbtqa community in planning an event on the island. >> president fei tsen: well, certainly, there's a lot of activities in san francisco itself. so thanks for mentioning that, mark. any other questions? hearing none, let's go to the next item, please. >> clerk: item number 6, consent agenda. all matters listed are considered to be routine by the authority board and will be acted upon by a single vote of the third board.
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there is no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the authority board so requests, in which event the matter should be removed from the consent agenda item and considered as a separate item. a, approving the minutes of the may 12, 2021 meeting. b, to have janitorial services, commencing july #, 2021 and ending june 30, 2022 in an amount not to exceed $30 #,000. 6c, authorizing the execution of a professional services agreement between the tida and rubicon enterprises, a california non-profit public benefit corporation, commencing july 1, 2021, through june 30, 222 for an amount to not exceed $1,500,000. 6d, authorizing the treasure island directors to have a grant
5:45 am
agreement with the boys and girls club of san francisco, for the purpose of funding boys and girls clubs of san francisco's camp mendocino tuition for all on-island youth residents for summer of 2021. 6e, resolution approving and authorizing the execution of a professional services agreement between tida and one treasure island for fiscal year 2021-3022. and 6f, resolution appointing julia prochnik to be a member of the infrastructure and transportation committee for the remaining seven month term of office, commencing june 9, 2021, and ending december 31, 2021, and to designate mark dunlop as an alternate to the committee in the absence of an appointed member. >> president fei tsen: so just before that, are there any items that any directors would like to discuss separately from the consent agenda?
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>> (indiscernible) [broken audio] i feel comfortable doing the entire consent, and not taking anything out. >> president fei tsen: julia, i am sorry but you cut out a bit. >> director prochnik: i feel that for the last few meetings we debated the last few items a lot and we worked through a lot of items and i am okay to move forward with it. >> president fei tsen: hearing none from the other directors, we have a motion to approve the consent agenda, can i have a second? >> second. >> president fei tsen: so moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye. i'm sorry, we have to do a roll call. we have to do a roll call vote. okay. kate. >> clerk: yes, [roll call vote]
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there are six ayes. >> president fei tsen: so then the ayes have it. thank you. next item, please. >> clerk: item number 7, residential housing development timeline and transitional housing opportunities. >> president fei tsen: so, bob, what is the report on this? >> can you pass me the ball -- i'm trying to pull it up now. can people see my screen? >> president fei tsen: we see the screen, but it is black. >> give it a minute here.
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okay, so i wanted to give an update today as i mentioned during my director's report, c.h.p. is now home lines. and then to give a snapshot of our current resident population, and then the trend -- the upcoming pipeline of residential development that will provide transition opportunities and then an update on our work with mohcd and the bristol free marketing. as i mentioned, c.h.p. is now home rise and they are continuing to operate, their existing 114 units on the island. and to partner with us in planning for the development of permanent units. for our population on the island today, there's been some changes in the numbers of households, in particular we've had a number of
5:49 am
our commercial lease holders in the villages go from 50 to 40, over the past six months or so. but there's been a couple of those in the villages as well between the legacy pre-d.d.a. households and a couple of post-d.d.a. households as well. when we are looking at the village residents we have 172 -- either pre or mixed households that are eligible for transition units under the transition housing rules and regulations and in terms of those who will seek an affordable housing
5:50 am
instead, 354 residents that go back to 2011, who could pursue an affordable unit and within the -- post-d.d.a. residents we have a total of 484 residents. who if they income qualify could pursue an affordable unit under the amendment to those adopted by the board in december 2019. just got to remind everybody again and for the audience at home -- all one treasure island households -- so this is home, catholic charities and all of those residents and those programs will be transitioned to relacement units or facilities as they are developed. and we are working to partner with those agencies to develop our initial four projects to
5:51 am
complete those transitions. and for the villages households, the legacy, which is what we now call those households that were established prior to june 2021, they are eligible for a transition unit from a replacement unit in a new authority development where the rent would be tied to their existing rent. or if they qualify for -- if they meet the information qualification requirements, they can seek an affordable housing unit, either in an inclusionary unit in a market-rate building. and they'll be eligible to be on the pre-marketing list at this point and we're sending notices to all residents for whom we have contacts, whether they have officially registered for the
5:52 am
pre-marketing notice or not. or if they elect to leave the alignment -- the island, they're eligible for a in-lieu payment. and the treasure island advisor are here to assist residents in accordance with the transitional housing rules and regulations. and then for the post-d.d.a. residents, they are eligible for priority placement, a treasure island resident preference in new affordable units developed on the treasure island in accordance with the december 2019 amendment to the t.h.r. and r. although their preference in the lottery will be secondary to the -- those with the longer term
5:53 am
residents, the legacy residents again, extending counseling advice services to those residents as well. and for people who are living in households that include both residents that were here prior to 2011 and roommates or housemates that may have joined the household subsequent to 2011, those residents -- or those members of the household as a group are eligible for the same replacement benefits as a household that is 100% pre-d.d.a. and the roommates or the housemates who arrived after 2011, the post-d.d.a. residents can also seek an affordable unit if they income qualify.
