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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 1, 2022 9:00am-10:31am PDT

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>> good evening and welcome to the april 26, 2022 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. before we do roll call and get started with the meeting i want to extend apologies to all small accident honorees that were here in the chamber. we had a joint board of supervisors meeting and we are just now starting our board of supervisors meeting after 10:00 p.m. i do want all of the small businesses to know that we appreciate them. we are going to measure all of us go out and spend money in the businesses. at roll call if you could
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mention your businesses name and tell them how much you love them and we will move forward. i want to appreciate our small businesses that were here earlier that we could not honor appropriately. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor chan. >> present. >> supervisor haney. >> present. >> supervisor mandelman. >> present. >> supervisor mar. >> present. >> supervisor melgar. >> present. >> supervisor peskin. >> present. >> supervisor preston. >> present. >> supervisor ronan. >> present. >> supervisor safai. >> present. >> supervisor stefani. >> present. >> supervisor walton. >> present. >> mr. president. all members are present. >> thank you so much. the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we are on the unseated homeland of
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the ramaytush ohlone, original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as stewards of this land in accordance with tradition the ramaytush ohlone have never seated, lost or forgotten responsibilities as care takes. as guest we say benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to acknowledge the ancestors elders and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone and affirming their rights. please stand with me for pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> on behalf of the board of supervisors i would like to acknowledge the staff at sfgovtv and now we have with us kalena mendoza to record each meeting to make the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk any communications? >> yes, the general public watching the last 12 hour meeting understand they are welcome to this next board of supervisors meeting. they know they are welcome to be here with us in the legislative chamber as well as on the remote call in system. for those calling in to be remoat, i will provide access information. id is different than the previous meeting. to put yourself in the queue dial 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt enter
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id24953898001 pound twice and you will know you have joined the meeting when you hear discussion. your line will be muted. when you are ready to provide comment press star 3 to put you into the speaker's queue. listen for the system prompt that you are unmuted. begin speaking your comment. agenda content eligible is limited to the first item to speak to is the special order of the public hearing 21-24. palo alto tentative map approval. this is continued to may 3, 2022. you will be able to speak to the merits of appeal. second item special order items
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25-28. filbert street appeal. this is withdrawn. clerk's office received withdrawal letter from apple apt on april 18th. it is withdrawn before the board considers approving the decision. the board will hear the public testimony generally. finally, item 31 general public comment. you may speak to the approval of the march 22, 2022 regular board meeting minutes. 32-36. those are a temon the adoption without committee reference agenda. all other content be will be reported by committee is not eligible for public comment. we will accept written correspondence. through u.s. mail to number one carlton b. goodlett place here in city hall room 244. san francisco california.
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94102. send the board your comments in e-mail using the address bos at sfgovtv. a great partnership with the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs we had interpreters most of the day. we have other interpreters with us. when we get to public comment i will have them introduce themselves and the language and services that they provide. there is a live person standing by. call us. that concludes my presentation. >> thank you. friendly reminder. mute your microphones when not speaking. let's go to our first 3:00 p.m. special order items 21-24.
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>> 21-24. were continued from march 22, 2022 and april 5, 2022. these items comprise the public hearing of persons interested in the decision of public works dated february 25, 2022 to approve tentative map for two lot subdivision project at 0 palo alto avenue. 22 is motion to approve the decision and to approve the tentative map. 23 disappoors the decision to approve the map. 24 direct the preparation of findings. >> we have a hearing on the appeal of the tentative map appeal for 0 palo alto avenue. supervisor melgar. >> thank you, president walton and colleagues. thank you for your patience.
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we are still in discussions with the department of public works about this item. this will be the last time i ask for a continuance. i am asking for one. i would make a motion to continue this hearing item 21 which is open and items 22-24 to tuesday may 3rd. >> second? >> second by mandelman. before we take roll call, madam clerk, please call for public comment on the continuance. >> the board of supervisors welcomes your testimony. motion to continue 21-24 to may 3, 2022. is there anyone in the chamber who would like to provide testimony to this continuance? seeing no one in the chamber. we have two interpreters with
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us. marty dickinson and speaking spanish and david chu speaking chinese. mr. atkins any callers on remote call in system? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> that concludes both cue queues. >> no public comment. public comment is closed. madam clerk, please call the roll on the motion to continue 21-24 to may 3rd, 2022. >> on the motion to continue items 21-24 to may 3, 2022. supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> supervisor walton.
