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tv   Fire Commission  SFGTV  April 27, 2022 5:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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the time is 5 o'clock. this person. this meeting is held in person and remote i have video and teleconferencing. the meet suggest held by web ex governor's executive order and it is mayor proclamations declaring the local emergency. during the coronavirus disease, emergency the first fire commission regular meeting room at city hall. i'm sorry. >> we are in city hall in room 400 to which join the meeting use the upon link that is on the posted agenda. and you mayment to watch live. to participate publicing comment call 415-655-0001, access code
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24975090350. members of the public will have opportunity to participate during public comment. public is asked to wait for the agenda item before making a dment on that item. comments will be address in the the order received. when the moderator announces the commission is taking comment the members can raise hands by pressing star 3 xu will be queued. callers will hear silence when waiting to speak. operator will unmute you. callers have the 3 minutes to proride comment unless the president of the commission decided to reduce the time depending on the number of callers. >> ensure you are in a quiet location. speak clearly and turn off tv's around you. iteming one roll call. >> president feinstein. >> present. >> vice president nakajo. >> present.
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>> commissioner covington. >> present. >> commissioner morgan. >> present. >> and chief nicholson. >> present. >> item 2 the land okay knowledge that president fine tien will read. >> thank you, madam secretary. san front fire commission acknowledges that we are on the unseatedan cest ral only land of the ramaytush ohlone who other currently inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. the indigenous stewards of this land and accordance with their traditions the ramaytush ohlone have never seated, lost nor forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of this place as well as for all people when reside in their traditional tfrment as guestses, we recognize we benefit from living and working on their traditional
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home land. we wish to pay respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders and irrelevant tifs of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their rights as first peoples. thank you. jury room item 3. resolution 2022-08. discussion and possible action to adopt resolution making findings to allow teleconferenced meetings under government code section 54953e. >> i believe on my agenda that shows as item 2. not 3. item 2 was the lands acknowledgment. >> this is item 3. >> do we have public comment on this item?
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>> i don't see anybody that raised their hand by pressing star 3. there is no member of the public in the room. so -- i don't believe there is public comment. >> all right. >> then -- public comment shall be closed and might i have a motion to allow us to proceed. >> moved. >> thank you commissioner covington. a second? >> second. >> thank you commissioner morgan. moved and seconded. >> and president feinstein how do you row? >> i vote aye vment >> vice president nakajo? >> aye. >> motion is unanimous. >> item 4. general public comment. members of public may address the commission for 3 minutes in the commission's jurisdiction and does in the a pore on the agenda. speakers address the remarks to the commission and not to individual commissioners or
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department personnel. commissioners are not to enter in debate or discussion with a speaker. lack of a response by the commissioners or department personnel does not institute agreement with or support of statements made during public comment. there is 2 hands raised. >> all right. we shall proceed with public comment. >> caller? >> >> yes. hello. >> my name is richard rothman i live in the outer rich manualed near station thirty-four. 2 things. one is i wanted to thank the fire department public ly on a 3 or 4 occasions we had to call the fire department in the paramedics to come to assist my wife before she passed away.
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every time they came they were always professional. and very kind and courteous. and -- really cared about one time my wife did not want to go to the hospital and they insisted and at this time probably saved her life. so, thank you fire department. the other thing is i live near the chain of lakes. before the pandemic i wanted to have the slow down on chain of lakes and the fire department said about the speed bumps. i'm worried about the chain of lake on friday afternoon. how can engine thirty-four get across the park or -- engines in the sunset? friday afternoon after 3:30 it is backed up sometimes to fulton street. i wish the commission would ask
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rec and park to not close jfk at noon on friday and may be close it at 6 o'clock to reduce the traffic on the chain of lakes. and you know -- that's what it is for. to have engine companies and trucks so they can come kroosdz the park in case there is a need for that. and you know having the chain of lakes backed up adds extra time they have to go to the great highway and back up. and so i hope you communicate that to rec and park and thank you for letting me speak and have public comment at the beginning of the meeting. thank you. >> thank you. >> would you like to make public comment. why yes, thank you.
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>> commissioners. david with the rincon center. tenant's association. i reported to you last mont about a situation that we believe is dangerous and could also create very high liability. our concern is about the instructions blasted in the 4 to 500 residents homes. over the intercom that they sh -- ignore alarms that they hear. these instructions are associated with alarm testing somewhere else in the complex. those in charge know they are not testing or activating the alarms in the apartments. all we hash are the instructions telling us to ignore alarmless. that's risky people go out and don't hear all clear message
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that may come later. that happened to me twice. in the last several weeks. and they have done these announcements twice since i spoke with you last. you come back home and you have no idea what you are supposed to do if you hear an alarm. people will ignore a fire alarms. this can go on all day. there are day when is we heard 4 announcements without alarm in a day. this potential problem can be solved if the fire department would instruct all building managers and not tell ocpants to ignore alarm fist they are not going to hear the testing. it is common sense. we reported this to you and other than someone calling to ask we were not aware of resolution.
