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tv   Police Commission  SFGTV  June 15, 2022 5:30pm-9:31pm PDT

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was happy to hear you say it's going to be spreadcitywide . it'snot specific, it's everywhere in the city . in terms of the additional cleaning, i sawsome of it is for the downtown core .>>. [please stand by]
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we've gun going nonstop. i think that is dish think that is it. the only other point that i would make is, i understand 364
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total vacancies and 75 general fund and i understand that a lot of those need to go to cleaningg and street environmental services but it's on the hearing of the hiring and all the timeline and all the things and we're working with you all the on a concerted effort to expedite the hiring time and with all those vacancies, is there anything that could be repurchased purposes to fill those rests and we've asked it for every department. >> understood. we've given that a lot of thought. i would say the answer is no and here is why, supervisor. although those are vacant positions, as bruce mentioned, we have actually used that funding to fill them with off-budget positions like the 9916s but also, we have been
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doing so much over time our employees are refusing to do over time and it's not that we're doing the work but we're doing work with the existing workforce and we're burning people out so we need to fill those vacancies and that's just basically doing this work we're doing now and we'll see improvement but we zoo that addition improvement we need though additional positions. >> my last question, can you just tell me how those nine positions will be allocated? >> they are primarily street inspector positions. there is one administrative position that will help with the issuing of the permits for people who are seeking and they
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will be out inspecting, validating whether people have a permit to vend and if not, issuing correction notices and in some cases confiscating goods if there's no proof of ownership. >> is that a full-time assignment? will they be assigned full-time to this work 100%? >> um, no. so, the group -- they're also responsible for the shared spaces and enforcement so the same group of inspectors would be doing both the illegal vending enforcement and the shared spaces. as you may know, we saw a huge proliferation of shared spaces during covid, i'm a big fan personally but many of them were installed rapidly and we get a lot of complaints and so we do not have the staffing to go out and follow-up on those complaints and try to ensure that those shared spaces are safe and accessible for
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everyone. >> what level of time -- i'm sorry, it's important because those are two programs that i worked intimate leon and how much time will be allocated to the streets enforcement versus the shared spaces. they could take up the staff's time the entire time. >> so could illegal vending. we have already -- we're already getting bombarded with requests. >> if you were to identify the areas of the city that are the high visibility areas that need enforcements, they're concentrated and you are going to have to partner with other departments and agencies and i imagine that they'll be some education work. i don't know if that would occupy all the time of that person. but shared spaces could given the scheer volume of them across the city and so i want to make schuur that the streets illegal vending is not going to be an afterthought to that division. >> oh, no, no, no. these inspectors will be absolutely focusing on both of
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those programs. >> i just say i think we're going to ask that the vla to take at the new pro positions and i'm supportive of all of them but related to the empty positions that are there, the a lot of time they've been empty and the amount of money within the budget, we're not seeing this and we have a billion and a half dom arrest and billion too of asks that are out there. >> i want to correct the record and it's a billion three. >> it just went up. >> it's $200 million. >> and in our meeting it's gone up and we're looking 59 all the vacant position and how there might be and if we can take a special look at that and madam
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chair. >> i appreciate all the questions that my colleagues asked and they answered and the questions i was going to ask and i did want to -- i had questions about the urban forestry and part of the budget and that important and for my directing and as you know, a lot of the work in that division is important in terms of street treatment and its implanting and the landscape maintenance and median maintenance and i was urban forestry. >> it's in the realm of 140 position this is urban forestry. >> 146.
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>> on the. >> and then, do you know how many vacant positions there are? >> >> we have a number of vacancies in the arborist division of urban forestry and we have flexibility and is we callow indicate funding and while we do have a large number wore still down 12 or 14 arborist and we can use that funding for tree pruning and we're not losing ground on the work myself and wore currently in the process of hiring four gardeners and one gardner supervisor and then we have small number of vacancies that haven't been filled with temporary positions in our
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cement shop. i can get you the breakdown of those details. >> ok. i can't find a figure but there's a street tree planting or tree planting and there's 2.4 million. and is that how much is for staff? >> so, that is something that is not for staff. so that will go towards -- well, it's not for any new staff, we will use some of that funding to pay for our watering crews and those positions are off budget because we haven't had a consistent course for them and the bulk of that funding will likely be for grants with non-profit partners to do the planting and then also for the actual procurement of the trees
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that we will plant with our existing staff. >> got it. for the initiative at 1.2 and $1.5 million, what is that new staff or. >> yes, that's a new crew and that will be a supervisor, i don't have the details and do you have the initiative here? and i don't have my reading glasses so you will need to read that for me. >> ok. >> it's one supervisor and five gardeners and then we do in the first year we do have some equipment as well for those employees. >> for sunset boulevard, does that include the grown pay in addition to the median? >> and no so we would view the center median and we would be doing with this median maintenance crew but not the gren way and the fact the same crew that is currently doing there median and having to spend all that time on traffic control
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and limited work hours, they'll be freed up to do more work on the grown way so it will free up resources to do more work on landscape maintenance city wide. >> great. i think when we met, we had talked about getting some more information for you about what the staffing and budget is for that the broader landscape maintenance and yeah. >> i will provide you that breakdown for you, yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you, chair. >> did you get the ftes on the full number of street and sanitation cleaning workers? >> over all, all funding sources about 394 of which a portion of that is from the general fund and some of that is gas-tax and other funding sources. we get some from the city
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departments such as the library and the port and we get money for specific and dedicated cleaning around the chase center and so that number is about half a dozen maybe seven or eight different funding sources. >> we're not going to see that much difference with -- i wanted to get a sense of what will nine additional positions do for the city? >> see jayda and complete agreement with you. >> we are not eye-to-eye here. >> i would love to hear from you and -- >> the deputy director for operations and yeah, you are absolutely correct and it does not increase staff around the city for your directing it's for one area in the city the corridor will be directed to the zone. >> do those nine workers are they for the tenderloin. >> did you say the nine new workers are for one area of the
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city? >> >> yes. >> and that's the tenderloin. >> correct. >> it frees up the corridor workers many of we will get additional corridor workers. >> the cleaning ones. >> how many have been redirected to the tenderloin? >> right now 12? >> those 12 are going back to the corridors where they were before? >> correct. >> i'm sorry. >> we went over a whole list and you said one and person for -- >> it's the nine new positions for enhanced cleaning. >> i thought they said 6.75 for enhanced cleaning. >> because we don't fill the full fte in the first year. >> oh, so it ended up being nine. >> it's nine. >> the enhanced cleaning is pam
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for downtown? >> well, no, i mean, i think it -- because that is where we have an acute need. we have been pulling resources from other parts of the city to fill that need and so by getting the additional resources here that will allow us to return the resources we've been pulling from other parts of the city. >> ok, so that's a little different than saying they will be nine and there will be nothing. it's like you are going to reallocate people back to the neighborhoods. >> yes. >> and these will be focused on enhanced work and in this downtown core? >> yes. >> so, can i i take a mission for example which is absolutely filthy. and first of all, when i say that, i just want you to know, none of the fault is your department, your workers are
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incredible and you are so responsive and you come out the minute we call you and you do an incredible job. this is not criticism you are workers are the hardest, amazing people so this is not a criticism. but the mission is filthy and so when we get one person back from the mission to the tenderloin, is that going to change anything? because when we look at this whole time i've been nine new positions into comparison to how many positions do we have, and it just feels so minimal. >> so, yes. i think that those nine positions are full-time street cleaning positions and they'll have -- we also have some equipment budget in there and we will -- in that initiative includes packer truck which will allow us to be more efficient
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because we're be able to have the cruise take their material to the packer truck and rather than driving across town and go to dump at wreckology but i want to emphasize that we've made great progress using our corridor workers. and this budget will include a significant number of additional corridor workers and we'll get you that number of people -- >> could we take the mission as an example because it's a neighborhood, it's an area and it's a mess. what is the mission going to see in this budget that is different from today? >> i think we are anticipating, and we just got the number, it's 45 additional corridor workers city wide. so s. we will allocate those corridor workers to the places where the greatest need just as we've been doing which is why we've been pulling some people so the mission will see additional corridor workers from this in addition to the ones
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we'll be shifting back. >> 44 workers for $500,000? >> supervisors, public works. in addition to the cleaning expansion, there's also a additional temporary salary money and i mentioned it earlier. i should have been clear. and that will fund in the ballpark of 45 additional 9916 workers that will be part of the corridor program that will be allocated through out the city and apologies for not making that clear. i was renotified staff and it's a million dollars. i can get that specific number. it's a pretty good enhancement in terms of the staff that we're going to get. it would be a doubling of that program.