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>> aye. >> chan. >> aye. >> haney. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> ronen. >> aye. >> safai aye. >> there are 11 eyes. >> the motion to continue 21-24 to may 3, 2022 meeting is approved. next call the next special order. >> the decision dated march 18, 2022 a tentative map for two lot subdivision project 556 filbert street. 26-28 are the motions that are
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associated with this hearing. the office of clerk of the board received withdrawal from the appellant holden received on april 18, 2022 to withdraw this appeal. >> colleagues we have a hearing on the appeal of tentative map for project at 2556 filbert street. i believe the appellant has withdrawn the appeal. we need to act on the motions and approve 26 and table items 27 and 28. before the vote we must listen to public comment. madam clerk. >> thank you, mr. president. any members of the public in the chamber with us to provide public comment on the withdrawal for filbert street project? no one in the chamber.
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mr. atkins, do we have any callers in the queue? >> there are no caller in the queue. >> mr. president that completes both queues. >> no other speakers, public comment is closed. may i have a motion to approve item 26 and table items 27 and 28. moved by peskin. second by stefani. i believe we can take the approval same call. that motion carries. without objection item 26 is approved and 27 and 28 are tabled. this comp concludes the 3:00 p.m. special orders. approval of meeting minutes. minutes from march 22, 2022
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regular board meeting. we will entertain motion to approve the minutes made by supervisor mandelman, seconded by supervisor preston. we will take this item same house same call. without objection the minutes will be approved after public comment as presented. madam clerk, please call item 1. offered man's to establish shelter grievance advisory committee and policy. >> thank you so much. seeing no one on the roster. we will take this item same house same call. >> roll call, mr. president. >> thank you. appreciate you. please call the roll item 1.
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>> item 1. supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> walton. >> aye. >> chan. >> aye. >> haney. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> no. >> mar. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> ronen. >> aye. >> safai. >> aye. >> there are 10 ayes and one know with supervisor mandelman in the descent. >> this is passed. >> can you call item 2. >> number two is an ordinance to amend the police code, building code for bond for labor standards compliance and certain residential construction
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projects. >> thank you. would you please call the roll for item 2. >> supervisor stefani. >> aye. >> walton. >> aye. >> chan. >> aye haney. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> reason nan. >> aye. >> supervisor safai. >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously. please call eye team 3. >> ordinance to amend the planning code to designate clay theater 2261 fillmore street as landmark and to affirm the determination and make appropriate findings. >> no one on the roster we will
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take this item same house same call without objection. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 4. >> ordinance to amend the administrative code to prohibit the police department or other city departments from uploading or storing victim dna profiles known to belong to crime victims not subject to the federal and state rules governing the database and storing the profiles obtained from crime scene evidence in any mon dna database for longer than 60 days. >> we will take this item same house same call without objection. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. please call item 5. >> item 5. appropriate 13pone $1 million of general fund researches was for
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workers' compensation 21-22. >> thank you, madam clerk. without objection we will take this item same house same call. this ordinance is finally passed on first reading unanimously. >> please call item 6. >> item 6 is resolution to establish appropriations for fiscal year 21-22 pursuant to california constitution article 13b. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we will take this item same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> please call items 7 and 8 toke. >> 7 and 8 together are two resolutions to authorize the city administrator through the director of risk management division to enter into two
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contracts for insurance, brokerage services. 7 with alliant insurance services $75 million. item 8 is with gallagher and company insurance brokers of california for $30 million. both contracts three-year term through june 30, 2025. three two year options to renew. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we can take these items same house same call. without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously. please call item 9. >> item 9 is resolution to approve the fourth modification to airport professional services agreement with hallmark aviation services lp for airport information and guest assistance services for two year contract extension not to exceed $53 million. >> thank you. no one on the roster this item same house same call without
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objection. resolution is adopted unanimously. >> please call item 10. >> item 10 resolution to approve updated emergency declaration of san francisco public utilities commission pursuant to add enough code section 660, 6.600 contract resources for tree removal and slope repair due to flooding damage to increase cost by $16 million for new amount of $20 million. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we will take this same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 11. >> item 11 resolution to authorize the department of homelessness and supportive housing to execute standard agreement with california department of housing community development for $5.6 million of 2021-22 california budget funds
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to accept and expand funds for capital expenses related to pay view vehicle triage for costs incurred july 1, 2021 through june 302026 to make appropriate findings. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster same house same call. this is adopted unanimously. please call item 12. >> 12 is resolution to authorize issuance and delivery of alternate credit facilities for the finance corporation refunding bonds 2008-1 and 2 known as the moscone center expansion project. >> thank you. no one on the roster same house same call without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously.
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>> please call item 13. >> item 13. resolution to purchase real property. city garden bridge llc at 333, 12th street for a grant from the california department of housing community development. home key grant program in the amount of $147.5 million. >> thank you. no one on the roster same house same call without objection. this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> please call item 14. item 14. resolution to authorize the treasure island development authority to execute standard agreement and related documents including award not to exceed $55.6 million in the form of loan to the developer mercy housing to borrower to construct affordable to low and moderate income families.
