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tv   BOS Budget and Appropriations Committee  SFGTV  June 21, 2021 6:00pm-12:00am PDT

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advocate, is that we need this and this is part of our life's blood as much as oxygen and food is. don't lose heart. look at there for all the various grants that are available to you. some of them might be very slow to unrao, and it might seem like too -- unroll, and it might seem like it's too late, but people are going to fight to keep their beloved venues open, and as a band, you're going to be okay. [♪♪♪] this meeting will come to
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order. this is the june 21st, 2021, budget and appropriations meeting. i'm matt haney, the chair of the budget appropriations committee. joining by supervisor ronen, supervisor safai, and supervisor mar. and i want to thank sfgov tv for broadcasting this meeting. before we get started, i want to let everyone know we will be taking a break around 12:30 for lunch and we have a packed schedule today as we always do. so i appreciate everyone's time and brevity. madam clerk, do you have any announcements. >> clerk: yes, mr. chair. to the same extent as though physically present. the board recognizes that public access is essential and by public participation in the following ways. public comment will be available on items one through
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4 and 7 through they're teen on the agenda. on friday, june 25th at 10:00 a.m. either channel 26, 78, 99 and sfgov tv are streaming the public call in number across the screen. comments or opportunities to speak during public comment are available via phone call. (415) 655-0001. meeting i.d. 146 6780558 then press the pound symbol twice. you will be muted and in listening mode only. speak clearly and slowly.
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e-mail at sf. it will be forwarded to the supervisors and will be included as part of the official file, written comments may be sent via u.s. postal service top city hall number 1 dr. carlton b. goodman place room 234, san francisco, california. this concludes my announcement. >> chairman: great. thank you. will you please call items 1, 2, 3, and 4 together. >> clerk: yes. item number one appropriations for hetchy 2022 to 2022. $8 million hetchy revenue funds
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to hetchy fund balance by project on controller's reserve item number 2. appropriation of 213.5 mondays deappropriating of grant funds to prices capital improvement program. fiscal years ending 2021 to 2022. the appropriating de-appropriating and re-appropriating funds. item number 3, ordinance amending 172-20.
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in an aggregate principal. the cost of various capital projects benefitting the power enterprise. item number 4. ordinance number 173-20 san francisco p.u.c. commission wastewater revenue bond issue answer. not to exceed $563.4 million to finance the cost of various capital waste water projects benefitting the waste water enterprise. member officer the public who wish to provide public comment call (415) 655-0001. meeting id 146 678 0558. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. >> chairman: thank you, madam
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clerk. i want to invite the sfpuc on these items. >> good morning. my name is charles and i'm a member of the budget and appropriations committee. i'll present to you these four items before you today. two of the items are amendments to our fiscal '22 capital budget approved last year. one of them for our waste water enterprise and the other is for our power enterprise. the other two items are associated amendments to bond financing to fund those changes in our capital budgets. our commission approved these changes to our capital budget and bond authorizations on february 9th and the capital finance financing committee, the capital financing committee approved them on february 22nd.
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supervisors, here's a high level view of the proposed p.u.c. budget for proposed 2022. the spending is related to our waste water and the majority of that is to fund the south for clean power which is our newest capital plan. so here is an overview of the budget. supervisors, we have a $213.5 million proposed change in our waste water enterprise and $17.3 million from what's already been approved. let me provide you some details on what's changing and why.
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here we have our biggest change to our capital water plan with the increase. supervisors, this change is namely driven by the bio solids project which is the main components or one of the main components at the building of the southeast waste water plant. those funds are being moved up earlier in our capital plan in order to meet the revised project time lines as was presented to our commission last december. they're also the $6 million increase for our careen infrastructure grants program which is an important part of how we are working with our customers in order to control and improve storm water flows across the city. also, supervisors, we're looking for ways to offset these increases. so there are approximately $40 million in budget reductions reflecting changing projects, scoping, and time
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lines in terms of making sure that we're only appropriating the funds that we need in fiscal '22. so we're cutting some project funding and we'll add back those funds in future years and bring those forward for your considerations, of course. is there any questions? >> chairman: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: no. sorry about that. i'll wait. >> i'll keep going. the other change in our capital budget is in our hetchy water and power enterprise. we're proposing a $17.3 million increase. supervisors, that's related to our visions corridor and distribution project to fund
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changes and increases to the substation. that's a key component of that project for electric distribution, grid enhancement on the eastern part of the city. the low carbon fuel standard project is being decreased by $2 million in our ordinance before you today. supervisors, this project is in coordination with the sfmta, it's a self-appropriating sale of carbon credits and we actually don't need this $2 million in our base. when we receive those funds through work, those are self-appropriating. so we're taking the $2 million out of our base here. as with the waste water enterprise, we are reducing and cutting just under $7 million in project budget funds mostly through project close-outs, but also some project cuts to partially offset these proposed
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increases. and authentic, lastly, we have changes to the bond financing. all of these budget changes are revenue bond finance. so if you have the proposed changes to our authorizations, you'll see the waste water enterprise of $213.5 million and in the power enterprise $19.4 million. and i'm happy to take your questions. >> chairman: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: he answered my questions the rest of his presentation. thank you, chair. >> chairman: great. and i believe there are b.l.a. reports on these items. >> yep. >> that's right. nick menard from the budget legislative office.
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for the budget which are the power bond revenue appropriated revenue. item 15024617 is an item that would appropriate $6.8 million in the p.u.c.'s fiscal year 2021 to fund balance and $23.4 million in proceeds. financing cost in fund balance in 21-22. the details are shown on page 3 of our report. item 3, file 210649 is an around pans that would increase the p.u.c.'s authorization to issue power revenue bonds and other debt from 143 mondays. the proposed debt is consistent with the p.u.c.'s policies. so we recommend approval of items 1 and 3.
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item 2 appropriating showing on page 9 of our report. item 4 is a file that authorizes the p.u.c. to issue $563.4 million in waste water revenue bond and other forms of debt. the debt is in compliance with the p.u.c.'s debt management and fund balance policies, but we do have one recommendation for changing to file 210650 which is to amend that legislation to state if the p.u.c. issues refunding bonds they're a funding savings report and the initial statement would be submitted to the board of supervisors and we recommend approval of file 210648 and 250 as amended. >> chairman: great. thank you.
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colleagues, are there any questions or comments for either the b.l.a. or p.u.c.? not seeing any. and for these recommendations on item 4, city attorney ann pierson has advised us these these amendments are not substantive. can you see if there's any public comment on these items, madam clerk. >> clerk: yes mr. chair. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, please press star 3 to be added to the queue. are there any callers who wish to comment on items 1 through four? >> we have one caller in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. please unmute the first caller.
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>> eye lean bogan, coalition for san francisco neighborhoods speaking on my own behalf. urging the committee to continue items 1 through 4 and hold this on the p. u. c.'s debt burden prior to the board's summer recess. the p.u.c. debt is $6 billion. this level of indebtedment together with the announcement of the new p.u.c. general manager wants a hearing. this woe prevent the board from being blind sided with the issues related to the former p.u.c.. the $6 billion debt portfolio was brought to the attention of the p.u.c. commission on june 8th. the commission seemed disinterested. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. are there any other callers in the queue? >> we have no more callers in
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the queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> chairman: public comment is closed. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: yes. the one thing i was trying to get clarity on and i wasn't sure, it seemed like it made sense, but i wanted to just double check with the p.u.c.. it says that it doesn't specify the amount of waste water refunding bonds that could be issued. why are we not specifying the amount of waste water refunding bonds. i understand the b.l.a.'s recommending and i think that recommendation that the proposal ordinance we should amend that and you all should come back and submit that report to the board of supervisors. i'm wondering why we're not saying a specific amount for the waste water refunding bonds. >> thanks for the question, supervisor. typically, we include language which says if you're authorizing a dollar to be
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financed through bonds, that same dollar can be refunded in the future if rates come down and it's, you know, it makes sense for us to do that. i believe in the ordinance that's being recommended for change that standard language was omitted so the b.l.a.'s recommendation to add it is we completely agree with it and it's standard for us to do that. so to your question around, you know, which bonds would we bring forward, we'll bring them all forward for refinancing in the future if interest rates come down and if it makes sense for us to do that. for sure. >> supervisor safai: okay. thank you. >> sure. >> chairman: thanks for that question. colleagues, i want to and um, for mr. perl, is there any response to the b.l.a.'s recommendation on item 4? >> we fully support the
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recommended change. >> chairman: okay. with that, i want to make a motion to move the amendment to item number 4, is there a second? >> supervisor ronen: second. >> chairman: seconded by ronen. >> clerk: on the motion to amend to item 4, [roll call] >> chairman: i know make a motion to move items 1, 2, 3, and 4 as amended. is there a second? >>. >> supervisor safai: seconded. >> chairman: roll call vote please. >> clerk: yes. on that motion, [roll call]
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there are five ayes. >> chairman: thank you will go to the full board on july 19th. thank you so much. mr. perl. madam clerk, can you please call items 5 and 6 together. >> clerk: yes, item 5 is budget and appropriation ordinance for the fiscal years ending 2020. item number 6. annual ordinance i numeratebling positions in the annual budget ending june 30th, 2022, and june 30th, 2023, continuing or creating or establishing these positions. >> chairman: thank you, madam
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clerk. colleague, what we are going to do, if you can hold questions for the department or the bla until after they've presented with the proposed z savings. and then the b.l.a. will summarize their report. after the b.l.a. has finished, we'll be able to discuss the proposed cuts and ask any remaining question. you can ask things that are not included in the b.l.a.. each department will be free to go. as they're aware, we may call them back at some point later in this process. as comments can be made during public comment day this friday june 25th what we are going to do is first bring up departments that have generally
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agree we will share anything more in their response and then we'll hear from their response. welcome. >> thank you, chair haney and supervisors. thank you to the budget analyst for working with us. we accept the budget analysis's. >> good morning, chair haney. our recommendations for the department of building inspection start on page 12 of our report.
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we recommend reductions $425,zero a one-time savings. our recommended reductions to the proposed budget total $425 these reductions would still allow an increase and we. >> chairman: comments about this agreement? not seeing any of those to the
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controller please note it's this committee's attention with the b.l.a.'s recommendation and i want to thank director for the work in leadership and your team. and your excuse for now. next up we have the planning department. >> good morning, chair haney. and board of supervisors. we are also in acceptance of the budget analysis recommendations. >> chairman: thank you. mr. gocher. >> yes. chair haney. our recommendations for the city planning department are on page 17 of our report we recommend reductions to the in
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fiscal year 2021-2022. of those recommendations and $150,000. these reductions would still allow an increase of $1,531,234 million. all of those are ongoing savings and we have an agreement with the department. >> great. colleagues, questions, comments. this agreement, seeing none. thank you, director harris. to the controller, please note it's the committee's intention. thank you, director harris
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you're excused for now next we have our favorite department that's mostly a pass through here is there someone here representing that department. >> yes. we're here in agreement. >> chairman: great. our recommendations are on page 35 of our report. we are in fiscal year 2021-twenty-two. all those are one-time savings. we also make recommendations in year two of the budget at $400,zero and those are all
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one-time. >> i believe it was just in the first year of the budget, but, dan, i look to you. >> yes. sorry. conflict between our narratives, description and the actual recommendations and you're correct, it's just $400,000.01 time fiscal year thank you for that correction. >> chairman: with that i'll take any questions or comments from colleagues.
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please note it's the committee's intention thank you to general city responsibility. you're accused now. we have the office of the city attorney. >> good morning chair haney and supervisors. we too have reached an agreement with the budget legislative analysis office and we thank them for the work on it. >> chairman: thank you. >> thank you, chair haney. our recommendations are on the report for the city attorney's office. we recommend total reductions of $467,five hundred thirty all of those recommended reductions are one-time savings and would still allow increase of with
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the b.l.a.'s recommendation and thank you so much for being with us, mr. flin. >> thank you. >> chairman: maybe we'll see you next week or maybe not. >> good morning chair haney and board of supervisors and to the legislative analyst team. i just wanted to verify in agreement with the nonpolicy recommendations that has been
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put forth by the budget analyst. in addition to that i know there are two items remaining so we are available for any questions you may have on that. >> chairman: great. mr. goncher. >> our recommendations start on page 44 of our report. we recommend a reduction of $1,031,253 in fiscal year 2022 of those recommended reductions $249,575. and $781,six hundred seventy-eight are one-time savings. in addition, we recommend closing out prior unexpended prior year coverages for total general fund savings.
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$141,541 our policy recommendations total $3,445,218 all of which are ongoing. in year 2, we recommend $355,295 of recommended reductions all of which are ongoing savings and we have policy recommendations in year two of $3,359,863 all of which are ongoing. and i believe we do have agreement on the technical recommendations. there's disagreement on the policy recommendations and i can summarize those briefly if you would like. >> yes. >> so the first policy
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recommendations. this is a recommended reduction of $2.6 million in the convention facilities management for convention contributions. the department has proposed offering $4.6 million in rental incentives to organizations with convention bookings in calendar years 2022 and 2023 with the goal of defended bookings. the incentives could generation an additional $5 million in transient occupancy tax revenue through increased hotel bookings. however, we note the actual impact of these incentives on organizations decisions to book is unknown and would likely depend on the size of incentives provided and other factors. would be funded from existing convention center revenues
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would not be funded through general fund revenues. we also have a policy report. that is to delete 6.15fte customer service agents in 311. the city straightor's office is requesting ten new customer service agent positions and these equate to 7.69fte and 10fte in the second year at a cost of $2.41 million to respond to an estimated $84,081 thousand calls handled by the police. and traffic congestion, but not calls that will be dispatched to the street crisis response
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team, the overdose response team or the proposed wellness response team. the number of position has been based on the number of call length time. the department anticipates transitioning the call sometime during the first budget year, but there's not currently an operational or implementation plan or time line. each call time will require the development of new work flows, protocols, response team, coordination between 911, 311 and relative response agency. according to the mayor's office transitioning a simple call to 311 which is about five hundred calls, it took about five weeks to plan and implement. we also noticed there are departments that are still not in development. it's expected to be carried out by new staff and the mayor's office that's not anticipated to be hiring until october of this year. additionally police alternative response teams has not yet been
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identified. given the complexity of the call transition proposed, transition and other department initiatives, we consider this proposal to be a policy matter for the committee. it could be considered denying replacing all or a portion of the proposed positions pending additional updated information on implementation of this recommendation and i just want to also note that we did make a recommendation to actually delete or deny two of the customer service agent positions and the department agrees with denying two of those positions for the first year. this recommendation would be calling out the remainder of those divisions and so that completes my summary of those recommendations. we're available for questions if you have any.
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>> chairman: so i'm clear on the policy recommendations. so we wouldn't accept those now, but that's for our consideration for the final decision on the budget or how do the policy recommendations. >> the committee could consider that now, could consider making that decision now or i believe that the committee could wait to make a decision and call the department back to -- for further discussion or make a decision at a later hearing. >> chairman: and for the moscone related one, your recommendation is that we do not fund that or reduce it. i'm not entirely clear on that? >> we are flagging actually to delete it entirely, but we are
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not making it a recommendation because there are some pretty important policy implications for this. the department can provide further information on what they believe may be the impact but because it wasn't clear to us that those incentives were actually going to result in increased bookings or in definitive bookings at the convention center, we thought it was a good idea to flag that for the community. >> chairman: okay. and, administrator chu, do you want to respond to the policy recommendations as well. i don't know if you want to potentially hear from the
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macone director or have further dialog about that. >> sure. thank you, chair haney. and of course, my deputy city administrator who can also chime in. i think this is an item that you raised. the mascone center i believe you raised and i believe your office reached out with information in terms of the bookings. i think at a high level, the release is the competitive nbc in terms of conventions is pretty intense. every little bit does matter and we're seeing that people are offering 100% rental incentives essentially making it such that conventions do not have to pay anything for the use of the facility. what the benefit is for san francisco. if we're able to book one convention, we're able to work with the conventions to bring them back for multiple years which helps to set up visitors
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for a longer period of time to san francisco. in addition to the transit occupancy tax which san francisco would be collecting from all of the visitors who come. we're expecting it would impact our hotel businesses. in addition to direct spending, direct convention spending about $1703 million. much less all the indirect spending. so i think as we're thinking about recovery, this is one of the ideas that we would help prop up our economy. i know there was a comment about whether or not these rental incentives. what we do here is that it is very competitive and every little bit does count. so, i think this is ultimately a policy call for the board of supervisors about which direction to go, but we do believe that our convention business is an anchor business
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for san francisco's tourism industry and visitors to the city and we hope you will consider it. i'll turn it over to my deputy with any additional comments he'd like to provide and then we can go to 311 as well. >> yeah. thank you, city administrator chu. chair haney, supervisors, deputy city administrator. the only thing i would add is the reason why we put forward this request is part of the overall economic recovery package the city's looking at is because normally sf travel is part of their other hotel assessments, funding that would come from people staying in hotels would have revenue. but they do not have that revenue coming from the budget because of the significant decrease in hotel room nights and so normally, they would be having incentive funds that they would provide because it
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is a great value. so just like we've had to back fill a variety of things, this is another similar thing where we've seen the combangt of the compact and this is a two year fix in order to help the industry and a multitude of industries around the convention to thrive over the next two years until these revenues come back. >> and then on to the point about 311 policy recommendations and this is for the additional call takers that dan had provided information on. as a whole, our offices especially through 311 is at the tail end, but intent is to handle additional telephone calls. it sounds like there's still a good amount of work that needs to continue. and i believe that dan is suggesting the remaining eight
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call takers be put on reserve pending sort of the further flush-out of the program. how it will be implemented, timing. all of those pieces. generally, we would not be opposed to reserves because we're happy to come back to the committee, but we would like to request that the consider three of those requests. so this is something we'd love to be able to work with the board on. >> chairman: thank you. i see a number of my colleagues have questionings, comments. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, chair haney. the first question about mascone incentives, what is the actual incentive to different conventions if you're saying that other cities are offering 100% free use of the facility, what are we offering in
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comparison? >> well, in the past i think ken has mentioned earlier, the san francisco travel would have additional funding to be able to provide offsets to rentals. let's say rental cost $10,000 to rent or whatever it may be to offset some of the expense associated with renting the actual physical facility. and so what we're seeing in other jurisdictions is that the rent is completely forgiven essentially not only they charge $10,000 or more, they charge nothing at all. >> supervisor ronen: so we're planning on the incentive covering about half of the cost is that? >> no. i was just giving you an example of how the rental incentive could work. the travel does provide rental incentives. but because we haven't seen tourism or any other kind of
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funding come through, that's not been something that we've been able to offer to make our packages more competitive. ken, anything you would like to add on that. >> supervisor ronen: so it's a case by case basis. so there's not a standard amount we offer every convention. >> no, it's not a standard amount. it's a case by case basis. sometimes it will be a complete offset. other times it will be a partial. it's a package that sf travel works with a particular event organizer and puts together and then the rents, those rents are typically what supports are. variable costs in order to put on the convention in mascone. that pays for other things and so that's why we need to have the budget of the rent. they're not the event organizers so we need that rent to be able to pay for all of our cost to actually put on the
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event and then those organizers pay other things. we get other incentives because we have food and beverage that we get a cut of. they do everything else in the area. >> supervisor ronen: okay. thank you. i understand now. thank you for that. and then, with the 311 diversion, you had asked for six positions, i just want to make sure i'm understanding this fully. you adapt for six positions, you agreed with b.l.a. to cut two of those positions. so there's four left, and you're asking of those four that are left to at least authorize three of the four now and put the fourth on reserve? i just want to make sure i'm understanding what you're asking for. >> chair, i see that nancy with 311 has joined us and just a quick summary. the original request on the budget was based on initial kind of estimates of what the diversion, number of diverted calls would be and what it
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would take to have call takers handle that volume of calls to keep service level up. i think, through time, there's also been some conversations around whether or not the calls that were initially considered for diversion and so i think there's still both conversations to be had that based on what we know there's been some adjusted call volume numbers and so i believe we can reduce the number of call takers hence the reduction at the two positions. on top of thanks, the budget analyst is requesting of the remaining positions, half the two that were cut, that they would put those on reserve and we don't have a problem with putting those on reserve pending the program being further flushed out and the number of calls that we expect to be diverted. the challenge is that we want to make sure we have enough capacity to hire people early enough to do training because typically it takes 6 to 9 months between call takers. so i'll let nancy add to it.
