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tv   SFUSD Board Of Education  SFGTV  April 16, 2022 6:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> commissionering motamedi. >> here. >> commissioner sanchez. >> here. >> commissioner weissmann-ward. >> here >> president lam. >> here. >> student delegate lam. >> here. >> student delegate liang. >> thank you. good evening. welcome everyone to the burden
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of education meeting. to my fellow commissioners anduneified school district staff, thank you for all your dedication to sfu sd students. these are troying times i'm honored to be your colleague. to members of the public. thank you for your dedication to the district students we value your time and input it is our goal as board members to ensure sfu sd creates conscience for students to thrive. in the spirit, thank you for your partnership. >> i want to begin with a quick story. left week you may have heard that all 7 board commissioners received a fantastic training by national government expert aj crab. he lead us through work he leads the upon governor work for great city schools which sfu sd is a
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member. >> speaking for myself the training was excellent. and have in the experienced that as in that type of train nothing a long while. instead of the traditional sit and get the training it was more like a high level interactive lots of learnings and examining our own foundation as a school district. and really the work ahead that lies for us as a governing board. and i'm thrill body that work that will be embarking on. aj challenged us. pushed us to name our responsibilities as board member and how we will do this. and gave me excitement and hope that despite our difference as board members we agreed that we are here to improve student out come above all else. >> and despite the challenge in
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front of us we will talk about the challenges tonight i'm increaseingly hopeful andeen more committed and motivated that we have a -- and we will do everything in our power to improve the out come of each student. and with this, i want to acknowledge that it is an humanor to be able to serve, on this cool board with my colleague and we are on the right path. i like to introduce, thank you. before we get in general information i want to announce translation interpretation available >> closed captioning and american sign language translation service. will provide closed captioning and american sign language asl interpreter service throughout
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today's board meeting. live transportation https://www.. streamtext. net/clear? event will = sfu sd. or combshgs. tendees can use the q & a in the zoom to type their name and list the items on the boundary they would like to comment of the arc tendee need a functioning camera in order to community with the interpreter and board when it is the time to provide comment the zoom host will promost to panelist enable video a member may e mail comments with the agenda item identified in the comment to boardoffice by 2 a.m.
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the day of the meeting. if they don't not want to make comment during the board meeting. commencements will be read in the record. >> thank you. sorry. president lam we i will pull up the slide for translation. >> thank you. the interpretation service in spanish and cantonese dial the number and the id number. this will be in spanish and cantonese.
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[instructions in spanish] [instructions in cantonese. >> thank you. >> thank you. that concludes translation services >> thank you to the translation and interception tonight y. child care 5 to 9 p.m. ages 3 to 10 it is up stair on the third
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floor in the cafeteria and snacks will be provide. >> general information we have done through the interpretation and closed captioning. i want to note that for review should order of agenda tonight we will move h1, 2 and 3 until after the reports. followed by agenda item g1-9. and we will move on to consent after items h and g. >> acknowledgment. we the san francisco board of education acknowledge we are in the unseated and home land of the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula the stewards of this land in accordance with their tradition they have never seated, lost nor forgot their respondents the
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care takers of this land as well as for all people to reside in their traditional territory. as guests we recognize we benefit from living and working on their home land. we wish to pay respects by acknowledging then cestors, eldands relatives of the community and their rights as first peoples. >> i'm 2 approval of board minutes regular meeting of march 22, 22. ask for a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> any corrections? >> seeing 91. roll call. >> thank you president lam. student delegate lam. >> yes. >> student delegate liang >> commissioner alexander. >> yes. >> vice president boggess? >> yes.
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>> commissioner hsu. >> yes. >> commissioner motamedi. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> commissioner weissmann-ward. >> yes. >> president lam. >> yes. 7 aye's. >> thank you. >> at this time like to call about doctor math use for the superintendent's report. >> thank you, president lam. good evening board members. good evening members of the public. this is my report for the evening. good evening and thank you all for being here. very happy this evening to start off with bright spots. april first was professional appreciation day. honor paira professional educators. i want to take this opportunity to thank each one of our 2,000
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paira educators and substitute in san francisco unified. a round of applause. >> parais a prefix from the greek meaning side by side or beside. >> paraeducators family liaceons. noon monitors. security aids and teach are assistance who play a role to support our school communities. the positions rink from working in the class to monitoring the students during lunch to supporting the students and families. core value resonate with our parace they remain student center the. focused on students and goals. paraeducators fiercely support our students every day. unite the class rom and advocate for their students and most of
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our paraeducators come from the same communities our students call home. bringing the knowledge to support our diverse student population. join me in appreciating our arc mazing paraeducators every day. [applause] this months stan tran school districtonors les lian, gay, bisexual and no audio. members of our community and seven brating celebrating lbgtq pride month. pioneering ways to make schools welcoming for lbgtq students
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families. provide is celebrated by student groups like gender and sexuality alliances and q groups and hallways with boards and door decoration and in our classrooms with read arc loud books from the many queer transgender and intersex affirming titles on the library shelves and a district wide poster contest. we are holding virtual lbgtq + parent workshops and high school lbgtq + student congress. 555 franklin the transjustice art exhibitifiy together on the first floor. voices of students lead the way reminder to us that while the pandemic has been challenge and we return to in person we ascii can and are continuing to celebrate the pride of our
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students and community members. for more information about sfu sd provide and lbgtq student services visit https//www.. sfu sd. edu. bike and roller school week is april 18-22nd. time for students and around our city to celebrate getting around under your own power. on a bike, scooter, wheel chair or skate board it healthy, grown and fun. walking counts, too, for ways your school our community and students can participate check it out and exciting prizes at
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htpps//sfbike. org/bikenrollsf. >> san francisco masking guidelines are arc lined with local and state public health guidance. find information and asked questions on the district website. as of april second indoor masking is recommended. people may wear a mask or not. i ask we respect everyone's right to do so. >> finally, families who want to enroll child for the next school year can apply from now through may second 2022. this includes families now to sfu sd and families who prefer a different school assignment. to apply visit sfu sd. edu/enrecommend. we are excited announce more families applied this year than last and 88% applied for k, pre-k, 6 or 9 in the main round
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received one of their school choices. there is a school for every child in san francisco and we are excited welcome new families. president lam that endses my announcements. >> thank you, doctor math use. now student delegates liang and lam >> we like to give i recap of student council cabinet meeting from left night. we continued the planning for youth sum and i delegate race and joined from the pack when gave us an over view of the engagement process. close the enemyination form and getting red to appropriate a workshop for the correspondidates we have. and have our youth summit thursday, april 28, we will offer leadership workshops, speak and ares student delegate panel for all students. >> we are wrapping up title 9
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resolution. addressing sexual assault is a concern for students at our last council meeting we had may be discuss the effectiveness of implementations. this will include an audit of all health curriculum and programming in the district and increased trinning for all staff numbers. >> next. it is prom season. students representatives would like to announce that burton hosting prom this family through the looking glass. having not had proms in the last 2 years is good to see our students looking forward to enjoying ourselves at the events. and last low if you have questions feel free to e mail. and our next full meeting on april 18th at 6 p.m. and that is open to the public. thank you, president lam that
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concludes our student delegate report. >> thank you to our student delegates. number 5 recognition and resolutions of accommendation. recognizing all valuable employees awards there are no raves tonight. >> we will move to agenda item c, public comment. like to recall the protocol. note that public comment is an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdictions. ask you refrain from using employees and student names if you have a complaint about an employee submit it to the employee supervisors coordinators with district policy. >> board rules and california law don't allow us to answer questions. if promote the superintendent will ask this staff follow up
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with speakers. >> we'll open up public upon comment for sf unified students. and we will hear from students who wish to speak on any matter. students have up to 2 minutes to speak unless otherwise indicated and we have allocated 15 minutes. for students. >> and they may speak at any other public time later in the agenda. so our first speaker is going to be tianna. [applause] followed by ema. [applause] kyley ellis.
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and zita lannington. once they speak i will call up the following 2 students.gton. once they speak i will call up the following 2 students.gton. once they speak i will call up the following 2 students.gton. once they speak i will call up the following 2 students. >> good evening san francisco district i'm in the fifth grade at doctor william cob elementary. i wanted talk to the school board about our need for more black and brown teachers. black and brown teachers are accepted to schools but getting pink slipped. somewhere getting less moncompetence resources and most rich schools are not. this is not fair. lastly support teacher committed to helpingly kids is losing her position at cob the district
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says t helped us enough but we nooet need teachers they help us with reading, writing and math. let us keep all our teachers. [applause] >> i'm is ema and i want the teacher to be here. don't want the teacher to leave. i want them to stay. please don't leave us. i want all the teacher to stay. i don't want them to be fired. they other best teachers and they are very kinds. please don't leave the teachers. [applause] >> >> good evening you heard my
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voice before am i'm zit era i'm in fourth grade at doctor william cob elementary school. i come to discuss [inaudible] the first issue is that we are going to lose from of our support staff and this is happening we are moved from tee 3 to 2. if our parents choose decline to stay when asked about race that is their right. don't pass. speak of race had is the second issue i wanted to discuss. this problem has been going on for generations people of all shades shamed for their color. people like the school district sfu sd have been trying to open up jobs for people of color. boy doing that they are making other people lose jobs. why are you pink slipping our
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teachers. you say you don't have the money you can find it from somewhere else not from school catharsis struggling this it is a bad decision. other people in my school grade make the right decision. here is my e mail. zitalangto. e mail me to make education better. [applause] next speaker is -- mary gillary. ashley langton and liam williams.
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>> mary? ashley you go the next in general public comment. [applause] hi. my name is -- hi. my name is liam and i go to cob elementary. and [inaudible] and i go to cob elementary and please do not i'm gog read my speech because you should not take our teachers away. please don't take our teachers away and the teachers help us when we are hurt. and the teachers love us. would you like it if your
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teacher if your teacher was taken away? no. [applause]. >> i'm speak on behalf of a student they could not make it tonight. i'm ashley i'm a parent. >> i will have you speak in general comment. >> thank you. >> do we have student speakers for nonagenda items? online? virtually? >> yes, we do. you want to call on item. how long for the students to
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speak on zoom? how many minutes are we within the 15 allocated we have 9 minutes left. >> how many there are 6 hands now. we will take all 6, please. upon bhont each please. if you are upon a restaurant and care to give public comment raise your hand and i am call on you you will have a minute. >> good evening school board and superintendents. i'm from doctor william well cob all my teachers are the best and should in the take them away. they work hard to types. please, don't fire our teachers my school is amazing.
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[applause] thank you. >> xavier. >> good evening heim javier i'm a third grader at women cob i'm speak burglar our teachers. every year we seem to on a budget ferris wheel we go up and down constrant low and fear of losing our teachers we are so in danger of losing one offer teachers of color and losing funding for our support teachers. we need the ferris wheel to stop and need all our teachers to stay here at cob. >> thank you. [applause]. >> i'm eyea and i'm a senior at valley oak high school. i have been a part of sfu.
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[inaudible] >>ef hi. i'm eyea and a senior at high school i have been a part of sfu sd my life and i wanted talk about make [inaudible] i said sfu sd has almost every minority group i'm disappointed we had a tw day hell day for chinese holiday and a few weeks for christmas and chanukkah. everyier i had to miss a day of school and i then and there minot seem like a big deal is when i go back the next day knowing i missed an assignment and a test t. is a big deal when you celebrate with my family but i'm in the restaurant typing my
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esa. finals week and pressuring students to skip the hell day. over all my upon community does in the feel represent exclude i'm disappointed. >> thank you. >> thank you. k xc45. hi. i'm mrs. karla i'm the site coordinator >> sorry to cut you off this it is hearing from students. i was trying to mention a student we have here is here next to me. >> [inaudible] teachers will you support us. when we [inaudible] that was
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donny. donovan i need to promote to you panelist in order for to you speak i'm promoting you to panelist now. combro good evening superintendent matthews and burden member i'm donovan. we have noticed one of our teachers color has a layoff notice. we know we may not have this teacher. we know you are trying to hire black and brown teachers [inaudible] does in the make sense to take them away. we have often noticed one of the
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sfpt teachers has also been told their position will not be funded by district. to support teachers help us so much with math, reading and writing. please save our teachers, we need them. [applause]. thank you. why i need to promote to you panelist to speak i'm promoting you your camera will show once i promote you. >> good evening doctor math use and board meeting i'm tyra i'm in fifth grade. upon today i'm here to talk about a serious issue. laying off our resources. it affects the teachers we get a lot of help from them. teachers give help with teaching skills, reading, writing and
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substitute teachers if they are sick. not only they affect teachers they affect the students. the resource teachers help us feel like we belong and help with writing, reading, math and physical education. if we lose the people how will we get a great sxejz have an exciting future. >> what you want students learn and be smart for when we grow up. for all the reasons i have given i hope you think about the situation approximate change your mind. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. president almost this concludes public comment from students. >> thank you very much to our students. providing public comment. at this time i like to -- open up for public comment.
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nonagenda items zoe 17 speakers. i will call the speakers up and youville i minute each. step up and define my understanding teach nothing person and addressing emotional needs and academics the educators hold our student to the highest standards and give them support to rise to potential. leadership schools teaching them empathand he voices matter they matter. together we are fighting to dismanual the white supremacy why do we have to fight for our
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jobs in the wealthiest city why do our kid pay fur our failed bureaucratic systems. our board machine who is believe in the power of education [inaudible] back packs [inaudible] you made your way to school may be looking for a favorite teacher who made an impactow. 97 student influence and i see the power how will you use it? you mentioned someone else before me. we are -- okay. good evening. doctor william cob community.
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a teacher of color received a lay off notice. >> circumstance teacherers helped our community e menstrual low quickly understood that cob students are all of our responsibility. takes all of the students like a mom guess out of her way to mick sure students feel loved and scene. doctor cob on paper is 58.6% african-american. number is higher. many of our families chos to decline to stay as they have a right to do. >> students node to see teachers who look like them. >> do i stop. thank you. buffer go -- on am i good to go?
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hi i'm solve why jones and i'm here to ask the board to reconsidering to laying off our circumstance teacher misty. this school year was her first and the impact she made on our students, family and staff would make you think she has been her longer she is a phenomenonal teach are created a vigorous learning environment. and one of the only black teachers at our school where students and families are predominant low back i can't tell you how much that means to our families. she means the worried to the students that have not even had her as a teach every because representation matters and
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essential at cob. students were devastated to learn we may use her they wanted protest this in hopes to create change our schoolworks to foster change makers that fight for what is write. letters from students that you reconsider her layoff. [applause]. >> power to the students. >> hello i'm katie i'm the fifth grade teacher. what you are doing to our school is in the only deplorable but irresponsible i will let my colleagues peek on that. doctor william elementary is named after the first african-american principal to serve in san francisco it it is a beacon in the community and does not appreciate the charm or
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value our community has deep rots and the accomplice they come become to for commitment to excellence. sfu sd should use cob as a model and helping enrollment we created a task force in the pandemic to educate and support our families and staff. before they implemented the model we helped to interrupt and dismanual systems and structures. a group to support our teachers, kids and families of confirm i have marine bibuildings. if we fill they will never reach their goals not because we can't but because we pushed them down. our community has been underwent rated and pushed down for years help support our community and the schools with deep community roots.
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i'm speaking on behalf of ron del louis. dear school board i'm a studenta doctor william limp cob. i think it is unfair to pay so many add administrator who is get paid 2 times more than teachers when teachers are taken from school cites. i know of other school districts that are our size with few are district add administrators. i strong low believe you should reconsider your decision to keep stow many add administrators. than you will be able to use that money to make better schools and students have an easier time learn and thriving. >> thank you. >> good evening i'm reading on behalf of kyley a 40 grader.
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>> i heard one of our teachers have a layoff notice. teacher is black. if the district is trying to recruit more black and brown teachers that makes no sense to take away teachers of color buzz we don't have the money we are the richest of cities in the world. we should make a better decision when they include black and brown teachers rethink this put it to perspective. say you are in the fourth grade xu found out during class that 3 got layoffs would you feel sad and angry? why are you doing it to us. think about it saving teachers of color and the willing students stay to get the resources makes the most sense. loaf our resources alone. thank you. >> carly i need a translate.
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good evening. everyone.
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i'm sindzy le i'm a pirnt from mlk and i have a comment about subtransacting our budget. so in our school and -- most of the school i think -- people with i ap is only about 20% and mlk is twenty-four percent i wonder why the board will cut our budget of i think that is all of my comments.
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>> irene if mlk. suzanne kwan from mlk. katie diaz and sandra young. go ahead.
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>> go ahead. why good eviling i'm a parent from mlk. tonight my goal is to ask the board of education why is -- is our enrollment going down every year mlk was something now today
6:44 am
and 407 students. you are make thanksgiving effort excuse that to -- to subtract our budget i would like to finish there is a reason. why is the school with the same enroll am number not have a lower budget for mlk it is like aier after than the other. hold on. do you have an opinion for the school and the students? do you would you like to e lim nit a school? if -- this was a -- discrimination and bullying.
6:45 am
if -- so this is -- unfair and not right. we will fight this to the end. and i would like to ask everyone in our left board of education meeting our school -- schools opinion what was not -- read in the board of education. does this mean it -- that show you are -- like you are attitudes for our school. we the reason why the -- are common in chinese because we did not know english. now you think of every reasons to minus our school budgets. so if there is a purpose of
6:46 am
this? thank you. [applause] >> hi.
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thank you. i'm one of the parents from last week, you wrote an all right to board of education. you did not read it out loud. i oppose and lowering our school budget our school has good leadership and good teacher and but the board of education troy to lower the budgets for at least like thousands of dollars. and it is are you -- limit trying to e eliminate our school this is not fair for stounts that is discrimination. thank you. i'm am hadey diaz i'm i work for the d. technology the students group. we were told our group would be
6:48 am
company i'm against this action the group provides for all department and families fills the gap for those accomplices that don't have on site help. prosecute void assistance to teachers and students in all departments. sfu sd staff relies on the student group to support the grade book and teacher view and transcripts and report cards the service the department of technology demonstrated throughout the pandemic was incredible we worked all hours to support teachers. not one staff member asked for over time nor asked. we stepped upon. i asked the school board to not layoff the students group we stepped up for you, please, step up for us. [applause]. president lam that concludes the oshg lotted time for general public comment.
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can i speak? we are extended to the 6 yellow cards for the section, please. >> hi. i'm [inaudible] i work at doctor william cob and speaking on behalf of my students sir dominic taylor. he said, please don't take our teachers. away. my teachers help me learn and i love them. and just a little comment. about what i want you to think about all the generation that will be affected boy this cut. because when they will in the be able to reach their droll we will be the cause for it. thank you.
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>> ashley and amber. erin. and rich miller. >> hi i'm ash low i'm a parent that doctor william cob. i'm speaking on behalf of a fifth grade student that guess there. there are 3 tiers the support staff from throw should be kept. because when they get pink slipped the kids get affected in an emotional way. why did the district need so many add administrator when is they run with few are add administrators and are fine. the district pace too much
6:51 am
money. will oom amber a science teach 30 is my fourth year teaching at the school and every year well is talk of budget cuts. in addition, this year as hopfully you are aware teachers getting paid how they are supposed to. up to tens of thousands they did in the owe. my question to you in addition to the budget us and messing with teacher's paychecks and tax returns are you trying to scare people out of the district? that's what it looks like.
6:52 am
good evening. thank you for take the time. i'm a san francisco native and dedicated teacher this is my 17th year i serve as a high school representative the past 2 years the most challenging experience of my career it has been made more difficult boy the unprofessional and negligent mishandling of the payroll system. this system result in the an robber on my tax and 13th check. result is of 5, 300 taxable for the year 2021. i don't know how on a teacheral row i will pay this year's taxes. next we're i will be in the same situation owing tax in 2023 for
6:53 am
the taxable year for 22. it is cause and will continue to cause next year hardship for mow and family and union temperature is hard to comp henldz a dedicated educator how this can occur. let us not for get who we serve. let me they this is your mistake. do the right thing. hold management responsible. let me condition to teach. thank you.