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parcel c-3 .1 at the old address 78 johnson. new address for five-year term to commence upon execution of the standard agreement. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. would you please call item 15. >> item 15. resolution to approve and authorize execution of loan agreement with mercy housing california limited partnership for $33.4 million for 57 year term to finance 138 unit multi-family rental housing development for low and moderate income sixth street and avenue c. 78 johnson street. new address also known as treasure islands c-3 .1 and adopt appropriate findings. >> thank you. seeing no one be on the roster.
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same house same call. without objection. this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 16. >> item 16. ordinance to amend health code to require general acute care hospitals and hospital based skill nursing facilities in the city to report annually to the department of public health the number of demographic information regarding patients transferred outside of the city for skilled nursing care and patients who qualify but not trap ferred to a health facility outside of the city. >> no one on the roster. we take this same house same call without objection. this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call item 17. >> item sunday. resolution to determine the issuance of type-21 off sale
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beer and wine and distilled spirits liquor license located at 3218 filmore will serve public necessity and to request the california department of alcohol irk beverage control impose condition on the issuance of the license. >> we will take this same house same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item 18. >> item 18. ordinance amending administrative code for single room occupan hotels for cleaning standards and health protocols for the hotels. >> thank you. no one on the roster we will take this same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please call item 19.
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>> item 19. motion to appoint ann marie fort area and brian to the commission of animal control and welfare. terms ending april 30, 2024. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster we will take this item same house same call without objection. this motion is approved unanimously. please call item 20. >> item 20. motion to appoint dean smith, lila hood, laura stein, matthew, chris and laurie neighbors to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> thank you. no one on the roster same house same call without objection. this motion is approved unanimously. we have addressed 21-28. let's go to committee reports. item 29.
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>> item 29. this was considered by the land be use and transportation committee at regular meeting on monday, april 25, 2022. it is an ordinance to amend the planning code to define adult sex venue and permit considerably permit or prohibit adult sex venues in commercial, residential commercial and repair and neighborhood commercial and used districts to prohibit as accessory. in chinatown business district and to make the appropriate findings. >> thank you, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster we will take this same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. please go to roll call for
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introductions. >> supervisor stefani you are first up to introduce new business. >> thank you, madam clerk. i will remind everyone i am doing a hearing on the recovery of the arts and cultural institutions and the progress of jfk closure what that means for the museums. not now because it is late. we agreed to submit everything tonight. i want to close the meeting in memory of florence margaret o'malley. she is a special friend of our family. she passed away on april 18 after a courageous battle of cancer at the age of 82. san francisco native and proud irish catholic. graduated from american see high school and received bachelor off
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arts and master of arts from stanford university and had a long career as devoted teacher and counselor and dean in the san francisco school district. admired by students and faculty alike. committed to mentoring students with impactful relationships. held tenure at numerous institutions including the junior high schools george washington, balboa high and lincoln high. in 2009 received distinguished faculty award. during her time she secured scholarships for students including summer search a program of empowerment through mentorship, learning and career support for those transitioning out of high school and the memory scholarship in honor of
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her brother. active in education, volunteer retirement by contributing expertise on scholarship funds. test meant to her investment in the students of san francisco. florence and my son shared the same birthday. every december we would get together and she was incredible to my children. a gift to all who knew her and driving force for the community. she will be deeply missed by family including cousins, the murphies and kellies and people who considered her family. thank you. >> supervisor walton. >> if you could state the honor. >> honor joe delacky at the
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corner of union and buchanan. >> i was honoring mission blue on leland avenue and visitation valley. local neighborhood coffee shop. i want to thank them for how they bring the community together. the rest i submit. >> supervisor chan. >> i am honoring the great joint in the richmond. >> supervisor haney. >> thank you, madam clerk. two resolutions and three hearing requests. rundown here. the person i was going to honor is van from all-star doughnuts and burgers on the corner of
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golden gate and high. >> thank you, supervisor haney. supervisor mandelman. >> thank you, madam clerk. the business i was going to honor was look out and the owner chris hastings who has been in operation for 15 years. during the pandemic really stepped up to create a shared space between market and beaver that was alive align for a number of businesses and great for the community. it is great. i am introducing resolution i will not describe in depth. i will say it is the care program. we will discuss in committee. this board should sign in support. i want to wish supervisor haney