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>> yes. good morning, supervisors. to answer your question, supervisor ronen, we asked for ten positions and we have agreed to release two of those. so we're asking for eight to be put on reserve with three being released given some of the numbers that we've been given so far as potential. something i do want to make sure that you keep in mind when you're making these policies is sometimes we're given call volumes at some timed call volumes that are projected to come to 311 and often times those numbers are much lower than what we actually get because i know there's a lot of interest and a lot of calls getting diverted off of police. i know that with, dan, he mentioned for two simple
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processes, it took five weeks. those two were handled at two different times and we needed training. if the project manager that comes on board would be handling some things at the same time, we could train the staff on both of those things at one time versus two separate times so that would have cut some of that time as well. keep in mind, 6 to 9 months to train, it's not like we can ramp up very quickly. so if beyond the three, we are seeing that other call volumes wants to get moved, we would have to delay that from being a resource because we would have to be able to ramp up and take that time to train, fully train staff. >> i still am not clear about what calls you're talking
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about. so the skirt calls those will all go through 911. >> yes. correct. what we're talking about is primarily we're of urgency where they feel that perhaps a different agency would be best to respond to those type of calls and most likely they would call through 311 and send those requests for response to whatever agency gets decided would be taking those calls. >> supervisor ronen: okay. and if i understood correctly, exactly what calls we're talking about have not been
6:49 pm
determined. >> yeah. it has not been determined, but it would be like noise complaints. it could be various types of issues. >> somebody intoxicated on the street would probably go through one of those three street teams. >> possible. >> it's based on the caller. the caller decides. >> yeah. before there was a period of time where 311 was taking calls for intoxicated people. but there was mobile assistance program as part of dph, so i think there's a lot of decisions still to be made as to who would pick what? >> sorry. i'm a little confused.
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how is the public. sorry. let me get it out how is the public going to know if they should call. so let's say i, you know, my neighbor down stairs is having a party so i called 911. if we determined that's a priority c call or graffiti in progress. if they are going to 911, 911 would immediately transfer them to 311. >> supervisor ronen: i see. and if there's simultaneous sort of education of the public that happens rather than having that transfer of calls that if
6:51 pm
you have a noise complaint, you should call 311 and not 911. >> there will probably be education and on the nonemergency phone line there's the potential of having announcements or something to let people know and i think once someone calls and they know they're being transferred to 311, that's a way people get educated as well and those calls coming to 311 where we would typically transfer to 911 or the nonemergency police, then we would keep those. >> supervisor ronen: and then the process of being transferred to 311, is that going to be handled by the mayor's new proposed justice diversion committee or office? okay and so what dan was saying is that office will take how
6:52 pm
long to set up? >> i believe he said the person would be hired by october. >> supervisor ronen: okay. they then have to work with the departments. that's going to take a couple months. we're looking at sort of potentially january when those calls would start to be and you're say interesting takes six to nine months. >> after that, we have concern. >> so you're saying that if we authorized the three positions, you're asking for now, then you would try to hire them right away and it would more or less match the timing. got it. thanks for answering my questions. >> welcome.
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>> chairman: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: there we go. sorry. i don't have questions for 311. that all makes sense about timing and so on and ramping things up now. my question is more directed to city administrator chu around sf travel and maybe your deputy. is this -- have we offered these incentives in the past? is this something that we've done where we consistently pay for through rental fees for conventions? >> thank you, supervisor, for the question. as ken mentioned earlier, previously in the past, san francisco travel does have a series or has funding that comes typically through the tourists who come to san francisco or visitors to san francisco to be able to provide
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incentives on a case by case basis and so we have provided that it's not necessarily consistent where it's all 100% or 50%. so san francisco in the past has provided them. it's not a consistent level that we provided them and this would be a stop gap measure or conventions into the city. >> do we know what we've done in the past on an annual basis? >> i do not know. we're gong to work with them to see what kind of information they have. >> supervisor, it varies by year but it has been a couple million to $2 million range each year. >> supervisor safai: so we've done this in the past, but you all have not baselined this in your budget. if this is something that's done consistently over the
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years. >> the funding in the past has come through from the tourism improvement district funding and the mascone. those fundings are a result of the hotel assessments and so when the hotel stays dropped, there are no hotel assessments that have been coming in for the past 18 months. they've been solo we've had the difficulty. so in order normally that would be the funding source rather than the mascone budget. for this two year period, we're doing the stop gap funding. hotel assessments are back at the regular level and that picks up as the funding source for the incentives. >> supervisor safai: right. i guess that's what was missing. i understood that this had been kind of done up and down. i just didn't know what consistent level, but this is something that's been generated
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by the level of tourism that we get in the city through these particular improvement districts and/or expansion districts and so because the hotel occupancy z have dropped, there hasn't been any revenue generated. so you don't have money to cover the rental fee. that was not presented clearly, but now that i understand that, it makes 100% sense that we would put this money aside to generate. we had a hearing about a month ago that we were talking about how we could, what kind of incentives we could provide to get tourism back so we could increase our hotel occupancy so that we could begin to revitalize our economy. this makes sense to me. what is the recommendation of the b.l.a.? what are you recommending?
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>> vice chair safai, our recommendation was to remove or delete the amounts funded, it's about $2.6 million in the first year and just under $2 million in the second budget year. so our recommendation was to actually delete this from the budget given the questions that we had around whether these incentives were actually going to result in definitive bookings. >> supervisor safai: do we have bookings lined up, mr. cowski. >> it's a bit of a chicken and egg. until we can commit to providing the incentives, they can't commit to the incentives. they know this is part of the overall package that they're discussing with each of these event organizers. >> supervisor safai: got it.
6:58 pm
well, it seems to me like what we could do we could split the baby. take the recommendation in year 2 for year 1 and see how effective it is and come back and have a conversation and this time next year. as a potential solution. because i can say myself personally, i am absolutely for providing this incentive. i think it's really important. i certainly wouldn't want any conventions not to utilize the san francisco as a result of this being taken away and it's something that we've offered in the past as part of the package. we should do everything we can to stabilize that. going into year 22, 23, we can always have this conversation the following year. i don't know how you feel about that. >> yeah. thank you for working with us. >> supervisor safai: i guess i would amend one thing. unless some of the bookings are
6:59 pm
so far out. if that's the case. if they're booking and i'm sure they are, then probably having that money for the second fiscal year. that's how far in advance the bookings take place. >> thank you for that and i think you hit it right on the nail. we are looking in to the future for those bookings already. to the extent that the amount is for year two. that means we knock out that entire year's ability for bookings. i mean, booking multiple years in advance typically. >> supervisor safai: yeah. do they ever. if the revenue were to jump back up in year one, are we able to then -- able to have some type of resolve? >> could they help -- could then we consider that moving to year two. if the hotel occupancy and all the revenue is generated.
7:00 pm
i guess that's a question we could always answer. i guess i would just end with i think it's important to have this funding especially if the bookings happened that far out. so i'm okay. thank you for answering questions. >> thank you, supervisor. >> chairman: president walton. >> president walton: thank you, chair haney, and thank you city administrator chu and your team. just one question going back to the time line just for specificity for me, but with the additional 311 positions, from a practical standpoint, what would be the actual timeline for the infrastructure to be in place where now these calls that are going to 911 get rerouted. even now with the street crisis response team out on the streets which is great, i had people reluctant to call because they don't want to call 911 because we know what that could turn into. so with the time line, if we
7:01 pm
get these positions and these folks were working, how quickly could we stop these calls from having to go to 911? >> thank you, supervisor, for the question. i'm going to turn it over. she can speak about the specifics on the time line. >> hi, president walton, through the chair. i think your question is, if we have our call takers fully trained, how quickly could it transfer, could we be ready to take those calls? is that your question? >> president walton: so we allow budget to go forward with these new positions and we stop having to call 911. >> it bo all depend on the project manager, the type of activity that we would want to get transferred and then determining which department would be the one responding to that and then we would need
7:02 pm
time to either build a system -- not the system, but a form to handle the intake of those type of calls and transfer them to the responding agency. so it really has a lot of variables depending on what exact function we're asking to be transferred. so i don't think we can say definitively. >> president walton: maybe i'm asking the question wrong because in order to increase staffing and to provide these positions, obviously, we want to make sure that we were able to change what's happening because, again, we want folks to be able -- so, i don't understand why we wouldn't know the time line, like, that answer doesn't work for me i guess is what i'm saying. and we want these positions, but we can't give you an answer of when folks would have to stop calling 911 in order for the street crisis response team
7:03 pm
to respond and the thing that i want to support is, yeah, let's get more staff so we don't have to deal with this, but my answer is we don't know what the time line is. that gets me less enthusiastic. >> can i suggest, i think, what nancy is saying is the first piece to your question, president walton is that we want to make sure that there's buy-in about which calls are being diverted and where they're going and that decision has to be made before 311 folks are trained and before we do the diversion. once there is that decision and policy call about where the diversion will go and who, then our team will step in to start ensuring that our call takers are higher trained and also have the right kind of forms and documents to be able to consistently be able to go where they need to go. so, nancy, maybe one of what
7:04 pm
supervisor walton. >> president walton: and i think there's a little bit of either lack of understanding on my part or miss communication, because i assumed all the things that you're talking about were already worked out. i assumed that we're already working on the infrastructure. we already know what types of calls need to be rerouted and how that works. >> if i may, and i think you're -- >> president walton: conversations across adopts. in order to get excited about these positions, you know, for me, it would be let's not have to call 911 for these calls that don't involve police because right now, even if you know it's up to interpretation and we need folks to be able to reach out to the strlt crisis response team and have an
7:05 pm
infrastructure in place and not the police, not law enforcement because that's what gets me excited about saying let's get the infrastructure going. i think just maybe more coordination across the departments because i understood it differently from d.e.m. and d.p.h. than i'm hearing right now. >> got it. and i think there has been initial conversations about what their intent is and what people are thinking about diverting. there hasn't been a final decision and more conversation. i think that's also why there is a position in the mayor's budget that would work on the actual specifics and the implementation running through that process. so i think the estimates that came out in the budget were really funding to be able to ensure that as soon as we're able to move and that decision's made, we're able to have the funding and the people to deliver it and implement it, but you are correct enough,
7:06 pm
there's still some work that needs to be done across the departments. and, nancy, i think you wanted to say a few things. >> yes, thank you, some of the lists that we were providing of some of the possible items were like car alarms, dumping trash, traffic congestion. accidents without injuries. those type of things is what we were told would be some of the things that would be moving and then, of course, that person will also be determining if there's any others that will move, but once that determination is made. depending on what it normally is, we normally need about five weeks to get people, the entire staff trained and be able to develop the form so that we can route things electronically to the responding department. >> president walton: so we're talking a couple of months if
7:07 pm
everything was in order. >> correct. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> chairman: thank you, colleagues, for those questions and comments. so we will have more opportunity to make decisions on the recommendations in the coming days, but i do want to as soon as we are good with the oop aspects of the recommendations from the b.l.a. and there's agreement on those so i want to thank the city administrate chu and to the controller note that the committee's intention is to accept the office of the city administrator budget with the b.l.a.'s recommendation and we will make decisions around the policy recommendations in the coming days and i want to thank you again, administrator chu and we look forward to continuing the conversation. >> thank you very much, chair
7:08 pm
haney. >> chairman: next up, we have the department of technology. welcome. >> good morning, supervisor haney, president walton, and members of the board. d.t. accepts the b.l.a. recommendations. thank you. >> chairman: >> chair haney, members of the committee, our recommended reductions to the proposed budget in the first year total $652,457 of those recommended reductions. all of those are one-time savings. an increase of $21 million or 16% in the department fiscal year 2021-22 budget. in addition, we'd recommend closing out prior year encouple
7:09 pm
pences. additionally, we are recommending savings in the current year of $48,107. we are recommending savings of 97611 and we did not have any recommendations in the second budget year. sorry. i just want to -- okay. sorry. no further comments. thank you. we're available for questions. >> chairman: colleagues, questions. comments. if there is agreement. all right. with that, i am refer it to the controller. please note it's the committee's intention to accept the department of technology budget with the b.l.a.'s recommendations and we appreciate you being here director drel and we will see
7:10 pm
you soon. thank you. next up, we have the department of public works. welcome, director. >> good morning. and thank you, chair haney. and vice chair safai and president walton and the other supervisors. i just want to at first to say and to agent lou and the mayor's budget office and to linden barry from and the budget analyst office, the report we've gotten from the controller's office and i also want to quickly thank my colleagues within public works and devon and mccally and victoria chan, silvia ho and bruce robinson for the help on this budget.
7:11 pm
as i'm pleased to say as public works is in full agreement with the recommendations from as b.l.a., i do want to point out very quickly, there's going to be one small reduction that's being proposed for -- as a 09 and the 31 position as we were hoping to use to support as public works as we work through the implementation of prop d. i think we'll be able to absorb that loss. i just wanted to say that public works is in full support of the recommendations and i'd be happy to answer any questions and thank you. >> chairman: thank you,
7:12 pm
director. >> our recommendations are on page 59 for the reports. we recommend reductions to the proposed budget totalling $751,011. our recommended reductions in year two of the budget total $621,528. all of those are ongoing savings and we note that this would still allow increase of a little over $4 million or 1.2% in this department's fiscal '22-'23. we do have direct degrahnned. >> chairman: i had a question not about these particular
7:13 pm
recommendations. but for director degrabnreid. i checked back in with them and there's still serious concerns about the way it's appropriating and even the proposal that has existed and one of the things in terms of having access for m.t.a. bathrooms and how accessible they are and one of the things that i was wondering about, you know, is this is also a budget question in the sense that is there any cost to ensuring these bathrooms are accessible or how this is working with mta, but i did just want to communicate there seems to be an ongoing concern for people who are out there who are part of your staff who themselves are not feeling they have
7:14 pm
adequate access to restrooms. and there is a cross to that. so we have been able to negotiate as an mlu with the m.t.a., the cost for and public works is going to be about $60,000 each year. but as we're able to absorb that, the one question i think that as we've been having with an employee is trying to figure out the and then trying to find a way as efficient distribute those keys at the beginning of each shift. so that's the one thing that we have been working on them over the last several weeks:
7:15 pm
>> chairman: it's going to be prioritized and integrated and absorbed within the budget. colleagues, questions or comments. >> i want to ensure that we're taking the committee's recommendations and implementing correctly and in this case, i believe i heard a
7:16 pm
conversation between the department and the b.l.a. that for one of the recommendations d.p.w. number 4 on page 58 of the report that in lieu of the position cut, the position would be retained but a comparable amount of attrition would be taken to get to the same dollar. i want to just confirm that with the department and. >> i'd like to refer to deputy director bruce roberts. >> ben, that is correct. we are willing to correct the
7:17 pm
within the department director degrafh. this was a second tier manager and that was going to help assist with the performance msht component of prop b implementation. but even with this reduction of a vacant position, we still think we can achieve those goals. short answer, yes, we are acceptable with the reduction and elimination of this within our budget. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> chairman: great. thank you all for clarifying that and thank you again, public works and we'll see you soon. >> next up, we have the office of the mayor. >> good morning, chair haney. members of the committee. i wanted to start by saying
7:18 pm
thank you to the b.l.a., dan, and the team. we are in support of the b.l.a.'s recommendation. >> chairman: mr. gonchers. >> our recommended budget totals $271,673 in fiscal year 21-22. nearly $22 million or 6% of the department fiscal year 2021. our recommended reductions to year two of the budget is $231,648 and all of those are ongoing savings and we do have
7:19 pm
full. >> chairman: okay. questions, comments, colleagues. agreements. disagreements. not seeing any. all right. to the controller, it's our intention to accept this budget and recommendations and we thank you again for your work ms. groffenberger. >> thank you. >> chairman: all right. next up, we have the ethics commission. >> i do not know if they were asked to come back for other reasons. >> chairman: anybody have any questions for the ethics commission? not seeing any. let's move on to the department of elections. >> good morning, supervisors. john armstrong.
7:20 pm
and the department is in agreement with the budget and the recommendations. members of the committee, our recommendations are on page 67 of our report. our recommended reductions to the proposed budget total $85,000 in the first year of those religioned $10,000 are ongoing and $75,zero are one-time saving. still on increase of $6.3 million or 26% of the department's fiscal budget. unexpended encumbrances. and as the director mentioned,
7:21 pm
we are available for questions. >> chairman: i had a question about this for the recall election. it's my understanding that since we have that meeting that the numbers were a little bit different than were discussed at that hearing, then we are assuming some level of reimbursement, but still putting aside a significant amount of local costs. or expenditures. is this something that you looked at at all. did you all analyze or do you view that as a policy consideration or it seemed to me to be relatively high amount of money that we're putting aside in light of the expectation that the state is going to be paying for most or
7:22 pm
all of this. >> chair haney, we reviewed the entire budget, but it's not something that rose to the level where we thought it needed to be flagged on if the committee would like, you could take a quick look over the next day or two and look back at that. take a second look. >> chairman: director ornst, do you have anymore? i know we talked about this late in the evening last year. could you clarify again, where that stands and what's the latest that we're hearing and what's your sense of it from a budget perspective? >> so i don't have any new information since last month's hearing. the state did put in the budget for the next fiscal year of $215 million to reimburse the counties. i don't know the ratios that would go back to the counties
7:23 pm
for reimbursement. the one potential change i guess is that the secretary of state indicated last week that the recall election may occur on september 14th, which is extremely soon to organize for an election. if that were the case, then i don't think the city -- it'd be a challenge for the city to consolidate any local measures on local contests that that statewide recall ballot. so that potentially would raise the amount of reimbursements that the city could gain from a state since there's no local contest or local content on the ballot. but until the election date is set. until we know what is on the ballot locally and until we know what the ratio reimbursement of the state, i really can't get any numbers to
7:24 pm
the committee today. >> chairman: okay. got it. last i heard, it's possible we may get answers around at least the timing of the recall, any time in the next week or so. i guess we'll find out. okay. i saw controller rosenthiel jump in as well. is there anything you wanted to add there. >> briefly, chair. as we talked about last week in committee. and the budget currently does assume $3.9 million in reimbursement. but as it's been talked about just now. there are questions about what the actual level of reimbursement will be. we can follow up with the department in the week ahead.