6:54 am
good evening i'm richard a teacher at cob. before i start i would like to give a shout out to our arc mazing cox students who showed bravery -- so much bravery in standing up for what they [inaudible]. you are the inspiration. it is students like that that we should be add have indicating for. and so thank you. i would like to quick low speak on behalf of 2 colleagues who are so dedicate exclude so passionate about when they dom for our school. and00 autofirst of which can be teach are at our school -- a teacher of color. she supports her student in ways that are so incredible. her families are constant low talking about how much her students learned from her.
6:55 am
and so our cob students tonight -- [inaudible]. if san front unified is truly all about embric and bringing in teachers of color? then -- the district needs to do a job of keeping those teachers. when message are we sending if we look to bring in the teachers and we are ready to disguard them based on budget cuts the other card i would like to speak about -- because we have been switch friday tier 3 to 2 school. this card in danger of losing her job. our school would suffer without this -- i mentiond and the reason why -- thank you.
6:56 am
i will call the next grouping this will be the -- conclude our nonagenda items for public comment. and al mary. nora. [inaudible] julie robots fong. >> you have a minute each. >> good evening member of the board of education i'm a member of the arab resource organizing center and born and raised in san francisco. i want to recognize we are here because of the resolution i want to name all of us here are fasting this is an important issue we decided to come and
6:57 am
thank you for allowing us to speak. i want to let the board know it is arab heritage and so recognition of would help in recognizing our culture as a whole and not e mitting the holiday and ceremonies. tonight we urge you to amend it to include our holidays for the next school year one of them falls on the school year and impelement both for the remaining school year. the human right's commission pass third degree left year they saw this as an equity issue. san front funified needs to see this. thank you. >> i'm noah and i'm here translating for a community member.
6:58 am
i would like support in getting translation. translation. translation. i want young people and high school students to have our holiday as an official holiday. thank you. i would like to speak. i'm nor at youth coordinator. with resource organizing center. and i have talked to arc legality of youth i w with youth. i have talked to youth high school youth muslim youth. muslim and arab. arab moms and the response i got from everyone that i talked to is that yes, please. we need this holiday.
6:59 am
of the noted only they support it but expect everyone to support this. as an immigrant i say that it means a lot to us to all of us to be feel seen and heard and sfu sd. imagine as a student walking in and not having to explain whatied is and greeted by your teacher who says happyied. we need this as an official holiday and expect this to be on the calendar for next year and have this as an agenda item. i fully support the teachers here and stand with the teachers. thank you. >> residents of san front. coming when we heard about the
7:00 am
issue and -- having the holiday for our holiday. we were excited as parents we suffered so many holidays with our kids who are ours the parents in the school. you in we are -- fighting for us to -- fighting together in the agenda. we at least getting the agenda gives respect to our muslim and community here. and we are recognizing our holidays as any holiday we respect with -- any other faith. so, we would like you as -- discuss temperature see what come out of it and we are not asking a lot or asking something that is impossible. please. help us to get in the agenda and also please, save the teachers from this.
7:01 am
we know how much they it means to them. thank you. [applause]. >> mii'm haj a caseworker. we are in ramadan the most spiritual time terror the arab community. i worked with families struggling to make ends's meat. every muslim had came up in school system arc tests to the difficulties than i face during this time long days without food. unsympathetic add administrators and skeptical pierce and the end come ed cell brits our month of fasting we are asking to add a resolution rescue to your agenda arc sap for impelementation next
7:02 am
wore our families are relying to you recognize our tradition and hell days it guess beyond prayer it is surviv for our community. arabs and muslims mit hit by trump immigration policies and supports the teachers. thank you. >> hello i'm dima i was along with thes folks that spoke left week and this is a second meeting we have come to asking to be added to the agenda. this meeting is occurring during the month of ramadan and many of us are firefightering we have another hour and a half before we eat. we have gone all day without water and food recognizing this with the youth and the staff in schools that are fasting. and -- we are chosen to be here to uplift our voice this is resolution is important to yous
7:03 am
and our communities. having more recognition of muslim holidays make it easy for our upon community to fast and participate in city and school meetings like this one and having it more than a day off or a day to cell brit with family its it is a day to celebrate with an sfu sd and spread knowledge. questions like you are not drinking water all day or not eating all day and we stand with the teachers. [applause]. i'm julie fong and asking you it amend the cal defer. changes are made tonight to celebrate june teeth which is terrific i ask you to stop the lives of black teachers at cob.
7:04 am
it trouble this edis block friday the agenda. it is troubling also that public comment and times are more limited. and this in person comment is prioritized over virtual. people should get equal time. and i know there are people witting at home to speak while firefightering. onliling to the zoom that work system on board docks keep the one more accessible. thank you. thank you to our public comment we close public comment for nonagenda items.
7:05 am
we will move into advisory report and appointments. first is the parent add rise real council. like to call on michelle. i want it clarify there is no online call in for general public upon comment y. no the speeded our public comment in person y. thank you. >> good evening president lam and commissioners, student del gifts and superintendent, staff and members of the public. i'm michelle and i'm the coordinator for the parent council to the san francisco board of education. i'm joined by sfu sd parent and advocate who is a professional background in law and public health.
7:06 am
the role of the pack is represent parents to inform board of education policy discussions and decision this is our report for the april 12, 2022 board meeting. begin with celebrations. touch on issues, prosecute void a recap of pack meeting and conclude with information on upcoming parent engage am opportunity including our next pack meeting. were >> thanks. >> april is sfu sd provide among and the pack had the honor supporting kena wood lbgtq student support services coordinator and supporting i one-on-one workshop in spanish, english and chinese the goal was to provide information to families and others about kwoer identities and terms to clear up confusion and lead to more understanding and acceptance of
7:07 am
queer youth. >> youth who feel understood, accepted and supported the home are 8 times less likely to attempt suicide. exude me. if you need to exit please exit quiet low and be respectful to our parent pack i will give 30 seconds to get adjustd and if they are leaving the room leave in a quiet manner. i kindly ask if you quick low to be respectful to the presenters at this time.
7:08 am
i'm. upon you foal understand, accepted and and wanted at home are 8 times less likely to attempt suicide. educate ourselves with when they need to tloif. workshops were recordd and will be a part of a library of resources available to students, families and educators. a big shout out to kena and the services division who made this happen y. more information on sfu sd lbgtq services on sfu sd. edu/lbgtq. yet pack is concerned our address with universal masking and continues supports for on line learning was ignored.
7:09 am
we encourage the board to review our last report. and we appreciate president lam reaching out to let us know the board is clearing ways for us to engage in productef dialogue on issues raised now and in the future. >> april 6. 2022 the chronicle report third degree san francisco has the highest covid rate of any count in california. universal masking is needed to protect those vulnerable and needs to be strong low encourages. if masks are required at public meetings as it says -- attending a public meeting in a facility is required wir a mask regardless of ridiculousination status. why not at schools? where we know not all the children are vaccines.why not a?
7:10 am
where we know not all the children are vaccines.status. why not at schools? where we know not all the children are vaccines. >> the needs of family who is volunteer on the group were not taken seriously when the board of education voted return to in person meeting in mid march rather then and there waiting until the end when the governor state of emergency was set to expire in debate by the board the regular meetings were krrdz despite public comment that may highlighted the impact on councils and committees. this has left us scramling to scour space and line up what is necessary on ensure families can easily and participate in meetings lead to the cancellation. staff has been helpful. we feelup heard and unappreciated by board commissioners. we request that are advocate for changes currently in discussion
7:11 am
at the state level. with update the brown act to allow for committee members to participate remote without disclosing their location in this indicates of the roll tear members would money their home. the pack would like to express support with the educators and staph at sfu sd paychecks and continue to be processed improper level. we had to fight in order to be paid proper low and suffered needless stress and financial hardship. these other people who despite the obstacles work to educate and support our children. and they deserve better. we appreciate the apology issued by chief of technology april seck, 2022 budget and services committee meeting. along with her will commitments going forked. we are very concerns about
7:12 am
reports this problems persist and milose edkirts to the district do you to the issue especially a time when it is challenge to find and retain teachers to staff our class roms and schools. >> the pack held our april meet thanksgiving past thursday. this is the first in person mote nothing 2 years. when we move to on line due to the pandemic. for some members it was the first time we met face-to-face and while there were many logistics to work out we enjoyed it. the peculiar would like to give a thank you to facility's manager christian martinez for scouring a meeting space. including park and recommend for childcare. and to chief of staff jill who helped support our space and technology needs. during our meeting, we discussed concerns from families we feel
7:13 am
not addressed by district including the changes to masking policies and look of information and consideration from the district regarding different practice and celebrations. during public comment a parent and teacher shared there are concerns in her school community about the halting of the equity audit and action planning meeting and the cuts to k and first grade classes at her school site. >> we condition to hear from female family about the mode for hybrid meeting options. there are barriers for all families participate in virtual meetings being able to log on or deny is the only way they can participate. as it is in the feasible for them to be present in person. for a variety of factors. one of the factors is timing and we have been asked if the board of education has plans to return
7:14 am
to the 6 p.m. start time in this is also i challenge for peculiar members who have jobd and mead to pick up children. and if no one else from the peculiar is visible to present the this meeting. >> the majority of our april meeting focused on the local control plan. we reviewed how it connected to school funding with know update on the status of actions related to the plan and when we will ask families and other educational part norse reflect and provide feedback in events how they seat showing up or not. at their children's school and when they do is top priorities for the coming year if you are interested in learning more and prosecute voiding input attend an engage am even michelle will prosecute void information on. >> thank you, the l cap is the district's version of the school
7:15 am
plans student achievement. which each school site council is responsible for completing the school's plan how tell pendy montegets the l cap is the district's plan how tell spend from the state to support student success. within that there is i focus on students who are low income. those learning english in,dition to home language and those in foster care. we have other populations of stounts to require additional supports. these other categories out lines in the requirements. if you are interested in learning more and would like to provide input plan on attending a community engage am event the next mont or so. this afternoon members of the well cap task force presented the youth service programs
7:16 am
executive add sunrise row council. members provided feedback on haservices are work to support the success of foster youth students and when they would like to see going forward. yesterday evening i presented to the student advisory council board and had a nice conversation how to move that worked for to a large are group of students. within firmed engage am events including a meeting of the district english learners. 4. . 30 p.m. on wednesday. this meeting will be conductod line with spanish and chinese. and there will be break out roms by language to facilitate discussion and capture feedback from parents of students who is have an ell or english language learn student, on line and in person everyones in different parts of town are confirmed and
7:17 am
details will be communicated. information sent out to various sfu sd channel and many of the ways our families currently get information. and we will be posted on the website including on the l cap and web pages. >> the pack's next general meeting is thursday may 126 to 8 p.m. in person. peculiar meetings are open to the public and all are welcome. we encourage anyone interested to join us. meeting are conduct in the english, translation provided with notice. guests comed commissioner motamedi. diane. and staph wing on the stount assignment system to provide an update. we will review what we heard in the engage am help to inform the joint recommendations to the
7:18 am
board of education later in may. why we hope to continue to use the space on the lower level of 727 golden gate avenue. it can be challenging for pirntss to get there on time to commute traffic the location allows to yous have space for us to mote as well as seating for members of the public long with access to restrooms and a rom for childcare and important park. thank you to everyone who helped make this location accessible to us. pack is recruiting new members. if you are curious about it like to see what it is like or have question what is it means to be a pack member reach out to us i would like to appreciate the student hos came out this evening to speak and if the
7:19 am
folks eligible if you are i pinch and want to be on the pack help us out. meeting information on sfu sd. edu agenda location and information is 72 hours prior to the meeting if you mean are interested in attending, would like to partner with the panning or have questions about this report or our work in general. condition tact us pac @sfu sd. this concludes our report and welcome your questions. like to open it up to my clothes for clarifying discussion. >> hi. thank you for being here. i wanted to make 2 quick points one -- i -- really appreciate where are acknowledgment of the
7:20 am
teach and ares the folk who is have come and i also irrelevant appreciate your i want to eli have your thanks to the staff. i hear the frustrations on the spacing and timing. i want to focus on who you did appreciate the staff and i think too often we are in the dog this that is a collective all of us. i wanted to say, thank you. >> >> thank you, thank you so much, my question is it staff. are there conversations or where are the space helping with the council around covid safety precautions and the step this is we have taken or taking next. i am interested in the dialogue available or exchange with the committee based off the last 2 reports. if you want to share your experiences.
7:21 am
why i'm help to peek to that. chief. communication with the advisories, sharing and answering questions we have about what the protocols are and build a list of space we can use for meetings and things like tha employmented hear from -- [inaudible]. [inaudible] i would really be interested in figure out how we have conversations that are about will the successfulness of when we implement in the schools and how families are feeling. i guess more than answering questions about what the policies are but how are they being implement exclude wlo we foal they are effective. i think, too how we can be
7:22 am
more available to you and the other committees. you can direct that to us as well to figure out how to support and mick sure our goals are being fully implemented at the site level. >> thank you. i like to open up for public comment i have arc a lita fisher. >> first of all -- a lita fishe. >> first of all -- a lita fishe. >> first of all -- a lita fishe. >> first of all --a lita fisher. >> first of all --lita fisher. >> first of all -- there we go. no audio. the committee appreciates the work of the pack we are grateful for the motor vehicling and we support many members and masks are our first line of defense. second line are vehicle eens.
7:23 am
the avisory spapgzum. being able to virtually host meetings improved parent enengagement. forced become to in person is a burden for some of our families the cac we are luck tow meet for support for families with disabilities. however their childcare providers need a certain level of cert sxifkz it limited partnered during the pandemic. we don't have childcare now. we got all the extra things to figure out. we are working on it. but virtual would be better for so many families. we have a legislative sharing day coming up we are advocating to changes for the brown act. also mashell thank you for the wure doing.
7:24 am
wo have people working on this in the past not just one person. we node more staff if we want to deal with the accountability measure and accountable. we need more standpoint. staff. we will steak public comment virtually. one minute each. up to we had -- up to 7 minutes. >> at this time we will hear public comment on the parent council report. please, raise where you are hundred if you care to peek to this. we will have a total of 7 admissibility and each speaker has a minute to speak can we have a repeat in the spanish and chinese.each speaker has a minu
7:25 am
speak can we have a repeat in and each speaker has a minute to speak can we have a repeat in the spanish and chinese.members minute to speak can we have a repeat in the spanish and chinese. thank you. >> i want speak about teachers using the, n, word. no i'm sorry the advisory council report this was shared. >> okay. great report i appreciate you all. >> thank you, tony. mary.
7:26 am
>> good evening i'm mary i echo what tony was sharing i want today say thank you for the presentation. i did want to uplift the concern around the, n, word used at the schools i than is something the pack will lift up. wanted thank them for their w and give more time to folks to speak from virtual settings to the board. >> thank you. [inaudible]. fox was trying for public comment virtual. second is i want to highlight advocate and the brown act changed. legislatively. i'm a [inaudible] member and [inaudible] i have to be careful, and i suffer from chronic pin and i'm a single parent. there are limits. i want to participate.
7:27 am
why the brown act is a member i could be excused. but i cannot vote. i can't do both unless i go in personful that is why it is important it support temperature please support hybrid options including committees, budget committees, et cetera . i appreciate hayou have done but continue to work. the left thing is i'm hoping that there is diawilling with those that are immune compromised. family and students at some point. [inaudible] and as the surge unfolds. grateful for this and i wanted to thank the pack for yo work there is in childcare. every committee is doing the w to the best their ability.
7:28 am
[inaudible] to answer your questions. [inaudible]. the work needs to continue. thank you very much. why thank you. >> thank you very much. i wanted to thank you for allowing the virtual participate to speak. and i00 oop to thank michelle to going out there to represent the pac and i want to be there however, you know my timing wise it it is i can't. and for left pac meeting of the first in person meeting everyone tried so hard to be in person. however temperature it is a good group of all working parents and by the time i have my child pick up -- it is about 7 p.m. when i get there and my child he is
7:29 am
special. he has special need and we troy to coordinate and michelle has been doing great. we try but he end up not eating anything until we got home at -- i want to let you know it is a challenge and please provide hybrid option for all. thank you. >> thank you. tom. >> i want to echo the pact ask about the comment. and so when had is both tell be nice to uplift that -- we want more participation when we shut it off we are saying a big f to the people who are on there. the other sthing i could not get on to the zoom for first half-hour exit had to scramble
7:30 am
and figure it out. it was not peeved. police. who it is i don't know who is in charge i missed the big portion of the meeting and i'm sure a lot had trouble, too. thank you. call are 8573 ending in 8753. yvette. hi. i want today call in. i want to thank the p, c and for the w you do. i want it learn more and wanderful begin tht callers mentioned they get difficult to be virtual and not have time to
7:31 am
speak but i like to learn more about the engage am with all families. there are a lot of reports as a mother of 2 i never received an engagement outside had i hear at the meeting. i like to know what they are dog to engage more families other than the neap sit on the pac and just encourage the. -- an opportunity to irrelevant do offensive work in this way. i would love to also find out more information about how to attends it has been difficult to find out which meetings are virtual and which are in person. the pak pac can make efforts there tell be welcomed. >> thank you. pac can make effo tell be welcomed. >> thank you.pac can make effor tell be welcomed. >> thank you.
7:32 am
>> josephine. hi. board members thank you for being there. pac wonderful thank you for supporting families. i agree that the prebl cope the remote option public so we can town in and listen if and participate. i will also support you know having mask mandate. at schools adults at school should wear mask and like to ask p, cs considering having public comment in the first and left hour its is heard it wit 2-1/2 hours to participate in public comment. i think you are dog great and also i than working on the chinese council resolution.
7:33 am
that will come to some day. thank you y. thank you. >> that concludes public comment for this item. >> thank you, so much. any final questions? for pac? thank you, gwen for your presentation tonight. go ahead. >> sorry. i'm sorry, michelle. >> you hear me. >> hi i was clare. i was no audio. where hi. i just i want it thank you for the l. i served on the task force and proernlt the w and wanted to understand and look forward it joining the next meeting can you talk about the well cap
7:34 am
xroesz what is presented for input. if there is specific goals or actions or parts of implementation. >> absolutely. thank you. commissioner, excuse me. so -- with the l cap this year the engage am events we are starting off a background. we have give some of our folk this is come actually most of the students on the executive change they anyhow hait was. that's a high percentage to most of the events we hold. start off with basic information. why you should care about it. how it is connected to school site funding and look at the w that has been done in especially the left year. looking at the things that were highlight in the previous years and recommendations from the joints add sunrise rows that were implement exclude staff did
7:35 am
a middier review of the actions and the l cap related to them and eli haved things that they republican them through a filter what was implemented with to what level of fidelity. you know what quality all the fact sxors came up with -- things that were successful. we pauled some examples out and asking folks to take a look at the examples and tell us if than i have seen that in their kid's school or in the students are seeing it. and then we will be asking folks to look at the list of things that are eli haved for prirt for the coming year. based on that process and asking folks to say what do you think out of this are the most important things and asking what else?
7:36 am
>> and currently like i said we met the students and than i will do i broader out reach event and -- we are look to do in person events. probably about 3 of them. potential low to do one in around china town one more mid town and one in the southeast. and -- then we are look to do a district ouied online event. and specific events for example, wing with community partners and -- parents of public schools. thank you very much for all of that and i did want to ask sorry next time i will check in with you before.