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good luck in his future endeavors. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. supervisor mar. >> thank you. the business i was going to honor was mercantile. among their many unique accomplishments farmers market during the pandemic on 37th avenue. that is a huge success. invite everybody to come and have a great time every sunday. i have one memory today. along with supervisor peskin i would adjourn in meeting of peter keen. a few weeks ago when this board unanimously adopted the resolution declaring peter king day in the city and county of san francisco. i said sometimes we weight too long to give people their flowers. i am grateful peter got flowers
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when he did and heard how deeply great fell we are for his immense contributions and he watched us on sfgovtv from his hospice room. he was many things in 79 years. professor and law school dean loved bidenerations of students, chief deputy public defender. saved lives. police commissioner and ethics commissioner who resigned in objection to the resistance to reform. he was the author of the constitutional amendment ballot measure and local ordinances. radio show host, tv murder trial analyst, city and state bar officer, lawyer and addvo cat and activist. son, brother, husband, father
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and grandfather. mentor and friend. rare in political life a role model. a man of courage and conviction. he was as comfortable visiting san quentin as in city hall. he was a good man. that is what he wanted to be remembered as. i won't repeat the accomplishments i will add one of his highest achieve whenment was through his long life it is possible to make change without changing yourself to hold true to your values and holding power. he kept a copy of the constitution in his pocket. unwaivering belief in the goodness of people in the base of unjust institutions. he is survived by wife nancy and daughters lauren and heather and his sister ann and five
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grandchildren. he died on easter sunday. he will be deeply missed. donations may be made to the american academy on medical aid and dying and aclu foundation. next february 8 we will recognize and celebrate peter king day in the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor melgar. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. the business that i am honoring for district 7 is the pizzeria. the owner is originally from brazil. he is one of the hardest working people i know. works seven days a week. long, long days with his family feeding the entire neighborhood. during the pandemic he was the target of a lot of vandalism. he persevered. i am super-proud that he is
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still feeding the neighborhood. thank you, madam clerk. i have a couple things to keep it short. i have a resolution supporting the creation of american indian truth and reparations advisory committee and comprehensive plan to address inequities of the american indian community of san francisco. after having worked with folks for a while i want to thank specifically. [indiscernable] the american indian cultural district and the director cheryl davis along with chief of staff brittany and myself. we have been working with the community to shape this. i am introducing a hearing request for response and resources available to students
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experiencing and reporting sexual assault and harassment in public school sites in our city. i look forward to us all supporting our young people as they may being their way through these realities. finally, i have a resolution supporting assembly bill 2050. it seeks to reform. thank you and the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam clerk. dean king and i wills wagto honor the one and only jacqueline from the 40 plus year
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legacy business which if you have not checked it out is a romantic spot. she made all of those souffles out of that little nine seat restaurant for the last 40 years. no one has ever made a souffle in there other than jacqueline. her staff who live in the district have been with her for as long as i have been around. that is 30 years. i look forward to taking this to her personally. she husband closed by now but maybe i will do it tomorrow. shut down at the beginning of the pandemic for health reasons. the neighborhood and customers rallied. on gofundme she was able to pay the staff and open up. it is a pandemic success story, i will submit.
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>> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor preston. >> thank you, madam clerk. please add me to the peter king memorial as well. i had the pleasure of honoring earlier today beanbag cafe, a community hub for nearly 30 years. well-known in the neighborhood. it is dedicated owner a former professional soccer player from jordan and a brave coach and mentor. we called him coach mike. we could go on and on. i will save it for when we meet with him and present it. i want to thank him and his staff at beanbag cafe for all of the community building and
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amazing food over the last 30 years. >> supervisor ronan. >> thank you. i will say that my husband took me there for our first date. it might have been that chocolate souffle that sealed the deal for us. colleagues, i have the distinct honor of honoring. [indiscernable] two sisters owned the business. if you ever have to it is through a 15 hour board meeting think of getting your back and neck corrected by this amazing small business. please add me to the peter king
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memorium. >> thank you. last but not least supervisor safai. >> thank you. today i was going to honor leah and andre honors of excelsior coffee. andre is a teacher in which at jim jordan. they are phenomenal couple. i met them when i was first running for supervisor five years ago. they opened a business that is truly community serving and wonderful, wonderful coffee place. >> thank you. mr. president. no other name ons the roster that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you, madam clerk and colleagues. now at public comment. >> the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment. first insight anyone in the room to offer their comment to the
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board of supervisors. we do have interpreters standing by. i will provide the phone number. 415-655-0001. when you hear the prompt enter 24953898001. pound twice and you will have joined the meeting. you will hear discussion. your line will be muted. you will be in the listening queue. when you provide comment you should press star 3 to be in the line to provide comment. we have someone standing at the podium. we will start with you. we will set the timer for one minute. welcome. >> i am the from the museum. i want to thank supervisor stefani regarding the museum. it has been significant.
