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tv   Redistricting Task Force  SFGTV  April 3, 2022 12:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> chair peskin: welcome to the meeting. i am the vice chair. mr. clerk, can you please call the roll? >> roll call. please indicate that you are present. [ roll call ] we have eight members present. >> thank you very much. can you please call roll call? and moved to agenda item number 1.
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>> we just did roll call. >> i am already behind. do you have any announcements? >> i have numerous announcements. the redistricting task force is convening hybrid meetings that allow in person attendance and public comment while still providing public access remotely via telephone through the meeting software. we recognize that equitable public access is essential and we will be taking public comment as follows. public comment will be taking on each item on the agenda. those attending in person will be allowed to speak first and then we can take comments for those who are waiting on the telephone line. the public comment call in number is (415)655-0001. you will be prompted to enter a meeting id for today's meeting. the meeting id is (249)318-1779 four. after you have entered the meeting id you should press pound twice to connect to the meeting. you will hear the meeting
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discussions but your telephone line will be muted. when your item of interest comes up and public comment is called, those joining us in person should line up to speak along this side of the room that i am pointing out. my left, you're right. and those on the telephone should join the speaker line by raising their hand. callers can raise their hand by dialling star followed by three or folks can raise their hands by using the raise your hand prompt side on the webex system. if you are connecting remotely, please turn down your television, your radio,'s streaming device, whatever you maybe using to listen to the proceedings while you are giving your comments and this will prevent us from having problems with echoes and feedback.
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the clerk's office is room 244 and you can send it to city hall. all this contact information can be consulted on the front page of the redistricting task force meeting agenda and if you are looking at today's agenda you can consult the correct meeting id for today's meeting written there as well. if you are watching our meeting on channel 78 right now, the telephone call in number and the meeting id is scrolling -- scrolling across your screen. we are joined today by our partners in the office of safety -- civic engagement. they are available to provide interpretation and assistance to speakers of cantonese, spanish,
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and filipino who maybe attending today's meeting remotely or in the meeting room. i would request each of them to provide the access instructions for today's meeting. [speaking foreign language ]
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[speaking foreign language ]
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>> think you all so much for being here. the interpreters will be here
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until 1:00 pm this afternoon and that concludes our announcements. >> thank you, mr. clerk. please call agenda item number 2. >> item two is mapping. members of the task force will live draw district lines at the direction of the task force. this is a discussion and action item. we will be taking public comment as part of the action. >> thank you very much. just a couple of opening items that i wanted to mention. we will have a presentation from the member. this is a very difficult process and we have been working on it for a while. it got really hard really fast and they told us that wooden i didn't believe them, but it did. it takes a lot of work and concentration to do this. it is very tiring. so while we appreciate all the time that it has taken, we are
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willing to work as long as we have to do to get things right, but we want to be really clear. this is not -- none of these maps are final. this is an iterative process and if we don't start, we can fix it another night. we have to work together. we have to work together that the task force stay congenial and work together as much as possible. and wherever we can, we will have consensus, but if i see we are struggling with that, i will call for a vote so we can move things forward. we really don't want to be here 12 hours every single time because we have a long way to go. i also want to make sure that the public really understands that we value your opinion. we want to hear from you throughout the process, not just in the beginning, but throughout the process. and because we have the
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translators only until 1:00 pm, we will go until he leaves. the presentation will go straight to public comment and then we will do our member comments after. >> thank you for those remarks. i definitely agree with them and hope we can uphold ourselves. i wish to thank the members of the public for participating in the process. we will start with the presentation on mapping and ways of providing public input. thank you. next slide, please? basic introduction. we have the supervisorial districts and we have to redraw them every 10 years after the release of census data to balance the populations of the district and redistricting is
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the process by which -- it is the opportunity to bring that into compliance with all the district criteria. next slide, please. this is the distribution of the current supervisorial district based on the 2020 census, as you can see, some of these are very much not in compliance. some are far too big and others are far too small. the criteria for redistricting compliance with the united states and constitution, namely equal population, compliance with the devoting rights act, the preservation of neighborhoods and community interest, they have to be contiguous and they have to be compact. next slide, please. so the united states constitution requires that districts be roughly of equal population. by that we mean typically one
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plus or -1%, unless additional variations limited to five% plus or -5 thousand people are necessary to keep recognized neighborhoods intact. the district map as a whole must comply with the voting rights act to protect the voting power of racial and language minorities. so when we are looking at recognizing neighborhoods, we are -- they are generally based on data and geography collected from official sources, but neighborhood data can also be submitted by members of the public as well. neighborhoods may vary in size and definition based on who is defining them. communities of interests are generally described as a population of residents that
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share common interest such as social and economic social interest that should be included within the single district for the purposes of effective a fair representation. these communities of interest are defined by those similarly and the law does not limit the kinds of interest that bind it together. it is up to those who live and work in the community to identify and establish the interest that united and they may not be limited to the situation but can also include common and future goals. one thing to note is these do not include relationships with local parties, incumbents or political candidates. examples of common interest, common employment or economic opportunities or lack thereof could include schools, transportation, parks, preserving historic resources,
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holidays, cultural businesses, or official recommendations by the city through the cultural district. districts should be contiguous, meaning that all parts of the district is adjacent to another part of the district. for areas that are separated by water, if it is separated by water and not connected by a bridge, tunnel, or regular ferry service, that means the district is not contiguous. districts should be compact. they should not bypass areas the population. and district boundaries must follow a census block. next slide, please. what do you think about the draft maps? please let us know how you want the districts to be drawn. we are looking for borders of recognized neighborhoods and
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looking for specific streets and landmarks. we need hard-to-find borders to help us in our line drawings. we also welcome hand-drawn maps of any size. it doesn't need to be done on a fancy computer. how do you submit your ideas? you can go to the redistricting mapping tool online you can come here and call in or you can e-mail us your comments and your hand-drawn maps. next slide, please the next steps for us, the task force, all public submitted maps and narratives will be considered public comment. no public comment or map will be given preferential treatment over any other comment or map from the public we will consider
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all submissions and all public comments and all the maps this is an iterative process. and through the process, the task force will direct the consultant to create these maps that you are seeing will create the final map. and with that, thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. clerk, can we go to public comment? >> we can begin public comment on the topic of mapping. members of the public who wish to speak on mapping and are joining us in person should line up to speak now along my left-hand side of the room, your right-hand side of the room. for those who are listening remotely, if you wish to participate in this discussion, please call (415)655-0001.
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the meeting id is 24931817794. press the pound symbol twice to connect to the meeting and press start followed by three to enter the speaker line. for those who are already on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates you have been on muted and you can begin your comments. please could i invite agnes lee and raymond boris to please provide interpretation and access instructions for speakers of cantonese, spanish, and filipino? [speaking foreign language ]
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[speaking foreign language ]
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>> thank you for being here. we can take public comment for folks who were in the room. please line up on this side of the room. and with the first speaker please come forward for two minutes.
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>> good morning, task force members. it is nice to see everybody here, this morning, in person. speaking as vice president of the gateway tenant's association, we have been speaking before you in support of the d3 united neighbors plan and we appreciate your decision last night. it was a close decision. i understand the concerns to proceed with this. in my prior life i worked as -- in the planning department for 25 years. i have done -- 20 years of graphics and politics. i am coming back into this because it is important to the districts three. i have always seen in all my years in san francisco that it is a very important dividing line between the downtown core and the older neighborhoods of
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san francisco and the growing neighborhoods after the earthquake and fire and everything. you have quite a challenge here balancing everything out and i think maps did a good job of reconciling different districts within the population deviation that was allowed. i can see that there will be a struggle to try to refine the map in regards to that. one possibility i can suggest to you, i don't think it would go against anyone to extend d6 down on the waterfront into. seventy, which is expected to have a major concentration of housing. that is something we might consider. thank you for your service. i know how hard it is. it is hard to be in this room for eight hours. i used to be in the room from
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1:00 pm until 1:00 am in the morning sometimes. i know how hard it can be. thank you for your service to the city. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good morning, task force. long time no see. i hope you all got a little rest. i didn't sleep well last night at all. my name is curtis and i'm from the tenderloin community. the tenderloin people's congress. that is who i am representing. i get confused as to which hat i am wearing. i'm really upset. i'm really upset because what you are doing to the tenderloin neighborhood and the center study neighborhood and our community neighborhoods is morally wrong. it is just wrong from a redistricting task force point, but it is morally wrong. it is rather reprehensible because what happened last night, given the comments and the vote, is clear political
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gerrymandering at the expense of the poor people and communities of interest that occupy the central city. it will be devastating to neighborhoods. it literally severs all of these important relationships that have been developed over decades between tenderloin and central soma. i heard people say that there is no communities of interest for the tenderloin, but we will work on that. i also want to say that there is no community of interest that ties the tenderloin to the western edition. the western edition and tenderloin are not even contiguous to each other. you are drawing imaginary lines that don't even exist to try to tie those two communities together. not a single person has ever stood up here and said it was a good idea to cut the tenderloin away from soma and give it to districts three. not one. dozens of people told you here that it was a bad idea to take the tenderloin away from central soma. i don't know where that came from this imaginary line that connects the two neighborhoods.
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i do know, it is political gerrymandering. i know what office it came from because i was told it would have been weeks ago. yeah, i knew weeks ago. i was telling people that we already knew, we were expecting that. i am going to make a sad protection. this will not work. >> thank you for your comments. sorry to cut you off. >> that's it. >> next speaker, please. all speakers have to make sure they contain their time within two minutes so we give everyone equitable access to the task force. next speaker, please. [please standby]
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>> unlike the past gentleman, i don't know what back room deals are being made. the stunning remarks of the chair last night regarding the election of supervisor and the implication it was a concerted
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effort, makes me worry that we don't have anyone here speaking for us. i don't think it is coincidental the u.c.s.f. expansion is now in to did hand of a supervisor who approves totally of it and taken away from the man leading the expansion. it means a lot of money and there is money changing hands in the back rooms of this building. it is time for you -- >> thank you. >> i am walter kaplan. i was convinced you were going to select map 3-a. what i have to say is that the roll community of interest in
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this city are the current districts. these districts have been here over 20 years. the communities of interest within them have coalesced to do the work with the communities and with the supervisors. i really think you should think again about things people said about the tenderloin and south of market. cole valley, haight-ashbury. it does not make sense in the mind of people i know district one and seven connect. what happened to districts five and districts eight? those are the heart of what is going on here. i gave every one of you what i think is the best history of district elections that goes back to the conception of them in 1975. the election in 1976, first
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districts created in 1977 which came back in 1995 and the 2000. i think you should seriously reconsider the vote last night. i don't know how you do it. i don't have all of the answers. i am glad i am not sitting there and you people are. the work you do will end on april 15. it will have a dramatic impact of the people of the city for a decade if not a generation. you should reconsider what happened last night. i am not here to scream and yell. i am giving you my thoughts and the thoughts of the people i talked with since late last night. thank you.
