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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  October 14, 2021 3:00am-8:01am PDT

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pike. we also note once again that the transportation study relies on a final feature program that fails to identify items that will create hazardous conditions. the m.n.d. violates the ceqa requirements. the m.n.d.s analysis and conclusions are all premised on the assumption that the building at 447 battery will be demolished which can no longer be assured to the initiation of a landmark building at 447
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battery. with the necessary preconstruction testing, surveys, and information gathering must be done prior to final approval and the specific mitigation measures and alternatives must be identified first. without additional investigation, the m.n.d. is inadequate to specifically inform the public and does not allow the public to observe the mitigation measures. >> clerk: thank you. that concludes your time. >> president walton: thank you. colleagues, do you have any questions for the appellant? i don't see anyone on the roster. madam clerk, we will go to public comment specifically for those who would like to speak in support of the appeal. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. the board will hear public
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testimony from those in support of the appeal of the mitigated negative declaration project on 430 sansome street. speakers will have two minutes to state their comment. there will be a separate hearing for those who are in support of the project. we will hear that in a moment, but first, if you're in this listening queue, and you'd like to make public comment, please press star, three now. the telephone number is streaming across your screen. for those just joining us, it's 415-655-0001, and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d. 2498-328-1045. press pound twice, and you'll hear the meeting discussion but
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you'll be muted. press star, three to enter the queue, and listen for the prompt that you have been unmuted. we do have interpreters standing by, and they know to jump in to assist callers with their presentation this afternoon. all right. so operations, let's hear from our first caller, please. [indiscernible]. >> clerk: all right. so ma'am, are you in support of the project? >> i wanted to speak in the next round [indiscernible]. >> clerk: what you need to do
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is wait for the next round, and when you hear that, press star, three to enter the queue after the presentation. thank you for your patience. mr. atkins, do we have another caller in the queue. >> i pressed the star, three prematurely, and i wish to defer and speak later in support of the project. my name's alec bash. >> clerk: thank you, sir, for your patience. if you're able to wait, press star, three now. that'll put you back into listening mode, and when we take public testimony in support of the project, that's when you'll press star, three again to make your presentation. all right. operations, do we have another caller in the queue? we are specifically taking testimony from the public in support of the appellant. welcome, caller.
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all right. perhaps that's an unattended line. operations, let's go to the next caller, please. welcome, caller. >> operator: madam clerk, that completes the queue. >> clerk: all right. thank you. mr. president? >> president walton: thank you. seeing no other members of the public that want to comment on behalf of the appeal, public comment is now closed. we will now have up to ten minutes for representatives of the planning department. [names read] >> good afternoon. i'd like to request presentation. >> clerk: thank you.
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do we have your slides? >> i have some, and you have mine, too. >> clerk: thank you. we'll assist if you need it. >> thank you. good afternoon, president walton, members of the board of supervisors. i am alana callaghi, planning department staff. i will begin with a brief project overview. the project site is located on the western portion of the block bounded by sansome, washington, and three vacant
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office buildings. the project proposed to demolish the three existing structures and construct a four-story replacement fire station and an approximately 218-foot tall building, which would be 236 feet total, including rooftop equipment, three below grade levels. in this project, the 218-foot tall building would contain either a hotel with 200 rooms, ground floor retail restaurant, and approximately 40,000 square feet of office use and 30,000 square feet of gym use or it would contain 256 residential units, so the tower would have the same size, it would have the same envelope. it would merely have two
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different uses, one primarily hotel, and the other primarily residential. the environmental review process, our primm mitigated negative declaration was published on april 28, 2021, and it found no significant impacts. an appeal was filed on may 18, 2021, and the planning commission affirmed the m.n.d. on july 29, 2021. the fmnd, final mitigated negative declaration, was filed on august 30, and today, we are before you. the follow items the appellant claims, which i will summarize our appeal response. regarding public notice, you can see that, on the right side of your screen, we have an affidavit of mailing, showing that the -- you can see the appellant's address 447 battery street in question. they did receive the public comment. the public comment period ran for 28 days. the appellant received the notice and had an opportunity
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to file an appeal before the end of the public comment period. there has been no comment to the appellant that they received their notice at the end of the public comment period. again, regarding the public description. ceqa my describe multiple options or variants. on your screen, you will see san francisco administrative code, chapter 31, section 20, which talks about multiple projects. the fmnd concludes that either the hotel or residential use, the environmental impacts are the same. this avoids duplicative
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environmental review. on your screen, you'll see some of the reports that were prepared as part of our records to analyze the potential of the 520 sansome project. i'll describe the project at 447 battery street. a landmarking process is separate from ceqa, the california environmental quality act review process. the landmark can have different character defining features than those identified through the ceqa process. [please stand by]
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>> this is mistaken. the historic research evaluation prepared for the two buildings and the analysis under taken by planning department preservation staff did evaluate these properties within the same historic context. however, as stated in the historic resource evaluation and
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included an appendix to the fmnd, the washington street building lacks integrity for the period before 1967. because these two buildings were found to lack or have low integrity, they are not considered potentially eligible for either california -- article 10 landmark status. the appellant has not provided a fair argument to diffuse the determination that the proposed 530 samson street project after implementation of measures.
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in response to traffic circulation or pedestrian safety, the appellant con tends that the department err by -- the department did not project the project as being existing for removed in the future. if you look into the fmnd under the project specific analysis contained review for the project such that it continued and operation under the accumulate active analysis review, it looked at the condition that it was removed. the fmnd measures contain standards to ensure effective of any required action.
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this is contrary to the claims made by the appellant. the vibration impact measures it contains common standards in the existing building at 447 battery street remain. this mitigation monitoring will be performed by the department. in conclusion the fmnd analyzes all required topics. recommendation here is to reject the appeal and uphold the final mitigated negative declaration for the 530 sansome street project. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much for your presentation. any questions for planning?
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i don't see any questions. we are now to call up the project sponsor to speak to us for 10 minutes. i believe we have jim abrams. >> good evening president walton and interviews. i'm land use council. co-sponsor of the 550 sansome project. we like to thank the san francisco planning department and for the work on this project. the fire department has submitted a letter describing the importance of this project which would construct much needed replacement fire station three. we request that you deny the appeal of the project and the appellant has not argued that the project would have a significant impact on environment. the letter and their
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presentation this evening with are filled with misstatements of fact and provide no evidence and substantial evidence that is required under ceqa for this appeal. we know that the appellant is the owner of 447 battery street. our appeal respond to the planning department provide details rebuttals to the claims. however, we wish to address the
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following points raised about the appellants in their presentation. the appellant claims they assume that 447 battery will be demolished. this is incorrect. this is a clear misstatement of fact and appellant's presentation underscores their misstatement. second, the 445 and 439 properties as they indicated are clearly scribed in the m.n.d. the first 26 feet was demolished when washington street was
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expanded and the demolition of a building, especially the first 23 feet, is substantial evidence why hick building may have lost its integrity. there's a significant historic resources report that is in the administrative record and describes why these two buildings are no longer considered to be eligible for the california register. third, the transportation improvements, appellant attempts to undermine the transportation analysis by arguing improperly relies on assumption that the project would be constructed if 447 battery moved forward. the appellant project. appellant assertion is incorrect. it provides that the project will construct the improvements adjacent to the project.
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if the project is approved it will be responsible for implementing the streets changes at 447 battery street. the appellant provided letters from two technical consult constants that they critique the geotech -- the letter restate the conclusion of the report rather than critiquing the analysis. the report is 109-page geotechnical report.
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section 7 of the report addresses what type of showing systems already required to prevent ground water drawdown from adjacent properties including 447 battery. that concludes our presentation. we're here for questions. thank you. >> president walton: thank you mr. abrams. any questions? i don't see any questions from the colleagues. madam clerk, we will now invite members of the public who wish to speak in opposition of the appeal. >> clerk: thank you mr. president. we are now taking testimony for those in opposition to the
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appeal or in support of the project project. the number is 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt enter the meeting i.d., 2498 328 1045. to be added to the speaker queue to provide testimony, press star 3 and when it is your turn the system will send you a prompt. we do have intenters -- interpreters on standby to assist speakers with interpretation needs. do -- do we have callers in the queue? >> caller: mr. president, i'm speaking today on behalf of the
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gateway association. we are place to submit our support of this project. we are part of the former redevelopment area golden gateway lower embarcadero. our complex is comprised of 1254 townhomes. we really support this public private partnership between the city and county of san francisco to create a 19-story mixed use building.
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it's also our sincing that -- understanding it will provide affordable housing fees to which could add approximately 30 low income affordable housing units to the city. >> caller: hello.
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i wanted to speak about our support for the project 530 sansome. this project will guarantee a mutual environment in which the hotel workers will be able to organize a union. that gives them the path to have kind of jobs that will make a difference to live and thrive in the city. we understand that there is an agreement in place that will guarantee construction for the construction of the hotel. it will eventually lead to having much improved conditions for the firefighters who live out of that region. we ask that you support the project as approved. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your
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comments. do we have another caller in the queue? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. >> president walton: thank you. seeing there are no further public speakers in the queue. public comment for this item is now closed. we want to thank you all for your comments. lastly, i will invite the appellant up to present a rebuttal argument. you'll have up to three minutes. >> few quick points with regard to historic resources. impact to the immediate surrounding area could be significant impact under ceqa. only impacts were for from vibration. the potential character features of the 447 building were not identify.
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because the landmarking process is not yet concluded. the department response confirms that the details of the mitigation will be figured out future time and future plan. regarding geotech analysis the project sponsor point to similarities in the analysis which further proves our point. the 447 battery assume that the project would move forward. that the 447 building will be reinforced with a modern foundation system. that no longer is the case. the program will need to be redesigned with a transition zone. several safety measures in the 447 battery building were specifically identified and relied upon in the traffic
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analysis. the popos would need to be designed. there are serious potential impacts to the 447 battery building that have not been addressed. therefore, we respectfully request additional environmental review. i will note that geotechnical engineer eddie lough is available for questions. thank you. >> i will briefly add to direct
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the board's attention to stop the millennium hollywood city of los angeles. it's the otherly -- millennium. if mr. lowe like to speak, you have 30 seconds. >> the issue here at the 530 sansome project moving lady. the question how do you trying to underpin the 447 -- building. the question whether the foundation of 447 is supportive.
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i observed the construction of the fire house -- because my office -- >> clerk: your speaker time has concluded. >> president walton: thank you so much for your public comment and for your rebuttal. this public hearing has been held and it is now filed. as previously discussed, we will now consider whether to affirm or conditionally reverse the approval of a final mitigated negative declaration at 530 sansome street. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: thank you. i would like to say what i always say at the beginning of these hearings, which is that regardless of what i think about the merits of the project itself, in ceqa appeals i judge
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them on the merits of the pleadings and the testimony. i have to say respectfully that this is thoroughly a meritless appeal. the argument around the lack of stable finite project description is incorrect. as set forth by the planning department. you can analyze multiple variants as provided for and admin code section 31.20. frankly, the appellant consistently conflates the 447 battery project with the 530 sansome street project. that battery was long ago determined to be individually eligible for listing in the california register. it has been deemed to be a significant historic resource as the planning department said
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since 1968 and here today. the fact that it is been recommended unanimously by the historic preservation commission as an individual landmark pursuant to article 10, has no bearing on the ceqa matter. it was analyzed as a historic resource and appropriately so. the fmnd does that adequately. the declaration also correctly analyzes the -- and correctly concludes that they are not historic resources and are not eligible. the list goes on. as far as the appellant was able to appeal through the planning
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commission timely to appeal to this body timely. there was no impact there. they didn't bring it up in their verbal pleadings, they have a section here about inadequacy due it a historic relocation. the issues around the geotechnical matter that the appellant brought up were quite well answered by the project sponsor at page 6 of their brief as well as by planning. i would like to move item 44 to approve the mitigated negative declaration and table items 45 and 46. >> president walton: we have a second on the motion? seconded by supervisor mandelman. we have a motion to approve item
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44 and table items 45 and 46 made by supervisor peskin. seconded by supervisor mandelman. please call the roll. >> clerk: on the motion to approve item 44 tabling items 45 and 46. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: item 44 is approved and items 45 and 46 are tabled. please call go special order
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items 47-50. >> clerk: comprised public hearing of persons interested in the determination of exemption from environmental review under the california environmental quality act. issued as a categorical exemption by the planning department for the proposed project at 35 ventura avenue for the proposed property that would consist of approximately 30-foot tall, 3000 square foot single family home. item 48 is motion to affirm the determination by the commission that the project is exempt. item 49 is the conditional reverse of the department's determination. >> president walton: thank you. we have before us a hearing on the appeal of the determination of exemption from environmental
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review for the proposed 35 ventura avenue project. supervisor melgar? >> supervisor melgar: thank you very much. i would like to make a motion to continue item 47-50 to the meeting on tuesday october 26th please. >> president walton: thank you so much. supervisor melgar. we have a motion to continue, seconded by supervisor stefani. >> clerk: mr. president, you are asking me to invite the public to make their testimony on the continuance? >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. >> clerk: can we hear if there's any callers if the queue. let's hear from the first caller who like to provide testimony to the continuation of items 47-50. >> there are in callers in the
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queue. >> president walton: seeing no callers, public comment on these items are now closed. on the motion to continue these items to the october 26th meeting, made by supervisor melgar, seconded by supervisor stefani. >> clerk: on the motion to continue items 47-50 to october 26, 2021. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. the motion to continue these items to the october 26, 2021 meeting is approved unanimously.
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this concludes our 3:00 p.m. special orders. can we place go back to our item number 17? >> clerk: item 17 is an ordinance to de-appropriate funds $43,000 to the recreation and park department, $32,000 to the general services agency city administrator, $70,000 to the department of children youth and their families to department district 7 community grants initiative under participatory project. >> supervisor melgar: i wanted
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to explain little bit for my colleague who are not on the budget committee. this item is for the participatory budgeting process that district 7 engages in. i made a commitment to keep is going for former president norman yee. there was discontinuity in the shortened budget year, we had to do it differently. that's what this is. i would appreciate your support. it goes to beautification project and community projects all over district 7. that is mostly volunteer-led. thank you so much for considering it. >> president walton: thank you supervisor melgar. seeing no one on the roster, we can take this item same house same call. without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading unanimously. please call item number 18.
