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tv   BOS Land Use and Transportation Committee  SFGTV  May 9, 2022 8:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to the may 9th, 2022 meeting, i'm supervisor melgar, and joined by supervisor preston and supervisor peskin. madam clerk, do you have announcements? >> board of supervisors and committees are allowing hybrid meetings, still providing remote access and public comment via telephone. equitable public access is available and taking public comment as follows. first on each item on this agenda. those attending in person will be allowed to speak first and then those waiting on the public
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telephone line. for those watching either channel 26, 78 or 99, sfgovtv the number scrolling across the screen, 1-415-655-0001, 1-415-655-0001, and then you will be asked to enter meeting i.d., 24994346184. then press pound and pound again. when connected you will hear the meeting discussion but will be muted and listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up and public comment is called, those in person should line up to speak near the curtains and the telephone line star 3 to be added to the speaker line. if you are on your telephone, please remember to turn down your television and all listening devices. as indicated, we will be taking public comment for those attending first and then telephone.
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alternatively you may submit comment in writing, email myself at erica.major at email, forwarded to the supervisors and also made part of the official file. you may also send your written comments via u.s. postal service to our office at city hall, finally, items acted on today are expected to appear on the board of supervisors agenda of may 17 unless otherwise stated. be advised as of may 17, masking is recommended though not required throughout the building but remains -- and that's my announcements, also we are joined by supervisor hillary ronan remotely. >> thank you is much, madam clerk. and welcome, supervisor ronan. item number 1.
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>> ordinance amending the planning code for 2868 mission street, mission cultural center for latino arts. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on the item, call the number on the screen, 1-415-655-0001, meeting i.d.24994346184, press pound and pound again. if you have not done so already, please press star 3 to line up to speak and you'll hear the system indicate you have raised your hand in confirmation. madam chair. >> supervisor melgar: thank you, supervisor ronan, welcome, thank you for introducing this item. >> supervisor ronen: thank you so much, chair melgar and good afternoon, supervisor preston and peskin. thank you for hearing this item today to designate the mission
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cultural center latino arts, under article 10 of the planning code. thank you chair melgar for your early co-sponsorship. brief remarks and then over to moses krat from planning for his presentation. i'm here today to highlight the mission cultural center significance as a cultural, for the latinx community. founded in 1977 in the midst of period when central american countries were experiencing major political conflict and families fleeing to san francisco greatly contributed to the latinx identify of the mission district and our chair melgar was among those families. creation of the cultural center tied to the rise of the san francisco most concentrated latinx enclave during the movement of the 1970s. the mission cultural center was then and is now a foundational
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component of the latinx heritage and mixture that have made the mission a place of home and sanctuary for residents and attraction for visitors from around the world. the bold mural that covers the facade titled "spirit of the arts" claims the space for latinx arts and culture, while the spaces inside made the cultural center an anchor for performance and community gatherings. since its founding, the cultural center has been a -- >> did i just hit request to join, my bad. >> most prominently carnivale, a rehearsal for the first in 1979. and adjacent to the cultural district, reinforces the latinx
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continuity, vitality in the mission and san francisco. i'm so grateful for the work of the san francisco latino historical society in particular and servantes, dr. cordova, city preservation planning staff for doing the background research presented to you today. i also want to thank anna herrera for getting the legislation. i ask for your support to move this future to the full board with positive recommendation. >> supervisor melgar: we'll have a presentation from moses corett, i want to say a few words, it's an important place for me and my family and for the hundreds of thousands of latino residents, really in the bay area. so my family immigrated from el
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salvador in the 1980s in the height of the civil war, and it was a place for cultural connection, for immigrants missing our language, music, painting, culture, performance, but also a way to introduce folks in the nonlatino community to the richness, diversity and creativity of the latino community, and all of the peoples of south central america and the caribbean. so i some grateful for this resource and that we are recognizing it today. my -- personally for my family this is a place where my girls learned to dance, learned to silk screen, went to summer camp. it is a place where folks, no matter where they live in san francisco or in the bay area come to have that rootedness.
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i will be dancing at carnivale this year as i have for, since i was 18, i think i'll be the first sitting supervisor in carnivale and i have spent many, many, many hours of my life at the latino cultural center on mission street and i am grateful for the leadership of martina who has now taken on the role of executive director to lead this wonderful organization into the next stage of its history. and i am so grateful that you're here and that you have taken on this great responsibility to ensure that all of these resources and the space for artists is there to allow for the development of people's work so deeply rooted in the community, so thank you so much, and i can't wait to hear what
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you have to say. but first, mr. corett, welcome. >> thank you so much. do you have my presentation ready to show? >> yes, we have. >> thank you so very much. supervisor roman, chair melgar, thank you for the lovely introduction. it does make my job easier today. but if we could go to the first slide, thank you so very much. members of the committee, planning department staff, before you today is the consideration of ordinance amending the san francisco planning code to designate 2868 mission street, mission cultural center latino arts as an individual landmark. next slide, please. mission cultural center for latino hearts, mccla, located
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mid block between 24th and 25th streets on mission street. one slide prior to this, please. the the building was constructed in 1947 as a furniture store and converted to the mission cultural center in 1977. building is predominantly a 2 and 3-story reinforced building with a partial fourth floor. l-shaped in plan, with a flat roof and skylights. primary facade faces mission street, the larger rear faces osage alley. stucco, and the upper a large and significant mural detecting latinx cultural themes. the mission cultural center is individually listed on the national register under criterion a at the local level of significance, art, history, performing art and ethnic
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heritage. associated with the history in the mission district. if we go to the next slide, please. some background on the legislative process. mccla was placed on the historic preservation commission's work program in 2016 and meets one of the commission's four priority areas for designation, being property types associated with underrepresented social and or cultural roots. san francisco architectural heritage commissioned historians to draft the national register documentation which formed the basis for this local designation. the next slide, please. the character defining features outlined in the ordinance in front of you today include the exterior elevations, form, massing, structure, roof lines,
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and ornament identified as the reinforced concrete shell of the building, the mural on the upper facade on mission street, spirit of the arts. transparent store front. the volume of spacial and spacial relationships of three major interior spaces, theater on the first floor, gallery on the second floor, studio d together with mission graphic, a print making studio on third floor and partial mezzanine. the building has a character defining feature mural that extends over private property. if you see the photo it's on the left-hand side of the slide. the building will also undergo some renovations that are being planned, which include a new store front. this ordinance is intended to exempt these types of work from needing a certificate of appropriateness, supporting this is the building is already listed on the national register and subject to the same review standards as it would. the scope of otherwise subject
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to the delegation agreement in the administrative certificate of appropriateness. additional information bolsters significance but can be added to the administrative record but does not suggest additional character defining features at this point. and designation is in recognition of the activities contained within the building, but the building as a container of what gets designated. vibrant, living and active resource to the country, will undergo construction to ensure we will survive a seismic event. so the second issue besides the seismic work, regarding the store front, exempt of further standards of article 10, the northern portion of the mural which does not face mission
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street is not included in this designation. the studio does not have any control over what that adjacent property can do, and so to avoid future conflicts that was preempted, and my last slide, thank joanne lee, deputy director [inaudible] for the arts commission [inaudible] public works department who was coordinating the seismic work, the outgoing executive director of mccla, and the president executive director, and san francisco latino historical society. and that concludes my presentation, thank you. >> supervisor melgar: thank you very much. colleagues, do we have any questions? ok. seeing none, let's go to public comment. madam clerk. >> clerk: looks like we have some public commenters for item
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1, approach the podium and you can begin your comments. >> good afternoon, chair melgar, supervisors peskin and preston. i'm joanne lee, deputy director of programs at the san francisco arts commission. on behalf of the arts commission, express our support for the landmark. mccla is 1 of 4 centers owned by the arts commission and would not be here, in 1973, the city announced plans to spend $5 million in federal revenue sharing to develop a performing arts center, today's symphony hall. community members were outraged their funding was being allocated for an art center designated for only a wealthy few. the activist group community coalition f for the arts won a
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commitment from the city to spend $2.5 million over revenue sharing to purchase and develop community centers. by 1977 the san francisco arts commission had acquired four buildings and converted them to neighborhood arts centers. bay view opera house also has landmark status, mission cultural center, african american arts and culture complex, and soma arts. the mission cultural center a cultural institution in the community promoting latino culture, dance, theater, literary arts as well as a historic graphics program. we are thrilled we have $10 million in fiscal year 2022 budget and possibly more depending on the fiscal year 23 approved budget and capital funds to seismically renovate the building. it could not come at a better time as it enables us to ensure life safety, cultural preservation, and long-term
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sustainability over this historically important treasure. the arts commission asked for your support to offer landmark designation. >> thank you so much for your comments, ma'am. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. my name is martina, and i am the new executive director for the mission cultural center for latino arts, and i speak to support the designation of the mccla building as a city landmark because it is an anchor institution in the community. mccla is a central location where major annual cultural events take place, such as day of the dead, low rider car shows, carnivale and many, many more events that are part of the fabric of our community. the iconic and historic mission
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graphica, the gallery, theater, locations where notable artists, musicians and performers have emerged. the mission cultural center for latino arts is the heartbeat of the mission. it nourishes the creative soul and breathes life into our community. mccla is the home that holds the history of the san francisco latino arts community. i came to the mission culture center in 1990 as a grad student, interviewing the historical art history makers of the community, that's when i was first introduced to the mission cultural center, continued not only as researcher, artist, curating shows, dancer, musician, and i hope that you will support the historical designation for mission cultural
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center, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, good afternoon, board members. my name is stefan, administrative assistant and representative at the mission cultural center for latino arts and i speak to support the designation of the mccla building, the city landmark for the following reasons. the first is a longevity of both the building and the institution. building was designated to be the location of the mission cultural center in 1977, after being a furniture store for over 30 years. late 1970s were a time of intense political activism and immigration from central and south america due to the political instability in the region. movement in nicaragua, several of the founders were in support of.
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other examples include the war in salvador, and regime in chile. this increased -- led to increase in the mission district and san francisco city more broadly. the second is the impact on the local community. classes and summer programs are routinely hosted for families in the mission district, location on the intersection between mission street, 24th and 25th street makes it an iconic location in the area, and location near bakeries, and other things, and cultural district, designated as a special use zoning district by the san francisco board
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supervisors in 2018. it would bring more tourists into the area. third reason i support the landmarking of the mission cultural center site is that it's one of the relatively few cultural centers in the u.s. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is daniel perez, studio perez and i am part of the architectural team for mccla, and here to voice support for the designation of the mccla building as a landmark. it is an important cultural institution for the mission, neighborhood, the city of san francisco and extended bay area.
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thank you for your time and consideration. >> chairperson and supervisors, i've come to support as a landmark decision for mission cultural center. i've been taking classes for about 35 years at mission cultural center. i've also been a volunteer and a supporter for many years and it's such a unique amazing cultural community center, and i want to give you one example of how the community feels about mission cultural. a few years ago, a very prominent master teacher drummer dancer passed away suddenly, and passed away and the next day the word went out in the community.