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i'm going to play for you an announcement. that we hear and ask that you imagine you work at night and hear this during the day when you are trying to sleep or imagine your infant fell arc sleep. and this is what come over. [inaudible] your time is up.
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>> thank you. >> that is the ends of public comment. all right. public comment shall be closed. at this time. item 5. approval of the minutes. approval of the minutes from the special meeting on march second, 2022. all right. do we have any public comment -- regarding the march second twenty 22 special meeting? there is no hand's raised and nobody in the audience. >> all right. >> and therefore, do i have a motion to adopt those minutes?
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>> so moved. >> thank you. commissioner covington. is there a second? >> second. >> thank you commissioner morgan. >> president feinstein? to adopt >> vice president nakajo? >> adopt. motion is unanimous. >> approval of the minutes from the special meeting on march 29th, 2022. there is no public comment of >> all right. public comment will be closed and -- any questions or discussion? seeing none, all right. is there a motion, please? >> in terms of discussion -- madam president i would like to say that i am again pleased at the level of transparency for
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these various meetings special meetings we have been holding and i'm encouraging our fellow san franciscos if you have questions about these special meetings you go to the website. and you can see a word for word from the court reporter. what people have to say before the hearing. i like to move this item. >> all right thank you commissioner covington, is there a second? >> i second. >> thank you commissioner morgan. >> president feinstein? >> adopt. >> and vice president nakajo? >> adopt. >> the motion is unanimous. discussion and possible action for minutes from the special meeting on april 6, 2022. >> no public comment.
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>> thank you very much. any questions or discussions by any of the commissioners? all right. hearing none, is there a motion? i will move the item. >> thank you commissioner covington. >> is there a second? >> i second. i don't think i was at that meeting. >> you can't. you can. >> all right. thank you. commissioner. >> thank you. why help us out. >> we have a second? >> yes. commissioner morgan. >> can he second. why he was not at the meeting. >> oh , my misunderstanding. vice president nakajo.
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>> i will seconding. >> thank you. >> and president feinstein? i vote to adopt. >> motion is unanimous. >> approval of the minutes from the regular meeting on april 13k 2022. and there is no public comment. >> all right. public comment shall be closed. >> and -- any questions or discussion from of the commissioners regarding the april 13th meeting? all right. i'm seeing no hands. this one -- i will go ahead and move. >> to adopt. can i have a second?
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>> second. >> thank you, commissioner morgan. >> vice president nakajo? >> adopt. >> commissioner covington? >> affirmative. >> the motion is unanimous >> item 6. chief of department's reportful report from chief of department nicholson on issues, activities and events went department since the meeting on april 13th, 2022 including budget, academy, special events, communication special out reach to other agencies in the public and report from administration deputy chief tom o'connor on the administrative decision. finance. support services and home lands security. >> good evening. president feinstein. requirement nakajo. commissioner covington and morgan. chief nicholson this is my
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report since our last meeting. as you are aware a lot of my time spent in vaccination hearings and depositions. so -- my report is not as lent y as usual. buttil start with the departments's covid update. now we have a baptist an up tick. 25 members out. 15 are in quarantine. 2 are positive. 8 are out on long-term covid. so we are -- being vigilent about this. but it is not necessarily surprising we are seeing this in the general public as well. last week and h3 level 2 class graduated a paramedic in the commission room at headquarters. some of you may have seen it as it was live streamed.
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those new people are out in the field. which is wonderful. since our last meeting i presented at the budget and finance committee on the purchase agreement for the site on carol avenue for our fire training facility. i'm happy to say that it passed. and today at the assembly appropriations in sacramento our bill to release the trust on the portland passed. that guess next it goes to the floor of the assembly next. all systems are go on our training site. >> i attended 2 other hearings at the board of supervisors. one in which chief pang presented on the street crisis response team and wellness and over dose teams and he did a wonder job. the other hearing on the droll
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keep are initiative. it gave us an opportunity to discuss with the board the success of our city emt program. which received funding from the dream keep are initiative. >> final low we continue to work with the mayor's budget office to advocate for our needs in advance of the mayor's submission of her budget. and those conversations are on going. and that completes my report for this evening. >> all right. thank you, chief. do we have any public comment? >> there is nobody on the line. >> all right. public comment shall be closed. >> commissioners have any fellow xhrps have questions or comments for the chief of the department? >> i want to say congratulations
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on the new training facility. like it will w out for you and wish the best. >> thank you. more footwork but we are moving in the right direction, which is grit. >> good news. >> i think violent nakajo, did you have your hands up? >> i did. thank you very much. >> i failed to acknowledge and greet commissioner covington and morgan in the beginning of the meeting. chief, i want to talk about 2 items one a comment. and a point of information to you. at the last [inaudible] in san francisco japantown, which occurred not in the full scale as we used to do it. a smaller scale. coming out of covid for 2 years. both weekends in april i wanted to know that the lieutenant cato
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i believe her name is, and if i'm wrong somebody in command help people she was out with the fire department recruitment tent. i want to acknowledge her public low in the department of for 2 weekends she was out there the first weekend when i went by she was there by herself. with so much material i couldn't believe one person could carry all of that. set up was beautiful with a beautiful fire department tent. and she was engaged all day on the second weekend we had another member from fire prevention support her. i wanted to acknowledge her. wanted to say that. the other thing had it is come to the agenda about future meetings. the president academy and city
