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tv   APA Heritage Awards 2022  SFGTV  May 19, 2022 11:00pm-12:36am PDT

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daily. we have minimal hours because of our small team during covid. we do welcome visitors to come in and browse through our products. also, visit us online. we have minimal hours. it is nice to set up viewings of these products here.
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[speaking in native language] [applause]
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[applause] >> hi, everyone. good evening and everyone welcome to the san francisco 18th annual aapi heritage celebration. you may know me a executive director as well as japan community district. i am one of the lucky co-chairs of this year's event along with my brothers al perez and thomas lee. yeah, i know. they deserve a big hand. [applause] >> let's give another round of applause to the samoan warriors from the community center. cdc was formed in 1991 and it's the san francisco base nonprofit organization and it really serves the needs of the samoan mesh community providing programs and services that are essential for their community. so we are really grateful that they are here today and then i'm going to pass it onto my brother al.
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>> thank you, grace. good evening everyone my name is al perez. i'm serving as your san francisco commissioner in san francisco. tonight's event would not be possible without generous support of many people and organizations. we are grateful to our sponsors, publicity partners and volunteers especially members of one vet one voice together ff, dear community,íp-=0ñ ymca of sn francisco, the u.s. bank business resource group, the san francisco union lyon club and friends of ron lee, you know who you are. we are also very -- we deeply appreciate our volunteer coordinator courtney ellington and her team, please give them all a round of applause. [applause] >> good evening, my name thomas
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lee. i'm excited to be here. in addition we want to recognize a few more folks that really bring so much life and event to our celebration. our celebration partners this evening are the asian art puc library and the center for asian american media celebrating 40 years. these three organizations and many others are bringing so many events and activities throughout the month. we encourage you to look into these activities on our website at and without further due, it's great -- it's my great pleasure to welcome the mistress of ceremony, my local hero, abc 7 reporter deon lim as mistress of ceremony. [applause] >> wow, can you believe we are all back together?
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yes. as you just heard my name is deon lee i'm a news anchor at kgtv and i do not mince words and i'm unapologetic in my messaging and it has been a tough past 3 years, hasn't it? let me tell you to be here on this stage in front of all of you after what we have gone through not only as a community as a whole but as asian americans in the bay area, it feels like a triumph in a way. i've covered tirelessly the hate, the discrimination, the xenophobia and it has been nothing short of heart-wrenching and a challenge every day. i always say you have to celebrate the wins, you to celebrate the celebrations an amplify them when you can and that is what we are doing here@u in the auditorium today.
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[applause] >> so without further due, i would like to introduce someone who i will speak a little bit more about momentarily after her performance but she is quite a force to be reckoned with. do not be mistaken by her small stature because she's big in her voice. welcome to the stage for the national anthem, miss juliette.
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[national anthem] [cheers and applause]
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>> i mean, talk about a show-stopper, how do you follow an act up like that? [laughter] >> julia by the way and i had the pleasure of working together about a year ago when we were searching for stories to amplify achievements. she's actually just 5 year's old for all of you who don't know. she's also a certified menza genius. yeah. and not to make all of us look bad, she told me behind the stage that she's actually performing for all of you her smallest audience to date. [laughter] >> true story. now, i'd like to get into a little bit of the history of how we got here today, our timeline because admittedly as someone who is so invested in telling aapi stories i did not know a lot about how this came to be. 44 years ago.