7:37 am
have you had an opportunity to see the draft. i have not locked at it. of are there ways that -- the pac and your advisory work can be supported around it to bolster that w. why in the long run, our district needs a coordinator. i'm not that person i'm not even a district employee. and i don't have the teeth. when it come to certain things. we need someone had hold this is
7:38 am
w complete low and others responsible and is in the stretched with verse things that like i am. i'm a 30 hour a week position and my prior is the pac. for us -- or help us get the fizzical space condition firm exclude anybody when wants to show up and help out and support will be helpful. thank you. thank you for the presentation from the p, c as well. at this time i like to call you have a report from the district english learners committee.
7:39 am
and numbers. welcome and thank you very much. >> good evening. new commissioners, congratulations. stount delegates i'm daniel and i'm the family education specialist. with the multiling waldepartment. my role is moving from
7:40 am
compliance and commitment and services around ecinnerlearn are add visary committee. i worked with leaders you see her. also state identified ell's. as the state and federal >> reporter: each california public school with 21 or more english learnys must form an english learn are committee. and each california public school district with 51 or more
7:41 am
learners must form the district levels out of the committee or the d look. the promotion of effective and fortunate education for cull rolly diverse students includes w to support families throughout e look with the development and understanding this if the student is identified as a bilingual student it should be celebrated. >> there are so many more. if you are looking at the slide this is is the way we prosecuteject for the district add sunrise row we try to keep the english on the far left and chinese in the middle and xorge blue through the slide so you
7:42 am
will notice that. this highlight whatted our families face prior to the times and the mead why consistent low provide aid contrary narrative of the city, schools and arc mazing people. the d look would like to acknowledge and cell brit all of the arc mazing teachers and staff that our school sites and highlight the hard work and dedication. and including the student and family services division for their on going w to support mental healing programs. nutrition serves. the department of technology team. curriculum and instruction and multilingual 63 languages in our
7:43 am
school district. that's the 99ing slide. thank you. >> that is the one i was referring to. do you like practicals include work this began in summer 2019 the consent decree to the new mast are plan for english learners. members are members of the el
7:44 am
planned lead are help warning with consultants and key stake holders to help with the new development of the master plan for english learner. work with the joint advisory coalition representing families in the san francisco district and including the african-american parent board council. community add rise real committee for special education, native and pacific islander advisory council. parent advisory council and staff reporting foster youth, migrant family. native family and queer transcouncil, work to elevate family voice and partnership vital and linked to higher student acdem, achieve am and w to ensure it is part of practice in every corner of our district's being.
7:45 am
now i will hand it over to my colleague and friend, maggie. >> thank you. next. i'm mag competence i'm the e well family engage. liaison for the chinese community. i'm a member of the multilingual path way department. peers to represent the underrepresented voice for e merging learners. and their families the board members with leaders and suri haves and questions this facilitate more meaningful learning regarding the effectiveness and impelementation of program and services for english learner services at the sites and
7:46 am
capture e merging themes and reflected on the final report of the recommendation there are represents share with you this evening. thank you for your time and look forward to our collaboration in support of bilingual learners. as a measure. representatives we question a formal response to our recommendation in a time low manner. next slide, please. so -- as you see those are board members. so like to express our gratitude. thereulateling walstudentses and families and now we are first
7:47 am
recommendation and [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you maggie and daniel. good evening i'm ana and i'm the lecture. i have 2 children at danual webster. i want to say a thank you to president lopez for the support, love and dedication in our community i appreciate her and commissioner collins. and i hope that you all read the stount's letters i do. our kids voices matter this is why you are here today. why i became involve when i was a kid my mother was not informd and men did in the understand how the education wed. i was a 10 year old advocating for tutor and support.
7:48 am
in 10th grid i remember i did in the know about rewhichesification press and i was receiving eod classes i believed i met the crip tear why in the 11th grade. i know this if my mom had all the information and understood the importance of this press my mom would have push depend advocates for more resources and opportunity for her children this is why i want to respiratory the voice of our families and english language learn are city councils the first is important. buzz we talk to parents from other schools they don't know what it is or how it is run. they don't have an opportunity to share voices. we know there are arc legality of new principal and staff in the district each year and they don't know about the lus to run the committee. i had childrens moiz when my daughter was in circumstance and asked, how can i help my
7:49 am
daughter? the teach are answered fwheen it means this is your own teachers not knowing the process that our students go with i'm a paraphernalia i was informed how can that be allowed. this is why they recommend professional development for all site leaders. and requirements to ensure development come pliance and sustain ability. professional develop. should be completed prior to the start of the school year. allicides training mod yowls developments on community schools coordinated and eod teachers. topics should include cd e
7:50 am
required families. and english language proficiency assess am of california. and designated and intgritted english development. planned development for instruction. interpretation and translation >> reporter:s and use for uplifting the multilingualism of students, family and staff. the per inship to develop trust. strength and give families agency over the children out come. next slide, please. were thank you.
7:51 am
>> i'm yin i have 2 children who attends in garden [inaudible] my daughter is small in kindergarten and i son in 12th grade. i want to [inaudible] i [inaudible] submit recommendation and give add voice to the better education [inaudible]. possible town to serve our english learners.
7:52 am
increase language ability and learning outcome. the following recommendation is important the pandemic had i major impact on all students and families. e approximately in bilingual
7:53 am
learners. education was a challenge for and instruction was in the prioritized. [inaudible] learners behind the english counterpart and we need it address this before it gets further.
7:54 am
7:55 am
[inaudible] [echo] partners [inaudible] mull pull elections and neighborhoods [inaudible] professional development compossiblies to summer programs and staff. [inaudible] turn it over to [inaudible]. >> thank you. good evening i'm americana i'm the language xraept have 2 children at clear elementary and high school. i'm involve today is important it me that students receive education in their language while learning english. today i want to share with you
7:56 am
about measures comment this hoar from many families during pandemic. our community was the listened. many of families were essential work combers live in [inaudible] with other fells. and the the time our family were preped return in person [inaudible] and because the school were not 100% prepared. work nothing the community i have her most from family in san francisco. about the node and lack of support for english learning. families think the district in the city of san front focus more on politics instead of more support. why our fells have to foinld a good represent to support our community. and she was our side from the
7:57 am
beginning and the pandemic shares food and giving w shops the parents could have access to the children learn nothing so much more. we recommend and prior to middle school option american biling william city council who have in the reclassified. are guidance for family and ensure it is students are supported in [inaudible]
7:58 am
[speaking spanish]
7:59 am
>> i have 2 children at baby vista school and one at [inaudible] high school. [inaudible] it is person to learn about education at system year after year with fights against a system that does not [inaudible] i'm disissue pointed. i'm here to [inaudible] come to create changes with the voice of the families and [inaudible] we have strong [inaudible] and [inaudible] educational table lifting change. we continue in the fight for the
8:00 am
leaders of the board of sxejz the district to do their job and sit in the approximate suspicions to crim. we need them to support us and take our schools forward. which are beautiful the system makes them look ugly.
8:01 am
the last recommendation is the district begin a code wide and
8:02 am
system ouied antibully program. project and campaign. number one we switch with the initiative and strategy to lessen plans. upon and advisory meeting student enroll am and bistander empower am. the program should include parent enroll am. community enroll am and all of the element and components that must be present in effective antibully program. thank you superintendent and commissioners for your time tonight. we expect a formal [inaudible] in a time low manner. also i on i personal level i would like to hear from you i wrote a letter. and i never heard got a spps i would appreciate it if you could read this all right, investigate and give most a response.
8:03 am
thank you. thank you. members for your report and recommendations we appreciate it. >> at this time i like to open up for public comment before we open up for board questions and discussion. we have 2 speakers in person and open to rirtual public comment. >> for special education we thank the parents appreciate your work and i want to highlight -- the comments from compliance to commitment.
8:04 am
that should be everything. parents are the first teachers we need to rescue noise that. i want to highlight in the document this was attach in the the recommendation number 4. deals with duly identified students. students have i ap's and english language learners there is compliance in there we have a baptist w to do there. there are so much i ap's contain goals for kids not everyone knows that. the reclassification process not all kids are able to pass the test. guess when there are forms we fill out. most people don't than, either. >> transligz and interpretation my gosh if you are in a meet and can't read the document how can you participate? and if you are gib the same time as an english speak are someone who needs interpretation you are
8:05 am
getting half the meeting. why thank you. i want to appreciate daniel and mag competence pinch leaders thank you very much for giving your time and your effort and passion. to support your kids but all of our kids this need that support. thank you. i would also like to echo the -- moving compliance commitment and i want to just really take a moment to recognize how the folks in front of you are eli having all family voice. and i ask this you read the recommendations you take them serious low and give them the response this they are requesting. i want to elevate the mandatory chain for example all of the
8:06 am
folks. and -- i want to also encourage the inclusion of the parent in antibully. thank you. i would like to go to virtual a total of 10 minutes >> each speaker has a minute. why yes. >> we will hear comment on the presentation and recommendation. raise your hand if you care to speak. zoel a total of 10 minute and each will have up to i minute to speak. please have repeat in the spanish and chinese.
8:07 am
that was for early. >> no problem. thank you. >> hi.
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> thank you. translation? >> hi. i foal that the -- it is fortunate have like doing important work. especially -- providing instructions to students and families. bilingual teach are for school and i think a lot of parents
8:10 am
have tuesday mow bedon't have enough teachers in schools. this leads it, let of schools use google translate that should not be happening. and also -- there are pinch this is remember said to me that once told they speak good english they don't node translation. i don't think it appropriate if the parent has to be request can deny their help. and i foal that this week especially you say this to our student and our family. thank you. thank you. josephine.
8:11 am
hello. i'm going to say in chinese so she can understands what i'm saying. >> [inaudible] thank you to the dedication to the work. i feel that that -- the work is doing to present it is important to us. y would like to thank you for the effort.
8:12 am
i want to echo everything this arc lita said as a member. i can tell you when i speak english and trying to anticipate in meeting in limed times and difficult in my own language. so i would like to emphasize again the need for more time during meetings. as well as trans lagz services. it is vital that parents have the ability to participate. in the meetinges they are there with their child as hay move through their life through schools. second thing i noticed in recommendations a request
8:13 am
from 2018 to 19. and it was asking for accountability or a form of measurement to see how effective a workshop and training the district is providing. for english learners. i like to highway light that. as important the data to know and thank you for your work. call arening in 853. good afternoon on behalf of naacp we commend the district council and arc pack we support all p, c's feel it provides service it our students.
8:14 am
i'm concerned you node to allow equal time for both groups. this group has 10 minutes. public comment has 7 minutes and men could in the speak. going forward we are watching. police make sure all piernts and members have equal access. e mails no one a lued to use the n word. we don't have the tuned to share in public comment. why thank you. why thank you. i like to get your continueom student and word passes at mc kin low elementary.
8:15 am
what are you say? student and word passes at mc kin low elementary. what are you say? student and word passes at mc kin low elementary. what are you say? that concludes public comment. thank you for public comment i like to open up to colleagues for comment, questions to our members. >> commissioner hsu. hi. i really appreciate hearing from you it is my first time and as a dmorn hear from you. i. anim guarantee myself i came to the u.s. the 11 and had to learn english. i don't remember. if i did have tutor who helped me and after prebl a year or so i was reclassified that was a
8:16 am
term used then. so i understand the path that students and families go through immigrant students and families go through. i appreciate your work and also the recommendations especially i agree with number one. that all of sfu sd staff and site leaders and everybody nodes professional training. because -- um -- my son's high school has 50% chinese students many immigrants and 25% spanish speaking students. and yet we don't have family liaisons. and when i asked my principal -- see did in the know what our family did. i think it is -- very important this our site leaders and all of the district teachers and staff
8:17 am
get professional training. so. i agree. and with that recommendation as well as the others. thank you for your work. commissioner sanchez and alexander. >> thank you for your presentation a big smile to you was a parent leader at clove land when i was principal that. i want to clarify commissioner hsu talking about recommendation number one. are you recommending this all staff get this training for this and trin their staff? it says off site leaders. i can answer that. i continuing is important this
8:18 am
we begin at the top. to have our site lead exerts principals be trin exclude then identify machine to be able to somewhat of i trainer. a trainer of trainers and that as a recommendation they are asking for this prior to the school year. so that -- the teachers and under staffed or not available they are off contract. i -- would like to -- i guess put forth time for myself to provide training for all the liaisony district and staff trainings once school is in session. the recommendation was for our principals and lead torse understand and shirr that with their staff.
8:19 am
and the timeliness of a response this they are asking for y. we will work with staff. after this meeting and we will give you a response and -- we will give you an update on time after tomorrow morning. and the clear accountable and follow up. i appreciate lastier's recommendations with -- out come listd that is helpful. i guess my question for staff -- and this is sort of the commissioner hsu mentioned statistics at her children's school. i think over half of our parents in the district areim guarantee families. when you add chinese peeking and spanish speaking and other
8:20 am
groups. my i want to -- love to hear from staff. i feel sometimes they are an add-on when to mow it statute core of our work we are talking about the major of our families. i love to hear prosecute staff i don't know who would be the best person how are we thinking about intgritting this w to serve english learner students and family in our core priority of the district it is not a separate thing.learner students our core priority of the district it is not a separate thing.english learner students family in our core priority of the district it is not a separate thing. >> ask to you refrizz the question. cribbing complum instruction i think how we make sure our instruction approach is responsive to the needs of learners. i heard you have say families.
8:21 am
how can i answer it complete low. >> it was a broader question around how are we thinking about ensouring that this recommendations are not a narrow -- set of recommendations from one commit eye. but intgrit in the the core of our work temperature is the majority of our families and sometime its feels like it is coming from one group and we respond to the recommendations which is great and may be i'm wondering are we thinking about how does this intgrit as a district. i tell you my answer i think it is through not curriculum and instruction but professional development and capacity building of leaders. to think about huare we welcome all family and students and how that is a part of our stance and
8:22 am
how we move and do business. have systems and structure in our site that say that's who we are and about. and this really encourage and ensure authentic participation not just the lip service. i think the other piece as we work with our leaders and teachers how to be antiracist and creative humanizing environment that is how we integrate it we can be ecaccomplice toilet say this is in the00 autobuzz worried or the new hot thing but more responsive to if he want andure families give us feedback and input we have not made enough progress in this area. >> [inaudible] talk about our work. in addition to your our deputy mars emshared.
8:23 am
we also have a district english learn are committee part of being under the consent decree for 40 years. it is our responsibility as a district to be looking at the systems and service in addition to the vocal population of english learners and needs in terms of transification a lot of a linement with recommendations shared tonight as we formulate the new el plan. and this is w this has been on going. engaging community stake holders. we have -- our next meeting this friday. and that it is a stake holder group of district. state leaders and family and students we are clan ritting with them. w to arc line that work with the state's ramp near english learners.
8:24 am
that is w on going to incorporate compossiblies you saw here. >> can i say something before everybody continues. i know this families on zoom are getting in trans lagz superstition in spanish and chinese. but we have 2 pirnts here that need the same translation and than i have in the receive today. and i want to voice this. because if we want to be equal, we node to start in house and then we are leaders we are giving you guys our time without getting paid. my kids are in the back, right. they should be getting ready to go to sleep because i believe in the system and believe this my kids deserves i good, high quality education all kids get reach the full potential this is why we are here. i want to voice that and sorry but i wanted to mick sure when
8:25 am
we do offer this in person i know you do but we have 2 accomplices and i think we node to be mindful. thank you torraising the interpretation requests. one suggestion for doctor methodus had you mead to talk if you could find measurements of -- before or may be the state of affairs now. and then if and how we implement them the recommendations what are you going to measure to compare to what is now so we don't do a bunch of things without having actual measurements.
8:26 am
i want to voice for future recommendation i will work with staff but simultaneous interpretations i will be mindful i know there are equip this we can also look to utilize. thank you. >> thank you. so much for -- i'm sorry. commissioner weissmann-word and vice president boggess. >> thank you. and thank you for being here and i was locked like most if in the all of you are mama/care givers i see kids. thanks to the kids this are here i appreciate you and all and recognize the time that you are giving and information you share everyone acknowledge i series of short term and language term hrms that result in the look of language access and appreciate the work. and rescue noise that you'll's
8:27 am
work is critical to ensuring language access and english language learning expect happening the communities native language. erns access to equal out come this starts in the school. but critical to engage negligent other systems whether playal or economic. ive proernlt the work y'all are doing and i had a question that builds on commissioner lex lect. alexander this it is an issue we should focus on. yes it impacts certain communities but elevate the level of education for all city councils if we are focused on being student centered this conversation should in the be happening piecemeal. not to say i'm not sure where it is happening at the staff level.
8:28 am
a question for you it seems like this come in the curriculum and instructions division but you know i'm hearing how this impacts special education services the ip's and i wander when the the divisions and staff are having the conversations in the debrief how are we ensure the work is ints grit exclude all of the divisions are working together it ensure this things are happening not in a piecemeal fashion in a collaborative coordinated effort. to the extent you are regular this brief tomorrow it would be grit for us to know as a board and to the public how the different yours are thinking about this w it make sure that the steps taken are done so in arc line am with student goals at the center.
8:29 am
>> thank you. my question soonered the recommendations and responses. we life a document here that has a recommendation and responses and do you foal that responses updates to the progress is add wit and i guess what would you what would you like to see to know we are in the process of attracting that and making those things. they're gered to how we provide them to all english language students understanding the cost this goes with this. for us to be able to budget out the cost of what it moneys to do this or say we kent do it we don't have the funds i'm curious what is it you want to see in
8:30 am
addition to when we have now to give clarity and direct answers to had you are prosecute posing. >> >> i can speak to -- with families and without students there is in district. you need to start working for us. and do what you do. >> start working with us. and we actually created an excel do you mean with all of our
8:31 am
recommendations from the past, i think, may be 4 years. and -- i feel had it needs to be a conversation. versus a here's my response and e mail. because there are a lot of fwaps in between the e mill and men misunderstanding. and um -- in the excel sheet. implemented when tell when is the cost if it is not a second time i know -- as parents we know we need an explanation. the deficit in the budget. we can do and trust me families we do. >> i feel there is always a
8:32 am
door -- have those conversations. we are not in person interpreting, since we are in person we are still not using our interpretation equip. so -- we would still be asking parents to call the google meet line. i suggest i continue is not the same but parents in the meeting and until upon person can still call the google meet line. and than i can listen to us if you allow mow i would be in
8:33 am
spanish. and -- understand when i'm saying. >> can we have that repeat in the chinese as well.
