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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee  SFGTV  May 25, 2022 10:30am-2:01pm PDT

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come to order. this is the may 25, 2022 budget and finance committee meeting. i'm hillary ronen, chair of the finance and budget committee. i'm joined by gordon mar and vice chair safai will be here shortly. our clerk is brent jalipa and i would like to thank sfgovtv for
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broadcasting this meeting. mr. clerk, any announcements? >> with our return to the chamber, just a friendly reminder to make sure to silence all cell phones. the board of supervisors and its committees are hybrid meetings while providing remote access. the board recognizes that access is essential and will be taking public comment as follows. first public comment will be taken on each item on this agenda. for those watching either channels, sfgovtv, the public comment number is streaming across the screen. that number is 1-415-655-0001. again, that's 1-415-655-0001. enter the meeting i.d. of 2480 069 6647 # #. when connected, you'll hear the meeting discussions, but you'll be muted in listening mode only.
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when your item of interest comes up, those those joining us in person, should line up, and those on the telephone should be press 3 to line up. you may submit public comment to myself at if you submit public comment via e-mail, it will be forwarded to the supervisors and also included as part of the official file. you may also send your written comments by postal service to the office in city hall. that's 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, san francisco. and items acted upon today will appear on board of supervisors
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june 7. item number 1 is a resolution approving amendment number 1 to the agreement between community forward s.f. inc. and the department of public health for substance use disorder and mental health services to increase the agreement by $20.3 million for an amount not to exceed $29.8 million for total agreement term through june 30, 2027 and to authorize the department of public health to enter into amendments or modifications to the contract prior to the final execution that do not materially increase the obligation to the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of the contract or this resolution. the members of the public who wish to comment, please call 1-415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2480 069 6647 # #. once connected, press star 3 to enter the speaker line. the system prompt will indicate
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you have raised your hand. when the system indicates you've been unmuted that, will be your cue. >> chair ronen: we're joining again by ms. ruggels. thank you for coming back. >> is it okay if i remove my mask when speaking? my glasses are -- thank you for squeezing us back into today. we're returning today after learning last week that community forward lost its lease for one of its programs, a woman's place, because the building had been sold the day before the hearing or the committee meeting, so we spent the last week learning about the implications of that what would mean to the contract. what we're requesting today is a one-year extension to this contract agreement for total not to exceed $13.1 million. the reason we're asking for this is the one-year extension will allow us to continue staffing
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and services the at a shelter-in-place hotel they've been operating because of covid. the city's lease for the hotel ends mid august. when that hotel closes, the plan of community forward is for their staff, that they've all been re-deployed. and women's place drop-in and shelter, which they're planning to reopen when they have their staff back. so continuing the contract for a year would also continue the staffing at a women's place shelter from the time -- for the year, to june 23, at their current site. that's not changing. that's 1049 howard street. this contract extension would continue the services for a
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women's place from september 2022 when they reopen through the end of the contract term, providing them time to find a new location. as i mentioned on may 17, the day before the hearing they were notified that the building at 211-13th street was sold and they had to be out by june 30th. and, so, what they're doing now is actively looking for a new site for a women's place drop-in in to be open in september 2022 that dovetails with the end of the lease that their shelter-in-place hotel. so it buys them a little time. this is a short-term solution to ensure the continuation of these services while they continue to look for a new women's drop-in place. so really the extension of this contract is allowing them to continue their existing services. they are completely committed to
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both the women's place drop-in and a women's place shelter. so, what's really the unknown is where -- which address will be ongoing, but so that's why we determined to ask for one-year extension. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. this is a very unusual situation and we all value the services that the women's place provides the community so much, so i'm ready to support this for one year and then my understanding is that we'll probably be hearing back from you in less than six months seeking to extend the contract. so at that point we'll absolutely know what the plan for services are. okay. that's great. did the budget & legislative analyst want to add anything?
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>> nick menard, no, we agree with the department, that will tide them over for the rest of the year. >> chair ronen: do we need to amend what is before us now to take it from five years to one year? okay. so we have two amendments. i'll make a motion to amend to reduce the amount of the contract to -- sorry -- where are my notes? to $13.1 million and to reduce the term of the contract from five years to one year. can i have a roll call on the amendment? the motion to amend? >> we should have public comment. >> chair ronen: sorry, what? that would be a good idea. open this item up public comment. >> for those listening remotely,
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call 1-415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2480 069 6647 # #. once connected, you'll need to press star 3 to enter the speaker line. for those already in the queue, continue to wait until the system says you're unmuted. that will be your cue. there are no in-person speakers in the chamber. do we have any on the line? >> hello, members of the budget and finance committee. given the recent coverage of supportive housing in the city, and the horrible conditions and lack of quality control, within "the chronicle" article, homelessness and supportive housing director mcspadden indicated that all contacts with supportive housing non-profit
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partners would add in a quality control mechanism into their contract by the end of fiscal year 2023. that is june 30, 2023. i just would like you to remain cognizant of this contract language that should be added into all supported housing non-profit contracts. >> thanks so much for your comment. >> are there any more speakers? >> >> mr. clerk, that completes the queue. >> public comment is closed. can we have a roll call on the motion to amend? >> on that motion to amend, resolution to reduce the not to exceed amount to $13.1 million and also the term from five years to one year. vice chair, safai is absent. member mar. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> chair ronen: aye. we have two ayes with the vice chair absent. >> i'd like to make a motion to
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send the item to the full board as a positive recommendation. >> on that motion, as amended? >> supervisor mar: aye. >> chair ronen: aye. >> we have two ayes with the vice chair absent. >> mr. clerk, can you read item number 2? >> item number 2 is a resolution retroactively authorizing the department of public health to accept and expend a grant increase from the centers for disease control and prevention for participation in a program entitled to san francisco department of public health climate and actions to reduce the disproportionate impacts of climate change in the amount of approximately $86,000 for a total amount of $300,000 for the period of september 1, 2021 through august 31, 2022. members of the public who are joining remotely and wish to comment on this resolution, call
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1-415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2480 069 6647 # #. once connected, press star 3 to enter the speaker line. the system prompt will indicate when you have raised your hand: that's your cue to begin your comments. >> chair ronen: thank you. i understand matt is here from d.p.h. are you remote? >> yes, i am remote. >> i'm going to prepare my screen.
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so, i'm going to present very briefly on the grant, the climate and health san francisco and our programmatic activities and this shouldn't take long. the building resilience against climate effects is part of the cdc climate initiative to support local and state health departments to identify climate health impacts in the communities most vulnerable to those health impacts and develop and implement policies. the san francisco department of public health has received this funding and is part of the 2016 grant cohorts. last june, we reapply and
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received funding for the 2021-2026 brace grant cycle. we're one of 10 jurisdictions to receive this funding. climate change is making extreme heat events and wildfire smoke events specifically, but all climate-related events more frequent and these events have significant cascading, compounding and inequiable impacts. i'm using extreme heat as an example. a study of a 2006 california statewide heatwave found that hospitalizations during extreme temperatures increased the most in california coastal communities such as them. san francisco. most of these health impacts happened inside homes. this graph shows the increase in ems calls when temperatures hit
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100° for two straight days. there was also a 17% increase in emergency department visits. the san francisco climate and health program works to address the local health impacts of climate change and we do this in two ways. the first, we work within the department of public health to adapt our services, facilities to future and related health stressors. we represent the department of public health on city-wide adaptation and mitigation activities and primarily to bring an equity perspective to make sure they're centered on health. and we do this in four specific ways. the first is through research and data analysis, which helps us identify both youth climate projections to identify health burden and social determinate of health data to identify which communities carry the most of that health burden. and then maps and data to
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visualize that distribution of impact. as well as to evaluate strategies. outreach and engagement to prepare stakeholders and community members for the health impacts of climate change and lastly, planning and collaboration to work to develop programs and services that really try to prepare people for the health impacts of climate change in san francisco. and i wanted to highlight one particular program that we're working on right now. this is our main program and activity we're co-chairing with the office of resiliency and capital planning. the heat and air quality program. it's a project to supplement emergency preparedness response action to push the city to be more resilient year to year. this group is open to public agencies, academic partners and community-based organizations and the goal is to create a
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centralized landing space for extreme heat, wildfires and those grisly discussions and connect these strategies to resources. we currently have four work groups running. one is weatherization of existing buildings and affordable housing. two is using green infrastructure to reduce urban heat island and address air quality. three is developing community-based programs and services. and four is establishing emergency preparedness and response actions. so that's just a little bit of background on the program and i'm here to answer any questions you might have. >> chair ronen: thank you so much. did you want to explain the retroactivity? >> sure, for that question, i'm going to -- yeah, give it to greg. >> good morning, supervisors. so, after the initial amount of
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216,000 was through the annual ordinance we had received in august of 2021. i think there was misunderstanding of the -- so upon discovery the grant documents received on march 16 and after going through control -- march 26. [indiscernible] >> chair ronen: thank you so much. we have no b.l.a. report. supervisor mar? >> supervisor mar: thank you. -- for this brief update, mr. wolf, on the really important work that you and d.p.h. and the office of resilience are doing to better prepare our city for the impacts of extreme heat and wildfire caused air quality hazards. i just -- i know this grant from
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the cdc looks like it's more supporting mid and long-term strategies and really appreciate all the work that you're doing on those fronts. i just had a question about the near term plan and, you know, there's been reports that this year's wildfire season could be even worse than we've seen in recent years. i was just curious what new -- yeah, what new initiatives have coming out of the climate and health program to ensure our most vulnerable residents are better protected this year? particularly unsheltered residents and seniors? >> thank you for your question. we are focused on collaborating with the department of emergency management and the public health emergency preparedness and response branch on developing emergency preparedness and
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response actions for this year. i know that the department of emergency management is taking the lead on 2022 wildfire smoke preparedness and i know they have collaborative work going on with the bay area air quality district to distribute air cleaners. our support of this has been primarily in data analysis where we're trying right now to set up an extreme heat surveillance system to get realtime of where hospitalizations are occurring in san francisco around extreme heat and air quality. and i would be happy to bring back about what the department of emergency management are doing to prepare for 2022. >> supervisor mar: thank you for that. yeah, i would appreciate some follow-up with my office about this for preparations for this year. thank you. >> absolutely. >> chair ronen: thanks so much. can we please now open up this
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item for public comment. >> members of the public joining us should line up now. those listening remotely, call 1-415-655-0001. the meeting i.d. is 2480 069 6647 # #. once connected, you'll need to press star 3 to enter the line. for those in the queue, wait until the system indicates you've been unmuted. that will be your cue to begin your comments. do we have any callers? >> we have no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> public comment is closed. >> i'd like to move that we send this item to the full board with positive recommendations. >> on that motion by member mar to forward to the full board with positive recommendation. safai absent. >> supervisor mar: aye. >> chair ronen: aye. we have two ayes with vice chair safai absent. >> chair ronen: thank you so
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much. can you please read item number 3. [please stand by] [please stand by]
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>> do we take public comment on this? members of the public who wish to speak on this item sign up now. please call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is fixed for seven then press poundtwice . once you're connected if you're in the queue please continue to wait until the systemindicates you have been unmuted and
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that's your cue to begin your comments . we have no speakers in the chamber. and he ontelecom . >> we have no colors in the queue. >> publiccomment is now closed . supervisor. >> since there's been a lot of focus on the payment policy that is in effect i wanted to ask is a contractor or an interested party with the city ... i don't know if you have any comments. >> could you please restate the fact pattern? >> i was wondering like if this has any ... how this relates to the payment policy. >> the payment policy as you
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know is very complex and we have to look at each and every solicitation for fundraising for the city and it's not necessarily the case that every solicitation is prohibited. it's only where solicitation is made by somebody covered by the ordinance or somebody who is an interested party and interested party is defined in a number of different ways but we look to the relationship between the entity and government official and we look to see if there's contract between them or if the entity or the donor has tried to engage in some kind of administrative or legislative influence . our deputies when referring reviewing this legislation will look at these questions but there are many grants that are simply offered to the city with no solicitation whatsoever and weaccept them . sowhere there is no solicitation there is no issue
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with behest of payment >> you're saying this is an unsolicited grant , therefore and i guess my other question is is that consideredan interested party under the behest of payment policy ? >> for me to be able to answer that i would have to look at the facts of the situation to understand their relationship with the city, with the entities they dealt with so i don't know enough of the facts. if you'd like to take this item uplater in the meeting i'd be happy to find out what i can for you . >> yes, i'd appreciate that. >> i do just want to say that the rest of payment legislation potentially impacts every acceptance. i'm assuming thatwork happens before it gets to this committee . we're not going to take the responsibility for ensuring the city attorney and sponsor and
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department and ethics commission falls on their job. this legislation is really throwing a wrench into the work thathappening and we can take on that role in this committee . so i don't know you feel about that but i would just like to go forward and if the ph gets in trouble that'son them and on thecity attorney's office . >> that sounds fine with me. i would agree with that . >> thank you so much. didn't open thisup? we opened this up . i would like to make a motion for this item tothe full board with a positive recommendation, canwe have a roll call vote ? >> with a positive recommendation . >>. [roll call vote]
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>> can you please read item number four. >> item number four is a resolution approving modification ofrates to a contract . sorry, one second . contract number 50118 through 2. yes. with dignity health doing business as st. mary's medical center for management and operation of the s at home medical clinic to extend the term for two years from july 1, 2019 through june 30, 2024 and increasing contract amount by 1.6 million for a new contract amount not to exceed 11 million pursuant to the charter. members joining us remotely and wishto comment on this item these call 415-655-0001. meeting id is 2480 069 6647 . then press pound twice. once connected press star three. the system prompt will indicate
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you haveraised your hand and when it indicates you have been unmuted that is your cue to begin your comments . >> i understand deanna luck is here. >> thank you chair ronen. air force seeking your approval to exercise an option to extend the agreement withdignity health to june 30, 2024 and increase the contract amount by 1.6 million . for a total amount of11 million . the medical clinic is a unique service that meets the critical needs of sfo community providing urgent care,emergency medicine, occupational health , trauma care, diagnostic services and clinical care for city and tenant employees, contractors and the public. with the onset of the covid-19 pandemic services were expanded to include testing or commission employees, tenants and other entities that provide services at sfo.