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>> there are 16 be comments. could we get comments from the first remote caller. >> i live in district 7. i ask you extend district 7 to include the irving street corridor. the business owners and customers deserve to have one supervisor for our interest. i understand district 4 needs to glow. extent to a more natural extension. this will extend district 7 to the inner sunset. it makes much more sense to unite the sunset rather than dividing it into several districts. >> i am the vice president of
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the task force board of directors. i also serve on the advisory board of the japanese cultural program at rosa parks elementary school. after honoring the japan town boundaries in 2a and b. now you are moving forward with map 3b. that is well established by the planning commission and the board of supervisors. 3b cuts at least. [indiscernable] the japanese community youth council church, st. francis catholic church, washington community service center, the temple, western addition blanch
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library. 2507 pine. elementary school. please keep it is in district five. [indiscernable] you will be once again tearing apart our community. i would like to remind you the san francisco cultures like japan town are established because of vulnerability. japan town is the oldest of three in the united states. i ask you to keep all essential institutions intact. thank you so much. >> thank you for sharing comments with the task force. next speaker, please.
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>> speak up, please. >> i live in district 6. i am asking that you keep the boundaries that you have that connect the south beach and mission bay neighborhoods together and the east coast community benefit districts. residents in these areas have worked together for decades to -- sorry. actually, we are all in a similar position in terms of being former redevelopment areas. we are in the process of still building our communities and
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neighborhoods. we have not had the political stress that aligns with the number of people that we have in our neighborhoods at this time. we are in a critical juncture in terms of getting to the next stage and turning these areas into actual neighborhoods. if we were to be broken apart, i think that would undo decades worth of work that people have put into making sure that we can move forward and actually become full-fledged neighborhoods. we have 30% affordable housing and sometimes more. we are still in the phase trying to get our needs addressed for basic things like grocery stores and things of those sorts. please keep those boundaries together. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am julie in district one,
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richmond district. i want to thank you for listening to our neighborhood and recognizing us. i want to let you know i don't think adding west clay park is a good fit either. this neighborhood excluded nonwhites from the area. wealthy, largely aucation. i would silence working class people asian-american folks. renters, people in rent controlled apartments. i would like to see you adopt the lines proposed in the community unity map which would allow our communities of interest to stay intact and to have voting power at city hall. these are people who need services, and if you dilute
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their voices they will not get them. please don't listen to the reverse racism. i am a white woman. this is a false narrative that is used to silence people of color. thank you very much for your time. >> i executive director of hospital fee house. 55-year-old community-based organization in the tenderloin mid market and soma neighborhoods. here to voice our strong opposition to draft map 3b. i am an african-american. i have worked and lived in the city for decades. for thes past five years executive director of
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hospitality house. back life organization. proud of historic roots and bonds in the community with the soma community. i urge you to rethink that map design. i am here to say yes to community unity map that was developed in coalition with dozens and dozens of community groups led by uprising. i think it is quite disturbing the attempt to sever a liberal voting block from district 5 and replace with another. those efforts we expect to see in states like georgia, texas and mississippi. more disturbing when it comes home to san francisco. i urge you to reprefer communities of interest, history and connection and support the
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community unity map and no to map 3b. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my community of interest is district 10. i am calling to keep map 2b and oppose map 3b. i am asking you to help us by avoiding any voting base breakdown preserving our voting base, common interest with church and community relation and unity of a diverse cultures in our district 10. the relationships, celebrations that we have at park and rec. i am asking you to help us hold
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on to the rich cultural values of district 10 and keep the heritage and unity and to avoid gentrification bicep par rating and moving back or moving away of people that belong toll. thank you for your time and your work. i pray you will continue to listen to us and move with us. thank you. >> could we get the next speaker, please. >> is there a caller. >> hello redistricting task force. sorry for the noise. i am stepping away from the potrero hill team practicing at jackson park now outside of the district from map b.
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it is disconcerning map a was good representation of the community of interest line that we have been expressing throughout this time period. you guys have a very difficult job. i know that you guys have very good legal counsel. the ability to deviate in population is supposed to reflect established community boundaries in communities of interest. we have been talking at end across all sorts of different dimensions why pow potraro hill are established neighborhoods. 9b cuts down maricopa. we can't have a map that looks like that. please keep our neighborhood together. think about 9a. as you solve the other problems in the city.
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keep neighborhoods together should be your first priority. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> before the cantonese caller instructions in cantonese. [speaking foreign language.]
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>> i live in garden gate heights. i dine and shop on urban street. it will be in district 4. i consulted my neighbors and friends. they disagree. they would like to see urban included in district 7. thank you. >> thank you for the
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interpretation. could we get the next caller, please. >> i would like to give instructions in cantonese. [speaking foreign language.]
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>> hello task force. i am christine. i live near the low high school. there may be some confusion. a lot of callers that say it should belong to district 7. we would like to see the high school includessed in district 4. thank you. >> are there further comments? [speaking foreign language.] >> no more comments. thank you. >> next caller, please. speak has prepared comments for
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yesterday's task force meeting in advance focuses on maps 2a and b for the inner sunset had the boundaries as seventh avenue. it was criticized on wednesday as folks in the inner sunset not wanting to be stuck in d4 or they are trying to take over inner sunset. on wednesday it appeared to be no instructions by the task force to modify the inner sunset. map 3b makes significant changes to inner sunset. 4 goes east to argua so there is no 25 presence in inner sunset. d4 and 5 are not contiguous. this is unacceptable. d4 has boundaries from 17th to
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19th avenue. consensus between it would move 17th avenue eastward four blocks to 13th avenue. the urban street starts cluster. inner sunset merchants has 55 members. only one is between bunston and 19th. the boundary would have minimal impact on merchants significant benefits for the residents. they are now in solidarity as the d4-5 boundary for inner sunset as reflected in the map submission. >> next speaker, please. >> i am executive director at
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collective impact community center. i am speaking on community of interest. born and raised here. d5. the work that we do in community has always been part of booker t washington, japan town. youth community center, and i don't know no way in the world i can see us taking you guys. i appreciate what you are doing. i don't be see us being able to function as a community if we are not able to work together as a community with all of them included because the work we do we work with over 2000 kids during the summertime and school year. just as many. i mean please keep d5 with japan town, jcwt community youth center and hamilton rec center.
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it is imperative to keep this together. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am a san francisco native, long-time resident district 7. president of sunset heights responsible people. sharp had good working relationship and other g-7 neighbors. golden gate heights association and inner sunset merchants. many including me belong to two or more organizations. we have common interests around the inner sunset. three groups work together with large meetings at the county fair building and golden gate park with audiences over 300 people. we come together for the shopping commercial district,
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core of inner sunset. i live on the edge of district 7. i walk three blocks to the post office or hardware store or restaurants. they are all in district 5. i have seen the map that cuts the neighborhood into three districts, 4, 5, 7 right in the middle of inner sunset. these lines are arbitrary should respect significant boundaries. this places members in many other nearby three districts making it difficult to get things done. district 7 north to lincoln including shopses. eastern extended to art willow. thank you very much. >> could we get the next speaker, please. >> good morning. thank you for doing this late
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friday night and again in the morning. i am calling to thank chair town send for his work last night. my father went to howard university and went be on to teaching at the state university and other black universities his entire career. he passed recently. he would be happy to hear the words of mr. townsend yesterday. i want to echo what i have been hearing throughout these hearings. i would like to see d5 support the tenderloin in the map 3b rendering because we need support of all districts to the challenges that are happening in the tenderloin. district 6 has had the most
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growth. we need districts stepping out of their bubble and understand that like the needs of the tenderloin will be better addressed if we can move into district 5. thank you. >> next speaker, please. i am confused about map 3a and 3b. i am concerned with district 5 and listening to the other caller talk about district 5 moving all the way to tl. what happened in district 5 over the last 20 years is gentrification. that will happen in the tl if you allow it to expand further. i can't understand how eight and parts of inner sunset would not be in d5. i am in district 1.
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i am lalani. i don't understand how 2a jumps up to california line. i don't understand this. i feel like there needs to be more discussion. we need to see more maps. i am thinking economical wise. i did the sunset. a lot of people in d1 need access to resources, believe it or not. the majority of renters. i asked for d1 lines to go down california to cut down presidio giving us more access in space and more access in resources. i am listening to the other districts. i think you have made a lot of serious mistakes here. thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> please begin. >> i am chinese american. inner sunset. i would like to call and thank the redistricting task force for the work late last night and today on the weekend morning. i am calling to support the task force decision to move forward drafting map to move inner sunset from district 5. >> are you still there? we may have lost you. are you there?
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>> i am still here. >> you have a minute remaining. plea begin. we may have lost of end of what you said. >> i am chinese american in district 5 to support decision two to include inner sunset to district 4 which is important for the chinese american community of interest. i would also like to point out that district 5 the supervisor has done excellent work providing social services during the pandemic. in district 6 the city has experienced a lot of problems and given the good work that the supervisor in district 5 has done representing the democratic socialists of america, i think district 5k take on more of the excellent work providing excellent social services for
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unhoused neighbors in the city that is a huge help. i am calling to move the neighborhoods into other districts from district 5. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, task force members. i am an 11 year resident of affordable housing in mission bay. support map 3b. this map will allow us to continue to absorb the population growth we are experiencing so we do not end the decade as badly underrepresented in city hall as we are now. let's talk growth. mission rock within mission bay will include 40% affordable housing from 1200 new units now being built. mission rock got it through neighborhood advocacy in south
12:55 am
beach and mission bay. it crossed the path with strong support. mission bay has thousands fewer residents than we have now. mayor breed has homeised promised to keep families in marginalized communities in san francisco. that is what it helps achieve. keep the southern boundary from 280 east to the waterfront. west of i280, seventh street parallels the tracks to townsend to see an increase in traffic congestion. potrero neighborhoods should work together and for bike safety along this portion of seventh street at 16th street. in closing i want to thank the task force for hearing our voice
12:56 am
from the hill to mission bay and listening to our needs, goals and aspirations. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, task force. i am with. [indiscernable] it is troubling to see map 3 be moved forward completely cutting out the tender loan from the soma. i want to echo what i said yesterday. this neighborhood has communities of interest. moving the pl from d6 and it divides the community by cultural roots aprepresentation. this is against the direction of the task force of the city charter. last night we e-mailed the filipino historical and cultural community coi boundary that is
12:57 am
shared through public testimony as well as included in the community unity map. as you can see, you are not only dividing soma the filipino community with 3-d you are removing 30% of the filipino population from district 6. we are against any proposal to divide the tenderloin and soma communities from each other. we support the community unity map to keep all three cultural districts of filipino, transgender and the district. keeps the filipino community intact. we encourage you to accept the community map through different organizations across the city. thank you.
