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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  October 12, 2021 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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.>> i'm blanking out on her last name. i think she is on the cannabis oversight committee as well. i think it would be great to follow the tradition. that would be great. >> excellent. we are of one mind. is that a motion to send the committee the report to the board of supervisors. >> yes. thank you. moving the motion. >> all right.
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mr. clerk, roll call, please. >> on that motion. (roll call). the motion passes without objection. mr. milley will be recommended to the committee. next on the agenda is permitting travel who have adopted laws on or before october 21, 2021. work on the contract
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prescriptive abortion laws. we're still seeing states today discriminate against the lgbtq community as well as suppress the women's right to choose. since the 2020 presidential
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election, nine states including arizona, arkansas, florida, georgia, texas, and wyoming have enacted laws that restrict rights to vote. an active voter list by removing those who have not voted in prior elections, ending voter registration. banning elector ballots. many of these states are already on the states travel ban list. this list will most likely include arizona. an active voter list.
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many thousands of voters could be removed from the list. arizona have expanded ballot requirements from a democratic secretary of state. institute a voter i.d. provision for in person vote. throughout history there have been restrictive law it prohibit persons of color and women from voting in this vote. they have made it clear to make it harder for black voters and women to vote. this threatens our democracy as a whole. states with laws that don't include voting at a polling place. satisfying an identification
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requirement. laws limiting or prohibiting local election departments absentee ballots. prepaid postage or mail in ballots and restriction of voting hours. under this legislation, the city will not be required or pay for any of its employees or officers to travel to a state on the list. on a more positive note, i do want to commend the 17 states that have passed laws for voters. we should not be putting city funds towards travel to make it harder to vote. by adopting these amendments san francisco is taking a stand against voter restriction in
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this country. thank you. >> thank you. any comments from committee members. supervisor mandleman. >> thank you for bringing up this legislation which i'll be supporting today. what the states are trying to do is abhorrent, offensive, unamerican, given san franciscan have already taken these steps for states discriminating queer folks and women, laws and prohibitions that are designed to keep people of color from voting to weigh in. i absolutely support the travel ban. i have some concerns, i'm
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maining looking at this in the state that's have passed laws that are targeting lgbt people and in particular trans folks, senator weiner enacted. i believe it's right for san francisco to put their money where their mouth is. i'm also cognizant that there are queer people and people of color and lots of women in these states. in some cases there are businesses that are owned by or doing their best to lift up women and people of color and queer folks in these states. although i believe we need to pass this legislation, i also hope that folks be willing to engage with me as we move forward thinking about particular around queer people
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if there's some ways to recognize companies that are doing good work in these states, that are doing the work of change in those states. if there's a business that's being led by an african american lesbian in louisiana, i would support that legislation. i'll be reaching out to all of you to think about potential offerings in the future. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. why don't we go to public comment -- i'm sorry. i can't deal with this. can we have in person meetings again, mr. president. go ahead president walton.
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>> i believe we left in person meetings up to the chair. >> i'm all for it. >> i would love to work with you on that. it puts us in a conundrum. as we look at the history of the united states, there are things that are positive for black people. we have black colleges and ufts. universities. we want to promote legislation for black people. they continue to push laws that discriminate against people of color. i'm all for looking to support
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the people want to help them in positive ways. i'm with you and definitely would love to work with you. >> thank you. why don't we go to public item on this item. any members of the public here for item two. >> yes. member of the public wishing to make comment on item number two. if you haven't already done so please press star three to line towp speak. up to speak. we currently have one person on the line for public comment. >> first speaker, please. >> no objection to the
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legislation. makes total sense. we should not be doing business with those states. i appreciate president walton bringing this. i do note this section 12x point 24 there's a covered state list. under subsection c there, it shall be posted on the city administrators website. i think that's very helpful. i'm just wondering if there is or could be a more comprehensive list either on the oca or controller or city administrator somewhere that's comprehensive and lists all of the states and places and types of businesses that san francisco does not travel to or do business with for all the various reasons.
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those are codifies in various places, i'm not aware there's a comprehensive list. i think that would be helpful. it's great to see tom owens name. it's nice to see him doing some work. thank you very much for listening. >> are there any other nebs fors of the public for this item. >> no other members from the public on this item. >> public comment is closed. thank you for bringing this change to the rules committee. i would love to add my name as a cosponsor and send this to the full board with positive recommendation on that motion, a roll call please. >> on that motion, (roll call).
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the motion passes without objection. >> thank you. could you please read the next item. item no. 3, appointing six members, terms ending 2022, advisory committee. >> thank you, mr. young. colleagues and welcome supervisepreston. as a threshold i was going through 13 applicants for six seats. i was rather startled that there was only one tenant applicant for the tenant seat.
