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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Sub- Committee  SFGTV  May 21, 2022 1:45pm-4:01pm PDT

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and park commission. call the roll y. buell. >> anderson. >> here >> hallisy. >> here. >> commissioner jones >> here. >> commissioner louie. >> here and grift and i know mazzola have excused absences. >> san francisco rec and park commission acknowledge we ocpilot home lavenltd the ramaytush ohlone people from the san francisco pel anyone slam we honor the ramaytush ohlone peoples for commitment to mother earth. as the protectors of this land and with their translations the ramaytush ohlone have never lost nor forgotten responsibilities as the care takers and all people who is reside in their
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territory. why stewards of park lands we recognize to honor them through preservation and interception of landses. uninvited guests we honor them and pay respects to the irrelevant tifs of the recommend ram community. >> good morning and welcome to the rec and park commission this thursday may 19th, 2022. this is held in hybrid format t. is occurring in person in city hall room 416 there are options to participate remote. >> members joining us in room 416 must be seated unless you are providing comment or speak during public comment. sorry. before we begin i reminds you present and in person today that all health and safety protocols and rules must be adhered to all times. masks are recommend.
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we appreciate your cooperation with these rules. note that hand sanitizer stationers available at each elevator and masks upon request at entrances. public comment will be available on each item. each allowed 2 minutes to speak. comments are opportunity to speak are availabling via found by calling 415-665-0001 >> when you heart item you would like to call dial star 3 to speak. you will be lined up in the order you dial star 3. while wath the system will be silent and notify you when you are in line and waiting all callers remain on mute. everyone must, count for time delays with live and streaming coverage. you may submit comment in the
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following ways. e mailing recpak. commission. if e mail tell be included in the file as part of the matter. written comments sent theus postal service to rec and park commission, 501 stanion street, san francisco, california. note that this meeting is recorded. we are on item 2 remote meetings. >> its okay. >> we have to do this every month. joold you like public comment or a vote. >> you want to explain or want mow to. remote meetings, please, do. this is something we adopt every 30 days to allow the continuation of remote meetings we are having committee and hybrid version of this meeting. this is standard every month. does anyone want to speak on item two for public comment?
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oovenlth anyone on the line have hand raised for item 2? no. public comment is closed. and we are now on item 3. president's report >> do we need to vote. >> yes. i like to move we condition remote meetings. >> i will second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor j. aye. >> so moved >> item 3, president's report. >> thank you very much. i'm going to nasz to vice president anderson, before that i want to take person privilege in welcoming watkins. you will hear more about that from the general manager. with that, commissioner anderson. >> good morning. thank you for being here. my report has something to do with camp mather. i believe staff are there now
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preparing. very xoit today seems we'll have an opportunity for full and robust season at the camp. a lot of you may recall we have been troubled by pandemic and before that fires. i'm looking forward to having everybody come back and have a chance to play and relax and be together in family and community. >> 2 other special staff members are neil fame i think is about to cell brit his 95th birthday. he is one of our naturalists on staff there. as well as my good friends tom graham. and a couple years ago or 4 now, i went on a walk and talk with neil and tom. keep went up to the hempy area am basically the work camp for the people that built it to have this amazing water reservoir.
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san francisco has the greater water in the world because of their efforts. >> we want on the walk and talk to the dome and we went up on a ridge where we could seat rim and look down in the valley. neil explained how the move am of the glas yers created the valley and left behind rocks called eradics. i love this idea. and of course, the area has redwood trees. and i was reflecting on this experience we had with neil and tom and how special the place is and the camp mather camp. and i was inspired to write a poem. forever arc live. or evergreen. and i asked president buell if i could read this. he is a poet, as you know.
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and i'm sure this camp can't hold a candle to his body of work but -- [laughter] i would like to read this i got good feedback, so. and the million years later i kick the grantite rocks with my boot and they bounce off you like rain off asphalt. you once stood up on that scraggly ridge a sentinal for great/white masses hobbing on melt water carving the valley. i have known you since before i was known. craning my neck to see the top end of your rusty armor. scent of your needles like pepper, ginger and coriander. today you are fallen, not like the snow that dance down.
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not like the hawk feather that sways here and there. not like the leaves that. tax and jib. beating their course to the bottom. >> you are fallen up to the upside down. reflecting in the reflection. what echoed back from the residue of the melt water. and your hardness softened and your solid spaces fallen away. bottoming sky become wind. all around, where you lay, chartreuse seed linguistics appropriate to embrace and, wait your signal. they don't yet know what you know. that earth heart beats blood to the surface that river cools it. that glacier presses and compresses and moves it. leaving fields of grantite rocks. and the million years later, i
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kick them with my boot as i bounce off of you. the end and neil will be 95 on may 26. i dedicate this to neil. >> thank you very much. [applause] far better than anything i have written, i might add. >> with that, that concludes the president and vice president's report. >> okay. is there public comment on this item in room 416? okay and raised hands on the web ex? i don't believe so. public comment is closed. we are on item 4 the general manager's report. >> good monk, commissioners this will not be in rhyme or as creative but here is -- this month's general manager's report. may is asian-american and pacific islander heritage month
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the contributions of our asian community and impacts on parks. they are poignant as asian communities across the country endure a rise in violence and hate. rec and park we celebrate our staff. and our administrative team dedicated providing beautiful park and quality programs and our commissioners. parks like the so many am and rec center in porola and willie play ground and betty rec center pay tribute to heros. we will hear more about that today. so i wanted to say to all of our staff. happy a ap i month to you and appreciate you and are grateful for your service and conversations to our parks. >> i want to thank everyone who
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joined us at skate and plate on may 7. commissioners griffin and hallisy we celebrated the now permanent promenade in the park. on april 26 they approve the the mayor's legislation to ensure jfk drive is vehicle three free and green lighted for to make access for seniors for the community and those who live further away >> and a signing with the mayor. free family activities. food trucks and open invitation to come out and bike and role and stroll on the new jfk promenade it was a party and a very happy day and did feel like the goal of the endeavour was to foster and create more community. and if it is sunny ceremony was an indication we are well on our way and i want to shout out to
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sarah in particular for work on the policy initiate itch and her and her team for organizing a fabulous event. >> special thanks to anderson, griffin and hallsy to celebrate francisco park. new 4 and a half acre park with panoramic views, community gardens and open space. largest public park to open in the sea's urban core. some argue the city is an urban core i will leave that to others to judge what i mean by that temperature it is a very large park. i think it needs exempt for the presidio. anyway, it is fantastic the park's trance formation from a reservoir was made possible by a
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partnership with the nonprofit san francisco parks, raised 27 and a half million dollars for the construction and maintenance after rec and park purchased the land for 9.9 million from the puc in 2014. i want to thank this commission for guiding our policy. you see and sure there will be others that will come before this body in new are commissioners, just how important a decision that is as we think about what our park system looks like in the next hundred years. more good news. a report, mayor last week announced allocation of 3.9 million dollars in federal funding to reason veil the street mall. stretched 5 blocks to the western edition neighborhood. funding come from the out door recreation legacy partnership program through the national parks service advocated by the
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mayor's for parks the city parks and the national park association rec and park are -- active members of bothed of the organizations i sit on the board of the park's alliance. with the allocation the project is now fully funded. and instruction will begin on the first 3 block in spring of 2023 with construction on the remaining 2 blocks in summer of 2024. the vision for the project through a partnership with the community since 20 upon 14 and trust for public land to credit a vibrant, safe gathering space and encourages interaction with people of all ages. i mentioned it is a partnership with the trust for public lanltdful citizen phil the studio for public space. san francisco parks alliance and the buchanan upon community.
