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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committe  SFGTV  June 1, 2022 5:30am-6:31am PDT

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>> welcome to the may 23rd, 2022 meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. supervisor melgar, chair of the committee joined by vice-chair supervisor dean preston and supervisor peskin. the committee clerk today is erika imagine o i would also like to acknowledge the folks at sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. madam clerk, do you have any announcements? >> clerk: yes, the board of supervisors and committees are convening hybrid meetings that allow in-person attendance while still providing remote access and public-health via telephone the board recognizes equitable access is essential and will be taking public comment as follows. public comment will be taken on each item on this agenda so
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those attending in-person will be allowed to speak first and we'll take those who are waiting on the telephone lines. for those watching, you will see the public call-in number streaming across the screen. >> the meeting i.d. is 2497 167 1345. again, the number is 2497 167 1345 and press pound and pound again. you will hear the meeting discussions and be muted in listen only. when your item of interest comes up and public comment is called, those joining us in-person lineup to speak and those on the telephone line should dial star 3 to be added to the queue. if you are on your telephone, please remember to turn down your tv and all listening devices you may be using.
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as already indicated, we will take public comment for those attending in-person first and we will take public comment via telephone and you may submit public comment in writings to myself, land use and transportation clerk and my e-mail address is -- erikamajor. and if you submit public comment it will be forwarded to the supervisors and may part of the official style. written comments may be sent to our office at city hall and the address is 1 dr. carlton b. good win place san francisco 94102 and any items acted upon today are expected to appear on the board of supervisors of june stated. madam chair -- >> thank you, madam clerk. to add to madam clerk's announcements, masking recommended but not required throughout the building so
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please continue to be respectful of those around you and provide adequate spacing if you are seated or speaking in the chamber. madam clerk, please call item number 1. >> clerk: item number 1 is a resolution approvalling the list of projects to be funded by fiscal year 2022-2023. road maintenance and rehabilitation a count funds as established by california state ben at bill 1 the road repair and accountability act of 2017. members of the public who wish to provide public comment should call the number 415-655-0001 and the meeting idea is on the screen. press pound and pound again. if you have not done this already and would like to speak press star 3 and the system will indicate you have raised your hand in confirmation. >> thank you, madam clerk. we are joined virtually today by victoria wong from the office of financial management administration at the department
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of public works who will share a few remarks. we have other employees on the line for questions and the he project manger and raymond kong and brian doll and thank you and welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors. victoria chen with capital finance san francisco public works. >> my apologies. >> that's all right. for your consideration and approval today is a resolution to certify a list of street resurfacing projects that will be funded by fiscal year 2022-23 road maintenance and rehabilitation account funds to which from this point already i'll refer to as rmra funds. some background on these funds, which were distributed annually on a formulate basis to california cities and counties
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and from sb1 and the road repair and accountability act of 2017. and as part of their accountability and transparency provisions to implement the funds, the california transportation commission or ctc requires adoption of an annual project list prior to cities and counties receiving these funds. san francisco public works street resurfacing program has identified six projects before you to receive next year's rmra funds which includes 216 blocks throughout san francisco. attached to the resolution is the project list including those 216 specific identified blocks. all of thee projects are currently in the design phase and expected to be advertised for construction this calender year or the first half of 2023. other supplemental materials provided including maps with the
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blocks to be repaved with a legend indicating which are supported by rmra funds and blocks to be funded by other sources for our program. and as supervisor melgar mentioned i'm joined today by other members of the street resurfacing program and collectively we're happy to take any questions. >> it doesn't look like we have questions from any of my colleagues. ms. chan, if you could just talk about how the street repaving projects are selected before they put out to rsp? >> >> sure, are you referring to selection criteria and programmatically, we typically look at several factors including mainly the pci score of the segment as well as
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whether that segment is on a multi modal route. i mean, we're looking at projects that includes and effect major stakeholders like if they're on transit route or bicycle routes and how busy those streets are. we also look at project readiness and whether we have to coordinate with other city agencies or utility companies. say getting utility clearance and if there's sewer work to be done and so that is scheduled will be dependent on that work. and of course, we look at equitable distribution across the city and it's pretty much a very longitudinal view over time whether we need to address a certain block at a certain time. and whether there are any public inquiries about a particular
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segment. and lastly i want to mention, this is one funding source for the street resurfacing program so there can be restrictions to other sources so that also needs to play into the consideration for whether a block is going to be repaved in a particular year. >> that makes sense, thank you so much ms. chan. with that madam clerk, let's go to public comment on this item. >> thank you, madam chair. are there any members that would like to speak on item number 1? no. any members that would like to speak on the line press star 3 and we'll see that you have raised your stand. for those on hold, please continue to wait until the system indicates that you have been unmuted and you may begin your comments. we have six listeners with one in the queue. unmute the first person, please.
