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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  April 9, 2022 6:00am-9:16am PDT

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>> good afternoon and welcome to the april 5, 2022 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk, would you please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor chan. present. haney present. supervisor mandelman. not present. supervisor mar. present. supervisor melgar. present. supervisor peskin. present. supervisor preston. present. supervisor ronen. present. supervisor safai.
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present. supervisor stefani. present. supervisor walton. present. supervisor mandelman. not present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you, madame clerk. the the san francisco health commission acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land, and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of this place, as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders, and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by
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affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. colleagues, please stand with me for the pledge of allegiance. today we have colina mendoza to record the meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madame clerk, do we have any communications? >> clerk: yes, mr. president. i have a communication to the public interested in participating in this board meeting. first, the board welcomes your
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attendance and participation in the board legislative chamber 250 in city hall for those who need to participate remotely your option to watch the live stream and for those who expect to be remote, it's best to dial into the remote system where you can listen to the live sync the number is 1-415-655-0001 and enter the meeting i.d. 2495 843 6288 and press pound twice. you know you've joined when you hear the meeting however, you'll be mute. when you wish to provide comment press star 3 to get in the queue and the system will prompt you
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and listen for "you have been unmuted" and begin your comment. the board will ask comments first from those attending in person and then the board will hear from those in the remote speakers' queue. the board of supervisors requests comment on those eligible limited to the following items. the special order at 3:00 p.m. items 26 through 29 the appeal of the tentative map approval for 0 palo alto avenue and the president may entertain a motion to continue the item to april 26, 2022. if so public comment will be taken on the continuance and on the date of the hearing it will be taken then on the merits of the appeal. second opportunity is during item 31. when you may speak to approval to the sets of minutes the march 1, 2021 regular meeting and
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march 2, 2022 meeting at the budget and appropriation which constituted a quorum of the board of supervisors. you may speak to items 32 through 42. those the items on adoption without committee reference and general matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. all other content will have been reported out to the board by an appropriate committee where the public comment requirement was fulfilled. you can use the address the san francisco board of supervisors, number 1, dr. carlton goodlet place in san francisco or send an e-mail
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interpreters will join us for the 3:00 p.m. special order. i'll ask them to introduce themselves and the interpreters will sign off by 7:00 p.m. and finally, we do have a live person standing by to assist you if you need assistance in connecting remotely. call the clerk's office at 415-554-5184. thank you, members. mr. president, that concludes my communications. >> thank you so much, madame clerk. colleagues, a friendly reminder to mute your microphones when you are not speaking. we're now at the approval of the minutes and approving the meeting minutes from the march 2, 2022 regular board meeting and march 2, 2022 special meeting at the budget and appropriations committee which constitute aids quorum of the
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board of supervisors. i don't see anyone wishing to make changes. can we get a motion to approve the minutes? moved by supervisor preston and seconded by supervisor mandelman. >> clerk: as presented on the meeting minutes. [roll call] . there are 11 ayes. >> commissioner: thank you, without objection the minutes are approved as presented. madame clerk go to our consent
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agenda items 1 through 10. >> clerk: these items are considered routine and if a member objects they can be considered separately. >> we can take the items same house, same call and ordinance passed on first reading and the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call regular agenda unfinished business item 11. >> clerk: an ordinance ordinance appropriating $14,593,353 of general fund general reserves to the fire department for overtime in fiscal year (fy) 2021-2022; this ordinance requires a two-thirds vote of all members of the board of supervisors pursuant to charter, section 9.113(c). (pursuant to charter, section 9.113(c), this matter shall require a vote of two-thirds (8 votes) of all members of the board of supervisors to approve such appropriation ordinance for passage.) >> we can take the item same
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house, same call. the ordinance is passed unanimously. madame clerk, please call items 12 and 13 together. >> clerk: items 12 and 13. two items that pertain to the emergency rental assistance program. item 12, revises the covid-1919 rental resolution to allow for direct assistance to low-income tenants and allow for grants to non-profit community-based organizations to administer rent relief and remove restriction on the provisions of rent relief while authorizing the office of housing and government to extend the use of the funds for covid-19 related purposes through june 30, 2023 and for item 13 resolution approving and authorizing the mayor and the director of the mayor's office of housing and community
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development (“mohcd”) to execute grant agreements with catholic charities (cyo) of the archdiocese of san francisco, eviction defense collaborative, inc., and mission neighborhood centers, inc. for the distribution of covid-19 rental assistance through mohcd's emergency rental assistance program to eligible san francisco tenants and landlords, in an aggregate amount not to exceed $40,550,000 with a total funding amount of $56,550,000 for covid-19 rental assistance; approving the form of and authorizing the execution of the grant agreements; and granting general authority to city officials to take actions necessary to implement this resolution, as defined herein. >> thank you, madame clerk. supervisor ronen. >> thank you. colleagues, i wanted to explain the history and going on behind this especially given that the executive director gabrielle medina has been in contact and asking to you amend the item and why i think it would be mistake
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and first of all i want to assure you as the supervisor of the mission district that if i thought for one second there was not sufficient funds going to renters in the mission or there wasn't the organization capacity to serve the latinex community i'd be the first yelling and screaming and i know you all know that's true. i want you to know of the organizations distributing this critical funding four -- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, five of the seven organizations are directly in the mission district with ample spanish-speaking capacity and many organizations are run by latinex people. the fifth organization is a few blocks out side soma and mission and the only organization
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outside mission is young community developers serving other neighborhoods. if anything, other communities shoulding yelling and screaming they're not being properly served by the grant. because there is controversy, which honestly i would never talk about publicly because i don't want to ruin or hurt the reputation of the raza community resource center a non-profit i've supported for the 20 years in the mission district and personally donated to and deeply love but the leadership transition recently with the long-time director was replaced by director medina the organization has been in chaos. the reason i'm talking about this publicly as i normally don't do the director himself came up and has been organizing
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around the issue. several long-term staff of the organization that many of you know mabel aguilar and others who are well-trusted members of the community left la raza because of allegations that gabriel medina was an abusive director. staff addressed the board they had no faith in the leadership and there was a hostile work environment in the organization. on february 22, seven staff began protesting outside of la raza joined by former staff and members of the community and had been doing public protests every tuesday. immigrant rights legal team, five of the six members who worked at the organization for years and run a stellar program are threatening to leave the organization and protested the
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leadership. the list goes on and on. many of the long-term beloved and trusted members of the organization send the letter to mohcd affordable housing them there's allegations of financial mismanagement in the organization. and because of that, the board hired an independent auditor. they produced a report which purportedly found no mismanagement and gave it to mohcd the moment we heard the item in committee. mohcd had not had much time to evaluate the report, make sure it was sufficient and it certainly hasn't had enough time to realize if it has the organizational capacity given the chaos within the organization to properly distribute these funds to the community. they already have approximately $900,000 of funds still there they need to distribute. as to the question was shouldn't
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mohcd give an additional $8 million to distribute to the community? meanwhile, what i have told la raza resource center and said publicly in the committee wednesday is what we are voting on today only allows up to the additional amount of money, $16.6 million to eviction defense collaborative, $14.1 million to charities and $9.8 -- sorry, yes, $9.8 million to mission neighborhood centers. that's what's being voted on today. because it's over $10 million we ahave to approve it. so because what we're approving allows mohcd give up to that they could still decide once they read the audit and decide
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la raza crc has the capacity can decide to move it and give it to la raza crc and i told gabriel medina i'd be happy to advocate for that as soon as they have the ability to do their due diligence. we're physically responsible for the taxpayer money that righteously should go directly to tenants. it's not about la raza crc and the chaos in the organization. despite my proposition to advocate mr. medina made it about him and the organization instead of about the tenants who deserve the financial help so they aren't evict from their homes. it is incredibly troublesome to
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me and makes me understand why the staff is having so many problems. something about this does not ring true trying to advocate the city doesn't do our due diligence to make sure money is adequately spent is problematic and i feel i have to go public with this because clearly my messages to the board and to mr. medina privately have been ignored and gone unheard. so i wanted to put this all on the record so everyone understands exactly what's happening with this money and this grant. if we voted to amend this today, i believe we would not be good fiscal stewards of the pax pair's money. i believe it's essential mohcd do their due diligence and have not had the time to do that yet. it's unclear whether any of this money should further go to la raza crc but they can still do
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that if they vote for it and they know and understand that yet they've decided to make this about gabriel medina instead of the tenants. you can see my frustration because my office has spent a ridiculous of time on this and with that i would urge your support for the item today. >> can someone answer questions here? >> supervisor: yes. >> i wanted to follow-up in the point supervisor ronen made when the program more generally which is how these organizations were
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chosen and how we are ensuring they have the ability to reach everyone who may qualify. these organizations were chosen through a prior procurement last year specifically designed to determine which organizations had the capacity to administer the emergency rental assistance funds. we wanted to ensure we were able to reach the districts as supervisor ronen stated. though the majority of these groups are located within the mission district and this
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epidemic hit the latinex community extraordinarily hard and there's city wide organizations catholic charity and others reach community and we partner with other outreach and edc and edcc to make organizations in chinatown, for example, have equitable access to the funds. those will some techniques we've used to ensure all the affected communities are able to benefit from the dollars. >> supervisor: these are organizations that been performing the service for some time and these are additional funds to extend what they were able to provide or newly providing the funds? >> all these organization
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already providing the funds these are additional dollars which is a combination of mayoral enhancement and allocation of funds from ohoc and funds from supervisor preston's rental assistance funds. those were the three sources that came together and just to confirm what supervisor ronen said the three organizations listed on the resolution came because they're overall total now exceeds $10 million. so supervisor ronen said, this gives us the authority to amend the grants up to that amount. it doesn't mandate we do so but does allow us the authority to do so and as supervisor ronen said, we are in the middle of reviewing the information that they provided to us working with our office and the controller's office and we're able to allocate as a said in the prior
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hearing up to $6 million to them if the review is completed and our fiscal team is satisfied and we would be able to amend that contract for up to that amount and we would not have to go back to the board because they still would not exceed the $10 million threshold. >> got it. thank you. i think i understand now. basically for these three organizations here that are here it would allow us -- we need the authorization in the case they'll receive funding that goes beyond $10 million and in the case for la raza crc after the review you could come back for that authority as well. is that correct? >> that's correct. we can give up to $6 million and would not have to go back to the
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board because with the current amount they would still not exceed the $6 million. we wouldn't have to go back to the board. >> supervisor: supervisor preston. >> supervisor: i want to start by thanking chair ronen and the budget committee and everyone in the mayor's office and entire board of supervisors for this and the city and county of san francisco has had foresight in setting aside a large amount of money a conversation we all started before there was a federal program and state program and now we're trying to
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ged ahead of what is the wrapping up of the state program we all have talked about some of the big gaps and that's where the programs and dollars we have set aside are so incredibly important. i want to start by just recognizing and thanking everyone for their collaborations and i've been of course on many aspects including some outreach very vocal and critical of some of the things from mayor's office for housing and community development. i don't want that to take away from all the really important work they've been doing, brian chu, hugo ramirez and others in standing up the programs amidst rules constantly changing and it was originally stood up as a local program and about to get money out the door and switched to a state and now a local program. it's been a mess not due to our
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making. i want to make that clear. the state has not only preempted us in ways we talked about but has completely dropped the ball when it comes to actually implementing rent relief program. this has been saving people from eviction and crushing debt right now. i was very excited when this item came to budget and see us moving and thank you, chair ronen for calendaring this quickly and the amendments to the fund. all this is extremely important and happening in real time and it's over $50 million going to folks who need it the most. this likely will not be the last time we see large amounts of money for rent relief.