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there were telephone calls, there were emails, and that evening people converged on mission cultural center for an impromptu memorial for carlos, people knew that was a place to go, they knew they would be welcome, they knew this was the place. so, anything you can do to keep mission cultural going and be recognized would be really terrific. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for your comment. any other members of the public would like t speak on item number one? ok, the remote call-in line. if you have not done so and would like to speak, star 3 to be added to the queue. for those on hold please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. ten listeners, and three in the
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queue. unmute the first caller please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is francisco gomez, i am the current chair of the board of the mission cultural center for the latino arts. i speak in support of the designation of the mccla building as a city landmark on behalf of the full board of the cultural center. i echo the many comments noted that mccla is indeed an essential part of the history of latinos and latino arts in san francisco. and i must say also a great part of my personal history as a native of the mission district. i thank you for your consideration and i encourage you to support this before the full board of supervisors.
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>> thank you so much. let's take the next caller, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is anne, and i'm representing the san francisco latino historical society and i'm excited about the leadership of dr. martina, but i want to know supervisor melgar, i have those photos of you dancing at carnivale, when i was the gatekeeper for ten years for carnivale. i want to say the san francisco latino historical society supports the landmarking and will address the importance of keeping this historical asset and why it needs to be maintained. the building in 1993 and the assessment of the conditions at mcc and the bay view opera house were recommended for seismic upgrades. it was then again in the civil grand jury report six years later stated that it was the
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highest priority for the facilities. recently the city's capital project allocated 10 million is insufficient funding for the seismic upgrade and the ventilation system required for this facility. it's more like 25 million. my question is why they haven't given the full amount to adequately seismically upgrade this facility, and why 29 years later they are dealing with this. it's such an important thing. i'm going to go into some quick comments about the heritage documents -- i'm just going to say that this center arose with -- from the community. they searched for a multidisciplinary facility to house poetry, dance, music and
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the graphic arts. and it's so essential as joanne lee from the arts commission stated it was the activism in the community. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is carrie young, calling from san francisco heritage. san francisco heritage has a strong connection and designation having originally sponsored the application for mission culture center inclusion in the national register of historic places. this is such a significant site, a vital one with the latino and latinx community and the mission district history and identify. thank you to everyone who helped get this legislation to where it is today, which will help ensure the diversity of the city's architecture is more recognized
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and preserved. >> that completes the queue, madam chair. >> thank you very much. supervisor preston. >> supervisor preston: thank you, chair melgar and supervisor ronan for your leadership on this. please add me as a co-sponsor. >> likewise. >> clerk: both of them. thank you so much. public comment is now closed. i would like to make a motion that we forward this with a positive recommendation on to the full board. >> on that motion, supervisor peskin. [roll call vote taken] you have three ayes. that passes.
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congratulations, mccla folks. ok. madam clerk, please call items 2-4 together. >> 2-4 all have the same long title, and they are ordinances and planning code to rezone all residential one family rh-1 zoning districts except for hr-1d, and a new class of residential district called residential 2 family hr-2d districts and density limit exception, amending to authorize the subdivider constructing new dwelling units, pursuant to the density limit, and affirming appropriate findings. members of the public who wish to provide public comment on numbers 2-4, call
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1-415-655-0001, 24994346184, then press pound and pound again. if you have not done so already, please press star 3 to line up to speak and the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand in confirmation. madam chair. >> thank you so much. supervisor mandelman could not be here today, but we have jacob here from the supervisor's office, and director hillis on teams on stand by for any questions we may have. i would just give mr. bitlis the floor. >> here on behalf of supervisor mandelman, thank you for hearing this item yet again, here at the land use, request that we do have a version of the ordinance
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pass out of that committee as soon as possible, depending on your deliberations and make myself available for any questions that i can help with. thank you. >> thank you so much. colleagues, before we go into this discussion of this item i wanted to share supervisor mar, who is the sponsor for item number 4, that is requested that this item be continued to the call of the chair. i will be making a motion later in the meeting to honor this request. after we take public comment but i just wanted us to make a note of it. then after reviewing supervisor preston's amendment to the original legislation, which is now part of item number 3, that would require property owners eligible for the density waiver to have owned the property for
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at least five years. we have been grappling with this issue as i have mentioned during our meetings in this committee for quite some time. and i do feel this amendment strikes a good balance and trying to encourage more homeowners to take advantage of the program while not being too restrictive and i do share the goal that it prevents some of the speculation nature of things that we have anxiety about and i would like to make a small change that i am offering today that we want to make sure that property owners who pass away can have their properties handed down to their heirs within that five-year time frame and that the heirs are also eligible. because otherwise i fear some of these properties may be caught in limbo for a while.
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so, i have an issue with the scenario in my own neighborhood we have seen some neighbors pass away and i've seen their children and heirs struggle with what to do with these assets and i do think that in some of the neighborhoods like engelside and supervisor mar's district we have house rich and cash poor, whom their assets and being able to pass it on to their heirs is very important. it's a good motivation to be able to benefit from this program. so with that i have circulated the amendments to you. they are pretty straightforward. in, let's see, page 6, line 7-13 of supervisor -- of the version that was triplicated and then
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amended by supervisor preston, i would like it to say on the second sentence to discourage such speculations, demolition of existing units and displacement of current residents this ordinance makes the benefit of the density exception available only to persons who have owned their properties for five years. prior to the date of their application to obtain the exception, including the ownership duration of the person or entity from whom they inherited the lot. number two, adds to the new findings as follows, this board recognizes the importance of facilitating opportunities for intergenerational transfer of wealth through property ownership, therefore property owners who have inherited their property may be deemed eligible to seek a density exception by applying during their own duration of ownership for the purposes of satisfying this
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ownership requirement. and amend 207c8b, 13-16 on page 7 read as follows. for the purposes of establishing eligibility to receive a density exception according to this subsection 8b, property owner who has inherited the subject lot may add to their duration of ownership the duration of ownership of the person or entity from whom they inherited the lot. and those are the amends that i will be submitting. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, madam chair. a few thoughts and observations and then one specific comment or question with regard to the amendments that you just offered to the triplicated version as amended by supervisor preston and i agree that anti-speculation provisions are
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critical. i think we are all of a common mind on that relative to all three versions, and i want to just note that relative to some of the questions i raised at previous discussions relative to feasibility the department actually now has more feasibility analysis and i want to thank and acknowledge the planning department for that. and that information indicates that all three proposals have a feasibility gap, and in discussions with the planning department they are clear contrary to what i think all of us wish for, and that supervisor mar was attempting to articulate in his legislation that this be something that homeowners avail
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themselves of is actually unlikely. is more likely that a developer will find these properties and hence the anti-speculative provisions are important. and particularly so because of the feasibility gaps in all three. i am not opposed to the -- as we have these discussions about building intergenerational wealth the notion that i have proposed supervisor, but i think i want to make sure that it is actually about intergenerational building of equity within a family as compared to an inheritance by a nonfamily member. maybe the city attorney says when it says inheritance it means by a descendant, by a family member. but i can will my property to,
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you know, a developer and they could then, and they could pay me for that up front with, you know, in essence a life estate and i would not want it to be in that situation, particularly with an ex-tenant. i appreciate the concept but i think it might need a little word smithing to get at what we fundamentally don't want which is displacement of resident occupants. and we can adopt it today and i think there is a bunch of stuff for future conversations, i want to put a place holder there, i don't want to see a deal where the ex-owner wills their property as part of a contract to somebody so they can get the five years up front. it's a minor detail, really. >> this may be a question for the city attorney.
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it is certainly above my pay grade. i do want to say that you know, for homeowner occupied properties it is obviously different than for renter occupied properties in terms of displacement. because there's no one that can make you do it if you own the place. so i do feel really strongly that we need to have a way for folks to, you know, pass on their assets and especially in communities who have been excluded from being able to own a property, and so i am -- i want us to get this right, and we did work quite a bit with the city attorney and thank you so much for hustling on this one, and i hear you. we don't want the unintended consequences, but perhaps you want to shed some light, there are consequences to doing what you just said, by the way. go ahead.
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>> and this speaks to ownership, not occupancy. >> right. deputy city attorney anne pearson. i do agree with the point that supervisor peskin has says as written, it would apply to any type of inheritance, that said we could draft it to achieve a narrower goal for the times lived and owning of the property and just between a family member or family members who have left the property from one to another. and just be clear, we went back and forth with the city attorney of this one, it was biz times last week that talked about the state proposition 19 and you know a lot of changes that have happened in the tax law and the fact that many families are choosing to own their homes in a family trust, as opposed to as a
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person. and so we didn't want to discount that, because increasingly we see that. so it is complicated, and i just wanted to caution us not to throw the baby out with the bath water or whatever. so, we can certainly -- we have been told this is not a substantive, you know, amendment, nevertheless, i think you know, if you guys, you know, vote for this amendment i would continue it anyway so we can continue to word smith and talk about things, yeah. supervisor preston. >> thank you, madam chair. first off, thanks for the amendment to the amendment. i guess is what we call it. but you know, i think we've already said from the start that we want to try to rein in or not
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have speculative use while we allow the opportunities for folks who own their homes, so appreciate the amendment. i also appreciate the comment from supervisor peskin and hopefully we can figure out a way, as you say it, we don't want it so hyper technical someone is not allowed to use this ongoing ownership period if it's based on the form of ownership, a living trust, that kind of thing, i agree with you shouldn't be distinguished from the underlying beneficiary or owner of that, but agree without some kind of limit there is the risk that there is pressure and i worry about pressure on elders and others of a real estate speculator trying to engage in what we often have seen, not in this context, right.