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>> when everybody, you know, asked me what are my priorities, one of my biggest priorities is cleanliness of the mission. it's the one department where i'm like, we need to add not -- literally it's the only department i'm not obsessed with cutting the budget or at least the streets and sanitation part. >> thank you. >> because the city is dirty and it's not your fault. you are working as said, your workers are so exhausted from working over time. so, i just need to know -- >> so in addition -- >> can i finish. >> i need to know that about what you have budgeted will make a difference in what we see in the streets? that's what i need to know. >> in addition to the summary that we'll give to the bla we'll provide a nice summary per supervisor and districts and we can do that for the next and we
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can have it by the end of the week. >> can i ask you. >> >> there are other neighborhoods that need it as well. aim going to see a serious serious in the mission and as compared to today. >> yes, you will. >> ok. >> do you have to say that or do you mean that? >> >> no, i'm focused on the city as a whole including the mission. our high priority areas. >> ok. i will do the best we can to make sure the city is great. >> i know you will but i'm also saying that this is my priority as budget chair and i want to get you the budget that you need to do the job not do the best you can by overworking your workers who are burnt out and exhausted and leaving at crazy
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rates, right. you are incredible and you do, i can't even believe you do what do you so it's not the best we can because i believe you've been doing the best you can and i believe that you are incredibly talented this is one of those times and this is not the department's fault. that is what i believe. from what i've seen. all of my experiences, that's my experience. is question is, do you have what you need so my constituents and the city will feel a difference and i'll give the example of the mission although this is a city wide question. >> i need my vacancies filled and i will have everything that i need. >> ok. >> what we're budgeted for. >> with the positions in the budget. >> absolutely. >> ok. >> that's what i needed to hear. >> yes. >> because this is an extreme
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source of frustration for me. it's were we had the hearing. we had this conversation with you all last year. we identified vacancies and you hit it on the head. you have 70 general labor positions sitting there vacant. when we started covid, we had a hearing in this chamber to talk about expediting hiring of nurses and we were able to somehow, work with h.r. and public-health and get that down to 90 days and there has to be an all-hands-on-deck dedication to getting those. i know you said you went through the list and you are doing everything you can but it feels like this budget in front of us today is like bubble gum and tape. cops for street resurfacing, that is absurd. you are putting money into the downtown -- i'm supportive of that. i said it all daylong. i'm supportive of the
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enhancement in the downtown core. we need it. it's where san francisco exhibits itself to the world and it's where visitors, economicken again and it seems to be continuing. they are not permanent positions and but they are not a job to a long-term employment and sometimes they are, but right now they're not a pathway to long-term employment. we have to get those 70 laborer positions filled and so so it feels like we're having this struggling and this budget this is from public works and for everything and in front of us today.
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and every day i walk my core do the first thing people say is the streets are filthy what are you doing, supervisor? you've been in office for five and a half years and i don't see a difference. i know you guys are trying. i know you put in enhanced cleaning twice a month and it spreads around the city but we can't just keep on using bubble gum and tape. and i know that this is a priority of the mayor. i know it's priority every single member of this board but i don't see that prioritization reflect inside this budget. i don't. i only see it for the downtown core we have to figure out a way. yes, you will reallocate some resources back to the neighborhood but how about these expediting, let's have a dedicated few, let's have hr people on the loan and get those 70 positions filled and then the commitment to us that they will be dedicated areas of the city
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that is suffering reallocating of the resource. >> thank you. i want to note that we're filling some of the critical h.r. positions and stem not positions now even though the permanent position in next year's budget and so we are trying to get that moving and we're trying to advance the hiring as quickly as we can and i would agree with you that i think it's fair to say that some of the neighborhoods have curved and we have been pulling and to focus on acute need and this will allow us too return those resources so there's an impact and they should see a positive impact and until we address the other challenges we can always use more resource and i don't want to say we have everything we could do and we could use more resources to clean this
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city and we are cleaning very constantly and it gets dirty again so i think that if there were endless sources of fund and we can put more people out there and there a lot of need and there's a lot to balance we and we should see the impacts of this and 15 is going to be a big impact. >> it absolutely will. and i don't know how long that will be sustained and how much is bses budget for the record again, please? >> that is the core of the cleaning of the city. streets and environmental services just for the record. >> all sources so $100 million
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and we'll have departments that come to form that will have budgets in the billions and so my question to you is, in the controller, has there been a controller analysis to determine whether the amount of money dedicated to cleaning is right size for a city of san francisco in terms of our density and in terms of what level, i know you do annual surveys for the way the citizenry rates the number of things that are prioritizations and i know you all work with the departments to determine whether budgets are right sized but is there an analysis to determine that this $100 million, it sounds like a lot of money but the context of a city lick this and round the clock and in the second state and it doesn't sound like the right allocations of resources to clean the city in an it's
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been some time that we've done benchmarking analysis that compare service levels to other governments and we do performance tracking with the the department and regarding street cleanliness and we're required under the new charter measure to prepare an annual review and ought i had and going in and the department on the future and we have resident perceptions and we can summarize those reports and send them a list of them to you if it's helpful. >> thank you, i think that would be great. i just say i feel like it's not fair to your department and it's not fair to the people that are out there on the frontlines that get the criticism and being overworked with positions unfilled and then this rises to the level of one of the top
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issues and i'm in line with the chair and we have to make and walk out of this budget feeling like it will impact our city and i don't feel that level of confidence today. 459916s are great and i'm happy about that and street, you know, vending and shared spaces, great. focusing nine new people in the dot cor but there's not a full commitment to clean the streets of san francisco this in this budget. it feels like we need additional resources and you need additional resources. >> supervisor, i do think that if we can get those hr positions filled, and i'm sorry, i didn't mean to -- >> i they he want today think something when you are done. >> if we can get that and we can fill all those vacancies, we want to demonstrate that you will see these improvements and so i think that is -- getting these additional resources in
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this budget and getting the h.r. positions in the budget and filling our vacancies quickly, we do feel that you will see an improvement. and we take it on. not just in the downtown core. >> thank you. >> i don't know if you want to add something -- >> supervisor through the chair dan with the budget legislative office. just your question about comparative analysis and triggered my memory that the bla conducted an analysis of san francisco compared to 11 radio 11 -- 11other large cities and n control that in the reports and -- >> what do you want to share? >> and it did find that we are spending more per cap eight and.
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>> it would be interesting to see how it's worken brought because i understand you can make a argument if you look at pure population and allocation of resources but, if would be interesting to see how that is going out. we can follow-up. >> sure. >> thank you, supervisor walton. >> president walton: thank you, chair ronan and i going to ask questions because i know that staff is overworked and i know that staff is working hard and i know that -- [please stand by]
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class we tried to balance those demands with the resources that we have >> but with that said, if you are admitting that only certain areas of acute need are gettin attention at the expense of other areas . >> well, i don't know if i would say that's the only area of getting attention. we've had for example an illegal dumping program in your
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district where we are focused on that. that has not been touched. we continued with that. what we've done is we've pooled resources from the commercial corridors that have less of what i would call an acute need and we redeployed them to some areas of acute need. the distinction the id what is the employee we are deploying. in the tenderloin we've taken workers walking the streets and cleaning up the same blocks and that has had a real impact in the tenderloin. with eagle illegal dumping we need to have the equipmentso we can deploy a worker from west portal to the bayview . we need a front loader, we need a 10 wheeler, we need heavy equipment drivers so they're not necessarily the same resources so that's important to keep in mind as well.
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what we've been redeploying our folks from areas of need is less acute and we've been rotating around though there were not always impacting the same neighborhood butwe've been pulling those workers in particular to help with some of theissues in thetenderloin person with a trashcan can have a real impact . >> thank you . >> thank you . we will see you next week and continue this discussion but really justgratitude to all of you for yourtremendous work . >> thank you supervisors . >> i think we need a little break even though i'm so sorry for the apartmentsthat are still left that you're having to stay on so late.i'm glad none of them are here . i think the mayor'soffice is next . let's come back at 6:30 and then we will try to go through them as fast as we can. meeting is recessed until 6:30.
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>> thank you madam chair. >>
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>> this one beats, right? welcome back to the july 15 budget and appropriations committee . we have ... sorry. we have five departments left
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and we have new departments other than the mayor but we wanted to offer the ethics commission, the elections, department of community investment in infrastructure and board of supervisors to go before the mayor because we anticipate the mayor's session might be longer since miss groff and berger will be here anyway we wanted to give the other departments the opportunity to go home. anyone online want the opportunity to present or come tothe chamber andpresent because if not we're going to go to the mayor and present a while . i'm trying to get you home to your families earlier >> this is guy from the ethics commission . i'm feeling like i can present . >>. >> chair:fantastic, go right ahead . >> i will show theslide with my
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presentation . >> chair: as the ethics commission gets ready i suggest the department of elections, immunityinvestments and board of supervisors come to the chamber sooner rather than later unless you want to end up presenting potentially very late . thank you budgetdirector for being so kind and allowing us to do this . >> give me onesecond . i will present my slide here. okay. good evening supervisors. my name is guy, i'm deputy
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director and chief operating officer of the ethics commission . thank you for the opportunity to present the commissions budget here today. i'll start with a snapshot of our proposed budget here on the slide. you can see at the table our current operating budget for 522 is 6.5 million. the proposed budget is 7.1 million. which includes roughly 9 percent. the proposed budget for fy 24 is 6.9 million which is an increase of roughly 6 percent from 5:22. the commission also administered a campaign fund which is established in the cities campaign finance reform ordinance. this provides public financing for candidates for mayor and the board of supervisors.
