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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  May 29, 2022 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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(♪♪) [applause] >> thank you, lion dancers. [applause] you know it's a special occasion in san francisco anytime that you see the lion dancers here. and we are certainly celebrating a special occasion today. so it's so wonderful to see everybody. the weather is wonderful. the pre-program with all of the
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skaters is wonderful. and it's great to see everybody here today. and you know what we're celebrating, right? [cheers and applause] we are celebrating because this 3.3 mile stretch of road behind me is finally permanently car free [cheers and applause] and it's wonderful to see so many people still behind us just walking and biking and skating. and it's wonderful to see people of all ages enjoying this promenade. my name is carol ann tyler and i'm your m.c. for this long overdue celebration. [applause] i was a news reporter and an anchor at abc 7 for more than 30 years. [applause] thank you.
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i covered a lot of the city's challenges, and also successes and this is certainly a major success. [applause] j.f.k. drive is such a massive success that it is resonating all over the country. people are talking about what you have managed to do here. it's hard to believe that this oasis where now we're going to see all sorts of cyclists and pedestrians and walkers and everybody coming out and enjoying it, it's hard to believe that this is once on the high injury network. can you believe it? now it's off permanently. [applause] and that success is thanks to all of you and it is thanks to the bold leadership of our mayor, london breed. [cheers and applause] who has always been a strong advocate
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for the city's parks and open spaces. i was hoping that she'd come out here on roller skates, but guess not today. but, please welcome to the stage the honorable london breed. [applause] >> thank you, carolyn. well, i really was going to come out here in roller skates, but then i got a little nervous. i didn't want anyone to catch me falling on video. i will say that i i'm just really happy about what we're doing here today. and i don't know about you, but i'm a big fan of "bridgerton" that is on netflix, and i always wanted to promenade down some sort of walkway, because they always talk about going somewhere to promenade and now we have our own promenade here on j.f.k. it's going from a
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drive to a promenade, a place that we can all enjoy. and i remember coming here with my aunt who went to washington high school and i thought that i was a big girl hanging out with all of the high school students this place was always packed with people on roller skates with those radios that we had to use the big batteries with. and a lot of people would roller skate and some bike, and mostly roller skaters back then and david miles will remember that time because i think that he was a grown-up during that time and i was just an itty-bitty kid. and the fact is that, you know, this is an incredible park. and it's a huge park filled with open space, with plenty of opportunities for so many different things. i know that many of you are so happy and grateful for what we were able to do together, not just me but all of you who advocated for this for many years as well as the members of the board of supervisors who are joining us here today. supervisor mandelman and
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supervisor mar and supervisor preston. and getting that level of support, because it does take courage and i know that this was not an easy thing to do. but at the end of the day this was the right thing to do for the people of san francisco. that's why i'm so proud to be here and so proud to kick this off. golden gate park is a special place and when i traveled all over the country and all over the world to talk about san francisco, to talk about reasons to come to san francisco to visit, to convention, i talked about golden gate park and the fact that j.f.k. is now car-free and the fact that we have a battery bus opening up. and tunnel top park and san francisco park, and all of these great, wonderful open spaces in san francisco that are available. and i will say that this park was my saving grace during the
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global pandemic. i know that many of you felt the same way. because i would come up here on a regular basis in disguise. and i would see the people with their babies in strollers. i would see folks in wheelchairs and i would see people on their bikes and i would see kids rollerskating and i would see them on their scooters and the thing that i saw more than anything else was not just all of the folks who were using this area, but i loved seeing the smiles on people's faces to be able to be out here in this way and to enjoy this incredible open space. so this is a victory for san francisco. this is something that we will be able to treasure, that kids now growing up and going roller skating and hanging out on j.f.k. promenade will be able to share with their children in this city. and i want to really thank so