7:25 pm
>> chairman: got it. okay. well, other than that, i think we are in agreement generally and it sounds like you are as well. so we will be express our intention to accept the budget with its, with the b.l.a.'s recommendations, thank you. >> next up the department of environment. >> good morning chair haney. we are in agreement with the budget legislative analyst report and we thank them for their work. >> chairman: great. questions, comments. >> thank you, chair haney. yes, our recommendations are on page 72 of our report. we recommend reductions 20,000
7:26 pm
of those are ongoing savings and $62,seven hundred twenty-five are one-time savings. we also recommend closing out prior year is 32, $264. our recommendations reductions in the prior year, all of those are ongoing savings and would still allow an increase of over $511,200. we have full agreement. >> chairman: great. questions, comments, colleagues? not seeing any we intend to accept the budget. next up we have the b.l.a. >> good morning chair, and good morning to the board.
7:27 pm
shall davis with the human rights commission and we are in agreement with the recommendations from b.l.a. >> chairman: great. thank you. mr. goncher, not doctor. >> that's correct. our recommendations are on page 77 of our report and summarized on 276. $250,zero are one time savings. these reductions would increase a little over $2.1 million. in addition, we recommend closing out prior year unexpended encumbrances. for a total general savings of
7:28 pm
three hundred six in year two total $25,000. all of which is ongoing savings and would still allow an increase of $181,000 as the director noted. we are in full agreement and we're available for any questions. >> chairman: thank you. colleagues, questions, comments? disagreements? not seeing any. all right. thank you, dr. davis, we will let the controller know that it's our committee's intention to accept the human rights commission budget with the b.l.a.'s recommendations and we will call you back on monday if we have any more questions on changes. >> thank you. >> chairman: next up, we have the board of supervisors. >> good morning. on behalf of the clerk of the board. we are in agreement with the
7:29 pm
b.l.a. recommendations this morning. >> chairman: great mr. goncher. >> chair haney, members of the committee, the board of supervisors and summarized on page 81. our recommended reductions to the total $11,907 in the first year. all of which are one time savings. these reductions would still allow an increase of $93,496 or 5.1 of the department's fiscal year we're available for any
7:30 pm
questions. >> chairman: great. questions? comments? all right. not seeing any. we will express our intention to accept the board of supervisors budget with the b.l.a.'s recommendations and thank you for joining us and we'll move to the next. next, we have the office of assessment recorder. welcome access sorry torres. >> thank you, chair haney, and president walton and supervisors ronen, mar, and safai. many thanks to the budget legislative team. we are in agreement with the b.l.a.'s recommendations. thank you. >> chairman: great. that's good to hear.
7:31 pm
mr. goncher. >> thank you, chair haney. summarized on page 20 of our report, there have been some changes since the report was released on thursday. there's just one change. so the total recommended reductions now total $197,500 of that 30,zero is one-time and 167, $five hundred is ongoing. in year two of the budget our recommending reductions are $167,500 all of which are ongoing. the total general fund savings in year one is $197,five hundred and year two $167,five hundred the one change and i'll just note this in the first recommendation under program attic projections. reduced from $250,000 in savings to $150,000 in savings
7:32 pm
for both budget years. that's after further discussions on the needs of the property assessment and tax system project. and as director torres noted, we are in full agreement that i will let him confirm that those numbers are what he agrees to and we're available for any questions. >> thank you so much, mr. goncher. >> chairman: great. that's good to hear. no questions or comments from colleagues. we will express our intention to accept these recommendations and the budget of the office of the access sorry recorder and we thank you assessor torres for the collaborative work and leadership. much appreciated. >> pleasure. thank you so much. >> chairman: next up, we have the office of treasurer and tax collector. >> good morning, supervisors. i too want to thank the budget
7:33 pm
office and i'm happy to report with further discussions, we are now in agreement. >> chairman: thank you. >> chair haney, for the treasurer tax collector. as you noted, there have been some changes to that. there are two changes i would like to note. now our total recommendations total for the first year total $286,467. of those recommendations $133,five hundred eighty-nine are one-time. and $869,000 are ongoing. all of those recommendations are general fund. in year two, we have recommended ongoing statements of the changes are to we added
7:34 pm
a recommendation to include a new reduction of $20,000 to programatic projects under the collection division to better reflect historical expenditures and we also have adjusted our recommended reduction to attrition savings which is on page 26, its recommendation tt xvmgd 2. we have changed our recommendation from total savings of $212,979 to $113,589 and it's our understanding that the department agrees with those adjusted recommendations. we're available for questions if there are any. >> chairman: great.
7:35 pm
thank you. treasurercisneros. i don't see any questions or comments or disagreements from my colleagues. so we will plan to accept the recommendations and the budget, office of the treasurer and tax collector and appreciate your where can and leadership. >> thank you. >> chairman: next up, we have the office of the controller. >> good afternoon again, chair haney. we are in agreement with the b.l.a. recommendations as presented. >> chairman: all right. another positive change. mr. goncher. >> chair haney, our recommendations are on page 30 of our report. we -- our recommended reductions to the proposed
7:36 pm
budget in the first year total $475seven hundred eight of that in recommended reductions all at one time, these reductions would still allow an increase of $1,845,364 or 2.5% of the department's fiscal year 21-22 year budget. for a total general savings in the first year of $481,933. our recommended reductions to the proposed budget total in the second year total $119,four hundred fifty-one all of which are one-time savings as mr. rosen thiel noted we have full agreement with the department. we're available for any questions. >> chairman: great. i do not see any questions. we will let the controller know that we're in agreement with the controller's budget and the
7:37 pm
recommendations and we thank you for working together on that. next and finally, we have one department where there is still actually disagreement. all of the others came to agreement on and that's the office of economic and workforce development. welcome. >> good morning. thank you, chair haney, president walton, supervisors ronen, mar, and safai. the director of the department of workforce development. actually, we are in agreement with the budget and legislative analyst recommended reductions. there's one policy recommendation where we're not in agreement surrounding, again, the need for our two new small business permitting specialists. we have provided further information to the b.l.a. to substantiate why we're critical
7:38 pm
from the customer service generalist as well as from specialized permitting assistance that we provide primarily to existing and large businesses through our businesses services position. i also did want to take the opportunity to highlight that this approach was directly informed by a recommendation that came out of the covid-19 taskforce report which included a recommendation to expand oewd to offer more wrap around services to help more businesses start. so in light of this, we hope you will support keeping these positions in our budget, but in terms of the overall production, we are in agreement with the b.l.a.. last but not least, i wanted to follow up on a direct request from supervisor ronen last week around how much of our budget goes to support small business and i'm pleased to report our estimate is approximately 59
7:39 pm
mondays of our total budget department goes to support small businesses and that represents 92% of our economic development budget which includes the o.s.b. and i'm available for questions. thank you. >> chairman: great. thank you, director sofis mr. goncher. >> yes, chair haney. start on page 4 of our report. and summarized on page 3. our recommended reductions to the proposed budget totalled all these reductions are ongoing savings and would still allow an increase of over $45 million for 46.9% of the department for fiscal year. we recommend closing out prior year of $201,651 of $362,097.
7:40 pm
we have policy recommendations that total $261,415 all of which are ongoing which is where we still have disagreement. we also have reserve recommendations totalling $700,zero all of which are one-time. we are also then, we have recommendations in year two. the total $124,674 all of which are ongoing savings. and we have a policy recommendation totalling $34,875 in the second year i believe that is also ongoing. so just going to speak to the policy recommendation real
7:41 pm
quick. so basically, this is on page 5 of our report. it's recommendation number 3. the department is requesting 977 office of small business to support it as a small business center. it's not provided justification for the need in addition for staff to authorize the new permit center in the current year. and the integration with wider in the city administrator's office and the city administrator's office currently has nine full f.t.e.s existing customer service representatives who are trained in each department in handling complex requests. we believe adding additional additions could cause inefficiencies or redundancies between the existing staff and the office of proposed small
7:42 pm
business staff. how it will integrate and perform wider work flow. further, we note that the office, the department funds contract services for small businesses outside the office of small business, the small business development center which may overlap divided by these proposed decisions. given the cost of these positions and lack of clarity on the existing permanent center and propose staff, the approval as a policy matter for the committee, but we are recommending that these positions not be approved. and we did get some additional but unfortunately, that is there's not changes in our recommendations. we're available for questions and further discussion. >> chairman: supervisor mar.
7:43 pm
>> supervisor mar: thank you, chair haney. i just -- well, i had one specific question about the recommendations. i wanted to ask director sofis to respond to the policy recommendation that mr. goncher just spoke to about the lack of adequate justification for the two new positions for small business permitted. this is certainly something that i support and i think most of my colleagues do in streamlining, but, yeah, again, the b.l.a. is saying there's not adequate justification for this given that others exist in similar contracts. >> certainly. thank you, supervisor. it is a good question and it's an important question and, you know, let me start by saying as an engineer underneath the surface in my own background.
7:44 pm
i am a huge supporter of making things clear and making sure that as we introduce something like this it would in no way make it less efficient to address permitting as a city it's also an exceptional time an vacancies to make it easier and more clear of a pathway for our businesses to get some go all the way to where they're open. so the way we think about these two positions and i'll sort of contrast them to the two areas that the b.l.a. has pointed them out were concerned that we not have overlap. so let's start with the
7:45 pm
positions in the actual permit. again, there's a lot of need with existing businesses in fact, to get assistance with permitting whether it's expanding, moving spaces, etc.. there's plenty of work to be done already in the permit center, city wide across businesses large and small. what these two positions are really about is accelerating the ability of very small starting businesses to get businesses open and we know over the course of the pandemic, the office of small business has had a dramatic increase in e-mails and requests for consultations and assistance, so we have the duel challenge of needing to do a better job as a city at getting more businesses open while also, and i believe in perpetuity for at least the next year or two dealing with the recovery and lots of small businesses needing support in
7:46 pm
that effort. so these two, again, these two specialized positions will really work similar to a concierge from the beginning. they will get assigned specialist who will walk them through the permit center to the point that they're open. also, we'd want to point out is part of what our small businesses face particularly in areas where they require state or federal permitting is the need to navigate that along with our local permitting requirements. so these two special positions to also be prepared to bring that knowledge. regarding the other two areas. so our organizations, the small business development center as well as our other cbos who might provide some education around permitting.
7:47 pm
that is most often provided to businesses that are still in conception have not yet actually gotten to the point where they're trying to start. so we do a lot of early indication across all of our industry sectors when we work with new would be businesses and that's largely what the s.b.d.c. and others provide. but that's a very different service than the actual service around i have this business, we are licensing and we are moving it towards getting it up and running in this very specific space. and then the last point is in our existing business services group, we have some expertise around permitting that's primarily aimed at much larger existing businesses. so, for example, as we speak, one of our teams in our businesses services group is working with a larger
7:48 pm
manufacturer that's circling on how to permit their new co2 machine. so that's an ongoing area of support. very different from working with small businesses and sort of working with them on the continuum from when they start and when they get up and running. the last thing i will say is we are intentionally going to deploy them to the permit center and that's actually to mitigate the risk that we end up to processes and approaches to permitting. the belief is they will be tethered but also able to engage and both the generalist as well as these two small business specialists can certainly share and learn best practices from each other. so we, again, very much appreciate the deep thinking on the part of the b.l.a.. we do maintain that these are exceptionally important positions right now and we
7:49 pm
would offer our recommendation that you would support them. >> thank you, director sofis for that. and then i had one other question regarding recommendations for the b. l.a. and the $500,000 for the -- that's budgeted for the broken window fund on reserve until the legislation of supervisor mandelman introduced is -- that's related to this is resolved. my question is we already have, as you know, we created a similar -- actually. district 5. that's more through the district attorney's office, but through the budget surplus supplemental appropriation, the board did allocate a million
7:50 pm
dollars which did provide compensation to small businesses that have been victims of property crime and i know the department's working to get that program up and running, hopefully soon. i guess my question is for this $500,000 that's in the budget for a can it also be considered just expanding an existing program that's already very similar rather than just creating another new program. >> thank you for that question, supervisor. so, yes, that is the intent that we actually can kind of stand this up at the same time. director pascal, do you want to talk about the mechanics particularly on the 500k reserve. >> sure. through the chair, financial officer for the office of work p.s. force development.
7:51 pm
i think the one thing i would echo, the one question that we would have as a department is how this $500,000 would integrate with the pending legislation because there is i think specific parameters in terms of requirements around the amount of money that would be provided to these businesses. so i think that was the piece that i did want to differentiate here because there was specific reference to the fund which is although it's tied to the supplemental that you had mentioned, i think there are differences that should be noted there. so we'd be glad to work with your office and other members of the board to kind of clarify direction in terms of the best approach here given the overlap i think between the two. >> supervisor mar: thank you.
7:52 pm
thank you for that. thanks, chair haney. >> chairman: supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: yes. thank you. supervisor mar asked most of my questions and you answered them. and thank you for getting back to me with that wonderful data. i was just wondering, is there a certain type of business or complexity that will be required for these specialists to step in or are they going to help sort of any business? if you could kind of explain? walk us through how it works. let's say your business and you don't have a big construction project and you don't have complicated cannabis or liquor licenses, you know, i'm assuming there's a route for noncomplicated businesses and then there's a route for businesses that have to navigate state and local allows and attend regulatory agencies. if you can kind of walk us through in general and
7:53 pm
specifically who these two specialists will be working with. >> sure. so the goal, supervisor, is that we can help any would be small business coming in the door. and i think the good news is we have had at oewd over many years, i think a lot of experience with very young, very small businesses, but also a lot of sector based experience of small and medium sized businesses. so the starting point is really to understand to your point what sector that business is in. because as you know, trying to open a food and beverage company let alone that has abc involved and trying to open a small service based business. if they are providing massage. there's a set of permitting around there. if they are providing a nail salon, of course, has its own set for the business of
7:54 pm
requirements. we would start in the beginning with really understanding what the business segment is that the person or the family or the small company is trying to go in to and really map from there what our the different permitting stock points are going to be required. now, of course, if they are also trying to move into a if physical space. there's permitting around the physicality of the space is something we would have to take into account. i know we have so many stories. certain permits taken care of and then they get held up with a health inspection or something that they left out. so i think having deep sector based understanding while still satisfying our goal of being able to help any small business that comes in the door, it's critical. and then the last piece and this is where, again, i think it's very wise that these two
7:55 pm
positions sit at the permit center is staying with that business all the way until they get open. which is not something that currently happening and i think it will be an important feedback loop to see where are people getting stuck because i think one of the biggest challenges right now is we don't know where everyone gets stuck unless they come back to us. we don't have that data. so how can we be solving for. so i would also pause it that another important reason that we want these to connect is so we have a feedback loop and we can start to as we say manufacturing, manage the bottlenecks. we have an idea where some of those bottlenecks are. but we don't currently have the data that we will have with these two positions. >> and the nine positions that
7:56 pm
mr. goncher referred to in the permit center, what do those do? is it a similar job and we're looking to add two? or are those positions distinct? >> well, i would recommend we would need to call back the city administrator to talk about the vision for those roles, but in our collaboration between our departments, our understanding is it's much more of walk in and get help with your permitting issue as opposed to from the beginning to all the way opening your business kind of a lens. so they are generalists who are able to go fact find and way find but not necessarily positions that are focused on taking a business from the start all the way through the point where it opens, but i see the city administrator office is -- so maybe he will 0 pine
7:57 pm
right now at this perfect moment in time. >> supervisor ronen: that was so kind of you to stick around longer than you have to. >> thank you. >> supervisor ronen: you get a gold star for that. >> because i -- we definitely support these positions. we've been in conversations with director sofis and others about the value of these unique positions separate from the work that the customer service staff do and as director sofis stated. the permit is really the front end as you walk in the door. [please stand by]
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
. >> the beauty of the permit center is for the more straightforward cases, treating them similarly to early-stage, give them a sense of where they need to go, send them on their way. i would argue i would like to follow up and make sure they
8:00 pm
have the business open -- >> i'm sorry, i'm late for a meeting with the mayor. i'm going to jump off and come back. sorry about that. we don't like to keep her waiting. i'll be back. >> supervisor haney: okay. i think we need to move forward on this. president walton? >> president walton: did the office of small business request the support? >> it came from small business in collaboration with the rest of the team and what they would be doing.
8:01 pm
>> president walton: who would they report to? >> the office of small business, accountable to the office of small business but physically deployed in the permit center. >> president walton: would the positions address special permits for events and walk smaller organizations through the process? >> absolutely. we know there are certain small businesses that rely on events as part of their revenue. i think it would be very important, particularly for small businesses that have that as part of their business model. >> president walton: thank you. >> thank you supervisor. >> supervisor haney: okay. i think where we are going to leave this is we'll accept that all of the recommendations other than the policy ones and continue the conversation about the policy recommendations and
8:02 pm
make final decisions before or at the hearing on monday. so it's our intention to accept the budget with the bla recommendation. we'll talk soon. >> thank you. >> supervisor haney: madam clerk, can you please call item 7 and 8? >> clerk: item 7 creating 20.7 million and producing appropriations by 272.3 million. it would require 59.6 million for a 10 million in the airport commission and 3.7 million in the port commissions appropriation pursuant to 911.3.
8:03 pm
addition of 24 positions fiscal year 2021-2022. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on these items call 415-655-0001, meeting id, 146 678 0558 and then press pound twice. if you haven't done so, press star 3 to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and then make comments. >> supervisor haney: we have the controller who is going to present on these items. and puc, airport and port are here on stand by if we have questions. >> good morning chair haney and members of the committee. i wanted to provide brief context for the supplemental
8:04 pm
appropriations in front of you and as you noted, there are folks from the three departments included available. every other year, the board, the finance committee or appropriations committee approves a resolution that identifies the departments with fixed budgets for the coming two year period and identifies the thresholds in which point the changes would come back to the committee. the departments that were identified were the airport, port and puc. any changes in revenues or expenditures positive or negative greater than 5% for non general fund funds would come back to the committee. so, as you may hear from the departments, in the supplemental before you, the puc's budget is increasing. any time there's an increase,
8:05 pm
that amount of the increase needs to come to get board approval. and then both the airport and port are reducing budgets by more than the 5% threshold. that was just what i wanted to provide context and i believe the folks from the departments are here as you noted. >> supervisor haney: thank you. are there bla reports on the item? >> yes, there are. so an ordinance appropriating an additional $20.7 million to the public utilities commission and reduces the airport budget by $272.4 million and 17.4 million at the port. we show the details of the budget changes on page 16 of our
8:06 pm
report. >>. >> we do have a recommendation on file, the salary ordinance legislation to number one, delete fte position and change 0.77 fte to 0932 but approve the legislation as amended and approve file 210651. my understanding is that the puc
8:07 pm
is in agreement to the changes. i'm happy to answer questions. >> supervisor haney: i don't see any questions or comments. madam clerk, can you open it up to public comment for items 7 and 8. this is specifically on the puc airport and port and some of the amendments to their appropriations. >> clerk: we are checking to see if there are members in the queue. press star 3 to be added to the queue. for those on hold, wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. are there any callers who wish to comment on items 7 and 8? >> we have one caller in queue. >> clerk: please unmute that caller. >> can you hear me?