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we have an allocation of roughly $436,000 in fy 2324. and allocations are based on the calculation of the ordinance as well as the current balance of the fund and projections, estimated projections for the upcoming elections . i am you can also see the distribution of our operating budget, families and friends constitute the largest expense roughly 86 percent. the remaining allocations are for the equipment and services to support ourquarterly functions . we continue to focus on these key priorities in fy 23 and 24 which are implemented with accountability to enhance the impact of our programs
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heightened awareness of our laws to include practical tools . public disclosure to enhance and improve compliance and equitable and meaningful public engagement. we were willalso focus on continuous improvement , to maximize the impact of our programs accounting for ourown work . here you can see the position related to the budget. which includes the certification of three positions to ensure that they are the right area to address the competency work in those areas which includes the position of the technology division which is the position that government maintains are a public disclosure insistence. you have to positions, the 80 and 23 and 80 and 22 policy analyst. these positions represent to
6:43 pm
allow for additional legislative work. the proposed budget also includes the addition of an executed second possession to support theoperations of our five commissions . these are our non-position related changes for the budget which includes technology and professional services with system consulting services or electronic filing systems so equipment and staff maintaining our core functions. also asking for funding to support services from modern departments which includes funding for dph services and tools needed toenable electronic filing of our public disclosures . we are also asking with the office of contract
6:44 pm
administration to support our contracting needs because we do not have staff to do the internal functions. here you can see our brilliant organization chartfor 522 . we have three positions in our department. all of which ninepositions are going to be vacant . after nine positions five progress well. if you look at the organization chart we have six divisions. majority are openings under the ethics at work program. this is a new division that we are establishing this fiscal year which receives funding for all these positions only in the 522. it will provide outreach and
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training and support to city departments and city staff in helping them better understand the ethics laws and requirements so that they can apply those into their day-to-day work. the program and recruitment we're anticipating those will be heard in the earlypart of the department . we also have you can see a policy division. this vacancy occurred as the result of an internal promotio . we had the position having to fill the position because that's one of the physicians we are requesting to reclassify so we're waiting to see the final position on the 523 budget. once that is finalized and approved we will initiate the position . we have two openings in the enforcement position. enforcement division. one of them is senior
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investigative position. the first is also one of the positions that got authorized in fy 22. it's a new position and it's under active recruitment the second position which is in 1822 investigator this became vacant couple of months ago. again as a result of an internal promotion so we will move to that position soon after some of our current recruitments have completed. in addition we havetwo other vacant positions . the 1823 reporting analyst and 1840 finance and operations coordinator. they provide more of a broader departmentwidesupport . the party position became vacant in fy 22 as a result of our retirement so we decided to repurpose that position to provide expanded support for the department through our planning positions as well.
6:47 pm
i'm going to giveyou a little bit more background on our vacancies . as you can see on the far right column which accounts for fy 22 vacancies we have a position of 33positions and nine positions vacant . the vacancy rate is much higher this fiscal year as part of what partly because of the number of new positions for this year. if you look at our vacancy rates in the prior years our position of authority is stable over thelast three years fy 19 through 21. we've been able to make a lot of progress in filling our positions . and we are optimistic that we will be able to fulfill the vacancy rate significantly once we get through our active recruitment in the coming months . infy 22 vacancies have been
6:48 pm
open for an average of six months . these vacancies have had an impact on our work as an example i talked about the program earlier. we were hoping to start working on that program as soon as this fiscal year but that has to wait a little bit since we didn't have a lot of positions ready to go but we are expecting that work to begin after the recruitments. lastly just a little bit more context on all the vacancies. after starting the vacancies in fy 22 with again 18 positions that were added in a 523 which were added tothe number of vacancies this year . it had multiple vacancies that occurred earlier due to attrition . also it's dependent on the hr for that recruitment and dhr had to shift into priority related needs and also have an
6:49 pm
impact on timelines. lastly for a couple of positions we were waiting to see thepositions on fy 23 budget . so soon after the budget is finalized and approved we will proceed to some of the positions. our plan to introduce our vacancies are to collectively work on our top priority in the coming year and we have a work order with them so we will be working to try and fill these positions as quickly as possible. so that is the end of my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. thank you so muchcolleagues, any questions? i don't see any . thank you so much for presenting and we will see you next week.
6:50 pm
thank you supervisors, have a good evening 's and i see misterrns, hello from the department of elections . >> if you could get access to natalia. okay, so good evening supervisors. i'll give you a quick overview of our budget and also a response to chair ronen's question on staffing. next slide please. so the department's mission. the mission of the department of elections is to provide equitable access to voting and conduct all public elections in the city and county of san francisco in a matter that's
6:51 pm
free fair and functional . as in all years the department's budget proposals for the next two fiscal years are different by the number of elections each year so for the next fiscal year 2223 we have the november 22 elections scheduled then the fiscal year 2324 two electionsscheduled . andnovember 23 election march 2024presidential primary election . next slide please .then as far as the department's budget is concerned you can see the three bar graphs in this slide represent the current fiscal yearwe went where we have four elections . next fiscal year one election scheduled for the 2324 we have 2 elections scheduled even though we have 4, 1 and 2 you can see that the proportion of our costs are consistent so in every fiscal year our nonpersonnel services and our personnel costs are what drive our budget and reallywhat drives those two costs are the
6:52 pm
type of election , number of cards and size of voter information. but again as we've seen through the yearsour budget is very consistent as faras what we spend our money on . next slide please .and then the department's budget proposals for the next two fiscal years include funding necessary to provide successful multilingual photo outreach programs and maintain equitable collection services including universalvote by mail programs and in person voting options . budget proposals also seek funding for a number of fixed and variable operating costs such as salaries of permanent and temporary employeesand translation cost of election materials. payments to all workers and system fees under contractual obligations and equipment
6:53 pm
maintenance . next slide. then on the revenue side again it's the type of election and timing of the election that drive our revenues. we had the even year general election and that's when we will consolidate the district elections into the city's election, also the statewide election so our revenue will be greater then the even numbered general election year versus the odd numbered electionyear. next slide please . and then staffing and vacancy. the staffing, department of elections has 39 budgeted fte positions. thosethree are currently vacant . two positions have been used for attrition savings for the last three years and the other position became vacant earlier this year. actually, just in the april election.all have been filled through a combination of pex appointments but over the next
6:54 pm
two years department filled most of its positions with pex appointments and now that the city has begun providing civil service exams to personnel and to people, this is now time for elections and other departments to start to focusand have access to the new list and we can repeat the permanent positions and with that i can take any questions . >> supervisorchan . >> just out of curiosity , i know that this year is very different because we ended up having 4 elections but the fact is that now all mail ballots, is there a costsavings when this is a different way of doing business or a different way of managing elections ? >> it's different but in a lot of ways it's the same.before san francisco started bail mailing ballots to all voters,
6:55 pm
to permanent folk mind by mail voters 70 percent of the subscription base was anyway we so we had a model where most of the voters were bound by mail and we had polling places on election day. now we spend anadditional 20 percent at the balance as well and we still have to polling places . what's changed is the in person voting at the polling place starting november 2020 has really decreased and idon't know if that's something that's pandemic related . i don't know if it's the result of getting ballots in the mail but certainly polling places have been going down as more people vote by mail. the 2016 election was the last time we had 30 percent of the vote occur at polling places. this past election was somewhere around three or four
6:56 pm
percent, very low. at the same time people what's happening is they still go to polling places to check their ballots and it's happening between 20 to 30percent of the vote , the turnout from people going to polling places to drop off their ballots so using the polling places there still being used by the voters.on our side not much has changed as far as process is concerned but one point to make is we haven't had a real challenge of recruiting poll workers the last few years this past election we had a real challenge because covid-19 was an issue for a lot of poll workers. we had a lot of cancellations just before election day and we had to bring a lot of people into places on election day but even something like that we've been having challenges with recruitment. you mentioned having at depleted, we then decreasing so we're trying to reduce the number of precincts we have in
6:57 pm
san francisco we can reduce the number of polling places and that's what we're trying to remove access to voters to vote it's still at least 500 polling places in the city within 6 to 8 blocks of where people live so we can hopefully fix polling places from election to election at the same site it reduces the requirements for us to provide, to recruit poll workers but also provide to recruit all workers with the language skills so someone gives you a polling place and there modeling of voter or they want to someone then we have a better chance of having someone recruit and be assigned to a polling place right now. the habits are changing. i don'tknow the reason but that process remains the same . and polling places remain popular fora lot of people. not to vote but to drop off their balance . >> last question but you do get reimbursed by the state for
6:58 pm
these actions. >> not anymore. full by mail used to be so that may be the reason. how? reimbursed his many years. so procuring those costs. september 2021 all counties were reimbursed for the election so i can see them carry those costs as we went into the special election this year and also into the june primary election the city for thecost of the vote by mail program . >> president walton. >> just a question in terms of the budget. we've been talking with secretary of state and your office about in person voting want to make sure that we had the budget and everything we need to be able to be successful with the pilot when we get everything from the secretary of state.>> a pilot program that was authorized in the ordinance, yes. it's if the program were to
6:59 pm
change it depends on what the changes were. if that were the case then it would essentially provide without charge voter services so there wouldn't be any cost there but again depending on the scope we would put another programinto the elections process . >> thank you. >> that's all thequestions . >> i think that's it. next i believe we have the director of the office of community investment and infrastructure on the line. >> good evening supervisors. >> and can i also have the clerk call that numbers 10 and 11. >> thank you madam chair. items 10 and 11. item 10 is a resolution
