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tv   Signing of San Franciscos Budget for Fiscal Years 2021  SFGTV  August 2, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us today. to sign this budget. now that everyone has gotten what they wanted they've all went on vacation except the real, true, dedicated people here in san francisco. so, thank you to the members of the board of supervisors, joining us today. thank you to the members of our budget team, joining us today, and others to sign this budget and to make it official. i, for one, am really glad that we are at this point so that we can take a much needed break and they're feeling the same way. he started his break going to the giant's game. >> i should have got better results. >> i was wondering if that was going on and goodness. we came can't do that with the dodgers. they talk so much mess. the mayor already texted me
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about the dodgers. with the giants, they're coming back. thank you to we had today the budget chair and we have members of the board of supervisors and including supervisor and gordan mar, merna melgar and supervisor safai. clearly, your other colleagues went off somewhere, knows knows where they went and after all the hard work we did to get point, i will say that we all have a budget we can be proud of and and yes, we wish we had more resources. at the end of the day, we work together ask we should be proud about what we have been able to accomplish. in addition members of the board of supervisors, i want to thank our budget.
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thank you to ashley, and sophia kid ler, thank you for helping to facilitate this process because i know it wasn't easy and the budget annal cyst takess away my money and i appreciate the work they continue to do for the city. so thank you to them. thank you to all the legislative aids and so many people who work countless hours to many of the advocates who want san francisco to make the right investment. before i talk about those investments and signs and we can all go and total of and have a glass of apple cider with our
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glasses because we are not drinking alcohol in city hall, right, supervisor safai -- [laughter] >> let me just say we see this delta variant taking flight. 77% of san franciscans are fully vaccinated and that's absolutely incredible and we should be proud. there's clearly more work to be done. kids under the age of 12, cannot be vaccinated at this time. and we know that kids will go back to school and we have a commitment from the school that will occur. we have to protect our children. people who are hospitalized now are younger than they were at the beginning of this pandemic. so we have to think about what
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is happening with this delta variant and the need to make sure ha we do our part. yes, we are looking at mask mandates for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. yes, we are looking at mandatory vaccines for folks who are not just city employees. we are looking at those with the city attorney's office now and as soon as we have the details of what we are able to do, we will do them. we do not make these decisions lightly. it's very difficult to move move and felt like we came out and but the celebration can't completely start until more people are vaccinated and just to give you a perspective, over the course of the pandemic,
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we've had not more than 600 deaths. we anticipate if we do nothing and we continue down this path, we can be assured that 300 people will die within a short time period. what does that tell you? this delta variant is very, very deadly. so i want to appeal to other members of san francisco, our employees of the city and county of san francisco and others, please, get your vaccine. let continue to reopen our city and reopen our economy. that is what these budget investments are about. we wish we didn't have to put money aside to deal with this
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pandemic. in this budget, $380 million, we know testing and access to vaccines is important. we know healthcare and treatment for those hospitalized is important so we have to make those level of investments and continue to move our city down the road of recovery. so in this budget, an unprecedented investment in homelessness and shelter, in mental health and resources, one billion dollars over the next two years to deal with one of the most challenging problems that we have faced as a city. it's important to make sure that we get people off the streets, we get them housed, and we get them into treatment. we did not take the decisions that we made to make these
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investments lightly. let's make sure that these dollars work to change the conditions that we see on our streets. it's not just about housing, we have the hate cash bee and our street overdose team, these are groups of people who are equipped to handle crisis situations. we are investing heavily in resources to try to deal with not just homelessness but the conditions that you see on the streets. we have got to help people and meet them where they can, because it is not easy, it's very complicated, it's challenging, so the city has adjusted to meet those needs so invest north or response, investing in our various
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neighborhoods where we know tourists will continue to visit. additional academy classes. making sure our communities are not forgotten, this is been a really hard year for the a.p.i. community, around the violence and the attacks that have existed. so investing heavily in not just the community organizations, that served so many of our seniors but embassador and escort programs in this particular community. investing heavily in the community hardest hit because of the pandemic, our latino community, making sure that food security is provided for the latino community but also other parts of san francisco. also, continuing our promise to the african american community with a dream keepers initiative. making sure that home ownership
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a systemic racism that exited in this country requires a response that is aggressive, and that going to change the outcomes of that community in this city and the county of san francisco. so many great investments. everything that makes sense to do we did it and thinking about our recovery and making sure that we make the right investments and i wanted to just also say, because when we look at this budget, over $13 million, it's not just one thing or a few things that we're paying for, this $13 billion includes our enterprise departments, it includes our airports, it includes our public utilities commission which runs our sewer, water and power systems. it includes our port, it includes our public-health system, we have our own country