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the commission requires a state license to a medical organization to manage and operate sfo medical clinic and manage and operate the clinic since 2001. it was awarded the contract for an initial term of three years in 2019 after a competitive process. the bla hasrecommended approval and i'm happy to answer any questions along with my colleague .>> any questions? i'msorry, we have a bla report for this item . >> nick minard budget analyst office. this resolution approves the third amendment to the agreement withdignity health to operate the clinicat the airport , exercising the option to extend the agreement bytwo years . and increases the amount to $11 million . we showthe budget for this clinic on page 7 of our report . and the increases are really
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driven by lower than originally planned revenue for the clinic and under the agreement the airport covers any operating expenditures not covered by patient revenue. we recommend approval . >> thank you so much. colleagues. openthis item for public comment . >> members of the public who wish to speak joining us in person should line up now. for those listening remotely call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is 2480 069 6647 and press pound twice. you'll need to press star three to enter the speakerline. for those waiting wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and that is your cue to begin your comments . are there any on the phone? >> mister clark wehave no
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callers in the queue . >> public comment is now closed. i would like tomake a motion to send this item to the full board with a positive recommendation . >> on that motionto forward this resolution to the full board vice chair safai . [roll call vote] >> can you please read the next item. >> can you read item number five. >> item 5 is a resolution approving the mountain total improvements project planning and design services with mcmillan jacobson to increase the contract amount by approximately 7.7 million and increase the contract duration by three years for a total not toexceed contract of 20.7 million and a total contract duration of 13 years . however with the new term period of 2060 through february
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2029 to provide specialized engineering services for the mountain total improvements project pursuant to the charter. members joining us remotely please call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is 2480 069 6647 and press pound twice. once connected press star three to enter the speaker line and a systemprompt will indicate you haveentered the speaker line and when the system indicates you have been unmuted that is your cue to begin your comments . >> . >> chair: mister anderson. >> good morning supervisors and thank you for hearing this item. my name is randy anderson and i'm sf puc project manager for the mountain total improvement project and i have with me katie miller who is the director of the water capital program and she mayhave been here before on a couple other occasions . did we have a slide
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presentation? you can go ahead and go to the next slide .the resolution before you today would authorize the general manager of the sf puc to execute amendment number one of contract cs 249 for a total not to exceed amount of 28,780,000 and a total agreement duration of 13 years to provide specialized engineering services for themountain total improvement project . this amendment increases the contract amount by $7,780,000 and thecontract duration by three years . this amendment will continue to provide necessary funding for engineering support during construction to complete the construction phaseand for project closeout for the mountain total improvements project . i believe it would be beneficial if i could give you a quick overview of the project so we can understand what we're doing up there in the country. this slide here is an overview of the regional water system and showing the location of th
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mountain tunnel . in the sierra nevada us. the mountain tunnel is a critical and nonredundant components of the system which conveys water to 2.8 million residents and businesses over four counties . the system also generates over 1 billion kilowatt hours of clean hydroelectric power annually. a mountain total is over 90 years old and ispresently being rehabilitated under contract hh 1000 are . next slide please. this slide is showing most of theproject scope of work. this is an 18.9 mile long water, . starting at the priest reservoir on the left side of the slide, a new flow control facility isbeing constructed . which includes 100 foot the by 50 foot wide deep shaft. the shaft is presently excavated to the bottom depth
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of 150 feet which is that milestone mark a few days ago. bypass tunnels are presently being excavated at the shaft bottom and will be tied into the existing tunnel . the priest reservoir in 1000 foot long new access is being constructed presently at 700 feet or about 70percent complete on the new added tunnel . we're proximally 10 miles in the red and the green . tunnel lining will be taking place and that will be repairing the title defects that exist inside the tunnel and doing contract grouting to fill the void between the new binding at the rock. rock degree will be removed more upstream. a new shop at south fork, new hundred foot deep shaft will be constructed and as-extension will be tied into the existing mountaintunnel . at early and take a new
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bulkhead door will be built to provide access for maintenance inside the tunnel in that portion. all these tunnel improvements will extend the service life of the call for another 100 years and give the operators operational control of the water flow into priest reservoir. nextslide please . this is just a couple of pictures showing the top and inside of you of the new flow control facilityshaft . you can tell it's going to be a 55 foot diameter so is a large large hole in the the bottom of the shaft large diameter control valves will be placed that will connect to the bypass tunnels. on the right side is a picture of the entrance of the newly constructedpartially constructed priest added tunnel
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which is at 700 feet of the 1000 feet . once constructed and operational the priest reservoir will not be lowered as is no new tunnelon the right side will provide the access . right now they have to lower it to get in at the priest reservoirarea to get inside the tunnel . slidesix please . this is just showing the project and plan work at south fork . this is a complicated site down in the ravine with 50 foot granite walls surrounding us and south fork the ptolemy river. this is where were going to construct the 100 foot deep access shaft to give us an access
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. >> as of the end ofmarch we are 426 days into this contract . we successfully completed outage number one and we're moving it towards outage number two now for winter shutdown. approximately 20 percent complete timelines.
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this is our budget. five main budget areas and three of them are completed. planning environmental and design and we are currently in construction management and construction phase of this project . the total contract amount is 238,218,951 and i would also like to note this project to secure funding from the drinking water state revolving fund for the full project amount of 238 million. so why is this contract amendmentneeded ? the original contract and scope of work and budget was for the planning, design and construction of past tunnel . after an alternative analysis was performed in 2017 during the planning phase of lower-cost tunnelrehabilitation alternative was chosen . this is what we areconstructing
11:17 am
today . it is estimated this provided a cost savings up 370 million for the rehabilitation project versus the new bypass tunnel. but this also increasedour scope of work .and the need for the additional contract budgets and duration for this engineering contract to support this rehabilitation project. some of the additional work was a five miles of theroadway improvements added on . full rehabilitation of the inside of the tunnel , the lining repair and contract grouting. the degree removal and addition of that flow control facility at priest reservoir which you saw a picture of. so with that i would be happy to take any questions that you may have. >> before we get to questions let me turn it over to budget and legislative analyst. >> this resolution improve
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crews and amendment to pc contract with mcmillan jacobs and increases the contract amount from 21 to $28.7 million and extends the term through february 2029 . the contract is primarily labo . it's a design contract. the billing rates are consistent with the original agreement and as the department noted the additional work is phase because the scope of the project has changed which requires moredesign work . weshow the budget for the amendment on page 12 of our reports and recommend approval . >> thank you. supervisor safai iq. i'm sorry i'm randyanderson . >> i think this is a great example of i don't want to say value engineering but at least taking a second look at the
11:19 am
original proposalto say i guess in its upcoming and at a third of the cost . that's pretty amazing . it's also pretty amazing that the original engineering work that's almost 100 years old ha lasted as long as it has . it just goes to show howmuch time , effort, and mathematics and science were ported to that and how successful instead that's really exciting to me . my question is about the subcontractors. i know and i heard over the years often times contractors are put into the overall goal of work and then often carried for a certain amount of time and dropped. i'd like to hear a little bit more about the subcontractors. many of whom are certified local business leds. so i'd like to hear a little bit more about that and the participation theyhad and how consistently they been engaged onthis project . >> thank you for your question . i believe the original rfp
11:20 am
proposal was a 10 percent lte requirement and in this contract they have achieved 13.8 percent ontheir lte utilization . and we have continued lte and amendmentnumber one . there are two or three firms that are going to be utilized that can help do theengineering support during the construction . so i believe they've done a fantastic job of utilization of their subcontractors. >> and they'vebeen consistently employed throughout the course of theproject ? >> yes .there have been maybe one or two. one was a public outreach i don't think was utilized because that was handled by sfpuc. there may have been anotherone utilized to a small amount . but most of them besides those two met their goals of what
11:21 am
they originallyanticipated . i think this has been a good example of showing who they were going to use in the original rfp and staying with that commitment . >> we've seen situations where that has been the case, where they stayed consistently engaged and other situations where on very short notice there services are not utilized for their mint contract or mid-project and the contractor might decide they're trying to find a way to save money and then areasked to continue . that was my question specifically on the term of engagement. it looks like it's joe hill. it looks like theoutreach court was not utilized . >> greg corbin and g.i. were
11:22 am
all engaged in the project. >> greg corbin was the technical advisor and the other was technical investigations and we will still need that support as weget into these this, located shaft at south fork . >> okay. looks good to me. >> thank you so much. can we please open this item up for public comment? >>members who wish to speak on this item should line up now . for those listening remotely please call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is 2480 069 6647. once connectedpress start 3 to enter the speaker line and if there are any in the queue wait until the system indicates you have been under muted . we have no interest interested speakers in the chamber and
11:23 am
madam chair we have no speakers on telephone. >> public comment is closed. do you want to do the honors? >> i'd like to makea motion to send this item to the full board with positive recommendation . >> on that was invite vice chair safai this resolution be forwarded to the full board with a positive recommendation . [roll call vote] we have 3 trend lines. >> mister clerk can you please read item number six. >> item 6 is a resolution retroactively authorizing the san francisco public utilities commission to extend federal funds sourced by the american rescue plan act of 2021. administered by the state water resources control board and california community services department and the total amount of approximately 7.3 million andapproximately 3.6 million respectively .
