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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  May 8, 2022 11:05am-12:00pm PDT

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upon. thank you very much. good morning i call the san francisco department of disability and aging meeting to order i'm martha knutzen. issued by the governor to facilitate teleconferences to reduce the transition of covid-19. the brown act sets strict rowels for teleconference the governor allow use of teleconference for public meetings during a state of emergency provided commissions make certain upon findings. to comply, items 5 and 6 on the agenda is the request to
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consider whether continued use. teleconference will minimize health risk and whether the commission will use it in i manner that allows public participation and transparency. noted on the agenda, members of the public may bench this on sfgovtv. org and offer public comment. expect delays during the meeting to e eliminate interference mute themselves. jot san francisco commission acknowledges we're on the unseed
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home land of the ramaytush ohlone who are the original inhabitants of san francisco the stewards of the land and in accordance with traditions they have never seed, lost nor forgoaten their responsibilities as care takers of this place. we recognize we benefit from live and working on this home land. we acknowledge the ancestors and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community. secretary, can you take the role. >> thank you. president knutzen, >> upon prohibit. >> vice president janet spears. >> present. >> commissioner bittner. >> present. >> commissioner carrington?
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>> nelson lum? >> not present. >> commissioner sklar. excused and kelly deerman. >> we have a quorum. we like to provide instructions for the comment process, public comment available on the agenda and during public commentful channel 78 restraining the numbers cross the screenful each speaker allowed 3 minutes to speak. commenters available i have phone call. during the period viewers and callers instructed to can 415-655-0001, code 24857469083 pound and pound again.
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when connecture hear discussions but muted and in listening mode only. when your item come up dial star 3. best practice is to call from a private location. speak clearly and turn down your television and ro. >> you will be informed when you have 30 seconds left. after 30 sects you will be placed back to listening mode. public comment submitted to myself. ravi. durbeej tell be forwarded to the commissioner and include as the docket. are there communications from the members? we can move to the next item y. commissioners your next is agenda item 4.
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approving the minutes of wednesday april 5, received in your docket you had a chance to review. are there questions from the commission regarding the wednesday april 6 meetings. i will note they were amended by commissioner john amendments were incorporated in the minutes minutes. and noticed. so issue there other comments or additions by commissioners. moderator do we have callers in the queue. >> mr. secretary, there are no
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callers in the queue. >> thank you. that concludes the members that wish to address the commission under this item. >> is there a motion to approve the commission meeting minutes? commissioner john. second from spears. >> mr. secretary take a vote to approve the wednesday, april 5, meeting minutes. >> president knutzen? >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner sascha bittner. >> yes. >> and commissioner jung. >> yes. >> unanimous. commissioners your item i'm is 5 the residence lougsz to hold in person meetings with some members remote. are there comments or questions from the commission regarding this resolution?are there comme
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from the commission regarding remote. are there comments or questions from the commission regarding this resolution? do we have anyone from the public who wants comment. why anyone in the public who wishing to comment today? open the phone lines for public comment. we will allow time for callers to submit their request. do we have callers in the queue. >> mr. secretary, there are no callers in the queue. >> hearing no further requests. is there a motion to approve 5 a resolution to hold in person meetings with members possible low appearing remotely vment >> i move. >> great. second by vice president spears. president knutzen? >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes.
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>> commissioner bittner? >> yes, yes, yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote. >> thank you very much. your next is agenda item 6 an authorization to allow third party (ers not city employees to attends meetings virtually pending california code change or mayoral supplement to the emergency proclamation. there are questions from the commission regarding this resolution? >> no. >> do we have public comment? >> anyone in the public that wishes to comment this morning? moderator. open the phone lines for dment. allow time for callers to submit their request. dom we have callers in the kwou >> there are no callers not guilty queue. >> thank you. >> hearing no requests to speak
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is there a motion to approve agenda 6 an authorization to allow third party presenters not city employees to attend meetings virtual pending a california change to the emergency proclamation. i will move. >> thank you bittner. second from jung. have a role call? >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears? >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes, yes, yes. why commissioner jung? >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote. >> great. thank you very much. commissioners item 7 the executive director's report. welcome executive director deerman. >> thank you knutzen and vice president spears i appreciate this opportunity to give you a few updates. in terms of the federal updateses, we now know the u.s.
