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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  June 29, 2021 2:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> president walton: good afternoon and welcome june 29, 2021 san francisco board of supervisors. welcome back to the chamber everyone. [applause] [roll call]
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mr. president, you have all board members in the chamber. >> president walton: thank you. san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unseated homeland of the ramaytush ohlone. who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their tradition, the ramaytush ohlone have never seated, lost nor forgotten their responsibility as the caretakers of this place as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we
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benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders and relativelies of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. colleagues, please stand and place your right hand over your heart and join me in reciting the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] on behalf of the board of supervisors, i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgov tv.
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do we have any communications? >> clerk: yes mr. president. thank you. to you and to the members it's great to see you all back. for the public to ensure their participation in board proceedings, we'll continue to offer virtual remote engagement and remain responsibility that soon we will be able to structure in-person meetings, we continue the transition into the digital public engagement and democratic practices. until then, the board of supervisors invites public participation in the following ways. written correspondence maybe sent by u.s. mail use the address, the san francisco board of supervisors, 1 dr. carl b. goodlett place, san francisco, california, 94012.
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best way to provide public comment oar from your television at sfgov tv channel 26 is to listen from your touch phone where you will be able to be in live sync to listen to the proceeding. the telephone number is streaming on your screen. 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d., 146 995 7604. press pound twice. you will be able to listen to the meeting. listen carefully for the prompt that you have been unmuted and just begin speaking your comments. as far as agenda content, eligible for public comment, there's one special order at 3:00 p.m. these are items 12-15. this item approves conditional
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use authorize. the president may entertain a motion to continue this hearing. if the item is continued, public comment specific to the continuance will be taken today. on the date that the item is continued to, that is when we will have a full hearing on the merits. regarding general public comment, please wait for item 17 to be called. you may speak to the approval of the meeting minutes as presented. the items within the subject matter jurisdiction, not appearing on this agenda and the items that have not been to committee but are on the tail end of the agenda, items 18-21. all other agenda contents had public comment satisfied. we have interpreters with us today. they know to jump in and assist speakers with their language needs. i will ask each interpreter to introduce themselves and the
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services they are providing. welcome. [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[speaking spanish]
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>> clerk: we have a substitute. earlier i indicated vivian lu instead we have agnus li joining us to assist with the chinese interpretation. [speaking chinese]
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thank you to the interpreters for joining us. finally if any members of the public are experiencing any trouble connecting to this meeting remotely, please contact my office. we do have a live person standing by to assist you. thank you mr. president, that concludes my communication. >> president walton: thank you so much. i want to thank our interpreters for being here with us this afternoon. just a reminder to mute your microphones when you're not speaking. so we can avoid audio feedback and to the public, i i want to know that we're looking forward to seeing you join us here in the chamber as soon as it is safe. colleagues, today we are approving the meeting minutes from the may 18, 2021, regular
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board meeting and the may 19, 2021 special board meeting. at the budget and appropriations committee. which constituted a quorum of the board of supervisors. i don't see any changes to the meeting minutes. seeing none, can i have a motion to approve the minutes as presented? >> so moved. >> president walton: moved by supervisor ronen, seconded by supervisor peskin. please call the roll. >> clerk: on the minutes. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: the minutes will be approved after public comment as presented. let's go to the consent agenda items-1-3. >> clerk: these items are considered to be routined. rout. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, i like to sever item 2. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: i can wait. >> president walton: can we do a vote on items 1 and 3? >> clerk: on items 1 and 3. [roll call vote].
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: these ordinances are finally passed unanimously. can you call item number 2? >> clerk: an ordinance to amend the administrative code to prohibit landlords from evicting residential tenants for non-payment of rent that was due to covid-19 pandemic. >> supervisor preston: since this item was pass on first reading. a typo on the effective date was
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brought to the attention of my office. i like to make a motion to amend page 5 line 11 to remove 2031 and replace it with 2021. i understand this amendment will effectively revert the item to first reading today and it would require second reading at a later date. given that the state just passed is in the process of passing ab823, i believe that the additional time will allow the board and my office and city attorney some time to understand the interplay between the new state law and this ordinance. i want to -- before we vote on this, i want to briefly comment on the state's decision to preempt local legislative action in this arena. say that i find it deeply
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offensive and really affront to local governments across the state and to poor and working class people that the state eviction deal includes provisions that are intended to limit our ability to protect residents of this city. the state eviction deal, which you probably read about in the paper and heard about, has done some good things and some bad things. i won't go into all the details here. the deal delayed the eviction cliff. the deal delays that by a few months. as i mentioned, it appears to preempt further extensions by new city ordinances in the upcoming months. this was a back room deal negotiated by the governor and
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leadership with landlords at the table and not tenant group. there was no committee hearing on the state bill. no public comment. no chance for amendments what so ever. they waited and there's no good reason to have waited this long until days before the expiration of the state eviction controls creating a gun to the head type situation where everyone simply had to accept this deal. they announced urgency legislation on a friday with 72 hours notice for a vote in our state legislature on monday. no chance for amendments. no chance for the public to be heard. the big demand from landlords was that the state law preempt local legislation and it appears that the landlord lobby got that. while i celebrate with many and i'm relieved that we have delayed the eviction cliff. that came thanks to the hard
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work of tenant advocates across the state. we got that. i'm really disgusted by the process and by the state's decision to turn governance in a crises over to landlord special interests. we'll look a at this more closely with the city attorney to finalize the analysis of the interplay between the state and local law but at this time i like to make a motion to amend and correct the typo. >> president walton: thank you. do we have a second on the motion? seconded by supervisor peskin. there's a motion to amend by supervisor preston, seconded by supervisor peskin. i believe unless there's an objection, we can take the same vote. >> clerk: mr. president, that is correct. >> president walton: thank you. same house same call? >> supervisor haney: i wanted to be added as a co-sponsor.
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>> president walton: thank you supervisor haney. all right. no objection, we'll take that same house same call. motion carries. motion to move to pass the ordinance as amended. do i have a second? >> clerk: mr. president unnecessary. call the roll. >> president walton: no motion needed? same house same call. this ordinance is passed on first reading. please call item 4. >> clerk: item 4 is the proposed interim budget and appropriation ordinance to appropriate all estimated receipts and expenditures for the fiscal years ending june 30, 2022 and
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june 30, 2023. >> president walton: please call item 5 too. >> clerk: these two items comprise the ordinances related to the city's annual budget. it's a proposed interim annual salary ordinance for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2022 and june 30, 2023. to continue create, establish or to appoint positions to the enumerate and to include all positions for which compensation is paid from city and county funds and appropriated in the annual appropriation ordinance. >> president walton: thank you. items 4 and 5. unless we have any objection. we'll take this same house same vote. >> supervisor peskin: roll call mr. president. >> clerk: items 4 and 5. [roll call vote]
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there are 10 ayes and 1 no. with supervisor preston in the dissent. >> president walton: by vote of 10-1, those ordinances are finally passed. please call item number 6. >> clerk: a resolution to retroactively authorize public works to spend $250,000 grant
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from the san francisco bay area rapid transit district. on item 6, roll call. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, it is now a little -- we are very close to 2:30.
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i'm going to do something real quick that i believe is important for all of us here in the chamber. it is now 2:30. we have a surprise special commendation to commemorate the milestone of the first official meeting in this chamber since the march 2020 stay-at-home orders. on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, we want to recognize and commend the clerk of the board and all of her staff for their hard work this past year during the covid-19 health emergency. [applause] the entire clerk
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staff helped us coordinate regular board meeting, transitioned from in-person meetings to a remote platform, provided tech support often remotely, assisted the general public in participating in our meeting, while coordinating language access and going the extra mile to do so much more during the past 15 months. on behalf of the board, thank you madam clerk and her executive assistant for leading department number one and making the board of supervisors one of the most effective, efficient
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and transparent departments in this city and likely this country. we like to commend the legislative division led by the legislative deputy director and staff john carroll, lisa lu, erica major, linda wong, victor young. thank you for supporting all of our seven active committees, processing our legislation, posting agendas and notices, supporting lafco, the sunshine ordinance task force and the p.u.c. revenue bond oversight committee and soon the redistricting task force as well as oversight and support for the youth commission and assessment appeals board. the operations division led by wilson ing and staff, thank you
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for being the front line constituent facing division that continues to provide seemless public support as well as internal support to coordinate with building management, media services, sfgov tv, the city attorney's office, city administrator's office and the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. for language access for all of our meetings as well as coordinating the need of each individual office. the i.t. team and staff billy chu for supporting our technological needs during this pandemic and timely posting all covid-19 information on the san francisco board of supervisors website as well as making sure our cybersecurity is topnotch.