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on the specific issue of la raza i don't want to society myself with supervisor ronen's comments and i don't know and what i do agree with is i don't want anything to derail, slow down this money getting out the door and i think supervisor ronen points around the status of this, i do want to associate myself with the specific comments around mohcd will continue to be involved with la raza if the finance in order if appropriate and there's millions of dollars of additional funds for rent relief. whether them or someone else, we'll have a fair shot at the funds.
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i don't see our vote today and i'll be voting in favor of these items today. i don't see that as a determination one way or another about the controversy that's been described at la raza. don't see it as a decision that would influence whether ocd would see fit to make rent relief grants to that organization in the future. that's not before us today and i'll be supporting these and would urge everyone to not do anything that's going delay this money getting out to organizations and regardless and i think the last point i would make, supervisor ronen to your comment about other districts maybe should be more concerned about so many of these organizations being in the mission. part of the reason we're not is because these organizations so many of them and we talked about this in committee, serve the entire city and really do an
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incredible job of outreach not just where they're located but around the city. thank you. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor melgar. >> first, thank you, chair ronen for your hard work. i know you and supervisor safai both engaged with the organization and the community and tried to make people whole so i appreciate your work. thank you supervisor preston i associate myself with your comments and supervisor haney for asking director chu about the mechanics. i'm sure things can progress given a little more scrutiny. i will vote for this but i will say that something makes me deeply uncomfortable about how
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the process has worked out. i did read the audit that was submitted and i understand what has happened. i had been an executive director of a non-profit coming in as an executive director after somebody has been there 20 years. i have observed throughout the city the normal organizational development that happened when a founder moves on and somebody else takes their place. the cultural changes also in generation is the case in this case the person is younger than the person who does things differently. in my own experience the organizations i ran there was a lot of that unhappiness with somebody doing things differently. i think it is a mistake to have that in any way bleed into our
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process legislatively and funding decisions. the fact staff came to the committee and fared all this out made me uncomfortable. i know that's not why we're voting on this today. i understand and watched the committee hearing and i think you guys looked at everything and determined the best course forward. i do believe that. i think it is a cautious approach that allows for rectifying when things have been able to do that. however, i do feel uncomfortable how it's played out and i've seen this before with housing and other organizations we saw a leadership change either on the board or staff and unhappiness with staff bled to our public process. i'm not saying that's what is determining our decision but
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going forward it's note last time it's going happen. we have a lot of executive directors not just in the mission but throughout the city who are aging and folks are taking their place and we have to figure out a way to make the transition smoother and support organizations and maintain capacity to remain in the community. thank you, chair ronen and supervisor safai because i know you put a lot of work into this. i will be supporting this. >> supervisor: thank you. supervisor safai. >> thank you, president walton. i'd like to add a little bit to what supervisor ronen said because we worked collaboratively in the situation. it's not often have you a department come in and change recommendations when it comes to an organization. and when that does happen it causes us to pay closer
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attention to that. there's a lot of anxiety around the issue i think rightfully so as others have stated. there's a lot of families concerned about losing their home. they're concerned about being displaced and concerned about the magnitude of rent they may or may not potentially be able to make up. so yes, this was brought to us in a hurried fashion. it was not necessarily intended to be on the agenda. the chair made accommodations to make room in the agenda for that. and we did independently had independent conversations with the organization. i can tell you with 100% assurance there's room for this organization continuing in this program and continue to do the work it has been doing. points of clarification, there is $1.4 million that has still
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not be distributed and as chair ronen said, and the director said, there's the ability to move different amounts of money. the other reason i know this is possible is because la raza community center is currently subcontracting work with one of the providers. one of the providers i think addiction defense collaborative was subcontracting with the la raza community center. even if money was not moved there's still opportunity to do work with the organization which we know is a pattern. it takes a little bit longer for the funds to be distributed but it's still an option. i also appreciate supervisor melgar's comment. i too have seen when organizational change happened particularly after a long-time director. there can be a period of disruption and uncertainty and anxiety and many times
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resentment. but what i said to the executive director yesterday is this is an opportunity for you to put your head down, do your work, work with the department, clarify some of the information, give them time and then you have the opportunity to come back to our committee and work with us to continue the good work that's been done. and so hopefully that message will be heeded and we'll get past this period of disruption but ultimately the work continues and the organizations are fund and the families that need this rental assistance are continued to be supported and we keep people housed and not displaced. i think this was a thoughtful process. i know we put time, effort and energy into it. for anybody not part of the budget committee on the item we
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put time and effort into making sure we made the right decision. thank you, mr. president. >> supervisor: thank you. first >> want to thank all the staff and organizations that continued to work on relief and my colleague in the mayor's office and everyone who fought to make the resources available because they're extremely important. we had reports from various agencies and know the program works and it's keeping people inside their homes which is the most important part of our conversation today. i heard community input from community members about the resource center and this is an agency i've worked with in the past. of course the former director maldonado and the oh has decade of experience serving communities. i don't think that's the issue at hand. i'm excited to support this
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because we need to get the resources out to communities right away and i am thankful that we have someone like supervisor ronen who was able to jump in and chair the budget in the middle of a transition. i want to publicly say i appreciate that. i'll be supporting this and i don't see anyone else on the roster and i believe we can take this item without objection same house, same call. the ordinance is passed on first reading and this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, call items 14 and 15 together. >> clerk: item 14 ordinance appropriating $385,000,000 from the issuance of one or more series of refunding general obligation bonds; and placing such amounts on controller's reserve in fiscal year (fy) 2021-2022.
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15. 220082 [issuance and sale of general obligation refunding bonds, series 2022-r1 - not to exceed $385,000,000] resolution approving the issuance and sale of not to exceed $385,000,000 aggregate principal amount of city and county of san francisco general obligation refunding bonds, series 2022-r1, to refund certain outstanding general obligation bonds of the city and county of san francisco; approving the form and authorizing the execution and delivery of an escrow agreement relating to certain prior bonds; approving the form and authorizing the distribution of the preliminary official statement and authorizing the execution, delivery and distribution of the official statement relating to the sale of said bonds; ratifying certain actions previously taken; and granting general authority to city officials to take necessary actions in connection with the authorization, issuance, sale, and delivery of said bonds, as defined herein. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. we can take these items, same house, same call without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading and this
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resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] . madame clerk please call item 16. >> clerk: resolution authorizing san francisco animal care and control (“sfacc”) to enter into a use agreement with bh/ab productions, llc to develop and produce a documentary television project about sfacc's animal emergency rescue calls and animal control officers; and grant all necessary trademark licenses and the exclusive right for a term of no longer than one year and one week to traditional and digital networks, to commence upon approval by the board of supervisors. >> supervisor: thank you. we can take it same house, same call and the resolution is adopted unanimously madame clerk, please call item 17. >> clerk:
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exempt and taxable lease revenue commercial paper certificates of participation resolution re-authorizing the issuance of tax-exempt lease revenue commercial paper certificates of participation, series 3 and series 4, and taxable lease revenue commercial paper certificates of participation, series 3-t and series 4-t, in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $100,000,000 to finance the acquisition, construction, and rehabilitation of capital improvements and capital equipment approved by the board of supervisors and the mayor; authorizing the delivery of an alternate credit facility in the principal amount of $100,000,000; and approving and authorizing execution of a first supplement to trust agreement, a second amendment to site lease, a second amendment to sublease, a revolving credit agreement, a fee agreement, offering memorandum, dealer agreements and certain other related financing documents, as defined herein, and authorizing other related actions, as defined herein. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster so we'll take this item, same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk please call item 18.
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>> clerk: resolution authorizing the port commission to accept and expend a grant from the california state lands commission, through the american rescue plan act of 2021 allocation, in the amount of $14,044,498 plus additional amounts up to 15% of the original grant amount that may be offered, for eligible operating and capital expenses, and any lawful purpose for fiscal year (fy) 2021-2022, effective upon execution of the funding agreement, through june 30, 2024. (port) >> supervisor: thank you. seeing no one on the roster we can take this item, same house, same call and without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] . madame clerk call item 19. >> clerk: ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by dennis richards, rachel swann and six dogs, llc against the city and county of san francisco for $1,800,000; the lawsuit was filed on february 21, 2020, in united states district court, case no. 20-cv-01242-jcs; entitled dennis richards, et al. v. department of building inspection,
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et al.; the lawsuit involves alleged civil rights violations and claims that the department of building inspection revoked building permits to retaliate against persons critical of the department. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. supervisor. >> please excuse me from voting on the item. i was the president of the plan commission when the allegations and everything that happened surfaced with the former commissioner richards and i was the person who negotiated whether he was still on the commission and i have strong feelings bit and judgment of the issue. if you will please excuse me i would very much appreciate it. >> supervisor: thank you, supervisor melgar. motion to excuse by supervisor safai and madame clerk on the notion excuse supervisor melgar
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on item 19. >> clerk: supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. supervisor haney. aye. supervisor man delman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor peskin. aye. there are 10 aye. >> supervisor: it passes without objection. madame clerk call the roll on item 19. >> clerk: supervisor preston. aye. supervisor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. supervisor haney.
6:43 am
aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor peskin aye. there are 10 aye. >> supervisor: without objection the ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madame clerk please call item number 20. >> clerk: resolution receiving and approving an annual report for the dogpatch & northwest potrero hill green benefit district for fiscal year (fy) 2020-2021, submitted as required by the property and business improvement district law of 1994 (california streets and highways code, sections 36600, >> supervisor: thank you, please call roll. [roll call] .
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> supervisor: thank you. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, please call item 21. >> clerk: resolution approving the abandonment and release of the city's reserved abutter's rights to permit curb cuts at 725 jamestown avenue (assessor's parcel block no. 4991, lot no. 276); authorizing the abandonment and release of the city's reserved abutter's rights on a final map and the execution of a corresponding quitclaim deed; finding the proposed release is in conformance with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1; and adopting california environmental quality act findings. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. seeing no one on the roster we'll take it same house, same call and the resolution is adopted unanimously. madame clerk, call item 22.
