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tv   Building Inspection Commission  SFGTV  September 5, 2021 6:00am-8:21am PDT

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>> i would like to remind everyone to please mute yourself if you're not speaking. the first item of the agenda is roll call. president mccarthy? vice president tam? >> present. >> commissioner alexander tute? >> present. >> chairwoman:
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commissioner beto? >> here. >> chairwoman: commissioner mar? >> present. >> chairwoman: we have a quorum. i want to let everyone know who is attending the meeting, this is the listen public comment call-in information. the phone number is 415-655-0001. access code is 1467396712. to raise your hand for public comment on a specific agenda item, press *3 when prompted by the meeting moderator. our next agenda item is item 2, president's announcement. >> madam secretary, due to some technical issues i'm having here, i will not have a present announcement this morning. thank you. >> chairwoman: okay. thank you. the next item is item 3 --
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>> yes. >> chairwoman: i'm sorry, general public comment. the b.i.c. will take public comment on matters within the commission's jurisdictions that are not part of this agenda. is there any general public comment? there don't appear to be any hands raised. okay. the next item then is item 4: discussion regarding the first four directors regarding the department of building inspection. ms. cheryl, are you here? >> i'm here. >> good morning. >> thank you so much for getting back to us. please go right ahead. >> just as a quick update, i did receive thursday feedback from both commissioners leto and
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summer. so i will revise the document and submit it to president mccarthy before we post it for the department staff to respond to. so i'll give you the final review, president mccarthy, and then, secondly, i sent you a draft of the recruitment brochure. i just want to verify some statistical information, but other than that, that profile reflects all commissioners' feedback to me. >> great. so basically the update is -- wa few on the comment sheets, and then we have a final draft to release. is that correct? >> yes. >> so this morning you would like to hear from commissioners, if they have any more input, but things are moving as planned in the timeframe,
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correct? >> at this time, i would like all final revisions, you know, either sent by e-mail or just submitted right now. and then the timeline we have established as a resume deadline as september 24th. and i will send president mccarthy an updated will go out to our targetnvites people. >> i'll shoot around to individual commissioners and make sure they're good with everything. vice chair tam, please? >> thank you, cheryl. i have no comment at this time. >> commissioner alexander tute, please? >> thank you. i'm sending my comments on
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wording of number four, which i think is a little confusing. i just have a question in terms of numbers one, three, five, six, and seven, because those are people who will be able to fill in, what is your approach -- just a second, sweetheart -- what is your approach to kind of correlating the information? how will that be reported back to us? >> usually i list them under "categories." so question number two, what issues? i'll break them down and then i'll summarize in bullet point how many were under management, and i usually will quote the submitted responses just so you no what people are submitting. it will be in a memo form, but it will summarized to management, experience, priorities, or concerns, so it is easy to digest for you. >> thank you.
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and then regarding the m.q.s on the education, certificates, and experience, is there any combination of education, training, and experience that the candidate has acquired knowledge in a typical way of qualifying is a bachelor's degree in the issues, in a party of discipline, and six years of management levels in the administration of building codes and/or construction codes. is that -- i'm wanting to understand are these two bullet points the m.q.s, or is there a different set of m.q.s, and these are just ways to show you meet the m.q.s? >> they're kind of examples of how you can acquire the right combination of education and experience to apply. we've worded it where it
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is very open to the applicant pool. and then based on our, you know, ideal candidate trait, that is how we'll start evaluating all resumes as they're submitted. >> okay. and, commissioner, can we see what those m.q.s are, instead of just seeing what the department is? can we see what the actual m.q.s are? i'm not sure -- just so we kind of know what is going on, i guess. >> you can get that from dave tern, and i can forward that to president mccarthy. >> thank you. >> commissioner tuk, thank you. commissioner beto, please? >> um, i have just a couple of comments. i'm trying to find the
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version that you sent. but one question about the profile that you sent out, which is a more polished version, i'm wondering why we're not posting the salary. because i think other descriptions, or job descriptions, i've seen in this position, they did make that transparent. i'm curious to know -- i understand their compensation would be commensurate with their experience. but wouldn't there be a base salary that this position would start at? >> do you want me to answer that question? >> yes, please. i did expect it, yes. >> yes. we have the range of salary, and i do know you guys have flexibility to go beyond that range, if needed. we figured this way we just seek out as many candidates as possible,
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and then ask them what salary range their expecting, and then bring that information back to the commissioners for your knowledge. and then to see at what compensation you want to bring candidates in. we've done that several times for, like, the port of oakland, where we don't post the range and we keep it open, and they assess the candidates' skills and then get a better idea of what they would like to offer for an initial base salary. i do have range "a" here if you want to know that? >> yeah, i would. >> it is 189 to 241 -- 189,306, to 241,540. and that's range "a." >> okay.
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how many ranges are there? >> i mean, i know -- are there five steps? i have to check with the h.r. there is usually four or five steps. >> my only question about that, not making it transparent, san francisco is an expensive city to live in, and you want candidates that are going to be attracted -- or attract candidates to know that they can afford to live here, and that the position and responsibilities are commensurate with at least the base salary they would expect to get. so that's where my question is coming from. the only other question that i have is, i guess you sent out a different version of the -- oh, no, that's the wrong one. i have questions about this survey, but i'm happy to talk about that off-line because i think it is just too much detail for this.
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>> if you could call me after -- >> yeah. i mean, there are just -- i think there are just finer points on the survey that you're putting together. but thank you for picking up our comments. >> no problem. >> commissioner mas, please? >> no comments at this time. thank you. >> commissioner sumner? >> no comments. >> madam secretary, we can go to public comment. >> thank you. is there any public comment on item 4? the public, if you would like to speak, press *3. there don't appear to be any hands raised. thank you, cheryl. >> thank you. >> our next item is item 5. commissioners' questions
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and matters, 5 "a," inquiries to staff. at this time, commissioners can make inquiries to staff regarding practices and procedures which are a part of the commission. >> okay, i will do the rounds. commissioner vice chair tam, please? >> thank you, president mccarthy. i think i see item number 10, which would probably address my concerns here. you know, being born and raised in san francisco chinatown and my family has owned small businesses, or mom and pops in chinatown, with the a.d.e., owe know there i kne are some difficulties complying, and they have definitely been impacted by the pandemic. maybe i'll hold up -- would that be addressed in item 10? >> president: i believe so. christine, can you weigh in on that? >> hi, president
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mccarthy. we'll have a presentation on that, and we'll cover that, yeah. >> president: okay. >> great. i'll sit tight. thank you so much. >> president: thank you, vice chair. thank you, christine. can i go to commissioner alexander tuk, please? >> yes, thank you. i was curious -- i apologize that i was sick and unable to make last month's meeting, but i don't think there was an update on this, but has the board of examiners had a chance to review the question about gas prices yet? has that come before the board of examiners? i believe that is where we left it in june, that they were going to review it and give us a ruling? >> president: director,
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can you give us an update. i know there is a clear roadmap of when this is coming back to us. so maybe just an update, if you have it. >> jeff faulkner is spear-heading this, so maybe he can give us an update on this. but i know the effort is progressing very well, and we're getting down to a limited number of cases that we need to put more attention towards. jeff, if you wouldn't mind. >> yes. so, commissioners, we have had one meeting of the structural advisory committee, and we're actually having a special meeting of the structural advisory committee next week to go over this particular issue. so at that point, we're hopeful to be able to get the feedback necessary to add into an information sheet that would, i think, give our costumers clear guidance on that particular issue.