9:43 am
it is a city museum. it is one of the leading science institutions in the country. they and the other cultural institutions inside and outside of golden gate park are a source of pride for the city. no other museums of this scale. we have served generations of san francisco. we have city owned heart that belongs to the public. i look forward to this hearing in the future and appreciate your support. >> thank you for your comments. is there another caller? >> are there caller in the queue? >> welcome, caller. >> welcome, madam clerk. first i want to take a moment of privilege through the chair and wish supervisor haney all of the
9:44 am
best if that is okay. i just want to wish him well. it is a long day i hope he fixes on working on the brown act to tamper down the filibuster. the public comment on being. -- on masking. it is very nerve-wracking to have what is happening in the past few weeks regarding removal of mask mandate. i apologize for the hour. we have to discuss this. i hope you will ask muni to reimpose through code of conduct. it would be thoughtful for enforcement. i know rapid transit will do something through the morning. >> thank you nor your comments. do we have another caller in the
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queue please? >> good evening, i am jordan. she and her. i wanted to be in chambers but that meeting was long. i hope you got to see the chronicle piece which concerns the ships i have had to yell at you all these years. guess what? i am one of the people talking about supportive housing issues. there are more articles. [indiscernable] when i focused in 2019 over the rent we were charged for city funded housing and right now campaign to show the mayor is to blame. you the board of supervisors have not done anything to hold
9:46 am
the feet to the fire. the progressives. we are funding. [indiscernable] >> thank you for your comments. next caller, please. >> hi, good evening. late night. i will be brief one minute. i want to say that access to the tenderloin bathrooms are not met with friendly people. no toilet paper, no paper towels or soap. who is overseeing the employees are not caring about customer service and caring that they are actually have working bathrooms at night. the ride hail and taxi drivers need a place to go to the
9:47 am
bathroom at night. i have to drive all the way back to the cab company. i am not welcome there. slow streets you need a decision now. it is difficult getting through 20th and shot well. which way do we go. we can't be go right, left or forward or backward. >> thank you for your comments. do we have another caller in the queue? >> this is for the children of the temperature beder loin who you think to give scholarships in 2023 which the new campus opened up construction discorruptioned them with questionable permits.
9:48 am
[indiscernable] i need the keys to the cars that i can drive. i will never be a supreme court judge. i will never. [indiscernable] i will never be important. democracy to show up around here. it is not like me. [indiscernable] >> thank you for your song. do we have another caller in the queue please? >> can you hear me? >> yes.
9:49 am
>> david pilpel. good evening. i honor the memory of peter king for decades of public service. may that guide us as we figure out away forward after the difficulties that we have been all encountered with redistricting process and other challenges. also i want to remember bob david who i heard at the end of the golden gate bridge meeting a long time artist at the golden gate bridge district and resident of district 2 supervisor stefanis district a memorial would be in order next week. appreciate the continued effort by the amazing staff at all hours day and night. this is a short day. finally, i appreciate the restaurants between 40 and 41st
9:50 am
avenues. please check it out. >> thank you for your comments. do we have another caller in the queue please? >> there are no further caller in the queue. >> mr. president. >> no other speakers, public comment is closed. madam clerk can you please call for the adoption of committee reference items 32-36. >> 32-36 were introduced for adoption without committee reference. unanimous vote is required a member may require resolution to go to committee. >> supervisor safai. >> madam clerk, can you add me as cosponsor to item 33. >> noted. >> thank you. supervisor stefani.
9:51 am
>> please add me as cosponsor as well. >> noted. >> i don't see anyone else on the roster. madam clerk i believe we can take all of these items same house same call. >> items 32-36. >> without objection these resolutions are adopted, motions approved unanimously. madam clerk any comparative agenda items. >> none to report. >> in memorials. adjourned in memory of the following individuals on behalf of supervisor stefani. lawrence margaret o'malley. supervisor mar, peskin and ronen for the late mr. peter king. on behalf of supervisor peskin
9:52 am
for the late ms. andrea mayfield. >> thank you, madam clerk. before we move to the end of the agenda we have a colleague that is leaving us. who is now going to go on to the state assembly. i do want to give supervisor matt haney an opportunity to say a few words as well as as us colleagues. supervisor haney. >> thank you, president walton. i will keep this brief. it is very late. i did just want to take the opportunity to say a few things. i officially announce that i will be resigning on next tuesday may 3rd. this will be my last board meeting. i will be sworn in to the office of the state assembly representing assembly district
9:53 am
17 at 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, ma. i want to thank all of you and everyone who has been part of this great responsibility and privilege i have had to serve disbe ticket 6 offer the last 3 and a half years. the people of district 6. i will be the last supervisor elected to represent district 6 in the current form. i am very proud of the work that we have done together. i am proud and honored to have given the responsibility to represent a set of neighborhoods that experienced tremendous challenges during normal times. especially over the last few years during covid. i want to just really express my
9:54 am
gratitude to the people of district 6 for the opportunity and the work we were able to do toke. i know that the work that we started continues. whoever comes after me in district 6 will have tremendous responsibility and challenges to continue the work. i also want to im floryou colleagues to continue this work. i think one of my biggest concerns that i have expressed here and we worked on together has been the ways in which some of the challenges and problems we face can be concentrated or the burden to take those on can be disproportionally placed on some neighborhoods. as we think about equity for neighborhoods of district 6 we tip to give them resources they need for homelessness and housing to take that responsibility across the city. all of the work we do here did