6:45 am
>> clerk: resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to rename hahn street between visitacion avenue and sunnydale avenue to mrs. jackson way. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] . madame clerk, please call item 23. >> clerk: resolution determining that the issuance of a type-42 on-sale beer and wine public premises liquor license to bin 415 llc, located at 950 mason street inside the fairmont hotel (district 3), will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisco. >> supervisor: thank you. we'll take this item, same house, same call without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] madame clerk call item 24.
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>> clerk: a resolution for motion appointing robin wilson-beattie, term ending march 1, 2023, jesse nichols and sascha bittner, terms ending march 1, 2024, and haydee hernandez (residency requirement waived), rita semel, and alexander madrid, terms ending march 1, 2025, to the in-home supportive services public authority. >> supervisor: thank you. seeing no one on the roster same house, same call. the motion is approved unanimously. madame clerk call item 25. >> clerk: families oversight and advisory committee - aaron yen] motion appointing aaron yen, term ending july 1, 2023, to the children, youth and their families oversight and advisory committee. >> supervisor: this motion is
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approved unanimously. madame clerk go to roll call for introductions. >> clerk: item 30. supervisor preston. >> i wanted to give a report from the external committees and thank you, president walton for giving us the opportunity to educate folks on what's going on in committees that we are appointed to. so far supervisor chan and members of state legislation committee and for this year the committees had three meetings as i've described before the committee consists with city controller, treasurer and mayor and board of supervisors.
6:48 am
we want to recognize preston kilgore of my staff and nancy who attended the meetings and cast the vote on behalf of supervisor chan and myself. the committee replaced some members ond the committee made recommendation to impact the city. we voted on a range of bills and i will not list them all nor sake of time but it's broad ranging and i want to elevate a few we recently have voted to support and that includes ab1814 authorized community choice aggregators to file applications for transportation,
6:49 am
electrification programs with investment with the ppuc, sb7985 for protections for individuals who have filed for debt consolidate without their debt sb836 which present the disclosure of a person's immigration status in open court unless the judge find it's relevant to the case. i want to encourage those to advocate for the legislative committee one we're interested in bringing bore before the committee and the next meeting is ab1919 which some may have heard about would require transit agencies around the state to provide free-use trans
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is passes for youth and set aside money to reimburse for the loss of revenues. and supervisor chan and i have and our representatives raised repeatedly at meetings the updates around the extension of the protections and advocating they need those protections not preempt our local protections an disappointed the final product tied the hands of our city when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable from eviction. our next meeting is april 20 at 11:00 a.m. again, any suggestions on state bills you want us to watch for, please let us know and not just
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to you all colleagues but to the public. i have hearing request on the recommendations of the housing stability oversight board. the policy body that provides guidance on the use of prop i funds to create and acquire social housing in san francisco. in november, 2020 my office put forth and voters overwhelmingly approved proposition i increase on the tax rate of the highest value real estate transaction in san francisco those over $10 million in conjunction with the ballot measure the housing stability fund the purpose of which is to create a dedicated funding stream with proceeds from prop i for the creation of currently affordable social housing. concept for the housing stability fund is to provide a revenue source to pursue a range
6:52 am
of affordable housing strategies particularly those that lack access to other funding and small site acquisitions, land banking, municipal housing and others. rather than be prescriptive on which housing strategies to adopt in the ordinance we passed as a board, we decided instead to create a body of experts to discuss, debate and provide recommendations for how the funds should be allocated and the oversight board reports to the mayor and board of supervisors then tasked with incorporating the recommendations in the budgeting process. on march 30 after receiving submissions the oversight board issued its set of recommendationses --
6:53 am
recommendations for the current fiscal year for affordable housing sites and funds for educator housing and funding for emergency repairs to existing public housing. i'm calling for a hearing at the budget and appropriations committee so my colleagues you all on this body can hear directly from the oversight board mim bers on their deliberations and considerations in producing their guidance for the upcoming budget cycle. the future of affordable social housing in san francisco is very much at stake. and along with it, hundreds of millions of dollars. i want to thank colleagues all of you for your consideration and for taking the oversight board's recommendations and i'm looking forward to that hearing. finally, colleagues, at around
6:54 am
3:00 a.m. this morning and some of you may have been like me awake at that time after hours of public testimony, the redistricting task force voted to move forward with a map that had little to no support from the public less than two weeks before final maps are due. in so doing the task force disregarded commenters requesting not to butcher their neighborhoods. when the task force chair throws caution to the wind and says, and i quote, to hell with the law, it's impossible not to ask what is going on? as a resident of san francisco and a member of the city body that convenes this task force i'm shocked and frankly appalled by the task force's actions.
6:55 am
i've spoken with city attorney's office as i'm concerned by how the maps came to be and the reversal to the boundaries suddenly proposed. we will need transparency to learn what happened here where the maps came from and what led the task force despite the nearly unanimous input from the public and what led them suddenly at 2:00 in the morning with a vote at 3:00 in the morning to change course. i'm increasingly concerned the task force believes the laws are optional. i want to remind members that the sunshine ordinance is not optional and in my discussions
6:56 am
i've learn the task force has received pending sunshine requests. task force members have been sent warnings about document disruption and about their duty to reserve record. regardless of our personal feelings on the maps the processes around the drawing of the maps are disturbing and do not inspire confidence in the task force or the ordinance creating the task force or the input of residents and it pains me to say those words and i hope they will change force. in closing, i want to thank the clerk's office, in particular john carroll for their many many many hours of diligently running the task force meetings and
6:57 am
accommodating public comment i ask the task force members respect the public by listening to and taking direction by those who take the time to weigh in on the process. and as i said earlier, i want to add my voice to the reminder that the pending sunshine requests have the force of law and all redistricting should be preserved as the task members have been warned in writing by the clerk's office. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor ronen. >> thank you, colleagues. i wanted to give an update. one related to the third iteration of the one-day area
6:58 am
grant and there's some good news to share there the san francisco's share of what's called the obag's program funding is 15.2% up from 13.4%. san francisco is getting more because of our relatively better affordable housing production and preservation numbers than other counties in theon and giving how far we have to go on the numbers, it pains me to see we're doing so much better than the rest of the region when we have such a far way to go. it's nice to see that amount of affordable housing being produced is proportional to the amount of transit funding we're going to receive from the region. secondly, i wanted to discuss
6:59 am
the bipartisans regional law strategy lift. we had to do some advocacy and a want to thank our t.a. chairs and director chang for their partnership and support in this we got the capacity program as listed projects for the new tranche of funding for the bipartisan infrastructure money coming down. that leaves the door open for projects to be prioritized in the future. we had to fight for dpx to be named in a project. that's my update and the rest i'll submit.
7:00 am
>> supervisor: madame clerk, we'll go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. >> clerk: supervisor safai we'll return to at the end this public hearing. items 26 through 29. they were continued open from march 22, 2022. items 26 through 29 contain the public hearing of persons interested in the decision of public works dated february 5, 2022, to approve the tentative map for a project at 0 palo alto and item 27 to previous and item 28 is to disapprove the map subject to the supervisor's approval and item 29 is the motion to direct the clerk to prepare findings.
7:01 am
>> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, before us we have a hearing on the appeal of the tentative map approval for 0 palo alto avenue. supervisor melgar. >> thank you very much, president walton. this project has become complicated after we started looking into it. it involves the development of the project and asks for a three-week continuance right now and hopefully working with the department of public works we can come to a resolution so we don't have to hear this at all
7:02 am
but my office is working on this issue that's become more complicated. >> supervisor: thank you. we have a motion to continue this to the april 26 meeting seconded by supervisor ronen and before we can take a vote, madame clerk can you please call public comment on the continuance. >> clerk: the board of supervisors will now hear public testimony pertaining to the continuance of the appeal of tentative map approval at 0 palo alto avenue items 26 through 29 to april 26, 2022. we'll first hear from those who are present in the chamber and then take those joining us remotely. to provide testimony remotely utilize the number
7:03 am
1-415-655-0001 and when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d., 2495 843 6288 press pound twice. you'll have joined the meeting and hear the discussion but you're line will be muted and once indicated press star 3 to raise your hand and when the system indicates have you in unmuted that's your cue to begin speaking. with us are the interpreters from the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs. i invite each interpreter in language how to provide public comment by utilizing the remote system. we have spanish, cantonese and filipino. welcome. [speaking foreign language]
7:04 am
7:05 am
>> clerk: thank you all for being with us this afternoon. all right, we're setting the timer for two minutes for those in the room. if you would like to provide public comment on the continuance please approach the podium. welcome. we're setting the timer for two minutes when you begin speak. >> my name is don staley. i wrote the stuff with the
7:06 am
housing and the issues with the rent board, by the way. certain individuals don't have any relief when it comes to legal matters. when it comes to their housing because you guys took away their jurisdiction to help us. so there's a set of individuals in this city that have rights and others the don't -- >> clerk: i'm pausing your time at 1:30 seconds left. this is not public comment. >> oh, it's not. >> clerk: we'll call it later. >> thank you. >> clerk: anyone else who would like to provide public comment on the continuance. seeing none, operations, let's grow to the remote system. -- go to the remote system. welcome to our first caller.
7:07 am
welcome, caller. all right. that's an unattended line. any other speakers on the remote system who would like to provide testimony on the continuance of items 26 through 29 to april 26, 2022? another unattended line. okay. let's move through them. perhaps the individuals would like to provide general public comment. thank you for your patience. is there another caller on the line? okay. let's go to the next caller. >> madame clerk, we have three
7:08 am
lines in the queue that all appear to be unattended. >> clerk: we'll refer back to them during general public comment. we have no more callers on the line. thank you. >> supervisor: seeing no more callers on the line and no more speakers in the room, public comment is now closed. madame clerk call the motion made to continue by supervisor melgar and seconded by supervisor ronen to our april 26, 2022 meeting. >> clerk: as state the president to april 26, 2022. supervisor preston. aye. professor ronen. aye. supervisor safai. aye. supervisor stefani. aye. supervisor walton. aye. supervisor chan. aye. supervisor haney.