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public-health system unlike any other in the state of california. so a lot of expenses are associated with this budget. there are a lot of incredible investments. what i have said to department heads and non profits and anyone else who receives resources from the city and county of san francisco, every single dollar. the people of city are counting on us to make sure the sidewalks are clean, when a crime is committed, that the perpetrators held accountable and make sure that housing opportunities are provided for those who are struggling with homelessness and make sure our kids are back in school and more importantly with our 132 million-dollar investment in early childhood education those low income are able to get access to childcare and those people who are right
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above than threshold, who may not qualify for a low income subsidy can receive support for childcare in san francisco. yes, these are investments we can be proud of. and the people of san francisco are counting on us to make good on our promise to deliver with these investments. i want people to see and feel a difference in our city and feet when they walk outside, the sidewalks are clean and there's not someone having a mental health breakdown but if there is, they have someone to call to get that person help. i want to make sure when we make these investments we're held accountable to deliver for you and so with that, i want to thank everyone, again, for their
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hard work on making this budget a reality and thank the people of san francisco for trusting us with the ability to make these decisions and i want to also, at this time, introduce the budget shares for some remarks and supervisor haney has been great to work with with our team and tough and long nights but we got it done and we got it done together and i want to applaud him on his leadership and please welcome matt haney. >> i'm going to be brief, because all of the folks here have been working so hard to get us to this moment and they deserve a little bit of a break in relief. first of all, on behalf of the board of supervisors and i want to thank my colleagues, mar, melgar, chan, mandelman and
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safai and president walton and supervisor ronen, we want to say thank you, mayor breed, for your leadership and for your steadfast commitment and to the health and well-being of our city and we had a budget process and a budget in front of us today and that our residents can be proud of and that prioritized the urgent meet of recovery and that prioritize the most urgent needs of health and safety and economic development and it's one that i think came about through a process that we can be proud of and this was a magical budget process and i'll let him speak to what he means by that but what i think he means and this is a time when our residents needed us and they have sacrificed so much over the last year and they have had to shut down in small business and stay away from their families and all to keep themselves and
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is our city safe. during this budget process, it's for us to honor those sacrifices and for us to focus on their needs and recovery, and for us to work together. and so i also want to thank ashley, i want to thank sophia kitler, and the budget team who is here and all the department heads. they are the ones we're fighting for and they have a budget that will meet their needs and make them proud. i want to thank our legislative staff. my chief of staff, who led the budget process for our board and this budget focuses on recovery
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but focuses on making sure we come back better than we were before. we invested in the community that have been far much left out on the city and the latin x community, lgbtq community, black, api community and they needed us more now before this recovery but they need us more moving forward and we also, innovated in this budget. i want to thank you mayor breed for coming back in this budget and of drug addiction and meet the challenges of homelessness and affordable housing and our seniors and our children and our families and so what we see in this budget, is not only a focus on recovery and equity we see inovation and thank you to all
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the staff and as mayor breed said to the residents who intrust us with these resources and the work to not end today in anyway, the work what is in this budget and the commitment in it begins today and to actually ensure that people in our city feel these positive changes. part of this process seriously and i believe we work together to make this budget better and i will say, it came to us pretty dang good. the mayor did a tremendous job in this budget proposal with her staff and it's our part of our process, we added to it and we supplemented it with a focus on our children and families and those in debt from rent and i'm proud of about what we did together. we hope to build on this as we
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move forward forward to and let's give this budget time, thank you, mayor breed. >> >> all right, it's done.
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>> we are right now in outer richmond in the last business area of this city. this area of merchants is in the most western part of san francisco, continue blocks down the street they're going to fall into the pacific ocean. two blocks over you're going to have golden gate park. there is japanese, chinese, hamburgers, italian, you don't have to cook. you can just walk up and down the street and you can get your cheese. i love it. but the a very multicultural place with people from everywhere. it's just a wonderful environment. i love the richmond district. >> and my wife and i own a café we have specialty coffee drinks, your typical lattes and mochas and cappuccinos, and for lunches, sandwiches and soup and salad.
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made fresh to order. we have something for everybody >> my shop is in a very cool part of the city but that's one of the reasons why we provide such warm and generous treats, both physically and emotionally (♪♪) >> it's an old-fashioned general store. they have coffee. other than that what we sell is fishing equipment. go out and have a good time. >> one of my customers that has been coming here for years has always said this is my favorite store. when i get married i'm coming in your store. and then he in his wedding outfit and she in a beautiful dress came in here in between getting married at lands end and to the reception, unbelievable.