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and thank you to scott wiener for additional fund to this project. why this saturday the bugs are back. live check out the insects at the bug day event. this saturday may 21st. celebrating everything insect with free hands on science and art. games, live music. movies and merchandise join in the insect inspired fun and learn how important they are to our survival here and to our efforts of promoting biodiversity. kids make their own crafts to take home. live insects. take a scientific look at insects throughout microscopes compete in the insect olympics and eat a bug or 2. i don't mean to bug you but
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bring your aunt to this event. >> san francisco bee keeper association will have a hive of live honey bees on display. watch and learn about the pollonaries. plus there will be a honey collective from he was all over the city and other bee made products for sale. more at sf recpark. org. also on saturday busy day in pashs. join partners for the next maker's market. that is this saturday may 21st this is a program related the india basin planning and take place at the park from lefrn am a.m. to 3 p.m. this quarter low out door market has businesses from the bay view community. stop by and enjoy games, food and more with the market there will be a community day of will
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heeling from none to 4 connect arc tendsees to resources and a sound heeler at 2 p.m. i mention third degree is a product of the upon india basin park plan. you know is the guiding document with the goal of deliver egg park designed by and for and with hunter's point community. next month the national aids memorial the 35th anniversary of the aids quilt with a display in golden gate p that will feature 3,000 hand stitched panels of the quilt tell be june 11th and 12th from 10 time5 p.m. each day in robin williams meadow and opening ceremony and quilt unfolding at 9 in the morning on the 11th. the continuous reading of names of lives lost to aids and volunteers and the public on both days. a closing ceremony at 4 p.m. on sunday the 12th.
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new panels will be presented to be added to the quilt. 2 day, 35th anniversary event by gill yad sciences feature 350, 12 foot by 12 foot blocks laid out on the ground. each consisting of 3 foot by 6 foot individual soen panels that honor and remember the names of loved once lost to aids. if you have not seen this, this is just a beautiful, remarkable thing we were blessed have a few out at may 7th at the skate and place for the signing of the jfk legislation. and it is really inspiring and you know people make panels, this it is a living, growing dwhalt is just extraordinary. the display be the largest anywhere in over a decade. and the largest ever in san francisco history.
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>> this is a big deal. more found at aidsmemorial. org. moving on we are excited to shale efforts at the jerry garcia athlete in mc clarin park the first show this saturday, may 21st from 2:30 p.m. and feature the san francisco chorus for a saenldzing show. others will be a tribute to miles davis on may 28. a juneteenth festival on june 18th. jerry day on august 13 and shakespeare in the park in september and sun-down cinema in october. i list at the theater can be found on our website. and just to link the.s from east to west and north to south. our jerry garcia concert serious parallels our concert series
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@the music concourse. the lift every voice music series. has music on wednesdays. fridays, saturdays and sunday's all 3 concerts. this is. a really special time in our park and we are pleased and proud to activate all of our upon venn use with free events. such as the fern grove festival. the return of the festival concert series kicks off next month the lives performers includes, tower of power. too short. liz fair. leanne rhymes. taj mahalt and the big picnic on august 14th. we have all had to work very, very hard to get the grove back in hay following this little flood we had latch season.
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so our deep appreciation to the foundation and to all of the rec and park staff and the puc staff that worked to put it together again. we are excited welcome people back. more information at stern grove. last but not least we have as you highlighted a should recognition today. it is robert watkins day. come on up. robert. i will get sad. robert. i did not sign off on this. robert has been the parks service manage for area 3 and is retiring the end of the week after 40 years of city service. 38 of them working for this department. 13 of them with me.
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and today is also robert's birthday. wow! [applause] >> he has managed park service area 3 for nearly 10 years. this is much of the southeast portions of the city. including 25 parks from bay vow to the excelsior and includes mc clarin and the jerry garcia tloert we discussed and the ind why basin area, which we discussed this . is included the oversight of approximately 40 staff deploy in the 3 park maintenance work units a custodial team and environmental service unit. an array of parks with the highest concentration of athletic and rec facilities in the staechl mc clarin. crocker amazon. hill top. bay view play ground.
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and many more and was interesting for me as i worked for the general manager how many i highlighted that were relevant to today's report that are in robert's section. robert over seen tremendous positive change in his parks and facilities. worked with the capitol division to implement a range of projects and worked on the plans for upcoming projects such as the india basin. as importantly if not more he has been a great ambassador strong relationships with the community. for many years robert and his team leaders on the parks and open space team in community collaboration and managing volunteer work events in his parks. they are on going collaboration with habitat for humanity and other large volunteer groups is the important part of development and improvement of
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the parks. many joers area 3 hosted the most volunteer hours of any park service area. and that takes work. that takeless commitment and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and host theville tear events on top of robbery work. an advocate for bring improve ams to pashs. a champion of our equity work and i will say more about that. during covid his team exetchified the notion of the essential worker. providing clone and safe parks for the public. robert and his team showed up every day. did in the matter that his team was dealing with their own health concerns and manage their family's issues. al of the anxieties that came with covid. because of robert's leadership
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and his character and integrity. you have been built trust in his team that everybody came to work. which is why our parks were there for people when need most. >> a strong team and staff. many whom are here today. who improved maintenance and stewardship of the park in area 3 example they will continue to be part of robert's legacy. he has additional highlights of which he is proud. am he began a training for new guard ins. established a program to train and hire new guard ins from bay view neighborhood. andlet colonel built in the india basin development plan where we are going to be reserving spots in the arc prenticeship program for bay view residents and work in park
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service 3 and india basin. introduced chain saw training for existing and new gardeners and general managers. >> one of my favorite days when robert gave me the keys to the chain saw that he was not too happy about. [laughter]. and he was an original mfbt synthetic task force after blessed with our over 50 million dollars public/private partnership that built synthetic fields. they have to take care of them. we had to train a crew to do that. robert has done that well. we are told that in his retirement, robert plans to travel. heel volunteer with habitat for humanity. work on small construction projects. spends time with family. before that he is signed on for
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a sick mont stint as the interim director at bishop high school in oak lands with respect he lives. after that i'm dragging his you know what back to mc collarin lodge. he will help us. right? >> yes. >> [laughter]. a person anecdote i want to share and then i will turn it over to robert and some of his colleagues or anyone to say a few words. you are very much you have been a the conscious of this department. long before there was racial equity action plan. long before we had equity metrics. long before we worked on equitable development plan. robert was preaching the importance of equity. i remember when i started robert
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in the commission room. when you offered pointed comments about why parks and the southeast were not getting the attention that you felt like they deserved. and -- the importance of not just treating all parks equal low but really digging deep and focusing on improving parks in the southeast. and my hope as you retire that you felt like together we have delivered on that. >> yes. >> parks there is in the a park in the bay vow that has not been past you. why yes. >> and i can attest. >> in large part you were in my head and heart. i want that to be your legacy of fighting for parks in the southeast and making sure they did not just get equal attention
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but deserve more attention. together we were able to accomplish a lot of good. and the other thing i want to say, robert is -- we talk about being what it means to be a public servant it it is not just coming to work of every day. grabbing your tools. you know putting in 8 hours and leaving. it means engaging and engaging in community. it meanseen if you got stump going on in your personal life when you are with your colleagues or staff or members of the communitiure optimistic. you smile and it becomes about the power of yes. it is how we do things. that is always my experience with you. you are an optimist and you are about believing in how we get to, yes. and even in not every day rainbows and butterfies you had
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a few serious injuries you had to bounce back from. but when i see you -- i smile. i'm happy to be in your presence you give off a light i will miss. and so00 eye want to say, thank you and congratulations. >> before we let robert speak we prepared a resolution. i want to make a personal note that 11 years ago i went out to meet robert for the first time and get a tour of that area. and given his youthful enthusiasm i thought he was an intern. and turns out he upon knew more about the parks than the general manager. it was impressive. so i was surpriseed see he is leaving so early in his life having still looking youthful. having said that, robert. the general manager really
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recite in the detail many of the where as clauses of this resolution i will not go over that again i want to read the beginning and the end. it expresses the commission >> hoe is an exceptional and distinguished public servant and has been for 4 decades demonstrating a genuine passion for maintaining safe and health and he beautiful parks in san francisco. and then it is where as everything the general manager said. and then it endses with where as robert will be missed as an incredible clothe and mentor and he is wished a long and joy us retirement now therefore be it resolved the members of the park commission here by recognize robert watkins contributions to this city and do express to his great appreciation for his public service, dedication and
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accomplishments significant low elevated the quality of life for all of san francisco. thank you, robert. >> [applause]. you get to talk. >> thank you, commission. you missed one thing i am sworn as a commissioner in oakland park and recreation. and take my word, thank you. [inaudible] my niece is here and christopher is here. great staff am take my word as i go through park and rec stuff we are 20 years ahead of what other systems are doing. when [inaudible] that we are the top 5 in the nation, you should believe them. i mean this it is a great
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department. i had a great run of the i'm leaving it in great hands. eric must be great got me out on my birthday. but great hands. i have daniel here who 2 of my top supervisors and they are in good shape. thank you very much, and i will still be around. >> yes. >> thank you, robert. why [applause]. can we get a picture?