7:09 am
aye. supervisor mandelman. aye. supervisor mar. aye. supervisor melgar. aye. supervisor peskin aye. there are 11 aye. >> supervisor: without objection the motion to continues items 26 through to the april 26, 2022 meeting is approved. madame clerk, we're back at roll call. >> clerk: for call for introductions starting with supervisor safai. >> thank you, madame clerk. i have a couple requests and outside report. many probably read recently about some of the crimes that have been happening in fast food establishments. as you know i've been a supporter of low-wage workers, front line workers and concerned about rising crime and public safety in our city right now. i'm calling for a hearing to learn more about the safety conditions at our fast food locations and to work with
7:10 am
businesses, labor and community's improved safety at these locations and a recent report fight for 15 and the union called beaten, silence in workers looking at the issue across california. analyzing more of the over 77,000 violent crimes and threatening calls to 9-1-1 across california the report shows in san francisco 32% of the calls involve physical or sexual assault. we have the highest number of physical and sexual assaults incidents per location at 407 in the entire state of california. we can't ask workers or franchise workers to take this on alone so the corporations must be at the able. local government must do more to respond to the calls.
7:11 am
i'm looking forward to bringing anyone at the table and get to a solution to make workers in the low-paid jobs safer. secondly colleagues, as many know there was a tragic shooting in my district over the weekend that followed other tragic incidents throughout the city. in this particular incident, four individuals were shot, two were killed on brunswick street as they were exiting a local playground. we have been working to address thes incident and heard many recommendations from neighbors and community. members that want to make our parks safer. and specifically security cameras came up often in and around where children are playing. at this particular location
7:12 am
there's a ymca childcare site that has the majority of the youth during the day and kids are there playing on the basketball courts in the area consistently. another piece of conversation that's come up as a result of this in my district often times people make a lot of called for park rangers. there's only 40 active park rangers, 45 total staff. park rangers have not been increased in over five years and it's something that i think we need to take a deeper look at. my second hearing request colleagues is for the recreation department and controller and department of technology and the community to come together to talk about how to make the park safer through a deliberate conversation around park rangers, security cameras and other ideas that folks may have. i hope this will lead us to a meaningful and actionable conversation in our city about
7:13 am
how we can make our park safer and our neighborhood safer and look for sustainable funding, s outcomes for our community. -- positive outcomes for our community. my last is to give the report as. as you know i represent the retirement board and sfo roundtable. we have making progress after a long time at the sfo roundtable. i've worked closely following the lead of congress woman spear and working with the airport and faa and was able to get resolution on airport noise and resolutions and the resolution to take off paths and some evening hours will provide some relief to residents. there's a period of time between 12:30 and 5:00 in the morning there will be no take offs.
7:14 am
i think it's 1:00 in the morning and they're studying to go back earlier but it's a win for many families and neighbors that talked about being bombarded with noise pollution. we're making progress and i want to thank the congress woman and it made a difference when new faa administrators came in and those what would listen and work with us and that was a big victory for us in the southern part of san francisco. those that hear the noise. i think the middle and upper part of the planes are high enough you don't feel a tremendous impact so it may seem frivolous but in the southern part of the city, homes shake, people talk and call all the time about the noise. lastly, as representative in
7:15 am
newly eappoint -- appointed president of the retirement board we're working for a new cio. we're close to an announcement. we'll be making that shortly. we're happy about all the hard work that went into that and lastly i know that many of you have heard from a group protect our benefits representing freed 1996 retiree would like the retirement system restored and cost of living adjustments they did not receive or had and then ultimately were taken. i'm working closely with the controller and retirement system to develop cost estimates. i just want to be clear to deal with the issue there will be a significant cost to our general fund. there will be a significant impact and we have to address that head on.
7:16 am
we have to go in eyes wide open and make a decision how the funding could do that and go back to the voters. it's not as easy as saying the retirement system can write a check the funds we have. if the funds are re-allocated to this group and it is a large group, large enough group it would be cost to our general fund in the multimillions of dollars that need to be factored into a larger conversation. i ask you, colleagues, to let us continue the process with the controller, the retirement board, come up with final number of what that might be and then get back to you and then we can continue that conversation. i know there's folks that want to do a charter amendment and we're open to that conversation but we need to understand what the final cost is to all the services and programs in the city and county of san francisco. and with that, colleagues, the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor safai.
7:17 am
supervisor stefani. president walton. >> supervisor: thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, i just have a couple of updates from the boards i serve on. i want to report ridership is still significantly lower than pre-pandemic levels but is gradually inching up with the ridership nearing 25% of the pandemic. caltrain is offering 50% off fares to assist and capturing the ridership while businesses return to work. and while giants' season begin. go giants. in terms of a budget, caltrain held a workshop on march 21 to outline the challenge the agency faces in the next three to five
7:18 am
years. particularly because of reduced ridership. one of the things we can look to as a positive measure can be used to partially fill gaps and caltrain resourced an additional $38 million in emergency operating assistance from the federal government. this will go a long way to fill the operating deficit of the agency for fiscal year '23. the capital budget is still under review but will likely require have a request of member contributions to former streamline capital budget and last in terms of budget for caltrain we'll be working with our county transportation authority on a draft budget to adopt in june.
7:19 am
in term of electrification. the first two sets of equipment arrived at caltrains maintenance facility two weeks ago which is a major milestone and there's partners to secure the additional $410 million in funding that will be required to complete the project in terms of the quality management district the one time executive has recently retired. this past month folks are working with the district to shut down legal operators in the candlestick area. there were operations without permit and they fined companies and we found out this was under
7:20 am
the jurisdiction of ocii. and the city attorney's office provided cease and desist orders to each company. the district continues to investigate the shut down opportunity at the site to make sure folks are getting materials out so these operations are ceased and in terms of workforce investment the first program hiring overview will come to us in june. i do have one resolution and two in memoriams. i'm introducing a resolution to declare march 29 to april 5 as the first ever community doula they provide support during labor and delivery helping them cope with the demands of birth and have one commonality with
7:21 am
the birthing person which improves the outcomes for under served communities and they work with doctors and midwives and doctors to provide informational support to all birthing people they serve and help with their transition to parenthood while removing barriers and assisting the family every step of the way. the first in memoriam is for ms. gladys harris. she was born in 1947 in san francisco, california to emanual square veteran. on may 13, 1989, she married mr. maurice harris at the true hope church in san francisco, california. she graduate from san francisco state university with the bachelor of art's in recreation therapy and business
7:22 am
administration. she later cofounded an enrichment center at true hope church with her sister and became the executive director for 25 years at which point she retired in 2019. she always provided holistic services for the whole family to ensure the best quality job care. this made paying for school books and materials for parents and posting a community room with parents and group therapy por for parents and embodied a humble spirit and giving and sacrificing what she had for others. she believes behind her husband and daughters and brother and
7:23 am
her sister. a host of nieces, nephews and friends. she'll truly be missed. our last in memoriam is for ms. brenda lopez. she was a long time community leader in the neighborhood and the heart of the vegetation valley community center. she passed away on december 15, 2021 after battling multiple illnesses for over 18 years. brenda was an administrator at the visitation valley community center. she became an administrative assistant and later promoted to the position of assistant director. through her leadership, vvcc and the children's programs grew beyond what had been imagined.
7:24 am
what was once a small and unremarkable community center became one of the most well known preschool and after school programs in san francisco. brenda was later appoint ed by the mayor where she continued to working to better the lives of children, families and communities throughout san francisco. sadly, her career was cut short due to illness. with brenda, family and community came first. she will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the kindest most loving and gracious figures ever to be found in her community and in the city of san francisco large. her values, work ethics and drive to better her community as well as san francisco as a whole what is unique and made her
7:25 am
amazing. she'll be truly missed by the visitation valley neighborhood and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan. >> thank you, madame clerk. we have selected a consultant so we can continue moving forward and we have work on hitting the ground running to get the group started. we'll convene every month in the february 23, 2023.
7:26 am
it's continuing on the revenue bond and other related topics. we'll provide electric bicycles to at base workers but this is thank to supervisor mar's work on this thinking how to provide the support and we have supervisor preston as an alternate and updating delivery workers. maybe something more innovative. my other assignment is the house
7:27 am
services board. in march we began meeting in person. we have a new chief operating officer and comes from santa barbara county. annually we set up rates and fees for members in the system. i'll bring it forward. to kick off that's my assignment report and to kick off the climate action month i have series of legislation to introduce in the next few weeks but i'm urging the california state legislature to approve assembly bill 2026 authored by
7:28 am
assembly member freeman. she tried the bill last year and is trying again so i applaud her courage and leadership. what it does is to phase out plastic cushioning used to transport products in or into the state in and around the state. that means think about all the online retailers come with bubble wrap shipping package and film plastic. what she is proposing is we're banning that packaging. that's go to reduce so much of the plastic pollution we experience, the state experiences. we have stats that show in 2020 alone amazon alone as an online retailer has increased the plastic use by 29%. just imagine that. if the legislation passed what it can do for california and
7:29 am
definitely for san francisco. i look forward to your support on this. i do want to say in the event she fails in the state legislature, which i hope not, i plan to work on the very similar legislation this fall. we will know more even if she makes it to the governor's desk. we'll see if he signs it. who knows. in the event she does not succeed in sacramento i hope we can perhaps make that groundbreaking legislation in san francisco to ban shipping materials that is made of plastic. lastly, i am sad to introduce an in memoriam for a former advisory committee member devon
7:30 am
warner. she loved riding bikes and she had a show room of unusual bicycles with a number of trusted favorites she rode regular around san francisco and in her mountain home in california. she served on the san francisco bicycle advisory committee from 2016 to 2017 representing district is appointed by supervisor mar. after two women lost their live while riding their bikes in san francisco and urged the city government to pass a moratorium on the removal of government bikes. the mer ore -- memorial has been a comfort to those who lost people on the streets and
7:31 am
raising awareness. she was the organizer of the annual san francisco ride that honors those who have been injured or killed while biking. outside of biking, she has a long-time career as a pair legal and worked with several law firms in san francisco where she was known for her enthusiasm. her roll up your sleeves working style and commute across san francisco regardless of whether her spirit, energy and spirituality have been an inspiration to many. she was active in yoga and martial arts including teaching students in san francisco. she had the opportunity to go to hong kong to attend a banquet and was a first-place trophy
7:32 am
winner of the the martial arts program and traveled through europe including holland, france, italy, greece and many weekend rides in the area. all revelling the view from the seat of her bicycle. she was recently battling cancer. february 24, 2022, she passed away surrounded by her sons, partner and sister and other friends and family in the community that had become her second home. her legacy continues in many lives touched. please keep her family and extended family and friends
7:33 am
close to your heart as they mourn her passing and celebrate her life. thank you, the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor haney. >> thank you, madame clerk. i'm introducing an ordinance to clean up the zoning in south of market which currently has among the most convoluted and over complicated zoning in the city. the ordinance will simplify some of zoning making it more usable and understandable for residents and community institutions that will organize the zoning controls for and update long out of date language and definition to better reflection zoning and other districts. as you all know, the pandemic has devastated small businesses particularly restaurant and bars and arts and culture and nightlife spaces. this ordinance and the proposed changes to the planning code will simplify zoning in the
7:34 am
lgbtq cultural district and help nightlife and arts and culture spaces recover, grow and thrive and help sustain neighborhood liveability by integrating the good neighbor policies with zoning controls. small production distribution and repair businesses remain an important part of soma providing essential services to soma and the larger san francisco community. this ordinance will allow retail businesses in zoning districts to expand their production and wholesaling beyond one-third of total space. this flexibility will allow retail businesses to expand the wholesale and production size of their business and allow production businesses to add a retail component without further encroaching on existing pdr spaces in soma. i respect the work neighbors and the community and city planners
7:35 am
have put into past planning efforts including the eastern soma and western soma plans and we want to keep them responsive to the needs of an evolving community and new post-pandemic reality. this ordinance does not make any substantive changes to the zone. my office has reviewed them extensively over years now with the planning department and city attorney's office and have incorporated the feedback from community stake holders and integrated better practices from similar zoning districts elsewhere in the city. i want to thank the planning department and deputy city attorney and my office for their
7:36 am
work on this. thank you. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor haney. supervisor mandell million. >> thank you, madame clerk. i have a hearing request, a resolution and a board update. the hearing i'm requesting is on san francisco's lgbtq plus cultural heritage strategy. back in 2016 the board passed a resolution calling or the creation of a strategy. the work group -- working group was created and working with the planning department, the working group promulgated
7:37 am
recommendations. during efforts, themes emerged. first, well being to help ensure the safety and health and happiness of the community. and second culture to enhance understanding and respect for the role of lgbtq plus culture and the spaces and third, opportunity to improve the individual and collective economic health of the lgbtq plus community and promote equity and inclusion. in august of 2020 the working group submitted the final strategy. the final document sets goals and objectives for each of the three themes to ensure community needs are met. thighs include centralizing initiatives, increasing access to affordable housing and work spaces for artists and
7:38 am
increasing support for lgbtq business owners and i think it's an appropriate time for the board to give the cultural heritage strategy the time and consideration it deserves. this affords the opportunity to assess progress on achieving the goals outlined in the strategy. i want to thank the office of transgender initiatives for work and leadership in the strategy and overseeing the early days of the implementation so far. i want to thank my office for picking this work up and getting us here. i also want to acknowledge the planning department and ops of economic and workforce development and entertainment commission for all their work on the strategy. my office looks forward to working on this and closing the gaps in the social safety net
7:39 am
and creating additional resources and support. i'm also introducing a resolution to declaring april national donate life month. more than 580 individual on the national organ transplant waiting list and patients die waiting for an organ that never comes. the need for donated organs in asian, latinx community. a donation of the heart, lung, liver, pancreas and other organs can save lives and heal others. the decision to donate is not restricted by age or medical condition. over 14 million californians have signed up and residents can sign up with the donor registry when applying for or renewing their driver's license or i.d.