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>> we have 58 callers listening. of them we have 13 from whom we have not yet heard. next speaker, please. >> hello, david woo filipino cultural heritage district. as mentioned a boundary map was submitted last night. filipino historical and cultural community boundaries were submitted to the task force last night. these boundaries must be reflected as a public communities directly considered in the deliberations in redrawing boundaries. these are not up and must be provided to task force members immediately. the task force is ignoring any submission given by verbal testimony. it polled the public through four avenues and on the website, online, e-mail, in person drop
12:59 am
off or public comment by attending the meeting. the instructions on submits is ignored. only boundaries on the communities of interest online map are incorporated in decisions about the boundaries. this task force undermined its own process. map 3d moves a map with no public support and cuts off the left half of the existing district 5. by excluding the filipino historical community of interest in d6 the task force removes 30% of the filipino population including immigrants and english. we heard about the tl from soma delights vote --
1:00 am
dilutes. it is not from public input. this is not transparent and is baffling to anyonal attending these meetings. >> good morning, task force. thank you so much for being here. i am 4 one year resident of north beach. i am supporting 3b. it also brings in finally our seniors who are atalon and chinese speakers that access services we worked hard to create with chinatown. i want to say that so many of us that we are hearing from are also people who have been
1:01 am
displaced historically and currently. the huge fear of further displacement. i want to say the problem i do see and want to support are the tenderloin groups who have been speaking can you. i hope that you truly hear them. i am wanting to support them in staying together, especially filipino population. we have here manila town disappeared. filmore having nearly disappeared. it is a hard job. please listen and let's figure out a way to keep the tenderloin together with soma. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> good morning. this is the fourth time i am calling in. i am not talking about community
1:02 am
of interest. it is your adoption of 3b the communities of color in district 6 impacted by this redistricts is not of concern to the task force. we are disappointed from the beginning. the task force wants to hear from all communities before the maps. you said you would have transparent process. hearing from the stakeholders we want to stay together based on the progress. you have done the opposite with b. -- 3b. no one from district 5 or the tenderloined asked you to put it in district 5. is there a process behind scenes we do not know about that is not transparent that may be violation of brown act. i am asking the task force to reconcile 3b with community input process.
1:03 am
if this process you have wasted our time and betrayed public trust. before more time is wasted please ask the city attorney for written opinion on 3b. it dilutes our vote significantly which is a clear violation of voting rights act. this opinion should be made public. >> you still have 25 seconds left. >> i am looking at you on the tv screen. i hope you hear us. you have put in many, many hours. i hope you also consider on the community side thinking this was an earnest process, we have been spending so much time talking to neighbors, organizing public comment to have 3b adopted was dismissal of work by community members who care about our
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community. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. before the next speaker begins. i want to clarify one thing that may be confusing to those connected remotely. you will hear two beeps when you have 30 second remaining. you will hear a soft chime that means 30 seconds remaining. you will hear a louder chime. your time is done i will interrupt if we need to move on after two minutes. don't be confused by the first chime. we want you to enjoy your full two minutes to speak to the task force. next speaker, please. >> executive director of newspaper community foundation and resident of filmore. i work in the tenderloin and live in soma.
1:05 am
tenderloin is second home for me. i am out of breath. i want to ask that you keep tenderloin and soma together. probably one of the longest standing voices for communities of color in san francisco. i have lived in filmore most of my life. i have watched as the black and japanese community is ethnic cleansed from this neighborhood. it doesn't make sense bringing tenderloin to d5 is a solution. sender loin and soma has made it an artform with cultural institutions that help to preserve working class communities of colfor for decades while redevelopment and outside people, the tender loin
1:06 am
and soma has been the place where people go to be displaced. what i hear today is shaping this map based off future populations. that is not what it is supposed to be. that is how black communities across the city have been destroyed because people not here yet. i don't like the fact that you are pinning the tenderloin and soma against the communities. you should not pit us against each other. there should be a way to keep soma and central soma together without pinning us against other communities to come to a compromise. >> being you. next speaker, please.
1:07 am
>> i am william walker. it is not clear there will be comments after the line drawing. concerning the comments we just received about the maps moved forward today. we would want to be able to comment after you draw the lines today. i hope you have made some ability for us to do that. i think that you can spend time showing people how to use the mapping tool. i spent a lot of time over the last 10 or 12 hours using it. it is very cumbersome. if you are not trained in using tools like this it is very difficult. if they are not generatessed by the consultant based upon the testimony there needs to be a training so that we are all
1:08 am
aware how to use the tool. it would be helpful if the maps were the agenda for every meeting so that we can see them and they are part of the record so we understand what is submitted by the public. other alternatives implemented as well. >> thank you. >> good morning. i am a resident district 10. my community of interest is from 17 -- 16th to 17th and -- seventh to sunnydale and hon street including the hope sf, potrero hill, bayview-hunters point and sunnydale. many of the populations have a set of shared commonalities.
1:09 am
in district 10 residents they faced economic hardships lack of transportation and housing challenges and little access to grocery stores that carry whole foods. the whole food is the only high-quality food store in district 10. district 10 residents would no longer have access to a grocery store within their district. many of those have faced numerous health disparities, asthma, cancer and hypertension. black residents 94124 live 12 to 15 years less than any other district. potrero hill shares similar socioeconomic status. we need these families in the public housing such as hope sf to make wages below the poverty
1:10 am
line. they moved from one site to another. thank you. we must make this a priority to keep these communities together. the african-american art and culture district is economically vibrant black community adding to rich cultural tapestry of sanfrancisco. >> thank you for your comments.
1:11 am
>> next caller, please. we have 56 listeners. nine from whom we have not heard. they want to provide comments. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i live in district 6. i would like to express disappointment with decisions made last night. a lot of people have spoken as part of keeping the tenderloin and central soma together. they are ignored. this is disturbing. our voice is muted.
1:12 am
the turnout is low. because of barriers. it was stated that there hasn't been a lot of lines where tenderloin is together. barriers people have to pays to provide this map. community unity map is one of those groups that engaged with our residents. we talked to them. with the decision they made it is very disturbing that we are all ignored. i just don't understand that. they hear us and don't listen to us. that is not right. we want you to have a good morning. we consider what is decided on last night. i appreciate the task force members listening to us.
1:13 am
please reconsider and keep tenderloin and soma together. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. resident of district 5. i work in district 6. i wanted to start off by saying thank you to redistricting task force and express support for the maps you put forth especially regarding 5b, 6b, 7b. i think you have a tough job to come up with something that is sensible and fair. i encourage you to recognize no matter what you put forth some people are going to complain. only people complaining in the meeting it is important to hear support. i have talked to neighbors and you have a lot of support there
1:14 am
as well. i hope you stay with it. thank you. >> hello. diana taylor president of embarcadero recoast neighborhood. i thank you. i was online until the bitter end the last few meetings. i know you are working hard. i want to correct a couple of things about our neighborhood. the embarcadero recoast neighborhood. it encompasses the neighborhoods to the waterfront to jackson square. from the bay embarcadero to the 1250 apartments and parts of financial district on the south. since the embarcadero recoast doesn't show up. we as the northern waterfront
1:15 am
and financial district. somebody mentioned who lives in fidi? it is one of the most dense neighborhoods in the district 3. today i speak on behalf of the united d3 neighborhoods. 14 organizations that have submitted coi unite neighborhoods plan. from chinatown sros to gateway tenants. multiple affordable housing buildings along the waterfront. i really thank you for listening and responding to concern in the new map d3 reuniting russian hill neighborhood in the past. we have a request to reunite sue biermann park and children's playground.
1:16 am
we ask you consider moving washington street between montgomery street and embarcadero. taking on more of the financial district if that is possible. >> thank you for sharing your comments barbara tapelor. taylo. next speaker, please. >> just reminder. if you hear your line has been unmuted or you hear two quick beeps, those are signals your line is unmuted. it is your time to comment to the task force. we will hear from the next speaker, please. >> hi, i am marsha. president of the park neighbors. two quick comments.
1:17 am
this is challenges. the community of interest for inner sunset on the back now extending to sunset which is not consider part of inner sunset. inner sunset has ended at 19th. it has part of golden gate park. we prefer inner sunset neighborhoods prefer map 3b because it keeps inner sunset together. moves it to d4. include all of the inner sunset in g-7 to make us so happy. thank you for your work. >> thank you. next caller, please. >> good morning, task force. james foley. thank you for your work. i have called in a few times. i want to call in again because
1:18 am
i have seen the maps. i am a resident of inner richmond. i implore you to keep it as compact as possible in d1. i have seen it taking pretty far out almost to, you know, the other side of the city. i am hoping that you can keep the parts of the neighborhood that are the richmond reuniting folks. really keeping that area more compact. spreading to areas that i don't feel we have as much commonality or common interest with. i am not sure someone in outer richmond has the same as the same places as someone who is almost all the way over.
1:19 am
appreciate you taking those items into consideration as you figure out a map that works for all of us. >> next speaker, please. >> jeremy chan. district 5. i appreciate all of the discussions about this project. i am commenting about. [indiscernable] >> you have a minute and 40 seconds. i will give it back. it is very challenging to hear your comments. there is a lot of background sound. i just want you to know if there is a way to get to a quiet spot,
1:20 am
less windy or less dogs barking. please begin. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> i am jeremy chin. district 5. i am disappointed in map 3p. the border cuts out the cultural institutions namely the youth council, jcyc on california street and buchanan. i understand there is a percentage difference to make it hard to draw the boundaries exactly. it is for institutions like jcyc. that would be appreciated. we also have other institutions that go up to find like the
1:21 am
church on octavia as well as the preschool. the border cannot go -- it is cut off even more. i would like to know 3-d cuts out important institutions for filmore including booker t washington and hamilton recreation center. the western addition library is cut. thank you for your time. >> thank you for chairing your comments. next speaker, please. >> i am colleen rebecca. i work in the district 6 for almost 20 years i worked with low income residents in the
1:22 am
tenderloin and south of market neighborhoods. i am calling in today to ask to please consider a map that is fair to the low income and marginalized renter communities, people at risk of displacement in the tenderloin and south of market. a map that represents their riches is a map that includes the tenderloin and south of market in the same district. it doesn't take the community of interest apart. this is what thousands of low income affordable housing communities of color, communities under represented and that struggle to make their voice heard in the city are depending on in order to be able to continue to have
1:23 am
representation in the city. our ask is not a complaint. our ask is based on outreach, communication, talking to folks who are really concerned about their ability to tip to express their political power. if the map goes forward the way it is they won't be able to. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i am concerned about map 3b. to rearrange districts the way you have is in wholesale fashion. it seems to me that to be very odd. i would point out that there are two -- well, i am tangling my
1:24 am
tongue. district 10 has always voted for an african-american supervisor. it seems that the concerns of the chairman about african-american supervisors are somewhat misplaced. there was an african-american supervisor voted for in district 5. there was not a majority of african-american residents and voters. even that supervisor is now the mayor of san francisco. i ask you to use actual data about how people have been elected as supervisors rather than assertions. this is a problem often times in legislative matters. please move back to 3a. i understand taking the 3-d
1:25 am
parts of maps that are in the eastern corner would be a good idea and try to marry those two things of eastern corner for 3b and rest of 3a as you start working. this is too much gross surgery. you have heard the tenderloin and central soma want to hear together. you have not heard any voices saying separate from the tenderloin and soma. thank you. [please stand by]
1:26 am
1:27 am
>> next speaker, please. >> hi. >> please begin. >> thank you.