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anyone on staff want to say anything you can now. in on up. thank you. the other day i was in conversation with supervisor chan and i asked if she would in to this meeting to report robert she brought him to the board of supervisor's meeting on thursday
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and said a lot of things. while he stood there and talked about serving since 1979 she said i was born in 1978. and i thought -- how long is that what must it feel like to serve somewhere for 40 years and then be your last week and you have so many accomplishments i want to remember as a child i remember when he started a student at st. paul lutheran and he started at margaret park and i used to go to margaret park and wit for him to get off he was the youngest of of 8 children and he got to baby sit me. i have so many memories. i feel i have been on this journey with him. i grew up in fillmore and bay
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view. has he did equity work i was his think partner. i wanted to acknowledge that i watched him grow and become management and being invested in the city that his parents were all invested in. my grand mother worked for feinstein when she was mayor. and he continued this journey. lead so gratefully. robert embodies leadership. he lead a team but they were a team that became his friends and family. and that's why the team has loyalty and was willing to step up in hard times. pretty awe some to sit here and stands here with my favorite ufrng and he will watch him end the career and start a now one. thank you for supporting him all these years. >> thank you very much.
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[applause]. upon anyone else who wanted to speak before public comment? all right. okay. well i did in the prepare anything but i'm eric anderson superintendent of park and open space. i had the pleasure of being robert's supervisor for 5 years now. and00 eye wanted to wish him luck and reiterate the great work that his team has been doing and he helped lead and great the what i call the mc clarin park renaissance and the renaissance of all his parks has been phenomenonal. his supervisor here fiona tan. daniel toy. dur an tyson is not here but christopher adams is here and i
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really wanted, yea. everybody said everything. it has been a pleasure to work with robert and wish him the best. >> thank you very much. >> dan? i thought i would assume this is recorded i like to do this. so robert i have been with the department 24 years and the smile on his face is the smile you encounter when you engage with him in the office or field 7 in the morning or after work ended for him and so -- i want to behalf of the capitol division thank him for his work and working with the capitol team. i could tell a lot of stories that would get him in trouble given i'm still employed here. and phil mentioned the beautiful work he has done over the yoeshs approximate deserves all the credit. haeveryone does not understand is does in the know how the
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sausage is made right well is a lot of back door work that happens to get projects done. robert is the best person in the department to help get things down through the red tape. there are situations i would need help on the another sides of the city outside his jurisdiction i pick update phone the day before and have a crew of 10 people working outside his jurisdiction probably pissing off another manager working with a contractor getting a project done to do a ribbon cutting. a test am to the loyalty to the department and staff. if we could replicate him we'll be a much better place. >> thank you, dan. >> [applause]. commissioners can't director of operations. everything has been said i will not be redundant. the -- robert has been here 38
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years i have been here 17 years. one the most important things that anybody can do in an organization is to cultrate the staff and robert has done an arc mazing job. his niece described that about the intense loyalty and competence that he has. i was talking to him this week as he was leave and he -- said, yea. i put in place a succession plan. i would you know you really have. as eric says daniel fiona, and everybody that i will say that robert devoted time to his personnel development and staff has to his park land. that's a tribute and lasting legacy. i thank you for that. thank you, >> looks like daniel. [applause].
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daniel choi. want to say congratulations to robert an honor working for you. [inaudible] i learned a lot. one thing about you is you make it seem so easy. [inaudible] i know it is a lot of work but you always give effort. always smiling [inaudible] [cannot hear speaker] this is a guy will [inaudible]. congratulations to your future and enjoy retirement. >> thank you. >> [applause]. okay. so now we will move to public comment. is there anyone in room 416 withhold like to comment on the general manager's report? seeing none. is there anyone on the line withhold like to comment dial star 3 to raise your hand.
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sfgovtv do we have handses. >> no. >> seeing no comment. comment is closed. >> all right. we are now on item 5. general public comment. at this time members may address the commission on items to the public in the matter jurisdiction of the commission and not on the agenda. with respect to agenda items you have an opportunity to address the commission when the item is reached. anyone in 416 withhold like to provide general public comment? okay. anyone on the line for general public comment dial, star 3. anyone with their hand raises. no hands raised. general public. >> it looks like we have eighty-one.
2:29 pm
one. yes. no one. [laughter] you can only laugh in mobile hs moments like this weer item 6 the consent calendar. any we do have one? there is one. okay. we do have one. i will -- thank you. thank you. okay. so -- apologies. we are going back to item 5 someone on our line did raise their hand. so you have 2 minutes to speak and you can go ahead now. hi. this is reverend norman fong i'm hoping i'm at the right time. to call in to ask for the commission support for the [inaudible] peace park. >> that item -- coming up
2:30 pm
later in the agenda. when we reach that item that would be the time to comment on this one. >> thank you. why raise your hand again when we get there. >> thanks. >> all right. seeing no comment issue comment closed item sick the consent calendar. is there anyone in room 16 like to comment on the consent calendar today. anyone on web ex withhold like to comment on the consent calendar, dial star 3 to raise your hand. northbound has their hand raised. public comment is closed. is there anything you would like to remove from consent? don't see any. >> okay. the chair would entertain a motion to approve skoenlt. >> moved. >> seconded. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> moved. >> thank you.