8:34 am
>> i want to say thank you for fwrur report. i appreciate it -- i want to high lighter or recognize this is the in the first time you asked for mandatory pd. thank you to your electronicer which is amazing. in 2018, i think it was your
8:35 am
report and march you asked for professional development moduleos reclassification for add administrators and teachers. which i understand this current recommendation encapps lays more then and there reclassification. makes we wonder this is not just implemented on the tracker if you are here asking for this pd, raises questions about the quality and when we seen in school cites i wonder if there is a staff member willing to talk to or talk about the impelementation of the professional development modules in -- as stated in the 2018
8:36 am
report? >> hi i'm amy boggess a sproirz for multilingual programs we did host mandatory professional development in 2018 at the admin institute. it was well attended. we covered metropolitan topics designated el d >> reporter:. reclassification guidelines. . however, that since then we had limited opportunity to engage with all site add administrators and have offered optional sessions at every institute and
8:37 am
every summer. but the left time we had -- all admin professional development 2018. training immediatule and workshops can you give an example hathat mechanism looks like. >> a question are you asking how do we whon had been train exclude who needs to be trained? >> that's on going press for us. as we have on going professional development opportunity. we have an internal electronicer had attendses what staff attend and when schools they are a part
8:38 am
of. we are continuously building that out and had i ever that amongst our teams. we maintain that and we continue to build that. so this we know how often we node to continue on provide the opportunity. for didn't am like this out lined hoar in 2018 and this year, how do you hold educators accountsable for attending the trainings. why at this time, our trainings are optional. so -- weure them a fashion so they are -- opportunity on going opportunity had it motes the needs of the teacher or the
8:39 am
school and they happen in different ways. we have, for example. mont low pd's that teachers attends as well as staff and we also -- respond to asks from cites. >> this request from 2018 was not implemented. those are newscast monday tori trainings. >> our left training was 2018. in the future as we go and implement this recommendation that was brought to us tonight what are ways we can see to improve the quality of the mandatory trainings? >> one of the things that is clear is this we need to continuous low out reach to our staff and sites to make sure they are aware of the reclassification process. we wed simple point of view it
8:40 am
to not only engage family and engage staff. and to -- i think become more target in the how we do this. >> thank you. all i got. >> thank you for the presentation. i echo the comments med by my fellow commissioners. and i appreciate you irrelevant raising up reclassification. and when i hear and correct me if i'm wrong what i hear prosecute this when kids don't get reclassified out come will not be good. they are not being met where they are. they are held back. right? what i hear you asking for is an advocating for our students receive the education at the level they are working capacity that they are hope to get to
8:41 am
where than i node to be and remove the language barrier from being in the way for them to learn the subject matter. and so -- that makes mow think about recommending. and data and huwe are tracking the prsz progress of stounts and prior pop lithes they are not just priority populations for our district they are for the state. special ed. designated people and english learners. i locked at our l cap. to see what are we measure and take the input and focusing on the students we know have gaps i'm not seeing a lot reflected hoar. i'm going to ask us as a board and community and as a state agency with the purpose to educate our students to center on the students that we know
8:42 am
need support. get them the resources they need and utilize the tool the state mandated to yous when we develop i strategy and a line the budget. newscast take the budget and cram the programs in the budget. look at the strategy the priors of students you know what? 13,000 kids is 25% of the stount population. not just a glo up it is know after thought. i appreciate you i mean like this basic information. this is this is sfu sd. in the just a tiny part of our pop laying. i irrelevantment to center since we are -- whether strategic plan and use our local control plan.
8:43 am
considered and see the allocation and we are tracking them. when you come here there is data and reporting. you have a sense. not your experience but you see across the district are yours that we are not reaching within our pop lithe or english language learn are population? thank you very much. and it is just affirmed for mow the node to focus on the plan and to arc line our budget and acttivity and report and data around the plan and aware of what the plan is. and your work nodes to be informing this mravenl thank you. >> commissioner hsu? okay. i wanted echo what my colleagues have raised but i will focus recommendation 2. i am very interested november
8:44 am
seeing the of staff response. buzz the summer learning is here. right. that the planning and the -- operationalizing of summer happens now. and this we know the left 2 years we know our students who are enlabor learners have you know really strugyinged with their development. this is important and i foal like this is a theme throughout all we have heard from the board. as a body the accountable and how we are delivering for student learning tonights we talked about special education and students at english learners how critical and core the students and families are. i look forward to students the superintendent and the staff's response. know this is something as a body that as a governoring board what
8:45 am
we have been talking about. how do we focus not only our core of it student learning. student centered decisions the budget and l cap. that will be working toward so this our entire school communities as a district irrelevant being clear how we measure ourselves what student success progress looks like. thank you all for the recommendations and you know important to also open the time for dialogue i take that to heard heart when you raised about bring families in how do we go in community as a board to get the --edir wanted add-on
8:46 am
there is a lot of cbo's in our communities embed in the our xhients and i think we need to utilize trying to do this work by ourselves. but with each other. because at the end of the day we are not here everything we are doing is to support our students and reminds ourselves that our students other future of the count row if we want the count row to be a place to live it is red to be replicated and people want to come here. we need to do our job with our kids. where thank you so much. for the discussion and presentation. appreciate you. >> 2 weeks 2 year.
8:47 am
2 weeks. >> colleagues i like to call for a recess. 10 minute break we will return at -- return at >> i like to call dr. matthews to introduce this item designee. >> designee for this item, opening it, megan wallace is our chief financial officer and she'll start. >> thank you, dr. matthews g. evening, president lamb and commissioners and public. yeah. sorry about that. so this evening, i'm pleased to invite mr. john bon flu and he's joining us virtually so you can see him on the screen and he's a
8:48 am
chief analyst for fit mat or crisis management assistance team. sigma was directed to work with the san francisco unified school district and county office of education by the california department of education per letter september 15th of 2021. so the ficmac team prepared a health risk analysis for the district and county office. mr. flu will present the analysis by him and his team. >> thank you, ms. wallace >> good evening, everyone. board, president lamb and matthews and all others in attendance. as ms. wallace said, i'm a chief analyst for the fiscal crisis and management assistance team. tonight i'm
8:49 am
representing the team that conducted this risk analysis. first of all, thank you for allowing me to join remotely this evening. i want to first give you a little background about the fiscal crisis management team referred to as fic mat. we're a state facility. 70% of our work is management assistance, so helping districts and (indiscernible) before they get into trouble. and then the remaining 30% of our work is spent between fiscal crisis, fraud and professional development. we originated back in 1991 with the package of assembly bill 1200 and it was legislation that strengthened
8:50 am
oversight of the schools and build a structure of stand hards and criteria -- standard and criteria to analyze school financing and the reporting of budget adoption, first and second interim and review points that can identify districts throughout the year. ab1200 as known, provides intervention and allows local control to the extent positive with the little intervention as necessary but can also intensify as needed up to and through take over of a district. this legislation, i think that was born. the county
8:51 am
office of ed, the county department of education under the direction of the superintendent of public education provides oversight in the process. but the responsibility of the district ultimately falls on the board of trustees. just for the analysis total we used to analyze was developed over the years, through the f hr a experience. in 2018-19 in the budget act, it was expanded to promote and be proactive and ensure accountability of district oversight. the indicators are user experience, it's a tool and risk analysis tool was developed. the tool which is available on our website and is i believe in front of you tonight as part of the exhibit, there were one hundred questions
8:52 am
to determine which condition exist in 20 different koot categories and a risk of insovereignty level. there's two parts of risk designation and one is (indiscernible) that's identified by -- through that one hundred question and 20 categories on a scale of one hundred and the higher the score, the higher the district risk. not all questions are equally weighed, some are, they have more impactful, are more impactful to the sovereignty. the levels of risk identified with each question and each response, a low and moderate risk is identified. there are certain question that's will elevate the risk, just by their existence and they're called mature weakness questions. you can see those on pages and 7 and
8:53 am
8 from our report. i want to show that all reports used a deficit model where we'll identify areas of issue and not comment on all the good work that's been done in the district. engagement with the fiscal health analysis was triggered as ms. law said by the lack of going concern determination. there are other triggers that can be an unapproved budget and negative interim, certification. to me, it's more consecutive qualified certifications or if the oversight is a california -- where they change the certification of the district. again, our figure of engagement was the lack of concerned determination back in september. specifically to san francisco unified and county office, in september of '21, the cde under the direction of the state
8:54 am
superintendent of public instruction identified the san francisco unified school district and the county office of education as no longer of growing concern. they were concerned about the district's ability to continue operating fiscally. while the district protected adequate reserve for the current fiscal year and multiyear projections illustrate the district may not satisfy multiyear financial commitment and maintain reserves for fiscal year '22, '23 and 22-24 without implementing specific order approved burj -- budget reductions and based on this letter, we virtually visited the district to interview staff between late october and mid-december. in addition, our team reviewed district documents
8:55 am
and reports and we continue looking to answer our questions and to confirm our findings. this was a snapshot in time and based on the findings of the california department of education's letter in september of '21. the fiscal risk analysis are a result of that review, while they are separate reports, the finding was common so i'll speak with them as one. i do want to draw your attention in the report to the summary in the front of the reports where we highlight the most important and impactful findings. the detail followed in the report but it's ganglier and specific for departments and staff in the district. the report does identify several areas of fiscal concern. but it's not to place blame or identified fault, but
8:56 am
intended to identify the areas of concern and provide the district some direction. due to the report, we are aware that some of the issues identified have been resolved and i am plausible or in the process of being resolved. the concern letter identified the spend and need for the district to identify and implement expenditure reductions. eliminate district spend and maintain ongoing fiscal sovereign see. if that concurs with the assistance of those issues. our analysis -- the district and county office of education, based on the information again available at the time of our review to be the higher risk of insovereignty and weakness and risk of
8:57 am
insovereignty. the san francisco unified school district and the district of ed were responding to the issues identified by the cde. for example, we have been informed but not identified as it was subsequent to our review that a sovereignty plan has been adopted and implementation began. although san francisco and unified school districts are separate school districts, they're managed by the same administration and operate as a single organization. the staffing and organizations are intertwined but staff and programs that serve are funded by both agencies and it affects the stat -- the status of each
8:58 am
in comparison to other agencies. those include the allegation of funds and the decentralization of decision-making including staffing. the district lacks lack of attendance areas and open enrollment policy, also complicates planning. the district has extremely generous retirement benefits. also classified employee groups as a part of a civil services along with the city of san francisco and on a positive note, the community has been supportive in passing opposition in support of additional funding for the district. all needs to san francisco. however, the district like many others throughout the state are experiencing declining
8:59 am
enrollment and enrollment and resulting attendance is the main element driving revenue. reduction and expenditures must be made. the risk analysis identified budget monitoring as an area of most concern. when we reviewed reports, we found that actual revenue and ex penldz tours did not align -- expenditures did not align completely within the report and we know accurate and fiscal information is necessary to make informed decisions. budget development and cash management shows significant risk. planning for employee expenses, the large expense in the district in ensuring the district has sufficient cash for current and following year is essential. employee compensation for 2021-22 makes up almost 94%, 93.3% of the district's
9:00 am
expenditures leaving six percent for all other costs. in comparison, the latest information made statewide has school districts averaging 88% for employee compensation. the district also maintains generous post employment benefits and attach the general fund and $37 million in the current year and that's projected to increase $2 million per year through 2028. the increases in employee compensation must have a secure and ongoing revenue source to support the increased cost before they're improved. approval of increases without a known consistent and sufficient revenue source is not prudent. the districts 2020 adopted budget plan to use funds to cover more than $100 million
9:01 am
shortfall. for 22-23, the district based its budget on reduction of $98 million next pendz tours and in 23-24, additional 112 million and the reductions were necessary for the reserve or $20 million. details on these reductions would be, was not included in the forecast narrative. so we didn't know how they were to be made. the reductions in relation to the budget reserve are cause for immediate and drastic attention. ultimately, the governing board is responsible for the district's budget and fiscal sullivan see and management has a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the district and preserve the assets
9:02 am
and have timely accurate information for the board so they can make informed decisions. these are the items that are fiscal risk analysis that was used. general observation in summary of the situation that we've been, in reviewing the district, we believe the district is aware and acknowledges its problems as we work through the updated har, the district was acceptive of the items we have identified and 38.4% for the district and 33.2% for the county office which is the moderate risk, however, as i've mentioned before, the material material items and the type of issue that's were present elevated them to high risk. in our review, in our interviews, the staff is competent and care
9:03 am
about the districts well-being. however, due to the complexity and affect on students and staff, the issues in san francisco are very difficult to address. the district has been providing support for the california department of education and through a fiscal advisor and expert. the district needs to use them to their advantage. the district needs to make informed and tough decisions to maintain the sovereignty. (indiscernible) to all districts include live within your means. we had revenues from covid and also the district received revenues from, it was measure g. it can massachusetts a structural issue
9:04 am
and the goal has been reach and recovery mode. the fiscal risk will be ongoing due to limited revenue and increasing expenses. we need to work toward increased deficiency and we invite all district to take action immediately. we noepted in the report that the california department of education in their review -- in their review letters identified spending for the last couple of years and it should have been addressed early on, we wouldn't be engaging at this point. time is of the essence and any delay will complicate the issues. remember, the board and the district must continue to act to maintain the fiscal solvency and you'll lose
9:05 am
your authority without sol -- solen -- solvency and i'll open it up for questions. >> thank you. b i hand it over, i want to share from a staff's perspective that the district team really worked with fcmat and when i first met with the team, you said (indiscernible) going to the doctor's office and getting a checkup and rightfully sew. like mr. flue said it's like getting your blood pressure checked ask they're trying to catch the element.. i want to share from the district perspective, this is a special opportunity to have this assessment done. and we do want
9:06 am
to, and we have a perspective of continuous improvement from this work. and as mr. jon flew shared, he did recognize the timing of this analysis was a little bit before or concurrent with, important steps that the district has taken, most significantly the establishment, well, i don't want to rank the order of priority but establishing a budget balancing plan, committing funds to invest in our retiree health, $60 million and committing $40 million for our rainy day reserves and since that time, cde has also confirmed the district positive certification for our first interim report. so, i think, those are all wonderful steps but even as i have shared in other meetings, our work is not yet complete by any means and i think it's
9:07 am
important to note that there is a lot of content within these reports and we are very fortunate to have fiscal experts assigned by cde to help examine, help us examine those other areas of risk more deeply. and commit to additional steps towards that path or on that path toward fiscal sustainability. so, thank you. >> thank you. at this time, i want to open up for clarifying questions. we'll go to public comment and then further questions with fcmat and our fiscal expert from the california department of education is also here as well. seeing no clarifying questions, let's open up for public comment at this time. we will do a total of ten minutes both in-person as
9:08 am
well as virtual. i have two in person cards here. first is jerry from uvff and alita fisher. you have a minute each, please. >> okay. i'm actually here as a special education advocate right now. and i would like to call everyone's attention to the fiscal health risk analysis page 22 section 20. 20.1 does the district monitor -- case load sighs to align with statutory requirements anden does tree standards? you know what this statutory requirement anden does tree requirement are, to make decisions in an iep meeting and same for 20.3. we're the appropriate tool to make decisions in an ipe meeting and
9:09 am
-- iep and not district policy. if you do not understand what predetermination means and please look it up because it's illegal. you can't have policies that deny students access to services in support. they're very expensive, i must say. the state budget over the past four years increased by $3 million. our city budget or district expenses have risen by $50 million in the same time -- time period. fund special education if we want to make our city healthy fund special education. >> sorry, thanks. there's two other members that turned in cards and i don't know if they got there in time. good evening. like many of the educator and students and families from mlk jr. that participate in this meeting, i'm here to encourage you, the governing members of
9:10 am
our school district to align the use of projected revenue projections to reject layoff of educator that encourage our students in the challenging times and negatively affected by the overall inefficiencies of administrative management and implementation of the payroll system and tax bills out of control and a paycheck in july. the rate of resignation this year is a clear indication our educator was deserting the district by the hundreds to meet the basic needs of an employer. in addition, our classrooms and school communities shouldn't be carrying the burden of enrollment. they're targeting usf members that make two to three times less than the top administrators. it is crucial that sfcmat -- including the
9:11 am
staff and column increases and its corresponding cola for to 17 through 2020 be reached in 2022-2023 budget. with the transfer of leadership, it's essential that finance management and staff devote more time to increase the revenue sources. lastly, it's difficult to trust the revenue and expenses are accurate since the budget is in revised and doesn't match the actuals in 3.0 of the report. our budget should reflect our goals which should be student centered. >> can we open up for public comment virtually, please. how many speakers do we have? >> there are no hands raised -- one hand raised at this time.
9:12 am
>> one minute, please. >> if you care to speak to this item, please raise your hand. cannot be repeated in chinese and spanish, please. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. ms. romero. >> yes. i want to echo what my colleague from cobb shared and i'm a teacher in the district and i'm seeing disproportionately these layoffs impact teachers of color and we're can't say we're focused on equity and our students when we are not putting their needs first. i understand that we have a deficit and we have under enrollment but those cuts need to be made in a way that puts
9:13 am
our students of color first, especially at this time when the pandemic disproportionately impacted their learning for three years and when we looked at every study, the most important things for those students to be successful is to see their own identities reflected in the adults caring for them everyday. and as we continue to have low retention for teachers of color, as we continue to have a majority white teaching staff, if we continue with a last hired, first fired policy, we are going to continue to have a disproportionately white teaching staff and disproportionate outcome for students of color ask we have to reverse that trend in making these choices. >> thank you. >> caller ending in 853. caller ending -- >> good afternoon. virginia
9:14 am
marshal. i have, my concern is about the -- (indiscernible) talking about general retirement. and i thought to myself compared to what? we are the -- how can that be compared to what. teacher worked 34 years, so and then (indiscernible). so and then they're discouraging and never come back. the efforts for sfus student need to retain because we give our life and if you
9:15 am
don't have a good pension, where do you go? you live in a mobile home someplace, that's not good. thank you. >> thank you. president lam that -- concluding public comment. >> i would like to invite elliot, our expert if he wants to provide comment before we open up for discussion. >> am i on now? >> maybe not her. thank you, president lam and commissioners and nice to see you. i haven't see you in person for a long time, mr. flew. i want to set a town and chief wallace needs to mention, this is like going as a doctor and not hearing what you
9:16 am
want to hear but i hope you all recognize that this is more like going to a doctor and hearing that you're on a good path to health but there's a lot more work to do. and i will tell you, first of all, i would hope and he don't know how to say this delicately but this isn't a time for finger pointing but a time for action. that action must be in line with making sure that your budgetary revenues, the end expenditures match. they do not. and frankly, they don't match for the next three years and that's the issue that's ongoing. like, over half the districts in the state you're declining enrollment and the large urbans are declining even more. unfortunately, when you made an effort in the past few years to recruit staff, whomever they may be, they are the first people to
9:17 am
be laid off. and there's not enough answer. the revenue amounts that you are over ex pending for are ongoing and they're large. when we're talking $100 million. you don't get a grant from anybody that's going to pay to keep teachers in lien when school site was shrinking in size. you have done commendable work to held school sites harmless during covid and the intended consequence of that is that as i've listened to your meetings, you have spent a lot of time talking about school budgets and you have studies going on from -- and the weighted student formula and the way the funding comes to you is not by school site but people. when the people go away the money goes away. hopefully
9:18 am
you're going to have opportunities when the budget is passed, they will be an indicator but it's not what the budget is passed. to do correction of some of the deficit, but ultimately, at least from the standpoint and this was on an ic, you're going to have to continue to align your school site staffing with, i'm happy to be quiet. [laughter] wouldn't be the first time someone rang a bell on me. but you're going to have to a lien your school site staffing with the number of students at the school site. i want to say something, partly in my will house, but i have worked with a number of administrators in the district from the superintendent through your fiscal staff and others. they are expert, they are good intentioned. they do everything they can to carry out the will of this board and also match the constraints placed on
9:19 am
them by the state funding. and we have to meet that sweet spot in budget and the direction of the staft needs to be -- the staff needs to tell us how to get there and just like the doctor telling you, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure isn't going to be pain sxfl it's easy to be angry about it but you're on a path that i see and this was -- it's a way towards fiscal solvency but not a quit path. my best advice that's not fiscal, just old country wisdom, go slow to go -- go fast and you'll get there. rely on the staff and please look down the road. this is a great district and it can continue to be and
9:20 am
thank you to fcmat and you hit the mail on the head. thank you, mr. von flue. >> thank you, mr. dashawn. at this time, i'd like to open up for questions and comments and dog lying from our team and our budget team. commissioner alexander. >> thank you and thank you for this helpful report. i think that if i'm not wrong, we've made progress in addressing the deficit and the deficit spending. i think i would love to hear more and chief, you may want to come to this, they're on budget monitor and budget development, and the internal process which we haven't talked much about as a board but it seems like fcmat has serious
9:21 am
concerns and i would like to hear from our point of view, what are we taking from that? what are plans moving forward to address some of those things and maybe that's not complete yet but whatever sense we have now. >> >> i might start and hand it over to ms. gordon and there were key items identified in the report in looking at our from enrollment. the staff is teaming up to improve our how we're looking at enrollment. really, my initial work in looking at that feedback of enrollment and projected attendance which of course is ultimately what drives our revenue projections, with that -- however, working across
9:22 am
the departments in the district, we are definitely honing in on building out those enrollment projections and have a new nuance approach of participating attendance and using that information to of course recognize that projected local control funding formula. so, from that revenue standpoint, i do see we're taking steps to improve that outlook. so, actually with that, i might hand it over. >> sure. >> good evening, everyone. so, i think with, i think there are a number of pieces obviously with budget monitoring being the highest areas of concern, that is very much in my will house as the executive director of budget. and i think the main area i wanted to provide some background or response to or additional comment on is the, i guess specifically within the budget monitoring and updates
9:23 am
related to budget revisions being posted in the financial system. i think that's -- that's extremely critical so i think there's -- there's some follow up that i think would be helpful to understand what documentation would be helpful to demonstrate that, but in terms of budget monitoring over the course of the school year, the fiscal year, at any time there is a request for a change in the budget greater than $50,000, whether, regardless of the resource and regardless whether it's a school site or essential office, at any time we receive a request of that size, that budget transfer with a description of the changes and object codes impacted and the rationale is included on the con concept candor for regular -- consent calendar before a board
9:24 am
meeting before processed and that's one example where we have monitoring and controls in place to review and confirm change that's would affect, once you get to $50,000, we're talking about potentially fte impacts of some proportion, so that is one place where we do have ongoing monitoring that you all see on the consent calendar. when it comes to interim reports, if you were to -- reviewing the primary forms, the original budget column on those, in those fields refers to the adopted budget in july and the board approved operating budget column refers to our most current budget. so i think that is one place where again, i'm continuing to work with mr. dashawn, and ms. lazon is where to make improvements to make sure everything is sink and
9:25 am
looking as it need to look, but i think there are, there's some evidence that i think must -- that was missed in sharing information with fcmat for the assessment but it's a high priority that we'll work on and understand what we need to be doing differently and better to make sure that this isn't a concern moving forward. >> if i might add one more point to round that out, i think part of what fcmat identified, and this comes from a conversation with our fiscal experts as well, is attention between our role as a district and a county office, a lot of our investments in staff and staff time really has been focused at that ongoing operations at the district level. and not having a county office to serve as that
9:26 am
(indiscernible) between us and cee has actually been a challenge. i think there are certainly is capacity for us to invest in a staff person who really focuses at that higher level, a resident -- the micro ongoing operations level and in all honesty, i served as that higher level and my attention is divided and san marie has been engaged so we're recognizing the, there is a need for more of an investment in staff and a dedication of their time that serves more of that county office function. >> that's helpful. and then one other thing to add in the mix of that as we think about this is we've been hearing consistently from the board around the l-cap and the desire to align resources with our priorities so maybe as we think about budget reporting, and the original
9:27 am
budget and the actuals and to the extent we can build -- in alignment is our priority. what does that mean and why is the transfer happening and there's -- as we talked about, budgeters are complex that part of the challenge is figuring out how to report in ways that make sense. i'm interested in working on that and through the budget committee we can also bring other board members and the public into that process of figuring out how we can do a better job of sharing that information that works or for all of us. >> thank you. i really, as much as, not to belabor or the analysis and it's like going to the doctor and not hearing great
9:28 am
news isn't the best, i'm thankful we're having this conversation and i want to thank staff and fcmat and the fiscal expert for the time spent so i have a general question and specific questions. my general question is, now what as far as our partners in this, like, we've had this health assessment done by fcmat, so is there an ongoing role there? are we going back for a checkup. i'm asking these questions ask same goes, what is our relationship look like and what are the kinds of resources that we ought to be taking advantage of from our fiscal expert? and then my more specific questions are really drilling into like structurally. are there things we ought to be doing to clearly delineate who is county, what are county operations and what are city operations. it feels like part of what is happening is there's
9:29 am
blurred lines that normally are in place. when you have a county office that's kind of checking things and so, i have questions about that. and then i also i have questions about the ongoing role of a partner that's an auditor. i know other districts have an auditor that's just a partner, not someone that comes in after the fact but just is a continuing, kind of like a controller to help those processes. so that's one area. and then looking at, going back to what was said earlier about the l-cap, when we look at budget sources because our budget is quite complicated and we have so many large sources coming in, it would be really helpful to not just be looking at state funds but looking at how we're utilizing other funds that are either unrestricted or
9:30 am
restricted so we can see the pressure points and what's shifting so i would like to see them. my larger concern and this is the end now is sped in oped so when looking at our special education cost and pension and liabilities increasing and they seem to be increasing really fast. we could be really mindful of the board around cuts but still be out stripped by what's happening there and so i'm also looking for guidance on how to be reasonable about what is -- in some ways beyond our control as a structural problem. we have our structural problem specific to this district but we have structural problems that are state wide structural problems that are much more difficult for an individual district to address without unduly impacting what we can offer students, so i just wanted to raise those issues.