1:28 am
i and the current president of the san francisco chapter of the japanese american citizen's league and i am calling regarding this issue. i moved into japan town western in addition in 1951. that was a very diverse ghetto. it was designated as 40 whole blocks. i'm sorry if i will speak in bullet points. i hear that i don't understand a lot. so there seems to be very many unanswered concerns. mr. crawford who spoke earlier expressed very emotionally and very spot on about how neighborhoods feel and i feel the same way as he does. it seems to me that neighborhoods are determined by statistics, maps, and politics. that's a very difficult thing
1:29 am
for neighborhood citizens to get a grip on. as i mentioned before, and others have mentioned, it is becoming pretty repetitive. they served the japan town community for over three decades and it could be redistracted outside of the five. this is just one of the organizations that used to be or should be within the d5 neighborhood. it serves a community, not just the japanese americans. i'm asking two, please, it is a lot of work and probably a lot of headache, but please support the community unity map and keep our cultural and ethics in one place. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. can we get the next speaker, please? >> hello, i am with -- i am a
1:30 am
resident of district three and i totally support the d3 neighborhoods united map. i would like to subserve that the full board voted yesterday to focus on iiib with united interest and history of collaboration together. three a divides significant communities with a long-standing history, as well as dividing new emerging neighborhoods. i would also point out that revisiting a full task force decision that was taken yesterday, with less than a full task force today is highly questionable procedurally and highly questionable ethically. i would urge a less than fully attended redistricting task force not to visit yesterday's decision. doing so will only lead to lost time, confusion, disorganization, and counterproductive argumentation. thank you.
1:31 am
>> thank you for sharing your comments. could we get the next speaker, please? >> hello, can you hear me? >> please begin. >> thank you. i want to send out appreciation to all of the members of the task force who are working so hard and that the chair stated in the beginning, the difficulty in trying to get things right. i want to be able to talk about the preservation of communities. my name is steve and i and the vice president of the san francisco fire commission and former executive director of the japan town task force and the original cofounder of the senior center. i have worked for 45 years and i have basically grown up spiritually and culturally in the japanese community, what is the first known community of the japanese communities in the united states. i want to be able to point that
1:32 am
out because basically, in terms of our japanese american community in san francisco, we are the ones that are one of three remaining in the united states. i also want to be able to educate the task force members in terms of what happened to our community during world war ii with the concentration camp experience that removes members of our communities from japan town and followed by eminent domain by the city and county of san francisco redevelopment agency that totally destroyed our community. and basically, in terms of my experience and our experience in our community, it has always been historically whole. from the buddhist temple on off -- on octavia street, all the way to presidio, that means it has been in intact for over 150 years. i know you are trying to make it a recommendation, but please do not split up our community.
1:33 am
please do not divide us anymore. the historical influences in our communities has broken up spiritually, emotionally, and culturally. we do not need that. we do not need other entities to divide up our communities. >> your time is concluded. thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. sorry to cut you off. we did reach two minutes for your comments and we have to move onto the next speaker. [speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language ] [speaking foreign language ] >> voice of translator: i would like to give quick instructions and cantonese. [speaking foreign language ]
1:34 am
[speaking foreign language ] >> voice of translator: hello, members of the task force. i live in sunset. i know that the high school originally belonged to district seven, but in our daily life, we will usually re-create in district four. in my opinion, i think the
1:35 am
school should be included in district four. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. thank you for interpretation of those comments. could we get the next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is bruce. and by transparency, i am the chair of the sunshine ordinance task force. my points here today do not reflect that position at all. just by definition purposes. i am a 30 year resident of p5 -- d5. i opposed three d. an echo all of those who oppose this. it is common sense from the hearing today from the community people and the represented group. these are voters that are speaking to the boundary changes
1:36 am
that they will effect. they will affect other interest groups and other corporate interest that are not voters. they are not residents of the city. that should take a backseat. i urge the task force members right now to make a motion to reconsider last night's vote as authorized by roberts' rule two orders and the general meat and rules. meetings that obtain a quorum are authorized to take action. it is interesting that we haven't heard any corporate interest here as was suggested. and because they are not voters, they should not be considered, and their influence should not be considered outside of the meeting here today. again, as requirements -- as per
1:37 am
robert's rule, please take this vote today to reconsider iiib and allow the people's voices to be heard and considered and also assure that public comment is allowed and maybe after the motion has been brought to the floor, not before. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. thank you for sharing your comments. >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you. noting that we have no one else in the remote queue, we do have one person who has joined us in the physical meeting room, room 400, who wants to provide comments. can you please come forward? and if there is anyone else, please line up along the side of the wall that i'm indicating to the left right now. >> good afternoon. good morning. what time of day is it?
1:38 am
thank you, task force for doing the hard work that you are doing. i am the manager of the japan town cultural district. the japan town task force and cultural district last night came together and looked at maps three a and iiib. we are in favor of three a. if you are starting with iiib, i have a map that identifies our boundaries to include essential institutions and to include into the d5 line. this includes the japanese community youth council into d5, which as you have heard, is incredibly important to keep with the western addition. i do have them up again here. you have heard from steve mikado today and many others and many of our communities over the last week. as important as it is for japan town to stay connected with the western edition because of the shared historical trauma that we face, i would personally like to support the cultural district with the tl, marginalized
1:39 am
communities and how difficult -- that have difficulties already with language barriers, voter turnout, understanding governance, and bringing seniors and youth, and especially our youth who out -- who are our future. services help the people who face similar difficulties and increase the quality of life there. i hope that you hear their concerns. your decisions affect the people of today in our communities. they also support the by paek -- it also includes communities. i hope you consider this and i hope you consider our district boundaries in d5 and moving some of those institutions back into d5. whether it be jogging the lines as needed, i know we had to do that last redistricting meeting 10 years ago. i do have a map here. we will also submit that online. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments.
1:40 am
could we get the next speaker, please. >> good morning. first of all, we are very appreciative of the time and energy that you all are devoting to the process. we are very supportive of the map that was presented, iiib. it keeps our neighborhood of russian hill all in one district and keeps us aligned with chinatown and telegraph hill and all of our neighbors that we have worked with west of van ness over the not -- over the last several decades. we strongly urge you to keep us in check and keep working with iiib as your basis. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. do we have anyone in the room who wants to provide public comment?
1:41 am
seeing none, i have to move back to remote. a couple people have stood up to provide comment from the remote side. i see we have 48 listeners and their two who want to provide public comment. can be her -- here from the first of those two? >> i live in district one. i am a mom, a teacher, and i haven't had lots of time to look at the preview in its entirety. i urge the task force to really look at this and all the communities of interest. [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] >> i want to pause your time.
1:42 am
you have a minute and 30 seconds. i am sorry, but we are getting a bit of disconnection from your line. please make sure you speak very clearly and someplace quiet so we can hear all of your comments. you have a minute and 30 seconds. i will started again when i hear your voice. >> i'm sorry, i must have a bad connection. if you can hear me, all i would like to say is the one part of iiib that i do really appreciate is that d1 does not include the lakeshore thoroughfare and does not include the higher income households. so if we could maintain that while we double check district five and six, et cetera, i would really appreciate that. sorry for the bad connection. >> thank you for sticking with us. it was much clearer the second
1:43 am
time. thank you for providing your comment to the task force. next speaker, please. >> good morning. i am a member of the neighborhood association. i support this. i want to thank the task force for this. we want to maintain the infrastructure of the neighborhood. [ indiscernible ] we are a community and we have been working together for years to make a difference. [ indiscernible ] thank you for hearing the community. we have one recommendation. there used to be parking lots under the freeway.
1:44 am
[ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] thank you for your hard work. >> thank you for sharing your comments with the task force. could we get the next caller, please? >> good morning. [ indiscernible ] i want to oppose this.
1:45 am
[ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] we need one. i think it is the right step to take considering what is happening nationally.
1:46 am
and that rationale, if it rings true, it also should ring true for district six. once again, i continue my support for this. i urge that the redistricting task force once again to keep the tenderloin and so much together. thank you. >> thank you for sharing your comments. could we get the next speaker, please. >> good morning. i am here to encourage the use of map three b. as the basis for this. we really appreciate our communities of north beach, russian hill, and chinatown are kept hold together because we have so much in common and have been working very closely.
1:47 am
please continue with map iiib. we appreciate all your effort on this. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> my name is frank. i am with two organizations. three of which are opposing the current map three. we want to see the inner sunset united. you have heard these arguments before. it is part of our community. [ indiscernible ] district seven needs an
1:48 am
additional population. this will do it right. we are talking about everything from 19th avenue east towards south avenue and everything south of golden gate park. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, i live in protrero hill. thank you to the task force for the hard work on this. i would like you to reconsider map iiib drawing of district 10. the northern boundary along the history cuts protrero hill off and many of the key commercial establishments that are part of our community. if you intend to stick with iiib, the boundaries should be moved farther north toward
1:49 am
something like 16th street or map iiia was a much better fit for our particular district. it keeps protrero together. thank you very much. >> thank you for sharing your comments. is there anyone in the remote queue left? >> there are no further callers in the queue. >> we have reached the end of public comment we will put your microphone on. >> thank you, public comment is now closed. colleagues? we will take comments from you. >> thank you so much for members of the community who are spending time with us this
1:50 am
morning live and online. we really appreciate your input. the vice chair has said the process does not work without you. fellow task force members, you know me. i am always attacking the low hanging fruit first. one of the things that we have heard so many times over and over again from the communities in the western addition and japan town is they are joint communities of interest. we are wanting to unite japan town and washington together. i'm sorry we weren't able to approach that up until now because of this process that we have been going through. i would like to, for the task force to consider moving this into district five. the way the map is currently, we would have to extend that line.
1:51 am
this is how it was done 10 years ago. this is what we will have to do again to make sure the community stays intact. the line is around for city of and set her. it is up to the corner of where we would have to move the line. >> thank you. mr. lee? >> thank you, madame vice chair. i appreciate the public for their continued participation. i appreciate member hold's remarks. we definitely heard that and we should heed those comments. i want to go back to something
1:52 am
that happened during public comment with regards to the translated comment around 11:30 am. if member hoe could correct me, that would be appreciated. the caller said they live in lakeshore, not the sunset, if i remember correctly. it showed a high school in district four with the sunset. i want to correct that for the record. with regards to the maps, i might be running a bit further afield than what was said yesterday. i want to turn my attention to twin peaks. the current line for district eight and district seven runs on twin peaks boulevard. according to map iiib and iiia the line runs on market street
1:53 am
east of twin peaks. we have heard significant testimony about this. i have heard very different. and there is no way in between twin peaks. it is on top of the ridge. i would propose we move the line between district seven and district eight back on to twin peaks boulevard. district eight be is -4 .7. we can easily accommodate that without changing it. i hope that we can restore that. we have testimony east of twin peaks where we received significant testimony.
