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tv   Local Agency Formation Commission  SFGTV  May 31, 2022 11:30pm-1:31am PDT

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>> this meeting am come to order, welcome to the may meeting of the local agency for condition i'm supervisor cone chan chair and i today i'm pleased to be joined by vice chair jaek filter and commissioner mar and singh, yes and the clerk is alyssa sa mara. i like to thank the staff at madam clerk. >> today's meeting is held through video conference and members will participate in the meeting to the same extent as if they were present. public comment will be available. channel 26 and 99 depending on
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your provider and comments or opportunity to speak period are available calling 415. sick 55-0001. id2497418961 then pound twice. >>you will be muted in listening mode. when your item come up dial star 3. call from a quiet location. speak clearly and turn down your television. you may submit comment via e mail. or by u.s. maim to 1 doctor carlton b. goodlet place if you mean commit in these ways tell be forwarded to the commissioners and include as part of the file.
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>> that concludes my announcements. >> thank you. i like to give my colleagues a reminder to put your name in a chat if you want to peek it is the official roster and raising hand will be upon difficult to track. for minutes. madam clerk call item 2. >> and would you like me to take roll call. >> i do. >> chair chan. >> present. >> vice chair fielder. >> present. >> commissioner mar. >> present. >> commissioner preston. >> present. >> commissioner singh. >> present. >> you have a quorum. >> and madam clerk, for item 2.
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yes. item 2 is findings allow teleconference in the california code 654953e. members of the public wish to mo provide comment call the number now. meeting id24974189681. if you have not, dial star 3 to line up to speak and the system will indicate you raised your hand. wait until we call public comment on this item and you will begin your comments. >> thank you. before we make a motion to adopt the findings can we open to public comment. >> yes. >> i stated members of the public who wish to provide comment dial star 3 and tell indicate you raised your hand. you may begin your comment. i am checking to seat line and we have no public commenters.
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>> thank you. >> seeing no public comment t. is closed. i would like to make a motion to approve the findings. may i have a second? second. >> by preston. may we have a roll call on the motion? >> yes. could turn you have your camera until your presentation is called. >> the motion for item 2. fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner singh. >> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> >> are there are 5 aye's. >> thank you. this motion has been approved unanimously and the findings approved. can you call item 3? >> item number 3 approval of the
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minutes from the april 15th regular meeting members wish to provide comment call 415615-0001. then pound twice. are there any changes to the minutes? seeing none. on the roster please. open this to public comment. wroo members of the public please dial star 3 to lineup to speak. please wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. i am checking the public comment
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cline special we have no public commenters. thank you. seeing no comment. comment is closed. id move to approve the minutes and may i have a second? >> thank you. >> i move this motion and second by commissioner vice chair fielder. could you call roll. >> item 3 vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner singh. >> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> there are 5 aye's. >> thank you. ? item has been approved. can you please call the items out of order and call on item number 8 for the budget?
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>> yes. the final budget and work plan for 2022. /23. for members on the publicing who wish to provide comment. call id2497418 [inaudible]. and pounds twice. [speak are speak fast]. please wait for public comment and the system indicates you have been unmuted. we adopted the budget the last meeting and adopting the final budget today for the june 15 deadline set by the state. i will turn this over to our sdutive recover jeremy pollock to present on the item.
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thank you very much. good morning. jeremy pollock executive officer. i have a very brief presentation on the budget here. as chair chan said, our budget needs to be approved by june 15th we work on the schedule set by state government code and out of sequence with the city and county's budget. the budget before you is 553 thousand dollars. a big decrease from last year's budget because of the lack of the continuation of the funding fortunate reinvestment work group. the general fund is unchanged at 341 thousand dollars. this is the third time they looked at the budget we did a preview the beginning of the year that was incorporated in the clerk of the board's budget presented at budget and finance committee last mont.
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the commission voted to allocate 10 thousand dollars from the fund balance for interception for the reinvestment working group and the rest of the other budget is unchanged from last month. >> and hopefully this come through my apologies this is -- just the line items for the source of the budget and i have the smaller line item for thes ecpend tours in case you have questions. and as far as the work plan is unchange friday last month with organizing the work around the 3 major priorities of clean power sf. public making and the economy at work. and that is my presentation and help to answer questions. thank you. ment to make sure that we know
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that this is for the remainder of the fiscal year and obviously we can have a discussion and end of the year in december and start thinking about the upcoming year ahead. i look forward to seeing more information coming from public bank. working group we investment in working group i think it will be something for us to work worth for us to discuss the end of the year. moving forward the next year budget. it is something to think about with the conversation today. i am really grateful to all the work that you have put in. and thank you so much for taking over this position managing our budget. come to find don't see comments and questions in the officer and your name in the roster. i will make the motion to move
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this. forward but we will open to public comment. before we move this motion. i feel when there is no questions it speaks to the trust and respect we have for you. take that as a good upon sign. so -- mad am clerk open to public comment? members of the public wish to speak on this item dial star 3 to lineup to speak. the prompt will indicate you raised your hand when the system indicates you were unmuted you will begin your comments. we have someone rung the public comment line. he is checking to see if there are callers in the queue. we have no callers.
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public comment is closed. would someone like to make a motion to approve this budget? so moved. second. >> great. thank you. the motion moved by vice chair fielder and seconded by commissioner mar. may we have the roll? >> yes. because this is the final budget, approval i wanted to state what the motion is the motion is to approve the final budget plan in the amount of 550, 567. requesting the amount 341, 240
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in the city and county of san francisco general fund. is this correct. >> that is correct. >> great. >> on that motion for item 8. vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner singh. >> aye. >> chair chan. >> aye. >> there are 5 aye's. >> the motion and the budget has been approved. unanimously. thank you and -- i do want to apologize, colleagues but i will be leaving this meeting and like to turn the gavel over to vice chair fielder. a reminder we have approved for
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a seat community public seat for a commission to the commissioner on this commission. i really wanted to urge members of the public who are interested in advancing agenda like clean power sf, public bank, economy and just over all municipal service review. which is the authority and the jurisdiction of the body. anyone interested in all the issues would apply and join us and will be great to hear more from our public and again, this is independent and a state body. not part of the of city government. so -- thank you and i knowledge -- vice chair fielder i will turn it over to you to make the motion to excuse me. >> so.