7:00 pm
approving the fiscal year 2022 to 23 interim budget of the office of community investment and infrastructure operating as a successful agency for san francisco redevelopment agency under number 11 is a resolution improving fiscal year 2022 to 2023 budget on from the office of community investment operating as a successor agency. san francisco redevelopment agency and improvement agencies in aggregate principal amount not to exceed approximately 99.6 million for the purpose of financing a portion of the personal obligations. members of the public was to provide comments on these items should call 415-655-0001. the meeting id is2488 . 854-3976 then press pound twice. if you haven't already done so don started three to line up t
7:01 pm
speed. the system prompt will indicate you have raised her hand and wait until the system indicates you have been muted and you may begin your comments . >> if you can firstpresent on your budget and then take questions and then present on the two items, that would be great. thank you so much .>> good evening chair ronen. vicechair safai, members of the subcommittee . i'm director of the office of community investment infrastructure and thank you for affording time for our agency. next slide please. i'll be brief but just want to recall that since 2005 we achieved success in our three remaining project barriers to continue those projects but the state called its first obligation . the first is parks, infrastructure, affordable
7:02 pm
housing andcommunity development programs in the mission bay area . the trans-bay area and the area known as the shipyard and kennel. and whatwe do in the same project areas is to develop affordable housing . also to create new infrastructure most of these areas don't have grids and utilities and to create new open space in those areas so as with all those programs we want to maximize contracting opportunities for local san francisco businesses both on contracting and professional services and also hire local sanfranciscans to work on those projects and then with a variety of things that we need to do in accordance with the state solution law . of course across those project areas we have 22 near units of housing and built 10,000 of them. approximately 30 percent will be affordable and we have
7:03 pm
nearly 400 acres of parks and open space thatwill go along with 13 million squarefeet of commercialspace . some of that retail, some of that office and other kinds of commercial space . next slide please .here's some examples of our current fiscal year work program initially you may remember finishing parts , some of mp3 and warrior stadium. with trans-bay we will be beginning design and hopefully next year or the year after construction of the park on block three which is in the area of the temporary question. part of that uses the new park along with some affordable housing that's on that side as well part of the uptick in our budget is related to on issuance related to the design and construction for that part another part that in a transparent as well just under the full sum offering to the terminal. also doing completing renovations and not just the
7:04 pm
shipyard but there's an artist building there thathas proximally 150 artists . we're finishing that with some other plans. we're also producing a construction on design but 800 units of housing some of them are in mission bay on block nine is under construction now and then in transitwe have three blocks . one that's a mixed income and mixed use site on trans-bay block four and one affordable site on trans-a blocks 2 e. and 2 w. and a variety of projects in redevelopment. next slide. this is our overall budget that we are proposing about $700 million. any percent of our money is essentially a pass-through for bonds and technically financin . about 50 percent of it for 360 million is going towards affordable housing . the other 20 percent about 200
7:05 pm
million is for infrastructure and utilities as i mentioned and new parks. a smaller amount goes to our community development programs and our workforce compliance and are mou's. our overall operations is about $19 million which is just under three percent of our overall budget and any other big item is our debt payments so basically debt service from the bonds that we issued . just over 90 percent of our budget is related to bonds for affordable housing and parks and new utilities in theproject areas that we operate in . that is our $700 millionbudget . the state is asking 55 and we will talk about our vacancy. next slideplease .
7:06 pm
this is just a simple pie chart that shows you the difference in our last year's budget versus this year's budget. just issuing bonds for affordable housing but also spending. projects that are in the gap phase, financing stage. it will take a more money than the predevelopment phase so we're seeing more projects closing and getting to close to being open. also parks construction as i mentioned in our project areas for our mission bay parks and also startingdesign in trans-bay. next slide please . this has been a focus of the discussion throughout the day for you so i wantto talk about our vacancies . like a lot of the other departments, we've got a number of vacancies. a lot of them i would say over
7:07 pm
half of them really are attributable to some of the early experiences in hiring and also attrition that occurred during covid-19. rehiring was difficult for us as well and because it affected of course the development trying to destabilize a little bit and our approach things slow down a bit so a lot of our staff are related to the impositions are related to titles that we have to work on those projects. our affordable housing and development services . just again in the last six months we've had four vacancies occur. and we expect also the work slowdown related to shipyard the candlestick project. no staff related to that. we hope to get that restarted over the next two calendaryears as we indicated in our presentation to the board .
7:08 pm
which would go to the next slide and we can come back to this question if you'd like. there we go. so just showing you the number of cars that we plan to make over the next two fiscal years as we ramp up some of the development on construction and design or the trans-bay park. the mission bay housing projects and the shipyard work program. if you can go back to the last slide to the order chart.i think i'll pause here for questions because i think that's what the board wanted to discuss. but i'll pause here for questions madame chair. >> any questions. >> feel free to go on and talk about items 10 and 11. >> i'm sorry could you repeat that?
7:09 pm
>> believe it or not my colleagues and i have no questions. >> thank you we went over that withyou in advance . but if you could please present onitems 10 and 11 . >> i apologize. my colleague mike are you on? >> i am. >> thank you so much. >> good evening supervisors, i am the off-camera deputy director for finance and administration for the office of investment and infrastructure and the item before you today are ourannual budget and our interim budget . items 10 is our interim budget item 11 is our annual budget . we present our interim and annual budget separately from the city budget because we are technically not a department, where a locally enabled state
7:10 pm
entity so we have to have a separate department to pass both our interim budget and annual budget and like the city the interim budget is to roll over as the base budget to cover the period fiscal year where the fiscal year has already done but so for the so far the mayor has not yet approved in 2023 budget and i'd be happy to answer any questions . >> i don't think there's any questions so we will open up items 10 and 11 to public comment. remember this is just public comment on the office of community investment and infrastructure interim budget. mister clark. >> yes. pardon, members of the public who wish to speak on those items and are joining us in person should line up now to speak. for those listening remotely call 415-655-0001.
7:11 pm
the meeting id is 248-854-3976 and pound and pound again. once connected you will need to press star 3. for those already in that you continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted. mister actions do we have any colors in the queue? >> mister clerk there are no colors in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. colleagues i would like to make a motion to send items 10 and 11 to the board on july 12. just kidding. i'm going to make two separate questions. i wouldlike to send item 10 to the full board on june 28 with a positive recommendation can i have a second by supervisorwalton . can ihave a rollcall vote. >> on that motion seconded by member walton . item 10 , the intro mohcd budget be recommended to the full board with a positive
7:12 pm
recommendation . on for hearing on june 28. vice chair. [roll call vote] we have 5 aye's. >> that item passes unanimously and i like to make a motion to send item 11 to the full board on july 12with a positive recommendation . seconded by president walton, can we have a rollcall vote . >> that item 11 be recommended to the july 12 meeting with a positive recommendation . [roll call vote]. we have 5 aye's. >> that motion passes unanimously. madame clerk,
7:13 pm
>> thank you committee members. >> members of the committee, mister president. >> thank you so much mister clerk. i'm sorry. it'sgetting late . thank you so much, have a good evening. sorry madame clerk . >> i'm accompanied by the department's administrative deputy this lots of mama. it is our privilege to be before you today to present the proposed budget for the board of supervisors for the next 2 fiscal years 2022through 2023 and 23 through 24. we very much appreciate the review and collaboration for the mayor's office . controllers budget office and from the controller's office and from dan doctor at eight budget legislative analyst office.
7:14 pm
the board members i know you work very closely with me on the details of the budget but i will provide just a quick highlight of the current year, brief overview of the staffing and vacancies. the proposed budget and i know you areaware of our 2 modest requests for your consideration . this past december and february we mentioned we would be bringing a request for funding which we are not doing for the newlegislative management system .honestly due to put it nicely the stranglehold the redistricting task force had on our office we had to pit and will bring it to you in the fall. regardingthe redistricting task force just briefly we had 45 meetings . many of them were ovens over seven hours and at some point we will look to working with you on how that process should be future proof but the reopening and hybrid meetings.
7:15 pm
before we learned to adapt i'm looking at slide 2 now to the covid-19 there was a moment when public access indoors. a significant challenge was brought by state that prohibited or significantly limited our board meetings ability to host in person meetings but like many ancient and semi legendary organizations proposed to the forerunners of the jedi order the board of supervisors actually carved out a path to access. march 12, 2020 the governor's order released and by march 17 the board of supervisors figured out a way to have in person meetings and thanks to thetechnical ability of john c . but the board further invited governance oversight from its public by this year opening up its chamber doors and creating a hybrid scenario where the public could actually come into the chamber or work with the board remotely and that is
7:16 pm
reallywhat we've been spending our year on . so that's what your clerks have been doing and in theback your legislative aides diligently workingwith the public , all of it to provide public access . so i wanted to just saythat moving on to our organizational chart , i managed five section . there are four administrative and the youth commission and provide services to the assessment appeals board and sunshine ordinance task force. the budget and legislative analyst works directly for the board of supervisors while my office administers the contract is the work directly off joe like simona. as far as our slide for our staffing and vacancies we are very proud ofour departments 88 full-time positions . they are all my divers and we wouldn't bestranded for long on a desert island . 65 are exempt but we also have
7:17 pm
59 appointed commissioner seat . that's the aav,sot f , the puc revenue bond committee, the youth commission, i could go on and on but currently the department has 2 vacant positions and we know they do fill very quickly. the table on the left shows attrition rates for the last three years. the apartments attrition rate is generally low but right now it's very low at one percent and then i'll moveon to the last of the 2 substantive slides . to the proposed budget it is a meager $21 million budget which in the budget year is a $451,000 increase or 2.2 percent increase. this is very much driven by the wage increases. that's the vast majority of the growth and in the out year the budget increaseis 136,004.6 percent from the budget year .