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>> president: basically, commissioner tuk, you will be coming back to us very shortly to us with an update on that? >> yeah. i'm looking for the full update on everything. it was the one specific part of the code that has kind of gone through the process, so thank you for that. >> president: gotcha. next is commissioner beto, please? thank you. >> i don't have any questions at this moment, president mccarthy? >> president: thank you. commissioner mar? >> no questions. thank you. >> president: commissioner sumner? >> no questions for me, either. thank you. >> the next item is 5b, future meetings and agendas. at this time the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and/or determine those items that could be placed
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on the agenda of the next meeting and other meetings the building inspection commission. our next meeting is scheduled on september 15th. >> president: i assume there is no more? >> okay. so is there any public comment on agenda item 5a and 5b? okay, there doesn't appear to be any public comment. next item is item 6: discussion on b.i.c. subcommittees and their roads, board of examiners and code advisory committee, including updates from the nomination subcommittee. this was continued from the july 21st, 2021, meeting. did any of our
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commissioners who attended this subcommittee have anything to state regarding the difference subcommittees and commissions? no? okay. then commissioner alexander tuk, i think you originally requested this item. did you have any particular questions that you would like to ask? >> yeah. i wanted to find out a little bit about how -- what is the difference between these committees? so there is a access appeals committee commission, and i think that the description that was sent out was very specific and very clear that this is about accessibility issues. but i'm curious -- i'm still trying to understand the difference duane the between theboard of examiners ae code of advisory committees?
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what is the difference between these two committees, and how do they -- like, how does business come before them? this is senior building inspector thomas sessler. i'm the secretary to the code advisory committee. the way things come to the committee is kind of two-track. one is when there are code changes that are suggested by the board of supervisors or the mayor, we review those and make recommendations to the building inspection commission, as to what their opinion is to what the code change would be. i believe the last one that was a big item was
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the adoption of ab112, which would be the all-electric building ordinance that came into affect. that's generally where they come from. sometimes there is information sheets and things like the fuel gas piping that we're developing to give direction to staff and the building community, how we will process certain permits, and how we, you know -- that's really the two different things that the code advisory does. there is subcommittees to the code advisory. so there is the general code advisory and then there are subcommittees for housing, m.e.p.,
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structural, green building, and tabled access, and general design. okay? so that's how things come before the code advisory. and they are just advisory; they have no -- they just advise. they don't have any discretionary ruling, okay? the way, say, the access of fuels commission, they have discretionary and they can make decisions. the code advisory is just strictly advising whether the code sections -- what they think is proper and the wording. sometimes they'll give into the wording, suggesting wording. and it is the board of
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supervisors who can actually adopt that. i'll leave the board examiners to (indiscernable). >> president: thank you. are there any questions? >> thank you, inspector sessler. are you the secretary for all of the subcommittees, as well as the code advisory committee? >> i'm the secretary to -- yeah. and the access appeals commission. >> okay. if everyone -- >> i'm sorry. >> monthly, how many is that, five, or is that seven committees? >> yeah, but they only meet once a month. okay? it is not -- the regularly scheduled or twice a month for the a.o.c. and once a month for the code advisory, for the
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regularly scheduled meetings. >> thank you. that's a lot of work, so i appreciate what you're doing. >> willie, you can go ahead and speak regarding the board of examiners. >> yes. can you hear me okay? >> president: yeah. >> the honorable board members and the commissioners, this is willie gout (indiscernable). also, i'm the secretary to the board of examiners. the function of public examiners is for any interpretation of the code that happens to be a difference in opinion between the staff on review, they can appeal to the board of examiners to make a determination regarding the interpretation of the code. code
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in a particular case. and also for any alternative materials that they are proposing in respect to the code requirements. if there is any difference in those opinions, the applicants can appeal to the public examiners. so we do have scheduled meetings once every quarter -- every three months. however, i'll be reviewing cases on demand. and whenever there is any case coming before the board of examiners, we would hold the meetings to discuss upon the submissions of such appeal. >> thank you. and then do you only -- is the board of examiners limited to only appealing -- or only hearing actual permits that were denied or where
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there is a disagreement about how to meet the code? are you limited to that? or do you also interpret for the department practices where the code may not be clear? >> um...i think -- my understanding is that it is a passive body that applicants appeal to the board. so it is really passive rather than an active role in the process. >> thank you. i guess i am curious to hear if anybody else has
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questions about this. thank you all for the work you do. it seems like a lot of extra work on top of your regular duties. so thank you for that. and, um...i have some other kind of thoughts, but i would actually like to see, through the chair, if there are other commissioners that have questions about -- or are curious about anything regarding our committees? >> president: absolutely. commissioner vice chair tam, please? >> i'm actually curious for the nomination of these candidates. you know, normally how has this been -- what is the procedure? where is the pool of candidates that we draw from? >> president: do you want to answer that? >> hello, vice president tam. generally the pool of
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candidates, it can come from a variety of sources. when there is a vacancy, we post an announcement on our website. and then anyone who is interested who meets the qualifications can apply. it just depends. some of the seats are general, maybe a public member seat, then anyone can apply. but if it is a specific, like a certain type of engineer or design professional, then they have to meet those qualifications. and they basically submit a letter of interest and resume, and then the subcommittee reviews them. but sometimes it is like word of mouth as well. it could be the existing members of a subcommittee could let other people that they know, know that there is a vacancy available. or staff could know and -- there is not just a specific pool of candidates. >> currently, do we have
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any inquiries or applicants, you know, parties of interest that are interested? >> one person submitted a resume regarding a vacancy on the code advisory committee, but we haven't officially posted the announcement yet. >> okay. thank you. >> president: commissioner beto, please? >> i just have one question. i mean, i -- presumably most of the things you deal with are in the design phase, when you're dealing with determinations or code interpretations, or e.e.m.c. s. is that during the process, plan checking, or prior to submitting -- do you ever deal with things under construction in
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terms of code interpretations, to get a second opinion on something that is already under construction? >> this is willie gout. i haven't had any experience regarding too many cases that is under my watch. but my understanding is that this full spectrum of interpretation of the code. so during the inspection process, if there are certain items that might not be included on the plans but actually is in the course of the construction, it has some implications and that is regulated by the code itself. if there is any dispute, they can still appeal to the board examiner. >> okay. so you're saying that you can serve that function,
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if needed, then? >> i believe so. >> if i can weigh in, commissioner beto. it happens on a fairly -- i won't say regularly, but it happens from time to time, where inspectors see that work is being done a little differently than what is on the plans. number one, we ask them to file a revision to reflect the changes. and if something doesn't meet the letter of the code, then we will engage in conversations, obviously, with the design professionals. like willie said, we don't see it very often but those things could potentially be raised as an appeal to the board of examiners. but we don't see that very often. >> no, i wouldn't presume so, but i was just curious if it does, especially if you're under construction and there is a second
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opinion being sought -- but thank you, director o'reardon. those are all of my questions, president mccarthy. >> president: thank you. commissioner mas? >> no questions, thank you. >> president: commissioner sumner? >> thank you. i had a question. thank you for this. this is really helpful, and thank you for raising this, commissioner alexander tuk. my question was -- we mentioned that candidates can nominate themselves to fill some of these positions, and sort of apply on the website or word of mouth. you said they submitted an application and then it was sent to the board for review. it is the board that they're applying to sit on that reviews that, or is it this group that reviews that? >> i'm sorry if i misspoke. it is not an official application. i guess i'm saying the process for them to apply is that they -- there is
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not, like, a written application to fill in. they just submit -- they can send an e-mail saying they're interested in applying. that could be considered a letter of interest. or they could type a formal letter addressed to me as commissioner secretary, that they're interested in the position. and then they submit their resume. and who reviews it are the nominations subcommittee, which is currently commissioner mas, commissioner beto, and commissioner tam. >> got it. okay. >> so that's the subcommittee. and they -- we -- all of them are relatively new to the subcommittee, except for commissioner mas. we were trying to actually determine if commissioner mas preferred to bring it to the full commission, if you guys have any other ways that you think would be better to seek out applicants, as the full