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>> caller: good afternoon. so a couple of quick comments. i think the references here on the list are to the old super advisor y'all districts was the lists were created prior to april 28th. i was going to ask about the context and pms or pci scores and it was covered. i was going to ask about pavement methods by segment but i did find that buried in one of the charts so i'm trying to pull that up. it says that the works scope for that project includes grind and pave for various blocks so it looks like they're all grind and paved as opposed to reconstruction or the various types of pavement methods but i've got that information and i was going to mention criticality and need and pci score versus
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geographic equity and it seems that there is some geographic distribution which is fine, but generally the streets that get more use and get banged up more, should get pavement resources and although there's some distribution, in terms of geography it should be based on need in my view. i do agree that there should be for dinnation with mta puc and other agencies. i was going to ask if this was discussed. i don't believe this was discussed at capital planning or if it's in the capital plan, caltrans segment like east of skyline or excluded i think and that is proper the segment on slow is west of skyline and any any event, i may follow up with appropriate dpw staff and this is a good list and i suppose tort and thank you for listening. >> thank you for your comments.
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that completes the queue. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, can we have a motion to send this out with a positive recommendation, please? >> thank you. madam clerk,. >> clerk: on that motion, supervisor peskin. aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> thank you, that motion passes. madam clerk, please call item number 2. >> clerk: a resolution changing the street name of sonora bain to vicha ratanapakdee way. call (415)655-0001 and the meeting i.d. is 24971671345 and press pound and pound again if you have not done so already and would like to speak on item number 2, here is your opportunity to press star 3 and the system will indicate you have raised your hands in confirmation. >> thank you, madam clerk. we are now joined by dominica
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donovan, legislative aid to catherine stefani the sponsor of this legislation. welcome ms. donovan. >> thank you chair and good afternoon members. the item before you is the final resolution which will rename a stairwell in the neighborhood in district 2 to sonora gain to vicha ratanpakdee. he lived in this family in the an sa vista neighborhood. he was closer to his eldest daughter and his grandchildren. as we shared when we first began this process, grandpa vicha was shoved on one of his routine morning walks and tragically died after the attack. for the past year, they turned tragedy into action to amplify the voices of those in the thai community and for aapi communities and southeast asians.