7:18 pm
in february this committee approved my budget request which included three positions that the mayor's office did not support and i amasking as you know from madam chair for 2 . i will not belabor the point about that. i understand the committee and mayor's office are in discussions so i will not really highlight slide six. it does include my push for the 1492 and 1222senior able :00 and if i cut back slide out outlook ahead. this is the last slide. after a temporary pause we are resuming our work. we are working closely with littrell under staff and is the of services for thelegislative management system. i've spoken to each of you in your offices about what that will bring . the last phase of that is work withthe department on what the department needs are going to
7:19 pm
be as they are drafting legislation and putting that into the system itself . there's a lot of bells and whistles that will be associated withthat system. i will be bringing you the cost for that system after we put it out on to the marketplace in the fall . there's one last point i want to make. this is joe's last budget with us. she i would like you to pass legislation that forbids her to go but she will be leaving us to go to the dbi i believe i do want to say that the careful auctioning of all the boards work as it pertains to the administrative side of the house is 100percent thanks to june . we call her june kenobi and we can do it without her. we wish you welland hope you changeyour mind. thank you members . that concludes my presentation . >> thank you. how could you. they are so lucky and you've got yourwork cut out for you .
7:20 pm
seriously, thank you so much foreverything. going to miss you resident wasn't . >> thank you madam clerk. and you know i've been broke up with before but for dvi?but i do wish you the best and do appreciate all your work . obviously things are much smoother for us as a board of supervisors because of you and you will be missed.madam clerk i want to say that for you and your team worked very hard and this has been a trying couple of years with the additionof hybrid meetings and having to manage all that . the varying task forces and commissions sometimes adds to your workload like for instance what we had to deal with with redistricting and a number of our team had to put in so but with the modest increasesyou
7:21 pm
have i'm 100 percent in support of and i'm going to do everything i can to provide for that and i just appreciate you andyour team and the way that you show up . >> i want to stay on the record that i want to make sure the work . >> supervisor chad. >> i wanted to know that francis is starting drafting legislation to stop you from going and i think my team thank you for your reference to star wars. i don't know, macgyver apparently but i want to thank you both and thank your team for all the hard work that you've been doing and i look forward to seeing the system upgrade discussion this fall. and thank you so much for your teams hard work, for redistricting and i look forward to seeing how we can recruit , not just improve that system and making sure that we have the budget that we have conversation around obviously we may not be around for the next redistricting but just
7:22 pm
perhaps taking this these future steps to make surethat the next time around is much better. thank you. >> supervisor . >> madam clerk, you know you inspire and you've done a tremendous job but also because president walton has spoken all day.i wanted to say that this is a big deal.but seriously, the guidance you provided us over the last year. jim, you've been amazing and it will be missed. it's always exciting to start a new chapter in life but thank you for everything you've done. i'm glad we highlighted redistricting task force. in no way shape or form if you imagine you are signing up for anything like that so absolutely we look forward to working with you to debrief and reflect and think how that can
7:23 pm
be planned and staff is supported better in the future because i know that completely drained and stretch your department to the point of having to say we were blacked out in terms of the work we had to doon a very limitedbasis with you which is understandable so it's really appreciate . i hope my colleaguescomments . >> director , let me know that the mayor is in agreement and we will be doing a technical adjustment to or she will be doing a technical adjustment to which to restore those two positions that are asking for and i want to thank the budget director and the mayor for working with us to do that. it was a priority for all of us so i really appreciate that . i'll just add my love for you angela, you're one of the people i look up to most in the world and i think we all feel
7:24 pm
that way. we adore our department heads and with our crazy personalities for all of us to agree on one thing which is our adoration for you is just such anamazing feat . idon't know how you do it . but i just thank you so much for everythingand i appreciate you more than we could ever express . >> kindly, thank youmembers. thank you director and then they are . >> all right, last but certainly not least the mayor's office. i messed up this morning director. i'm so sorry. i forgot to have youmake opening remarks . when we presented items one and two of the budget. i am so sorry and let me take a moment to thank you for all your extraordinary work you are such a pleasure to workwith . you are so straightforward. you answer all of our questions in a timely manner.
7:25 pm
your pleasure fun to work with. we're going to miss you too. why is everybodyleaving us . i don't know if that's public yet. okay. >> this is director robin burgers last budget with us in san francisco but she's going to be the cfo of boston which is extremely exciting. we're very lucky to haveyou . so i meant no disrespect after all the hard work you put in. you deserve opening remarks in this budget please. >> thank you so much for the kindwords . it's bittersweet for sure to be in this position and leaving but i'm excited to go home and it wouldn't be in this position and able to take this job if i
7:26 pm
hadn't had the opportunity here of working with you all. so thank you . so i have this morning was prepared to give a big 13 slide presentation that you all have seen a couple of times from me. it's been a long day and we don't have to go through all of that because i know there's a lot to get to and i think my colleagues from the mayor's office of housing and community development are here on the line to talk about their budget i can kind of generally explain the mayor's budget so we will be just shy of $14million in fiscal 23 . and shrinks a little bit in fiscal 24. the big focus in this budget wascertainly on issues of wage . both are our public-sector employees and also our nonprofit workers. and also a real emphasis as you although on economic recovery
7:27 pm
focusing on revitalizing our economic core. public safety is also a major issue for the mayor in this budget ensuring there is sufficient resources in our public safety department to staff up and have the resources they need in the meantime to continue to deliver core services. also we are leveraging many of the voter approved propositions, bb proxy and our city are home to make major investments in homelessness, continuing work in behavioral health and also abig focus on children and families in this budget . i know that apartments are here every day this week talking about that they will provide all the details but i think if that works for opening remarks we can turn it over to our mohcd colleagues to pull up th presentation for the mayor's budget . >> there's a couple of comment . supervisor.
7:28 pm
>> i'm sorry, i was hoping to do this earlier today when the attorney was here but the controller is here.i wanted to highlight one of the challenges in my second year on budget and one of those things was understanding whether items added through the board phase last year were included in this year's budget so i'd like to propose an administrative provision requiring each department to report on whether the items added in the 2223 are included in the 2324 submission so for example whatever we negotiate in this process they would then for that apartments where the commission approval request would be done at the commission phase. they would let commissioners know what things have been funded based on board negotiations and final budget and for those without it would be in the six-month report, six-month report to the board of supervisors i want to work with the controller and city
7:29 pm
attorney so we can track language to provide this administrativeprovision tracking to allow us into note in advance things that have been funded and where they are in the process . >> happy to look atlanguage and work on it with you . >> thank you so much, i know there's going to other comments and just wanted an vice chair. i'm sorry, i know an ally. i want to thank you for your consistent meetingwith my office . and you for working with us and being as chair ronen said very straightforward and direct and alwaysproviding tremendous amountof information to guide us to this spot as well . and you will be missed . >> supervisor. >> thank you chair. i think just a brief question and i don't think we need to go through the details right at this moment. i just noticed a discrepancy between the list in terms of male staff the list that we
7:30 pm
approve versus what was proposed. we don't have to go through that right now. just the numbers of like approved decisions and the ou versus what'sproposed . like, there's i don't know, mayoral staff for. it's like three positions but it's in ordinance like four. just alittle bit . >> you're comparing it to the asl. i'd be happy to look at that with you and try to understand the discrepancies. >> now i think we can go to the department. >> i think eric shaw is on the line. >> afternoon members of the committee. my name is derek shaw and director of the housing and
7:31 pm
community development. i'm pleased to share with you the budget proposed budget for fiscal year 2223 and 2324. i joined today by deputy director kurt feynman who is then along with deputy director for housing lydia deeley and maria benjamin and deputy director for community development brian to . next slide please. so mohcd supports san franciscans withaffordable housing opportunities to build strong communities . the overall budget for 21-22 includes 119 positions. thisyear's budget includes racial equity , anti-displacement, housing opportunities for vulnerable communities, increasing our capacity to realize emissions . next slide. i'm happy to report that last year we had some key
7:32 pm
accomplishments which include disregarding more than $200 million across 370 organizations. according with more than a dozen community organizations to provide $21 million and more than 3000 vulnerable households. over the last two years celebrating 10 groundbreaking 2600 new affordablehousing units . conducting 112 affordable housing lotteries and with 107,473 applications were submitted for 486 affordable homes. partnering with the housing authority and department technology to bring wireless to hold sf communities. my staff will share with you a couple of weeks ago our annual report listed by congressman says well and this comes from our comprehensive plan and other keymetrics . withthat i'm going to turn it over to ben to discuss the details of the project .
