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tv   BOS Budget and Appropriations Committee  SFGTV  May 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:27pm PDT

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i want to thank rachel alonso and douglas from my team as well as the entire public works team for helping to put this plan together.i'm joined by my colleagues director carla short, deputy director of finance bruce robinson. my deputy city administrator candace who is joined by remote as well as our prop b project director rachel alonso and i think with the complement of people here we will be able to answer all the questions you have.the work of implementing thedivision of thedepartment is not an easy one . it's complicated . we started to put together a team headed by rachel alonso and my team to think through all the different pieces that would need to come together to createthe division . as you all know proposition b contemplated a few things. but it didwas focused on oversight and the creation of
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two new departments . it did not add additional resources or a direct services so when we started to approach proposition b we truly took a look at it from the perspective of how do we create two departments. how do we create a commission to help to create performance measures the commission to consider bylaws and other structures that would help a commission form.
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. >> thanks for that new technologicalworld, hybrid meeting . if we could go to the next slide please .next slide. that'sthe agenda. it will dive right in . city administrators, already covered some of the itemson the slide. it's a recap of the progress the prop b team has me to date . so (governance structure was established over the prop b work including a theory committee and works is on one finance and administration, 2,
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operationalefficiencies and three, oversight and accountability.these groups have held a total of 60 meetings combined. thank you to supervisor ronen for sitting on the steering committee to help with the implementation . we've had dozens of meetings both with public works employees and union representatives to keep them informed as well as invite your feedback and in response to the palpable fear from people i've actually started referring to proposition b as a spinoff rather than a split . there's a friendlier connotation for people. we've done work to set the commission up for success. we've hired the commission secretary who for public works who is helping launch those commissions and we've developed recommendations to present to the commissions for how to comply with their mandates and we've logged over 40 connection points between the two departments as well as improvement opportunity ideas. a partners from public works will be speaking about the budgetsubmission wehelped
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coordinate but first i want to share a bit about the commission mandates and our recommendations for compliance . next slide please . great. this is a preview of the recommendations being made to meet the performance monitoring and transparency goals of establishing thetwo commissions this work was done so the commissions can hit the ground running once they are seeded and they will have discretion to accept, reject or modify these . thewords on the slide mandates are for proposition the talk through our recommendations for compliance . the public works commission has a mandate to oversee the department's performance including the evaluation of data while the sas commission specifically refers to monitoring data regarding street and sidewalk conditions. we prioritizeapproximately 20 key performance measures each department . examples for sas include service requests and response
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time to cleaning, trash cans, treat infections while public works and the rate of construction contract awards within the target range of the original designers cost estimate. we're expecting sas to present data monthly while public works will present quarterly which reflects the differing nature and speed of operations compared to capital project delivery. and then speaking of capital project delivery, while both commissions are empowered and mandated to improve contract awards and modificationspublic works as an average of 13 awards per month compared to sas which has a monthly average of only one and a half contract
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actions to keep meeting agendas and durationsmanageable their recommending thresholds based on contract type , dollar amount andchapter 6 requirements for which contracts go to the commission and whether they are on the consent agenda or the regular agenda . knowing of course the commissioners will always have the discretion to pull something off consent and place it on the regular agenda . the charter mandates annual reporting ofboth commissions regarding seven attributes around hr positions such as seasonal and provisional status as well as the vacancy rate which i know we will be talking about further today we are working with it who is helping to ensure all the required fields are available and developing new standard performance dashboards can be reproduced on that annual basis . the next two boxes onthe lower left are lower middle and lower left are specific sas. the commission is responsible for establishing among standards of cleanliness for
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thepublic right of way . rather than building something new while the commissioners are still getting up to speed and learning about the department we are recommending they leverage the controller's office annual street and sidewalk standards program with modifications to the methodology when possible . the sas commission is tasked with setting baseline for services to be administered by the department . to get them going where recommending the services he broken down for each of the bureaus based on budget and the services provided. finally proposition b and powers the controller's office to conduct an annual cost analysis regardingefficiencies andwaste . so the controller's office is currently developing a work plan for the coming year and expect to be ready next spring to present a proposed analytical framework . next slide please . all right. we are working to recruit a commission secretary for the new department and are reminding the board and mayor's office and controllers office
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that the commissioner appointments must be made this spring to keep the commissions seatedin july according to the baseline schedule that we have . with the help of the city attorney's office we've combed through hundreds and are revising dozens of municipal code sections for the cleanup legislation which is due to you by the end of the fiscal year. although it's a high-volume it's a relatively straightforward, just updating references where appropriate. we need to initiate deciding how to preserve or modify the 40 connections between the departments i mentioned previously and we need to draft an interdepartmental agreement to memorialize those decisions and ensure continued coordination and operation between the two departments after october 1. the public works commission secretary is navigating a just
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a cold maze involved in scheduling the first three months of commission meetings as well as crafting thorough on boarding plans to get the commissioners up tospeed in july, august and september . just to onboard the commissioners we need to educate staff about this brand-new world and how the commission will change their day-to-day work . this effort hasbegun but will really ramp up in may and june everyone is ready once the commissions are seeded and exercised their full powers and duties which is september 1 for public works and october 1 or sas . last but not least are the required technical changes from new webpages adding sas to 311 and all the work the controller's office is helping us plan for regarding land rating positions and employees so things like climate can continue seamlessly after october 1. out and by getting a shout out to the dozens of civil service to help work through the details of this implementation whether it's withinpublic works or people from other departments that are
