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tv   Planning Commission  SFGTV  March 15, 2022 12:00am-4:36am PDT

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. >> ladies and gentlemen, well let me welcome you to the san francisco redistricting commission. the march 7 2022 meeting. itis now called toorder. mister clark , would you call the role ? >> mister chairmanmay i offer access announcements before we get to agenda one ? we have announcements for accessing the meeting. the task force is now convening hybrid meetings that allow in person attendance and public comment while still presenting by telephone. the task force record recognizes access is essential and will be taking public comments as follows. public comment will be taken on each item on this agenda. those attending in person will
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be allowed to speak first and then we will take public comments from those waiting on the television line or within webx. from those watching through the sfgov tv, the call in number i streaming across the screen . that number is 415-655-6001. after you enter that number and dialed it will be asked to enter a meeting id. the id is 2493 558 6324. i repeated. 2493 558 6324. after you enter the meeting id press the pound twice and you will be connected. you will hear the meeting discussions but your line will be unmuted. when your item of interest comes on our agenda and public comment is called those joining us inperson should line up to speak on this side of the room if you can see where i'm pointing .
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and those who are on the telephone or connected through webx should join the speaker line by raising your hand. callers can raise their handsby dialingáfollowed by three . if you're on your telephone telephone rememberto turn down for other listening devices you may be using . as already indicated we will be taking public comments for the those attending in person first and then go to ourpublic comment lives . you can send a comment in writing and email them. that is our gtf at if you submit your public comments by email it will be forwarded to the task force and included in any open public files on our agenda. you may send written comments bya useful u.s. postal service to the redistricting task force care of the clerks office , room 244 in city hall, one doctor called in way, california the request of the task force where
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joined by interpreters coordinated through our officers in civic engagement . the they are here to provide interpretation to speakers of cantonese andmandarin . and we have jordan from the league of women voters san francisco language interpreter accommodations have been coordinated for speakers of arabic, please and russian abided by sonja atkins , and i would like to request each of them introduce their services now inlanguage andprovide access instructions from today's meeting . can we hear first from agnes lee ?
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[speaking chinese] >>. [speaking chinese] >> that's in mandarin.>>.
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[speaking mandarin] >>. [speaking mandarin]
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>>. [speaking mandarin] >> thank you so much, agnes. >>. [speaking spanish]
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>>. [speaking spanish]
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>> ...
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>> ... >> thank you. >> thank you so much for being here. if we could, please invite karen trong to also provide their introductions for their services for providing
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interpretation for speakers of vietnamese and russian . >>. [speaking of vietnamese] >>. [speaking vietnamese]
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>>. [speaking russian] >>. [speaking russian]
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>> thank you also much for beinghere. i shouldnote interpreters will be here until 5:30 p.m. . that concludes our announcements . >> i meant to say a: 30. i'm writing emails, sending texts and talking to all of you at the same time. mister chair, that concludes our announcements. >> thank you. should we proceedwith rollcall? >>members, when you hear your name indicate your presence . member jeremy lee . [rollcall] >> we have all mymembers present . >> clerk, i should, i've forgotten to do it during the opening comments.
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i am representative arnold thompson and i am the chair of the redistricting task force and in case you're wondering and you're looking on, the people sitting in front of us are mister john carroll, our clerk and mister gus, from the city attorney's office thank you. i took spanish, not french . i think we can proceed. members, if you have nothing we can proceed to item number two. >> a discussion of the district 6 boundaries neighborhoods and communities of interest . we will be taking public, as part of the discussion. members who wish to provide public comments on district 6 boundaries can be found within and nearby should call 415-655-6001 . the meeting id for today's
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meeting is 2493 558 6324. press the pound symbol twice to beconnected to the meeting and then pressáfollowed by three to be entered into the speaking line . please wait until we take public comment on this item and the system indicates you have been unmuted. that will begin your opportunity. for those who are interested in providing public comment connected from within webex if you wish to speak during public comment indicates so by raising your hand within the meeting and doing so will add you to the queue of speakers awaiting recognition. mister chair. >> item number two, any member comments? >> i believe wehave member hernandez gill who is requesting recognition mister chair . >> thank you. i do needpermission to share .
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>> can we accelerate member hernandez gill'saccess in webx ? you will have it in a moment. that would be the office, if youcan pass the presenter card to mister hernandez gill's connection within webex . thank you everyone for your patiencewhile we work this out. this is an unforeseen technical snag . >>. [inaudible] >> i believe jeanette can move him out of attendees and into participants please.
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thank you everyone for your patience. everything is kindof held together with sticky tape . have we made any progress on that? >> sorry about the dead air, everyone. [inaudible] alternatively, clerks office staff, if someone
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wanted to make me the host briefly from within webx i am happy to do it. [inaudible] ... >> thank youladies and gentlemen for bearing with us . this is our first meeting in person and we're figuring it out as we go along.
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>> he's in as a participant if wecan pass the presenter card tomiss hernandez gill . looks like we've done it . themagic of technology . here we are. mister chair, we are all set. the members of the public are seeingthe presentation slides now . >> thank you and apologies again for that delay. i am going to give what i hope will be helpful commentary i can help bring some of the input you will be providing in regards to district 6 around unity is of interest. so i'm going to introduce redistricting san francisco has 11 super visual districts which are useful like the board of
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supervisorsredistricting is a process of adjusting these districts . these district boundaries. it's a process that happens every 10 years after the release of the census data and maybe use to balance the population of districts. redistricting provides the opportunity to bring the existing districts into compliance with all redistricting criteria. i've feel as of right now no draft mass have been created by the redistricting task force. this is a table of the different districts and where they stand in terms of population in relation to the mean population that we are aiming for. and in this case of district 6 you can see that it is a little bit of over 30 percent over not mean which means it needs to shed a significantamount of people to be in compliance . the criteria used for redistricting includes compliance with the us and california constitution . inother words it has to be equal population . it needs to be in compliance
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with the voting rights act which addresses race and language minorities and seeks to preserverecognized neighborhoods and communities of interest . often called. >> and busty be continuous and compact. recognized neighborhoods are generally based on data and geographycollected from official sources like the planning department . neighborhood data me they may be submitted by members of the public and neighborhoods may vary in size depending on who is defining them communities of interest are generally described as a population of residents that share common interests such as social, cultural and economic interest should be included within a single district for purposes of its effective and fair representation close are defined by those living within the community, not limiting the kind of interest thatmay bind the
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community . it's up to those who live and work in a community to identify and establish the interests that unite them and i will give some examples in the second . interests need not be limitedto the current situation but may also include chronicles. communities of interest do not include relationships with political parties, incumbents or political candidates . some examples of common interest you may use for defining your community of interest areeconomic interests, current situation, employment, socialinterests, school transportation parks, cultural interests such as holidays, businesses , that sort of , those are some of the common examples . we arelooking for you to tell us about your community of interest . what ties you together, what common interest do you share. we also want to hear about where your community of interest is located specifically we want to hear the boundaries of your community streets, parks, that
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sort of thing. we want to be able to locate it on a map andwhat is different or the same about the areas around your community why should your community be kept together in one district ? whatwould it be a problem to split your community ? you are also welcome to give us information on your website on your screen and alsoaccess it using the qr code on the bottom right district-based input . that's also welcome by the redistricting task force. you may providefeedback on one district for the whole . we willhave an item later , general public comment which you are able to use orthe entire map or other districts . we would like to hear how you would like thesedistricts to b drawn. what would you like to change about san francisco's districts , what do you like about how they are currently drawn ? there isalso a redistricting mapping tool that is made ,
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that is available for any members of the public to use and it allows you todraw your own district maps . proposals developed with the online mapping tool besubmitted to the redistricting task force or consideration . it allows you also to view censusgeography and data for any area within san francisco . you may access it at redraw my sf >> members. do you have any comments before wego to public comment ? seeing none, i'm sorry. vice chair. >> i just wanted to be clear to the public as the people who are turning in that while we have a redistricting tool, we are very happy to have you submit maps. as you submit on a piece of
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paper feel free to draw a piece of paper. we would be more than happy to have that . if you don't have the technology, if you don't have access just drawthat you want. to draw the districts you want and please tell us . we can take your input in either way. >> thank you and to add if you're like me and you have absolutely no artistic skill whatsoever, you can just send us a narrative ofwhere you would like the district to be , naming the streets for whatever boundaries you think they ought to be and we take those as well. so anyway that you can figure out how to get into the process, please do because the more information you send us hopefully the better that will help us do our job. with that mister clerk we can proceed to public comment. >> members of the public who wish to provide public comment
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on this item and who are joining us here in the meeting room should line up now to provide public comment at the public comment letter. line up on this site over here for those listening remotely dial 415-655-6001 . enter the meeting id which is 2493 558 6324. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and the press star followed by 3 to enter the speaker line. if you'reconnected from within webex you can raise your hand from within webex to add yourself to the speaker line . have you turned the microphones down? okay, thank you. at the request of the task force we are joined by interpreter interpreters from immigrant affairs. before we hear from our first public comment speaker i want to go through the access
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instructions for those colors may be calling to provide public comment in cantonese, mandarin, chinese, spanish, filipino, vietnamese and russian as well as arabic if sonja atkins is connected. could we hear from agnes lee to provide a portion of those access instructions? >>excuse me. before they start, would we be taking one from the public ? >> mister chair and members of the task force, i'd like to provide the access instructions for everyone toparticipate and we will hear from the folks who arepresent in the room first and then we will hear from the callers . thankyou for asking the clarifying question . agnes lee please . >>. [speaking chinese]
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>>. [speaking chinese]
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>>. [speaking spanish] >>. [speaking spanish]
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>>. [speaking cantonese] >>. [speaking cantonese]
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>>. >> have we been joined by sonny atkinson yet. if not can wehear from kim truong and tatyana to provide interpretation assistance, access instructions for speakers in vietnamese and russian . >>.
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>>. [speaking] >>. [speaking russian] >> thank you, i think we may have found a solution for bringing sonja atkins into the meeting. couldwe please unmute sonja
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atkins microphone from the attendees list so she can provide access instructions . >>. >>.
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>> thank you all so much for beinghere. could we go to our first coloring was present in the room for two minutes please ? >> hello task force. it's nice to see you all in person.
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public comment. my name is curtisbradford and i am cochair of the tenderloin peoples conference . i am a resident and worked in the tenderloin for well over a decade and i'm here tonight representing people's congress which is a coalition of president led organizations and tenderloin neighborhoods among which include the 500+ members of the tenderloin chinese rights association, 200+ members of the community association, rainbow tl which is the transit lgbtq group. i'm here because i want to speak in support of the community unity map we've been participatingin with these communities of interest . we've gone with folks from around the city and we've worked hard to find a map that works for everybody and i feel like that's what we've achieved. and what's really important to us in the tenderloin and the
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communities that i represent is giving the tenderloin and central soma together because they combined what's considered the central city neighborhoods and our committees of interest particularly the filipino and lgbtq and the black community all fit struggle acrossthat neighborhood between central soma and the tenderloin and splitting them would be damaging .it would reduce the representation so we want to keep them together, we found a map that works for all of us and i hope you can support it so thank you very much . thank you for your hard work, this isgreat. >> thank you curtis for bringing your comments in person to the task force, could we hear from the next caller . >> it two-year-old, i'm sorry. >> hello. >> members of the task force, thank you for being here.
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i am with the arab research organizingcenter. our organization works with organizers and advocates for the arab community throughout the bay area but nowhere is our community more concentrated than in the tenderloin and soma neighborhoods in district 6 . outreach coordinator and i've been working with this community every day. this, workers, artists is one of the largest growing communities in san francisco and for years the impacts of city policy on their livelihoods. mismanagement of funding prioritiestowards policing and away from affordable stable housing, medical care and mental health resources . furthermore language access issues for our community have made engaging with public discussionslike this really difficult in the past and we thank you so much for having your interpretation of available today . we believe living up tl and
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soma communities will dilute our collective voice exacerbating our problems. we stand with and have been working with the community unity mapping coalition which chris just told you guys a little bit about and our community belongs to this big mail you a black, brown, migrant working-class members of san francisco that have come together to build this community map. specifically the north part of the tl would want tokeep up to gary . thank you for your time and have a great day. >> thank you for offering your comments. i should mention you will hear 2 beeps. the first bell indicates you have 30 seconds remaining and you should begin winding up your comments andthere will be asecond louder be that happens when you are two minutes have concluded and we need to move onto the next person . could we hear from the next person please ? >> caller: thank you for your
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time. my name is drew mcdaniel. i'm a tenderloin resident and i'm vice chair of the lower polk neighbors. it's the neighborhood between ellis and south and california in the north and it goes from van ness to hideeast and west. half of it is in the strict six . about half of it is in the tenderloinso we are currently split between 2 different districts . so ... sorry, i've lost my spot. the task force should consider lower polk to be a community of interest. where unified by the polk and larkin commercial corridors and a series of narrowone-way alleys that run between van ness and larkin starting with olives in the north and ending
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at austin . if you ever had dinner at the plaza or seen a movie in further than you've been in our neighborhood. lower neighbors spent more than a decade partnering with our neighbors, the city nonprofits and real estate developers to reimagine and redevelop these alleys into welcoming community spaces . so on behalf of the lower neighbors i'dlike to make the following 2 requests . as a community of interest lower polk should be in one district. residents and businesses have shared interests , we share resources and we are united by a single vision or thriving diverse mixed-use neighborhoods with creatively designed spaces that make up for its lack of open space and parks. our our ability to turn this vision into reality is allocated by the fact that we are crossing 2 different districts today. it would help to beone single district . >> sorry to cut you off.