9:55 am
not happen alone. i want to thank my staff, current and past. abbey, courtney, cyrus and monaco for tremendous service to the people of this district. to the clerk and the clerk's office and city departments for their partnership and support. all of you have, colleagues, for everything you have done and the work together. i have had the opportunity to learn from you, to partner on legislation, to watch you work and fight for your districts. even when we have not disagreed, i have been inspired by you. i am grateful for your service to the city. as i represent at the state level the issues we grappled with here, housing, homelessness, safety, transportation, climate change, equality requires leadership at
9:56 am
state level and someone who can champion these issues not only for the city residents but for all of you. this touches every district except district four. i also will represent and work on behalf of your constituents and my door is open to each and every one of you. very small sliver of district one. a few dozen voters, i think. i am not going anywhere. i am going to continue to work with and for all of you and there will be more to say about the next steps around that, but thank you so much to all of you for leadership. this was a difficult couple years. to see the way this chamber stepped up and supported residents during a time of
9:57 am
tremendous anxiety and fear and partnership with our mayor in doing that was a very proud moment for the city and certainly for me as representative of district 6. it is a late meeting. that is all i will say. thank you so much to each of you for the opportunity to serve with you. now, i will have the opportunity to work for you all and your constituents as our representative in sacramento. >> thank you. supervisor melgar. >> assembly member elect haney i have known you since 2008. i wish you the best as you take this next step in your career. you will now be representing a big chung of district 7. i look for war ward to seeing
9:58 am
you at the council meeting. you know, seriously, i will miss your easy smile and your warm manner and i will miss your very competent and friendly staff. i just wish you the best of luck and look forward to the work that you will do bringing home some of the bacon from this state but making sure we rectify the structural issues that are still grappling with. i am grateful you are taking this on. i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> matt, it has been a true pleasure serving with you on
9:59 am
this body. i have had the good fortune of seeing you in your positions evolve and mature since you have been on the board. i say that respectfully. really enjoyed serving with you on the budget committee. those of you that have served on the budget committee know what i am talking about. those that have not will experience that at some point while your term on the board of supervisors. i really enjoyed working with you as the chair. seeing your leadership and seeing you grow into that position. during what was as you mentioned one of the most stressful times since i have been on the board that we have all served together during covid was not easy by any means. i think you have the energy, you have the commitment and dedication to represent us well in the state assembly. i know that you will do a great
10:00 am
job for us and i look forward to continuing to work with you and holding you account ability as your constituent. seriously, i wish you well and really have enjoyed working with you during this time on some pretty heavy things. juvenile justice reform, mental health reform and public health issues and criminal justice reform and housing. we worked on a lot of great things together. i know that work will continue. thank you. >> supervisor chan. >> thank you, president wall torn and as assembly member elect haney. congratulations on your win. i will say api community i
10:01 am
probably represent there is a large population of api members do reside in 8017. i look forward to working with you serving them and making sure that representing them not having assembly member david chu who is asian-american. i look forward you to being their voice in sacramento and thinking about them given that assembly member has been doing a good job. i want to say congratulations again. i am sure you will be back. you will be back to the city. back to the chamber. you will receive a warmer
10:02 am
welcome than governor newsom earlier today. >> thank you. supervisor preston. >> quite a last meeting assembly member elect haney at 11:00 p.m. i want to congratulate you and wish you the best in sacramento. it is a pleasure serving with you. when i came on the board there were a hand full of supervisors i worked very closely with on big initiatives and you and i and some of the things that come to mind i want to thank you for your partnership and work in the pandemic around the zip hotel legislation that you took the lead on and that we worked so slowly on that is an integral part of the covid response.
10:03 am
the free muni pilot we sponsored and passed through the board. in your position as budget chair. thank you for being one of the supervisors on the ballot and partnering to fight for the $32 million for rent relief. the last thing and there are plenty of others. the last one i want to elevate is your strong support on public banking in san francisco. i think that is the time with the state work is important and assembly member chu led at the state level and the partnership between sacramento and san francisco city hall around the really difficult project ahead of us making public banking a reality and with supervisor
10:04 am
chan's leadership. i think it is something that we will continue working on together. also, if you think you are not going to get calls from the staff, i got to warn you. if the redistricting task force gerrymandering holds i will represent a lot of your current constituents in the tenderloin and so we will be putting our heads together to learn from a lot of your experience in the tenderloin to meet the needs of the neighborhood. i look forward to collaborating with you and wish you the best in your political and personal work as you move forward to the next chapter. >> supervisor stefani. >> thank you, president walton.