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>> clerk: a resolution to authorize telecommunication lease for emergency radio telecommunication tower and associated equipment with the california state university for the department of emergency management and the department o technology at 1600 hollowaway avenue. for a yearly initial base rent $92,000 with annual adjustments for term of 20 years to begin on october 1, 2021. >> president walton: i don't see anyone on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 19 is a resolution to approve no fee permit to enter and use portion of log cabin ranch by the conservation district for the creek fish passage project to help protect federally
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threatened trout. for a term of 25 years, finding purpose and determination that the competitive bidding procedures are not required and to adopt the appropriate findings. >> president walton: thank you. i do not see anyone on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. call item number 20. >> clerk: a resolution to authorize an approve lease of telecommunication facility on a portion of the roof at 375 laguna honda boulevard. ten-year term at an initial annual rent of $120,000 with 3% annual adjustment.
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>> president walton: thank you. i don't see anyone on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item 21 is a resolution to retroactively approve a fifth amendment between the adult probation apartment and northpoint software inc. to extend the performance period by 12 months for a total term of 11 years through march 7, 2022 and not exceed amount from $770,000 to $300,000. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. i want to thank the probation department for taking some time with with our office to discuss this item and bring up some
3:42 am
clarity on the contract amendment here, the process and particularly on the compass tool that's at issue. i want to thank budget committee and supervisor safai for raising issue. the reporting shows that the compass return bias results against black defendants. to their credit, probation department has stated they will not be seeking further extensions or amendments of this contract due to their own concerns about the compass tool. i want to urge the department to move that process along as quickly as possible. i have serious concerns about the continued use of a tool with
3:43 am
documented racially biased results. i share adult probation concerns regarding the tool heavy emphasis on arrest intelligender related disparities. i understand that the requested amendment is limited in scope and length. i understand this is a retroactive request. i think this raises pretty significant policy issues that i wish had been brought to the board sooner. based on these, i can't support further use of the compas tool. >> president walton: i don't see anyone early on the -- else on the roster. please call the roll on item 21. >> clerk: on item 21.
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[roll call vote] there are 9 ayes and 2 nos. with supervisors melgar and preston in dissent. >> president walton: this resolution is adopted. please call item number 23. >> clerk: is a resolution to authorize participation in the california housing finance agency's private activity bond volume cap recycling program for multi-family housing revenue bonds and notes amendments
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volume cap recycling. >> president walton: thank you. please call the roll on item 22. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item number 23. >> clerk: a resolution for purchase of real property for
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jamna investments smolinski in e amount of $17.34 million. >> supervisor safai: i want to underscore the importance of this item for our district and our city in particular. as you know, we had a hearing on the conversation about moving aggressively in this particular market and taking advantage in a positive way of something that covid has handed to us in the downturn in our real estate market. this particular hotel has 52 units in my district in the outer mission. it has served the district in many ways in an official way housing people on short-term basis that need assistance in housing. over the last year, many of our veterans that needed supportive housing were moved into this location with the partnership of
3:47 am
source of plowshare with little to zero incidents. this opportunity also allows us to purchase this property with the prop c oversight committee recommended direction if youth purchase funds to acquire properties around the city. i think this the moral obligation of our time to move as aggressively as we can to house people that need supportive housing in a way we have not been able to do in the past. the ability to purchase this building will be less than half of cost what it would take to construct new housing for a similar population. these will be affordable apartments. residents will be paying rent. we have have supportive services on sight. and cherry on top. the pursuit of happiness was
3:48 am
filmed at this location. even hollywood saw the value of using this location to underscore how important it could be in the future for our city. i'm very excited. we've worked with our safe parking working group oversight committee. wholeheartedly the neighborhood leaders that have been involved in this process and working together to show the district 11 can do its share of the excelsior mission. this is something that's super important for our city and community. i ask for your full support. as a budget committee member, we are bringing a whole number of these through our committee as much as we can to make advantage of the opportunity to create more supportive housing options in every part of san francisco as much as possible. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much supervisor safai. seeing no one else on the roster. this resolution is adopted
3:49 am
unanimously. please call item number 24. >> clerk: a resolution to authorize department of public health to accept grant from the hellman program. to bridge the divide between healthcare system through the innovation of providing food is medicine through the clinic-based food pharmacies through may 1, 2025. >> president walton: i do not see anyone. same house same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. call item 25. >> clerk: to amend the planning code to modify the geary masonic special use district for a project within one and one-half miles of the boundary of the district or anywhere in san
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francisco. >> president walton: supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you. colleague, i think you already have a conversation around the project last year while i wasn't here with you, i think that we all know that in terms of market rate housing in 2019, san francisco already -- what san francisco really needs during this housing case is affordable housing. we need affordable housing city wide and everywhere. which is the reason why i'm grateful to supervisor stefani for bringing this legislation forward to make sure that we do continue to hold our developers accountable and making sure we build affordable housing. we also know that the challenges
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with affordable housing is that to create a diverse city that is equitable on social economic and racial condition for all of us. when it comes to equity, we fleed to make sure that we have mixed income neighborhoods all across. in this case, with this legislation, i know we're expanding the area to allow the developer to create affordable housing. i really appreciate supervisor stefani's leadership making the compliment -- commitment that those housing developments will be within district 2 and to continue to create a diverse mixed income neighborhood everywhere in san francisco. i want to have a chance to state
3:52 am
this and let you know that i'm in support of this legislation. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much. supervisor chan. seeing no one else on the roster, we can take this item same house same call. this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. item number 26. >> clerk: an ordinance to amend the planning code to designate 336-398 12th street the san francisco eagle bark to determine ceqa determination and make the appropriate finding. >> president walton: supervisor haney? >> supervisor haney: thank you. today is a remarkable day for our city. the lgbtq community and, we'll be approving the san francisco eagle bar as a landmark in san francisco. i'm happy that we're finally
3:53 am
here at the culmination of it. it's san francisco's oldest lgbtq bar. it opened doors in 1981 at the corner of 12th and harrison for 40 years. sf eagle is one of the remaining leather bars in the area that host history for lgbtq history. it is imperative that we acknowledge the significance and we endeavor to present this rich history from being erased due to the destabilizing pressure of ongoing gentrification and development.
3:54 am
sf eagle bar is a cultural institution and community anchor that deserves all the protection and privileges that the city can provide. i want to thank all of you for your support and especially co-sponsor supervisors mandelman and ronen for supporting this historic landmarking, the planning mission, the lgbt culture district and current owner and historian who have documented the rich leather in lgbt history in san francisco including gale raw ben -- ruben
3:55 am
and s.f. city planners. i want to thank my staff who worked on this diligently to make sure this important part of our history and lgbt history is preserved for generations to come. >> president walton: thank you supervisor haney. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. thank you supervisor haney for your leadership on this. i thought i had done it in committee. may be i neglected to do so. please add me as a sponsor to this item. >> president walton: thank you. see nothing one else on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call item number 27. >> clerk: a resolution to declare the intention of the board of supervisors to rename
3:56 am
donner avenue to charlie way. >> supervisor safai: i'm proud to be co-sponsoring this resolution with you today. thank you for your leadership on this. i want to say couple of words about mr. walker. charlie walker is an iconic name in the san francisco black community and hard knocks story resembles that millions black families. charlie walker is a man with only an eighth grade education. his name is synonymous with businessmen and now his legacy can live forgive in a community that has given life and raised
3:57 am
his children. thank you mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much for cosponsoring. this is one of the most pleasant parts of the job where we get an opportunity to honor someone with so much historic value and held with high regard. i'm excited about moving this forward. i want to thank the rules committee and i want to say to everyone, thank you so much for supporting this as we move forward. with that said, i don't see anyone else on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is adapted unanimously. please call item 28. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the police code pertaining to
3:58 am
cannabis regulation. >> president walton: thank you so much. i don't see anyone on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is passed unanimously. call item number 29. >> clerk: a resolution to accept the report of the city administrator and designate the department of public health, fire department, the health services system, city attorney, treasure tax collector and department of technology healthcare components under the health insurance affordability and accountability act of 1996. >> president walton: please call the roll for item number 29 >> clerk: on item 29. safai is absent. [roll call vote]
3:59 am
there are 10 ayes. >> president walton: this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 30. >> clerk: a resolution to determine that the transfer of liquor license doing business as presidio cocktail as 907 post street will serve the public convenience. >> president walton: i don't see anyone on the roster. we can take this item same house same call. this resolution is adopted
4:00 am
unanimously. please call item number 31. >> clerk: an ordinance to amend the administrative code to repeal the city employee's sexual privacy ordinance to direct the department of of human resources to request that applicants for city employment voluntarily provide unanimous sexual orientation and gender information to direct city departments to request that employees provide unanimous sexual orientation and gender identity information when responding to surveys and to direct d.h.r. to develop systems to retain sexual orientation and gender identity information. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor mandelman: this is a good and important piece of legislation. but in the time between getting voted out of committee and coming before us, department of
4:01 am
human resources realized in conversation in departments that we ought to make changes to it. those changes are substantive. i will ask that we move amendments. then send it back to committee and it will come back here. the issue is that the legislation that we had been considering refer to the anonymous collection of that data. if we're doing this consistently, it needs to be confidentiality. there are some changes related to that and clerical cleanup item in there. the amendments are before you.
4:02 am
i like to move the amendments. >> president walton: do we have a second? seconded by supervisor ronen. on the motion to amend. >> clerk: on the motion to amend item 31. [roll call vote]. safai absent. >> president walton: there are 10 ayes. this motion passes unanimously. >> i like to rerefer that item
4:03 am
back to rules committee. >> president walton: seconded by supervisor peskin. on the motion to rerefer. >> clerk: mr. president, refer it back to the rules committee where it came from. on the motion to refer item 31 to committee. [roll call vote]. supervisor safai is absent. this is a motion to send item 31 to the rules committee -- back to committee. there are 11 ayes.
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>> president walton: this motion passes unanimously. please call item number 32. >> clerk: a motion to appoint louisa mendoza and marc wilson to terms. [roll call vote] there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. this motion is approved
4:05 am
unanimously. please call item number 33. >> clerk: a motion to appoint christine knellson and john kauper, paul bellar. >> supervisor peskin: there's been few gunmans -- there's been a few developments. i would like to make some non-substantive amendments namely to strike so strike scott spertzel, he's withdrawn his request to be appointed.
4:06 am
then to put mr. bellar back in that seat 8. strike paul bellar per his request and then to put ms. elizabeth zareh in seat number 5 leaving seat number 6 vacant which we will conduct a recruitment for as soon as possible. would like to make those amendments. >> president walton: thank you. do we have a second? seconded by supervisor chan. on the motion made by supervisor peskin. seconded by supervisor clan. please call the roll. >> clerk: on the motion to item 33. [roll call vote] there are 11
4:07 am
ayes. >> president walton: this motion is approved unanimously. motion is approved unanimously. on the amended item. >> clerk: item 33 as amended. [roll call vote]
4:08 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. without objection, the amended item is approved unanimously. please call item number 34. >> clerk: a motion to appoint scott patterson, betty packard and ann merrill to the ballot simplification committee. >> president walton: same house same call. this motion is approved unanimously. we are now at items 52, 54 and 55. call them together as item 53
4:09 am
was not sent as a committee report. >> clerk: item 52-55 were considered by oversight committee on thursday september 30, 2021. item 52 was recommendedded as a amended. it's a resolution to respond to the judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2020-2021 civil grand jury report continuity report to urge the mayor to cause the implementation of accepted findings and recommendations through the development of the annual budget for the items. as president said, item 53 was not send to the board as a committee report. item 54 was recommended as amended with the same title, the resolution to respond to the presiding judge of the superior
4:10 am
court on the findings in the civil grand jury report. the fluid concern, san francisco must approve resilience and urge -- item 55 was recommended as amended with the same title. item 55 is a resolution to respond to the presiding judge on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2020-2021 grand jury report. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor preston? >> supervisor preston: thank you. i want to give a little context and some well earned thanks to folks for getting all these materials together and going through what is quite a bit of material on these four reports. last thursday, we leader these
4:11 am
four civil grand jury reports. responses that are before you are in response to their findings and recommendations and i want to start by as i did in committee, recognizing and thanking all the members of the civil grand jury for their work to shine a light on potential inefficiencies and point to improvements that can be made in our government functions. each response requires detail response as provided in statute by the board of supervisors. i want to thank my colleagues on g.a.o. we tooked lead on different reports and responding to them.
4:12 am
my office led on the breaking through to a living age and continuity report. supervisor mandelman led and is leading on the van ness report, which is the one item that is still in committee and will be here soon. i want to recognize all our staff who have worked on those responses. the van ness report, was continued in committee to allow our committee to get further clarity and guidance on the important issues raised in that report.
4:13 am
we'll be hearing that again this thursday. hopefully before the board soon. lastly, i want to recognize again as i did in committee, our g.a.o. clerk, john carol, who put in lot of time and energy in coordinating with departments and the san francisco superior court. finally, the various departments who also had to provide responses in mayor office. i want to thank them for their thorough responses as well. finally, turning to the one grand jury report that i took the lead on. i wanted to make some brief remarks on that. that's breaking through a living wage report. civil grand jury report. came out at a really critical
4:14 am
time a moment when many san francisco residents are living with unrelenting financial insecurity. they are looking to change careers or stuck in jobs that do not pay a living wage in our responsive city. i think the report does many things really well. one of the things is really highlighting the important distinction between minimum wage and a living wage. living wage which allows an individual to support themselves and families, minimum wage often does not. this report also really makes clear the connection between education and existing certificate programs and building the ability for low income san franciscans to actually achieve a living wage and doing so at tuition free city college.