11:24 am
these customer accounts grew careers due to the pandemic march 4, 2020 through june 15, 2021. members of the public joining us remotely and wish to comment please call 415-655-0001. with a meeting id of 2480 069 6647. then press pound twice. once connected plus áthree. a prompt will indicate you have raised your hand and wait until the systemindicates you have been under muted and that will be your queue . >> thank you so much and good morning. >> good morning supervisors. my name is christina i director offinancial planning san francisco public utilities commission . thanks for having us . i'm presenting on the accept and extendgrant retroactive american rescue plan act of 2021 . >> you mind pulling up the slide?
11:25 am
thank you. let's go to thefirst slide . >> providing background, on july 13, 2021 as part of the coronavirus fiscal recovery fund established by the american rescue plan act of 2021 $1 billion was appropriated to electric utilities to eligible residential and commercial customer arrears that accrued during the pandemic. for assembly bill 125 and 148 a california arrearage payment program and california water wastewater arrears program c ww app requirements were
11:26 am
established. the ss puc was a leader in lobbying efforts for these funds at the state level and california is one of the only states to put that stimulus funding towards utility bill arrears. let's move on to the next slide. the sfpuc was able to receive a total of $10.9 million from that funding source to apply to customer arrearages. the breakdown is $7.3 million for our water enterprise, 1.24 clean power sf arrearages. commercial and residential amounts were applied to customer accounts to pay off delinquent bills and discount amounts in water and wastewater were applied to customer accounts to offsetthe cost of normal and emergency discount programs that were available during that time the next slide covers a timeline of funds . in the fall of 2021 the sfpuc
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submitted applications for power and water arrearages. the commission approved and accept and expend resolution of anamount up to $10.6 million for water and power . in the winter of 2022 december through march water and power applications were under review. and in march 2022 funds were received and distributed for power and water arrearages. in the spring of 2022 and april the wastewater program details were released. and application was submitted by the sfpuc and approved.we could go to the next slide. overall we want to provide this recommendation for you all as a budget and finance committee to recommend recommend to the board of supervisors the passage and acceptance of the
11:28 am
accept and expend resolutions for water and power. these funds were approved as previously mentioned by the sfpuc program accept and expend resolution passed by the commission in november 2021 and an additional retroactive accept and expend resolution for wastewater isexpected to go before the commission in june 2022 . and i'm happy toanswer any questions if you have any . >> i'm so sorry. any questions,colleagues ? >> can you directly address the retroactivity? i think you did through the timeline that you went through. let's see. i would just like to get on the record. >> definitely. the resolution is retroactive because we applied the funds
11:29 am
immediatelyupon receipt to clear customer debt as quickly as possible . it took about a month for the resolution to go through the review process forthe mayor's office of disability and the mayor's budget office . >> iappreciate that. this is , thank you for helping out san franciscans who struggle with so many expenses during the pandemic. this is such an important program and it's nice to see the federal government meeting the needs of residents of the united states so we really appreciate your work and takin advantage of every opportunity to get a break . >> if we can open this up for publiccomment . >> members of the public who wish to speak now joining us in person should line up now. for those listening remotely call 415-655-0001. meeting id is 248-0647 and
11:30 am
pound twice. once connected press star 3 to enter the speaker line. if you're already in the queue wait until the system indicates you have been under muted and if it is your queue to begin w have no in person speakers in the chamber and we have no speakers on the phone . >> public comment is now closed. i'd like to make a motion to send this item to the full board with positive recommendation and speak on it as a cosponsor. >> on that motion to forward this resolution to thefull board with a positive recommendation , vice chair safai. [roll call vote] >> mister clerk can you call itemsseven through 11 together . >> items seven through 11.
11:31 am
item 7 is a resolution retroactively approving the fiscal year 2021 to 2022 all the investment partnership program and authorizing the mayor on behalf of the city and county to appoint or accept and expand the cities fiscal year 2020 1 to 2022 home program grant from the us department of housing and urban development in the amount of approximately 18.7 million for a term of july 1, 2021 through september 30 2030. items 1811 are resolutions approving the following fiscal year programs and authorizing the mayor on behalf of the city to apply for accept and expand the city's programs and entitlements from the us department of housing and urban development as follows . item 8 is for housing opportunities for persons with aids programs in the amount of approximately 7.3 million to expand program income and reprogram funds in the amount
11:32 am
of 2.9 million for a combined total of approximately 10.3 million for a period of july 1, 2020 through through june 30. nine is for the community development block grants program in the amount of up to approximately 19.5 million to expand estimated program income funds in the amount of approximately 5.9 million for a combined total of approximately 25.4 million for a period beginning july 1, 2020 through through thedates when all other extended . the intent is for the home investment partnership program in the amount of approximately 5.4 million and expend programming, and the amount of 2 million for a combined total of approximately 7.4 million for a term of july 1, 2022
11:33 am
through june 30, 2027. item 11 is the emergency solutions grants program and the amount of approximately 1. million for aperiod starting july 1, 2022 and ending 2 years from the date of the grant agreement . members joining us remotely and wish to comment on these resolutions please call 415-655-0001 .the meeting id is 2480 069 6647. then press pound twice. once connected you'll need to press star 3 to enter the speaker line. a prompt will indicate you have raised your hand and when the system indicates you have been unmuted that is your queue to begin your comments . >> i understand brian chu will present on this and if for each item if there's a particular projectyou're planning to use this money if you could make that clear that would be helpful . >>certainly . members of the committee brian todirector of development . i have five items here, four of which are our annual renewals
11:34 am
of our formula allocation and one is a special allocation coming to us from the american rescue plan. i'll start first with the american rescue plan home project that is a resolution allowing us to, well we received the grant agreement but we will now be applying for the ability to utilize those funds. approximately 18.7 million to provide support for housing programs designed to help those who are homeless. we have worked with the department of homelessness and supportive housing and identified our first 100 percent permanent supportive housing project 71 boardman as the project for which we will use this or our key development and gap costs. that is a project that will deliver approximately 100 units for homeless folks. it's not scheduled to go forward until fiscal year 2425
11:35 am
but the entire amount will be dedicated to that project at 71 orman. for the other 4 resolutions i understand you have amendments before you. i apologize, apologies for having to give amended amounts. however because of the timing when we have to deliver our action plan to hide we had to submit our accept and expend resolutions with estimated formula amounts and we just recently got the full amounts which you have youramendments . i'lljust go through those one by one . the resolution is formula allocation we get every year. that will be allowing us to accept approximately 5.57 million for projects yet to be in identified that will suppor new construction with all dollars . the next resolution out talk about is our emergency solutions grantsprogram .
11:36 am
that program entitles us to receive about $1.59 million to support homelessness and homeless prevention projects. this year that will be supporting approximately 14 different grants to a variety of different emergency shelters and a list prevention projects. it's administered through our partnership with homelessness and supportive housing department and all those projects that you find on our expenditure schedule were previously procured so it's really just rolling over a multiyearprocurement they did last year . the next project i want to discuss will be our outlook program that will allow us to accept approximately $7.02 million . for programs that are assistin individuals living with hiv . that project supports one
11:37 am
subgrant out to the county of san mateo which we accept funding in a multijurisdictionalallocation . it will support eight grants to a number of residential programs, long-term care and transitional housing for people living with hiv and in additio , direct subsidies program for long-term permanent subsidies for people living with hiv and our final resolution is forour community development block grants program . that will be supporting programs administered by our office and also programs overseen by the office of economic and workforce development for economic and workforce developmentsupporting approximately nine workforce involvement projects . approximately 19 economic involvement projects that focus
11:38 am
on small business assistance and micro-enterprise assistance as well as seven different commercial corridor programs and then for an hcd and provides additional dollars for housing rehab. dollars for our capital renovations to manage the facilities as well as about 23 projects that can accept several dollars focusing on homeownership, legal services, services provided in affordable housing and a smaller number of skills building grantees. as with the emergency shelters grant program all of the grantees and mo hcd grantees are a renewal of last year's multi-year procurement in order to provide some civility and funding for all those projects. in terms of the overall allocation we did get a small decrease across most of our funding sources.
11:39 am
just for your information so in terms of what we were anticipating, the cdg be allocation is about 3.5 percent less thanwhat we received last year . aqua was just about the same, only .3 percent less. the emergency solutions grants allocation was about .2 percent less and the home allocation actually did receive a slight increase even though it's seen decreases over theyears so that received an increase of about eight percent . that's a quick overview of the five resolutions in front of you acrossall those program areas and i'm happy to answer any questions you might have about any of the resolutions . >> thank you so much and just forclarity because were going to have to amend. we are amending items eight,
11:40 am
nine, 10 and 11 is that correct ? >> amending all the items exceptfor the home american rescue plan resolution . all the other four and slight changesin the formula allocation . >>just to make sure the clerk and public are getting this . if you could go through each item and say what the amount is that would be great sure. for the program the original amount. >> if you could say the item, so that's item numbereight . >> yes. item 8 original amount was 7,350,000 373. the revised amount is 7 million 19,400 and 25. >> chair: i see. keep going. >> for item number nine, the
11:41 am
communitydevelopment block grants program . the original amount was 19,487,000 307. and the revised formula amount is 18,232,000 150. >> great. >> next item 10. the whole program. the original amount was 5,381,731. the revised amount is 5,571,000 635. >> chair: and item 11. >> item 11 emergency solutions grant program . the original amount was
11:42 am
1,805,000 749. the revised amount is 1,587,000 675. >> appreciate that.can we please openthis item up for public comment ? >> yes. members of the public who wish to speak on these items and are joining us inperson should line up now to speak. please call 415-655-0001 . the meeting id is 2480 069 6647. then just pound twice. you'll need to pressá3 to enter your speaker line and for those already in the queue continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. we have no in person speakers in the chamber and madam chair we have noton the telephone .
11:43 am
>> chair: public comment is now closed. supervisor safai. >> i want to thank brian andthe department for their hard work . i know that these programs are so important to so many of our nonprofit organizations, our community and development groups and continued support for so much of what we've done but even before to deal with what needs to be just generally referred to as positive and this started under model cities in the 70s and has continued so thank goodness we continue to see this money and as a former deputy i'm very proud and would love tobe added as a cosponsor on all these items . >> thank you so much. i would like to make a motion to send item 7 to the full board witha positive recommendation, can we have a
11:44 am
rollcall ? >> item numberseven to the full board with a positive recommendation . [roll call vote] >> items eight through 11 i would like it to make amotion to amend the items . >> on that motion to amend items eight, nine, 10 and 11 with the revised amounts. vice chair safai. [roll call vote] >> finally i'd like to make a motion to send items eight through 11 to the full board with positive recommendation a amended . >> on the motion to forward it items eight, nine, 10 and 11 to the full board. department of recommendation as amended, vice chair safai.