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>> thank you, chair chan. >> fellow commissioners i like to make a motion to excuse chair chan for the remainder of the meeting. >> second. >> thank you. on the motion to excuse chair chan for the meeting starting 10:20 a.m., commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner singh. >> aye. >> vice chair fielder. >> aye. >> there are 4 aye's. >> thank you. madam clerk can you call item 4. >> ychls item 4 the introduction of the reinvestment working group and public banking consultant for members who wish to provide comment dial 415-sick
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55-0001. we'll shift fweers to the reinvesting working grop portion of the meet and can hearing from our reinvestment working group analyst. and we will will be meeting work group members. so -- please. take it away colin. that will be appreciated. thank you. vice chair fielder. do my bechlt thank you for your time. i'm colin policy analyst for victim working group. today i have the pleasure of introducing the members of the
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working group. i'm going to end of course, the hrna team the consultants helping us the business plan i will pass it on to the chair approximate vice chair about public banking and ask the rest of the members of the reinvestment working fwroup to limit their introduction to their name. pronouns and the organization they are affiliated with. chair? will i'm kristin everyones in seat 5 of the reinvestment working group. the small business owner i own a book store and a bar/restaurant. i'm very happy to report we just
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started our work, we had our second meeting yesterday. and our consultants are -- getting on board and we are going to get to work. i know we have a time line to accomplish great things to help us get closer to establishing a public bank for san francisco. i will hand it off to vice chair marty. hi. good to see you all. for the last 12 years i have been codirector of the community of housing organizations and i continue to work furtd next few months. i'm on the housing beat. in the reinvestment working group. and i think just the couple of things i wanted to say is i think part of our role in this working group is reaffirming our
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arc counselability and commitment to the various goals that -- we set out for ourselves in pushing for the public bank. working with chair fielder early on on this project. our commitment to racial justice, sovereignty and figuring out ways the bank will commit itself to the work of housing justice and economic justice and requiremental justice. rafael hor evermorales. been a resident since 2008 and serve as senior manager for
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impact of self help credit union the largest credit unions in the nation. 4 and a half billion under management. 74 branchs nationwide and 190,000 members across the country. >> thank you. jennifer finger. >> good morning, jennifer finger. i work with the beneficial state bank. which is about a billion community banks and it was found in the 2007 with a structure to the rewards the communities versus rewarding share holders and forward to seeing how we extend the mission. with the public bank. thank you.
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i have elizabeth dwyer. >> hi. i'm liz dwyer. i'm in the seats for financial constitution experts for the 12 years now i worked in the community development and financial constitution industry. these are the ones i have been working are nonprofit loan funds make communities the banks will not serve. i'm excited to be part of this and helpful. bring a public bank to san francisco that support the city as a whole. >> thank you. why michelle, pierce.
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this is sylvia i'm a senior strategist with just solutions collective working on vipiral justice policy. and i'm in one of the upon community seats and part of the san francisco public bank coalition. >> terrific. anna, she her pronouns. the public finance director for the city and county of san francisco. i represent the controller's office. >> i believe that the treasurer representative amanda free has told us she had a conflict today. she will not be present today. and then i can introduce our consultant >> thank you i'm jack and a director at [inaudible] economic
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development and urban development consulting firm. and we over time call it what you like me to say about our work and scope. i can pause and let you tell me what you want to hear. >> vice chair fielder. how are we on time. >> we are doing well on time. 5 minutes suffice? >> >> could up say a bit about the presentation you gave the investment working group yesterday? >> sure. happy to. i can share my screen and show you the slides about our team and the work we will be doing. but i don't think i have the amount to share my screen. i am -- give me a second.
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thank you. madam clerk y. this is a fantastic grouch will thank you to everyone for being a part. i then and there is all in your free time. thank you. >> thank you. i will pull up my slide shortly. thank you for make the time for us to share this morning. i will briefly discuss who we are as part of the consulting team and then briefly summarize our scope and happy to answer questions from the commission. >> so. we are a team consisting of organization, advisors and [inaudible] economic policy lent to the work and through our
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inclusive city's practice we bring economic development proof to thinking about public banking and urban investment. thinking that every decision is an economic decision. we need to think about different structures for making the investment in san francisco. we worked with ecstasy like seattle and lancaster on their public banking studies of work. we are joined by the companies who are a group of attorneys and -- banking industry practitioners established 100 bank in california and the southwest. >> who staff have served as leadership on bank boards and executive teams. they have that very solid banking and regular experience.
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and communication, a san francisco based grouch experts in community engagement. and so they are going to be leading our efforts to reach out to the different communes and stake holders will have a key role. all the work we'll be doing. briefly. we are going to work closely with work group. as well as the meeting we had yesterday will have discussion opportunity to raise questions. understand your priorities and keep that very strong focus on the vision for this project you set out to the ordinance and the rfp and all of our conversations so far. >> first stage of work will focus on sxejz engage am.
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we are clearly layout the steps needed to establish the public bank. according to the local and state and federal requirements and we will have conversations based on that path. and based on the city's vision with key local communities and stake holders to establish the priorities and chart a viable path together. and that will lead to a decision on the specific banking model this we will pursue meaning the structure of the bank. services tell provide. and the priorities for investment and left-hand laneding and so forth. >> in phase 2 once we have made that decision for the banking structure and priorities, we'll really dot bulk of our work inn lighting the financial -- viability of the bank and putting together the
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governorsance and business plan that will create the structure and layout the details how the organizations will be constructed and these documents will go to the regulators to enable the institutions. >> and of course, throughout this process we the be engaging with the working groupful community numbers and make sure well is a strong accountability to the objective of this project. >> this is just a time line, i know we have no constrabts from the ordinance in the time we have to complete this project. we will be doing an accelerated phase one. and after we have that key decision on the priorities and structure that the city and working group want to pursue we'll move to faze phase 2 and prepare all the documents i mentiond and recap the deliverables that there will be
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providing will be government, business and viability times and studies for the msg and the same documents for the public bank and all will be in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations and policies to make sure they are the documents that enable that establishing the institutions. il pause there and give the opportunity for questions or other discussion that this group wishes to have. >> thank you. put your name in the chat if you have questions. commissioner mar. >> thank you chair fielder.
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i wanted to take this opportunity to thank the working group or -- for all of your -- important work on moving this, this -- this -- visionary and impactful project forward to the stage it is exciting for me to this is the first time i have seen the time line and the work plan and see that this year things will be starting to come together in terms of the real plan to create the public bank in san francisco. i'm -- appreciative of your work and commitment and look forward to supporting this and this effort. you know in this critical next phase and also -- to the work that we have been doing in the district 4 office. around -- addressing the housing afford at crisis.
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and more support for our mall mom and pop businesses. addressing the continued -- inquality in the city through a public bank, thank you. thank you. commissioner mar. commissioner preston or singh. something you would like to add. i would like to thank you. it is xoit to see this moving forward and on a real time line and appreciate everyone's work. and also want to recognize mr. [inaudible] work. you know as well as work from the clerk's office. and our consultants.