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by raising awareness to stop hate crimes and ensure what happened to her father will not happen to anyone else. supervisor stefani is honored that mr. ratanapakdee family members will let her e-mail. his daughter and to judy young from the southeast asian development center for initiating this effort and for all the work this far and support you are neighbors in san francisco. thank you. >> any questions, colleagues? ok. why don't we go to public comment on this item. >> clerk: thank you, are there members of the public who would like to speak on idea number 2 from the chamber? any members of the public on the telephone that would line to speak, press star 3 and they'll indicate to us you would like to be part of the public comment
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portion. wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and it looks like we have six listeners with zero in the queue madam chair. >> ok. so seeing no other speakers or callers are on the line, public comment is now closed. i would like to pass this as a positive recommendation. >> clerk: on that motion supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> clerk: you have three ayes. >> thank you, the motion passes. thank you ms. donovan. let's call item number 3. resolution with amendment to the landmark designation of 429-431 through castro street under article 10 of the planning code and members of the public who wish to provide public comment on this item should call the number (415)655-0001 and the meeting i.d. is 2497 167 1345
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and press pound and pound again. if you have not done so already and would lick to speak for this item, press star 3 and this system will indicate that you have raised your hand and confirmation. madam chair -- >> thank you, madam clerk. we are now joined by jacob bentless with supervisor mandelman's office. welcome, jacob. >> thank you, chair melgar and good afternoon supervisors. here on behalf of supervisor mandelman. the item before i is a resolution to initiate an amendment to the historic landmark designation for the castro theater. the castro is a beloved san francisco landmark that's been owned and operated as a movie palace and performance venue by the nassar family since it was built in 1922. earlier this year, we learned that the family would be handing over operations of the theater to another planet and entertainment and it's a company
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with the auditorium and the independent here in san francisco and the historic fox theater in oakland and this announcement did catch the castro community by surprise and raised a range of concerns with the restoration work and physical alteration to accommodate a wider range of performances, programming changes and what the potential impact could be of changes on the theater's role as a anchor cultural institution and the lgbtq community. the theater if you have been in need of overdue thc to restore the building to its original glory and ensure it's continued operations. at the same time, the community has a clear interest in ensuring the preservation of the things that have made this place special especially in the queer community. while the castro was designated as a local historic landmark under art 10 in 1977, the current landmark designation focuses on the building's exterior. and does not specifically cover
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the interior features or cultural significance included. it's been clear the significance of this space extends well beyond the spanish revival facade and iconic marque and i present an opportunity to revisit that landmark designation. accordingly, supervisor mandelman introduced this resolution earlier this month to direct planning commission and historic preservation to report back to the board with any updates to the designation that may be appropriate to capture the full historical and cultural significance of the theater. while the alteration of restoration plans that another planet has submitted will already trigger review by the historic preservation commission it's the supervisor's intention this update to the landmark will inform the commission's review of those plans and also ensuring this iconic police that will celebrate its centennial next month will be appropriately
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preserved and maintain to continue welcoming and serving the community for another 100 years. with that supervisors, i believe we're joined by planning department staff for any questions you may have and of course, i'll be available as well. thank you so much for your consideration. >> thank you, very much. we have alex westhoff here from the planning department if anyone has questions. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, chair melgar and thank you to mr. bentless and supervisor mandelman. i am happy and would like to add my name as a co-sponsor and then i had one question as to the resolve, which is that -- this maybe is just a wordsmithing things and its we are requesting that the department, the planning department plan a landmark report that considers the full historical architecture and anesthetic interest of the castro that ther and it doesn't use the words including the
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interior. i assume by reference full includes interior but if it would be acceptable to the maker, i would suggest adding the words "including but not limited to the interior." thank you. for clarity were you suggesting town conclude that after the full historical architectural anesthetic and cultural interest comma, yeah. [laughter] including but not the interior. >> ok. >> and we will work with the clerk's office of city attorney to make it's includessed.