1:54 am
thank you. >> thank you. i just want a point of clarification. we had agreed with the mapping process. we are going to follow it. are we saying that we want to change that? we really want to change that process and start our line mapping if that's what we agreed on and lets us keep it in a consistent order. if we go to different places then we will get lost really quickly. >> i am fine with whatever the task force says. >> we will take your comment. let's make sure we stay with the district that we talk about. what we had said is we would start with district six to do the drawing. there's some more people in the queue. let's go through those names.
1:55 am
before we start we may take a lunch break. we may do that if it arrives on time. mr. cooper? >> thank you. i will hold off on a lot of my specific comments regarding the map until we have access and we start the life line. i am definitely receptive. my first comment was going to be to do this. i do think this will be a good opportunity for us to talk about that section of the district five border and five b. is amenable. we will be fine. i want to address some of the comments. i think we did hear a lot during the whole process about keeping tenderloin with central soma. that was a key part of yesterday
1:56 am
and the folks who were on the side of map a. i do want to explore the option later on today of trying to put central soma as much as possible with d5. i have been playing around with it a little bit. it is not pretty. the implications are not great for the rest of the districts, specifically district six and district 10. we will bear the brunt of those changes. i think we owe it, if we are going to be working off iiib, the folks who supported iiib were not doing it out of spite to tear apart tenderloin and central soma. they saw other aspects of iiib
1:57 am
that were better in iiib then iiia. those aspects are there. i do think what we have heard is we will think about the mixed board going forward in our drawings. that is great as well. i will also bring that up when we come to talking about the alternations we want to make. thanks. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. i think is, is q2 on the line right now? i think we need to have a quick primer about what this even looks like so we have a little bit more sense of what we are about to get into. >> absolutely.
1:58 am
good morning or good afternoon. just sort of an overview of how this works and what it is capable of. if there is anything that is difficult to read, difficult to see on the map, depending on what it is, i can change a lot of it to make it more accessible and make it easier to see. i can change the font size and change the colors on the map and things like that. i can pull up each individual community of interest. if you are looking on an area and you want to see the communities of interest that are available in that area, i can pull those up and as you know, we have the neighborhood layer provided by the task force because of the cultural district and community benefit district. and for your reference, i also have a layer of the current
1:59 am
districts. if you want to reference those at any time, those are available as well. there are a couple of communities of interest that we have been able to digitize that are not yet on the map viewer, but we can show you those. anything that was submitted last night, we are receiving this morning since the meeting started. those ones are not quite digitized just yet. additionally, when you are mapping, we have the capability to snow vest -- save a snapshot in the software. we can save where we are at and then explore something. if you are unhappy with the results, then we can go back to what it was like before we began that exploration.
2:00 am
and additionally we can undo changes. it kind of works like if you are editing a word document or something like that where you can go undo, undo, undo and undo back to a certain point. that point being when you open the program or when you switched back to the place you were at before you started making any changes. one last thing, when you are doing actual line drawings, i can pull this nifty box out. >> sorry to interrupt you. could you please go to the display of the mapping imaging, san francisco government t.v.? thank you. >> thank you. i am just going to highlight a couple blocks here. this is not a suggestion for the task force, but say you wanted to make a brand-new district and
2:01 am
you decided, we are making 12 districts today and not 11. and in this highlighted area here you can see the total population and each of the census blocks. you can also see the shape of the census blocks that are highlighted. additionally, it shows you from the district you are removing area from. removing these blocks which include 1,786 people, then the resulting percentage deviation of district six b. would be negative 6.63%. all of this information will be available to you as you are making decisions during the line drawing. and of course, you can ask about the process if you have any questions. i am here as a resource for you. >> perfect.
2:02 am
>> thank you. >> i am about to throw some monkey wrenches and since this is a line drawing. in the interest of member hold's request, i am interested in fully restoring japan town, which means bringing lines up to california street, over to visit darrow, down to sector, center all the way down to presidio. that would be my line to the culturally significant landmarks. on the other hand, i am very
2:03 am
committed to keeping communities together. this is a two-part request. i need to see what has happened when we actually restore contiguity for the districts, which means i want to see the effects of populations if we add in market street from this street, heading west. that will restore what these people actually consider their communities. i need to know how much of all of those communities we can keep together. i think the public needs to see the effects of drawing these
2:04 am
lines so they can understand what we are working with and why we make the decision that we make and just how impossible almost all of this work is. those are my requests. they are actual street names addendum to what the members requested. >> thank you. >> thank you, vice chair. i have a question for miss clark. you mentioned that you have the 2012 lines digitized in this digitalization. i am curious, do you also have the 2002 line digitized? >> no, we have the 2011 line, but not the previous set of lines.
2:05 am
>> chair peskin: is that something that your team can do, to the best of your ability? >> yes. we can look and see what is available through the elections department. >> my thinking there is if we are going to be seeing a lot of changes through our line, and where possible, if we have to, you know, i would like to return the line to something familiar to people if we have to. looking at the map, i appreciate member cooper's comments about bringing in as much of central soma as possible, but there is not a whole lot of wiggle room. things will have to shift where
2:06 am
we can restore lines to something familiar to people. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. something that i would like us to explore is a particular neighborhood that has spoken here during public comment but has not been quite as loud in the decision. particularly coal valley. expressed that they shared more affinity with neighborhoods of district eight then they did with neighborhoods of district five. i think we should be exploring looking at the whole -- the coal valley improvement association, which is currently fractured in this map and keeps it all within district eight.
2:07 am
>> i forgot about myself and representing myself. since it does border d6, i really need to advocate on behalf of of restoring at least the western part of d10's northern line. i know it is getting difficult because of the addition of the western and central soma pieces, but you are removing the tenth of our assets by moving that line down to mariposa and we literally would not have a full-service grocery store in the entire district without having that line where it is. that is my request. we will see how it spruces things up and we will line draw to fix it.
2:08 am
>> i don't see any other members in the queue at this point. i am thinking that, miss clark? can we bring up the map so we can decide where we are going to start the line drawing? >> yes, i am currently sharing the map. i am not sure what you can or can't read. >> okay. members, we said we would start at district six. but would you like to see the things that we just talked about first and see the impact of those on the map, and perhaps once we are done with that, we will take a break before we start line drawing into district six? >> this may be helpful. members of the task force, your panel is in front of you and they have several different viewer options that you can cycle through. if the map is displaying an
2:09 am
image in your lower right-hand corner or elsewhere, you can tap on it and it will bring it to a larger viewer. and if you tap on it a second time, it should bring it to full screen. at least that is what i remember from two years ago when we had more regular in person meetings. i just wanted to clarify that there is a second option for viewers to make it bigger say don't have to squint so much at a small image. >> great. let's start with member hold's request miss clark? >> i am moving the map to that area. one moment, please i will bring the changes box out so we don't see it.
2:10 am
the request was to add washington into district five. i believe that is on the southern edge, the southern side of the block at center and presidio. that is a line straight out from five b. this change represents 1,639 people. that would make the% deviation negative 6.9%. if there is a different boundary to use, please let me know and i can explore that or pull that up for you. >> thank you. can we also include the hamilton recreation center and the library? which is at the corner of scott and curie in addition. >> yes.
2:11 am
is that on the west side of scott? >> you are on it right now. >> thank you. thank you so much. this is 1,675 people included in the highlighted area. i will just summa out to get a bigger view of what that would look like. please let me know if you'd like me to make this change? and for the task force's knowledge, map three b., the beginning point is captured. we can always go back to it as a beginning point later in the line drawing process if you wish. >> thank you.
2:12 am
do we vote on this? >> i think that we need to see how the other things we are trying to put in might impact that. let's fix it and then let's hold it here. let's see some of the other changes, and then let's go from there. i'm looking right now and i'm looking at the impact on to be. everything that we do, it is already there. it is right at the max. if you are doing anything, you are putting it over one way or another. we have to deal with that area too. maybe what we do is two is one of the ones we said we would address today. maybe what we do is we addressed two. we fix this and we have a couple of other requests that are in this vicinity.
2:13 am
let's do that. let's focus on this part of the map and let's start working something that we think will really make a difference. let's just hold that there for now. let's see. [ indiscernible ] >> hold on one second. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> i just took notes on all of the requests. >> somebody has to. thank you for offering. we appreciate that help. >> thank you, vice chair. given that district to be is under our legally allowed population, i would suggest we consider adding some neighborhoods that were previously in district two.
2:14 am
that would be cathedral hill. and exploring that in cathedral hill back to district to to offset the population from district five. >> how does that look? >> perhaps not the entire neighborhood. that would start to look very bizarre. >> the parts of cathedral hill that were in district two before, if we can bring up the overlay of the 2012 boundaries, let's add in that chunk that goes down and over to van this.
2:15 am
>> thank you. i grabbed one extra block. one moment. this highlighted area is 2,151 people. it would make the percentage deviation of to be negative 4.2 seven% and the population of districts five, negative 1.9%. >> thank you. >> shall i make this change? >> yes, please. consensus on that one. mr. cooper? >> thank you. i hear all the other comments that we want to keep this in d5. there are two other points. one is, now that we have more flexibility, it is easier to do. it will be helpful to bring up the 2012 districts again. we heard about the japan town community. i believe there is a church as well up there.
2:16 am
the northern extension to california, if we could bring that back up into d5. and then i am remembering, i may have to pull it up, i am remembering the cathedral hill inputs that we received mentioned that it be split. i think we can perhaps drop that boundary even further down. if i am remembering correctly, that is the cathedral hill inputs that we received. it was split on geary. perhaps bring it down. perhaps i am wrong and somebody knows better. bring two down to cover that.
2:17 am
>> i understand. one moment. i have to get the software to cooperate. with this software, we can look at a change in one direction at a time. >> okay. >> first we would need to make this change, which is highlighted. it is bringing this boundary between buchanan and octavia up to california. if you wish to approve that, then we look -- >> we have consensus on that. thank you. >> thank you.
2:18 am
>> unless there is objection there? then we will not do that. >> make this change? >> no. >> thank you for letting me jump the queue. i want to withhold consensus to extend that we did receive testimony from sacred heart that they want to keep their campus together. i don't know where their assets are or where they are located, but if we are going down to ellis, it might impact them and we might need to think clearly about that. >> i am willing to withhold that. that should be fine. thanks.
2:19 am
do we have consensus on that? >> good point. we have consensus on that now. we are good. we have that one. >> thank you. i will zoom out. these are the overall changes to these two districts. >> excuse me, ellis would have been posted. all of their assets are on or south of ellis. >> and i withdraw my comments. >> miss clark, did you hear that? >> thank you so much. >> thank you, member pierced --
2:20 am
pierce. >> i will make this change. >> member jeremy lee? >> thank you. can you overlay the japan town coi? we heard they break up the japan town -- the cultural district. i'm not entirely sure. >> yeah. >> what is on the map now is the community provided boundary for japan town and i will also turn on the cultural district. one moment, please. the cultural district boundary goes to goss and california and all the way to steiner where the publicly submitted definition of japan town goes to the fillmore on the western boundary.