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finally, the administrative division and staff, who are responsible for accounting, contracting, payroll and hr functions of the board including making sure that all employees of the board are paid on time. it takes a whole village and a dedicated team in the office of the clerk to make the magic happen here at the board of supervisors. we appreciate each and every single one of you. on behalf of all 11 district offices, we have prepared certificates of honors for all 22 clerk staff and as a small token of appreciation, all 11 supervisors and their staff, chipped in to purchase chocolates for all the entire clerk team and flowers for madam clerk, deputy madam clerk and
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executive assistant. don't worry all gifts are under the $25 minimum. i want to say off script that we truly appreciate all of the work of the clerk's office. we went through a trying time as a board of supervisors as a city and county of san francisco. clerk's office stepped up. we didn't miss one tuesday board meeting due to the pandemic because the amazing work of this entire team. we're excited and happy to be back in the chamber. we thank you for pulling us through so we can make it back here all together as one family. thank you. [applause] i know my colleagues may have some words. supervisor ronen?
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>> supervisor ronen: thank you. i want to thank our amazing president and his staff for organizing this. this was much needed and much appreciated because angela and your team -- i'm feeling teary. you guys worked nonstop with long meetings. it was hard. it was brand new and you always are so dignified and kind to everyone even when they're yelling and screaming at you. you treat them with respect and dignity and you're just an example for me and all of us. your staff is on top of everything at all times they are so cheery and kind to work with even when it's so hard and we're all so tired.
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you make us look good. we love you and appreciate you all so much and can't thank you enough. >> president walton: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: totally fitting way to come back to this hall of chambers. i want to thank clerk. >> president walton: supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: thank you to your staff for organizing
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this facilitying it tribute. madam clerk, i have known you for a long time. we were aides together when we were both babies. you as a strong latino woman, you are the most confident people that i have ever known. i appreciate you as a new member of this board who has started during this pandemic of the tremendous support we have gotten from the clerk, yourself and your staff. thank you so much for everything you do for us and personally thank you for the tremendous work that you have done for our
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city. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you to you and your staff for organizing this. none of us done virtual meeting in this way. i was making sure the public had access. the way that you were able to facilitate that and make sure people knew how to do it and able to do it. i think there was the final test was last week's friday public comment day. where we had video after video and callers and just to see the skill at which you facilitated that and how many people were able to participate because of your work and because of your office was extraordinary. you're always available for us and i know you're always
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available for everyone and for the public and we are just deeply appreciative. it is great to be back in this chamber. it was incredible to see the way that you were able to respond to make sure that the work of democracy and the work of this body was able to continue over the last year. thank you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: thank you. we in san francisco are beyond lucky to have you. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: i want to echo the comments and just add that in this position as with everything else there is public
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space and public work that we all do. everyone else said, i would echo our deep appreciation for doing all that through a pandemic, before that pandemic and i know after this pandemic, we couldn't do this without you and all the other folks who support us quietly. others in the chamber today, city attorney's office, b.l.a. and others who are key to make hure we do -- sure we do the
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work. >> president walton: supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: i want to thank you and your team and your professionalism and how you put it all together for all of us and for the public. i think that is something that very personal. i think that you, with your leadership, it carries out to the entire team. everyone is respectful and kind and considerate. i really appreciate that. >> president walton: supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: madam clerk you are amazing and your staff. i can't thank you enough. i too feel privileged to have known you since you work -- to
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see you go on to this and to do such an incredible job is just been a gift to watch. i want to thank you for what you do not only for us but what you do for the public. when i was county clerk, i said to my staff, you have the power to change someone's day by being kind by showing them that government can work for you. do you that for the public. every time they had problems calling in, every time they had problems turning in papers, whatever it was, you were there for them with your patience, your kindness and to me, you show people that government works. i can't thank you enough for that. thank you so much and thank you to your staff. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: thank you. i just echo all the words of deep appreciation. really the inspiring and extremely capable work of madam clerk you and the entire team. i wanted to give special thanks
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to john carroll as a clerk for supporting me as chair of the committee last year and public safety neighborhood services this year. >> president walton: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you so much. i was thinking about it the other day, many of us had to be in different places while we were trying to do our job. as supervisor haney was saying the other day, i kept looking up, it was like a carousel of clerks filling in for one another. never at any moment, was there any disruption. it was seemless. everything was smooth. that's coming from the perspective somebody that sits on other bodies. i want to say, never, over the past 15 months, did i ever feel
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like we couldn't do our job. that's really what this pandemic taught us. we had to be flexible. we had to be on the move. you all were the rock. you all were the foundation that allowed us to continue to do our job seemlessly. i think it was very fitting that our president decided along with his team to honor your entire team and the work they did. as many have said, i seen you grow over the last 21 years having work with you. thank you from the bottom of our heart to allowing us to do this job and well with the work that you provided. >> president walton: thank you. again, i want to thank all of my colleagues for making this happen for madam clerk.
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i wanted to say real quick madam clerk, one thing i forgot to mention is that through all of this hard work and this pandemic year, the clerk's office did not get a break. we worked through summer sessions. we worked through the entire year and through the entire pandemic and typically, there would have been some type of relief for the clerk and her team. that did not happen last year. we all worked hard. i know that we're public servants. the fact that you all worked through the time that you could have been spending with your family to make sure that this city was taken care of, i wanted to make sure that i acknowledge that publicly. we thank you and appreciate you for that and are doing everything in our power to make sure that 100% does not happen this year. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. to your staff, what a lovely recognition. i believe all the staff in our
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office who are listening to this meeting this afternoon, i believe that they are thrilled. each one of you are recognizing their work and you see that during this amazing time, you were able to conduct your work. both from your offices and through this remote meeting system. i think it's really important that i state that the staff are all individual leaders. every single one of them. they have their own internal engines that make them want to do the very best job. both on behalf of you and your staff and the public. without me, that would still occur. i think the staff for their mighty lift over the last year and a half. i want to thank sfgov tv and media services. several of you mentioned them. i want to make sure we mention them by name.
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we could not have done we did without our amazing partners and the budget analyst and our general counsel ann pierson who guided me along the way so that the staff knew what to do. thank you again mr. president and thank you to all of the legislative aides who followed our processes even though sometimes it was not very clear, they did what they could. we very much appreciate working with the aids. look forward to seeing the public in this chamber one day soon. i want to make sure your aids get huge props for their amazing help throughout this last 18 months. thank you mr. president and thanks again to all of the staff in the office. >> president walton: thank you. once again, we appreciate you and your entire team. please call item 7.
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>> clerk: a resolution to authorize and approve a renewal agreement for the use of space and communication services within an existing data center located at 3101 gold center drive in rancho cordova, california from the state of california technology agency office of technology services for a three-year term. through june 30, 2024 for a monthly based rate of $53,000 and new approximate amount of $2 million. >> president walton: please call the roll on item 7. >> clerk: on item 7. [roll call vote]
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there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 8. >> clerk: resolution to approve port lease between the port of san francisco and ferry plaza partnership and to authorize the executive director of the port to execute a museum termination agreement. >> president walton: thank you. i believe we can do same house same call on this item. seeing none. this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 9, resolution to approve the first amendment to the agreement between edgewood
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center for children and families and the department of public health for behavioral health services and to increase the agreement by approximately $33 million for a new amount not to exceed $57.2 million. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: i wanted to take this opportunity to thank d.p.h. and edgewood for working on this five-year contract extension. also i want to over the past year, on a financial viability and organizational development plan that we supported through a small grant that we approved early last year. so that edgewood can continue to provide such unique and important behavioral health services for children and youth in our city. in the sunset district. i would like to be added as a co-sponsor to this. >> president walton: thank you. i believe we can do same house
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same call on this item? with no objection, thank you. resolution passes and adopted unanimously. please call item 10. >> clerk: a resolution to approve the second amendment between the regents of university of california alliance health project and the department of public health for behavioral health services to increase the agreement by approximately $18.6 million for a new amount of approximately $28.6 million and term extension for six years through june 30, 2028. >> president walton: any objections? i believe we can take this item same house same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 11 is to accept
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and extend an grant amendment to increase the amount $57,000 to a new total approximately $127,000 from the centers for disease control and prevention. through the regents of university of california, san francisco for a program targeted immune deficiency syndrome tuberculosis countries and global fund to fight acquired immuno deficiency syndrome through september 29, 2021. >> president walton: thank you. i don't see anyone on the roster. i believe we can take this same house same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. let's go to item number 16 and do the first roll call. >> clerk: first up to introduce
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new business is supervisor chan. >> supervisor chan: thank you. colleagues, we're reporting our outside assignment. great to be here in-person with you in the chamber. i will first report back on lafco. we are at the may and june lafco meetings, we received an update from sfpuc clean power s.f., sfpuc extended debt relief program through march 2022. great news. based on updates received from p.u.c., we all passed a resolution urging forgiveness of utility debt. governor newsom announced $2 billion of thinks budget that will go forwards utility debt
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relief. we still have one vacancy, if you want to join us, we got supervisor dean preston as the alternate for supervisor mar. we'll be posting a job listing for the position by next meeting, in july. second assignment that i have is the house services board. over the past couple of months, the house services board has been holding hearings as we go through the annual benefits and rate setting process. we have been reviewing and approving health plan rates and benefit for current city employees and retirees and
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thanks to supervisor dean preston. we have an additional healthcare provider option. that allows for option especially for those city workers that don't live in san francisco. we're making adjustments to reflect changes related to covid response. as a result, we have extended employee access to pretext benefit plan. this is a quick reminder, the board would have to approve the rate and benefits package by end of july of this year. we have already introduced this legislation and anticipate a hearing at budget and finance committee in mid-july. i hope to have all your support so we can ensure rates are ready for open enrollment in october this year. the rest i will submit.