11:45 am
[roll call vote] we have 3 aye's. >> you for all your work. mister clark can you read item number 12 ? >> item 12 is a resolution approving second amendment between the tides center and department of supportive housing to support management services at six delivering innovation in supportive housing buildings. extending the contract term by 2 years for a term of july 1, 2019 through two 2026 increasing the contract amount by approximately 23.9 million for a total contract amount not to exceed 53.4 million and authorizing the director into any additional amendments or other modifications of the contract that do not increase. the obligations or liabilities that would materiallydecrease obligations to the city . members ofthe public who wish
11:46 am
to comment lee's call 415-655-0001 .the meeting id is 2480 069 6647. press pound twice. pressá3 to enter the speaker line. a prompt will indicate you have raised your hand and wait until the system indicates you have beenunmuted and that is your cue to beginyour comments . >> we have emily cohen here to present . >> good morning supervisors. nice to see you in person. and i'm emily cohen, deputy director at the department of was less and supportive housing and i have several items in front of you but will start with the second amendment tothe typesetter contract . tied is the physical sponsorfor delivering innovation in supportive housing . and the resolution before you today would approve the second amendment to the contract between hs h and time for property management services
11:47 am
six dish supportive housing sites. the amendment would extend the agreement term by 2 years out until june 30, 2026 and also increase the not to exceed amount to53.4 million . this increase is needed due to additional years of services as well as replenishing the fy 2324 budget that has already been spent down in earlier years due to increases, unforeseen covid related expenses, capital repairs and decreases in tenant revenue due to the 30 percent incomeon rent . this proposal is within the larger context of increased investments being made into permanent supportive housing across our community . today the mayor's office announced that within the fy 2224 budget her proposed budget includes $67.4 million
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
tenant rent at 30 percent of income. we also note that the contingency in disagreement relative to remaining expenditures , 23 percent which the department has indicated lands to use to spend on additional staffing at these sites and also for capital improvements that identify but both of those are not fully
11:51 am
reflected in the act and in addition we looked at the monitoring that the department has been doing on the site and that has been limited. we did get a lot of information about the remote monitoring activities that they've undertaken but i think just given that i think what i would recommend i think i can approve this now but i would recommend that the departments planning on doing an on-site visit to the sites this year through the fall and then completing monitoring report which will include the on-site assessment so once that report is complete it will be extendedto the board and included in the legislative file . as well as the updated grant agreement that will fully reflect the new staffing capital improvements thatthe department is planning to make . i also just want to say we had a lot of questions aboutthese ,
11:52 am
about this agreement and the next one we got a lot of information from the department so i want to just call out and appreciate the agency staff thatengaged us so fully . >> thank you for thatfor being so responsive . it's always the casethat we appreciate it when the department is responsive . could you go over again how hs h is going to increase the salary of certain positions at these sites and whether or not that money has been considered in this contract and how it fits with your overall housing portfolio? if you could gointo a little bit more detail about that . i'm super interested. >> i'd be happy to and i should note i and joined remotely by our deputy director foradmin and finance so if she needs to time in she is available remotely as well . the proposal and the mayor's proposed budget includes
11:53 am
increases for really critical staff positions and this is not only to support the nonprofits which it is. it's a huge investment to support the workersand nonprofits but also to ensure the success of these projects . we know permanent supportive housing and homelessness and save lives and it's incredibly dependent on those frontline staff doing that work whether it's the front desk workers, that is the janitors, the property managersand case managers .it does take a whole team to stabilize not just one tenant but the whole community of tenants. this investment is a grand total of $67.4 million over2 years . 30 million of which over 2 years dedicated to increasing wagesfor nonprofit staff . on the case management side, we have done the analysis and determined all floor $28 an hour is appropriate and can be
11:54 am
funded across theportfolio . that is for all project taste permanent supportive housing. and then for the property management side we've allocated $12 million per year to janitorial staff, frontline desk workers andother frontlin workers. what that will work out to on an hourly basis has not been determined yet . we're still doing the analysis . we're also investing 32.4 million over 2 years and legacy housing sites much like the ones that we will be talking about . more on the thp contract which will be for you in a minute but to increase thecase management ratios . so that we are sure the tenants are able to re-stabilize and be well supported in the housing and the case managers have a manageable caseload. what we're looking at is the goal of 1 to 25 case manager to
11:55 am
tenant ratio for adults in permanent supportive housing and 1 20 to tenants when we're talking about youth or family so we know populations have special needs. $5 million in one-time funding for capital improvements. so we'll be working with the nonprofit partners to determine what is needed through physical needs assessments at each building across theportfolio . we know 5 million is really a down payment to a lot of the capital needs that we have but i think we will make a significant difference if we're focusing on safety, accessibility and conductivity within those investments. >> just to make sure i understand this is the 30 million that's part of the 53 million going to dish. it's for salary increases over 2years for certain staff . >> the dish contractthat is
11:56 am
before you today does not include any of that . this will be before you as the board to consider as part of the mayor's budget proposal . >> so this 53 billion is for the regularoperations of these sites but in addition to the 53 , what you laid out in that slide we just saw is going to the an additional allocation in the mayor's budget to dish. >> across the psh portfolio. >> across the psh. >> so we have a lot of analysis todetermine which building needs what . which nonprofits, what they're currently paying and what we need to increase to saw alot of analysis tobe done but that's the base of what's proposed in the mayor's budget out on june 1 . >> bear with me, i'm a little
11:57 am
slow today .i want to focus in on the 30 million although i'm excited about reduced ratios for casemanagers and capital repairs as well but focusing on salary is a major priority for me . that 30 million is meant to deal with everyone in supportive housing sites or you said the janitors. give me if you can list out al the positions again , that 30 million is meant to increase. >> 3 million over 2 years will be to bring the case manager wages within permanent supportive housing and transitional housing to a floor of $28 an hour . >> what's the floor now? >> there is no consistent floor now. the wagesrange based on the nonprofit . and then there will be 12 million over 2 years to
11:58 am
increase wages for frontline workers. what each of those positions in tales is still to be worked out but examples of that are janitors and desk clerks. we still have more work to do to determine if there are other positions that would fall into that category . >> and what's the floor on which is there? >> to myknowledge , i should say we have more analysis to the to do todetermine what that new floor will be .>> but those are the only positions. case managers and frontline workers, janitors, desk clerks. >> these are the positions currently identified. wehave more work to do with the providers on theproperty management side to determine what that will entail . i want to invite my colleague gigi to weigh in because i
11:59 am
think she might be trying to answer some of these questions . >> just to gigi to clarify . 3 million over 2 years would covergetting all case managers across the entire portfolio ported housing to a floor of $28 . seems like a very low number. >> there is hs age, there's a couple of different proposals coming from the mayor's budget that encompass the $64 million. some are focused on increasing casemanagement ratios .some are around just case manager wages and as you know supervisor we have upwards of 2000 mass. release sites and including dish as well as permanentsupportive housing throughout our systems . so we have incrementally been trying to move case management rates up.
12:00 pm
we have some money in our existing base budget to start this year and the 3 million will get us to the remainder of what we need systemwide. that's going to be in complement tothis case management piece . on the dish contract what else is in the budget is a fund to address property management wages. [please stand by]
12:01 pm
12:02 pm
>> this contract runs through 2024. is there enough money to continue this work? we had a whole new host of information. the mayor proposed additional money announced today. the budget won't be released until next week, about another six or seven days. it sounds like there is additional funding to deal with a lot of things that are proposed in this contract. in your analysis, how much money is left in the existing contract to continue to operate what they recently have? >> it looked to me based on the budget and the proposed amendment that the existing agreement would be sufficient to cover the next year.
12:03 pm
it is through 2023. that doesn't include the changes that they were just talking about in the mayor's proposed double it. to the extent they staff up and do these capital repairs, it could run out sooner. in talking to the department they are bringing it before you now. if they stick to the budget and existing amendment, it could last. >> i guess what i am trying to understand. you just got new forecast today from the mayor's budget team and the mayor's office more money is going to be put in to deal with the requests you have. can you talk about that? something about the timing feels a little bit off to me on this. i understand you are continuing to put together a budget on exact staffing. i get that. i understand that is why your yr
12:04 pm
contingency is as large as it is. you are going to ask providers or master lease operators to do further analysis on capital needs so we know how much money needs to be in there. i know these buildings they are legacy properties in the portfolio for a long time. we want to ensure they get the additional funding and support. something feels off about the timing. it is great news the mayor decided to make this a priority which i think is adding to original priorities that your office and she and the board have had. that is great. i also feel like you don't have all of the information in terms of staffing and capital needs right now. >> if i may through the chair. the contingency for this project, for the entire
12:05 pm
agreement is 14%. i know the 20% nicholas referenced is related to last two years. overall agreement has lower contingency rate. we are concerned there is no more contingency in this budget to make any additions for unforeseen needs as well as for anticipated needs like capital repairs. we are concerned we will not be able to offer provider a full year of contract if we do not move forward this amendment prior to the start of the fiscal year. the encouragement of the bla and this committee under many iterations we worked very hard to really not have retroactive agreements coming to you to get out ahead of anticipated changes. we really are trying to be proactive in bringing this contract now so we have the contract authority to offer our
12:06 pm
nonprofit partner a full year of budget. i will turn it over to gg to see if she has additional contacts to add. >> i don't, emily. >> it says in here this proposed budget amendment does not include capital expenditures although you identified an additional 705 in capital needs not reflected in the grant budget. >> correct not in the grant budget to be paid out of contingency. we could add it into the grant budget 705 is known to us at this point and was known after we put the contract together. we could add to the budge eat and submit back to the committee prior to the full board consideration if that is
12:07 pm
something the committee is interested in. >> i think the more information we have currently. i also would at least like to have an idea. i like the idea of the bla for you all coming back with updated grant budget with more information. that is really important. i know that it is our practice to have some contingency. we have flexibility. this seems a little high. i think it is in response to need of older buildings and move to get our staffing ratios down. i don't know the exact term. case managers who want more. ratio of 1-25 that is important. in terms what about the program monitoring report? we got some information in here. two points that were not met in terms of performance monitoring. they have only collected 84% of target rents.
12:08 pm
original agreement was 90, only 88% of units are occupied. the floor was 90. can you talk about that? >> there are various forms we participate in with non-profit partners. we are provided with monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the progress towards goals. we also have our program managers meet regularly monthly with the housing providers. we will be doing on site monitoring in 2022. we were doing desk monitoring during the pandemic. they conduct an annual tenant satisfaction survey. 86% of the tenants strongly agreed or agreed they were satisfied with the housing provided through dish that is a
12:09 pm
strong metric for satisfaction among the tenants. in terms of occupancy rate, as you noted, 88% occupancy rate. our entire portfolio is around 90%. dish is a critical partner to increase occupancy rate. they are willing to work to reduce documentation barriers, new expedited referral. they are a strong partner and increased occupancy ratio, decreased vacancies. we are confident to be closer to 90% as the benchmark in the contract. >> in terms of moving tenants that move out of this housing, permanent supportive housing,
12:10 pm
how is the success there? >> i think the target was 75% of the tenants that leave this site to other permanent housing provide more appropriate placement. how is that going? >> they do an incredible job to ensure people remain stably housed. they are able to resolve 99% of the lease problems without housing. this is a strong providers to reduce eviction for this vulnerable population. we know when they are evicted they don't have a choice but return to homelessness. dish has been able to resolve
12:11 pm
416 lease violations with 9% re-- 99% maintaining housing is a strong performance on part of this provider. >> those are the extent of my questions right now. >> chair ronan: supervisor mar. >> supervsor mar: follow-up questions to supervisor safai and chair ronen's questions. trying to understand this contract and extension in relation to what is proposed in the mayor's budget for the $67.4 million equity investment that could support these properties. in terms of health conditions of the building and ensuring that it is all a healthy environment
12:12 pm
there is an estimate $700,000 in capital improvements. that will be covered by the contingency. this extension for amendment will increase annual amount for this contract from 5.5 to 6-point something million. that is just going to be used to cover the increased rental subsidy for the tenants, not increased staffing? >> increased staffing will come through modification if the board approves the mayor's budget proposal. >> it looks like the contract extension in staffing. they noted that.