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many of the various mommy groups because, man, when moms get together and they want something to happen, they don't mess around. you better get out of their way and i want to thank all of the parents, the families, the community. i want to thank church on wheels and david miles. [applause] i want to thank the grannies over there too, and all of the great people. this is just really a beautiful day for san francisco. and it means so much and i'm so proud to be here today to sign this legislation, and i want to thank the rec and park director phil ginsburg, and the director of m.p.a., jeff tumlin. and they drove me nuts through this process, but they were fierce advocates for what they knew was right thing to do. the city has changed. people are using various modes of transportation and how we get
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around is so perspective. but also -- important. but also how we have open space where we can feel safe. san francisco is one of the densest cities in the country and that's why a space like this being car free is so critical to ensuring that we have the ability to move around, to skate around and to bike around free of vehicles, because this is not a place that should be a highway or a freeway, or a cut-through. it needs to be a place for people to enjoy. and it's a space that you guys are going to enjoy, that you're going to take care of and you're going to continue to be proud of. so i'm excited to sign this legislation, but clearly somebody wanted to have a party today. so i think that i'm going to leo introduce phil or do you want me to bring him up? okay, you want to come on up. but, clearly, somebody wanted to have a party today because it's
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a big deal and it is a celebration. and as carolyn has said, you know, people are talking about this all over the country, and really surprised and happy that we were able to make this happen. i think that this is going to be something that can happen for other large parks in the u.s. so i am just glad to be here and i am glad that you are all here and this is your golden gate park, enjoy it. >> thank you, madam mayor. i mean, golden gate park is definitely one of the crown jewels of this city and is known really worldwide and so it's great to have the car free stretch that the mayor is going to sign into law today. as she said, if we learned anything during the pandemic, it was that our parks are not luxuries. they're necessities. mayor breed talked about coming here to golden gate park in
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disguise. well, i went to my neighborhood and walked all the time along the marino green and into chrissy field and it really helped during those dark days. these parks are really essential to our mental and physical health. they are some of the highest points during those dark days for us, during the health emergency. and they will continue to be here for us so that we can enjoy. i mean, just look around and it's so beautiful and so amazing. and the beautiful parks in san francisco are maintained by a very hard-working staff at the department of rec and parks. and we would like to give a hand clap to them. [applause] and our next speaker is the general manager of the department, phil ginsburg. [applause] >> hey, let's give it up for carolyn. thank you so much for being here
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today to celebrate this. so someone once said that the best way to avoid criticism in life is to do nothing. that's not what we did today. great cities do great things and great leaders, mayor, help cities to do great things. and that takes bold leadership, it takes courage, and we are really grateful to you for your vision and for leaning into this, for steering us. thank you. thank you, thank you. [applause] we also really want to celebrate and to acknowledge the co-chairs of the legislation, assemblyman matt haney and our three board members from the board of supervisors, give it up for them. [applause] so golden gate park has always been the keeper of san
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francisco's stories. it housed refugees during the 1906 earthquake, and fire, and it's seen the heartbeat of love. and it has memorial grove and you can see it right here is a place of national reflection for all touched by h.i.v. and aids. and most recently as the mayor noted, golden gate park provided connection and healing during the covid-19 lockdown. and for me one of my greatest personal challenges during the covid-19 lockdown was indeed having a mayor in disguise here every single day. today we're adding a new chapter about the future of our city. this story is one of joy and safety, of people-centered parks and the determination of families. urban planner fred kent who was probably the founder of the modern placemaking movement said, that if you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get --