9:31 am
>> so, i think to begin, one thing that ms. gordon and i have discussed is trying to do more work, about identifying those functions that do feel truly county, to move them from the district into the county, so we have and i'm going to say a round, $10 million of unrestricted general fund. i think it's appropriate to our county fund. it's not a ton of money but it certainly is enough to cover payroll, legal costs, communication, these are things -- those are a handful of items that currently -- that currently sit within the district but services the county because we seen there's broader goals and purposes for our district and county. so, we are looking at where we draw the line on what
9:32 am
expenditures get placed in which fund. so, that's just a starting point but i think we're certainly feeling the benefit of regular communications with both mr. dashawn and lazon and i meet with ms. lazon separately and she's trying to move us in the right direction and she's been an incredible resource and of course mr. due shawn gives us wonderful advice and moving us along and i think we have certainly talked about district verses county. in fact, i shouldn't take credit for thinking about some of the things i shared about the county function. so, i hope that's helpful in terms of thinking county verses district. thinking about the ongoing role of an auditor, i will share that the auditor that supports us with our annual financial statements
9:33 am
is actually an ongoing resource for us. we could think about expanding the role of the reviews they do or building in more regular checkpoints for example, but i think it's a great idea to think, particularly as our fiscal experts roll off making sure we have a third-party review. and i think, your point about l-cap shift to your multiyear projections and i want to share at the state level, the multiyear projections are broken out by unrestrict and restricted and you have your expenditure categories so that's the basic accounting structures in terms of revenue and expenses. when you get into the restricted resources, you get into much more detail about the intended
9:34 am
purpose of those funds. and it gets complicated to forecast that because some funds might be three years or five years or ongoing and what's really come out of all of this work was the multiyear projections and particularly with these large sums of one-time sources. we really have to get more in the weeds. while i encourage you to expand on l-cap and simplify, we need to get into the weeds when it comes to forecasting and mapping out at the resource level, what we think those expenses are going to be, how they're projected and how they they line up with anticipated revenue and part of the challenges that we have as a district is not having quite the right focus of mapping out those forecast instead of being in that transactional basis as i've
9:35 am
shared earlier, so i think by really investing in those multiyear projections and getting more in the weeds with them and having, even our existing dedicated staff focus their time more on those, it will actually help us avoid shortfalls in the future and we can get more attention on aligning the use of those funds with the goals and actions identified in the l-cap. sorry, that's a lot, but i think i want to share that i share your thinking there. and then you had a final question and my computer froze up. >> what was said in opeb? how to address, he mean, those seem to be -- i mean, those seems to be like we're trying to -- >> our $60 million investment in opeb is absolutely critical. we had a significant increase in
9:36 am
our liabilities just because of the changing market where we went from say, just under an $800 million projected liability to over a billion, right. so this winter, i presented a proposal for the $60 million investment. that would take us from a billion dollar projection to under $600,000, so there's a big number but the fact is the board has made that commitment is a massive step in the right direction of basically keeping us more in a steady state than where we were suddenly headed. and i think i have been working with our actual ear -- actuary and having touch points on the liabilities and i would say we should build in our pension outlook as well. both for classified on spurs and sirs so
9:37 am
i think that's an example of something we should schedule for upcoming budget and business services committee, trying to build more of that outlook. and then for special education, i would actually say that that foles into -- folds into the restricted resource conversation and getting down into the weeds, like, the projected needs of special education for personal and non-personnel cost do not a lien with the standard projection -- do not align with the standard projection of the district. you can't build in inflationary -- assumption and they're doing work with the -- they're working on the staffing ratio and that's an important step we're taking but taking that information and building upon it and building out a multiyear projection just for special education, you're
9:38 am
absolutely right. that's a critical compoint of what we need to be look -- it's a critical component to look at as a district to make sure we don't hit a fiscal cliff on the odd years. >> apologies. i took off my mask, so i thought i would be clear. so, i want do want to point out that ms. lazon is the brain and i'm the mouth. i want to tell you things being in that role. sped is something, we dealt with what's called the encroachment of special education every year. unfortunately, the requirements of federal law don't match the funding of federal law by about what is it, 23% with the set fund is 7% and it's supposed to
9:39 am
be 40. you're glossary unfunded and. it comes out of your restricted fund. you should and serve your special education students and that's a given. there's a fence around that. you have to do that and there's a couple of respects to your budget that's different from the state. i know you're aware -- there's a study of at least two of them that's your waited student formula which is a pupil formula but you have your mtss which is based on school characteristics. so, while it may not be comfortable to change your mtss, it also has to be resilient in materials of what your enrollment is. you can't send the same amount of mtss money to every school, every year, even if their characteristics remain the same if the student load is dropping.
9:40 am
so you have the two formulas and have you your resolutions and those are overlay on your general fund unrestricted and restricted so when you combine all those, you have a complexity. add to that and i want to address the county issue. there are two missing. one is an l-cap oversight that the county usually does in reading your l-cap and the second is ab1200 oversight and i think you can come a long way to do that internally by developing expertise of a kind of internal auditor, but have you to listen to them and that's going to not always be fun either. last thing i want to talk a little bit in the weeds staffing, most school districts financial systems being their i.t. system range from okay to poor. they are not, they're big systems and they're enterprise systems and they
9:41 am
change slowly. you use a system that requires a lot of hand work on the reporting ask -- and the hand work is due to the good staff members sitting next to me and in the end, we'll recommend staffing at that level as well as the county level because basically what your system provides is a great big, giant leisure, it's a big checkbook. at any time you want information out of it, it has got to be pulled into an excel spreadsheet. there's not standard reports, so in the short-term, you need to sure up those particular staff members and that staff funds and in the long-term, that's something the district needs to look at and i'm talking three to five years in terms of developing that system. >> commissioner matoni, i wanted
9:42 am
to know the future of your goals. >> the goal is get me out of here as soon as possible. as long as you have and it looks like 24, 25, it doesn't mean i'll be around but you have to show a very clear inten -- intend including in your interim report that you have an ongoing budgeting plan with the commitments that the board will match revenue with the staffing that comes in. that's ultimately up to the california department of education. they would not like to have us here because we're bugging them. we're
9:43 am
carrying out their function but their goal and ours is for every district to be solid. >> i had a clarify questions. i was wondering if you could talk a little bit and i don't know if this is it for elliot or everyone collectively or fcmat, how much of our balancing plan relying on reserves to balancing out affects the score that we received and whether or not that plan as it's shaped and structured is for the continual need for state support and advisement. >> i can address that regarding how much we equate into our assessment. we did not see a finalized plan or approved during our engagement. it was presented and approved subsequent to our work.
9:44 am
>> so -- >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> commissioner, vice-president boggess and we looked at the numbers and you have a decreasing deficit but it's still there. i don't have the numbers in front of me but i believe on the 23-24 years, it's a 52 millions deficit so the kinds of things that at least i would look at and ms. fazon would look like in your budget interim report is the statement that's a commitment that when you pass the interim report and approve it, in there, it's a statement that the district will make all necessary staffing adjustments, to that the budget balances and that really means that you're going to, i think the first meeting i attended, ms. gordon used the word true up, but whatever align your school site staffing with your revenue that comes into this the district. i do want to mention
9:45 am
because it comes up at every meeting and a lot of people looked at the district office functions and as you know, i've been working with district office staff, at looking at those functions, even if there is an alignment, your district office budget is less than your school site budgets. they'll be changes in cost effectiveness, but it's not going to solve your budget deficit without the school site adjustments: >> thank you. is there an idea of what that would mean as far as the way that our school work and the way we kind are funding the structuring support for students or is that beyond what you can address if that makes sense as a question. >> i can address. you're a complicated district and you're in transition with your
9:46 am
attendance areas and your because of the other funding formulas you use. it's a little more difficult, but what it looks like to me is an accurate accounting for student enrollment, starting at the beginning of the year, monitoring on a day by day basis and looking at trends. unfortunately, it's much more difficult for population forecasters which your staff is when they forecast enrollment to predict declines. particularly when they're due to migration which to a great extent, they are in the state of california. so you've got to almost take a trend line and plan for the worst and hope for the best. i have worked with declining enrollment for 17 years and it was much slower but it's still in cities so that's one element of it. the other is, as i've mentioned, i think it's very critical for the board to have a
9:47 am
mindset of, we are going to adjust as time goes on to downsize the district. i mean, it's not, downsizing is never easy. just like going to the doctor, you don't want to downsize. it's not as much fun. but if you don't do that, you're going to end up in a circumstance where you're really continuing using, first of all, some of the funding for supplemental services you're blessed with measure g and j and other funldzs that come in even the excess e-raf that's available but minimal. you have the funds but they're supplementary in nature so you should be sharing that number of students with the number of staffing based on your agreements with waiver and state statutory requirements for class size. >> thank you for that. i guess
9:48 am
finally, if district staff could maybe in the same way, how can we explain to families what it will look like for us to adjust our budget to meet our projected enrollment trends within the declining and i guess kind of to the expectation that family was not seeing cuts at school sites and maintaining services and support and how do those things, i guess, jive and how do we have those conversations with folks? >> i guess, one piece of that that i think is challenging and will continue to be challenging is that if we, as a district, continue to experience declining enrollment, then that likely does mean declining budgets because we are funded based on our student population. so, i
9:49 am
think that no matter what the approach and the intention is always to closely, right, to closely examine what that impact would mean for schools. but i think that that and because i would say because we have the support of, right, for example, local funding, that gives us the ability to maintain services that without it, we would be looking at much more off geared site budgets. things like peef or qts and fwa and it does enable us to guarantee services and support staff that other districts don't have the opportunity to ensure at all of their school sites. but i think that it is, i think it's going to be an ongoing conversation because i know i'm hopeful we
9:50 am
won't, you know -- we don't want to see the trend of enrollment continuing to decline. that isn't what anyone wants because it means it's going to be more challenging to ensure the robust amount of support that we want every school and -- every student to have at their school seat, but i also think we're going to have to continue to find a balance between the numbers, right, what we're seeing, the revenue coming in and what that means we can reasonably provide and have stability and sustainability of the district. >> let me just take a personal stab at that. next to something happening, tragic to a student, a member of our school community, layoffs are probably the next most difficult thing to deal with. they're indiscriminal
9:51 am
and they're by seniority only and they don't take into account anybody's personal life and anybody's ethnicity, anybody's ability to teach. they're just simply numerical and who came to the district first. i have been on both sides and been laid off and had to deal with layoffs and the only answer is unfortunately, we were projecting that we were going to have more students, which everybody was. we wanted you when we hired you, we hope to bring you back some day, but the reality is we just don't have the money in the bank and no child wants to lose their teacher. you heard that tonight. but it doesn't, you know, it only is by number. it's by seniority and by your agreements with your laborer and it is done that way by practice,
9:52 am
by law and out of sincere difference to those who dedicated their lives and the amount they have dedicated. not to say that your first year teacher isn't as gung-ho and enthusiastic and committed as anyone else, but i think -- i guess my approach is facts. it does not come, you don't have -- you can't bring emotion into your choice but you have to deal with the emotion of the people being affected. >> yeah. >> mr. chair. >> alexander is the last one and we'll wrap up. >> the other thing i want to ask about, i noticed in here, it talks about advantage for salaries and the fact that we budgets on average salary, is that something we should consider changing, is that an
9:53 am
unusual practice? i know it has equity implementations which is interesting and i think it has been brought before so i'm curious. >> i do think that it is -- it is an interesting question and i would say that using average salaries at school sites is a common practice in districts that use a waited student formula because it creates a more standardized cost of staffing. but in the past, we also have done analysis of where actual salaries land by school level, by mts tier, tried to look at it different ways if retrospect and there are differences. and i would say that is, that would be expected if you use mtsf as an example. one of the staff indicators is
9:54 am
teacher tenure. so if something that makes a school a tier two or tier three and having newer teachers, then you would expect to see on average lower salaries of those staff members, so we have, we've considered different way to approach it. do we do differentiate salaries so you have a standardized rate but there's different rates knowing there's different patterns and it introduces a lot more complication if you try to get into that layer of nuance. it's something we can take a close he can look at and try and come up with different solutions for the future. yeah. i'm -- it's a tough one. so i'm not exactly sure, if feels like it's a pretty significant change in both directions for different sites. >> yeah. i think, maybe we don't want to open it up but to raise
9:55 am
it and i think to the point around mts which is interesting that that's not enrollment base, it would be worthwhile in the latter half of this year and maybe budget committee can think about -- the question about actuals and how do we fund because if we're going to be in the planning enrollment environment, we need a formula that adjust naturally to enrollment and the point around mts is a good one. if that doesn't change the allocation of the school, that feels problematic because we're setting ourselves up and then school community is like why are we losing this position, it's because of a judgment so the more we can tie our funding and based on particular students make sense, but i do think that's something we ought to think about moving forward, so that we, again, we're planning
9:56 am
-- this isn't going to be the last time we have this conversation so the more time we can have the formulas in place and do it in a way where everyone can know about it, it will be great. >> thank you to the budget team. thank you to our fiscal advisors and fcmat and it will be an ongoing conversation. for me, it has been mentioned by colleagues and what is the now and what the long-term and short-term and an action plan responsive to the health risk analysis that has been done, but also delivering on that balancing plan that we passed and really looking forward to those multiyear projections and i think the next question, not for tonight but that i'm intrigued in the short-term and mid-term, what do you need as a budget team to get to where we need to be, what was already discussed for us and this past year between the
9:57 am
budget balancing plan and the risk analysis and that's going to be really important to understand either for modernization systems and thank you elliot, mr. dushawn for raising that because how sustainable is that for our $1.1 billion public institution pulling from a system. that's, i think, also almost two decades old. so i really encourage the team to really let the board know what is that you're in need to deliver on short and mid-term plans and it's also centered around our student learning outcomes and i think that's a thing you're hearing ongoing for our l-cap plans but overall as a district what our priorities are for our students. thank you. thank you so much. >> at this time, i would like to
9:58 am
excuse our student elliot. thank you. we're now going to move to our next item which is the discussion of request to conduct budget scenario planning for school sites and i like to call on dr. matthew. >> so, i'm actually going to begin the discussion. so the march 22nd meeting, the borden gauged in a discussion -- bore engaged around scenario planning. it's, in fact, the possibility of additional funds that are, seem to be an initial forecast that might come to the district. we think, we believe it's a good practice for the sites and anyone who is involved in budgeting to scenario plan.