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>> now item 7 the san francisco zoo. >> hi. i know you have a video you would like to show. as soon as that is ready let me and not sfgovtv will put it up on the screen. i think also make surety sound is on the computer. i believe. why don't you put it up, sfgovtv?
2:32 pm
sfgovtv, thank you. is the sound on? i think it is in the on. on the computer. i will come over there. sfgovtv, we're not getting sound on the video... [music]
2:33 pm
>> hello i'm a lease the
2:34 pm
primary keeper for the girl office. we currently have 5 female giraffe and live [inaudible] in the exhibit they share space with our [inaudible] zebra, oft riches and [inaudible] on the other side. for the care we make sure we are able to prop their individual needs. depending on what ever they need. we have a large range of giraffes ages five up to 19. that means there is some [inaudible] that needs to be taking in account. we achieve this individual care by the use of our positive reenforcement training. training can be seen daily at the plaza. we available to progress a loment of training involved
2:35 pm
alternative care including chiropractor and cold laser treatments. that helped with multitude of our giraffes here. they are a keystone species. you see them up close they catch everybody's eye. we are able to do a lot of the training visible for the public it has been a positive opportunity for us to speak about all of our individuals in their killer and their personalities. we are currently working on foot care for awful our girls here. with the couple of them miles an hour advanced than others in hopes of having every one receiving volunteer hoof trims soon. >> thank you very much and come to visit the giraffes at the african savannah.
2:36 pm
>> does this conclude the san francisco zoo report. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> is there public comment inspect room 416 on the san francisco zoo report? seeing none. public comment. okay. i'm giving people an opportunity to raise hands. dial star 3 to raise your hand for public comment. see being no hands. public upon comment is closed. we are now on item 8. the golden gate park golf house project award of contract.
2:37 pm
oovenlg sfgovtv can you put the? >> good morning, i'm knoll an
2:38 pm
leafy a project manager with rec and park planning division. happy to be here in person to discuss with you the discussion and possible action to award a contract for the golden gate park golf course club house project to treaty construction for 3 upon admissible, 118,000 for the base bid and add alternate number one. it was presented for discussion only a couple weeks ago in the capitol commission. and -- the concept plan was, prove in the march of 2020. a little while back >> project seeks to activate the community space to improve public accessibility and susstain this recreational resource on the edge of golden gate park near jfk and 47th
2:39 pm
avenue. and the project will replace the previous club house building damaged by fire and has been demolished in 2018. >> the previous club house the fire that damaged for the building and the current condition now the club house is operated out of a trailer. so the new club house -- will have a wide range of amenities including a commercial commission. a side and left-hand side scape planting and 2 parking stalls. vibrant space used by a variety of users. they have a great program the first t that brings the community and have access to golf course have you not been there. and i want to talk about the bid
2:40 pm
process. look like out there. so the project was advertised for bid in 2021. left summer and all of the 7 bids accepts reviewed came in high. we market volatility and material cost increased we rejected all the bids and took the project become to the drawing board for evaluates and took it out to rebid, that's when we are reviewing today. the lowest bidder was treaty construction. 3 million, 48,000 with an alternate of 70 thousand dollars. and the project team included that the low bidder met the experienced requirements. responsible and kwulifiyed perform the work. public works prep division verify third degree information
2:41 pm
that the low bidder met the qualifications the monitoring division the low bidder is responsive to the 25% lbe subcontracting pole and eli didn't believe for the award. staff recommends that the commission, ward the contract for construction. happy to take questions. thank you. >> thank you very much. ghn recommend 416 like to comment on this item? >> if there is anyone on the line who would like to comment dial star 3. no handses raised. >> this is a great project you know highlighted -- the club house. >> we are paying for the 92 one.
2:42 pm
>> great upon design it is a wrorndful course! equitable. but i really my speak to acknowledgment and thank you for your work on this and all of your work and you have in the seen the new are project managers and not new anymore but he is a tremendous addition to our team and we work to close out the garfield pool project, which was spectacular. and just a very talented projector >> welcome and thank you. >> commissioner anderson. did woeful finds out who did this in 2018 and did anything happen. and can you comment on the renewed popularity of the golf course the last few years. you don't have information about cause of the fire. all i know it was arson. >> i don't know if anyone knows.
2:43 pm
>> yes. never suspect never caught. it was arson and we had -- the only we had trouble from time to time in the space unfortunately regrettable. and for popularity of golf all of the goff course are seeing a renaissance. it was a covid safe friendly sport. popularity is continuing. there has been some settle off as people go back to a regular schedule all of the courses are popular what is special about golden gate park 9 it is the beginner's golf course. >> and with the first t there there are welcome miles an hour first timers and kids. it it is a really a love low place. >> every time i have been there it has been busy and
2:44 pm
excited. jumping to get it built they recognize the challenges and have been busy the past couple years >> that's what i heard. i'm excited know. >> commissioner hallisy. >> a good presentation. and like the general said it is the beginner's golf course. in san francisco but also vet republican golfers. it is i great course for them. and i include myself in that group. i am say that i noticed that this new project you are actually including many more services in the new project in a smaller space than you did with the prior project. salute to you and the architect design seems tremendous. >> thank you. we are working with public works and they have been grit to work with. getting everything consolidated
2:45 pm
and keeping the footprint down. costs are high per square foot. it has been tight to get everything the community needs and the rec/park what we need. >> thank you. thank you very much. so. we had public comment and the presentation the chair entertain a motion. i move. >> we approve. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> so moved. >> thank you very much. >> we are on item 9 the visitation play ground renaming. i will announce different the presentation begins that i will ask laura on our web ex to trans lay for me for callers or anyone who is in the room. so -- this item there will be a presentation and i will call public comment.
2:46 pm
and if you need to comment in cantonese we can have that translated for you. and everyone will have 2 minutes but those who need to have comment translated will get an extra 2 minutes for the translator. laura, do you mind stating that? yea. i will. [instructions in cantonese].
2:47 pm
>> thank you. go ahead. >> thank you. >> commissioners? general manager. i'm well month bishop the manager of policy and community affairs in policy and public affairs of rec and park. i'm beforeow item 9. a discussion and possible action to remove the name of visitation valfret play ground rename it
2:48 pm
peace, friendship park and to authorize the d. general manager to approve the wording and location of a plaque to explain the history of the renaming. it meets strategy 1 and objective 1.4 of the strategic plan to keep the parks clean and funful promote the historical heritage and build the great parks of tomorrow and celebrate cult relate resources. in 2021 the peace and friendship park organizing committee from here on out will be the committee. submitted a proposal to the san francisco rec and park department for the play ground located at 263lywind avenue to be renaned peace and friendship park. a person of service, peace and friendship who wanted a better vision for youth and families.
