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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 18, 2021 2:05am-2:31am PDT

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it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it doesn't really add anything to the bill. >> i'm london breed and i'm excited to be here at sf general. with a number of people to talk about and the city plans around climate change and thank you for being with us here today as well as state senator scott wiener and sophie maxwell and i know president walton will join us
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soon and today is a significant day. it's a major step for our city and towards being more independent and providing 100% renewable energy for san francisco. through clean power s.f. and hetchy power in our city we provide 70% of the power to places like general, city hall, to our schools and treasure island and other locations throughout san francisco and i remember in 2012 or 2013 and senator wiener would remember how important clean power was to the people of the district i represented and so he and i worked very closely to fight to push san francisco in a direction where we finally rolled out a clean power program
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and in fact we worked to make sure that clean power program was provided to the residents of the bayview hunters community community first. the district that supervisor maxwell used to representative, because of many of the environmental injustice that's had occurred but more importantly, because we know it's possible. why do we need to continue to wait? why do we need to continue to be subjected to fossil fuel? is that are destroying san francisco and destroying our planet. we can't just be about instant gratification and what we see before us, we have this by will the future and what's being proposed in this world through the paris climate accord and i want to thank president joe biden for making sure we rejoin that pledge and what being done will be significant but what is
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going to be done in san francisco will be even more significant we can go further but sadly we've had obstructionist and pg&e that has made it difficult to do so and so, while i want to work with this company as a partner, the fact is, it's been very charging. and one of the things i wasn't planning on talking about today is the fact we have hundreds of affordable housing units that are not only being delayed, because of bureaucracy, it's being delayed because we can't get power into those units and just imagine hundreds of units that could be made available to low income families that can't
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open and because we can't connect the power because of the delays, because of the excuses, because of the expense of providing new equipment that we weren't even aware that we had to provide in the beginning of the process. the goalpost being moved throughout the game. at this time, what we know is important is for us to do what is in the best interest of the city and for us to take responsibility we've done it this pandemic, san francisco general, our frontline workers here at general, the work they had to do. that work didn't stop and the lights didn't go out and the power didn't get cut off in the middle of the day, and our clean power sf program and what we do through the public utility commission has been reliable and
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has been on point throughout this pandemic and we'll be reliable for the people of san francisco. we know that over 70% of san franciscans want to make sure that our clean power program is publicly run. reliable, clean, affordable. those are the important things we need to think about doing and move forward aggressive lie to make it happen so what are we doing? what are we doing here today? we're taking significant step to invest in the future and when the people who came before us decided, san francisco, needed its own water systems, and they discovered a valley way out two and a half hours drive or something from san francisco. to build the hetchy reservoir and just think about it. this is what we're doing and of
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you go to any of the city you won't drink it out of san francisco. it's because the investments were made for better future to make sure that we had a reliable source of water that was clean and good. that's what we're doing here today. we're asking the california public utilities to assess the assets, the power grid that provides power to san francisco because we have made, what essential, was a fair offer to pg&e to purchase those so we can control our own power here in san francisco and this is an important step towards a future, a future where just recently the board of supervisors voted to approve a more ambitious and i
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want to thank them and our plan to move aggressive and through the public utilities providing 100% renewable energy by 2025 and everyone in san francisco having access to renewable having control of the distribution of power. we've proven that we can manage the system and we have proven we could make it work without rolling blackouts and the number of challenge that's continue to persist. we have proven it through our clean power program. as we move in this direction and i want to thank dennis her he is
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a and the members of the district attorney office for putting together this request and to the california utilities commission. this is the first step to get us to a better place. it's significant, it's an investment in the future. we may not be around as either elected officials or even alive when the fruits of our labor from this moment, for the next generation, but our kids and our grandkids because of the work we're doing here today and with that aid like to introduce city attorney dennis her era to talk about what we're introducing >> thank you, madam mayor. i like that.