7:33 pm
>> thank you supervisors, benjamin mccloskey deputy director for finance and administration at mohcd. for fiscal year 2223 apartments proposed budget is approximately $205 million which is an rich case of about $3 million from thecurrent year . the major decreases including elimination of one-time items from our current year budget including general fund rent relief, $23 million of hope sf investment, about $19 million of the federal home program and advance from the housing trust fundof $17.6 million , 10 million to the innovation fund and $4.7 million of grants to ceos, a lot of which were funded one time through the board adjuncts. on the increased side of thing , offsetting thosedecreases , comparing the proposed budget
7:34 pm
to the current year for the first time we're having a developer, housing developer subsidy from the market rate housing developer of treasure island to support the affordable units on the island. general fund investment of $11 million for community center and gems as part of the sunnydale osf element . $10 million for capital improvements in existing nonprofit affordable housing including sros including elevators. an increase in the loss program which is the local operating subsidy program which supports supportive housing units in our properties. we have new buildings coming online in the next year which is great. that results in an $8 million increase in those operating subsidies and the work order from hsa. we also have included $4 million for additional in your
7:35 pm
operating subsidies to expand our current senior operating to theprogram . a few more increases the note the housing trust fund is still increasing for the next few years, $2.8 million per year for the charter . increase is proposed to fund in part a continuation of three expiring limited duration provisions in our department and three new positions. an expansion of the digital services work orderto support our online housing listings and applications . an increase of $2.4 million for additional cvo grants and just shy of $2 million to the soma stabilization fund from the developer of seven mission street directly to the soma stabilizationfund . in the second year of the proposedbudget , we would see a
7:36 pm
decrease of approximately $40 million to $164 million. when we find those decreases are primarily related to the eliminationof one-time items many of which i just spoke about . the $11 million for sunnydale, one-time estimate for improvements inexisting nonprofit housing . developer contributions for affordable housing doesn't entirely go away but it leads to about $9 million, that's 10 million for the operating subsidies in the first year of the budget there funded that one-time investment between a 16 year period. $2.4 million of one-time grants for the ceos and stabilization contribution increases almost to their butnot quite . the chair of the committee
7:37 pm
specifically asked us to address staffing . like all the departments we've had an unusually high amount of staff turnover. we had 17 physicians in this current year and many of them are off budget. the ones on budget areprimarily funded by the house trust fund or inclusionary housing impact fee . since january 2021 we had 22 people leave the department and we've hired 38 new people and that doesn't even include emotional internalpromotional opportunities . we had a lot of turnover. currently we have 13 vacancies, about 11 percent vacancy rate. three of those have been vacant since before 2022 primarily due to lack of qualified candidates for pre-pre-specialized roles that we arelooking for . in all three of those instances
7:38 pm
where working with dhr and departmental partners to refine and make sure we get qualified candidates for eligibility work. part of those 13 vacancies have occurred sincejanuary . and our current vacancy rate is about twicethe pre-pandemic rate . the vacancies have indeed been challenging but we primarily handle that challenge by expediting our hiring as much as possible and i really want to give a shout out to our one hr person karen henderson who's been amazing over the last 2 years and to be quite honest all of our staff has been working more andworking harder to try to backfill those vacancies . and in general we don't plan for attrition. we don't have patrician values in our budget primarily because
7:39 pm
much of our backing is funded off budget so we modulate the offbudget position , cost relative to the grant funding that is fundingthose positions . we have an organization chart i provided in your packet you should have received already and it's at the end of this slide if you want to talk through that more . with that i'll add it back over to ashley to talk about the mayor'sadministration budget . >> thank youbenjamin, next slide please . i will briefly describe the budget from the office of the mayor. our major admin budget is 10.2 million in fiscal 23, grows to 10.4 in fiscal 24. our budget is overwhelmingly salary and benefits which you see represented on the table. the budget supports about 42
7:40 pm
fte in a couple of different functions including administration, policy, communication andmy teams budget . the increases you see here in the table year-over-year are really due primarily to salary and benefit changes as a result of the recently adopted mou and contract amounts and also increases for our citywide work order cost . next slide. this just walked through the organization chart for the office of the mayor . represents the 42 fte i talked about on the previousslide . at this moment we have 2 vacancies but i've actually received an update since the slide was drafted and submitted the two vacancies we do have in the medications team and on the policy team we have offers extended to those individuals
7:41 pm
so weanticipate they will be fully staffed by the end of this year and we anticipate him being fully staffed nest next fiscal year as well . >>. >> chair: colleagues, any questions? president walton. >> thank you sarah so much chair ronen. >> chair: i should say we've enjoyed supervisor preston and i don't know ifthe clerk needs to make announcements . >> for the record, with the appearance of supervisor preston you have convened a special board meeting as of 7:20 8 pm. >> chair: president walton. >> thank you director shaw and director groff and berger. a few questions just in terms of as we look at first-time homeowners. in the past year there's
7:42 pm
drinking resources to make sure we are equitable. can you tell me how many home loans have been processed from the dream keeper initiative resources and what's the approval rating for applicants? >> thank you for that question president walton. we're happy to announce that i believe on march 16 we close our first dream keeper out. that was in record time. even compared to our regular down payment assistanceloan program . ibelieve that four people are in contract right now. and that's also really fast . in terms of interest in dream keepers we have 450 people attended an information session and i believe that 200 are currently within the home ownership counseling which is a requirement to qualify for the down payment loan program. as you know there was $10 million allocated for that and
7:43 pm
we anticipate being on target for just pushing those funds. some of them are being impacted by the fact that impacts have changed and that's keeping things somewhat more expensive but i know also in addition to the down payment assistance loan there is a rant that supports the closing cost that have also been distributed. so it's hard on approval because people go through the training and then they have to go find the house and have the resources to be able to do the down payment and for our regular program it is actually through a lottery. so the assumption in the end is on the present of those that the lotterywill go receive regular down funding . >> and what's the maximum amount beingprovided for a loa from that 10 million ? >> it's $500,000 . >> so we would probably if we
7:44 pm
get a maximum of everybody it would be about 20 to recover with this amount. >> and president we have been in talks with director davis and my team working on that to understand when we may be having spendingpressure on . i know people put in effort to find the home that we can do that . i'm alsolooking at other programs . we've been in conversations with our lending partners and then also with a program around how we can make sure that someone isn't getting resources or they understand the other resources are available that may not be city funded. >> i definitely appreciate the increases for the resources and we support the center that's going to be in sunnydale.
7:45 pm
i know at one point in time you and i haveconversations about holding staffing . where are we in terms of other efforts , are they fully staffed and funded and have yo been able to hire ?>> thank you for that question. i'mstill serving as interim director at this time . as you know the overall isthe initiative will be some changes . as relates to the executive director of the san francisco foundation also left that position and where in conversation with the san francisco foundation around making sure we havestrategic alignmenton that . for the whole sf staff right now , we have 4 vacancies i believe so one person got a promotion, came from policy analystto senior manager for economics . we had a program assistant to the puc and we've not been able
7:46 pm
to find a strong candidate after three rounds for director for education but we are doing interviews on that position and the other 2 juniorpositions right now . >> so you know we're moving forward, things are moving quickly. we need to have the folks in place so we can make sure that this housing is built in and the services are provided. >> we're working with you sir. >> on the community development side how are we ensuring that funding allocations are equitable across populations and across races and ethnicities? >> i think in that instance right now supervisor you know that when i came on and at the direction of both you and the mayor we did a review of our spending on that and we made some changes so in particular
7:47 pm
we put into all our grant agreements a target for the number of africanamericans served , low income african american served regardless of the target of the program, we set that has a goal and in addition we had a racial equity scoring to procurement that we do for our general cdg the funding with an additional outreach working with i believe it's the sf block which is the african-american nonprofit coalition. we work with them on additional outreach and we i believe still have themillion dollars for african-american capacity building so we can issue another round of funding for that . in addition to the general funding for general capacity building, which also has to include a racial equity narrative in scoring . >> and no proposed increases for the million dollarswestern mark . >> know, i believe right now
7:48 pm
we're rolling on the general grants budget and i think you know at least this year we made a commitment. we heard of the challenge of applying for these grants regularly but didn't have the certainty last year to this year we are rolling over all of those grants to 2 year grants but we are anticipating that in the next fiscal year the million dollars would be a new solicitation . we made a commitment whoever that funding was going to get 2 years of funding and were going to open the opening procurement next year to new organizations but i think 10 organizations got past with grants ranging from $75,000-$200,000 . >> thank you. >> chair: supervisor mar. >> i had a few questions for director shaw in the mohcd
7:49 pm
budget but i want to thank you and the team for partnering with us on so many important new initiatives in district for including on the committee development side creating the district andlaunching that recently and then on the house inside , moving forward with the sunset first ever 100 percent affordable housing project. one for educators, one for low incomefamilies. our first ever small site acquisition in the sunset . looking at new ways to expand affordable housingin a low-density neighborhood like the sunset . just on that i did have a question . we've been working with you on looking about how we can create incentives for homeowners to create affordable units by adding adu's and i know in the budget presentation in the current budget there's a mohcd
7:50 pm