2:49 pm
>> the effort supported by the the family. renaming remember the late wong known at grand mother wong. >> on january the eighth at the visitation valley play ground and died as a result of her injuries a year later. the community reflects on the future the experience long time resident who gave so much to our community. for 17 plus years annual ambassador of the friendship club. this is an advocacy and senior group serving the chinese immigrant community in senior services, voting rights, a ap i issues and emergency prepared knows. she collected on her own collected and recycled cans and gave the prosecute seeds to her neighbors and friends. when going to sunnydale food
2:50 pm
assistance program she made friends with english and nonspeak english niche its enhanced the of lives of those around her. elders and the parks share with [inaudible] her grand daughter the impact of her life on on life and death had on them. asian-american and pacific islander heritage month is a period for the month of may. recognizing contributions and flujs of asian-americans and pacific-islanders to the history, cullure and achieve ams of the united states. the committee believes this would be an appropriate time period to take action and rename visitation valley play ground in honor of her contributions to society. >> renaming committee represents the distill versity of the valley and mirrored in the multicultural and multiethnic
2:51 pm
residents. the committee's desire is for the renaming to be a place of heeling for the community at an accomplice to hold emathy what transpoired there composed of local lead ands people involved in social activism and open space add have kaes. committee members consist of yee a resident and community one cofounder. ronned cullfirst a community manager at the village. free there the man a visitation valley guardern and green way member. jenny weber for elementary school garden. tiffany chen, a residents. jessica compost, kelly mc clur with mission blue cafe. josephine chow an add vo katd and community one cofound and nina a resident. the mittee was able to conduct a
2:52 pm
really extensive out reach process during the pandemic they found creative ways to organize their community and held online and out door meetings in the events. andible it reach a cross section of the community and out reach hugh neighborhood groups. nonprofits and local faith based communities. they enengage with residents issue merchants and community groups gathering 212 signature in 2020 and early 21 from community canvassing. received the support from the community including feedback the neighborhood would like a memorial sight for victims of upon violence sflounding neighborhoods. held 2 community meetings and collected 150 signatures from the residents in person and zoom meetings. the first meeting in person on november 21st of 2020 with 30
2:53 pm
people. second virtual on march 13, 2021 with 26. and the mittee received support from those attending both meetings. in toll the out reach process gatherings wo 2, 176 signatures, comments and letters of support from individuals and organizations. the committee has begun what will be a memorial celebration of wong's life. heeling through solidarity this virtual meeting on january the ninth 2021 with 41 people in attendance. the committee provided petitions and event in 3 languages. may also created a website to share information. through efforts the committee created a long list of supporters for the renaming effort including san front board
2:54 pm
of supervisor's president walton. prozac, the sunnydale association. visitation valley groupful democratic central committee. chinese american democratic club. chinese progressive association. children's shop, and u noticed [inaudible] of public islanders alliance just to name a few >> a little more on grand mawong. on february 15th, 1930 she was born in china. she was a youngest of 9 children. name means ash bunkedant love. her husband was from china. they came to the u.s. had the couple was able to immigrate in june of 1986 to reu notice with their third child. grand mawong was passionate
2:55 pm
about life and never feared hardship. not knowing english and almost no money, she and her husband had a life in san francisco. she worked as a seam stress and nanny and they livid frugally as renters in china town. when her other 3 children were able to immigrate to the u.s. the family pooled monys and purchased a house from the field of visitation valley play ground. grand mawong had 2 years of element never stopped her from studying. during her restiernlt she taught how to read watching television. she liked gardening and chinese soapom ras. loveed make soup, steamed pish and egg rolls. grand mawong's les legacy is of
2:56 pm
love, friendship and well being. renaming the park her storel be one of beauty, hope and resilience. left this world on january third in 2020 she is survived by 4 children. 8 grandchildren, sick great grand children and whole community devastated by her loss. visitation valley play ground was like grand mawong's front yard. a place where she issue friends and family felt safe. every morning for 20 yers walk around the perimeter of the park. she was the epitome of health and role notes for the community. she was rescue niced the importance of exercising on a grassy field. breathing air and socializing with neighbors. wong's life store seone that represents visitation vaechl note only a loved grand mother
2:57 pm
and immigrant, worker, woman, a person of color and active community member. based on the significance support that the committee has garnered through their out reach process, staff recommends the rec and park have a discussion and take possible action to remove the name of visitation valley and rename it peace and friendship park and authorize the department general manager to approve the word and location of the plaque to explain the renaming. i would like for representative from the committee to say a few words. >> good morning. thank you for hearing us. i'm an seemachine a redent since
2:58 pm
1991 and help lead.s to improve viz valley punish and play ground and inpyred by that process cofounded the green wachl thank you for your past support and i want to say my motivation was my daughter born in 1994, back then -- the near by play grounds were delapidated i would take her out and push her in the working baby swing next to a torched ruin of our club house. as i pushed her passers by warn me it was not safe and i river low saw another child there. so -- i did not want my kid to glow up in neglect and fear and bigotry. we did get new play structures and new club house but not had sufficient staffing and
2:59 pm
programming there. so here we are now with work still to the do. and we are encouraged that this time we'll follow through and really get the park we deserve in our neighborhood. weer a mission to rename our park. as an as a result of the horrific described the only acceptable out economist that assault is to really make sure the things never happen again. in the if aftermath of the attack our community was reeling and some called for revenge. grand mother wong's family called to end the cycle violence. that inspired our work. bn we came together for prayer to wrap our arms around the family and seek ways to heel. ronald coalfirst proposed renaming the park peace and friendship park. this gesture from a black man in our community offered us a step
3:00 pm
toward building black and asian solidarity and among all of us to live in harmony and build a truly welcoming and inclusive park. generaled the rename the sfwoel to bring back staffing and programming for multiracial and multicultural sections among neighbors. we learned about the trauma from violence arc conflicted our neighbor said as we gathered signatures for the name change and made us more resolve to help heel our community. on our minds the rise in hate crimes and domestic terror and mainstreaming of white supremacy in white pol 6 targeting asian american in san francisco and hope if our park will stand against hate and create the world weave want to live in. therefore, weave choose the name to honor an asianim grant work
3:01 pm
class woman who epitomized a good citizen of our city. this part of our mensh heritage deserves tribute. we choose peace and friendship as part of the name signify our desire for meaningful ties to link us all. we will work hard for promise that bring us together across race and generations. we want to learn from other cities and neighborhoods which may have developed such programs and hope you will help us find them. we the renaming committee the love team, want to be your partners in making our neighborhood park, the living room of visitation valley. thank you. [applause] thank you very much y. thank you. . now willy move to public comment i will make my announce am one more time that if there is anyone who needs translation we
3:02 pm
have it. everyone gets 2 minutes those with translation get 4 for that translation and those on the line in order to comment you need to dial star 3 to raise your hand. can you repeat that? >> sure. >> [instructions in cantonese].