9:59 am
so, we actually did give sites a targeted amount so they can begin scenario planning if additional funds did in fact come to fruition. and while we believe that is a viable component of the budget development, at this time, and i would come back with a recommendation to the board. we, as staff don't recommend allocating additional revenue forecast and the governor's may revise, if higher than current projections come towards restoration of expenditure reductions. there are a few reasons for that. one is that at the current time, although this is the forecast, we haven't hit may 15th or the may revised and even if the may revise does lead to increased funding, that funding won't come to the later
10:00 am
-- woep come into the later part of june or the first part of july, so it would not let district funding until july which would cause revenue uncertainty for us. so, that's one reason that we would not recommend allocating it into a site budget immediately. the second one is that, that second reason is that our budget stabilization plan which passed in december is actually our commitment towards stabilizing our budget. and if we allocate these funds that we don't have now, it would lead to bringing back staff that we have currently protected to our -- they're in the first stage of being laid off, preliminarily
10:01 am
laid off so we'll do our budget stabilization plan. finally, there are operational considerations to trying to implement this process now at this time. statutory requirements in regard to our may 15th deadline where we have to notify staff if we are reducing, this is the same time we would be trying to put these funds in place and bring employees back and so, because of all of these reasons at this time, we know there are challenges and we can appreciate those challenges, we can appreciate the pressures that our site -- that our site and district is under but staff does not recommend that we would attempt to implement these funds
10:02 am
that we don't have at the current time. >> thank you. before, are there clarifying questions? i'm going to open it up to public comment. we have two public commenters. i'd like to call up sherrie car manmaski and leslie hoof, please. >> hi. good evening, i'm kerry, i'm an parent and educator. the letter from deputy superintendent lee says that cost of living wage increases for educators should be carefully considered. consider this. substitutes and teachers cannot afford to live here. our school site was grossly underfunded that our job was
10:03 am
exhausting, experienced teacher was telling younger colleagues to get out now. regarding enrollment. the deputy superintendent also recommends that schools with declining enrollment not receive any potential additional funds. my school rosa parks, fillmore area community school in the mayor land breed and it has been closed all year due to under staff and the playground is a parking lot. the pain here belongs to the students and not the adults in central office. do you think families will continue to choose to enroll in schools funded this way? take a look at rosa parks, bring along your antiracist lens and maybe we have align our budget choice was keeping communities together. >> hello. good evening. my name is leslie and i'm the secretary of usf. as of today, there are 143 educator layoffs. that's 143 edge cheaters who have devoted their time and energy and
10:04 am
passion to being educator ask a role they love -- they bring love and care for the students they serve everyday. budgetary issues plague sf every year in some way and the young children are losing adults that they care about and rely on to grow and thrive. there's reasons this is happening. and none of those reasons are okay because ultimately our students, families and educator lives are negatively impacted and it's unconscious an -- that we're laying off. how much more can educator take when taxes are out of control. you pay $4,000 more than years' past and not getting paid properly. we want to be here for our students and we do have the collected power to make that happen. thank you. should i turn this off. >> i like to open up for public
10:05 am
comment for eight minutes. >> we'll hear public comment on the budget scenario fiscal sites, please raise your hand if you care to speak to this item. you'll have one minute to speak for a total of eight minutes, we'll have a total of eight minutes for this item. can we please have that -- can we have that repeated in chinese and spanish. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. jennifer. >> hi, can you hear me >> yes, we can. >> hi. i am calling in to really
10:06 am
ask the board to follow up on the contents of this letter, particularly around what the district defines a site with declining enrollment that should receive no additional funding above their current budget? the, as you know, district has placed caps at various grade levels at about 30 schools at least and closed over 25 kindergarten. all of those schools have declining enrollment by district fiat and the public commenter commented, several schools received widely divergent numbers in terms of kindergarten request and enrollment and our site had over, almost twice as many first and second place request as epc told a group of families that went down to complain, we do not have any trust in your declining enrollment numbers because this is something multiple schools are reporting. also, our budget
10:07 am
balancing plan which i read in total only cuts site staff one director from the central staff would be cut. this is not a serious attempt to balance the right side. >> thank you, jennifer. [timer] >> tom. >> hi, yea. i'm a teacher and parent in the district. one of the new commissioners said, i think it was a blast board meeting like kind of like firmly -- casting it to, like, let's try this. let's look into it. not to say no and i do appreciate mr. matthews saying i'm not going to give you something or say something if we can't do it and to be honest, as a teacher and parent and i have been a teacher for seven years and i parent my kid who is in kindergarten this year, i don't have a lot of trust. look what
10:08 am
happened with the payroll fiasco and that's causing problems and people can't trust. there's a lot more behind it and they close the door in say what's are we doing with that money. that's my question. what's going to happen if we get that money? i think should be a plan and not just, like, later on, are we going to fund those central higher up people who get paid so much anyway? are we going to fund things that people don't need and want. are you going to talk to the staff and see what they need and see how they're doing? i beg you and the new commissioners and i have been asking, come to the site and see what we need and what's working and not. i haven't seen the commissioners come this year and do that, thank you. >> thank you. mr. jeffries. mr. jeffries. >> hello. hello. >> yes, go ahead, please.
10:09 am
>> hello. my name is jeffreys and i'm a first grade teacher and teaching for over 25 years and i've been on various site councils doing budget and budget cuts and regardless of how cuts come down, it's important they don't happen this year, that they don't have consolidations and things happens to disrupt the ongoing school year and also the way we zero based budgeting and going from what we're funding and that impacts how, like, look at what money we have and where we want to spend it and invest, all investors i heard based on the report, they're at central offices and higher levels and no investment at school site and how we do enrollment matters because you have schools competing for students and then because a parent chooses a school that other parents didn't choose,
10:10 am
their child gets penalized and that's not right. so we have to look at systemically what's best for all schools so all schools receive the same level of services so that and we can say all schools are getting the same quality of education even if it's all under funded and not have it be based on the soft money, based on the income of parent and how many resources your student has at school. unless you're willing to dig in and make those changes that have a big impact, then you're just shuffling it back into the titanic. you're making things up and not being responsible. the formula is a joke because none of the weights have mean and they don't change services for any kids so you can just say, support equity but it doesn't make any difference in the outcome. [timer] >> thank you. courtney.
10:11 am
>> hi there. this is courtney helen and i'm a parent of three kids at sfusd. i wanted to -- i wanted to echo a question. if we don't get the money, we should have a plan for it and if we don't, how do we spend it wisely and make sure we're not just throwing it at the latest, hot he have thing that happens to need money at that moment. it feels short-sided to not even have a plan for what we would do if we get that money from the state. i appreciate that we can't spend money we don't have and i think, i want to be financially prudent but i also want to have a plan in case we do get that money because without a plan, we can't spend it wisely. thank you.
10:12 am
>> thank you. that concludes public comment for this item. >> thank you, thank you so much. so, i would like to open it up for discussion with colleagues. commissioner sanchez. >> thank you, president lam. to the last commenters question about a plan, can we address that here? what would happen with those funds if they came in as we expect them to? >> one of the things i said and i mentioned in the memo is we believe it's important to scenario plans so that's why we actually prefer each of the schools, they have a targeted amount and so, we asked them because they're closest to the spending and to the students and to the needs of their schools
10:13 am
that they are to develop plans if these dollars come in so i'm not sure if the caller understood. it's not that there's not a plan, but our recommendation is not to implement that plan at this time. >> thank you for that. there's 145 potential lead layoff teachers, is that the accurate number? do we have -- >> so -- chief, are you -- if you can come forward and give the accurate numbers. >> i want to balance that with the attrition we'ren counters right now with -- encountering with service and retirements. it was one to one matches with those leaving and the folks being given a pink slip. so, we are seeing, maybe we can address how many people are leave and
10:14 am
how many we have to hire for teachers next year. >> yes. we're still figuring that out. we just finished the hearing last night. the layoff hearings with the judge so we just came to the 14 about and that's where we're -- 143 and that's where we're and we're receiving the budget staffing plan and we do the -- we do the comparison and analysis of how many vacancies we have, created by resignations and retirements and how many consolidated teachers there are. those are the numbers we're receiving from budget office. and then we figure out, then we start to do the consolidation process. it's trying to figure out who is going where. the deadline is tomorrow for principles and department leaders to tell teachers about they're being consolidated. they're entering the consolidation pool so the next two weeks, we're moving people around and it's the first
10:15 am
and second week of may that we figure out, do we need to actualize any of those layoffs. does that make sense >> yes, can you read a crystal ball, what do you think will happen? >> i wish i could tell you. i don't know. >> so, there's a potential that all 143 teachers -- >> it's very unlikely. >> okay. that's helpful. you're not going to go any further >> sorry. >> thank you. >> president boggess. >> thank you. i'm curious, i fee like this is helpful but it gives a conception that if additional money comes in to the state we can use it to address our needs in regard to staffing and everything like that and i guess i'm just wondering kind of what are the limitations on any additional funds that come in and like what constraints do we have because of our structural
10:16 am
deficit? and kind of our inability to spend one time dollars on reoccurring staff positions and kind of how that factors into everything. >> so, i'll start and then so definitely additional funds will not solve all of our deficit woes and staffing needs and the target for most schools were not the amount that were passed in their budget. they were significant amounts but not for the budget so i want to be clear, it's not going to solve all of the staffing needs. and the other piece of this is that, we gave seats these targets if the dollars came in but we also were very clear that there's no guarantee. if those dollars came in, it doesn't mean they were going to come in at those
10:17 am
numbers and it could be higher and lower and we as a district can make a determination that we wanted to do something else with the dollars so we wanted them to scenario plan and think about if this did occur and did happen, we want them to be prepared and we were clear this isn't absolutely going to happen. i don't know if you want to add anything? >> sure. maybe commissioner, you alluded to one time and the other side is ongoing, so if they were to be, if we were to receive one-time funds of course, our hands would be more tied in terms of those use of funds. and we, um, as mentioned earlier this evening, we are on a path towards deficit spending, so we want to mitigate that as much as possible, limit,
10:18 am
expanding the amount of deficit spending we're doing by building on ongoing cost. that's another factor. another piece to add to the conversation is, as commissioner sanchez mentioned about other scenarios that could be put on the table, it is important to note the other priorities, we in the district and you and the board may want to support with increased revenue. it could be anything from, you know, just building in ongoing sources to cover our operating expenses, reducing the use of one-time funds to support ongoing operations so kind of easing the glide path heading towards fiscal year 2025-26 when we're currently projected to hit a budget shortfall. public comment mentioned the cost of living within the city and
10:19 am
county of san francisco in the bay area and we haven't given cola adjustments to our employees so why we're baring pain to reduce workforce to align with enrollment we have in the district, we is this think about investing -- we should think about investing more in the workforce. and there are other costs that, just speaking about the county and there's a strong desire to invest more in central office but there's certain functions that are more county based that should being considered to build in and support ongoing stabilization of our district. those are a handful of ideas and final one i'll throw on the table is thinking about health and safety needs for our district as federal and state dollars dwindle and fema will not fund
10:20 am
those and neither will the state so expenses haven't been built into our projections that should be considered as the use of those funs in lieu of restoring funds to school sites. >> what happens if you spend them and how you spend them? >> next year, the number maybe a little off but i believe you're still, it's $92 million deficit or i have seen a couple of numbers and maybe 64 millions, there's a big difference but let's assume it's $64 million. that deficit of your budget plan is based on reducing your staffing by 166 originally, which is in the stabilization plan and making reductions at the central office which are being done. they're not there yet and complicated and not
10:21 am
paced on a formula ask if you bring ongoing money to bring back staff that's over and above the number that are budgeted for next year, you're essentially using it as if it was one leigh time money because you're use -- one-time money because you're using one-time money next year and the money is likely to have strings attached and the governor and legislature wants to make tk something permanent in the state and funded that will be a high priority in the budget for districts. there's talk about more money for career tech and elap and other sources, not to mention the, working with the labor partners. moral alley when you're lay -- morally when you're laying people off to make a budget work and when you bring them back, that's when you know the best possible way you can know it, that you have aligned the staffing with the needs and
10:22 am
when i say needs, you're basic staffing formula at school sites. you are kind of preconditioned in san francisco to look at your whole school site budget as to what da reeved at the students -- as to what derived from the students. enrollment projection was important and inevitably if you bring back staff not needed on the basis of the size of the student enrollment in the district, you're kicking the can down the road. so it would be 150 this year and 300 the next year and if declining enrollment continues, you'll hit a wall where a significant number of people are laid off. so, i would caution you to be extremely conservative about the new funds and treat that deficit as you buy it down and there's money
10:23 am
left in the budget as one-time money which it is. which could go to other uses. and i want to just mention just so you know you're not alone, everybody in the state, in country that got asser money knew there was a time period on that. and any staff hired using asser money, covid relief money and that period of time would end. a lot of support you've used and you used it to balance your budget, it goes away. it was like having a three-year budget that you knew 20% of your salary was going away at that period of time. >> i guess what i'm concerned about then, i think, is looking at kind of what we're hearing from sites right now and they don't feel like they can reach
10:24 am
their educational goals and responsibilities with the projected cuts knowing those cuts are going to escalate base off our projections for the future years and seeing increased numbers of recommendations for layoffs from the state as they stay with us through this time. what is our plan or approach to address this? it fees like through the member - it feels like through the memo, there were funds we can bring to do that so i'm wonder nothing regard to the memo for -- wondering regarding to budget in future years how we're addressing that balance or are we not addressing it and we as a board need to take more like action to address and put the district in a direction to address those issues, does that make sense? >> sorry, commissioner. just to -- at the beginning you stated, i think you were referring to additional needs not built into
10:25 am
our forecast, is that correct? >> i guess i'm worried about the trajectory we're on and the tone of the conversation, like, the memo is about how do we add money back in to help support the cutses but everything i hear from the state -- everything i hear from the state and elliot is the opposite. we should be preparing people for less because we have to decrease to match our actual enrollment and there's a gap from that and i guess i'm concerned of the path from where we are to be aligned unless something magical happens that changes the funding streams and revenue pattern. >> yes. i would absolutely agree with your assessment, all recommendations you're hearing really are to move away from trying to restore funds from school sites because the current funding aligns with enrollment. and furthermore, there are other areas of investment that staff would recommend using any new funding stream, any new revenue to go towards rather than
10:26 am
restoring funds to school sites. >> good evening, commissioner alexander. >> okay. so, following up on process in some ways because i have been hearing and then the callers comments, a lot of confusion about what's happening with enrollment and why certain sites are feeling enrollment differences that they don't really understand. and so, from a process standpoint and i don't know how to answer those questions and i have gotten answers and i'm appreciative of staff explaining the process but i'm not one hundred percent clear of what's happening. we're in the enrollment process and it's not done and there's an
10:27 am
intended count and that's when we know but between this moment and that moment, what are the points in time that we can look at and get a sense of what's happening overall with enrollment, how different sites are being impacted and how staffing is being align around that because i feel like we're touching the elephant in different ways and we don't have a picture so i'm curious about the timing of that. and then oh, shoot. i had another -- the other thing i was wondering about, awe man, this is why i need to take notes and also -- we've been at their for a while. i can't remember. can you come back to me if i grab that, sorry? >> would you like us to speak to your question. >> this is what it was. it made me crazy that i couldn't remember what i was talking about, so enrollment question and then the other piece is it's not -- it is hard decisions about the budget but it's also around what we're doing with
10:28 am
curriculum and instruction and how we're aligning our resources around the students so i mean, you guys are doing a good job talking about budget and explaining the connections with enrollment but the other piece is because we don't have well mapped priorities and understanding and i don't and i have been trying to understand for a while now is how we're going to support students and families and teachers as we make these hard decisions and what they're experiencing in the schools, not just from a budget standpoint and the number of staff in the school but how it's going to look and feel and what we're promising to deliver. does that -- >> i don't expect you to answer that point. >> i can share the enrollment capacities, all of that, but
10:29 am
less about the curriculum instruction piece but i think for the enrollment projections, i would say that -- i'm not an expert on the student assessment process but i know there are always more applicants at round one based on our trends than typically enrolled in the fall and so i think that's where we are currently in terms of timing is we're seeing the results of round one which are really promising and that is really promising for us but based on historical trends, that does not, we do not typically see that same level of enrollment in the fall based on what we're seeing right now, so we're in this, potentially this period of time with what we're seeing is not going to reflect enrollment land but we hope it will. on the budget front with enrollment and
10:30 am
what i can say with confidence, when students receive their student awaited formal cajuns based on projected enrollment, they're -- a school that didn't understand where their projected enrollment came from, they have the opportunity to reach out to the budget office directly and review those numbers with the site and if they had concerns or disagreements, we had a conversation looking at their capacities, looked at their enrollment trends between string and fall over the past several years and there were some cases where there was an agreement after talking about it more, the projections did seem reflective and there were some cases where the conclusion was we need to
10:31 am
make an update either by increasing a projection and in some cases by lowering it, so i think that that may not speak as much to some of the district wide trends or capacity setting overall but site by site experience and ensuring budgets were based on enrollment projections that site leaders felt confident in, that's high priority during the budget development process so any site that reached out with concern, we follow up to have that discussion that with them to make sure they were work with a budget that reflected the projected enrollment that that site leader expected. >> let me just address the enrollment issue because you are different from much of the world because you have pretty much total choice in the district.