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you know, it is i think it is as we talk about, around -- pandemic recovery. affordable housing and small business reports. and student debt there are many opportunity and we all see in what goal a public bank will play in our assistant district attorney. and other times and places to go on at length about that and i want to say it is really it is exciting to see our city at the forefront of what is a national move am to our public banking that is happening because of the hard work of chair than chan. lafco. working groups and want to appreciate everyone's work and look forward to supporting however i can. thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner preston.
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all right. will, the working group meets every third thursday of the month at 3 p.m. it is -- open to the public. and it includes public comment. thank you to hrna and chair evans and paula and the members of the working group who have done so much work over the years to bring this to where it is now. there is a let of work to do but excited to move forward. thank y'all. >> thank you, vice chair fielder. >> are there members of the public who would wish to speak on this item? i will call for public comment. members of the public had wish to comment dial star 3 now to be added to the speaker line for those on hold wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted we have jaime checking
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to see if we have callers in the queue. it appears we have one caller. can you put that person through? >> hi. good morning. can you hear me? >> yes, proceed. thank you. good morning i'm [inaudible]. and i have been working the public bank coalition i'm calling to thank the reinvest sf working group for their service and attention to detail. i would like to thank colin and jeremy make thanksgiving meeting accessible to all languages. i appreciate that and imented to thank you lafco and ask you to book the good work, it is important to engage all communities [inaudible] who are under [inaudible] served and [inaudible] banking.
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and i wanted to encourage the good work and i said yesterday, think outside the box when we redefine that box. thank you. >> i look forward to next meeting. why thank you very much for your comments. >> do we have other callers in the queue? that was the only caller. madam vice chair. >> all right. public comment closed. and -- there is no action it take. thank you all >> can i jump become on the roster to say one other thing? >> yea. >> vice chair fielder you listed your thanks to many people you not surprisingly in typical fashion left yourself out and wanted to recognize vice cheer fielders long advocacy in this sf public bank coalition and
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thrill to have you lafco commissioner and vice chair of this. i wanted rescue noise that. i am certain you will not. >> thank you. commissioner preston. i appreciate that. >> now madam clerk item 5? >> yes. item 5 is a presentation on public banking for members of public who wish to comment on this item call 415-sick 55-0001 >> and pound and pound again if you have not done so dial star 3 to peek and the system will indicate you raised your hand. wait until we call for public comment. that will be your queue to begin your comments. vice chair. >> thank you, >> coleen and members of the public i'm excited introduce the
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next presenter. thomas is a political economist at the university of london and the author of public banks decarbonization, definancialization and [inaudible] we will have 10 minutes for presenting and we will allow for questions after. as well as public comment. but i will hand it off to thomas. i believe he needs access to share the screen. >> i will share my screen here. and thank you very much, jacky for the invitation and to chad
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as well for the long standing invitation to speak with san francisco and life landfall. it is unique and pleasure to be here with you today come in a room of people who are strong advocates of public banking and work to creating a new public bank. and that is really something i think special and important and i hope that my discussion today adds to that and contributes. this really sort of to -- historic initiative that you are under take well done and congratulations to everyone. i will present to you on my book and i jackie introduced. and cover -- try to cover the main topic in 10 minutes. way i would like to proceed and moving quickly over high level topics
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and pause on a couple elements that are more important. to treat this as a provocation and an tube to sharen ideas and -- that's an invitation to those in the room and watching from outside of the virtual room to engage [inaudible] and pull up questions and after. i want to paint a large are pickup truck of bank and get in key topics i look at in the book. >> first thing the big point i want to emphasize is that you know public banking is in the new or a niche there are over 900 in existence around the world and more coming about in place like san san francisco and elsewhere in the world. the infrastructure basic.
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british columbia a new invest fund. it is a world. and they are massive. there are over 49 trillion dollars in combinedace set in public banks but under utilized. we done little to cammure the banks for the public interest. it is inspire to see from the ground up. an opportunity to do that. it is important to take ape moment to just remind ourselves there is nothing good about something being public. a public bank for the fact it is public does not mean that it will w in the public good or interest. and so in the book i developed a theory of public banks. and argue that we have to look at first and foremost the functions of what a bank does. and step become for a second and
12:11 am
understand whatever bank public bank does the functions those are contested. they are both struggled over by public and private interests and shaped by society and the community in which that bank exists and persists. social forces shape the meaning or functions of i bank and that gives mean to had a public bank is. not simple low owned by the public but how people make and remake public banks. i need tong built functions as a primary element of a public bank >> looking at duly shaping different examples of public banks around the world that inform this larger theory. my role here today and in general is i bring a goebel view. i have been studying for a number of years and written a
12:12 am
book. and in it i -- explore 3 key things decarbonization and definancialization. the key in decarbonization is to reminds the way public banks have been. they are not necessary low advocates of decarbonization but north investment bank that significantly fund green transition initiatives. and trying [inaudible] hand's down the largest investor of solar panels and the same time paving over half of asia. the investment bank had a contradictary policy aggressively funding decarbonized energy and fair aim of carbonizing projects. it is important when you think about a new public bank to rearc line and there are a few examples as well as new
12:13 am
institutions saying we will not funds anything that carbonizes our environment. >> the definancialization examples the bank of north dakota and the indian bank the national bank of agricultural and rural development. 2 examples to take otherwise, globally mobile and fickle flows of money and through that institution fix it in your community and help that money stay in north dakota or stay in the rural areas of india. this is the function of the 2 banks. the public banks are locateed do this and specialists and you >> remark than financealization where it accelerates flows of capitol. the third major topic i explore
12:14 am
is governorance. trid unions and the government, from min strolls and regular representatives of the public as well as small earnprizes. specified representatives from communities and the other one the most handy down the most democratic bank in the world is [inaudible]. i want to sort of emphasize in this example that it is very democratic and inclusive model of upon governing a public bank and something i recommend if san francisco has not already looked at it to look what it is doing. i will tell you why. it is the bank create in the 69. a bank ownd and controlled by the working class of costa rica.