8:08 pm
>> clerk: yes. >> thank you. i am the chair of the san francisco public utilities commission citizens advisory committee and i have the opportunity to be on the san francisco african american reparations committee. i'm specifically calling in support of the budget and fte allocation for the public utilities commission. i like many of you believe these positions or some of these resources will go specifically to aligning with racial equity in order to measure and implement many of the plans put in place. i want to thank you in advance for helping move forward on the commitment to racial equity. with no positions dedicated to the work, it will help recognize
8:09 pm
the racial equity plan. i wanted to add in 2019 as the voice of citizens of san francisco, to the sfpuc, the cac passed a resolution to support the racial equity work that the puc was doing. the outlined areas we wanted to see happen, first, more robust systems to monitor equity and to allocate at least one position within the human resources services to be responsible for this work. with the passage of this, and i thank all of the supervisors here currently, we really sort of see this as momentum moving forward the goals around racial equity and sfpuc. thank you for your hard work and the impact you will have and
8:10 pm
continue to have on the city of san francisco. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. any other callers in the queue? >> no more callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor haney: public comment is closed. thank you for calling in and for your service. to the caller. and i wanted to make a motion to move the amendments on item 8. is there a second? >> supervisor safai: second. >> supervisor haney: roll call vote on the amendment. >> clerk: (roll call vote)
8:11 pm
there are four ayes. >> supervisor haney: i want to make a motion to move items 7 and 8 to the full board on july 13th with a positive recommendation as amended. is there a second? >> supervisor safai: seconded. >> clerk: (roll call vote) there are four ayes. >> supervisor haney: great. it will go to the full board as amended. thank you so much. madam clerk, items 9 and 10 together. >> clerk: resolution concurring with the controller sir active indication that department services can be performed by private contractor for a lower cost than similar work for security services for department of public health.
8:12 pm
item 10, resolution with the controllers specification that previous services can be performed by project contractor with similar work. members of the public who wish to provide public comment shall call 415-655-0001 and id 146 678 0558. then press pound twice. if you haven't done the so, dial star 3 to line up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have unmuted and then you can start your comments. >> supervisor haney: thank you. pass it over to controller and dph. >> good morning again chair haney and members of the committee. i'm going to provide a brief overview of both of these items before you. the second of the two items is contract of services previously
8:13 pm
approved and the resolution contains 19 different services in various city departments that have had long standing analysis from our office showing that the services are less expensive to provide as contracted out services and the departments are listed there. the other item before you and i understand there are people from the department of public health available, is what we refer to as a new service. this is to initiate contracting out security services in some clinics for the department of public health. >> supervisor haney: thank you. and i think dph is here to present on that item. >> greg wagner from the department of public health. at our hearing earlier this week, you heard from us on our
8:14 pm
proposal for changing our security and safety services at our hospitals and clinics, that we discussed at the hearing. one component of that proposal is in our primary care and behavioral health clinics, there are four clinics that currently have a sheriff's deputy posted at the clinics and as part of our larger proposal, at those clinics, we are proposing to no longer have a deputy stationed there full time. there would still be patrol car support for issues requiring law enforcement. instead, would use a model that has been tested in some other sites and viewed as a best practice, to have a community-based partner provide safety services in those clinics. they would be connected to the clinic and patient population, trained in deescalation and
8:15 pm
available to help the patient experience and overall environment in the clinic. because that would be change involving no longer having the deputies on site and having the contracted community-based organization, it requires a prop j. the controller's office has included analysis in the packet before you and i will leave it at that for the moment. we do have the director of care for the department of health along with the budget staff. >> supervisor haney: thank you. colleagues, questions or comments? is there a bla report on this
8:16 pm
item? >> there is not. >> supervisor haney: i imagine there would be rfp for the services? you're on mute. >> that is correct and i want to invite the doctor to briefly describe the model in response to your question. >> good afternoon chair haney and members of the committee. i'm director of ambulatory care for the department of public
8:17 pm
health. yes, this is private security as we imagine, as many of us encounter in different retail settings and stuff. this is specialized client safety services. this is i think a relatively new service, the community organizations have developed to provide really a needed service in our healthcare environment. a service which is not law enforcement and which is not perceived to be serving law enforcement security. these are specialized and trained staff who are -- who deescalate and welcome people and help people navigate where they are going and again, really
8:18 pm
specialized in being able to help work with clients who come to our clinics who may not be happy with the services they're getting or may be confrontational with staff and can help defuse the situation. as i can attest from working with them from observing work with clients, i think it's staff and outpatients can attest to, they are excellent. they are people who really know how to talk to, how to interact with peers in the community and welcome people to our sites and
8:19 pm
they integrate themselves into the care team so they're trusted members of our clinic staff. so, i'll stop there and see if you have other questions. >> supervisor haney: great. i think that explains it. not seeing questions or comments from my colleagues. madam clerk, can we see if there's public comment on items 9 and 10? >> clerk: members of the public who wish to provide public comment on these items, please press star 3 to be added to the queue. for those on hold, wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. are there callers who wish to comment on items 9 and 10? >> we have one caller in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. please unmute that call.
8:20 pm
>> hello, i work at the senior center in the tenderloin and work with the public health clinic. we're the nonprofit next door and we have had a variety of safety issues over the year and variety of people working to help us with safety issues. and so we've found what we think is the right fit, which is we work with a group out of st. anthony's, client safety services. these are mostly formally homeless people. people who have been in the system and know the neighborhood. most importantly, people who know what it is like to be on the sidewalks and streets. i used to be called up at least two or three times a week to deal with incidents on the sidewalks and streets. i'm no longer called up anymore because we have this group here. every day of the year.
8:21 pm
so i just advocate for this peer-based approach to what the community group we're talking about. >> clerk: thank you for your comment, sir. any other callers in the queue? >> no more callers in the queue. >> supervisor haney: thank you. public comment is now closed. i want to make a motion to move items 9 and 10 to the full board meeting july 13th with a positive recommendation. is there a second? >> supervisor safai: second. >> clerk: (roll call vote)
8:22 pm
five ayes. >> supervisor haney: thank you. thank you to dph. madam clerk, please call item 11. >> clerk: resolution concurring with the controller's establishment of the consumer price index for 2021 and adjusting the axis line tax by the same rate. members of the public who wish to provide public comment call 415-655-0001 and meeting id 146 678 0558 and then press pound twice. if you haven't done so, dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you can begin your comment. >> supervisor haney: great. controller's office. >> thank you chair haney. local code allows for
8:23 pm
inflationary adjustment increases so this increase is assumed in the proposed budget and we bring this to you every year with the budget. we have calculated 0.020%. i'm happy to take any questions. >> supervisor haney: questions and comments, colleague. not seeing any. madam clerk, is there any public comment on this item? >> clerk: we are checking to see if there are callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide public comment, press star 3 now. >> we have no callers in the
8:24 pm
queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor haney: i'll make a motion to move item 11 to the full board meeting on july 13th with a positive recommendation. is there a second? >> supervisor ronen: second. >> clerk: (roll call vote) five ayes. >> supervisor haney: it will move to the full board. can you please call item 12? >> clerk: item 12 ordinance adopting the neighborhood beautician and clean up graffiti fund tax. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item call 415-655-0001. meeting id 146 678 0558.
8:25 pm
then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so, press star 3 to sign up to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. mr. chair. >> supervisor haney: once again, controller's office. >> thank you again. this is another adjustment we bring every year with the budget. local code allows taxpayers to designate a portion of gross receipts tax to the beautician and graffiti clean-up fund. now referred to as the community grant program. the code requires the controller to calculate the maximum percentage of tax liability that they can elect to contribute to the fund, so the fund will generally achieve a balance of a million dollars per year adjusted for inflation. the target was set many decades
8:26 pm
ago. and so that is what the piece of legislation is doing this year, sliding back that percentage. that's all. >> supervisor haney: is there a bla report on this item? >> there is not. >> supervisor haney: supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: i wanted to take a moment to say i love the community challenge grants program. it has been something that has been so positive and gets residents of san francisco to get together and get creative about making improvements in their neighborhoods and i thought what a great time to talk about how fabulous the program is and how much i appreciate it. that's all. >> supervisor haney: thank you. ditto. any public comment on this item?
8:27 pm
>> clerk: checking to see if there are callers in the queue. members of the public who wish to provide comment on this item press star 3 to be added to the queue. for those on hold please wait until the system indicates you have been muted. are there callers who wish to comment on item 12? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> supervisor haney: i want to make a motion to move item 12 to the full board meeting on july 13th with a positive recommendation. is there a second? >> supervisor safai: second. >> supervisor haney: and can we take a roll call vote please? >> clerk: (roll call vote) five ayes. >> supervisor haney: great.
8:28 pm
it will go to the full board with a positive recommendation. madam clerk, can you please call item 13? >> clerk: item 13, ordinance authorizing the execution of certificates of participation on a taxable basis and aggregate principle amount not to exceed 67.5 million and certain projects within the county and city of san francisco and various related documents. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item, call 415-655-0001 meeting id, 146 678 0558. press pound twice. if you haven't done so, dial star 3 to line up to speak. a system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. please wait until you have been unmuted and then start your
8:29 pm
comments. mr. chair. >> supervisor haney: thank you. once again, welcome to the controller's office. >> hello. from the office of capital planning but we do have the controller's office on as well to talk about the financial details. so good afternoon chair haney and committee members. we'll keep this pretty brief. brian strong would usually present this item but he is out of town. i'm joined by my colleague and we have a few slides. can you share the slides? >> i don't currently have permission as a presenter.
8:30 pm
>> in april the board approved the plan for certificates of participation for recovery stimulus and critical repairs. the item today are the specific project recommendations for the funds. we can go to the first slide. so, the recovery stimulus program is intended for shovel-ready projects to create stimulus and jobs and deliver additional benefits. so the recommended project for cop's are the san francisco wholesale produce department, pedestrian and streetscape improvement between 5th and 8th and new childcare center at zuckerberg san francisco general. and then for the critical repairs program -- next slide.
8:31 pm
the critical repairs program is intended to address short falls in the program which was cut about two thirds as a result of the pandemic. those that couldn't be funded are recommended for funding through the critical repairs program. the last slide. i'll pass it to luke who can go through the financials. >> thanks kate. so these are our certificates of participation, funding the multiple improvement project from the programs not to exceed 67.5 including the project funding and reserves and other costs for the financing. this is our typical structure. we're estimating an annual lease
8:32 pm
payment around $5 million assuming cost for borrowing 4.7% for 20 years. >> thank you. >> supervisor haney: is there a bla report on this item? >> there is chair haney. so this proposed ordinance would authorize $57.5 million in certificates of participation to fund critical repair and stimulus projects in the plan starting on page 29 of the report. the spending plan includes $2 million for contingency to provide funding for potential future grants. now, staff did not identify prior instances of the city
8:33 pm
identifying debt for this purpose but if passed it could provide the city with capital grant opportunities that could require local matching funds. the annual debt service would average over the term of the debt and transaction consistent with the city debt policies so we recommend approval. >> supervisor haney: great. colleagues, questions or comments? not seeing any. can we open this up to public comment. >> clerk: yes. checking to see if there are callers in the queue. those who wish to provide comment press star 3 now. for those on hold wait until you have been unmuted. are there callers who wish to comment on item number 12? >> we have no callers in queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor haney: public comment is closed. i want to make a motion to move
8:34 pm
this to the full board with a positive recommendation on july 13th. can we have a second please? seconded by safai. >> clerk: (roll call vote) there are five ayes. >> supervisor haney: this will go to the full board with a positive recommendation on the 13th. and thank you so much everyone for your work. and madam clerk, are there other items in front of us? >> clerk: yes, mr. chair, if you would please entertain a motion to recess this meeting to wednesday june 23rd at 10:00 a.m. that would be much appreciated.
8:35 pm
>> supervisor haney: did somebody move that? >> president walton: second. >> supervisor haney: madam clerk, roll call vote on the motion to recess this meeting to wednesday june 23rd at 10:00 a.m. >> clerk: (roll call vote) there are five ayes. >> supervisor haney: great. now, any other items in front of us today. >> clerk: no further business. >> supervisor haney: this meeting is recessed until june 23rd at 10:00 a.m. thank you colleagues.
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
>> van ness avenue runs from market street to bay street in san francisco. south vanness runs from south of market to cesar chavez street. originally residential after the 1906 earthquake it was used as a fire break. many car dealerships and businesses exist on vanness today with expansion of bus lanes.
8:38 pm
originally marlet street was named after james vanness, seventh mayor of san francisco from 1855 to 1856. vanness heavy are streets in santa cruz, los angeles and fresno in his honor. in 1915 streetcars started the opening of the expo. in 1950s it was removed and replaced by a tree-lined median. it was part of the central freeway from bayshore to hayes valley. it is part of uses 101. it was damaged during the 1989 earthquake. in 1992 the elevator part of the roadway was removed. it was developed into a surface boulevard. today the vanness bus rapid transit project is to have designated bus lanes service
8:39 pm
from mission. it will display the history of the city. van ness avenue.
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> the bicycle coalition was giving away 33 bicycles so i applied. i was happy to receive one of them. >> the community bike build program is the san francisco coalition's way of spreading the joy of biking and freedom of
8:45 pm
biking to residents who may not have access to affordable transportation. the city has an ordinance that we worked with them on back in 2014 that requires city agency goes to give organizations like the san francisco bicycle organization a chance to take bicycles abandoned and put them to good use or find new homes for them. the partnerships with organizations generally with organizations that are working with low income individuals or families or people who are transportation dependent. we ask them to identify individuals who would greatly benefit from a bicycle. we make a list of people and their heights to match them to a bicycle that would suit their lifestyle and age and height. >> bicycle i received has impacted my life so greatly. it is not only a form of
8:46 pm
recreation. it is also a means of getting connected with the community through bike rides and it is also just a feeling of freedom. i really appreciate it. i am very thankful. >> we teach a class. they have to attend a one hour class. things like how to change lanes, how to make a left turn, right turn, how to ride around cars. after that class, then we would give everyone a test chance -- chance to test ride. >> we are giving them as a way to get around the city. >> just the joy of like seeing people test drive the bicycles in the small area, there is no real word. i guess enjoyable is a word i
8:47 pm
could use. that doesn't describe the kind of warm feelings you feel in your heart giving someone that sense of freedom and maybe they haven't ridden a bike in years. these folks are older than the normal crowd of people we give bicycles away to. take my picture on my bike. that was a great experience. there were smiles all around. the recipients, myself, supervisor, everyone was happy to be a part of this joyous occasion. at the end we normally do a group ride to see people ride off with these huge smiles on their faces is a great experience. >> if someone is interested in volunteering, we have a special section on the website sf
8:48 pm you can sign up for both events. we have given away 855 bicycles, 376 last year. we are growing each and every year. i hope to top that 376 this year. we frequently do events in bayview. the spaces are for people to come and work on their own bikes or learn skills and give them access to something that they may not have had access to. >> for me this is a fun way to get outside and be active. most of the time the kids will be in the house. this is a fun way to do something. >> you get fresh air and you don't just stay in the house all day. it is a good way to exercise. >> the bicycle coalition has a bicycle program for every community in san francisco. it is connecting the young,
8:49 pm
older community. it is a wonderful outlet for the community to come together to have some good clean fun. it has opened to many doors to the young people that will usually might not have a bicycle. i have seen them and they are thankful and i am thankful for san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, the fire boat station is intergal to maritime rescue and preparedness, not only for san francisco, but for all of the bay area. [sirens] >> fire station 35 was built in 1915. so it is over 100 years
8:50 pm
old. and helped it, we're going to build fire boat station 35. >> so the finished capital planning committee, i think about three years ago, issued a guidance that all city facilities must exist on sea level rise. >> the station 35, construction cost is approximately $30 million. and the schedule was complicated because of what you call a float. it is being fabricated in china, and will be brought to treasure island, where the building site efficient will be constructed on top of it, and then brought to pier 22 and a half for installation. >> we're looking at late 2020 for final completion of the fire boat float. the historic firehouse will remain on the embarcadero, and we will
8:51 pm
still respond out of the historic firehouse with our fire engine, and respond to medical calls and other incidences in the district. >> this totally has to incorporate between three to six feet of sea level rise over the next 100 years. that's what the city's guidance is requiring. it is built on the float, that can move up and down as the water level rises, and sits on four fixed guide piles. so if the seas go up, it can move up and down with that. >> it does have a full range of travel, from low tide to high tide of about 16 feet. so that allows for current tidal movements and sea lisle rises in the coming decades. >> the fire boat station float will also incorporate a ramp for ambulance deployment and access. >> the access ramp is
8:52 pm
rigidly connected to the land side, with more of a pivot or hinge connection, and then it is sliding over the top of the float. in that way the ramp can flex up and down like a hinge, and also allow for a slight few inches of lateral motion of the float. both the access ramps, which there is two, and the utility's only flexible connection connecting from the float to the back of the building. so electrical power, water, sewage, it all has flexible connection to the boat. >> high boat station number 35 will provide mooring for three fire boats and one rescue boat. >> currently we're staffed with seven members per day, but the fire department would like to establish a new dedicated marine unit that would be able to respond to multiple incidences. looking into the future, we have not only at&t
8:53 pm
park, where we have a lot of kayakers, but we have a lot of developments in the southeast side, including the stadium, and we want to have the ability to respond to any marine or maritime incident along these new developments. >> there are very few designs for people sleeping on the water. we're looking at cruiseships, which are larger structures, several times the size of harbor station 35, but they're the only good reference point. we look to the cruiseship industry who has kind of an index for how much acceleration they were accommodate. >> it is very unique. i don't know that any other fire station built on the water is in the united states. >> the fire boat is a regional asset that can be
8:54 pm
used for water rescue, but we also do environmental cleanup. we have special rigging that we carry that will contain oil spills until an environmental unit can come out. this is a job for us, but it is also a way of life and a lifestyle. we're proud to serve our community. and we're willing to help people in any way we can. >> look at that beautiful jellyfish. the way to speak to students and motivate them to take action, to
8:55 pm
save the planet, they do, they care and my job is to speak to them in a way that they can understand that touches their heart and makes them feel powerful with simple actions to take every day. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ >> i was born and raised in the desert of palm springs, california. my dad was the rabbi in the community there. what i got from watching my father on stage talking to the community was learning how to be in the public. and learning how to do public speaking and i remember the first time i got up to give my first school assembly, i felt my dad over my shoulder saying pause for drama, deliver your
8:56 pm
words. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a teacher. and then when i got into high school, i decided i wanted to get into advertising and do graphic art and taglines and stuff like that. by the time i was in college, i decided i wanted to be a decorator. but as i did more work, i realized working my way up meant a lot of physical labor. i only had so much energy to work with for the rest of my life and i could use that energy towards making a lot of money, helping someone else make a lot of money or doing something meaningful. i found the nonprofit working to save the rainforest was looking for volunteers. i went, volunteered and my life changed. suddenly everything i was doing had meaning. stuffing envelopes had meaning, faxing out requests had meaning. i eventually moved up to san francisco to work out of the office here, given a lot of
8:57 pm
assembly through los angeles county and then came up here and doing assemblies to kids about rainforest. one of my jobs was to teach about recycle, teaching students to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost, i'm teaching them they have the power, and that motivates them. it was satisfying for me to work with for the department of environment to create a message that gets to the heart of the issue. the san francisco department of environment is the only agency that has a full time educational team, we go into the schools to help teach children how to protect nature and the environment. we realized we needed animal mascot to spark excitement with the students. the city during the gold rush days, the phoenix became part of
8:58 pm
the city feel and i love the symbolism of the phoenix, about transformation and the message that the theme of the phoenix provides, we all have the power to transform our world for the better. we have to provide teachers with curriculum online, our curriculum is in two different languages and whether it's lesson plans or student fact sheets, teachers can use them and we've had great feedback. we have helped public and private schools in san francisco increase their waste use and students are working hard to sort waste at the end of the lunch and understand the power of reusing, reducing, recycling and composting. >> great job. >> i've been with the department
8:59 pm
for 15 years and an environmental educator for more than 23 years and i'm grateful for the work that i get to do, especially on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. i try to use my voice as intentionally as possible to support, i think of my grandmother who had a positive attitude and looked at things positively. try to do that as well in my work and with my words to be an uplifting force for myself and others. think of entering the job force as a treasure hunt. you can only go to your next clue and more will be revealed. follow your instincts, listen to your gut, follow your heart, do what makes you happy and pragmatic and see where it takes you and get to the next place. trust if you want to do good in this world, thattttttttttttttttt
9:00 pm
>> good afternoon. this mighting will come -- good morning. this meeting will come to order welcome to the june 21st, 2021, special meeting of the land use and transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. i am supervisor myrna melgar, joined by dean preston and supervisor aaron peskin. the clerk today is erica major and i would like to acknowledge matthew -- i'm sorry, michael balthasar from sfgov-tv. and, madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes, the committee members pipt participated via video conference.