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sharing theirbest practices . people care this goes well. they see the significance . we've had to find a way together tomake something out of nothing . the last time a structural change of this nature took place was from my understanding over 20 years ago when muni and dpt merged to form the mta. this is the opposite of that merger and expressing two departments into sas so i want to say it's taken of village and i'm grateful to the people who've beengracious with their time. we couldn't have done it without them and with that i will hand it over to ruth robertson anddefinitely one of the people who have devoted the most time to this effort . both in the past and in the future they will be attending three commission meetings per month . >> thank you miss alonso. i'm bruce robinson, cfo for
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public works. i'll spend a few minutes going through the budget submittal to give you a sense of what the new proposition b will have on the department. currently on the screen this is the organizational chart of public works as it currently exists. you've all seen this before. the public works department reports to the city administrator'soffice to the mayor's office and then you can see it's comprised offour main bureaus .infrastructure design and construction , that deals primarily with roadways and horizontal projects. building design and construction and a lot of the big projects you've seen recently his fire station 35, animal care and control. that's also the bureau that did the reaper rebuild of soccer
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bird general hospital and you'll see operations and that is the bureau that is primarily going to be the one that transitions and is spun off into the new sanitation and streets department and on the far right of the slide you see a lot of the backbone and back of the house operations. finance, it, planning and performance. next slide please. after prop b isimplemented october 1 this is what the new public works will look like . the significant change you see is at the top of the organization chart and you see the commission of five members and their then there's the manager of commission affairs that is going to support the commission. below you see three of the remaining four bureaus that are currently in publicworks and you'll notice the one that's missing is operation . environmentalservices, urban forestry, building repair and street repair so a muchsmaller , moreproject delivery focused organization after october 1 when proposition b is implement it . next slide please .and this
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is theorganization chart for the new sanitation and streets department . now start at thetop . you see a five-member commission with the manager of commission affairs and then below you'll see four bureaus under the new department head and deputy director of operations. you'll see central operations you'll see street environmental services, that's where a lot of the street cleaning happens . urban forestry and you'll see a combinedbuilding and street repair on the far right . i want to highlight two ofthe boxes reporting to the department head . those are the shared administrative services . very much by design we added two boxes to that chart and in the next slide you'll see why. >> can i ask a question? where does the enforcement responsibilities fall? enforcement of the rules aroun shared spaces ? >> if it's possible to go back
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one slide. primarily it's done in 2 areas of the department. if you look at the far lower left, the bureau of street use and mapping, that's where the enforcement arm primarily within public works lies and that will remain in public works after the split but a lot of the permitting and enforcement because a lot of things get permitting there's a synergy with the enforcement and those two have always been married and that's why they will remain marriedwithin the bureau of street use and mapping even after the spinoff of sanitation and departments . within sanitation there's a very narrow focus of some staff that are funded by refuse that do some inspection work around garbage cans but that is a very narrow focus of work and because it is funded by refuse rates and that's a very restricted use of funds their
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work is limited and cannot be expanded to do amuch broader inspection activity on the sidewalk or the street . >> i'll just wait until the en . i have a bunch but that was one ofthe ones i wantedto talk more about . but that's okay . we can do it atthe end of the presentation . so where i was. again on the shared space. >> chair: onesecond . did you have aclarification question ? >> i assumed it was waiting till the end of thepresentation . >> chair: if you have a clarification question asked nowotherwise will wait until the end . go ahead. >> why don't we go to the next slide?
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these are theshared administrative services. if youlook at the top the circles in the gray, those are shared administrative services that are mandated under the charter amendment .you can look and you can see budget , accounting,contract, admin . emergency services.a lot of those back what exists within works required to be a shared administrative service . if you look at the far right you'll see hr , health and safety and training also mandated to be shared and thos currently reside in the city administrator's office and they provide those services to us . at the bottom of the work that rachel alonso and the implementation did soliciting feedback from the departments through the city public works and the prop b implementation team has chosen to have many administrative services continue to be shared though those are elective services and you can seepolicy and communications, on shine requests . hearings, ada review, ceqa
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review sothose would be shared to provide cost savings . one item i want to highlight and really i want to piggyback off miss alonso. i want to commend the budget work steam and controllers office and mayor's budget office because we havesubmitted to budgets that , and one of them is created miss mid fiscal year, thefirst time in city history that happened so i wan to take a moment to commend the budget team in collaboration withthe controller's office . it's really unprecedented . i wanted to take that opportunity . our budget does include the spinoff of sanitation and streets october 1 and a lot of what we've added to the budget were recommended by the prop b implementation team looking
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with colleagues and other city departments and vetted by the prop the executive team.we do want to highlight one item. the controllers cost letter identified up to $6 million in potential additional administrative costs with no direct costs for additional services . so what happened was the budget had a $6 million placeholder and what we've done is provide some specificity and detail to identify what the overall general fund impact is going to be and that's what the next few bullet points are. additional costs for budget and accounting and it staff as well as staffing for the new commissioners, new commission affairs managers, new department head for sanitation and streets as well as the move of humanresources staff from the city administrator's office to public works . some of the other costs identified included some nonlabor costs around improvement,new office space and materials and supplies needed . for the charter no additional cost for street cleaning is
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assumed. that said, next slide please. and chair ronen, many are the items that you've identified. these are other demands around public works so we hear from elected officials, other stakeholders. none of these items you'll see are going to comeas a surprise . you can see sidewalk cleaning, enhanced street enforcement. supervisor ronen, that was one you mentioned as well as private graffiti . adjust enhanced cleaning through the neighborhoods. you can see the fte increase and the overall cost for the first year that first year includes name labor, nonlabor. you will need additional equipment, packers to pick up debris and washers toclean the street as well as additional pickup trucks . i wanted to put that out there andidentify these are some of