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we do have to keep all speakers,colors and members of the court present in the room to the 2 minute limit . thank you so much however. could we hear from the next caller? >> thank you task force members andcity staff is's a pleasure to be here in person. my name is crystal . i'm a resident of the lower polk neighborhood that border district 3 and districts a six and i'm here in my own personal capacityas a resident . i think i do support lower polk neighbors. i support their statements. i know there's a lot of, not a lot. there's a few proposals. i know thecommunity plan . i support and want to work with
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them on their proposal which wouldsplinter neighborhoods into three districts . i'd like to have, work with them on that aspect. i'm definitely, when we asked for one district we would implore you not to split it into threedistricts . thatwould be moving in the wrong direction . where we would like tomove in the right direction . but i think rather than hashing it out in public comment i would ask that you recognize lower polk as both economic, cultural. there's diversity that's low income seniors. it's a very vibrant areaand i ask you to take time and learn more about lower polk as you g through your deliberations . >> could we have the next
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member of the public please ? >> caller: good afternoon chair and members of the task force, thank you for all the work you're doing for the last several months now. i've been part of district 6 communities for thelast 25 years first starting as a union organizer , community organizer protecting small businesses . into self market legislative agencies and i'm now director of the city's latino cultural heritage district. there's been many changes to the district that divided up soma and our neighborhoods to the highest's not a coincidence district 6 has grown back 30 percent. it's been the epicenter of hyper development and displacement in the city but despite this it is still home to many thriving working-class communities that have deep roots here. we borne the brunt of
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redevelopment and we've seen so many families and friends pushed outbut we are still here and we stand to be the most impacted in this redistricting process . what we do as a task force will either protect our communities for divide and destroy our communities. january 14 the filipino community submitted as our community of interest map that reflects our community shared history and community institutions and showed we are here in this stock market and the tenderloin. it was signed by executive directors of 14 filipino cultural organizations . since then we've been working with our neighbors and friends from other committees that stand tenderloin including african-american, latin american committees as well as the leather district. we're asking the task force to keep the tenderloin up in the south of market together and all three cultural districts in district 6 as our communities complete the historic core in the heart of the district . weappeal to you to work with us
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to preserve our communities of interest . and prevent the dilution of minority communities. >> thank you raquel for your comments. could we get the next member of the public ? >> caller: my name is david wu with the filipinocultural heritage district . i worked in soma for five years and was born and raised in san francisco. we ask the task force respect the cultural district boundaries in district 6 and do not split the filipino cultural heritage district and ask that the task force respect the current boundaries of the transgender district and leather and lgbtq cultural district which are located in six. the boundaries were drawn to incorporate history, heritage and living legacy south of market especiallyresidents, cultural institutions , arts organizations and small
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businesses. the district boundaries are within the self market for filipinocultural heritage district . and current residence, small business services and institutions that span both the tenderloin and self market. we asked the task force keep the filipinocommunity of interest and create. the northern boundary of the tenderloin .filipino has been involved in the community coalition which is composed of over 75 organizations and is still growing and is has held my grassroots community mapping process. that prioritizes working-class and low income communities of color. where working with organizations and individuals across the city to create a unity map that preserves communities ofinterest . >>thank you david wu.could we have the next speaker please ? >> caller: i am a resident of
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the tenderloin. thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak . i'm in support of not splitting the tenderloin and soma districts because of our community is in this district. and splitting it will displace all the hard-working people working within and given all these resources and also the benefits of being together, being united so i'm supporting keeping the district 6 on gary street as everyone has proposed before. >> thank you for sharing your comments. do we have anyone else physically in theroom that
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wants to provide public comment on district 6 boundaries and communities of interest ? seeingnone, could we go to our first numerous colors that are on the line . >>. >> caller: [inaudible] to the task force members, the tenderloin ... [inaudible] the tenderloin has blossomed into the community interest. it was an abundant neighborhoo . it has the majority of the buildings and many of the counties are living in cramped spaces. we need also operations in
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chinatown. though many of them were on the board speakers and we have businessesthat are mom-and-pop that invest in our neighborhood many , i know that many of us that spoke today and who are listening, we both in chinatown have worked very hard on one of the key issues in the tenderloin. i would say that we would really like for the tenderloin to be part of this decree so we can come out much stronger. thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments could we have the next caller please ? >> caller: members of the redistricting task force, good evening.
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my name is luis antonio, executivedirector . our district is located in the south ofmarket and has been in the community for 20 years . the soma has always been a gay community. especially in the early 1990s with the arrival of hundreds of latino world war ii veterans of san francisco who saw soma as their home. our community of interest is adult withdisability and low income families . their heavily impacted by how they affordability and public safety. but these individuals are the few remaining with their families. and the unity mapping, we prioritize the working-class and low income communities of color. at statewide mapping, i strongly advocate to keep the
12:55 am
soma in district 6. it's the heart of the district. in so doing communities are kept intact. please speak in solidarity with other marginalizedcommunities of interest . we are fighting for common economic interests and the api, african-american and latino next, lgbtq and other immigran communities. thank you for your consideration and thank you for all your hard work >> thank you lisa antonio. could we have the next caller please ? >> my name is our from the filipino american arts exposition, we are organizers of the annual festival. and many other filipino and
12:56 am
asiancultural events in san francisco . we volunteer for 20 years and where advocates for the district 6. many of you might not know that the community has a long history of displacement and being negatively impacted. as we develop in san francisco. from 97, it is the chance for our residents and how they restore the displacement of 4000 filipino families make way for the redevelopment of the center ... [inaudible] unfortunately that history of displacement continues to dissuade . since the earliest 1700s families found referent refuge in the tenderloin for equality and equity pursued economic american dreams, raise their families and put down roots
12:57 am
here and found, grounded with our chinese and lgbtq and multiracial neighbors. i move that we keep the communitytogether in district 6 . we are 1416 in the dl. we share the same district, culture and language . i submitted a map by email and as oc there are 22 nonprofit organizations serving the community and 22 neighborhoods. thank you commissioners for keeping the community intact and serving this dynamic district ofsan francisco . >> thank you. >> thank you forsharing your comments . task force, apologies for
12:58 am
cutting you off. we have to make sure everyone provides theircomments in the minute limit . could we hear from the next caller please ? >> i am calling from the east coast. i have been in the metropolitan since 2004. i am a mother of 2 children who go to public school in cheryl hill. i've seen it all including all the new buildings and have been in a neighborhood, things have changed a lot. they neighborhood needs are shared by those adjacent to us. south beach, mission bay, treasure island, your above buena and more that areemerging neighborhoods of families and professionals . we're advocating market street be used as a national boundary
12:59 am
and this neighborhood stay connected with those around us that have emerged through years of thoughtful planningand investment to create high density mixed-use communities . where newlydeveloped community building market value as well as significant amounts of below market rate housing and we build for these newfamilies including mine , we need schools. affordable groceries, adequate parking space our needs will not get the attention they deserve if we are in the districtwith more established neighborhoods and access community groups. thank you very much . >> thank you for sharing your comments, next caller please . >> caller: good evening task force members. my name is bruce atkins, a mission bay resident and member of the east bay neighborhood association. although i appreciate the perspectives of the stakeholders , i'm advocating for the area south of market including mission bay to stay
1:00 am
together as a community of interest. market street serves as a natural separation or boundary two neighborhoods at the north of market mostly established neighborhoods for the neighborhoods south of market have pockets of established mixed with dense pdr areas transitioning to denser residential mixed-use areas or are former current redevelopment areas. specifically completed or active redevelopment areas from your above buena, the transmitted district, south beach,mission bay and treasure island which is connected by the eastern soma . the expansive development plan, central soma and western soma. the latter two transitioning to mixed-use plansincluding dense residential market rate and affordable housing . with this on the back top there are need for a community of interests and needsfor joint advocacy bus represented by one super district .
1:01 am
the need for attention to the following are critical you need to publish schools, transition streets from the extension of free reign operates residential use streets, the need for open space public realm amenities reimagining how public transportation service these neighborhoods, affordable serving retail and services where people can access diverse economic spectrum and shop for groceries, hardware and other needs. establishment of the near neighborhood commercial corridors, environmental concerns, transportation related air quality which cannot impacton the health of residents, workers and visitors and sea level rise. thank you for your consideration . >> could we have the next caller please?>> evening task force members. my name is katie l and i've lived in the south beach
1:02 am
neighborhood since 1995. i cofounded our south beach neighborhood association and have been very active in this part of the city for many years. i know this neighborhood well. and i know we need to keep our market neighborhoods including treasure island together. why? the redistricting effort requires us to identify communities of interest and we are most definitely similar. how? a few similarities are the path of market neighborhoods with over wide streets creating a hazardous travel environment for pedestrians,bicycles and cars .we are desperate for schools. we are in need of more parks and open space. a good portion of us live near or adjacent to freeway on and off ramps where we experience air-quality and pedestrian
1:03 am
safety issues. are these location on the day is lovely but we must work hand-in-hand with the court to tackle the issues of sealevel rise. again, these are but a few examples. our request of you is to please keep our south of market neighborhoods together. market street divides the old san francisco from thenew san francisco .those of us south are still building are part of the city. thank you. >> thank you so much for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller please . >> that evening members of the task force. my name is emily philadelphia, every resident of the east bay neighborhood i alsowork for the community benefit district .
1:04 am
i am calling in this evening like so many others in these downtown districts in support and an appeal for you to please consider keeping the east part of the downtown district south of market. that includes soma, your above buena, treasure island, tender island and others. this is because i believe our community shares interests outlined this evening such as theneed for safer streets , the need for affordable merchants such as grocers. the need for schools that we share with ourneighborhood district south of market . splitting our districts up will be at a disadvantage to achieving these goals . so i think, i thank you all for considering keeping the east cost, soma, tenderloin, treasure island, mission bay and yerba buena together as you
1:05 am
consider redistricting in san francisco. >> can we have the next caller please? >> evening everyone. my name is robert brown. i'm president of the leather lgbtq cultural district. i'm in solidarity with our sister districts in soma filipino district in keeping those cultural boundaries intact. we are in solidarity with the marginalized communities of interest in district six that are fighting for a common economic interest, fair representation including african-americans , arabs, asians, sfgov tv latinx, lgbtq and immigrant communities as well as people with disabilities. it's important that we maintai district 6 in its current form.
1:06 am
thank you . >> thank you forsharing your comments, could we have the next caller please ? >> hello task force members. i'm kowtowing and and i'm from the leather and lgbtq cultural district and i would just like to dovetail onhis comments . as you know d6 is currently the only district in the city that houses three of the cultural districts. it's crucial from our point of view to further in that we stay together in one district and not as the tenderloin and the transgenderdistrict . we are also bound on to the community met that previous speakers have mentioned. it's been a very collaborative and insightful process and i encourage you to take a look at how we are putting communities that historically shared a
1:07 am
history ofmarginalization of displacement , and political apathy in some cases. together so we might better help advocate for ourselves and for each other. thank you for all your hard work. it's much appreciated. >> thank youmichelle callahan for sharing your comments . >> you are online. >> caller: sorry, i was having a separate conversation. this is gloria lee sorry, i'll have to mute my screen . i'm from district 6 and i am a mother and i am a woman of color. and i've just want to recommend to this commission that market street is a natural boundary for district 6 even all these complicated thingswe are seeing in communities of interest .
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i have a toddler who goes to school in the district and i've been working very hard on helping mission baygrow their school because we just don't have enough educational facilities for growing families and young families in the city . i'm seeing a lot of young workers that are here that want to stay and it's a natural fit for east cut, mission bay, dogpatch, treasure island to grow at the same pace and to worktogether in order to keep these families here . we are in one of the densest neighborhoods in san francisco and without these kind of alliances it would be impossible for us to really fight for the resources that are very needed for families to succeed here. in additionto that , we just opened up the crossing in the area . before that we were like frequent visitors to this mission bay park and the playground which has been the
1:09 am
closest and nicestplayground for young children to attend . and so it would be just difficult for families to stay here if we were not to be together and work together on these sort of issues that are developing for new communities. i just want to recommend to this task force to keep these two growing communities together. and to really consider that when the planning that was made for treasure island or mission bay, for east cut, that this was theplan . to have these high density housing units in san francisco in order to make us successful we haveto grow together as a community of interest . >> thank you gloria lee for sharing your comments. i need to make sureeveryone keeps their comments within 2 minutes . could we hear from the next
1:10 am
callerplease ? and if you've heard your line has been un-muted that means you may provide your comments tothe task force . we can come backaround to it . is there a calleron the line ? >> good evening. redistricting task force. my name is louisa smith and i'm in favor of combining the tenderloin with district 3 area. that so many commonalities between the two of us that if we have to be split up i think that's the best way to be split up.
1:11 am
we have good things and bad things that are common. and the bad things we can fight for. we already have formed a bond with chinatown because we've done everything with them. and i believe that we would work well together and as they say strength comes in numbers. i think that the chinatown and tenderloinworking together , we can solve a lot of the problems inboth of these areas right now. i thank you for your time and consideration have a good evening . >> thank you for sharing your comments, next caller. i think that we have you, if your line has been unabated that means it is your time. >> good evening, hello task force members. my name is eleanor hernandez.
1:12 am
service providers, volunteers and faith-based advisory groups. and also the executive board member of the heritage foundation and deputy director for the chinese cultural center of san francisco. i'm connected to the neighborhood because i have worked with the different institutions and public art scripts which are largely a concentration of filipino americans . i am asking you to take the filipinos communities of interest together to preserve our shared culture, tradition and history. my family members for over 30 years friends and myself have visited and utilized a new incentive, volunteered to meet the kids at the carmichael school as part of the dueling program. i've helped organize that
1:13 am
heritage pavilion for festival along with alvarez and i am in support of david ruiz comments that were earlier said in this meeting. please keep the filipino community together.we look forward to your valuable support. >> thank you for sharing your comments, could we have another caller please ? >> you are on. >> hello. my name is soma and i've been in district 6 for nearly 15 years. the ferry building and east cut area and i'm calling because i wanted to echo the upper housing population in mission bay, south beach and east cut represents almost 30 percent or more and a lot of the future planning for more affordable
1:14 am
housing. working to keep these communities together because the parks and playgrounds in schools and just different topics related to safe and clean streets all apply to residents in mission bay and east cut and i definitely would want to see the resources be tailored to the needs of this community of interest to keep soma together. thank you. >> thank you forsharing your comments, could we have the next caller please ? >> my name is kathy barnes and i have been a resident ofthe tenderloin for six years . i also work on the land use committee for central city collaborative. i would like to see the tenderloin moved to district 3 because they have similar issues we have similarities in our housing issues . monolingual small businesses .