12:13 pm
do you have a plan what the staffing increase is needed or is that worked on? >> we are working with the provider to the staffing increases needed. the nonprofit partners within homeless response system outside have challenges with staff retention. provider has reorganized positions to ensure needed coverage. the investment we are talking about out of the mayor's office next year are going to be critical to stabilizing the work force and attracting and retaining the talent for operating these programs. >> supervsor mar: i appreciate your work with the mayor's office. are there any additional needs for these properties in this contract beyond just the
12:14 pm
staffing, increase in staffing and increase in wages? >> the property management staffs is what is identified as well as the initial capital needs assessment. hopefully we will have more resource for capital needs and be able to do further assessment in partnership with dish to determine if something beyond $700,000 is needed. this is the initial request we received from the partner. >> chair ronan: how much discretion around wages and around how this money is spent will the individual providers have? i am talking about the mayor's announcement today about the additional spending. >> i think a lot is still to be
12:15 pm
determined. what we and i will, of course, defer to gigi if she has something to add. we are trying to do it to make sure with case management staff that our contracts are setting minimum. in the nonprofit wants to fundraise and do what the non-profit partners do to augment that, that is with in their purview. additionally, for the property management staffing we are looking to create greater equity and invest in some of the lowest wage earners in our system of care and folks on the front line not just through covid but during covid before and ongoing.
12:16 pm
>> maybe this is a question for her. in coming up with $67.4 million figure, did you talk to providers about or maybe this is to you, emily or gigi, did you talk about what the floor needs to be to meet the work force needs? i know that hiring is difficult. >> twenty-eight dollars per hour was set with the providers based on recommendations. the $12 million on the property management side is direct request from the supportive housing providers. we have none done the level of analysis we have done.
12:17 pm
the providers have done initial analysis and $12 million is based on their recommendation. this is definitely not developed in a vacuum but in collaboration with housing providers. >> just going back to case management wage and what discretion providers may have as deputy director said. this is months and months of conversation and planning and hard work between the department and providers. the department and providers worked with the corporation for supportive housing with an initial recommendation around what is the reasonable floor for case management rates, getting to $28 per hour figure. as emily mentioned we have more analysis to do. the gap around supportive
12:18 pm
housing property management wages was developed and proposed in partnership with our supportive housing providers. >> chair ronan: mr. clerk, please open this item up for public comment. >> clerk: line up now to speak. for those remotely call 415-655-0001. id24800696647. pound twice. when connected press star 3 to enter speaker line. if you are in the queue wait until you are unmuted to begin your comments. we have no in-person speakers in the chamber. we have no speakers on the telephone. >> chair ronan: public comment is now closed. from the recommendation of the budget and legislative analyst
12:19 pm
that you will provide the 2022 program monitoring report you did describe in detail the succession of dish. i know the organization well and i would agree the statistics bear out what i have seen of the organization. you will provide the report and update us accordingly? >> yes. >> chair ronan: i make motion to send to full board with positive recommendations and i would like to be added as cosponsor. >> clerk: on that motion vice chair safai. >> aye. >> member mar. >> aye. >> chair ronen. >> aye clerk clerk we have three ayes.
12:20 pm
>> chair ronan: i am getting a text from someone saying they requested to speak on the line and didn't get through. can i re-open public comment on this item or do i need to withdraw? >> clerk: we need to rescind the votes. >> chair ronan: i make a motion to rescind the vote on item 12. >> clerk: safai. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> ronen. >> three ayes to rescind. >> chair ronan: re-open comment on item 12. 415-655-0001 phone. 24800696487. press star three to enter the speaker line.
12:21 pm
we see three people listening to the meeting. there are no callers in the queue. i am looking at the attendee list on teams. i am not seeing anybody with a hand raised. >> chair ronan: one more opportunity for anyone to call in for public comment. >> clerk: no changes. >> chair ronan: sorry. public comment is closed. make a motion to the full board with positive motion. >> clerk: on that motion. vice chair safai. >> aye.
12:22 pm
>> mar. >> aye. >> ronen. >> aye. >> we have three ayes. >> chair ronan: item 13. >> clerk: resolution approving the first amendment to the grant treatment between the tenderloin housing and department of homelessness and supportive housing for master lease stewardship and property management and support services extending four months from july 1, to 20 through june 30, 2024 and increasing the agreement amount of $43 million not to exceed $132.9 million to authorize hsh to enter into amends and modifications to the grant that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities of the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of the grant or this
12:23 pm
resolution. call 415-655-0001. 24800696647. pound twice. once connected press star 3 to speak. system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait you have been unmuted to begin comments. >> chair ronan: thank you so much. emily. >> good afternoon, supervisors. emily for the department of homelessness and supportive housing. the resolution before you today would approve the first amendment to the grant agreement between hsh and tenderloin housing to provide supportive services and property management at 16 master lease hotels. this would extend the term through june 30, 2024.
12:24 pm
increasing is not to exceed amount to $132.9 million. the original agreement budgeted $21 million per year to operate these programs. it has been more expensive to operate over the last couple years because of covid-related costs, prop c bonus pay for front line workers and increase in lease costs. we are coming back to the board to amend this agreement in order to add more resources to the contract. the request increase includes contingency to cover things like capital repairs. after this was submitted to the board hsh approved air budget
12:25 pm
modification to the original agreement that includes approximately $836,000 in funding for capital repairs for improvements like electrical work, floors, carpeting and bathroom updates and floor replacement and we submitted this budget to the file and our team is here to answer questions related to that. this next slide goes over what we talked about in the last item in terms of proposed investments in permanent supportive housing and flags this current amendment in the current contract we propose to fund $836,000 in capital improvements and salary raises that were already in the queue to be funded prior to the mayor's proposed budget
12:26 pm
announcement. a little more about the agreement. this agreement came was originally entered into under hsa592 in 2014. these were transferred to the department of homelessness and supportive housing when created. we restarted using authorizations in 6119. this portfolio includes 16 hotel sites with housing for up to 1544 tenants. the services include case management, housing stabilization, wellness checks, support groups, tenant selection and placement and building management. a little about the tenants living in tenderloin housing clinic properties. 41% are older adults over age
12:27 pm
60. we have really positive tenant stories we have heard from this operator including the story of james. i won't go into detail. james is a tenant within the thc properties since 2014. a long history of homelessness with complex issues. he is now stable and thriving and is a artist who is doing a lot of work in the community. james is just a snapshot or example of some of the incredible tenants in the properties and the work that tenderloin housing clinic has done to stabilize the lives of many tenants. i will stop there and happy to take questions. deputy director whitley is available. >> we will hear from bla first. >> thank you, chair.
12:28 pm
this resolution approves first amendment to the agreement between city and tenderloin housing to increase agreement amount to $132.9 million. extends by four months through june 2024. we showed the budget on page 29 of our report. additional city funding is needed now to cover revenue loss that resulting from the board's enactment on 30% cap on tenant rent on supportive housing. there is a 19% contingency relative to remaining expenditures to fund staff salary increases and capital improvements not reflected. similar to the last item because of covid the department has limited monitoring to remote
12:29 pm
monitoring. they are planning to do on site assessments of the properties through the end of the year. our recommendation again is to submit that rock to include on site assessment to the board and include in the legislative file and updated grant budget to reflect changes in mayor's proposed double it and capital improvements identified for thee sites. we do recommend approval. >> chair ronan: any questions, colleagues? >> supervsor mar: thank you. i just have questions about the budget. this is increasing the amount of this contract by a quarter million dollars. i understand the budget in the bla report.
12:30 pm
it looks like a little over $8 million is for operating expenses. that is increase for the rent subsidies. then there is $19 million that is for other expenses. what is that? >> the other operating expenses include lease increases in master lease costs as well as increases in staffing. as well as not only is there a decrease in revenue from 30% of income cap which we were excited the board passed. there is a lower tenant collection due to the pandemic and loss of income and eviction moratorium. the expense of operating buildings has grown. if i may, chair, i will see if
12:31 pm
gigi has anything to add. >> through the chair. one of the biggest drivers, supervisor mar, is really the increase in lease private lease costs. these are over 1500 units of privately leased buildings, units, and in this case thc, the nonprofit provider enters into the master lease with the private owner to lease their site. many of these sites were originally leased almost 20 years ago or over 20 years ago when the city first implemented care not cash. over the last few years those original lease agreements expired and private owners have taken the opportunity to renegotiate the lease amount. you will see in the budget in some cases almost a doubling in
12:32 pm
rent. the mission hotel is an example of that in the budget. that is a lot of the driver in the increased cost. >> supervsor mar: thank you. just to be clear. i am looking at the bla resolution. increased cost of the lease agreement is in other expenses and then what is the increased operating expenses? that is $8.38 million. >> i will ask my colleague to respond to the question. >> i need to look at the p.l.a. report. >> chair ronan: page 29.
12:33 pm
>> supervsor mar: that is for leases for thc and building owners increased. what is included under other expenses the $19 million increase? is the estimated capital experience for the properties included in this agreement? >> that is anticipated and included in this agreement through the contingency. >> the other expenses are costs to operate the building. insurance, utilities, we break
12:34 pm
out on our end leases and other operating costs. that $19 million is the accumulation of over 1500 units for the term of the contract. those other operating expenses, utilities, insurance, other property management costs. >> supervsor mar: thank you. >> supervisor safai: i had similar questions in terms of the, particularly contingency accounts and additional unidentified. i won't say unidentified but unprojected staffing. it talks about going to ratio 1:25. capital costs. now we have additional moneys.
12:35 pm
it is similar. i want to say i think it is hard for us on the budget committee when we get -- our job is to look at the contract and budgeted amount. not our job to go through the contracts with a fine comb. one of the reasons why me myself personally we but forward the charter amendment to create a mission that will be very helpful for your department to have the process that is more flushed out by the time it gets to the budget committee. when we see detailed budget reports analysis, full projection of program monitoring. i know you are doing that and i appreciate you getting us the additional information. i think that some of these contracts that we have seen recently really make the case for an up front conversation internally with the commission.
12:36 pm
i am happy to support this today. i know the organization well. i know dish well. they both operate in a very difficult environment. happy to hear you are going to get additional moneys to invest in these properties, to invest in staffing and supervisor v ro. it is difficult to retain staff in this environment because of the salaries. if you are doing case management with a very hard to serve population and there is a high turnover, that is disruptive to everyone. it is hard. happy to see the investment and the foresights. we don't want to come back with retroactive grant. i appreciate that. i want to under store having an oversight commission will be very helpful in these instances to move the conversation in a more detailed way. i think the capital needs, case
12:37 pm
manager needs, salary needs are really important. i think it will allow for a better service delivery in this environment. it seems like they are meeting the performance measures you laid out. almost better than the previous contract. thank you. >> chair ronan: thank you. the indirect costs 11.5%. what is that for? >> i will ask gigi to respond to the questions of indirect costs. these are typically -- >> indirect costs are the percentage and costs we provide providers for things not directly supporting the program. back office staff, accounting staff, hr staff.
12:38 pm
i do want to correct what i said to supervisor mar. thank you, staff. operating expenses related to building maintenance repair, janitorial. the other are the private lease costs. >> chair ronan: that makes more sense. thank you. i feel much more comfortable. open up for public comment. >> clerk: line up now to speak. remotely call 415-655-0001. 24800656647. pound twice. press star 3 to enter the speaker line. for those in the queue wait
12:39 pm
until you are unmuted. that is your queue to begin your comments. no in person chambers in the chamber. first caller, please. >> this is deputy director with tenderloin housing. thank you for hearing this today. we provide permanent housing to 1500 period to reduce homeless uppeds property management, maintenance and add enough support for these buildings. we have dedicated staff passionate about the service we provide. they continue to show up throughout the pandemic, provide essential service and ensure safety of staff and residents and continuity of care for tenants. they showed up despite decrease
12:40 pm
public transportation and child care. we want to get and people housed which we strive for from the moment we meet the applicant through exit from housing. we provide property management working with the support services to meet the needs to connect with the services and benefits to help maintain housing. other core values include providing excellent service and strengthening communities. staff is a challenge. we with other providers struggled to recruit and maintain staff due to wages. we need too increase wages for non-profit housing providers. i appreciate your efforts to make that happen. on behalf of supporting this contract, thank you.