12:15 am
over the last 40 or 50 years it developed a very strong representative government model. it is national board is not the highest decisionmaking form in the bank. it is what is the workmen and women a form of 290 individuals select friday 10 different associate sectors across costa rica who become the main body that sets direction and holds that institution to arc counts. assembly elects 4 members that go to the national bookkeepered that sit along side 3 members from the government. a mix of community and government members on the board. remember i didn't like it. you see in the institution it is decided to privileged important elements of existence and social
12:16 am
reproduction. it is governored by gender equity. from the assembly to the board must have 50% men and 50% women there is air wind's commission. middle image there. where the that commission holds the board sdreshths accountability to ensure gender equity in decisionmaking bodies. we think of this model, i do in other discussions not only in terms of women and gender equity but in terms of reconciliation with indigenous peoples or including conditions in black and brown communities in a formal body that holds the
12:17 am
institution to account for values. they must be held accountable. thinking the dynamic its is not buzz it is public doll it buzz it is developed, forms and rowel and lus to hold it. this is formalize in the 2002 the law in costa rica the bank is base in the public law. i know i only have i couple minutes left. thinking forward and pointing, i wanted to show you an example [inaudible] bank. to emphasize that things like having a social mandate are not only possible but exist. in this case, you have the bank funding microsmall enterprises in czech republic. funding social infrastructure like health and education and friends. you got it funding public
12:18 am
schools in lithuania, health service in spain and social house nothing germany. it is one of the emphasis the most important projects of the accountses, which now is a long side a green mandate doing social housing that is environmentally sustainable and am low carbon. if i were to offer a closing add voice on the future of a public bank and the pot to persist and stay past the political cycle in san francisco, i would suggest that community becomes the anchor of the bank. you see around the world through the waves of privatization throughout 80s and 90's that those public banks that have -- commitments and connections to community were not privatized. they remaind and persisted and
12:19 am
grew in many case. i would say we are at a state dp time where democracy is nonnegotiableable we have to find ways to make our institutions more inclusive. when you put community and democracy together you find ways of of institutionalizing the new enltities as credible. once they am become credible and as a community, they will be able to become self sustained over time. and through political cycles and things like financial crisis where there will be challenges to the public bank. if you don't have that connection it community and the banks are not accountable you will find challenges to the existence of the public bank and the persistence, which is something in canada we are seeing now with the county infrastructure bank there are calls up to 5 years. to shut it down. without sort of rethinking its 8
12:20 am
to be democratic or tune back communities. thank you. thank you. now going to the before public comment we will open the floor to my colleagues for discussion or questions. colleagues, put your name in the chat if you would like to ask questions. i will ask mine. while we wait. but -- i see commissioner singh. go ahead. i know i am am thinking about my question. if you are, go first. why sounds good. >> could you speak a bit to financial sustainability and profitability. there is a let of us. to make
12:21 am
sure the public bank and services are there to be financially stable and wondering what that is like around the world? sure. my first comment is -- you know the way you look at this depends on context. and -- the priorities of the community. i would say this there is -- you 99 reality most opinion banks don't have a problem maximizing and financial sustain ability and defined different low earning returns to pay their staff. keep upkeep on the building and so on and prefers are channeled back to reserves. where public banks have targeted or do target maximizization, you find problems. and that's had they become less credible in community and are
12:22 am
privatized. so -- the way you know achieve financial state and about and00ue will see in public banks they are not paying fees or sorry. upon wages. but they are making long-term low cost patients loans to the community. and they are able to do so and this is one thing i don't know in the case in san francisco. able to access cheaper source of capitol through the guarantees or the foundation of the bank in that community in the gentleman. enables them to access cheap are forms of capitol or the way they draw in the -- sources of capitol from the community. a minimizing costs about not taking on high risk ventures that will cause losses to the
12:23 am
bank but focusing on mandate and on supplying cheap, low cost, long-term promote financing to the community. i give you an example in it is focused banks. 1 in existence for 120 years. so -- zer over risk in terms of their capacity. and we are conducting member studyos this now. some will come out in the sum and got a 4 year project expanding the study worldwide. a lot more data coming forth on this. >> thank you. upon commissioner singh? yes. apologies i'm a bit under the weather today. i don't have my cam are on. i wanted to say thank you to the informative presentation and one thing that kroz my mind was think burglar all of these
12:24 am
government structures you mentioned for public banks outside of the united states. and i thursday is an upon difficult question to answer when we don't have we have a problem in the us essentially. but in your research, have you seen even if it is not for a public bank. have you seen or have ideas on -- government structures that need you have seen for institutions or public or cooperative institutions in the united states you think could be potentially applyed a public bank model? >> in the u.s.? n. n. n. n. yes and no. and i will say, yes because i think part of the bank of north dakota is can be -- first step in terms of upon government.
12:25 am
in canada and the uk froefrns have an inspect governing board made up of members who representative a specific expertise in finance. no specific connection or requirement to reflect the community. there will be risk managers and finance person ab and c. >> and no requirements around gender or race. i think that is the wrong model. the bank of north dakota they have 3 commissioners. of that are specified on the board of north dakota and that's it. they don't have another community representation. that models like the by law they have 2 ministers from the economy. and plus a range of others.
12:26 am
but where they add in by law you must have a representative sme on the board. a representative of cooperatives and labor unions and other banks in the region. stla is why you take the bank of north dakota model. i think you do have to have that political connection. not to determine when the bank does but arc line with your community. and you know we have to connect it to government. i continuing is a false start to say that a public bank can be separate or legally separate that , creates a false fire wall that -- does not enable the bank to really connect and work with the development priority once community. that has to be balanced with community representatives accountament and transparency. yes, the bank of north dakota
12:27 am
model plus and may be you see in the credit unions. where you have specified members on the board. i would add this is a problem in canada with the infrastructure bank they have having no connection to the government on their board and creating problems now they are calling for that bank to be closed nobody [inaudible] to the community. >> thank you. commissioner mar. yes. thank you so much for all of your work and research and sharing you know the summary of it with us. this is super helpful for us we are in a mobile home of moving forward with -- creating a framework and planning for the public bank in san francisco. i think will be so impactful, hopefully nationally in thez as
12:28 am
a model. and i had a question around well, i appreciate your emphasis on democratization the examples globally and the personals of community. ash counselability and community. the communities -- interests or like in the public bank. through the structures. and -- i was thinking -- for san francisco this is very much of a local effort and san front is in the a big town. you know in population wise. and the examples that you cited must speak locally even north dakota they are larger to scale of the public bank that geographically i have seen larger. i wonder if you could speak to that. for us the fact we are this is
12:29 am
from a grass-roots movement. that vice chair field exterior many others and commissioner freft preston played a key role there is an opportunity for us to be ensure our publicing bank is accountable to the community. the other examples the other examples like national or -- regional? you are arrive in termings of thinking what is the right or questioning the extent of the other models. do they apply to san francisco. and hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets. my answer is partly thinking earlier outside of the box. the default is to go for the
12:30 am
regardless of the institution and then easy street. those people at the forefront in creating the institution to think. l okay. am its not the same. i would not say go furtd gold standard popular model on day one. as the institutional footings on ground and moving forward on have what connection you want to the upon community. it can't be sending out a report. wham is it bringing people in the decision make framework of the bank to make it accountability and responsible to your community and i think you are in a place where you are
12:31 am
going to be inspirational to other cities and international low as well. in terms of the scale question . 85s involved in british columbia with their new funding d c funds investment corporation. 500 million and 400,000 u.s. not an enormous institution. they went the standard board they picked 7 people who were good people but no legal requirement for it to represent any community had the community problems impacted by t. cooperatives recall be impacted. there is no direct connections to the government. my powells need to rethink the government and hopefully they will. you know and so part of the question is in the scale it is
12:32 am
intention. and it does not have to be 37 members like the or 290 like the [inaudible] which is not a huge bank. it has like small are than the bank of north dakota. and [inaudible]. but it is -- manages that orientation. testimony is visioning and dmoiment that in the futurism hope that answers your question sufficiently. >> thank you. >> yes. >> thank you so much, colleagues and i will move on to see if member of the public wish to speak on this item. am jaime is checking for callers in the queue. police press star 3 to be added to the line, continue to wait
12:33 am
not guilty system indicates you have been unmuted. we have a few callers in the queue. jaime, put the first caller forward. i'm terry city hall and pronounce are they, them. i have 2 comments. one in order for these meetings to continue to be democratic and equal it would be great to continue providing translation services including asl and then a question about representation, community representation, when you speak about connect with government does that include local tribal governments weather they are federaly recognized and for the rights of nature such as the became all the waterfalls outside the local and city county jurisdiction here.