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well, first madam mayor, thank you for setting the stage and not just for what we're doing and to be invested in fighting the battle of climate change and thank you for your leadership along with senator scott wiener and i had the pleasure of working with him in my office for eight or nine years and i thought he was the harded working deputy in the city attorney office and now the senator in the senate and thank you for your leadership on everything and to my deer friend going back to shutting undo the power plant and we find ourselves and here standing by each other and and since 1918
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when we funded the construction of water and power in yo sem tee. pg&e is the poster child for utilities that puts profits ahead of people and we have seen what happens when you don't put people first and focus on safety. that's why they need to take control of the future and why we are taking the action we're doing today as the mayor as said, with we have a fair offer for $2.5 billion to purchase their san francisco utility assets and they have rejected
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outright that proposal and said it does not represent a fair market value for their san francisco assets so today, our office filed with the california public utilities commission and eye vallation petition to assess the fair market value of their san francisco assets so we can move forward with the goal of getting reliable public power here in san francisco and shouldn't be a surprise. under the law they have had the authority for 100 years to make evaluation of a utility as set that a public entity wants to purchase and it's probably occurred over 40 times in the last 100 years. and so this is not new. it is established. and let's set out the value. they say that we haven't made a fair offer. we are more than willing to go
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before the public utility commission and make a clear case why we want to acquire these assets and what we believe the value is and it is time to move forward and this filing today is the next step in demonstrating san francisco's commitment to purchasing these assets. i think the mayor alluded to the failure of pg&e to come to the table has been compounded by its obstruction. whether it's affordable public housing, or even a children's museum, they have put unnecessary charges to the consumer to obstruct and get san francisco out of the power business. why are we standing here in san francisco? to dispute san francisco's
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ability to provide power for a ucsf research facility right here that is benefiting our heroes on the front line and what is that resulted? , a four-month delay and thousands and thousands of dollars extra costs because pg&e as object tracted san francisco's right to provide power to this facility and it should not be a surprise when you look at how much construction has occurred over the last several years in projects across this city. madam mayor, mayor wiener, i thank you for your courage and your commitment to make sure we're taking the next step forward because, this obstruction, this delay needs to stop and we need to get moving forward to make sure we provide to everyone, reliable and affordable public power and with that i'd leung to ask my colleague, senator scott wiener to come up and say a few words.
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>> so we can get on with this process and this is not a short term issue, this is going on forever and ever, san francisco has struggled with g and e for so long and we've seen the problems caused when you have a utility which is so massive, offering such an untenable geography that it's not keeping up its assets. it's so focused on performing for wall street it doesn't make
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basic say tvusd and infrastructure investments so san bruno, paradise, et cetera, et cetera, and you've heard the consequences here in san francisco. energy is not cheap from pg&e. we pay a lot. it's not like pg&e is somehow the low cost provider, it's not. it's the highest or among the highest in tractor-trailer country because of its own negligence. we in san francisco have experience and you heard this from the mayor and the city attorney, firsthand, that the local obstruction and the children's museum it's my old supervisor directing. when i was on the board of supervisors, we worked very hard with the community to get that incredible community resource, rehabilitated and upgraded so that we can have access to science for our kids and including kids from all over the city. so that we can could have summer camps there and after school
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programs and amazing resources. we got it done. it was right as i was leaving the board of supervisors and going to the senate and i get a call from rec and park. pg&e was refusing to inter connect the randel museum to the power grid and refusing to turn on the lights. after all that work, by the community, all that community in the city, pg&e in the most petty and vindictive way, it wasn't just random, we need to be very clear. it's not that they didn't have the time to get around to it, it was petty and vindictive because pg&e knew that the power. just like muni and museums and
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park facilities and that are becoming caught up and pg&e's power struggle to provide clean and renewable power. this is real, it matters and it's time to move forward and if they dispute the evaluation let's have a third party perform that evaluation and let's move forward so san francisco can do what it's been doing for 100 years and that is to provide reliable, clean, renewable energy. sometimes when we talk about public power in san francisco, constituents can say, you know, the city doesn't do this well or that well, why would we have them run the power enterprise. the city has burning running that power enter surprise for 100 years and a regional water system for 100 years and a sewer system for 150 years and the toilet flush and the lights go
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on and the power comes out of the tap so i know that san francisco can do this well and it's time to take those next steps. and with that, i am would like to bring up former supervisor, for this drick, sophie maxwell. >> they stole everything i was going to say i am so upset but i can do this. i'm speaking today as president of the san francisco public utilities commission and as a long time resident and former member of the san francisco board of supervisors and along with many communities leaders and environmental leaders and we closed two power plants. the have a view power plant and the portero power plant among the oldest, polluting power plants in the state. it was obvious it was about profits and not people. it was obvious injustice,
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environmental injustice was running with pg&e and it was long, hard fought and we won that one. with public power, it will be people before profit. with public power, the city will be responsible to the people they serve and the people who pay the bills. it's about time. it's been a long time. it's something we must take responsibility for the local electric grid in san francisco. with clean sf, we will have reliable power, green, clean and renewable electric power. this is what we shall do and what we have been doing and when citizens understand we have been doing it. and as scott mentioned, when you turn on the lights they come in
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and when you flush it goes down. we will continue that in a better way. thank you.
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>> agenda item 2 is roll call. [ roll call ] >> clerk: we have quorum. >> chair:


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