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i found that would be rather odd and took it upon myself to call supervisor preston over the weekend and found out how that could be. i think a lot of the folks interested go to the panning department's website. as they ought to in so far as the planning department is staffed for this advisory committee under the law. if you go to that web page, it actually did not list seat one as being open. it listed other seats but not seat one. what i would like to do is a threshold matter is continue seat one so that we can have a
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better public process relative to making that available to interested parties and proceed with seats two through six having said that, i will turn it over to supervisor preston for some opening remarks. if you want to do it now or later and go to the applicants in the order they appear. however, i have received notification that mr. henderson has to go teach a class at san francisco state. i'll call him first out of order so he can teach that class and accommodate that request. >> thank you. it sounds like there may be something time sensitive for one
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of the applicants, i'm happy to defer remarks. i'm happy to defer for seat one. we didn't know until the agenda came out that seat one was open for applicants. that concurs with your statement for making sure that's open for folks to be aware of before making decisions on that. i'm happy to defer remarks. >> all right. if there are no other remarks from committee members. let's start with mr. henderson and we'll go to speakers in order that they appear on the agenda. good morning. is mr. henderson there.
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mr. clerk? >> we are checking. it does not appear that he is currently logged in at the moment. >> so much for that special request. we'll go to daniel for seat one. i'll be making a motion to sever seat one and making a call back to the chair. would you like to wait until a future meeting. all right. let's go to eric -- i don't know if i pronounced that correctly. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to speak. thank you for the clarification. i would have applied under seat one because i am a tenant.
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seat two seems to be a resident, homenner. homeowner. i definitely don't own my home. >> i noted that on your application. seat two which are you not qualified for because you are not a homeowner. at any rate, we can't appoint you to seat two. you may want to fill that form out again. however, the floor is yours for no longer than two minutes. >> i would like to build my statement in the hub area. the market street plan and found
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it to be incredibly illuminating. i primarily focused on sections five and seven. my apartment faces market street between goth and franklin. i understand the jack hammering. we're right around the corner from each other. that said, i think this section of the plan area faces some really specific challenges that the plan does go onto address really thoroughly especially in section seven, whereas the transit portion in section five does go onto expand the plan area all the way to the hayes
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valley. there are parts of it described in the plan as a no human plan due to asphalt and congestioned traffic. plan goods onto recommend that rate and sustained plan elements needs to be a part of the plan coming to fruition. one of my qualifications as stake holders is to see this plan come to fruition. a more liveable, walkable transition. that was the crux of my analysis was this continued and sustained pressure needs to be continuously applied to ensure
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plans are enacted. >> two minutes is up. >> thank you. >> sorry. i just want to note that mr. henderson just logged in. >> okay. the floor is yours. i understand you have a class that is to proceed shortly. not to exceed two minutes. you are on mute. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to speak. i do have to teach a class in a few minutes. it's actually a urban transportation class. i've been involved with mark and octavia for quite some time.
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worked on the innovative progressive parking standards that the plan spear headed. i would lake to continue my involvement with this plan because there are some huge multiple moving pieces that are going to impact this part of the city. the circulation patterns and traffic issues have not been finished. we have a will the more work to do to really address the bigger issues of thousands if not over a hundred thousand vehicles a day coming through there. transit capacity is woefully inadequate. dove tailing with the need to reduce the bus service before the pandemic. you couldn't even get on a bus. we need to pick up where we left
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up on the prepandemic period. transit capacity was really a mess. this area has great potential as a bicycle oriented area. also delivery. this area is severely impacted by the gig economy, delivery, the uber's, and lyft's. none of that was approved. we need more housing in the center of the city but it needs to be affordable housing.
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i may have gone over a few seconds. i do apologize. >> thank you. the next applicant mr. sterns has withdrawn. we go to francis. the floor is yours. let's go to tracy jacks who i know has joined us.
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tracy, you're on mute. >> apologize. good morning and thank you for the opportunity and for considering me for this seat. as someone who has been part of the neighborhood association and the transportation and planning committee and someone who has been active in the community since i purchased by condo here, i'm very interested -- i have a vested interest and the goings on in the market area because it impacts my daily life. i would be honored to have a voice on this committee when it's making decisions and advising the board of
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supervisors. thank you. >> thank you mrs. jacks. now we'll go to benjamin. >> i've been a homeowner for seven years. i worked on the transportation planning committee and related projects the whole time. i'm one of the defacto historians and writer of history. most of the time is volunteering the rfp perfects he is for the 90's and 2000s. i'd like to be more formerly involved.
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i have personal experience on doing work on my home. i think just a healthy affirmative vision of what the future should look like. inclusive and increased housing, diverse mobility. looking forward to welcoming large numbers of new neighbors and ensure they have good housing and mobility and design. i would like to be involved in helping steward. i would be honored in sitting on the cac.