1:15 am
immigrant pedestrian safety, seniors and urban dense neighborhoods. the tenderloin has little or no representation from our city officials and i am in great need of such. iurge the board toallow the tenderloin and district 3 to the combined . thank you . >> could we have the next caller please? >> hello task force members, thank you for your hard work on this important matter. my name is mariode niro have worked in district 6 for five years. when i moved to san francisco 14 years ago the soma was my home because of the vibrant arts committee . from the events that got me these like-minded people using art as a tool for progressive change. one of the communities of interest that spanned the tenderloin neighborhoods include the cultural and arts
1:16 am
institutions as well as the community-based artists themselves.artists are residents of both soma and tenderloin and found work in both neighborhoods.cultural and arts institutions such as cool arts, kearny street merchant and the luggage store spanned the district. another community of interest in soma and tenderloin is the union workers. cooks, janitors, teachers and those working hotels and hospitality and district 6. these workers spanned the district and their collective powermust not be diminished through redistricting . wealso ask that the african-americancommunity be kept intact in district 6 as a core community of interest . it'svital we keep these communities of interest intact in district 6 . thank you for your work .>> thank you for sharing your comments, could we have the next caller please ?
1:17 am
>> evening task force members. this is ellis rogers. i'm an almost 30 year resident of southpark in district 6 and i thank you for the depth of your thinking and your work. i am desperately hoping that you and me don't have to think in terms of either or, communities or old existing communities . as part of the south beach mission bay neighborhood association, we have been working for more than a decade to try and grow our new communities, to integrate them into the fabric of the industrial neighborhood in which we are now sharing residency. i think we have a lot of shared values and a dedication to diversity, a dedication to affordability. a dedication to a strong cultural institution. so i think we have strong synergies with 15 summer
1:18 am
residence but we also have strong redevelopment based issues that really need cohesive work together because we are sort of reinventing the areas that have been left behind. and some of these, many of these have been named but we have so many infrastructure issues that we need to deal with globallytogether . traffic congestion being a significantone . all of our arteries are interconnected. not only are they not safe for residential occupation at the moment and we need to make them safer everywhere but they also are completely interconnected. so that we need to make sure that a six in one area does not negate the situation and another.
1:19 am
>> thank you ellis rogers for sharing your comments . couldwe get to the next caller please ? >> can you hear me okay? thank you very much. task force members my name is tom crenshaw and i'm a filipino education center for quality children programs at the carmichael school and i worked there for in mission six for about 15 years and we provide bilingual programming for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. our program has benefited from relationships with our seniors in the tenderloin so our educational collaboration is also going to strengthen our multi generational relationships with them so soma has always been a good
1:20 am
community for filipino immigrants in the 90s with hundreds of filipino workers for who resided in single room occupancy's , hotels and we are in solidarity with other marginalized communities of interest in district 6 that are fighting for common economic interests and fair representation including asian pacific islander, african-americancommunities, era, latinx as well as seniors , low income residents and our own house communities. so please, we urge you to keep that tl together have a wonderful evening . >> could we have the next caller please? >> is is david lewis. i've lived in the tenderloin since 2006 and some of it in
1:21 am
the sro. i've found very strong communities of interest between the tl and market area especiallycentral soma , especially fifth street. there is history share, filipino history.there's shared african-american history there is community organizers working to help poor people that bridge both sides. a really good new map ... proposed by san francisco rising but what i likeabout it is across the tenderloin at geary , i believe if i'm not incorrect it has of a straight shot of geary to mason and that's what i would recommend, the reason mason and geary all the way going west to pull. because the current map is the regular and if you look at the current district 6 map along the tenderloin boundary, it's almost as agerrymandered
1:22 am
irregular look . and we should pick a street such as gary or post. i think gary is a good one and just shoot straight across from polk always a market and go down market street. the unified area that has cultural commonalities and historical commonalities. lgbtq commonalities. i hope you'll piecethem together. i work with people of congress . they voted in favor of keeping the tenderloin connected to soma. david elliottlewis, a longtime tenderloin resident . next very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. next caller please . >> please begin. >> thank you. my nameis vita . i'm a woman of color and a senior citizen. i've been living by the south
1:23 am
beach neighborhoods for quite some time. i love going to the mission bay creek for the community gatherings. and also have doctor weapon and other providers that i see throughout the neighborhoods that are closer tothe embarcadero through mission bay . we are very close knit community and have been developing around the same time and i have similar lifestyles of people in these neighborhoods and would like to see this viewed as a community of interest to keep the south of market neighborhoods together specifically the south beach and mission bay area i consider home . thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments, could we hear from the next caller ?
1:24 am
>> hello members of the redistricting task force. thankyou for your devotion to public service . i amexecutive director of arctic neighbors . i'm calling to urge you to keep the market whole. our neighborhood along with the tenderloin is experiencing humanitarian crisis. each day as i walked to work i see people left to fend for themselves in our city streets failed by services and unable to access the addiction and mental health care they so desperately need . the success of the market is the linchpin of a decade-long effort that made market street right idolization the community has challenges thatwill be addressed if we are split into. residents experience market street at the backbone of our not as a boundary . it will be done down kasper street . it's important tonote that the cultural roots of the filipino community . filipino residents on both
1:25 am
sides of market street and filipino businesses and landmarks exist on both sides. these also have the highest concentration of developed speakers in the city as wellas the highest concentration of filipino public works in the city. filipino electoral power should not be diminished . recognizing the interconnected nature of midmarketand the filipino community we feel the most elegant solution is to keep the market , the midmarket together with some of filipino district and the broader tenderloin in d6. thank you for your public service. >> thank you, chuck obermeyer forsharing your comments, next caller please . >> my name is jeff robin. in the last 25 years despite the racism and anti-immigrant attitude that have plagued san francisco i have seen a
1:26 am
sisterhood of communities come together in an elegant diverse mosaic and has been it's been a strong and vibrant united and the challenges. cities don't take away our political power. by dividing us up. the community that's working so hard to make us so strong. thank you.>> could we havethe next caller please ? is there a caller on the line? that line is unattended, perhapswe could come back . >> caller: thank you task force, my name is lee and i'm a treasure island resident. i have been on the ground serving in communities for years, but worked hard during
1:27 am
the covid. i've heard many callers talk about and mentionedtreasure island but i want to give the perspective of treasure island . we have been historically underserved. we've been historically pushed out. our neighborhood continues to be overdeveloped without community voice. asking it has only been with the help of the tenderloin that we have gained a voice to get our needs met. so i'madvocating for the tenderloin to remain a close partner . i'm not opposed to moving into the district 3but definitely i am highly opposed of losing my partner of the tenderloin , co-tenderloin and the services that they have been doing so diligent and just keeping this neighborhood in survival. so when you're thinking about the mines, i'm asking that you keep them together and all
1:28 am
those who mention supporting residents to treasure island to reach out to us because we are in need of your support. and retainingthis neighborhood as it's being overdeveloped . >> thank you so much. thank youfor sharing your comments with the task force . comments please. >> good evening, redistricting task force members. i am a equity center formally known as veterans equity center located at the corner of sixth and mission. our organization was born out of the need to serve the influx of filipino world war ii veterans in san francisco who resided in the soma under the immigration and nationality act passed by congress.i urge you to adopt the considerations outlined by the community using
1:29 am
the map coalition. this prioritizes working-class and low income neighborhoods of color overallfighting for similar economic interests and fair representation in d6 including african-american, asian, latinx , lgbtq and immigrant communities. as low income residents and our tenants and our on house neighborhoods gary street should be the tip for the tenderloin and remain in d6 . >> thank you for sharing your comments. next caller please. >>. >> caller: hello. >> you probably want to turn down the volume on your television. >> caller: can you hear me now. >> please begin.>> caller: my name is jane wilde, i live at 1160 mission street between seventh and eighth in midmarke . the main point i want to make and emphasize is market street is abackbone, not a boundary . please don't even consider dividing d6 along market stree
1:30 am
. market is in the middle of the tenderloin and soma but we are a neighborhood. i'm president of an ho a of a mixed income 250 unit building and also on the board of the midmarket cbd the soma cec and i represent all of d6. i know midmarket. pleasekeep us intact . we have achieved so much of the growth of the city and we know we have to have d6 apartment we have enormous problems and we need to keep a strong unified voice. the midmarket neighbors have submitted a map keeping midmarket together including the active growing hopwhich is part of midmarket . so again please consider that midmarket is ourbackbone, not boundary . thank you so much for your very hard work. we appreciate it . >> thank you for sharing your comments. >> caller: hello.
1:31 am
my name is chris chang and i'm a person of color who have lived and worked in district 6 for over the years and i'm calling to ask the redistricting task force to recognize and protect the important community of interest that spans mission bay. i work on a lot of community engagement within d6 and in my spare time as a 100 percent volunteer as i am not compensated in any way for my community efforts. i'm the ho a president and work closely with my partners and buildings acrossthe east coast and mission bay including affordable and market rate housing communities . over the last several years of communityactivism i have it has become evident to me the east and mission bay constitute a clear community of interest . these areas have similar characteristics including growing rapidly from industrial commercial use into some of the mostdense housing in the entire
1:32 am
district . we face the same challenges as the zone including the need to develop more partners and open spaces for families, the need for more affordable grocery options, concerns with the seawall and rising sea levels and much more. i am regularly meeting with other volunteer community leaders that represent the densest residential housing across the east cut and mission bay to learn what they are doing regarding the important topics such as street safety, traffic congestion, education facilities and open space . our voices would be unfairly drowned out if the east coast and mission bay were tobe separated in anyway. thus i urge the redistricting task force to keep the east cut andmission bay together as an important community of interest . thank you for your consideration and hard work . >> thank you for sharing your comments . we have now heard from 32
1:33 am
callers. we have nine callers still on the way and i think it would be a good idea for us to recite our interpreter assistance as well as those who coordinated separately to provide interpretation assistance for arabic, vietnamese and russian to provide an introduction to the services they areproviding . could we hear first from agnes lee? >>. [speaking chinese] >>. [speaking chinese] next in
1:34 am
mandarin. [speaking mandarin]
1:35 am
>>. [speaking mandarin] >>. [speaking spanish] >> raymond boris, are you there? >>.
1:36 am
[speaking spanish] >>.
1:37 am
>> ...
1:38 am
>> thank you. >> could we go to sylvia atkin next ? [speaking arabic]
1:39 am
>>. [speaking arabic]
1:40 am
>> are we still joined by qian and tatyana for interpretation services? >>. [speaking cantonese]
1:41 am
>> thank you. >>. [speaking russian]
1:42 am
>> thank you so muchfor all of you for being here. i understand we now have 13 colors remaining, could we go to the next caller please ? >> my name is christina johnson and i'm speaking today as a resident who's lived in the neighborhood of east cut for thelast 13 years . i would say many years ago, members of the south beach ring con hill and mission bay neighborhoods came together to form a neighborhood association because all of those neighborhoods had interests in common and i think those interests are stillthere today .
1:43 am
we are just now getting to a point in the east cut where there are things to do on the weekends and all of these neighborhoods are former redevelopment areas that have grown tremendously in the last several years but we are still in a position where we have interests that are aligned and so we are still in need of affordable grocery stores, affordable retail. we have issues, common issues with traffic on the physical level and alsoenvironmentally . we are a neighborhood that is achieving affordable housing commitments of 30 percent or higher and yet we still have issues with not having schools. so for all those housing units or in some cases not having adequate parking or people who have to have a car because they have families.
1:44 am
and again, with no schools it makes it a little bit difficult sometimes if you have younger children you can't necessarily put them on the bus in those ways. so my hope would be that you would take into consideration keeping together all of the areas that are in a similar position. we would like to get more green space and like to have the infrastructure issues that are really paramount address and we can do so if we keep our districtboundaries together . thanks very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments, next caller please . >> caller: can you hear me? >> please begin. >> my name is lee frazier, and an african-american woman. i've lived in the areas of soma, mission bay and currently south park or the last 20years . i am calling you to express my support to keep the east cut, south park south beach yerba
1:45 am
buena and eastern and soma neighborhoods all intact and i'm asking that you keep them together as a community of interest so that i've lived in this area for a considerable amount of time working with my ho a board formally. i think that these areas share common interests specifically the very happy heavy traffic congestion that's in our area . my concerns about public safety and also the limited amount of recreational space that we have in these neighborhoods and i feel we're severed that it's really going to disenfranchise thepeople of this area . because i believe that we face all ofthese same challenges and that we should stay together as a community of interest . >> next caller please.
1:46 am
>> my name is michael multi-. i am the program director of tennis association coalition of san francisco. for 25 years we've been working within our sros many of which are located in the core of central city neighborhoods seeking for a better environment for our tenants. i'm also the founder of central city democrats. we've noticed the tenderloin has had the highest number of voting precincts when it was formed, when the districts were formed in 2000. and so moving for voting purposes to keep the tenderloin as a whole and also we like to keep the tenderloin as part of district 6 along with the south of market and midmarket
1:47 am
corridors. hence the central city democrats. thank you very much. >> thank you michael nolte for sharing your comments . >> caller: good evening task force members. i'd i will keep my comments short and sweet. my name isjim and i'm , i've worked in district 6 for five years and our communities of interest are mostly api community. and i believe that soma and gl are hard of district 6. then i advocate for dewey street to be the top-of-the-line for the tenderloin and everything south should remainin the tenderloin and d6 . iq. >> thank you for sharing. can we have thenext caller please ?
1:48 am
>> hello task force members. my name is andrew robinson, director of the east cut benefit district. thank you forthe work that you've done so far and the work you've got ahead of you . cbd represents 12,000 resident , a broad mix of market and affordable housing units. we submitted a letter appealing the east cut remain in one district along with missionbay , yerba buena, treasure island mission rock and others out of market . we share so much in common. we're building divers socioeconomically integrated neighborhoods that share challenges that can only be addressed by a cohesive and integrated approach. theseneeds are shaped by common influences and can be addressed holistic way if given the opportunity .