4:15 am
the grand jury report discusses oewd. i look forward to continue to track the outcomes of these efforts. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you. i want to echo our chair of the g.a.o., supervisor preston's
4:16 am
sentiment of thanking everyone. i wanted to highlight for you in the civil grand jury, also the civil grand jury themself specifically on field resilience. we partially disagree on a few items. really mainly is the approach that we really think it's timer the city and county of san francisco shifting its dependency on fuel. to really identify ways and plans to move away from that. we ask for a hearing on the item to ask city administrator to report back for a plan that they are supposed to be able to put together. another part that we partially disagree civil grand jury is
4:17 am
about a location where a site could actually store fuel. we have to disagree that the southeast sector of the city to be an ideal site. there are different kind of plant exists. we thought that for equity, city wide, we should really identify other sites. also mindful of the environmental impact. ultimately we thought the civil grand jury should look or the city should move away from fuel dependence. we understand should the next big earthquake hits us, we got to be ready. those are paths we can take on to work on. i wanted to let you know that is what we have learned. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much supervisor clan.
4:18 am
madam clerk, seeing no one else on roster, i believe we can this same house same call. thee resolutions are adopted unanimously. please call item number 56. >> clerk: considered by rules committee at a regular meeting on monday october 4. to appoint ryan to cannabis oversight committee ending december 23, 2022. >> president walton: we can take this time same house same call. this motion is previewed unanimous. we'ral roll call for introductions. >> clerk: supervisor safai is first up to introduce new business. >> supervisor safai: i'm presenting a resolution as well
4:19 am
as two hearing requests. my first hearing request is regarding -- i'm seeking to receive a better understanding on how we're addressing childhood obesity. this hearing will seek to examine the data and prevalence childhood obesity spanning the past five years. seeing what support we can provide as a city in multiple areas. we're asking that the department of children youth and families and the department of public health are present to talk about these issues with us. second, the second hearing request i'm calling for is has to do with the department of public works. it's rather long process when it
4:20 am
pertains to hiring. the number of hiring of people and staff particularly in the operations department, the am -- the amount of vacancies and the amount of time it takes to fill a position in that department. one of the most important departments in the city responding to calls for service. in the most recent conversation we had, there might be as many as over 70 vacancies in that department. all of that is impacting calls for service. we think deserves a hearing and attention to this matter. we would like the department of public works, the operations division and the leadership, along with the human resources department and our city administrator to come present and be part of that conversation. finally, i'm introducing a resolution that mirrors what has
4:21 am
happened in many cities around the country. urging the secretary interior to recognize the plane crash site of roberto clemente as a historic landmark. he was an iconic american baseball player, model citizen. i first puerto rican player in baseball. roberto clemente challenged stereotypes in the major legislate. sadly on new year's day, he died in a tragic plane crash on his way from puerto rico to nicaragua to deliver humanitarian aid to hurricane victims. we would follow in the footsteps in many cities around the country and urging the department of interior to recognize this plane crash state as a historic landmark. the rest i submit
4:22 am
>> clerk: supervisor stefani. >> supervisor safai: thank you. i'm introducing a resolution to declare october domestic violence awareness month. in san francisco we do not have such a declaration. i have confirmed that. domestic violence awareness month was launched nationwide in october 1987 as a way for individuals and organizations to raise awareness for issues relling to domestic violence. domestic violence is largely still considered a family issue and for families to address in private. however, in the united states over 10 million adults experienced domestic violence annually and one in four women and one in ten men will experience domestic violence. in 2020, 7241 domestic violence related 911 calls were made. 3379 incidents were responded to
4:23 am
by the police. of those incidents, black american and latinx communities were over represented with share of 29% and 27% of the incidents. in 20 between, 79% of survivors of family violence who sought set shelter in san francisco were turned away. domestic violence continues to be a pervasive public health issue that is only been exacerbated in the past year and a half. social isolation, financial hardships and general uncertainty related to covid-19 has created a shadow pandemic with rates of domestic violence intensifying worldwide. qualitative reporting from community-based organizations showed feelings of decreased safety for survivors after the shelter-in-place order took effect. concerns were raised over the potential for underreporting of family violence due to decreased
4:24 am
interaction with mandated reporters because of the pandemic. lastly, dramatically increased throughout the pandemic, gun sales surged across the united states. we know that the presence of gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide for women by 500%. every 16 hours a woman is shot and killed by a spouse or intimate partner in the united states. that is insane. in response to this month's call for domestic violence awareness, i introduced a hearing on the findings and recommendations made in the family violence council tenth annual report in san francisco. on october 28th, my legislation requiring the d.a.
4:25 am
to publish information on cases each month will be heard. specifically that legislation called for reporting on how many cases are presented per month, presented by the police to the d.a.'s office, how many cases d.a. offices filed charges on, what type of charges are filed and what are the final outcomes of those cases. addressing domestic violence requires meaningful intervention, such as 52-week programs focusing on abuse prevention, treatment for mental health and addiction issues or time in custody when necessary. i hope with this resolution we can slow that we stand with all those who have been affected by domestic violence. recognize those individuals and groups who step forward to break the cycle of violence and recommit to cultivating an environment that refuses to accept incidents of abuse as the norm. i want to thank my co-sponsor supervisor mandelman, mel g
4:26 am
peskin, ronen, safai, president walton and chan. to mention that thanks to this board, two years ago, 2019, we passed italian-american heritage month for the month of october. i want to thank you for that. san francisco joined los angeles and boston and proclamations by presidents obama, clinton and george h. w. bush in declaring october italian heritage month. this past sunday my daughter and i joined the 86th annual madonna del luma at fisherman's wharf. it was such a nice ceremony and celebrate our italian heritage.
4:27 am
this weekend, there are many activities in north beach. this is all in supervisor peskin's district. it's a huge importance to me as well. we will be honoring and celebrating our italian heritage in the contributions made to san francisco by italians and italian-american who came over here starting in the 1840s. on washington night there will be a lighting and it will be the kickoff of the italian heritage weekend. that will be on friday night from 6:00 to 8:00. also on sunday, very excited about this. it's the first parade out of the pandemic. we'll be back for 153rd san francisco italian heritage parade. that sunday starts at 12:30 at the foot of jefferson and
4:28 am
stockton street and it will end in washington square. happy italian-american heritage month and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor walton. >> president walton: submit. >> clerk: supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan: thank you. my family love movie nights. the reason i'm introducing a resolution in support of the workers of international alliance of theatrical stage employees. also known as aofse. they are production in
4:29 am
coordinators, writers, cinematographers, customer, script supervisors, technicians, designers and other below the line employees that are the backbone of film and division production. there are near 60,000 workers across the united states and 52,000 in call. in san francisco we have two locals. our union sibling have been in contract bargaining with the alliance motion picture and television placer -- producer. unfortunately, their negotiations has stalled over some basic workplace conditions, including excessively long work days that have developed their own slang. that means when friday work days
4:30 am
extend deep into saturday. they are also asking for breaks for meals and rest so they can put down their equipment for a moment or even sit down. for adequate periods of rest between work days and time to sleep as well as sustainable wages for the same work across platforms. nearly 90% of the members i believe is over 56,000 of them, voted overwhelmly at over 90% authorize a strike. that tells you. they've been suffering. if they strike, this would be
4:31 am
the largest private sector straight in the -- straight in -- strike inthe u.s. this would shut down film and television production in california. today's resolution is to let them know that the city and county of san francisco, this union town, stands in solidarity with their fight with fair wages and urges alliance of motion picture and television producers to bargain in good faith on fair contract. we talk a lot about social economic and racial equity and this immigrant kid, i know lot of my friends back in the day, probably curious and wanting to work in the movie industry. yet, as good kids go, we're asked to choose between our passion or job that pays to
4:32 am
support our families. if we support these workers, perhaps that they are going to be a generations of kids that don't have to decide a good job that pays, versus something that really they're passionate about. thank you to supervisor peskin, ronen and walton for being an early cosponsor. families of color have faced discrimination from the allowing
4:33 am
mark due to racism and inequality. preventing them from building equity and security and widening the gap. i think that will be come in handy for many families working families san francisco. this new program will allow qualified home buyers in the program to build equity. while at twice the race of a conventional 30-year mortgage. we they that black latinos and native americans are under represented in california mortgage lending.
4:34 am
this is why i'm in this resolution urging mayor's office to work together to identify ways to help income residents to purchase their first home and for the pressure's office to continuing working with us and reinvestment in san francisco working group, board of supervisors and -- thank you for cosponsoring. >> clerk: supervisor haney? submit thank you. supervisor mandelman? smith, supervisor melgar, submit. supervisor peskin? submit. supervisor preston.
4:35 am
submit. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor ronen: i want to mention that i'm cosponsoring a resolution approving the an agreement between the city and pg&e to ensure that new affordable housing projects are able to use clean safe public power. something we've been fighting with pg&e about for a long time. this is a major step forward. affordable housing the most important. i wanted to congratulate s sfpuc. >> clerk: mr. president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president walton: we will go back to 11s-13.
4:36 am
>> clerk: items 11-13 before the board, these three items comprised motions for the conditional use authorization >> president walton: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: i'll defer to supervisor haney. >> supervisor haney: -- there's been outpouring of letter about this project. i weighed those as part of our responsibility here to determine whether the requested conditional use authorization. for a group housing project has currently designed is necessary desirable on capable for the
4:37 am
neighborhood. spent lot of time with the planning department over the last few weeks to come up with a set of conditions that can bring the project in line with the needs of the neighborhood. i want to thank all of them as well as my aid to resolve this and find a way forward. the units are small and tiny and lack full kitchens. we have come to the conclusion that the conditional use that is request to authorize this project does not meet the need of the neighborhood. as relates to clear need of neighborhoods for housing for
4:38 am
families. the project will provide level of affordable housing that is half of that that will be required if the project of proposed today. that is deeply problematic. i cannot imagine a project which is 13.5% affordable. the original conditional use authorization was for 176 unit project which was broadly supported by the neighborhood and welcomed more closely conformed to the community hosing needs and the plan to build more housing for families and single adults. this original already approved project which is also a very large project will be one of the largest market rate projects in the tenderloin in recent history.
4:39 am
the original 450 o'farrell project sit well within the context of this tenderloin historic district. this original project preserves the need for a new facility for the church. i confirmed with the planning department that the project sponsor can still move forward under the original conditional use authorization for this project which will provide nearly 200 units of housing, that is compatible with the neighborhood. that conditional use authorization i support. this one i do not. i'm moving to uphold the appeal and preserve seasonal use organization of the previously approved project which better meets the needs of this
4:40 am
neighborhood. i will make a motion now -- the motion i will make is to table items 11 and improve items 12 and 13. >> supervisor peskin: let me -- at the neighboring supervisor who shares portions of the tenderloin with district 6, address some of the thoughtings that i expressed. some of you expressed at last tuesday's hearing. supervisor haney ash ticklated them. i like to do so more in detail.
4:41 am
i want to further what i think we can conclude and statistic also is a group housing projects that are currently in the tenderloin mid market areas including those with very high turnover of nonpermanent residents that primarily serve transient and temporary populations. i want touch on something that was touched on last week, which
4:42 am
is the issue around the inappropriate grandfathering of the 13.5% inclusionary requirements. on first point, the original policy with the happy -- earlier the same year, that original 2018 project that was approved the planning department released its housing for families with children report that i'm incorporating by referencing this part of the record, which offers guidelines addressing the needs of families including affordability, unit size, number of bedroom, unit storage space like on site child care as well
4:43 am
as the general mismatch of housing topologies. it's clear that the current proem erodes bomb of the -- i tg administrator has made it clear that planning has taken the group housing unit size to the very ceiling at 850 square feet and i think he expressed that even that was pushing the envelope and was a line called. he agreed with that statement. i would argue that the current
4:44 am
proposal does not -- is not necessary and is not compatible and is not desirable as it relates to kitchen facilities. the appellant spoke to the need of kitchen facilities which has been the bear minimum for group housing projects. including market rate and affordable group housing projects. the ability for group housing residents especially families to have functional adequate, food storage, preparation, cooking facilities is essential. this board of supervisors closed a loophole in our housing code to protect group housing from kitchen, demolition and removal. the most recent annual report issued by the san francisco food security task force through the department of public health,
4:45 am
clearly shows, district 6 is the most at risk for food insecurity in the entire city with the most families depending on some kind of government subsidy to food access. community-based organizes like the tenderloin neighborhood area, shows one reasons families and residents are food insecure. the ability to prepare and store healthy meals set forth on page 12 is essential to meeting family food security needs. and in the 12 report speaks on needs of housing residents in the project sponsor said that under the counter, fridge and
4:46 am
microwave is insufficient to meet the requirement, these are much more consistent with dorm rooms. in 2005 zoning administrator interpretations of the planning code that allowed for fast and loose interpretation of limited kitchen as being sufficient in group housing. there's a very good case that this housing is not intended for permanent residents. stating recently department practices, has been allow limited kitchen facilities in hotel rooms or suites or
4:47 am
tourists hotels with stays less than 32 consecutive days. these units are not intended for permanent residency. the project sponsor of talking about charging, which he said was $3500 per month average which meant the top was $5000. i think that we're looking at a new project that will likely have a high level of vacancies or it will be short-term rentals which relien an extremely high turnover and transit client mace. we already made findings in our short-term rental legislation that speaks to the impacts like the t.l., which is why we have laws, regulating the residential and hotel construction and
4:48 am
conversion. [please stand bring]
4:49 am
>> supervisor peskin: part of that is by holding project
4:50 am
sponsors accountable for projects that don't meet the needs of the communities. the department of building inspections annual unit usage report which i also incorporate by reference speaks to the high rate of vacancy and having gone through the process of having to identify the group projects upheld by the potential acquisitions of the city to serve as supportive permanent housing through what we've been discussing today. i can tell you that there is a reason that so many are on the market including the panoramic which was the efficiency unit project that was supposed to bring down rents in the mid market and soma areas in which the city is now looking at buying because it wasn't successful and has vacancies.