10:05 am
congratulations. i am going to miss sitting next to you. i know that a lot of times we were on the opposite side of issues. you have always just been so -- you are a class act to be able to understand we all come at things differently and never made me feel bad for my positions. never taken me out on twitter or done a sub tweet about me. i have learned about that now. i just want to thank you so much for having such agreeable way about you when it comes to having different opinion was. it means a lot. the whole time you have been kind. we were sitting next to each other and home during the pandemic a couple instances during roll call where i had a few things that were hard for me or with my dad and you were always there with the text message showing your kind mess.
10:06 am
that means so much to me. you have always cared like that. we have never had an argument. all of the opposite side. when you were budget chair you genuinely cared about my points of view. you came and checked in with my. my office worked with your office very well. it seems like you absolutely cared what i thought. that was reflected in the budget. if he didn't he is like one of the best actors. if he doesn't want to be a politician he can be an actor. you listened to our opinions. i can't thank you enough for that. i am really looking forward to working with you on things like gun violence prevention and i can't thank you enough for helping the violence victims. because of you we will have the
10:07 am
first right to civil council for domestic violence victims in the country in june. that would not have been possible if you didn't help get that on the violence. i will miss you and the relationship we had here. >> thank you, supervisor stefani. supervisor ronan. >> congratulations assembly elect haney. i really appreciated the first years when you came to city hall and we worked so closely together. whole offices were integrated as one closing down for the juvenile hall or mental health sf. those were good times. i will always remember and appreciate that. as you change and grow and
10:08 am
evolve or whatever you want to call it around housing. i want to remind you about the mission district and the fact that the philosophy of building more luxury housing. it doesn't work to keep genty tried neighborhoods. we wouldn't. [indiscernable] we wouldn't have access site. that the community organizing to buy the city could buy for 100% affordable housing and build thousands of units to bring working class folks back. just taking all power of local bodies like ours to act and protect those communities. i know you understand that. it is not simplistic messaging
10:09 am
point for political fire. it is deeper than that and complex. you know that. i want you to remember that. you care deeply about our communities especially genty tried communities. i want to remind you of that as you go to sacramento p sacramento and there is a big move to keep local governments like ours. best of luck. >> thank you, supervisor mar. >> thank you. it is great to campaign with you and also president walton into our roles a new supervisors by 2019. it is great working with you. on important issues. now as colleague and
10:10 am
particularly around supporting our workers and working families and workers rights. we worked with the budget committee and great leadership. we have had a lot of good conversations about geographic equity. points of data in the city housing and homelessness and public safety in district 6. it is a different district. we have been able to work together in district 4 move historic affordable housing development and project forward. we are going to need your support as assemblyman. district four is the only district that doesn't touch your district. we need you to look out for the entire city. i know you will do that.
10:11 am
thank you for your service. i look forward to working with you in your new role. >> i would just say this is bittersweet for me. i can't think of a time in my elected life where we haven't served in the same chamber. i just want to start off by congratulating you, my friend, on, one, a well run campaign and for the work that you put in for your constituents in district 6 which ultawith you to the statesembry as my representative. your approach to issues and the way you listen. if we agree or disagree, just the way you are still able to be disagreeable and yet maintain a certain level of respect for people you work with. i think that is something that is important. i love seeing that in you. i will refrain from funny
10:12 am
stories and behind-the-scenes stories. i do want to apologize to you for looking like your younger colleague. as i know you can't stand the fact that i am older by a tad bit but i look extremely younger than you do. this is the board of supervisors loss and the state assembly's gain. you will be missed in the chamber. of course, i thought you were going to want last words, supervisor haney. >> i want to thank you all for the kind words. i really do want to continue to work together. this is not in any way good-bye. it is definitely a motion to partner on the same issues in a different way and please do tell me what you need. tell meal what i can fight for
10:13 am
on your behalf, tell me what to do better, and i understand that is what my responsibility is going to be. i also because of my staff is always watching. i forgot to mention honey in my are remarks. i want to thank honey from my staff. i hope we hear her name soon if all goes well. i appreciate you also much. you will you have my full support in making sure we continue to represent them well. thank you all. thank you, president walton. >> thank you, supervisor haney. one last picture with supervisor haney to send him off.
10:14 am
>> the board will issue honors in form of a resolution to assembly member elect in addition to a resolution which will be on the agenda next week.