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president jimmy carter signed into law a resolution declaring one week in the month of may as asian pacific american heritage month. it wasn't until 1990 that one week celebration then expanded to the entire month of may. and then 1992 when legislation was signed into law making aapi heritage month in may a permanent celebration in the united states. [applause] >> i just need to take a moment. i have so much pride sharing all of this with you. not only that, in 2005, san francisco's mayor gavin newsome he supported the idea of an annual office celebration, an official one that would include all asian and pacific islanders. now here in san francisco where more than a third of the population is asian american or
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pacific islander in descent, we continue to show the nation how to properly celebrate asian-pacific american heritage month and we do it with events like this. [applause] >> now planning all of this takes an army. the planning of our city's celebration includes public awareness campaigns, they are the collective efforts of members of the apa heritage committee, tireless volunteers, all in partnership with the apa heritage foundation. this is for all of you who don't know a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to securing these sponsorships and resources to make celebrations like this happen. it takes an army. at this time, i would like to welcome a very impressive woman, claudia chang, coordinator of this community celebration to
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give greetings on behalf of the team. claudine. [applause] >> we are doing it because we have an amazing team. happy aapi heritage month, everyone. hey, we are here. [applause] >> we are here to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the federal law when president jimmy carter signed into law in 1978 a -- at that time the law was only to celebrate our heritage week during the month of may and as you have heard it has since been expanded. and every time when we gather here for this event something that we always talk about is, yes, heritage -- heritage is not just about traditions and the past. when we think about the term heritage we are thinking about
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the present, all of us, what all of us can do here and also the future, the next generation like juliette that we just heard from is so inspiring. but today i think i would like to take a moment and look into the past. yesterday we all heard the very sad news of the passing of secretary and he's known to many of us to as just nom. we would not be celebrate apa heritage week or month if not for someone like nami in 1997 together with congressman frank from new york proposed a celebration for celebrating our heritage and contributions to this country. i remember reading his
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passionate speech in the house of representatives that he talked about how asian american -- pacific americans are part of the fabrics of this country that we should be included, same thing that we are still talking about today. are we included? but -- but so without at that time, without fighting for it and frank harton and other members of congress supported the resolution, we would not be celebrating this occasion every year. and many of you probably heard of him, have met him was amazing. he was inspiring from being the son of a japanese immigrant who went through the internment camps in world war ii in the u.s. army to being the mayor of san jose and one of the longest
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serving member of congress. if that wasn't history enough, he was one of the rare asian pacific americans that actually served in two cabinet positions. secretary of commerce and the secretary of transportation and to this day he was still recognized as -- recognized as secretary mineto and all through his life it was inspiring, he was breaking barriers for asian-pacific americans have never gone before and he was paving the way for us. he was -- for those of you who have had an opportunity to have met him, he's very soft spoken, extremely personable and extremely humble but when he was fights for rights, fighting for our opportunity he was forceful formidable, tenacious out there fighting for us every day so today i would like to ask for a moment of silence in memory of lamin mineto.
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[silence] >> thank you. so nome left a gate legacy. i remember the last time meeting him at campus and it was campus opening in 2018 with mayor and we presented at the time a legacy award to celebrate him and title of that documentary is an american story. so he is an american story and he has left a legacy that i think that really encouraged all of us to follow and then left path to follow. this year our celebration theme is forging community bonds. it's very relevant to the times that we live in after couple of of the pandemic, after having to address anti-asian hate, it is time that we come together and
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think about how we get to know each other a lot -- a little more, how we can support each other. i'm not talking about just within the diverse api community but also through our san francisco with the diverse demographics. that's what -- that is a call for action forging community bonds. i am so proud and so happy that actually on may 14th all around the country in 20 some cities there's -- that is the date of solidarity and celebration and they are all adopting our theme forging community bonds because it makes sense to them. i mean, this is the times that we live in so we hope that because of all the programs that are offered by our -- by so many organizations in our communities that -- that everyone finds -- find a program to enjoy and try to get out there, try to get to know each other a little bit more so that we can all be friends because we do need to get along and we need to support
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each other in our city. and i remember just last week when we launched the celebration of this month in chinatown at the amazing 7-hour art festival, neon was never brighter and i hope some of you are able to go and enjoy that. [applause] >> i remember at the press conference that our mayor brief said we are -- we come from all very diversed programs but we are one city, we are one community. and we are so lucky to have a mayor that really understood that and amplified every day so with no further due, mayor london bridge. [applause] >> thank you, claudine, i will start by saying it's great to be here in person for people for a change and it's been such a long
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time since we've had the opportunity to come together in this capacity. usually mayor brown and i don't show up at the same events together because i know how much he likes to steal the show but not today mayor brown, not today. [laughter] >> but what i want to do is really take us back a little bit to a time when willy brown was mayor and how he exemplified the forging of community bonds, how he worked with various communities and, in fact, i was oftentimes very impressed with the amount of support that he consistently received from the asian community in san francisco. he was truly an example of bringing people together and part why this celebration is so important it's not just because we are coming together but it's how we forge the community bonds
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in san francisco with people of different races and backgrounds and how we continue to forge and strengthen bonds between so many people throughout the entire world in light of all of the challenges that continue to persist. and so i want to take this moment to acknowledge and thank some of the council generals as well as some of their representatives who are here today in solidarity to support aapi heritage month here in san francisco starting with the korea council general's office as well as china, philippines, united kingdom, those representatives please stand for a round of applause.