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you get cars and traffic. if you plan for people and places, you get people and places. of course that is easier said than done. and we couldn't have done it all without our partners from sfmta we are incredibly grateful to mta staff for their hard work and jeff tumlin -- where are you? just come on out and take a bow, please. [applause] jeff is our leader. he is a visionary in the pursuit of healthier, safer and more sustainable san francisco. and he's here every day too. i got a handful of difficult customers. anyway, jeff, thank you for leaning into this with your technical expertise, but most importantly, with your heart and empathy for making sure that this park is accessible and
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available for everyone. thank you, jeff, so much. i also, as carolyn mentioned, i really want to thank our rec and park team who shepherded this project over two years and served with impassionate debate on all sides and our director of public affairs who worked so hard on this whole project for two years and worked so hard on throwing a great party today, sarah madlin. [applause] but none of this happens without all of you, so we want to thank all of the volunteers who worked tirelessly to secure this space thank you, david miles, thank you, where are you? the hardest working man in skating. the church of eight wheels, walk s.f. and the mayor's office on disability. and san francisco bike coalition and so many other wonderful grassroots organizations, i really want to thank tilley chan, with the transportation
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authority and the sfmta board of directors and our very own rec and park commission for leaning in and sitting through some sawflly long hearings. but the last and the most important thank you goes to all of you. more than 10,000 san franciscans engaged with us during this conversation over eight months of outreach. and your input has not only led to a permanently car free j.f.k., but 45 different access improvements to ensure that everyone can enjoy this space. you all made the next chapter of san francisco's story today, you made history. thank you very much. and madam mayor -- we have a little something for you. a sign which we hope that adorns your office. you no longer need to be here in disguise. you are welcome along j.f.k. promenade anytime. [applause]
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>> now if we could only find that guy from "bridgerton" to go with you. [laughter] mr. hotness, yes. [laughter]. thank you, phil, for those words. you know, car-free j.f.k. at its heart is all about kids as the mayor mentioned. i grew up in cheyenne, wyoming, and it's big open spaces and i never had to worry about a car running my down when i was trying to learn to ride a bicycle. in a big urban city like this, that's not necessarily the case so when you think about car-free j.f.k., i think about the kids who can learn how to skate, following in the footsteps of david miles, or can learn to ride their bike with their parents. things like that. they can get out in nature. they can play. the fresh air is accessible.
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those are the things that really make a difference. and parents as the mayor mentioned played a huge role in advocating for this car-free space. and so we want to recognize one mom but she really encompasses the work of a lot of the moms and dads who have been pushing for the last couple years trying to get this going. so please welcome to the stage now district one mom and advocate, leanne chang. >> thank you. [applause] i am so honored to be here today with madame mayor london breed. i'm leanne chang, one of so many parents who love this space for our families and who got involved to help to make it permanent. almost exactly two years ago, mayor breed created a car-free
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space here in golden gate park and mcclaren park so that we could have space for socially distanced recreation. and i want to share a little story with you from the very earliest days of the pandemic when we were sheltering in place. after many days of saying inside of our apartment, the first place that i took my son, he's over there in the pink pants -- jay -- he was three years old at the time and it was golden gate park. and on the way over here, it just felt like a revelation to me to be back in this city, like, back on streets of this city which, like, was so much more beautiful than i remembered. and i know that jay felt it too as we were crossing the street just up there at 8th avenue and we could start to smell the trees and see people walking and sitting on the grass, suddenly jay belted out "i love this town."