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aging which is former low in budget priorities for 20 twoochlt to promote success of healthy aging in the community supporting the community based options that make it possible for older adult tologist age well at home and the community and care givers get help and communities better equiped support an aging nation. this is -- the more issues are sppth family care givers. social ice lalgz. looking at transportation options. evidence based prevention and elder justice. >> second is connecting health care and aging sectors to improve care and reduce costs. by recognizing and connecting the role that aaa's play in the health and bridge the gap with the acute care and long-term
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services and support systems to reduce health care costs. this looks like new care modelings that must build on not surplant or exploit the systems in the aging network. medicare and addressing health through benefit and medicare advantage preserving and expanding care options and traditional medicare and nonbylawsed selection and beneficiary education is essential. looking at the state health insurance assistance programs and telehealth. lastly, a prior is to strengthen systems to support an aging america creating path ways to successful aging for everyone by sppth the w force, technology. disaster and other infrastructure needs that our demographics demand. >> on the state level we look at the master plan for aging and
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the impact committee the implementing the master plan for california together. recommends this the year 2 implementization focus on 2 calling for a stronger and engaging from the governor promoting support are fithe plan among the public. >> c4a purke forward for stable funding for ad rc. which are age and disability resource centers that was a bunch of acronyms. the governor's may revise is around the corny. we think tell be released next week and c4a is working with legislateors advocating for upon support of funning. also, we are working with the state association to learn
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knowow aaa's connect with cal aim. on the local level. many of you heard that laguna honda unfortunately lost their sttsz with cms to anticipate in the medicaid and medicare programs. however they have not lost their license to operate as a nursing frasillity and currently are receiving reimbursement for residents. >> just to clear up a bill certification is about payment. laguna honda has to are cert foiled get payment. licensure allows skilled service. if people want to pay private low they receive service. if someone like the city wants to pick up the tamping licensure allows them to stay open for business they will not get paid by medicare and medical. >> so das is in contact with
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laguna honested on. 114 laguna residents under the office of the public guardian and upon we are monitoring the care of the individuals. the long-term care opbuds man is work to have a part at the facility to talk with residents experience distress as a result and respond to complaints. >> d ph is assuring stake holders that laguna honestlieda will not close. the place to the operations they must because. they are working to achieve recertification with cms. laguna pavements they'll be able to participate in the medicare and medicaid programs while they work toward recertification. >> in terms of cal aim we are conversations with d ph and otheros trying to connect more with the health plans regarding cal aim.
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>> in addition to some aa arc services that we think fit in cal aim, we also support intensive case management we think is similar to their enhanced case management. for the face start nothing january venting constitutional care. may first, the expansion of medical and cal fresh people over 50, this expansion includes access to ihss individuals with functional needs we are discussing ways das may get the messaging out to the populations. may is older american's month. safety date of may 26, 10:30 to 12, a brief history of the older american's act. presentation on select cbo's how they pivoted programs during the pandemic and reframing aging a presentliation on the project.
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that's all i have. >> thank you. are there questions from the commissioners? thank you. for the update on well guna honda. agenda 8. >> item 8 is the employee recognition. executive sdreshth deerman. president knutzen honor lisa mccarthy an associate worker at das. >> congratulations to lisa mccarthy. lisa has been i social worker since 2006 and an amazing person and social worker. she displayed a dedication to her 300 case load. approaching all of her clients with compassion issue patience
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and respect. she is a gift with fostering and neurouring relationships with clients and colleagues and advocate and voice to empower those who cannot advocate for themselves. lisa is an invaluable asset to the program the department and to all of the clients that have the pleasure of thinking her. she is well known for going above and beyond lending a hand with case and answering ihss inquiries to those who call her. why however when lisa receives recognition, she will view it as a normal day's work. because of this and more lisa is the definition of a social worker we're proud of her and congratulate her being the may's employee of the month. lisa is joining us virtually.