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[applause] >> thank you for your work and thank you for your friendship. claudine is bringing them on stage too, okay. well, good, i don't mind the house lights being up. it's really great to see all of the wonderful faces. come on up since she wants to bring you all up. [laughter] >> and i just want say thank you and celebrating with this community. they'll be wonderful activities and you heard about camp fest telling the stories of asian americans and asian people throughout the world, you've heard about the great events that are going to be happening at the library and other activities and i just would like to take a moment to just also acknowledge the incredible bruce lee exhibit that's happening at
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the chinese cultural center and how timely it is because i know that oftentimes when people think about bruce lee they think about a person who was a good fighter. we know that he was a marshal artist but he really was a revolutionary artist and when you think about the theme of this event and the forging of bonds, this is what bruce lee did at a time when he himself in the film industry was being discriminated against, when even -- when he tried to teach marshal arts to people that were not necessarily of chinese decent, he was treated badly and unfairly and sometimes even by his own people and he refused to not be himself and himself being the bringing of people together and forging those bonds and the
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importance of doing so. now growing up as a kid i'm sure some of you remember watching those movies he was in and i didn't understand the language but i sure loved watching those moves and in our community in the black community, bruce lee was a hero. he was a hero that brought people together because his art, his personality and what he represented was universal. and he took that and used that to forge bonds with various communities which is why celebrating him at this time as revolutionary artist is someone that not just the asian community could be proud of but all of us could be proud of as an example in bringing communities together is so important. so make sure you get to see that exhibit because it is impressive, it's amazing and it's inspiring. and i also did not mention that someone is here from the council
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generals office of japan and so thank you so much for being here as well. i also want to just take the opportunity to acknowledge the honorees martin promised me that he would make a meal just for me. an extraordinary chef, master chef as we would call him and we are so proud and grateful that he's here today with us and we can claim him as one of our own here in san francisco and to rudy, great choreographer, wonderful artist. we are grateful to have you as well and i think robert honda is here who we are honoring, the television personality there and thank you so much, robert, for your work. great people to honor, great activities, great events during the month of may and also in honor of aapi heritage month in san francisco, city hall will be
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lit up in the colors that claudine told us to light up city hall in. [laughter] [applause] >> as you walk out and you walk over to city hall and if it's dark outside you'll be able to see it as you celebrate. you know, claudine i'm so glad that you brought the event to the theater and i remember when we used to have it at city hall and we used to have at the mayor's conference room and how crowded it would be because there would be so many people who wanted to participate. this event has gown and it demonstrates just how important this community is to our city and to the people who are part of the city and so i want to thank you all so much for being here as we recognize and celebrate the contributions of asian americans and their impacts on this city and the people of this city, thank you all so much. [applause] >> and now my official duty today is to sign a proclamation
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declaring it officially ap -- aapi, we changed it from apa. aapi heritage month in the city and county of san francisco and for the signing of this proclamation in additionally i will ask mayor brown. thank you. [applause])ñ$g-+ñip)úñ■p÷h2?5
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>> so nice to see everybody now that the lights are on. thank you for your vision and leadership and mayor is leaving but mayor it is good to know that claudine has commands and instructions for you too and not just me. we are in this together. nothing but love claudine, you know. she has been part of this celebration for 17 years. this is my first time so thank you for the opportunity. i'm so incredibly grateful.
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thank you to the mayor staff, office for all of the support, for not only being here but really truly caring about our community. now to what you see on screen, tonight's celebration would not be possible if it were not for the commitment for the generous businesses, all of the support and the sponsors. so at this time i would like to introduce this year's event sponsors including the 3 copresenting sponsors amazon, u.s. bank and virus geeks. also we have heritage captain sponsor, kaiser permanente, cruise, heritage sponsors, aapi legislative caucus foundation first republic bank, golden state warriors, japan center garage corporation and meta. pg&e and at the heritage friends level a1 comcast and the san
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francisco association of realtors. this list is so incredibly long of the media sponsors, the community sponsors, you can see a list of them in your program book that you have in your laps. they are also at our web night, facebook page and other publicity materials. so once again, thank you for all of your support for this community celebration. once again for all of them a round of applause. [applause] >> how many of you are fans of kpop? yes, yes. all right, because we have a special treat coming up for you momentarily. founded in 2010 korean performance group also known as kpg, the dance team with passion for kpop. the team focuses on performances at u.c. berkeley and around the bay area.