10:32 am
irrespective of students, they may go different places so you base the enrollment on what your best projection which is best guess on how many students will show up in the fall at a particular school. it's never what you project, even with the most accurate projection, you're hoping you under project enrollment and yeah. under project enrollment and over project staffing. not really. when i became a school businessman energy, they hire -- they hired five districts but that doesn't work anymore due to declining enrollment. it's overly simple that in the fall is when you have to make adjustments and that's the only
10:33 am
way to honor choice. the only way is not to have broad choice in assume school will maintain the same enrollment. base you have open enrollment which is a practice and something you're looking at in the process of changing, but if you had not open enrollment, you would have an open enrollment period still but it would have ended already. would you have accepted transfers to school sites. it wouldn't be ongoing so that decision in the fall becomes even more waity and becomes more problematic for sites because they could lose students when teachers don't show up and this year you made a deliberate decision not to move teachers but that's part of your budget deficit that carries forward each year. so that's -- that's problematic from a budgetary standpoint. the last thing i have to, thank you for bringing
10:34 am
it up, the student needs to be define in the l-cap. everybody has a set of needs. that's your job -- your job isn't to answer each one of those needs but make sure your l-cap addresses the most important needs in the district. >> can i ask one enrollment clarifying question? thank you. i always love when anyone talks about the l-cap as a century document. with enrollment, i guess, it doesn't need to be answer here but i do have a remaining question because i know, our kindergarten applications have gone down but what's unclear is if we're seeing transfers out or seeing declines at those steps as well. it's unclear to me if we're talking about into the system, you know, beginning level or ground floor or seeing changes rippling throughout the system
10:35 am
and i know it's late. i don't need to belabor. >> i think chief okeef, if you're on the line and if you can answer that question. do you see -- >> hi, chief okeef, can you hear us? >> can you hear me? >> yes, we can. >> this is looking back and i think people answered most questions so i won't repeat that. generally and this is looking at four and five years
10:36 am
of data and we are -- the number of children who apply in round one in our main round in march is larger, about seven percent larger than the number of students that end up enrolling in district. so, to put it in numbers here for tonight, we have an enrollment capacity at kindergarten that set a 420,935 students and 4,003 of students apply in the main round. and based on that end trend of 7% smaller, we're anticipatingen roomment will end up in the full at 3800 students. many students apply after round one but we also lose tremendous number of students who do apply in round one but do not enroll for a variety of different reasons and we see children that get --
10:37 am
based on that, we're anticipating our enrollment next year will be about the same as the kindergarten enrollment this year, maybe less. so the movement that happens in children who are requesting different schools, we don't see an increase in the number of students. we see a decrease. >> okay. so the question that i had was about transfers out at other grades too, though. i know kindergarten enrollment is declining and that was helpful to understand the seven percent assumption but are we seeing transfers out, like at the steps to 6th grade and the steps -- in this enrollment process? i though this wasn't the top he can on the -- this wasn't the topic on agenda but the ground floor pipeline we're focusing on or if it's rippling throughout the system. >> that's a great question and i
10:38 am
can explore in more detail outside of this. we see a decline in the 4th and 35th grade and we feel they transfer to that stage but i can get up day -- updated numbers. >> thank you. >> superintendent lee. >> i'll team um with chief o'keefe if you can, commissioner, i'm not sure if you were talking about non-traditional grades but i can offer statistics for ninth grade. sixth grade and i'm referring to the summary of the assignment run highlights so hopefully i'm, we got the latest numbers but for 6th grade, the applications were very similar. 34/13 this year compared to 33/78 last year. slightly higher
10:39 am
but similar. for 9th grade there was a dip so we received 4458, ninth grade applications for the cycle for next year compared to 4742 for the equivalent stage of the process one year ago for enrollment for this year. that doesn't account for all grades in between. >> it's helpful and thank you everyone for indulging me. >> commissioner alexander and commissioner -- >> i want to comment on this enrollment issue and choice and highlight this point that i think it's really important the work we're doing around the attendance zone and how to rethink our enrollment process
10:40 am
because the choice system does create this highly unpredetectivable ask if there's schools less -- and if there's schools less desirable more likely to lose students or with more mobile populations like students moving in and out is lower income families so the schools suffer a lot more when the reduction happened in the fall, so i think anyway we can stabilize enrollment numbers and predictability around budget is going to be important especially in declining enrollment. the second thing i want to say to correct, slight correction of a point you made, mr. dushawn, we did vote to hold schools harmless but it was a one year. that's one reason why schools are seeing big cuts this spring because they didn't have to make them in the fall so there was,
10:41 am
we said to mitigate the impact coming out of covid that those reductions, enrollment based reductions would happen next year. that's why some of the school students are experiencing this as a bigger drop off because the hold harmless happened for this year but it's not going forward. the other thing, just to say we did make reductions not enrollment base and that's where i haven't -- owe it's more around the secondary ap course reductions, that was not an enrollment based reduction, but we took that funding and applied it to teacher stipends based on negotiated agreement but those schools, high schools in general actually, enrollment has been stable, maybe 9th grade may be
10:42 am
different. i want to put that out there, there are places we want to invest that's not about enrollment cuts but we want to make up for people and investment in an area that we removed it that wasn't enrollment based so i want to make that distinction because i think -- i don't think -- i think we have to have a process for aligning our budgets to enroll ment but we can make targeted investment based on things important as we're trying to align our priorities. the last thing i was going to say and we do need to decide as the public commenter asked what happen if we get that money. chief wall is thinking about that and i think that it's going to come back to us with recommendations and i'm not sure when or how but over the next
10:43 am
month ask as the mayor's advice comes out, we as a board need to make those decisions because as -- there's the cola and there's the other investments and and the investments won't be putting, restoring enrollment based cuts but other investments that we need to make, i think we need to have a plan as a board to do that and staff will work on that to have, so we can make that decision together. >> thank you. this is pulling from commissioner alexander and something that commissioner motamed raised earlier. this is a question for you chief wallace and i appreciate the work you're doing in collaboration with the outside experts and i'm looking forward to the recommendations given this is your expertise in terms of how do we have a balanced budget not just in the short-term but in the long-term
10:44 am
as well. one of the things i'm hoping and this relates to what i think my colleague commissioner motamedi was raising, your expertise in the balancing of the budget is clear but who are you talking to when coming up with these recommendations to see how and where these cuts line up to what i think what our priorities are which is the student outcome and student focus and some of us think it has to be school site and i recognize that may not be the case. there's other places for money to be infused in the system and used that is still student centered and focused on students and outcomes that may not be school site but i'm hoping in your conversations with your own team, you're in collaboration in dialogue with the other schools that this is centering students so i look forward to those continuing
10:45 am
conversations. >> okay. thank you, everyone. and this concludes our discussion around the budget scenario, thank you, everyone for that discussion. we are going to go into number item three, the initial public hearing for the material revision to city arts and tech charter to consolidate operations and instruction to single campus. and at this time, i like to open and i'll open the public hearing so the material revision to the state arts and technology high school charter. victor collins, superintendent matthews introduced the designee. >> thank you, president lam. designee regarding the material review to the city or tech charter is director of policy
10:46 am
and planning, chris arbontrust >> good evening. >> is your mic on? >> good evening, commissioners. my name is chris, director of policy and plan and it's a pleasure to be before you tonight. we're presenting the initial public hearing for the proposed second revision for the city arts and technology high school charter. to summarize tonight, the sfu boards of education is asked to approve a second material revision to city arts and high school charter to allow the upcoming charter school, city arts and leadership high school to operate at a single campus beginning july 1, 2022. this will replace the current charter for the school to occupy two campuses for next two years. for background on this case, city and tech operates as a district luthser burbank process, that's a 325 frand avenue in colocation with
10:47 am
jordan. leadership high school operators at the single at the district san miguel campus, 350 seneca avenue. city arts and tech submitted the material charter to effect the merger beginning the 2022-23 school year and requested approval to change their name, programming facilitys and enrollment as part part traffic process and the newy lerjed school city art asks leadership high school, cal hs and the revision and park describe the operation of the emerged charter school in nine contiguous schools for school years 22-23 and 23-24 in reference to the first revision. on october 26th, 2021, the board of education approved the material revision to allow the absorption of city high school
10:48 am
beginning july 1, 2022. as part of that the board of education approved cal hs to occupy 325 laguna avenue. the campuses would, the campus of 225 would shrink and cal hs would operate beginning with the 24/25 school year. that was the original plan. in february of 2022, city tech and leadership held community meetings at the campuses to discuss the placing of students. these meetings were held and used to survey references for where students will be low cheated in the fall in two years and during the community meeting, community stakeholders were displeased with the two campus arrangement and instead desire for all students to be located at a single site. on march 15, 2022,
10:49 am
there was a material revision to sfusd to ask the board to approve consolidation to the 357 seneca avenue and releasing lhs for they're agreement at 225 la grand avenue. for the material revision process, just to go over the process it receive, education code section 4707a3 states a charter school that proposes to expand operations to one or more additional seats or grade levels shall request revision material to its charter. with the consolidation to 350 seneca, that act is petitions. and staff must con tukt a review of the revise -- must conduct the review of the standard and criteria. board of education shall grant the
10:50 am
material revision if it's -- set up that it's sound with the interest of the community which the school propose to go locate. the board of education shall consider the needs of the people and the school proposes to serve. the criteria here, the board of education shall not deny petition for establishment of a charter school unless it makes a finding specific to a particular petition, setting forth facts to support one or more of the follow and the chartser presents an education program, it's successful and the petition is not comprehensive and the charter school is not likely to serve the interest of the community and the district is not positioned to -- the district will review the proposed material prevision to determine whether the revised petition meets criteria and
10:51 am
revised details how cal hs will operate at that single campus and the consolidation to a single campus will not result in unsound education program for the people's involved and the district will observe the charter school. to summarize, the second material revision will be to change facilities arrangement to fully locate cal hs at 350 seneca avenue in the 22-23 school year and consolidate enrollment to that campus. there's no revisions to change the name or program or projected enrollment approved by the board of education. we're just talking about the campus location of students on that one campus. for a recommended next steps, consistent with statutory deadlines, we recommend the following timeline. by april 25, $2022, districts staff will publish the review findings and
10:52 am
recommendations for this material revision using the criteria i described earlier. may 10, 2022, we'll come before this boards to take action. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. and at this time, i invite the petitioners to make any presentations they have regarding the material of revision. >> good evening. i shared a presentation but i'm also happy to share any screen myself if that's preferable by staff.s >> pardon me, president lam, tonight is the presentation and the presence by the charter will happen at a subsequent meeting. thank you for that clarification. >> second, deputy superintendent
10:53 am
-- >> i proposed president lam is the charter's is prepared to go tonight, we wouldn't have another presentation at the next board meeting, you'll have the action item. >> this time i would like to invite the petitions to make a presentation, please. >> good evening. my name is -- good evening, vice-president lam and vice mayor and community members and my name name is salem haze and i shared the presentation previously but if it's helpful for me to shear my screen, let me know if you would like me to do that or if you would like me to share. >> if you can shear your screen, that would be great.
10:54 am
>> one moment. >> again, thank you very much for the time this evening. i'm honored to be with you and i appreciate mr. armastrot thorough presentation so i won't repeat what was said. as he shared, this is a request for a change of address beginning july 1st and that's aligned with the previous material of revision that the board approved in october of 2021. this slide details original plan that the board -- apologies, that the board approved in october. it shows how we were intending to
10:55 am
house our students and staff in the merged school. this is our revised facilities plan that we're seeking your approval in the process that mr. armatrout outlined and we're intend to go have all students at the 350 seneca campus building in july. this plan is revised plan is the result of response, being responsive to feedback from our school communities. as mr. armatrout outlined, we have hosted 11 engagement sections and our communities will experience less disruption if we changed locations one time verses gradually over two years and we hold town halls and events to build communication among students and staff and parents and it's important for us to be responsive to our -- we
10:56 am
know that's the only way to be responsive. i won't take more of your time this evening. thank you for the opportunity to share our request with us ask i'm happy to answer questions from the board now or when you vote to approve this in may. thank you. >> thank you so much for the presentation. and before i open it up for our public speakers and i want to remind my colleagues that tonight we will not take action. we'll come back in may to take a vote officially. so, and vote on that staff recommendation, so at this time, i would like to open up for public speakers and i don't see in any person speakers. any online. >> no virtual public speakers. >> thank you very much. at this time, we'll close the public hearing and return to the
10:57 am
regular board meeting. okay. moving to agenda special order of business. item g. i would like to move and vote on the special order items one through five together and seven and eight together. unless any of my colleagues would like to sever one for discussion. okay. so, all item was tentatively labor agreement so i like to get a motion and a second on items one through five. >> so moved. >> second. >> and 7 and 8 as well. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. i like to call on superintendent to introduce the designee to read the recommendation into the record. >> reading the recommendation into the record are daniel,
10:58 am
chief of labor negotiations. >> so good evening, dr. matthews, president lam and commissioners and the recommended action that the board approves the tentative agreements one through five and seven and eight. >> thank you. i like to open up for public comment on special order items one through five. and seven and eight. i don't see any public comments. any virtually? >> no virtual comment. >> thank you. any comments from board members? and superintendent? seeing none, i'd like to get a roll call vote on special order of business items one through five and seven and eight. >> thank you, president lam.
10:59 am
delegate lam, laing. >> commissioner alexander >> yes. >> vice-president boggess >> yes >> commissioner chu. >> yes. >> commissioner motamedi. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> commissioner ward. >> yes. >> president lam. >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> thank you. so at this time, i also need a motion and a second on item no. six, is that accurate? >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. >> superintendent matthews. >> item 6, reading item 6 into the record, acting chief of labor relations, daniel manezi. >> apologies, dr. matthews. that's megan wallace.
11:00 am
>> thank you. >> it was my fault. >> good evening, commissioners. dr. matthews. public, this evening, staff is proposing a recommendation for the board to approve the form of an updated preliminary official statement supporting the issuance in sale of the san francisco unified school district general obligation bond and refunding bonds as previously approved under resolutions 21928a1 and 21928a2. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> before we go to comments from board members, i would like to also open it up for public comment for item no. six. i
11:01 am
don't see any in person. do i have anyone on virtually? >> thank you, president lam. there's no virtual public comment. >> thank you. comment, questions from board members? superintendent? commissioner hso. >> yes, chief wallace, the $284 million would that be the last trench of the 2016 bond? >> yes. that is correct. >> and what about the 145 millions, i'm not familiar with that? >> the $145 million amount actually represents bonds that were previously sold and we're looking to refund them for a better interest rate. so basically refinancing to reduce the debt service and overall cost for those bond proceeds.
11:02 am
>> >> got it, thank you. >> seeing no other comments, i'd like to have roll call vote on special order of business item no. 6, please. >> thank you, president lam. item number six, student delegate lam, student delegate yang. and commissioner alexander. >> yes. >> commission, vice-chair boggess. >> yes. >> commissioner chiu. >> yes. >> commissioner motamedi. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> commissioner war >> yes. >> commissioner, president lam. >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> thank you. moving into special order of business. number 8. the updated preliminary official statement -- let me see. excuse me. excuse
11:03 am
me. yeah. thank you. item no. 9 the instructional calendar for 22-23 school year, 224-1209. do i have a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> i like to call on superintendent to introduce designee to read the recommendation. >> reading this recommendation into the record is our acting chief of labor, daniel. >> hello again. the recommended action is that the board adopts the 2022-23 instructional calendar. >> thank you. at this time, we like to open up for public comment. i have three in person comment and i would like to call upon fisher, and tariff and michelle. have you one minute each, please to speak.
11:04 am
>> hello members of the board. thank you again for making time to hear our community speak earlier. many of us were unable to stay to speak to this item because it conflicts and i'm with the organizing center and behalf of arab and muslim families to thank you for your hard work in prioritizing our families and teachers and we ask that you strongly consider a membereding the calendar to include the arabic museum holidays as you know, the resolution we haven produced request that both eight holidays recognized and we ask you amend to include one holiday to the calendar and it's the only one that falls on school calendar and full implementation for the 23-24 school year and thank several school board members who have been with our community for years and we recognize you have done all the work you have done and trusts -- and trust you'll continue to do so. we want to appreciate usf and the wider
11:05 am
community for the support. our fallies are watching -- our families watching to see your decision, cultural holidays during ramadan and heritage month is huge for our communities, thank you very much. >> >> hello, this public comment is in two capacities, first as a board member of the mission high school ptsa, our board is meeting tonight and currently drafting a letter in support of the adding to the calendar. we're the only high school arabic pathway and it's a holiday very important to our community. we holy agree that it needs to be added to the calendar and the e-mail in writing to be following. and for the rest of the calendar, one point to make when we start and end our school year mid-week, families find that difficult from a childcare perspective. but i would also look to look at
11:06 am
this as an opportunity starting mid-week. this is a great way to have step up programs for middle school and high schools like we did with dcyf and we can do transportation training with our middle schooler who's will ride buses -- schoolers who will ride buses for the first time. this is a great opportunity to do that. please add recovery, credit recovery and esy summer programs to help family wloz access services -- families who access the plan before it's too late and trying to figure out summer programs when you don't know the date of the programs to attend is very difficult. thank you. >> good evening, michelle, coordinator for the pac and i would like to echo what previous commenters have said. i would like us to respect our muslim community members and add the
11:07 am
holiday to the calendar. and i think the suggestions around, the the potential for what we can do in those days and we're starting our school year mid-week, we can utilize our out of school time program providers and we can do the step-ups and transit train and all things, so thank you very much. >> thank you. i like to open up public comment for five minutes, please. >> thank you, president lam. if you care to give public comment on the instructional calendar for 2022-23 school year, please raise your hand. can you repeat it in chinese and spanish. [speaking foreign language]
11:08 am
>> thank you. apologies if i'm not pronouncing this correctly. wade dad. >> good evening. [audio difficulties] please consider the calendar. it will mean so much. this would bring the muslim students and the community a sense of belong and this can be done. places like new york passed this plan years ago and please recognize it. thank you. >> thank you. julie. >> hi. i wanted to speak in favor in the change to the calendar for juneteenth, it's
11:09 am
exciting to see that representation and i hope the board will amend this calendar to include ed as well. this effort was kicked off by sfusd student who circulated a petition and many of the folks participated in that were on hold or on zoom previously but not able to speak and they're watching the meeting and watching to see what the board tonight. it will mean a lot to add e. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. jeffries. >> hello, everyone. my name is jeremiah jeffrey. teacher, again. please add e to the calendar. it's an important holiday both for our muslim students and families but our staff including myself. and it
11:10 am
means a lot that this time that we're also adding juneteenth as the african american teacher, these are all things significant culturally to me and carries a lot of weight and it's long overdue. this is something that should have been in the calendar and brought up in years' past and addressed and included and again, i want to remind everyone, superintendent matthews, we haven't heard from you this month and look forward to your newsletter to acknowledge that this month as well but you have a plan in gen -- as the equity task force resolution and equity study resolution that heritage month and holidays are a big part of how we recognize the cultures in the district so it should be a plan and it's planned out and not consolidated and overlapping
11:11 am
in a way that doesn't allow the message to be shared during the year and each group to have their time so please be thoughtful of teachers and educator and redo this plan and incorporating these different ideas that's inclusive but eve is one of the ways that we can, that really recognize community in celebrating the holidays. >> thank you, that's your time. >> thank you. >> leanda >> good evening board and dr. matthews and other members the dais and everyone in attendance. i'm a member of the apac leadership team and i'm speaking as i mom and calling in support of eve being added. our babies and families spoken and as a district who wanted to be inclusive and working toward our
11:12 am
vision of 2025, then we have to honor the request of our babies. this isn't something hard to do and it's in line with their religious belief so i ask that you listen to our babies and get it added to the calendar as soon as possible. thank you. >> thank you. arock. >> hello. my name is ladie and i'm the executive director of the arabic resource and organizing center a-rock and my name showed up as a-rock and i wanted to thank everyone for the support of the resolution and i've moved in the months and year and the community has been excited and feel respected in the san francisco. i want to also appreciate all the work being done to make that possible
11:13 am
and let folks know -- and the marginalzation going on, you can show good faith in terms of recognizing, supporting and amplify and really empowering the communities that are the most targeted right now in this country and in this world and also particularly in this city so thank you for considering adding eve to the calendar, i hope you'll do so. >> thank you. caller 853. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. that concludes our public comment time for this item. >> okay. thank you. at this time, is there common from colleagues? -- is there comments from commissioners? commissioner sanchez. >> can you walk us through the process how the calendar is
11:14 am
produced? >> sure, i'd be happy to, commissioner sanchez. >> this calendar was unusual because we were in distance when doing it. we convene meeting with our labor partners and with parent organizations to put the calendar together, but this happened virtually. so the labor relations team took a first stab at a calendar getting input from different departments. we then sent that out to our parent advisory committee, i know second district received it as did parents for public schools for feedback. we also sent it to uesf, and usiu because they have folks that work the instructional calendar. we take all that feedback and then we produce a draft calendar which was posted on our website for about two or three weeks and got an additional round of feedback and that's how you see the
11:15 am
diversion presented here. >> we're in discussing of adding eve to this calendar? >> there were not because the addition of paid holidays, my understanding is the decision is made by the board of education through board policy. >> there's a resolution pending on that? that's my understanding. is there a resolution pending regarding eve? >> yeah. i submitted it but it hasn't been put on the agenda so i don't know the timing is for that. it would be great. we can let folks know. >> in this process for adopting this instructional calendar for the next school year, we would have to go back through the process to include because and have a board resolution to add another holiday. that's what it sounds like. >> commissioner sanchez, for clarification, commissioner alexander resolution came forward after this process had
11:16 am
concluded. so you're correct. if we were to add new holidays now, we would need to go back to our labor partners, particularly usef and usfa and renegotiate the calendar and we would need to gather feedback from the community groups like pack and parents which would push us back. >> we're late in the game in terms of adopting instructional calendar. if we can't add it now, i would suggest in future years, we have a two-step process where it comes to the board for a first read sog we can discuss it -- first reading so we can discuss it to hammer those things out. what happens, the board gets the instructional calendar and we can't rubber-stamp it because we're late in the game so that's frustrating so i would suggest that moving forward, but i'm very happy about the juneteenth
11:17 am
additional holiday but i don't know how to solve the issue for eve right now. >> yeah. i guess if you could talk more about being the engagement process and kind when that occurs and what feedback was given by. what i'm worried about is, i guess the inclusive of our calendar. i'm excited to see juneteenth added and i'm not sure the background process that led to us making the movement to do that and just how we're making sure we're inclusive of all communities in our plan and thought process. so you can talk about our engagement with families and how we think about inclusively and representation of the communities that make up our district. >> sure. i appreciate the question, vice-president boggess. the engagement was how i described it. this year because we were moatly remote
11:18 am
especially when this was happening because a lot was happening in january and we sent out drafts of the calendar to pack, to parents for public schools in the second district, looking for encourage ask shared with your constituents and community and let us know what feedback comes up. in terms of feedback, i would have to go through my notes and with the labor partners, there's -- the administrators come back and how long do clerks and teachers return so there were nuances we had to make adjustments for and that feedback, i certainly recall but i don't recall off the top of my head the feedback we received from our families and our parent groups. he would have to go back and check. i will also say compared to other years, the calendar this -- the
11:19 am
calendar was straight forward. an initial draft the calendar had it starting on a monday in august but the elected school would be in may and we needed june. so we needed to make those adjustment but the process was straightforward. >> you mentioned the juneteenth addition and the difference with that is that as you recall, the process in terms of the mayor and the city approving this holiday happened a year ago so we had time to discuss and definitely when this process was happening in december and january, the groups that we got feedback had time to discuss juneteenth and the addition of adding it. whereas the eve, our first seeing of that was after
11:20 am
the conclusion of the process. >> no, i appreciate that clarity and understanding it and the response and action taken by the city and bringing us in alignment with what the city is doing in regard to juneteenth. and my last question is centered around how do we, as a district approach, like, the desire for community to give us feedback on holidays that are representative of their culture and how do we have the district address holidays that have a connection to kind of religion as well as culture and low do we sit on those things or -- and is there guidance on how we handle those and if there's policy and guidance and things of that nature. >> i might take it to council, but the education code has holidays within it and guidance about if there's a loll day that falls on a saturday, you do it the friday. if it's a sunday you do it -- that kind of thing and
11:21 am
any holidays beyond that would be collectively bargained or set by the board. >> yeah. i think that's exactly right. there's the holidays, the california state legislature told us we have to take and each lea can negotiate additional holidays, typically my understanding is in the past whether we have added holidays that were not mandated by the state to take, they have been driven by adu consideration so when we have high numbers of students out during fall break we tend to make that a holiday so we can not lose ada because students are taking vacation. and i think the statement thing has happened with lunar new year. that's generally, other than that, we aren't looking necessarily at religious holidays for which days to take off. it's not to say we couldn't but it hasn't been the practice. >> to get clarity, you're saying
11:22 am
biggest determination of now whether or not we have a cultural holiday is how many students actually are going to maybe miss that day and our ability to respond to make sure we're not losing ada from it? >> the only correction i would make it's the cultural holiday that's determined by the community but a school holiday, yes. we're looking, if we're adding days as holidays, we look to days where we have low ada. >> could you also talk about the difference between days off that are holidays and the district recognizing a day and the differences of the process for that for the calendar? >> right. so, holidays are days that every district employee gets off. so even 12 month employees would have holidays off. superintendent may know this number better than i do but i think it's approximately ten paid holidays. and then school holidays are days where schools are closed. typically, those
11:23 am
don't have a cost to us because they're a non-service day. they're a day when teachers and students don't show up and the school is closed but a holiday does have a cost to us depending on where it falls because people receive pay for that day. which i would add that's why the juneteenth resolution is going to the budget committee because i believe the budget impact is not significant but there is some budget impact to having a holiday for all district employees. >> thank you. >> so, i had a process question. because i think this is a good conversation but that was my intention of wanting to introduce the resolution was to have a conversation so i'm curious, i don't know if staff or, when can that happen? >> yeah. i think, we would like
11:24 am
to recommend we come back with more of a process because we have had issues coming up around religious holidays. we could have a further deeper -- further deeper engagement with the community and we need to do it. we were late bringing this to you and we recognize including our labor partners we need to start this process sooner so we can see what that looks like, including commissioner sanchez, engagement with the board at an earlier point in time. we're not prepared to -- to spell it out for you but we're recognizing we need to do it and we'll come back to you. >> i meant, i think that does make sense and that's great, he was asking about the resolution itself. like when are we as a board going to discuss it because i think it's a valuable, i think this conversation can happen also in the context of that.