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the other demands from key stakeholders. next slide please . andwith that we're happy to take any questions . in addition to city administrator two, also with us is the deputy director of operations. we're all ready and available to answer any questions you ma have . >> thankyou for the presentation . i appreciate how our city administrator carmen started off by taking all of the amazing staff. i wanted to do the same but as supervisors we often do street cleanups in our own districts and it's hard work and almost right when you're done and you've got the satisfaction of having an absolutely clean street as you walk back it's alreadydirty again . that takes a toll on your
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excitement and ability to getup tomorrow and do it again . so i just recognize the difficulty of this work. and the honor in it and also the frustration of working so hard and then really not getting to enjoy for very long the fruits of your labor. that's hard. so i just want all of the dpw. i can't stop calling it dpw and now we're going to have all ne name . bear with me if i say dpw. i just really want to take a moment torecognize your incredible , hard-working staff so thank you verymuch for everything you do . and i also wanted to shout you out rachel alonso because i said in those executive steering committees and from day one you had the
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implementation of the details and on track and organized in a very very sophisticated and amazing way thank you to you as well. you rarely see huge offers like this on the schedule. certainly the implementation mental health sf ... i have to say my hat is off to you in achieving this amazing feat. with that we have questions starting with supervisor safai . >> iq. going back to slide seven, just want to get a little more clarity on your creating a director of sanitation and streets and keeping the direct deputy director ofoperations . can you explain what you're doing that? it seems to me you would have
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thedeputy director position become the director of streets and sanitation . i'm not exactly clear why that decision is made seems like a duplication of roles . >> carly short, interim directorfor public works . we have to a, appoint a director that meets all the criteria outlinedin the ordinance . so there will be a process to recruit for that position and then there will be a selection process whereby the commissioners will make a recommendation of at least three candidates ibelieve to the mayor for selection . so that process is actually outlined in the ordinance. >> on the charter, i remember that. >> i think it's important to recognize that any department will notice publicworks has three deputy directors under the director . there are different roles.
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>> i guess not to cut you off the reason i'm asking is this is essentially other than the administrative back house is essentially the same. it's what you've done is you've taken operations out of public works and you placed it into the new sanitation and streets. it has additional functions and i could see the role of the deputy director being elevated but i mean, they're already overseeing and interacting with administrative services. there interacting with hr and financial management and their operating and overseeing all of the bureaus. so it seems to me that just doesn't make sense. >> i understand why you do it because want to have a fair transition. i have nothing but love and respect for the job that she's doing. let me say that from the beginning.
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but it seems to me like a new commission coming in would make the position saying let's elevate this person. let's makethat the recommendation of this new board . and then start from there. >> i'll try to answer.i thought the same thing as you when i joined the team and started working on this . and i think what interim director short said about it being two different roles really did make sense to me and stood out to me because there is work the deputy director of operations needs to fulfill and willstill need to fulfill and the director , the department head is what the former department head was doing so that new work is transferring over and i personally would hope that the current deputy director of operations seeks a permanent director role and the commission, once the new permanent director is named
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they will work to think through maybe other organizational changes but proposition b outlines the specific duties that are housed within operations so we did purposely
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>> the director of sanitation will be reporting to a commission and the role of the director is going to be a lot more externally focused. i can tell you from experience now i spend a lot of my time coordinating and meeting with other agencies, other department heads to look at citywide policy and how we can be more efficient in ourwork . i can't be also running crew at the same time. the deputy director of operations will remain focused on running those divisions within operation but i think we
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need to acknowledge that there's a higher level role for the director and i too hope miss durbin will seek that position and perhaps be elevated to that position but then i strongly believe we need to backfill with a deputy director of operations because there are too many demands waste on department heads to then expect them to be as engaged . anyone who knows miss durbin knows that she's 12 hoursa day with various crews . she can't do that and be inall the meetings looking at citywidepolicies and how city agencies can coordinate together . >> thanks . >> good afternoon everyone, jayla durden. >> my first question is how do you seethat playing out ? the proposal is for it to be
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housed in public works and i understand there's a building aspect, a preventing aspect of that but in terms of the enforcement aspect and how it interfaces with operations can you talk about that a little bit and do you see any difficulties of it not being housed insanitation and streets ? >> the permits play a big key and we don't do permitting down in operations. thepaperwork, thehearings in those types of things , we don't have the capacity to do that . >> so it makes more sense but in terms of the interaction and enforcement do you feel like you'll be able to have that are working aggressively for your department even if it's not housed in dsm?
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>> i think we have the public enforcement officers in our division and wetruly need more staff and that's what this hearing is about . if you want to address the inefficiencies you need more staff in that section so wecan handle it . >>the public enforcement staff is going to remain in operations ? >> the pio's on the garbage rates, absolutely. >> but in terms of the other enforcement aspect that will now be in dsm. >> it will be over in public works. >>it's always been there, yes . >> in terms of this chart, i know obviously it's very broad but how many staff do you have that are not necessarily running these bureau heads that work. do you have a chief of staff for an assistant currently? >> i do have anassistant. >> they play like a chief of staff rule . >>yes . sort of. >> any otheradditional staff
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under ddo that works in helping to implement operations ? otherthan that assistant? >> no .>> and again this is the first time i'm seeing this but i'm thinking about the implementation. not necessarily conflict but is there an overall duplication? i hear what the director is saying in terms of outward facing but in terms of implementation on a daily basi , i'm not sure what the differentiationof the two roles would be. i wanted to put that on the record and hear from the deputy director . i think that needs to be thought about . i remembered you having a chief of staff that plays arole in a lot of the hr dealing with different bureaus and operations . if you have other staff that are under you and not exactly sure that there's a need for those twopositions .