2:21 am
>> can we see the population changes? >> one moment, please. >> the highlighted area is 800 people. it would make the percentage deviation of five negative 1.28% and two negative 5.8%. >> if i can get consensus from my colleagues, i would like to see this change. >> i am just confused about that one. excuse me. >> something that i think is worth pointing out is i believe
2:22 am
the pacific heights neighborhood association boundaries also overlap with this, which i think is something that we should address. this is a difficult conversation when we are overlapping boundaries that we are in conflict with one another. we should have a discussion about the implications of the conflict that exists here. >> i want to second those comments. >> okay. so what is the proposal here? >> is this something that we need to vote on? >> i think we need some discussion. >> we need some discussion and clarification on the area.
2:23 am
i see the new request all the way to goss, but i'm not sure what is on the corner. i don't think there is anything there, i think the temple and all of that is between buchanan and octavia. this piece has always been up to california and has always been there for them. then they drop down to pine and they are over to steiner on the left. i would say octavia up to california, down one block to pine on buchanan and then over to steiner is the district that i know. member pierced? >> the terrorists -- the apartments are on octavia.
2:24 am
that is clearly part of japan town. it is where a lot of the seniors and all of the right to return look -- millenials are staying. >> octavia and setter -- and setter. >> it is already in. >> for sure. let's try and go with this. i think that this is the configuration that japan town has fused. that includes all of their facilities, as far as i know. >> i see nodding from susie. she is okay with it. >> thank you so much for that feedback. [please standby]
2:25 am
2:26 am
>> i want to allow people to have the voice they have when they are in place. i want to say and recognize that i don't recognize lower pacific heights. that is the filmore and japan town to me. so when we have this discussion i am going to nine times out of 10 for those four to eight blocks side with japan town and the black community on the southern part of lower pacific heights where stuff like marcus books was. where the filmore club was so
2:27 am
that is my personal bias if we have that discussion. thank you. >> i hear year bias. we have to remember district two is difficult. we need to really address all of that because that is part of d2. we can't take things out for what is not there. we should take it out for what we want there. >> absolutely. we are pushing those limits. >> i would hold off on that one if you could. thank you so much. >> mr. castle lee. >> are you going down the members list?
2:28 am
>> the list that member pierce's listing. >> i would like to go to the next item which was my item. >> next item on the list is twin peaks having twin peaks boulevard as the border as opposed to the hodgepodge ending in market street border. >> correct. >> following the current be border of district 7, district 8. >> one moment, please.
2:29 am
>> i think there was one piece. there we go. >> so this highlighted area was moved from district 7 to district 8 or in this visualization into district 8. district 8 would become .24% deviation. 7 would be negative 1.62% deviation. >> are you okay with this? we have consensus on this one. >> thank you so much. >> next we have mr. cooper.
2:30 am
>> i think i will hold it until after lunch. it is going to be a bigger conversation. >> thank you for doing that. >> in mine we are clarifying and expanding lines on member ho and cool per. i think we are at that point where we need to stop and take note of what this map looks like for now. if there is any fine tuning adjustments for d1, d2, 25 or, you know, g-7, d -- d.
2:31 am
7. >> i think we need to work on something until the lunch is delivered. >> i want to explore cole valley which is across districts 1 and 7 and possibly 8. >> one moment while i pull that up. this boundary is banon and areas between parnassis and the park up to arbello.
2:32 am
>> yes. >> we would ask for it to be in district 8? >> correct. >> thank you. one moment. >> this highlighted area is. >> that is a lot. let'shold off on that. >> let's not do the whole thing. it is something that i do think we should continue to think about, but for now, has, just look at cole valley.
2:33 am
>> i will turnoff the coy layer that is distracting. this highlighted area is from frederick out to here and oak. if this change occurred district 8 would be -- >> south of frederick. this is north of frederick. >> of course. thank you. of course. i apologize. how far south? seventeenth?
2:34 am
parnassis. >> can you bring up the neighborhood layer? >> yes, one moment. so the neighborhood layer says clayton and parnassis. this is just one census block that would connect this area to district 8. >> how many do we have in ashbury heights? this was a neighborhood that expressed commonality with. >> one moment, please. >> this is south to caramel. that would bump 7b to negative 5.07% and 8 to just over 5% as
2:35 am
well. the neighborhood definition of ashbury heights goes down to chairen son and this does not. >> i think there are a few ways we could address that given district 8 and district 7 are pretty close to the population deviation. i wonder if the task force members would be willing to open up some discussions about parts of districts 8 and 7 to see if we can accommodate this change. >> thank you. i think we can't keep everything within deviation as we move around. you know we try as hard as we can. if we are over a little bit and the communities of interest makes sense, we do it. that is what this exercise is.
2:36 am
>> mr. cooper. >> thank you. i have one other request to note. that is the potrero park will be able to handle that at some point. it is not going to make a huge swing population wise. i think we can look at this. if we do we would want to go to clarendon. i have been keeping a least list of the census block west of stanon from parnassis down to clarendon. by having the line down stanon there is a bit of stan i don't know that doesn't have much access or connection except by foot and mountain bike to the rest of district 7.
2:37 am
similar to the crest montsituation on the former draft. you, that is something to consider. i think we have to find a decent chung to add to district 7. i don't know where that is. we talked about the 7 seven border. that is very comfortable. the only thing that makes sense to undo the change we did on twin peaks would be the only or maybe some at the park. i am fine with the change. i don't see the counter change we could make. >> i think chasel was going to address it? >> thank you. we are of similar minds. we could draw with the inner
2:38 am
sunset. the lower eight is the place. right now the border doesn't follow d8. it is on her man. it is a bit farther north than it currently is. that might be one approach. there is di visidero. >> south of caramel in g-7, north in d8 should be one single chunk. they are together. keep it that way.
2:39 am
>> i want to start with what we heard from the inner sunset. they were advocating for this to be added to d-5. see what happens when we move the western line to funston and add everythingest into 7-b.
2:40 am
>> we have consensus for now. i would also advocate to push that line even further up to 19th. out of compactness. that is the inner sunset. would we like to see what that looks like if we move that over? >> can you move that further west to 19th avenue? >> district 7 becomes 6.66% over populated. 4 becomes negative 9.69%. >> we will explore that later.
2:41 am
>> something we might be able to accommodate unified inner sunset and handle district 7 and 4 devveyianses with the border at 19th is 4 south and taking population away from district 7. we have heard substantial comments around district 4. wanting to go south. >> let's see what happens. >> okay. >> make this change first. vice chair would you like to explore that change discussed? >> yes, please. >> thank you. >> to make this change we will
2:42 am
head south. >> then we have a comment from mr. chasel lee. >> i used to live there. i am a bit too familiar with this area. i can help guide the part of the process. we could take inmerset manner west of 19th.
2:43 am
parts of lakeshore north of winston. north of lake merced boulevard, country club. >> all the way out to winston? >> no that is statehousing, if i remember correctly. >> you should go east to capture the homes. >> you should go west. further west to country club and
2:44 am
included the zoo. there is a bit on the northeast corner in the median. that is whats lakeshore. this keeps them there. this is lowell high school and lakeshore merced manor as the residents there live. that is my proposal. thank you.
2:45 am
>> lakeshore plaza is where you go shopping for groceries in the sunset. that makes sense to me. i think my preference would be to keep this area in district 7 and to keep the line. we can explore it. i am not sure how i would say we
2:46 am
could wait until we see how it affects things. this is a relatively self-contained question. i i don't know if we want to discuss it more right now or not. those are my general thoughts. >> this is exploration, of course. we can keep exploration. throwing it out there. used to live in this area. this is how the lived experience of this area is like. thank you. >> are we holding it as place holder at this point? it does do what has been asked. it messes with the population of
2:47 am
4. >> it is within range. >> it is. >> i want to hear from other members before we commit. >> member pierce. >> in the interest of process we laid out. i am partial to what member cooper said we were not going to discuss this today. however, it does satisfy quite a few community demands. i definitely want to table this and reexplore with me leaning towards supporting this change. whatever we can knock out in the consensus is a good thing. jeremy lee.
2:48 am
>> i am a bit more in favor of keeping the line at th unston. we have heard about the inner sunset. i feel we have heard more about putting some of the inner sunset into the sunset versus south of float into the sunset. that is my view. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> member castillion. >> they are dissatisfied with three districts. this puts them in one supervisor district. >> member lee. >> member cooper. >> thank you. i will say we have heard and the
2:49 am
lakeshore area the public comment is interesting. it is one of the few areas where we heard comments from residents on both sides. we heard a lot from d4. the movement to bring that in. i don't. that area is one of the places where i remember hearing folks saying they feel like they are part of district 7 and there is that connection across the float. we also heard from merchants and from other residents saying 19th. we have heard from neighborhood associations saying having a line at th unston. i think we have heard feedback from the public to support both alternatives. it is a matter of volume and
2:50 am
judgment at this point. >> member lee. >> i finally remembered what i want to say. thank you for your indulgence. i must push back at the comments respectfully that were previously made. there was a significant help in the comment goes to wards putting this in district had ass the person translating the comments. of course, the act of translation burns the comments. i felt the weight of this comment. appreciate the weight of comments both in the translation and original native language capacity. there were comments in english who wanted this change. the comments to the other side.
2:51 am
i thought they were fewer in number. the predominant my perception, of course, reasonable minds differ. my instinct is to be in favor of this change. i did so in district 7 last time. >> member castillon. >> we don't have consensus. is this something we should vote on? >> i don't think so. i think we are close to consensus on this one. we don't have to put it into hard cement. it is something we certainly want to do. member pierce. >> i would prefer to table this for a second.
2:52 am
i suspect our conversation after lunch is going to completely reshape how we see the northern and western parts of this map when we start playing around with soma and the tl. given their density they will have effects. we barely have district 2 holding on by a thread right now. we are going to remove population probably from d3, definitely from d6 in the afternoon conversation. i really would just like to hold off on this until then. >> i think what would be great is to leave this but not call it a complete change. it is a place holder. >> that is what i am requesting.
2:53 am
>> members of the public understand that these are the lines that we have agreed on by consensus but everything is probably going to skew. around 2:00 this map might not look like this. member ho. >> thank you, member pierce. i totally agree. we have a lot of challenges ahead of us. that is why i sound like a broken record. low hanging fruit. we are within deviation. i feel leak we can always come back to it, obviously an, and we probably will come back to these decisions over and over again. we have heard from public
2:54 am
comments in multiple languages saying they feel like they are part of the sunset. this is something we should knock out. >> i agree we have heard so many comments on this one. this stood out in many of the public comments. i would agree. can we just by consensus knock this one out? >> i am fine for now. we will discuss it for sure. i am not sure we will with the changes get all the way over there. district 7. the 7-eleven boundary and northern districts set as they are. it is something to revisit if
2:55 am
we do discuss the map eventually to keep the tenderloin back. when that comes back you start talking about district 5 as part of the city again. i am fine with the change for now. i want to address in addition to golden gate park and mclane park. i will let you finish that change first. >> can you hold park for a bit. i would like to get to some of the stuff we are doing. let's put this change in.