1:49 am
however if not addressed together we fear the basic livability needs go unmet and these neighborhoods can feel deprived allthe planning that went into creating these neighborhoods cannot account for some of the basic and essential needs that make a neighborhood and neighborhood . we have local no local school options where we're building thousands of units, no affordable neighborhood serving retail where people can shop for groceries,hardware needs and more. we need to transform streets created to be arterial access to the bay bridge and a safe pedestrian friendly neighborhood streets . we face the same health and safety risks by being situated to the sports and lack adequate network of parks and open space. the synergies between these emerging neighborhoods are clear and we need to move forward together and forthese reasons we see market street as a natural separation or boundary . the street created a mix of changes between the north and
1:50 am
south of marketand these needs and opportunities are different . thankyou very much foryour time and thank you for your service on this task force . i hope you will consider keeping our neighborhoods together . >> can we have the next caller please? is there a caller on the line? >> hello, my nameis glenda, can you hear me ? >> caller: great. i'm a person ofcolor and i live in deep cut and i spend the majority of my time in mission . i love these two areas simply because they're so similarin terms of planning and the community is so close . i am a professional and i chose to live in d6 because of the city's of mission bay. i feel like it's very walkable. there are a lot of restaurants,
1:51 am
bars and i can go out with my friends that live in the area and i feel safe even when i walk around at night or in the daytime. i feel that as a young professional, that the city is definitely a community of interest and that should not be separated . therefore, i hope that if you consider our voices to keep where we live and work with each other safe. i simply believe mission bay and deep cut should stick together because of the community and similarities that it offers. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller please? >> i'm calling in support of keeping the tenderloin intact. the tenderloin historically has
1:52 am
been a marginalized community and it's always been clear. we run the nonprofit that sits on the border of gary and farrell and taylor so we are at the cost of the d3 and d6. just from the perspective of having the cultural district for 11 years i object to the difference in cultures and demographics that are represented in eachcommunity . typically if you start to look at theafrican-american community , tl i think that by having them shifted over to d3, you lose i think a lot of support, representation and then just culturalconnections that have been forged for decades .
1:53 am
so those are my two cents, thank you. >> thank you, next caller please. >> hello. my name is karen hill. i've lived in the tenderloin and voted in the tenderloin at the same address for 17 years. i've been listening to tonight's conversation and frankly none of it sounds good. i don't seewhy you can't keep the tenderloin together. it seems like an attempt to dilute the goldsboro from the poorest people in the city . i know many people have said this is a wonderful, beautiful rainbow city. i'm a black woman and that's where i've lived in the
1:54 am
tenderloin ofthe same address for 17 years. my neighbors who are black men and women to . i support i suppose the tenderloin carrying the town because we have many interests of all the groups that i haven't heard mention don't get me wrong. we love the children and everything but all of us are young dual income family with 50 kids. many of us in this neighborhood are retired or disabled or single or elderly or whatever. most of us are very poor. [please stand by]
1:55 am
1:56 am
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1:58 am
>> i also know that many families in the tenderloin that go to soma for community
1:59 am
resources which they find more accessible for them. [indiscernible] families know about soma filipinas, they go out of their way to celebrate cultural events like floras de mayo and other events in the community. [indiscernible] senior events and activities for the seniors [indiscernible] please keep this community of interest together. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much for sharing your comments with the task force.
2:00 am
could we hear from the next caller, please. >> hi. i'm the director of the new leadership [indiscernible] have been forced out of their communities, ripped of their wealth, and the tenderloin has been the place where people can go to find refuge, and there's a way of preventing themselves from being completely displaced from san francisco. soma, as you know, the filipino community, they have also been harmed by urban renewal. so this area, the tenderloin, and the critical resources that's dotted up and down the
2:01 am
tenderloin and soma, has been critical to the survival of black people and filipino people. many black, many filipino have been systemic government programs to push us out of the city have found a unifying refuge in tenderloin and soma, and if it's not for all the resources in these neighborhoods, you would not see the black presence, you would not see that we have a fighting chance to reclaim what was stolen from us. so i urge this task force do not divide tenderloin and the south of market. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much, mr. crawford, for sharing your
2:02 am
comments with the task force. could we hear from the next caller, please. >> hello? >> clerk: yes, we've got you. please begin. >> hi. my name is bettina cohen, and i live in a housing development, and i've lived here 11 years, and i've seen a lot of growth. i agree with many of the callers who called in from south beach and the east cut area, rincon hill, and others in mission bay who want us to stay together, and seeing this growth continue, central soma, perhaps, could be included in our district. there is one thing i want to draw attention to that i don't think other people are hitting on, which is look at the 2020
2:03 am
census data, and how badly underrepresented we are in city hall over here. we outnumber other districts, i believe one and three, by about 30,000. i hope we continue to stay together. we're watching mission lock grow out of the ground right before our very eyes. that's going to house, i don't know, a couple thousand people or so. a big building in mission bay, 150, 200 units, so once again, we will be underrepresented at the rate of our growth. so please, whatever you do,
2:04 am
start us off with the lowest possible population that is allowed because we're going to catch up and surpass the other districts with our growth. and we're happy to welcome new neighbors. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, bettina cohen, for your comments. could we have the next caller, please. >> i've lived in the community 30 years. our community of interest is on the embarcadero between the ferry building and the bay bridge. landmarks include the ymca, rincon park, rincon center, hills plaza, and the temporary transbay terminal.
2:05 am
we understand that you may need to extend district three south into our area. we are not actually particular about which area that we end up in, three or six. we just ask that you not draw the boundary at mission, howard, or folsom streets. again, we're on the waterfront between the ferry building and the bay bridge. please keep us whole. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you for sharing your comments for the task force. could we hear from the next caller, please. >> my name is francisco dacosta, and i get my comments on saturday.
2:06 am
while the discussion was going on, you all showed some maps, and it would have been nice or felt good to have done that today. i'm calling to pay attention to the community in the tenderloin and the south of market area. these communities, for the longest time, have created organizations to serve those who need help most. i see this task force hasn't got a good orientation because this happens every ten years, and in this pandemic, you all are missing out a lot of
2:07 am
quality of life issues, so you need to get a good orientation. i have worked hard for the community in district six, representing them at city hall. so pay attention and listen to the advocates from district six. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you so much, francisco da costa, for sharing your comments with the task force. do we have -- [speaking native language]
2:08 am
>> clerk: sonia, if you could hang on so i can make sure. sonya, are you interpreting comments on the line for the district six boundaries, neighborhoods, and communities of interest that are nearby.
2:09 am
sonia, are you still there? i wonder if we could check to see if sonia is still on the call and if we could hear from her. i see your line is unmuted. sonia, i'm going to restart your time. please provide your comments to the task force. do we have any further callers in the queue? we keep trying to unmute sonia atkins, and i'm not seeing anyone else. sonia at kins, are you there? >> yeah, i'm still here. can you hear me? >> clerk: yeah. i just want to say, are you interpreting comments that you're hearing? >> no, no, no. i was just reading something to myself. i thought i was on mute. i'm sorry. >> clerk: i'm glad that we
2:10 am
straightened that out. thank you so much. we did have you live on the line for a moment. jeanette, do we have any more callers in the queue? >> operator: no callers. >> clerk: mr. chair, we've reached the end of the callers in the queue. >> thank you. we will, at this time, close public comment on item number two. thank you for all of the citizens who participated. your participation is essential in allowing us to be able to do our jobs, and at this point, we will give it to the members. if you have any comments on public comment that we've heard. and seeing none, which is unusual, i usually have to rely
2:11 am
on mr. carroll, so when you're able we can move to item number three at your events. >> clerk: yes, noting that we closed public comment at 47 speakers, and it will be filed. agenda item three is an outreach plan update. it is discussion and possible action, and we will take public comment. members of the public who wish
2:12 am
to make public comment may do so by calling 415-655-0001 and entering meeting i.d. 2493-558-6324, then press pound and pound again. press star, three to enter the queue, and wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted before you begin your
2:13 am
comments. yes, i see elizabeth sunshine connected to our meeting as an attendee. jeanette, could you bring elizabeth in as a participant so she can present and represent c.b.c.? she's here. elizabeth, we can hear you if you want to begin. >> okay. thank you very much. good evening, task force members, madam clerk, and san francisco members. my name is elizabeth sunshine from civic edge consulting here to report on our outreach plan
2:14 am
update. we reached out to 20 organizations to inform them of the meeting. i'd like to especially recognize the south of market leadership council, south beach rincon bay mission organization, the southeast asian community center, yerba buena c.b.d., and arab resource and organizing center for their support in allaying today's meeting and information. to briefly update our overall outreach since the last task force meeting, we continue to carry out targeted outreach to task force organizations ahead
2:15 am
of each meeting. this week, we'll complete outreach to all district three organizations ahead of the march 9 meeting, and to all district one and two organizations before the march 11 meeting. we'll also continue all targeted outreach to districts four and five organizations. as a reminder to the public, any general questions we receive intended for are best answered by the task force or redirected to the rdtf, regarding the mapping or redistricting information. we also continue to regularly reupdate our list for district information, and also regularly address and solve any issues that are communicated to us
2:16 am
by -- about not seeing organizations or individuals receiving those letters. i'd encourage any members of the public to reach out if they're experiencing any trouble locating or receiving our citywide e-mail blast. looking ahead to the rest of the week, we'll be senting out e-mail blasts on wednesday, march 9, reminding people join the district 3 meetings. finally, as on going reminders, we'll continue providing
2:17 am
updates to the task force, both at task force meetings, and through our friday digest e-mails. just a reminder, on the priority organization list they're available to the task force as well as updated regularly. thank you as always for your time and consideration, and thank you for your long hours and hard work through this process. >> thank you, miss sunshine. members, do you have any questions or comments at this time? is mr. clerk, we might move to public comment on the outreach plan. >> clerk: thank you very much. if you wish to provide comment on the outreach plan, and you have joined up in person,
2:18 am
please lineup to my left, your right along this wall here or if you are listening along and you wish to provide public comment, dial 415-655-0001 and enter meeting i.d. 2493-558-6324, and then press pound twice, and press star, three to enter the queue or if you're listening through zoom, you can raise your hand to let us know that you would like to provide comment. finally, can we hear from our interpreters who are providing interpretation services in seven different languages, i believe.
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2:25 am
2:26 am
2:27 am
>> clerk: thank you all so much for being here. i should acknowledge that we are joined by our interpreter service assistants until 8:30. do we have any public commenters who want to provide comment on the public outreach plan. there is one caller. can we be connected to that
2:28 am
caller, please? >> hello. this is [indiscernible] i'm the director of the alliance for a better district six, and i want to thank the people who helped me and my organization send out thousands of e-mails and jpegs because they originally sent out pdfs, so i couldn't use them for posting on the internet. i want to thank them for understanding how sometimes people in the community have certain formats that they can only do things in, and they also consider some of the other community groups that they have reached out to. as you know, district six has many stakeholders, and we all have to reach out and disseminate information when important meetings like this take place, so i also want to
2:29 am
thank everybody else that's been involved in outreaching. i know that many members of the committee are also in district six. thanks. >> clerk: thank you very much, michael molty, for sharing your comments. could we have the next caller, please. is there a caller on the line? caller, if you've heard that your line is unmuted or you've heard a pair of rapid electronic beeps, that means that your line has been unmuted. it appears that that line is unattended. operations, are there any further commenters in the queue? >> operator: there are no more callers on the line. >> clerk: mr. president, that
2:30 am
is all for public comment. >> thank you very much. public comment is closed. members, do you have anything else on this item? if not, when you're ready, we can close and move. mr. carroll? >> clerk: item 4 is a q2 redistricting consultants update. this is a discussion and possible amount item. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the agenda item number four, which is the community of interest tools from q2 consultants, you may lineup to speak on my left, your right, or you can call 415-655-0001 and enter the meeting i.d. 2493-558-6324, then press pound twice, and then press star, three, and it will enter you in the queue of speakers.
2:31 am
>> thank you, mr. carroll. before we call and ask for the consultants' report, i do want to let people know that on our meeting of the 14, we will be discussing mapping and how the mapping procedures for our mapping meetings will take place, and members, we are still soliciting input, so if you have any, vice chair -- not me, but when you're chair, you get to do that, so -- but no, in all seriousness, members, we are still soliciting your input on how you're going to proceed. it may seem that it's going to be a bit unwieldy, but that's the way we'll do that, and it certainly has to be done. we're getting ready to start, and everybody's been asking for it, so it's on the way very
2:32 am
soon. with that, members, if you have nothing on this mapping i'd, we can go to the consultants. >> clerk: seth neal is here, representing q-2. >> seth neal, good to see you. >> i am seth neal with the q2 consultants. there have been two new community interests that have been submitted using the on-line forum, bringing the total to 59 communities of interest that have been submitted on-line. we have been working with the g.i.s. staff from the elections and the department of
2:33 am
technology to create a map viewer that we'll use to be able to post the draft maps for the task force, and so we would be able to post, for example, the map that we'll be presenting at the next meeting on the 9, and so first, thank you very much to the people the staff has been working with us and helping us get set up very quickly. we've got access to the san francisco platform this afternoon, and we're still working on the map viewer to make it as accessible as possible. our hope is it will be live wednesday before the meeting, so our hope is it will be available on the 9. that is my update, and i'm happy to take any questions. >> thank you so much, mr. neal. members? there we go. mr. cooper? >> thank you, and thank you, mr. neal, for that update. and i'm glad that we're building an interactive tool to
2:34 am
look at the draft maps. i know that we've done so much with jpegs and draft maps so we can zoom in and look at the little streets. i wonder if there will be any sort of built-in functionality for both the system, the sort of language that we want to go around this draft map because we know this is a very preliminary map, and we want to make sure the public knows that. so wondering if there's going to be any way to integrate that into this aspect as well as folks to give commentary in the map or if they're still going to be redirected to the c.o.i. tool or any other redistricting tool that we have. >> [indiscernible] is r.h.s. on-line, and so it is a dedicated on-line g.a.s. tool, so using that, we'll be able
2:35 am
to -- people will be able to zoom in, see streets, see a lot of detail, and see -- click on districts to get information about them, but it doesn't necessarily have the context wal information that we're referring to. i'd be happy to work with you to maybe craft a page that is a link to this interactive map could live onto give some of that surrounding information and direct people on ways to give input on these maps. >> you know, i know, at the very least, you could have one of those kind of, like, splash landing pages, similar to the one on the redistricting tool, we use that -- at sfmta, we use that for when we tell people our parking maps might be very wrong and just check the signs on the streets. i'd hope we can put something obviously. obviously, you just got access to it this morning.