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we appreciate as a commission the work you do. i think an unsung heroin this is critical to people that matter. thank you for your work and i'm pleased you are getting recognized today. did you want to make comments? >> yes, please. >> suburban. >> i first of allment to thank the commission for this honor and the executive director kelly deerman. i'm nervous. when i was first hired for ihss hi not been a social worker for 8 years i was getting back in my career. and -- it was a little rocky but i was able to do it. it has been my desire to help people and that is what i want to do in life. i get to do this in my job every
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day. i hope i'm making a difference doing hai'm doing and trying to make a difference a person at a time. it is exciting to have a job where i get to learn something new all the time and i really enjoyed that. the clientses i meet are very interesting they have such arc mazing life stories, it is incredible the people i meet. >> and it also being ihss has begin me the zest to number social care and help people. >> but can't talk about my position watt bring up the people i work with and crucial and important they are to my decisions and my job. >> and if they make it fun and enjoyable to begin work. they make me want to come to work every day. photocopy not for the clerks. the admins, qa, there are many
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appeal that play a part in what i every day and help me do my job and help clines. we all work together that was the amazing thing during the pandemic i saw everybody working hard and doing things to help clines. and i have to bring up the supervisors i had. each taught me something different and played a major part of my life and career. it is -- to work at the city and with the people i worked watch i would like to sing will out a person. if noted for this pinch would not be here today. westlan my prierz for several
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years. i admire him as a social worker, supervisor and as a person. he is always well to support me [inaudible] hoe is the first one this will do what needs to be doneful hoe puts the clients first. he is an arc mazing example and is hard to -- be a would like to be [inaudible]. and i also -- [inaudible] and it is very [inaudible] unusual to be recognized [inaudible] i great low appreciate it. so again i want to thank you [inaudible] for this honor. >> thank you, lisa. and thank you for your
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articulate presentation of what you do. it always is a high point of our meeting to meet employees and distinguished ones. and thank you for everything you do. so -- thank you very much. >> i wanted to note we have been joined by commissioner lum we have that in our quorum. then. i think we are red for item 9. >> commissioners item 9 is the council report presented by the council president diane lawrence. >> and i will note that mrs. lawrence is on a vacation she informed us last mont. she has submitted her report that was part of our docket. do we if we have questions for her we can present them now and conveniently enough our secretary is the secretary to the advisory committee. so. ravi can take those questions back if we have any.
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that was for item 10 which is the joint legislative report. was there anything we wanted to convey back at this point? okay. nothing. >> just may be tell her thank you very much for the report. and she did and appreciated be kept updated. >> we will move on to item 11. commissioners item 11 the case report presented by daniel gallagher. he is right here. >> okay. >> good morning, commissioners. >> good morning. nice to see everybody in person. i will be brief. in my report -- case programming in may chip, of the hid and aging committee and steering
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committee from zero consortium will be making a presentation focused on informed care. with the hope to engage outside organizations of case to understand the mental health landscape for older adults. service gap and data regarding community input around the need or advocating for funding and building the community partnership this is is a relevant presentation. in may we are looking forward to temperature we all know that the increased need for mental health services for adult catharsis disabled and those who are isolated. with the pandemic. we are looking forward to the program by chip. um -- with the das and case
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collaboration, we are working with mike for a possible web nar that we are discussing now. in san francisco nonprofits in san francisco. i know mike is planning to attends the case reopening discussion group we have. it is case supports the keep us connect campaign for 3.5 million dollars a year for the next 2. i believe we have the information on that already. and leftly, the service prosecute viedz are working group next meeting is may 25 with the refund coalition meeting on that same day.
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that concludes our report. >> thank you for committing your report. any questions from the commission? gentlemen 12 is opinion comment an opportunity to address the commission on matters not on today's calendar. are there members that would like to address the commission today? open the lines for public comment. we'll allow time to submit requests. >> do we have callers in the queue. >> there are no callers in the
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queue. >> thank you. commissioners your next is item 13. old business. commissioners indicate by raising your hand if had is old business you would like to discuss? seeing no old publishes i will hand it over to president knutzen. >> i apologize not getting close enough to the mic web ex is frustrated hopefully this will be better. >> okay. >> item 14 new business. the first item sell -- informational only. item 14b and k require a vote by the commission. first item is 14a. presentation of the community living funds 6 mont report andanual report and fannie, will be presenting this and welcome
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y. thank you. good morning. good morning. commissioners and executive director. i think we have to dot same thing. okay. sorry. with the mask -- great p. so upon i'm fannie program manager for the office of communities partnerships i'm here to present today the community living fund. 6 mont report had is covering july through december 2021. the annual plan for 22-23. the community living funds was create in the 2006 through a san francisco ordinance to create aging in accomplice and alternatives for people withhold require care within an institution. a section in the san francisco code requires that we report cls level of services and costs
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every 6 months with an annual plan for the implementation of the program. my report is fulfilling this >> reporter: y. home and community based service. coordinated case management and participation service. the institute on aging is currently our contracted provider for the services. the program serves san francisco adult residents with income up to 300% of the federal poverty level. must be willing to live in the community with supports and a node for service or resource. that will enable them to live in the community safely and prevent institutionalization. the full program elsdwriblt is available in the plan in the appendix a. where target population individuals ready for discharge
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from laguna hospital, zukerberg general and other skilled nursing facilities or individuals who are at risk of institution at placement and able to remain in the community with wrap around service. the community living program includes the pg housing fund that provides housing subcylinder and he assistance to individuals comfortabled boy a public guard yen and meet the criteria. the fund provides housing support through brilliant corners our community partner. that admin sters rental subsidies and scattered housing units throughout san francisco. i will be highlighting a few notable information from the 2 reports. in the 6 mont report july-december of 21.