3:03 pm
first i will cull public comment in room 416. if you like to provide comment you can make a line against the wall or come up one at a time. good morning commissioner and manager. thank you for having us here. jenny weber a hipy gardener i have been working with the community of the valtow create healthy growing conscience for children and community. for the past 2 years honor working with yee and other activists as the abundant love team. gathering community evercommunity support for renaming the play ground a place of heeling and love. we would like to thank lamonth
3:04 pm
bishop for take the time to learn about and present to the commission the life of wang. and of the great need, heeling and restoring of social cohesion in the community. we want to thank the working committee to unanimously vote nothing spchlt rename and reenvisioning of the p. we were overwhelmed and we were distracted at the end of the meeting. our hearts lifted in the past tw weeks we feel we reached a tipping point. in addition to honoring her life the light has been shown on the needs expressed by the residents of the valin public comment and planning meeting. inclusive and safe open spaces. a neighborhood gathering space cultural and generational
3:05 pm
knowing and respect flourishes we'll he'll unjust conditions. . meeting the economic conditions that criminalitied to the loss of wang's life here death will not be in upon vain we will honor her brave and kind spirit through art and beauty, greening, creation of social gathering spaces, safety leaderships and year round programming. friendships and job opportunity in other parks. a child in a park envision the boys and girls club would it be nice to have a park where people can meet and become friends this is is the joyful work before us now. san francisco is a city of love. thank you. thank you very much. for some reason the bell is in the ring during comment. am but there is a time are up on
3:06 pm
the podium. keep an eye on that. i don't want to interrupt you. go ahead. >> hi. good morning. i'm boris and a resident in san francisco. i'm an asian community activist and began work during last stop asian hate movement. i was walking in the hallway and ptsd from the last time i was here on the forth floor. weave faced divisiveness as a country and city. i do see that the [inaudible] starting with members of our community in san francisco and the asian community. i think this p is the first stretch to us coming together. and celebrating why this move am started. which is the highlight of the experience of asian live andishian voices. i'm here to support the renaming
3:07 pm
of the park exit thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hi. i'm upon gid a limp long citizen of san francisco. it was extremely divisive last time i was here. i'm back and happy this is more positive. i'm for the renaming of the play grounds. stopping asian hate means so much to the asian community. our grand parents are terified. asian people are terfoiled walk on the street to feel we need safety. and renaming the play ground is not just renaming the play ground it is more. it bring the community together and remining that they are important. and voices of the victims are heard. please, rename the play ground and that's all.
3:08 pm
>> thank you very much. good morning i'm madison tammy. i want to second everything my friends said. i'm a second generation chien he's american residence denial of san francisco it is important we start this unity press i'm in favor of renaming the play ground and i good step. we can't accomplish anything without it rename that park. >> thank you. >> let me turn my own timer on. thank you, commissioners and head of department. on may way here on my uber drive i was dragging my back pack in the car and the uber driver asked why do you go to city hall for. i told her the story. i told her the reason the
3:09 pm
project. i couldn't -- stop breaking down and she said -- you are inspirational hayour community is doing is inspiration in terms of transgender deal. instead of dividing the community you are turning it in power to bring everyone together and passing multiracial connection, peace and freshmen. and this means so much. and that is what our communicates need our country and world need. we need more love not hate. we need more together not arc part. that is why i'm driving uber and i'm spreading that love 1 person at a time. i was like -- that's what this p is about. that's what grandma wong was about she is an ambassador transitioning different communities. that's what this is project is about and that's mr. colfirst is
3:10 pm
about and why we are here now we are spreading it out to uber driver and everyone that she connect with. please, rename the park, thank you. why thank you very much. >> i'm herbert chndz learch i'm the mayor of the eastern neighborhood advisory committed each i want to demonstrate a city wide passport for this. i think this is not something this is important to this part of the city but important throughout the entirety of the city and throughout inspired leadership of the family of making this something positive and reimagining when public safety looks like through restoretive and building rather than taking down it is inspirational. i would like to demonstrate the city wide support. >> thank you.
3:11 pm
>> thank you very much. commissioners, thank you for this hearing and this opportunity to speak. i'm a third generation san francisco resident. and i was very pleased meet her at a backyard in my house lunar new year party this year and told us the tragic story of her grand mother. this moved me so much and later she invited mow to a black history new year celebration in visitationville that he moved my heart further. and then i became arc quainted with this project through visiting with ronald through the green belt and soon my heart is quivering and full of -- so much heart felt support for this project. it is needed throughout san francisco i'm glad it story nothing visitationville and he
3:12 pm
of course support this renaming and i will also pledge whatever i can do in programming to help the next generations and the concern generations to evolve from this state we are in to a greater state. and i ulcment to appreciate the opening comments from this commission every time i heard them about the recommend ramaytush ohlone peoples i believe they would be in great support of this. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, commissioners. thank you. why thank you for hearing us. i'm yee and i'm the proud grand daughter of wong and so this park renaming mean a lot to me not only because this is my
3:13 pm
grand mother about about community, heeling and justice. my personal journey has been of transforming pain to love, heeling and unity and e illumination. as a youth i played a mantle are in my mind as a result of hearing stories of violence against chinese and black people and immigrants. i would chant pes in the southeast. pes in the southeast. that sounds good. >> that's my dream there is unit and he diversity this people from different backgrounds can coexist in space without fear and hate. the park renaming is a step toward that dream. it brought all of us here today and -- i am sure grand mother is proud of us. she and i asked for your prove
3:14 pm
of this renaming. thank you. >> thank you very much. [applause] anyone nels room 416 hold like to comment on this item? now i will move to comment on the web ex. if you like to comment on this item raise your hand pie dialing star 3. first caller? >> good morning. can you hear me? >> good ahead. yes. thank you to the honorable members of recreation and park's commission and your chair. i will share my testimony 2 weeks ago. i'm ronald, member of the organizationing committee for peace and friendship park and stand with my organizing committee colleagues and the community to respectful low ask for your support for renaming. let me acknowledge left week's
3:15 pm
buffalo, new york mass shooting 10 members of the black communities were killed. these incidents of violence are not new for the black community. nor new for other communities who have been similarly targeted. i do remember the civil right's mutualment quote by fred hampton where he says, you don't fight fire with fire you fight fire with water. you don't fight racism with racism you fight racism with solidarity. i'm reminded on today's date may 19th of this commission hearing on this proposal. it is also significant because it is the birth date of 2 legendary friends and claeg colleagues of the social justice movement. there at the autobahn ball
3:16 pm
recommend for the community meeting where malcolm x was arc assassinated. others teamed provide malcolm x act of solidarity. let me thank the family of wong for accepting and supporting this community organizing effort to rename the park where our loved grand mother wong was violent low assaulted during morning exercises at the p. we know from the labor move am an injury to one is an injury to all. thank you to the family for allowing us to be a part of your extended family. also the woman's move am teaches us in significance of innersectionality. grant mother wong of an elder. woman, person of color.
3:17 pm
are neighborhoods social economic challenges. however, a grand mother's love has no limitations wong's love had no limitations with this renaming proposal, let us begin to rededicate ourselves to make the valley a more perfect neighborhood and make san front a more perfect city. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. hello. >> go ahead we hear you. of [speaking cantonese] i'm the
3:18 pm
visitation valley residents and i'm sam. i support to rename the park.
3:19 pm
>> um -- actually i think grandma with you this tragedy i think grandma wong can live longer more 10 years longer. and she can continue to become ambassador of our community. but unfortunately she her life was cut short. so i hope through this renaming movement, can give our community the power and make our community
3:20 pm
a work together and also make our community become more solidarity so i'm support to renaming the park. i wish our voice can be heard and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello -- [speaking cantonese] hi, everyone i'm dee i'm also visitation valley resident.
3:21 pm
>> i strategyly support it rename visitation valley to be peace and friendship park. grandz mawong was 87 years old but insist going to [inaudible] the play ground to build a good health.
3:22 pm
because of this tragedy her life was cut short. and i strategy low believe that throughout renaming process and you can stop the violence in our community. so. i hope through this renaming process and make our community aware that every light is
3:23 pm
precious and every life is important. thank you. and thank you very much. [speaking cantonese] i live in visitation valley for 15 years and support it renaming the park. i hope through this renaming
3:24 pm
process and make our community aware the safety in our area. and also through this tragedy, i hope it is something happen to one family it is also related to other family. >> because for the renaming the name included the meaning of love and also peace.