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>> i see city pearson nodding her head in confirmation of her understanding. >> that's right. that would not be a substantive amendment. >> we did conclude a request for this to be sent out today so, i don't believe that cause -- >> after public comment i will normally make that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you supervisor peskin. with no other questions, let's go to public comment. >> clerk: are there any members of the public that would like to speak. approach the podium. you have two minutes. go ahead. >> thank you. >> hello my name is john goldsmith i'm a 30-year san francisco resident and i lived in the castro and i approve and support this amendment to landmark the castro theater
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inside and outside. in particular and more specifically i would not like to see the interior flattened so it could facilitate multi-stages and different types of music venues. it's a movie palace and it has seating designed for the viewers and i think it's an important part of the association of this and the experience n addition, in adjacently, across the street, i have asked today for this committee to initiate landmark designation for the castro station and the 2400 block on market at castro street and it's 50-years-old and the flag pole there is 25-years-old and the trees are 25-years-old and those are the requirements to reach landmark status n-2018
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myself and neighbors co applied in co submitted two street park applications to mr. mohammad nuru of public works and drew decter of sparks alliance and those two street park applications were for harvey's garden grove and we have 1800 signatures and we believe it's a culturally significant and environmentally significant as asset that should be landmark not send particular to sand fill and we will not be replaced. please see our website save harvey milk plaza for more information. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. are there any other members who would like to speak on this item? >> hello, i'm mary with another planet entertainment. and i would like to start with
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thank you for your time and considering this issue. this is been collaborative working with supervisor mandelman office and we were supportive of additional landmark designations for the astro theaters. we have been working for over a year with historic preservation architects, page in turnbull and they've brought onboarding supervisor called ever green which does fine art restoration and we have a very significant plan in place to repair damage that was done to the plaster ceiling in 1989 to restore the art work that is flanking the stage and make structural improvements to the blades signs and the marque which are located outside. it's always been our intention to alter the space in a way that can be reversed so our plan
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allowing for additional ada access and the ability to one a proper hvac system through the theater would be placed over the existing concrete floor so nothing would be changed so it's our intention to go in and do some the deferred maintenance happening, upgrade electrical and it makes the theater safe and welcoming for events of all types moving forward. >> thank you for your comments and any other members if you would like to speak, please approach. we're moving on to our public call-in line. if you would like to speak, it looks like we have nine listeners and eight listensers
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today let's take the first caller. >> good afternoon, land use and transportation committee members my name is steven cor his of the cultural district advisory board and i would like to add my support of the resolution for landmark designation amendment to the castro theaters landmark number 100 which is turning 100 this june and as outlined in our directing owned city ordinance highlighting and advocating for electric see and something we feel strong about on this issue and although the current designation language is important in pioneering, it leads to ambiguous in regard to the presser vase aspect and thriving legacy and intangible which makes this place so figure to our community and it's still in full effect and submitted
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applications for renovations and it would change them and the primary use and significance of this venue please support this legacy career space by approving the resolution, thank you for your time. >> take the next caller, please. >> please, go ahead. >> great, it's david pillpal this is my second and last comment for the day. i'm speaking in support of this hand mark if there was a structure in the city that is a landmark, it's a landmark and or it's use and the way it was described by another planet representative or other types of changes to its structure or use
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and it should be reviewed and if appropriate approved and if not appropriate, rejected and in some cases, and all who enjoy it i strongly support this action and thank you for listening. >> thank you for your comments. let's take the next caller. please. >> caller: hello, my name is (inaudible) for the castro lgbt cultural strict. thank you for considering the initiation of a landmark designation amendment of the castro theater as sponsored by supervisor mandelman. a cultural directing strongly supports this resolution. a cultural directing is
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committed to preserving, sustaining and promoting the legacy of the castro and its significance to san francisco's lgbtq plus community. and beyond. our goals are to highlight the structures and sights important to our history. racial ethnic gender and cultural diversity among residents and created a safe, beautiful and inclusive space for lgbtq plus and allied communities to visit from around the world and call the castro home. tractor-trailer castro theater is one -- it's one of the most important sites to our community and we have concerns another plan of entertainment and the nasser family plan on making substantive changes to the castro theater and it may not preserve the historical significance of the space. we have not received anything
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that aussage our concerns. we urge the land use and transportation committee to refer this item to the full board as a committee report for consideration on may 24th, 2022. thank you for your time with this. >> thank you for your comments. madam chair, that completes the queue. >> supervisor peskin do you want to make a motion to amend? >> i would on page 3 line 16 after the word "interest" add including -- read full historical architectural including but not limited to the interior -- maybe after value and value insert including but not limited to the interior of the castro theater. >> thank you, very much. let's -- to the chair, one more person raised their question. >> let's go back to that t i
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didn't close it anyway. >> and let's take that last caller. >> >> caller: hi, folks, this is jesse oliver sanford and i am the chair of land use for the cultural district. thank you so much for your consideration this afternoon. i want to' iterate the cultural use of the castro theater can scarcely be overstated but if it's a long convert venue it might cost $25,000 or more to rent the castro theater for events and rather than numbers in the four digits that they've been seeing in the past or sometimes even the charitable use. would events like gilbert baker's memorial would incredible drag programs like the singalongs or peaches strikes programs would be incredible diversity of programming that the increasingly ethnically diverse
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lgbtq community in the castro needs would those reel be possible at those higher prices. i don't think they would. so i certainly urge the land use committee to support this resolution today and again, tomorrow at the board of supervisors. thank you, very much. >> thank you for your comments and madam chair that completes. >> thank you. with that public comment is now closed and there's a motion on the floor from supervisor peskin. >> and on that motion, supervisor peskin -- >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> supervisor peskin would you like to make a motion? >> i would like to move that we send the item as amended with recommendations as a committee report. >> and on that motion peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye and please add me as a co response o. >> noted. >> aye, supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes.