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commission, you can add your input to that as well. >> gotcha. >> thank you. i think my other question is just: has there been any discussion or consideration regarding, you know, diversity -- i don't want to say goals, but adding diversity to some of these committees? i didn't take a tally or do anything like that. i was just curious if there was any discussion of that in and amongst this process? it sounds like it is a volunteer commission, i know it is a committee, but i was curious if there was any discussion about that in any way? >> there hasn't been a specific discussion as of yet. but as of what all the boards and committees can consider diversity, but the basic requirements is that the person has to be
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a san francisco applicant. but we'll definitely consider, you know, diversity in any way that we can. but it hasn't been specifically addressed. >> thank you. that's all my questions. >> president: to commissioner tuk then to close out, please. >> yeah. i just wanted to -- this is a question for the director. it seems like these committees play an incredibly important role in, you know, kind of advising, etc., and the -- i'm wondering, are we staffing them appropriately? like, i'm worried, like, you know, this is -- this is an incredible role for a group of volunteers. we have, you know, worked
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with commissioners with a higher level of responsibility, but we have so much support. we have a commission secretary that is really focused just on us. we have a city attorney who says, okay, you guys really need to make sure this is on your agenda. when things like code interpretation come up, when there is, you know, kind of, you know, issues that are maybe of greater concern, you know, there is -- we have a lot of support to make sure we have our business done, and these are our committees. i just want to make sure we're staffing them at the appropriate level, and that we're giving them the level of support that they need to be successful. so the question is: is there a -- you know, having one person -- and thank you, inspector
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sessler -- for all of the subcommittees just seems like -- that could be a full-time job, or at least part -- at least half a job, right, making sure these things are going through, that we're getting alerted when we need to get alerted. and so i guess i'm curious about, you know, the staffing levels here. >> yeah, i would like to address that. first of all, i want to say tom is amazing. he is our swiss army knife. >> no question about that. >> he never complains. he always gets it done. i meet with our deputies for all of these different divisions within the department on a weekly basis. we talk about staffing every week, and what resources they need. and at the first indication that we need to staff up for any of these particular divisions, we
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make sure we do that based on justification. we can definitely look at that area of our operations again and make sure that we have appropriate and adequate staffing. but i haven't heard anything to the contrary, and, like i said, i do meet with folks all of the time, every week for the deputies, and i stay on top of these things. >> yeah. i think -- you know, when you look at the website, you have to go to find the minutes, and you have to go to the supporting documents -- there are just kind of things that when the public comes and looks for minutes, they should be able to -- i know where to look for them and not, you know -- for better or for worse, we end up in the press more than anybody. and, you know, i want to make sure that it is not a
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staffing question, you know, that is -- because these folks are doing a tremendous amount of work, volunteer work. and i'm looking at, like, you know, all of the committee members that we have. we have a lot of vacancies. and hopefully we are able to pull new people in to the diverse committees in whatever way that means, and to support, you know, new folks. as we bring in new folks, right, they're going to need more support. we have a lot of folks who have been here for a long time that really know what the committee's role is. as much as they're knowledgeable and supporting, as a commission, i want to make sure we are staffing appropriately so we can support the new folks that come in that we're supporting for the committees, as well as not making ourselves easy targets because we're not kind of staffing it at the
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level to meet some of those kind of basic requirements, like posting our minutes, etc., etc. those secretary roles are really, really important. hats off to commissioner sessler for all of that work. and, also, mr. sow -- >> yes. >> thank you. because you play such a vital role in our department and in our city. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> president: thank you, commissioner tuk. if there are no more comments from our commissioners, we go to public comment then? >> yes. is there a public comment on item 6? >> no, there is none. >> okay. thank you. then our next item is item 7: discussion and possible action to form a subcommittee focused on the building development
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review and permit meeting process, and targeting three major areas for improvement. one, permitting and plan review. two, inspections. and three, automation. >> thank you, madam secretary. commissioner beto, maybe i should let you lead on this, if that is okay with you. is that correct? >> that's fine. i wanted to propose this subcommittee. i think i've spoken about some reports in the past, whether it was a gardener, and another one was on the business processing report, that i've read through. i'm a relatively new commissioner, like many of you, but after reading the level of effort that went into these reports and looking at the recommendations and the performance measures, it
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feels like a little bit of focus outside would be helpful for us and also for d.b.i. in terms of moving the ball forward in these particular areas. if you go through the reports, they offer recommendations, and it has performance measures. and it is not to suggest that this is, you know, the only -- it's a framework that we could work from and also target specific areas that were looking for progress in progress in d.b.i. one is even the technology piece. one was just resolved recently, and part of that is their business platform. there are questions about plan tech review and the timing of that, and enhancing the customer service. and, lastly, inspections having a more transparent
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purview of inspections so we understand that beyond just the numbers or the reports that we get. so i think that to my fellow commissioner tuk's comment, i think this part of providing a much more transparent and showing progress that we're making as a commission, and also the progress that d.b.i. is making beyond what we read in the press. the level of effort that went into these reports was pretty extensive. they met for six months. they work with 200 stakeholders. it was a weekly meeting. i'm proposing meeting one extra time per month, perhaps two to three commissioners, and including people from other commissions, like the code advisory
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commission, because i think that will give us a much more detailed understanding of the process as well, and provide really incremental feedback. i've had discussions with president mccarthy about this. he and i both agree that this should be a small committee to keep it efficient, but also -- and then use the committee to basically glean information from, or express ideas or understanding from different departments. so that's essentially the crux of the proposed agenda item that i have for this subcommittee. >> president: commissioner beto, if i may -- interim director, did you want to weigh in here? i know we had a phone call during the week on this. and i know christine had
6:43 am
put together in great detail what has been achieved. and then maybe your thoughts on what this committee would look like, the size, etc., and i would probably need rob to weigh in as well. and then i can go to our fellow commissioners. >> yeah. we're very happy to be part of a working group. i agree with commissioner tuk that maybe smaller is better, at least initially. i think the inclusion of our partners in the design committee, and i agreed with the code advisory group that goals would be important and plays into the conversation. i know that christine did a fairly deep dive into the business processing reengineering documents that i believe were from
6:44 am
2007. a lot of the items on it have already been implemented. so, i mean, moving forward to today, we can look at other areas that were included in that document that we can take another look at, and we can look at what is -- i mean, a lot of things are different now than they were in 2007, especially in the world of technology. so i'm happy to be part of a working group. and we definitely appreciate the engagement of the commission in having these discussions. >> rob, if i could check in were you your city attorney, if you're there? >> deputy city attorney rob caplo. >> thank you, rob. [audio is echoing]
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>> how is that? i can still hear myself. >> i can hear you fine. >> so it is just -- this committee that we would form, and then we don't have to do this -- forgive, but i want to make sure this is legal. >> yeah. establishing a subcommittee, the subcommittee would have to have public meetings, and i think you can invite members of other subcommittees or board examiners or code advisory committee. they cannot be voting members of the subcommittee. the subcommittee would have to report back to the vic to take final actions. but it would be exploratory operations and recommended to bic.
6:46 am
it would have to be public, they would have to be noticed, and people would have to have the chance to do public comment at those meetings. >> thank you for that. let me just go to my fellow commissioners here and see if there are some comments there. vice chair tam, please? >> i do feel that this is a great idea. i'd be happy to sit on this if it does move forward. >> okay. commissioner alexander tuk, please? >> yeah. i really am grateful for commissioner beto for bringing this forward. i think this is a really good idea. i think that implementation of something -- you know, of the report feels like, you
6:47 am
know, official business of our commission, but also something that is -- i like the idea of having a subcommittee. i think it is worth it to have a formal subcommittee and to have those public meetings and to have public comment. i think that could enrich the process and the information. and also demonstrate, you know, progress and a true commitment on behalf of the commission and the department for seeing through on these suggestions and improvements. so i am supportive of the idea of a formal subcommittee in that way. and i really do like the idea of including some of the tech members or the subcommittee members to share in that experience and share their expertise.
6:48 am
you know, it has to be small, but i think there are other folks that would be a better fit in the commission. >> thank you, commissioner tuk. commissioner mas, please? >> i, too, want to thank commissioner beto for getting this started. and i also think it should be a formal subcommittee. i think there is an unfortunate divide in the public, in architects, people pulling plans, and the way they feel they're interacting with the building speakdz inspection department and then how the staff and the commission are interacting. if we're going to have this committee that is overseeing if we're implementing the customer service side of things, it is really important that the public get to see those discussions and be able to weigh in on that. so i do support the subcommit. thank you. subcommit thank you. subcommittee.