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i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. and thank you for the e-mails you have sent us. with that we'll go to michael rooney. adam roberts i know is with yous. >> i live here. i'm part -- a bit of background about myself. i've been in this home since march of 2020. i was an advisory neighborhood commissioner. soliciting input neighbors, that is going to be particularly important. i really appreciate your consideration of my application
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and happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you. seeing no questions. why don't we go onto autumn. the previous individual mr. lee withdrew. autumn, are you with us? >> autumn is the only applicant for c4. why don't we go onto gail for seat five. >> hi there. can you hear me now? >> yes, we can. >> can you see me? >> yes. >> okay. i'm gail. i'm applying for seat number
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five. i'm a long standing supporter of the plan and my goal as the cac member is to faithfully implement the plan. i've lived in san francisco for 45 years. it's always been my goal to constructively engage in the community. i served on the board for three years as president. my full understanding of the market plan began as a member of the planning committee. i was often the substitute chair. my activism has prepared me for this seat. some of my accomplishments and organizations and groups include gang violence reduction and engaging at risk youth.
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many accomplishments including the complete rebuild of the hayes valley park. here is my six point agenda should you recommend me for seat five. building the plan, adding parcel l with k for affordable housing. expanding space. more public spaces throughout the hub as well as safety measures around pedestrians and psychists. our transit first priority in how we live and work. bringing justice to those most impacted in the western edition by the central freeway
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construction. advocating for the removal of the essential freeway back to bryant. a false accusation was made in using my influence and a report i believe will put this matter to rest on october 15th. happy to take any questions. >> thank you. our next applicant is madelyn. >> autumn let's go to you.
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>> i'm interested in furthering my work in the community by working with you all. >> i don't think we have any questions. appreciate you showing up this morning. we will now go to madeline howard. >> thank you all for having me today.
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i'm a resident. i have a huge interest in the activation of the corridor via this committee due to arts, entertainment, social justice, and the historic and iconic way that san francisco does it. i'm currently a non voting member of the hayes valley evaluation. i'm a events curator coordinator. i moved approximately three years ago now. in the summer of 2020 found
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hayes valley association and art works and have been a member every since. in our uprising of 2020 felt the need to get active and participated in door knocking. i'm a cool kid. you guys want me. thank you very much. >> are any of the individuals that i called on here. doesn't sound like it. why don't we go to public comment on this item. are there any members of the public who wish to testify.
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>> yes. members of the public who wish to testify. if you haven't already done so please press star three to line up to speak. it appears we have one member of the public for public comment at this time. >> please proceed. >> can you hear me now? >> proceed. >> yes. david again. brief points here. to victor or the staff, please update the information sheet to reflect the planning department move, the address and phone number changed. if anyone was following up on
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the information sheet, they would not have been able to reach the planning department. the market plan assumed transit on both hayes streets which mta should restore. i support the efforts to that end. if jeremy lee was removed, i assume that will be moved to the call of the chair. thank you very much.
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>> i would like to offer some remarks. i understand this has been somewhat of a transition period for the cac with a number of seats vacant. i hope with this city's support, this will begin a new chapter for the cac. i think the cac can play a really important role in the neighborhood. the applicants before this body are ready and able to provide oversight on improvements and
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funding and what matters to the residents who live within the boundaries of the plan area. the applicants who you have heard from, my office have encouraged qualified neighbors to apply. thank you to all the candidates who did apply. we urge all candidates for the selective committee to remain engaged and stay in contact with our office or your supervisor as the case may be and also with the folks who are ultimately selected for the cac. i would like to briefly speak on some of the candidates. my office urges the committee to support today. thank you for hearing from them
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today. first tracy jacks. an enthusiastic volunteer to get the shared spaces program which has been a huge success off the ground during the pandemic. autumn, i was proud to nominate to the legacy business registry recently. she is a dedicated neighborhood volunteer. jason hennedder son. chair of the planning committee, a visionary of sustainable urban
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design. one of the first people that our office called when complex transportation and land use issues come up for district five. madeline, a queer buy racial artist. many programs, as she mentioned. lastly, i want to mention, my office has been in contact with a number of applicants as well as chair peskin and believe there are configurations that can accommodate the slate that i've described. the current applicant for seat six would also qualify for seats three and tracy jacks currently a seat for seat two could be moved for the at large seat,
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seat six if that is the committee's preference. thank you for your time and consideration on this cac and frankly on all the various bodies that come before you. thank you for getting the best candidates for these positions and moving these forward. >> thank you for your vetting of these candidates and suggestions on how this puzzle might be put together. thank you to all the applicants. i want to reiterate that whether you are recommended for appointment this morning or in the, we seriously urge you to stay involved in the process that has been going on since the earthquake. with that supervisor mandleman.
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>> thank you. i think the slate that was mentioned makes a lot of sense. i would hope to put before professor rudy for seat two. he is on a flight this morning. if some of these are go to go going toget continued. i might continue seat two. >> i would like to make an all uncompassing motion to do the following things. continue seat one and two to the call of the chair. and to have mrs. howie in seat
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four. miss jacks in seat six and send those recommendations to the full board with recommendations to seats five and six. and seats one and two to the call of the chair. >> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> if there's no objection on that all encompassing motion. >> we have a recommendation for seat three, jason for seat five. tracy jacks for seat six. seats one and two will get called to a future meeting at the call of the chair. >> that is correct. >> okay. on that motion. (roll call)
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. >> chairman: good morning: