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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  June 4, 2022 1:15pm-2:01pm PDT

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san francisco, you will feel like oh, wow, the food is great. the people are nice. >> it is a place where it embraces all walks of life and different cultures. so this is the soul of the tenderloin. it's really welcoming. the. >> the tenderloin is so full of color and so full of people. so with all of us being together and making it feel very safe is challenging, but we are working on it and we are getting there. >> good mortgage. i am donald godfrey. university chaplain at the university of san francisco. i am a friend of matt dorsey. (applause). i am giving the benediction. as we come together from many
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differing faiths and beliefs. we all join in asking for this blessing as matt dorsey takes on the important role as supervisor for district 6 for the city of san francisco. we also ask for lessings on may or london breeds and leaders of every political supper situation. in this service may you be inspired by the example of the patron who was a radical leader for peace, economic and social justice, for common home, the earth. may you have the grace and wisdom to act kindly, learning to distinguishpine what is personal and what is not. may you be hospitable to criticism, never put yourself at the center of things.
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act out of service to create a more just and humane world for the common good. may you learn to cultivate the art of presence to engage with those who meet you. when someone disappoints you may the graciousness with which you engage be the stairway to renewal and refinement. treasure the gifts of the mind reading, open heart and creative thinking. be a civil leader for the marginal, for those without your privilege in district 6 and the city. [applause]. may you never become functiony. the healing of whole some words, decorum of helping, springtime edge of the question. will you have a mind that loves frontiers so you can evoke the bright fields beyond the view of
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the regular eye. may you have good friends, leadership for you a true adventure of service and growth. amen. (applause). >> let the church a amen. >> thank you for your prayers and just really opening up this occasion to such hope, such light and such excitement for fought only the future of this district but the future of this city. i am london breed, mayor of the city and county of san francisco. i will tell you that i am so grateful to be here and very happy and excited for the ability to appoint such an extraordinary human being. this process has been very difficult. in having conversations with numerous people who actually live in this district, i heard
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some tremendous feedback about the challenges in exist. i want to start by thanking thankingmi.b.m. silver. an icon in the recovery world. i can think off the top of my head 10 people who i grew up with so fortunate enough to turn their lives around because of the street and the work they have done and continue to do. it is so fitting we are here to announce that district 6 supervisor at delancey street. matt dorsey represents what recovery can be when we provide the right opportunities for people who are struggling. he represents what hope is. hope for new future, hope for
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transformation. more importantly in knowing matt for so many years i appreciate his willingness to build bridges, work together, make the hard decisions and focus on the work important to san franciscans. in fact, he led on many efforts. working for our former city attorney dennis herrera around the historic decision that happened for marriage equality in the city and country. we should be so proud of not just dennis but the work that matt did when he worked in his office. the challenges that have existed with san francisco being really the epic center of the hiv/aids epidemic. matt and his work getting to
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zero led to extraordinary gains in san francisco seeing record low numbers like never before of new infections of h.i.v. in san francisco. he led the way on focusing on efforts that are important to the lgbtq community and also what is important to him is recovery, safety, ability for people to live in a community where they feel safe and secure. his work with our chief bill scott at the san francisco police department has been extra ordinary. (applause). it has been clear that it is important to have reforms, to push for reforms to transform our police department and also equally important to make sure that we have officers that represent the community and that are part of the fabric of the community here to serve and protect us.
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those are not the only issues that matt dorsey cares about and is focused on. many issues around workers right and tenants rights are things he is unwavering in supporting communities. this was a hard decision. there were so many extra ordinary candidates. i want to thank all candidates who participated in this process and put their name forward. it takes courage to be part of the process like this. we have extraordinary people who i know are going to be admitted to serving district 6 in any way possible. thank you for being here today to support matt dorsey. [applause]. i want to say thank you to so many people i reached out to who live from district 6. i will be honest. they were hard to find. in reaching out to people like bruce and others i was able to
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get to people throughout the entire district and talking to friends and people i grew up with who live in mission bay and the new properties we have been able to develop. some of the new places where fortunately residents who were born and raised in san francisco now live. having those kinds of conversations. what i heard time and time again and why i felt it was necessary to appoint matt dorsey to this position. every single person i talked to for the most part at the top of their mind was public safety. at the top of their mind were people who i grew up within public housing in some instances. who said i am not comfortable with going out at night in my neighborhood. that struck me as just really devastating and frustrating. it means that public safety has to be at the top of mind.
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helping people through the challenges of their lives are important but also making sure that people feel safe in their neighborhoods and communities. we are so grateful folks from you need players are here and other organizations, west bay. thank you, carla, from west bay and others. we know you all worked day in and day out in the soma neighborhood to help bring people together to keep our communities safe. we have a diverse group of people representing all parts of the district, all parts of the various communities because i know either you have a relationship with matt or you have heard about matt or in some way came here because you wanted to make sure you learned about who matt is. before we take a moment to swear matt in. i want an opportunity for the people who know him best, the
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people who he worked for and members of the community to tell you a little bit about their experiences of who matt dorsey is, what he will represent for the district, and how he will be responsive to the needs of what is now the new district 6 of the city and county of san francisco. starting with our city attorney, dennis herrera. (applause). >> the man was city attorney forever. david chew is the new city attorney we know. dennis is the former city attorney. i keep forgetting. he is now director of the public utilities commission for san francisco. dennis herrera. [applause] >> general manager. now don't get mad at me, i am not coming back.
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madam mayor, you could not have made a better selection than matt dorsey for district 6 supervisor. unfortunately, it is true. i was around for 20 years, a long time. let me tell you, matt dorsey stood by my side for 14 of those years as spokesperson as city attorney's office. they asked me earlier. how does it feel to have matt dorsey being sworn in as supervisor. you know what? people have been benefiting from matt dorsey's service for close to 20 years. they just didn't know it. we have a tremendous family in the city attorney's office. city attorney david chew can attest to. we all work together. it was never just about the lawyers in the city attorney's office. the mayor alluded to the battle for mayor. i don't care if it was fighting
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for healthy san francisco, fighting on issues of sanctuary city or working on a myriad of public safety issues we pioneered in the city attorney's office to keep the streets safe. matt dorsey was there. he was a strategist, confident, colleague understanding how to focus on issues and to hear what was in the minds of the public that we all represent. the public has benefited from his wisdom for 20 years to help make the san francisco city attorney's office the premier municipal law office in the country. they owe matt dorsey a tremendous debt of gratitude. the mayor, obviously, through her wisdom defined that as well in the people she talked to and her interactions with matt.
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he can be kind of persuasive. he pushed me to be a better person, better leader, more responsive. before i close and hand over to my good friend chief scott. i want be to say two things. three things. one, matt has an incredible ego about two things. two things. number one, his clothes. you are going to get a paycut. no more clothes, you will be out on the street. number two. he is the first to admit there is no better writer in san francisco government than matt dorsey. he does not take kindly to people giving him suggestions. now you are working with staff in your office. you are going to have to learn to rely on what they write instead of editing about what they put before you. finally, just as importantly, we
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have controversy about district lines. they do not put dogpatch in district 6 then i am a constituent be and i would make your life miserable as my supervisor. matt, i am proud of you. you are a tremendous colleague and friend. i benefited from the service 14 years. the san francisco police departments benefited as well. with that, chief bill scott. [applause] >> good morning. first of all, thank you to mayor breed for making an outstanding selection. i am a little ticked. we are losing a great guy. you know, i have worked with matt for the last two years, and you can probably multiply that.
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polices is in dog years. this last two years has been as just ascariases was -- as crazy. what makes it special is what we have been through. leading the pack is matt dorsey. i can't tell you how many times and two things he puts the city first. we have the saying anytime matt says i need you to do this interview, get out and do this public appearance, and the question that we look at each other and say how is this helping the city? he always putting the city first. almost two decades of public service. he is a public servant. in terms of his work with the
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police department in the last two years, it didn't take very long when i sat down with matt to decide who we were making director of strategic communication. it didn't take long. his reputation preceded him. i didn't know him. had never met him. we sat down at starbucks. he was a real person with real stories, lived experiences. those experiences make him who he is. he is a caring person, compassionate, honest. he stands his ground when he he believes in an issue. he will stand his ground. you know how much i appreciate you and your work and you as a person. we will miss you. in the san francisco police departments we will miss you dearly. we know the next chapter of your public service career the city is not going to end. whatever we can do to make your
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transition easier, i wish we had a little more time but i don't think we have a choice. whatever we can do to make your transition easier and work with you in your new capacity as member of the board of supervisors. we will do that. we know that you will hold us accountable like you hold ever body else accountable. that is who you are. we welcome you to this new role in the board of supervisors. i want to end by saying thank you for being you. we appreciate you. [applause]. >> mayor breed: you have heard from two now former bosses of matt dorsey. now it is time to hear from his almost 80,000 new bosses in district 6. before i call up the first person to speak i want to thank and acknowledge members of the
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board of supervisors who will be matt's new colleagues including supervisor catherine stefani, supervisor rafael mandelman. i see the president of the board of supervisors walton is here. and i think supervisor safai is here as well. thank you all for joining us here today. thank you. we have supervisor gordon mar here. thank you so much, supervisor. is that like a quorum now? here to speak from the resident side of things, your future bosses. you have really almost 80,000 people you have to be responsive to rather than just one or two here and there. to lead that i want to introduce gloria leaf, resident of transbay to say a few words. gloria.
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[applause]. >> thank you, mayor. as resident i want to invite a few neighbors to come up with me. they are my troublemakers neighbors. lee, chris, a few of the district 6 residents that will help make the neighborhood a little better. hi, everyone. go afternoon. i am the cofounder of a coalition of residents in downtown embarcadero and transbay. we are a volunteer group. we formed to create a voice four or community. with me are my cofounders. they are worked to improve the neighborhoods to create public space and increase public safety. i am here today because i am honored and excited to congratulate matt dorsey to represent our district.
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thank you, mayor london breed, for appointing a candidate with a vision and priorities and best some in mind. as woman of color and mother i was selective about who would be the best representative to our home. to the maked aye downtown is high rises and offices. it is the area of highest residential housing and very poply a pi district with 40% asian. supervisor dorsey understands the struggles of our challenges. he has been open with the community since they went about his policies and history in local government. san francisco needs a leader to listen and engage and account transparency to provide answers and improvement to the communities. supervisor dorsey has been the champion for people of color since he was working in
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government way back to 1991 to establish key policies and procedures for prosecuting hate crimes. he continues this work when he became communications director where his partners with advocacy group for the tip line for victims and key leader during yellow whistle campaign. he will not toot his own horn. thank you for being an amazing ally and stepping up to lead during complicated line. there is a famous chinese proverb. timing makes the hero. his commitment and passion for the city. thank you for stepping up for the community. this is your time. congratulations and welcome. we look forward to working with you. [applause].
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>> breed breed thank >> mayor breed: i have heard about things that matter. one thing that came up congestion, traffic, many of the challenges with some of the games that have made the streets difficult to move around be in. i think matt's platform around dealing with transportation challenges are going to be imperative to address some of these issues. as well as housing and housing afford ability and access to housing and safety in communities as we said before. also i heard from a number of small business owners and residents who advocated for small businesses. i want to introduce a small
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business owner in district 6 who ownsted's market, one of my favorites in terms of sandwiches for lunchtime. i will introduce her to talk about small businesses and the work that our supervisors are going to do to help support our small businesses. myriam. >> thank you, madam mayor and team and thank you to mr. matt dorsey. i am myriam. i am vice president of small business commission for the city and county of san francisco. more importantly, my family has a deli corner store in district 6. we are a legacy business. my dad is here from restaurant depot. i am here to show my support for the supervisor to represent our district 6 neighborhoods because i believe he understands that
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crucial balance of public safety and community retention. i can't stress this enough. our communities are not going to be sacrificed. we need to ensure that everyone is equally protected. i believe our new supervisor has that in mind. as shut down orders went into place and it fell on immigrantses and small businesses. my first working experience with matt was his attempts to clarify and his success in helping to clarify some of these orders for our small businesses to make sure that our equity neighborhoods were not cut off from resources. i look forward to continuing this practice of account ability and policymaking as the district 6 supervisor. thank you.
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[applause]. >> mayor breed: last but not least, i want to mention that many of the residents said that they wanted a supervisor who would be there for them. who would be responsive to challenges the district faces. that was one of the most important things in making the selection. i am so excited, honored to swear in the next supervisor of district 6, matt dorsey. [applause]. please raise your right hand. i matt dorsey do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and
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domestic. i bear true faith and allegiance to the same. that i take this obligation freely. without any mental reservations. or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties on which i am about to enter and during such times as i serve as member of the san francisco board of supervisors for the residents of district 6 and the county transportation authority for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [applause]. your new supervisor.
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[applause]. >> thank you, mayor breed. my fellow board colleagues, general manager herrera, chief scott, god free, gloria and myriam silver. former colleagues, friends and family members including amazing god daughter and amazing partner. thank you all so much for being here. i am honored and humbled by the trust mayor london breed has placed in me to serve my city and district 6 neighbors on the san francisco board of supervisors. as i begin my tenure today i
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will share things about me with those who don't know me yet. first, i am a believer in what good government can accomplish. i intend to be a full partner with mayor breed in helping govern our city eresponse i feel and effectively and accountably i won't shrining from things that matter. i won't waste time with debates that don't. i will always welcome skepticism. i have little use for cinicism. healthy good government and resist. another thing to know about me. i am a three time drug rehab graduate. although i spent most adult life in recovery. i had set backs. that is why i feel personally invested in reversing the crisis in drug overdose deaths in san francisco since to 20.
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-- 2020. it is largely why i asked mayor breed to consider me for this appointment. i know i am luckier snap most others. i had blessings of good health insurance, access to rehab, too many don't have. i have been blessed with friends and family members, sponsors, employers and colleagues. many are here today. who refused to give up on me in my "darkest hours." when i doubted if i had another recovery in me. i understand from lived experience the seemingly unconquerable challenges for those grappling with addiction and alcoholism in my district and elsewhere. more than anything else as i stand here today i believe in the full promise of recovery. [applause]. i believe in local government
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having an essential role in helping fulfill that promise. i want every san franciscan struggling with addiction or alcoholism to have the same access to care i had and to know they have support of a city that won't give up on them either. [applause]. it is appropriate to begin this journey here the most successful rehabilitation in the world under the leadership of mimi silver. it is one of the examples that gives me hope for what the city can accomplish. we have our work cuts out for us. the staggering loss of life due to drugs is a public health calamity we haven't seen from the height of the aids crisis. as a gay man with h.i.v., i will
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tell you the stigma of who is dying the masking the horror of how many are dying. since the advent of covid-19, san francisco street drug trade surpassed the leastal twice over. os the last two years on the sfpd command staff is the number one issue i have worked on with all of the associated ills related to it that affect district 6 drug related crime and violence including homicides. crime victims are affected. this takes a toll on our communities every day, neighbors and families with children seniors animal businesses. those who know me including those who worked with me for
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more than 30 years. you know i will never be a one issue supervisor or candidate. i am convinced of this. if we could prioritize one issue to make real progress on, getting more people with drug addiction into drug treatment and into recovery would make progress on an array of related province. auto burglaries, homelessness, street conditions, public safety and much more because it would save lives. over the last two years i had the honor of working with chief scott leading the san francisco police department through the most ambitious set of 21st sent be tree policing reforms in the nation. i thank our city and police department have a lot to be proud of for the national model it is becoming. we have public safety challenges. i will work to help solve them.
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one is our police staffing crisis. police force 25% below the recommended staffing level. like so many challenges facing the city. the lack of affordable housing is frustrated. as the new supervisor to new district 6. i am uniquely empowered by the residents to be more than just reliable vote for housing. i intend to be a forceful advocate for the promise of urbanism in my district. [applause]. i will be a full partner with mayor breed and board colleagues to accomplish the pro housing agenda. taking seriously the responsibility to solve the crisis of affordability by
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building more housing at every income level. ending local control and environmental review that stymied rather than shaped progress toward more housing. rising to the challenges of climate change and homelessness and adddiction including save shelter supportive services and more. pursuing housing goals in ways to best serve lower and middle income in san francisco. not just new housing but opportunities for skilled construction jobs, good wages and benefits. it means fitting for the priorities that may being progressive urbanism at attractive. public transit, bike lanes and bike share, cultural diversity and nightlife and public well willing. -- realm. fighting transportation
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improvements that mitigate traffic congestion and dangerous intersections to make the neighborhoods safe. 20 years ago i joined executive staff of dennis haraura. i spent 14 years in that office he led. which has produced leaders like vice president kamala harris, attorney general, state senator wiener, at least a half dozen state and federal judges. i am proud to share and it is my intention as district 6 supervisor to emulate the courage. we have challenges as a city as we continue recovery from the global pandemic the problems may seem impossible. i am convinced they are neither. i am optimistic of changes to
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come. thanks to father donald godfrey we began with catholic theme i will close with one from our city's patron saint. i think it should be or guide to our approach on addiction, public safety, affordable housing, traffic congestion and so much more. start by doing what is necessary. then what is possible. suddenly you are doing the impossible. thanks so much. let's get to work. (applause).
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>> you're watching san francisco rising with chris manors. today's special guest is mary chu. >> hi. i'm chris manors, and you're rising on san francisco rising. the show that's focused on rebuilding, reimagining, and restarting our city. our guest today is mary chu, and she's here to talk with us about art and the san francisco art commission. well come, miss chu. >> thanks for having me. >> it's great to have you. let's talk about art in the city and how art installations
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are funded. >> the arts committee was funded in 1932 and support civic review, design investments and art galleries. projects we have are funded by the city's art enrichment ordinance which provides 2% of construction costs for public art. >> so art is tied to construction. there's been a great deal in the southwest of the city. can you talk about some of the projects there? >> sure. our city has some exciting projected in the bayview-hunters point coming up. one artist created a photo
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collage. in the picture pavilion, one artist formed a collage of her one-year residency coming together with residents, and anchoring the new center is a landmark bronze sculpture, inspired by traditional ivory coast currency which the artists significantly enlarges to mark that it's a predominantly african american community in bayview hunters point. >> are there any art installations around town that
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uses light as a medium? >> yes. the first is on van ness between o'farrell and geary. it's funded with the m.t.a.s van ness geary street project. another project is for the central subway. it is one of ten artworks commissioned for the new line. it's over 650 feet long, consists of 550 l.e.d. panels between the powell street station and the union street station. it's called lucy in the sky, and the lights are patterned with unique sequences so that commuters can experience a unique pattern each time they pass through. >> perfect. what about the early day
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sculpture that was removed from the civic center? >> this is a question that cities have been grappling with nationwide. following the removal of early days in 2018, there was a toppling of statues in golden gate park as well as the removal of the christopher columbus statue. we are partnering with the parks department as well as the community to engage with the public to develop guidelines to evaluate the existing monuments and memorials in the civic arts collection and evaluate the removal of a monument or statue but also installing new ones. >> finally, it seems like the weather might be nice this
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weekend. if i fancy taking a walk and seeing some outdoor art, where would you suggest i go? >> well, i would suggest the embarcadero. this work was commissioned with funds from the fire station 35. this suggests the bow of a boat and the glass panel surrounding the structure depict the history of fireboats in the bay area. >> and where can i go from there? >> then, i would walk up to the justin herman plaza to check out the work of the art vendors. then check out the monuments like the mechanics monument. also, be sure to check out the poster series, installed in bus
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kiosks along market street, which features four artists each year. >> well, thank you. i appreciate you coming on the show, miss chu. thank you for your time today. >> thank you, chris. >> that's it for this episode. we'll be back with another show >> everything we do in the tenderloin, we urban outfit. here, this gives us an opportunity to collaborate with other agencies and we become familiar with how other agencies operate and allow us to be more flexible and get better at what we depo in the line of work in this task. >> sometimes you go down and it's hard to get up. so we see ourselves as providing an opportunity for the unhoused to get up. and so i really believe that when they come here and they've said it, this right here is absolutely needed.
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you can't ask for nothing better. >> the tenderloin is the stuff that ain't on the list of remedies, liked the spiritual connection to recovery and why would i? why would i recover? what have i got to live for? things like that. and sharing the stories. like i was homeless and just the team. and some people need that extra connection on why they can change their life or how they could. >> we have a lot of guests that will come in and say i would like -- you know, i need help with shelter, food, and primary care doctor. and so here, that's three rooms down the hall. so if you book them, they get all of their needs taken care of in one go. this is an opportunity for us here in the tenderloin to come together, try out these ideas to see if we can put -- get -- connect people to services in a
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>> this meeting am come to order, welcome to the may meeting of the local agency for condition i'm supervisor cone chan chair and i today i'm pleased to be joined by vice chair jaek filter and commissioner mar and singh, yes and the clerk is alyssa sa mara. i like to thank the staff at madam clerk. >> today's meeting is held through video conference and members will participate in the meeting to the same extent as i