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>> i agree. i was curious -- not to be negative about it, but i was curious regarding resources, starting a subcommittee with public meetings -- is that -- what does that entail in terms of if we make a proclamation, or however this works, and you start a subcommittee, who has to perform the behind the scenes work for that? is are there resources for that? and how does that work? >> we can work it out. the subcommittee hasn't been formed yet, but we'll work with it. but at least i have monique on board, so there will be two of us. >> it is something i would consider, i suppose, before necessarily just saying yes, let's do it. let's make sure we can do
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it right and support it. that was my comment. >> president: thank you for your comment. so commissioner beto, i believe we've got a consensus here. so what i would recommend is we would agree on what this committee looks like. and will we bring it back? or do we go ahead and form this and do i make a decision on this -- >> deputy city attorney rob caplo. we would need to have nominations and a vote for who would be on the subcommittee. i think you could have one motion to form and appoint or nominate those members. but it would be formed after this vote today, if that was the decision of the bic. >> let me take a moment here to form this subcommittee, and then we
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would come back with who is on it, and who would put their name forward. is that correct? >> you can do that as well, yes. >> president: commissioner beto, if you would like to make that motion, and if you're okay with that, i think that would be the best. and then we can ask for applications or possible people who would like to sit on it. and then we could agree on the size, etc., and bring it back to the commission on what we think is the best, if that works for you. >> absolutely. and i want to thank my fellow commissioners for their support, and to commissioner mas' comments about the public interface, i think that one of the objectives to this, or the main objective of this, is always to improve and maintain customer service. so that would be, i think, an overarching goal for
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all three divisions. i would like to make a motion to form a subcommittee that looks at three major areas. d.v.i., permitting, plan inspections, and automations for improvement. >> president: could i get a second on that, please? >> i'd like to second that. >> president: any public comment? >> there is a motion by commissioner beto, and the second was by vice president tam. i'll do a roll call vote on the motion. [roll call taken] >> okay.
6:53 am
thank you. our next item is item 8: an update on d.b.i.'s proposed for permitting issues at 2867 san bruno avenue. >> president: point of order here, did we need to do public comment on item 7? >> i can't recall. did i call for public comment? just for the record, for clarification, there was a motion and a second for forming the subcommittee. is there any public comment on agenda item 7? >> there is one hand raised. >> okay. you can unmute the person and ask if they're commenting on agenda item 7. >> okay.
6:54 am
i think you have to give me the host. >> just a moment. >> okay, caller 11, 650678, did you have a comment on item 7? >> no. my comment is on item 8. >> okay. i'm going to place you back on mute, and we'll unmute you again later. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, president mccarthy, there is no public comment on item 7. >> president: next item, please. >> and, again, we're on agenda item 8, which is the update on d.b.i.'s proposed initiative to address inspections and issues regarding san bruno
6:55 am
avenue. >> good morning, commissioners. >> hold up one second. let me just share the screen. can everybody see that? >> yes. yes, we can see it. >> okay. all set, joe? >> yes, i am. >> thank you. good morning, president mccarthy and commissioners. today i'm here to provide an update on the properties of 2867, 2899, san bruno avenue, and to discuss some of the actions that d.b.i. has symptom to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. next slide, john. the properties consistent of five or more or less identical buildings. the buildings were originally permitted as
6:56 am
mixed-use occupancies (indiscernable) two office spaces at the second floor, one unit on the third floor, one unit on the fourth floor, and one roof deck on each building. the buildings received certificates of final completion in justice january of 2017. the -- on december 19th, 2018, the san francisco planning department referred a complaint regarding the property's d.b.i. a couple of weeks later, there was a departmental task force inspection of the property. that inspection found multiple violations, including four unpermitted units, for a total of 20 unpermitted units. the second floor was only permitted for office use.
6:57 am
[inaudible] the rear facades deviated from the approved plan. and the garages on the ground floor also deviated from the approved plan. the additional unit changed the occupancy from an r-3 to an r-2 occupancy. this is a significant change because going to an r-2 occupancy triggers much more stringent exiting, fire light safety in requirements in the building code. which necessitated some of the building measures i go over in the next slide. [please stand by]
6:58 am
and codeenforcement fees and additional penalties will be assessed .
6:59 am
the owner hasn't paid so all16 orders of abatement would go forward . cheap code enforcement inspector maurice or mendez, the audio and i performed a segment to the properties last friday. the site inspection involved all common areas of the building and included the rear yard, temporary fire escape. the temporary fire escape was selected for the state the and stability of last friday's sit action . we inspected the interior all as well . we noted there were no changes to the condition since the last inspection accept an emergency exit sign that had to be prepared. we will follow up again in three months with anothersite
7:00 am
inspection ,bring back all common areas and exterior portions of the building again . we received a complaint in the interim we willfollow up with that through our normal process . next slide . so this slide is a timeline at the beginning of the project darting with thepermit side to the final sign off on the enforcement actions that followed . sorry. the planning commission will review the permit applications to legalize the building and thiswill be before the abatement . once the planning commission approves the conditional use authorization a permit review can begin and once that is complete the owner can begin that needed work to put the buildingfully into code compliance . next slide.
7:01 am
so our next steps are to determine if these problems have happened at any other properties. to that and we'veinitiated a full audit . the audit team will be led by senior building inspector edward donnelly and included analysis on the survey of projects.we will use the data analysis to identify properties for review and our audit team will investigate plans and other records, conduct site visits and take whatever steps need to be taken to ensure these products will be brought to code with approved plans. we believe there should be third-party oversight of the audit and are currently working with the comptroller's office on the right approach . i'd like to speak on some of our reforms. we've made some quality changes with respect to inspection
7:02 am
services. chief among them is staff, this includes extending the orientation period for new inspectors. new inspectors will spend more time being trained directly to work on our work product which is our inspection. it will include senior inspectors, and ensuring the quality of our inspection documentation is brought to standards. new inspectors will receive training from marissa hernandez team on code enforcement procedures which will include planned investigation on proper notices of violation . there will be more notification to inspection staff at staff meetings regarding the inspection practices and consequences for breaking the rules.
7:03 am
we want to keepup that consistent messaging towards inspectors so these rules are clear in their mind and noone can plead ignorance if we run into problems in the future . are going to add enhanced ethicstraining, all inspection staff including our support staff . continuing on our reforms , in the next slide inaddition to the training inspection services is seeking reforms about how we schedule and document inspections . senior inspectors will conduct their reviews for district inspectors, likewise i as the chief building inspector would review weekly inspection activity of senior building inspectors. we are planning more robust control on scheduling for senior inspectors, senior inspectorswill no longer beable to assign themselves . that must be done through a chief building inspector .
7:04 am
it will include transparency of reinspection assignment and when an inspection is reassigned we are requiring writtenrecord of is authorizing the change and why it is required . we will also be reviewing inspection patters for senior inspectors. we are looking for things where inspectors are performing an inordinate number of inspections to a particular complex or a pattern of missed violations. to be clear what this adds up to is more oversight over senior inspectors. finally, we need to discuss what we're doing to prevent similar lapses in the future. dbi role rolled out a report by the committee. those reforms include additional staff training i have already discussed and include transparency by making more materials available to the public online including our
7:05 am
inspection notes. and finally appointing a senior building inspector specifically for supervising our problematic project by ensuring accountability. we are also expecting an assessment onrecommendations from the comptroller's office on further reforms . we anticipate receiving that in september. thank you for listening to my presentation and i will be availableto answer any of your questions on it . you . >> thank you misterduffy . is there further presentation from staff on this? or do i go to, do we go to public comment ? >> is there public comment on this item is in mark. >> go ahead and unmute the caller. >> caller 11 678, you are a muted. thank you.
7:06 am
>> my name is jerry bradford. the creation of a additional 20 units of unpermitted housing to expand theavenue is an enormous building code violation . it should be difficult. the inspection failure is actually three inspection failures. the failure of dbi inspectors, the failure of the project structural engineer of blackwood and the failure of the structural engineer overseeing the independent special inspection service who issued periodic reports on the project. this is the problem that can't be addressed with a training issue. both structural engineers submitted affidavits with their signature and seal stating that construction comply with the building codes, the plans approved by the city. did they submit false reports?
7:07 am
if so, how should both be disciplined? dbi has an approved list of special inspections services and has the ability to remove an inspection server from the list. has dbi ever removed a special inspector service from the list and should the inspection service who issued the report for san bruno avenue be removed from the list? thank you very much. >> is there anothercomment please ? >> there is one more. ryan patterson, you are a mute . >> good morning president mccarthy and commissioners,
7:08 am
this is ryan patterson. our officerepresents the property owners and i wanted to offer an update on the compliance process . we have brought together a top-notch team of design and safety professionals to help with this. the team is entirely new but after the discovery of these problems and with no prior involvement with the project submitting construction which i think is important for the independence and trust. we are cooperating completely with d.b.i. and other city agencies and the resolution of d.b.i. is awaiting planning approval for pending applications with a planning commission hearing scheduled for september 9 . we are recommending to the city attorney and neighborhood groups and the owner has signed a settlementagreement on june 30 . we've also filed a request an additional pre-application meeting with both d.b.i. and
7:09 am
sffd. i appreciate staff's time and this has required a greatdeal of staff time in these last few years. i'm happy to answer any questions . >> is there another public comment? >> there is not. >> could i please go to my fellow commissioners, vice chair tam. >> thank you president mccarthy and thank you director for the update. i know this is probably a presentations allow keep this brief. i appreciate part of it is trying to identify how this happened and implementing policy and procedure and protocols involving the reassignment over the site to
7:10 am
ensure make sure this doesn't happenagain . there's a lot of work to do here and thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioneralexander-tut please. >> i have a lot of questions . thank you. thank you for the presentation and the report. my question is the former senior inspector from signing off on january 17. december 23rd complaint, i'm a little confusedabout what happened . where did the complaint come from that was referred to in the planning in 2018, could yo help me understand that ?
7:11 am
>> joe duffy here. from the record that i have and as part of the presentation as you can see and the timeline, we received that complaint. the building signed off and we received the complaint from planning indecember 2018 . one when planning received back inplace i do not have that information . >> we didn't revert to plannin . >> know, we received it from the planning enforcement team not sure how it came across their .i believe it had something to do with an affordable handler fee and then they had contacted dbi and through that process within a number of weeks from being contacted throughthe actual issuance of the violation , getting the immediate license, it was pretty fast.
7:12 am
>> i see, thank you. and then so it says that on page 3 that he responded he was directed by thendirector tom hughey to conduct the inspections of those buildings . what's ... it looks like we're putting up complaints to make sure you are around in this way but if i'm an inspectorand i get asked by a director to do something , what's controls would we have in place for that inspector to say i'm asking you to do something that's unethical but a higher up? >> do you want to answer that?
7:13 am
i'm happy to answer it. >> why don't you stay with misterduffy there . >> as at the department, if anyone asks you as an employee of dbi to do something you do not think is right, you would always have the option . you could call hr, while a whistleblower complaint and you can definitely bring that to a higher level . obviously my answer to that question, i think i'm correct in that we have a lot of resources with our human resources staff where you can go to them if you think there's something wrong being asked of you and obviously the director would say go to your supervisor and the director is your top supervisor so if you know that there's something outside of that i would recommend that you contact the human resources or as i said they could file a complaint and indeed i would even if you could contact the
7:14 am
cityattorney's office about that . you should never be in a position where you're being asked to do something improper. that'sdefinitely something we would not tolerate . >> thank you. and then another question i have is right below that on the third paragraph. it says there was a permit that was approved for a light core and tend house, the current wa approved . i'm just asking about process, i'm not asking about all that standards, some of that will come before us but i feel like we've had a lot of conversations about the inspectors but thisspecifically refers to a permit that shouldn't have been approved .
7:15 am
at least that's my reading of it. is there anything we're putting in place of the permit approval to make sure there is no inappropriate approval of permits or am i missing something? >> can i check with you on what page number you're on on the staff report ? >> it the third pole for prior paragraph that starts the resumption of the previous complaint and before applying, it will reduce the size of a lighthouse and increase the size of penthouse approved being read to city planning. this was issued number four. are we stating that we incorrectly approved a permit or that they should have gone toplanning ? i'm looking for clarification onthat paragraph . >> that's a good question and i
7:16 am
can pull up the permit details on this from the reports but what it sounds like his someone filed a permit and increase the size of the rooftop so the proof about the permit being read at city planning, i'm not sure. someone would go in on a set of plans and they should berunning into city planning and i can check , make sure that maybe a staffer or it wasn't showing correctly on the plans but it was something that was represented therefore the staff forwarded it to the planning department which times believe it ornot does happen . but we want reassurance that it's something thatwe missed . i do know that we are completing our quality control on plan reviews and ongoing training to identify these
7:17 am
issues and indeed that's been discussed before and it is actually as our deputy director of inspection services, the better plan review we get the easier easier it is for us in the field as inspectors so i'm a big proponent of stuff like that. sometimes i can't blame staff if it's written misrepresented but if it's a superior change, if there's any changes to the building d.b.i. has to write to planning. how that happened, i will pull up the permit here and maybe respond before we close out on this item. >> thank you. just because it's a high-profile case and there's so much going on it would be nice to know if that's common error or somethingwe should understand more on . and then my final question is
7:18 am
regarding the recent walk, i understand these are tenant occupied buildings and with housing also involved in the walk-through and are there cd that are specific to the housing code because i understand there's something different in terms of the function of thehouse and i wonder if housing was also included here i'm very worried about it . >> very good question and the site visit last friday had been rescheduled between commissioner herman hernandez and our building inspectorand mister patterson . i wanted to be included in tha because of the hearing today . idon't , our housing inspection staff last friday, we did walk
7:19 am
through all of the common area they said . we walked the interiorof all units . we checked the windows that slide open that can get you on for the temporary baris strip. and we checked the sprinklers and fire alarms and made sure they were all solid and there wasn't anything locking the egress.but i can tell you from last friday that i'm with a comfort level that in the event of an emergency building, you would be able to get out in a second. that was a big thing, the temporaryfire escape was a big risk . when the building was brought up to code obviously is not all code compliance but admittedly it's a temporary code compliance but i see most of this tobe entering in the building . i also until it's submitted an older plan i can assure you i
7:20 am
want every single step of the scaffold and it is pretty sturdy. it's very stable. it's not something that's rickety. in the event of an emergency you could use that as a means of egress. it's not something you would let the child play on or even go and relax on, it's just an emergency issue only. and in regards to the tenants, i did notice we spoke with some of the tenants as we wereinside their unit .and obviously, that is a concern of dbi as well. i hadn't actually thought of the housing as part of it but housing would have jurisdiction on this. again, as i said in the presentation we did receive an complaint in the interim our housing inspector services , particularly on quality of life issues. from us to be honest with you i bought that the units themselvesand the people in
7:21 am
them were relatively safe . one other point i want to raise our there are optimal parts of the building and as people are vacating units there not being re-housed . and i would imagine that having some of those vacant units would help as the building goes because as work is being done inside these buildings people may need to be relocated so that's a good thing just on that. but that's to answer your question thank you so much for those answers and response. i feel comfortable with the department and i look forward to that information being received on the permit. thank you so much. >> thank you for your question . >> thank you commissioner. and commissioner bito please.
7:22 am
>> i think the only question that i have director duffy is it appears to me based on the timeline that the construction, it's got its final in 2017 and between 2017 and2018 or before it was , before you weren't noticed, the city was noticed about the violation all this construction isgoing inside internally , unbeknownst to you know, anybody observing from theoutside . is that how this happened? >> it's the same in a lot of instances when your the building was signed up in 2017. dbi got notified in december 2018, that building existed in the same condition we found it
7:23 am
in when we went there so i think anytime there's someone does work without a permit or where notified of code violations inthe interim , that conditions it exists and i thinkthat's what you're asking about . >> what i'm asking is they were able to do this work behind a fagade that was finished. so i mean, you couldn't, that's how they got away with it? 20 units is based on the number that were permitted. >> yes, i think that question is ... i believe there is some evidence that the building was constructed in the way that it was but i can't say that 100 percent so what i think you're thinking was they got to sign
7:24 am
off and then they changed the building to the condition that we find it in. we'renot sure what happened in that regard . that is, all i can tell you is that when we got in and received the complaint, when we went into the building we documented what the code deficiencies were at that time. >> i mean, i appreciate the presentation . it appears that you have, i mean, the suggestions or the actions that you're taking to better the inspection process or mentoring new inspectors, the only question i have is i mean, i presume some of the inspectors it looks like they do have ... inspectors do have a focus on different building codes or well, basicallythat's it .