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received 80 new referels. 59% were eligible and those who were eligible were approved and received service. clf serves 282 participates. during this period with 70% receiving intensive case management and purchase of equipment and service through ioa. and 101 of these receives rental subcylinder frebrilliant corners. trends and ethnic profile continues to be consistent with prior periods. referrals for white individuals the largest at 35%. black and african-american, 21%. latin 11% and asian 19%. . also during this reporting period they support the das
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public guardian office through the pg house will funds subsit and he assistance to 6 participates. the most common self reported service need also remain upon consistent with prior periods the highest would be case management at 62% and in home support is 57% and we have housing related services at 47%, for program cost, this reporting period shows a decrease in program costs in all categories. come paired prior period. if we exclude the cost for home care and rental subcylinderys which are the highest the average montly would be who sufficiented i purchase would be $82 per mont. with mobile home care costs that
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average is 2, 295 per month. as of april 22 the wait list is 2 waiting. on average these individuals witting for 14 days. 80% are waiting for intense itch case management the rest for purchase of goods or service only. wait list is shorter than previously and the wait time is shorter than before. and then for the second report the annual plan for next fitsical year july 22 through june 23 they will continue the integrated housing model to facilitate the care being coordination and transition of individuals from laguna or other san francisco [inaudible] to scattered housing in the community. again, skaerted site housing is
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in rental subsidy administration is a collaboration with brill iant corners the program hosts a montly developary team meeting. das, brilliant corny and ioa and laguna to discuss the needs of client for successful discharge into the community. why they support the animal bonding service for isolated lbgtq plus and adults with abilities through project paws. for many petses are family members and individuals often delay or forgo tlo needs to meet their pet's needs. clf helps increase the capacity of paws to assist low next frail individual who is meet the
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eligibility by funding goods and service such as pet food, supplies and vet services. >> and the next fiscal year clf will at any time rapid transification's team. a fast track project for individuals placed in shelter in place or hotel cites throughout the city. team was wormed the pandemic and will continue to support participates stablization and coordination of care until they are no longer needed. >> and finally during the fiscal year clf reestablished the equalization of the california community transition. to allow supplemental funding and expand clf's amount to support a large are number of participates in the community.
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>> io arc clan ritting with california department of health care services to support ccp enroll am of medical beneficiaries that can transition from facilities to community settings. since then we had 4 participates submitted applications for cct. and going in the next fiscal year we expect to see an increase in the number of participates enrolling. at this time, i would be happy to answer questions. >> great. thank you very much for both reports we recognizing the fact there was an annual report in addition to the usual report we get. any comments or questions from commissioners? commissioner jung. >> thank you for an excellent
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report of the i have a comment in reviewing the systemic trendses i was pleased to see there is improve ams to out reach. to access. you know we talked about that [inaudible] how to improve out reach. in all of the [inaudible] with the so forth and i was pleased to see that there is a good partnership forms and -- our more out reach efforts made. thank you. >> please. >> go ahead. why i may have miss third degree. you med a point to say that the costs have gone down over time. and could you comment fourth on i may have miss today. how the costs are going down
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over. >> the reporting period was which is july through december 21, the cost participates have decreased compared to previous periods that would be a reflective of the lower number of participates we enreasonable doubt during that period p. because of the pandemic. there has been a decrease in enrollment and referrals as well. those are somehow related in the costs have decreased. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. i was going to mention the fact we appreciate the increased out reach. it is great. thank you very much and again we -- this was informational. thank you. >> thank you. i'm sorry.
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we need to have public comment. sorry. >> are there members of public this would like to comment on the community living fund report and annual plan in moderator, open the lines for public comment on the community living fund and annual plan. we allow time for callers to submit requests. do we have callers in the queue? mr. secretary, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> great now, thank you. >> we will close public comment. commissioners item 14b and k are action item this is require a vote. and our first is item 14b the rerowel and approval of the dignity funds community need's assessment and melissa is present thanksgiving and joining us virtually from web ex.