4:51 am
the transient needs from these communities is not what the community asked for. it had been at its best with engaged permanent residents to advocate things like open streets, patronize local small businesses and volunteer in the neighborhood activities and, finally, on the last point, there is legitimate concerns. i know the housing project wants to qualify as group housing, but we're not going there, not today, and hopefully not forever. baseded on all of these issues, i am happy to second the motion to table item 11 and approve items 12 and 13. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor melgar. >> supervisor melgar: thank you, president walton. thank you, supervisor peskin,
4:52 am
for those excellent remarks. i appreciate that. i will be supporting supervisor haney's motion and i just wanted to talk a little bit of the district as a supervisor. we have a bunch of our districts zoned for religious use. and we are seeing a lot of these institutions whose memberships are dwindling looking at ways to reuse their properties. and i absolutely support that and i think we as a city should support that and make it easy for folks to be able to meet community needs. and also, you know, the needs of those congregations, so i'm very excited about that. that being said, i just wanted to address specifically some of the arguments that were made by the project sponsor when we heard this last. and, basically, what they said
4:53 am
was, you know, the 2018 entitled project lost financing. and, what that means is the project sponsor had a plan the project went to the money people. the money people looked at their assumptions and said, there's no way you're going to get that rent for these apartments in the tenderloin, of course. so coming back to entitle a different project that can make the same level of profit that they were expecting wrongly to make in 2018 and i just don't feel like as a city that is a responsibility that we should take on in terms of guaranteeing a return for the investment of a particular project. we are loong at what's necessary and desirable and, sure, what's doable, but that's not something that should guide an appeal for us and i think that in terms of good policy
4:54 am
making, we should look at this world that we're now living in and helping institutions reutilize their land, but it has to work for the community and i hope that we can all get that done. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor melgar. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: yes. colleagues, i do want to support the motion. i also want to draw your attention to the fact that this isn't the only promise that has promised one thing when getting entitled and then pulling a major 'switch-a-roo' after the fact and i want to thank supervisor chan for her early co-sponsorship of that because we've seen this movie before and it's just not right.
4:55 am
and so i wanted to just take a moment to alert you all this would be before the planning commission and then the land use committee up coming, but this is a problem we need to fix legislatively for the future. this project is a little different, but it's following that same trend of entitled projects being -- it's significantly changed after the fact and there being very little process or consequence around that. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. and i would just say i want to add my comments or equate my comments to supervisor melgar, supervisor peskin, and supervisor ronen and just say that this type of housing is anti-family. it's anti-community and so we
4:56 am
have a responsibility to combat that. with that said, we do have a motion on the floor which i believe is to conditionally disapprove the decision of the planning commission and disapproving the conditional use authorization at 450 to 474 o'farrell street and 532 jones street to approve items 11-13. >> clerk: on the motion to table item 11 and approve item 13. [roll call]
4:57 am
there are 11 ayes. >> president walton: thank you. and without objections, item 11 is tabled and items 12 and 13 are approved. madam clerk, i believe we are now at public comment. >> clerk: yes. at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. and avoid the signalled delays to listen from your touch phones where you'll be able to provide your public comment. the telephone number is streaming on your screen. it's (415) 655-0001. when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting id 24983281045 press pound twice. you'll have joined the meeting, you'll hear the discussion, you'll be muted and in the listening queue. to be added to the speaker's queue to provide comment, press star three and when it is your turn, the system will send you a prompt. listen carefully for you have
4:58 am
been unmuted and just begin speaking your comments. during this public comment, you may speak to the subject matter jurisdiction of the board of supervisors. and items 59 through 65, the item on the without reference to committee calendar. all other agenda content has had its public comment requirement fulfilled at the committee level. we do have interpreters on stand by and they are ready to jump in to assist public with their interpretation. operations, let's see here. i think we have three callers who are listening, and one caller in the queue. this could go very quickly. if you're part of the three who are listening, press star three now to make your public comment. mr. atkins, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: good evening. this is peter warfield, executive director of library
4:59 am
users association. library today facebook was once again the center of the hearing in the senate. on the subject protecting kids online testimony from a facebook whistler. we learned that facebook, well, for some people it's already well-known, facebook does not respect users' privacy. facebook prioritizes its products over safety and profits versus harm including to children. and its own research has shown that facebook prungts has caused increased the thoughts of suicide by those who are using its instagram and fully understand this is part of social media addiction which they knowingly seek for their users. so what does the library have to do with all of this? the library is continually tauting facebook to the library's users. the library likes to say it's a safe environment for all of its
5:00 am
users, so why does it taut the use of facebook? example: the library's monthly use programs of the library events. the library repeatedly tauts using facebook and instagram. on page two in the october issue as an example, a headline reads 'get social' and then tauts facebook and instagram. page seven has a similar box saying, 'get social with friends' and it says 'stay connect wednesday all the latest happenings,' and the bottom of the page shows icons of facebook and instagram. this is really contrary to ethical librarianship to protect the privacy of library users as being essential to library freedom and should not go on. we've been talking to them for a long time and they haven't
5:01 am
done a thing about it. this is something you should look in to. thank you very much. >> clerk: all right. operations, let's hear from our next caller, please. welcome, caller. >> caller: yes. this is david elliott lewis with just a couple of items. one, tomorrow, wednesday, at 3:00 p.m., there's going to be an outdoor memorial celebration of the life of gale packwood c. graves. gale has worked on several supervisor campaigns including matt haney and others and it will be at beau decker park at 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for people who want to say a few words. up to two minutes per speaker, just like public comment here. i hope i'm just putting out that invite to the community. it's hopefully covid safe, masks required, socially distanced, outdoor event celebration of gale packwood c.
5:02 am
graves. so you're invited and thank you for your last vote on 450 o'farrell. the community really appreciates it. that's all. have a great night and thank you for your good work. signing off. >> clerk: thank you for your good comments this evening. okay. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good evening, supervisors. i'm the co-chair with family services. i just wanted to support the resolution which would urge the biden administration to direct fema funding to sustain support for san francisco's shelter-in-place hotel program. that program has been really critical and has supported so many people that have that sense of dignity they get. the door closes when they have a safe place to sleep and a
5:03 am
safe place to shower. and i only wish we had not proceeded with our s.i.p. hotel wind down so soon. i really wish we dill had those programs as we advocate for this. thank you very much for the resolution and the community fully supports it. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. we have six callers who are listening. three callers in the queue. so if you'd like to provide comment this evening, press star three now otherwise we might take this last group to the very end. welcome, caller. >> caller: yeah. thank you. good evening, president walton, supervisors. my name is wesley saber and i am a policy manager for glide. thank you, supervisor haney, for introducing legislation urging president joe biden to direct fema for the s.i.p. hotel program on behalf of glide. i urge the board to vote
5:04 am
unanimously on this resolution. we know in the midst of the pandemic, things are constantly changing, and when that mind as the city continues to relocate current recipients and hotel acquisitions that we applaud to ensure every unhoused person has the option for safe shelter. the newly emptied hotel rooms should be made empty. i've committed an associated letter and testimony from one of our case managers about the strengths and successes of the s.i.p. hotel and we are seeing all sorts of people at glide's doors and through our outreach asking for assistance and these are necessary and responsible moves. thank you very much and, again, we urge your support for the resolution. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, let's hear from
5:05 am
another caller, please. >> caller: good evening, supervisors. my name is carlos watkins. i'm the organizer on the coalition for homelessness. i'm calling to thank supervisor haney for bringing forth item 59 on the resolution to urge president joe biden to extend the fema funding for the s.i.p. hotel and i want to encourage the rest of the board to support this resolution. it's really indescribable without seeing for yourself how impactful the s.i.p. hotels for every person that's been able to stay in them. and it's been essential to providing some level of safety from the covid-19 pandemic to some of our most vulnerable populations. and, are as we've seen over the last year and a half or so, the nature of this pandemic is super unpredictable. i mean, most of us thought it was over during the summer and delta came in and totally
5:06 am
caused havoc and then we began winding down our hotel programs. we need to be keeping these hotels as long as possible so we know for sure we're past this pandemic and our vulnerable communities are safe from it and we need to be allowing as many people as possible to stay in these hotels. and to treat housing like it is as a human right and as of an essential form of health care and really extending the lives and the health and the well being of as many people as possible using federal funding. so thank you. please support this resolution. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: good evening. this is anastasiya. i just want to thank all of you supervisors and the secretary for all the work that you've put in for us. the residents of san francisco
5:07 am
homeless or at-risk residents. you've been doing a wonderful job and i know your heart is in the right place all of you working together. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. operations, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: yes. my name is michael nulty. one of the previous meetings you misspelled my name. it was spelt n-o-l-t-e. i'm calling because i'm the
5:08 am
executive director. i hope that the board seeing the impacts of group housing in the various neighborhoods including the tenderloin and could do some legislation which has happened in other neighborhoods and the tenderloin. i think this kind of legislation needs to happen and needs to happen now. so no more developers start planning unnecessary development in our neighborhood because it causes the volunteer organizers and volunteer residents having to organize that don't get paid and have to go through a whole process of dealing with a planning process that a lot of tombs we don't know how long it's going to take for our neighborhood to get heard about these kinds of
5:09 am
issues. so, could you please help us with our needs and come up with legislation to ban any further group housing in our neighborhood? thank you. >> clerk: thank you, mr. nolte. we'll get it right. all right. next caller, please. >> madam clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: okay. thank you, mr. atkins. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you so much to all of our callers. seeing that no one else is in the queue, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, let's go to our adoption without committee reference agenda. please call items 59 through 63 and item 65 as item 64 has been addressed and approved unanimously. >> clerk: items 59-63 and 65.
5:10 am
alternatively, a supervisor may require a resolution to go to committee. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you. can you just remove item number 62? >> clerk: 62. >> supervisor safai: yes. >> clerk: okay. >> president walton: remove it? >> supervisor safai: i mean, sever. sorry, aaron. gosh. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. seeing no one else on the roster, madam clerk, would you please call the roll for items 59, 60, 61 and 63. >> clerk: and 65? okay. for items 59, 60, 61, and 65,
5:11 am
[roll call] >> president walton: thank you. and without objections, these resolutions are adopted and these motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, would you clooez call item number 62. >> clerk: item 62 is a resolution to recognize every october as dislexia awareness month in the city and county of san francisco. >> president walton: thank you. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you, mr. president. i was just reminded by my son. i just wanted to add a couple things. he wanted me to remind on the record for this month, talk about some of the famous people that are dislexic. i want to start by one of his favorites which is muhammad ali
5:12 am
and then his second favorite is albert einstein. steve jobs, motsart, governor wilson, all had dislexia and have found ways to get that. so i just wanted to get that on the record. also, another point to contrast that with, there are estimates at 30% to 40% of our prison population also suffers from dislexia. so it's two ends of the spectrum. those that have the support early on. those that have the family support and the early education support and those that don't in what that means in terms of early awareness and early intervention. i just wanted to get that on the record. there's also a tremendous number of people that are not diagnosed until later in their lives that are confronted with
5:13 am
so many times they're told to try harder, work harder, apply themselves more, focus more and it's something that is somewhat of a psychological burden that they carry for their life if they're not diagnosed at an early age and given that support and many times turned off from our educational system in the worst case in prison because of what has happened to them in their lives in terms of isolation. so i just wanted to get that on the record. i also wanted to thank president walton, supervisor chan, supervisor ronen, supervisor preston for sponsoring me. thank you for your support. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: please add me as a cosponsor.
5:14 am
>> president walton: thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: likewise. >> president walton: thank you. we appreciate you for calling attention to this matter. >> supervisor safai: thank you all for your support. >> president walton: thank you. and seeing no one else on the roster, i believe we can take this item same house same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, do we have any imperative agenda items? >> clerk: i have none to present, mr. president. >> president walton: colleagues, this brings us to the end of our agenda. madam clerk, is there any further business before us today? >> clerk: that concludes our business for today. >> president walton: as we part, never forget that justice is what love looks like in public. cornell west. this meeting is adjourneded.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
>> candlestick park known also as the stick was an outdoor stadium for sports and entertainment. built between 1958 to 1960, it was located in the bayview hunters point where it was home to the san francisco giants and
5:23 am
49ers. the last event held was a concert in late 2014. it was demolished in 2015. mlb team the san francisco giants played at candlestick from 1960-1999. fans came to see players such a willie mays and barry bonds, over 38 seasons in the open ballpark. an upper deck expansion was added in the 1970s. there are two world series played at the stick in 1962 and in 198 9. during the 1989 world series against the oakland as they were shook by an earthquake. candlestick's enclosure had minor damages from the quake but its design saved thousands of lives. nfl team the san francisco 49ers played at candlestick from feign
5:24 am
71-2013. it was home to five-time super bowl champion teams and hall of fame players by joe montana, jerry rice and steve jones. in 1982, the game-winning touchdown pass from joe montana to dwight clark was known as "the catch." leading the niners to their first super bowl. the 49ers hosted eight n.f.c. championship games including the 2001 season that ended with a loss to the new york giants. in 201, the last event held at candlestick park was a concert by paul mccartney who played with the beatles in 1966, the stadium's first concert. demolition of the stick began in late 2014 and it was completed in september 2015. the giants had moved to pacific rail park in 2000 while the 49ers moved to santa clara in 2014. with structural claims and numerous name changes, many have
5:25 am
passed through and will remember candlestick park as home to the legendary athletes and entertainment. these memorable moments will live on in a place called the stick. (♪♪♪)
5:26 am
5:27 am
i'm nicole and lindsey, i like the fresh air. when we sign up, it's always so gratifying. we want to be here. so i'm very excite ied to be here today. >> your volunteerism is appreciated most definitely. >> last year we were able to do 6,000 hours volunteering.