7:40 am
card. thank you for bringing national donate life month to my attention. it serves as the organ procurement organization working in close partnership with families, doctors and nurses in coroners to connect donors to recipients. in san francisco it works in collaboration so save lives in our community through organ and tissue transplantses for accessible health care for everyone regardless of ability to pay. we encourage all to check yes when applying for or renewing their driver's license or i.d. or signing up. on witness the rotunda will be lit in honor. and where i serve vice chair folks should be reminded that
7:41 am
sales force transit center is for business. nearly 90% of retail spaces have been leased and the 5.4 acre salesforce pack is open with daily activities with yoga and fitness and live music and programming. the executive director has hit the ground running and i also want to note the downtown rail extension received permission to enter the new starts grants program a key milestone sets it up to apply for full funding. federal funding is a part of the project and want to thank supervisor ronen for her advocacy at mtc around getting
7:42 am
rail extension as a regional priority for state transit funds an ton of the dollars for the rail ex tense. -- extension. with they submit. >> clerk: supervisor mar. >> thank you, madame clerk. i colleagues i have two outside board and commission updates and one resolution for introduction and in memoriam. on the updates, on the a bag housing committee. the work has been relatively quiet the first quarter following the last few years and the lengthy complex and politically contentious plan and
7:43 am
the housing goals. it called for the next eight-year cycle starting in 2023 is 82,000 new housing units with specific numbers for three tiers of affordable and market rate above moderate housing. this housing element is being led by the planning department is at a critical phase in the process this month. the second update is on the free city college oversight committee. this is an important oversight body that's overseeing such an important program that supports
7:44 am
over 11,000 city college students each year. and the overwhelming majority of whom are low-income and working class students of color. this is our third year we made to free city college and the allocation from city funds is $16.4 million this year. i did want to report the free city college program recently completed the first financial audit and it was fairly clean with minimal issues being addressed by city college. also we're working on an equity analysis of the free city program to build equity framework how free city college and the city can better help students sustain themselves and succeed with an emphasis on more
7:45 am
full time students with wrap-around services. finally, we're looking at how we can use free city college to bolster enrollment at city college which is a key part of the sustainability at city college including looking at pilot student retention stipends and build the pathway from high schools to city college. i have one resolution i'm introducing in support of the stop aapi hate no place for hate california campaign and legislative package that urges the legislature and governor to support assembly bill and the corresponding budget request senate bill 1161 and
7:46 am
corresponding budget request bill 2448. we're all well aware of the surge in hate incidents against aapi community members but nearly 11,000 asian american and pacific islanders reported hate incidents to stop aapi hate between march 2020 and december 2021. including more than 4100 reports in california in 905 reports in san francisco. 63% of hate incidents reported to stop aapi hate describe verbal harassment and nearly 74.5% occurred in places open to the public such as public streets, public transit and businesses open to the public. this resolution would put the city on record supporting bills that put in place policy to give businesses tools to prevent aapi
7:47 am
hate, to prevent street harassment and on public transit and to launch a public awareness campaign to educate the public about street and public space harassment. i'd like to thank stop aapi hate for all their work documenting the surge in hate incidents impacting aapi communities and sponsoring the no place for hate california legislative package to ensure all vulnerable community members are safe and secure from hate in public streets, public transit and in private businesses. i have an in memoriam. alice gates of the pine lake park neighborhood passed at the age of 85. she was born in montana in october 20, 1936 and was the youngest of 13 children.
7:48 am
after 7th grade she moved to california and graduated and then moved to the los angeles area where she graduated with top honors and teaching credential from biola university. she began her teaching career in whittier, california and met her husband of 57 years. they married in 1964 and in 1965 daughter shannon was born. the gates family moved to washington in 1967 and in '69 the second daughter was born. and she continued teaching until 1974 when john took a job with bank of america and she decided to move to san francisco to join him. after arriving, they joined st. francis episcopal church and remained active until her departure. she organized many coffee hours
7:49 am
and special events with a member and president of the build and elected a delegate and served about 10 years. she was also involved in volunteer with many local organizations. she and john provided food delivery to the bay area women's and children's center and was a dough -- docent at a museum and was a sculptor and author and sold goods to help raise money for the episcopal services and loved to travel and took her family on several trips a year and during retirement she and john spent most summers on ship, rail, plane and car. a few of the more memorable trips were a road trip across the u.s., a trip to cuba and to greece. she is survived by her husband,
7:50 am
john, daughters, eight grandchildren and two great great children and another on the way and many relatives in montana. i spoke with her husband, john, this weekend and he is deeply grateful for the support and condolences from the church and community. a memorial service will be may 30 at the episcopal church. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor melgar. >> thank you, madame clerk. i have a few things. i will start my colleague, supervisor stefani will do the report on the golden gate bridge transportation authority and president walton will add in. i will add to supervisor stefani's upcoming record the
7:51 am
island ferry now ran by the golden gate transportation authority is up and running and thank you for introducing this and for $14 or $9 with a clipper card you can from san francisco to angel island on the ferry that is now operated by the golden gate bridge transportation authority. i'm introducing legislation to follow-up on the budget and legislative analyst report on the impact of evictions in our city. the legislation will raise the base relocation for tenants receiving $10,000 and the second thing it will do it clean up the language of our local ordnance
7:52 am
to conform with state law ab1399. we heard from eviction defense attorneys there's problems with the way the eviction is written a landlord only ha to re-rent the units they choose not all vacated due to the eviction notice. to this made it clear at the state level it should apply to all the units and we have heard from owners claiming they do not have to follow the state version because our local ordinance is more veigh. since mayor leed, san francisco has been unified in seeing the tool of speculation at odds with our local laws and i hope you'll join me in supporting the legislation. the second thing i'm introducing
7:53 am
is a resolution urging that sfmta to collaborate and develop an activated public space program. the purpose of this resolution is to encourage city agencies to work together to support spaces activated in neighborhoods like ours. in 2019, the concept was initiated by district supervisor yee with a bunch of neighbors on a parking lot at the corner of ocean avenue. this space which was formerly under utilized parking lot is now a wonderful park that hosts a play space, public plaza, every weekend now we have performances of local musicians, a boy scouts troop made a mural
7:54 am
on the ground of an octopus and created an adult sized set people can use. it's a wonderful place. now that it's activate the community maintains it and spends quite a bit of program program the space. in the same way, unity plaza in front of city college used to be the loop and was activated and built out in front of the affordable housing built on mercy avenue. and it is a place that has hosted many many community events and celebrations. and while mta has been a great partner in sharing the spaces to serve for public good it's not their primary mission to maintain the spaces or the operations of the spaces. years ago there was a plaza program that was run by the arrest division in partnership
7:55 am
with oewd but it's been phased out and included strengthening communities by creating systemic processes to make it easier for the community to use the local plazas and activate them. since it's no longer operational, it's not clear how the sfmta treats the spaces or how they operate them in their land use portfolio. so with this resolution we can take the opportunity to systematically implement and activate the program and encourage the partnering with the other relevant outside entities. we also want to provide existing community spaces the ability to continue operating with waivers until we develop a long-term sustainable management plan. i look forward to your support
7:56 am
and mti assistance. the last thing i'm introducing is a hearing request. about the childcare center at zuckerberg center san francisco home. you may look puzzled because we don't have one but labor unions fought for this. it was in their contract in 1996. it was put in the contract and the hospital has been build out but the promise of the childcare center has never been fulfilled and it's now a grievance of the department of public health. i'm involved in this though this and my colleague supervisor walton and as you know i've been
7:57 am
involved in childcare and i firmly believe in the promise of universal childcare in our city. it's achievable. we have funding for it and state funding to help us create a system where every child who needs a slot can have one but if we as city government can't pull this off how can we expect the private sector to help us in building out a system. i am very interested in seeing what the impediments and challenges have been. the latest hang up involves state requirement to provide an outdoor space. there's a park adjacent to the building that we are considering but it is rec and parks planned and there seems to be challenges from every department involved. i would like this hearing to take place and so we can unravel and shed light to what the
7:58 am
impediments have been and today first week of april is the week of the young child. it is hay time that we support our early educators and recognize how important childcare is to our society, economy and the nurturing of young residents. we in san francisco have made great strides committing to early education and we must do our part and hold the commitment we have made to labor unions. i want to point out that the workers at general hospital who fought to have this in their contract and had young babe yes and needed childcare, those babies are now in high school and we still don't have a childcare at general hospital. i look forward to the hearing and to having san francisco lead by example on this issue and the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you.