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>> thank you that motion passes. madam clerk, call item number 4. >> a resolution initiating a landmark designation under article 10 of the planning code for the intersection of turning street and taylor street situated within the transgender cultural directing. members of the public who would like to provide public comment should call the number on the screen that's (415)655-0001 and the meeting i.d. is 2497 167 1345 and press pound and pound again and if you have not done so already and would like to speak, you just need to press car 3 and the system will indicate you have raised your hand in confirmation. >> thank you, very much. thank you for sponsoring this item. supervisor preston, the floor is yours. >> thank you chair melgar and colleagues, before us today is the first step in the process to designate the intersection of turk street and taylor street as
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landmarks. the site as you may know say corner stone of the lgbtq history of our city in august of 1966, following a confrontation between a police officer and a drag queen. the city saw the first documented up rising of trans and queer people at compton's cafeteria which is at this intersection and the action at compton's cafeteria pre dates by nearly three years the 1969 up rising stonewall in new york city and this in the historical context of the lgbtq plus movement and resistance and it
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was the site of the black trans lives matter and a vis you'll awareness it's a sacred site for a historically marginalized community and what is part of district 5 and i'm proud to take over this file and move it through the board process and i would like to one minor amendment consistent with the re stricting that the new district boundary that we now have be recognized on page one line 10 where it references district 6 should be replaced with district 5 a non substantive amendment. i want to thank former supervisor haney, and honey honedmahogany and also jupiter d
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sean green from the transgender cultural district for all their work on this both getting this introduced and continuing to work with our office to carry this forward without any delays caused by either the redistricting or the change in district 6 supervisor so it's go ahead to see this is moving forward and i appreciate all of their advocacy so i look forward to having your support, colleagues, to landmark this historic site in our city and appreciate making time for this on the agenda. >> please add me as a co-sponsor and we have marcel boudreau here just in case we have any questions. with that let's take public comment on this item, please, madam clerk.