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they strive for excellence, why not take it away. [applause]
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[music] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] [music] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> isn't it amazing that you don't know what the lyrics mean but you're moving and having a great time. once again, kpg. [applause] >> before we continue with the award ceremony we have a special greeting from a friend of the aapi community. as the chair of the budget committee assembly person has directed unprecedented funding to meet the needs of our communities. please welcome to the stage none other than phil. [applause] >> thank you, deon and thank you for all your amazing coverable for the last couple of as she aptly put it this has been a very tough couple of for our community.
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we have seen hate crimes soar and often times the most vulnerable people feel they can't even go to the grocery store or wait at a bus stop. and so i'm so proud just like deon mentioned to be asian, to be here, to be out with all of you to say that we are back, we are here, we are taking back our city, we are taking back our state and it is so important that the one is love and pride and what -- i can't think of a better way than to kick off aapi heritage month than with this celebration to be with you altogether and to really celebrate 3 amazing honorees martin and robert honda and rudy, people who personify and really represent the best in our community but really i just want to thank the heritage month committee. i know that claudine, the whole team, board of directors, the
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committee has done an amazing job to put this event on but also we have an amazing slew of events for the next 30 days and to really come out and celebrate everything in our community and it's so important to do that for our community but also to make sure that we are joining arm and in arm for every community here in our city and here in our state and again, it's an honor to be here tonight. i want to congratulate you on this amazing event and i'm so glad to see all of you in person and not to have one more zoom celebration. it's great to be here tonight and so proud to be asian, thank you very much. [applause] >> phil, beautiful i will said. i appreciate your support so incredibly much and during those days when it feels like you don't want to continue telling the very challenging stories knowing that people are listening, knowing that you are
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seen and you are heard, it's half the battle and especially as someone who never, never lived in a community before prior to bay area it means a lot, thank you for that. now i would like to begin the awards presentation. i would like to invite past award recipient former supervisor, currently city administrator carmen shu to present this year's community milestone honors to two amazing organizations. also i'd like to invite denise, the awards committee chair to join in this presentation on stage. [applause] >> good evening, everybody. i'm not sure if anybody was feeling nervous but i was when the kpop announcement was coming up. i felt a little bit sweaty, who is coming up on stage, am i going to be expected to dance,
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luckily none of you have to be subject that to the that embarrassment but today i want to make sure to acknowledge a few other special guests that are in the room as well. i know they came up to take a picture when the proclamation was signed earlier but i want to make sure to recognize them by name as well. you heard mayor brown, mayor brown, thank you for being here. [applause] >> assembly member phil king was just up here. emoto. [applause] >> our district attorney budine. [applause] >> and also our public defender raju. [applause] >> today i'm so excited to be here to kick off and to be with you to celebrate our apa heritage month but also the stories that make our communities so vibrant and so rich. as many of you know, this has
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been a tough two years for many reasons, many of the struggles that we all faced being separated from the people that we love, our friends, the challenges that we've had to make and the adjustments, the economic concerns and challenges that many of our businesses have had to endure and our workers as well. and you add on top of that the challenges that we have seen in the apa community with regards to apa hate and it's been a hard two years. what i like about apa heritage month, though, is that it gives us an opportunity to tell the stories of our strengths. it gives us the opportunity to talk about the ways in which we are asian pacific american community have shaped our history, our nation's history and it gives us the opportunity to make sure that the whole world knows we are part of our united states american history here. so when we think --
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[applause] >> so when we think about all of those challenges that we've seen up until this point and surely all the challenges that we will see in the future, let's not forget why we have apa heritage month and that's to celebrate, again, our strengths, our successes, the people who have led before us, who forged those bonds and make our resilience and our community stronger. so again, i want to give you a round of applause because so many of you in our community have help today make this history possible. thank you. so, of course, it is my immense pleasure to be able to announce our awardees, at least the two organizations i will be recognizing tonight. first i want to present to you celebrating 25 years of community milestone the asian pacific islander cultural center. please join me up here.