2:56 am
>> i am happy to make the decision. not as a member i make the change. >> thank you. member castillon. >> district 8 at 6.02%. we have the comments about parks that are a little bit west that are associated. there are a few landmarks that we might want to explore. in particular, mission high school is currently not in the district with the bulk of the mission. we should explore adding that into district 9. so that we can get district 8
2:57 am
within population compliance. mission high school, i believe, is just north of deloris park. if we can add that area to district 9. >> i like that also captures the church. >> we are at 5.01%. >> somebody is going to move. >> i am happy to make this change. the other note is that previously the task force had this boundary and there was flexibility. just a note if we want to
2:58 am
explore. [indiscernable] >> thank you, madam pierce. >> torn here. rather than going south i would go north with the rest of that district 9 border. can you zoom in on that.
2:59 am
i am trying to make the indigenous community whole. can we add in -- can we run this d9 border straight up to market street? that little triangle. can we bring that in? it fixes 8 but messes up 9. >> member castillon.
3:00 am
>> perhaps we can go up to 22nd on the border to bring in those parts back to district 8 to the south to see if we can get both districts within population deviation. >> shall i make this change moving it all the way up to market? >> correct. >> one moment.
3:01 am
that is to 223rd. is there a specific boundary to look at here? >> this gets us closer. we need to find the exact combination of census blocks to keep it within population. just go up to 23rd for now the further north we go it is a little harder.
3:02 am
twenty-third. >> i am looking at your list. i am sorry. i am off on this. i apologize. >> vice chair. >> sorry. member lee. >> as a strong supporter, we
3:03 am
still need to accommodate this. if we have to go up to 22nd, let's get that over with. >> moving to 22nd would make 8 over populated. there would need to be a different place to move. >> we will iterate our way out. >> thank you. >> did we have consensus on this? let's adopt it. if it is okay with everybody, the food has arrived.
3:04 am
i would like to break for lunch right now if that is okay. >> real quick could we do a bullet point walk through of the changes so far. i have notes and i think you also have notes. >> sure. that is not too hard. >> i can read off what i have written down. >> jamie, can you follow along with us to make sure we have it right? >> yes, absolutely. >> changes made to the 3b map. booker t district 5. hamilton rec center district 5. district 2. buchanan california octavia pine district 5. golf to ellis van ness to cedar district 2. >> is that too fast?
3:05 am
>> twin peaks border boulevard between distribute 7 and 8 from the 2012 map. cole valley south of frederick south to core bit. the chain don. thank you. inner sunset move western line to 19th then south to judah. add to district 4 including parts of mer said manor south of float. i am familiar with this. area south of float west of 19. also including lakeshore north of lake merced past country club including zoo. district 9. add 17th and 18th out to church. the district 8 and 9 northern
3:06 am
boundary guerrero to market. district 9 including valencia to gar rare row. this is what we just did. that is what i am keeping note of as changes to map 3b accepted by consensus so far by the task force. i think gus from the office of the city attorney may have additional information as well right now. >> hi, everyone. you earned york lunch. i will remind you while you have your lunch you are not to discuss official business. appropriate things are member cooper's bike or the dog. four tops and as much as possible to assure everyone that nothing is happening during the recess.
3:07 am
>> thank you for reminder. mr. clerk, can you dismiss us for lunch? >> i don't dismiss you. you can call a recess and please tell us the time. no earlier than that we would be reconvening the task force, please. >> give it 40. >> it is 1:12 p.m. >> let's do 145 p.m.
3:08 am
3:09 am
hyatt session from the caption group i'm trying to get audio for the redistricting
3:10 am
to steiner along the border and bring in those box into district five. >> think you. >> we have district eight that is population compliant. >> would you like me to make this change? >> yes, please. >> thank you. >> all right, mr. cooper. thank you very much.
3:11 am
>> before we get into d6, we want to talk about golden gate park and mclaren park. for both of them we did have mclaren park. we did have some serious -- there were some issues involving some of the park edge institutions that should be in those districts. the hoffman pool. i would say, honestly, if you can pull up the existing, what will be the best is just returning to that where the gleneagles golf course and the southern half is back into district 10. district nine retains the duck lake, swanlike and all the note -- the northern part of the parks.
3:12 am
that is my thought on that. >> it looks like we are okay on that. >> we will be returning that and that to district 10. i don't think it will have a major population change and that little bit, yeah. it is a population that should be there to. >> over to ted. we did get some input on the other stuff outside of that but we will not talk about that right now. >> we will adopt this for now.
3:13 am
if we go to golden gate park as well. again, these will change based on the districts that bordered the park. i do think that we should adopt the concept of the closest parts of golden gate park that are into that district. obviously a lot of these belong to all of. all of these things do belong to all of. there is definitely a lot of public safety and issues. it is beneficial for the supervisors of that neighborhood to also have a direct say in that part of the park. it is hard to know exactly where all the streets fall. i'm not super particular about that, but we should extend district seven a bit into the corner of the park that it borders.
3:14 am
i would actually keep -- i would try to keep the keys -- >> i think that is a good idea. >> in this case it is one and future maps. something with that last little bit works fine for now for district seven. >> if i may interject a little bit, i will withhold consensus to the extent that this is a bit of an early conversation. this might be a little bit too early. we haven't sorted out haight-ashbury. this will change and we will revisit this distribution. we hear it and i think we should consider it.
3:15 am
probably not right now. >> i hear you on the east side of the park. district four, we know everything from 19th to the great highway will be district for. so i am fine with tabling the eastern part of the park conversation but i want to see district for go up a little bit into golden gate park east of 1. >> okay. >> we could start at least just to mlk. maybe not. the western edge is, i mean -- >> that's fine. >> that is fine. >> you might as well go all the way over there. >> the beach chalet over by the sunset. >> it makes sense for now. you can add that last, north of
3:16 am
the end of mlk. >> that leads to the bypass, right? >> at the beach and then go to cross overdrive on the east side. that looks fine to me. >> all right. do we have consensus on that? all right. whatever we think, it is done right now. we don't have to touch it. >> we could do that. before we forget about it, we should do down the southeast
3:17 am
edge of district nine. i don't know exactly -- i know there is a census block that really is just the park, if i remember correctly. i don't know if we want to extend beyond that too much. that is it with 49 people. that is fine. >> let's do it. >> okay. do we have consensus on that one? let's do that one. thank you very much. >> that is all i have for now. >> member jeremy lee? >> kind of going off of what was said about the haight-ashbury, talking about the haight-ashbury and figuring that out. i would like to explore then potentially being still in d5
3:18 am
given their strong affinity to the district. we heard some very emotional comments today. i would like to explore that. wherever that conversation makes sense. >> okay. thank you. if we have no more members, shall we go to d6? >> if i may before you make any changes here, i will just take one moment to capture where we are right now. >> please. let us know when you are done.
3:19 am
>> thank you so much. i am ready. >> thank you. >> thank you. for this discussion, because this is the map that the body chose to work with, i am presupposing that the connection between the tenderloin and western addition fillmore within the map is what we are talking about and how to deal with that. i know that is the map that we chose. i am working off that and thinking off that and attempting to incorporate other comments and other feedback about that into this conversation. there is -- there are two big changes that have come from that. it is the tenderloin and the centrosome of being split up and
3:20 am
district five being distributed into district one and district two and district seven and district eight and district for and into other districts. it is not possible to solve both of those issues. you can solve one or the other, and i think, for me, the bigger issue is the tenderloin and centrosome what connection, and i don't know how, but i was thinking through this and working through this and it is very -- obviously, part of the reason there is such a connection is there -- it is a very dense neighborhood. it is a large and populous neighborhood. we would also be pulling from district six which is low and will only go lower. for me, we can start by moving
3:21 am
some blocks over. as far as i can tell, in order to be include any sort of significant part of central soma into district five, without interfering seriously with district three, the only real option is to have d6 go down into northern d10. that is the main option there. the thing is, if you do take a lot of central soma into district five, and the other side is you have to shave up even more of the western half of the d5, is you can take all of protrero hill into district six. it would be district five that would be tenderloin. everything north would look the same. the western edge would have to be to visit darrow at the furthest west, if not scott and some places. it would likely have to lose the lower hate into d8 and then that
3:22 am
will allow d5 to grow in the central soma. that will allow d6 to grow into district 10. district 10 would then take the portillo from district nine. that is what would come from that change. and then district nine would have to go a little bit. we would have to undo the changes that we have made. i just want to lay it out there. from what i can tell, that is how we could support that. i understand that makes a lot of changes above and beyond the changes that we have discussed, but that is how i see it. you can do little bits of -- bits and pieces, and again, we don't know exactly where to draw those lines. i really have it just from
3:23 am
eight, and anywhere to forward -- fourth or fifth. the numbers work. those are the implications. i just want to lay those out there. >> that was very thorough. he gives us a lot to work with. >> i have specific lines. i actually want to see ninth street drawn down to the james luke highway and i want to leave protrero hill for now, but i want to see all of dogpatch down to the creek go into d3. i mean d6. i can't do that. >> jamie, can we start with ninth street down to james like? >> what is the other side of ninth street?
3:24 am
>> you will go market, ninth. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. it is it -- is it going into district nine? >> it is going into district five. >> thank you. >> sorry. >> one moment while i set the map up to do that. okay. this is from market and ninth to bear creek. >> all the way down to the freeway. >> there you go. >> and then where east? >> just like she drew it. >> this triangle? >> yep. >> interesting.
3:25 am
got it. here is the change. just over 7,000 people, and that percentage deviation of five would become 7.59%. and 46 it would be negative 13.3%. >> okay. are you guys willing to do that and work on the western edge of d5 or no? >> that doesn't capture central. >> it doesn't. we are still going to have to go over to the lake. >> you go first. >> i might suggest before we pick off parts of so much to explore into district five that we figure out which areas of district six should go south, just because district six only
3:26 am
has 4.38% deviation and this puts district six into the population deviation. i would suggest we add to district six before we go down that route so we can have an understanding and so we can have a little bit more flexibility with what we could move from soma into district five. i would echo what member pierce was saying around the dogpatch. i think there was a comments today referencing exploring the waterfront for district six. i just want to be mindful of the terrorists -- of the annex as well. >> thank you. i cosigned those comments. i do think, and i'll talk about it when we come back to it, my thinking on tenderloin and soma
3:27 am
was centred around sixth street. i started with fifth the seventh. we'll talk about that more when we get to that. we should start with adding the dogpatch from d10 into d6. >> member pierce? >> miss clark, if you can back out of what you have highlighted, and let's do district 10 from the 280 freeway, all the way down to cesar chavez.
3:28 am
[ laughter ] >> madame vice chair, member pierce? >> would it make more sense to go all the way to the creek? jamie has got it. >> the sense of loss here can be unexpectedly large here. there are the ones that i can encompass for the entire area and then this census block does jump the freeway. >> leave it. there is perfect.