2:36 am
maybe not immediately, but i know there's going to be a lot of attention on these maps and a lot of people are going to want to give commentary. >> [indiscernible] that kind of information about the maps. >> yeah, i'm sorry. anybody else? okay. then we can proceed to public comment on item number 4. >> clerk: we can proceed to public comment. are there any members of the public present in the room with us who want to provide public comment on the q-2 consultants report update on the redistricting information that we just received? seeing none, let's go to those connected to the phone via zoom or webex. you can call 415-655-0001.
2:37 am
the meeting i.d. is 2493-558-6324. after you have entered the meeting i.d., press the pound symbol twice after you have entered the i.d., and then press star, three to enter the queue for members of the public who are lining up to provide comment on this agenda topic. i understand we have three callers in the queue. let's go to the first of the three callers, please. >> eileen with speak [indiscernible] d-4 currently has a deviation of - 8.5%. speak's map has a deviation of 1.4%. speak believes it has done its due diligence. that being said, speak believes that maps have been submitted by high profile organizations. one of these maps, d-4 extends into the inner sunset from
2:38 am
lincoln way to kirkham, and from 19 avenue to funston. funston is actually 13 avenue. the rest of the inner sunset would go to d-5. another map would expand d-4 into the inner sunset, but a one-block difference. the population would be 76,548, with a deviation of 7.76%. the rest of the population would go to d-7. the question is, would there be offsets for these numbers? it also goes to sloat boulevard and merced manor and
2:39 am
stonestown. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your sharing your comments to the task force. it seems like the audio is just a little bit better. this is your time to provide public comments for the planning tools [indiscernible] is not necessarily the right place for providing comments about the form of the maps that you're proposing. we can hear about that later on, during general public comment. could we hear from the next caller, please. [indiscernible]
2:40 am
. >> clerk: can we go along to the next caller, please? i believe that caller is hearing a broadcast on the delay, and if that caller hears that their line has been unmuted, they should ensure before they attempt to join us that their have turned down the volume on their television, telephone, streaming device, or whatever it is. could we go to the next caller, please. >> my name is russell levine. the mapping tool, when i was trying to create a map, i created a map for d-10, called d-10 tomorrow, and one thing that i realized is that there's no filter or way to see the number of registered voters in the district. maybe i missed that, but is that something that can be
2:41 am
added because i think that's important. one of the task force members said at a previous meeting that the 1% did he haviation was one person, one vote, but we know that that's based on population and not by vote. so having a district that may be 1% did he haviation doesn't necessarily mean that the voting numbers are -- deviation doesn't necessarily mean that the voting numbers are accurate. could we see what the goals are at the end of the day, number of registered voters, not just population. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, russell marine, for sharing your comments with the task force. could we hear from the next
2:42 am
caller, please. >> can you hear me now? >> clerk: yes, we can. >> okay. david pillpel. i'm on webex. i can sort of hear. i can hear other callers. that's not a problem, but the mics in room 408 seem inconsistent, and i have no idea how you're processing the voice. i think it's going through multiple layers, but if you can just be sure that the mics in the room are on when speakers, including clerk carroll so we can hear better -- >> clerk: mr. pillpel, i've paused your time. do you have comments on the redistricting consultants update that we just received? >> i do. so just to clarify the next map that's coming wednesday because i've heard a number of concerns about that, as to whether it will be available in the morning, in the afternoon, at
2:43 am
the meeting, available for download after the meeting, if we can just be clear on the expectations for everyone about that, when that first map will, you know, hit the ground, i would appreciate that, and i suspect others would love that clarification. that was my comment, and i look forward to it. thank you. >> clerk: thank you so much for providing your comments. do we have any further callers in the queue? >> operator: yes, we do. >> clerk: please connect us. caller, are you on the line? can we hear from the next caller. if you've heard that your line has been unmuted or you hear two quick electronic beeps, your line has been unmuted, and that is your opportunity to provide your comments. >> operator: there are no more public comments. >> clerk: thank you,
2:44 am
operations. mr. chair, we've reached the end of public comment for item 4. >> thank you. public comment is now closed. members, do you have anything further on the mapping item? seeing none, before we -- you can close this item out, mr. carroll, but before we go to item 5, we are headed into our -- soon, we'll be into our fourth hour, and i think some of us need a ten-minute break at this juncture, and we'll be right back with you, both the public here, and the public on-line, we'll be right back with you, but we're going to take a ten-minute recess if that is okay with all of y'all. okay. wonderful. we are in recess.
2:45 am
>> thank you. we are returning from our break. let me welcome you again to the march 7th meeting of the san francisco redistricting task force. i am the task force chair and we will be proceeding with item number 5. >> that is correct. we have concluded agenda item number 4 enclosed public comment on it. item five is updates to the regular and special meeting schedule. this is a discussion and possible action item. will be taking public comment as part of the discussion. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should either line up to my left, you're right within the meeting room or dial (415)655-0001. you will be prompted to enter the meeting id which is 249-35-5863 to four. press the pound simple twice and
2:46 am
present star three to enter the speaker line or raise your hand to be recognized to speak. we will get to public comment on this topic -- on this topic. >> we are ready. okay. item five, members, it is on our schedule. seeing nothing, let us proceed to public comment if there is any. >> we are checking now to see if we have any callers who wish to provide public comment on the meeting schedule. we have one collar, do we have anyone on the cue? connects them, please. >> yes, this is david elliott. can you hear me? >> we can hear you. >> thank you. of all the changes you have to make in terms of the redrawing of the district maps, district six will be your most
2:47 am
challenging district. you know this. i will just advocate and the schedule a future meeting to have even more meetings that addresses this. we have to lose 24,000 plus people in the district. it will be difficult choices that have to be made. i would also like to encourage you to meet in the community, maybe have a meeting in treasure island, one in the tenderloin, and one in the south beach area to reach out to the community. i applaud you for having an in person meeting, even though i am participating through webex. it will still be useful. and a quick comment, when you give instructions, there is no message about the line being on muted when you were on webex. you do not hear that. you just hear a beep. you might want to mention that in your instructions. can you schedule more district
2:48 am
six meetings? that will be your most difficult challenge in redistricting. thank you. >> thank you, david elliott lewis for sharing your comments. do we have any further comments on the cue who want to comment? >> collar, go ahead. >> there are no more callers, mr. chair. >> thank you. >> public comment on this item is closed. i will check again if any members have any comments. seeing none, we can file this and move to item six at your convenience, mr. clerk. >> six is task force and/or city department representatives and public official reports. this is a discussion item and we'll be taking public comment as part of the discussion. members of the public who wish to provide public comment after
2:49 am
we have read them may line up to speak to your left if you were in the meeting room with us or if you are joining us remotely, you can provide public comment on this topic by dialling (415)655-0001 and then enter the meeting id, which is 2-493-558-6324. press the pound simple twice to connect to the meeting, and i'll start followed by three to enter the speaker line. it will prompt that you have raised your hand. if you wish to speak on this item and you are connected to our meeting in a webex, you can raise your hand and await a system prompt, which is a pair of beeps from within webex at that will indicate your line has been an muted. mr. chair? >> thank you. this is on the member reports. do we have any?
2:50 am
mr. hernandez? >> thank you. since our last meeting, i have had a number of conversations with people living in my neighborhood, as well as members living in mission bay and south beach. i have also had conversations with constituent organizations of san francisco rising, as well as a couple of different union members interested in the process. thank you. >> think you. is there anyone else? seeing no one, i would like to mention that i did have, this morning, and informative and helpful meeting with our district seven supervisor. it was quite informative and quite helpful. i wanted to let you all know that. anyone else? then we can move to public comment.
2:51 am
>> thank you, very much. we are checking to see if we have any members of the public who wish to provide public comment. i believe we have one collar. please let them be connected. >> there are no callers. >> there are no callers, mr. chair. >> there are no callers. thank you. public comment is closed. members, if we have nothing further, we can move to the next item, which is item seven, when you are ready. >> yes, item seven is general public comment. this is the opportunity for members of the public to provide comment on matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the task force, but which are not on today's agenda. if you wish to provide public comment of a general nature and you are in the room with us, you can line up now on my left or you can dial (415)655-0001 and
2:52 am
you when you are prompted to enter the meeting id. 249-35-5863 to four and press the pound simple twice to connect to the meeting and press start followed by three to enter the cue to speak. please wait until we get to public comment, which is now, and you will receive an indication that your line has been on muted and it means here -- it is your opportunity to provide your comments. if you are connected through our tell meeting software, indicate by raising your hand in the webex meeting. the system prompt it is two quick beeps which means your line has been on muted. we still have 18 callers and i believe there are a few who wish to provide general public comment. can we be connected to the first of those callers, please? [ laughter ] >> hi.
2:53 am
that was hilarious. i am with the league of women's group of san francisco. congratulations on your first board meeting. you have conquered technical challenges, you have had people show up in person, which is such a joy to see. when you work in event planning, you know your event was a success when people who were there don't know what went wrong and it really doesn't look like a lot went wrong. again, just to say congratulations. so happy right now to see this happening. one thing we did just want to mention from the league is earlier during the meeting, a member of the task force referred to the people who gave public comment as citizens. we expect this person simply misspoke. more importantly, redistricting must include all of the people
2:54 am
of san francisco. citizens and noncitizens alike. all efforts should be made to make sure noncitizens know that there public comments are just as welcomed and just as valued as everyone else's. please, task force members, refer to those who gave public comment as people. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. could we have the next collar, please? >> hello. can you hear me? >> we can. please begin. >> i'm speaking on behalf of the civil rights asian law caucus. every few meetings, there have been many questions about the voting rights in the federal constitution. i like to provide clarity for the proper consideration of race and ethnicity. first, it takes in a consideration of race -- [ indiscernible ] -- make them a majority of a district of eligible voters and where they tend to vote differently from the majority of voters in the area.
2:55 am
however,, there are many areas where this doesn't require a majority -- [ indiscernible ] in those situations, you may still consider ethnicities, but it cannot be the predominant motivation for how you draw the district. this means -- [ indiscernible ] -- there are many characteristics that can be part of this analysis. for example, there may be neighborhoods that share racial demographics and have shared economic characteristics and other shared things. shared language needs and much more. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next collar, please -- next collar -- next caller, please.
2:56 am
>> will there be maps disclosed to the public before the final map? and what will be the criteria used to construct these preliminary maps? i understand that any man -- any map you can create will be more happy than others. it will be a series of compromises. the task force is thinking and crafting these new maps. you will have to create boundaries and change boundaries. i look forward to seeing those maps and look forward to knowing when they will be released to the public. i think you could also do more in terms of educating the public about how to use the software. people who have software experience maybe don't need that, what some could use
2:57 am
tutorials or maybe a meeting devoted to have -- on how to use the interactive software for creating maps. that is all. otherwise, i know you are all volunteers in doing your best. i appreciate your work in trying to help our community. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. once again, can we hear from the next caller, please? >> hi. congratulations on your first meeting. it was unfortunate tonight that the public wasn't able to hear any updates around the memo and around what was mentioned at the march 5th meeting where there would hopefully be a discussion around, you know, a memo from the city attorney's office,
2:58 am
especially, you know, given that i think there has been a lot of frustration with the public around, you know, how the public should be encouraged to identify, you know, socioeconomic, cultural, and other factors and we need more guidance around that, you know, especially since there hasn't been a lot of discussion around legal requirements from the city attorney's office's memo around this. i hope that, you know, in the coming meetings this week that there would be more discussion around legal requirements, especially to give more guidance to the public. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the board. do we have any further callers in the queue? >> there are no more callers at the moment. >> thank you very much. >> public comment is closed. at this time, members, do you have anything else at this
2:59 am
point? mr. hernandez skill? >> thank you. i appreciate you bringing up the memo. i was wondering if there is an update on when it would be released. >> i will pass the mic to -- this is a logistical challenge that we didn't even think of. >> i am sharing the mic as well, that's fine. >> i am the deputy city attorney. the memo is not ready yet. we are working on it. in the meantime, i suggest you use the original memos that we sent to you in september on the city website. the memo is going to be a small subset regarding racial -- the memo provided will be much more usable.
3:00 am
we are working hard. >> i appreciate that. i just want to make an additional comment that i really do feel it is important because there has been several public comments around gerrymandering and that sort of thing. i want to make sure things are clear. i greatly appreciated. i will refer back to the original two memos. they are available on the website. i encourage anyone who has a question to look them up because they are really useful. thank you. >> let me just say something right here. to all of us, we are used to being somewhere else doing this. and you are all wearing a mask. and some of us, our hearing is not as sharp as it is for some of you younger people. i would suggest that you all speak up because you are pretty
3:01 am
difficult to understand. i have been guessing for most of this meeting at what people are saying. so i'm just going to remind you to kind of speak up and speak directly into the microphone because we are all wearing masks. that is the new experience for us in our meetings and that is kind of why i pulled mine off when i would go to talk. okay. and one other thing, someone asked about mapping. if you look on our schedule, you will see that starting on the 2d of march, -- sorry, starting thh , then we will go to the district, then on the 23rd we will have 10 mapping meetings in a row. it won't be that one day we will drop a map on you and that will be it. we will be discussing the mapping in public on the 14th, and then starting again on the .
3:02 am
so for the callers who are concerned about that, that is where we stand on that. now, are there any other member comments? i think we can close out this item number 7, general public comment. and proceed to item number 8. >> that's right. item eight's future agenda items. this is a discussion and possible action item. we'll be taking public comment as part of that discussion.