innovation fund for $10million and that was a one-time budget allocation for this year and that's not continuing in the new budget . just wanted to clarify is that $10 million available or has it been programmed yet and then as you know we passed legislation to create a housing development center for homeowners that would provide incentives, technical assistance and financing to createaffordable units in single-family homes. if the fund is available can be tapped for that ? >> thank you for that question. i also want to add that we did procure the west side capacity building brands as well so that's another community development piece i want to thank my team for working on . the housing innovation fund isa one-time fund that was proposed
7:51 pm
by the mayor that we are supporting .and we have been, well one, i know that the land use regulations that you were all considering for some time with impact some of those possible densities and allowances so we were monitoring that along with planning and we've been working with planning in particular to understand how to leverage the existing resources or specific programs they have as to the implementation ofthe housing fund . as you know yourself and supervisor melgar showed a lot of leadership in this place and she had a hearing that had been monitoring the guidance coming from that piece so in that instance right now we're not stopping.we're doing a lot of research and partnering with theurban institute that's been working with planning . i'm just trying to understand the best way to play those resources when we have some finalized guidance on that but
7:52 pm
i think the idea right now is it's not a free for all and i know there has been some complications from legislation by supervisor melgar to shake that and we are monitoring that understanding the different prongs in which that could be considered. at some point there was given a conversation around people being able to purchase duplexes for fourplexes and conversation about construction of theadu's as well. we already deploy these funds and just see what a position goes withland-use on this . >> i had another question about the sos , before million dollars to expand the sos senior operating subsidies program but we're really glad to see that in the budget and as you know i had a hearing in january in the services
7:53 pm
committee on our housing programs that address the needs of seniors and people with disabilities and it's one of the key points of the hearing is how even the affordable housing units aren't affordable to most seniors who are living onsuch low income so the program is important . i'd like to see that money in the mayor's budget for. i had a question. how many subsidies do you project would be covered by that $4 million because there's such a great need for this type of subsidy for seniors to be able to even afford affordable housing . >> i'm going to ask lydia to help with that as well. the first thing we're looking at right now as we understand we bought 1000 units of housing but then our senior housing within our pipeline and we're trying to make sure that we deploy this resource as much as
7:54 pm
possible so we know that there's-4300, 17 pacific. we're trying to make sure we have the timing to deploy that resource fast because we know the need is happeningnow . when you're looking at our recently completed projects , where there may be a need for additional gap financing that can help cover that cost but deputy director, if you have a more specific answer. >> good evening supervisor mar and other members. as director shaw said we have 1000 units of senior housing in our pipeline and the way the senior subsidy program will work is as we enter the pipeline and move through it and move through the development process we will see an allocation of 40 percent for
7:55 pm
senior operating subsidy units. half of those will be for households at 15 percent a.m. i and the other half will be for households at 20 percent a.m. i. the subsidies will be provided in the 15 year contract and the reason we do not is twofold. number one is to really secure how stable it before the residents so the may do not have to worry about the subsidy disappearing. the other reason we do that is so we can leverage other funding sources with that subsidy which allows us to stress our capital dollars farther . so before million that's in the budget now, we estimate funds of about 28 more units in the operating subsidy units for the 15 year period. and it's veryexpensive to do that . i know it seems a little shocking and disappointed and it's a reminder that we're
7:56 pm
basically stepping into the shoes of the federal section 202 program which has been a long-term source of senior subsidies over the years that are no longer available to us but by standing up our local program we're taking on a very long-term andexpensive commitment . >> thank you for that and i'm very very supportive of the expanding the sos subsidies for extremely low income seniors. that seems like a very extremely small number of units that would be subsidized by this 28 units for $4 million. i think it looks like that comes out to about hundred $42,000 per unit so yeah. i guess i would like to see more perhaps how the $4 million could be used to support a
7:57 pm
larger number of streamlined low income seniors. and is there any regulatory requirements that we use the 15 year period? if it were reduced to three years, six years and then the number of folks that could benefit from the subsidy would increase significantly. >> supervisor, i think there's two things one is the affordability. 15 percent, 25 percent are there i think we just want to as the supervisor asked and shared we use that term to leverage other financing so it creates some certainty within the stack to make our products more feasible in the long term the other thing in the end tois
7:58 pm
that we want to , before living longer we want to make sure that we have some certainty that this resource will be available as for the lifetime is not the right way to say it but for a defined long-term that reduces the uncertainty and the ability of our foundries at some point in the future these are i know it's a question that's reducing the term in fairness to the percent receiving that subsidy, we know sometimes funding can be political and we know sometimes that the changes in the budget cycle so we tried to make sure both administrative and then and for leverage reasons and equity andfairness reasons we have a defined term of 15 years . >> thanks for your work on this. i actually director sean i'd
7:59 pm
love to have some further discussion with you about it . but just to see how we could do better i guess with this $4 million for the senior operating subsidies for thenext hearing on the housing budget . >> we will followup with that . >> supervisor preston. >> thank you chair and thank you budget committee members for all your work. i know it's a long day and we're diving into some important stuff for the end of it so i do have some questions but i do want to start by just appreciating all your work chair and committee members. let me an and i will repeat it but i do share the concerns provider ronen raised around the limits of seniors and the decision to project this out for a 15 year term i'm interested in further information on that as well i have broader questions rector
8:00 pm
shaw . what's your goal for under thi budget for affordable housing creation . ? >> so supervisor i can tell you we are breaking ground on 11 projects this year. and we're excited about that. thatmainly is due to the fact that we were able to finally access resources from the housing accelerator fund . it takesabout five years from inspection of the project to go into completion . so our goal is to make sure our projects get funded. we just closed on the funding availability and rear reducing announcing a recipient of homeless families so that will
8:01 pm
add to our pipeline and we are rushing to get the state resources as well but all of our goals are to get 11,000 units up with the funding that we have. >> so this budget is for creating 11,000 units of housing in the upcoming year? >> the idea is we have an active pipeline and thegoal that comes out of this is not a unit . the goal is to build the pipeline through either notice of funding availability, through advocacy and leveraging resources. we can't set a goal of 1000 units if we know it takes five years to build them. our goal is to, and we're proud of this right now having completed 2600 units in the past two years and then that we're breaking ground on 11 projects this year because we're able to access the new funding sources from the states so i think we are talking about this in different ways.
8:02 pm
my goal in and is to make sure we're accelerating the resources to get our pipeline completed and that funded as fast as possible. >> understand that our multiple sources of funding.i'm trying to find out the cities goal or how manyaffordable housing we will be creating in the upcoming fiscal year . >> i'm going to say again supervisorthe goal right now for us is to getall 11,000 units funded as fast as possible . there isn't , there's a one to plan and takes about five years in thedevelopment process so we can just , i need they can be on paper but in that instance we are happy that we are adding new units to the pipeline. >> as you know the city has goals to produce a certain number of affordable housing units every year. >> we do . >> i'm trying to understand for the upcoming year what that
8:03 pm
goal is and what our goal is as a city andhow that compares ? and it sounds like you can't give mean answer to that .>> i'll share with you once again the goal is we celebrate the pipeline to build the pipeline so that in that instance we can continue to coordinate with planning around how to make sure the timing of the hope of receiving funding and the timing of when projects will come online but once again i'm out with director harris, i don'tknow if that unit is coming online . units that are as i said, on paper entitled or funded.i'll have to check with director phyllis about how the housing number is defined.
8:04 pm
>> so earlier in today's hearing there was an interesting colloquy between budget committee and department of public works and the chair was speaking to the issue of even if folks are working hard toward the goal like what matters to people in our neighbors are these goals so we have concrete goals for each year of how many affordable housing units weare going to create . and i don't want tobelabor it because we have an entire hearing to try to get some clarity on this . is it safe to say that under this budget. this is, you had the lead agency for creating affordable housing city and county of san francisco underthis budget , are we on track to meeting those arena goals, to not meeting those goals or to exceeding those goals for the next year or two years? >> the other thing on this too
8:05 pm
is that we fund our affordable housing through our capital budget as you know through the bond issuance is that we have would be the receipts we see so in that instance wedo not use and will find . we choose to not use general funds to construct affordable housing. to offer the bond and it comes from the impact fees. i can tell you it has impacted the ability to receive impact fees which is concerning to us and then once again we increase petition at thestate level to receive the leverage funding . it's going to be a challenge. we do have within our pipeline and with the budget capital budget resources earmarked for either predevelopment which has been issued for the ninesites that were done . we issued for this new notion of being created and for the
8:06 pm
financing that comes in after state funding or other funding is received so that actually is through the capital budget which we allocate those funds. >> we have concrete objectives and we need to meet us. every agency deals with other sources of funding you're talking about mta, there's a certainobjectives for the buses running. it doesn't matter that some of the funds may be leveraged from other sources . >> mister preston i think we have shown that there still is a challenge. that we and we're working, this is the big primary piece outside of getting the pipeline through is the advocacy to get that money. i think you saw jones yesterday calling out mohcd to make sure
8:07 pm
they're referencing this joint letter was sent by three mayors of the largest cities around continuing to have the governor and legislature fund accelerated funds because we have not been competitive baseball cost but that is what those awards are the reasons why. also along with the state funding for projects home key. so the state and the fed in particular the state to play a significant role in realizing how to fully finance affordable housing that we're building but then in the capital budget that we have the pipeline that we have we have to allocate the resources to provide that gap financing when additional financing is available . >> does staffing in this budget limit your ability to access the fundsfor affordable housing in san francisco ? >> can you review that sir?