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college. in terms of presentations it dawned on me in terms of the emt program we were referring to we had graduates and success but might not be a bad idea if the commission could steel members from that program or get more insight in the program it is successful. >> that's my comments. thank you very much. >> thank you. sorry. may i. through the president. >> >> cato -- yes. all right. any further questions for the chief. >> i am unable to seat commission room. if anybody has their hands up. if you could be vocal and let me
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know if you have a question now i can see you. >> i don't see any hands up. >> yes, commissioner covington. >> sorry, now i see you. >> thank you. madam president. >> chief, how are things going with -- the candidates for the next class. >> so there are a company next classes one the h2 firefighter class and another h3 class. and -- they are -- both -- in medical. and clearing medical. so its they are in process. and the h2 academy is mou slated to begin the end of june. and there is another ems academy and i believe it starts on monday. >> okay. >> and -- are you -- happy with
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the potential candidates? >> yes. >> can you tell us a bit about the process of selection? >> it has been run through our diversity inclusion office. what we have done is set up panels for individuals to come and speak to 3 of our members. and it is a diverse panel of 3 people. and -- the panel rotate. >> there are multiple. why yes. >> and -- they have a conversation and then referred to my office -- in -- in terms of whether they believe they would be a good candidate and get a second meet and greet with myself and -- myself and chief peoples.
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this last time have done with the candidates 10 minutes and getsing to know about them. and -- then -- we -- select from those candidates who we want to extend an offer to and who we want to extend a conditional offer and an alternate offer. and i know with ems they go through similar system. >> thank you. >> that was my question. i look forward to the new class. >> so do i. and everybody, i think. [laughter]. >> all right. any further questions? for the chief? >> all right.
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chief. thank you. thank you coined ly for your report. >> thank you, madam president. we have no public comment. am i correct? for give me. >> that's correct. >> all right. >> good >> thank you. i believe we are moving on to deputy chief o connor. >> good evening madam president and members. i'm the deputy chief of administration this is my report for march of 2022. under our home land security director brown, there we g. we had a busy mont we began with a special event for the st. patrick's day parade. there was a great turn out.
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showing for the community. the mont of march saw us welcoming a new k-9 begin to station 14. on march 28, 2022. and under our diversity inclusion office with peoples we saw lieutenant joe and tony kayedo at our educational booth at the cherry blossom festival. on the far right hassage eye for talent reaches out to a young peter parker will be an asset in twenty years. >> they had the women's boot camp at treasure i lands by the united fire service women. a 90 minute work out and recruit am presentation with questions and answer. see a great group there. >> we saw the walk for epileps
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y the same group out reach team a safety booth reached out to the kids in the meeting and march and we had station 35 assisting as well. and one of our greatest projectless the emt class in the 9910 rank. public safety trainise you seat chief there. this is an important program temperature is fantastic to reach in the community special provide a fath way for sxhen women in the neighborhood in public safety and into middle class and great lifetime of service to the communities. i could not be happier and i know the chief feels the same way. it is her biggest projects y. under our neighborhood emergency sponse team. we had on april 16th. had our nsfd working together for the dry on then refers real of the quake. we combined the teams with
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drills in the events of a disaster if well is a loss of communication we get down to dispatching and deployment of resources. we -- enacted 2 battalions to do a control drill and teams paymented with them. than i see triaging and lifting and they will hold field surveys. and to report become at this time stations. >> that was a fantastic drill. you see the next photo we have frank there. working with the community members and taking on a tower of gas shut offs. if there is a gas like. on health and wellness chief parks. we had a busy month the second meeting of coffee with the commission. that's where we take members to a cough eye house with a mental health professional and discuss issues they have out of the fire house or away from everybody
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else. that's the great program. we had chief parks payment nothing health and safety rounds table. pier support and response team usa. pier advisory meeting and participating in a web near for surviving trauma. the physician's office is done with the post covid break they are busy again. we had 7 return to duty exams and 6 return from covid. we had exams for promotion and tune of 18 members. we had 54 candidates screened to be hired. and we had jennifer green and doctor burke visited 10, 12 and 21 to discuss resources. as stated earlier this has been an up tick in covidz. things are looking up under investigative service with the captain we had 2 members of the
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bureau tested all negative. 56 members tested for drugs and alcohol and all negative. 5 post accident alcohol drug testing reports all negative. and conditional offer and prosecute bagz and testing for those members breath livesers sent in for recertification and finding software to update about driver licenses to make sure search in compliance. under our support services with the chief ramone we had 146 requests for service with 133 orders completed. made up of pluming and carpentry. members from the trades and sheet metal workers. needing 2 weeks. >> the deployment facility the art installment. and we had our contractor
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addressing warrant issues popping up and the bureau acquired 2 mercedes vans and the mta in the process of donating to the wheel chair vans for the medicine. the donation from the mta because of the delays in the supply chain. we will borrow vans until we get things out of the supply chain pipe liven and left ly our feel good photo collection. 116th anniversary of the 96 quake. you seat public safety family with dem. the sheriff and fire department at 5 a.m. in the morning. we will had 18 medics and 6 pair med irks. complete their course and they will staff our team usa. leading the way with the programs in community mchldz
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class 6 until we told them after we will work nights and weekends the smiles disappeared. we had the hope gala for the cancer foundation. heldz. we had a great turn out and a ton of money was raised. we had the badge ping ceremony with edward reese and mitchell receiving the badges. and last but not least we had the display for the opening day of the giantses for the national anthem. that's my report near march. thank you. >> thank you. chief o connor. and let me first find out is there public comment on the chief's report? >> there is nobody on the public comment line. >> all right. public comment is closed and commissioners. vice president nakajo.