3:29 am
>> thank you. >> indiana. >> so with this move, 10 would be negative, it would be negative 5.25% deviation, and six would be 2.07% deviation. >> yep. shall i make this move? >> it looks like we have consensus. please do. >> thank you. >> while we are at it, can you move the northern d10 line back up to 16? >> yes, one moment. >> let's let her catch up. you are okay? >> district 10 would become
3:30 am
negative three by one% deviation. >> okay. >> look at six. is that is zero? [ laughter ] >> i am just going to zoom out to get a big picture view. >> member lee? >> thank you, madame vice chair. we will head north of market now. this is specifically -- i know we used to receive comments about reuniting the park into district three, although, two things. of course,, i think -- i wanted
3:31 am
to explore consensus on north of sacramento, but also explore consensus on north of market because east of mason, at least. this is union square. putting all of that back into district three. thoughts? >> thank you. along with the comments that we have received, we have received so many comments via e-mail. more e-mails than public comment, but -- i expect this about tourism being an main interest. going back to what i said last night, all of these communities are united around the different
3:32 am
interests that they had. it wasn't clear that they all wanted to stay together. i would agree. i would not be comfortable with that. >> all right. member pierce? >> i think we will be there. i think we will end up there. i really want to see the tl and soma reunited before we go there. i want to see that because it will preclude that when we take that amount of stuff out of six. i want to take central or western soma out first to see what that looks like on the side, and then come back to it. we will definitely reunite the ferry building and the southern parts of the financial district. >> all right.
3:33 am
mr. lee? >> thank you. just a point of information, in the process of agreeing with what member pierce has said, i did fiddle with that area yesterday. it is almost an infinitesimal population. there are people, they do matter, but it is not that substantial of a change. again, member pierce, point well taken. let's do that first. >> member cooper? >> i do want to see how much of this -- i want to put -- see what it is like to put as much of central soma into here as possible and see how far we can get with that machine before trying to take away from that.
3:34 am
>> so you want to do this? >> yep. >> i think maybe before we start talking about central soma, you can talk about district five and the other side of district five. this is a conversation that we will have about the western addition west up to visit darrow. it is an area that is part of the western addition neighborhood. i do think that if we are going to try and bring central soma into district five than we will have to talk about that. there are churches and there are communities there from a demographic standpoint, and from a lot of other standpoints that have the vicinity with areas south of fulton.
3:35 am
i will refer to others on that, but that is a conversation that we need to have before we start. >> okay. >> thank you for recognizing that, member cooper. i think we can do both at the same time. i think we can revisit that as we are adjusting because like you say, this is a grey area, perhaps, but we do certainly want to look at what central soma looks like united with the tl. perhaps we can just go there first and look at what the numbers look like. and that way it helps us decide how far back we push that western boundary. >> i agree with you. i want to conduct this exercise so the public can understand
3:36 am
that i am more inclined to keep soma and the tl together. you can't keep either western in addition or japan town whole if you add in the tl and soma. i want people to understand that. it is a game as chicken, as has all of this been. we have been making everybody upset, but i want this to be in stark numbers so people can get it, then i want to hear from people about what about which they want. do you want a unified and whole western japan town, or do we want tl in district five? this is what i am bringing. i would prefer to start with soma. >> let's start with fifth to seventh market to the freeway.
3:37 am
let's start there. >> that is a lot of people. >> and for the people who are listening and not looking at us, it is 3,834 people between market and the freeway. we are now at 9.77% over deviation.
3:38 am
yes? >> can we potentially shrink this down just a little bit? what if we go to fulsome? if we go to howard, that is something that is manageable, but i wanted to hear people's opinions. >> yes.
3:39 am
>> number 1, the original as proposed by member cooper was only a third of what that unified population considers their home territory. adding to that point, right now where we are, the leather district is still housed in the tenderloin, but one of our most famous parades, the fulsome street parade, is separated from its main venue and merchant corridor. this is not doing anything for the community realistically. we are talking about coming all the way down to tenth street and going over to fourth street and going over to the freeway in order to make the filipino community, leather district, trends district whole, and that
3:40 am
sixth street corridor that we are straddling is the majority of the black population across the tl and soma. this is what i am saying. if we are going to actually take this community and keep it whole and not tear through a whole bunch of landmarks and divide cultural events, this is what we are looking at. this is particularly dense area. no matter where we add it or take it away from, we are totally skewing the entire map, east, west, north, and south. >> mr. cooper? >> thank you. thank you for that reality check. i think if you really push the shrinking of d5 to its limits on
3:41 am
the west side, the best you can do is to to eighth on the market to fulsome section. then you could go a little bit further up to catch the building. i am blanking on the name, but the one surrounded by the various streets named for filipino revolutionaries between fourth and third. it is a tight squeeze. a lot of it does come down to what to do on the d5. i think we have seen it is a lot over here. i think it might be a good time for us to return to the d5 conversation. again, this is just for our own visualization's sake on the numbers, but i think it will be helpful for us to look at if we take the rectangle and move it
3:42 am
to d2. and then, let's see. and then, i will let you do that first. >> thank you. one moment, please. >> and if i may, i am absolutely not trying to throw a wrench in any plans, and a community of interest that was submitted last night is in north of the
3:43 am
panhandle neighborhood association. it is just right here. i just want the task force to have all the information. i will look at moving this area into district to, if i'm correct. >> we can move it to one, i think. i think one can handle it. >> it looks like two needs this. >> two may need it more, but it is still within range. >> that we are going to move stuff? >> we will see. i think we can do more on the southern end of district five was what i was about to say on the lower hate. so we can move that triangle. we can move it into one or two.
3:44 am
either way. >> let's do district to. >> thank you. >> so district two would be 0.2% deviation. >> right. let's do it for now. it looks more compact anyways. >> and let's talk about lower hate as he. the overlap will happen with the hayes valley neighborhood association. we don't have a building from
3:45 am
them. i think we can start with everything south of southwest of webster in district eight. district eight is a little over right now. >> yes. >> there is another district to the west. i don't know how you feel about district one going to webster. >> sorry. >> there is a lot of hard decisions and hard choices. we could keep that there for now, i guess. i will let member whole talk.
3:46 am
>> i'm sorry. let's stay on topic. >> let's go back to the lower hate. i'm wondering if i will get flayed alive for saying this. i probably will. how about we go back to the park in d5? no? wrong direction? >> i will let the member host talk. >> i don't know. i am not sure if we are at a stalemate here. we might be. is it okay if i move to another park? okay, great. with this map, there is just this glaring eyesore in district one.
3:47 am
the district is cut in half. it is so offensive. i grew up in the richmond district. i know that there have been so many callers and people who have come in person as well to talk about the sea cliff and lake street and people on that side feel very strongly on each side of the argument. i will speak from my personal experience. i grew up in the richmond district. i spent all of my elementary school years and middle school years in the richmond district. i know a family that lives on every single street. literally, i will drive down the street and i know where someone lives on this block that i grew up with. i went to the middle school on
3:48 am
geary and 30th. and after school sometimes we went to china beach and we would walk the sea cliff to get there. when we go back to what our task at hand is it is to make sure we are in legal boundaries. one of the things we have to abide by is compactness and continuity. >> contiguity. >> thank you. for that reason, i would like to see what it looks like when we absorb -- when we keep the richmond district in tax to include the sea cliff and lake stream.
3:49 am
also, while we are at it, there were many comments about the sea cliffs being white. i personally know for asian families that lived there and grew up there. i just don't know -- i am sure it is more white than other parts in the richmond, but i do genuinely feel like this is one community. you have to drive to richmond to get here. it didn't make sense for it ever to be in d2. >> if i may, how far east you like to see? >> let's go all the way to 14th for now and see what the numbers.
3:50 am
in actuality, all of the richmond district would go much further west, actually, all of this. let's see that. yeah. >> that takes a huge chunk out. >> can we take it back a little further? >> where would you like to take it back to? >> what did we have there? >> this being the area here,
3:51 am
this is the area of see cliff, out to 5,653 people. district one would be a% deviation of 9.61. two would be a percentage deviation of negative 6.29. we are almost at a mixed balance here. what if we swapped some of d1 with d2? and we moved to the boundaries of d2 further south taking away from this weird design where d1 goes all the way east instead of going compact to absorb it? >> sure. would you like me to make this change and we can move on to that area?
3:52 am
>> i'm confused. >> let's start with that. >> they can't hear you. >> should we make this change and move on? >> i think we should explore some more. i don't think it looks right. >> d2 is a problem. it will continue to get squeezed. we need to resolve that. >> i would like to resolve uniting the richmond district first because -- >> okay. let's see what that looks like. then we know what to work with. >> thank you. i agree. we should see these changes. this was the first map we saw that had that california order carried throughout. we have heard a lot of those sides about wesley park and i
3:53 am
think that we could agree about the california link being an integral part there. we should move over to one b. to the north of panhandle area to start. >> which area would you like to move into district two? >> you mentioned that there was another community of interest. >> yes. >> maybe the additional blocks, let's unite them together. >> just go all the way down to. >> one moment, please.
3:54 am
this highlighted area is between fulton and masonic and oh, street. that is 4,038 people. district to be would be negative 1.21%. district one b. would be four-point 54%. >> personally, i would still like to see all of the richmond district united. at the very least, that goes to arguello. >> should i make this change?
3:55 am
>> yes. >> i am wondering, if we are going to do that if we want to take a look at this area down here in district one, the lone mountain area. i can see that going in there into d2 bit better if we are going to have to go further. >> my preference would be to keep the usf community, the two campuses together. i guess we could explore it. >> let's explore what it looks like. >> if you want to give some lines.
3:56 am
>> i don't know exactly which. >> i would be happy to. i guess we go from masonic down to turk, and how far left do we go? okay. let's see what that does. >> thank you. it is 3,380 people. district two would be 3154%. district one would be negative to%. >> would you mind zooming out? and in this iteration of the map, where does d1, how south does d1 go. >> this goes down to lincoln. >> that is fair.
3:57 am
should we address that? >> can we adopt this? >> yes. >> i would like to concede by consensus. >> noting that the house has changed. >> oh, but we have enough for a consensus. okay maybe we should table that part of the conversation for now. although i think we can still explore going to the area in district one.
3:58 am
>> so from studio wall, funston, california, that is 3,974 people. district one would become four-point 78% deviation. district two would be negative one point forefoot deviation. i will zoom out to get a big picture view of both of those districts. >> i am supportive of this change. >> i agree. >> can you zoom out so we can see the entire city? i really want to see where we are right now.
3:59 am
>> absolutely. >> thank you. it looks really weird. >> yeah. >> let's adopt it. >> member jeremy lee? >> can we see the demographic data for one b.? >> we would need to adopt this change or pause it for now. >> are we agreeing to adopt that?
4:00 am
>> for the purpose of the demographics, i am fine like that. >> are you able to compare the current district one and the population changes? >> i believe so. >> thank you. >> can you please clarify what demographic you would like to look at? there's race and ethnicity for total population. >> all three. >> for citizen voting age population for district one. >> correct. >> thank you. a citizen voting age population as it is currently drawn, i will zoom in