9:01 pm
and the board recognizes that public access to the city services is essential and it's by public participation in the following ways, public comment is available on each item on this agenda, either channel 26, 78 or 99 and are streaming the public comment number across the screen. each public commenter can speak for two minutes. call the number 1-(415)-655-0001. again, that number is 1-(415)-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 146 000 9293. and, again, that number is 146 000 9293. and then press pound and pound again. when connected you will hear the meeting discussion but you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up, please dial star, 3, to be
9:02 pm
added to the speaker line. best practices are to call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly, and turn down your television or radio. alternatively you may submit public comment in either of the following ways, you can email myself, the land use and transportation clerk, at and you it will be made part of the official file. written comments can be sent the u.s. postal service to city hall, 1 doctor carleton b. carleton place. san francisco, california, 94102. finally items acted upon today are expected to appear on the board of supervisors agenda of june 29th, unless otherwise stated. madam chair. >> supervisor melgar: would you
9:03 pm
call item number one, please. >> clerk: yes, item 1, a resolution approving the list of projects to be funded by fiscal year 2021-2022, road maintenance and rehabilitation account funds as established by california senate bill 1, the road repair and accountability act of 2017. the members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call the number on the screen. again that number is 1-(415)-655-0001. and the meeting i.d. is 146 000 9293. and then press pound and pound again if you have not done so already, please press star, 3, to line up to speak. the system will prompt that you have raised your hand and confirmation. madam chair. >> supervisor melgar: thank you so much. we have jeremy spitz here from d.p.w. as well as elizabeth ramos. i believe that supervisor peskin is on the roster to also speak before we allow mr. spitz to
9:04 pm
come on. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam chair. i want to thank mr. spitz for his letter and emails that he sent on june 14th that addressed i think pretty much everything that we brought up at the committee meeting that we had the monday before last, and, sorry that the meeting on friday got canceled and necessitating today's. and, by the way, that website, which i was not aware of where you can click on each and every completed and future paving project and we know that status is a wonderful thing, and people in every neighborhood in san francisco should use it. so if nothing else came out of that hearing, knowing that is remarkable. in the letter that mr. spitz sent on -- dated june 13th, i think that the only thing that
9:05 pm
was not addressed in there that we brought up in committee was to the extent possible giving the most amount of notice for paving projects where there are shared spaces that will have to be removed. because you can't pick them up and pave underneath them and set them back down. but i think that everything else that we brought up has been thoroughly addressed. so that's -- and i think that -- what public works said is that they'll do their best to give as much notice as possible, but that was the only thing that wasn't addressed that i'm prepared to send this forward as a committee report for hearing tomorrow. >> chair melgar: thank you so much, supervisor peskin. mr. spitz, welcome. >> good morning, thank you chair melgar, thank you for having this committee hearing to hear this item that was on the agenda
9:06 pm
this morning. thank you, supervisor peskin. yes, we don't have the details yet about exactly how much notice we'll be able to provide but we know that currently it's under discussion at the board, and we're also working on our own internal department regulations about them, so we are committed to giving as much notice as feasibly possible. i know that you mentioned last time this item was heard that when we had surveyors in the field, um, then that might be an appropriate time to give out notice, so i'm working with the staff to see how much notice we can give. i know sometimes we will go out there and survey a project and then there will be a utility conflict and the p.u.c. will tell us, no, we'll come back and replace the sewer in two years. so the project will then get delayed. so when we are sure that the project is going to move forward as soon as feasibly possible in that timeframe we're committed to giving notice.
9:07 pm
and also the paving program staff is here as well if they want to add anything to that. >> supervisor peskin: this is a place where delay is potentially a good thing, and even if when the surveyor goes out and someone gets a notice that says this may happen in six months, but it may happen later, that's okay, because it leads now -- i, as the newfound chair spaces permittee know that, uh-oh, i better start getting it together. and then i get something that says this is really going to happen in 90 days, or this is really going to happen in 60 days and i have to start making plans to tear it apart or whatever. but i think this is a place where delay -- the delay is a good thing. thank you. >> chair melgar: thank you,
9:08 pm
mr. peskin. i know that miss ramos is here. i think that i'm ready to vote on this, and it sounds like supervisor peskin is as well, unless supervisor preston wants to hear the presentation again, i don't think that we need it, because we've already heard it. supervisor preston, do you need the presentation again or are you ready to vote? >> supervisor preston: i do not need it, and i just want to echo thanks to mr. spitz for answering all of the questions that came up in committee last time. i'm prepared to support this item. >> chair melgar: thank you, supervisor preston, and thank you for details, supervisor peskin. madam clerk, call the roll on this. >> clerk: madam chair, would you like to call public comment first. >> of course. >> clerk: and if you have not done so, please press star, 3, to be added to the queue to speak. for those on hold, continue to wait until the system indicates that you have been un-muted.
9:09 pm
there are 11 listeners with one in queue. and javier, if you can unmute the caller, please. hello, caller, you are on the line. >> madam clerk, the caller disconnected. >> clerk: okay, thank you. and that looks like it was the only caller in queue, madam chair. >> chair melgar: thank you so much, madam clerk with. that public comment is now closed. did you make a motion, supervisor peskin, to send this out as a committee report? i think that you did. >> supervisor peskin: i said that i was prepared to vote for it but i am formally making a motion to send this item number 1 as a committee report with recommendation. >> chair melgar: thank you, supervisor.
9:10 pm
madam clerk, will you call the roll, please. >> clerk: to recommend the item as a committee report [roll call vote] you have three ayes. >> supervisor melgar: thank you so much, madam clerk. will you please call item number 2. >> clerk: yes, item 2 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to prohibit landlords from evicting residential tenants for non-payment of rent that came between july 1, 2021, and december 31, 2021, that was not paid due to the covid-19 pandemic, provided the tenant has paid at least 25% of the rent owed, to prohibit landlords from imposing late fees, penalties or similar charges on such tenants and making appropriate findings. the members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call the number on the screen,
9:11 pm
1-(415)-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 146 000 9293. and then press pound and pound again if you have not done so, please press star 3 to line up to speak. the system prompt will indicate that you have raised your hand in confirmation. madam chair. >> supervisor melgar: thank you very much, madam clerk. i'm so glad that we were able to call a special meeting today so we could have this on the agenda. supervisor preston, i would like to be added as a co-sponsor and please make your comments. >> supervisor preston: thank you, chair melgar, and, yeah, let me start by thanking you, as the public may or may not know that we were scheduled for a meeting on friday, and then had the wonderful news that federally juneteenth had been declared a national holiday and then the mayor followed suit by declaring friday a holiday, which i think that we all celebrated, but it did mean that
9:12 pm
we canceled the committee hearings that were scheduled that day. and i just want to express my appreciation to you, chair melgar, and also to the clerk and the entire team at the clerk's office for being able to and willing to reschedule and to get a special meeting on calendar this quickly. it's extremely important that we move this forward and i appreciate that we're hearing it today. so this ordinance would prohibit the non-payment evictions for san francisco tenants facing covid-related hardship. and the ordinance is the second piece of a two-part legislative effort, the first part we saw in committee before -- and combined these efforts seek to effectively extend the protections provided by the state under s.b.91, which are set to expire on june 30th. so this ordinance amends the administrative code to align protections for the period of
9:13 pm
july 1, through december 31st, with the current protections provided by the state program under s.b.91, wherein a tenant who pays 25% of their rent that is owed cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent. at the end of this period, that's by december 31st, tenants will need to pay, um, the 25% of -- of the rent owed for that rental period from july through december. i have a minor amendment that was distributed to committee members. the amendment adding language to the finding section on page 3, lines 15-21, clarifies that the ordinance is more protective than the state law a.d.1482, this is something that is required and so we are adding that and advise that that amendment is non-substantive in nature and can be voted on today without impacting the legislative timeline. i was also advised that there
9:14 pm
was a minor typo, and thank you to our amazing clerk for catching this. small typo on page 2, line 24, the word "and" is repeated twice so i'd like to amend that line to strike one of those "ands." and i would like to emphasize before closing that this effort would not really be necessary and we would not need to be scrambling for these protects again and again were the state to act and extend protections in a decisive way. and we all know that the rent relief money is not fully gotten out there, and barely gotten out there and that we need to be protecting people in this period of time as an integral part of our recovery. and there's been a lot of talk at the state level of potential extensions of the s.b.91 protections, but we are -- we are just days away, nine days away, from the deadline.
9:15 pm
and there are countless tenants who are terrified right now of what this might mean. and i think that there's a disconnect with our policymakers in sacramento and our governor, um, who are just not meeting every day with people who are facing this hardship. and it just needs to have happened a month ago but now we're just over a week away from expiration and it's causing an incredible amount of stress. i'm cautiously optimistic and i hope that we will get there and we will hear some news but every day matters. but in the meantime, i think that we are doing the most we can do locally on eviction protections, but that should not obscure the fact that -- that in some ways this is a mess of the state's making and it has left us all scrambling in cities and counties across the state, and i just -- i urge from the governor to leadership in sacramento for
9:16 pm
-- for folks to really step up and do better on this and to do so immediately. and i want to thank assembly member chu for his being outspoken in pushing for the extension of these protections. so -- anyway, i digress from the ordinance before us. in the meantime we will continue our efforts unabated in putting the strongest possible protections in place for residents of san francisco, and inclusive of the amendments that i've referenced, i intend to ask the committee to -- to amend the item and then forward it to the full board as committee report with positive recommendation. thank you. >> chair melgar: thank you so much, supervisor peskin and, of course, thank you for your leadership on this. so, madam clerk, let's take public comment on this item, please. >> clerk: thank you, madam chair. checking to see the total number of callers in queue. if you have not done so already,
9:17 pm
please press star, 3, to line up to speak and you only press star 3 once and those on hold please continue to wait. d.q. has confirmed we have 19 callers with five in queue. javier, if you can unmute the first caller, please. >> caller: hello, can you hear me? >> clerk: yes, please proceed. >> caller: hello? well, i just wanted to make a quick comment. you know, failure to extend the moratorium until december 31st is going to be a catastrophic failure of government. i mean, the people here have already struggled for years with the landlords raising the rents by hundreds of percent, and now that they're not getting their $4,000 one-bedroom apartment monthly rent, i mean -- it does
9:18 pm
not seem fair that now everybody has to feel sorry for them and they raise the rent on everybody forever. you know, if you make $100,000 in this town and you pay all of your taxes, you're broke. and i'm sorry that the millionaires came in here and bought these houses and that they don't get to have the rental for a little while because the world shut off, but failure to extend this thing -- like i said -- is going to be a complete breakdown of government and society here and it's going to have $10 billion in retainer lawsuits and where will these people go? that's all i have to say. so, please, pass this thing. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, caller. next speaker, please. >> caller: hi, supervisors, good
9:19 pm
morning. first and foremost, i want to reiterate what i emailed to all of the supervisors. i really appreciate supervisor safai's understanding and response to my own situation. so i just wanted to tell everybody my situation. so back in august my wife and i rented out a room in my parents' house. it's not an illegal room, not an illegal unit, it's a legitimate room in a single-family house. that family -- sorry -- that individual we felt was decent, noting he had a stable job, a stable stream of income, background check came out clean when the first month rent became due, he said he wasn't able to pay because of covid. september 2020 came along and a.b.88 required 25% of payment. we received nothing. fast forward to january 2021, we received nothing.
9:20 pm
we started to notice something strange -- no mail goes to the house in his name, the signatures of the declarations came back different every single time. we decided to look into it and it turns out that he was using a stolen identity the whole time. the cellphone was a v.i.p. and the email was an anonymous email and a police file was put on, and this is a civil matter and it's not -- it's not a fraud, that's what they said. fast forward to march 2021. he knows his immunity now. he asked his friend to move in. this friend just so happens works nights and sleeps during the day so he comes back during the day. how much money did we receive? we received zero rent. zero utilities. and do we qualify for rent relief qualifications?
9:21 pm
zero. >> that is time. >> caller: sorry, was that -- >> clerk: yes, i apologize,we're setting the timer to two minutes. sorry if we had to cut you off there. next speaker, please. >> caller: hey, hello. i thank you, supervisors, for listening to me today. i'm an apartment owner on fine street in san francisco there. i have my situation and story, i have a lease holder that illegally sublet to some tenants, they're unauthorized sub-tenants. the lease holders are now all gone, and these people are in my apartment, who i didn't even know who their identity was. there's no effort to pay the 25% of what is owed, i haven't received rent since last year in 2020. there's no cooperation with the
9:22 pm
landlord/tenant, for assistance and also my building has had multiple problems since these people have arrived. the mailbox has been broken go into. and other tenants i have there have been there for 20 plus years in and these are the only new ones. the mail has been stolen and police reports have been taken and i really urge you guys to take into consideration some of these people that are not cooperating and not really affected by covid at all. and don't want to pay. and they just know they're going to ride it out until the end unless you guys do something. like i said, again, there's no cooperation from these sub-tenants at all to -- you know, to get any assistance or pay the landlord. i really hope you guys can put something in to take care of these problems.
9:23 pm
if you're not cooperating with it -- if these people were affected by covid and they lost their jobs, i would be there, but that's not the case in a lot of these situations. so please take that into consideration as you move forward and i hope that we can do something to get these problem tenants out. definitely, there's some issues going on, a lot of my other tenants are scared and they don't want to go and call the police because they're worried about retaliation from these people. and i have been housing them for the last -- >> clerk: thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> caller: hello, i just would like to -- i'm also an apartment owner in the city. and i -- we -- i think that all apartment owners understand the concern the council has with the moratorium and not evicting tenants. and actually we do as well. as everybody may know, i hope that you know, there's a lot of
9:24 pm
open vacancies in the city and it's very difficult to re-rent an apartment right now. so we only care about the evicted people, there's no issue there. the challenge with this extension is the 25% minimum. and i'll tell you my case. i have an apartment that i lease. i pay property tax. i pay my water bill. i pay my pg&e bill and i pay no city business taxes and other fees imposed. but my tenants who -- one works for uber and has never lost their job and has worked the entire time, an engineer. and another one works for google and never lost their job and has worked there the whole time and, yeah, they're paying their 25%, but these guys are making a lot of money and they could easily pay the full amount. so i'm losing money every month by accepting this and having to pay the fees that the city
9:25 pm
requires me to maintain and operate my apartment, yet these people keep extending, extending, extending. i'm going to be forced to sell. there's a corporation right down the road that would love to buy my apartment. you're forcing the little guys out and you're enabling the corporates to come in and to take our property. and that is the policies that i guess that the city wants. maybe the city council is being, you know, funded -- your campaign it's -- by these larger corporations that just want to own apartments and you're facilitating that with the extension of these moratoriums. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> caller: hi. am i on? >> clerk: yes. you may speak. yes. >> caller: hi. so, yeah, i'm a property owner as well and renting. and i understand that certain
9:26 pm
people should be protected from being kicked out because they can't afford to pay their rent. but there's a lot of situations like a couple i just heard that are protected by the blanket moratorium. and my comment is that it would be nice if there could be some kind of a differentiation between tenants who can't pay and tenants that like in my case haven't been able to collect rent since may of 2019 because we went to jury trial to get a nuisance tenant out, and she's protected, doesn't have to pay rent. if we were to collect rent, then it would be -- it would undo all of our legal proceedings to get her out and she would be allowed to stay. so that's it. just hoping that there could be some kind of differentiation between people that really need the protection due to financial
9:27 pm
burden, and kind of such as squatters and nuisance kind of -- thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have 26 listeners with two in queue. if any of the 26 listeners want to swap over to public comment, you need to press star, 3, and you will be made part of the queue. next speaker, please. >> caller: good afternoon, and thanks to all of the supervisors for your diligence to this matter. i'm, likewise, a rental property owner and clearly housing is an essential service. so is food and groceries. so the analogy that i use is if you were to go to a grocery store, say a safeway, and walk up to the clerk and get your meat and your eggs and your bread and your milk and say, well, give me an i.o.u.,
9:28 pm
clearly, that wouldn't work. indeed, you might get arrested. so i just want to convey to the supervisors that housing is an essential service and we have been asked to bear the brunt, to shoulder the economic fallout, of the pandemic like no other industry. and so i think that we shouldn't compartmentalize as well between the well-to-do tenants that are able to pay the rent and those that actually need the protections, and with that i'll conclude my remarks, thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> caller: good morning, supervisors. (indiscernible) so my -- i have parents that ingleside in
9:29 pm
the 1980s and we have paid insurance, property tax and mortgage and even my college tuition. now we have two non-paying tenants who have over a year of background, totaling over $20,000. i applied for housing the moment it became available in march and i asked these two tenants to please participate and even if they needed help. this $20,000 will only grow more if the moratorium is extended to the end of the year and likely it will be $30,000. so what are we to do if they don't have payment? this is not only rental income but utilities that my senior mother is having to pay out of her savings. so think of us, mom and pop owners, who are suffering to pay expenses because tenants refuse to apply through the system and
9:30 pm
essentially taking advantage of this moratorium. so while the tenants have the certainly of seeking rental relief we're (indiscernible) so this has been a horrible year so please think of us. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. we have 27 listeners with one in queue. next speaker. >> caller: hi, supervisors, this is charlie goss of the san francisco apartment association thank you for hearing us today. i just wanted to call in to reiterate i think what you have heard from some other property owners, which is that property owners are not chomping on the bit to evict tenants. that's not why they're opposes this ordinance. many have not received any rent for 15 months and i think that really the problem with this ordinance is the 25% payment by the end of december. many tenants have not paid that and if you push it out another
9:31 pm
six months you're going to have many owners who haven't received any rent for 21 months. it's becoming a really untenable situation for many, so i would ask that you work some nuance into this ordinance if you're going to move it forward and perhaps you can move that 25% payment up to a certain date, you can segment, you know, the past due rent, and perhaps 25% rent could be due by july 31st with the rent from june to december due by december 31st. but requiring no rent until december 31st is a problem. so i would ask for your reconsideration on that. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, mr. goss. d.q. has confirmed that was -- oh, there's one last caller that popped up. next speaker, please. >> caller: hi, i just wanted to address the fact that most of
9:32 pm
these landowners here and i believe that they have been not forthcoming or forthright in their statement saying that there's not going to be a deluge of evictions coming in, okay, because i have seen down at the court myself many people getting evicted. why? because if they can get these people out of many rent-controlled units, and then double the rates again. so as far as all of these mom and pops in san francisco, the rental association goes, um, they need to understand that they have been reaping benefits of the dot com boom, and now they have to shoulder a little bit of the side that we have been shouldering for 10 years. and tough cookies, okay. thank you very much.