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thank you. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you. first an update on the treasure island mobility management agency, which is meeting more frequently this year. one of the most exciting aspects of our mobility program is clean ferry system. we are planning with the water emergency transportation authority. we approved a m.o.u. that lays oout to bring more ferry service to the island by 2023. we have been working to conducting outreach to residents and businesses and service providers around the toll. there have been a number of
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workshops with employers and workers on treasure island to shape the business affordability program and all of the insight that we are collecting will be incorporated into the final recommendations of the toll implement taking. that concludes my board update. i'm introducing a resolution co-sponsored by supervisor stefani and chan to support the efforts of dignity health security officers in their efforts to unionize. security officers are front line protectors for patients, doctors and workers at dignity health. they were keeping patient and healthcare workers safe in the most high risk environment. there have been major concerns raised about the exposure placed on security workers due to lack of adequate staffing, safety protocols and personal protective equipment and security officers and their families had contracted covid-19. security officers pay more for
2:59 pm
their healthcare than any other service workers. as a result, many have voiced desire to have more autonomy over their wages and benefits. security officers have the right to unionize and join seiu i hope that our board of supervisors with support their efforts to unionize and ensure fair treatment and wages. >> clerk: supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: thank you. on abag. we were presented with the draft plan bay area, e.i.r.
3:00 pm
alternative. some of you may recall that abag and m.t.c. expressed concern in december when there was a last minute pretty massive increase in the housing growth forecast for san francisco to grow, housing projection increased by 50%. it felt at the time very much like abag was not doing real planning but solving a problem by putting in one jurisdiction that will be isolated and be stuck with that. we pushed in january to have staff to look at alternatives in hopes this might shift or provide a forum for more discussion. it has become clear over months
3:01 pm
that's not the way that will work. we ended up with a rina proposal based on that last minute substantial increase. we voted against that rina allocation at abag not because we believed that san francisco does not need to significantly produce market rate and other types of housing but because from my perspective, the process by which that housing was allocated in san francisco seem deeply flawed. i still have questions about the process. my introduction to regionalism has been an interesting eye opening and challenging one. also frustrating was san francisco through the planning process, created a number of areas. we were increasing housing capacity for the bay area. we did not get actually pretty
3:02 pm
modest plan grants. it would have been nice to have that in every other county in the bay area got those grants. frustrated with abag. but the reward for my frustration, i have been invited to join the administrative committee which i have done. i get to spend more time with the abag folks. we were going to hear more about plan bay area at the transportation authority. we'll try to get that update to this body at some point soon. in other news, tjpa, i want to remind everyone that transbay transit center is open.
3:03 pm
this is part of a lot of conversations and many of us are on caltrain, abag and m.t.c. i found out during the pandemic, that we don't representation for a while. that's kind of a challenge in particular. if you line the.
3:04 pm
counties in california, there's more conservative than the overall population in the same way that the senate is. having the urban counties represented is pretty important. i'm looking forward to learning more and participating more as get back to real life. >> president walton: can we go to our 3:00 p.m. special order
3:05 pm
please? >> clerk: return to roll call for introduction. supervisor mar? items it 12-15 comprised special order 3:00 p.m. the president may entertain a motion to continue this hearing. it's associated motion pursuant to a request from the property owner dated june 22 contained in the file. if that is the case, public comment on the continuance will be taken today and public comment on the merits of the appeal will be taken at the hearing date that the appeal is continued to. item 12 is a public hearing of person's entered in the approval of conditional use authorization for proposed project at 575 vermont street issued by the planning commission. to allow demolition of an existing single family home and construction of a new four-story residential building containing two dwelling units.
3:06 pm
item 13 is motion to approve the commission's decision to approve a conditional use authorization for the project proposed project site. item 14 is conditionally disapproving conditional use authorization. item 15 is the motion to direct the preparation of findings. >> president walton: thank you. colleagues, i would like to make a motion to continue this hearing and associated motions to the tuesday july 20th regular board meeting so that the appellants and the project sponsors have the opportunity to meet and my office has additional time to preview the materials. can i get a second? seconded by supervisor peskin and before we take the vote on that motion, madam clerk, we want to take public comment for the motion to continue the hearing. >> clerk: operations, if you're
3:07 pm
available, let's unmute the first caller the president is providing two minutes for callers who are interested to speaking to the continuation of the appeal for items 12-15, that's 575 vermont street. do we have a caller in the queue? we have one caller in the queue. welcome. >> that completes the queue. >> president walton: seeing no other speakers. public comment is now closed. on the motion i made don't this
3:08 pm
hearing and associate motions to the july 20th meeting, seconded by supervisor peskin. we'll go with the same house same call. if there are no objections. thank you. without objection, this motion carries same house same call unanimously. on the motion to continue items 12-15 to july regular board meeting is now approved. we'll go back to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: supervisor mar, you're next up to introduce new business. >> supervisor mar: thank you. just on my outside board report back, i wanted to talk about abag and add to supervisor mandelman's good summary of and supervisor ronen touched on it too on the important work that's happening on a planned bay area.
3:09 pm
as well as sort of connected work that's happening through abag on coming up a new arena housing production goals if the next period. supervisor mandelman and supervisor ronen touched on some of the challenges that we face in engaging in those discussions within the regional body. i wanted to say it's been kind of eye opening to be part of the regional -- discussing these important issues that we grapple with but doing it in a regional context on a body that includes representatives from it nine counties and cities, suburban cities and even semirural areas. it's been a challenging environment to advocate for equity and our priorities for
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the urban core cities. all of the important discussions will have a direct impact on the planning department's work updating our housing element. which is in progress now. it will continue through the end of next year. there's a direct connection there. on lafco, as a member of the lafco board, just to add to supervisor chan's good update, in addition to the core oversight, providing oversight to cleanpowersf and important new work supporting the public bank work and it's great to have supervisor preston joining lafco. i want to say that lafco continuing to support important research and policy work.