3:25 pm
so i support to renaming the park. thank you. next speaker. hello. this is the chair of the park rec open space advisory committee. we a few months back may be longer. time guess by quickly. we unanimously recommended that this name change should be made. on a personal note, i find that anything this we can do to stroif to make unit and he communities unity within our city, accessible and shown by doing manage like this is important. please, know that support
3:26 pm
endorses the name change. myself, i am the same. thank you, and have a wonderful day, everyone. >> thank you. >> hello. [speaking cantonese] my name is
3:27 pm
shirr and he i support to renaming the park -- actually i think without this tragedy, grandma wong can live a longer. so -- i hope through this renaming of -- unfortunately grandma wong her life was cut
3:28 pm
short. otherwise, she can condition to be the ambassador of our community. i hope through this renaming process we can -- we can -- have more power in our community to promote to advocate together for our community. we can embrace a different [inaudible] and make our community work together. thank you. can you hear me? yes. >> i'm [inaudible] san francisco
3:29 pm
native and my greatest grandpa came her in 1905. fourth generation. i want to salute the commission on our reshg and park for your service today. and this hen an important item. we would like to encourage to you support this renaming -- last few years have been troubling. i had the honor to serve the staff of the human right's commission close to that's right years and retired 4 years ago. this is said today all of us in san francisco look elbow, minds and our spirits to lift san francisco. to create a new era of building
3:30 pm
bridges where you recall, great grandpa's idea to go to gold mountain. gold mountain is an opportunity for people can live and grow their family in safety and prosperity. we need to try to if we can work together to arc choef that u noticing as the many speakers today if words of wisdom. creating we recognize black lives matters and asian lives matters. recognize navalive american lives and latino lives matters. all lives matters. thank you very much for you and we encourage your support for the renaming of this park. thank you very much.
3:31 pm
instead of making a place of dark ness and reminder of violence and in a symbol of peace and friendship and light. and the story has moved me and love to come to nile neighbor and community and visit this p as a reminder of the beauty resill yens and over coming -- darkness in light. thank the community members when put time in this exit hope you support the renaming.
3:32 pm
>> i'm the first guy that call in the earlier. ref randz norman fong. and i want to say i love the families and everybody and what your inspiration to bring peace and love is so powerful. i wanted to say that -- last week the smithsonian director came to china town to grb our ban and show case it at the smithsonian. the banner we use was fight the virus not the people. inspired by we did at this time month after grandma wong passed away. so he was in our mind. our banner and the story and the
3:33 pm
renaming of the park and her name being abundant love. come on. it meant to be. i think it would be a processless story globalally and in our little neighborhood. i wanted to show support for this effort and pray that everyone will dot right thing. love shall over come hate. >> thank you very much >> if there is anyone else on the line that would like to comment dial star 3. i want to give another second in case we missed anyone. >> okay. seeing no callers. and no one else in the roomed like to comment? public comment is closed. commissioners? >> thank you very much. commissioner anderson? thank you. i thank you for this report lamont and being a part of bringing the community together.
3:34 pm
i appreciate everyone being here. and e approximately to grandma wong's family for this terrible tragedy. i want to mention that president of the board of supervisors walten did also send i all right of support on behalf of the residence denials of district 10. he was fwhorn on the day that grand mofrpth wong passd and he and his staff went to visit her. sorry. everyone was heart broken. he said i will read a part of it. over the past few years the valley community working to heel prosecute this incident build and strengthen reps between the asian and black community and organize neighbors to sign a petition to rename the park. my office is in full support of the efforts. beyond the rename the goal is to
3:35 pm
bring back program and staffing to the park and to facility multirishl connections among neighbors to build relationships in the community. as a residents of the city, andave mother who spent hours in play ground and sometimes -- would see things that make me feel uncomfortable, i would like to point out it is a concerned citizen that this happened grandma wong early in the morning and make sure we have people talking about a buddy system so no one is alone. that we may be provide public education to our members so they will be mindful of that and that if public to have staffing around upon when people are doing the [inaudible] was doing.
3:36 pm
look outs that there is public safety to make sure this transgender deal does not help again. also, again, just as i private citizen, but because i'm a lawyer and a law enforcement family, i want to thank law enforcement for being involved. in the capture and arrest of the person who injured granldz maand died a year later of injuries. chief scott said his actions peek to member who does in the value human life. that was a quote from our chief scott. and i believe that his crimes are coming on for trial exit want to bear witness if this goes to try and like to encourage everybody to think about that because -- i believe that part of the heeling process is not only thinking about this, learning from t prosecute
3:37 pm
voiding forgiveness and solidarity and justice. justice is a part of the heeling process. and in a city as liberal and progressive as ours i believe we got away from what justice means. and that is holding people accountable for what hay have done. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner. commissioner hallsy. this item is the racial equity moment today as well. lamont, thank you for presenting, again. for those of you that don't know lamont presented to the prescription's committee 2 weeks ago. normally if all members of the prescription committee are in full agreement on a topic tell go drl direct to consent. it was president buell who made the motion and motion we put it on the general calendar because
3:38 pm
he said this story should be told again. for as many people to hear it as possible. and commissioner lieu and he i were in full agreement and i will say that we should tell the story, you should tell the story as you are doing now. tell it again and again and again. and salute to grandma wong's granddaughter and the committee temperature is difficult to bring something in front of commission for a name change on a property. it is i error difficult task. a number of boxes to be checked. and you check them all and it -- i think it is a sad store in one way but this will turn out to be a great story as well. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. commissioner jupiter-jones. gi want to say, echo what the commissioner said and thank you
3:39 pm
all for bringing this store tow us and for giving us this tune to be a partner with you in this work. i think that obviously grand mother wong was an inspiration and the way that your family and commune has decided to rescue noise and honor and heel from this tragedy is an inspiration to all of us and communities. and upon i want to pay attention, there was a comment, i'm sorry i forgot your name with the tye-dye shirt. you said recognize thanksgiving renaming this park the legacy is about recognizing there is society injustice this is cause violence and mental health issues. you know that are rooted in a lot of transgender deals. and that resonated with me and i
3:40 pm
want to express my gratitude for that perspective from your community. i'm -- i am a mission girl we had tragedies and some in our parks where we lost lives to violence. senseless actses. it is hard not to be angry and it is heard not to feel defeatd and not to blame and i think what you are all are doing is truly motivating and inspiration to us to find restoration and heeling. and that is really the justice that i hope for our world and hope we finds more opportunity. to do. thank you for allowing us to help with this. commissioner louie? >> so we are considering to rename a play ground to a park. and the usage of a play ground and a park are 2 different
3:41 pm
things. so -- the name alone the peace and friendship park for wang is a beautiful name. beautiful name. we are renaming the play ground. so as commissioner hallisy said in our committee meeting that all the boxes were checked. and we don't want to go around the city renaming things but in this case it is being renamed for all the right reasons. it is significant. because it will america the time in history when there was so much pain and suffering in our community we just had so much going on in all different parts of the city. but grandma wang was the first cases and to attack especially a senior woman who represented so much. every granddaughter and son wish
3:42 pm
they had a grandma like her. she embodied and exemplified so much. and she lead a simple life. my husband's grandma came from there. i have been there they are simple, lovely people. and so that's when we will hope to have this renaming for for this beautiful park so that people can enjoy and unify and heel. we are dook much better. but you know it takes a community to unify. and -- so the name alone is say its all and i want to thank the commissioners and phil. ip want to thank beverly, well mont, thank you. through this tragedy. il add one more thing is the beaut that he came out of it is i got to meet grandma wang's
3:43 pm
grand daughter. and susanna. i would not have may be met you any other way any time soon during a pandemic. you know and she you know when they say, apple does in the fall far from the tree. she herself is represents so much in the community. the valley has a lot of asian rolls royce in san francisco it is expensive it is now going to be a park. and so you know there will be events i'm sure. do something there. i want to thank everyone and -- thank you, commissioners and colleagues. >> thank you, commissioner. >> seeing no other commentsil make a couple myself. one is i want to thank lamont for a compelling and excellent presentation. it is a significant can thing to change the name of a park and you made the case very
3:44 pm
adequately. i want to thank the community and the members of the family. i think that it takes a village to do these things and you represent that village and so -- i congratulate you. with that, i can't add anything that has not been by the commission and those who sfpt it. i think this is very appropriate and monumental on many levels and should every per being so inspireed be named with this story they would be fortunate. thank you very much and with that the chair entertain a motion. i would like to make a motion to consider the renaming removal of visitation valley play ground to the yee, peace and friendship
3:45 pm
park. >> second vment >> moved and seconded. all in favor? >> aye. >> unanimous and thank you! [applause] thank you, commissioners. >> thank you. everyone. all right. item 10, golden gate park taxy stands we have -- 3 people on the web ex who -- might be speaking today. so if -- -- if you need to present something, we can have one at a time. so -- sfgovtv if you could have dana be the first presenter.