12:34 am
just something to consider, thank you. can we have the next caller, please. >> hello i'mric girlie. i have been working with the san francisco public bank coarc lagz for years trying to get this bank set up. if you are seeing we are getting close and closer. and i wanted to agree with your form about having connections to the community. i think that is essential, and that's what was differentiate this bank from all of the other banks. is that we would have people rung the bank who is care about their community. that will be the protection we would have and i would like to reenforce that feeling that you had said. thank you. >> thank you for your comments.
12:35 am
do we have other callers in the queue? >> that does appear to be the last caller. >> thank you. thank you to the public for sharing your comments. >> . there are in other public speakers, public comment is closed. thank you to doctor thomas for making himself available and presentlying on this. this was helpful even -- great to see in person as well. thank you so much. there is no action to take on this matter. we will move on. police call item 6? >> item 6 is a community choice aggation activities report the enrollment and service statistic. programs, resource plan and clean resource. members who wish to comment am should call 415-615-0001.
12:36 am
the id meeting and pounds twice. dial star 3 to line up to speak. wait until we call for public comment until you are unmuted. >> thank you, now we are going to hear from clean power executive director mike heinz. mr. director, you have felony minutes for your presentation. >> thank you. vice chair field are. and good morning fellow commissioners i'm the director of the clean power program for the sfpuc power enterprise. i have slides to bring up. do this now.
12:37 am
can you see those okay? >> yes. we can see them. >> for my report i will cover our clean power enrollment and service statistics. i will provide an update on customer program's work as well as our work to procure new resources to support our integrated resource plan. and i will share information about our firm clean procurement work we are doing with the california communities power agency
12:38 am
>> clean power service customers and enrollment and participation in the program is stable. since our last report in march -- we seen a slight up tick in rate brought it to 4.3%. we have seen continued enrollment in super green 100% renewable energy product. we have more than 8,000 customer accounts enrolled receive super green fruearlier in the year. >> and we continue to see commercial customer sign up for super green. our super green sales are more than 6% of total annual tlooen clean power sales and growing. >> okay let's talk about our clean power sf programs. >> this is slide i have been
12:39 am
presenting for the lafco each meeting with the programs that clean power sf is saufring and under development. the first 6 listed here are all operating. this mont we are commencing our true up process for customers that have solar. that are participating in clean power metering program of whether customers generated more solar power than consumed over the previous 12 months. if so, they are net produce ands they can lect to receive a check from clean power to compensate them for that power. >> our rates averages 2-3 times hapg and e offered under their program temperature is attractive. we are preparing for the start of our next peek day pricing season on july first. if you recall this is our demand
12:40 am
response program for large commercial customers and pays participates to reduce their electric know demand during 4 to 9 p.m. in july through october. on days when demand on the state's power grid will be highest. the program helps the grid remain reliable and reduces generation come online to help meet the state's evening peek electric demand. we make good progress on developing new programs. one i added to the table for this meeting. ed charge sf. ed charge sf is a new puc program under development for customers provide financial incentives to new residential and commercial construction projects to make their buildings
12:41 am
ed red for the future. and compliant with san francisco's ed readiness ordinance. >> through ed charge sf. clean power will help new construction programs exceed the minimum requirements to frame the cost to install charging equip expect prosecute ride technical assistance to projects. we are trarthing a launch of this program for later this year or early in 20 tweet. and we will keep lafco updated on progress there. beginning on june first, clean power customers eligible for care and fair discount program in disadvantaged communities will be able to enroll in clean power safer program 100% renewable energy to the customers in addition to a 20%
12:42 am
bill discounts. that's -- going to happen on june first. we will be welcoming enroll am on that date. and lasts i wanted mention that we are in the middle of developing a request for proposals for our foodservice energy efficiency program. which will provide incentive payments to support energy efficiency measures for foodservice, nonprofits and businesses. this program is participating in the california puc commission and energy efficiencyy funding and was authorized the budget by the c pc of 4 and a half million over a 3 year period, we are targeting commence am of that program in 2023. >> let's shift to renewable energy procure am activities.