12:41 pm
>> clerk: thank you for your comments. are there any other caller in the queue? >> completes the queue. >> chair ronan: public comment is closed. i would make a motion to send to the full board with positive recommendation. >> clerk: on that motion. >> one quick question. i wanted to get to the record this caller similar to the last item i want to make sure that your department will submit a program monitoring bumming net the fall so -- budget in the fall so we have a clear picture of the additional expenses related to capital and staffing costs? >> yes. >> chair ronan: we will take roll call vote on that motion. >> clerk: on that motion to forward to full board with positive recommendation.
12:42 pm
commissioner safai. >> aye. >> member mar. >> aye. >> chair ronen. >> aye. >> three ayes. >> chair ronan: item 14. resolution approving the first amendment to the grant agreement between brilliant corners and the department of homelessness and supportive housing increasing by $30.2 million for a total not to exceed $40.2 million extending the grant term by 24 months for a total term of february 15, 2021 through june 30, 2024 and authorizing the hsh to enter into amendments or modifications to the first amendment or prior to its final execution by all parties that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessarily to effectuate the purposes of the grant.
12:43 pm
call 415-655-0001. the system prompt will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until you are up muted. that is your queue to comment. madam chair. >> chair ronan: thank you. >> good afternoon. thank you for having me. resolution before you today is to approve the first amendment to be grant agreement between department of home less mess and supportive housing for the administration of the program. it would extend the term by 24 months. to june 30, 2024 increase not to exceed amount to $40.2 million, and this increase is to the
12:44 pm
additional program years and due to the addition of 200 more slots added to the program to really be excited about. the flexible housing subsidy pool is scattered sites permanent housing to provide subsidies to tenants formerly homeless to live across the city. support services provided in homes via mobile support service team or other locations. the grant agreement before you today provides 500 subsidies to formerly homeless adults. the services provided by brilliant corners include housing location the recruitments of landlords and maintaining the portfolio, coordination working with the future tonant to identify which unit works for them and to move
12:45 pm
ongoing landlords services and directly paying the tenant subsidy. the case management services are provided through a different contract with more clinical service provider. i can stop there to answer any questions in the bla report. >> chair ronan: the b.l.a. >> this is to approve the first amendment to the agreement between the city and brilliant corners to administer the housing subsidy program to extend by two years to june 2024. as we show on page 37 increases the budget to $40.2 million driven from 200 to 500 clients per year. we recommend approval. >> any questions, colleagues or comments? >> i think this is a really important way to allow formerly
12:46 pm
homeless to have access to affordable housing in different neighborhoods across the city. it is an important program. i would like to be added. >> chair ronan: i am excited about 200 extra slots. it is working so well. important alternative to our supportive housing portfolio and permanent supportive housing. thank you. if we could open up for public comment. >> chair, i i want to thank you and your staff as well as bla. this was a lot of big items before you. i know and appreciate everyone taking time and effort to get these on the calendar. i appreciate your office and the bla. >> chair ronan: i will take the opportunity.
12:47 pm
a huge shout out to nikki of my office who has been working so hard. she did not sign up to be the budget and finance clerk at the office. just doing a fantastic job. thank you, deputy director for pointing that out. nikki, we all appreciate you very much. mr. clerk please open up for public comment. >> clerk: members to speak should line up now. remotely call 415-655-0001. 24800696647. press found twice. once connected press star three to enter the speaker line. if you are in the queue wait you have been unmuted. that is your queue to begin your comments. there are no in-person speakers.
12:48 pm
are there callers on the phone? >> good afternoon, everyone. i am the director of housing services. thank you for hearing this item today. i want be to share with you all today. it comes with multiple barriers to housing that go beyond financial barriers. we were referred a client who had an extensive criminal background. stated they were ready to start a new life. we all know that to do that we need adequate housing. we worked with the client.
12:49 pm
they showed up every day. despite being turned down for multiple units. they were steadfast in the journey. we were able to find this client housing that they liked. it is the city and county of san francisco which was exactly what they wanted. once getting that house the client was able to feel safe and secure, find a job. that client has been housed for a little over a year now. has been able to increase their income and contribute more to rent. a good and happy life according to them. we appreciate you hearing this item today and want to hospital online to share one of our success stories here. >> thank you so much for your comments.
12:50 pm
are there any more callers in the queue? >> that completing the queue. >> chair ronan: public comment is closed. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: a couple questions. what is the average subsidy for households? what do you usually pay. after you reduced salary and benefits and operating $36 million over the life of this. how much is usually is the average subsidy for household? >> we will increase the allowable subsidy up to $1,895 with 100% fmr, fair market rent. it was $1,800 per month and it is now $1,900 in subsidy. tenant pays 30% income. >> it could be as high as
12:51 pm
$23,000 per household at the maximum? >> yes. >> that is great. i wanted to underscore that. that is a really important point to point out that for less than $25,000 a household you are helping people remain housed. are there time limits on the subsidy? is this on -- ongoing as long as they qualify. >> correct. >> thank you very much. i would make a motion to send to the full board with positive recommendations. >> clerk: on that motion by vice chair savvy eto forward to the board. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> ronen. >> aye. >> three ayes. >> chair ronan: thank you so much. can you please read item 15. resolution approving amendment to the grant agreement between
12:52 pm
the city and county for the nonprofit self-help for the elderly for the administration of the congregate nutrition system for older adults program to increase by $1.1 million for a total not to exceed $10.6 million to commence follows board approval with no change to the grant period from july 1, 2021 through june 30, 2025. please call 415-655-0001. 24800696647. pound twice. when connected press star 3 to enter the speaker line. the prompt will incates that you raised your hand. when you are unmuted begin your comments. madam chair. >> chair ronan: good afternoon. >> thank you, supervisors for hearing this today. i am tiffany kearney, lead
12:53 pm
nutritionist. we are seeking the board approval to amend the grant agreement with self-help for the elderly for congregates nutrition services. it will increase grant funding to a total not to exceed $1,665,000. approximately 55% of the additional funding reflects the cost of doing business increases adopted by the city this year. the remaining 45% for additional meals and small amount of capital expenditures. self-help is largest congregates meal provider with 10 meal site this is seven districts and new site to open in the coming months. self-help is providing more meals to more clients since the beginning of the pandemic. they leveraged years of
12:54 pm
expertise to meet the extraordinary demand for newtrician support across the city while navigating challenging circumstances. self-help was able to adapt services and increase capacity while adhering to public health guidelines and to keep their clients and staff safe. in fiscal year 2020 during the first few months of the pandemic self-help went from 23,000 meals per month to 96,000. throughout fiscal year 21 self-help continued to provide meals to older adults at service level well beyond the pre-pandemic years. this year unfortunately the need for food support remains very high. self-help is continuing to serve
12:55 pm
meals at a very elevated level. self-help provides meals to go at all sites. they also resumed offering meals and clients the option the option of common dining earlier this year. chinese. they are healthy and appetizing and follow current diet guidelines. like all nutrition gants. it has quality assurance requirements. they are essential in ensuring health and safety of the clients promoting high level of performance by nutrition partners and help meet needs of clients through nutrition screening, security screening, nutrition education and referrals. requirements also include food
12:56 pm
safety and sanitation monitoring which is important when providing meals to at risk populations. we conduct evaluation annually. self-help evaluation scores for the previous three fiscal years across all nutrition programs is 86% or liar. they have consistently met program outcome objectives. level sepsubmits monthly and quarterly reports and there are no concerns this fiscal year. self-help is on tract to meet the service objective of this grant. this amendment will enable das to continue to provide culturally responsive nutrition services to older adults to live independentsly, safely and well nourished in the community. thank you. >> chair ronan: we will hear
12:57 pm
from the budget analysis. >> this is the first amendment to the grant agreement between city and self-help for elderly and adds $1.1 million to the agreement which we show on page 41. it is a combination of one-time funding board add backs and other sources. we did review the food delivery on this grant. based on the delivery projected for this year, if the pace continues the grant would have to -- and the budget is not changed, the number of deliveries may have to be reduced in the out years to stay within budget. we note that in the report. we recommend approval of this change at this time.
12:58 pm
>> chair ronan: thank you so much. supervisor mar. >> i want to thank you for bringing this forward and working with self-help to the elderly and other providers on such important nutrition services and programs for our most vulnerable older adult populations. i am familiar with the self-help program visits. one of the significant services for seniors in my district. it was amazing to see them during the pandemic from the congregate meal to rely on a team of volunteers. just appreciate this. i would like to be added as sponsor to this one. thank you. >> the work was extraordinary during that time. it was amazing. >> chair ronan: thank you.
12:59 pm
supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: very supportive of this. concerned we might have to borrow money from other of the departments that get a lot of money and big contracts and give them additional money to this site, this contract it seems like it will not be able to last long enough to fulfill the meals needed. we opened the self-help for elderly in our district last month. something i have been trying to do since my first term in office i was happy to see the amount of seniors served in the congregate meal setting. we will keep an eye on this. we have the ability to amend this if it runs out of money, correct? >> chair ronan: yes, this is the first year of the four year grant term. 10% contingency on it.
1:00 pm
>> supervisor safai: they are already serving more meals per month than contracted for. that is a highlighted need. we will be looking at that closely in the budget to ensure that we are funding seniors congregate meal sites appropriately. thank you, madam chair. i love self-help for the elderly. [please stand by]
1:01 pm
>> for this resolution to the full board. vice chair safai. [roll call vote] we have 3 aye's. >> thank you,mister clark can you please read item 16 . >> yes madam chair, one second. item 16. as an ordinance amending the administrative code to require
1:02 pm
additional dwelling units per use as transitional housing for homeless transitional age youth in the haight-ashbury neighborhood no later than march 31, 2023 and require the department of homelessness and supportive housing to report to the board on its progress for second such acquisition no later than 120 days after the effective date of this ordinance, affirming the planningdepartment's determination under ceqa and making findings inconsistently withthe general plan and planning code section 101.1 . members joining us who wish to comment on this ordinance please call 415-655-0001 . the meeting id is 2480 069 647. the system prompts will indicate you have raised your hand. wait until thesystem indicates you have been unmuted and that is your cue to begin speaking .