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(♪♪) >> the new public health order that we're announcing will require san franciscans to remain at home with exceptions only for essential outings. >> when the pandemic first hit we kind of saw the writing on the walls that potentially the city is going to shut all businesses down. >> it was scary because it was such an unknown of how things were going to pan out. i honestly thought that this might be the end of our business. we're just a small business and we still need daily customers. >> i think that everybody was on edge. nobody was untouched.
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it was very silent. >> as a business owner, you know, things don't just stop, right? you've still got your rent, and all of the overhead, it's still there. >> there's this underlying constant sense of dread and anxiety. it doesn't prevent you from going to work and doing your job, it doesn't stop you from doing your normal routine. what it does is just make you feel extra exhausted. >> so we began to reopen one year later, and we will emerge stronger, we will emerge better as a city, because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> this place has definitely been an anchor for us, it's home for us, and, again, we are part
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of this community and the community is part of us. >> one of the things that we strived for is making everyone in the community feel welcome and we have a sign that says "you're welcome." no matter who you are, no matter what your political views are, you're welcome here. and it's sort of the classic san francisco thing is that you work with folks. >> it is your duty to help everybody in san francisco. >> manufacturing in cities creates this perfect platform for people to earn livelihoods and for people to create more economic prosperity.
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i'm kate sosa. i'm cofounder and ceo of sf made. sf made is a public private partnership in the city of san francisco to help manufacturers start, grow, and stay right here in san francisco. sf made really provides wraparound resources for manufacturers that sets us apart from other small business support organizations who provide more generalized support. everything we do has really been developed over time by listening and thinking about what manufacturer needs grow. for example, it would be traditional things like helping them find capital, provide assistance loans, help to provide small business owners with education.
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we have had some great experience doing what you might call pop ups or temporary selling events, and maybe the most recent example was one that we did as part of sf made week in partnership with the city seas partnership with small business, creating a 100 company selling day right here at city hall, in partnership with mayor lee and the board of supervisors, and it was just a wonderful opportunity for many of our smaller manufacturers who may be one or two-person shop, and who don't have the wherewithal to have their own dedicated retail store to show their products and it comes back to how do we help companies set more money into arthur businesses and develop more customers and their relationships, so that they can continue to grow and continue to stay here in san francisco.
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i'm amy kascel, and i'm the owner of amy kaschel san francisco. we started our line with wedding gowns, and about a year ago, we launched a ready to wear collection. san francisco's a great place to do business in terms of clientele. we have wonderful brides from all walks of life and doing really interesting things: architects, doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, other like minded entrepreneurs, so really fantastic women to work with. i think it's important for them to know where their clothes are made and how they're made. >> my name is jefferson mccarly, and i'm the general manager of the mission bicycle company. we sell bikes made here for people that ride here. essentially, we sell city bikes made for riding in urban
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environments. our core business really is to build bikes specifically for each individual. we care a lot about craftsmanship, we care a lot about quality, we care about good design, and people like that. when people come in, we spend a lot of time going to the design wall, and we can talk about handle bars, we can see the riding position, and we take notes all over the wall. it's a pretty fun shopping experience. paragraph. >> for me as a designer, i love the control. i can see what's going on, talk to my cutter, my pattern maker, looking at the designs. going through the suing room, i'm looking at it, everyone on the team is kind of getting involved, is this what that drape look? is this what she's expecting, maybe if we've made
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a customization to a dress, which we can do because we're making everything here locally. over the last few years, we've been more technical. it's a great place to be, but you know, you have to concentrate and focus on where things are going and what the right decisions are as a small business owner. >> sometimes it's appropriate to bring in an expert to offer suggestions and guidance in coaching and counseling, and other times, we just need to talk to each other. we need to talk to other manufacturers that are facing similar problems, other people that are in the trenches, just like us, so that i can share with them a solution that we came up with to manage our inventory, and they can share with me an idea that they had about how to
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overcome another problem. >> moving forward, where we see ourselves down the road, maybe five and ten years, is really looking at a business from a little bit more of a ready to wear perspective and making things that are really thoughtful and mindful, mindful of the end user, how they're going to use it, whether it's the end piece or a wedding gown, are they going to use it again, and incorporating that into the end collection, and so that's the direction i hear at this point. >> the reason we are so enamored with the work we do is we really do see it as a platform for changing and making the city something that it has always been and making sure that we're sharing the opportunities that we've been blessed with economically and socially as possible, broadening that
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