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>> president walton. >> thank you chair ronen. >> chair: and i had to supervisor safai's questions about the supervision and the bdi of the different divisions. one of the things proposition b do is lay out a number of different functions that were supposed to be in each of the departments. i want to make sure the committee is aware when we took a look through the implementation of our where and how this would happen he did have explicit conversations about whether any of those should transition under what the board has at that time included a provision that gave the board the ability with eight votes to change some of those functions so we did consider that . at this point we did not recommend overwriting the changes even some of the deep connections with field operations . in addition there are many conversations i believe still
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happening around the city around the apartment building inspections and permitting functions as a whole so i think it's still an open question from apolicy perspective about how it is that we figure in permitting as a whole so i want to make sure you are aware we did consider it in context of some of the other policy conversations . >> thank you chair ronen. i don't want to get too much in the weeds but if we could goto slide six . a couple of things for my clarification. the first one and i know the expertiseof an engineer and architect are different . but we don't see the construction management component that people could give. >> thank youpresident walton. i'm the interim director for public works . no, that is a different specialty between managing vertical .the construction managers who are handling architecture , libraries, civic
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buildings, unique floating fire stations. they have to have that experience with the development of buildings and all of the codes associated with the buildings and that sort of thing whereas the engineering side ofthe house deals with what we refer to as a horizontal infrastructure so roads, sewers . all the engineering that goes around catch basins for example or hydraulic engineers around how the water flows off the roadway's. the construction managers do have specialized fields within those two different types of infrastructuredevelopment . >> ihear your mentioning floating fire stations . were you advocating for a floating firestation in the south beach ? >> we could consider it given the funding we've been having. >> i justthought i heard that . i'm going to assume these are one positions but what if
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there's city engineer and director for infrastructure at one position . >> correct. >> chair: a couple of question . i didn't think about this while i was looking at the different charts but if there is an hr department in each different department, there's one for all. this will get into a bunch of my questions about vacancies and hiring then because we thought perhaps of the benefits of putting the apartments in half if they have their own dedicated hrdepartments which would make hiring easier and faster .>> thank you for that quick question. currently hr ishandled by city administrator's office . many years ago when the department of public works was put into the fold they consolidated some of the shared
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services including hr functions so the administrator's office provided hr functions for the 20+ departments and divisions within the city administrator in addition to department of technology and public works. we about how implementation of prop b would work and one of the things we thought was fundamental is if you put it under a commission structure we also want to make sure the department and full accountability to that departmentcommission. so if you all of a sudden had hr being provided for example through a different department , it would be very easy to say well, we can do the thing that you want us to do. we can't hold the standards you ask us to implement the things you want us to because this other organization isn't doing the hiring or prioritizing the hiring so as we come complemented this one of the recommendations we're putting forward his we will be transitioning hr functions into
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public works. i think the other thing to know is that in proposition b requires that when the sas department is formed they cannot have their own administrative services until two years later. so in any case you could not kind of create the department, october 1 which is the date after the transition date set for july 1. you can't expect them to have administrative services within their own department because proposition b doesn't allow that until two years later so what were doing is a phased-in approach where we are transitioning all of the administrative functions to public works and then when the two-year time lapses as a policy conversation for this body about howto then potentially do the next presentation . >> that's helpful butthen there is a benefit . because previously hr duties were split between dozens of departments. now there will be a separate hr department for these two
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departments . >> correct . >> that is good news. i don't know who the correct person isbut can i ask more questions about vacancies and positions ? it's my turn to answer the question. >> director short will appreciate this. working with the department to enforce the new street vendor legislation i've been in several meetings with pw staff and i have to say more now seems abit low . and that i know city administrator chiu started off saying the enthusiasm everyone has for their job and i would saythat's stressed atthe moment . that's what i've seen .
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and i've rarely been in meetings with the department where they are basically representatives are on the verge of tears because of being asked to take over yet another function whilebeing severely understaffed just feels like a setup for failure . i wanted to hear a little bit more about the number of vacancies in the different departments both pre-i guess now and what is planned for post october. and what, why? why so many vacancies, why so severely understaffed and how are we going to fix this? >> chair ronen, it's a good question with not aparticularly easy answer .
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i want to start with hiring. that's the number one priority of the department at the moment and we are making every effort working collaborative with the city administrator's staff to fill as many physicians as we can. one of the things we did is we were developing our own hr department as required under proposition b is we talked internally to city administrator hr staff as well asthe hr and other hr departments to figure out what that staffing level is . and our plan is twofold . as we hire the hirers within public works and the hr, we've been talking to them and asking for their assistance the administrator's office will focus on filling critical public works positions and as one decreases the other will increase . that's the plan going forward. we just did an employee engagement survey and we haven't seen the full results yet but vacancies andhiring are
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if not not the number one issue is going to be one or two we're acutely aware of it . what we're doing and why we're seeing so many vacancies is a couple of reasons. one is an speak for my team. the uncertainty has led people to leave. as part of our exit interviews we'veheard from staff i don't know where i'm going to work . i don't know what public works will look like. i want some certainty so on the administrative sidethat had an impact on our staffing levels . in addition to all the other items going on the great resignation, people reevaluating things in terms of what do they want out of their job and their career and in our exit interviews we're hearing that function so i think it's a challenge. the other reason is you highlighted on it earlier, a lot of the work we do is demanding and challenging and sometimes it's very hard to see all the work you've done to
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clean thestreets and then five, 10 , 15 minutes later it's as if you can'ttell you were there. we havesignificant vacancies . we areacutely aware of that . we're working on it . one of the items i bring up is that our efforts going on with the mayor's office, the controller's office to come up with some solutions to improve and expedite the hiringprocess . the civil service process is a lengthy arduous process by design to ensure there is no nepotism or anyother actions you don't want to have happen. you want afair and transparent process so it's a little bit by design . i do think there's one other item i would look at . wehad a previous hearing and our vacancy rate was about 30 percent . it's south of that now so we aregetting better what i want to reiterate something . a lot of our positionsare dictated on whether there's funding so we don't know that
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we would have funding for some of our work . that is always of what will make public works a little unusual. our vacancy rate will always one of be one of the higher vacancy rates in the city cousins alwaysdriven by funds sold by design wehave additional architects , landscape architects . engineers by design within our budget because one year when we're building $811 billion hospital we need architects who have experience with hospitals and the state regulatory hospital so we may have to staff up or we may have less work on theengineering side . we have more position count then we need very much by design. granted a 27 percent, 30 percent vacancy rate is toohigh but we're always going to be a little higher than other departments . iwant to make that point . and yes we are working actively on filling vacancies .