5:28 am
without that we can't survive. volunteering is really important because we can't do this. it's important to understand and a concept of learning how to take care of this park. we have almost a 160 acres in the district 10 area. >> it's fun to come out here. >> we have a park. it's better to take some of the stuff off the fences so people can look at the park. >> the street, every time, our friends.
5:29 am
>> i think everybody should give back. we are very fortunate. we are successful with the company and it's time to give back. it's a great place for us. the weather is nice. no rain. beautiful san francisco. >> it's a great way to be able to have fun and give back and walk away with a great feeling. for more opportunities we have volunteering every single day of the week. get in touch with the parks and recreation center so come
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
5:37 am
5:38 am
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5:40 am
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5:45 am
5:46 am
.>> i'm blanking out on her last name. i think she is on the cannabis oversight committee as well. i think it would be great to follow the tradition. that would be great. >> excellent. we are of one mind. is that a motion to send the committee the report to the board of supervisors. >> yes. thank you. moving the motion. >> all right. mr. clerk, roll call, please.
5:47 am
>> on that motion. (roll call). the motion passes without objection. mr. milley will be recommended to the committee. next on the agenda is permitting travel who have adopted laws on or before october 21, 2021. work on the contract
5:48 am
prescriptive abortion laws. we're still seeing states today discriminate against the lgbtq community as well as suppress the women's right to choose. since the 2020 presidential election, nine states including
5:49 am
arizona, arkansas, florida, georgia, texas, and wyoming have enacted laws that restrict rights to vote. an active voter list by removing those who have not voted in prior elections, ending voter registration. banning elector ballots. many of these states are already on the states travel ban list. this list will most likely include arizona. an active voter list. many thousands of voters could be removed from the list.
5:50 am
arizona have expanded ballot requirements from a democratic secretary of state. institute a voter i.d. provision for in person vote. throughout history there have been restrictive law it prohibit persons of color and women from voting in this vote. they have made it clear to make it harder for black voters and women to vote. this threatens our democracy as a whole. states with laws that don't include voting at a polling place. satisfying an identification requirement. laws limiting or prohibiting
5:51 am
local election departments absentee ballots. prepaid postage or mail in ballots and restriction of voting hours. under this legislation, the city will not be required or pay for any of its employees or officers to travel to a state on the list. on a more positive note, i do want to commend the 17 states that have passed laws for voters. we should not be putting city funds towards travel to make it harder to vote. by adopting these amendments san francisco is taking a stand against voter restriction in this country. thank you. >> thank you. any comments from committee
5:52 am
members. supervisor mandleman. >> thank you for bringing up this legislation which i'll be supporting today. what the states are trying to do is abhorrent, offensive, unamerican, given san franciscan have already taken these steps for states discriminating queer folks and women, laws and prohibitions that are designed to keep people of color from voting to weigh in. i absolutely support the travel ban. i have some concerns, i'm maining looking at this in the state that's have passed laws
5:53 am
that are targeting lgbt people and in particular trans folks, senator weiner enacted. i believe it's right for san francisco to put their money where their mouth is. i'm also cognizant that there are queer people and people of color and lots of women in these states. in some cases there are businesses that are owned by or doing their best to lift up women and people of color and queer folks in these states. although i believe we need to pass this legislation, i also hope that folks be willing to engage with me as we move forward thinking about particular around queer people if there's some ways to recognize companies that are doing good work in these states,
5:54 am
that are doing the work of change in those states. if there's a business that's being led by an african american lesbian in louisiana, i would support that legislation. i'll be reaching out to all of you to think about potential offerings in the future. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. why don't we go to public comment -- i'm sorry. i can't deal with this. can we have in person meetings again, mr. president. go ahead president walton. >> i believe we left in person
5:55 am
meetings up to the chair. >> i'm all for it. >> i would love to work with you on that. it puts us in a conundrum. as we look at the history of the united states, there are things that are positive for black people. we have black colleges and ufts. universities. we want to promote legislation for black people. they continue to push laws that discriminate against people of color. i'm all for looking to support the people want to help them in
5:56 am
positive ways. i'm with you and definitely would love to work with you. >> thank you. why don't we go to public item on this item. any members of the public here for item two. >> yes. member of the public wishing to make comment on item number two. if you haven't already done so please press star three to line towp speak. up to speak. we currently have one person on the line for public comment. >> first speaker, please. >> no objection to the legislation. makes total sense. we should not be doing business with those states.
5:57 am
i appreciate president walton bringing this. i do note this section 12x point 24 there's a covered state list. under subsection c there, it shall be posted on the city administrators website. i think that's very helpful. i'm just wondering if there is or could be a more comprehensive list either on the oca or controller or city administrator somewhere that's comprehensive and lists all of the states and places and types of businesses that san francisco does not travel to or do business with for all the various reasons. those are codifies in various places, i'm not aware there's a
5:58 am
comprehensive list. i think that would be helpful. it's great to see tom owens name. it's nice to see him doing some work. thank you very much for listening. >> are there any other nebs fors of the public for this item. >> no other members from the public on this item. >> public comment is closed. thank you for bringing this change to the rules committee. i would love to add my name as a cosponsor and send this to the full board with positive recommendation on that motion, a roll call please. >> on that motion, (roll call).
5:59 am
the motion passes without objection. >> thank you. could you please read the next item. item no. 3, appointing six members, terms ending 2022, advisory committee. >> thank you, mr. young. colleagues and welcome supervisepreston. as a threshold i was going through 13 applicants for six seats. i was rather startled that there was only one tenant applicant for the tenant seat. i found that would be rather odd and took it upon myself to call
6:00 am
supervisor preston over the weekend and found out how that could be. i think a lot of the folks interested go to the panning department's website. as they ought to in so far as the planning department is staffed for this advisory committee under the law. if you go to that web page, it actually did not list seat one as being open. it listed other seats but not seat one. what i would like to do is a threshold matter is continue seat one so that we can have a better public process relative
6:01 am
to making that available to interested parties and proceed with seats two through six having said that, i will turn it over to supervisor preston for some opening remarks. if you want to do it now or later and go to the applicants in the order they appear. however, i have received notification that mr. henderson has to go teach a class at san francisco state. i'll call him first out of order so he can teach that class and accommodate that request. >> thank you. it sounds like there may be something time sensitive for one of the applicants, i'm happy to
6:02 am
defer remarks. i'm happy to defer for seat one. we didn't know until the agenda came out that seat one was open for applicants. that concurs with your statement for making sure that's open for folks to be aware of before making decisions on that. i'm happy to defer remarks. >> all right. if there are no other remarks from committee members. let's start with mr. henderson and we'll go to speakers in order that they appear on the agenda. good morning. is mr. henderson there. mr. clerk? >> we are checking.
6:03 am
it does not appear that he is currently logged in at the moment. >> so much for that special request. we'll go to daniel for seat one. i'll be making a motion to sever seat one and making a call back to the chair. would you like to wait until a future meeting. all right. let's go to eric -- i don't know if i pronounced that correctly. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to speak. thank you for the clarification. i would have applied under seat one because i am a tenant. seat two seems to be a resident,
6:04 am
homenner. homeowner. i definitely don't own my home. >> i noted that on your application. seat two which are you not qualified for because you are not a homeowner. at any rate, we can't appoint you to seat two. you may want to fill that form out again. however, the floor is yours for no longer than two minutes. >> i would like to build my statement in the hub area. the market street plan and found it to be incredibly
6:05 am
illuminating. i primarily focused on sections five and seven. my apartment faces market street between goth and franklin. i understand the jack hammering. we're right around the corner from each other. that said, i think this section of the plan area faces some really specific challenges that the plan does go onto address really thoroughly especially in section seven, whereas the transit portion in section five does go onto expand the plan area all the way to the hayes valley. there are parts of it described
6:06 am
in the plan as a no human plan due to asphalt and congestioned traffic. plan goods onto recommend that rate and sustained plan elements needs to be a part of the plan coming to fruition. one of my qualifications as stake holders is to see this plan come to fruition. a more liveable, walkable transition. that was the crux of my analysis was this continued and sustained pressure needs to be continuously applied to ensure plans are enacted. >> two minutes is up.
6:07 am
>> thank you. >> sorry. i just want to note that mr. henderson just logged in. >> okay. the floor is yours. i understand you have a class that is to proceed shortly. not to exceed two minutes. you are on mute. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to speak. i do have to teach a class in a few minutes. it's actually a urban transportation class. i've been involved with mark and octavia for quite some time. worked on the innovative progressive parking standards that the plan spear headed.
6:08 am
i would lake to continue my involvement with this plan because there are some huge multiple moving pieces that are going to impact this part of the city. the circulation patterns and traffic issues have not been finished. we have a will the more work to do to really address the bigger issues of thousands if not over a hundred thousand vehicles a day coming through there. transit capacity is woefully inadequate. dove tailing with the need to reduce the bus service before the pandemic. you couldn't even get on a bus. we need to pick up where we left up on the prepandemic period.
6:09 am
transit capacity was really a mess. this area has great potential as a bicycle oriented area. also delivery. this area is severely impacted by the gig economy, delivery, the uber's, and lyft's. none of that was approved. we need more housing in the center of the city but it needs to be affordable housing.
6:10 am
i may have gone over a few seconds. i do apologize. >> thank you. the next applicant mr. sterns has withdrawn. we go to francis. the floor is yours. let's go to tracy jacks who i know has joined us.
6:11 am
tracy, you're on mute. >> apologize. good morning and thank you for the opportunity and for considering me for this seat. as someone who has been part of the neighborhood association and the transportation and planning committee and someone who has been active in the community since i purchased by condo here, i'm very interested -- i have a vested interest and the goings on in the market area because it impacts my daily life. i would be honored to have a voice on this committee when it's making decisions and advising the board of supervisors. thank you. >> thank you mrs. jacks.
6:12 am
now we'll go to benjamin. >> i've been a homeowner for seven years. i worked on the transportation planning committee and related projects the whole time. i'm one of the defacto historians and writer of history. most of the time is volunteering the rfp perfects he is for the 90's and 2000s. i'd like to be more formerly involved.
6:13 am
i have personal experience on doing work on my home. i think just a healthy affirmative vision of what the future should look like. inclusive and increased housing, diverse mobility. looking forward to welcoming large numbers of new neighbors and ensure they have good housing and mobility and design. i would like to be involved in helping steward. i would be honored in sitting on the cac. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. and thank you for the e-mails
6:14 am
you have sent us. with that we'll go to michael rooney. adam roberts i know is with yous. >> i live here. i'm part -- a bit of background about myself. i've been in this home since march of 2020. i was an advisory neighborhood commissioner. soliciting input neighbors, that is going to be particularly important. i really appreciate your consideration of my application and happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> thank you.
6:15 am
seeing no questions. why don't we go onto autumn. the previous individual mr. lee withdrew. autumn, are you with us? >> autumn is the only applicant for c4. why don't we go onto gail for seat five. >> hi there. can you hear me now? >> yes, we can. >> can you see me? >> yes. >> okay. i'm gail. i'm applying for seat number five. i'm a long standing supporter of the plan and my goal as the cac
6:16 am
member is to faithfully implement the plan. i've lived in san francisco for 45 years. it's always been my goal to constructively engage in the community. i served on the board for three years as president. my full understanding of the market plan began as a member of the planning committee. i was often the substitute chair. my activism has prepared me for this seat. some of my accomplishments and organizations and groups include gang violence reduction and engaging at risk youth. many accomplishments including the complete rebuild of the
6:17 am
hayes valley park. here is my six point agenda should you recommend me for seat five. building the plan, adding parcel l with k for affordable housing. expanding space. more public spaces throughout the hub as well as safety measures around pedestrians and psychists. our transit first priority in how we live and work. bringing justice to those most impacted in the western edition by the central freeway construction. advocating for the removal of
6:18 am
the essential freeway back to bryant. a false accusation was made in using my influence and a report i believe will put this matter to rest on october 15th. happy to take any questions. >> thank you. our next applicant is madelyn. >> autumn let's go to you.
6:19 am
>> i'm interested in furthering my work in the community by working with you all. >> i don't think we have any questions. appreciate you showing up this morning. we will now go to madeline howard. >> thank you all for having me today.
6:20 am
i'm a resident. i have a huge interest in the activation of the corridor via this committee due to arts, entertainment, social justice, and the historic and iconic way that san francisco does it. i'm currently a non voting member of the hayes valley evaluation. i'm a events curator coordinator. i moved approximately three years ago now. in the summer of 2020 found hayes valley association and art
6:21 am
works and have been a member every since. in our uprising of 2020 felt the need to get active and participated in door knocking. i'm a cool kid. you guys want me. thank you very much. >> are any of the individuals that i called on here. doesn't sound like it. why don't we go to public comment on this item. are there any members of the public who wish to testify. >> yes. members of the public who wish
6:22 am
to testify. if you haven't already done so please press star three to line up to speak. it appears we have one member of the public for public comment at this time. >> please proceed. >> can you hear me now? >> proceed. >> yes. david again. brief points here. to victor or the staff, please update the information sheet to reflect the planning department move, the address and phone number changed. if anyone was following up on the information sheet, they would not have been able to reach the planning department.
6:23 am
the market plan assumed transit on both hayes streets which mta should restore. i support the efforts to that end. if jeremy lee was removed, i assume that will be moved to the call of the chair. thank you very much.
6:24 am
>> i would like to offer some remarks. i understand this has been somewhat of a transition period for the cac with a number of seats vacant. i hope with this city's support, this will begin a new chapter for the cac. i think the cac can play a really important role in the neighborhood. the applicants before this body are ready and able to provide oversight on improvements and funding and what matters to the residents who live within the
6:25 am
boundaries of the plan area. the applicants who you have heard from, my office have encouraged qualified neighbors to apply. thank you to all the candidates who did apply. we urge all candidates for the selective committee to remain engaged and stay in contact with our office or your supervisor as the case may be and also with the folks who are ultimately selected for the cac. i would like to briefly speak on some of the candidates. my office urges the committee to support today. thank you for hearing from them today. first tracy jacks.