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>> clerk: please approach the podium and lineup towards your right near the curtains. >> i'm director of social justice and empowerment initiative at the transgender district. i am here in support of the turk and taylor street resolution a legislative offering that captures the despite taking place three years before stonewall, com tons is unknown to the general public and the inception of lgbtq plus rights is most often synonymous with the stonewall riots and we must correct that historical distortion for it's not entirely true and so such a revolutionary moment is overlooked and it's not part of universal consciousness and we must change that and last year, the city and county of san francisco
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recognized august as transgender history month being the first month dedicate today celebrating transgender history all of which is teethered to the compton cafeteria that took place at intersection of turk and taylor and now heart and soul of the transgender district and district that was severed in have turning the process and i come before you to urge you to recognize this historic because it's monday you inspiring and hope. we are lacking a symbol to honors and values the critical contributions of transgender people to modern society and a symbol of courage, sen as tee te leaders are refuting transgender rights and to remind us all that trans people are here and have been all along. and trans people are in fact the
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locus of modern day social justice movement. i would not be here without the history that took place and we must horn that for future generations of trans san franciscans and beyond. >> thank you so much. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm john goldsmith i'm a professional artist and i work in theater at the golden gate theater on the same block there and it's a dangerous neighborhood and it's also a beautiful neighborhood and i work with international artists that come to the theater and a few years ago when the land polls were painted the colors of the trans flags, it radically shifted the energy of the neighborhood to making it a more prideful and safer and happier place so i support the landmarking of this intersection. thank you for doing this. >> thank you so much for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> thank you, hello supervisors. my name is gabby and i am here as a representative transgender district prom associate. i am in support of the passing of the historic landmark on the designation on turk and taylor located within the transgender district and now is the perfect time to recognize the influence at the calf ter year and for the community which led to more wider up rising stone call especially the climate in the u.s. right now that is digging to persecute the rights transgender individuals and san francisco has been a city of firsts when it comes to trans visibility and inclusivity and
6:11 am
we were at the city that supported the inception of the first legally recognized trans district in the nation and designate august as transgender month and we're the first city to do that so i just ask that we continue to lead by example and pass this designation. thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello my name sell item richardson and i'm a public of island mark designation at the turk and taylor the site of the first organized lgbtq riot against police brutality in recorded history. as the lead historian to put an effort on an effort to put this intersection on the national register of the historic places, i have spent the past few months conducting research on the
6:12 am
immense historical significance of this site and i believe it not only to be worthy of a local landmark designation, but a national landmark designation as well. through setting newspaper articles, publications, the oral history and many other sources, i have become familiar with the rich history the transgender and gender non-conforming communities of the tenderloin that have existed for decades. the car testify year riot of 1966 was the result of the members of that community taking a stand against police who were denying them right to exist in a public space due to their gender expression. today it's owned by a private prison company and exists a per pet evacuation of the police blue tal tee which incite inside rye to the in the first place this deserves to be associated with the triumph overcoming oppression and the transgender community that continues to live
6:13 am
there. a historic landmark designation a vital step making space for transgender people in the present. this designation will aid in the process of creating a national landmark for this site and so that the entire country may recognize the contributions of transgender people in our shared history. thank you for your time and i offer to turnover my research if necessary. >> thank you for your comments. are there any members that would like to speak on this item? we'll move on to the remote public call in line. if you would like to speak on this item, press star 3 for those on hold continue to wait until the system indicates that you have been unmuted. we have eight listeners with four in the queue. first caller, please. >> my name is edward wright and i'm calling in my person at time
6:14 am
as the president of the harvey milk lgbtq democratic club in strong support of this historic landmark designation and i'm calling from the stone well inn in new york city and i'm looking out at the stonewall national monument in front of the inn which is that's photos t. swags, i'm in front of the designation plot established in 2016 recognizing the history of the up rising and that history is well-known and it's who our community is across the country and the world. it was predicted by three years and that history is not well-known because it hasn't been told. this historic landmark designation is a critical and necessary first step of overlooking the history and leadership of the trans community at this site.
6:15 am
i say it's critical and necessary because it's insufficient and i hope that this can move forward with unanimous support and be viewed just as the first step towards the intersection of turk and taylor as a national historic site and that rises to the level of importance that the riot held and continues to hold for or community. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> my name is gary the cultural district for the castro lgbtq cultural district and i share my support as a community members and i have be had to time to get approval from my board for this statement. i plan on getting that as soon as possible. as a transgender person of color
6:16 am
and leader in the lgbtq community in san francisco, i support this resolution. i acknowledge we transgender communities face charging economic sociopolitical and legal threats. this resolution is a good step towards building more support for community members and i urge to you move this forward. thank you for the relationship of the transgender cultural district and this committee on this matter. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon once again and committee members melgar, preston and peskin and i'm steven torez a co-chair of the castro lgbtq cultural district although i am speaking in my personal capacity as district or we have not secured full board
6:17 am
approval but we anticipate doing so. i would like to support this designation as well and i commend my colleagues a lot our sibling district of the transgender cultural district for initiating this process and jupiter had mentioned they would not be if it were not for the bravery that occurred on that night in august. members were on the front lines of this movement from the beginning and it's only fitting we honor them and those lives and that bravery with this designation and up lift it here in the city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is dr. pinella and i'm a professor of
6:18 am
humanities, communication and gender and my research is the trans cultural district and more specifically the intersection of turk and taylor and i look at how places reflect and remember trans people and what i found is that trans people want more policy, visibility and safety that embraces trans people and their strengths but not just the deficit and the site of turk and taylor is a place that really holds that possibility. as we all know the cities are designed o reflect populations and live in them currently but also honor the past. we've seen this through cultural district and public art and monuments so meaning the site of turk and taylor has a landmark designation allows us to see ourselves in the past and also serves as a way for us to envision our collective future.