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questions? comments? >> thank you very much. thank you very much. chief for your comprehensive report. just as a point of clarification, thank you for acknowledging supporting [inaudible] i believe i think the chief told me -- the lieutenant and my question is is this out of recruitment, i believe to issue corrected as this is out of fire prevention. she was out there with al joe to staff? >> that is correct. there both weekends. al joe assisted on the second weekend. i believe. >> that is housed out of fire prevention or is haa part of recruitment? >> fire prevention and they work with recruitment it is a double function.
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okay. >> i wanted to thank you and the staff in terms of having that exercise. during april. i believe that was it is first exercises live in the period of time. i wanted to acknowledge it and chief, was that a live interaction compared to before covid? >> that was absolutely live. pea we had a ton of volunteers and fan out in the neighborhood. met people throughout the mission and firefighters participated. it was a fantastic and good for members to participate. something we know but don't do often it great to practice it. >> okay. thank you very much. i like to ask a point of opinion on the slide that was shared through the chief of the department.
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i'm remote i'm not sure if she is in the auditorium. or the commission room. thank you and the president -- chief gave the report on your component and i saw it twice before i want your opinion and feedback to myself and my fellow commissioners on the coffee with a clinician that the is first time folks have been doing that in the department and off campus. i need to hear feedback on how it went and how it is going and does that idea of being outside of the department work within coffee which is more comfortable. i'm not sure it is at a coffee shop. >> thank you. um -- president feinstein and vice president, commissioners,
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chief, we had our second coffee with the clinicians this afternoon or this morning from 9 to 10:30. 25 showed up the fire credit union is providing free tea and coffee. and it is going really limp we built it from i think the first one was may be 15 people. as the word gets around it is -- you can go talk to a clinician about anything. she gives you information about therapies and things that she does. and -- people are coming up and shows out. i really -- excite body t. we are trying to keep it going for every months now and this is our second. this is a positive experience for everyone. >> and that is great. my imagination it was at a
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coffee shop. >> yes. yea. the first one was at java house. today was at devil's bakery on balboa. we are gog to every battalion last mont was 8 this mont 7. we are working on the next month and will rotate it so people don't go to the same place and reach it out to every battalion in the d. why that it is a good idea with the coffee priorities. 25 folks are showing up and participating that is impressive and to help me visualize is this 25 folks sitting arounded or a one on one with the clinician and if it is one on one, how much time does everyone have? >> it is not one one it is a
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group and so we are talking about various therapies and the behavioral health unit is there talk and peer support members they get a bit of what everyone does and we give them have cards for the co-op we are using and give them information about that. and the numbers to the bhu and e ap. >> chief are you working in the round or class environment. why at the coffee shop sns >> yes. >> it is open area. there are coffee shops that have like an off area. but at devil's feet it was outside sitingly around. i imagine there are dynamics i see group development and
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interaction. we start talking about the stuff it is deep and building relationships and [inaudible] is that when you are seeing, for people to share i'm not sure they share -- if i think it is difficult and challenging. i think you gotta have a comfortable atmosphere. you got an extent on that. gi continuing is more group setting as opposed to one on one. there is an opportunity to talk to the clinician if you want top with her phone number or after the fact. so there is in the an opportunities for like one on one solo counciling it is most low informational. >> okay. >> a point of opinion i assume if the membermented go in a one on one that access or members to do that? >> the department support. >> yes. why through ea p or behavioral
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healing unit could contact them or -- get more information to -- the clinician we are using now. they can get her information and she can follow up with them. thank you. i appreciate. thank you very much for your comments and i appreciate it. >> welcome. why chief, i have 2 more comments. again i'm on video. i'm waiting for to you get up there. there you are. i appreciate the announcement -- [inaudible]. reoccur exclude great to see resurface. restart whatever the terminology. it is a great foaling and i wanted to acknowledge that my fellow commissioner morgan was out well as well at 5:15.