7:25 am
i'm assuming that occurs? >> all our building inspectors, you have to meet the minimum qualifications tobe a building inspector . plan review, a lot of them have said the levee. our inspectors in our opinion should be able to go from district to district. every inspector is equal in that regard . some have been practicing longer than others so the more experience they have but when we hire a building inspector and we orient them, you're expecting they would be able to look up all types of anyproject . [inaudible] we should be able to move any inspector through each district and expect they can inspect any building they come across.
7:26 am
that would be the expectation when they're fully trained and they are certified as i said. by the time we get them through orientation or not orientation, it's an ongoing. we have now approved orientation where they're going to move along a lot more and we're seeing how they're documenting their inspections, are going to find outquickly that their covenant with everything they should be doing and they do go through a pretty stringent interview process and civil service testing to become abuilding inspector . so we do haveconfidence in their ability . and obviously if we do find that inspector has signed something off , we do have a process and sometimes it's a personnel issue but i think that's the one thing that comes out of this is one, we definitely are determined and i am determined to have better, more, just better more professionalbuilding inspectors , out to the buildings and
7:27 am
making sure thatsomething like this doesn't happen again . >> i think for myself the big take away is the presentation at the end is the mentoring program. it seems like that could apply to a lot of other areas at d.b.i. so that more experienced staff and benefit from experienced staff and learn how to do things the rightway . so thank you. that's all my questions . >> thank you commissioner bito. >> no questionthat this time . >> i had a question and i wanted to make a general comment regarding the public comments from earlier. regarding the structural engineers involvedin the inspection .i don't know anything about . >> i don't know anything about
7:28 am
this job regarding special inspectors or is the structural engineer oranything like that . nor do i know about the process of who can do special inspections. through dbi. i just wanted to note. do you think it's a team obviously inspection and checks and balances are key. dbi is involved, the design team is involved. people who see something inappropriate, there's always responsibility for heads up and we can work together on that but i wanted to note the process in general of when structural engineers go into the site is often we're looking atthe structure when it's completed and very rarely are we seeing finished buildings . so it would be potentially in this case if there are additional units installed the structure may look the same. so that may or may not be noticeable again. no idea if there was any matters onthis process but i
7:29 am
want to make that comment . that struck me. and then my question which for mister duffy in this presentation was helpful. and i'm not sure that this is you know, sort of the place to discuss this so you can tell me what you think buti was curious . this is obviously a complex issue. ithappened over a period of time . now we're trying to reconcile it and resolve and get toa better place with this . the original building was approved for whatever it was, retail office, presidential, residential there's a lot more residential involved than other groups . it sounds to me like i'm curious procedurally . when and if that happens and i don't know how much presence there is. it, is the actionobviously
7:30 am
everybody's sensitive, there are people in their . so it's very difficult and hard to sort of take action for certain things buti was curious . as the general thought or action to mediate back to the approved drawings because it sounds like the action to move forward to improve what is there which i wascurious . if that was allowed in the first place why wasn't it allowed in the first place? is it something that was disallowed in the first place and there was something approved that then now we're trying to prove something that was not originally western mark i'm justcurious if this is the place to discuss it . just curiousprocess for remediating or pushing forward . >> i can put on, it's like a lot of the casesthat we see . and people get permits to build
7:31 am
something and disapproved. it's through a process of the planning department, building departments, there's a lot of the agencies and in this case that obviously the building constructed totally different but for whatever reason, i don't know. that's just some but he made a bad decision here on that we see that and sometimes even last friday ihad to say that to myself . why they couldn't have just discussed it building a group like this. maybe there was some reason but zoning is sometimes whatit is. the zoning may not have allowed it . they have incentive to build these offices and that was a decision made to completely change plans and these additional dwelling units which was not permitted. the process for for them now is to notice of violation would be to obtain a building permit to comply with this violation but at that point there probably
7:32 am
they're goingthrough the planning stages update . the new project at the minute . the new project is a new permit that will take the place of the old permits becausethe old permits , there's simply not recognized anymore so i actually don't know what they're planning on doing i'm sorry, we have not received that in the building permit yet . i believe that the attorneys would be able to help you more on that but i do know that whatever they decide to do from the building departments and of things will have to be met with the current building code requirements if it's going to be back to two dwelling units again in an are three requirements for it to be office issues and retail on the ground floor. in terms of multiple family dwellings, morethan two dwelling units in each building that it would be an r2
7:33 am
occupancy and i mentioned that in the site . whatever they decide to do it will have to meet the code and in relation to the, iwant to touch onthis part . in previous cases that i've been involved in , when we had apermit that has been signed off , there's been special inspection report burned in, and that may be misleading and i agree with your comments that thespecial inspections aren't really related to the finished product in a building . i seethe engineering's , their background is going to be the last witches we are definitely going torelocate look at these special contexts . and to be honest i would say that there probably will be if someone turned in fall special inspections for this work for any specialinspection reports , we're going to look at that and maybe it will involve the city attorney in that and then we could probably look at how they are they really fit to be on
7:34 am
our approved list of special inspections. >> will take under consideration going forward but what this building on what has to happento make it a fully compliant building . it is at least tenants can live safely in that building for, we have to have afully code compliant building but will get back into the special inspectors and everything else approves to that. so that answers your question . >> thank you. >> thank you commissioner summers. my comments are just to say that this is still going to be heard at the planning commission and obviously staff will be in the land use commission as a lead in september and if i'm getting my dates mixed up i believe there will be another presentation on this but thank you for staff for giving us a face on it today and maybe assured mister duffy that even as friday we feel strongly that from my
7:35 am
point of view thisbuilding . it would be helpful and thanks commissioners for your questions. with that that effectively closes public comment. on to the next please. >> thank you. next item is item 9, update regarding d.b.i. initiatives during the healthcrisis . >>. [inaudible] >> can you provide her with duties?
7:36 am
>> just one second. if you're taking care of it? i cantake care of it . [inaudible] no problem. okay christine, youshould have the privileges . >> good afternoon president mccarthyand commissioners . i'm giving you an update on
7:37 am
permitting services. so as i talked about last month, we fully reopened almost a month ago and since then, the permit has been humming with activity. we have been able to offer services to everyone who has come through the door. nobody'sbeen turned away due to lack of capacity . you may remember we were transitioning from the equipment systems to being able to just open the doors to have anybody come in at and start the queue and we weren't sure what that was going to mean if there was a lot of pent-up demand but we had been meeting and so we've been able to accommodate everyone who comes in. our, so even though we are still honoring appointments through october, really nobody needs an appointment to come into the permit center.
7:38 am
everyone can walk in and get a permit. i also note i talked about last month that we changed our guidelines for wearing a mask inside but now because that's changed again we stated that for the safety of our staff, here's the chart, updated chart for ourover-the-counter permit . you are in line with around almost 2000 over-the-counter permits which is becoming our new normal now thatwe're reopened . last month we expanded our restaurants and plan review but for now we have the choice between digital and planreview . and until about last week people were choosing about 221 and now we have more customers
7:39 am
questing paper. i don't know if that's a trend yet. we will see howthat evolves over the coming weeks . and our permit instruments for the in-house review permits have been relatively stable, no notice of changes. commissioner bito asked us to perform our performance measures based on the process reengineering report and the comptroller's office so i have included those numbers here. this is for fiscal year 19 through 20. we expect the report on fiscal year 2021 in the next few week . because some of these measures are for 42 calendardays , the
7:40 am
fiscal year ends at the end of june and then there's a period that we are still collecting the data and then reporting it to the comptroller's office. next month i'll be able to report to you the numbers more quickly for 2021 but as you can see from the chart , we have met most of our targets in the last fiscal year despite the pandemic and the impact on our operations . we have a couple of measures that we may need to address if those numbersare still below target . but again, these are affected by the pandemic and so everything at least is not over our target, it's pretty close. we are hosting some customer application sections to help customers with plan review.