6:19 am
thank you for remembering the >> clerk: that completes the queue. >> thank you very much. madam clerk, supervisor preston do you want to move your amendment. >> yes and thank you to everyone who came to speak on this item and for all of the advocacy and i would like to go ahead and move the amendment. >> we're closing public comment. >> public comment is closed. >> and on the motion moved by supervisor vice-chair preston on that motion -- >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> and move to forward the item
6:20 am
with positive recommendation to the full board. >> with that peskin. >> aye. >> preston. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> you have three ayes. >> thank you that motion pazs. >> that completes the business for today. >> we are adjourned.
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>> okay, all right, well, this is a very exciting day, everyone. and i want to welcome you all to the opening celebration of our newest permanent supportive housing building. i want to begin by thanking you, mayor breed, for your ongoing leadership and commitment to really acquiring these new buildings and building up our permanent supportive housing stock. thank you so much for your leadership on that. your plan is exceeding its goal and expanding housing options and providing hope for people experiencing homelessness. i also want to thank the partners who are making this program possible. supervisor haney was a big champion of this and now supervisor dorsey, we're very excited to have you onboard and supporting this as well. and a special appreciation to the provider partners who are partners who are bringing this to life.
6:22 am
and we have compass family services, it's a beautiful partnership between three great organizations and super happy to be here celebrating with all of you and we know that this will be a really strong program because you're all here working together. we're honored to be a part of this partnership in affordable housing deliver that provides a pathway out of home littl homeld into hope for families. and today is a very exciting day for us as well, because mayor breed just announced this morning the preliminary 2022 point in time count results. it's great news. i will let the mayor share details but we're excited that the numbers reflect progress that we are making locally to reduce homeless, unsheltered homelessness in our community. our investments in sheltering and housing is showing wonderful results and improvements in the lives of people who have experienced homelessness in those conditions on our streets so, mayor, thank you for your leadership and we're looking forward to your words.
6:23 am
[applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. first of all, it smells like a new building when you walk through the door, like that new car smell that we all love so much. and i haven't had that new car smell in a long time so this is going to have to do. but i will say that today is a very exciting day. you know, what's interesting is that, you know, oftentimes some of the negative messages that you hear about the challenges that exist on our streets in san francisco are highlighted in a way that doesn't tell a real story about the work that we actually do in san francisco. and this is just another example of working together with federal, state, and local resources and our non-profit partners, how we can make something great happen for people. and this is important work as we all know because the last thing that any of us wants to see is
6:24 am
someone sleeping outdoors when we have places like this available for them to be. and this is the thing that i love about being a mayor. people say, do you love the job and i say well, well, on most days, and today is one of those days. today is one of those days because it's not just about a building. it's about the people who will have a safe, affordable place to call home. so when i think about the challenges that sadly continue to persist in our city, i know that as much as we want to of course, you know, to celebrate this incredible milestone, there's always work to be done. but i just want to say that getting access to this brand-new building of over 160 units, means over 160 people that were formally homeless will have a safe, affordable place to call home. but more importantly, they'll have supportive services because
6:25 am
of dish and because of compass, because we want to make sure that they don't end up back on streets if it were that easy to just house someone and to move on to the next person, we probably would have solved the problem already. but we know that it's so much more complicated and it's not a one-size-fits-all. and it requires making investments and providing the wraparound supportive services that are necessary. what i'm so happy about is that sadly during the pandemic it was challenging but it give us an opportunity to not only cut a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get people into over 25 locations, 2,600 hotel rooms and a number of buildings purchased with project home key and to do all of this extraordinary work -- it meant that we were able to as the numbers reflect to see a decline in the number of unsheltered homeless people out on streets during the last point in time count. what does that mean?