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i'm very excited and i look forward to the task of developing a new hr department and trying to fill the positions because as finance and administration we are the support function and filling positions and paying bills as a support functionthat helps the people doing the work . >> i understand the mayor's budget has to submit a budget that did not grow the budget. that you could move positions and money around within your budget but she asked you to submit the revenue neutralor a request neutral budget . do you have a sense of the staffing that you would need in order to properly keep the streets clean and enforce all of the laws you've been asked toenforce ? and if so, how does that compare compared tothe budget you submitted to the mayor ?
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>> i yield that question to the interim director. >> thank you, carly short, interim director. we did put together budget initiatives to try to address some of the challenges we have currently. and we could probably go up that slide. number nine maybe? the but basically this is similar to what i mentioned to you, supervisor ithink late last year when we were talking about this . we have a sidewalk cleaning initiative that would add 31 staff and it comes at a cost of about almost 10 million which i think was a number imentioned back then . the other enhanced sidewalk and
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street enforcement. that speaks to both the shared spaces program that has been incredibly successful in helping our small businesses be able to survive the pandemic but we have to ensure that those sites are safe and accessible for everyone and one of the challenges we've had is that was turned around very quickly and people were allowe to create the spaces that have been incredible . i love being able to sit outside and eat but we need to make sure everyone can have that access. and that they are safe for people . we have been severely understaffed to try to address those requests for inspection and those safety concerns and as you know the new illegal vending ordinance that's just past we're working hard to figure out how we're going to
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permit that so it's tied to a permit which is partly why that enforcement unit is a bfm unit but that's another new program that did not have any existing resourcesto address . that's why we selected that initiative as well . >> so slide 10 is the additional staffing need. so not what you presented in your budget to the mayor's office you what you would need in addition to what you presented in order to fulfill all theduties that we all want you to fulfill . >> that's right. i'll say as you yourself noted we go through and clean and i have said and i will say it againand again . i think we did a beautiful job. we do very well cleaning the streets of sanfrancisco and we do it over and over again . so as much as we want these additional resources to help us stay more on top of, street
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behavioris one of the fundamental challenges that makes it difficult for us to be successful . >> that gets to another question which is similar to supervisor safai's question. it is not intuitive from someone looking from the outside that you would put these enforcement duties in the sort of engineering permitting sites because the people out in the streets who know what's going on in the streets who see the violations every single day when they're clearing the streets you know, how do they communicate that so it's not all reliance on san francisco residents to do those complaint based onenforcement ? that's what i hope there's some internal communication between the two apartments so that we're not wasting that opportunity. i would imagine that the workers out in the streets,
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cleaning the streets no city that are than anyone and know exactly what's going on on every street corner andwhat violationsthere are , etc. . we have to have agood communication mechanism between the enforcementdepartment and those individuals there such an asset to us . >> i agree they are an asset . i would see the inspection division is also out on the streets every day. they're inspecting for sidewalk defects,inspecting for construction issues . they'reinspecting for blocking the sidewalk . and they are outall day in the streets as well . they go hand in hand with our permitting department because when someone gets a permit we need to inspect to make sure they are in compliance. that goes for all kinds of different permits including tables and chairs making sure they're not blocking the sidewalks.
3:51 pm
shared spaces, making sure we don't have barriers to access so there also out in the streets every day looking at things and in fact they're part of why it makes sense to keep the enforcement of illegal vending with that unitbecause they can look for other issues . blockagesof the sidewalk , access issues whilethey're out there checking . so they are not office staff. there is an inspection team within the sm that is out ther inspecting . they don't even have tocome to the office . they go straight to their city and their out in the streets but i agree we need to ensure we have strong communication between ouroperations team and what will now bepublic works team so it won't be internal . it will be a new department . that is one of the many 40 odd touch points that we've identified so we are going to do our best to make sure that is seamless. we routinely contact each other now even though they're in
3:52 pm
separate divisions. we expect we will routinely contact each other even after the split but it will be through a mou. >> one last question before we turn it over to our budget director ashley. is there anything that you can yet tell us because to me as budget chair the condition of our streets is one of our top priorities and it looks like and it rains absolutelytrue to me . we're assuming you are going to fill all the vacancies and have thoseexpert extra positions is what i'm assuming so we have a double burden there and a task before us . but has the mayor made a decision as to the priority for you and the mayor as well in terms of the upcoming budget that your present to us in a very short time?