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[cheers and applause] >> renee will share a few words. a background, it was founded by representative for nonprofit groups, asian american dance performances, asian improv and theater company and since 1988 it has led organization that is we count onto promote organizational growth. something that we need to make sure we continue to uplift so that we see in our performances, our stages, our movies, our arts community, our own faces. renee. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much, carmen. [laughter] >> thanks, ralph. a lot of thank yous that's going to be happening right now since
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we only have a minute. i want to thank claudnie, aapi and heritage foundation for the wonderful honor. i want to acknowledge that without the advocacy of our community api will not be here today and it's the founder to create this organization 25 years ago and she could not have done it without the amazing leadership of then supervisor mabel. we want to thank all of our partners, san francisco arts commission, thanks, ralph again and, yes, arts commission. [applause] >> and the san francisco city cultural center program, san francisco grants for the arts, our wonderful leader and champion mayor lyndon breed. our city's supervisors and elected officials in sacramento which phil was just up here today. and i want to have a deep heart
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felt thanks to my colleagues at api cultural center, mel any, tj basa, thank you and i love you. and finally we are no -- we are no one without our elders ancestors and artists who inspire us every day. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> another round of applause, thank you so much and
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congratulations. and now the second award that i want to help announce for our community milestone if you can believe it, this organization has been around for 50 years. [cheers and applause] >> come on. 50 years. [cheers and applause] >> there you go. please come on up managing director kim from workshop. [cheers and applause] >> was founded in 1972 during the height of the asian-american and cultural movement, workshop is the oldest asian pacific american multidisciplinary arts organization in the country. another big round of applause to street workshop. come on up. >> hello, everybody. my name is mihi kim from street
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workshop and i'm lucky to be codirector there. we are thrilled to be honored here and all the other awardees we are here to be at the theme of forging community bonds. we have been a home and hub for asian american artists for 5 decades, across all disciplines and we are excited here to announce our 50th anniversary. our 50th anniversary gala will be on june 11th in about a month from now at the san francisco mint so another good opportunity to announce that the title of the event is to imagine is to exist. 50 years of ksw marking 5 decades of our catch phrase which is that we've been making artists out of community and community out of artists from 5 to 9:00 we will celebrate with music, food, entertainment and art auction, poetry from chang
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and jazz from wong and band and much more. through art we imagine who we are, know where we come from and build healthier, stronger inclusive worlds we all wish to live in. please join us at the gala or speak to many of the ksw representatives here today including myself. thank you to apa heritage foundation and committee for the honor tonight especially denise, our work wouldn't be possible with the support of greater community. thank you for all being here today. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> congratulations to recipients. carmen, thank you very much. you were awesome. no dancing required. now to the part of the program where we would like to represent in the category of inspirational achievement. i would introduce to you california's chief deputy superintendent of public instruction working closely with
11:49 pm
the state superintendent. mary was the first asian american in the position to oversee education policies statewide. mary was also a past chair of the apa heritage awards committee. please a warm welcome to mary nicely. [applause] >> hold on here. technical difficulties. while dennis is bringing up the script. i will say how grateful i am for claudine to continue vitme back
11:50 pm
to be at the awards celebration since going to sacramento it has been hard to be part of the planning for this amazing event. i am themed to see you here back in person. i am the first asian-american to be a chief deputy superintendent of public instruction. i am proud to say there are three women apa members of the superintendent's executive team. (applause). representation matters. i am not sure if assembly member ting is here. i want to thank him. it makes a huge difference to have an apa representative in such a position of power in
11:51 pm
sacramento. he has made historic investments in education this year. he has made historic investments in addressing the anti-asian hate that has come about during the pandemic. i am very, very thrilled to say that. we have that there. now to the awards. claudine, thank you for this amazing award. first, i would like to honor and name robert honda, who i am sure we are all very familiar with as the first award. robert is, of course, an award-winning reporter for the nbc bay area news. robert honda is the celebrated host of the show asian pacific