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but in terms of taking advantage of the situation to try to benefit from this by having the property transferred as part of, or through an estate. so i think it makes sense and you know, hopefully supervisor peskin or yourself can figure out that further tweak which sounds like would be nonsubstantive once that language is there so as not to delay us. thank you. >> ok. with that, if there are no further comments or questions. >> i have high level comments, but as to -- >> go for it. >> once again, let me reiterate what i said at earlier meetings, i have appreciated the thoughtful and deliberative process and the amendments along the way as we have literally
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triangulated between three pieces of legislation and undercore in addition to the comments i made earlier about discouraging speculation and ensuring that there's no eviction. some of the other underlying themes as we have developed this along the way and one that i think we are all in agreement on and have amended into item number 2, and that should remain a high priority, particularly in so far what we do here is going to be a model for future pieces of legislation and specifically that's to ensure that the resulting housing created by this law is subject to rent control and thank supervisor mandelman for including that in the proposal which would allow for regulatory agreements when the planning department
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administratively waives density limits, and i think that's one of the best tools we have for long-term stability of our residents and communities and even though it will be at today's market in 10, 20 years, that's going to be meaningful relative to community stability. but i also note that this legislation does not regulate the subdivision and separate sale of resulting units of housing which means that more likely than not in many if not most cases there will be moderately sized and moderately priced homes for purchase or more than moderately priced. so i want to as we continue to have this conversation going forward put a place holder in for continued areas of conversation and i think that's
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one particularly given that the condo lottery is going to come to an end in the next couple of years, so i want to put a place holder in that. and i also wanted to note that, and i harped on this i think at our last meeting or maybe it was the meeting before that, and this was in the context of feasibility analysis that, and it turned out not to be nefarious, but just a timing issue, the feasibility analysis conducted by planning was done in time to evaluate the mar and safai proposals but after the mandelman proposal had come to the board, which resulted in somewhat of an unfair dynamic, which were general plan findings that constrained the mar and safai proposals and did not apply to mandelman. having said that, i think i am prepared to support item number
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2 as we have amended it. but i also want to add something i think all the members of this committee are aware of and that is that it has certainly been my intention, i think this committee's intention to send this file forward at the same time that we send the tenderloin chinatown group housing sud forward so they can be voted for together at the board of supervisors and as i mentioned previously, while i don't think the city attorney believes the sud can be considered down zoning based on the other opportunities in chinatown and t.o., we would like to make it clear the upzoning benefits for the west side in this legislation, it affects the west side of the city more than the east side of the city so that,
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anyway, they are heard together so i would like to do that, and then relative to the ongoing conversation in so far as this sets a precedent for future rezonings, i would at our next meeting, and i want to put a place holder in for this, would like to insert nonsubstantive language to provide some independent feasibility analysis that would help us find a clearer path to achieving some affordability for private developers to increase your equity in their own property, whether it's on-site or through a fee as mentioned in earlier conversations we did in the inclusionary discussions of now a half a decade ago and campaign to a successful conclusion in that, and i say all this and i haven't evaluated the map very
8:49 pm
carefully but as a supervisor who definitely prior to redistricting had no rh-1, much less rh-1d and after redistricting i might have picked up less than a city block of rh-1 on russian hill but i'm not even clear on that yet. >> ok, supervisor. thank you for those comments. madam clerk, let's go to public comment on this. i'm sorry, just to be clear, we are taking public comment on three items but if folks are commenting on item number 4 it is a continue -- will be a continuance to the call of the chair. >> clerk: approach the podium,
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you have two minutes. >> i'm georgia shutus, whether it's fb nine or whatever you do, four-plex, six-plex legislation, housing goals are challenging. key word, take away in the financial feasibility studies from the planning department's consultant. even the most recent study from may 6th uses the same word, cashing out. this is one of the potential take-aways on page 14 of the executive summary of october 21, 2021, from the planning department. i think you talked about today but it needs to receive more attention. i submitted a copy to miss major for all three board files and to your staffs. how could decision makers deal with the potential issue due to upzoning for the many homeowners -- homeowners lacking the wherewithal to benefit
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themselves and may be easy targets for developers due to sb9. the committee should discuss it more. preserving existing housing, considered to be more affordable than new housing is the real issue as you all know. if it is compelling to pass any of these proposals right now in response to sb9, commissioners suggestion of zoning -- upzoning the corner lots allows up to six units should be discussed. and finally, whether or not any of these ordinances are passed and upzoning the entire city is passed draft on the horizon, now is when speculation could ramp up and run rampant, even more than it has in the past decade. so i urge the committee to bring back a file passed unanimously and continue the call of the chair on may 12, 2020.
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it could put a damper on housing speculation while its sorted out, thank you. and i have copies for you. >> clerk: any members of the public like to speak on 2-4 in the chamber? no? ok, and we are going to move on to the remote public call-in line. if you have not done so already, star 3 to be added to the queue for those on hold, please continue to wait, you'll hear the system indicate you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. 11 listeners today, five in the queue. susana, being unmute the first caller, please. >> good afternoon, i want to start by appreciating chair melgar and all the work done to move forward with this complicated program and a way to ensure what ultimately gets approved is not gentrification, displacement or speculation program. the report addresses the
8:53 pm
concerns if we don't get the anti-speculation measures right it will be a destructive program for communities. it shows little to no incentive for the market to take the projects on unless they are super sizing and upscaling. otherwise, little to no profit to be made. rhetoric from the planners and politicians say it will lead to something for middle income households is hollow, holding rents could work but not 18% expected return. if we want it to be a program for middle income households can't be looking to profit types of incentives. we need to look at levers suggested by century urban as defined by supervisor peskin and amended by chair melgar in exchange for housing middle income families. financial and technical assistance along the lines of expanding the incentive fund
8:54 pm
pilot program and using levers by century urban, along with the restrictions would combine to prioritize housing in exchange to affordability. and thank you to supervisor peskin bringing up the condo and needing to deal with that quickly. otherwise it would be a negative impact to the program. and thank you for asking for the report to have the recommendations for the upzoning results in housing affordable to low and middle income households, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> eileen, coalition for san francisco neighborhoods speaking on my own behalf. when sb9 was moving through the legislature, more than 240 cities took an official position
8:55 pm
to oppose sb9 as did the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods, sunset park side education action committee and more, and yet all three san francisco legislators supported sb9, even though it's based on reaganonmics, it came from big tech and developers including those who specialize in modular duplexes. there's been a lawsuit filed against sb9, also one against sb10, aids healthcare foundation. the california independent systems operator has announced that the state may not have enough electricity. the state water resources control board has imposed statewide mandatory restrictions, and yet acd and the legislature seem oblivious to this. i'm strongly urging the committee to table these multiple legislation attempts
8:56 pm
and to join these lawsuits because as the mayan prophesy states, in the end time there will be no secrets. thank you. >> thank you so much, take the next caller please. 12 listening, five in the queue. >> good afternoon, supervisors, zack with young community developers, and race and equity coalition. we urge to prioritize affordability and anti-speculation framework with regard to the zoning. it's critical we target existing homeowners with this legislation, tailoring technical and funding support to add units to the existing homes. this legislation is a company with sufficient funding for program such as housing innovation fund and technical assistance program. as the programs will ensure our low and middle income owners can benefit. and adding bonus units creating middle income housing by offering a range of supports,
8:57 pm
such as the waiving of city fees, and many of which are mentioned in the feasibility study. and meet the stated goal of the supply of middle and income housing. anything higher than 1:00 a.m.i., need to be transparent about that. assumption that the program should maximize return on investment will increase gentrification and displacement outcomes. also the highest priority the legislation includes a look back requirement to qualify for the density limit exception. any proposal sent to the full board as amended by supervisor melgar, and a look forward requirement must also be included. a long way to ensuring it's targeted to current homeowners and not speculators. [please stand by]
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
tax abatements. we support adoption of possible provision such as outlined for affordable housing as well for developer programs. the five year look back and look forward is critical. we appreciate the word smithing
9:00 pm
on family ownership which is important. we concur. >> we have 11 listeners and two in the queue. press star three to speak. otherwise we will take the last to. >> this is lorraine petty, affordable housing advocate for seniors. as you finalize this legislation, i urge you to keep in mind there are two separate types of builders. the ordinary homeowner occupier and pro official developer. what concerns me most are small owner occupiers. manyeldders who was a stable secure community for themselves and extended family and friends. they want to stop exile from san
9:01 pm
francisco. there requires the legislation to include affordability. for those who want to buy or rent. continue to build community. this can be accomplished by creating two separate programs. similar to the way we approach a.d.u.s. each geared toward one or the other types of builders. pro official are more likely to build market rate than the other for the smaller home occupier who chooses affordability. they both should include tenant rent control. the owner occupier program should be combined with very much extended fund to make affordable units possible to
9:02 pm
incentives. any units to those who need affordability not wealthy people. this could be verified by the process in common practice with land lords checking pay stubs or tax returns. i support the five year look back. require at least one of them -- >> last caller, please. >> good afternoon. i am charlie summer was the race and equity planning coalition. i would like to comment on the planning. this feasibility analysis was most focused on the area of investor buying property with the intent to demolish, rebuild
9:03 pm
and seller. why can't we start with the experience of the homeowner looking to expand to family needs. creating additional unit goes to care for elders, kids moving back home from college. additional units in the case of public inheritance. this would eliminate land acquisition costs. homeowners won't know how to do it. look at partnerships with nonprofit development corporations with that expertise. of all of the scenarios it suggests these projects are the most feasible of any that was studied. these would require fewer financial resources, debt and risks. why aren't we focusing on this strategy asking how to make it work better? why don't we consider affordable
9:04 pm
financing to the programs developed to our future san francisco public bank? it is utmost important this include five your ownner ship requirement to make sure communities are protected from speculators. we look at equity and affordability in whatever housing afford built for the city. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. that is the last caller in the queue. >> thank you, madam clerk. any further comments, colleagues? this is what i propose we do. we continue items 2 and i-44 call of the chair -- four to the call of the chair. item three we amend as i read into the record and we continue
9:05 pm
that to next week. is that enough time, supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: i think we have heard it. as long as it is on the calendar it is good. the language i can have prepared by next week. >> did you want to weigh in on this plan? >> i would request the committee consider continuing both two and three to whichever date so both options would remain in the mix until the committee renders the final verdict. >> let me restate. continue number 4. to call of the chair.
9:06 pm
amend three. continue two and three to next week. >> to continue traveling together until the committee reaches a verdict. >> sounds good. >> did you want to say something supervisor preston? >> i know the clerk and deputy city attorney are conferring. you may want to restate. >> i just want to make sure if you continue to the call of the chair they will inquiry publishing the notice. >> yes. >> this is perhaps why supervisor mandelman requests that. thank you. so the motion was to continue the item two to next week. three there is a motion on the floor to amend and tip to next week as well.
9:07 pm
item number four to continue to the call of the chair. >> supervisor preston. >> before we vote. i am wrapping my brain around the two files. my understanding they are identical except for the look back amendment. i am wondering the other option is just move forward three. that would be non substantive in there were changes. i am not sure of the benefit of both filings as opposed to one file. >> i think it is courtesy to our colleague supervisor mandelman who wants to keep it alive without having to re-notice it. next week we can vote and move forward with one. >> thank you. >> on the motion to continue item two 0866 to next week.
9:08 pm
supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. on item three file 220446 to accept amendment as requested from supervisor or chair melgar. >> peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. for the remaining balance of that item continue as amended to next week supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. item four to continue to the call of the chair. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> tough three ayes. >> thank you. madam clerk.
9:09 pm
is there any further business? >> that completes the business for today. >> we are adjourned. thank you.
9:10 pm
9:11 pm
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
>> okay. good afternoon welcome to the historic preservation commission hybrid hearing for wednesday, may 4. hybrid hearings will require all of our attention and most of all our patience. if you are joining remote and are in the speak mute to enable public participation is broadcasting and strolling live and we will receive public men for each item today. comments are opportunity to peek during the period are available remote boy calling 415-655-0001 and enter code 24816174452.
9:16 pm
we will take comment from persons in the chambers first and then open remote line. please speak clearly and slowly f each speaker allowed 3 minutes when you have 30 seconds you will hear i chime. had time is reached. i am announce your time is up and take the next person. for those call nothing to submit testimony bh we reach your item press star 3. when you hear your line is unmute third degree is your indication to begin speaking. call from a quiet location. and mute the volume on your television or computer. attend nothing person, lineup on the screen side of the room. we'll take nut order you line up.
9:17 pm
finally, science mercial device this is may sound off. why like to take role. commissioner president matsuda. vice president nageswaran. >> here. >> commissioner black. >> here. >> commissioner foley. >> here. >> commissioner johns. >> here. why commissioner wright? >> here >> first general public comment. members may address the commission on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items your opportunity will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. you may address for up top 3 minutes. if any member of the public attend nothing person would like to submit general testimony? come forward. seeing none. general public comment is closed. we can move to department
9:18 pm
matters. item one. upon the mission cultural center is moving forward to land use on may 9. the other lan mark that is penned suggest 2261 fillmore street the clay thoert for the second reading it is on the way toward mayor and becoming i land mark. y wanted to call your tension to moues had has been popping up regarding a nomination that has been before you for st. francis wood. the state office of historic preservation had a hearing. in terms of considering that nomination and whether or not it met the national register. they had a chance to opine and our role as a certified government and we also weigh in the and now -- a lot of good
9:19 pm
questions were brought up during the process. for the site and something this the commission and the our staff will be looking at in the future. now commission matters president's report. why i have no report but would like to recognize cone chan who i believe will speak on agenda item 5. >> >> very good. next 3 draft minutes for april 20, 2022. your town to address the upon minutes. members in person line up or come forward. members remote press star 3 to be added. seeing no requests to speak public comment is closed. and they are now buffer. commissioners. why is there a motion? >> motion approve. >> second.