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i love everything in this town. i love everything and everybody in this town. and that was his song as we made our way to a quiet corner of the park where we reconnected with nature. and from an extremely safe distance we reconnected with other safe san franciscans. and then mayor breed created a safe car-free space here on j.f.k. and suddenly we had a space where we could be not only in the city surrounded by the diversity of people and activities that you can only find in a city and really only in this city of san francisco. and at the same time, be safe from dangerous traffic. so, jay could listen to the music and join the party here at the skating place, and get a snack from a food truck. in fact, riding his bike, and, at the same time to see and meet other kids and adults, learning
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and even practicing tricks on theirs. and all of this was so much more carefree for me, you know, not feeling like i had to constantly watch for cars. so i will be forever grateful to you, madame mayor london breed, for seeing that this safe family-friendly, climate-friendly space, could benefit san franciscans for so much more time after the pandemic. for every kid who now gets to grow up with the j.f.k. promenade for generations to come, i thank you. your leadership -- [applause] your leadership in creating the j.f.k. promenade makes me feel the way that i think that my son did when he sang out, i love this town, i love everything in
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this town, i love everybody in this town. so, thank you. [applause] >> thank you, leanne. i love this town! [cheers and applause] i love this new promenade. and i'd like to thank everybody who came out today to celebrate so we're going to conclude our speaking portion of the program but we want all of the speakers to gather around because the mayor is now going to make this promenade official. she's at the picnic table. everybody should go over there as she signs the car-free j.f.k. ordinance into the law of the land. [applause] >> all right, are we ready to see this become law? [cheers and applause]
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>> there it is. [applause] (♪♪) (♪♪) . >> i love that i was in four plus years a a rent control tenant, and it might be normal because the tenant will -- for the longest, i was applying for b.m.r. rental, but i would be in the lottery and never be like 307 or 310. i pretty much had kind of given
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up on that, and had to leave san francisco. i found out about the san francisco mayor's office of housing about two or three years ago, and i originally did home counseling with someone, but then, my certificate expired, and one of my friends jamie, she was actually interested in purchasing a unit. i told her about the housing program, the mayor's office, and i told her hey, you've got to do the six hour counseling and the 12 hour training. she said no, i want you to go with me. and then, the very next day that i went to the session, i notice this unit at 616 harrison became available, b.m.i. i was like wow, this could potentially work. housing purchases through the b.m.r. program with the sf
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mayor's office of housing, they are all lotteries, and for this one, i did win the lottery. there were three people that applied, and they pulled my number first. i won, despite the luck i'd had with the program in the last couple years. things are finally breaking my way. when i first saw the unit, even though i knew it was less than ideal conditions, and it was very junky, i could see what this place could be. it's slowly beginning to feel like home. i can definitely -- you know, once i got it painted and slowly getting my custom furniture to fit this unit because it's a specialized unit, and all the units are microinterms of being very small. this unit in terms of adaptive, in terms of having a murphy bed, using the walls and ceiling, getting as much space as i can. it's slowly becoming home for
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me. it is great that san francisco has this program to address, let's say, the housing crisis that exists here in the bay area. it will slowly become home, and i am appreciative that it is a bright spot in an otherwise >> good morning everyone. i am the c.e.o. of a housing and community development organization serving the entire city of san francisco. really prioritizing children and families for the future of our success. what an honor and joy to be with you today celebrating this amazing community. fantastic visuals on this
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beautiful day. it is an honor to have with us speaker pelosi. madam speaker. we are here today to celebrate 143 families that live in this community. also to really celebrate what we can do when we work in partnership, stay focused and create quality projects to house our community. 2828 16th street is more than an opportunity. a long-standing commitment by p nbc, mayor's office local communities to build a healthier future for the current and next generation of san franciscans.
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[applause]. i will clap for myself. yes. i am proud to build this community and support and prioritizing community health, individual growth for families and children. tndc will support by on site social work and property management, residents will have fresh produce. from the rooftop garden. the urban agricultural team. we will also have free fiber internet. thanks to the city's fiber housing program. that is really important. let's hear from the families of this community. [applause].
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it takes an entire city, more than a village. i would like to thank our long standing partner, speaker pelosi, mayor breed, mayor's office of housing. century housing corporation, multi-family capital and massachusetts mutual. brothers general contractors, architects, non-profit partners. lastly, the mission neighborhood and community. residents, the board, staff and count less others that have really combined and helped us
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make today possible. we built this community. we can build more. i would now like to introduce supervisor ronan. >> supervisor ronen: can we give a hand for themeta team that made this possible. [applause]. >> supervisor ronen: there is no better days than the days to celebrate new affordable housing in district nine and the mission and our community. there is no greater need in this city than truly affordable housing. can we just take a moment to think today we accomplished something amazing. that doesn't happen every day. today it is happening. congratulations again.