11:52 pm
america. a weekly talk show focusing on the newsmakers and issues pertinent to the aapi communities. over the years it included interviews with newspapers from actors, actresses to athletes, elected officials and many more. for his work in broadcast journalism he has received top local and national awards for outstanding achievements in investigative reporting, documentaries and substantial coverage of community issues. robert, are you here? [applause] >> thank you, mary, hello, everyone. well, i don't really have white teeth like that. i don't know where the picture came from. thank you, mary for the nice
11:53 pm
introduction but she said everything that i was going to say. dion everyone tells me they are anxious to get to the food. when she said two minutes i had to go back to add a minute to my script. and really great to see all of the distinguished guests, carmen, phil, street workshop looks like a guest street for asian pacific america but i have my coordinated producer celina ramirez and jay dela cruz and lance louis here. when you get a chance go down and start booking guests, okay? anyway, just want to thank everybody for being here because even though i'm receiving an award, i had a lot of people come up and say how much they
11:54 pm
enjoyed the show and it just reminded me how at one time trying to start a show about asian american and pacific islander issues was not seen as something that even the community would watch and after almost 8 years we have proven them wrong and i want to thank all of you for being a part of that. [applause] >> it really is something that we can be so proud of at nbc bay area. i want to also think nbc bay area for supporting the show as well as helping me create it along with lance because we really want today put together a show that would cover community groups and community events that weren't getting much coverage before and so nbc bay was on the vanguard of doing that way before it became something that people should do because of aapi hate and other issues that made our community put more in the
11:55 pm
spotlight. as dion and other people have mentioned it has been a tough couple of but i just want to thank everybody for the resilience and strength the community has shown. i really appreciate this award especially when it's under the category of inspirational because inspiration means that you help inspire people to do something. and i just think that that is going to be the key to all of us resolving all the things that are going on in the community right now, everybody has to do whatever they can. and whether it's a little bit, helping a community organization or whether it's a lot, reminded me that when i saw norman, the great norm, old family friend, city councilman as well as congressman and was a presidential cabinet member twice yet when i was a kid, he was our family insurance agent. [laughter] >> so that just tells you how
11:56 pm
people who are in leadership roles, they're not there because they were ordained to do it, people whether got involved in the community and just kept on going. i hope that's what people here would be inspired to do and that's what i plan to keep on doing. i want to thank as well as your efforts on doing these types of events because they really do make the community prideful and strong. thank you all for being here. and i will see you at city hall. [applause]
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[applause] >> congratulations, robert. and our next inspirational awardee is rudy soriano, a performer, choreographer, teacher and leader in the filipino community. rudy soriano is the founder of the lkha filipino folk ensemble, an organization that preserves and celebrates filipino culture through music and dance. rudy is not with us here today. he's out of the country but we would like to show a video of his acceptance.
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>> i'm rudy soriano, founder and choreographer. dance has always been the center of who i am. it has inspired me to help other people to learn and love the culture and heritage. thank you asian pacific american heritage for this award. i am humbled and honored for the recognition. [applause] >> and so we have representative here to accept this honor for rudy. [applause]
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[applause] >> of course, last but not least martin yan. [cheers and applause] >> i don't think i really need to say much but i will say this, martin, a master chef, highly respected culinary educator and prolific author, legendary chef has educated and entertained millions around the world with television show launched in 1978 and with over 3500 shows. the yan cook series is one of
12:00 am
the longest running programs worldwide. [cheers and applause] >> in addition, chef is judge in national and international culinary competitions including iron chef on the food network. earlier this year martin received the james beard foundation lifetime achievement award, one of the highest honors for culinary professionals, martin. [cheers and applause] >> i promised to cook her a dinner. [laughter] >> then she forget to read the e-mail that i sent. as long as she agree to wash 200 dishes after dinner.