3:03 am
mr. chair, future agenda items, and i see member pierce, first in the roster. >> thank you. i can project my voice one i want to. the mask might muffle it a little bit, but i hope you can hear me and understand me, mr. chair. i would like to suggest that for all of the mapping meetings, we leave language in the agendas which will allow us the broadest sense of line drawing. we are not restricted to line drawing on these items, but i would like to see the option in case any of us would like to ask you to start drawing lines in any of those meetings.
3:04 am
so the language that was two weeks ago about possible map drafting, i would like to see that in as subitems or descriptions in all of the mapping meetings going forward. so, 14 and the 23rd, and everyone subsequent. i will not ask for a motion on that. it is a suggestion. it is easy to fix. >> perfect. mr. cooper? >> i just want to build off of the comment earlier. i do think that it should be able to fit on the agenda already, but if we don't have that, if we don't hear from the city attorney's office about the memo before the meeting, i think it is imperative that we hear about that before we start mapping and before we open our mouths about the results. >> thank you. i am confident that we will. your point is well taken.
3:05 am
thank you. anybody else? anything else? is there public comment? >> is there anyone present in the meeting room with us who wishes to provide public comment on the future agenda items? can we go to the folks who are connected to our meeting remotely either by telephone or by webex? let's find out if we have any callers in the queue. i believe we may have one. there are no callers. >> public comment is closed on this item. if there is nothing further from you, colleagues, we can file and move to item number 9. before we take item number 9, let me thank all of you, all the stuff once again, and all of the public for their input. ladies and gentlemen, if there is nothing that constrains us, we can go to item nine, which is adjournment.
3:06 am
we are adjourned. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got to use the gavel. [ laughter ]
3:07 am
3:08 am
3:09 am
3:10 am
>> i'd like to call the board of directors meeting of march 10th 2022 to order. i'm jeff gee, the board chair. this board meeting is in compliance with the california state assembly bill 361 to facilitate teleconferencing to reduce the risk of covid-19 transmission at public meetings. ordinarily the brown act sets strict rules for teleconferencing. this meeting is being held during a proclaimed state of emergency as state and local officials have imposed or recommended measures to promote social distancing. as noted on the agenda, members of the public may observe via
3:11 am
sfgov tv and call the public comment phone number. i'd like to welcome the members of the public and staff watching us live online and thank the sfgov tv staff for support and services. mr. secretary, could you please call the roll? >> thank you chair gee. i would like to note that director forbes, director tumlin and member el-tawansy will not be here for the meeting. (roll call)
3:12 am
are there any other communications from the board? if not, i'll call the next item. directors item 4 board of directors new or old business. i'm not aware of any. i will proceed to call the next item. directors, item 5 is the executive director's report. >> good morning, i hope we have a smooth and clear audio today. we're going to attempt the unthinkable and keep it throughout the meeting today. it's been a busy few weeks at the salesforce transit center. you probably heard the announcement from mayor breed, the san francisco chamber of commerce and large downtown employers that employees have started to return to the office this month. this is visible at the center. and we are seeing more people in the center and more events
3:13 am
occurring or plan to occur at the park and we are partnering with downtown destinations, the crossing nearby, etc cetera along with the city's office for week long events to welcome employees back to downtown at the end of march. antidotally, my bus was standing room only this morning, which is a great sign for transit for the first time in many months and getting difficult to find a seat for luncheon the rooftop parks. you'll hear more from our facilities director about recent events but it was nice to see washington high school winter dance here in the park friday night. we continue to make progress in our city's response to covid-19. with vaccination requirements lifted in most indoor settings, we're happy to resume hosting small meetings within our offices. just earlier this morning, transportation security
3:14 am
administration announced that masks will remain required on public transportation, including within the center until at least april 18th and we ask our visitors to remain vigilant regarding masking except when on the rooftop park. the end of february we launched the public touring walking center. if you could hear me last meeting, we announced this. we've had two tour groups on february 25th and they were well received. tours will be about one hour long and offered one to two times a month, including this friday with most of the tours are already sold out. it has been a popular activity. the public can find more information on the website we are making progress on wayfinding efforts and item 10 today, the recommendations to approve a professional services contract to improve the digital
3:15 am
wayfinding at the center. finally, we'll host the danish consulate for a tour this afternoon and continue to have interested parties from around the world looking at the transportation improvements we have built. dpx, we continue to advance on the technical and funding efficacy front. we received 12 proposals for the four real estate services solicitations that you approved at a recent meeting. contracts are scheduled for the april board meeting. once they are engaged, staff and team will work towards completion of real estate acquisition management plan, a requirement under the federal transit administration new start grant program before the acquisition can begin. last month, the rail authority issued the business plan for review.
3:16 am
we have been reading through and monitoring the plan as it makes its way to the legislature and appreciative of recognition of the salesforce center and comments are due april 11th and we'll attend public hearings and provide support for the advancement of the plan in the upcoming state process. funding remains a big topic for our focus for the dtx. we're pleased to report that the ta, county transportation authority advisory committee approved a draft plan for the reauthorization measure. at the end of february with $300 million allocation for dtx in that plan. this was approved at the first hearing of the county transportation hearing board on tuesday with the second reading scheduled march 22nd. the plan will need to go before the metropolitan transportation commission and board of
3:17 am
supervisors before placement before the voters on this coming november ballot. at the state level, we submitted the transit and inner city rail capital city program, this is the state's cap-and-trade funds, requesting $600 million covering preconstruction and construction work and are hopeful for approval. the metropolitan transportation commission has endorsed the application for $25 million for the current cycle and awaiting on a $2 billion cycle this summer early fall with state surplus funds so we can meet the matching funding goals for the federal transit administration by august of 2023. you'll hear more details about if funding plan from the transportation authority rail program manager in item 12 later this morning. federal level, we're continuing
3:18 am
to track federal funding opportunities which includes being identified under the railroad administration core development program, to be able to apply for the federal state partnership for the rail grant program, similar to the american recovery and investment act of 2009 that resulted in the construction of the train box in phase 1 of the center. we sent a letter in response to questions that they posed on wednesday and caltran's co-signature and we hope to take advantage when the notice of funding opportunities is posted this spring and hope to work with partners on the state and regional levels to reinforce some of these asks. many of us will be going to the conference starting this weekend in washington d.c. and will meet with federal transit, federal rail and department of transportation administrators
3:19 am
and members of our federal deligation. at the regional level, mtc is preparing to discuss the federal legislative strategy and endorse a list of regional projects this friday at the joint legislative subcommittee. we're working with mtc staff to include dtx and met with commissioners to keep them apprised of funding needs. for our cac, we included the citizens advisory recruitment for 2022 in late february and recommending reappointments and new appointments in item 9. you'll hear more about this shortly but i wanted to briefly recognize an outgoing member of the cac you'll hear from today, chair holt, thank you for your time and commitment you have
3:20 am
shown over the last several years and advocacy and support of the tjpa. you have helped to shape the service, the dtx project. i have heard several board members express interest in a look ahead. in response to that, we have prepared a set of major projects that will be coming before the board over the remainder of the calendar year. next meeting we expect to bring the contracts for the real estate services for the agreements we mentioned earlier and we're excited to be at the final stages of the easement agreements with parcel f, it is
3:21 am
expected to be the second tallest tower in san francisco. those are coming to you on april 14th along with an information on our annual budget. the following month, we expect to narrow our discussion of the project delivery method with the decision on what's been deemed item 10, the project delivery design-build finance and maintain option and we'll continue the information discussion of our budget. then as we get into the summer, we'll look to the board for action on our 2022-2023 budget and begin a series of meetings to take our intergovernmental agreements, agreements with puc, public works, fire, etc cetera for pre-construction work and continue discussion of our governance, capital funding and project delivery strategy with the goal of selecting our
3:22 am
project delivery method, whether that is instruction manager general contractor, design-build finance maintain in july and insight into the dtx re-branding plan, it is something i'm looking forward to to communicate the regional benefits and not long held acronym dtx and then in the fall start to discuss the operation and maintenance plan which we are working on with our operator partners and get further into construction, governance, capital funding and 20 year financial plan. all of these dates of course are projected and subject to change based on available information and completion of the items. but i wanted you to see the breadth of the work in front of us and the types of things we'll ask for informational or action from you here at the board.
3:23 am
with that, your quarterly financials report is also in your packet. we are happy to respond to any questions you may have on those documents or anything i have presented. this will conclude my executive director's report prior to passing it off to jen norris our facilities director, wondered if there were questions or comments from the board. >> thank you adam for your report. directors, any questions for adam? not seeing any hands raised or anybody waving on the screen. thank you, and thank you for the tentative agenda for the rest of the year. i think that is very helpful to see what is coming. appreciate that. >> of course. seeing none, i'll ask jen norris to give you more detail on operations here at the center.
3:24 am
>> just a brief report on facility operations at the center and the park. we've made a lot of progress on wayfinding which i'll talk to you about later in today's meeting. next slide please. we have heard and it's all anybody is talking about, hopefully the momentum continues. i wanted to note that office attendance is back to december levels. last week, we saw according to castle systems, 27.6% office occupancy compared to precovid, increase of 1.5% over the prior week. all of the data i'm looking at from all of the sources show that particularly midweek, wednesday and thursday we're seeing at least a 30% capacity as compared to pre-covid.
3:25 am
that is higher than we have seen in the last two years. that is exciting. we just keep working on the facility to prepare for those people as best we can. next slide. adam eluded to working with group of other partners in the downtown to create a downtown reopening celebration. it has finally been named something sexier than downtown reopening celebration. it has a floral theme. we are targeting the week of march 27th with the big days being march 31st and saturday april 2nd. working together to advertise a bunch of options for people. as you know, the park is very well programmed, so all of the fitness and musical events will be skewed to have spring and floral theme and then we have added a large silent disco event
3:26 am
saturday march 31st from 5:30 to 7:30. the photo in the slide looks like one of pre-covid. other than the washington high school dance, i haven't seen that many people in the plaza. i'm hopeful we see something that looks like that and we have lovely weather. one of the ways we make revenue is private events, it gives us the opportunity to showcase the parks to new groups of people as the employees return, i'm seeing a lot of short notice but easy to execute corporate networking lunches, picnics, meet-ups for groups of people, from 30 person drum circle for one group, people are doing yoga. sometimes it's just 100 people having sack lunches together.
3:27 am
we're doing some photo shoots. one is shooting tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we're just making progress. the drum shoot for the destination restaurant being developed at the east end of the park was mid february, very successful and beautiful day. we'll have access to use the footage for our own promotional purposes which is great. next slide. park programming. we just completed request for qualification process. that was done tuesday. we had 23 submissions. these will be reviewed by a panel. this is a process just to review
3:28 am
and make sure that the people we are hiring to do programming in the park have the appropriate qualifications and experience. i hope to report back later that all 23 are qualified and we greatly expanded the bench. in the past process, a great majority of the people who applied for this were accepted and you can see one of those groups performing on the slide here. the other slide shows just a steady increase since may of 21 through february of 22.
3:29 am
there are more people interested antidotally, the conversations are warmer and more detailed. so i'm hopeful we'll continue to see an expansion of retail tenants. this shows the opening schedule, which is vastly the same of what i have been reflecting to you. next slide please. and one more. most exciting stuff happening is the opening of the restaurant, they are finishing up now. the floor and ceiling and wall treatments. the photo, this is four or five days ago. maybe last friday. they are just waiting for a refrigerator. it is due in the next week or two and then that's the last
3:30 am
hurdle as far as i know to the last opening. that is good news. and tycoon kitchen is shortly behind them and located across the breezeway from them. it is nice to see that synergy. that is on the same side that happy lemon is operating now. it creates a nice -- people come for one and notice the other is open in return. the neighborhood access point with the increased capacity, we are seeing lines when we go to get lunch and stuff. so exciting for them. the beer garden on the roof in the park, the design and engineering review is going well. the containers that will create the structure have been ordered. we are working with them around alcoholic beverage licensing and how that will be -- what our strategy is to allow us to have
3:31 am
the greatest flexibility to be able to do private events both with them and without them as needed. they have been excellent partners in this conversation and so we'll know more about how that proceeds and i'll share that as the information is available. and then jssk, the destination restaurant at the east end of the park, finishing up design review. so, again, making progress, has momentum, putting energy, time and money into their marketing for investors. all of that is looking good. next slide please. that concludes my report. >> directors, any questions for jen? director lipkin? >> more of just a welcome and
3:32 am
exciting report at facilities. it seems things are trending in the right direction. i just want to say thank you to adam and jen and your team for the good work and looks like you guys are taking advantage of the opportunities of -- hopefully more than a lull but at least a lull in the pandemic time. thank you for the good work and exciting news. >> thank you so much. >> thank you director lipkin and director shaw for buses coming over the bridge and to the transit center. great to hear. i do have a question, jen. having grown up during the disco era, what is a silent disco event? >> i haven't been to one yet. i can only tell you from the photos, maybe someone else has been. i think we have three dj's and you get a headset and you're on the red dj's channel and i think
3:33 am
everybody with red are dancing to the same music you are, the people in the park can see you dancing but they don't know what song you're dancing to. i love to dance. i dance down the hallways here. i'm super excited about it, but i don't really know. >> sounds like a learning opportunity. >> yeah. >> very good. look forward to that. >> does that mean you're going to the disco? >> i think i'm out of town that day, but i will try to see what i can do. i think i'm in an all day strategy session at work. i'll see what i can do. we should have a board retreat and learn about silent disco. seeing know other board comments
3:34 am
or questions. public comment on the executive director's reports? donald? >> there's no public comment at this time chair gee. >> thank you. >> item 6 is the cac update and the chair will address you on this item. >> good morning directors. earlier this week we finished the meeting and there was tremendous effort by staff to support funding for the dtx. we acknowledge the vacancies we hope to soon be filled with well qualified applicants. along these lines, this is the end of my term as chair and i want to thank the tjpa former
3:35 am
and current staff and directors, including the steady stewardship of ms. gonzalez. i occupied the environmental seat starting in 2017 and i'm honored to have been a vice chair and chair of the group. i thank the directors here for listening and giving consideration to the issues raised by the members and just as important, members of the public that voiced comments at the meetings as well. there were a few questions regarding the process for confirming and acquiring the funds and how much does politics actually play in acquiring the funding and another question, during the public comment portion regarding maybe asking for more money for the dtx funding. during the presentation on the
3:36 am
dtx project governance study, they provided a great deal of detail and insight. in the past, one of the future agenda item requests revolved around ridership levels of local transportation agencies. we were pleased that jen norris was able to present detailed numbers and trends and cover the exciting activities at the transit center. it was asked about multicultural diversity level and i love that jen norris was able to point out prior experience in making sure there was significant outreach to the diverse and multicultural organizations and using similar tactics in her new role with the tjpa. hunter oatman-standford asked about the return of movie nights at the park and a lot of people got a chance to participate in that and looking forward to that
3:37 am
coming back if possible. the last topic, parcel f. i believe most members were unfamiliar with the topic and the presenter acknowledged that the last time parcel f was discussed in detail at the cac meetings was probably back in 2016 before i was involved in 2017. there were questions regarding the event location and parcel f topics raised by cac members and members of the public and based on us running short on time, dennis and staff agreed to provide historical documents and overview of project f on the website and upcoming future meetings. the topic of parcel f can be one of the cac requests for future agenda items. there was a request from the public for a method to get responses to questions raised during public comment portions of meetings like ours and even this board meeting.