6:26 am
an enthusiastic volunteer to get the shared spaces program which has been a huge success off the ground during the pandemic. autumn, i was proud to nominate to the legacy business registry recently. she is a dedicated neighborhood volunteer. jason hennedder son. chair of the planning committee, a visionary of sustainable urban design. one of the first people that our office called when complex
6:27 am
transportation and land use issues come up for district five. madeline, a queer buy racial artist. many programs, as she mentioned. lastly, i want to mention, my office has been in contact with a number of applicants as well as chair peskin and believe there are configurations that can accommodate the slate that i've described. the current applicant for seat six would also qualify for seats three and tracy jacks currently a seat for seat two could be moved for the at large seat, seat six if that is the
6:28 am
committee's preference. thank you for your time and consideration on this cac and frankly on all the various bodies that come before you. thank you for getting the best candidates for these positions and moving these forward. >> thank you for your vetting of these candidates and suggestions on how this puzzle might be put together. thank you to all the applicants. i want to reiterate that whether you are recommended for appointment this morning or in the, we seriously urge you to stay involved in the process that has been going on since the earthquake. with that supervisor mandleman.
6:29 am
>> thank you. i think the slate that was mentioned makes a lot of sense. i would hope to put before professor rudy for seat two. he is on a flight this morning. if some of these are go to go going toget continued. i might continue seat two. >> i would like to make an all uncompassing motion to do the following things. continue seat one and two to the call of the chair. and to have mrs. howie in seat four. miss jacks in seat six and send
6:30 am
those recommendations to the full board with recommendations to seats five and six. and seats one and two to the call of the chair. >> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> if there's no objection on that all encompassing motion. >> we have a recommendation for seat three, jason for seat five. tracy jacks for seat six. seats one and two will get called to a future meeting at the call of the chair. >> that is correct. >> okay. on that motion. (roll call)
6:31 am
but i also want to make sure that we are -- . . . >> thank you, all, for joining us here in the bright and foggy
6:32 am
richmond district of san francisco. it is so great to be here. this past weekend, san francisco really was pumping. i don't know about you, but i was all over the city and i saw people everywhere going to chase center to see preseason of the warriors and where we beat. . . . . and one of the most significant and the italian heritage parade and it was packed in north beach with so many people and so many businesses. our hotels were full. and so much going on in san francisco. it was really great and we just announced that one of the first
6:33 am
cruise ships that we have seen since the pandemic started has returned. so when you think about we are still living in a pandemic, because 83% of san franciscans are vaccinated and seeing lower infection rates, that has everything to do with why we have been able to make really great decisions and continue to we occupy our city. we are on the way to a serious economic recovery and also i am so happy to see people out and about in the city. all the issues we faced before the pandemic continues. one of the biggest issues has
6:34 am
everything to do with housing and affordability. when i talk about housing and how important it is to move forward, it has everything to do with growing up in san francisco and watching it become less and less affordable. watching friend and family move out of san francisco. people making decisions about whether or not to have children because of affordability. when i think about my life in san francisco, there were challenges and this is an amazing city and there is no other place i would rather be than in san francisco. but also i want to make sure that we are sharing in those opportunities. i talked to so many people in this community in particular and the conversation i have with them when i was first running for mayor, scott weaner has this bill that i think most people on the west side was completely adamantly opposed to and the conversation i would constantly
6:35 am
have is how long have you been here? they were mostly born and raised here and here for 40, 50 years. they raised their children in the same house and still live there. when i ask where the children live now, the children who were adults and sometimes married with their own kids, often times they were not living in san francisco because they couldn't afford to live here. we have not done our part in insuring that we build housing equitably, geographically and our entire city. that is what today is about and looking at opportunities. we are not trying to make the west side of town into downtown, but what we're saying with underutilized places like this place that used to be a gas station, there can be the possibility to create four stories. with gus's market.
6:36 am
this is possible in underutilized spaces and incredible addition to this community. this is important that we get rid of the bureaucracy, get rid of the layers and we look at being innovative and make it easier to build housing. it should not take 10, 15 years once a property is available to build. we have over 70,000 units that have been approved and the director of planning is here with us today and he is working overtime to come up with solutions to get the units online, but it is going to require a lot more. and today we're announcing a new piece of legislation that will help us get there called cars to casas or cas.
6:37 am
mi casa, su casa. and cars to casas. and the whole point is taking underutilized spaces like gas stations that are closed, like garages and parking lots, places that aren't realizing their full potential and moving forward with allowing them to be zoned to build housing. that is what we're doing and i want to recognize the environmental impacts of what happens when you build more housing in the city and people are moving further out and commuting further and the freeways are packed and the cars and the congestion. when you build housing around transit corridors and that is how you help with the
6:38 am
environment, too. it is so many things that this will do. affordability, helping the environment, and making sure that generation of san franciscans who love the city and who want to continue to call this city home and people who want to raise their children here and affords to live here. that is what more building means and all the folks who are joining us here today and in addition we have the folks who will talk in a little bit and ty davis from the housing action coalition and another person from bright line and folks who care about moving bureaucracy and moving the drama out of the way because we care about not only making that to live here. and we want to make sure the next generation doesn't continue
6:39 am
to do with the challenges of affordability and as it relates to housing in san francisco and that is what's most important. and with that, i would like to introduce someone who has been a champion and unapologetic about pushing the envelope to get more housing built everywhere. and i don't know about you, but i don't see a four-story building and i don't think it's unreasonable to build something like this in areas where we desperately need housing and of course, a great supermarket to add. and the state senator is making it easier to build housing and robust transit and is willing to push the envelope and how housing plays a role in all of those things.
6:40 am
we appreciate his work and advocacy and with that i would like to introduce state senator scott weaner. >> thank you for your leadership on housing. we are working very hard at the state level to encourage and sometimes require cities to allow more housing. and we have cities throughout the state that unfortunately many of them have just not allowed very much housing at all over time and have made it just impossible to actually get anything built and so we are trying to reset the rules at the state level to say that all cities must participate and we need housing everywhere and this is about future of the state. it is fantastic when we have cities and more than you think and san francisco is one of them
6:41 am
and mayor breed is leading the way here and is fantastic when cities without being told you have to do it do the right thing and acknowledge that if we are serious about having a future for young people in our city, that if we're serious about having a city that can be diverse and people afford housing and serious about tackling to be creative and to find ways to allow more housing. and the mayor is proposing this very, very creative approach where we know we have so many auto uses in san francisco and some are closing down. gas stations, car washes and there the areas with the neighborhoods and the mixed use and near transit and near jobs and all parts of the city. and it is also about equity.
6:42 am
and we have historically put our focused the housing in a few small starts of the city and we need that everywhere. and people on the west side also need more housing. and what i will also say is that the major talked about sb827 which to allow density near transit and actually the mayor during her campaign very bravely supported that legislation and she was the only candidate who did. and in the polling not only did she win, but the polling showed despite very loud voices that you hear, and that can sometimes seem like they represent the majority and the people who oppose all housing or don't want any change and show up and spend 10 hours of planning commission hearings and they are not. and whe you look at the polling,
6:43 am
people understand that and are and the politicians and the mayor get it. and this is a fantastic program and i fully support it and have the honor of bringing up one of the great housing advocates and one of the is a deep grass roots movement and the movement of people who want to say yes and want to and billed like this and offer the really unique opportunity to make progress on multiple of our most issues.
6:44 am
and this will take and we have the miracle of a moment in the middle of tragedy where rents dip and right back up there and we need to be doing everything we can to plan for the next generation and making our city more inclusive and access and building more homes and cars to casas and the number one thing that san francisco can be doing to address greenhouse gas emissions is building in-fill housing. this is going to literally be taking that car centric infrastructure and making it easier to build. the thing we know will make our city more sustainable is homes for the family that are right now searching on craigslist and they are crying. they are saying, i cannot afford to live in the city that i love
6:45 am
and i cannot afford to live near my job. i cannot afford to be close to my family. these bills are making the city more inclusive for the next generation. and this is about building back better, and it is an incredible opportunity. i am so glad that we have leadership that is willing to take the major steps to address our chronic housing shortage. and there is a great quote that says don't tell me your values, show me your budget. for local government, it is actually don't tell me your values, show me your land use policies. and you have land. how are you using it? and how are you making it at the city? the best it can be and the most inclusive it can be. and i am excited about this and i hope that the board of supervisors takes the advantage of what the mayor is putting forward and a bold idea of taking car centric infrastructure and doing exactly what we know every climate scientist is telling us we need to be doing which is building in-fill, walkable communities and getting away from the carbon
6:46 am
emitting technology of the past. and thank you so much and now i am going to hand it over to todd davis from housing action coalition. >> it is never fun to follow lar. i want to start by saying, how lucky are we in san francisco to have such amazing leadership on housing and mayor london breed and state senator weaner, two of the most amazing housing champions in california. as a parent of three teenager who is all want to come back to san francisco -- and i don't want them moving back into my house -- i think that we need more housing. look, we all know the housing action coalition, we are a member supported nonprofit that supports housing at all levels of affordability. and just like you, we are well aware that san francisco is experiencing an affordable and displacement crisis being primarily caused by an underproduction of housing at
6:47 am
all levels of affordability for the last 50 years. right? and we know that workers and people who work every day and the key workers and the teachers and the firefighters and the nurses and they are getting pushed further and further and further out of san francisco. and they have super commutes. they are driving two hours in each direction. and that is what is contributing to greenhouse gases and the climate change. it makes sense to look at where there is available land to develop and take old time car centric and gas stations and parking lots and make it easier for developers to build housing at all levels of affordability and that makes sense in san francisco. we're going to have workers living closer to the urban centers and being able to walk and take public transportation. we're going to be building that next generation of housing and making space for my children, for your children, and your grandchildren. and so we really have something
6:48 am
that we should all be coming together and every neighborhood needs to be a part of the solution. right? and welcoming new neighbors and new personalities into their neighborhood. and so this is really exciting and cars to casa is super, super important piece of legislation and one of the main things it is going to do is going to eliminate a conditional use and can delay housing for a year. we know environmentally that this is the right thing to do and build on a parking lot or a gas station, let's go for it and eliminate that bureaucracy and i want to thank you mayor london breed for moving this forward and the state senator for the unyielding, unwavering
6:49 am
leadership and it is my pleasure to introduce. >> good afternoon and thank you. my name is sarah chiu from an environmental justice nonprofit based in san francisco. we work on a variety of policy issues and programmatic work including youth leadership, air quality monitoring and job training. and and significant changes in transportation are needed to help achieve our climate goals such as limiting global temperature increases to 1.5 degrees celsius or below and limiting carbon emissions for
6:50 am
our city. the city should be moving to emission and prioritize public transit investment as new development occurs. this policy would make that this goes first and underutilize gas auto oriented land and to advance equitable, cleaner air in san francisco to impact low income and communities and households next to highways. week emissions can exacerbate existing conditions like asthma f and long-term exposure can increase respiratory distress symptoms and airways, coughing and difficulty breathing. by transitioning more land away from auto oriented uses, this can bring a more climate
6:51 am
resilient future for all the communities in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you so much. that concludes our presentation here today. and are there any questions? >> could you summarize what you are doing today? >> what we're doing is i am introducing legislation called cars to casas where the legislation will allow for us to remove the conditional use process to speed up the ability to zone properties like this one that used to be a gas station and be able to places at the garages, gas stations, parking lots, car washes and things that mostly served and were zoned for car-related uses. and would allow for us to move
6:52 am
forward in the process to build housing rather than go through an additional layer to remove a bureaucratic layer to add anywhere from 12 to 18 months to the process. >> pardon me. how is it going to streamline this process? so it changes -- >> an it changes the zoning of the properties. >> thank you. >> it says they don't have to -- and -- >> they don't need a conditional use. they don't need to go through that additional layer. they will be able to skip that entirely. that would be removed entirely to the process. and francis scott key and there was another additional layer and added 18 months and you had to change the zoning to be used as a school and that is part of the challenge with the zoning laws and places to only be used for
6:53 am
specific purposes and when you are changing the use of the places and a whole other process and the whole housing related process and if it is zoned for housing and we are saying the entire cities and the laws exist, we will automatically through the legislation say they are going to be automatically eligible if housing is an option and if someone wants to build housing and they don't have to go through the additional layer. that is the best way i can explain it. rich, do you want to add something to it? >> you can speak in planning terms. >> just add to what the mayor said. and it gets rid of the process which can take anywhere from six months to 18 months. and it also gives project sponsors more flexibility and do more units on a parcel like this and is controlled and by the lot size and how many units you can
6:54 am
do and gives flexibility and this project and 13 units or 12 units and they were pretty large. and gives us the possibility to do smaller, larger units and get rid of the process and get through the process quicker. >> can you spell your name? >> h-i-l-l-i-s. rich first name. >> and the director of the planning department. >> all right. any other questions? >> mayor, some of the mask rules are changing on friday? >> they are? yay. >> and in certain settings and wait for a wider change around and will people be confuseed? >> do your best. we are all trying here. do your best. it's been a long time. >> [inaudible question]
6:55 am
>> what was that? what was the first part? >> [inaudible question] >> several walgreens are closing, yes. the sad reality is in what we're facing and with a number of the crimes and to be clear is we all saw the person who rolled into a walgreens in their bike and robbed the store and that was what went viral all across the world and what didn't go viral is the fact this man has been arrested by the san francisco police department is behind bars and awaiting prosecution. and the fact the these crimes sadly are horrible crimes and they impact the quality of life of the communities. and more importantly, what i want people and your mother and grandmother, your relative, they depend on places like wall greens and c.v.s. and target where they have pharmacies to get the medication. when these locations close in a
6:56 am
community and then the entire community loses. the things that people want the most in the grocery stores and pharmacies and hardware stores and places that help support the community. and so part of what has to happen is we all as a city have to come together to, of course, hold perpetrators accountable but make sure that the investments we're making on the front end never make it possible for these crimes to be committed. the last thing we want to do is see this happen. we have been in touch with many of the retailers in san francisco. we work with the san francisco police department to revamp our 10b program so that these companies can hire off-duty police officers to serve as security at their locations and we have that happening and we redirected them in the locations that are the most problematic. ultimately we can't force a company to remain in san francisco, but we are trying to work with them and we want to make sure that they are doing a better job strategically around
6:57 am
their security system to ensure that these crimes don't continue to happen. and our door is open. and we're continuing to have conversations with them. and we'll continue our police chief is working with them hand in hand. and as you see, the number of robberies with some of the establishments have slowed down considerably and i think some of the things that we have implemented are working but they're making this decision to move and that is going to be problematic for our city and we will continue to do that we can to improve the quality of life and safety and change their mind and come back. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> it's 5:43 p.m. and attending the regularly scheduled san francisco police commission and thank you for joining us today. we have a light agenda today so let's go ahead and get started. i want to recognize commissioner vice commissioner elias and
7:01 am
commissioner hamasaki and we have chief william scott and director paul henderson. looks like we have a full house. excited to be here. i want to thank sf gov tv. okay. with that said, let's go ahead and get started. call roll. >> commissioner hamasaki. >> here. >> commissioner yee. >> here. >> clerk: commissioner byrne. >> here. >> vice president elias. >> here. >> have you a quorum. also here tonight we have chief william scott and director paul henderson from the department of police accountability. >> thank you very much. please call the first item.