12:01 am
[laughter] >> i cannot sing, i cannot dance, i cannot -- but yan can cook. [cheers and applause] >> during the last couple of it has been very tough for asian americans, particularly in chinatown. so a lot of hate crime and actually recently i did a show called my chinatown. [applause] >> we try to bring people back to chinatown and bring people back to san francisco. one day i was filming and somebody said why don't you go back to your country and i said, what country? this is my country. america. yeah. [applause] >> and i want to thank my good friend betty and eva louis foundation. the slogan is my chinatown, your
12:02 am
chinatown, everybody chinatown, welcome back to san francisco chinatown. [applause] >> for 50 years, 50 years ago asians in america were called orientals. hollywood actors would put on the yellow face make up to play asians in hollywood movies and televisions. back then japanese food was the ramen we cook on hot plates in our college dorms. chinese cuisine was fried rice, chop soy and the rule of thumb that everything would taste better with extra duck sauce. these days you find fresh sprouts, regular or organic, organic tofu in the middle of kansas. whole foods, it is that simple,
12:03 am
everything that you can find, we have come along way. 50 years ago when america wanted to learn how to cook, the only way they can learn is wishing them bon apetit. i hope i have made a little difference at least in the last part. america is an extraordinary country. it's an experiment and motion to perfect itself, makes america unique and makes us asian american you know and the envy of the world. we are asian americans. without asian american chefs you'll be eating hamburger and pizza every day. you'll never be able to taste duck, dumblings, can you imagine
12:04 am
hamburger and pizza, breakfast, lunch and dinner? [laughter] >> i want to thank all of you in the community for your support and all my brothers and sisters in the aapi community. you make my job so much easier. and i will continue to cook for everybody and thank you so very much for the award. [cheers and applause] >> yeah. >> i would go back to my house and hang this on the ceiling so every night when i go to sleep i look at it. every morning i wake up i look
12:05 am
at it. [applause] >> if anybody asks me, if anybody in the future asks me to go back to my country, i will tell them, can you bone a chicken in 18 seconds. i would challenge them. [laughter] [applause] >> as everyone is taking their photos i just want to say martin, you took my joke, i was
12:06 am
about to make a comment about it. i had the pleasure of recording a video for his ceremony for the james beard award next year, next month i should say in chicago. and i had the pleasure of also being at noodle fest with him as well and what i said to the camera, it's remarkable how something as universal as food can bring different perspectives together to robert also even though technically he and i are competitors in the television world, i have secretly been a fan of his ever since i came to the bay area, so i think because our missions are aligned i've always felt a commodore with robert. we are friends on social media and now in real life too so i'm exceptionally happy about that and behind the stage rudy as well, i don't know rudy personally but you should hear everyone, they were all cheering him so excited that he was receiving this award, i cannot wait to tell his story as well and bring it to the bay area community. so once again a round of
12:07 am
applause for everyone who was on stage. [applause] >> we do want to take a moment to note that the beautiful inspiration awards themselves they are actually art piece that is were created by a nationally acclaimed artist, her name is linda mahara so our thanks to linda for generosity and thought and care in crafting these awards. if you would like to see more of her amazing work we want to remind everyone that she has works at the shop paper tree in japan town here in san francisco so please patronize that business. now before we end tonight's program with our grant finale, do i want to include some
12:08 am
important announcements as well. after the event it has been noted that the celebration continues over at city hall, that is how much this celebration has grown. when you leave the theater, though, be sure to get something called a reception passport because you will need it to get inside, you will need it to get all your food and drink on and you will also be able to if you collect enough stamps in your passport get raffle tickets for pretty great prices and also if you don't have a wristband, make sure you get one. entrance on polk street. take your time, sample all of our terrific asian cuisine, cocktails, cultural performance, we have exhibits planned for you and you can get logo pin and t-shirt. last but not least we want to thank all of the raffle prize donors for generosity and support. before we close with the grand
12:09 am
finale i would like to take the opportunity to thank the apa heritage foundation for giving me the opportunity to be your host because as i mentioned at the top of the program it's all about celebrating the wins even on the darkest days. when my first lights up first thing in the morning with stories of hate, when people ask me if i'm made in china and i have to tell them no, i was made in michigan but thank you very much but being here gave me such a sense of pride. it's not a moment i will soon forget. now let us enjoy our program grand finale the cultural procession. [music]nk■tññukj
12:10 am
12:11 am
>> let's giver it up to the helen wang dance academy. [cheers and applause] my name is rose chung and i'm the community possession coordinator and by my side is charleston pierce and he is the inspirational leader leading the
12:12 am
cultural procession this year. [applause] >> thank you, rose, it's an honor to be here tonight. this is a very special occasion. i was really -- it was nice to see faces growing up. i'm a native of san francisco bay area. [cheers and applause] grew up here in san francisco, one of 14. my mom and dad liked each other a lot. i want to share a word with you real quick. under the sky, under the heaven, there's but one family, it just so happens that the people are different. words from bruce lee, childhood hero that i grew up admiring.