9:20 pm
>> thank you. on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner wright >> yes >> commissioner black y. yes >> commissioner foley >> yes. >> commissioner johnstown. >> yes y. commissioner so. >> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> we will place this on 4 comments is questions. >> any comments or questions from the commission? we are having trouble before. your mic works.
9:21 pm
we were having problems with the screens previously. commissioner foley did you are questions or comments. >> okay if there are no additional commission comments. we with move on to consideration of items proposed to be continued the time issuance and currently there are none proposed continued. move on to commissioner's to your regular calendar item kief am 2021, 004 the cemetery in
9:22 pm
lincoln p a land mark designation. >> the place, can you hear mow? i was in department staff. following protocols i'm here to introduce a new staff member not presented before will take this landmark enemyination. the department and 2017 and has been with the department i senior environmental planner since 2019 they work on the team specialize nothing archaeology and resources. about to finish masters and written a theseis on historical accept tear in san francisco. can you slow down a bit. >> we don't have a heavy calendar today. >> [laughter]. >> thank you. >> resource team she specializes in archaeology and troibal resources finishing the master and has written a theseis on
9:23 pm
historical accept taers. passionate connecting to the archaeology of san francisco. before kerry come up to do her presentation we like to inright supervisor chen to come up and say a few words as she experienced this nomination. welcome. supervisor chan. why thank you it is i privilege to are with you today in person. the left time was online. it is good to see you in person. and00 eye want to thank you for considering the item for land marking the city cemetery. lincoln park once a bearual ground for fraternal societies and family association. serve a critical role for the burrual of the dead up to the burr yell of the deal between 1870 through turn of the century will city cemetery holds
9:24 pm
significant connection for the communal. fink low, as a city elected official in i chinese immigrant had is deeply personal mobile home to have the privilege of honoring the history and sacrifice of 7 immigrants before my arrival. and it it is meaningful this this land mark destination is considered today. as we begin may the ati heritage month. i'm grateful to schedule and thankful to the stash working on this project. certainly, thetoday i want it share a story with you left year.
9:25 pm
we are grateful to rec and p for working with us allowing us the story of the t time. at the lincoln golf course so balls don't notice over our head and we can have the ceremony and let me say the ceremony was traditional ceremony they have food sacrifice and have incents and alcohol and that's how you honor your ancestors buffer. they burn cyns but they burn paper money. and that is like an if you mean on chinese tradition ceremony honest ogorring. and many of them -- amount were elders from the choifrn ease families associations and i want
9:26 pm
to say to let you then and there they were not only moved but some of them kroied. some were teary eyed and some kroied because i have said yesterday when you were at the board honoring the heritage month it is like a river path you think about the water source the river came from which those had came before you and you think about your 40. you push hapath forward and think about future generations and many of the elders they were at their 70s and been through pandemic they never witnessed before and being there and thinking about the space and can burglar where they came from and the mixad generation that come after to carry on the torch it was a moment for them. with that, i want to let you know that it is the third and the eye well and come before to you share with you and hope that
9:27 pm
i have your passport and approval today to allow us to move forward this land mark. i want to in case you may not aware that san francisco public golf has submit a letter. i want to recognize the effort of today's youth. we think about the past and the future i want to recognize existing pace hait is shared with, lot of people. not just those who came before us. ir want to respect the existing use and this is my inupon tent. i do respect ask you to consider the people that now using that pace for golf and recreation know that i respect them. and i also think they are respectful. in the process. so -- i know they have comments and -- i'm open to it. and hope that you are, too. after all in my opinion offer all the community has been through in the last 2 years.
9:28 pm
inclubhousiveness is key to our future i leave you that thought and most important low. i want to thank shannon ferguson and allison and as well as cary herby. great -- staff that you bring on burden and i had a pleasure working with them i want to recognize them. thank you. >> i will have to leave for budget and appropriation so i thank you for giving mow this time. >> thank you. thank you for those comments we take a moment and get the presentation open for you.
9:29 pm
excellent. all right. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is carrie as allison introduced me. this item is brought today it the h pc so you can consider whether to provide a recommendation to the board of supervisors about the landmark designation of city cemetery. next slide. >> i will start with the legislative history of the landmarking effort. in april 2021, chan introduced a resolution to initiate land mark
9:30 pm
designation of city accept terthe land use and the full board of prierzs rowed unanimous low to recommend and, prove the increase resolution became effective august 20 ton. to orient you city cemetery is lected within lincoln park. wit in the the northwest corner of the city in the outer richmond. the land mark consists of the majority of parcel 1313 lot 29. the land is owned and operated by rescue recreation and parks. i will prosecute void an over view. city accept terin 1868 the board designated 200 acres as a municipal cemetery. it bound easier -- are shown in gray on this slide. from 1870s to 1876.
9:31 pm
the cemetery was used by the city and county for the burr willias people who died without the ponents to pay for their burr yell. county operated sections are highlighted in dark blue on the slide. and in the late 1870s. the board of supervisors grant blocks to social anding religious societies are if members the plots are shown in light blue were granted 24 different associations. the city bans now burr yell at city cemetery in 1898 and 1909 the board reclassified the land as a park. the period of significant conscience for land mark in 1868 with the designation of land for cemetery purposes and terminates in 1909 when reclassified as a park. department staff determined that the cemetery meets the criteria
9:32 pm
on event. sdpien and information potential. per criteria 1 related to significant events in the history. the cemetery is a testament on the evolution of burial customs how diverse, social and cultural community took care of members as a form of social safety net. it was common for people to join religious societies during their life to are secure their bodies cared for after death. the closure and partial removal of city cemetery the sanctity of the dead upon out weighed by notions of the city's progress. related to architectural design there are 2 in lincoln park and have the characteristic of funary designs in the 19th
9:33 pm
century. foible low, per criteria 4 that pertains to dast at burr ed remnants have yield important information about the history of san francisco. archaeological studies provide valuable information about past ways of life that are not in the documentary record. as a cemetery for the ethnic and fraternal organizations city cemetery has the approximate terrible to yield the belief and practices of groups that were marginalized in the 19th century. >> move to discussing character defining features of the land mark. why next y. there have been modifications since 1909, the to pol arrest of the hills remained unchanged from the to apology
9:34 pm
over looking the pacific ocean ecose the setting of the city cemetery. >> trolls planted to mark the section boundaries during the prescription of the cemetery are still standing. the cross hatch yellow here depicts yours where trees are anticipated to still exist based on information from historical photographs. participational infrastructure consists of structures or objects related operation of the cemetery. care takeers, house and path ways in purple on this slide. next slide. there are 2 structures dating to the cemetery era stand negligent park. location is each noted with white squares on the slide. next. the lasticate of the structures
9:35 pm
unknown like low functioned as upon alter a place for prayer, food offering and burning of incents and paper money for the diseased jurn net after life built in a rescue tang wela high entrance with the characters that translate to, temporary resting place for coffins sent at this time kung chow provivents only 19th century structure hosting chinese rites in san francisco. the alter is a symbol of chinese culture and history in the city. the it is a 15 tall spire that reflects 19th century values with commencement rigz. it was manufactured by the fronz company in connecticutful has
9:36 pm
insert opinionos 3 side this is show motive. and displace the vicktoryian place for the atlantisism and e rekted by lady friends society as an electron to the uncelebrated men who built san francisco's merry time history. many wo came to cal dam in the 19th century believed their bonus must be laid to rest in home villages, when than i died they were buried and the bone would be sudden become to the home village. used for the [inaudible] were multiple times. land scaping filled possible depressions buried the pits may exist in sections that were occupied by chinese organizations.
9:37 pm
records indicate 6, 3 00 were deterred between 1870 and 90's. more than twhaend people were buried in the city cemetery 1870 and 1898. it is in the clear. we know that the city and county of san francisco made no attempt to remove the remain the people arc tested discovery of 750 individuals during excavation by archaeologist. another defining feature
9:38 pm
includes morts iary furniture and grave goods buried objects like plot curbing. coffin, hardware and clothing that could have been worn by individuals. >> the department believes that city cemetery meets the requirements and the land mark status is warranted. it retains integrity tow condition tain the arc lodgial significant cans of the department recommends, prove for land mark designation. the commission recommendation will be forwarded to the board of supervisors. staff received several letters about this land mark and letters in your packets. received letters of support as well as multiple tr golfers to the board opposed to the sez iingination if it limits the maintenance and need improve ams to the course.
9:39 pm
>> thank you to san francisco heritage for their assistance and preparations of the fact sheet for this property and to alec ride and are john for research on city cemetery. thank you. i'm available to answer questions. good afternoon jordan harrison from rec and park. the department supports this land mark designation that captures the significance of the historic city cemetery. intrierz chan designate mission of the accept terat lincoln p ensures we will not forget about the krksz of immigrant and other communities to safrn fran's history. as you heard from the presentation the cemetery closed
9:40 pm
and converted to a golf course in the 1900's. we will continue operating it as a golf course and worked with the staff to ensure that the designations ordinance included clear guidance when we wanted improve approximate repairs to the course. we feel confidence we work with preservation staff to do this in a clear way that will arc void uncertainty for our process and will be continue to be respectful of the land's role as a former cemetery. thank you very much for considering this and have a good day. >> that concludes staff's presentation. open up public comment. members of public like to address the commission on this matter you are in the recommend line up on the side of the room and come forward you will each have 3 minutes.
9:41 pm
good afternoon. i'm weed labrowny from san francisco heritage. san francisco heritage delightd and honored to be a part of the process and we strategyly support the land mark designation. >> i want to speak more personal low about my feelingos this. which is mall on this designation. i then and there commission is error has been very involved in the city's efforts to center rishl and social equity and he the city's activities. and this land mark does that in spade its is just an arc mazing land mark designation the people who are buried there 10 and 20 thousand san franciscos representative a diversity of the people who built the city and talk about people we talk of capitolists or industrialists or people in power.
9:42 pm
these other people who built the city. they are maceons and carpeners and sailors. they lived difficult lives. there are dhun eechlz japanese i tality uponian, german, french. veterans asus civil worry they are under there. and i think it it is unrecognized for too long and this is a great first stepful so00 eye feel like -- my small participation this this i'm proud of. it is the prouder things i feel i are done in heritage and hope if you a prove this you will feel the same way. >> thank you. >> thank you.
9:43 pm
good afternoon. i'm richard harris. of the san francisco public [inaudible]. i got in a very late letter to you. i hope that member received it the supervisor sufficient today. i copied everybody. i got it in very late. about an her ago. i have copies for anyone who did in the see it. . they are hard copies and a lot of what i got had here is footnoted to your record. >> short version is that there was an oversight we believe and there is an inconsistencyy between the land mark resolution. which -- is an attachment to the packet.