7:02 am
>> line item 1, general public comment. at this time the public is welcome to address the commission up two minutes for items that do not appear on the agenda but within the jurisdiction of the police commission. under the rules of order either police or personnel nor commissioners are required to spond to questions by the public but may provide a response. opportunities to speak are available by calling 1-415-655-0001 and entering access code 2484-141-1745 press pound and pound again. press star 3 if you wish to make a comment. you may make public comment by e-mailing the police secretary or written comments via u.s. postal service. if you'd like to make public comment at this time please
7:03 am
press star 3. >> all right. let's start with the pledge of allegiance. join me in putting your hand over your hart. pledge of allegiance i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
7:04 am
[audio digitizing] and impact which impacts my speech. the d.a.s office has asked for review and you should review the conflict of interest policy. on page 4 of 5 you'll find d maintaining the conflict and keeps a list of the attorney's prior client and should be update. the ciu maintains the names and cases. this information could avoid situations similar to when when he could have accidentally called a former client after a search warrant. sometimes the best advocates is when a defense is needed.
7:05 am
that's the end of public comment. >> commissioner: police call next item. >> item 2. >> motion to accept. >> is there a second to the motion? >> second. >> the motion has been made by commissioner elias seconded by commissioner hamasaki. before we take up the matter let's take public comment. >> members of the public that would like to make public comment regarding line item 2 regarding adoption of the minutes press star 3 now. >> there's no public comment. on the motion to accept the
7:06 am
minutes how do you vote. mr. hak -- hamasaki is yes. commissioner byrne is yes. vice president elias is yes. and president cohen is yes. have you five yeses. >> thank you. next item, please. >> line item 3 discussion. provide significant incident and planned activities and events including a brief overview of any unplanned activities or events occurring in san francisco having an impact on public safety. discussion the chief described will be limited to determining whether to calendar for a future meeting. >> thank you, good evening, president cohen and vice president elias and directors and the public. i'm going to go a little bit out of order with my report this
7:07 am
week. i'm going start off with the vaccination mandate information. i know that's something we have a lot of inquiies about. as of right now, the latest is we have 118 sworn employee who's are not vaccinated. we are 61 vaccinated and there's 17 other employee who's updated their information but there were errors but had to correct information to determine the status. we have another 10 whose vaccination records have not been entered yet and all employees on some type of approved leave. in terms of the vaccination rate roughly 90% vaccination rate of our 2,100 sworn members and the
7:08 am
69 have taken at least one dose as they complete the vaccination we'll be about 92.5% of the sworn members vaccinated. in term of our professional staff or non-sworn, we have 31 employees or members not vaccinated and 11 who are partially vaccinate and 16 who have to correct the information uploaded and we believe those employees have been vaccinated but need to correct their information and those for those information records have not been entered are mainly employees on some type of approved leave. the process moving forward as of midnight the numbers have been fluctuating with some uploading status and some getting the first dose.
7:09 am
the deadline is midnight tonight at that time any employee not fully vaccinated will not be able to work the field. administrative process will start and they'll be placed on administrative leave. an opportunity for due process hearing and eventually if everything continues with the due process hearings result as they are now, if we find the employee is not complying with the health order and department directives they'll be sent to the police commission for a non-disciplinary hearing for release from employment. that's where we stand right now. the numbers are changing. the employees have until midnight to update the vaccination status and tomorrow we'll have a full picture of
7:10 am
where we stand with what i shared with you. that's the process and where we stand and we'll see what happens from here. switching to statistics and crime statistics. homicide we're still at an incline and 39 last year and we have a 13% increase. the majority those homicides are arms related. and i'll get to that in terms of race and sexual assault we're at a decrease compared to 173 last year and robberies were down 5%, 1,782 compared to 1,827 last year and assaults we're up. human trafficking we're up 30% which is 26 year to date compared to 20 at this time last
7:11 am
year. total violent crimes 3% increase, 3, 382 compared to 3,274 last year. and i'll start with the bad news our larceny and thefts are continuing to increase. we have an increase last week. we have 21,872 larceny thefts including car break-ins and store theft and grand theft and that's compared to 20,254 last year. in terms of burglaries and motor vehicle thefts we are in the negative. burglary better news than a short time ago. we show a percentage point decrease 5,682 burglaries year
7:12 am
to date compared to 5,714 last year and motor vehicle deaths decreased to 4, 481 year to date and 5,020 last year which is inconsistent with the national trend. our arson up 9%, 269 year to date compared to 246 the years. in terms of our auto burglaries themselves we're up 26% compared to last year from when we look at 2019 comparison year to date we're down 26% when we look at 2018, year to date comparison we're down 29%. and in terms of our gun violence we have aggregated assault, a
7:13 am
23% increase from this point last year. we look at other assaults. personal bodily weapons, etcetera we're up 19% for those types of assaults 525 compared to 442 and assault with knives or cutting instruments we're down 14% year to date, 213 compared to 249. other dangerous weapons we're up 8%. 834 compared to 773. our arm related gun violence shows a significant increase which the good news is the pace has slowed over the year. the course of this year but we're still significantly above where we were this time last year. we have 172 victims of gun violence compared to 114 year to date this time last year. in terms of our homicides as i mentioned the majority of our 43
7:14 am
homicides are gun related and fire related. in terms of our shooting victims, there are 119 non-fatal shoot compared to 91 which say 53% point increase. the stations the most impacted by our uptake in shooting gun related violence are tenderloin, mission and bay view. tenderloin is the largest increase, 34 year to date compared to 18 incidents followed by mission 28 year to date incidents compared to 13 this time last year and bay view, 46 compared to 40. central is even and richmond is actually below where they were this time last year. they have zero this year and had one last year and southern is up
7:15 am
from 3 to 8 this year. homicide by district. bay view district has 12 which is the highest of the 10 district stations. tenderloin has 9, mission has 8, northern has 6 and park has 3 and southern has 5, year to date. with the exception of the tenderloin they're were that were last year but tenderloin is down by one this from this time last year. we are at 115 year to date and again at the pace we're going we'll probably eclipse the number of 164. we had significant impactful arrests this week involving
7:16 am
some. there was a homicide suspect who committed a homicide outside of san francisco but related in a gun related incident in san francisco and was arrest our community violence reduction team in the east bay. as many as six firearms were recovered with a subsequent search warrant including an assault rifle and we do believe that individual was involved in some of our gun violence and good investigation and search warrant in terms of getting the weapons off the street. in talk about hate crimes where we are year to date. we've had 99 hate crimes year to date. anti-asian crimes lead with 56 of the 99. of those it's important to note that 30 were committed by one individual. that individual was arrested and
7:17 am
those charges were filed by the district attorney's office which by last check that person's still in custody. six were anti-latino, seven were antiish -- anti-jewish and one was anti-muslim and 11 of the 99 were anti-gay. we still are our community liaison units to assist those people and their families who have been involved in hate crimes. they have assisted with year to date over 150 including the 99 hate crimes but other significant crimes as well so that's been a great resource to assist the families in need after they suffered either a hate crime or other type of serious crime. in terms of significant incident there's one homicide to report for this week.
7:18 am
the data and the incident happened on october 8. the death was declared on october 9 our medical examiner office and they responded to a call in the area of 25th street and south van ness avenue for a report of an aggravated assault by means of a fire and the paramedics treated a victim and he said he was asleep in his sleeping bag on the street when he awoke to the sleeping bag being set on fire. the victim sustain burns and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. saturday october 9 the victim succumbed to his injury varlt as a result of the incident and the
7:19 am
homicide investigators are investigating and we are asking for the public's assistance on this particular incident. this is a heinous crime. if anyone has information call 415-575-4444. you can remain anonymous but we need it the public's help. there were also two shooting incidents. one october 6 at 11:00 a.m. in the bay view at watchman and missouri. our officers responded to the hospital regarding a stabbing weapon a male 51 years old. it was later determined from the medical personnel this was a shooting not a stabbing. the victim did not provide any helpful information to officers but the officers were able to locate a crime scene and found video footage depicting that
7:20 am
incident and that is being reviewed. a few moments later a subject believed to be involved was seen -- when the video was reviewed, the subject that was believed to be involved was seen returning to the scene of the incident and collapsed at the rear of a vehicle. that appeared to be the same victim who we visited at the hospital and that person was transported by private party to the hospital so we are looking for witnesses. there were people that were in the area that we believe have information so again if anyone has any information call 415-575-4444. the next one was october 10 at 2:42 p.m. on 1200 block of treat in the mission district. victim a male 36 years old as garfield park when she was approached by an unknown person who pointed a gun at him and
7:21 am
fired the gun once. the victim walked to 25th and treat and asked a bystander to call an ambulance and went unconscious but before going unconscious was able to provide the first name of the believed to be suspect and we have some information to follow up on but if the public has information call 575-444, 415 area code. we had a shooting that occurred today outside of our reporting period but i'll report on it and hopefully we'll have more to report next week at the next week commission's meeting. this morning at or last night at 8:37 p.m. a shooting occurred in the central district when our officers arrived on the scene they located two victims with
7:22 am
gunshot wounds and learned a third victim had been self-transported to the hospital. all three victims had non-life-threatening injuries and there was a video that was recovered that depicted the incident and showed basically what led up to the shooting. our investigators have arrested two individuals from this incident and have been booked for the shooting. this investigation still has more work to be done. three more incidents to report. we had a series of bank robberies in the last couple weeks. we made an arrest on those bank robberies. there was one on october 4 at 10:20 at 1801 van ness a citibank.
7:23 am
our subject entered and presented a note and threatened to shoot the teller and the video resulted in a possible lank to another bank robbery that occurred october 1. no arrests was made that day but our investigators were able to actually follow-up on leads and made an arrest of this individual. he was arrested living on the streets in a tent and was arrested at his tent and the search warrant was also conducted which resulted in recovery of evidence is good work. and two subjecs broke into a parked vehicle. the victim gave chase to the subjects and one subject pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the victim and escaped after the victim backed off after he saw a
7:24 am
firearm was in possession of our suspect. the victim lost over $50,000 of camera equipment and that investigation is ongoing. we don't have arrests and can use the public's help on that one and there was one other assault at the 2500 block of mason in the central district on october 7 at 11:00 a.m. our victim 52-year-old hotel security guard had ejected the suspect out of a lobby for smoking drugs and causing a scene at this location. the subject then hit the victim two or three times and the victim fell to the ground and the subject repeatedly kicked him in the face. video was locate responding officers and investigators and that investigation is ongoing. we hope to make an arrest on
7:25 am
that particular case as well there were no stunt driving events over the weekend which is great given this was a holiday weekend and we usually have these types of events over the holiday weekends. there was a follow up from a previous stunt driving or side show incident where officers get a follow up investigation in the city of pittsburgh and see the vehicle from a side show or stunt driving event that took place september 18. that car was impounded and seized and has been placed on a 30-day hold adds per the ordinance passed by the board of supervisors. again, i just wanted to remind people involved in these incidents we continue to investigate even when we break these incidents up and follow up on evidence and if we can prove a vehicle was involved in these incidents in a reckless manner that is against the law we'll
7:26 am
follow-up and seize it under the law if the law allows for that and just because you might get away with it that night does not mean you may have gotten away from it and a want to congratulate and thank our investigators and officers that are part of our stunt driving response team because they are doing hard work to try to make this situation better in our city. our strategies will continue in the tenderloin which include high visibility presence and fixed post from marking to levenworth and our activity has been occurring and increased deployment because we were having shooting incidents and narcotics dealings throughout the night. and we are continuing our narcotics in the tenderloin area. there was a significant arrest
7:27 am
by an individual who we investigated and this person has been involved in some of the gun violence in the area. he has been very active in the area with violent crime and other things against the law. that person was arrested and that was a nice job to slow down violence in the last couple months in the tenderloin. in the bay view we're focussing on deterring robberies and have ongoing abatement for those issues and enforcement an addition to our foot patrol including our captain who spends time walking almost every day on foot. hats off to him for doing that and having his foot beat
7:28 am
officers and in the mission we increased our visibility during the playoff series between giants and dodgers. we have fixed post officers during the flea market driven by community complaints about some activities there and we have recently upped our castro and market deployment in the upper market area and castro and also additional officers on valencia street thursday to sunday night. we have a unit in that area. again, the giants will be playing this saturday. we expect that to be a capacity crowd. game five and we have officers
7:29 am
inside and outside the event and chase has events on the 20th and the warriors are taking on the portland trailblazers on the 15th, two days from now and on the 21st they play the los angeles clippers at chase center. no domestic terrorism or news to report and that is it for my report. thank you for the extra time, president cohen and if you have any questions, i'd be happy to answer them. >> i do have a question. thank you for addressing the home side of the homeless man that occurred last friday morning. often times we tend to focus on the problem facing the homeless population but this could be a good opportunity maybe you could share with us your strategy or what you're doing to help promote homeless safety. >> this homicide's particularly alarming. there's a couple things.