7:59 am
supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madame clerk. colleagues, it gives me no pleasure but not a lot of surprise to see today's news that the director of our department of environment may have been complicit in granting a sizable and controversial landfill contract to recology while soliciting a $25,000 contribution. i say this at the heart of a corruption scandal. [please stand by] .
8:00 am
>> supervisor peskin: and i'm deeply concerned it's not close
8:01 am
to over. e-mail concerned with the budget and finance committee ask yet another no bid contract by the department of environment. so today i'm introducing a hearing request at the department of environment asking the city controller to investigate. their sole source conduct. and i hope to bring that. as to my outside boards and commissions at the bay conservation and development commission, the nine supervisors representing the nine bay area counties each
8:02 am
where brojs along ocean beach it was a fascinating i point you all to "open roads" their episode on march 24th in district number 10 and i'd like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of robert marquez who served many of my constituents as the program director for the san francisco mental health rights advocates.
8:03 am
he articulated and fought for the rights of folks who had no allies of our meant health care system and people with psychiatric holds. robert helped empower thousands of people advocating for some of the traumatized individuals in our society. he trained dph staff at our outpatient and inpatient facilities. he was one of the first advocates of the filipino arts group. he was a talented musician and played in the royal hawaiian
8:04 am
band. especially in the tenderloin and soma where he served on the citizens advisory committee. he was also a long-time member for the committee of human rights in the philippines and while he was being treated for his own cancer, he found out his next door neighbor was also in community and his most prized possession which helped her get through her own battle of cancer. he was deeply devoted to our community and our city. i want to send mine and our deepest condolences to robert's parents alberto and amelia. the rest i will submit.
8:05 am
>> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. and supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madam clerk. i just have an update on my outside committee which is the golden gate bridge highway transportation district. we appointed michael terrio as the new board president in december of last year. he also represents san francisco on the board. at the february meeting, the m.l.u. was authorized. covers the time period from ratification until august 21st, 2022, and a 3.5 wage increase in a $1,000 wage increase and provides a 2% in the district's pension contribution. the bridge also established a pilot program that will offer greater discounts for nonprofits and educational groups and will provide a greater discount to youth, seniors, and persons with disabilities. in march, the board of directors ratified an mlu with
8:06 am
an ibw 6. until june 30th, 2023, and provides for a wage increase, a $500 lump sum payment. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor stefani. mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. that brings us to public comment. >> clerk: okay. at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes your general public comment. we will first hear comments from those who are present here in the chamber with us. and then we will take those joining us remotely. to provide your testimony remotely, you must connect to the remote call-in system by dialling the telephone number that is streaming on the television on our your computer screen. (415) 655-0001. when you hear the prompt, enter the meeting i.d. 24958436288. press pound twice, you'll have
8:07 am
joined the meeting. you will hear the discussion. you'll be muted and in the listening queue. once connected, press star three and the system will indicate that you have raised your hand. please continue to wait until you hear the system indicate that you have been unmuted. that is your queue to begin speaking your comments. during general public comment, you may speak to the approval of the minutes for march 1st, 2022, for the regular board meeting and the march 2nd, 2022, special meeting of the budget and appropriations committee. items on the latter section of the items are 32 through 42. these are the matters for adoption without committee reference and the matters not on the agenda today that are within the jurisdiction of the board. all other agenda content will have had its public comment requirements fulfilled. if you use the u.s. mail, send your correspondence to the san francisco board of supervisors, the number 1 dr. carlton b.
8:08 am
goodlett place. or send us an e-mail at we do have two interpreters with us. i would love for each of them to introduce themselves and the instruction and language on how to provide public comment in person by connecting to the remote system. we'll start with arturo costenza for spanish, and raymond bores for filipino. welcome, interpreters. >> translator: [speaking spanish].
8:09 am
>> translator: [speaking foreign language] . >> translator: [speaking foreign language]
8:10 am
. >> clerk: thank you for being with us this afternoon. we are setting the timer for two minutes. let's start with those in the room, mrs. brown. if you'd like to begin. then if we hear everyone in the chamber, we'll go to the remote system. >> hi, good afternoon. my name is ms. brown. i'm coming here about my son who was murdered august 14th, 2006. and to this day, his case isn't solved. i go to the police commission too which i'll be there tomorrow. i am working with the
8:11 am
lieutenant calvin sanders, lieutenant fill pod, tiffany sutton and chief william scott on getting -- we already have the digital homicide display at all ten district stations. the central station, south station, bayview station, mission station, northern station, park station, richmond station, ingleside station and tenderloin station are all lined up. we're in the second stage of trying to get them at the muni so mothers like myself can say we're doing something for our children. and at the district station. maybe they'll think twice about killing another child. i've been dealing with this for years and i live in district
8:12 am
five. this is all they left with me with of my son. i'm standing over his casket and i don't want to keep doing this. not that i will keep doing this. this is what they left me of my son. i need people to see what i'm talking about instead of hearing it so i'm just asking for support from the president in working with chief scott about getting the second phase done and i will be e-mailing everyone to do that. and just thank you for hearing me. thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, mrs. brown for your comments. >> do i still have three minutes or did you cut some of my time? >> clerk: no, sir. you have two minutes. >> everything i gave you is
8:13 am
legal. everything i gave you is true. if you guys would come over to see me, come to my house at the henry hotel, i'll show you in black and white you'll see for yourself the truth. now, you guys, you're making these laws that evidently can't be enforced. okay, the rent board does not have any jurisdiction over the people in my building, so we have nobody to help us. our landlord could abuse us and most of the people there are easily abuses and there's nothing they can do because only a select people have rights to the rent board, but we do not. for the dumbest reason because the city gives us money, we can't go to the rent board, wow. that's a poor issue isn't it. because i'm poor, i don't have justice. so i think you guys need to take a good look at this because pretty soon this is
8:14 am
going to open up and when it does, a lot of people are going to be going you knew because don staley told you why didn't you do something? you've got a lot of corrupt people in this city that right now you know are corrupt. i know you know because i've read your statements i've heard what you have to say. i've sat right here and listened. so you know and i gave you a list of names and i got a piece of paper from the district attorney that says i'm in a lot of pain. i'm in a lot of danger right now for what i'm doing. and they asked me to move out of that building, told me to move out immediately and gave me a piece of paper that told them i'm in danger. but do you see i'm scared? i'm not scared at all. i'm here talking for a thousand people that cannot even speak.
8:15 am
>> clerk: thank you for your comments, sir. thank you for your comments. all right. let's hear from our next speaker, please. welcome to the podium. >> hello. my name is janet smith. i'm just a little nobody. i don't hold a title, but i have a lot of power: now, up on that hill, this gentleman was just speaking about, hour housing, they're taking away. they're evicting people illegally, they're letting people give monetary gifts to move in. they're not doing anything for our apartments. we're being harassed. we're being threatened. i can't say it all in one thing but you guys can read between the lines and now another thing came into our district 10. a hub from mission street said
8:16 am
they were going to help us. yes. >> yeah. i saw your reaction. they said they were going to help us, but this is just another form of putting a black race down. where's our reparations? did i say that right? where is it? we were promised. another one already got theirs. where is ours? this hub came over here and got all our information. telling me they would pay my credit card bill, aaa. rent pg&e told me i was getting $11,000. did not and it was misled. the check is going to come to you. they have all my information. that's another knife in our heart and i'm tired. i'm a mother. i'm a grandmother. i am 61 years old. they want that hill. they don't care about us and it's redistricting, ya'll making us smaller in numbers in
8:17 am
each section so our votes don't matter. you're trying to take away our right to vote. right. come on. put yourself in our shoes. maybe you'll see what we're going through. >> our babies are being murdered every day. >> quick thanking me. >> clerk: let's welcome our next speaker, please. welcome. >> i am also a commissioner of environmental justice and i'm a mother, a grandmother. my son, my god son was just murdered on friday, 3rd and paloo, shot with a semi-automatic weapon on the corner. by the time i got -- i heard the shots from my home on the top of the hill, one shot, 30
8:18 am
rounds into his small body, 21 years old. i get down there within seconds, my good friend kirt griems, a.p.r. ride came and picked me up because i couldn't walk down that hill and i couldn't drive because it wasn't right. he came and he got me and he brought me down there. i get down there and my pockets have been gone through. the police did not arrive until 6.52 seconds. 16 minutes and 52 seconds it took them. when i arrived at my home that day, the police were on that hill harassing my younger son as they came trying to pick up the groceries. i asked them who invited them here. i didn't get down as my god son was traying down there. it took 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive there from san francisco general hospital. by this time, his pockets had been gone through. they had taken his money.
8:19 am
the police weren't nowhere to be seen. v.i.p. wasn't out there and important to the bayview hunter's point safety plan, they are to be out there on every corner. so at leesz they could have been out there to report this to the police, however, they weren't out there. indeed, i came out there, i got my god son. we went to the hospital. i beat everybody there including the pastor. i got to that hospital. i laid myself on that ground. i then got on my knees and i prayed, but by that time, my baby was -- >> clerk: thank you, ma'am. thank you for your comments. the board is listening. can we hear from our next speaker, please. >> welcome. i am a member of district 10. >> clerk: before i set your timer, can you just move that microphone closer so we can hear you better. >> i am a resident of district
8:20 am
10. as you know, there have been meetings about red lining and red zoning and redistricting district 10. i will face that later, but right now, i'm here standing in solidarity with the community about all the homicides and the killings. we're tired, over tired. i don't know a word for it. not exhausted fatigued, i don't know burn out. numb. p.t.s.d. from all the babies that don't have a chance of growing up eight years old and i hear about aapi, the community. violence is violence. but no one is addressing the
8:21 am
homicides that's happening city wide. it should be a state of emergency for young black men and i want you to think about that. think about it. i know i'm not the first one up here that's talking about this situation but it has to stop. and not when everyone has died off. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> good afternoon board and clerk. staff, my knack's william walker. i live in district 11, grew up in district 8. i've seen a lot of san francisco. i know why there's a violent in san francisco. when i walked into this room, i haven't been to a board meeting
8:22 am
where i've heard comments from the board go this long in the 30 years i've been coming, 35 years i've been coming to these meetings and i ask the sheriff's deputy what item number we were on. and he said i'll help you if you sit down. so the sheriff treats me like i'm a threat, but i don't think the sheriff's been on the ballot in san francisco three times. i don't think the sheriff's run programs out of this building as an employee with a city hall badge or with a school district badge or community college district badge an l.a. metro poll tan. i don't deserve to be treated like a criminal like a sheriff whose salary i pay. that's why there's a violence problem in this city.