7:41 am
we've held one earlier in the month and we have another one scheduled for next week. we also have our public advisory scheduled for next week which is an ability for our customers togive us feedback on how we're doing . and tell us what they see and we're in our final stages of the process for the actual permit services and to have that announcement is for all of you. and that concludes my presentation. >> thank you christie. if i may i will be dropping off here shortly and i'd ask you to the vice chair for our next item. but commissionervice chair do you have any questions . >> no question that this time and thankyou christine for the presentation . >> commissioner alexander-tut
7:42 am
please. >> no questions at this time. the forward to hearing the public feedback and thank you foryour feedback . >> president: commissioner bito please commissioner bito bito. >>. >> i want to thank deputy director gaspard for the added information and also , didn't give her credit for some of the deep dives that we talked about on the dvr report so thank you for that. >> thank you commissioner moss. >> no questions at this time, thankyou for all your work . >> commissioner summer. >> i had one quick question about the site plan review
7:43 am
you mentioned the announcements , it's the choice at this point. of people can choose whether they wish to electronicor paper . >> i was curious if there's going to be any changes to the and maybe this is to in the weeds but to requirements for papers are slightly different. will there be any changes in considered for paper submittal to sort of matchup with what's required for electronic or do you have to likethat kind of stuff.i don't know if there's any alignment . for those things. >>. >> billy, do you have something in here. >> my understanding is that
7:44 am
everything's electronic so there's norequesting anything . but i think at a certain point we finally developed something after deciding parties, it's significant but my understanding is it's fine, there's just no indications. >> i guess just for the president if that's okay. >> i guess i was trying to wonder if there are things that are then required in paper that are not required electronic that are being considered to notbe required then as papers in the middle as well . if that is a discussion item to align them better with the 2 requests or maybe it's requiring some sortof extra
7:45 am
signatures for them . although i think other jurisdictions in my experience, they are not authentication requirements for signatures on documents. maybe i can leave it in the comments . and just leave it there. >>. >> i don't knowif you have anything to add . >> at some point i'll make that a consideration. as we are dealing with the pandemic, we plan ahead and that was in the early stages of development. and with the pandemic in place, a lot of things at the vaccine our emergencies, so at this point in time we don't have a provision. we have some authentication for
7:46 am
signatures for on the professionals. >> commissioner. did you get everything. commissioner bito. >> i wanted to say that i'm a big proponent of the etr. it makesthe process a lot easier since most of the documents are , but it's a large project coming through the architect and cities that accept a drawing through dvr just makes that so much easier. so i think the acceptance from that is a positive because it helps expedite the process of submitting a plan that i'm a big proponent of this dvr and i think i applaud that dbi has reinstated that because that's
7:47 am
all just part of expected expediting the process for other customers. >> then i think that's everybody. thank you for theopportunity . if you can see the map of improvement down there, thank you. so with that, madame secretary we can go to public comment and then vice chair pam can take the following item. i would be dropping off. >> thank you for the presentation is there any public comment on this item . >> there is not. >> our next item is item 10, update regarding outreach and online implementation with the special interest program. >> it's christine again. >> that will be actually mister
7:48 am
hannah. >> commissioner, is this for those of you who haven't already met patrick, patrick cannon is our new communications director here at dbi. and with that office. >> welcome to the team patrick. >> patrick, do you have the screen now. >> just one moment,just working out the audio .
7:49 am
7:50 am
>> is he having some difficulties? >>. >> having our meeting issue here. we will get back to you i'm sure. >> he's going to do it from my test so i think it's the chair. >> commissioner, sorry about thetechnical difficulties . >> moving in to successful
7:51 am
business pension program. thank you for your time. the successful business pension program is meant to help operators comply with state laws. and in the house for people to ensure that they can access honest services offered by campuses. this is a legally mandated program . to each of the primary entrances are accessible to people. this program has been in place for several years but recently american disability lawsuits against chinatown helped property owners get ahead of this issue. there's been approximately 250 lawsuits filed and to be clear, the ada accessibility program will provide the first level of protectionagainst these ada lawsuits .
7:52 am
so what is a place of public accommodation these arebusinesses that basically serve the public . as defined by law here, the public must enter a building to purchase a good . some examples are again, it's anyplace where property owners are required to do one of two things. they must submit a form say it doesn't apply to them, get a waiver form and if they already comply with the ordinance or they need to go through and do a gap category complianceform which needs to be done by an architectural engineer . this person fills up the form and submit it to d.b.i.and we take a look to determine what level of traditional work is
7:53 am
required . then they secure the building permits and renovate the property. to be clear, the owner is responsible for renovating the property. right now we started off about 13,000 addresses or about 6000 property owners being supplied with the ordinance so the first program deadline is december 1. we're working within the apartment including the city administrator's office attorney, mayor's office and the office of small business on potential deadline extensions but we will come back to it in the meeting . we will be doing outreach, to be clear right now we're going to focus on communication on property owners without a compliance. then we're going to partner with any public officials and community organizations and our
7:54 am
outreach . really focusing on marketing and action of the property owner. occupations are really designed for compliance information so we want to grab them and make them work.our outreach will go on four key channels and it's easier to as easy as possible to comply. we will also do a year or more of the program focus on noncompliant property owners in order to help people understand the need to comply. and as mentioned before. [inaudible] and that's the presentation everyone . >> thank you patrick for that. i think there is to go to our commissioners. [inaudible] commissioner moss.
7:55 am
>> thank you for your presentation,no questions at this time . >> commissioner bito. >> you have to unmute, commissioner. commissioner bito. >> i don't have any questions, thank you. >> commissioner sommer. >> no questions for me, thank you. >> and commissioner alexander-tut. >> yes, thank you. so can someone repeat for my understanding, iapologize . the specific issue regarding chinatown so i can understand. >> chinatown has a number of properties that are older
7:56 am
properties getting into business and getting in the doorway can be a challenge for people with disabilities and a program as been helping businesses comply with that ordinance. recently 250 lawsuits were filed in san francisco, many of them filed in chinatown and businesses just coming out of it are in a place of still trying to get their stable so what it can do is help people get into a compliance place, start to comply and that will hopefully help them a little further down the line and prevent them from being one of the ones i have. >> i heard that we were trying to direct people to our website and similar to my questions about language access, is our
7:57 am
website translated? is it in english three? where can people find that language information. >> our websitetranslated in over 100 languages . as we transition, the website willof course be accessible . bare minimum for languages we seek medications in english, and particularly with all of our websites the website will be entirely accessible through thosestatements . >> the d.b.i. website? >> the d.b.i. website will be. >> okay. that is, i'mlooking at right now . i have visited our website many times and i can never find it. i am seeing that.