1:03 pm
>>supervisor preston . >> thank you chair ronen, not thefirst time and it will be the last . thank you chair ronen and budgetcommittee members .i appreciate yourbusy agendas . before you is an ordinance to require that the city activate at least 20 additional transitionalhousing units for transitional age youth experiencing homelessness in the haight-ashbury neighborhood . the ordinance requires hs age to report to the board of supervisors on the progress within 120 daysafter the effective date and acquire the units no later than march 31, 2023 . which is roughly a year from when the item was introduced and i want to say i hesitate to burden the committee with some
1:04 pm
of the background here but at the same time ithink it's important toexplain why this kind of ordinance is even necessaryin the first place . i don't think it should be but unfortunately it is . four months , community advocates and serviceproviders in the haight-ashbury called on the administration to purchase the red fit . a hotel in the heart of the haight-ashbury that means a lot to the community. it's a historic building and it could have been used to meet a pressing need in the neighborhood or transitional housing for unhoused youth. the office helped identify this sitethe owners were a nonprofit that was very interested in selling for community use . gave a heads up before the property even went on market. and i won't go through all the
1:05 pm
details except to say that we tried to get hsa to interested even to go back out and do the due diligence there we heard every reason why it couldn't happen . it's not the rightfit, it's too expensive, not big enough . none of the excuses stood even the most mild scrutiny and certainly everything we were told was inconsistent with what independent contractors and others who'd been to the property were telling community leaders so the fact that we even engaged my office with hsa for over a year or almost 2 years on this site and as a result of the administrations really inexplicable in action on this property we learned that the red vic is now in contract with the private hotel owner and operator and really this is a huge missed opportunity of lasting consequences in the neighborhood. i put forward this ordinance because the community is really
1:06 pm
tired of waiting, tired of the excuses, tired of seeing unhoused neighbors supper on the streets while our city has the resources to get folks stably housed and the truth is even for this specific amount of housing we have $10 million in uncommitted funds for bridge housing, for youth experiencing homelessness through our city our homes recommendations and the money is waiting to be spent. the red vic was on the market for timeout so other words 10 million sitting uncommitted and i believe still uncommitted for k specifically and how property on the market that would not act. the haight-ashbury has as you know colleagues long been a refuge for people who face abuse and discrimination. it's estimated that 48 percent of homeless youth were displaced from housing in san
1:07 pm
francisco before experiencing homelessness and the haight-ashbury is home to many homeless youth seeking safety and community away from abusive families, alienating foster care and group home situations andjuvenile justice system involvement . early in the pandemic despite all lawsuit by a small group of anti-homeless neighbors represented by the cochair of women for trump, the haight-ashbury neighborhood welcomed the city's most successful safe sleeping village just blocks from the red vic known as camp divided around 40 spaces for people to safely shelter in space outdoorswith access to services . bathrooms and showers. this neighborhood has shown again and again overwhelming support for services and housing for those who are unhoused and living on the streets of haight-ashbury despite a handful of vocal and
1:08 pm
well-connectedopponents . i should also note the mayor and hsa to pull the plug on the plan drop-in center for homeless youth in the haight, a situation which we were here to reallocate the funding to another department just to get some of these services for homeless folks in the neighborhood. in any event in the face of this kindof obstruction we don't give up . we have to redouble our efforts to go further and providethe transitional housing that vulnerable people in this neighborhood need .and housing that helps people off the streets and on the path to permit stable housing is a key part of the solution and i want to thank my legislative aide jennifer bolin whose works
1:09 pm
tirelessly on this issue and this item and were looking forward to working with other city departments and unity advocates to make sure that youth experiencinghomelessness in thehaight-ashbury are supported as they work towards exiting homelessness. my understanding is hs age is availablefor questions and hope to have your support on this . thank you again foryour time . >> thank you so much. i don't have any questions, do you ?sorry, the bla report . >> thisordinance , supervisor preston stated what the ordinance does and i won't repeat it but i will say we did have cost analysis about what it would take forthe city to fulfill the requirements of the legislature . if the city purchased 20 units of housing i believe the cost would range between 5.7 and no , 5.7 and $9 million to acquire 20 units of housing and the
1:10 pm
ongoing costs ofapproximately $400,000 per year to operate and provide services at the site . and then leasing costwould be between 700 and $850,000 per year . if thecity took that road . the way that the legislation is written now is that to require the programs on site to be transitional housing which is a form of shelter and i raise that because there are $58 million of profit see funds that have been unallocated for permanent supportive housing for transitional age youth according to a report from the property if the legislation were amended to allow the programmatic used to be permanent supportive housin , those funds could be used for thoseacquisitions . i don't think there's other
1:11 pm
funding for transitional shelters. having said that we do consider approving it to be a policy matter for the board . >> tankyou. i don't have any questions . do you have any questions? >> i had one question. i think this is an important thing. we've done similar focus efforts in our district in terms of small site acquisition and i understand the desire to make a policy statement or the policy directive or the request that we focus on take. my only question would be is there something in there that says if it's fiscally feasible? that was my only reaction to this is it says that it could range between 5.7 and 9 million depending on the upon the site and characteristics,the site and so on . i think we want to also remain
1:12 pm
within a certain budgeted amount that stays within our targeted small site acquisition type of program so i want to hear a little bit about that from the sponsor for the supervisor preston. >> there is reference tosubject funding availability . >> it's more about if the acquisition is economically feasible. if it stays within. it talks on page 47 of the bla report about it gives a projection of what the cost could be and i think what i'm stating is that it's important that we remain within a feasible budget based on similar types of building acquisitions.
1:13 pm
that's what i'm referring to. so that if we say were going to do this at all costs somebody could come back and say we have to building for 15million that comes up to a certainnumber per unit . we have a targeted number per unit , it changes the economic . i'm only looking at it from an economicperspective since we're in the budgetcommittee . i agree with the objectives . we just did a tape project for permanentsupportive housing in a district that we closed last week. 51 units were really excited about that . i'm only putting that out there for discussion to see what the responses based on this information from the bla . >> i think i appreciate the question. i don't know if cityattorney or
1:14 pm
bla would want to shed light . there are standards around how much we spend and making fiscally prudent decisions on acquisitions that i think provide the sort of bookends for these kind of transactions but i don't know if theway . >> if this past and it were to become city policy.presumably there would be a property transaction that would then come to the board for approval. who would review that as we would any property transaction. to ensure that it's fiscally prudent and some of the things we look at include market rate comparison, appraisals. the service cost of other city contractors approved by the board though we would evaluate allthat and report to you when it comes .>> if i can take a moment to add oneother point . which is that we noted in the report, hs h has been expanding the number of buildings over
1:15 pm
the past couple of years. and you'veconsidered all those transactions . one of the things we pointed out is that the department doesn't have documented policies that govern the acquisition process and i think that would be helpful going forward to explain to the board and to the public how they're making decisions on. properties after examining through the city and deciding to buy. we've raised that with the department and i believe they have committed to providing an update during the budget process on thosepolicies but i do want to raise that again . >>. >> chair: supervisor mar. >> i wanted to thank supervisor preston in the haight community for all their advocacy for this
1:16 pm
and good work around this and the other in the related issues in the neighborhood to address the needs in the haight. i think this reflects some tension that can arise between us as supervisors that understand the needs in our districts. more deeply than the apartments and also we also have a chance to identify opportunities for science whether that's how transitional housing, permanent supportive housing through hs h or through affordable housing of various types mohcd. we're stillgrappling with these issues . i have had more ongoing work with mohcd around affordable
1:17 pm
housing side opportunities and needs we've identified in our district and am a little frustrated with not being able to see more of acommitment from the department . it's unfortunate i think. this is a unique work supervisor preston you're bringing forward and it's unfortunate it got to this but i'm supportive of this and am appreciative of your work . >>thank you, supervisor preston . >> thank you chair ronen and supervisor mar for the support. i do want to echo just the comment from mister minard around the policy acquisitions. i do think that's something that we can hopefully other officers are notexperiencing this .i guess it's my hope that when other supervisors are and it would be my hope for our office as well just that when
1:18 pm
the community comes together and actually identify and embrace homeless services, transitionalhousing, permanent housing in the neighborhood . hs h would be a partner in moving things forward and sometimes it works out that way. i've had positive experience in that regard. and i would say in my district it's worked that way in certain sites like the acquisition in the haight-ashbury inparticular or bactericidal time .on your agenda and has not been and in fact the lack of sunshine and clarity around the policy on acquisition have allowed what just can't be described as anything other than an obstruction and really an attitude and policy to oppose housing in a neighborhood where
1:19 pm
everyone recognizes the need and the crisis for those youth. i did want to ask a couple of questions of hs hthrough the chair .if that's okay. and i think we have, i thought we had deputy director: with us. okay. fantastic. i wanted to ask specifically in the haight-ashbury neighborhood how many units or rooms in the haight-ashbury neighborhood have been added either by acquisition or construction, 4k specifically in the last five years? >> thank you supervisor presto and to the chair . addressing youth homelessness is a high priority for this department.
1:20 pm
our point in time count just the preliminary data demonstrated the six percent reduction in take homelessness and we were acquired two properties to permanently house those experiencing homelessness. we are committed to providing for this population. in the haight neighborhood we do have one transitional housing property 1020 haight street which provides transitional housing to 15 tay. and the number of units that exist we currently have 458 sulzer and transitional housing beds. sorry, in district 5. i don't have it broken down the old district 5 . 458 shelter and transitional housing beds, 49 of which were to serve youth both tay and
1:21 pm
minors. this is relative to the 56 youth that were counted as experiencing homelessness in district 54 boundaries in the 2019 point in time count. we consistently seen the number of youth experiencing homelessness in district 5 decline and unfortunately we've seen more youth experiencing homelessness in district 6, district 10, district 9. we do take a citywide scope as we look at appropriate properties which is demonstrated by the two buildings we've just purchased for tay for permanent housing. this ialso want to take this moment to speak briefly about a bit of a mismatch that i think we are struggling with the acquisition dollars hs h has to acquire property for permanent housing . this ordinance is calling on us to acquire property for
1:22 pm
transitional housing so we do have a bit of a mismatch of color of money issue when it comes to this and we have $1 million of proxy funds in next year's budget or bridge housing that we are working with the community to design a program model for. we've not operated your quote unquote bridge housing type of transitional housing in the past and so we really excited to work with the community on that model as we have $1million in next year's budget to begin that program . >> if i could
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
>> i think it's important we are not justconcentrating on one neighborhood especially as defined in this ordinance . it's a incredibly narrow geographic area that i'm afraid will limit our ability to practically implement this . director from real estate may be available to answer questions aboutwhat is available in the haight and what that means from the practicality of implementation . >> are you saying it's a
1:27 pm
resource limitation ? that we have not acquired any housing transitional or permanent for homeless youth in the haight-ashbury ? >> i think it's a confluence of factors. resource is certainly one of them but also finding the right building . you spoke of the red vic and we did an initial assessment for acquisition as permanent housing because that's what we have to acquisition dollars for and it didn't it did not meet the basic criteria of a property we look at to acquire including private bathrooms, doctoralupgrades were significant . the size was small although we're flexible on that so our housingacquisition team did not recommend advancing that property . >> i'll just say for the record andwith all due respect , the initial assessment was done every room as plumbing and we had contractors who saw it and
1:28 pm
got estimates. this was all totally dual. we cannot even get hs h to go back tothe property despite your commitments to do so. there was never a secondary follow-up . it is clear to anyone watching that and now for the first time i'm hearing it was a resource issue . that there is a policy decision being made at hsa to not pursue permanent or transitional housing in the haight for homeless youth. i'll leave it at that and thank you again madam chair for making time for this hearing today. >> i'm sorry, i'm debating transitional housing. i will now open this up for public comment.