9:33 pm
>> clerk: thank you. we have one more caller in queue. again, if you would like to speak, you just need to press star 3. next speaker, please. >> caller: hello, yes, i'm a small landlord in san francisco and there need to be some verification of the tenant's hardship or lack of income because i have a tenant who has been paying 25%, they're a long-term tenant, and they seem to be receiving a lot of packages from, and they're able to spend monothat but they can't pay their rent and i'm still required to pay 100% of all of my expenses. there needs to be relief for landlords and also there needs to be some verification of the tenant's hardship. i have spent several thousands of dollars in improvements in 2019, and now i'm not able to recoup that that i planned to do this year.
9:34 pm
i'm not worried about evictions and it's being able to verify their hardship. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker, please. >> caller: hello, good morning. the declaration of covid-19 papers signed under the penalty of perjury has been misused by our tenant. he has money out of state. he is another amazon buyer. two to four times a week of nonessential products. (indiscernible) and a physically abled man who is able to work to claim financial distress? there are job opportunities. in our case we (indiscernible) and uber driver like he used to be. he claims he's scared of covid
9:35 pm
but yet he went out several times without a mask on. we have shown our financial accountability in this pandemic it is time for the tenants to go back to work and pay rent. abuse of rent. (indiscernible) while we were working in and out of the crush (indiscernible) it's a threat, but also an abuse of privilege and refusing to pay rent, destruction of property, (indiscernible) and we are the lowest paid landlords in san francisco. we have a two-bedroom apartment that is rented at $1,800 in the eureka valley district. for us to only get 25% of what the tenant owes is very financially agonizing. (indiscernible) here's a white
9:36 pm
guy physically able to drive and refuses to go back to work. while i, an asian woman, co-own and work seven days a week with no sleep. (indiscernible) [crying] (indiscernible). >> clerk: thank you, ma'am, for calling in today. next speaker, please. >> caller: hi, thank you, good morning. i am a property manager here in san francisco. i just want to reiterate that the intention of all of our landlords have never been less than cooperative. no one has an intention of evicting tenants, however,
9:37 pm
statistically every tenant that we have encountered that has a balance due does not have that balance due because their inability to pay represent, but because of their refusal to pay rent. taking advantage of the current laws that are in their favor. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much. and that was the last caller, madam chair. >> chair melgar: thank you very much, madam clerk. supervisor preston, did you have any comments after hearing any public comment? >> supervisor preston: thank you, chair melgar. yes, and i just want to clarify a couple things that have been brought up in the public comment. just, first off, just want to make clear that any criminal conduct or nuisance behavior by a tenant is not in any way
9:38 pm
protected by or triggering the protections of this ordinance. it's strictly about the payment issues. and that's true also for our other existing location although protections that there's specifically carve outs that -- that do not provide protection to some of those situations that have been described. so i just want to do clarify that. and i also want to address the statement that i think that is genuine from some small property owners in san francisco who are in the words of apartment association not chomping at the bit to evict. i think that's real first for landlords and i think that they are truly motivated to try to get the rent, and not -- and not to evict. but i think that we also, you know would urge them to recognize the reality which is that there are a lot of san francisco landlords that are chomping at the bit to evict and, frankly, those are the ones
9:39 pm
that we need to legislate around because displacing long-term tenants means they can turn around and re-rent at higher rents. i also want to emphasize that as we have with our other protections around rent payment, to emphasize that this does not eliminate rent debt. what it does is that it takes eviction off the table as a way to resolve a non-payment situation during this emergency period. and i think that where there is common cause is around trying to get that rent debt paid and have the time to do that, and to get the rent relief programs activated. so rent relief is really the key to making everyone, tenants and landlords, to hold to the greatest extent possible as we come out of this. the federal government has stepped up in a pretty big way with what is anticipated soon to
9:40 pm
be cumulative total of $90 million of rent relief that will be flowing to san francisco tenants and property owners. and then my office has been working to get additional city funds through proposition i, which the voters approved last year and to try to use the city funds to supplement the federal money so that we can cover everyone. so i would just urge landlords at this moment, and tenants, to really join forces together with all of us in city government to try to maximize the rent payment funds, so that folks can get this rent debt paid. but i continue to believe very strongly that we cannot allow people to be displaced over rent during this critical time. thank you. >> chair melgar: thank you so much, supervisor preston.
9:41 pm
can i have a motion to send this out with a positive recommendation as a committee report? i'm >> supervisor preston: i move to amend. >> chair melgar: supervisor peskin, did you have a comment? >> supervisor peskin: i do not. >> chair melgar: okay, thank you. madam clerk, will you call the roll on the amendment. >> clerk: on the amendment [roll call vote] you have three ayes. >> supervisor melgar: supervisor preston did you want to make this go forward as amended. >> supervisor preston: to forward as amended with positive recommendation as a committee report. >> clerk: on the motion as stated [roll call vote]
9:42 pm
you have three ayes. >> supervisor melgar: so this moves forward with a positive recommendation as a committee report. madam clerk, do we have any other matters today? >> clerk: that concludes the business for today. >> supervisor melgar: great. thank you so much. we are adjourned. >> after my fire in my apartment
9:43 pm
and losing everything, the red cross gave us a list of agencies in the city to reach out to and i signed up for the below-market rate program. i got my certificate and started applying and won the housing lottery. [♪♪♪] >> the current lottery program began in 2016. but there have been lot rows that have happened for affordable housing in the city for much longer than that. it was -- there was no standard practice. for non-profit organizations that were providing affordable housing with low in the city, they all did their lotteries on their own. private developers that include in their buildings affordable units, those are the city we've
9:44 pm
been monitoring for some time since 1992. we did it with something like this. where people were given circus tickets. we game into 291st century in 2016 and started doing electronic lotteries. at the same time, we started electronic applications systems. called dalia. the lottery is completely free. you can apply two ways. you can submit a paper application, which you can download from the listing itself. if you apply online, it will take five minutes. you can make it easier creating an account. to get to dalia, you log on to >> i have lived in san francisco for almost 42 years. i was born here in the hayes
9:45 pm
valley. >> i applied for the san francisco affordable housing lottery three times. >> since 2016, we've had about 265 electronic lotteries and almost 2,000 people have got their home through the lottery system. if you go into the listing, you can actually just press lottery results and you put in your lottery number and it will tell you exactly how you ranked. >> for some people, signing up for it was going to be a challenge. there is a digital divide here and especially when you are trying to help low and very low income people. so we began providing digital assistance for folks to go in and get help. >> along with the income and the residency requirements, we also required someone who is trying
9:46 pm
to buy the home to be a first time home buyer and there's also an educational component that consists of an orientation that they need to attend, a first-time home buyer workshop and a one-on-one counseling session with the housing councilor. >> sometimes we have to go through 10 applicants before they shouldn't be discouraged if they have a low lottery number. they still might get a value for an available, affordable housing unit. >> we have a variety of lottery programs. the four that you will most often see are what we call c.o.p., the certificate of preference program, the dthp which is the displaced penance housing preference program. the neighborhood resident housing program and the live worth preference. >> i moved in my new home
9:47 pm
february 25th and 2019. the neighborhood preference program really helped me achieve that goal and that dream was with eventually wind up staying in san francisco. >> the next steps, after finding out how well you did in the lottery and especially if you ranked really well you will be contacted by the leasing agent. you have to submit those document and income and asset qualify and you have to pass the credit and rental screening and the background and when you qualify for the unit, you can chose the unit and hopefully sign that lease. all city sponsored affordable housing comes through the system and has an electronic lottery. every week there's a listing on dalia. something that people can apply for. >> it's a bit hard to predict how long it will take for someone to be able to move into a unit. let's say the lottery has
9:48 pm
happened. several factors go into that and mainly how many units are in the project, right. and how well you ranked and what preference bucket you were in. >> this particular building was brand new and really this is the one that i wanted out of everything i applied for. in my mind, i was like how am i going to win this? i did and when you get that notice that you won, it's like at first, it's surreal and you don't believe it and it sinks in, yeah, it happened. >> some of our buildings are pretty spectacular. they have key less entry now. they have a court yard where they play movies during the weekends, they have another master kitchen and space where people can throw parties. >> mayor breed has a plan for over 10,000 new units between
9:49 pm
now and 2025. we will start construction on about 2,000 new units just in 2020. >> we also have a very big portfolio like over 25,000 units across the city. and life happens to people. people move. so we have a very large number of rerentals and resales of units every year. >> best thing about working for the affordable housing program is that we know that we're making a difference and we actually see that difference on a day-to-day basis. >> being back in the neighborhood i grew up in, it's a wonderful experience. >> it's a long process to get through. well worth it when you get to the other side. i could not be happier. [♪♪♪]
9:50 pm
>> i try to start every day not looking at my phone by doing something that is grounding. that is usually meditation. i have a gym set up in my garage, and that is usually breathing and movement and putting my mind towards something else. surfing is my absolute favorite thing to do. it is the most cleansing thing that i'm able to do. i live near the beach, so whenever i can get out, i do. unfortunately, surfing isn't a daily practice for me, but i've been able to get out weekly,
9:51 pm
and it's something that i've been incredibly grateful for. [♪♪♪] >> i started working for the city in 2005. at the time, my kids were pretty young but i think had started school. i was offered a temporarily position as an analyst to work on some of the programs that were funded through homeland security. i ultimately spent almost five years at the health department coordinating emergency programs. it was something that i really enjoyed and turned out i was pretty good at. thinking about glass ceiling, some of that is really related to being a mother and self-supposed in some ways that i did not feel that i could allow myself to pursue responsibility; that i accepted
9:52 pm
treading water in my career when my kids were young. and as they got older, i felt more comfortable, i suppose, moving forward. in my career, i have been asked to step forward. i wish that i had earlier stepped forward myself, and i feel really strongly, like i am 100% the right person for this job. i cannot imagine a harder time to be in this role. i'm humbled and privileged but also very confident. so here at moscone center, this is the covid command center, or the c.c.c. here is what we calledun -- call unified command. this is where we have physically been since march, and then, in july, we developed this unified structure. so it's the department of emergency management, the department of public health,
9:53 pm
and our human services hughesing partners, so primarily the department of homelessness and supportive housing and human services agency. so it's sort of a three-headed command in which we are coordinating and operating everything related to covid response. and now, of course, in this final phase, it's mass vaccination. the first year was before the pandemic was extremely busy. the fires, obviously, that both we were able to provide mutual support but also the impact of air quality. we had, in 2018, the worst air quality ten or 11 days here in the city. i'm sure you all remember it, and then, finally, the day the sun didn't come out in san francisco, which was in october. the orange skies, it felt
9:54 pm
apocalyptic, super scary for people. you know, all of those things, people depend on government to say what's happening. are we safe? what do i do? and that's a lot of what department of emergency management's role is. public service is truly that. it is such an incredible and effective way that we can make change for the most vulnerable. i spend a lot of my day in problem solving mode, so there's a lot of conversations with people making connections, identifying gaps in resources or whatever it might be, and trying to adjust that. the pace of the pandemic has been nonstop for 11 months. it is unrelenting, long days, more than what we're used to, most of us. honestly, i'm not sure how
9:55 pm
we're getting through it. this is beyond what any of us ever expected to experience in our lifetime. what we discover is how strong we are, and really, the depth of our resilience, and i say that for every single city employee that has been working around the clock for the last 11 months, and i also speak about myself. every day, i have to sort of have that moment of, like, okay, i'm really tired, i'm weary, but we've got to keep going. it is, i would say, the biggest challenge that i have had personally and professionally to be the best mom that i can be but also the best public certify chant in whatever role i'm in. i just wish that i, as my younger self, could have had someone tell me you can give it
9:56 pm
and to give a little more nudge. so indirectly, people have helped me because they have seen something in me that i did not see in myself. there's clear data that women have lost their jobs and their income because they had to take care of their safety nets. all of those things that we depend on, schools and daycare and sharing, you know, being together with other kids isn't available. i've often thought oh, if my kids were younger, i couldn't do this job, but that's unacceptable. a person that's younger than me that has three children, we want them in leadership positions, so it shouldn't be limiting. women need to assume that they're more capable than they think they are. men will go for a job whether they're qualified or not. we tend to want to be 110%
9:57 pm
qualified before we tend to step forward. i think we need to be a little more brave, a little more exploratory in stepping up for positions. the other thing is, when given an opportunity, really think twice before you put in front of you the reasons why you should not take that leadership position. we all need to step up so that we can show the person behind us that it's doable and so that we have the power to make the changes for other women that is going to make the possibility for their paths easier than ours. other women see me in it, and i hope that they see me, and they understand, like, if i can do it, they can do it because the higher you get, the more
9:58 pm
leadership you have, and power. the more power and leadership we have that we can put out
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> everybody, let's get into it. (singing) (singing)
10:01 pm
♪ call him ♪ ♪ and he'll be there ♪ ♪ life is too short ♪ ♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ (singing) ♪ don't let your ♪ ♪ fear overcome your faith ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him right now ♪
10:02 pm
♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ let the spirit compel you ♪ (singing) ♪ i've been lost without you lately ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪
10:03 pm
♪ right now ♪ ♪ life is too short ♪ ♪ don't hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him now ♪ ♪ don't you let your fear ♪ ♪ overcome your faith ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ life is way too short ♪ ♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ we're gonna call him ♪ ♪ calling him ♪ ♪ falando casstill ♪ ♪ george floyd ♪ ♪ we're going to call his name ♪ ♪ don't you let your fear ♪ ♪ overcome your faith no ♪ >> how you all feel about that?
10:04 pm
san francisco, it's a pleasure to be here and especially as the first performer at the newly remodelled sound system infused stage in san francisco. we want to see a lot more music here for the city by the city, by us. this song is entitled "rise". ♪ what's happening little brother ♪ ♪ are you still ♪ ♪ on the corner every day ♪ ♪ you like to pay ♪ ♪ are you still getting high ♪ ♪ deeply bothered chocolate ♪ ♪ soul complexion ♪ ♪ believe we're going to ride
10:05 pm
again ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ would you tell a friend ♪ ♪ to come on in ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ cadillac leans ♪ ♪ side to side ♪ ♪ just a reason to ride ♪ ♪ i feel it right ♪ ♪ just might hit it again ♪ ♪ open your eyes ♪ ♪ don't be surprised ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ ♪ it's our time ♪♪ our time ♪
10:06 pm
♪ oh ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ can i see some hands clapping in the air right now. come on. ♪ sometimes i want to feel ♪ ♪ like i'm the one in control ♪ ♪ but i know that's another illusion ♪ ♪ and take back every element of me ♪ ♪ oh-oh ♪ ♪ when i heal my mind ♪ ♪ body and soul ♪ san francisco. ♪♪♪ ♪ we're making moves ♪
10:07 pm
♪♪♪ >> clap your hands. come on. ♪ the cadillac lean ♪ ♪ side to side ♪ ♪ just see the ride is a reason to ride ♪ ♪ a hit of little something ♪ ♪ and i'm feeling right ♪ ♪ just might take it again ♪ ♪ open your eyes ♪ ♪ don't be surprised ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ yes, i do ♪ ♪ you're always ♪ ♪ on my mind ♪ ♪ i want you to keep in mind ♪
10:08 pm
♪♪♪ ♪ making moves ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ no one can make you ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ don't give up ♪ ♪ the spirit of the phoenix ♪ ♪ rise ♪ ♪ don't give up the spirit ♪ ♪ of the phoenix ♪ ♪ rise ♪ ♪ don't give up the spirit ♪ ♪ of the phoenix ♪
10:09 pm
♪ rise ♪ ♪ you gotta rise ♪ ♪ you know it's time to rise ♪ ♪ you know it's our time ♪ ♪ to rise ♪ ♪ always our time to rise ♪ ♪ elevate your black mind ♪ ♪ elevate your black mind ♪ ♪ it's our time to rise ♪ (applause) does that feel good out there? this is a fantastic day. juneteenth, san francisco, this is for real. yes, indeed. i am the first lead vocalist that was ever invited to perform with the sf jazz collective. and now i get a chance to be the first performer here at this newly erected stage.
10:10 pm
♪ i was born by the river ♪ ♪ just like this ♪ ♪ i have been running ever since ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ i know a change going to come ♪ ♪ it's been too hard living ♪ ♪ but i'm afraid to die ♪ ♪ i don't know what's up there beyond the sky ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ yes i know ♪ ♪ a change going to come ♪ ♪ oh, yes it will ♪ ♪ i go to the movie ♪
10:11 pm
♪ and i go downtown ♪ and someone's always telling me ♪ ♪ boy, don't you hang around ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ yes, i know ♪ ♪ a change gonna come ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ time coming ♪ ♪ but we know ♪ ♪ yes we know ♪ what do we know? what do we know? ♪ that a change gonna come ♪ amen belongs right there as my mother would say. this is the real thing we're doing right now. this song is called no one is going to love you more than me.
10:12 pm
and it goes a little something like this here. you want to get up and dance? huh? come on. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ no one would love you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ surely they won't agree ♪ ♪♪♪
10:13 pm
♪ all i know ♪ ♪ is no one ♪ ♪ gonna love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ she was younger ♪ ♪ but now she grown ♪ ♪ my feelings for this girl ♪ ♪ strong ♪ ♪ my heart is torn ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ all i know ♪ ♪ is no one ♪ ♪ can love you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ i'm sure they would agree ♪ ♪ you all you got to do ♪
10:14 pm
♪ is imagine me ♪ ♪ all i know ♪ is no one will love you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ nobody will love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪
10:15 pm
♪ i'm sure they'd all agree ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry ♪ ♪ if you ever have a need ♪ ♪ all you have to do is call me ♪ ♪ all i know is no one ♪ ♪ will love you more than me ♪ ♪ no one will love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ i'm sure they would agree ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry ♪ ♪ if you ever need ♪ ♪ all i know is no one ♪ ♪ will love you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪
10:16 pm
♪♪♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ loves you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody wants you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪ (applause) >> thank you. this is new music that's coming out this year. i'll be performing throughout the summer and into the fall. how about an oldie but a goody?
10:17 pm
huh? october 17th i'm going to do a tribute to marvin gay at the sf jazz. do you know the song? just sing along. ♪♪♪ ♪ brother, brother, brother ♪ ♪ there's far too many of us crying ♪ ♪ find a way ♪ ♪ to bring happiness ♪ ♪ to each day ♪ ♪ oh brother, brother ♪ ♪ there's no need ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ not the answer ♪
10:18 pm
♪ you know ♪ ♪ we've got to find a way ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ hey, hey ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ tell me what's going on ♪
10:19 pm
♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (singing) ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ what is going ♪
10:20 pm
♪ going on ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ what's going ♪ ♪ going on ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ ♪ what's going on ♪ (applause)
10:21 pm
>> what's happening brother. what's going on san francisco? put them hands up. we're going to pick it up today. what's going on. are you loving yourself hard enough? are you putting good nutrition into your body, mind and soul often enough? keep in mind, your diet, all the things we read, see and hear every day. look at yourself and ask what's going on. thank you. i want to share this song from the heart. the warmth of other suns. it goes like this... ♪♪♪ ♪ fear and exhaustion from ♪ ♪ having to hide who we are ♪
10:22 pm
♪ pretending ♪ ♪ that regrets will make you stronger ♪ ♪ from black pain ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ the -- ♪ maybe we'll find our light ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ maybe we'll reach out ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪
10:23 pm
♪ the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ rid the world ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ i just want to be free ♪ ♪ we suffer from black pain ♪ ♪ for white gain ♪ ♪ you don't consider ♪ ♪ all the work we have been through ♪ ♪♪♪
10:24 pm
♪ the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ maybe we'll reach our height ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ maybe we'll reach our height ♪ ♪ in the warmth of other suns ♪ ♪ the warmth of other suns ♪ my name is martin luther mccoy
10:25 pm
and this has been an honor but we have an excellent program. you're going to see the hard work in the back. it's a beautiful day. i'll see you all in the warmth of another sun. ♪♪♪ >> come on, let's give it up for martin luther mccoy. thank you for coming. you look fabulous. do you feel fabulous? you feeling fabulous? i'm here to demand a ministry of reparations. i want a ministry of reparations now that we have a national holiday.