9:44 pm
a portion of that's the language in the -- draft resolution. to the -- to the -- the board of supervisors that you recommending to the board. however, the language of -- the that is their language of the ordinance. language of the the entire parcel not a portion of. there is that inconsistency and will be easy enough to change
9:45 pm
insert a portion of in theress lugz that has been offered to you. um -- and i can i got the detail of this on page number and all of that. and the letter and i will pass copies. the -- and this has to do with the other use of the property this have been made historic property. which includes among other things the lincoln highway this is a monument that was noted in the letters at the end a mall monument above the 10th t of the golf course by a water thank is we think that should be included very historic there is another mall bit of clone up in the
9:46 pm
language this we offer. the golf course and the clubhouse. thank you. >> they are not uncled. >> thank you. >> that is your time. >> >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. combg anyone in the chambers like to address the commission. member of the public remote low when you hear your line is unmuted that is your indication to peek. >> supervisors, political persons of the city and county of san front i'm robert long and i'm president of the conchow association. upon in san francisco china
9:47 pm
town. thank you for the time to comment. i am also one of the presidents at the chinese consolidated association next door. let of our ancestors are very down at the lincoln park golf course we want to memory yellize our ancestors who came handles of yeares ago and are still there. please, i urge the historic preservation committee to preserve the land mark so we can be there everybody year to memory yellize our ancestors. during our memory day. thank you. an honor to speak with everyone. thank you. good afternoon.
9:48 pm
commissioners. mooim larry yee. i in before you in support this resolution. and in this lincoln park historical land mark designation. for over i guess you say 100s of years ouran cestors toil exclude made the city great. not only the chinese but the community that came before us. the italians. jewish. greeks. french. they laid rest there. yes, we honor you. and make this a landmark designation. i ask you at this time to make sure that it it is passed. approximate i'm president of the
9:49 pm
benevolent association. we were one of the associations that had plots of land as well as the gong chow. last call for public comment. you node to come forward or calling remote you press, star 3. this matter is buffer. >> thank you. any commissioners wish to -- make comment. commissioner johns. >> i like to ask the staff if -- staff is in action to mr. harris 'comments.
9:50 pm
make sure there is honor and protection of the standing monums. also archaeological review project and theed work we are done on ensure the review will move forward and continue the way it currently moves forward. to ensure that rescue/park can dot maintenance and repair they need to keep the golf course going and minor project in rep to upgrades. we feel we have done work with rescue/park to make sure they continue to move forward with their work dp also trying to
9:51 pm
ensure that this your is honored and memorialized and fulfilling the goals of the supervisor. >> wait a minute. what i was interested in the comments there was discrepancy between the resolution over whether this is the whole thing or this is the part of? and i wondered if those were things that you think the comments are merit? >> i will chime in. typically bh a prize or yourself include initiates the landmark it is the starting story. the work that our staff do help us refine the store and he the significance and bounds easier and other items and features that might be subject to land mark? when the project moves forward, towards the board it will or you
9:52 pm
chos to move it forward toward the board the features and items and the site gets refined in the process. the initiation is a start to the work itself. and it might not capture everything or might include things that had not be included and basically the staff report as presented today that state what we are thinking. and in terms of the tell left lane marking and the application of the land marking. >> through the application or the the -- paperwork then might be changed refined to include the gentlemen's observations? >> it can be. but i will defer to to see if there are the items y. there it is a small portion of the parcel that is not included in what was city cemetery. and we can bring up a map to show that. that was the clarification that's yet major is included in the landmark rather than the
9:53 pm
whole parcel that is the sdeps mentioned between the resolution. it is just a mall thing to claire fight bound easier is different by a very mall portion in relationship to what is now the concern parcel. thank you. you can see that on the map here. yes. can you circle it. that portion there. thanks. i think that may be if i being priorize the commissioner johns we will ask that public comment that was made today considered by staff. >> thank you. commissioner black? [inaudible]. designation aligns with the social equity goal and meets criterias but
9:54 pm
i'm sorry commissioner black. >> even though this meets other criteria for designation lincoln park is a property type associated with social our cultural groups and i was touched boy supervisor chan's river arc nal gee. i see it as our obligation or opportunity to preserve the resting places of san francisco's diverse early residents. i will be supporting land mark. >> thank you. >> commissioner foley? >> thank you president matsuda. this is important and i think that i agree with commissioner black and support this. i think that we forget about who built this city. it it is in the a bunch of people this came in with money
9:55 pm
it was immigrant this is toiled their asa off and worked. you see this in the people's bones. it is critical that to respect that. and when we find any remains we node to respect them. i really glad that supervisor chan initiated this. i'm happy that staff did the work. and thank you very much. commissioner so. i really appreciate all the effort. all the staff put together and also thank you for your first time presentlying to us. and your knowledge, it is incredible example as also i need to be really appalling supervisor chen and being also first chinese generationim grant, there is so much this we have not really acknowledged of the regular common people that
9:56 pm
build san francisco. they don't have the means to buy land or house to do anything. they were coming out here, trying to earn i minimum wage and send machine tote village. and we have forgotten them. these are unknown hero. i have afternoon understanding had it means to respect youran cestors cemetery and the burial ground and the fact nahear from the story of the staff and
9:57 pm
reading the reportful knowing they had to makeshift to share space in the same plot. and then within 2 years they need to excavate and move out to ship become to china. it was in the the most ideal way to bury your ancestor. hear female call nothing to the president of several benevolents it was really will just heart warm up to me to see how chinese americans and arabians and pacific i landser are uniting and try to we are making a privilege to make things right here and i really fully support the nomination for this landmark and thank you heritage for willing to share your personal perspective and being an architect myself i like to see
9:58 pm
that not only the architecture of the chinese designs are intricate and i'm i can't wait to hear and learn more about the stories of each theseornaments and the craftsmenship and the stores of the culture and history of san francisco. which is continued our message to have a legacy to share to our future generations. we can all work together to have a viable operational solution. moving forward. again. something to look and wlap we have in the past. and honor those that had no privilege and means to be
9:59 pm
respect then and moving forward to be also seeing our city is a functional city we mode to work together to continue other aspect of quality of life for our city. i hope i can still play golf there and be able to you know participate in the ceremony if i got innerrighted by the association we should be all enjoying the landscape. learning and understanding what came before us. and also continue to forge communities and better understandings around upon different groups. >> thank you. >> commissioner nageswaran. >> i echo that.
10:00 pm
i think it is important to -- understands the full development of the land. and respect the various periods and times that you know have come through telling the full story always a benefit everyone understands why it is valuable for a different community. and um -- i think you know his comments of just feeling very good about this -- tells the story of what the history is telling us. it is telling us there is more to this and to learn more about it and then -- the chinese community rediscovered the area and realized how we are moved by being there.
10:01 pm
and -- and forgive me i went through the background information but i don't know if i caught whether the relationship of this cemetery to other accept taers in the city like laurel heights and the civic center cemetery is whether i know having studied those yours that the development and the areas also changed everything for the accept taers and whether this is a remaining cemetery that we only have this remaining portion of the other accept taers that we have that will be a request. and then -- the review processes
10:02 pm
prior whether the review processes were the same. was the archaeological process the same was the review process the same. those are my 2 questions. >> him those are great questions. i'm going on take the first and allison will take the second. and in regards to city accept ter's rep with cemeteries it is complicated but you mentioned the big 4 cemeteries laurel hill, odd fell sxoes calvary. they alone had 150,000 burials. between the 18 the 1920's and 1940s there was efforts to remove bodies from those.
10:03 pm
however, construction has revolted human remains in odd fellow and masonic. we than the removal efforts were not completed. we than some of the earlier accept taers such as yerba buena the first cemetery that was right on the other side of the civic center plaza contained 9,000. there was a removal effort from that cemetery and partial and archaeology continued to find remains there. does that answer your first question. why is this cemetery like low the most intact of what we can see. versus the other cemeteries in the city this is most in tact? >> this is -- in tact may not be the right word this is where of the most people were left behind
10:04 pm
and the least effort was med to remove the bodies. and developed. >> yes. >> when they00 automayor at the time wrote a poem about how the busied would be left in accomplice and the park an enjoyable accomplice for children to play in after. it was knowledge at the time the bodies would not be removed when it was converted to a park. >> the integrity is more it in tact. >> yea. there is like remnants -- had less disturbance there was less of a removal effort. >> to clarify archaeological review processes happened
10:05 pm
throughout sort of -- throughout last several democracied or -- reasonable or -- well, i know through what i read in the staff report, it talked about archaeological rerowel and the park's review. is that the -- is this the same before and after the designation? >> correct. >> there are a few more steps that were add in the. as we discuss we like to do out reach with the groups as part of the environmental review and coordinate with rpd. folks are notified that work is happening but the goal is the same process would happen the knowing we have a fair low robust process we do for reviews through the process.
10:06 pm
that was a community concern if there was more review what would happen if designate when more rerowel is well? it sounds like for archaeology and you know general use of the property it has been the same and now if it gets designated there will be a few more steps in the process include being h pc opining on future development? jot way the ordinance is written is below ground work where that is the only activity. such as maintenance, upgrade and things like that. the small -- new introductions if the golf balls or changes. that would not need a certificate of appropriateness. but don do the environmental review process we do currently and work with rpd to determine what is the depth and extent of
10:07 pm
the grounds disturbance? the like lihood of impacting resources and the property level of archaeological treatment we would do and we will also notice groups like to be notified that work will be done. and make sure there is an archaeology that fulfills that and as well know this is identified as a significant archaeological site is we would work with rp bshgs d for interpretation. and in this approach. >> community -- expressed upon dprn they do regrouping on the golf course buildings there would be like more rerue. so 91 of the golf buildings or are the golf court is included
10:08 pm
in the designation. as are the other buildings or structures we tried to do a good list legion of honor others would not be include today is focusing on the character defining features associated with city cemetery. >> thank you. this is a significant land mark and i appreciate and want to thank supervisor chan planning staff, the societies and the golf organizations for their collaboration. and input in the review and process. i would schedule as a follow up to -- commissioner johns comment. that staff provide information on the updates?