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i thought that was great of him to represent the commission in terms of doing that employmented say that and i think in your report you talked about mta cooperating with wheel chair lifts. for someone like myself seniors and disable today is good the more important cooperation and wing with mta. that's my comments. >> thank you. mr. vice president. i'm also waiting for us to -- well is the commission room. commissioner covington or morgan. do you have questions or comments for the chief? and -- i don't. >> no comments we are going to the presenting the questions that the vice president just went over. >> stole your thunder
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commissioner covington. as long as it does in the rain we will be okay. [laughter]. there you go. >> thank you. >> so i also i had a couple of questions about the art installment. when tell be installed. >> late spring of this year. that's the prosecute jection. will we have a ceremony and unveiling of some sort. >> that sounds great. i will set that up. >> okay that will be the cherry on the ice cream. i look forward to. it has been a language time. we talked about it for a long time. >> years. >> yes. >> i'm happy that is almost coming to a nice conclusion. and i think that was pretty much. yes. one more thing.
5:45 pm
was -- you said that -- we are getting one to 2 covid cases per week still some but some members have been able to return -- most have been able to return we have 8 longhaulers. gi was going to ask. okay. >> and -- what is the plan for people out for an extended period of time? because they are unwell. >> up to each individual and their doctor whether they can return and if they are well enough to return. >> private medical matter. how they handle it we are trying to work with them to accommodate everybody. >> good. >> on a social basis do members keep in touch with the members. why yes through the fire house they reach out and keep in touch
5:46 pm
and we reach out to make sure they are okay. >> very good. >> i'm also like -- our vice president the coffee william clinician soundses great and a wonderful opportunity for people to share and to you know get information very needed information such as stressful job. and as time guess on i imagine that even though the firefighting family is close they will be even closer. so that's always good. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. and commissioner morgan do you have questions or comments? >> i have a few comments, [inaudible] i was fwlad to hurt
5:47 pm
covid numbers are going down, lot. and i want to apologize to the command staff of being late to the -- [inaudible]. >> but i caught the main part of it and it was [inaudible] [cannot hear] that's all i got. have a good time at the celebration and a lot of history in the city.
5:48 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] the best firefighters in the [inaudible]. tradition you have been through and [inaudible] that's my opinion. >> we will take it. >> [laughter]. that's all i gotta say before i keep you all. >> all right commissioner morgan. thank you. i actually chief, had a couple of quick questions for you. i thank you for your report because it gets us a good idea of -- numbers. what is going on and -- various departments this report to you. and -- that's always helpful to the have this over view in
5:49 pm
[inaudible]. i appreciate ha. and -- a question i forget to ask is -- when i know that the department condition transacts with another organization or company. to do drug and alcohol testing am i correct about that? why for certain tests, yes. another company. in house person dot testing but separate companies for our fire boat team buzz that is federal testing. >> i see. >> what drugs do they test for. >> just about everything. opiates, cocaine, marijuana. you name it. i don't have the list on mow i can get this for you. all right. okay. >> that is fine and also
5:50 pm
alcohol, i presume it is in the regular if there is know accident or a problem? >> after a major being or just above minor accidents we do drug and alcohol test to make sure well is nothing well and the right-hand sideom testing we do for alcohol testing the company's drug testing as well. >> thank you for clarifying that. and the second question, which i should know the answer to. what is the definition when it come to covid of a longhauler? i read about it. and -- how does the fire department define someone who is suffering with longhaul covid? >> i can refer to the chief on this if that's okay. >> i can speak to that. >> yes, madam president. so >> what we track is people who have be out for 30 days or more.
5:51 pm
i don't know the medical definition of a language haller. but the majority of those people on that list have been out for numerous months but i don't have a definition of longhauler we do measure or count the number of people more than 30 days out. >> and when, if i may, chief, when they are out for months, how is there status monitored by the department? through the physician's office. >> they are required get regular updates from the clinician. that the member cease. >> i see. >> okay. >> all right. thank you that answers my questions. >> thank you, everybody. >> i think madam secretary?
5:52 pm
unless i again can't seat commission room. i'm depending upon you to be my eyes there. >> yes. >> there are no hands raised. >> public comment is closed. >>. >> tell her she had her turn. why [laughter]. >> okay. on star chaef. why thank you. on a somber note. i ask the meeting adjourned in memory of -- eric dang who was -- one of our civilian members of the it team. he was senseless low killed left week in his home. and he leaves a wife and son. so and in addition there is information that is coming out from my office in regards to people want to help his family.
5:53 pm
as well as services. so if we can adjourn in memory of eric deng. >> we can and our condolences to the family. >> a tough one. >> all right. okay. item 7. agenda for next and future fire commission meetings. >> and if i -- might go first. please don't think -- i'm not trying to have the presentations that were requested scheduled the secretary and i working on -- inviting -- the fire reserves to come in and -- talk with us.