6:26 am
every other county saw an increase and san francisco saw a decrease of about 15% of people who were unsheltered who are homeless on the streets and we saw that number go down. and since i've been in office, we have been able to help not only house 6,500 people who were formally homeless on our streets, but 1,800 people who would have otherwise have been evicted on the streets. we've been able to keep them housed. this is the work that we're doing in san francisco that needs to be elevated. this is the work that we need to talk about. we're doing this work because we know how important it is. it is not just about what people visually see and don't like to see on our streets, it's about individual human lives that we want to support in this capacity. so this project is so much more than as i said a building. it's about the people that we are here to serve.
6:27 am
so i'm really grateful, really excited, because we have other projects like this that we have purchased before, others that are coming online, and my hope is that we are able to continue to move forward as aggressively as possible with getting more of these projects. we're getting more of these projects online. you know how -- not only important it is to get places like this built, but it's also important when we have underutilized properties to take advantage of the opportunity to lease or to purchase for the purposes of being able to house people who are unhoused. i am looking forward to a lot of the work that i know that we have to continue to do. yes, we have made progress. yes, we see the numbers reflect a lot of the work that we're doing, and, yes, today is a good day for all of that extraordinary work. so i really do want to thank so many of the people that have been actively engaged in making sure that despite, again -- i
6:28 am
know a lot of challenges and criticism, the office of housing and homeless services, they have been doing extraordinary work to get these properties online, to make sure that we're providing the resources, to repair properties, and we're providing the wraparound supportive services with the various agencies that we work with. so thank you, charine, for your work and we appreciate it very much. and i want to thank our other partners and i think that someone here is from dish who is going to be helping us as well as compass. our non-profit partners who we rely on heavily to provide those wraparound services. i see that you have a new property manager here. thank you, denise, so much for being here and working with us. it does take a village. and this village has wrapped its arms around making sure that we continue to support those who need support the most in san francisco. this is a great day for us and i am truly excited that i have
6:29 am
been able to work with the previous supervisor of this district, but also i am so looking forward to the work that i know that supervisor matt dorsey and i will be doing to put more projects like this online. so this is just the beginning for him and the best is yet to come and, ladies and gentlemen, with that i want to introduce supervisor matt dorsey. [applause] >> thanks, everybody. so i want to welcome everybody to my neighborhood. i live just like a block and a half away. and one thing that i love mid-market and south of market, this area, is just how inclusive a community that it is, and there's density and market-rate housing and b.m.r. and supportive services. this is really the promise of the city of st. francis, and i'm just so grateful to mayor breed for her leadership, charine, and compass family services and ucsf, and dish and for
6:30 am
fulfilling the promise of what we can do as a city. i think this is officially just the one week mark as we stand here. i've talked about my own personal journey in recovery and a lot of that i think that i emphasized some of the problems that i see. i think that probably i didn't talk enough about the things that really inspired me to want to work with mayor breed. how inspired i was by the leadership that she showed around the tenderloin initiative and the leadership that she's showing on programs like this. so it's not all bad news and it's a lot of the good news and the optimism that i see and i want to be a part of and i'm so excited to be a partner on this on the board of supervisors. to the extent that this is something that you want to rave about or complain about, my door is open and i look forward to working with all of you. and thank you so much. thanks. [applause] >> thank you so much, mayor breed, and thank you supervisor really looking forward to working with you. so, as i mentioned earlier this is a really