10:09 pm
that are sent from harris 'occurrence. and in would be include in the i'm sorry. including the including the additional structure that he suggested might be. and -- and on that after that this all right totally possible to shared uses and it sounds like dpw is on point with -- the operation and maintenance that can be done without impairing the features and without impairing the significance of the site. so i think that is all great. and i also think that this is
10:10 pm
hopeful low a spring point for more interpretation. >> commissioner johns. >> following up on commissioner nageswaran's comment. there was a jouish area in this city cemetery, the main jewish accept tare taer was elsewhere. and now known the delores park. in case you wonder how that came up. the other thing is if you are interested in relic and tombstones and go for buena vista park you see where hay made gutters to direct water various place and used the tombstones from the cemetery and all cases they did not put the writing down. you can occasion's see the
10:11 pm
remnants of the tomb stoneful i support the motion. >> i would like to comment. thank you for your comment it irrelevant bring its home bhoch really took the time exactly really persevered and put in hard work to make san francisco what it is today. i think in one of the reports 23,000 persons -- today there are 29,000. i would like to make sure that is clarified because we don't have the records of people who are burr ed there people who probably were uncomboevenl you mentioned there were -- a section and there were never counted. i want to make sure when we put
10:12 pm
this land mark we take serious measures to make sure everyone is counted. because there are no records we don't honest is there. is this correct? no records survived? >> yea. from historic documents we therein was's leverager maintained for city cemetery that ledger either did not survive or is losted to history. upon there are some shadow records that indicate individuals from city cemetery we have some of the original one of the records if the gray company notes a few people. >> nothing comprehensive. >> no. >> and is it my know thanksgiving this is the first cemetery that the city and county is considering for land mark designation? >> that's correct. >> we need to get this right
10:13 pm
sxichl think one of the ways we can ghet vote to honor those who are buried there and i know that rpd did not have this in their report i suggest that when we because i believe that the commission is very interested in supporting supervisor chen land mark that when it it is it becomes ape landmark that we have some type of ceremony to honor all people that currently reside well and we focus in on what supervisor chan brought to our attention about the benevolent society and the historic structures that still remain. yesterday the board supervisors kicked off the asian pacific islander heritage month where supervisor chan and mar the only
10:14 pm
wo asian american supervisors for the city, talked about the contributions that ap i made to the city. but it is only recent that has been acknowledged and by -- landmarking this we see that the chinese community has been here since the late 18 it is important because many ap i's are considered foreigners. i'm often asked, where do you irrelevant come from. thinking i -- i'm anim grant. and those stereotypes need to go away. and i think one of the way its can by pointing out history well is a history asian americans who have been here for over a century. i encourage the d. rpd to work with our planning staff to talk about signage and the important contributions that many people
10:15 pm
have made that are often forgot extent unrecognized. and to seriously consider that when this is a landmark we celebrate and remember and appreciate nose burr ed there. i think i heard a motion and i'm not sure a second? >> second. >> i can make a motion to adopt the recommendation for approval designation. commissioners on that motion -- recommendation for approvaling commissioner wright yoochl yes >> commissioner black >> yes >> commissioner foley >> aye. >> commissioner johns >> yes >> commissioner so. >> yes. >> commissioner nageswaran. scombro yes >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> it passed. >> item 6a-d.
10:16 pm
lbr202203213. and 2022003187 for properties at 1800 mason street. 300 connecticutful monterey boulevard and 315018th. they are legacy business applications. >> good afternoon. upon planning staff. today we have 4 legacy business applications after staff completed the presentation members of the public and business representatives will have an opportunity to speakism turn it over to the first planner. to begin.
10:17 pm
the first application we have a 38 year old family owns italian-american restaurant in russian hill and north beach neighborhood. it has one location. on the northeast corner of mason and union streets. where they serve classics spa get competence meat ball and tiramisu. beyond the culinary offerings the restaurant is a cozy, community center neighborhood if i can tour. ordinance kev and i know gina say they are a hug from an old i tality yen grand match every night the family some there to greet new and returning customers. some held wedding receptions and birthday parties well. the restaurant prides itself in and committed to preserving a
10:18 pm
quintessential are place and commitment on or organic ingredient and cocktails and the often andent row sign. >> staff supports and recommends a resolution to add them to the legacy business registry. that concludes my registration. thank you. >> good afternoon planning staff. the second legacy business application is goat hill pizza located in d10 potrero hill. it was a hit when sold sour
10:19 pm
dough pizza in 75. it became a favorite accomplice where families celebrate, friends talk and kids enjoy a slice. upon the pizza expanded the dining recommend in 1985. a soma location in 2 where are 08 and a third in the pest portal in 2012. played an irrelevant in community life. the member of the potrero, dog patch merchant's association. including the halloween pizza give arc a. all you can eat night and work from artists. from the name to brajdz they celebrates the history of the neighborhood. the site of goats on the hell side was common. the instruct's mascot goat i woulda anchovy lives in the
10:20 pm
backyard until 1985. her image on the signage. on the sidewalk outside, goat hill pizza preserved a piece of neighborhood history. in the 1920's the pavement poured goats escaped and scampered across the intersection leaving their hooves in the wet pave am. during street repairs they were rescued by kief project and embedded instead walk outside goat hill pizza. served the community for 47 years they are maintaining the features. salvaged materials and participation in event and of course, goat hill image on the signs. staff supports and recommends a resolution to ad goat hill to the registry this concluded my
10:21 pm
presentation. thank you. chiropractics owned a sole prioritiship by the doctor at 2 monterey across the street from the glen park bart station since 87. doctor opened the practice at the vision of providing chiropractics care. since opening in 87 the doctor personal low helped 4,000 parents and many from the immediate neighborhood andeen continue to see parents throughout the pandemic. the chiropractics main goal is to help patients achieve health without surge row or drugs. the doctor specializes in pain
10:22 pm
relief, autoaccident recovery. optimizing spinal health and trained in the advanced methods and tools. they are recognizable and familiar to residents for 35 years with a royal blue often and one room office and reception inside. changing little during the 35 years. the doctor continued to give become at this time community he serves. through commitment to parent and constant availability of service. >> the doctor is act of in the greater business community promoting the glen park festival and part of the merchant's association. staff is in support.
10:23 pm
the fourth is the know fran microscopic society. a 68 year old scientific society in district 9 mission. the san francisco microscop cal so sight formed in 1870 by 2 members of the california academy of sciences and characteristic increase in scientific curiosity, the society exited through 1905 when it was reform in the 1946. the society was official low registered with the california secretary of state in 1954. the san francisco society is an organization that focuses on discussion, research, demonstrations and topic lect urs. the staphed using microscopes. the san francisco microscopic
10:24 pm
members are diverse. consisting of anyone with an interest in microscopes. the san francisco microscop society has events on various topics and live demonstrations of tool and technology. the society works with various institutions and museums and provides service and consultations for scientific research. the san francisco microscop so sight gives back to the community through meetings and evans. provides anyone in the public with an interest an opportunity to connect with others with a similar curiosity and those who are experts. staff is supportive of the application and a resolution recommending the business added to the legacy business registry. we're available to answer questions.
10:25 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. members if you would like to address the commission on these businesses, come forward. >> hello i'm aryell i'm the president of the san francisco microscop society. we are a community of explorers that reveal the hidden wonders that are too tien tow see. i'd like tong had makes us a small business. our mission to be a focal point in seasonals and the arts. we welcome all people any ager background. it serves as a resource for the community and social net w for people to connect over their excitement for exploring.
10:26 pm
membership biologist. chefs. scientists. art irrelevants. engineers, farmers, forensic afternoon lifts. photographers. teachers, nursing, vet republicans and students name a few >> the most dedicated member system henry shot agent 93. steered the society since 1986 he navigated the past decades and honored for him to psz the baton to mow to introduce the society to the next generation. they got the start before henry. we were founded over 150 years ago in 1870 spurred boy a principle from members of the california academy of science the last century we formed ties with other bay area institutions recentliedal museum of uc beshg leave and merit college and others. jury room as president of a society that is over 150 years
10:27 pm
old i thought it prount to quote when the presidents said in an address in 1893 about the 23 year old history. the san francisco microscope upon discharge a plain duty and bringing in the new and peculiar field in the possession of all who desire. what of our future? the fact of this is the oldest society in america and that after 23 years of unintercepted existence is better equipped and more prosperous in the self justified the brightest anticipations for the future. i'm proud to carry the words and so grateful to you all and the city of san francisco for the nomination to have our past and present recognized as a legacy
10:28 pm
business looking forward to the next 150 years. >> thank you. >> hello. i'm andrew and i want to note for the record 35 years ago when i opened the practice d i did in the need reading glasses. if i look at the photos on the application tell say that and in differents i will speak more slowly. i wish i had hair like yourself i was borns in the south bronx. we talk 150 words i minute with gusts top 250. and i used to teach at san front
10:29 pm
state and college of chiropractic. i'm used to speak for 3-4 hours it is change to bring it down to 3-4 minutes my part in barbara will i think want to adopt this policy. because once i get talking about it you can be far long are than that i'd like to acknowledge the historic preservation committee. the office of small believes. supervisor manned men who wrote a letter for me. my friend and family and fellow merchants here and friend and family who are watching remote low. my partner who were is working hard for stan ford is here in spirit and are 38ier old daughter born can raised in san francisco and regard will of what happens today she is the moment important legacy i could have created. she is studying hard she is grating in 2 weeks and i'm
10:30 pm
proved she lives in the city and contributing member and going to graduate school here and will be a psychotherapist it is exciting for me. a few things in the application that are important is i have been credit with saving people's lives as a result of being in practice that is extremely meaningful for me and helped prevent many unnecessary surge rows as a result of my treatment. also gives me pride and accomplishment. i have taken 3 sick days in 35 years i was in the hospital for 2 and tried to convince the daughter to let me out to treat my parents with the promise i would come back and have a stint in my heart. but rather than justify the reasons i might deserve this i like to talk about my experience in san francisco i moved here
10:31 pm
inspect 79 and i move in the an arc mazing 2 room studio in the inner sunset it is an arc mazing district. >> use your culture you have 8 seconds. >> my goodness. i'd like an extra minute i slowed down. >> but [laughter] no. >> you are willing to. but i would like to say that would make this city great i can go on for 10 minutes i appreciate what you are saying what makings the city great are of the neighborhoodless. and the small businesses and the people who run them. thank you.. and the small businesses and the people who run them. thank you.s. and the small businesses and the people who run them. thank you.s. and the small businesses and the people who run them. thank you. i'm proud of the 35 years i have been in practice. and i'm glad to speak for another hour another time about
10:32 pm
all of the thins that make the city great and i'm proud of. this hat was given to me by a patient i helped her -- prevent needing surgery. and her last visit brought this in go giantses but thank you to that parent. for giving me the opportunity to help her and speak with you today. why thank you. any other members who would like to speak. >> we'll go to remote caller. when you hear your line has been unmuted that is your indication. >> do you wish to comment. why come forward, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> use the microphone, please. >> thank you for having me and good afternoon. wearing my chiropractics t shirt
10:33 pm
i have been a patient of doctor andrews for 32 years and one of the people that are grateful for the service he provides. i should say that he is active in the community supporting sports teams that went on for the 20 years to my recollection. and -- support his application for legacy status, thank you. why thank you. i'm philip robbie. i'm the president and founding member of goat hill pizza. thank you for the opportunity to speak regarding the application of goat hill for legacy business status. and accept your recommendations to the small business commission. first, change supervisor walten
10:34 pm
for recommending us. and like to think hall of your starch for assistance in appropriating this application.
10:35 pm
>> on the potrero hill where we were ocpied by the creamery and the brothers bbq. um -- um -- i'm having trubl trouble with the technology. the potrero hill archive project recognized that the history of goat hill pizza and -- the e rerole that -- [inaudible] 1920 the last goats on the hill put their prints on in concrow on wisconsin street when that
10:36 pm
property was redeveloped -- and the new twauk [inaudible] saved the footprints and we now embedded them in the sidewalk of in front of goat hill pizza and the potrero archive recognized that has been a location for activity and history and appreciate for your consideration and attention and humbling ask for your recommendation to the small business commission for the granting of the land legacy business status to goat hill pizza. thank you. left call for public comment.