7:30 am
because of our deployment shortages we have not been able to do as much as work with the team as we would like and our role with that has not been enforcement at all. it's been supporting and standing by while service providers try to address the needs of our unhoused members of our city. we've had to shift some of that work to our district stations there are officers trained in that area and it does take training. we have better outcomes when officers are trained on number one, what we need in terms of collaboration with other city departments and the other thing is we're there to help. that's what the plan is. we've had to shift some of that work load to our district station and have officers trained to address the issue and will continue to do that.
7:31 am
hopefully it's not a trend with this homicide. it's happened in a couple southern california cities years ago where they had a number of these type of assaults on unhoused individuals. we want to not have that happen in our city. >> all right. also in your report human trafficking is up 30% compared to last year. i'm unclear how you quantify human trafficking. how do you wouldn't the cases. and if it's involving the sex industry or labor trafficking that's when we include it in our
7:32 am
statistics. there's an element of street activity that goes unreported. that it's not included in our statistics unless there's some type of reportable incident that arises from that. that could be sexual or labor trafficking. we don't get a lot of labor trafficking but do occasionally. >> that's all i have. thank you. do any of you have questions? john hamasaki. >> thank you, president cohen. good evening, chief. >> we had this problem last week and we have it again. we can't hear you. >> can you hear me now?
7:33 am
>> we can barely hear you. >> i'll get my external mic next time. can you hear me, chief? >> i can hear you. >> regarding the unhoused individual, were there no witnesses to that? was nobody around or -- what are we working with? >> we have located some evidence video evidence and trying to identify people from that. that's helpful. we have not identified any witnesses yet but there are leads that we are following up on so hopefully we can make headway with that case. >> i recall eight of concerns and i think there's a policy discussion by the police commission but one of the challenges with break up the encampments is that people stick together for safety and when people are alone they're more vulnerable to acts like this.
7:34 am
i don't know what the answer is but these are things the people deciding these things should consider. i'm happy to hear the earlier reports on the vaccination status. >> the total i'll break it down again and professional staff and not sworn, 118 sworn and 31 professional staff. they've gotten at least one of the doses. >> some people are taking this appropriately seriously. i think people who have not been
7:35 am
vaccinated, are they being offered mental health or medical counselling because it just seems irrational at this point to -- are they being counselled about this? i hate to see people just lose their jobs. >> that's a great question and thanks for asking. our behavioral science and services unit has been very busy. this was before this came up. it's been a stressful year with covid and everything going on in our city and world. they've been very busy. those services have been offered. and we have our members where they can access mental health services through the app and get to are in contact with a trained
7:36 am
physician if they prefer that way. >> are they given the opportunity to talk to somebody to help explain vaccinations? >> yes, sir, absolutely. we have a department physician doctor. she's been great and has been accessible. she's reached out and gone to meetings with our members and department town hall and she was available for questions and doctors from the department of public health have also been available. those physicians have been available to help answer questions and will remain available. >> sounds like the department is doing all it can to keep people
7:37 am
informed and aware. great. thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> vice president elias. >> welcome back. >> hi, vice president elias. thank you. >> quick question. you mention the deployment shortages and the fact we may be losing 118 officers and i'm surprised we're still doing buy busts. are these special enforcements going to continue to happen given the fact we have deployment shortages and program have awards like the cmcr training now on hold because officers had to be deployed to other areas to cover the shortages because the buy bus
7:38 am
operations take seven to eight officers at a time. i'm wondering how that works when we have deployment shortages in the department. >> thank you, again, good question on that. one of the plans we have in place we start the first phase of redeployment two saturdays ago and 31 officers were reassigned back to patrol assignment. once we have a final count after midnight tonight tomorrow we'll know what the numbers look like and have plans to reassign officers and some of our specialized units. narcotics is on that list and the other thing with that is we do still have significant challenges as we talked about in the tenderloin with narcotic sales and there's multiple ways
7:39 am
to address that. issue and we'll have to make some disappointment adjustments if we do end up losing that many officers and some specialized units maybe will temporarily shut down until we get our deployment back up. we have a list of specialized units that are on that category and have some not in the category such as marine units and protection of infrastructure and all that. no one else can do the work we do.
7:40 am
it would be effective to see how the programs are and how they yield. if they've been happening the past decade and we're still not solving the problem in the tenderloin we need to reassess what we're doing and figuring out if we should funnel resources to different strategies or programs. we can talk further about it. we're open to anything. we want to be effective than what we do. we want to make sure our resources are being used in the best way. definitely we have to address the issue in multiple ways and have to look at what the costs are versus the benefits. we're open to that. >> i appreciate it.
7:41 am
>> there are two lieu ten and thes on the list. -- lieutenants on the list. >> no captains or a bof? >> no. >> thank you. >> we'll continue with the presentation the director of the department of police accountability. >> members of the public that would like to make public comment regarding line item 3 the police report press star 3 now. good evening, caller have you two minutes.
7:42 am
hello. you have two minutes. >> i'm john jones and i'd like to give a shout out. there's evidence to the medically untrained person indicated the vaccine is an extremely risky proposition. though i'm not medically trained i'm not in the position to make recommendations for anybody else. i won't take the vaccine. thank you very much. >> good evening, i'm calling regarding my son murdered and
7:43 am
still this case is an unsolved homicide and there's 44 more homicides and i just left a funeral yesterday add dugan and a few others gunshot victims and dealing with the mothers there. i'm just wondering what else do we do about trying to to solve these unsolved homicide. can we put the digital information at the other precincts and find a way to get them other places like this cleared channel and dmv, motor vehicles so the perpetrators can see the victims. the perpetrators of my son are still running the streets living as if nothing happens and we talk about homicides and how
7:44 am
many a year but the families, what about the me and the families suffering in silence? i hear nothing being said about them or anything. i guess because i call in that's the only way i can get anything said is to call in. but half those other mothers can't do it and they're suffering. what do we do. what happens to the families that are suffering? i'm still suffering? i'm still going through it. i wait every week for this police commission to come on to bring up my son's name so at least that's the only way i'm remembering him right now. i'm remembering him but that's the only way i can get something said that feels like i'm doing something. i'm hoping there's another way we can find a way to get the justice system to find out how
7:45 am
to solve these. >> thank you, caller. members of the public who have any information about the thirder call the tipline at 415-575-4444. president colen, that's the end of public comment. >> thank you. let's hear the director. >> line item 4, - report on recent dpa activities, and announcements (dpa's report will be limited to a brief description of dpa activities and announcements. commission discussion will be limited to determining whether to calendar any of the issues raised for a future commission meeting. >> we're currently at 642 case have been opened and so far this year we closed 704 cases. we have currently 377 cases that are pending and open and sustained 44 cases.
7:46 am
this time last year we sustained 39 cases. we have 29 cases who's investigations have gone beyond a nine-month review and we have 31 cases that have been mediated so far this year. of the 29 cases that we have with ongoing investigations, 18 of those case cold cases and there are pending criminal and/or civil litigation with those cases. of the retaining cases that are pending decisions, there are 14 with the police commission and 14 as well awaiting chief decisions.
7:47 am
and waiting on vaccination with the department and after meetings and back and forth with staff around several of the unions in the organization are in compliance with the city practices meaning where everyone is at 100% currently. of those records today. this past week dpa took 12 cases, 14% of the cases were allegations of an officer behaving or speak in a manner unbecoming of an officer and another 14% were failing for an officer to take required action. 9% for raising issues that were outside of dpa jurisdictions and were referred to other agencies. 9% were for officers allegedly
7:48 am
misrepresenting the truth. 9% was from an officer using excessive force. 5% for an officer arrested and individual for an allegation of an individual arresting an individual without cause and the remaining 5% was for an officer that failed to comply allegedly with department order 507 with the rights of an onlooker for an incident. [please stand by] . .
7:49 am
and sf pd that was involved with the eviction with notice being given to them about drug use in specific neighborhoods. it involved a total of 22 allegations and an opportunity just to give you mash ups like that . for the week, the other thing that i had to report, and i think we got a little bit of foreshadowing last week when my esteemed colleague diana rosenstein said that i wanted to talk a little bit about
7:50 am
auditing and i'm not going to do a whole report here but i want to give a full report and foreshadowing for the audit. i've included it in our weekly updates so we have regular conversation and people know what's going on and what to expect with the audience . that i think that's helpful especially since our audit was award-winning for the past audit. i never going to not mention that . but i wanted to tell you about the audit that's forthcoming and this is just two things i wanted to report. the audit, just so we're clear is for dg oh 8.10 which was the guideline for firstamendment activity . there are two changes i want to talk about. none of the changes would impact the information that dpa is required and will be reporting to the police
7:51 am
commission, however we are removing some of the questions that test the police department complying with the guidelines and i want to exchange explain that some people are aware. first of all we plan on reviewing incident reports to determine if some of the investigations required media authorizations however upon reviewing the actual report , the information in thereport can't answer the questions they are too broad and general . so instead of providing an audit finding which you can't do based on the information that's collected we will be providing a benchmark study that shows out other jurisdictions have actually upon san francisco's policy to provide more clarity to officers about when first amendment activities are relevant to the criminal investigation . and then essentially the rules that we have to provide clear guidance as to when the first amendment rules would apply.
7:52 am
that makes it difficult if not impossible to either compare it to other jurisdictions ordrill down if something took place or not . we can make a finding based on what's been given to us but it wouldn't make a difference and it could be compared to anything because someone else could come to a completely different conclusion because it's so broad in terms of that definition in the dgo itself. secondly, you understand i want to make sure you understand issues in terms of the compliance with dgo 8.10 because the video and photographic recording requirements were last revised in 2008. i'm just trying to explainto you what we're talking about and those guidelines , they actually predate the departments on option of body worn cameras so that's what makes it difficult to apply the
7:53 am
guidelines to an actual audit in the way to managethe expectations of what we normally would get out of an audit . what we will do is you still have all of the information in the audit. we will present the risks that we calculated about the police department's current video technology and you'll also get potential impact onfirst amendment activities . you're still going to get a major outcome from the audit but it's going to outline what some of the challenges are. as well as recommendations. but the other thing i wanted to make clear why we're talking about it now is i did want to waive the issue and not have to feel like the audit is going to change substantially in a way that's going todelay its production . so weare keeping the same timeline . you'll still have to audit before theend of this year . and i think we are currently in
7:54 am
its internal quality control, internal quality control review process and we expect to have the added conference with the police department when this final review is complete and nothing is going to change in terms of those deadlines i wanted to explain it a little bit so people understoodwhat was happening before we even get it . i think i have one other reports which is outreach work this week. and we have been working this week with the lgbtq organization, aging group and senior centers. we had presentations at all these organizations talking to broader populations, the
7:55 am
commission of the va and sharing information about contacting our organization to file and or make complaints as requested by those agencies. again if anyone has any questions on this call is both my chief of staff diana rosenstein and senior investigator christian crystal and the website if people want to contact us for the website is /eta and you can talk to contact us on the phone at 7711. that concludes my report. >> thank youdirector henderson. i had a quick question. thank you for giving us an update on the audit . i knowthis was a long time coming and the first presentation from the audit department was good but there was still a lot of work to be
7:56 am
done . >> award-winning. >> yes, award-winning. one question, is your audit team able to do cost-benefit analysis of the programs within the department or is that something that... >> i think i know the answer to that . i think that's a fiscal audit and those are typically done withthe controller's office . most of my people have come from the controller's office but i don't know if that is in their scale or in their scope. i know that my people came fro the office that did that . i don't know if the personnel that i have it it's within their jurisdiction or ability to do financial analysis like that, does that make sense that's the long answer . >> at least we threw it out there so it's something we can circle back on to see what the cost-benefitanalysis are assome of these ideas . maybe you could help out in that area .
7:57 am
>> the message that i'm getting is saying that it's possible that itdepends on the scale . >> to know. >> if you have specific details maybe we can discuss it off-line and i'm happy tosee all we can flesh some of that out . it will probably depend on how deeply you want to go and what analysis. >> we will definitely circle back, thank you somuch. my fellow commissioners do you have any questions for director henderson ? okay. all right john but only if you yell because we can't hear you. >> can you hear me okay? i'm going to ordera microphone tonight . so tonight i wanted to ask for clarification from director henderson. you mentioned that there was complaints of mass violations. our officers still required while vaccinated to comply
7:58 am
outdoors? ithought it was indoors or is it outdoors to ? >> i can take that one if director henderson doesn't min . it's mandated by the health order right now and when we're following health order guidance that we have to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors right now. that probably will be changing and i don't think it's changed as of today but it probably will be changing becausethis has been kind of an evolving process . >> i would maybe suggest a reminder because i thought that it had lifted. i see probably halfof the officers outdoors not wearing masks . ithought it was limited at this point . but just maybe to remind people
7:59 am
instead of it ending up in front of dpa. >> that's a department problem that complicates it is it changes when and if someone is carried in a vehicle or if you're in one of the offices or if it's a station going into an enclosed area either for an interview or to take a witness statement or youare in an enclosed environment . inside of a building. it doesn't even haveto be a station . >> okay. just from what i'veseen, i don't know . if it is the rule, then i'm not seeing it widely followed. but again, it's probably something that we have to remind people.
8:00 am
>> this may answer your question that because the complaint was made the rules will be applied to the allegation that was made, that specific incident was conforming to whatever the current rules were and are so that process was going to take place anyway just because the allegation was made. >> understood, thank you . >> president: sergeant youngblood, public comment? >> members of the public who would like to make apublic comment regarding item 4, plus star 3 now . vice president elias, we have no public comment. >> vicepresident: next item please. >> commission report discussion. co