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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 26, 2021 11:30am-11:41am PDT

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angeles and san francisco's latino population voted against the recall at 84% and 82% alone. you are welcome, gavin newsom. and in our city, in our city, our latino population has grown by nearly 16% based on the last sentence. there's a strength in those numbers and responsibility in those numbers and there's a respect in those numbers. what they remind me of, what they remind us of, what our honorees remind us is we are as giant and we are san franciscan as our cable cars, and we are as american and californian as the greatest speakers in the greatest novels ever written. [applause]
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to close, i just want to recognize the names. olga molanda. valerie kuehl ier. rita aliar. in the words of that character from our novel, our story, we're part of one big soul that belongs to everyone. that will be everywhere where you can look and where there's a fight so hungry people can eat. where there's a cop beating up a guy. we draw from our strength, we draw from our roots.
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[ speaking spanish ] [applause] >> i see a few tier president in our next poet. her name is hennessey. and eight-year daughter of undocumented honed dur yan parents who is passionate about her culture and her people. [ speaking spanish ]
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she wants to help underserved families in her puebl-o hennessey, this community here will ensure that all of your dreams, and more, come true [speaking in spanish] [applause]
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>> hennessey -- [speaking in spanish] [applause]
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so, it's my great honor to present this year's cesar chavez labor award to the fierce, savvy, olga miranda. [applause] olga is the highest ranking latina in the san francisco labor movement a long time feminist, mother to her son jaoquin rubio, wife to hector rubio and her other titles include, sha fear, housekeeping, baby-sitter and loyal friend like all of us latinas here, right. [laughter] my goodness. olga was born in las vegas, nevada. is the first in her family to be born with union health insurance. she was raised by a single
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mother, maurice a marin da flores in los angeles, california. her mother worked as a union housekeeper in las vegas. her first organizing experience was with her mother, a long time los angeles community activist fighting for housing, education, equity, immigrant rights. attending here in city hall are picket lines at the los angeles unified school board was not an option in the miranda household, summer vacations with spent picketing at safeway and storefronts, boycotting with her mother and siblings and in high school, she led walkouts against the governor pete wilson in prop 187, do you remember that? that was for our generation. the seminal political so against anti immigrant, propositions in prohibiting immigrants from any public service and prop 209 which was the affirmative action initiative which we're still
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fighting. she was elected for local 87 at the age of 22. making her the first union officer within seiu in the country and then in 2005, at the age of 29, seiu local 87 members elected her as the president of sciu local 87 making her the first woman, the first mom, the first chicana to hold the position of secretary treasurer making her the highest ranking latina in labor. today, olga represents over 5,000 local 87 janitors which is one of the most militant, and diverse unions in san francisco. as the president of local 87 she has ensured to maintain the highest standards in wages and
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benefits for her members. making local 87's contract the standard for the west coast and olga notes that could have been accomplished without her vice president, ahmed, and her secretary treasurer yang shin may and including all of our siblings and labor she led contract and her members who defied expectation and many thought impossible to internet .they led with two strikes for contracts and witness essential workers, not being treated right. as a union of immigrants, every day the members defy expectations and fighting to make the quality of their lives