8:23 am
and as supervisor mar talked about aapi hate. a lot of the a.p.i. people who hear that think it's stopping black people and so it's a very caveat discussion and it starts with the folks in this room including the sheriff when i was just confused about what was going on with this meeting? redistricting really quickly, votes shouldn't be taken at 3:00 a.m. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. >> my name is sala haquiya. i am a mother of a man who was
8:24 am
assassinated simply trying to cash his check on his half an hour lunch break seven years ago, 19 years. i am still seven years, 19 months haven't even received a trial date. still waiting for my son. k.d. steino was murdered. and her case has been solved and we can go on and on to how many cases prior to. there is racism and discrimination going on in this city and you know it. the bottom line is all of the issues from all the homicides that just have taken place constantly every day that many of you claim that you know nothing about. there has not been a state of emergency, no one has came in to assist us with anything, yet, you show up for a meal
8:25 am
over cans and bottles. the whole political system, every one of you showed up for a man over cans and bottles. but when that six-year-old jason young was murdered, not one of you showed up for that board but shamann walton. it says that when the government is not working for the people, it is our duty and our obligation to abolish it or alter. we are letting you know today all of the murders that's going on in bayview. all of the and you know what's happening. you have left us alone. you have tried to separate by taking away the patrero saying that you want it for the immigrants. we are not going to --
8:26 am
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. thank you. >> president walton: thank you, sala. thank you, sala. thank you, we have other public here too. thank you, sister.
8:27 am
>> clerk: all right. thank you for your comments. can we hear from the next individual who'd like to provide comment. come on up to the podium, sir. thank you. sir, can you please approach the podium. yes. this way, sir. all right. sir, please begin your
8:28 am
comments. >> my name's david hutch inson, i'm a long time resident of the richmond district, inner richmond specifically. and i hope to one day be able to speak to you representing some of you may be familiar with my work. i won't speculate on that, but i have some ideas about sustainable cities downtown wind tunnel turbines institutionally scaled bio gas and transportation. but on that note, i'll segway into why i'm here which is the unacceptable amount of hateful, racist, and religiously biggoted graffiti that's littering my neighborhood and our neighborhood and other neighborhoods in this city. and some of it is so disturbing
8:29 am
and i have over 400 images if anybody would care to see them and really the only thing they stop short of are swastikas. there's been nooses scattered around the neighborhood in golden gate park. things like moke. i can go on and on. like i say, it's gotten so bad. it used to be graffiti would appear on a evacuee cannot building between businesses and the new operator would come in and alleviate the issue, but now businesses are being forced to pay for this themselves and i have some ideas on how to empower law enforcement to deal with this problem. i have seen packs of young white males on corners. people at my corner store saying i don't want to see black people in my neighborhood and these are children and employees of the tech sector
8:30 am
because housing and businesses have reached such a speculative -- >> clerk: thank you for your comments. thank you. i don't see any members of the public ready to provide comment in the chamber. let's go to the remote system. i see that we have 15 individuals who are listening and seven callers who are in the queue ready to make their comment. let's go to our first caller. welcome, caller. >> thank you. good afternoon. my name is beverly malugen and i'm the executive director for c-5 children school and a member of the child care planning and adviser committee. it's a pleasure to be here
8:31 am
today at the board of supervisors recognizes and celebrates the week of the young child this year and every year here after. this resolution has many strong components all of which i support. there's a foundation for a high-quality, early childhood program for children and their families, their care givers and educators, and our san francisco community. while all of these components are necessary, i want to highlight what i think is the most important now and that is comparable wages and benefits for early childhood education workers to those sfusd workers.
8:32 am
i'm delighted about the community joining together as mentioned in the resolution to offer discounts to educators to the gyms, arts, cultural and other community groups. it is especiallily joyful to have this resolution after two years of the pandemic. it is a very much appreciated acknowledgement of the people who have been doing daily tireless work. so it's a very exciting time and i'm very appreciative that the board of supervisors has done this resolution. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. all right. mr. atkins, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good afternoon. my name is jordan davis. my pronouns are she and her and i'd like to talk a little bit about corruption. i want to say this board
8:33 am
learned landlord who's hiring to the great tenderloin organizations. the board should crack down on that shit and rightfully so. nonprofit landlords. therefore that's our collaborative. they've been under your noses this whole time and i recently wrote an article in the street sheet about them. i live in a building run by the tenderloin housing clinic which receives a lot of city funds. high eviction rates, tried to kill the 30 right now campaign and my fucking landlord runs the sro collaborative. they pay people. it's a mother fucking conflict of interest. and then there's chinatown collaborative run by affordable housing landlord chinese town community development center. i have a letter from an employee at the house of rights committee saying that bcdc a
8:34 am
certain supervisor to carve out tenants in nonprofit buildings out being able to form tenant associations this has to do with the recent legislation. these sro collaboratives are a fucking fraud and i wish you'd give them the same scrutiny. we need to stop funding them until they are not controlled by nonprofit. i'm italian in from new jersey i know what corruption looks like. fuck them and you will hear from the angry people soon. i yield the rest of my time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. atkins, is there another caller in the queue, please. >> caller: hi everyone. my name's naima charles. i'm calling on behalf of childrens council san francisco. i'm calling in support of the
8:35 am
resolution supervisor melgar put forward. childhood advocators have done so much over the years. i want to highlight when k-12 schools had to close in covid kids that needed in-person care. child care leaders took them under their wing. and so many other things. so we just want to support the young child this week and we also want to say a lot in the black community and better serving black children. we're investing all this money into education, that child when they're going to school is shot dead. that's a huge issue. so thank you so much.
8:36 am
>> clerk: we have 15 listening and four prepared to make their comment. welcome, caller. >> hello. >> caller: hello. hi, my name's malia, and i wish you all happy week of the unchild. i am a and the mother of young children lucky enough to receive child care support the voters agreed that all children should have access to child care. we celebrated the fact that they receive now it is time to honor the promise of young children and families. parent voices believe in quality child care. we also believe the pending creation as providers so serve all our children, we need to
8:37 am
remove barriers to using city dollars. many of our providers on top of that they are e.l.s. qualified. is it just another barrier to take in subsidized children. are we attracting quality or are the rates too lie and requirements too high and break down the barriers to access and supply. especially for those working hours evening and weekends thank you to the sponsors of this resolution. supervisor melgar, walton, peskin, ronen, and man delman. >> clerk: thank you for your
8:38 am
comments. let's welcome the next caller, please. >> hello, madam clerk. hello supervisors and everybody else. i live in district two. and i'm an active volunteer with parent voices for san francisco california. and in the week of the young child in the city and county of san francisco. i wanted to make sure that everybody understands that we need to care for child care. child care is essential for parents to go back to work who are not able to work because they don't have no one to leave their kids with and their kids need that quality child care. i have a 5-year-old and a have a 6-year-old. ibeen on the wait list for three years that i can't get back by contributing to my family and taking a toll with the pandemic and so forth. this needs to change. i work with other parents and volunteers to pass prop c and this can be put towards
8:39 am
universal access to child care. this will help low income families. they are on the wait list just like i am. it is time to pay providers for essential work they do. it's important we take care and prioritize our children. thank you madam clerk, thank you everybody, but a special thanks to smelgz. >> supervisor melgar: , walton, ronen, peskin, for everything that you guys do. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. before we go to the next caller, there are 13 callers listening, there are three callers ready to provide their comments. if you're one of the 13 and you'd like to provide general public comment this afternoon, you should press star 3 now to get into the speaker's queue. otherwise this next group could go quickly. mr. atkins, let's hear from our next caller, please. >> caller: hello. first i want to say thank you so much to madam clerk and president walton for your
8:40 am
respect and decency to ms. aquia and i also want to say thank you to ms. aquia. in the last five months, i've not heard homeless women represented here. the lucid woman who avoids drugs. dignity stripped from her when she's been raped, menstruating, as adima from compelled walking or pregnant and needs to sit down without men with guns or criminal records re-entering paid money to mine her data. to the only sane response is to cry at which point she's labeled sick. being female isn't a mallity. ignoring lack of equity rewards those who can physically endure the gladiator contest for the winners are able bodied men and sometimes convicts able to jump
8:41 am
through hoops indefinitely. homeless women cannot compete. who screams for help echoed through the night. ignored by police and policy maker alike. without a criminal record, what's their re-entry system. if disabled, chemically sensitive or immuno compromised unable to be mayor breed's customers by patronizing congregate and style access points. increases gas and human trafficking. a recent policewoman's giggling voice. i'm sorry. i'm just overwhelmed. i've been making comments for six months and i'm running out of time. and i don't think i've been an effective speaker and i don't think i've reached any of you. >> clerk: thank you for your
8:42 am
comments, citizen 22. all right. mr. atkins, do we have another caller in the queue, please? >> caller: good afternoon supervisors. this is peter warfield speaking for myself and reachable care of library users 2004 at the redistricting task force has had some very disappointing matters and chief among them from my perspective is that information and publicity has been very poor and has been least accessible to the very folks that you most want to look out for. minorities, poorer folks, older people, and those not so fluent in english. almost all of the information that is provided has been provided online without regard to the quality of information which i think generally is extensive.
8:43 am
it's the matter of distribution and making available. it's been almost nothing outside of the internet. as we know from the city and county of san francisco dijal digital equities strategic plans. in addition, the redistricting task force seeps not to have very good understanding of some aspect of open government. for example, they're on the printed agendas, there have not been any listings whatsoever of explanatory documents and none provided in some of the meetings especially when they run on quickly with big agendas. many of the maps have been provided without a single street name. not a single street name on a
8:44 am
redistricting map. somebody earlier mentioned a 3:00 a.m. vote. one wonders why that might have been done. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. atkins, can we have the next caller, please. >> caller: so supervisors, today, all of you heard those [ indiscernible ] san francisco who are hurting and some of ya'll with your iphones either making small talk and ya'll are supposed to represent.