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[applause]. so often when we build affordable housing because we need it so badly. we stuff as many units as possible in. a lot of times it is studios. not every day we celebrate family housing. housing where kids have enough space to breathe, to do homework, to feel at home. we still have kids in the city living in sro rooms where their development, they were homeless. they can't move around and have the space we all deserve as a human right to grow up with dignity. it is these kinds of buildings that are the solution to that. thank you everyone who is part of this effort. you are all amazing. let's do it again and again
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until every child and every family has a safe, affordable home to live in to grow up with dignity and can succeed. congratulations. [applause] i would like to introduce the managing director of the san francisco east bay market executive of bank of america. [applause] >> thank you so much, supervisor ronan. what an amazing day and honortosh with you today. bank of america was founded in san francisco 1904 and is steadfast to the city. financing the bridges to the wonderful affordable housing developments we partner within
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san francisco. we cannot be more honored. i will thank our long standing partnersmeta, mayor's office of housing and community development, supervisor ronan, nancy pelosi and the family and century housing corporation and big thank you to bank of america teams that made this possible as well. thank you so much. >> now, i would like to introduce from meta. >> good afternoon, everyone. i want to share gratitude to everyone who contributed to make this project reality. we could not have had a better partner. i am so glad to celebrate with you. i want to recognize you whose
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work was second to none. supervisor ronan to build affordable housing we have hundreds of units. mayor breed i am not sure if she is here yet. she and her administration have sheath pardoned this project to the finish line. the related note i want the policies and her focus has resulted in the san francisco latinos with the highest vaccination rate of any latino community in the nation. that is her legacy. we thank her for that. speaker pelosi, you are responsible for bringing federal resources to the san francisco latino community and other communities of color throughout
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the nation. i think you stood up to the last administration. you visited ukraine to give support to those great people. thank you. also, our meta team. you come to work every day. thank you very much. i especially want to thank carol today. [indiscernable] six years ago whenmeta when i look at the site. what if we could build homes?
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what if we can ensure the non-profits had a stable place to be? what if we could trade learning opportunities for the children to the mission promise neighborhood? here we are celebrating the communities with those goals with 140 affordable homes. 16,000 square feet of commercial space. building the showcase is what big governments can accomplish. this is our collective win, effort. thank you to everyone. as a community we know the focus on housing, housing, housing. we advocated this was for 100% affordable housing. it is unusual. we have not often competed with the private sector. $15 million to the mission from
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affordable housing in 2015. it is those funds that made this project a reality. we thank everyone for advocacy and focus on affordable housing. i have to mention mr. are other entities to make this happen. meta is a contributor. cnbc, century housing corporation. we all contributed our open money to make this happen. we know that creating affordable housing is transformational for the city and neighborhood. this is what makes the mission special. it is a place. it is where you go to sleep and where you live and play and work. this is part of that effort. this is why it offers long time
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spaces. it is very important for the community. . [indiscernable] this is a priority for the neighborhood. the city office of work force development extended the program with $1.2 million -- $1.3 million for this property. is covid-19 crisis showed more than ever how critical stable housing is for most vulnerable community members. health is housing. housing is health. today's event celebrates this
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community for decades to come. with that said with it being san francisco affordable housing week it is my honor to invite speaker of the house nancy pelosi to the podium. for decades she has been a supporter of affordable housing. to keep this a welcoming place for everyone. just this year she chaired $2 million for mission place keepers. that funding will support the build out from san francisco, the mission. thank you for working on that. this is also national. [indiscernable] pandemic relief. help the latino businesses weather the storm.
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they are to thrive not just survive. speaker, pelosi your long-term commitment is unparalleled. thank you very much. >> thank you for your kind be words, great leadership, for the opportunity to be here with you, to be here with supervisor ronan, supervisor safai joined us now. congratulations. alga ander ma. you will hear from them as they tell their story.