10:26 pm
okay? i want to get paid, baby. i want to get paid as a daughter, a granddaughter of a slave who built this country for nothing. for nothing. i want to get paid. but before we get paid, we have to really, really thank the native people, the native people on their homelands. give it up. as stewards we recognize their duty to honor them and interpretation of ancestry lands. they were all here before we got
10:27 pm
here. and as uninvited guests, return their lands. this is an amazing day. there's somebody looking down and smiling, somebody who died who is black, blue, pink, yellow people. you all right? i'll get wild. i will show up and show out. i want to thank mayor london breed for inviting me to do this and all of you for kicking off this juneteenth weekend here in long beach park. but you know it's nice they're giving up the national holiday, you know, don't ask, don't tell.
10:28 pm
you know what i'm saying? we can't teach our children about the history in this country of what all this means. we're so happy you can join us for the opening of monumental -- consider this afternoon a monumental reckoning and we have dana king who will break it down to us a little later. an extraordinary artist, sharing her extraordinary art installation that honors the history and resilience of black americans. we ain't going nowhere. we built this country for nothing and still we grin better than anybody. monumental reckonings will reside in the park for at least two years. if somebody you know and love doesn't see it today, make sure
10:29 pm
they see it before it goes away. it will allow me to commune with an ancestors and the black experience. we built the white house you all for nothing. i want my acres and a mule god damn it. and what better time to open this show this juneteenth, celebration of our culture and acknowledgement of the struggle that continues today and as of just yesterday, a federal holiday. but before we introduce our poet laurent, give it up again for martin luther mccoy and we're bringing on san francisco's ace
10:30 pm
poet laurent. where you at tongo? he's so gorgeous. i'm an old woman. i can't take this, okay? this is tongo. hello darling. thank you for being here. >> thank you. i talk facing away from the dead. they replace me with the change in my pocket. a penny yet to be invented, you have to know how to cut a throat on the way to cutting a throat. after sleeping on a mattress, made from two garbage bags of clothes, i became content with
10:31 pm
the small gestures of planation fires. i realized how weird the universe was, so many things interrupt me while trying to dream like your correspondence lawyer. i have 20 books next to a bullet like an old man giving advice before a revolution. explored what is there and found no brain washing, i found africa lord. i have a future, it takes place in the south, modern militancy, i'll walk on a missile for food. i'll be tired face to face with the country. old verse bringing multiculturalism replace me with a chest cavity. stories of travel through other people's stories, my mother remembers africa lord.
10:32 pm
she killed on behalf of you lord. i wore a machete all winter and nobody asked what it meant. i read 1,000 books in front of the world. watch people play for post working surfaces and recreations of a governor's desk, find the bureaucrat and some white people scare easier, fantasizing through the art of the poor, trendy lashes locked before god. i hand over my friends lord. lord, i think i'm going to die in the war. like a blue song with no spiritual effect, apartheid white people who give birth to mathematicians, a sunday trip to church, a river mistake for a talking river. violence and drug use made in the image of god of white
10:33 pm
abolitionists. chemical assurances they were switched from black worker to white worker. in the same way i think about my childhood. fox hole friday nights. committee points out a plan to a priest. cotton king voluntary. thinking about reassuring the masses we can figure out our fathers later priest reads it before breaking his parallel, i have never before a poet before. little brother watches big brother friends, they leave rifles on walls. it's a simple matter, this revolution thing, to write a poem for god. (applause)
10:34 pm
>> thank you. thank you so much tongo. we have the baddest ass poets in the land. give it up again for tongo. martha graham, the great choreographer says people from california believe everything is possible. here we is. here we is. and i wanted to also call this day a festival of bad ass women. we've got some bad ass women up in here. okay? and the next one, my sister, my sister, she is a champion for the black community for san francisco and for the arts. she was raised by her grandmother in the fillmore
10:35 pm
where the yearly juneteenth festival was a highlight of her childhood. she would go on to be the executive director of the african american art and cultural complex in the western edition before entering a life of public service. okay? and today, this woman, she is the 45th mayor of san francisco and the first as she's the first african american mayor in the city's history. everybody put your hands together for london breed. i am scared of you. hi miss mayor. it is wonderful to be here. thank you for having me. ladies and gentlemen. and let's give it up for tongo.
10:36 pm
>> martin luther, thank you so much for opening up today. what a beautiful day. and i just have to take a moment to pause. we're seeing so many beautiful faces without masks. we have been really through a very challenging time, one that we never anticipated. i want to start by thanking park and rec and the director of park and rec phil ginsburg. we were supposed to celebrate the golden gate park last year. a lot went into making it is what it is right now. sounds and equipment things we may not see. and i want to thank for the work and fundraising done to make this amazing. so martin luther got the first
10:37 pm
opportunity to perform and it feels good. we're going to see more activities and events here in golden gate park. but today is so special. i get emotional every time i think about how far we have come as african americans. yes, there are challenges. and those challenges will continue to persist as long as we sit to the side and don't work and fight to do what is necessary. to change the lives of what's happening all over the country. not just here in san francisco. today we celebrate that milestone. now, black people, we always celebrated juneteenth as a holiday. amen? so now, finally, people understand the significance of what this means for us. my grandmother, who wasn't far
10:38 pm
removed from slavery, worked as a share cropper with her family in texas. migrated to san francisco. and in fact, in 1951, that was when the first juneteenth parade took place. dr. wesley johnson junior, the owner of texas playhouse. in the fill-mo held the first event there, walked down the streets of fillmore on horseback. willy brown was a part of that group. so many of our ancestors decided on that day we're going to step out proud of who we are and what we represent as black people. juneteenth is so much more than what we see in the celebrations and festivities. it's freedom. it's a new day.
10:39 pm
it's a welcomed opportunity for us to grow and to thrive and remember of course our history and to learn from that history. to learn now more than ever how we don't want to continue to see the next generation grow up and repeat that history. we have work to do. and today we celebrate. we celebrate juneteenth as a national holiday and in fact, yesterday, i signed declaration making it an official holiday in the city and county of san francisco. because i gave all city employees the day off, they all left and didn't show up for work today but that's okay. what i appreciate about so many people, they said i want to take this day to learn more about juneteenth. i want to take this day to serve
10:40 pm
and to honor the ancestors. dana king and this exhibit monumental reckoning is about honoring those ancestors. it's about the 350 original slaves who were brought to this country by force. just imagine that. now, we know dana is going to talk about the exhibit a little later. i couldn't stop thinking about the experiences of black people brought over in chains on top of one another. we can never forget the pain and the suffering.
10:41 pm
and today as we celebrate juneteenth, i know, i know without a doubt that i stand on their shoulders. i stand on their shoulders and the only reason why we're able to celebrate such an incredible milestone in history has everything to do with their sacrifice. i will never forget their sacrifice. i will never forget the sacrifice of my grandmother. i will never forget the sacrifice of our ancestors. so when we pour liebations to call their name, we honor them and make sure we don't forget them but we bring their presence to the surface. this event, this exhibit is so much more to us. it means a rewakening, a renewal of our commitment to reinforce the need to make sure that we honor our history.
10:42 pm
we honor the struggle. we do the work to make it better for future generations to come. thank you all so much for joining us here today. let's celebrate! >> again for the mayor, come on, we've got some bad ass brainy black women up in here. okay? before we go any further, let's reiterate and thank our city partners and civic leaders here tonight, thank london breed and rec and park general manager and his staff. they keep the park together.
10:43 pm
the park commission and president. director of cultural affairs. arts commission and president. and former acting director of cultural affairs. denise, are you here? i love her. i hadn't seen her. okay. everybody having fun? we still have part of this to do. and additionally, thanks go to these participants who aluminate the monumental reckoning team. is the lieutenant governor here?
10:44 pm
okay. i just want to thank you for being here. all right. so we're going to move right along now. i'm an artist, i am just so glad to be up here introducing an artist, a black woman, a visual artist. she sounds scary to me, i love her already. we're going to meet dana king. (applause) dana king, who -- let me see now. dana will talk about -- i can read, i just have to find out which one of these papers this thing is on. all right, dana reveals common threads and shared values and experiences and aspiration and likes to deal with sculpture and knows it helps those alive today compare and contrast their
10:45 pm
worlds with that of social pioneers. call on them you all, social pioneers whose commitment to excellence helped create modern society. that is where we are right now, is it not? please, i'm going to ask you all to bow down. bow down, please welcome dana king. dana, where are you girl? dana. (applause) thank you so much for your work. thank you, thank you, thank you. she's an angel, check it out. i'm scared. >> thank you. how are you?
10:46 pm
you good? i'm seeing my people out here. it's like a family reunion today. doesn't it feel like that? a family reunion. thank you, thank you for being here. you know down stairs in the basement of this building and there is a pile of roots sitting there. i don't know if they were pushing us through the concrete or why they were there. but they were collected in a corner. it made me think that african descendants had our roots cut. most of us don't know where we come from, we don't know who our people are.
10:47 pm
being here, we've been forced to build our own families and create our own environment and our own histories. but we have deep history. that has come with us, though we may not know all the stories. monumental reckoning is a gift back to the ancestors to let them know that though we may not know we love them. we love them, we honor them in everything we do. and we have never forgotten them.
10:48 pm
never. there were hands that touched monumental reckoning. part of a new family of friends for me. 12 women who helped make the ancestors we're about to see. and i would love for them who are here to please stand up as i call out your names. i don't want to miss anybody. i did write it down on my notepad. (reading names)
10:49 pm
i wanted you to hear those names. we were african descendants who built these ancestors, philippine, chinese, italian american, mexican american, did i miss anybody? we are all family.
10:50 pm
all family. i doubt very seriously that our ancestors would want us to buy in to the division and separation that has been put upon us from oppression. monumental reckoning is about the truth of american history. the truth. and that truth is hard. and that truth is painful. and that truth is ugly. but unless we acknowledge it, it will continue to kill us. we weren't taught our history. i'm a product of public education, all the way through
10:51 pm
college. i learned last year that francis scott keys was a horrible human being. not only did he own other human beings, he used his power and his prestige and access to double down on legislation that kept us enslaved for generations. he sponsored his brother-in-law to become a supreme court justice who wrote the dread scott decision and says african americans can never be citizens. so he was fully invested in the business of slavery. monumental reckoning is the first 350 ancestors who came over here on the first boatload
10:52 pm
of slavery. the business of slavery. when they arrived in 1619, there were 21 on the boat. we will honor the 350 who were stolen from their people and their land, never to return. when something is a first of that magnitude, it would be the same as if we were sucked up into a space ship and taken to mars. they had no idea what was to befall them and what befell them was terror. my hope for this installation is that you come and commune with the ancestors and listen to
10:53 pm
them. they have something to say and they have something to do. they will stand here for two years in the space of justice. and in judgment. i hope that you join them and that you bring your written words and recite your poetry and sing your songs and dance with them. i also hope that you take the time to recognize that the space that they have created around a man who wanted them all dead is a safe space.
10:54 pm
it's a safe space to speak to people who don't look like you and share your stories and let them share theirs. if we don't talk to one another, this country will continue to be hateful. it will continue to harm. and there will be no way out. we are the answer. we are the answer. (applause) we are our ancestors wildest dreams. wildest dreams every day. and it's a responsibility to be that. but it is the least we can give them. the least we can give back to
10:55 pm
our ancestors is to put forward kindness and love. and stand for justice for our people and all people. systems of oppression have existed in this country since our people were brought here. they exist in healthcare and they exist in banking and food insecurity and corporate america. and criminal justice. we need a reckoning in the systems of oppression, right? (applause)
10:56 pm
we also need a reckoning within ourselves. yes, we do. so monumental reckoning stands to do all of that and to support us in our efforts, to become whole. to cast aside our bigotry, our hate, our divisiveness and join. join together as human beings. our people were not seen as human beings. today we're going to see them in monumental reckoning. i hope that they stand as a reminder of your personal
10:57 pm
stories and the stories of everyone here. i hope you see yourself in monumental reckoning. i hope to see people in monumental reckoning and i hope you see other people in monumental reckoning. this journey began with the -- from the mayor of the city. mayor london breed. when we brought this to her, she said yes. phil ginsburg, your yes has been extraordinary. it's a federal holiday and his people were here, apprentices in the program that teaches them horticulture and they have been helping us for four days. (applause)
10:58 pm
ralph remington, our new director of cultural affairs for the san francisco art division. your yes is the beginning of a reckoning within our system. i'm so grateful you said yes. thank you. (applause) it's pretty exciting today and i have some other work to do. i put a bowl here. i've got all this hair, i can't really see. monumental reckoning is bigger than all of us. and i'm not speaking of the ancestors here.
10:59 pm
i'm talking about a reckoning in this country. it's time. the time is now. the place that it begins for us is here. (applause) i'm a different person than i was before i got a call from a man named ben davis who asked me if i would be interested in talking about doing art here in this space. i never thought that -- i won't say that we didn't really get here. i knew once we got on the path we would get here. but i want to thank you for your vision, your creative vision
11:00 pm
which has provided so much beauty and awe and joy for the people of san francisco from the bay bridge lights to the pink triangle to grace cathedral being lit up, to the beautiful conservetory of flowers. thank you. thank you for letting me do what i do and giving me the space of your grace to do my work. i'm grateful. i'm grateful. i'm full of love. i'm so full and i'm so grateful you are all here to bring in the ancestors. thank you. thank you so much. (applause)
11:01 pm
>> we love you dana! >> i love you miss blue. we're a tiny team, tiny but mighty. (reading names) thank you. thank you. i mentioned january 31st. we started a conversation february 1st. the ancestors were built -- i forgot three people. i have to stop right now. i need to acknowledge alex nolen
11:02 pm
and john woolworth. rachel arambola. are you here? yes? i heard it. they agreed to do it in seven weeks. it then went to an incredible neighbor named alonso. is he here?
11:03 pm
and his business partner ryan. they painted the ancestors. and then the 12 women that i introduced you to, including rachel, we finished the ancestors. seven weeks time. (applause) we are going to go see the ancestors. are you ready? i'm going to ring this beautiful instrument four times. every ring of this gong, this beautiful bowl represents 100
11:04 pm
years of slavery. and after i ring that, we're going to ask the elders if we can proceed. we have elders waiting down at monumental reckoning. and i'm seeing their support. the elders have given their approval for us to proceed. we will sing as we march down, lift every voice and sing. and if you don't know, look it up on your phone. there we go. we have -- we have it on paper. i hope you received it. there it is. i'm guessing you all know the song though. it's the black national anthem. and it is a song of liberty and
11:05 pm
justice and it is an uplifting song of inclusion. and it's much different than the song written by the man with the song of war and killing. a song that asks the enslaved be put to their graves. we intend to bring a new anthem. lift every voice and sing for america. shall we? all right. we will then be led in the procession and pray on the ancestors with my pastor from heart and soul center of life and the choir from heart and soul center of life and choir of
11:06 pm
grace cathedral is in the house. if you can't sing, stand by them. that one didn't count.
11:07 pm
11:08 pm
11:09 pm
11:10 pm
11:11 pm
>> i just wanted to say a few words. one is to the parents and to all of the kids. thank you for supporting this program and for trusting us to create a soccer program in the bayview. >> soccer is the world's game, and everybody plays, but in the united states, this is a sport that struggles with access for certain communities. >> i coached basketball in a coached football for years, it is the same thing. it is about motivating kids and keeping them together, and giving them new opportunities. >> when the kids came out, they had no idea really what the game was. only one or two of them had played soccer before. we gave the kids very simple lessons every day and made sure that they had fun while they were doing it, and you really could see them evolve into a team over the course of the season. >> i think this is a great opportunity to be part of the community and be part of programs like this. >> i get to run around with my other teammates and pass the ball.
11:12 pm
>> this is new to me. i've always played basketball or football. i am adjusting to be a soccer mom. >> the bayview is like my favorite team. even though we lose it is still fine. >> right on. >> i have lots of favorite memories, but i think one of them is just watching the kids enjoy themselves. >> my favorite memory was just having fun and playing. >> bayview united will be in soccer camp all summer long. they are going to be at civic centre for two different weeklong sessions with america scores, then they will will have their own soccer camp later in the summer right here, and then they will be back on the pitch next fall. >> now we know a little bit more about soccer, we are learning more, and the kids are really enjoying the program. >> we want to be united in the bayview. that is why this was appropriate >> this guy is the limit. the kids are already athletic, you know, they just need to learn the game.
11:13 pm
we have some potential college-bound kids, definitely. >> today was the last practice of the season, and the sweetest moment was coming out here while , you know, we were setting up the barbecue and folding their uniforms, and looking out onto the field, and seven or eight of the kids were playing. >> this year we have first and second grade. we are going to expand to third, forth, and fifth grade next year bring them out and if you have middle school kids, we are starting a team for middle school. >> you know why? >> why? because we are? >> bayview united. >> that's right. >> again, thank you all for coming. this is a celebration. >> excuse me -- >> (indiscernible). >> so, again, we are here to
11:14 pm
celebrate juneteenth, but for those of you who know me, we do want to celebrate juneteenth, but also part of juneteenth and the last place in galveston, texas, who were freed, it is also black people and our allies -- hi, andrew, i love you. is that we also have to talk about our issues. we can't continue to hold up red cups with alcohol and party and nobody is a party animal worse than me, but when you look at black san franciscans, let's talk about black san franciscans and where we stand here in san francisco. we are experiencing trauma, pain, suffering, and all parts of our lives, all parts of our lives.
11:15 pm
education, mass incarceration, homelessness, housing, just -- mental health. and we have -- mayor -- a mayor who holds no guard to say that she fights for us, for all san franciscans, but because she is what -- she said i'm black first and i'm a woman, and then our issues are important to her. and so we are here, not only to support mayor breed, but also to spend her a message that we need to talk with her -- black folk. we want to have a roundtable discussion with our mayor. because, one, the city departments, they're not doing justice by black people. we need to raise our justice.
11:16 pm
we need to raise up equity. and we need to raise up equality for black san franciscans. and you guys look fabulous. i'm glad you're here, because it is important. the more numbers is the more power that we have. and so without further adieu, without further adieu, she always coming in looking good, right -- always beautiful -- and i have her back no matter what, i don't care who has it, i don't care who doesn't have it -- i have my mayor's back. so here you are, a genuine black queen, mayor london nicole breed. [cheers and applause].
11:17 pm
>> thank you, phylicia. first of all, let me thank wealth and disparities and felicia jones for their unwavering commitment to address some of the challenges that continue to plague african-americans in san francisco. yes, we have the first african-american woman to serve as mayor. but we know the challenges that have persisted in this city far too long, not just with african-americans in general. i am acutely aware of the challenges that exist with african-american employees. and i am committed to continuing to work with you all to address many of those issues. don't you remember juneteenth back in the day? raise your hand if you remember [applause] the pony rides. the carnival. the black cowboys. we put on our best clothes and we go show off and we go have fun. and there was barbecue. but, you know what?