3:46 pm
and i see her up on the screen there. and danea if you need to share let us know. of thank you. good afternoon. kind of emotional after that last presentation. i have with me kate from mt ah and also going to speak on this matter. possible action to authorize the department to issue a permit to the mta to establish and maintain 2 taxy stands in the music concourse area of golden gate park. as many of you remember you spent time learning and discussing and approving the closure of jfk.
3:47 pm
we committed we would come back with things wield approve and access for people visiting the music concourse area this is a step. under the current rule a taxi can come drop somebody off and can be called and get someone but the tax thedrops someone off cannot stay and pick somebody up. purpose of this proposal that i'm granting to you will authorize taxi allowed to operate through mta to -- be -- 2 taxi stands and in golden gate park. and -- i have you have a diagram
3:48 pm
exit will pull it up now. this is a new system. we will see what happens. commissioners i will try to do nicole's presentation, too. be nice if you could see it. >> sfgovtv do you know why it says starting.
3:49 pm
may be i'm sharing the wrong thing? thank you. as you see -- here is the music concourse. we will be doing is creating 2 taxy stands one on each side. at the entrance of the 2 museums we worked with mta so they are aware there is ad a access and ad, ramp. and excited that adding this
3:50 pm
opportunity. to the people who are coming to visit the park. and this we worked with the city attorney as well in terms of finding the best solution. this authorizes us w with mta to establish other taxy stands in the park. but at this point this has been the major focus of when we are doing. with that said i like to turn it over to kate. and then nicole. to peek a bit on this. thank you. >> hi, thank you, commissioners for having mow here i'm kate the director of taxi access and mobility services for the sfmta. and i want to be brief. i was moved by the last item. just to acknowledge this and i will be brief it is has been a long meeting or has been -- and the i want to thank the staff,
3:51 pm
our teams worked together close low and for a time. to find a way to increase access in the park and to allow the taxi stands to be siteded at the important locations. and having taxi stands in the park is a win for the taxi industry and long been on the taxy industry wish list and a benefit to the community. with the taxy stands out of the you in seem and well is a taxi in the stand they don't make that call and wait longer. there will be access and i want to call out that taxis provide transit service this is an important part of our program and have wheel chair accessible taxys. i will leave it at that that will lead into my colleague nicole bond's comments and her presentation. i'm happy to answer question fist there are. thank the teams.
3:52 pm
>> so -- next i will -- nicole. would you like to put the power point up. >> that would be excellent. thank you. why we will see how i do. >> no problem. next slide when you are ready >> hi. i'm nicole bond the director. mayor's office on disability. thank you for giving me a few minutes to peek today. i have been working close low with our rec and parks clothes. to assist with improving accessibility. issues as a matter of not access
3:53 pm
compliance but disability equity. i appreciate having a few machines to talk about this now. to -- the next slide. i have a few brief points to make. so. taxi stands improve access options. as kate mention the taxys provide the majority of service for people with disabilities. we then and there tell allow for pick up and drop off. which would be a -- continues to be extremely crucial. as we look at options for how to condition to improve and enhance access in golden gate park but the parks in general. this -- critical enhancement and provide an additional option for those who don't drive or have
3:54 pm
access to transit. to -- give them another opportunity to be dropped off instead of bringing cars of personal vehicles in the park. this has been requested by disability advocates including the mayor disability council as had commission may remember. provide you with the resolution urnldz accessibility in golden gate park. senior and disability action has also add roindicated for takes access and members of the community living campaign. and somented to highlight that we have heard from thes disability community about this being -- great importance to a majority of the disability community, however, i want to also acknowledge that not everyone in the disability
3:55 pm
community does feel that -- or would -- through taxys would be a good thing. and so it is also -- very critical that we continue to encourage driving appropriate driving behavior, provides accessibility service. the last slide that i have is my general contact information. and so please, do, i'm happy to work with anyone on the commission to answer questions. and i want to thank you for taking time to consider this today. that's where i will stop for now. >> thank you. danea do you have anything further or go to public comment. why i think you can go to public comment. why thank you. why anyone in 416 withhold like
3:56 pm
to comment? i will move to web ex. anyone on the line who would like to comment, dial star 3 to speak. sfgovtv do we have raised hands? no raised hands there seeing no public comment. it is closed. commissioners? comments or questions? commissioner hallsy. >> on march 10th we had's joint meeting with mta regarding the closure of jfk and i said i felt as much a transportation issue as a recreational issue. and i still believe that. and i think that any additional transportation that gives more access options to elderly and the people with disabilities is
3:57 pm
a win/win. >> here, here. thank you. why other comments or questions. jot chair would entertain a motion. >> moved. >> second. >> all in favor? aye. >> so moved. thank you. >> thank you. okay. we are now on item 11 general public comment. if there is anyone on the line withhold like to make a comment on items not related to today's agenda dial star 3 to be added to speak. do we have anyone with their hand raised, sfgovtv? no hands. thank you. seeing no comment. comment is closed now item 12 commissioner matters. commissioner anderson. like to propose this we adjourn today in honor of robert
3:58 pm
waltin's requirement and 95th birthday and the oldest employee for the city and county of san francisco. >> you may make that motion at adjournment. >> anyone else. public comment on item 12? no one in room 416. so asking about the line now. we have dan here. not new but in the a member of the public. >> no hands. thank you. >> no further call eshs, comment is closed. new business agenda setting? commissioners? don't see anything. >> raised hands for this item? >> public comment is closed now item 14, communication. any public comment on communication?
3:59 pm
public comment is closed item 15 adjourn am. commissioner anderson. >> i would like to move that we adjourn in honor of the retirement of robot watkins the 95th annual celling bragz of neil birth our naturalist at camp mather and possible low the oldest current employee of the city of san francisco. >> a second? >> seconded. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we are adjourned. thank you one and all. >> thank you.
4:00 pm