1:29 pm
>> one comment real quick. i know we're hungry. is there any resistance? i understand transitional is very specific. but the bla report does identify that we have dollars for acquisition through permanent tay housing versus traditional. is there flexibility either permanent or transitional? >> thank you vicechair for the question . our understanding is that there's 10 million allocated for the bridge housing. it does when you startto try to define between transitional and bridge . there is what we have kind of stumbled on here is a little bit of gray area where you have, there's truly straight u temporary shelter .and then
1:30 pm
there's what is thought of as bridge housing. tenants still gain tenant rights of their there for six months, a year and a half as they'relooking for thing that is more long-term . and i think it is certainly our view that that kind of transitional housing that's more extended is fully within what can be funded by this. it's why we put a reference for up to two years and that's also consistent with the purposes of the identified. so we're happy to continue engaging to make sure if there are any changes that are necessary to make sure that those funds can be used for that purpose. open to that. i don't think that's necessary in terms of amendments today but i'm happy to continue that conversation before the full board. >> i would add this is a debate i've been having with the department for years . i do think there is a role for
1:31 pm
transitionalhousing in our portfolio . these are young folks who have probably never had anapartment before . and they are presenting dozens of different challenges. if you throw a permanent unit on them without more robust services and interventions and programs to learn about taking responsibility of having your own apartment, itreally is a model designed , and thisisn't the only population . many times women is getting being trafficked are better suited for transitional housing andpermanent supportive housing . there is an interim that there are certain populations who need it. and the inability to think creatively and come up with different funding sources for this type of housing is maddening and it's a debate
1:32 pm
i've been having with the department for many many years. and with that i will open this up for public comment. >> members of the public who wishto speak on this item and are joining us in person should line up now . for those listening remotely please call 415-655-0001. enter the meeting id of 248-006-5647 and press pounds twice. once connected you'll need to press start three enter the speaker line. for those in the queue please continue to wait until the system indicatesyou have been on unit and that will be your signal to begin. can we have the first speaker in person ? >> thank you supervisors. i work with youth experiencing homelessness in the haight-ashbury andhave for the past decade . as stated by preston that he asked. has become an international destination for youth coming to seek refuge from poverty,
1:33 pm
abusive families, foster care, juvenile justice system involvement and abuse. albeit not a service rich neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination we continue to make thousands ofcontacts with youth and young adults experiencing homelessness in this neighborhood .i feel part of the community and rich history. while the point in time may look like a smaller concentration, as aprovider in that neighborhood for almost a decade i can verify that number is much larger . i'm here to support this legislation because non-time-limited housing needs to be a spectrum of solutions and responding to youth homelessness. this designated funding for unlimited transitional use funding is ready to start utilizing july 1. however it's not been a priority for hs h and it's such a shame any yout should sleep outside when
1:34 pm
funding is available and providers are eager to operationalize this program . compared to the permanent supportive housing longer-term transitional housing provide more comprehensive services as stated earlier and is often situated in smaller sites which are two things in this report that are important when making the profound decision transition off thestreets. transitional housing gives you time to build relationships and see their lives outside of an sro .again i want toreiterate i support this legislation and it's not about replacing or not doing a minute supportive housing . it's about providing something to as part of the spectrum of solutions to homelessness . >> thanks for your comments. karen edwards that completes our speakers in the chamber .
1:35 pm
>> speaker: thank you to the board of supervisors for your consideration of this potentially life-saving legislation. as someone who works with youth in the tay i am calling to support the legislation in the strongest terms possible. too often unaccompanied minors fall through the cracks of the city's existing housing framework. addressing insecurity among young people under 25 as to chronichomelessness as a result. people living on the streets need and deserve a stable healthy place to live in a neighborhood they feel safe and have access to the services they rely on and the people they trust . we've seen on countless occasions the powerful transformations that can happen
1:36 pm
when young people have access to theresources they needto transition off the street. if we truly want to address homelessness we need to be realistic about the solutions that work and we can't cut corners. giving young people a safe place to live whenboth save lives and transform livesyears and generations to come . thank you for your time and consideration . >> thank you for your comments, anymorecallers ? >> mister clerk that completes the queue . >> public comment is now closed. i like to make a motion . i'd like to make a motion to send it to the full board with a positiverecommendation . >> on that motion for a positive recommendation, vice chair safai. [roll call vote] we have 3 aye's . >> chair: is there any other items on this agenda? >> that completes ourbusiness . >> chair: just to note for those joining us for budget and appropriations we will start at 2:10. the meeting is adjourned.
1:37 pm
>>. [music]
1:38 pm
>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses, and challenges residents to do their shopping within the 49 square miles of san francisco. by supporting local services in our neighborhood, we help san francisco remain unique, successful, and vibrant. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i am the owner of this restaurant. we have been here in north beach over 100 years. [speaking foreign language] [♪♪♪]
1:39 pm
[speaking foreign language] [♪♪♪] [speaking foreign language]
1:40 pm
[speaking foreign language] [♪♪♪]
1:41 pm
>> hello everyone. welcome to the bayview bistro. >> it is just time to bring the community together by deliciousness. i am excited to be here today because nothing brings the community together like food.
1:42 pm
having amazing food options for and by the people of this community is critical to the success, the long-term success and stability of the bayview-hunters point community. >> i am nima romney. this is a mobile cafe. we do soul food with a latin twist. i wanted to open a truck to son nor the soul food, my african heritage as well as mylas as my latindescent. >> i have been at this for 15
1:43 pm
years. i have been cooking all my life pretty much, you know. i like cooking ribs, chicken, links. my favorite is oysters on the grill. >> i am the owner. it all started with banana pudding, the mother of them all. now what i do is take on traditional desserts and pair them with pudding so that is my ultimate goal of the business. >> our goal with the bayview bristow is to bring in businesses so they can really use this as a launching off point to grow as a single business. we want to use this as the opportunity to support business owners of color and those who have contributed a lot to the
1:44 pm
community and are looking for opportunities to grow their business. >> these are the things that the san francisco public utilities commission is doing. they are doing it because they feel they have a responsibility to san franciscans and to people in this community. >> i had a grandmother who lived in bayview. she never moved, never wavered. it was a house of security answer entity where we went for holidays. i was a part of bayview most of my life. i can't remember not being a part of bayview. >> i have been here for several years. this space used to be unoccupied. it was used as a dump. to repurpose it for something like this with the bistro to give an opportunity for the local vendors and food people to come out and showcase their work. that is a great way to give back to the community.
1:45 pm
>> this is a great example of a public-private community partnership. they have been supporting this including the san francisco public utilities commission and mayor's office of workforce department. >> working with the joint venture partners we got resources for the space, that the businesses were able to thrive because of all of the opportunities on the way to this community. >> bayview has changed. it is growing. a lot of things is different from when i was a kid. you have the t train. you have a lot of new business. i am looking forward to being a business owner in my neighborhood. >> i love my city. you know, i went to city college and fourth and mission in san francisco under the chefs ria,
1:46 pm
marlene and betsy. they are proud of me. i don't want to leave them out of the journey. everyone works hard. they are very supportive and passionate about what they do, and they all have one goal in mind for the bayview to survive. >> all right. >> all right.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
>> we are right now in outer richmond in the last business area of this city. this area of merchants is in the most western part of san francisco, continue blocks down the street they're going to fall into the pacific ocean. two blocks over you're going to have golden gate park. there is japanese, chinese,
1:49 pm
hamburgers, italian, you don't have to cook. you can just walk up and down the street and you can get your cheese. i love it. but the a very multicultural place with people from everywhere. it's just a wonderful environment. i love the richmond district. >> and my wife and i own a café we have specialty coffee drinks, your typical lattes and mochas and cappuccinos, and for lunches, sandwiches and soup and salad. made fresh to order. we have something for everybody >> my shop is in a very cool part of the city but that's one of the reasons why we provide such warm and generous treats, both physically and emotionally (♪♪) >> it's an old-fashioned general store.
1:50 pm
they have coffee. other than that what we sell is fishing equipment. go out and have a good time. >> one of my customers that has been coming here for years has always said this is my favorite store. when i get married i'm coming in your store. and then he in his wedding outfit and she in a beautiful dress came in here in between getting married at lands end and to the reception, unbelievable. (♪♪) >> the new public health order that we're announcing will require san franciscans to remain at home with exceptions only for essential outings.
1:51 pm
>> when the pandemic first hit we kind of saw the writing on the walls that potentially the city is going to shut all businesses down. >> it was scary because it was such an unknown of how things were going to pan out. i honestly thought that this might be the end of our business. we're just a small business and we still need daily customers. >> i think that everybody was on edge. nobody was untouched. it was very silent. >> as a business owner, you know, things don't just stop, right? you've still got your rent, and all of the overhead, it's still there. >> there's this underlying constant sense of dread and anxiety. it doesn't prevent you from going to work and doing your
1:52 pm
job, it doesn't stop you from doing your normal routine. what it does is just make you feel extra exhausted. >> so we began to reopen one year later, and we will emerge stronger, we will emerge better as a city, because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> this place has definitely been an anchor for us, it's home for us, and, again, we are part of this community and the community is part of us. >> one of the things that we strived for is making everyone in the community feel welcome and we have a sign that says "you're welcome." no matter who you are, no matter what your political views are, you're welcome here. and it's sort of the classic san francisco thing is that you work with folks. >> it is your duty to help
1:53 pm
everybody in san francisco. >> how i really started my advocacy was through my own personal experiences with discrimination as a trans person. and when i came out as trans, you know, i experienced discrimination in the workplace. they refused to let me use the women's bathroom and fired me. there were so many barriers that other trans folks had in the workplace. and so when i finished college, i moved out to san francisco in the hopes of finding a safer community. >> and also, i want to
1:54 pm
recognize our amazing trans advisory committee who advises our office as well as the mayor, so our transadvisory community members, if they could raise their hands and you could give a little love to them. [applause] >> thank you so much for your help. my leadership here at the office is engaging the mayor and leadership with our lgbt community. we also get to support, like, local policy and make sure that that is implemented, from all-gender bathrooms to making sure that there's lgbt data collection across the city. get to do a lot of great events in trans awareness month.
1:55 pm
>> transgender people really need representation in politics of all kinds, and i'm so grateful for clair farley because she represents us so intelligently. >> i would like to take a moment of silence to honor all those folks that nicky mentioned that we've lost this year. >> i came out when i was 18 as trans and grew up as gay in missoula, montana. so as you can imagine, it wasn't the safest environment for lgbt folks. i had a pretty supportive family. i have an identical twin, and so we really were able to support each other. once i moved away from home and started college, i was really able to recognize my own value and what i had to offer, and i think that for me was one of
1:56 pm
the biggest challenges is kind of facing so many barriers, even with all the privilege and access that i had. it was how can i make sure that i transform those challenges into really helping other people. we're celebrating transgender awareness month, and within that, we recognize transgender day of remembrance, which is a memorial of those that we have lost due to transgender violence, which within the last year, 2019, we've lost 22 transgender folks. think all but one are transgender women of color who have been murdered across the country. i think it's important because we get to lift up their stories, and bring attention to the attacks and violence that are still taking place.
1:57 pm
we push back against washington. that kind of impact is starting to impact trans black folks, so it's important for our office to advocate and recognize, and come together and really remember our strength and resilience. as the only acting director of a city department in the country, i feel like there's a lot of pressure, but working through my own challenges and barriers and even my own self-doubt, i think i've been try to remember that the action is about helping our community, whether that's making sure the community is housed, making sure they have access to health care, and using kind of my access and privilege to make change. >> i would like to say something about clair farley. she has really inspired me.
1:58 pm
i was a nurse and became disabled. before i transitioned and after i transitioned, i didn't know what i wanted to do. i'm back at college, and clair farley has really impressed on me to have a voice and to have agency, you have to have an education. >> mayor breed has led this effort. she made a $2.3 million investment into trans homes, and she spear headed this effort in partnership with my office and tony, and we're so proud to have a mayor who continues to commit and really make sure that everyone in this city can thrive. >> our community has the most resources, and i'm very happy to be here and to have a place finally to call home. thank you. [applause] >> one, two, three. [applause] >> even in those moments when i
1:59 pm
do feel kind of alone or unseen or doubt myself, i take a look at the community and the power of the supportive allies that are at the table that really help me to push past that. being yourself, it's the word of wisdom i would give anyone. surely be patient with yourself and your dream. knowing that love, you may not always feel that from your family around you, but you can
2:00 pm
may 25, 2022. appropriations committee.