12:43 am
again, here is the table that you look familiar. we have been use thanksgiving to walk through the items in the ft. meetings. the first line item here is00 autolong curation energy storage work with california community power. we discuss third degree effort the past few months. i'm happy to report thap with the approval of the board of supervisors and the mayor, this month the puc executed agreements to participate in 2 long-term storage projects with community power to comply with puc procure am mandates. we are exploring duration procure am. be a focus new technologies. stay tuned for more on that from us. it is second procure am effort with california community power from clean energy resource i
12:44 am
will get to that in a mobile home. >> third procure am we have been working on is our own renewable energy and solicitation issued by the puc. that effort is targeting procure am of 110 megawatts of power supply and 175 of 4 hour energy storage. we are in negotiations with bidders from the solicitation and i thome have contracts complete third degree summer. we'll keep lafco informed as more develops. same goes for our disadvantaged communities. green tariff solicitation to supply our super green safer product. with power from new renewable energy facilities. we are starting contract negotiations from that effort and are targeting final contract completion during the summer as well. and our teach works on the
12:45 am
design and other related rfp tomorrows for local energy storage solicitation. we are working to issue that solicitation later this year. >> i wanted to mention the upcoming irp. that we are preparing for. we are preparing a report for our commission on the irp the san francisco puc in june. and are planning engage ams with parties to discuss the irf and electric work that same month. we will invite the lafco commissioners there if you are interested. more about energy resource procure am. this is the last segment. last june the california puc issued a decision mandating retail under the jurisdiction
12:46 am
which are new electric system resources for state wide reliability. it was this order that directored clean power to endure long storage real sources i mentioned. and the puc providers to procure mule resources with an 80 percent factor with zero e missions or that otherwise qualify under the standard program. the goal of this mandate to increase the amount of clean supplies serving california separate 24/7 with the resource capacity. examples of resource times are geothermal and biomass energy resources. for comparing solar have capacity factors between 20 and 30%. much low are than required
12:47 am
comply with this order. clean powerhouse of share of the puc order is 15.5 megawatts. and those -- megawaltz are required be operational by june first of 2026. and as we present everpresented before am clean power payment in the a joint request through california community power to procure up to 200 megawatts as a group. >> here is a summary of the upon 9 if california community power members that are participating in the effort. most of the bay area is represents as the cca's on the north and central coast and valley electric serves the area around davis. and here is a summary of the schedule. you can see that -- we are at the spot with the red arrow and nearing completion. the team completing negotiations
12:48 am
now. and plans to bring a contract recommendation to the california community power board the end of the month. if the board approves these agreements, then member agencies that wish to payment will get prove from own governing bodies. that will concludes my presentation. i'm sorry for going a littles long. happy to take questions you may have vment >> thank you, director heinz. commissioners, please get your name in the chat if you have questions or share comments. while a wait w i would like to ask -- in the irp, obviously the process that happens every 2
12:49 am
years. since 20 there has been because of the pan dem and i can economy. i understands there has been issues with the supply chain and -- also inflation. i wonder -- if there will be an analysis -- about the supply chain issues affecting the time lines for projects on line and how that might affect meeting our supply goals. ensure we meet the 100% energy green house gas by 2025. my question if the irp will include analysis how supply chain issues are affecting our time cline special how drought is affecting our energy as well. >> thank you. vice chair fielder. fantastic question.
12:50 am
yes the irp will include a consideration of the issues. -- and will bring up-to-date our understanding of the market and regular landscape that we are dealing with and environmental circumstances. will definitely look to -- different hydro conditions. in our forecast of energy supply and account for drought conscience in projections. and -- absolutely delay us to the development of projects caused by a number of issues you eluded to. there is challenges interconnecting to the grid. and there are as you mentioned delays to projects we will be looking in that and making sure we set a schedule for new
12:51 am
projects. and we will address how we will meet the 2025 goal, alcohol be combination of new resources that clean power sf has under contract and constructed with existing resources that are already operating. so i hope that answers your question. thank you, director heinz >> commissioner mar. >> thank you. >> director heinz i had a question around the about the new -- customer program some of them are on going and some are new and great to see clean power sf moving customer programs. and this is i budget committee board of supervisor's committee we had an initial hearing and a good aim of discussion about one being resources in the budget.
12:52 am
to support implexation of the climate action plan. updated compla know more aggressive goal around getting to net zero e missions and fielding operations and transportations the customer programs are helping to that. my question what extent are you coordinating with sfpd and the different customer programs part of the climate action plan. yes. >> ychls thank you commissioner gordon. the short answer is, yes. absolutely. and in fact the sfpuc is a responsible agency and impelementing the energy portion of the claimant action plan and a codrafter of that section of the plan. we are deeply involved. and all of the programs that we are running and considering
12:53 am
running are being evaluated through the 11s of decarbonization goal and equity the issues the city is identified priorities. resilience. so, you know i know this issue of how doll we funds this transformation as a discussion. i participated in some initial discussions with the department of the environment. and started you know considerations of what clean power sf could do. in that space. so it is on going. but i i i think it is exciting and an exciting time and you know we are really purke a lot of positive change and we will have to figure out how to pay for it. which might relate to the last segment of your meeting.
12:54 am
and and the custodies merprograms you have. important, sort of initial emsteps toward supporting building the decarbonization. this is an issue i have been focussed on [inaudible] i doll analysis on hait would take and cost to decarbonize our residential and commercial buildings and will be in the billions of dollars. and -- so we will need revenue to create the incentives and to kick start that. to meet and see if you know the climate crisis -- so -- for your customer promise including the new one the pump -- rebates? cha is the total budget for
12:55 am
clean power sf that are incentivize clean energy or conversation. we need tense of millions if not 100 million plus to move the blgdz decarbonization worked for. of things like now puc is the only place you know our city where there is in initial incentives and programs -- i'm sorry my question is what is the budget for the customer program and the source is from rate payer? >> everything well, most whf we are doing is through repair funds.
12:56 am
. . still rate pier fundses that are collected on the pg and e bill and given by the puc. they are not part of the clean power sf portion of the bill. it is a collected on the distribution portion of the bill. so an example is the energy efficiency for foodservices program i mentioned that 4 and a half million dollars over 3 years. all of that funded throughout public purpose funds from the california puc. will the disadvantaged communities green tariff program the super green safer program. the what we call the above market cost or the costs for that program that exceed the ref now from rates, because that costs of offer thanksgiving are more costly. those are all recovered through the same public purpose funds.
12:57 am
that's an external source of funds. to the clean power sf weute lives now. funding our program's budget is around a million and a half now. per approximate year it is modest. but it is important it point out that clean power is a new program. and its principle focus of delivering electric supply still requires the bulk of the budget of and so -- it is manage we are working to grow and looking forward to talking with you and this commission about how we can xanldz. our scope. >> thank you. thank you. director. and -- there are no other questions for my colleagues.