3:38 am
in closing, while this does include my final report as chair, i do plan to stay involved and supportive of regional transit development and programs when i'm not managing the regional solar energy company that i work with. thank you directors and i'm here for any questions. >> chair holt, thank you for your report. directors, any questions or comments for cac chair director shaw? >> i just have a comment. i want to thank derek for his time. we have only met over zoom but i have been very pleased with your involvement, how you report and how active the cac is with this group. i think that's -- because of you and your team. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> thank you director shaw. other directors?
3:39 am
>> i also wanted to acknowledge our chairman on behalf of the tjpa team, we appreciate your time, attention, professionalism, energy, enthusiasm over the cac over these many years and take you up on your offer to stay involved and invite you to the silent disco and all the other great events you helped to create. >> i'll be there. >> this sounds good. i think chair holt will be at the silent disco. cool. derek, thank you. thank you for your time and your service. it's remarkable how fast five years can go by. it is a long time but also a short time for major projects like transit center. thank you for your service, dedication and passion. and i really like what you said that you're going to continue to stay involved. i appreciate that. on behalf of all of us, thank
3:40 am
you and look forward to seeing you at the silent disco and other events on the rooftop park. >> you're welcome and thank you. >> very good. any public comment on the cac report? >> yes, we have a member of the public. moderator? hello caller, please state your name. your two minutes starts now. >> hi, this is jim patrick calling. thank you for the time. i wanted to just talk a moment about equity and specifically those people who call in, ie, people like myself and others, are really stock holders in this operation, ie, owners. and we make comments which i think are thoughtful and directed to try to make some sort of point, but the response we get is thank you mr. patrick.
3:41 am
and a long period of silence until the next meeting. i recommend that the executive director, i understand the board may not want to engage in a conversation, but the executive director in his report kind of summarizes whatever has been said at the meeting and responds accordingly whatever the position of the organization is about that particular issue. i think those people who spend the time -- the public who spends the time to listen to these meetings are kind of riding in the back of the bus. i would like to see that changed. thank you. >> any other public comments? >> that's all public comment. i will call item 7, public comment, an opportunity for members of the public to address the authority on matters not on today's calendar.
3:42 am
seeing none at this time, i will call the next item. directors, the next item is the consent calendar. all matters are considered to be routine and will be acted upon by a single vote. there will be no separate discussion of the items unless a member of the board or public requests in which it shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered separately. there appears to be no public comment at this time. >> is there a motion and second for approval? >> move approval. >> a second? >> second. >> thank you director lipkin. (roll call vote)
3:43 am
>> approved. i'll call the next item. item 9 is approving the recommended applicants the the citizens advisory committee. >> thank you secretary pollitt. good morning directors. the tjpa citizens advisory committee was created to advise the board of directors on matters of public interest related to the transbay program, it consists of 15 members
3:44 am
representing specific constituencies. cac full terms are two years and maximum of three consecutive terms. the terms are staggered. so this year's recruitment, we have seven regular seats and one midterm seat open, including the late member disabled advocacy. we conducted extensive outreach during the recruitment. we seek to appoint committees that represent the diversity of the bay area. we received 11 applications. we did not receive an application for the disabled advocacy, we are encouraging individuals qualified for the seat to apply. before i proceed, i wanted to recognize and thank outgoing chair holt, we have appreciated
3:45 am
his membership in the cac and i have enjoyed working with him over the last year. as mentioned, we received 11 applications, including five from current members who reapplied. after reviewing all applications, we recommend the board of directors reappoint five members, that includes richard burnett, gloria li, mark o'dell, hunter oatman-standford, richard and hunter are on the call right now. and then appoint two new members which include environmental seat gerald cauthen and emmanuel nachor. information is found in your packet and we recommend that you approve the item as recommended. >> directors, any questions?
3:46 am
seeing none -- any public comment? >> yes. moderator? please state your name and your two minutes starts now. >> good morning directors. the staff report describes the extensive outreach advertising the open positions on the cac and i compliment staff on this effort. but the process does not provide a robust opportunity for staff let alone the directors to probe the candidates inspired by the outreach to submit applications. if you do some math, you can determine that four applicants are not recommended but they are anonymous to you. if you do a little more math, you may discern the gender and racial make-up but you don't know the reasons they volunteered. i am one of the four and i don't
3:47 am
want to remain a stranger to you. now, i want to be clear, i don't oppose the adoption of the recommended candidates, they present well. they present as well qualified for respective roles and i think it is encouraging that all of the cac members who completed one term are recommended for reappointment. that means you have been blessed with committee members who are dedicated and hard working and have been fulfilling their roles and i think it's terrific that doesn't need to be disturbed in anyway. my sole purpose this morning is to introduce myself so the next time an appropriate seat on the cac opens i might start the application process no longer a stranger to you. to that end, let me give you a very brief summary of myself. i live a few blocks from the transbay terminal. i walk past it and the site of the old transportation bay nearly every day.
3:48 am
i enjoy the park and activities and i have watched construction advance on the redevelopment of the overall project and i'm eager to engage with you on all aspects of the amazing transformation of our city. my participation would be informed by input from the community and -- >> your two minutes has elapsed. >> thank you. i have like five sentences, may i impose on the goodwill of the board to finish. >> please conclude your comments. >> i have worked in the environmental field for 40 years and advised publicenties incident /* -- public entities and private companies for compliance with zoning and environmental laws and carrying out development projects. many projects entail transportation. i represented a class one railroad with implications for
3:49 am
high speed rail and worked on many projects across freeways, etc cetera. i could list many more but i will wrap up for now. let me just say i look forward to building a relationship with your staff going forward and i thank you for your time. >> thank you. any other public comments? >> that concludes public comment. this is an item needing a first and second. >> i would like to move the staff recommendation. >> second. >> thank you director lipkin and director shaw. been moved and seconded. roll call please. (roll call vote)
3:50 am
item 9 is approved. i will call the next item. item 10 is authorizing the executive director to execute a professional service agreement with lowercase production llc for wayfinding for the transit center for a term ending june 30th, 2023, not to exceed $485,000 and jen norris will present this item. >> thank you. good morning again directors. this morning's item will be a
3:51 am
two part update which jen norris, the affiliate director and i will provide to you. first, we'll go over the wayfinding overall efforts and our plan for advancing forward the plan that consists of the short term efforts and second, the professional services agreement on the long-term effort to implement the wayfinding improvement plan with a focus on phase 1. next slide please. a recap of where we have been, in 2022, under taking a wayfinding gap analysis to address from a transit operator and the public. as a result, wayfinding improvement plan consisting of three phases with estimated total cost of 4.7 million was developed. now, the three phases include phase 1 as 1.25. it's a lot of numbers but for digital signage and physical
3:52 am
improvement is 3.46 million for the same categories but a focus on physical signage and full replacement of overall hardware systems. phase 3, the wayfinding needs for when the project comes online. as we implement the long-term plan, we need to address short term solutions. as identified by we have heard from directors, public and in coordination with the wayfinding working group. we actively monitor and seek funding from local, regional, state and federal levels. last year this included through
3:53 am
the federal appropriations process and state request for full funding of the plan, at 4.7 million. both of which did not move forward. in january, we applied for the san francisco county transportation authority proposition 8a to cover a portion of the phase 1 hardware cost of 300,000. we hope to hear back in the coming weeks about that. that's to just the understanding of what we have been doing on our wayfinding. next slide please. just to state the particular obvious for wayfinding goal is for every transit user to easily locate what they are seeking within the center and to get to their destination. multiple entrances with different uses from transit riders, retailers, park goers,
3:54 am
visitors and as mentioned, the public arrive from different what they call entrances from the street and different connections on the bus deck level. acknowledging that the users have familiarity with such a big facility and surrounding areas. >> we have been making progress. this is definitely a huge project to improve wayfinding and i think of it as something we can continue to build on like you see here, our 45 of the 40 new transit information display frames that were installed last week and as i am speaking, signs are going into them right now. i want to acknowledge the great work of my partners here at tjpa
3:55 am
, mtc, muni, they have been so helpful in sharing what they know about wayfinding and walking the facility numerous times to develop locations and help sort through the bureaucracies. we're working together also on permitting to place three additional transit kiosks on the area sidewalks to help riders find the transit center. there are some locations we find that maybe there's not line of sight or that would benefit from another kiosk. so, again, staff helping me get that done. we're updating the grand hall detail to be more visible and reminding the after hour guidance to first street, if you were to arrive here to take a bus, you need to get to the bus stack between the hours of 10:30
3:56 am
p.m. and 1:30 a.m. when the last bus goes, we make it as easy as possible for you to find an entrance to that location and safe entrance. every time i walk with someone new and see the transit through their eyes, we learn new things. so we're going to work with sfmta on the bus project that only have information on one side of them right now, that is a lost opportunity and has involved stickers on the other side. going to work on that.
3:57 am
changing the images more frequently. there's one that says you need to still wear a mask. eventually if you ride off and the site becomes wall paper for people and they don't notice it, i was thinking a big red banner that says now extended through april 18th i think is the date that adam gave, to continue to create new vitality and good information. strategies include moving the car machines from shaw alley up to the bus stop. there are not any there now. eventually the clipper card machines, i know there's a new iteration coming out. we'll have to invest in new machines and we'll have to look at where they are again.
3:58 am
when we move them, we'll look at how they are used and if we placed them in the right location for greatest convenience for the riders. adding crosswalk directional signs so people can get to muni plaza safely and understand where that is and where the crosswalk is. and then big budget to analyze opportunities for additional directional signage within the center. >> thank you jen. this slide will discuss implementing the wayfinding improvement plan as we implement the plan, we are focused on phase 1 as i mentioned earlier. we chose digital improvements including software application redesign and research recommendations for hardware improvement. as previously mentioned, we're
3:59 am
seeking additional funding and move the long-term efforts of improvement for the program and through the wayfinding working group, mtc under a digital marketing category to supplement the funding balance of about 285,000 identified last year and to couple it with a $200,000 mtc grant. as you may know, mtc is leading the regional effort on wayfinding effort and strategy. with the funds needing to be extended by june 30, 2022, we took advantage of the professional services with prequalified consultants under the wayfinding and mapping categories that fit well for the purpose to provide the expertise for the work. shortly after approved at the end of january, we took on the
4:00 am
procurement schedule shown here. e-mailing three contractors through the prequalified bench and received two proposals and we are recommending one of them to you today. next slide. the scope of work is found on this slide and includes a heavy focus of digital wayfinding improvements as recommended by the mtc. thus we recommend the board authorize executive director to execute professional services agreement with lowercase productions for wayfinding consultation services for the salesforce center at a cost not to exceed 485,000. this concludes our presentation. we have the owner of lowercase productions here with us this morning if you have questions for him or jen and i can answer any questions you may have.
4:01 am
thank you directors. >> thank you for the presentation. thank you to all the partners, too on helping in the working group and with funding this initial phase. it's a big center and those of us who don't frequent it every day can easily get lost. this is a big step to get there where we can all navigate the salesforce center in an effective way. thank you. any questions or comments directors? >> motion to approve. >> first, let's take public comment or check if there's any public comment. >> there is no public comment at this time. so we have a first by director shaw. is there a second? >> second john-baptiste. >> thank you
4:02 am
(roll call vote) five ayes, it is approved. item 11, the executive steering committee update on the downtown real estate project.
4:03 am
>> as we have reported, dtx was admitted to this phase last year. through the plan adopted by the board in december 2020, assigned lead role and partnering agencies in developing the funding plan for dtx. jessie taylor will present this item to you today. we received a presentation of another work plan task, that is
4:04 am
the governance study, co-led again by sfmta, this explores the best institutional rangement at a governance implementation level in construction. in this presentation, staff will explain the context and approach of the study that will provide a recommendation for your consideration in september of this year for an institutional rangement that includes an organizational oversight structure and preferred project delivery agency recommending the current legal authority to deliver dtx. advising the study team that resulting recommendation should clarify responsibilities and authorities within the organization model to support decision making and problem resolution. it should provide a management and oversight model that focuses on derisking project delivery
4:05 am
and achieving out comes and ensure recommendation that is reasonably implemented within the time frame for the project to enter into final engineering in february of next year followed by a request for a full funding grant agreement in august. this task is being conducted at a time when other bay area agencies are also examining ways to deliver large complex projects with greater efficiency and timely execution. the study team was encouraged to leverage findings and discussions from related efforts across the region and seeking guidance in lessons learned from recent projects. if i can ask that the slide be displayed -- i'll acknowledge
4:06 am
it's a lot of work, a lot of important work and a lot of the tasks are linked and i'll ask for alfonzo to describe the sequence of the events on the slide. >> thank you. as mentioned, the accelerated work plan calls for several tasks and we're showing them here, that will assist with getting dtx to project readiness as we advance through the project development phase of the federal transit administration capital investment grant new start program and prepare us for fta's evaluation of the project for grant approval. these activities will be brought forward in the coming months from the integrated project management team to the board incorporating and taking into account their guidance.