3:11 pm
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these are crucial issues for my district and the entire city. i'm grateful to the b.l.a. office for their work on this report and look forward to robust discussion. second, i'm requesting the city attorney's office to prepare a motion to issue a is subpoena for records held by the aecom parsons joint venture. it's a private entity that has a contract with project management services with billions of dollars. the issuance of the subpoena is not something i take lightly. i don't take lightly this
3:13 pm
board's powers of inquiry and responsibility to use these powers to ensure transparent, ethical and effective use of public funds and the public's trust. we have requested records of checks and meeting minutes from this joint venture that have not been provided. sfpuc submitted request for records with a deadline of may 31st to provide these record. we are now nearly a month passed this deadline and have received records for single meetings only. if he has not applied with our inquiry -- in requesting this motion, to issue a subpoena, i want to be clear that private entities contracting for public dollars are not above scrutiny and cannot act with impunity to
3:14 pm
ignore or avoid request for information. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: i'm going to report colleagues on my participation on the first five commission. we are right now at the beginning of a strategy planning process. some of you may know that we are merging two departments. office of early care and education and the first five office. this has been a really terrible year for all of us for it field of early care and education. it's been pretty devastating. we have lost capacity and many of our child care providers have gone out of business. while that has been terrible and devastating, we can celebrate that we -- [indiscernible]
3:15 pm
i do have this dream of having child care and care and education be like k through 12 public education. it is an essential component of women economic empowerment but also to decrease the learning between low income kids and every one else that starts at 0 to 3. i'm very excited to be participating in that process. i will be very involved in the strategic planning process and will be reporting to you regularly, not just the policy decisions that we're making in building out this vision for a robust system of child care for our city and the capacity to support mostly female immigrant women of color workforce. but also to pave the way for very high quality support for kids before they enter school so
3:16 pm
they are ready to learn and read when they enter kindergarten in our san francisco public school. that is my report for first five. i do have two items a resolution and in memoriam. my resolution is to introduce along with my colleague supervisor dean preston and supervisor matt haney, a resolution supporting the allocation of $2 million to the free muni for all youth that was announced by the mayor through a technical amendment at the budget committee meeting this morning i want to tell you, when i first came to country when i was 13 years old, i would take the 14 muni to my school on mission street. we lived in the outer mission. i went to san francisco
3:17 pm
christian academy and supervisor safai's district. it gave me a tremendous amount of freedom. it's like the city of open. it is a dream that many of us have held and worked for including supervisors preston and haney that youth would have that freedom. they will be able to go to school and all of the rich experiences that the city has to offer without barriers. many of us have been fighting for this in 2013. we were and to roll out a free muni for low income youth program. that program, while great, did present barriers especially for the income youth who's parents had to submit documentation that they didn't have or because of language barriers were intimidated to do these things.
3:18 pm
we will work closely. hopefully, this will pave the way to treating public transportation like a public good. since this supports economic development for our city and be training an entire generation of public transit riders, which is what we want and need in the future. thank you so much for your work on this. i'm excited to be doing that. i like to issue in memoriam noreen harrington. she was a loving and devoted wife of 62 years to john harrington. she was a daughter of dennis and
3:19 pm
hannah -- and outstanding mother to mary, teresa, denise, john, rosy, michael, kevin, brenda, nana, conlin. she was a native san franciscan and a 57-year parishioner of std a math teacher at mercy high school in district 7 and presentation high school. she was loving sister-in-law
3:20 pm
the services are at st. cecilia church in district 7 as well. in lieu of flower donations can be made to the endowment fund at st. cecilia school. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. with regard to outside bodies, i serve on the bay conservation and development commission which regulates development in the bay and within 100 feet of the shoreline for the nine counties. it's a 27-member commission with a half century of history. we met on may 6, 2021 and discussed all sorts of regional
3:21 pm
decisions. we received a briefing on the policies of the san francisco water front special area plan which was first adopted in 1975 and amended in the year 2000. which amendments resulted in the creation of a number of open spaces along the water front. on june 17th, we received a briefing regarding mixed use development and discussed as an informational item, that proposed projects consistency or lack there of with the public trust doctrine that established bay conservation and development commission. i served on the san francisco restoration authority. that is the body that
3:22 pm
distributes the $25 million per year in the $12 per parcel measure aa parcel tax for the nine counties. we discussed the geographic distribution of the funds after our fourth round of grants. the west bay has received approximately $15 million to date which includes some $5 million for the 900 innes street project. that concludes my roll call and concludes my presentation on outside commissions. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. i want to express my thanks to supervisor melgar for her comments on free muni for youth. just add to also recognize the youth commission for their long
3:23 pm
term advocacy for free muni for youth. also our colleagues, supervisor ronen and supervisor compos at the time who led off the efforts around free muni for low income youth. it's been great to see the growing consensus beyond expanding that program. i want to thank you president walton for giving us this space carving out this time. sow that folks can learn what each other are doing. all of us are on these various commissions. i'm on the state legislative
3:24 pm
committee. i serve on that committee with supervisor chan. i want to thank and recognize jen schneider on my team who often appears there for me or with me. legislative aids are empowered to cast votes on behalf of our offices. the legislative committee makes recommendations to the city to support or oppose legislation that's pending in the state legislature that would impact the city and county of san francisco. the committee is where we discuss what all the bills that are pending in the senate. their presentations on the bill and then a vote on what position to take if any. we voted on dozens of
3:25 pm
environmental bills, housing bills, transportation bills and many others. i won't take the time to go through all of those. i will note a few. really the only two bills that we actually continued and did not reach a position on and vote on were sb9 and 10 to housing related bills. we did vote in favor of sb2. which was to repeal article 34. which is something this board has taken position on previously. article 34 is the constitutional provision to prohibits development construction or acquisition of low rent housing projects without ballot approval. i think there's a growing consensus that we need to get rid of that.
3:26 pm
the committee is really a great example of different branches of government, collaborating together to reach a common position. the committee has representatives not just from board of supervisors but from city attorney, controllers office, the treasurer, the mayor and as i mentioned, myself and supervisor chan on behalf of the board. it's chaired by eddie mccaffrey of the mayor's office and clerked by rebecca peacock. i want to give them a huge shot out for convening and facilitating this committee.
3:27 pm
i have couple of pieces of legislation. i will submit those. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor ronen?
3:28 pm
>> supervisor ronen: i want to thank supervisor melgar, preston and haney for the resolution free muni for youth. i want to do couple of additional things.
3:29 pm
secondly, i serve as our representative on the metropolitan transportation commission which is the nine county regional planning and transportation financing agency in addition to the full commission, i sit on the m.t.c. admin committee and on the very brand newly formed bay area housing finance authority oversight committee.
3:30 pm
our goal was goat it out the door as quickly as possible to keep baseline transit services running. for the -- now the american rescue plan, we have approved a significant first allocation this summer to ensure that all operators will cover fiscal year 21-22 revenue losses.
3:31 pm
i won't repeat supervisor mandelman or mar's comments on the rina allocations. just to say that we are very much on the same page in coordinating efforts to voice our strong concerns.
3:32 pm
she was the first latino student to graduate from college in 1946 which recognized her amazing contributions after college, she move to new york an began career in publishing working as a editor more the nation magazine.
3:33 pm
she compiled letters from mississippi, which she publish the in the late 1960s and reissued in 2007. she returned to cuba in 1967 to represent a gathering of latin american revolutionaries and built alliances between the civil rights movement in the u.s. feeling a deep need to focus on her own identity as a
3:34 pm
, -- she move to san francisco in 1976 she joined the women-led democratic workers party and ran for governor on the peace and freedom party ticket in 1982. she organized around latino community issues taught anti-racist training workshops. worked with youth groups. she cofounded the institute for
3:35 pm
multiracial justice to strengthen the struggle against white supremacy to help build alliances among people of color and combat divisions.
3:36 pm
she will continue to be an inspiration to many. she leaves a strong legacy of social justice and bonds of solidarity. she's survived by her daughter and co-founder of san francisco latino lab. as well as rich community advocate. her fighting spirit will live on. may you rest in peace and power. the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: thank you, colleagues. i will stand because i haven't gotten a chance to stand in 15 months. i really appreciate that opportunity to stretch my legs. [laughter] couple of things, i will give updates. behavioral health has not been able to get quorum. we're going to make it a
3:37 pm
priority to put some energy into this oversight committee. it is an important committee. as it pertains to the retirement board, we have couple of new developments that you all should be aware of. we have an open executive director position that's been there for over a year. we've had the current acting retirement board director stay on and now last week, we got word from our cfo that he has resigned. now we have the two highest most important positions in this retirement board open and vacant. this will be a super priority for our retirement board. we are doing exceptionally well in our investments. there's no instability in that regard.
3:38 pm
however, this body and working with the mayor, our body meaning our retirement board, work with the mayor's office and to get additional positions in this budget which we will approve later on this afternoon. those were designed to continue to move aggressively toward impact investment, aggressively towards divestment, fully divesting for fossil fuels and to continue the aggressive investments that we have done to get us almost a fully funded retirement portfolio. we have continued to do that.
3:39 pm
those are my two committees. being on the budget committee is a job. i will introduce a legislation as it pertains to eviction and. we've been in this conversation as it came to protecting our small businesses over the last year. supervisor peskin introduced the initial piece of legislation that would protect businesses of a certain size. we felt like we would want to update that legislation to include small businesses between 50 and 99 employees.