3:53 pm
>> thank you for thequestion, ashley rothenberg or . obviously as the department presented there are many demands on this apartment department on excess of 20,000,008 additional fte as indicated in the slide. at this point the mayor is weighing those needs against theother needs coming up as part of that process . we know this is an area that there needs to be some focus. i think it will be difficult t fund at the level presented by the department but we are waiting for us and know that the priority we need to consider . >> hearing it from me it's a huge priority for me and for my constituents, absolutely. if it's okay with my colleagues i'll turn it overto supervisor mar first . >> thank you chair ronen. i appreciated all the questions
3:54 pm
that have already been asked and the responses i had a few other ones . just regarding the staff vacancies i did want to say that this weekend i happened to see a friend of mine who informed me she recently transferred to a job dpw from a different department and she seemed very happy about that that's positive news . i was happier to hear that her role is around contract administration. i know interim director sure, we've been in conversations about you small contracts related to sunset boulevard that we were hoping to see administered more quickly so hopefully that's going to help with that. i have a question or around contract administration and how this moving ahead with the
3:55 pm
restructuring will improve that for the department and also how much of the problem around slow contract administration is related to the staff vacancies. >> now that we have a new person to focus on grants we've done contract admin for the firsttime in a long time . i think thingswill get better . i think one of the changes that has impacted contract administration the city is some of the rule changes thathave happened over the past two years . there are new requirements and new checks and balances that have been implemented that have increased oversight to ensure no nefarious behaviors but as a result i think it's caused som slowdowns . taking items to the commissions
3:56 pm
both sanitation's and streets will have a further slowdown but because we are fully staffed we have a robust team and things are moving much faster and in fact i will tell you i had a meeting on those exact grant opportunities this morning at 9 am so those are moving forward . one other item i would want to highlight is we spent a lot of discussion in the prop b implementation around chapter 6 of the ready and that's construction authority public works will remain a chapter 6 department and it looks like we're planning to have acar out for sanitation and streets around tree establishment . that's one of the big issues as contract admin is providing services for both we want to make sure we remain efficient and got things done as fast as possible. we had a lot of discussions around how we can do thatand continue to do contracting and in an effective and compliant way would be as fast as
3:57 pm
possible . >>thank you for that and i had one other question . just an example from my district. i'm thinking of that helps me to understand how this venue spinoff of operations willwork and also the budgetary needs and staffing needs . these are alsorelated to sunset boulevard . the project to connect water to the irrigation system on sunset boulevard, that'ssomething we've been working on with dpw for a while now . and actually, which department would that project be under? >> that's a perfect example of a project that's going to be multi-departmental the lead on that would be public works because it's a construction contract and there's engineering work involved but
3:58 pm
the bureau of urban forestry and operations will be involved on ensuring that happens with theunderstanding that the reason for that is to help provide irrigation and additional water for vegetation and the trees in that area . that's a perfect example ofa project that will be done collaboratively between sanitation and streets and public works but the contract will be held by public works . >> i thinkthat sounds good too because i think it seems like we're pretty close . there's some agreement that ha to be worked out with the you see on that so it sounds good to me it will stay in public works . we can get through that important next to .>> i want to commend the puc. a lot of those meetingshappened and they were collaborative partners on a lot of that . >> supervisor safai. >> it might have been helpful. we had a hold hearing on this
3:59 pm
vacancy in hiring. it might have been helpful to have that slide deck that you provided. i don't know if you brought but i want to share this with the chair. one of the telling slides that they had was budgeted full-time positions. as a reference there's a historical vacancy rate since 2018 prior to covid in the department almost at 30 percent and if you slip to the next couple slides it talks about some of the positions and what motivated the conversation was the 70 laborer positions which are related to the cleanliness of the streets, conditions of the streets and so on. we have generated and are engaging with the leadership of public works, hr and organized labor to come up with some creative solutions. one potentially being a direct
4:00 pm
hiring agreements as needed in temporary positions so we're going tocontinue that conversation . i wanted to say that on the record. we are working diligently with the team gettingfeedback on that . the thing that i guess i would be a little bit reluctant about and i want to hear what the mayors director has to say about this. this is i want to add up the potential on slide 10 98 positions . almost 80 of them i think would fall under general labor if you're looking at efficient and systematic sidewalk cleaning, enhanced cleaning. i think that would be general laborers and then graffiti work again would be other laborers . i know there's a lot of budgeted unfilled positions so whati'm trying to hear from either the director , interim
4:01 pm
director for public works or budget director is why are we using some of the positions that are budgeted and unfilled to focus on this additional work rather than being at it from the perspectivethat we need to then add additional funding to potentially receive this ? >> my hope had been when we talked about the vacant positions. i know when we look at the previous slide deck when you look at the potentially over 500, 600 positions as of december 2021 i know some of those are related to contracts but i think 300 were not related to contracts. i'm curious why we can't use some of those budgeted and unfilled positions to do some additional work to supervisor ronen's question about street cleaning . >> thank you interim director. there are acouple of things . one is we are striving always
4:02 pm
even before prop b and the split to improve our efficiencies for our ability to clean the streets and do the best job we can with that. the additional resources would help us be more proactive and right now we are not entirely reactive but we are quite reactive with a small amount of proactive projects. i think the other thing though is we have some positions that may be in the budget but they're not necessarily funded positions. so i think it's important to recognize that. we have positions that are based on even general labor positions that might be project based or rely on funding from another city agency and if we don't get that level of funding we don't sell thosepositions . i think the other thing that's important to recognize these
4:03 pm
even if we were to fill every position in the department, we do have vacancy rate particularly right now that's pretty high due to any number of things but particularly lots of people have had to take time off during the pandemic to care for their children orsomebody got sick or they themselves were sick . whatwe know is even if we were fully staffed , we probably wouldn't be able to achieve everything that is really described in the ordinance which is a much more proactive sidewalk and street cleaning than what we arecurrently providing . >> i'm just going back to your slide deck that you presented to us. this is vacantbudgeted full-time positions . >> that means there in the budget, it doesn't mean theyare funded in the budget. they can be in the budget and listed as interdepartmental