10:15 am
>> thank you, madam clerk. any further business before us today. >> that concludes the business today. >> tonight give yourself time to rest, heal, change and love yourself. this meeting is adjourned. >> i try to start every day not looking at my phone by doing
10:16 am
something that is grounding. that is usually meditation. i have a gym set up in my garage, and that is usually breathing and movement and putting my mind towards something else. surfing is my absolute favorite thing to do. it is the most cleansing thing that i'm able to do. i live near the beach, so whenever i can get out, i do. unfortunately, surfing isn't a daily practice for me, but i've been able to get out weekly, and it's something that i've been incredibly grateful for. [♪♪♪] >> i started working for the city in 2005. at the time, my kids were
10:17 am
pretty young but i think had started school. i was offered a temporarily position as an analyst to work on some of the programs that were funded through homeland security. i ultimately spent almost five years at the health department coordinating emergency programs. it was something that i really enjoyed and turned out i was pretty good at. thinking about glass ceiling, some of that is really related to being a mother and self-supposed in some ways that i did not feel that i could allow myself to pursue responsibility; that i accepted treading water in my career when my kids were young. and as they got older, i felt more comfortable, i suppose, moving forward. in my career, i have been asked to step forward. i wish that i had earlier stepped forward myself, and i feel really strongly, like i am
10:18 am
100% the right person for this job. i cannot imagine a harder time to be in this role. i'm humbled and privileged but also very confident. so here at moscone center, this is the covid command center, or the c.c.c. here is what we calledun -- call unified command. this is where we have physically been since march, and then, in july, we developed this unified structure. so it's the department of emergency management, the department of public health, and our human services hughesing partners, so primarily the department of homelessness and supportive housing and human services agency. so it's sort of a three-headed command in which we are coordinating and operating everything related to covid response. and now, of course, in this
10:19 am
final phase, it's mass vaccination. the first year was before the pandemic was extremely busy. the fires, obviously, that both we were able to provide mutual support but also the impact of air quality. we had, in 2018, the worst air quality ten or 11 days here in the city. i'm sure you all remember it, and then, finally, the day the sun didn't come out in san francisco, which was in october. the orange skies, it felt apocalyptic, super scary for people. you know, all of those things, people depend on government to say what's happening. are we safe? what do i do? and that's a lot of what department of emergency management's role is. public service is truly that.
10:20 am
it is such an incredible and effective way that we can make change for the most vulnerable. i spend a lot of my day in problem solving mode, so there's a lot of conversations with people making connections, identifying gaps in resources or whatever it might be, and trying to adjust that. the pace of the pandemic has been nonstop for 11 months. it is unrelenting, long days, more than what we're used to, most of us. honestly, i'm not sure how we're getting through it. this is beyond what any of us ever expected to experience in our lifetime. what we discover is how strong we are, and really, the depth of our resilience, and i say that for every single city employee that has been working around the clock for the last 11 months, and i also speak
10:21 am
about myself. every day, i have to sort of have that moment of, like, okay, i'm really tired, i'm weary, but we've got to keep going. it is, i would say, the biggest challenge that i have had personally and professionally to be the best mom that i can be but also the best public certify chant in whatever role i'm in. i just wish that i, as my younger self, could have had someone tell me you can give it and to give a little more nudge. so indirectly, people have helped me because they have seen something in me that i did not see in myself. there's clear data that women have lost their jobs and their income because they had to take care of their safety nets. all of those things that we
10:22 am
depend on, schools and daycare and sharing, you know, being together with other kids isn't available. i've often thought oh, if my kids were younger, i couldn't do this job, but that's unacceptable. a person that's younger than me that has three children, we want them in leadership positions, so it shouldn't be limiting. women need to assume that they're more capable than they think they are. men will go for a job whether they're qualified or not. we tend to want to be 110% qualified before we tend to step forward. i think we need to be a little more brave, a little more exploratory in stepping up for positions. the other thing is, when given an opportunity, really think twice before you put in front of you the reasons why you should not take that leadership position.
10:23 am
we all need to step up so that we can show the person behind us that it's doable and so that we have the power to make the changes for other women that is going to make the possibility for their paths easier than ours. other women see me in it, and i hope that they see me, and they understand, like, if i can do it, they can do it because the higher you get, the more leadership you have, and power. the more power and leadership we have that we can put out.
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the april 27, 2022 meeting of the budget and appropriations committee . i have chair hillary ronen joined by desmond walton, supervisor chan, supervisor safai and i believe supervisor mar maynot be joining us today . we will find out soon. mister clark, do you have any announcements ? >> just a friendly reminder, please make sure tosilence also phones and refrain from any flash photography . the board and committees are now convening hybrid meetings that allow in person in attendance as well as providing remoteaccess and public comment by