3:40 pm
many are concerned they will be left out of that conversation. couple of weeks ago, we had a special hearing at the budget and finance committee. with regard to protecting our small businesses. chair haney and i, president walton, really dove in and supervisor ronen and supervisor mar, all committed to make really strong protections for those businesses whether it was through eviction protections or rent relief. we're going to aggressively move those conversations. those protections have been extended until september 30th. we have a little bit more time to continue this conversation. we felt it was important today to update the legislation at it pertain to those businesses at the 50 to 99 employee level.
3:41 pm
we will add an additional six months after the eviction moratorium is terminated i want thank supervisor peskin and his team for getting out in front of this at the end of last year. this is something that i think affects every single one of our districts. we will -- we're introducing this today. we're hoping to move it quickly. this will allow for us and remind you under supervisor peskin's legislation, 49 employees or less have one or two years on a tiered basis. this will be tier 4, 50 to 99 employees will get those additional six months.
3:42 pm
thank you, colleagues and the rest i submit. >> clerk: supervisor stefani. standoff thank you. thank you president walton for the opportunity to present on outside boards and commissions. i do serve as the alternate to supervisor peskin on bcdc. i wanted to mention that i was very happy to receive an e-mail from the executive director about survey on equity training and implicit bias training that many of the commissioners on bcdc expressed that they would like to receive. it reminded me of the legislation that i authored and we passed unanimously in 2018, that required all boards and commissions in the city and
3:43 pm
county of san francisco to have and elected officials to have implicit bias training. very happy to see bcdc go in that direction. i'm own the golden gate bridge -- we approved the fiscal year 21-22 operating capital budget. this week on july 1st, golden gate bridge tolls will be increasing. this includes the pays you go rate and one time payment, toll invoice rates. if you would like to see those increases, i will provide those later. actually, very excitingly, we have something that's not an increase in tolls.
3:44 pm
i have one in memoriam, bob passed away. he was born in chicago, illinois and raised in the city's south side. growing up, bob attended the chicago latin school and attended stanford university. he was elected freshman class president and elected president as of his local chapter fraternity. bob proudly led his chapter in removing racist language and membership rules from the organization's bylaws. after his time, bob moved to geneva, switzerland for graduate
3:45 pm
school. he developed fondness for language, particularly for swiss, french and german. bob moved to san francisco. after five years with the securities and exchange commission where he worked on combating pyramid schemes, for the next 45 years, bob and art went on to build their firm and to premier mid size law firms. bob also quickly fell in love with his chosen city of san francisco. for over a deck, bob -- decade bob led the organization san francisco beautiful to preserve city natural beauty. bob was as patron and lover of the arts. he attended in support of the san francisco symphony, the opera and many of our museums. he was well-known for his love
3:46 pm
in outspoken advocacy. in 1988, bob and his wife purchased a home in sonoma where he and his family would plant trees and explore the region's natural beauty. bob could be found at the presidio ymca playing pick-up basketball well into his 70s. in 2016, bob was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. in the years following bob cared for his wife chandra. he is survived by his three children bob lived life to the fullest. he will be remembered for his generosity, his incredible sense of humor, his service to those less fortunate and san francisco beautiful. i offer my condolences to all who knew and cherish him.
3:47 pm
the rest i submit. >> clerk: mr. president? >> president walton: thank you. i am going to just be reporting briefly on three outside boards. one is the bay area air quality management district. i wanted to highlight the fact that we know we have a site pier 94 where we have 120 rvs. the bay area, air quality management district provided each rv with their own air filters. we did that last week. our residents at the site, we're excited about that. we've been putting the pressure on the surrounding businesses to make sure that they have the
3:48 pm
proper permits and are taking care of the proper control in the area. one of the corporations we had to shut down their operations until they get the appropriate permits. caltrain project has been delayed to 2024 due to cost overruns and issues with the pandemic. there's also been a request made for $82 million from city and
3:49 pm
county of san francisco and santa clara county which is inflated calculation that was owed to samtrans. there was a settlement great in 2008 that asked city and county to pay $8 million, we owe couple of hundred dollars from that settlement. vta paid that entire settlement. there's approximately $20 million that was owed to sam trans from that settlement agreement in 2018. -- 2008. we were fighting to get measure rr on the ballot so we would have a dedicated funding it stream for caltrain.
3:50 pm
the goal wasly to come up with new form of governance by the end of this year. members of samtrans and san mateo county decided, they would send santa clara and san francisco county a letter stating that we owe them $82 million outstanding debt. not only have they broken the spirit of the resolution, also, one of their resolutionings that was passed at the samtrans board. i feel that they were threatening litigation. there's some things that in terms of my participation in governance and how we move forward, i'm putting on pause until i make sure that everything is in order, legally.
3:51 pm
stay tuned for that continued conversation about governance, the continued conversation about what is owed to samtrans. there's some resources that deserve to be made whole. i want to state that oewd completed their r.f.p. process and funded programs with the communities here in san francisco. programs are set to start on july 1st. we're excited about all the work we'll continue to do to connect
3:52 pm
our residents with job opportunities and training that they need to build careers and take care of families. with that said, the rest i submit. >> clerk: that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president walton: thank you so much. we are now at public comment. >> clerk: at this time the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. the telephone is scrolling on your screen. it's 415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d., 146 995 7604. to be added to the queue to provide comment, press star 3. the system will send you a prompt listen carefully for you have been unmuted. just begin speaking your
3:53 pm
comments. each caller will have two minutes to provide comment. we do have interpreters standing by. operations, let's get to the first caller please. welcome caller. >> caller: hi, my name is hunter king. i work in district 9. if they can't displace us they push us out on the street and cage us.
3:54 pm
there's no reform or training that can transform the police that criminalize and murder our residents. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. operations let's hear from the next caller please. >> caller: hello, i'm executive director of library. on june 19th, the san francisco chronicle ran an editorial. the headline was "california is
3:55 pm
open why aren't san francisco's libraries" that's something we've been asking as well. since you're funding a huge amount of money and an increase over the previous year, we ask that you do a number of things to ensure that service is equitable and not unnecessarily reduced. that is first of all, insist on full funding for service now. right now there's no plan for full service until fall. there are a few libraries open, they have limits on service. all the other ones have very limited service. second of all, we're asking that
3:56 pm
you study and have them set aside for a study and to eliminate unequities in service as well as cuts in service. right now there's not a single -- [indiscernible] there's still no current newspapers and magazines at the vast majority of locations that are still closed or have very limited place to go. inequities are very serious. >> clerk: thank you, next speaker please.
3:57 pm
>> caller: good afternoon supervisors. i wanted to call in and thank the mayor, supervisor peskins, melgar and supervisor haney for the whole board of supervisors for your support of free muni for youth. the youth commission has advocated for this for many years. we've been proud to work with community partners and with supervisors on the current program and really excited to hearing from the sfmta on when they plan to actually remove the signs that require youth to pay fares. we're much looking forward for the implementation of this. hopefully making this pilot program permanent next year. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. just a bit of information for the public, there's no public
3:58 pm
comment on the annual appropriation ordinance or the annual salary ordinance for the budget year in the outyear. the budget is still in committee. if there are any callers on line who are going to talk about the budget, that is not before the board of supervisors as an item that the public can comment on during general public comment. operations, let's hear from the next caller please. >> caller: i think the time has come now that we can see you all in the chambers to discuss the excess of over 90,000 san franciscans from san francisco. also, on the rent that people have to pay, they're getting
3:59 pm
mixed signals. one of your supervisors listened to the deliberation. we need a clear deliberation. you can talk about it, in various districts where people are suffering can get some assistance.
4:00 pm
we need to know what you are doing for them. we need to see the walk and less of the talk. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from the next caller please. >> caller: hello supervisors. this is jessica layman with senior disability action. i'm calling on behalf of the budget justice coalition. thank you for honoring clerk angela calvillo. so well deserved. we appreciate how hard she and all her staff has worked to make sure that the public can be heard, that the community members have a role. many of us are here in the
4:01 pm
building now. we have been working on the city budget. the efforts that have gone into how to submit videos, how do we have people to come in person, how do we make sure that we have interpreting to hear from all residents. it's so critical. we started a conversation how we continue that after the pandemic. so the seniors and people with disabilities and parents and others can continue to participate. we know the city works best when all community members are part of the process. thank you to the clerk's office and thank you to supervisors for the recognition. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. much appreciated. operations next caller please. >> caller: hi, my name is laura. i live and work in district 6. i'm going to comment on the budget. i can't tell me not to.