12:58 am
madam clerk can we see if there are public commenters? highway patroly is checking for caller in the queue. press star 3 to be added to the line, for those on hold wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted we are checking to see if there are callers. there are no callers madam vice chair. >> thank you. and no public being spiethers. thank you so much director for your presentation. look forward to more on everything talked about here. and no action to take on this matter. so mad dam clerk call item 7. >> yes, the report on electric bike program for deliver workers. members who wish to provide comment call, and put the meeting id in and press pound
12:59 am
and pounds. if you have in the done so dial star 3 to speak and the system am indicate you raised your hand. wait until the call for public comment. madam vice chair >> thank you. >> we will hear mr. mr. chew the energy and clean transportation manager from the department of environment. youville 10 minutes with time for 83s. >> thank you. good morning i'm local chew the energy program manager at department of environment. i have a slide deck i hope the director can share and there it is. great. thank you. i'm really thrilled by opportunity to provide a brief report on a new program designed
1:00 am
to get app based workers making deliveries on e bikes instead of cars and trucks. this new program is start friday resource conducted during the summer of 2020 by uc santa cruz and commissioned by this commission. the suri have focussed on app based ride hailing and food and grocery delivery workers in san francisco under scoring the vulnerability of the workers in the economy and coronavirus made their situations worse. pandemic made visibility a range of essential workers who in normal timeers ignored. and one category of the workys this gained attention in this moment and in this report are on demand meal and grocery delivery
1:01 am
workers. these workers with ride hailing workers who fill a flow providing transportation service now are vulnerable. to the pan dem and i can the current economic impact. survey finding in a report titled on demand and the edge ride hail and delivery workers in san francisco. the slide is the cover of the report. of. in the property there are recommendations and findings. i want to highlight one that was the impetus of the e bike program. so. what you see here 25% of ride hailing drivers said yes or may be. switch to doing delivery by e bike if given incentive too
1:02 am
purchase one. for deliver workers it is higher almost 70% said yes or may be switch from cars to e bike if given the chance it get on the e bike or incentive to purchase one. based on those findings this commission recommended that the city the department of the environment or the sfmta explore an e bike rebate program to benefit workers who depends on a poik and all of san francisco. this commission recommendation to implement an e bike rebate program. and the timing could not be more perfect. back in august of 2020 the department of environmentment was preparing application for the california commission. this funding opportunity is the
1:03 am
electric vehicle ready community challenge a grant for gentlemans to advance and accelerate low carbon electric modes of transportation. the cec ran it in 2 phases the first was 2017 and 19 that was developing a blueprint or planning document. what are you going to do if you are begin the money? within this blueprint the department defined electric vehicles more than cars. they include, bicycles and scooters. this enabled the funding future implementation funding to from 20 twoop and 24. another >> implement the the actions in partnership with this commission and the support from at base
1:04 am
delivery companies to team integrated the e bike program in this ce c application phase 2 application and i'm happy to report in january they awarded the city 2.4 million dollars to implement the action in phase 2. here is a summary of the things we will do with the 2.4 million. we are going to -- build an online mapping tool raise awareness from electic vehicles and benefits. the next thing is we will have an person that will be a single point of contact to facilitate vehicle related project in san francisco. we will build a charging pub and finally and here is the topic the bike program for at based
1:05 am
worker. we were developing the program the goals were simple. . guide by the program must be equal. the program must ensure all participates for success meaning that the e bikes are carefully arc sembled, test exclude maintained. and luggage racks. and operators are provided with helmets issue rain gear and insurance. it must be scaleable. scale it ump scale it beyond upon food deliver tow include lies parcel and package deliver and set an example to entice the private sector to expand e bike rentals for commercial applications. third reputable. we will be documenting all aspects of the program to enable other cities to replicate this program as their locations. this -- program is supposed to
1:06 am
entice app based food deliver workers away from sxars on bikes. we need a program and we'll need partners. grid alternatives and san front bicycle coalition are coapplicants. grid alternate evers set up, store and impelement the day to day activities of the pilot program. the san francisco bicycle coalition will provide the safety and operational training to the workers. to ensure they can fully take vvenlth e bikes. how to charge and operate them in city streets and how to secure them. this commission also a partner and -- lafco will provide technical assistance to the administration and the impelementation of the program the budget is 559 thousand dollars. we will have 2 cohorts of 30 workers total. we will have 35 bikes. 5 of the bikes on stands by in the event of a break down.
1:07 am
a theft or being we want to quickly replace at this time program participates set up for success and raft gear being training and insurance the end of the program they will get to own the e bikes. we are going to does them to share the data around how they use the bikes. the times, charging rates. along with preand post. surveys how we scale approximate replicate this program in the future. beyond working with app based workers a local bike shop to provide maintenance to the e bikes. here is our project time line. kick starting in xrl working through the legislative process for the resolution for the
1:08 am
grant. we are planning launch the first cohort of this e bike program in september. the california commission is requiring the grant to close out by april 24. and commissioners, this conclusd my presentation. thank you for the opportunity to present this exciting program. happy to answer question and provide you with an update as requested. thank you. why thank you very much. appreciate it. if you have questions or comments -- please put your name in the chat. i see commissioner preston. thank you. vice chair field and thank you mr. chew for the presentation.
1:09 am
i'm excite body this project. commissioner mar has been involved with this and happy to see this getting off the grounds. i think that it is -- this is really a huge issue around the both in terms of reducing emission and street safety and in my district and cross the city the cars that are driving and stopping and make the delivers are block bike lanes. a huge issue. on every block of our city and then i think we are all share the frustration from environmental perspectives of the cars drive and causing congestion and deliver a cup of coffee 4 blocks away or -- i'm excited see this moving forward.
1:10 am
>> woornd the incentives for the drivers and it is an arc mazing staff that 70% open to switching. i'm curious that is that what are the incentives look like and opt mystic that whatever they are it will are we having like a huge number of people that want to participate expect choosing the 2 cohorts of 35? can there are 2 pieces we are trying to the 2 first is i mentioned like you get the e bike the end of the participation. so that's includes all the
1:11 am
equipment. and the additional add-ons to the bicycle the luggage rack and headlight its is yours at the end. another piece i think -- that will be helpful is we will know time is money for at base workers to compensate we will provide gift cards and that's another piece. third that is not so direct is we are -- this is why we have good alternatives and bicycle coapplicants is -- we want them to maximize the potential of the e bikes. ultimately the incentive that will move others away from cars to do deliver sehay realize, with the e bike i save this much money on maintenance. i arc void get being tickets with double parking i make more trips the duty cycle of the vehicle improves. that is what we like to design a
1:12 am
program that would affect that business case for operating e bike in san francisco to make deliveries. in terms of recruit am we have not developed a full plan yet. we -- are in partnership like i mentioned we have partner and want to develop i recruitment press that is fair i think there will be interests in this we will develop the criteria of the recruitment and i will be happy to report it to the commission. >> thank you and one followum on the upon in the event we are -- we do see folk who isment to participate and i am curious about the scaling. i understands that this it is you know make sure we are funded throughout grants done as a
1:13 am