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all of the tenants of the building. i know tyrone. this place is about respect, respect for the tenants. 100% affordable housing is such a remarkable thing. it is about dignity and how lovely it is for the at thenants. i salute president biden for putting money to local government and to recognize jason, the official administrator for hud. because when covid hit, we photo get resources for the state but also for the cities and counties to meet the needs. the healthcare providers are --
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it is also public education week. so many things to celebrate and observe. again, the president saw all of this as one. he saw it also as public private non-profit partnership. we have fought a long time for low income housing tax credits. it was formed many years ago. it was the bank. the italians started it. [indiscernable] as we celebrate ethnicity and itis important to note it is public private nonpartner partnerships that may being this possible and the mayor's office of housing is essential to bringing it altogether.
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let us be very grateful for mayor london breed for her great leadership in all of this. this mission has the latino identity. we have everything here. that is a wonderful thing. now we want the mission to become. it is unaffordable. we can't have that. personal stories. last year the house democrats passed $24 billion for housing vouchers the largest expansion in decades. $228,000 affordable -- 228,000 affordable housing in california. president biden's leadership.
4:43 am
i will tell you a story. when i was a little girl growing up. my mother first lady her focus was affordable housing. she said. [indiscernable] all of our children be and families affordable housing. i was so proud when she died many years later obituary. this is so important. to see the community and the tenants take the responsibility for the housing they would like to see all of this happen, that
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makes it better. it is coming down from on high, it is from the community. let us thank louise and others to make this possible. thank you for your leadership in terms of the tenderloin neighborhood development is going to do to help with the services here. it is quite exciting. reason to celebrate. what a perfect way to celebrate. i want to acknowledge the great work of our president joe by don and great mayor london breed for prioritizing and again allocating resources to make all of this possible.
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thank you very much for what you did to make it possible. [applause]. >> i want to pay my respects and appreciation. she said she would introduce herself. i yield the floor to caroline. [applause] >> good morning. i am directtor of community real estate and honored to be a mission resident. today would not be possible without the mission community coming together to fight for this. you connect us to our history and our future. i made our voices heard to
4:46 am
create equity. you are our future. thank you for sharing your stories. 2828 becomes part of the new mission community. i now welcome to the stage two community members. (applause). >> thank you, caroline. i was asked to speak today as a long-time member of the community if you wonder about my title. a friend said you know we are going to be there for the fight. i am honored to be here. let me share a few words on behalf of the community.
4:47 am
the history has been told in unconventional ways not always through the history books or archives of established institutions. it is from the organizations that provide direct services to our youth, to our children and families, and by creating foundational space for artists. the three community-based organizations that will now have permanent space. permanent space. you know how many of us have been displaced. certainly a lot of people that i know. the organizations displaced. they have been around the mission until now. we know that they have a space here. it is the visionary.
4:48 am
the three community-based organizations will now have permanent space complete the new model of buildings with affordable housing in community service providing organizations. as speaker pelosi said public private and government and community investment. the visionary collaborative work of cnbc and meta recommended in responding to the neats of family housing and community services. those are the needs of the community. with this building being an example of that along with buildings around us. to know there are buildings around us housing good am and they are elevating all
4:49 am
communities in the mission. it was made possible with crucial san francisco city funding and federal support to build out the organizations here and it would be for the support of mayor breed apspeaker pelosi. importantly this has come about because of reslept less advocacy and organizing of the affordable housing champions in our community. it could not have happened without them and could not have happened without the support i mentioned. that is how we need to build things. yes. more, more, more and again and again, yes. >> i have been part of this community since the early
4:50 am
1970s. twenty-fourth and brian was transformative for so many of us. the struggle to survive and thrives in system to take away humanity. those were given voice, dimension by the artist through the paintings, murals and films and music and poetry that kept us strong to continue organizing on behalf of our communities. that is why i was strengthened to continue fighting and advocating. we went to washington, d.c. this past weekend to advocate for reunification of children that are separated. that is part of what we kin to do. th is community support and arts
4:51 am
that give us that break. >> did i say life saving? i mean it generally. when i was held a political prisoner in argentina in 1974-76. it was a community that rallied that gained my release. it was the artist who created posters and flyers to help to mobilize people. it was the poet and musician who gave strength to my family and friends until i was released and able to come home in 1976. from that historic corner to this powerful new buildings all families of 143 locations that are here to welcome families and residents.