11:18 pm
there was a history. there was a history in san francisco as to when juneteenth started. here in san francisco, it was around 1965 when walter johnson jr., who -- what that was club called, diane, linda? -- you know, the club that i'm talking about? the one they started at. anyway, i'll remember it in a minute. no, it was way before the plaza so he started juneteenth and started one of the first parades and they were walking up and down the streets and it was black people at their very best and it was absolutely beautiful if you look at many of the photos, you see the happiness and the excitement, and it felt good. it felt good, despite the challenges that our community continues to face. it felt good to be black in san francisco. but, you know what, it should feel good every single day.
11:19 pm
it should feel good every single day that we walk down the street. and last year we saw a real reckoning in this country like never before. an uprising, where people said, not no more. people talk about the death of george floyd as a catalyst for the rest of the country. but, sadly, in the african-american community, this is too familiar with us. on a regular basis we experience the discrimination and the death and the destruction that has plagued our community for far too long. but there is hope. we have an incredible opportunity. we have an incredible opportunity to rise up, despite those challenges. when you think about it, look at where we are today. we have a less than 6% population of african-americans in san francisco and you all
11:20 pm
still help to elect the first african-american woman mayor in this city. [applause] and the president of the board of supervisors is a black man. and the leadership of this city in so many ways presents us with an opportunity. an opportunity to see growth and to develop and to see prosperity in our community. but you know what, i can't do it alone. it takes work and it takes us coming together and it takes us putting aside our differences in order to support the collective and as a result of so many of you who have been at the forefront of these challenges, today president biden is signing to make juneteenth an federal holiday in this country.
11:21 pm
[applause] now for black folks it's been a holiday, but we'll share the holiday with everybody else. no problem. and as mayor -- as mayor i plan today to sign a declaration giving all city employees juneteenth off as a holiday. [cheers and applause]. now if you are already going to work, go ahead and go to work, because you've got the whole weekend. but you get a holiday in lieu, don't worry, you can take it off later. the fact is that we honor our heritage, we honor our history, we honor our culture when we remember the past, and we use the past to not repeat the same mistakes, we use it to grow and to become better. san franciscans, this weekend as we celebrate juneteenth with so many amazing events.
11:22 pm
at the african-american art culture complex, as we celebrate at gilman park in the bayview and as we celebrate at the ferry building, so many amazing juneteenth events this weekend, let's remember, let's have a good time, and let's re-dedicate ourselves to the cause that we all know that continues despite the gains that we have made. thank you so much for being here today. have a wonderful juneteenth. [applause] >> excuse me, everyone, if you're not speaking can i ask that you step off the steps and go into the audience, please down below? if you're not speaking at this time, please go down the steps, please. thank you.
11:23 pm
okay -- okay -- all right, all right, cheryl davis -- is cheryl davis -- i saw her earlier. where is cheryl davis? come on up. director, dr. davis, she's going to say a few words. director, dr. davis, come on up come on up. another strong doing marvelous things in the city and county of san francisco. and i just want her to say a few
11:24 pm
words to the people. and just come in your own way. just come in your own way. she's going to kill me later, but that's okay. >> i am like the mayor, i can't be up here, i'm distracted when other people are talking when i'm talking. [laughter] just happy juneteenth, as someone who was actually born in texas and it is really a national holiday down there from our folks, and i'm grateful for the mayor's declaration and i'm grateful to the president, but ultimately this is not the end of it all, right? because i think that if we're going to be really honest, juneteenth was a signing of a piece of paper that was already two years in action. so we're not really as free as we think we are. so let juneteenth be a day to
11:25 pm
remember that we are still in the fight and the struggle, and similar to the folks in texas, some of us have not yet opened our eyes to the reality of freedom. so i just want to say to let's celebrate juneteenth, but let's not relax and sit down and let's not forget is that we need to keep moving. -- >> sing a song! (indiscernible). >> no, i'm not doing no song up here. >> (indiscernible). >> i'm going to give you -- let me see if have a poem. no, i can't do that. so this is my -- one of my favorite poems, poets is mya angelou and there's a line in there -- there's a couple lines that i love and one she says, pretty women wonder where my secret lies and i'm not cute and built to the fashion model size but when i try to tell them they
11:26 pm
think that i'm telling lies. so our beauty and being special is not wrapped how we look, it's where we come from and that's who we are. she says, when you see me walking by it ought to make you proud, i'm a woman, phenomenal woman, phenomenally, that's me. [cheers and applause]. for those of you who don't know that mayor breed and president walton through police reform have given the black community $120 million. [cheers and applause]. $120 million. $60 million for this year, $60
11:27 pm
million for next year, and also in her budget she also put $60 million to the black community at the baseline. and we want to make sure as black people that we are going to honor her wishes, that we're going to push back on the board of supervisors, and we're going to push back on the board of supervisors -- what? being black in san francisco. and so our group is called "mega-black, budget watchdog group." so may i have them come and stand beside me on both sides. mega-black budget watchdog group. we're fighting. we're fighting. no doubt, we're fighting. we're fighting. we're fighting. and we're not afraid to go up in the board of supervisor's chambers and let them know, black folks, three reports, 55
11:28 pm
years, and black folks are worse off now than we were 55 years ago, and we want our due. we want our due! come on, y'all tell me, power to the people. we want our due! we want our due! we have it coming. and then the other thing that i want to say, mayor breed -- oh, yes, she's still here is this -- y'all ain't -- don't be putting your hands on that $60 million, all of you 54 departments. you 54 departments, take some of that money from your budget and give it to the black community, because you have neglected us for 55 years. so you're not going to use us with the moneys that mayor breed and president walton have given us to say, oh, that's enough, go over there and get it from director davis. she has all of the money. no. so we're pushing back. and so i want to introduce our
11:29 pm
watchdog group, tanya williams. nate ford. john henry. tina heinz. and there's monique francine. and so tanya is going to come up and speak to you about what our demands are for mega-black budget watchdog group. thank you. >> there's not enough noise in this audience. i need to hear y'all. i got some questions for y'all. you ready? so on the first of january in 1863, that was 158 years ago, the 16th president of the united states named abraham lincoln signed into effect an emancipation proclamation which changed the legal status under the federal law of more than 3.5
11:30 pm
million enslaved african-americans, and let's be serious, we were called negroes then, from enslaved to free. so i've got one question for y'all -- anybody who is black in san francisco, answer my question. are we free? >> no. >> okay, there you go. so now you know why we had to establish what we've established. the mega-black budget watchdog group demands that the city and the county close the gaps of black san franciscans. and three reports and 55 years of studying black san franciscans found we are worse off today than we were back then. so here go our demands. number one -- we demand that $60 million to be a baseline for the human rights commission to continue the dreamkeepers initiative for black san franciscans. number two, we demand $40 million to address black disparities in closing educational gaps, mass
11:31 pm
incarceration gaps, gaps in job training programs, and to reestablish the black workforce and to pay the fines and the fees that are associated with those disparities. number three, we demand culpability, meaning that we want them to be held accountable, all right, for all 54 city and county departments to be held accountable again, so that everybody can hear me, for the disparities that i have deliberately caused to black san franciscans due to a lack of dollars, care, which they have, right, we think -- well, we know they've got the dollars and we don't know about the care, we're still working on that, okay, to this day has failed to address in our community. number four. we demand that the controller's office conduct a 15-year audit of previous moneys given to the black community and compare these dollars to all other
11:32 pm
ethnicities who received funding in the same 15-year period. and, lastly, right, is that we do not accomplish financial equity, we will never be free. so let me be clear with y'all, you're not asking anymore -- we're not demanding -- we are demanding -- we're not begging. it's not about begging. i told you that it started 158 years ago, so it's time for us to get what we came here for, right, we, the mega-black budget watch -- sorry -- we, the mega-black budget watchdog group unapologetically are demanding that the city and county of san francisco finally address the disparities of black san franciscans. thank you. [applause]
11:33 pm
>> all right, power to the people. >> power to the people. >> oh, y'all sound so weak. come on, say it like you mean it. power to the people! >> power to the people! >> i love it. power to the people! >> power to the people! >> yes, yes, that's what we came out here, to regain our power. (♪♪) ?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan
11:34 pm
chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for
11:35 pm
joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways.
11:36 pm
>> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is?
11:37 pm
>> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right. we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a
11:38 pm
little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all
11:39 pm
other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at
11:40 pm
sfquickbites/ see >> working with kids, they keep you young. they keep you on your tones -- on your toes. >> teaching them, at the same time, us learning from them, everything is fulfilling. >> ready? go. [♪♪♪] >> we really wanted to find a way to support women entrepreneurs in particular in san francisco. it was very important for the mayor, as well as the safety support the dreams that people want to realize, and provide them with an opportunity to receive funding to support improvements for their business
11:41 pm
so they could grow and thrive in their neighborhoods and in their industry. >> three, two, one! >> because i am one of the consultants for two nonprofits here for entrepreneurship, i knew about the grand through the renaissance entrepreneur center, and through the small business development center. i thought they were going to be perfect candidate because of their strong values in the community. they really give back to the neighborhood. they are from this neighborhood, and they care about the kids in the community here. >> when molly -- molly first told us about the grant because she works with small businesses. she has been a tremendous help for us here. she brought us to the attention of the grand just because a lot of things here were outdated, and need to be up-to-date and redone totally. >> hands in front. recite the creed. >> my oldest is jt, he is seven,
11:42 pm
and my youngest is ryan, he is almost six. it instills discipline and the boys, but they show a lot of care. we think it is great. the moves are fantastic. the women both are great teachers. >> what is the next one? >> my son goes to fd k. he has been attending for about two years now. they also have a summer program, and last summer was our first year participating in it. they took the kids everywhere around san francisco. this year, owner talking about placing them in summer camps, all he wanted to do was spend the entire summer with them. >> he has strong women in his life, so he really appreciates it. i think that carries through and i appreciate the fact that there are more strong women in the world like that.
11:43 pm
>> i met d'andrea 25 years ago, and we met through our interest in karate. our professor started on cortland years ago, so we grew up here at this location, we out -- he outgrew the space and he moved ten years later. he decided to reopen this location after he moved. initially, i came back to say, hey, because it might have been 15 years since i even put on a uniform. my business partner was here basically by herself, and the person she was supposed to run the studio with said great, you are here, i started new -- nursing school so you can take over. and she said wait, that is not what i am here for i was by myself before -- for a month before she came through. she was technically here as a secretary, but we insisted, just put on the uniform, and help her teach. i was struggling a little bit. and she has been here. one thing led to another and now we are co-owners.
11:44 pm
you think a lot more about safety after having children and i wanted to not live in fear so much, and so i just took advantage of the opportunity, and i found it very powerful to hit something, to get some relief, but also having the knowledge one you might be in a situation of how to take care of yourself. >> the self-defence class is a new thing that we are doing. we started with a group of women last year as a trial run to see how it felt. there's a difference between self-defence and doing a karate class. we didn't want them to do an actual karate class. we wanted to learn the fundamentals of how to defend yourself versus, you know, going through all the forms and techniques that we teaching a karate class and how to break that down. then i was approached by my old high school. one -- once a semester, the kids
11:45 pm
get to pick an extra curricular activity to take outside of the school walls. my old biology teacher is now the principle. she approached us into doing a self-defence class. the girls have been really proactive and really sweet. they step out of of the comfort zone, but they have been willing to step out and that hasn't been any pushback. it is really great. >> it is respect. you have to learn it. when we first came in, they knew us as those girls. they didn't know who we were. finally, we came enough for them to realize, okay, they are in the business now. it took a while for us to gain that respect from our peers, our male peers. >> since receiving the grant, it has ignited us even more, and put a fire underneath our butts even more. >> we were doing our summer camp and we are in a movie theatre, and we just finished watching a film and she stepped out to receive a phone call. she came in and she screamed, hey, we got the grant.
11:46 pm
and i said what? >> martial arts is a passion for us. it is passion driven. there are days where we are dead tired and the kids come and they have the biggest smiles on their faces and it is contagious. >> we have been operating this program for a little over a year all women entrepreneurs. it is an extraordinary benefit for us. we have had the mayor's office investing in our program so we can continue doing this work. it has been so impactful across a diversity of communities throughout the city. >> we hope that we are making some type of impact in these kids' lives outside of just learning karate. having self-confidence, having discipline, learning to know when it's okay to stand up for yourself versus you just being a bully in school. these are the values we want the kids to take away from this. not just, i learned how to kick and i learned how to punch. we want the kids to have more values when they walk outside of these doors.
11:47 pm
[♪♪♪] >> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪♪ >> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do
11:48 pm
to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your home is uninhab hitable. >> how long do you think that it will be before things are restored to normal in san francisco. >> it depends on the severity of the earthquake, we say to provide for 72 hours tha, is three days, and it helps to know that you might be without services for up to a week or more, depending on how heavy the shaking is and how many after shocks we have. >> what kind of neighborhood and community involvement might you want to have before an earthquake to make sure that
11:49 pm
you are going to able to have the support that you need. >> it is important to have a good relationship with your neighbors and your community. go to those community events, shop at local businesses, have a reciprocal relationship with them so that you know how to take care of yourself and who you can rely on and who can take care of you. it is important to have a battery-operated radio in your home so that you can keep track of what is happening in the community around and how you can communicate with other people. >> one of the things that seems important is to have access to your important documents. >> yes, it is important to have copies of those and also stored them remotely. so a title to a home, a passport, a driver's license, any type of medical records that you need need, back those up or put them on a remote drive or store them on the cloud, the same is true with any vital information on your computer. back that up and have that on a cloud in case your hard drive
11:50 pm
does not work any more. >> in your home you should be prepared as well. >> absolutely. >> let's take a look at the kinds of things that you might want to have in your home. >> we have no water, what are we going to do about water? >> it is important for have extra water in your house, you want to have bottled water or a five gallon container of water able to use on a regular basis, both for bathing and cooking as well as for drinking. >> we have this big container and also in people's homes they have a hot water heater. >> absolutely, if you clean your hot water heater out regularly you can use that for showering, drinking and bathing as well >> what other things do people need to have aren't their home. >> it is important to have extra every day items buy a couple extra cans of can food that you can eat without any preparation. >> here is a giant can of green giant canned corn. and this, a manual can opener,
11:51 pm
your electric can opener will not be working not only to have one but to know where to find it in your kitchen. >> yes. >> so in addition to canned goods, we are going to have fresh food and you have to preserve that and i know that we have an ice chest. >> having an ice chest on hand is really important because your refrigerator will not be working right away. it is important to have somebody else that can store cold foods so something that you might be able to take with you if you have to leave your home. >> and here, this is my very own personal emergency supply box for my house. >> i hope that you have an alternative one at home. >> oh, i forgot. >> and in this is really important, you should have flashlights that have batteries, fresh batteries or hand crank flashlight. >> i have them right here. >> good. excellent. that is great. additionally, you are going to want to have candles a whistle,
11:52 pm
possibly a compass as well. markers if you want to label things if you need to, to people that you are safe in your home or that you have left your home. >> i am okay and i will meet you at... >> exactly. exactly. water proof matches are a great thing to have as well. >> we have matches here. and my spare glasses. >> and your spare glasses. >> if you have medication, you should keep it with you or have access to it. if it needs to be refrigerated make sure that it is in your ice box. >> inside, just to point out for you, we have spare batteries. >> very important. >> we have a little first aid kit. >> and lots of different kinds of batteries. and another spare flashlight. >> so, alicia what else can we do to prepare our homes for an earthquake so we don't have damage? >> one of the most important things that you can do is to secure your valuable and breakable items. make sure that your tv is strapped down to your entertainment cabinet or wall
11:53 pm
so it does not move. also important is to make sure that your book case is secure to the wall so that it does not fall over and your valuable and breakables do not break on the ground. becoming prepared is not that difficult. taking care of your home, making sure that you have a few extra every-day items on hand helps to make the difference. >> that contributes dramatically to the way that the city as a whole can recover. >> absolutely. >> if you are able to control your own environment and house and recovery and your neighbors are doing the same the city as a whole will be a more resilient city. >> we are all proud of living in san francisco and being prepared helps us stay here. >> so, thank you so much for joining us today, alicia, i appreciate it. >> absolutely, it is my pleasure. >> and thank you for joining us on another edition of building [♪♪♪] >> i really believe that art should be available to people
11:54 pm
for free, and it should be part of our world, you shouldn't just be something in museums, and i love that the people can just go there and it is there for everyone. [♪♪♪] >> i would say i am a multidimensional artist. i came out of painting, but have also really enjoyed tactile properties of artwork and tile work. i always have an interest in public art. i really believe that art should be available to people for free, and it should be part of our world. you shouldn't just be something in museums. i love that people can just go there, and it is there for everyone. public art is art with a job to do. it is a place where the
11:55 pm
architecture meets the public. where the artist takes the meaning of the site, and gives a voice to its. we commission culture, murals, mosaics, black pieces, cut to mental, different types of material. it is not just downtown, or the big sculptures you see, we are in the neighborhood. those are some of the most beloved kinds of projects that really give our libraries and recreation centers a sense of uniqueness, and being specific to that neighborhood. colette test on a number of those projects for its. one of my favorites is the oceanview library, as well as several parks, and the steps. >> mosaics are created with tile
11:56 pm
that is either broken or cut in some way, and rearranged to make a pattern. you need to use a tool, nippers, as they are called, to actually shape the tiles of it so you can get them to fit incorrectly. i glued them to mash, and then they are taken, now usually installed by someone who is not to me, and they put cement on the wall, and they pick up the mash with the tiles attached to it, and they stick it to the wall, and then they groped it afterwards. [♪♪♪] >> we had never really seen artwork done on a stairway of the kinds that we were thinking of because our idea was very just barely pictorial, and to
11:57 pm
have a picture broken up like that, we were not sure if it would visually work. so we just took paper that size and drew what our idea was, and cut it into strips, and took it down there and taped it to the steps, and stepped back and looked around, and walked up and down and figured out how it would really work visually. [♪♪♪] >> my theme was chinese heights because i find them very beautiful. and also because mosaic is such a heavy, dens, static medium, and i always like to try and incorporate movement into its, and i work with the theme of water a lot, with wind, with clouds, just because i like movements and lightness, so i liked the contrast of making kites out of very heavy, hard
11:58 pm
material. so one side is a dragon kite, and then there are several different kites in the sky with the clouds, and a little girl below flying it. [♪♪♪] >> there are pieces that are particularly meaningful to me. during the time that we were working on it, my son was a disaffected, unhappy high school student. there was a day where i was on the way to take them to school, and he was looking glum, as usual, and so halfway to school, i turned around and said, how about if i tell the school you are sick and you come make tiles with us, so there is a tile that he made to. it is a little bird.
11:59 pm
the relationship with a work of art is something that develops over time, and if you have memories connected with a place from when you are a child, and you come back and you see it again with the eyes of an adult, it is a different thing, and is just part of what makes the city an exciting place. [♪♪♪]
12:00 am
2021, regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission, being held teleconference pursuant to the governor's executive order and declaring the existence of a local emergency dated february 25, 2020. before we proceed further, i would like to ask commission staff member acting as our moderator to explain procedures for the remote meeting. >> clerk: thank you madam chair. to protect commission members, city employees and public, the meeting rooms of city hall are closed but we will be participating remotely. this precaution is taken pursuant to the local