4:04 pm
funds and we rely on that department to give us the funds . >> i understand. but when we had thehearing we were very specific about how many positions were funded and unfilled and it was in the hundreds . i guess i put it back to the mayor's budget director. you made the affirmative is committed to filling positions. there's an increase over the next two years and iknow that might impact some of those budgeted positions . there is still hundreds of unfilled budgeted positions that can help dosome of this work that we're talking about today . do you have a clear idea of how many budgeted unfilled positions are in public works budget currently? i mean, you might not have that offthe top of your head . >> i do not know. >> my understanding from our
4:05 pm
hearing was that you had hundreds of funded, unfilled positions. the only point i'm trying toóis you have hundreds of unfilled budgeted positions and you've identified other initiatives in public works use additional staff. my perspective would be you have funded unfilled positions. use some of those positions first to meet someof these goals . >> i would say and i think the department can comment on their operations . the mayor was clear she wanted departments to fill vacancies but i think the department is saying they need those to do theircore functions and anything above and beyond that would be needed to do the things they listed . >> i understand. i would say again referring back to the sheet since2018
4:06 pm
there's been a 30 percent vacancy historically in public works . >> i would also echo what misterrobertson said that some of those vacancies are project-based funds . there vacancy rate looks artificially high. >> we talked about in the hearing and it comes down to about 20 percent so it's still a significant vacancy rate for one of the mostimportant departments as it relates to street cleaning . >> hi, jada durden. i know the vacancies, that would be 43 and it helped fill every position i need for general labor. there's 40 positions today, it would be a wonderful day . >> yes it would. >> but actually we have a 25 percent absenteeismrate every day. this is not weekly,monthly . >> that is not unique to public
4:07 pm
works , we understand that. >> even if i filled every position it would not fulfill the need. we have to have gap analysis done to deal withthis . >> i don't disagree. the mayor is in the process of putting forward orbudget . we are going to review that budget. we have collectively said street cleanliness is a priority. it's part of the reason why when we talk out on the street months agoand you said at the time we have 70 , we've gotten that number down to 43 so that's good and we're going to keep working on that but a lot of these priorities other than enhanced street enforcement which i think are public-service aids and that's related to this new initiative that we collectively supported which was the sidewalk vending. other than that a lot of it is related to street cleaning . enhanced, graffiti.all i'm
4:08 pm
trying toóis you haveunfilled positions . let's get those filled. let's have the mayor make a determination on what she is committed to doing and we will have a better understanding of what gaps we can help fill. is that fair? >> absolutely. >> we are trying to help. i want you to help. we're not trying to take anything away. >> i wanted to wrap it up for you and help you understand the 25 percent absenteeism rate is an effect on the everyday. we need help, we need more people and i want to keep the streets clean. if you help us help you will get the city clean. >> one thing i don't understand you keep saying is some of thesepositions are project based . what does that mean? >> i think director
4:09 pm
roffenberger. >> we call those id funded. those are primarily engineer and architects, people that work on capital projects. generally speaking not entirely there are some but there are id funded positions that you clean the streets that if that funding doesn't materialize we cannot fill thosepositions . >> can you give me an example of those. i'm more interested on the street cleaning side . it makes sense for the engineering side. >> an example like the library that has the cleaning of their own areas. we don't get thatfunding , that particular group. >> so as interdepartmental as well where the departments want
4:10 pm
extra currently. >> within the city. >> so they transferred funds to dpw to do extra cleaning. >> because it's their responsibility so they sent us funding to do it. >> and of the, so. >> don't start off the project for three years so say typicallyafter three years it will go away . >> that's helpful. >> if i can bring up one other example that is not on the radar but has been limited. the other sources from the state gas tax forms, we get a fair amount of gas tax funds that we use for street cleaning and should there be a gas tax holiday or reduction in the gas tax for the state level that potentially could have an impact as well so that is something we're working with the mayor's office and controllers office closely to monitor so i wanted to put that
4:11 pm
out there as well. that could have a significant effect. >> it looks like there's no more questions. then we can open this up for public comment. >> members of the public who wish to speak and are joining us in person, for those listening remotely call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is 2492 607 168 . then press pound twice. onceconnected you'll need to pressáthree . for those already in the queue continue to wait until the line indicated's you have been unmuted. seeing no in person speakers. can you please unmute the caller. >> good afternoon, david pilpel. >> two minutes. >> thank you.
4:12 pm
david pilpel. i opposed position 23, i thought that was a bad idea at the time and i still do. nevertheless this needs to be made to work. rachel alonso is i believe a proud graduate of the city's all fellows program which we don't hear enough about i don't know if it's still in existence but she's a great person. reference was made to the new dpw commission for terry but i've not heard the name idon't know who that person is. if that could be dated publicly that would be great . fixed cost and time are involved in this department split as you heard without new resources for services for the public. new commissions allow more oversight but may slow down approvals for projects and such and have more contract issues those commissions just as the board recently enacted the payments legislation all that is going to have a bearing on contracts subject to approval
4:13 pm
of the two new commissions. let's also be clear the charter refuse to a commission secretary in many instances and not the commission affairs manager. thatseems to be more of a term of art as per section 10.104 subsection 6 excludes from civil service all nonuniform deputy heads of departments . i believe that's a good reason to have just a single deputy director of the sas department if the four operating managers were updated to deputy directors then they would be permanent exempt and not permanent civil servants so this protects the civil service of those incumbents. there are opportunities that i see here to collaborate with other city departments to reduce duplication overall and it would be nice to hear more about that in the future and i look forward to reversing this split really dpw or public
4:14 pm
works with one part with all the resources it needsbut i appreciate all the staff work that's gone into it . >> thank you david pilpel for your comments and just verifying. madam chair we have no more comments. >> public comment is closed. staff is texting me to ask how to deal with our conversations over cleanliness in the mission and pick up of the regular street cans. do they contract with the city or with dpw allow us to procure and demand frequency for trash cans ?