5:54 pm
and we have -- upon rate from the emt program exit will amend that with vice president nakajo's suggestion this we have invite -- some of our new, young emt's to join them. people prefer the 5 o'clock meeting. we are working on it. >> so any other -- suggestions i know the commission has been busy as of late given the number of hearings we have been the special meetings hearings we have been conducting and we have
5:55 pm
2 remaining. and -- we will have more time available to -- return to ordinary business. but if anybody wishes to add to the list. police, let me know and we will do our best to make it happen. >> there is nobody on the public comment line. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> all right. again, i can't see the commission room so madam secretary? is -- do commissioner covington or commissioner morgan have anything they wish to add. i list the -- guests to invite >> not at this time. >> thank you. >> and commissioner morgan?
5:56 pm
>> not at this time. >> all right. >> and vice president nakajo? >> [inaudible] combination of the city college program and the fire reserves. thank you. >> working on that. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. item 8 adjournment. >> all right. >> i move we adjourn. >> a second. >> second. >> seconded by commissioner morgan. >> and -- let's -- i have a vote on that. did you want to make your announcement. >> i think after the volt i will. skwoo okay president feinstein? >> adjourn. >> vice president nakajo? >> adjourn. >> and i would like to say
5:57 pm
always with a heavy heart when things like this happen and -- the fire department is -- a big department and a small department. and has arc lots of diverse people in it and -- a lot of -- people that comprised family away from their family. and although eric deng was not a firefighter he was a part of that which is necessary to make this department department it is. i would like to adjournment and record in the his memory. and i think that -- the chief and announce am should be heeded by anybody that can help the family out really should give consideration for that.
5:58 pm
because it -- it is really a tragic loss to the department. must be really horrific for them. so in his honor and with our deepest condollences and sympathy y we will adjourn at this time. i thank everybody. >> thank you and the time is 5:58. >> thank you. why thank you.
5:59 pm
there's so much involved with becoming a firefighter. and as a component of being a woman in the field, it takes a lot of perception. it takes belief in yourself. it takes asking the right questions of people who already have the job so that you have the confidence to build it and it takes someone telling you that this job is a possibility for you. my job has given me 25 years of satisfaction. the primary thing is that i grew up here in san francisco and i'm serving in the city where i grew up. i transitioned to community training and i was able to build disaster resilient padre of volunteers and bringing us all the latest information so
6:00 pm
that we can be ready for a disaster. pride and loyalty are the heart of a firefighter. it's in the way we do our job from the very smallest thing from our everyday checks we do of our equipment. from the way that we treat each other and the community we come in contact with every day. and loyalty is to our own families is to the pride we have in this department. it's to the other members when we're out in a dangerous situation keeping each other safe. it goes throughout every aspect of being a firefighter. i'm really proud of the way our department approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion. i was hired in a class that had 45 people and 17 women. it was an accomplishment at the time, but there were many women that came before me that laid the ground work and i had to see it to be it. someone had to recruit me into this job. i didn't know it was a possibility for myself. and so the importance of young women seeing what it takes to be a firefighter, seeing themselves when they look at me. it really brings myself a lot
6:01 pm
of pride and joy in this it.
6:02 pm
>> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their shop & dine in the 49 within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services in the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so we're will you shop & dine in the 49 chinatown has to be one the best unique shopping areas in san francisco that is color fulfill and safe each vegetation and seafood and find everything in chinatown the walk shop in chinatown welcome to jason dessert i'm the fifth generation of candy in san francisco still that serves 2000 district in the chinatown in the
6:03 pm
past it was the tradition and my family was the royal chef in the pot pals that's why we learned this stuff and moved from here to have dragon candy i want people to know that is art we will explain a walk and they can't walk in and out it is different techniques from stir frying to smoking to steaming and they do show of. >> beer a royalty for the age berry up to now not people know that especially the toughest they think this is - i really appreciate they love this art. >> from the cantonese to the hypomania and we have hot pots we have all of the cuisines of
6:04 pm
china in our chinatown you don't have to go far. >> small business is important to our neighborhood because if we really make a lot of people lives better more people get a job here not just a big firm. >> you don't have to go anywhere else we have pocketed of great neighborhoods haul have all have their own uniqueness. >> san francisco has to all >> hi, i'm lawrence corn field. welcome to building san francisco. we have a special series, stay safe. we're looking at earthquake issues. and today we're going to be talking with a residential building owner about what residential building owners and tenants can and should do
6:05 pm
before earthquakes and after earthquakes. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> we're here at this wonderful spur exhibit on mission street in san francisco and i have with me today my good friend george. thanks for joining me, george. and george has for a long time owned residential property here in san francisco. and we want to talk about apartment buildings and what the owner's responsibilities might be and what they expect their tenants to do. and let's start by talking a little bit about what owners can do before an earthquake and then maybe after an earthquake. >> well, the first thing, lawrence, would be to get together with your tenants and see if they have earthquake insurance or any renters insurance in place because that's going to be key to
6:06 pm
protecting them in the event of a quake. >> and renters insurance, there are two kinds of insurance. renters insurance coffers damage to goods and content and so forth. earthquake insurance is a separate policy you get after you get renters insurance through the california earthquake authority, very inexpensive. and it helps owners and it helps tenants because it gives relocation costs and it pays their rent. this is a huge impact on building owners. >> it's huge, it really is. you know, a lot of owners don't realize that, you know, when there is an earthquake, their money flow is going to stop. how are they going to pay their mortgages, how are they going to pay their other bills, how are they going to live? >> what else can property owners do in residential rental housing before an earthquake? >> well, the first thing you want to do is get your property assessed. find out what the geology is at your site. get an expert in to look at structural and nonstructural losses. the structural losses, a lot of
6:07 pm
times, aren't going to be that bad if you prepare. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. get in there and get your property assessed and figure it out. >> so, what is a nonstructural issue that might cause losses? >> well, you know, pipes, for instance. pipes will whip around during an earthquake. and if they're anchored in more numerous locations, that whipping won't cause a breakage that will cause a flood. >> i've heard water damage is a major, major problem after earthquakes actually. >> it is. that's one of the big things. a lot of things falling over, ceilings collapsing. but all of this can be prevented by an expert coming in and assessing where those problem areas and often the fixes are really, really cheap. >> who do you call when you want to have that kind of assessment or evaluation done? >> the structural engineering community is great. we have the structural engineers association of northern california right here in san francisco.