4:02 pm
>> clerk: ma'am, we're pausing your time. the aao and the aso the city's budget is not before the board. my apologies to you. just for the rest of the callers, we are interrupting callers as you are not able to comment on the budget this afternoon during general public comment at this board meeting. the item is still in committee. if you like to redirect your comments, i'll press play on the timer. please go ahead. >> caller: redirect it right up your [ bleep ]. >> caller: thank you for your comments. thank you for -- next caller please. >> caller: good afternoon supervisors. this morning we received a letter submitted to the planning director outlining serious concerns with the planning
4:03 pm
department's action regarding ceqa and construction sites. the letter is green action for environmental justice. the planning department amount on sb37 and on the board resolution -- this hearing was an embarrassment to the planning department to the office of the mayor and to the city of san francisco. san francisco claims to be supporting good environmental practices as well as environmental justice. yes, the planning department has a history of granting large numbers of ceqa exemptions from 2015 to 2020, the department granted over 21,000 categorical
4:04 pm
exemptions. we appreciate the city to encourage growth and development. this should not be at the expense of transparency, public health and protecting the environment. our letter outlined suggestions for improvement at the planning department these include the need for commitment by the department to support public health and full public participation in the ceqa review process as well as investigate into the overwhelming number of categorical exemptions granted yearly. we look forward to working with the planning department on these improvements and ask for your support. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next caller please.
4:05 pm
>> clerk: ma'am, i'm pausing your time. i have to interrupt you as the budget and funding program in the city is not a topic that you can discuss during general public comment. if you like to redirect your comment to something else generally, i'm happy to continue the timer. otherwise, we'll go to the next caller. >> caller: no thank you. >> clerk: operations, next caller please.
4:06 pm
>> caller: i'm calling on behalf of the staff at general hospital and we have a long history of violence at the hospital. almost daily, we have violent outbursts from patients that are either drugged, have psychiatric issues or both. nurses have been thrown to the floor, punched, kicked, spit on. so many different violent acts occur on a daily basis. we have a special code which we announced over the loud speaker so we all have a short hand idea of what's happening in one location in the er that we call code 50. we wouldn't need that if we didn't have such frequent outburst of violence. it's reckless. you try to remove the deputies from the department with this
4:07 pm
history. we need more protection, not fewer. that's all that i have to say today. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next caller. >> caller: [indiscernible]
4:08 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have 10 callers in the queue who are ready to make their public comment. there are 22 listening. now is a good time to press star 3 and get into the comment queue. welcome to the next caller. >> caller: good afternoon supervisors. i like to draw your attention to the listening department which g department which has become -- case in point, their latest attempt to nullify the dr
4:09 pm
process by reducing the public allotted time to bring up issues regarding the projects that are before the planning commission. unfortunately, the planning commission that is supposed to be a discretionary body has been morphed into a rubber stamp for projects that require a nuance approach to the review and approval process. the mission of the planning commission is to use its power to preserve equity and uphold the principles of our general plan. including the preservation of our rent control dwelling and existing housing that happen to be most affordable housing. if the commissioner is only existed in whether or not a project is up to code, then why are they serving on this body that is supposed to use this
4:10 pm
discretionary power to do the right thing? this board has approved these commissioners. unfortunately. that's why it's about time for them to hear from you. that's why we're asking for you to get involved and educate these commissioners the laws, the land use laws and our general plan. that will be much appreciated. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. next caller please. >> caller: hello, good afternoon. i work in psych emergency at s.f. general for the past 11 years. i work this attract 10. i am a member of d.p.h. we are pleading with you to please -- [indiscernible]
4:11 pm
listen to us, the healthcare workers, advocates to our patients. our voices have been silenced. >> clerk: ma'am i'm pausing your time. thank you for your comments. speaking about the budget and funding or defunding a program is not eligible for public comment. >> caller: okay, i will change it to the safety of the nurses. 460 healthcare workers were assaulted. that's 1.2 nurses every day. i've been three of those and 13 and the cadets will not be able to protect us against the criminal activity that exist on the campus. we understand you will have a deputy however, we require the presence of 4 to 5 deputies. with the least amount on this
4:12 pm
board. removing them from campus will put us all in danger including themselves. i challenge every single person to go to s.f. general and ask them the last time they were assaulted. not if but when and how many times. i believe any of you will be shocked. thank you for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: good evening, i'm calling for you to [indiscernible]
4:13 pm
especially, with regards to new longer designating the gathering to people and music should be enforced with violence. i think there's 24 hour restrooms is wonderful to propose.
4:14 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. we have about 22 callers in the queue. >> caller: i'm calling to see if 19-21 items on the agenda have been addressed? >> clerk: yes. item 21 is an item you can talk about. >> caller: unfortunately i didn't hear item 19 addressed. was that addressed? >> clerk: item 21 has not been called but you're welcome to talk about it. >> caller: i'm asking if item 19 has been addressed --
4:15 pm
>> clerk: item 19, yes, you're able to speak about item 19 as well. >> caller: i want to go on the record. i'm the project sponsor for 76 lombard street. the last supervisory hearing was completely railroading me and my representative. i don't think i got a fair hearing. i think supervisor peskin just went above and beyond to direct everybody towards his viewpoint. the planning department asked that this be continued so they could take last minute testimony that came in couple of hours before the supervisor hearing. they were not given that opportunity. i wasn't given the opportunity and near was the planning department. i felt bullied and discriminated against. i will take appropriate action. thank you.
4:16 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. i'm having a hard time hearing the callers. my apologies if you could speak very directly into your phone, that would help me. please accept my apologies. next caller, please. >> caller: good afternoon. i'm a organizer with the coalition on homelessness. i want to give you a thank you for unanimously passing the resolution to support c.a.r.t. last tuesday at the full board meeting. i want to follow-up and say that you been on record supporting it, we need all of you to support it in the budget and to do that cut police funding by tens of millions of dollars. >> clerk: sir i'm interrupting your comments. you are talking about the
4:17 pm
budget. i'm interrupting your comments. we'll go to the next caller. next caller please. >> caller: good afternoon. i would like to follow-up on a comment made by kathy howard of the sierra club. the point that while many of us in the city are supportive of growth and development, this absolutely should not be at the expense of transparency, public
4:18 pm
health and the environment. i want to thank supervisor mar and each board of the board of supervisors for supporting the resolution and to make sure that residents of san francisco can hold our city employees accountable when it comes to defending our public health and the environment. the planning department has dug in their heels, are standing behind a position that they had for many years. what i would ask that everyone take a step back from a highly charged situation and take an honest look at what is at stake here and what is at stake is public health environment. i highly encourage you to follow-up with the sierra club
4:19 pm
and the other signatories of the memo that kathy howard sent and give this matter the serious consideration that it deserves. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next caller. we have 22 listening and 9 in the queue. >> caller: thank you very much. hi, this is anonymous. i'm going to tell you examples
4:20 pm
that other people fighting very hard for sunshine whom the law does not work. one example is john huber. he's waited two years for records about failed green benefit district. >> clerk: i'm pausing your time. did you expect to show slides at this? operations can you show mr. anonymous's slides please. please proceed. >> caller: thank you very much. john huber, he has been trying to figure out how -- city agency gave him some records and falsee -- falsely stated they give him everything he had.
4:21 pm
mr. malloy has been trying to get records regarding allegations of bias and discrimination from human resources. human resources refuse to attend before hearing after found in violation became to fifth and sixth hearing. that's because they refuse to give even the smallest amount of information that's required. sotf can't fine you when -- only penalty are the taxpayers as a whole if someone sues if court. i urge you to look at what might be the problem with the sunshine ordinance. >> clerk: thank you.
4:22 pm
>> caller: good afternoon. i'm calling about item number 21. findings on 424 and 434 san francisco. i want to thank madam clerk and staff for helping me navigate in presenting and opposition team to the appellant's case on this. that was just so helpful. as well as this board for unanimously voting to deny the condo conversion of the six units.
4:23 pm
4:24 pm
>> clerk: the annual budget is not up for callers today. we'll have to go to the next
4:25 pm
caller. >> caller: i'm trying to explain what happened city college now. >> clerk: please stay away from discussing the annual budget. >> caller: one-year agreement is neither sustainable nor just. classes are still being cut by 13%. our deepest need over the year 22-23, to stave off layoff
4:26 pm
expires, city college needs significant support from the state and the city. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. just for the remainder of the 10 callers in the queue, because public comment was afforded on the budget at the budget and appropriations committee, there is no comment on the budget today. please direct your comments away from the budget and perhaps give us a personal experience.