4:15 pm
>> supervisor ronen, i don't have that answer at my fingertips. it's a nuanced answer and i want to provide accurate information. there are some provisions that i want to make surei'm specific . if i can provide that in the hearing if that's possible. >> chair: my colleague is asking me to reiterate the question . i'llgive you an example . on mission street and around certain parts there are some trash cans that only half full or empty and some are constantly overflowing so we asked ecology to do a more regular servicing of those trash cans that are regularly overflowing. we have not received positive response. the question is and what i'm wondering is our agreement and contract with the city, can we
4:16 pm
require that they be given frequent servicing of trash cans that are regularly overflowing? >> i apologize, i'm not going togive you the answer if you want . if you put it on the a day or two i would give you are more robust answer off-line but now that i have a little more context i can certainly provide that. >> with that i hope we can impress upon ms. brandenberger and the mayor that this is a priority for the committee that the conditions of the streets are notacceptable . it's not, there's no blame on the dpw at all but on the contrary there's not enough staff. i genuinely believe that. and interim director short said there are many factors that influence that fact. so i really don't want any of
4:17 pm
the phenomenal workers to take that on themselves. keep doing your amazing work. but we've got to as a city do more to make a visible impact on the streets and one way to do that is by increasing the frequency and number and basically the dream slide, slide 10 as much as possible. i'd love to see that, those staff additions made a reality. so with that supervisor safai, do you have closing remarks? >> i do. thank you for putting this hearing on today. this is a continuation of the hearing that we had . i do want to say that i think this shows and in my opinion contrary to what some people believe it shows why i think eight canhave an impact .
4:18 pm
i think having a separate hr department that has had a historic vacancy rate of almost 30 percentcontracted or non-contracted is a problem that needs to be acted upon . the commission will shed more light on that and we had a conversation about transparency and hopefully we will shed some light on that. having an hr department that is focused on filling positions for its department is a very good thing and i've worked with many of you knowing that there are specific positions we were trying to get filled that would serve our districts and hearing that it has to go through. that's something else the mayor's office is working on not necessarily being the ones signing off on every single approval for positions. that's one stop and itgoes to city hr and it goes to city administrators and it comes back to the department . that is in and of itself a tremendousbureaucracy .
4:19 pm
i think the mayor's office is going to have a streamlined process for those positions that i think will help. having hr team that's focused exclusively on filling these positions . the other thing we're getting into and this is what we're working on with hr and the department is very similar to what we did within nursing it's basically today we had our first covid case that it's a nine-year process to hire nurses and somehow we had to find a way with hr's help and the public health department of health we shrunk that down to three months. so the goal at least what i'm trying to is take lessons beyond that and apply it to this situation because it does get reflected in the amount of calls we get and the conditions of the street and the workyou
4:20 pm
all are doing .what did you say supervisor ronen? the overall morality departmen . people feel down when they're constantly feeling like their work is not being valued or that their work is constantly being undone consistently. and you're trying to put a band-aid on a dam breaking. i am 100 percent committed, i know some of my colleagues are feel frustrated about the whole prop be split but we're heading down this path and we're going to get to a place but the time to hire is also a very important conversation. and then finally the number of positions that need to be filled andincreasing the staff . if i could we would consistently be increasing stafffor street cleanliness . there are some big cities that have almost a 24 hour team working. we don't have the capacity to
4:21 pm
do that but we have the volume of trash. 24 hour on the scale. there is 24 hours but is not 24 hours in the neighborhood sports not 24 hours. it's 24 hours where you all the you have the consistent need. and maybe more of the downtown core but i can tell you i know supervisor ronen and walton, there's something in the amount of trash. it is just as debilitating as it is for the downtown core it or cannotunderstand why . you need to do that in the volume of people that are there so i'm committed to helping. i appreciate this conversation that i think we're headed down the right path but i would like to see what the mayor proposes in terms of positions that are going to be filled that are already funded and we can see
4:22 pm
what weadd on to that. thank you . >> thank you everybody for coming and presenting. first let me make a quick motion to excuse supervisor chan if we can take a roll call on that motion. >>. [roll call vote]. >> we have four eyes. >> i like to make a motion to file this hearing. >> on the motion to file this hearing . [roll call vote]
4:23 pm
>> are there any other items on the agenda? >> that concludes our business. >> the meeting is adjourned..
4:24 pm
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique
4:25 pm
and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming
4:26 pm
you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's this is the third event we've done this year and the other two, the bristol and the abigail are some of the best in the country.
4:27 pm
and at a time when people all around the country are complaining about homelessness and saying what are the solutions. we're acquiring permanent supportive housing and that's the only answer because people need housing, they need a roof over their heads and this particular project as i said earlier, tenants from the baldwin hotel will be moving here and they've been in very tiny rooms on 6th street with no private baths.' this is the first hotel ever acquired by the city that has not only ari