10:37 pm
thank you very much for having me for the consideration i'm kevin the owner of the restaurants. i'm third generation i tone with my with can special tw months make our i believe foo payment to be the official ordinance it hen a long process i bought it from my father when i was 26 it has been a learning experience for sure. my grand father started with my dad in 84. our chef, dish wash and chef and prep chef been there since the day we opened say we are a family is true they worked there a year long are than i have been arc live. they have been the through line and the ground work for a long time. we hope to keep thems language as we can it has been a rough couple years.
10:38 pm
we need all the help we can get. the old school italian red sauce joint is not as popular. and we are very special place and when people walk in they than -- they near a support spot. that's why we have been able to stay in business. thank you very much for the consideration and for the recommendation. thank you. i have to actual i want top support the sir i'm sorry it interrupt you. >> you have already spoken we allow public comment for 3.sper person. okay. final last call for those importance not yet spoken.
10:39 pm
>> if anybody else from goat hillments to speak they are free to speak. >> okay, no additional requests from anyone public ment is closed. the items are before you >> commissioner foley? >> i sounds like a broken record. i will say the same thing that is you all are what makings the city. great. and what the 150 year old microscope society i have driven by i had no clue i will stop by. i want to ask -- the italian restaurant i knewior grandfather. did he ever have interest in this business in i knew italians that used to eat there a long time ago. thank you very much. >> thank you. commissioner johns.
10:40 pm
>> thank you. this is a really interesting collection of small businesses, i'm familiar with 2. upon the restaurant and goat hill pizza. i definitely will introduce my grandsons to the microscopic society they would be fascinate today is wonderful to see businesses that have endured and as long as these have and have contributed to the community and the neighborhood the way these businesses have and so when a motion is made i will support it. >> thank you. >> commissioner black. sorry. this week i -- am struck bi4 charming stories behind each of the businesses and in short
10:41 pm
thank you all for what you give to the city. we appreciate it. commissioner so. i'm familiar with 2 of these nominations but i agree all the other once i should pay a good visit. i need to give a shout out for goat hill pizza yours is a family friendly business for potrero hill. my daughter grew up in your kitchen. and so we continue to order to go in the pan dem tick nice to see how embracing the community goat hill has been to not just potrero hill but mission and the city and super child friends low. this is super child friends low hard it find for restaurants and the italian restaurant my time
10:42 pm
before i had my child i eat there. [laughter] it it is my go to spot on union street and glad you carry on your father avenue torch to condition the business. for san francisco. we need many of you to do that. it is difficult, i understand. and i wanted to give i shout out for our chiropractor. i know photocopy a character is good they are part of the family for everyone. i have a good chiropractor and know more about me beyond my neck and giving a good chiropractor view i see you have a good heart and character and i hope you serve your community and may be take a few more days of your own vacation time. you can spends time with your family. i would check out the microscope
10:43 pm
society i can't believe it has been around for so long i hope you have a web we can look at a like all of you and i have i don't see a reason not to approve the motion to approve. >> second. >> thank you. >> commissioner jaubs we need to get busy to visit these venues. when we heritage and00 autocommission had a meeting may be now -- 15 years ago or when the commission started when we tried to figure out way in which we could expand our reach of recognizing resources and what struck us was a program at the university of san frafran they talked about prosecute meeting generation and we are happy that you are now part of the office
10:44 pm
of small businesses legacy business as well as the others. i goat hill paz remain friends for the years you deserve i medal for sure! i congratulate all of you today exit know we have a motion and a second. >> very good. if there is no deliberation there is a motion that has been seconded to adopt recommendations for approval for the business applications. commissioner wright. >> yes >> black >> yes y. foley. >> yes >> johns. >> yes. >> so. >> yes >> nageswaran. >> yes >> and matsuda. >> yes. >> motion passes 7-zero. >> congratulations we will all visit you soon. commissioners that will put us on the final item today 7. the city wide historic context
10:45 pm
statement. this is an informational presentation. i want to introduce you to our new staff joining us in the wide range of virtual formats. brandon gunn will present as part of today's presentation. a graduate of the clemson university graduate program in historic prefrgz interest in urban planning and was hired on as an intern with the san francisco planning department in may of lastier. he assisted and architect plan and preservation professionals historic statement. coming before you. since, he continued to w on research, wroiting and the public engagement efforts and joining the planning department full time june 27th.
10:46 pm
>> good afternoon. melanie bishop good to see you in person. as rick mentioned we are bring architect, plan and preservation professionals biographies before you. informationally for review and comment. you will being reviewing the framework component of the statement today. and the do you mean be brought become to the commission later for adoption after incorporating feedback. >> i'm going to introduce the item beforehanding it over to nile colleague who is have didn't bulk of the work on this project. and brandon will be presenting remote low with us today. why program vied an introduction. show you a sample of the types
10:47 pm
of biographies and walk throughout framework with you and out line our next steps. >> as a reminder architect, plan and preservation professionals a collection of biographies a context in the larger context framework. the city wide statement is one component of the large are survey effort. the cultural context we'll appropriate will assist in evaluating properties and drafting suri have findings throughout the project. >> from here i will hand it over to elena.
10:48 pm
thank you. melanie. okay. the w that you are reviewing today is a multiyear long effort start in the summer of 2020. since then we have researchd and written 348 biographies and accompanying framework. tell be brought back before the commission for adoption it will exist as an e involving living droumenting that be shared public low. >> this document serves as a guide signing one of the primary goals of the project is to tell a broad are more inclusive story of the city's architect ral heritage. accordingly we have created a framework with considerations
10:49 pm
women, architect and architects with cultural, and ethnic associations and elected to no long are use the term, master aushth for 2 reasons. the term association slavery and the terms associations with one architect for the work of many. weep will use architect of merit. department hopes use thanksgiving term certification kvrgzs around significant panelled special result in greater recognition and diversity in the departments resources. i will pass it to my colleague >> brandson gurn planning department staff. thank you for the introduction. this statement is a compilation of 300 biographies organized.
10:50 pm
each factless on the individual with the qualifications and others. >> an example is [inaudible] chinese american architect who practiced in san francisco for 40 years. his work was important to the chinese-american community and recognized nationally and internationally. he and others like him formed the core of this document. architects were evaluated winning a carefully developed framework in criteria and social equity. a professional considered significant in the field of plan and preservation. >> significance in this regard the planning department to review resources through a
10:51 pm
better promote the diverse heritage. >> through this do you mean the planingly department seeks to identify and define architects of merit. cording to the national register criteria for evidence master architects are in their field and significant for conversations to the environment through building materialser grounds break design. >> the merit -- general considerations for determining the status includes factors. >> the individual during significant period or development and in san francisco or played a role -- crafts dltd
10:52 pm
manship expertise, transendsance of styles or errors of designs and influence of building styles. materials or large are development trends. qualifications and education. no means a requirement are used to highlight significance. attendance in an institution known for design are important considerations. many considered thunder framework. if the property associated with the framework and one or a combination of the characteristic mentioned the property might warranty consideration under crip teryen c or 3 of the national register of historic accomplice. and i will hand it become to e lanea.
10:53 pm
focus on architects with racial cultural or ethnic group associations. historically architects of color and lbgtq identifying architects denied the legacies that others received to expand the diversity, the department credited additional considerations to use one evaluating rishl, cultural or ethnic associations. some krrgsz include questions of career tenure and brandon mentioned and also whether the professionals were criminalitied to the history of cultural group. used by the community. whether part of a nonwhite group and whether they were a rare practitioner from their group. with the stoornsd they review
10:54 pm
the framework out of the architect ral cannon. if the professionals fit in the above categories they may be eligible for merit status and work warrants consideration under c or 3. not all works will qualify for eligibility. the framework and the packet includes consideration for evaluating an architect of merit full body of work. >> we have similarly developed a tailored framework for female architects of merit. whether due to lack of education possibles or look of raisability in the field. female architects were historically rare. caliber of project and rarity in profession. is the professional one of the small number working during their time?
10:55 pm
or the rare women in real estate during the 19th century. >> and again. if the professional fits in the categories they may be eligible for merit status and benefitted work will warrant consideration under will criteria c or 3. >> thank you. moving forward we are continuing to engage weapon community groups anymored in your packets today. further steps include incorporating the feedback before returning to the historic preservation commission for adoption. if adopted this document will be utilized in making informed and inclusive evidences during the san francisco survey.
10:56 pm
this concludes our presentation we appreciate feedback in the following yours which were listed in the packet and we have 3 questions here. does the framework seem successful in increasing the diversity of architects of merit? how should partners engaged in rerowelling the framework and do you have suggestions of groups to reach out to and the term architect of merit catchure intent of the do you mean or other terms we should consider this concludes our presentation. thank you approximate we are available for questions. >> thank you. >> we should go to public comment. members please, come forward. >> good afternoon. again. commissioners i'm woody labounty from san francisco heritage. in is last of the public comment and a compliment.
10:57 pm
i have been per of the sir have a group for the surray and want to compliment e lanea and brandon. i wish i had this information 10 years ago. i want to call out the -- highlighting of women architecture and women in the real estate industry. came cross in the past women i thought stood out ask did not know i did not know of them before. inga horron wrote a book on women architects of the san francisco bay area. i highly recommend but women like ida mc cain who did building in west wood park or grace peryingo who is the only women in the field at the time in the and these woman are not thought of or do you meaned well. and i hope this document can push forward the role of women in real estate, architecture and the development of san
10:58 pm
francisco. >> thank you. >> okay. last tao call for public comment. no requests to speak. commissioners. public comment is closed and this item is before you. why thank you. commissioners. any comments. commissioner nageswaran. so -- you know going through your questions. you are covering the -- discrepancy of numbers this we are dealing with. you know -- you had numbers in there about you know the percentages of different ethnic groups and00 eye think -- speak out the minority groups is helpful and but i think we also need to look at how we -- the
10:59 pm
way we word things for the social and racial ecwitsy with the architectural biographies. even 3 from are discrepancies now all are a minority group were discriminated bens we want to make sure they are individual stories and we talk about them individually and in this way so it is not a blanket statement to say everybody was denied -- access to something. or -- that they did not get recognition for something. it men for other reasons and being a woman architect -- like my fellow commissioner, you know in school when i was in school you know more than 25 years ago.