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welcome. >> hi, thank you. good morning president knutzen and commissioners and director dearman i, pol yoiz for being remote i'm the program manager with office of partnerships i'm here to request prove for the need's assessment as a follow up to the moting on april 6. legislation out lined a planning process begone in fiscal 18 and repeats every fourth fiscal year. this is the second need's assessment representing the planning process. findings if this assess am will affirm the development of the service and allocation plan over the fiscal year to assist the department in funding program priorities for the next 4 year cycle. priorities will begin with fiscal 23-24.
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>> commissioners received the complete assess am and the executive summary. key findings and recommendations are out lines in the executive sum row and in detail in the report. >> the report has been distributed throughout the community and posted on the hsa website. the fund oversight committee discussed the report following a presentation by the consultants, rda at the march twoon 21st meeting the meeting was organism to the public. i public hearing with the aging service commission and the oversight and advisory committee meeting on april 6 included a presentation by rda. comments and questions and answers and public comment. for your information need's assess am the be present today board supervisor budget and
11:53 am
finance on june 15th followed boy a resolution by the board accepting it. thank you and are there questions? >> any questions. thank you, mrs. mc gee if represents a great deal of work we want to thank you. and also do acknowledge the fact there has been extensive review of this chancellor comments and chance for commission input and the dignity board also had a chance to have a significant can input. so are there additional comments by the commissioners. at this time. on it. >> um. then. do we have anybody from the public that would like to comment on the review and approval of the dignity fund community need's assessment? call for public comment. are there members that would like to comment on the need's
11:54 am
assessment? moderator. open the line for public comment on the review of the need's assessment. we will close public comment. is there a motion to approve item b. i move. >> great. >> commissioner bittner will move. and second from commissioner jung. mr. secretary, take a roll call vote. president knutzen? >> yes. >> vice president spears? >> yes. >> commissioner bittner? >> yes. >> commissioner jung? >> yes. >> commissioner lum? >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote. >> great.
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thank you very much and we will i think our next step is taking it to the board of supervisors. will be thank you for the executive director for presenting that and i'm sure you will lets know how it all turns out. >> thank you. >> the next order is agenda item c and requires a vote by the commission. requesting authorization to enter in a mule grant with curry senior center for lbgt plus mental health and technology support during may have first are, 22 through june 30, 24 in the amount of 1, 300, 000 for not to compete 1, 430, 000. welcome. >> go morning i'm mike zog the program director of -- i want to make sure are you heard on web
11:56 am
ex? >> yes. >> there you go. hearing room 16 >> all right. anyway -- i will stand back i'm excite body this next item. which is the launch of a new program. with das and our community part ins this is the lbgtq mental health connection and technology support program. i want to reference the lbgtq older adult survey. i wanted to bring this to your attention. during thepable demmic, we in community members leave this -- survey of the community to measure the impact of the pan dem and i can shelter in place. requirements on the communities and old are adults in the
11:57 am
community. the results in that report are clear. it is the impacts were there and severe. i think that report is a wonderful thing to reference. i put a couple of the big head lines in this report t. is indepth. exit want to acthanking report as snag raises awareness about issues city wide and brings attention to issues and can get things moving toward new programs like this. that are attempts to address issues in the community. i want to acknowledge folks that were key. this was doctor marries addleman. from open house as well and others i forgochlt i wanted give them props. and acknowledge
11:58 am
they did this in the spring of 2021 during the pandemic. a busy time and able to engage with the community and bring back this relevant information. the packet today i think we boiled down the program. in contractual jargon and deliverables. but i want to say that it was one that was built and had been the program design had been worked on for much of 2021 in the community. our lead here killer worked in collaboration with others. and with the use of a project manager to seek input and guidance to think about what the needs are. and how to design the program that will go out and try to get at the needs. the need and the focus of the design when it started was
11:59 am
looking at mental health services and barriers as well as building a capacity and resource in the community so there are more places for people to go to access the service. quickly along the way i don't know -- realized the importance of technology and telehealth service as a way to reduce barriers for accessing serves and build up that capacity of providers in the area who can provide those services to clients accessing the service. -- i think there are to sum up my pitch on hathis program looks like there are arc legality of moving parts the 2 components the mental health connections where our lead curry will go out and recruit in professionals to
12:00 pm
provide services in both group and individual. and providers to help ensure retention and sustain ability of providers providing the services and will develop training modules to help increase competenceys of provide ands working with the lbgt community and building this capacity and resources. they will also -- develop an on mine and out reach program to bring in clients with the referral data base system to link clients betweenent row of the service with providers and able to track and ensure that connection has happened. >> other big branch of this the ch