7:58 am
that's helpful. and then you know, the department was great about this during the outreach in chinatown. is there also going to be language and outreach to business owners. is there staff that are able to kind of take this on? it could be a point of contact. translation and interpretation are great but i'm wondering in terms of direct conversation, is that possible?>> that's a great question. we absolutely have the capacity at d.b.i.. we're not short on staff went from the city administrator's office and mayor's office, this is really a team effort so we will be going out in the
7:59 am
community to make sure we're reaching out and in addition about three weeks ago the director made a conference with the chinatown merchants association to work with them on this issue that they would bring awareness among the chinese community to get ahead in the program. >> thank you so much, no furtherquestions . >> thank you commissioner alexander tut. i appreciate yourquestions . myself like i said, born and raised in chinatown. my parents lived in chinatown. and the pandemic has definitely taken a toll onchinatown . some of the buildings are older and there is this huge language barrier and so this outreach is critical in trying to help these merchants, these mom and pops comply. as far as the timeframe is concerned, we have, we are doing an extension, is that
8:00 am
just for compliance? >> that's what we're working on right now commissioner. with the agencies and the board of supervisors to find out what the right extension is. that balance is a chance to give those businesses a chance to get on the right foot. the enforcement is to make sure that people have it. >> thank you to the entire team forthat . i think that's something that is wonderful in interacting with the community andshowing we are here to make sure you succeed as well so thank you for that . with that i think we can move on. is there public comment on this? >> is there public comment on this item, item 10 ? >> i don't see anyone.>> thank you forthe presentation,
8:01 am
welcome to the team . next item. >> next item is item 11, directors report 11 a, update on d.b.i. finances. >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm with the department of building inspection and i'll share my screen. >> you should havesharing duties now . >> thanks commissioners. this is the july 2021 financia report . the report, because july is the
8:02 am
first day of the fiscal year so we're still cleaning up the budget and still closing up this three year fiscal year 2021 and there will be some expenses thrown over so by this point it will change a lot. what i want to focus on and early in the fiscal year we don't have a lot of extension, primarily just salaries because again we're setting up new contracts and new supplies so i want to come in and maybe talk about revenues just to get an idea of how we are startingoff . it lookslike we're starting off the fiscal year similar to last year . it's been a little bit more, 4 million from this year and 4.7 last year and if we look at the building permit data and permit valuation we can see the number of permits are increasing with the valuation and i'mhappy to
8:03 am
answer any questions . >> thank you terrance, found the link here. commissioner moss. >> no questions. thank you. >> commissioner bito. >> thank you. >> commissioner sommer. >> no questions, thank you. >> and commissioneralexander . >> i think she just had to leave themeeting . we do have more commissioners. >> thank you so much. >> our next item is 11 and be. update on proposed or recently enacted local legislation. >> john gray, legislative
8:04 am
affairs. we have acouple of upcoming , first of all we are in recess right now so it's important today but we have a couple of upcoming hearings after recess . as commissioner mccarthy mentioned, supervisor ronan has called for a hearing. that hearing is tentatively scheduled for september 13 at the miami's committee. the other hearings we have coming up his supervisor 80s hearing on starting a small business in san francisco . it was originally scheduled for last month." the new date is to be determined it will be in the service committee. supervisor ronan's first three ordinance for small businesses is ending final passage by the board of supervisors and it had
8:05 am
its first reading in the board the end of july but it goes to the second reading on the mayor's office. we willwait all city fees since this is our first year . we will be reimbursed by the director's office so there should not be any major operations or budget. small business recovery act which extends these permits streamlining for businesses to principally permittedcommercial usecitywide , it was approved by the board decided by the mayor earlier this month . when you're working with the other partners on implementation, the ordinance spending meets climate goals was signed by mayor reed on august 4. you may recall one of those goals was the elimination of gas emissions from existing large
8:06 am
8:07 am
. >> julyoverdoing there was a slight decrease in construction valuation . with a slight increase of .74 percent of the total number of units that were completed. if you have any questionsi'm available . >> thank you interim director o'riordan. commissioner moss. >> no questions, thank you for thereport . >>commissioner bito .>> thank you. >> commissioner sommer. >> no questions,thank you . >> and no questions. >> 11 d, updateon code enforcement .
8:08 am
>> good afternooncommissioners, joe duffy, director of inspection services . we do some updates on our building inspections first performed in july was 4561. and our electrical inspections were2925 . this gives us a total of 10,186 which has been holding steady for the last few months. our housing inspections performed 450 inspections. we've received 292 complaints, 255of them weren't responded within 24 to 78 hours. our code enforcement cases, we sent 41 cases to adirectors hearing .we issued 15 orders of abatement and we updated a total of 28 older cases .
8:09 am
our code enforcementinspections performed were 383 for the month so that's my report on that . thanks. >> thank you deputy director. commissioner moss >> thank you for the report, no questions at this time . >>commissioner bito .>> no questions or comments. >> commissioner sommer. >> no questions. >>moving forward . >> is there any public comment onthe directors report items 11 a through e ? thank you. by our next item is item12 , approval of the regular meeting april 21 2021. i believe there may have been a comment or correction so commissioner bito, do you have any corrections? >> could i make a motion to
8:10 am
move 12 and 13 to next month western mark i haven't had a chance to read through all the meeting minutes . if you don't mind. >> i don't mind if it's okay with the othercommissioners . >> thank you. >> so who made a motion to continue? >> commissionerbito made a motion to continue . >> if commissioners could reach out with any questions or comments, you could even do it within the next week or so because just generally, the content remains the same. we're just trying to correct things like accounting that was maybe incorrect or something but i'll talk to you guys
8:11 am
off-line because generally we make alot of changes. i know one change i have to make is that may 19 commissioner wasnot listed on the roster . like those kinds of things or something with that competence . then our next item is14, adjournment is there a motion to adjourn us to mark . >> motion to adjourn . >> isecond . >> all commissioners in favor. thank you. we arenow adjourned at 12:40 3 pm . >> thank you. welcome to the ep did you know that many buildings in san francisco are not bolted
8:12 am
to the foundation on today's episode we'll learn how the option to bolt our foundation in an earthquake. >> hi, everybody welcome to another episode of stay safe i'm the director of earthquake safety in the city and county of san francisco i'm joined by a friend matt. >> thank you thanks for being with us we're in a garage but at the el cap center south of market in san francisco what we've done a simulated the garage to show you what it is like to make the improvements and reduce the reflexes of earthquake we're looking at foundation bolts what do they do. >> the foundation bolts are
8:13 am
one of the strengthening system they hold the lowest piece of wood onto the foundation that prevents the allows from sliding during an earthquake that is a bolt over the original construction and these are typically put in along the foundation to secure the house to the foundation one of the things we'll show you many types of bolts let's go outside and show the vufrdz we're outside the epic center in downtown san francisco we'll show 3 different types of bolts we have a e poxy anchor. >> it is a type of anchor that is adhesive and this is a rod we'll embed both the awe hey that embeds it into the foundation that will flip over a
8:14 am
big square washer so it secured the mud sell to the foundation we'll need to big drill luckily we have peter from the company that will help us drill the first hole. >> so, now we have the hole drilled i'll stick the bolt in and e post-office box it. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea but the dust will prevent the e post-office box from bonding we need to clean the hole out first. >> so, now we have properly cleaned hole what's the next step. >> the next step to use e post-office box 2 consultants that mixes this together and get them into tubes and put a notice
8:15 am
he will into the hole and put the e post-office box slowly and have a hole with e post-office box. >> now it is important to worm or remember when you bolt our own foundation you have to go to 9 department of building inspection and get a permit before you start what should we look at next what i did next bolt. >> a couple of anchors that expand and we can try to next that will take a hole that hole is drilled slightly larger marathon the anchor size for the e post-office box to flow around the anchor and at expansion is going into the hole the same diameter we'll switch the holes
8:16 am
so, now we have the second hole drilled what next. >> this is the anchor and this one has hard and steel threads that cuts their way into the concrete it is a ti ton anchor with the same large square so similar this didn't require e post-office box. >> that's correct you don't needed for the e post-office box to adhere overnight it will stick more easily.
8:17 am
>> and so, now it is good to go is that it. >> that's it. >> the third anchor is a universal foundation plate when you don't have room above our foundation to drill from the top. >> so, now we have our
8:18 am
foundation plate and the tightened screw a couple of ways to take care of a foundation what's the best. >> the best one depends on what your house is like and our contractors experience they're sometimes considered the cadillac anchor and triplely instead of not witting for the e post-office box this is essentially to use when you don't have the overhead for the foundation it really depends on the contractor and engineering what they prefer. >> talking to a qualified professional and see what
8:19 am
8:20 am
and, thank you for joining us. i am sister roma. a 34-year member of the san francisco sisters of perpetual indulgence. [applause] >> it says "hold for applause." thank you. thank you. i am truly honored to join you today for this historical event. as your host, as we recognize the nation's first transgender history month right here in san francisco. [applause] >> i would like to begin by thanking our wonderful