11:00 pm
it was about 50/50 in the class that i had. i tiny class but that seems similar to other school it is sometimes the women numbers were lower. throughout my career -- the 50 went, way and it was -- 15% of license architects. are women. so and i know this core lites with the numbers you were finding for minority groups being 16%. it is interesting. i think yes. there is the aspect of wing for or working with other groups that may be part of the majority. but it is in the necessary low because we are discriminated against it is just the numbers. i want to make sure that those are individual stories and that we are -- looking, i think leading the biographies you
11:01 pm
provide as an example were helpful i see how you are evaluating them and having written my own -- you know -- evaluations. i can see that you were being objective about that and objekeltivity is key with defining the histories of -- accomplices, context, people and we have to be objective. because if we -- issue subjective -- statements as this is likely through to something or it may have been because of this. we are organisming the door to thats our work is not justified. the documentation has to be becomed up by -- and interviews and -- other source i'm sure
11:02 pm
know about our covered. i was thinking off the top of my head. newellous hra's on various things and you know the all the different archives we have access to. looking on drawings and although that does not always represent had did the work. so -- newspaper arms are a great source. with the term master architect it means proficiency has nothing as far as i know does noted have a rep it row have people with
11:03 pm
master degree its is a term of proficiency. i do feernlt the term architect of merit because it opens for your second reason which is that there are other people who are involved and doesn't mean the recognized person is the one doing the work. so for that reason i think architect of merit k is good. and you described within this architect you are talking about builders and designers and talking about other people within the field. i think this is all good within your framework. and -- the community groups, i spoke to machine from the latin
11:04 pm
open community and they have their own newspaper archive and all of that and things like that come up. thank you. commissioner black? thank you. i want to say thank you for bringing this to us this early stage. i appreciate that. when we were evaluating the st. francis land mark designation w i was struck by the number of developers, builders and architects i never heard of and had several buildings in the neighborhood. and i suspect that there are other development patterns or groups or architects who have done something similar in other neighborhoods. and especially those who may not have had a fancy education. i'm thinking builders who did a
11:05 pm
lot of beautiful work and can you talk about how you plan to find research to people or firms that we don't know about yet. with the property by property visual? prop to the city wide historic building survey? sure. we had several conversations and it is going to be some of what commissioner nageswaran said primary research. we know that -- with the community -- lacking documentation. and i think in the cases really talking the
11:06 pm
community groups and descendants of the architects and builders. as our team and as we need to acknowledge when we know and don't know and in this case well is a lot we don't know that we need to rely on our community members for. >> thank you. >> >> i have been bothered the lack of information on marginalized developers and architects. their works exist all around us we don't know who they are even home ordinance or property ordinance don't know who built their property. so there will be much learned through this process. and i appreciate the focus it is in the just -- it is inclusive to build ands others since than i have a significant can or might have had a significant
11:07 pm
hand in the development of san francisco. but that has value and merit. it occur third degree this is condition text statement is almost like its own form of reparation in that the hopeful outcome we would bring it to architect and families. um -- of people who should have been celebrated years ago for works. so i like that. and -- i support the name change and and they term architects is still a bit narrow but it states here that includes others. and i don't have a solution for that. in terms of engaging the public. and discuss third degree with staff. i like the idea of a project website i'm not trying to thank you through.
11:08 pm
i'm not trying to add work to your business schedule. comment on line you might get information this way and along with press that night engage the public. i think that -- might get people excited and providing information. and yes, i think the evaluative format will increase the diversity architects of merit. thank you. >> commissioner wright. >> thank you i want to say i agree with the comments of my fellow commissioners. i also. think we should acknowledge that never have became architects of merit than i did not have the opportunity.
11:09 pm
um -- i was very speaking with -- an upon friends when now retire said. he is an act how she was passed up for prosecute motions or not hired. for -- projects, jobs. in the industry. and -- it is just -- appalling to -- hear that. or to than was going on. they might to the have a body of work. that some of the contemp raers had because they, they -- did not have the opportunity but others -- in the shadows. this is trough for a lot others
11:10 pm
contributing may be the primary designer on projects. so i think that this is -- all moving in the right direction. i think, too, commissioner black's comments, well, one other point is i think that applyed women. lawyer plenty of other minorities who -- have it is same story. >> and to follow up on hacommissioner black was saying about you know -- ways to -- engage the community. another thought besides i website programs, presentation
11:11 pm
and lectures and i suspect. sudden front heritage a player in that. many other -- groups that can draw in -- entered people. and the various communities. could then -- stimulate conversation and stories from people who are around about themselves others people that they knew no long are aroundful i think that could be an irrelevant good way to generate -- some research and knowledge we don't otherwise have. >> commissioner johns? >> thank you. i, too, really appreciate the comments of my fellow
11:12 pm
commissioners, commissioner nageswaran interesting commissioner wright just finished saying about people who did in the have the opportunity -- to work on -- i will say significant projects or important projects or projects which gent ritted some interests. there are reasons than i may not have had this opportunity. may have been based on -- their sex. it may have been based on race or based on a number of things or simple low that -- they did not have the clients. you -- have to be very nuanced if you evaluate people based on whether -- nay did or did not --
11:13 pm
have the opportunity -- you know someone with the who left a small amount or no evidence that -- merit is such i person to be considered an architect of merit. based upon the fact that they didn't have the opportunity? to produce works of merit. and the other thans must be absolutely not. they may be recognized and should be recognized, i think for having to work under what was sometimes an unfair and prejudiced system. i think that is completely legitimate and important. i don't think we should say that buzz they did not have a chance
11:14 pm
they had -- dem stated they had they were the architect of merit. i think we must be careful and rigorous. as to the term, architect of merit. i don't think that using the term master architect has any connection with slavery. we use the term master to mean general low speaking, a xhanl. some master mindses a project. or an industry. someone masters skills this are needed for something.
11:15 pm
or in many yaroslavsky music come to mind first you take master classes. and so -- it is probably all right in a contemporary they would say -- not well thought out vocabulary to say that we are not going to use master. anymore. but -- don't -- fool yourselves in thinking that is i great insight. i don't think it is. i do think that as far as community partners. to be engaged -- i don't know what you mean by fauking to the public or community groups. i happening thatture probably best going to -- groups that --
11:16 pm
on are in the know. when it come to architecture or development or planning. you don't want to get a lot of people who really have a visceral reaction but not informed reaction. those are my comments and one other thing. before i for get. years ago when tim fry was here -- i gave him a large box about so by so in a dark blandz everbinding published in the 1920's. and it was a book and the seck was california.
11:17 pm
and i gave it to tim fry because there was a really complete section on architects. and the way that this book was put together you bought a listing. and depending on how much money you would pifor your listing you know it could be several pages or just a paragraph even though there is a limit to it. still. it was i thought and so did tim, an irrelevant comprehensive list.
11:18 pm
upon thank you for continuing to tell us on your progress. i really -- appreciate the work and i felt really honord and privileged to be here and having a really candid conversations with my fellow commissioners and all the lovely planning staff and also with heritage. and am i'm impressd that woody can recite things and the book and i have a training and education in architecture and real estate. for over 23 years and i do understand it take a village to get thing done not just architect but developer and real estate broke ands also contractor we have to be in the same room.
11:19 pm
i appreciate the work that you choose for recollect of merit instead of master architect. i invite all of us to be in any of rooms with our other counterpartings of black architects or just our tribe people that have been we have been historically wronged themmism robbery in a let of community meetings and neighborhood group meetings i hear first hand that the pain and the frustrations of the generational culture using microaggression or languages or art form or monument and skullors to depict groups this are less or which means like they are not as master as the other group. i think that is why you chose to
11:20 pm
will abandon the word, because in these context. i get theft when you are in college xu earn a bachelor and master degree and those are different but in of itself we debate that today we are talking about wham makes san francisco everybody feel that they have they are acknowledged. i appreciate the word architect of merit or switch out developer of merit and mr. presidenter of merit. and like to share my basic understanding with what commissioner wright experienced talking to other architects. this one happen in the my earlier years. 20 years ago i was studying for my exam for the california and one of my friends low coworker was senior and was one of the volunteer to be the examiner to dot exam.
11:21 pm
and took me arc side and that would lid why i wanted to know. we have the 10th examine and i told him california is hard. no. it was created -- to -- make sure that people look like me or other with color don't get the license. i want00ule of us to hear that. we of course change it now and i was a very proud form are board member of the american institute architects of san front we changed a lot and conducted a really data based study and survey to look at how many women architects are getting under pay with the same title and positions. you can see the numbers and it
11:22 pm
it is quite jaw dropping. getting paid 75 cents to a dollar. i have been in my personal career and experience of when i have experienced my share of simple low did not get the door open. because i wear a dress. i agree. we should be factual and neutral when we chose what we document in our survey. the fact that there are history here that the system was created men not maliciously marginalize a couple people but because we don't have all the right group of people to be in the same seat on the table when the decisions were made. so neutral, nonbias, information is what we need to produce. but we should not forget to show
11:23 pm
our responsibility with the understands how the rules and policies and requirements was created xr may be we can call at this time -- story i'm telling you is not a -- a deliberate decision. of course it is in the documented. it might be anecdotal. and a fairy tale but i was told by the senior meantor of mine 20 years ago the message i got from him was not to instill fear to me. he is caucasian. friendly. gentlemen. and actually reminds mow of commissioner johns. but telling mow that i'm so sorry please, study hard xu will mail it. and i did. >> i'm practice and i understand we should answer your questions of reaching out to several
11:24 pm
community i wanted bring that to the focal point the frenlsd of harvey mills plaza and lbgt community they have stories i hear from them on and am often through my review of the design process. a lot of them there are architects of create exclude designing the original steps of the harvey new plaza. those other group i wanted to reach out and introduce you to. and also the asian american architects organization and other contract associations and you can call the american center of architect san francisco chapter and another organization lendser alfred international it is a long standing nationwide
11:25 pm
land use and economic's group you can tap in histories of the significant developer and also land use brain power for the city. >> thank you for the presentation. why commissioner foley. thank you. i have a combufrn of stuff to say i nod have said this much tw weeks ago. first like to say the staff you are doing a great job. i think you are thinking and asking questions. heritage you are awe some. you know keep it up. thanks if everfor your input when we talk about women, lbgtq and people of color marginalized, we in san francisco live in a bubble. we are not the rest of america.
11:26 pm
the sport is trying to put lbgtq, women and people of color become admit bus. work you are doing is great. we need to bring out and be truthful and factual of what the past was. we mode to sped it and vote and community. it is a bad scene out there. thank you very much. >> thank you. commissioner wright. >> thank you. i wanted to follow up my previous comments and thank you to my fellow commissioners for your comments. that i agree with what commissioner johns and commissioner so were saying. and about i'm not i was not trying to suggest ha -- someone
11:27 pm
with you a benefitted work or who did in the have the opportunity would necessary low be considered an architect of merit for this seoul reason i think it is important we have a criteria and that -- it is objective. but it was more of an acknowledgment of the unequal practice and -- also a suggestion about ridiculouses we might look under or way to tease out these other architects of merit. or -- qualified people. thank you. commissioner black. quickly -- i thought of this during the hearing. another source that might be interesting and might paste mechanics institute.
11:28 pm
on post street. they were create in the the 1850's to provide vocational needs for gold miners out of work. i know they have lots of old volumes and informing that might be helpful. at the least it is a fabulous build to visit. a thought. why thank you. imented to share a few thoughts and i'm not sure if you have already considered this. under your first. question or for topic. i'm hoping that you are definitely look to solo practitioners. arc loment of architects of color are not and we are not selected to work in big firms and men intentionally decided to practice on their own and i than -- many of them worked with tight budgetings. and so men they are w is in the
11:29 pm
as known as others i would recommend looking in solo practitioners. i don't know if you are considering public architects. . i mean architects who work for government agencies or public entities they are challenged. with a budget example they are also challenged to -- envision housing that may -- be created for certain communities. one architect who has passed away but he spent the majority of his time building churches. he was japanese-american and built the black which you ares in san francisco and throughout
11:30 pm
the bay area. because they did not have money. and he felt had they needed a place to worship as much as everybody else. iless recommend looking at faith based organizations those that may have a large diverse base. >> and then for the last question about architect of merit. i'm not an architect. i do like the term architect of merit because it does sounds to me respect exclusively it captures haarchitects do. or people in this field do. thank you. commissioner wright >> no. >> i think thap i hope that this has been helpful to you and we look forward to your next presentation and update. thank you.