4:52 am
they cannot calm this home. pat last we are home. [applause]. >> good morning. i would like to thank everyone for coming today to the grand opening. 2828 15th street. i have been living here with my two daughters five months. i will share my experience here. for the past four years in san francisco. in this building i feel safe and at home. the community feels much better, neighbors are kind. the staff are like property managers. are friendly. we are like one big family here. i love it. where we live before in san
4:53 am
francisco it caused a lot of stress. in this building we don't have to worry about it. it makes a big difference. in the every day for health and energy and volunteering to give back to my neighboreds. the building i volunteered doing bingo and working on the rooftop garden and helped teach english and spanish classes. now that my family is safe and secure i feel like my daughters can leave their dreams. they both graduate high school next year and i want them to go to college. [applause]. one wants to become a nurse the other wants to work with kids with disabilities. i am proud of them and this has
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felt like a real family. thank you for making this building possible. [applause] >> now our very own mayor london breed. >> mayor breed: i can't tell you how good it feels to be here today. it is even more incredible to be here to share this amazing moment with our speaker, man see pelosi, who, let me tell you. what it comes to taking carry of not just the city of san francisco but this entire country there is no more fearless leader than nancy pelosi and she is a daughter of this amazing city. [applause]. we probably wouldn't be able to do this project and so many
4:55 am
other things in this city were it not for her work and advocacy with the federal government. we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the advocacy of the people of this community. i remember when i served on the board of supervisors and supervisor ronan was ad to the previous supervisor. this community we saw a significant decline in residents. 2000 and 2019 a loss of 9,000 latinos? the community. people had the conversation and i couldn't help think about the filmore, what happened to the loss of african-american population, and the need for us as a city to do more. may other ed lee put $50,000 in
4:56 am
the budget to see more homes built in this community. this in addition to eight other properties are part of that legacy. not enough to build housing. one of the things that would happen when we would build housing in these neighborhoods. people who lived here had to go through extensive lottery process with thousands of applicants. when i announced my plans to fly to dc after they told us no and with support of our leader and this community we stood in front to announce what people in this community we were going to fight for neighborhood preference. now 157 units here, 143 units. the work this community has done has led to 700 units so far and
4:57 am
almost 500 units to come. we are well on the way to finally realizing the dream of the people who make the fabric of the mission community and are critical to what makes san francisco special. i am honored to cut this ribbon today. it feels so good and rewarding and exciting. child care center and resources. i am excited that home is an organization that i work with as the executive director of african-american art and culture complex. i had a last comment request they would meet the deadline. thank you homey for being there. so many amazing people. this is a dream realized. i want be to say how grateful i am that this community said yes to supporting our residents in public housing in sunnydale and
4:58 am
potrero hill. there were units set aside because of remodel of hope sf projects. people needed a safe place to call home as we began that process. we didn't want families displaced from san francisco. this is part of the fabric what makes san francisco so special. i cannot wait to continue to cut the ribbons, purchase properties to get homes built so san francisco is a place for all. thank you so much for being here today. [applause]. >> i will split the other program. i just want to thank mayor breed for being here today and for her leadership in this issue and other issues. thank you very, very much.
4:59 am
gratitude to everyone who made this map. when you see the layers of government from the board of supervisors to the mayor's office to the speaker of the house, this is what good government can accomplish. as non-profits like homey. we made it happen. we made it happen. i am hoping that your role in this project. as you walk by the project in years to come you are full of pride in what you accomplish and what we accomplished together. i want to build another 10 buildings like there in the next five years. thank you very much. >> mayor breed: count together. five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause.]
5:00 am
>> good evening this is the meeting of the san francisco commission on the environment. today