11:25 am
>> i can address that because i think right now that's a board leadership question and i think in a lot of ways we're in the process of still trying to get it scheduled and calendar and that's something we can follow up. i feel like it's something we want to bring to the forefront knowing that you have already started the process to get it introduced. i think we're just trying to schedule it within our board diet so we're time going right now, understanding we missed the initial window around the calendar, so that's not a set date but by the time we meet next we can have a clear date when we plan to bring it forward and the clear plan to share with you and share with the public especially hearing how much interest there was from the public to bring it forward but right now it's in our handses as president and vice-president, we are preparing to kind of get the process moving forward. >> so, can i just ask when it
11:26 am
does come forward, because i see this as part of a larger conversation and i think others share this view and so, i guess part of the package of discussion i would like to understand is how we're also incorporating cultural awareness because i have heard from comments it's not just the holiday but it's the lack after wareness at their school seats and the accommodations they feel ensuring that currently when people are observing religious holidays that they're getting excused absences and they're getting accommodations for any work in advance or turning it in, but also thinking through, that cultural awareness part and how we are seeing our community reflected in our schools and then as far as holidays, i want to understand similar to an earlier comment, the school starting on wednesday has
11:27 am
childcare impact so when we add holidays for a calendar, i want to have awareness, that means the schools will be closed ask they'll be childcare impacts to famiies ask having awareness and we have gaping achievement gaps we're trying to address so i want to understand the impacts of sending you know, all of the schools home for the day and how that affects instruction. so, i mean, the big, but i would like to have this as holistic conversation around all of, you know, the groups that brought this forward and understanding the process of how we can get this forward and who we need to reflect in our cultural (indiscernible) but this calendar is coming really late and i've had parents screaming at me around trying to make plans and trying to get childcare lined up for summer holiday so i'm glad to see it on
11:28 am
the calendar. when would we assume a calendar would come to the board? whether is it typical, assuming the process has gone through and it has been vetted, when can families expect to see a calendar for, you know -- >> that's a great question, commissioner motamede and this is the first calendar i have oversee seen. >> it's usually in january. january, february, but usually by the end of january. >> the one thing i would add in our discussion with some of our labor partners, there is a desire to start that work, let me get this right for the 23-24 calendar and plan that this summer so we have a lot more runway. >> thank you. at this time, i would like to conclude comments from board members and roll call
11:29 am
vote please. >> thank you, president lam on the instructional calendar. student delegate lam. student delegate yang. commissioner alexander. >> yes. >> commissioner, vice-president boggess. >> yes. >> commissioner chiu. >> yes. >> commissioner motamedi. >> yes. >> commissioner san chess. >> yes. >> >> commissioner ward. >> yes >> president lam. >> yes. >> seven ayes. >> thank you. thank you so much. at this time, i'm going to, we are going to consent calendar back to agenda item e. and item no. one, items withdrawn are corrected by the superintendent. let's see. is there a motion and second >> so moved. >> so moved.
11:30 am
>> second. >> second. >> members of the public may comment on any matter on consent calendar but they may not talk about separate agenda items for discussion. at this time, i'll open up for public comment. i have richard. >> hello. there you go. yes, my name is rex ridgeway. i'm the interim chair of the citizens bond oversight committee and the reason for my appearance tonight is to urge you not to vote through item 17. there's a -- $71,300 as warded to contract with a construction company and that's all good but when you go to page 15, you can't read it.
11:31 am
so we have no idea of what the $71,300 will be exactly used for when you try to read page 15 of that contract. the contract is dated march 9th and page 14 talks about the community engagement with horseman, page 15 goes into the details of what the $71,300 used for and you can't read it. so i don't know how it can be voted, approved this evening. until we know what it says, thank you. >> >> thank you for that public comment. any items corrected by the superintendent? >> no, president lam. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? any item severed by the board or superintendent for discussion or
11:32 am
vote tonight? >> item 17. >> thank you. mr. steel, if you can repeat those items severed for the record. >> item 17 was suffered by vice-president boggess. >> okay. so we'll do roll call on the consent calendar without item commercial 17, is that correct? we'll do roll call on consent calendar except item no. 17. >> president lam. student delegate labonge. student delegate yang and commissioner alexander >> yes. >> vice-president boggess. >> okay >> commissioner chiu. >> yes. >> commissioner motamedi. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. >> yes. >> commissioner ward
11:33 am
>> yes. >> president labonge. >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> thank you. at this time, i like to open discussion for item no. 17. dr. matthews. >> as you recall our chief -- >> i'm sorry. pardon my interruption. we go to item f with the severed item and we're discussing the severed item ask we need to move it and second it. >> thank you. if i can have a motion and a second >> so moved. >> second. >> to discuss this item no. 17. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. commissioners, good evening, don evan. the contract in question is an
11:34 am
outreach contract for the horace mann project and we hired an architect and this outreach contractor and consultant is support the work of the architect in engaging the community of buena vista horace mann in the design process. i clicked on the link right now to see the missing page in question but as i'm flipping through the contract -- >> it's missing on page 15. >> page 15. >> 15 of 18. >> the bulk the contract is in place as i look through this. including the scope of work. these are traditionally you can see on appendix a which is page 14, a description of the different tasks associated with the scope of work. i'm happy to provide full and complete copy,
11:35 am
i -- i apologize for the oversight if there's missing pages but this is an important contract and timely getting into the buena vista horace mann project and i believe there's sufficient information included in the scope and template contract that's been associated to give the board an adequate sense of the scope of work. i don't think there is a dramatic pivot on page 15 that reveals a different milestone for example. >> thank you, commissioner chiu. >> chief, looking at page 15 and the others, it looks like perhaps the scan was done for a double-sided printout. so, that while you scan it, you kind of see a little image of the other side that looks like there's
11:36 am
something but maybe there's not, do you have the original document on your computer? >> not in front of me. i'm sorry, commissioner. this document is located with the bond management program director >> even page 14, you can see there's something in the back. on paper 15 and 16, there looks like there's something so perhaps there's really nothing on page 15 beyond the first two lines. >> yeah. >> but it looks like there might be. >> yeah. i also, as i look through this, it looks complete to me as i scan it, so that's why i'm happy to -- >> i think commissioner shoo is right. it's the scan coming through and most of our template contracts are designed to have options to choose and it looks as if this second option which would have started on page 14
11:37 am
moving onto 15 wasn't applicable to this contract and that's why there's nothing there. it's hard to stay for sure without seeing the original but this looks complete as well so me. >> the staff fee proposal is included and you can see the schedule of fees associate eated on page 16, associated with the different staff members and you can see the fundamental, the basic tasks of the outreach on page 14. >> vice-chair boggess. >> could you speak to why we're voting on it retroactively and if you could, i guess, talk to our track record with the vendor as well as howie evaluate their success effort. i have been monitoring the redistricting process and the consultant left
11:38 am
things problematic to that process so i'm wondering how we we are select and engaging the successfulness of it. >> those are great questions and i might need to you repeat the multiple questions and we have been clear, that buena horace is -- and the board of education and we were directed to move forward with all haste and we did so. and started the project in january in fact. meeting with side staff. what is very clear to us is given the intensity of participation that the community desires is actually at a scale that is much higher than a typical modernization project and there's several commissioners who can vouch for that directly. our small project management staff do not have the bandwidth and frankly not the full skill set necessary, i
11:39 am
think to engage as a community, as diverse as bvhm and on the broad set of spectrums. not just like a typical modernization process so we -- this is an unusual step. the bond program does nottip -- typically hire outside counsel. but the community as articulated a goal of one hundred percent paigs so we need extra help and we can't put that burden on the principle and the project manager. our project, our bond program manager, lisa has run a number of projects that had -- she reached out to a couple of different folks to see what would be a good match and solicited proposals reviewed by staff and this was the recommendation. so, we do not
11:40 am
have as an agency, at least in recent history a track record with this firm or preexisting relationship as the bond program. i can't speak for the district as a whole. in terms of metrics for how we're evaluating participation, the community supplied those metrics. they want to see as broad and unique touches interactions with a broad cross-section as possible and we're looking for just the basics of consultant performance. was -- was the performance high-quality and flexibility. we're looking for folk who's can provide multi -- multilingual support. it was urgent and the community wanted us to move. you can hear tonight
11:41 am
we just got the bond fill approved which is going to fund the entirety of the project, so we're both trying to run as quickly as we can and make progress while also being conscious of the fact that we do want to deliver the broader project and make the most of the funds that has been allocated in the 2016 bond. let me know if i forgot one. >> no, you hit all of them. i would be interested if we could get whatever metrics we're using to kind of gage the effect everybodiness of the vendor so we can have that now and review it when they're done and also to be able to use that with our conversations with community about the effectiveness of it. thank you so much. >> great. thank you. that's great feedback. >> okay. seeing no other comments. i would like to call for roll call. >> on the consent calendar, item no. 17, student delegate lam,
11:42 am
student delegate lang. >> commissioner alexander. >> advice. >> boggess. >> yes. >> commissioner shoo. >> yes >> commissioner motamede >> yes >> commissioner san xhez. >> yes. >> commissioner ward >> yes >> president lam >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> thank you. i also realize that we are beyond our 10:00 and i tried colleagues, did i. so, i need to call for a motion and a second to extend the meeting beyond 10:00 p.m. p.m. >> so moved. >> roll call vote. >> yes. >> if we say no, can we undo it? >> you can do general consent or vote and do roll call. >> general consent. yes. [laughter] >> congratulations. all right. thank you. and at this time, we are move to go agenda number i,
11:43 am
board member reports and report from standing items. i'm sorry, standing committees. it's getting late. wow. first up, tuesday, april 5th, at 5:00 p.m., we had a special meeting and workshop and board discussion and school board governance and i kicked off my welcome remarks section hours ago given an overview and thank you to my colleagues, all seven of us were there and engaged around our first training on effective governance. next we have augmented budget and services committee. wednesday, april 6th at 5:00 p.m., chair alexander. >> i don't know if chief is here and you are, and i wanted to say we did an awesome job at facilitating a tight agenda. we
11:44 am
-- based on the governance train and we timed the agenda items and we're more disciplined about organizing the agenda but i don't know if other members had feedback. in that line of being focused and intentional around how we're using our time, so and so at the meeting, chief dodd and that -- the slide presentation, it's a great resource for ourselves but to share with people in public. they're seeing what's happen and that contains our initial investigation into what went wrong and kind of what the plans are moving forward. i think it's good. there's obviously more to come but it was first step. and then we also had a check-in about the al-cat process and the budget which is a precursor of tonight's conversation as well. i think that's it.
11:45 am
>> thank you. chair alexander. we had a busy week last week. tuesday, april 7:00th at 5:00, we had an inform ally testimony, closed session -- informational item, closed session and it was pursuant to 54957 and the board met in closed session to discuss public employee appointment superintendent. and then followed by the -- >> chair sanchez. >> we met yesterday. it was the first committee meeting that was zoom and in person so that was nice. and we had two action items and one of which was withdrawn by the author which is resolution number 211012a1. reading is critical to lifelong success update. it may come back in a different form but for now it's withdrawn. and then board policy 51217, graduation
11:46 am
ceremonies and activities which allows students graduating officially in the summer to go to the ceremony at the end of the year to join their peers and we have three informational items and one on the rollout of universal pre-k and expanding transitional kindergarten ask planning a virtual -- and planning virtual academy. we'll continue to have our virtual work done with the sub segment of our students. next year and update on implementation of resolution around safe and supportive schools so annual review we do regarding that resolution. >> >> thank you. any report from board delegates and membership organizations? i do want to name that vice-president boggess
11:47 am
will join sba as a delegate. and we still have one additional delegate seat for sbv which is school associate as or california board school associations if there are others tried to serve. and then any other reports by board members? okay. and calendar of committee meetings upcoming. any commissioners want to announce your upcoming commission meetings? the buildings and grounds committee will be meeting on monday the 25th of april. >> thank you. at 5:00, sorry. >> thank you. and item j, other informational items. just wanted to note that we have initial proposal from international union of operating engineers
11:48 am
local 39 to san francisco unified school district. that's posted on the agenda for reference, for information. moving onto agenda item no. k, memorial adjournment and none tonight. that brings us to item agenda l, closed session and at this time before the board goes into closed session, i call for any speakers to the closed session items listed in the agenda. they'll be a total of five minutes for speakers. seeing any in person, seeing none. any virtually >> yes, we do have three hands raised. >> we'll do one minute each. >> so, if you care to give public comment, raise your hand and you'll have up to one minute to share your comments and can that be repeated in spanish and chinese. [speaking foreign language]
11:49 am
>> thank you. reanda. >> good evening board and commissioners. again, superintendent matthews and members of the sfusd, we hope to see this item during public comment but we weren't able to. we wanted to see in regard to the n word where we were disgusted the use of the n word by an administrator. it was a misguided attempt at a teachable moment and the administrative tore used it when speaks to staff and office employees this behavior is unacceptable for paid employee and caused harm to the black students and families at the site. upon learning of
11:50 am
these repeated incidents it has caused distress and this isn't the first time apac has been notified. a member of our current leadership team has even come before the board and recorded an sfusd employee using the slur and directed at her youth and it was documented. thank you. >> thank you. >> mariesha. >> i'm here, can you hear me >> yes, we can hear you. >> we know the rampant overuse of the n word, mariesha, apac leader and sorry that. we know the use of the n word is used by
11:51 am
students and families. just last month during our meeting, a member raised concerns over the use of the word used freely on campus by non-black students. the concern was followed by other examples from other members and invoke a deep conversation about the history and harm and damaging destruction it causes black student in our district. through this, though this issue may not be front and center for each of you, it's real for us and compromises our kids safety and belonging in this district. we are sure -- if it's used against any other race or population that the administrator used it, and (indiscernible). we don't know the outcome of the investigation in detail but until then -- we condemn
11:52 am
(indiscernible) ask and professional harm caused by employees. it will serve as a reminder that black students and black lives do not matter in sfusd. >> thank you. tony. >> good morning. apac parent leader. when black and an semitic slurs were used, dr. matthews issued a statement saying antiracist practices is a power for sfusd and they were committed to antirace its leadership and antiracist instruction and actively integrated antiracist lessons for staff and students throughout learning day. where is the evidence because we're not seattle -- we're not seeing it on the ground. our children deserve better. as a leadership
11:53 am
team we stand in -- we condemn the use of the word especially by those who are paid by our families. we demand the sfusd implement a zero tolerance policy for the use of the n word by paid sfusd employees. especially if they do not identify as black. we also demand that the immediate (indiscernible) is taken we add -- to restore harm caused by our families >> thank you. >> ms. marshal. >> ms. marshal. >> syleena.
11:54 am
>> hi. can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. >> thank you. first i want to applaud you for your hard work and you have been working hard especially at this late-night. i have and i heard there's consideration about speaking with the union regarding the extra holidays before implementing. i applaud for that also because definitely considerations need to be looked into. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. the comments are for closed session items and five minutes have expired so we need to move on. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. that concludes public comment president, lam. >> thank you. the board will now go into closed expulsion matters and then
11:55 am
tonight. closed session on two matters. the board released a vote by seven ayes is and release one student employee. the board gave direction to the general council in the matter of student kl sfusd in the case number 02158. the vote by a board the board by a vote of seven ayes gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. and that concludes the report from closed session and agenda n. adjournment. this meeting is officially
11:56 am
adjourned. >> sorry. president lam, you have an executive contract to vote on in the next item. >> president: my apologies. that's okay. so we're going to vote on employment contracts for and represented chief executive employees. >> yes. so this item before you tonight is to vote for the chief of technology and special projects. the chief is being placed on management salary schedule m-28 step 7. >> president: thank you. roll call vote. >> secretary: [roll call] i don't have anything in front of me. i didn't know this was
11:57 am
happening. [roll call] >> sanchez. >> secretary: commissioner sanchez. it looks like seven ayes. i know. i'm sorry. you guys caught me off guard. >> president: thank you. that convenes -- that concludes the reconvene to open session. we are officially adjourning this meeting at 1:05 a.m. on wednesday, april 13th. thank you, good night.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> occurring in person in city hall room 408 broadcast live on sfgov and available on zom or listen by calling using id85448568687. all individuals attend nothing person that all health and safety protocols and building rules must be adhered to including mask in hearing rooms. failure may result in the removal from this room. we appreciate your koerpgdz in the interests of everyone's health and safety. >> understand sanitizer stationers available throughout the build and