4:27 pm
next caller. >> caller: hello. i'm a nurse at san francisco general hospital. we are begging you guys to not implement new security plan and put it on hold. what you guys are trying to implement hasn't been tested. [indiscernible] from february 2020 to february 2021, 460 healthcare workers around assaulted at san francisco general. as you know in the city, gun violence has an alarming rise. that also increases the amount of walkups that come to the er.
4:28 pm
just last weeks we -- week, we had a patient domestic violence that was transfer to a different hospital. the partner came to the er and tried to kill her. our deputies were safely reprimand him. we were fighting for our lives. please help us. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker please. >> caller: good afternoon. i am a policy manager. on behalf of the organization, thank you for your bold and unanimous endorsement of the compassionate alternative response team, or c.a.r.t. at the last meeting of the full
4:29 pm
board of supervisors last tuesday. embracing c.a.r.t. offers to address social problems. we're very proud to play a role in the development of this really impressive, coordinated compassionate care. it's a tremendous opportunity. we're grateful for your
4:30 pm
commitment forrenning in and fighting for c.a.r.t. and your leadership. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you. next speaker please. >> caller: hi, i'm calling about the violence. we're begging for our lives. [indiscernible]
4:31 pm
>> clerk: if we interrupted your public comment if you were playing a audio sound, it didn't come across very well. next caller. >> caller: good afternoon board of supervisors. i am the program coordinate for s.f. island. i work in the mission district and i have the honor to work with the coalition city wide. i want to thank supervisor ronen today for your beautiful tribute. >> clerk: sir, i have to pause your time.
4:32 pm
there's no public comment afforded on the budget this afternoon. if you like to redirect your comment to something different, i will reset your time. you'll be able to provide comment. please stay away from the budget. proceed. >> caller: i wanted to appreciate the work honoring mrs. martinez and her vision and legacy live on in our step and our movement for social, economic and racial justice. i want to thank supervisor ronen for honoring that legacy today and calling the entire board of supervisors to continue fund that legacy. thank you. >> clerk: thank you.
4:33 pm
>> caller: hello. thank you very much for -- [indiscernible] >> clerk: sir, i'm pausing your time. there's no public comment on the budget this afternoon. it was already afforded in committee. if you would like to pivot and make a different comment, i'm happy to start your time.
4:34 pm
>> caller: [indiscernible] >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: good afternoon. i work for the coalition homelessness now. it's very important to change the way you approach homelessness. we need compassion and respect.
4:35 pm
nonviolence. we need give them an opportunity to speak up. please support c.a.r.t. thank you. >> clerk: next speaker please. >> caller: good afternoon. president walton, board of supervisors. i'm calling to speak on transit issues. on muni is a disaster. muni is mismanaged. muni is corrupt. what is going on? we supposed to be a transit first city. we need stop saying that. all muni cares about is raising fares and cutting service and keeping people off muni. especially seniors and disabled
4:36 pm
and poor people. we need our bus lines restored and bus stops restored. they are not being restored they are being cut more. i live in the castro, i can't go to chinatown. you got to take three or four buses to get to chinatown.
4:37 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: hello, i live and work in district 6. my personal experience is that the city and largely the state are killing city college. i cannot sign up for the classes that i want to take because tenured professors are forced into retirement. classes have been cut, classes have been slashed for years now. they keep saying it's because it's due to low enrollment hen they do nothing to make enrollment easier. they redo the website and it's even harder to sign up for classes. our board of trustees is largely incompetent. for example, they give the incoming chancellor a rate after cutting teacher salary and their health insurance. i echo the previous caller who
4:38 pm
lend a land to communities in need by continuing to ensure place where citizens can get a quality higher education. consider dissolving our board of supervisors. also c.a.r.t. i live me time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: linda chapman about the urgency of establishing a federal ig similar to the federal ig. i call your attention to what just happened in florida and to an article, every single one is
4:39 pm
perfect. we have earthquakes here. also, of course, -- i'm going to read you a few things about that disaster. what proofing was failing causing major structural damage. although the pool deck and abundance cracking and concrete and bar damage. most of it probably caused by water leakage.
4:40 pm
department of building inspections allowed that not to be done because no are longer exposed. >> clerk: next caller.
4:41 pm
>> caller: hi. [indiscernible]
4:42 pm
let's give it some thought and show the country and the world that we can do this well and not reaction around the political realm. thank you so much. >> clerk: we have three callers in the cue, there are 17 listening. this is your opportunity to press star 3 otherwise, we'll take the last three callers to the very end.
4:43 pm
>> caller: i'm calling to ask the board of supervisors to fully fund c.a.r.t. in the budget. >> clerk: i'm interrupting your time. i'm pausing your time just for a moment. board is not hearing public comment on the budget today. the budget and appropriations committee has heard that public comment and the item is still in committee. if you're willing to pivot. i can continue your time. let's hear from the next caller please. >> caller: good afternoon. i'm a social worker with the department of public health. i want to provide additional information around the d.p.h.
4:44 pm
plan. there are big security and safety risks that people that work this impacted place. the administration plan does not include removal. i ask that you listen to the years of advocacy as well as hundreds of hours of comments that we provided around this plan.
4:45 pm
this is a first step and a slow goal. we can do this well. we can keep each other safe and give others front line staff what they need to do their jobs well. please listen to years of advocacy that led up to this point and make the rate decision. >> clerk: next caller please. i want to remind the public that we are not taking public comment on the city's budget as it is still at the budget and appropriations committee. i will interrupt callers and redirect your comments and pause your time. >> caller: my name is david elliott lewis. i'm a longtime tenderloin resident. i'm a member of tenderloin people of congress. the neighborhood i live in the tenderloin has had fight for
4:46 pm
services that other neighborhoods take for granted. like transportation, sanitation, parks and open space and recreational space and services. due to the effects of covid, we lost our two bus lines, 31 and 27. we had to fight to get the 27 back, thank god. that connects us to san francisco general hospital. we're seeking help and services for unhoused population. we need to do better for our homeless neighbors. they are treated very poorly. there's no excuse for not housing them all.
4:47 pm
i will yield the rest of my time. please support these programs. david elliott lewis. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: my name is meagan green. i'm a nurse at san francisco general. i came to talk to you guys last month about all of the problems that we're having at san francisco general. unfortunately they are still happening. we are currently understaffed.
4:48 pm
we don't get breaks. 12 hour shift with no breaks. we get retaliated against. now they trying to take our safety net away. i am a lifelong democrat. i voted for democrats my entire life. don't let this whole defund the police thing cloud your judgment. when someone is calling 911 for a family member, -- [indiscernible] sometimes, unfortunately, we need people who have a strong presence. we need the safety and security at the hospital. the number of assaults that have happened is inexcusable. anyone who gets assaulted or
4:49 pm
killed after this whole thing goes through, i feel like the city will be liable for any sort of sister or deaths have happened. >> clerk: thank you for your comment. next caller please. >> caller: hi. i'm a staff member at san francisco general hospital. i want to comment on many of the commenters have been made today regarding safety in the hospital. i'm with d.p.h. we stand in solidarity with the nurses who are working
4:50 pm
tirelessly on the front line. that is why staffing increased. you can't build relationships with patients if you are juggling multiple patients. we also see it as essential to invest in the behavioral emergency response team. >> clerk: that meeting you're not able to discuss the budget. for all callers who are in line, if you're willing to pivot and talk about something other than the budget, i will let your comments proceed. >> caller: san francisco general hospital is one of the less than 1% of hospitals in the nation who relies on law enforcement to
4:51 pm
provide security. it is an equity issue. 70% of patients who are assaulted in the emergency room are black patients. even though it's only 30% of folks who receive care. we need a change. what we are trying to fight for in our hospitals a safe place where we can all work. >> clerk: next caller please.
4:52 pm
>> caller: good afternoon. my name is katie. we have experienced countless assaults here almost every day. lot of which are unreported. just yesterday alone, one of the patients assaulted one of my coworkers by punching and right after that, another patient tried to run after another patient. good thing, luckily the deputy was able to get to the patient. if the deputy wasn't here by that time, who knows what could have happened to my coworker. we needed that police in our hospital. it is imperative to keep them here, to keep the staff here as well. we need to feel safe.