pilot with the idea of it scaleable. i wonder if the interests whether there is an opportunity to start bigger. if there were additional funding. i'm curious if the size here is the 2 cohorts and 35 bikes each event driven by funding limits or by other capacity issues around supporting or is it driven by an estimate of the interest from drivers. all those related to the question with the funding could we do a pilot that was twice the size or 3 times and part of the reason i ask is it does not seem like there is a big down sides. if we have the drivers and we did have the funding, would seem we want more cohorts. what is driving would scale of the pilot and an ability to scale update pilots and not look
1:14 am
forward to scaling after. why thank you for the question. so, it is driven by the budget. the total grant cap is co2.4 million the 4 other things within this grant. basically, we allocated what we thought promote size budget for the e bike pilot and based on the material that we the price of material on obviously -- the costs to run the operations and program with partner and bicycle coalition it driven by the budget. can we go bigger? possible low if the other pieces of the other 3 piece of the grant delivers savings and cost savings we could shift of that to the prokt project we will need review and approval but i
1:15 am
think that is reasonable to do so. great. thank you very much. commissioner singh. first all. i.ed to say thank you i'm excited. you know i was around when the original commissioner mar the original labor study came out this . is a profound observation with the affects of the problems that the delivery drivers have. you know with the labor ecployation making negative wages with the results are really shocking and very excited to see this moving forward and thank you for your leadership on
1:16 am
that. i wanted to ask a couple things about and may be this is putting the cart before the horse a bit. in terms of what the of data collection if there will be an exit survey. i understand why we tonight want that time consuming bull we be collecting feedback on. 2 things general categories that i'm thinking about when i think back to the original study. has this impact their wage and earnings or other quality of life indicators or in the second can iing know is a different bucket. feedback on street scaping. so, i realize they are sort of 2 differents buckets. what i think about what i would like to see -- or what i would like more feedback on from the
1:17 am
drivers the end of the pilot. i'm thinking of if that makes sense. why thank you for ha. this is great ideas we had not thought about the safety aspect and inform future policies to you know -- more delivers as we are thinking about scalingum to include other forms of delivers. we would definitely ino have a your feedback in the survey. >> thank you. >> i will follow up with that by saying i wish i had the number on me the original survey data. i have it [inaudible]. but -- yea. i do recall a significant plurality of drivers who were still sighting they were
1:18 am
sighting costs. of course the primary reason why they have not switched. firecall, [inaudible] danger on san san francisco street system [inaudible] and eluded to another [inaudible] >> [inaudible]. thank you, commissioner singh and -- great point, we the bicycle coalition is going to be instrumental and helping those new e bike operators to feel comfortable and providing training and sxaft the securing the e bikes day to day. >> great. thanks. commissioner mar. >> thank you. so much [inaudible] put your work on this and the update,
1:19 am
exciting to see this program launching. later this year and it is the right now the first in helping us the community policy idea recommendation that came out of the ground break study on the needs of workers sponsored by lafco. i just i'm a big prosecute ponent of e bikes and i was able it get an e bike during the opinion dem and i can the first time in my life it allowed me to use a bicycle for transportation. rather than recreation. a lot of supporting more residents ynldz the updates and delivery worker and the program.
1:20 am
more broad low the e bike in the city [inaudible]. and the transportation part of it and today with [inaudible] i had a great ride you know -- on my e bike with folks to city hall. and was able to use the promenade and slow pace. we are working on the street. you know making the streets safer for people to use bicycles. great but because e bikes are expensive you know it will require for lower income folks subs subsidies. for the d. environment is there a broader upon plan or around e
1:21 am
bikes as a key part of our action plan and the transportation component. >> thank you. it is. i think -- with upon our transportation land use strategy within the modal aspects we are -- with the target of 80% of the inbound city trips low carbon mode. that is transis, bicycle and walking. you mentioned providing strategies to over come the barriers. affording the electic bicycle and -- those are not in -- significant so -- we are keeping an eye on funding opportunity from the state level. you know -- again, electric vehicles the definition is
1:22 am
pretty broad. beyond cars and truck and the state feels the same way. the state allocated 2.1 billion through the areas board to fund vehicles that includes e bikes. we will track that carefully to ensure some investments in to san francisco and stands up a program an e bike rebate program. so that we over committee pricing barrier. >> yea. that's good to hear. well is focus on electric vehicles now. and most of people assume that means electric cars. it good to hear this e bikes are considered in that especially in san francisco >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you so much mr. chew. to my colleagues for the
1:23 am
question and comments. um -- are there members of the public when wish to peek on this item? mad am clerk. >> i am checking to see if there are callers in the queue. press star 3 to be added for those on hold wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. we are checking and there are no callers. >> thank you. public comment is closed. and there is no action to take on this matter. thank you mr. chew. >> can you call item 9? >> item 9 is executive officer's report for the public comment.
1:24 am
>> thank you we will hear from executive officer jeremy pockock. >> okay. thank you very much. vice chair. i have a brief executive officer's report today. the main item is just reniernd
1:25 am
that we have a new second public seat for lafco and the notice is posted our website. you can finds it in the top menu and we are hopeingly to schedule this for a future meeting to appoint a new member of the public to lafco. the requirements to be a public member on lafco is you have to be a resident of san francisco unlike the board of supervisors we are not able to wave that requirement and commissioners cannot be employees of the city and county of san francisco. if anyone watching is interesting reach out to me my e mail is on the screen and you can find it through the lafco website. i wanted do a quick run through of the forward calendar. we have no meeting next month because of taking a break for the city budget process. and a full agenda for july and then -- looking at future updates on clean power sf and reinvestment working group remainder of the year and all this is subject to changes -- various priorities go along and what come in the year and the prove from chair chan but if y'all have future items you would like to work on reach out to me and that concludes my report.
1:26 am
>> thank you very much. officer pollock. appreciate the report. colleagues do you have questions? no audio... all right. seeing none. are there members of the public in the queue to peek? yes, jaime is checking to see if we have callers in the queue. police press star 3 to enter the line continue it wait not guilty system indicates you have been ung muted. weep don't have public commenters for this matter. >> all right. thank you. public comment is now closed. thank you officer pollock for your presentation. and there is no action to take on this matter.
1:27 am
can you call item 10? >> yes. public comment for members of the public you may address the san francisco local aejz commission on matters in the jurisdiction but not on today's agenda. if you wish to po provide comment call and meeting id press pound twice. press star 3 to enter the line and the system prompt will indicate you raised your hand. wait until the system indicateds you have been unmuted. no, we don't have public commenters on this for public comment. >> thank you. seeing no public speakers. public comment is closed. can you call item 11. >> yes agenda 11 is future agenda items if you wish to speak press star 3 to lineup to
1:28 am
speak and the system will indicate you raised your hand. wait until we take comment and the system indicates you have been unmuted. >> colleagues are there ares any future agenda items to note? all right. now open up for public comment. member of the public had would like to comment on item 11, which is future agenda items? >> jaime is checking. if you have in the done so press star 3 to line up to speak and wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. we are checking. pausing and we have no public commenters. >> thank you. no public speakers issue public comment is closed. and there is no further action to take on this matter. is there other business today. >> that concludes our business
1:29 am
for today. why thank you. we are adjourned
1:30 am
(♪♪) [applause] >> thank you, lion dancers. [applause] you know it's a special occasion in san francisco anytime that you see the lion dancers here. and we are certainly celebrating a special occasion today. so it's so wonderful to see everybody. the weather is wonderful. the pre-program with all of the skaters is wonderful. and it's great to see everybody here today. and you know what we're celebrating, right? [cheers and applause] we are celebrating because this 3.3 mile stretch of road behind me is finally permanently car free [cheers and