8:45 am
let me tell you, supervisors. the quality of life issues in the city and county of san francisco has gone to the hogs. i repeat, the quality of life issues in the city and county of san francisco has gone to the hogs. the representatives all over the place, all over the place and you can't say it how some of you are distributing money, millions of dollars stimulus money. you're apart of that corruption. the corruption in this city has rich saturation point and is going on. supervisors are telling on your departments so what else is left. and the constituents come and
8:46 am
grieve. you can't understand it. because some of ya'll don't have a conscience. you can't feel, have no empathy. you're on your iphone. take your iphone and shove it up. i'm watching ya'll. people are fed up. 12,000 homeless in san francisco. 12,000. where are the quality of life issues. >> clerk: thank you, mr. decosta. all right, mr. atkins, do we have another caller in the queue. i think we have one other caller and there are twelve that are listening. welcome, caller. >> caller: caller, are you
8:47 am
there? >> caller: hello? yeah. i'm here. hello. hello and good afternoon supervisors. my name is april young. i'm a mother of three and i'm representing parent voices san francisco. happy week of the young child. i dedicated endless hours collecting signatures canvassing in my community and making phone calls to make sure baby seat was passed. we need to keep the promise of baby prop c. there are over 300 families on the waiting list. i was one of those parents and as a result i had to put my college education on hold and stay at home to care for my child. had i had have child care, i would have been able to obtain my degree, help support my family and help my community through my career as a nutritionist. parents shouldn't have to make this decision. and put their educational or work goals on hold. i believe that all children
8:48 am
deserve the best start possible. our children are growing and universal access to child care that provide a safe and nurturing environment. we want to build strong families. let's get the children off the waiting list. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. there are two ready to make comment. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> caller: yes. good afternoon, supervisors. i'm calling on behalf of the children's council san francisco. i'm going to boast my support for the celebration of the week of the young child. the first years of the child's life are the most rapid brain development for all learning. child care in our early care educators are the definition of. thank you for your time, your resolution and your
8:49 am
consideration. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. atkins, let's hear from our next caller, please. welcome, caller. >> caller: hi. good afternoon i also work hours doing phone banks, outreach, to pass baby prop c. some have been on the wait list since i was in my second tri and i know how important it is for us to get this money allocated for this funding. families in san francisco benefit from the. it is time that we spend this money in this solution highlights.
8:50 am
let's get the children off this wait list. kids cannot be waiting for quality health care i also want to say thank you for the sponsors for these resolutions and we need these to be allocated we need to continue with this fight and once the kids are having the education that they need, the parents are able to continue with their career goals that are their families. thank you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. mr. atkins, are there other callers in the queue, please. >> madam clerk, there are no further callers in the queue. >> clerk: thank you. mr. president. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. and thank you to the public for your comment. seeing no other speakers, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, can you call the
8:51 am
for adoption without committee reference agenda items 32 to 42. >> clerk: yes. items 32 to 42 were introduced for adoption without committee reference. alternatively a member may require a resolution to go to committee on first reading. >> president walton: thank you, madam clerk. supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you. please sever item 33. >> president walton: thank you supervisor mar. supervisor melgar and supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: 36. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor ronen. madam clerk. if i'm not mistaken, we can take. >> clerk: 32, 34, 35, 37, 38,
8:52 am
39 and 41 and 42. >> president walton: not 39. >> clerk: minus 39. >> president walton: right. i believe we can take those same call. without objection, items 32, 3435, 37, 38, 41, and 42. without objection, these resolutions are adopted and motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 33. >> clerk: item 33 is a resolution to celebrate declaring february 8th, 2023. and peter king day in the city and county of san francisco. >> president walton: thank you, supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: thank you president walton. this resolution will recognize
8:53 am
peter is a lion one of san francisco's sharpest legal minds and someone who has applied that mind and we've all benefited from it. in 1969 when peter moved to san francisco with his wife. he challenged california's resolution requirement across the state of california. he spent the next eight years practicing civil and criminal law followed by 20 years to our
8:54 am
he served as the president of the san francisco bar association and made it a priority to make sure the legal profession better reflected the diversity of our city launching a ground breaking program to increase a common threat passed by mayor diane feinstein. that ban handguns in san francisco. it was later ruled unconstitutional but was a crucial contribution to the
8:55 am
life while serving on the state bar's board of governors, peter was a key author of 1994 for california's judicial discipline system. peter also serveded on the san francisco ethics commission including as its chair where he was the leading voice against pay to play corruption and dark money while before muhammad nuru was charged where our current corruption scandal came to light. he knew were needed through the commission. he was undeterred. he resigned his position and worked with my office. placing the dark money measure on the ballot in 2019 where one
8:56 am
with overwhelming support. and he shared his insights with the world as a legal analyst. and during the o.j. simpson trial, he offered daily legal analysis on kpis. keen on the law which in a
8:57 am
world with two few role models and politics in public policy, peter has been a model in afflicting the comfortable. this resolution is insufficient in expressing our gratitude as a city, but peter, if you're listening, we are so grateful and next year this city will be celebrating your birthday and your many contributions. thank you. >> president walton: thank you so much. >> supervisor mar: . seeing no one else on the roster. we will take this item same house same call and this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 36. >> clerk: a resolution to urge the california state senate.
8:58 am
this is the keeping survivors housed act. >> thank you so much supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. i keeping survivors act. locating in my district as a cosponsor along with the partnership to end domestic violence and the woman's foundation of california. dr. beatrice to name just a few. this strengthens california's existing who are tenants to maintain their current housing and void eviction. significantly increasing their safety and providing much need and stability. [please stand by]
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
>> it seems that offering flexible options are often met with resistance and somehow these provisions would be abused. despite the surprise -- despite the great strides we have made in technology. these barriers inherently and disproportionally affect people with disabilities, women, and parents with young children. i have a minor amendment to offer to this resolution on page 3, line 15 through 18 to
9:03 am
clarify the results of the law. to clarify that the law would be passed. it would read, the san francisco board of supervisors supports assembly built number 1944 which would amend the brown act and allow local legislative bodies to vote on allowing teleconferencing without the need to disclose a private location of members, provided that they livestream the meeting and offer opportunity for the public to participate remotely. with that, i hope that i can count on your support for this resolution and on ongoing efforts to make it family-friendly. mr. president, i would like to make a motion to adopt these amendments. >> thank you so much. do we have a second? thank you. motion to amend seconded by supervisor chan. now we can take that motion to amend same house, same call. without objection, the motion amend to item 39 has been
9:04 am
passed. and on item 39, moved to take that item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item number 4. >> item 40 is a resolution to celebrate early care educators in declaring april 2nd 2022 through april 9th, 2022 and the first week of every april every year thereafter as the week of san francisco. >> thank you. supervisor melgar? >> happy weekend. i want to thank my cosponsors for this resolution, president walton. thank you for your support. i see the supervisor asking to be added.
9:05 am
early care educators are often overlooked and undervalued workers in our society. mostly they are women in san francisco. mostly women of color and many immigrants. this must change. it is an issue of equity, racial and gender justice. we need them to be treated with dignity and wage parity with our kindergarten and educators. it breaks my heart that a third of family and chair care -- childcare providers receive such low wages that they require at least one form of public assistance just to make ends meet. let that sink in. we are in a pandemic. when it became obvious how essential this workforce is, they continue to face an uphill
9:06 am
battle for recognition and equitable compensation. we have taken huge strides to make early care and education a priority with a goal of universal access to high-quality early childhood education for all families. this starts with uplifting the wages of early care educators so we can retain this essential workforce and recruit new people into this field, which we are currently unable to do. i want to express my deepest gratitude to our early care educator community for their work and for acknowledging the advocacy of the childcare planning advisory council, early care educators of san francisco, family child care association, office of early care and education, the community advisory committee and all other organizations that have been relentless in early universal care and education. thank you for your support. >> thank you. >> thank you, president walton.
9:07 am
thank you supervisor melgar. please officially add me as a cosponsor. i want to think supervisor melgar for elevating this issue. one of the most vaccine issues that happen to us during the pandemic, particularly in my district as to proviso melgar pointed out, is so many of our family childcare providers and childcare institutions actually shut down. they could no longer sustain their businesses and they are often times small businesses and some of them nonprofits. a lot of it had to do with children staying home with their families and it has to do with families no longer being able to afford the cost of childcare. we have a crisis in childcare in this city. i know supervisor melgar has been dedicated to this.
9:08 am
we want to continue to work in partnership on this with you, supervisor melgar, because we have to address this. we have put a lot of money and effort and energy. a lot of callers have called in and have provided a phenomenal funding stream that is yet to be fully implemented. we will spend a lot of time rebuilding. thank you for highlighting this issue and thank you for your leadership. i look forward to working with you on what is a true crisis that we need to address. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. please add me as a cosponsor as well. >> noted. >> thank you. thank you so much. this resolution is important. not only that we celebrated, but we also put our resources in where our conversation lies. at the end of the day, we know
9:09 am
we have done a lot in this city around this area particularly to support our childcare providers who, quite frankly, a lot of them were utilized and not receiving the support that they need now that the pandemic is over. the same people who are out in the trenches. we also need to make sure that we figure out a way to fund these childcare providers and fund the subsidy. even if they don't necessarily share some of the same strategies as other providers. it may have more means or have been in a better position. supervisor stefani? thank you. i don't see anyone else in the rosters. this resolution is adopted unanimously.
9:10 am
madam clerk, do we have any imperative items. >> there are not to report, mr. president. >> please read the in memoriam. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals, on behalf of president walton, gladys marie harris and brenda hall lopez. on behalf of supervisor chan, for the late devon warner, on behalf of supervisor more, for the late alice gates, on behalf of supervisor peskin, for the late robert marques, and the former secretary of state, first woman to hold the post, madelyn albright. >> thank you, madam clerk. do we have any further business before us today? >> that concludes our business for today. >> not one of us can rest and be happy, be at home, be at peace
9:11 am
with ourselves until we end hatred and division. the late great congressman, john lewis. this meeting is adjourned. >> everything we do in the tenderloin, we urban outfit. here, this gives us an
9:12 am
opportunity to collaborate with other agencies and we become familiar with how other agencies operate and allow us to be more flexible and get better at what we depo in the line of work in this task. >> sometimes you go down and it's hard to get up. so we see ourselves as providing an opportunity for the unhoused to get up. and so i really believe that when they come here and they've said it, this right here is absolutely needed. you can't ask for nothing better. >> the tenderloin is the stuff that ain't on the list of remedies, liked the spiritual connection to recovery and why would i? why would i recover? what have i got to live for? things like that. and sharing the stories. like i was homeless and just the team. and some people need that extra connection on why they can change their life or how they could. >> we have a lot of guests that will come in and say i would like -- you know, i need help with shelter, food, and primary
9:13 am
care doctor. and so here, that's three rooms down the hall. so if you book them, they get all of their needs taken care of in one go. this is an opportunity for us here in the tenderloin to come together, try out these ideas to see if we can put -- get -- connect people to services in a
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> chair ronen: good morning. the budget and finance meeting will come to order. i amqp8