6:08 pm
they're a wealth of information and resources. >> what kinds of things might you encourage tenants to do besides simply get tenants renters insurance and earthquake insurance, what else do you think tenants should do? >> i think it's really important to know if they happen to be in the building where is the safest place for them to go when the shaking starts. if they're out of the building, whats' their continuity plan for connecting with family? they should give their emergency contact information to their resident manager so that the resident manager knows how to get in touch. and have emergency supplies on hand. the tenants should be responsible to have their extra water and flashlights and bandages and know how to use a toilet when there's no sewage and water flows down. and the owners of the building should be proactive in that regard as well. >> so, george, thank you so much for joining us.
6:09 pm
that was really great. and thanks to spur for hosting us here in this wonderful exhibit.
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san francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, the fire boat station is intergal to maritime rescue and preparedness, not only for san francisco, but for all of the bay area.
6:54 pm
[sirens] >> fire station 35 was built in 1915. so it is over 100 years old. and helped it, we're going to build fire boat station 35. >> so the finished capital planning committee, i think about three years ago, issued a guidance that all city facilities must exist on sea level rise. >> the station 35, construction cost is approximately $30 million. and the schedule was complicated because of what you call a float. it is being fabricated in china, and will be brought to treasure island, where the building site efficient will be constructed on top of it,
6:55 pm
and then brought to pier 22 and a half for installation. >> we're looking at late 2020 for final completion of the fire boat float. the historic firehouse will remain on the embarcadero, and we will still respond out of the historic firehouse with our fire engine, and respond to medical calls and other incidences in the district. >> this totally has to incorporate between three to six feet of sea level rise over the next 100 years. that's what the city's guidance is requiring. it is built on the float, that can move up and down as the water level rises, and sits on four fixed guide piles. so if the seas go up, it can move up and down with that. >> it does have a full range of travel, from low tide to high tide of about 16 feet. so that allows for current
6:56 pm
tidal movements and sea lisle rises in the coming decades. >> the fire boat station float will also incorporate a ramp for ambulance deployment and access. >> the access ramp is rigidly connected to the land side, with more of a pivot or hinge connection, and then it is sliding over the top of the float. in that way the ramp can flex up and down like a hinge, and also allow for a slight few inches of lateral motion of the float. both the access ramps, which there is two, and the utility's only flexible connection connecting from the float to the back of the building. so electrical power, water, sewage, it all has flexible connection to the boat. >> high boat station number 35 will provide mooring for three fire
6:57 pm
boats and one rescue boat. >> currently we're staffed with seven members per day, but the fire department would like to establish a new dedicated marine unit that would be able to respond to multiple incidences. looking into the future, we have not only at&t park, where we have a lot of kayakers, but we have a lot of developments in the southeast side, including the stadium, and we want to have the ability to respond to any marine or maritime incident along these new developments. >> there are very few designs for people sleeping on the water. we're looking at cruiseships, which are larger structures, several times the size of harbor station 35, but they're the only good reference point. we look to the cruiseship industry who has kind of an index for how much
6:58 pm
acceleration they were accommodate. >> it is very unique. i don't know that any other fire station built on the water is in the united states. >> the fire boat is a regional asset that can be used for water rescue, but we also do environmental cleanup. we have special rigging that we carry that will contain oil spills until an environmental unit can come out. this is a job for us, but it is also a way of life and a lifestyle. we're proud to serve our community. and we're willing to help people in any way we can.
6:59 pm
sustainability mission, even though the bikes are very minimal energy use. it still matters where the energy comes from and also part of the mission in sustainability is how we run everything, run our business. so having the lights come on with clean energy is important to us as well. we heard about cleanpowersf and learned they had commercial rates and signed up for that. it was super easy to sign up. our bookkeeper signed up online, it was like 15 minutes. nothing has changed, except now we have cleaner energy. it's an easy way to align your environmental proclivities and goals around climate change and it's so easy that it's hard to not want to do it, and it
7:00 pm
doesn't really add anything to the bill.