12:13 am
he was one of those people that fought for bullies and of course, i took marshal arts, don't test me. but it's an honor to be here. i love my city, i love all of these beautiful faces. this is about asian american, pacific island, history of heritage and that means everybody here and everybody in the world really if you do your history and i'm just happy to be a part of it and i thank rose for giving me chance to be here. i've had a chance to work with the beautiful models and dancers and everybody is here. they can't wait to come on stage so make sure when they come on stage you give them lots of love, have a great night and god bless you. >> thank you. [applause] >> and we have a special guest who will be serenading the
12:14 am
cultural procession, i would like to welcome kristin adias to come forward. yes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, rose, thank you charleston. let's go ahead and start our cultural procession. [applause] >> it's a very ancient saying but a true and honest talk when you become a teacher by your pupils you will be taught. as a teacher i've been hurting so forgive me because i've now become an expert on a subject i like most. getting to know you. getting to know you. getting to know all about you.
12:15 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:16 am
♪ ♪ >> everybody join me. getting to know you. you know this song. getting to know all about you. getting to like you, getting to hold you like me. getting to know you, putting it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:17 am
12:18 am
12:19 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:20 am
12:21 am
♪ ♪ [applause]
12:22 am
12:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:24 am
12:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> because of all the beautiful -- >> day by day. [applause] >> juliette, guys. everybody. getting to like you, getting to hold you like me. everybody put your hands up. sing it with us. putting it my way nicely.
12:26 am
come on. you are precisely my cup of tea. sing it with us. getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy. when i am with you, getting to know what to say. having you noticed suddenly i'm right and crazy because of all the beautiful land because i'm learning about you day by day.
12:27 am
[applause] >> thank y'all very much. i was asked to sing getting to know you for all of you 500 times, i'm kidding, but they also specifically asked that i sing another song to make sure everybody on stage gets to dance. let's hit it. [laughter] >> including you, sir charleston. everybody let's go. everybody up on your feet. everybody come on, come on. yeah. whoa! come on, everybody. come on, come on. come on, let's go. yeah. come on, everybody.
12:28 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want to dance with somebody. i want feel the heat with somebody. with somebody who loves me. oh, i want to dance with
12:29 am
somebody. i want to feel the heat with somebody. i want to dance with somebody, with someone who loves me. >> i've been in love and lost my senses. come on, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want with somebody, i want to feel the heat with somebody. come on. yeah, i want with somebody, with somebody to who loves me. oh, i want to dance with
12:30 am
somebody. i wanna feel the heat. yeah, i wanna dance with somebody. somebody who loves me. yeah.
12:31 am
thank you, guys so much. everybody, everybody. come on. come on. dance, dance, dance. let's go. let's go, everybody. let's go. come on. move, move. don't you want to dance with me man with somebody who loves you.
12:32 am
with somebody who loves me. [cheers and applause] >> give yourselves a round of applause. thank you all. thank you so much. >> great job, tonight. >> thank you. >> good morning everyone. i am the c.e.o. of a housing and
12:33 am
community development organization serving the entire city of san francisco. really prioritizing children and families for the future of our success. what an honor and joy to be with you today celebrating this amazing community. fantastic visuals on this beautiful day. it is an honor to have with us speaker pelosi. madam speaker. we are here today to celebrate 143 families that live in this community. also to really celebrate what we can do when we work in partnership, stay focused and create quality projects to house our community.
12:34 am
2828 16th street is more than an opportunity. a long-standing commitment by p nbc, mayor's office local communities to build a healthier future for the current and next generation of san franciscans. [applause]. i will clap for myself. yes. i am proud to build this community and support and prioritizing community health, individual growth for families and children. tndc will support by on site social work and property management, residents will have fresh produce. from the rooftop garden. the urban agricultural team. we will also have free fiber
12:35 am
internet. thanks to the city's fiber housing program. that is really important. let's hear from the families of this community. [applause]. it takes an entire city, more than a village. i would like to thank our long standing partner, speaker pelosi, mayor breed, mayor's office of housing. century housing corporation, multi-family capital and massachusetts mutual. brothers general contractors,