5:54 am
for residents that joined households after december of 2019, and that's a very limited number at this point, there are currently no transition benefits available to those residents as there are no transition benefits available to commercial lease holders. so in terms of our pipeline, we have our first two projects are the building here on the right which we expect to be occupied in the third quarter of 2022. and then the catholic charities building on the left, which we expect to be occupied roughly two years later. and some more details on the building, 105 units and developed by chinatown c.d.c., and it will transition all of
5:55 am
the source and file share residents currently living on the island. the catholic charities mercy building will have 138 units. and it will transition 71 current catholic charities how households and we'll also have 23 transition units for village residents that don't qualify for affordable housing. so this will be the first opportunity for the assignment of transition units to the population that we discussed before. also in the pipeline there are a number of developments by from one treasure island -- i'm sorry, by treasure island community development and these three projects are all expected to be completed before the end of 2023, and then two additional
5:56 am
projects that are scheduled to be completed in the middle of 2024. and the three buildings here on the right with the black border around them, these are rental properties while these two buildings are condominium properties. so the inclusionary affordable identity opportunities within these buildings, these would be inclusionary for rent units and the two buildings on the left would be below market rate condominiums for sale. there's more detail on the individual buildings being developed by -- as market-rate housing and the number of inclusionary units. the bristol from y.c.i. has 14 affordable units.
5:57 am
and the building between the -- immediately behind building one, the b1.1 parcel, will have six inclusionary for-rent affordable units. and then the c2.2 parcel, again, another rental property, with nine inclusionary units. and then c2.3, moving slightly further north, condominium building with six inclusionary units. and c2.4, another rental building with 24 inclusionary affordable units. and then moving to the c3 block across the shared public way from the mercy catholic charities building, will be another condominium building with eight inclusionary
5:58 am
below-market-rate units for sale. and this table just summarizes the opportunities that will be available in the next three years. again, the building will transition. the mercy catholic charity building will transition -- the catholic charity residence, that building will always have 23 affordable units -- i'm sorry, 43 affordable units that existing village residents may qualify for. and 23 units that non-income-qualifying residents may be relocated to. and then the additional market-rate buildings will have a total of 39 affordable for-rent, and 28 inclusionary
5:59 am
for sale units. in terms of income eligibility, again, the inclusionary for rent for sale units are available to households earning 80% to 120% of their median income. and the inclusionary for rent units are targeted for households making 60% of the bare minimum income. and the affordable units within authority buildings like the catholic charities building, will rent -- will range from 40% to 80% of area median income. and then moving on to subphase three, our pipeline. we have three buildings that -- three parcels within this area that we're working on planning for.
6:00 am
and the -- these are intended to -- to transition as well as the health right 360 transition, and then a third authority building that we anticipate that will have a substantial number of inclusionary transition units for households that do not qualify for affordable housing. so the target is within this next subphased area to complete the transition of all of the one treasure island member agency residents, as well as the majority of village residents that are either pre-d.d.a. or meet the requirements -- or the eligibility requirements for affordable housing. and the timing of which one comes first between the home rise and the