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>> this is one place you can always count on to give you what you had before and remind you of what your san francisco history used to be. >> we hear that all the time, people bring their kids here and their grandparents brought them here and down the line.
7:21 pm
>> even though people move away, whenever they come back to the city, they make it here. and they tell us that. >> you're going to get something made fresh, made by hand and made with quality products and something that's very, very good. ♪♪ >> the legacy bars and restaurants was something that was begun by san francisco simply to recognize and draw attention to the establishments. it really provides for san francisco's unique character. ♪♪ >> and that morphed into a request that we work with the city to develop a legacy business registration. >> i'm michael cirocco and the owner of an area bakery.
7:22 pm
♪♪ the bakery started in 191. my grandfather came over from italy and opened it up then. it is a small operation. it's not big. so everything is kind of quality that way. so i see every piece and cut every piece that comes in and out of that oven. >> i'm leslie cirocco-mitchell, a fourth generation baker here with my family. ♪♪ so we get up pretty early in the morning. i usually start baking around 5:00. and then you just start doing rounds of dough. loaves. >> my mom and sister basically handle the front and then i have my nephew james helps and then my two daughters and my wife come in and we actually do the baking. after that, my mom and my sister stay and sell the product, retail it.
7:23 pm
♪♪ you know, i don't really think about it. but then when i -- sometimes when i go places and i look and see places put up, oh this is our 50th anniversary and everything and we've been over 100 and that is when it kind of hits me. you know, that geez, we've been here a long time. [applause] ♪♪ >> a lot of people might ask why our legacy business is important. we all have our own stories to tell about our ancestry. our lineage and i'll use one example of tommy's joint. tommy's joint is a place that my husband went to as a child and he's a fourth generation san franciscan. it's a place we can still go to today with our children or grandchildren and share the stories of what was san francisco like back in the 1950s.
7:24 pm
>> i'm the general manager at tommy's joint. people mostly recognize tommy's joint for its murals on the outside of the building. very bright blue. you drive down and see what it is. they know the building. tommy's is a san francisco hoffa, which is a german-style presenting food. we have five different carved meats and we carve it by hand at the station. you prefer it to be carved whether you like your brisket fatty or want it lean. you want your pastrami to be very lean. you can say i want that piece of corn beef and want it cut, you know, very thick and i want it with some sauerkraut. tell the guys how you want to prepare it and they will do it
7:25 pm
right in front of you. san francisco's a place that's changing restaurants, except for tommy's joint. tommy's joint has been the same since it opened and that is important. san francisco in general that we don't lose a grip of what san francisco's came from. tommy's is a place that you'll always recognize whenever you lock in the door. you'll see the same staff, the same bartender and have the same meal and that is great. that's important. ♪♪ >> the service that san francisco heritage offers to the legacy businesses is to help them with that application process, to make sure that they really recognize about them what it is that makes them so
7:26 pm
special here in san francisco. ♪♪ so we'll help them with that application process if, in fact, the board of supervisors does recognize them as a legacy business, then that does entitle them to certain financial benefits from the city of san francisco. but i say really, more importantly, it really brings them public recognition that this is a business in san francisco that has history and that is unique to san francisco. >> it started in june of 1953. ♪♪ and we make everything from scratch. everything. we started a you -- we started a off with 12 flavors and
7:27 pm
mango fruits from the philippines and then started trying them one by one and the family had a whole new clientele. the business really boomed after that. >> i think that the flavors we make reflect the diversity of san francisco. we were really surprised about the legacy project but we were thrilled to be a part of it. businesses come and go in the city. pretty tough for businesss to stay here because it is so expensive and there's so much competition. so for us who have been here all these years and still be popular and to be recognized by the city has been really a huge honor. >> we got a phone call from a woman who was 91 and she wanted to know if the mitchells still owned it and she was so happy
7:28 pm
that we were still involved, still the owners. she was our customer in 1953. and she still comes in. but she was just making sure that we were still around and it just makes us feel, you know, very proud that we're carrying on our father's legacy. and that we mean so much to so many people. ♪♪ >> it provides a perspective. and i think if you only looked at it in the here and now, you're missing the context. for me, legacy businesses, legacy bars and restaurants are really about setting the context for how we come to be where we are today. >> i just think it's part of san francisco. people like to see familiar stuff. at least i know i do. >> in the 1950s, you could see a picture of tommy's joint and looks exactly the same. we haven't change add thing. >> i remember one lady saying, you know, i've been eating this
7:29 pm
ice cream since before i was born. and i thought, wow! we have, too. ♪♪
7:30 pm
>> supervisor ronen: good morning. the meeting will come to order. this is the april 27, 2022 budget and finance committee meeting. i am supervisor hillary ronen. i'm joined today by temporary appointment, supervisor myrna melgar. thank you for filling in, who is replacing supervisor gordon mar today, and vice chair supervisor ahsha safai will be joining us shortly. our