4:07 am
in addition to the capital funding plan and governance study which was just mentioned, the tasks include a re-branding strategy for dtx, recommendation for a project delivery approach and contract packaging and operations and maintenance plan and 20 year funding plan and overall dtx capital cost and funding plan. now, our team is quite busy right now as we work through these and other tasks associated with completing the 30% design update as we work together with rail agency partners towards getting the dtx project for construction readiness. that concludes my comments on the work place. thank you. >> i want to say congratulations
4:08 am
for getting the term sheet approved on that topic just this week and we kicked off with her team, planning staff and consultants some detailed work and tour of the center yesterday. a number of these tasks are underway and we have hope to get them to resolution on the schedule that alfonzo described. >> thank you adam. >> and chair gee, that concludes my report. >> thank you for the update. it looks like you won't have anything to do next year if you get everything done this year. directors, any questions on the report? i appreciate your efforts to let the board know what is coming and when. i think that's really, really important so we can plan and anticipate major milestones for this year. donald, any public comment on the report?
4:09 am
>> no public comment at this time. >> okay. thank you. thank you michelle and alfonzo. >> thank you. >> directors, item 12 is a presentation for the downtown rail extension funding update. jessie taylor will present. >> thank you mr. secretary, good morning. rail program manager at sfmta. i want to thank and acknowledge the funding team as well as all of our other partners around the table. next slide please. dtx has confirmed project development status under the new start capital investment grant program. the dtx adopted an ex
4:10 am
accelerated schedule to show the progressive readiness of the projects for delivery. next slide please. this slide outlines these fta funding milestones for dtx specifically under the current planning level assumption of $5 billion capital budget and new starts grant. first, in less than a year from now, we plan to request entree into the fta engineering phase. milestone 1 is 30% of the non new start fund. second, in august of next year, the project plans to submit for a formal evaluation by ft a to request inclusion of the project in the budget recommendation to congress. milestone 2 is 50% of the non new start funds or $1.5 billion
4:11 am
total. finally, in advance of execution of the full funding grant agreement with fta, scheduled for spring of 2025, the project must have all of the non new start funds committed for a total of approximately $3 billion. next slide please. given these timelines, our immediate focus as a team is milestones one and two, which must be reached in less than 18 months for a total commitment of $1.5 billion. this table illustrates our current plan baseline approach to reaching the 2023 milestone, including the following sources. regional measure 3 funds, assuming that the state is determined between now and august of next year. committed local sources, including community facility district special task funds, existing prop k sales tax.
4:12 am
a reauthorization of the local tax measure that will go to san francisco voters in november of this year. partner contributions, some requiring further steps to be committed. conditioned on resolution of state level budget matters in the coming months. potential receipt of $5 million grant funds from the federal railroad administration for which we expect to receive notice. and finally, state funding of approximately $600 million, consistent with the submitted application to the program with funds potentially combined with other state funds. this table provides a snapshot of the full build of the capital funding plan for sources at all levels. the sources shown hero neck
4:13 am
varying levels of development from already committed funds to potential options under consideration. an important note on this table, we expect and plan at this point for some give and take and contingency planning across these sources. as such, if you do strict math and add together the top end of the ranges show, the result is more overall funding than needed. a few specific items to highlight. in addition to new starts, the project will be targeting other federal programs, including the federal state partnership program mentioned in earlier reports. at a state level, overall target of 1.25 billion to 1.5 billion, likely reflecting push and pull between the underlining sources and types of funds. such a contribution could take the form of jointly leveraging
4:14 am
opportunities for other state funds or new federal funds for dtx and high speed rail. at a local level, the funding team is continuing to work with the city and county to refine our understanding of the longer term forecast for the dedicated transbay sources, some affected by the pace of development in the transbay district. to recap some funding risks and strategic items at each step, for milestone one, the team is focused on local sales tax reauthorization later this year and one or potentially two cycles of funding opportunities expected over the coming year. milestone two, we continue to focus on the broad set of state funding sources and new federal programs beyond new start. and finally milestone three, prior to execution of the new
4:15 am
start grant, we will focus on funding measures regionally and locally and a range of other potential sources that may be necessary to complete the funding plan. we look forward to your discussion and questions. >> jessie, thank you for your presentation. some big numbers and 23 is not that far away. it is pretty amazing. directors, questions? >> director shaw and then vice chair mandelman. >> thank you for the report. i just wondered -- i know some of this is potential. quite a bit is potential. you have the money as planned, are you pretty sure we're going to get all 600 million there?
4:16 am
and you talk about operator contributions, are you talking about caltran and high speed rail there? >> thank you for the questions. through the chair, on your first question about level of uncertainty, you are right to flag there's a wide level of commitment on the sources. over multiple cycles, a $600 million ask is reasonable and consistent with past practice at the state level for infrastructure like dtx. we hope we can work with the state to secure at least that amount of funding from the program. with respect to operating contributions, you are correct, it refers to potential contributions from the rail operators and not the bus operators. >> director shaw through the chair, a little more detail there, the transportation
4:17 am
commission as i said has endorsed our application for 25 million in the current cycle. a number of the operators and transit providers are looking to what is called augmentation cycle proposed at $2 billion for the upcoming budget. our submission recognizes the same multi cycle ask and as mentioned, it is in line with previous asks for previous mega projects. >> director shaw, any other questions? >> no, thank you. >> very good, thank you. vice chair mandelman. >> thank you chair gee.
4:18 am
i apologize for my slowness on this, but -- or confusion. there's going to be a cost reestimate for this in the coming process, right? so we're aiming at numbers based on our current cost estimate and then we're going to get a number that's -- i'm going to imagine higher. and i guess i'm wondering -- we haven't done it, but where do we think we're headed and how do we think about where we're headed? there's a tension between keeping a low number easier to meet and keep this thing moving forward and a larger number that is probably more honest and less likely to have us in the position of all the other projects where you are coming in overbudget and everyone is angry about why that is happening.
4:19 am
and how does that -- whichever side we -- wherever we end up on that number, which is probably higher than the current number we're aiming at, how does that impact -- so for example, you know, the local -- the expenditure advisory committee for transportation authority has put in to contribute here. we're going to get that on the sales tax, but it seems like if we're aiming at these numbers based on a number that is going to change, how is it going to work out, adam? >> yeah, through the chair to the member, i appreciate the question. a couple of comments, as you know, the last full cost accounting, the project was done in 2016. we have subsequently made some design changes to the program,
4:20 am
making improvements to the station and of course some cost escalation. the balance of that, we have reasonable confidence in and that informs the cost estimate we submitted to the cal sta application last week, which is what was shown on the slide 4.5 to $5 billion. the cost estimate, our project controls team is going to undertake throughout this calendar year. we will peer review the estimate, which we should have this fall over the course of the winter and should have strong confidence with appropriate levels of contingencies prior to the submission in the spring of 2023. a way of saying we have some degree of confidence in the numbers we are putting forward to you today which reflects of the real cost inflation of projects like this of about 3%
4:21 am
since 2016 and projected cost inflation of about 5% going forward as well as the changes to the design. but of course we're still advancing that design to a 30% level and we'll need to do a full accounting of what is and not in the program from a cost perspective, peer review that and get the number by early next year. >> so we don't believe we're heading towards a 6 or $7 billion project here? >> we know there's that history in the bay area. we want to get accurate and complete of estimate as we can. we're happy to update the board as that comes into clearer view. but the 4.5 billion to $5 billion range shown you in this item does reflect current thinking. it does not currently reflect the level of pricing and details undertaking throughout the remainder of the calendar year.
4:22 am
>> thank you. . >> director john-baptiste. would i would love to hear how things go in the federal level conversations this weekend and into next week, adam. the scale that we are trying to reach with this project is obviously really significant. given the many demands for local transportation funding and the unlikely in my mind scenario there's a regional measure that can fill some of the gaps in the time frame we need, it just appears very much to me like we're going to be relying on federal and state support for this project. anything that you can offer in terms of keeping us updated on the conversations and what
4:23 am
support you need from us as the board would be appreciated. >> we will be meeting in dc and asking these very questions and we know our project fairs very favorably in terms of cost of greenhouse gas admissions and terms of regional impact and ridership and everything from plan bay area 2050 to projects of national significance. but you're correct, we do have sizeable state and federal requests to fill that funding gap. we do have local and regional endorsements for the requests and we're hopeful we are successful in putting those together. as mentioned, it does not rely on a future regional measure that is listed as a potential but as you saw, if we were
4:24 am
successful in every potential line item in the chart, we would be at the 1.3 billion or more over what we think we would need. >> any additional comments or questions? thank you for the presentation following vice chair mandelman's comments, my advocacy, get the right number and not one pretending we can do it for a different number. we need the right number. i see two parallel work streams, the funding plan and estimate that will be peer reviewed and double checked with others coming together later this year and hopefully they come together with the right number for the project. it doesn't really help us to have a different number other than the right number.
4:25 am
any public comments? >> yes. moderator? please state your name, two minutes starts now. >> good morning. thank you to director mandelman for stealing my thunder. basically wanted to talk about the same issue is that we are looking at potential 5.3 to $6.4 billion funding but the current cost estimate is 4.4 and $5 billion. so putting some flesh on what was discussed here, i'm going to say if there are any opportunities to incorporate not only the packs but the relocation of 22nd street
4:26 am
station and just have one project and have it over and done with. i appreciate the comment made about getting the right number by chair gee. i personally believe the right number will be coming from the private sector. not from federal and state support. i have planned to actually start getting involved in this but as some of you may have heard, i experienced a minor derailment in the south bay and i'll start working on this project as soon as the matter has been resolved. thank you. >> that concludes public comment. item 13 is a presentation on the
4:27 am
study and context approach. >> memorandum of understanding calls for implementation of work plan of tasks to advance the downtown railway project through construction with service operation. one of the tasks calls for the identification of the best institutional arrangement for project delivery in a project management framework known as a governance model. in this presentation, we'll provide the context and approach for the work.
4:28 am
helping us work towards project readiness and favorable positioning for funding. i should point out there are other ongoing project delivery evaluations and i think they were noted earlier today by regional transit planning agencies, namely the county transportation authority and metropolitan transportation commission. each are examining ways to build capacity for effectiveness in undertaking large scale and complex projects such as dtx. the governance study recognizes the time frame for completing this work as established by the schedule previously adopted by this board which identifies our request to enter into the final engineering phase of the federal transit administration new
4:29 am
starts program in february, i believe that was pointed out earlier. followed by a request for a full funding grant agreement. with the full funding grant agreement, we can start construction over major packages. i'm going to turn it over to jessie to cover the next few items. >> thank you alfonzo. good morning again directors. i'm here for this item on behalf of the joint mtc governance team with our two agencies identified to prepare the governance recommendations working with the other parties to our mou. the dtx project is complex and situated in a dynamic urban environment. successful procurement and construction of the project will require joint action of several project partners and numerous stakeholders. put simply, governance is a means for how decisions will be
4:30 am
made, who will have a voice in the decisions and who will be accountable for them. our governance study team has developed a basic framework as shown on the slide to help us develop recommendations for governance consistent with the guidance of the mou. on the left, we refer to two primary levels of authority and organization. first, the institutional level where authority and accountability for delivery of the project resides and second, the management level, responsible for delivery of the project and which must have the appropriate capabilities to do so. as an overlay to the two levels, the overall project governance model shown on the right refers the the organizational, oversight and decision making framework that stitches the levels together and provides for direction and management of project scope, schedule, budget, risk and change. in other terms, i find it helpful to think of the institutional and management levels as the bricks of our structure and governance model
4:31 am
as the mortar with this mortar cementing them together as a coherent and functional whole. next slide please. first, the institutional level, this includes making the recommendations to the board regarding the lead agency for delivery, confirming the asset ownership model and putting together a framework for role and responsibilities of the involved agencies over the life of the project. second, for the project governance model, key recommendations are to include approach to change control and configuration management and the approach to oversight of the project delivery team. finally, the management framework responds to the project delivery approach being identified throughout our parallel project delivery strategy work stream identifying the organizational design for the project delivery team and
4:32 am
key functions and relationships of the team. i will note and recognize this is a long list of elements of governance. we do plan to take a pragmatic approach in the study with the focus in the coming months on most essential decisions to keep it on track with the opportunity to be more fully specified, following development of the overall governance model and preparation of the recommendation. on the whole, we anticipate the study will set the table for evolution for the governance structure in place under the mou, which is currently guiding our collective project development phase activities for dtx. next slide please. as the chair noted, we have the planned approach for the study at the february meeting. i will echo a few of the points raised by the chair, which included overall recommendation
4:33 am
that larger scale institutional changes, for example at the regional level are not anticipated to take place within the project delivery time frame. members particularly zeroed in on the project management and oversight components of governance as a means to derisk project delivery. finally, seeking integrative approach to project delivery and recommendations done in this study with respect to project governance. back to alfonzo to present the study timeline. >> evaluating institutional options for project delivery structure presented to the board in june. with the input, we'll proceed with the development of proposed governance model and framework with full recommendation to be presented in july.
4:34 am
again, with that input, a final recommendation will be prepared and presented in august to the esc for advancement to the tjpa board in december for consideration to adopt. shown in the slide, engaged throughout the process. this concludes our presentation. we're available to address your questions. >> thank you for the presentation. questions and comments? >> director shaw. >> yeah, i just -- this is a huge task and i just keep looking at the comments made that the institutional changes will not occur at a pace of dtx project delivery. i think those are good points from the esc. i guess i just ask how confident
4:35 am
is the esc that these will be able to be taken care of during this process? >> thank you for the question. through the chair and adam, i know adam, if you want to take that first? >> i was going to say thank you through the chair to director shaw, not to speak for every member of the esc, but i think we all recognize the ambition of the accelerated work program and what we need to achieve on the schedule we need to. we're off to a good start and looking to all of the partners involved and all of the experience within the bay area on the same topic to move us forward. your point is well taken, there is ambition built in here and we have work ahead of us, but that work is underway and it's making significant