4:53 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: hi, i'm another nurse that works at san francisco general in the emergency room. i've been working here going on five years. i want to reiterate and advocate for my fellow coworkers about the hospital. just within the last year, post-covid pandemic, there's a lot of resources that are available to our community. there's a lot going on. the safety of our staff is what we need first and foremost in order for us to provide the best care to our patients. i do want to say that our staff is very good and trained well in
4:54 pm
deescalating the situation. we call deputies when it gets to the last resort. we don't use them first for any call. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> caller: [indiscernible] >> clerk: can you begin your
4:55 pm
comment? all we're hearing is wind at this point. i'm afraid we're going to have to go to the next caller. >> caller: hello. good afternoon. i work for san francisco department of public health. i'm a lifetime resident at san francisco. i'm just calling again to urge the board to redirect funding for prevention of violence and for deescalation that we know work. >> clerk: please pivot your comment away from the budget, that will be helpful.
4:56 pm
>> caller: we need to invest in community-based solutions and well paid jobs that go to community members that live and
4:57 pm
can approach with compassion. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> completes the queue. >> president walton: thank you so much madam clerk. thank you to the public for your comments. we apologize but we did take public comment in committee for the budget. we were not allowed to take public comment here in regards to the budget. i would like to make a motion to excuse chair haney who is in deliberations. can i get a second on that motion? seconded by supervisor preston. can we get a roll call vote. >> clerk: on motion to excuse supervisor haney on the remainder of the votes.
4:58 pm
items 18-21. [roll call vote] there are 10 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. motion passes unanimously. please call for committee reference agenda 18-21. >> clerk: introduced for adoption without reference to committee unanimous vote is required for resolutions on first reading today. alternatively any member may require a resolution to go to committee. >> president walton: thank you. colleagues, would anyone like to sever any items?
4:59 pm
supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: i like to be added as a co-sponsor. >> president walton: indon't see any other colleagues on the roster. please call the roll for items 18-21. >> clerk: on items 18-21. [roll call vote] there are 10 ayes. >> president walton: the resolutions are adopted and the motions are approved
5:00 pm
unanimously. do we have any imperative agenda items? >> clerk: none to report mr. president. >> president walton: please present in the memoriam. >> clerk: on behalf of supervisor melgar for the late mrs. noreen hearingson. on behalf of supervisor peskin, late mr. arnold chin. on behalf of supervisor ronen for late mrs. elizabeth martinez. on behalf of supervisor stefani with supervisor peskin for the late mr. robert freeze. >> president walton: that bring us to the end of our agenda. do we have any more business for today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president walton: two brief quotes for today as we honored the clerk and her team today. i want to say in good organizations, leaders are treated with a sense of
5:01 pm
appreciation and respected by >> s. great organizations employees are treated with the same esteem by leaders. as we close out at -- pride month. we are each one color, together we make a rainbow. meeting is adjourned.
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>> everybody, let's get into it. (singing)
5:14 pm
(singing) ♪ call him ♪ ♪ and he'll be there ♪ ♪ life is too short ♪ ♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ (singing)
5:15 pm
♪ don't let your ♪ ♪ fear overcome your faith ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him right now ♪ ♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ let the spirit compel you ♪ (singing) ♪ i've been lost without you lately ♪
5:16 pm
♪♪♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ right now ♪ ♪ life is too short ♪ ♪ don't hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him now ♪ ♪ don't you let your fear ♪ ♪ overcome your faith ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ life is way too short ♪ ♪ don't you hesitate ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ call him ♪ ♪ we're gonna call him ♪ ♪ calling him ♪ ♪ falando casstill ♪
5:17 pm
♪ george floyd ♪ ♪ we're going to call his name ♪ ♪ don't you let your fear ♪ ♪ overcome your faith no ♪ >> how you all feel about that? san francisco, it's a pleasure to be here and especially as the first performer at the newly remodelled sound system infused stage in san francisco. we want to see a lot more music here for the city by the city, by us. this song is entitled "rise". ♪ what's happening little brother ♪ ♪ are you still ♪ ♪ on the corner every day ♪ ♪ you like to pay ♪ ♪ are you still getting high ♪
5:18 pm
♪ deeply bothered chocolate ♪ ♪ soul complexion ♪ ♪ believe we're going to ride again ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ would you tell a friend ♪ ♪ to come on in ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ cadillac leans ♪ ♪ side to side ♪ ♪ just a reason to ride ♪ ♪ i feel it right ♪ ♪ just might hit it again ♪ ♪ open your eyes ♪ ♪ don't be surprised ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪
5:19 pm
♪ whoa ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ ♪ it's our time ♪♪ our time ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ can i see some hands clapping in the air right now. come on. ♪ sometimes i want to feel ♪ ♪ like i'm the one in control ♪ ♪ but i know that's another illusion ♪ ♪ and take back every element of me ♪ ♪ oh-oh ♪ ♪ when i heal my mind ♪ ♪ body and soul ♪ san francisco.
5:20 pm
♪♪♪ ♪ we're making moves ♪ ♪♪♪ >> clap your hands. come on. ♪ the cadillac lean ♪ ♪ side to side ♪ ♪ just see the ride is a reason to ride ♪ ♪ a hit of little something ♪ ♪ and i'm feeling right ♪ ♪ just might take it again ♪ ♪ open your eyes ♪ ♪ don't be surprised ♪ ♪ when we start to win ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ yes, i do ♪
5:21 pm
♪ you're always ♪ ♪ on my mind ♪ ♪ i want you to keep in mind ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ making moves ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ no one can make you ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ don't give up ♪ ♪ the spirit of the phoenix ♪ ♪ rise ♪
5:22 pm
♪ don't give up the spirit ♪ ♪ of the phoenix ♪ ♪ rise ♪ ♪ don't give up the spirit ♪ ♪ of the phoenix ♪ ♪ rise ♪ ♪ you gotta rise ♪ ♪ you know it's time to rise ♪ ♪ you know it's our time ♪ ♪ to rise ♪ ♪ always our time to rise ♪ ♪ elevate your black mind ♪ ♪ elevate your black mind ♪ ♪ it's our time to rise ♪ (applause) does that feel good out there? this is a fantastic day. juneteenth, san francisco, this is for real.
5:23 pm
yes, indeed. i am the first lead vocalist that was ever invited to perform with the sf jazz collective. and now i get a chance to be the first performer here at this newly erected stage. ♪ i was born by the river ♪ ♪ just like this ♪ ♪ i have been running ever since ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ i know a change going to come ♪ ♪ it's been too hard living ♪ ♪ but i'm afraid to die ♪ ♪ i don't know what's up there beyond the sky ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪
5:24 pm
♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ yes i know ♪ ♪ a change going to come ♪ ♪ oh, yes it will ♪ ♪ i go to the movie ♪ ♪ and i go downtown ♪ and someone's always telling me ♪ ♪ boy, don't you hang around ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ long time coming ♪ ♪ but i know ♪ ♪ yes, i know ♪ ♪ a change gonna come ♪ ♪ it's been a long ♪ ♪ time coming ♪ ♪ but we know ♪ ♪ yes we know ♪ what do we know? what do we know? ♪ that a change gonna come ♪ amen belongs right there as my
5:25 pm
mother would say. this is the real thing we're doing right now. this song is called no one is going to love you more than me. and it goes a little something like this here. you want to get up and dance? huh? come on. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ no one would love you more ♪
5:26 pm
♪ than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ surely they won't agree ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ all i know ♪ ♪ is no one ♪ ♪ gonna love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ she was younger ♪ ♪ but now she grown ♪ ♪ my feelings for this girl ♪ ♪ strong ♪ ♪ my heart is torn ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ all i know ♪ ♪ is no one ♪ ♪ can love you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪
5:27 pm
♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ i'm sure they would agree ♪ ♪ you all you got to do ♪ ♪ is imagine me ♪ ♪ all i know ♪ is no one will love you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
5:28 pm
♪ nobody will love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ i'm sure they'd all agree ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry ♪ ♪ if you ever have a need ♪ ♪ all you have to do is call me ♪ ♪ all i know is no one ♪ ♪ will love you more than me ♪ ♪ no one will love you ♪ ♪ more than me ♪ ♪ you can ask the whole world ♪ ♪ i'm sure they would agree ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry ♪ ♪ if you ever need ♪ ♪ all i know is no one ♪
5:29 pm
♪ will love you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ loves you more than me ♪ ♪ nobody loves you more ♪ ♪ nobody wants you more ♪ ♪ than me ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪ ♪ nobody baby ♪
5:30 pm
(applause) >> thank you. this is new music that's coming out this year. i'll be performing throughout the summer and into the fall. how about an oldie but a goody? huh? october 17th i'm going to do a tribute to marvin gay at the sf jazz. do you know the song? just sing along. ♪♪♪ ♪ brother, brother, brother ♪ ♪ there's far too many of us crying ♪ ♪ find a way ♪ ♪ to bring happiness