8:08 pm
>> does mohcd staffing, is that a limiting factor in how much affordablehousing funding you can seek and how many projects you can create ? >> i would say number we still have the constraints of the resources available and requirements within the capita budget of the funds that are available . as you saw we had a huge turnoverin the project staff on the housing side . we have a number of senior vacancies right now in lydia's shop as much as benjamin makes an assessment for karen i'm going to give an assessment of lydia and her team we are going to bring them in one night oil to get our closing son to make sure we can get as many applications as possible and make use for the state so in that instance we are processing into all the due diligence and underwriting needed to make
8:09 pm
sure we can have these projects the state to be competitive fo bond financing and for other resources . >> how much money does mohcd currently have discretion to pursue affordable projects, uncommitted funds ?>> so we have a pipeline with allocated with the capital budget so we receive some additional resources from hsa and that was the reason we were able to issue that nova for that housing. i believe that was $30 million. lydiatell me if that's not correct but in that instance our funds are committed to our pipeline . and then once you again we are able to i think commit additional resources for the mindset with some of those actually based off of plant allocations and then we face that based on availability and impact fees but there isn't, we
8:10 pm
have 11,000 units in our pipeline that are not uncommitted funds. we want to make sure we have the resources available to provide the gap on those projects funding. >> director shaw, with respect i want to be respectful of chair ronen and the committees time and you know, i asked a pretty straightforward question. how much money mohcd has that is not permitted. you mentioned $30million and you start talking about different projects . is there a figure of how much money the department has on hand that is notfor affordable housing, not committed to projects ? >> our pipeline, we have a pipeline of 11,000 units and we have bond financing. i know in that instance it maybe and i'll double check. we can get back to you on that. i know for example dealing with specific population
8:11 pm
requirements as part of the bond financing so for example teacher housing that we may not issue a note but we know in that and that would have to go for a certain type of housing for aspecific population . >> so there's nothing on hand uncommitted. >> that's correct sir. wehave a pipeline of 11,000 units . >> i understand the pipeline. you've answered that. what is the status of the $74 million that this board of supervisors appropriated for purposes of site acquisitions. has anyone been spent? i don't see any references in the budget. i don't see it in the presentation so where? >> that was last year's funding. i think that amendment that the mayor made which we worked really hard was to make sure that we had the appropriate, we had a period and responsive
8:12 pm
small site program could make sure we deploy the programs in a sustainable manner. so we work closely with the community-based houses from january until march to get a framework around what would be some new criteria for how we evaluate projects. what additional resources we need to ensure the operation of those projects. what is support needed to support thecapacity of those organizations . we currently are working with enterprise on drafting the regulations for that . and we were able to close on two projects that were in the pipeline actually one is pending, one did close was in the pipeline that would total and leave about $10 million and then we issued another $2 million in extended capacity photographs through our note
8:13 pm
that we had done in 2019 but we are in regular conversation with regulations that are being drafted with the houses around what is their capacity. they have a lot of turnover and once we see the direction they want to go in terms of either pipeline prices and the opportunity types that they get out so we're confident that when new regulations come out having worked with the houses that we will be to deploy those resources in a manner that's in line with the new framework. >> i'm going to ask again and i understand there's a lot of things wrapped up in terms of discussing history. i'm trying to get some basic figures. the board but $74 million for site acquisition. i have not been informed of a dollar of that being spent . maybe some of it has, that's fine but i'm asking of that $74 million how much of it has been spent orcommitted to projects
8:14 pm
and how much is still available ? >> 2 million was allocated for additional capacity building grants and i believe the resources were deployed for two in the queue. one fell through and then one closed and there's an additional remaining amount of $54 million that remains . >> i just asked you before how much uncommitted funding was on hand and you told me that wasn't any others $64 million of uncommitted funds that you could stand on affordable housing tomorrow . there's nothing that precludes that. >> it does preclude thatbecause once again it requires due diligence . i think this is an idea that we just write a check when a budget comes in and that's not correct . it takes about 18 months or 24 months for a small site and i
8:15 pm
apologize. i thought we were talking about new construction, not the small sites program but that's also how we're instituting the appropriate reforms to make sure we can expedite the process to support network. as you know our houses were stretched thin in terms of resources and staff and in particular one that we had to refinance eight deals over the past year so there was a concern at the end that a new deal was going in the pipeline when there isn't the operational sustainability of an existing pipeline so that's why we're doing a three-pronged approach which is a capacity building and working on strategic alignment so that when we have those things in place where able to deploy so we're confidentin the end we will get things done faster . we we have stronger organizations there for how
8:16 pm
they want to build and how they want to acquire units. >> are the reforms to that program were promised in march completed ? >> the framework has been complete and that is with the share with the community and the process right now is we had a delay cause of one of our contracting partners and the drafting of the regulations but that's supposed to be released nextweek . >> and does this budget incorporate the spending of that $64 million that is on hand for this program or isthat not included ?>> i'll ask benjamin on how things are on our books because that money is already available. i don't know if it will be in thebudget . >> that's correct director shaw. because the money was
8:17 pm
previously appropriated by the board it does not appear in the mayor's budget forthe next two years . >> has the mayor pledged to add $10 million to small sites and 10 million more in the upcoming budget, are those funds reflected in the budget before the committee? >> i'm not familiar with what you're speaking aboutsupervisor preston . >> that was a press release that the mayor issued on november 30 and if that's no longer the plot plan it would be good to know if it was to make 10 million of additional funds. >> fun support has already
8:18 pm
appropriated so it's not additionallyincluded in the proposed budget . >> as you know the voters approved prop i 58 percent of the vote understanding that for affordable housing. that brought in now over $2 million, many of those not allocatedfor their intended purpose . my question is heading into this budget year at any point since the enactment including reading into the budget cycle has mohcd requested the prop i funds be used for permanently supportive housing?>> supervisor i think as you know lydia sits on thehousing stability fund oversight board so she's a member of that .
8:19 pm
i know the mayors in correspondence with public leaders and in that instance we provide strategic guidance around the needs of our pipeline and we update her on housing but there's not a request because ... >> as the office of housing you advisethe mayor on housing matters . i understand the mayors position that shehas discretion to defund affordable housing but i'm asking whether the office of housing and community development has at anytime requested the prop i funds be used for affordable housing . >> i will say that an
8:20 pm
inappropriate projection. she's publicly and emphatically committed to making sure there recruiting as much as possible so i want to make sure we are beingmindful of that . but in the end we share with the mayor our pipeline.we have directions on small site strategy . we are aware of the recommendation from the housing oversight board so that's the relationship that we have with her. right now there is no need for additional requests because as we've shared before there is the 64 million that had been committed as part of the small sites program and the advocacy and biggest push we find the mayor on his the need to get permanent funding and changes in the federal requirements that make more stateresources available for us because all our affordable housing with leverage . >> i'm curious if when i look at the overall numbers here we're going from 250 million to 205 million in the upcoming year to 164 million and a
8:21 pm
decrease of 52.8 million for the housing this year. the crease of another 40 million beyond that next year. from 262 205 164. do you think that is appropriate to see that level of declining budget for the main agency responsible for affordable housingin san francisco during affordability crisis ? >> as i shared and i don't know if you can come up again. it was adecrease . it was one time revenue that came in but i don't know if you want to discussthat again . >> sure. supervisor preston, the primary driver with the decrease in our budget between occurring here and proposed2223 , the bulk of that is not related to funding that would develop housing
8:22 pm
production. one portion, $19 million was federal covid grant to housing production but of the major decreases between the current year and proposed budget year, the only portion that's related to housing production is the $17.6 million from thehousing trust fund . >> let me just say as a comment and i will wrap up as i have many more questions but i want to respect the committee and their time. at this late hour. there is such a disconnect here and it's reallyhard to even fathom . the most recent housing elemen , most recent draft of our cities housing element when you
8:23 pm
look at objective 4 a recommends the city substantially expand the amoun of permanently affordable housing or low to moderate income households .then this section. this is our craft housing. the section goes on to describe the city has created new sources of local funding to make up for the loss of redevelopment funds including quote, real estate transfer taxes, property value at $10 million or higher expected to create $196 million per year. so it's like the less left hand is not talking to the right hand here we're literally in a housing element that we, that despite not even achieving our goals each year , for affordable housing in our arena goals.and despite the loss of redevelopment we are telling the state, telling the world this is how we're doing it because this ballot measure is
8:24 pm
bringing in to 175 and $200 million a year and then you have housing that has not even recommended that we use a dollar of those funds and has effectively again and again here today and again and again to the housing stability oversight board ignored the $74 million that we are begging to give you money as the mayors office of housing and instead what we get and with all due respect thislooks like a fire sale. this looks like a going out of business sale. the budget for this department . 260 million bucks down to 205 down to 164.this is like the departments going out of business. i don't even know what to say at this point. i appreciate the time. i will let me maybe and on what i hope is a positive note which
8:25 pm
is the right to counsel program and i appreciated mayor breeds comments and i've appreciated the partnership with mohcd on that. there was a commitment to fully funding the program and i want to confirm with director shaw whoever it was appropriate that can you confirm that in this year's budget the program continues to be fully funded for the year one and year two. >> that's correct. >> thank you again chair and committee members for the time . >> we will see you next week. i want to share this amazing committee and allthe numbers and all the staff . tomorrow we will get out in time for the warriors game because i am being scolded and
8:26 pm
asked to promise that will happen and so i will rain us all in . i will on the clock so we are in front of the tv or if you are lucky at the chase center watching the game. >> we will hold each other mutuallyaccountable . >> or you might lose quorum. >> i might lose my job. but really seriously, thanks everyone for your patience and your attention all day. this has been a long one and i appreciate you all. let's wrap this up. we have a fewmore things that we have to do . and let me try to figure those out. somebody's going to help me with this text. regarding item number 12. i like to make a motion to continue items one and two to the june 22 meeting of the
8:27 pm
budget and appropriations committee. can iget a second onthat . seconded by president walton . mister clark. i believe wehave to open up the motion to continue the public comment period . >> for the members of the public who are interested in sharing public comment on the continuance of the administrative provisions contained in the appropriation ordinance and salary ordinance should line up now to speak. or forthose listening remotely please call 415-655-0001 . enter the meeting id of 2488 854 3976, then press pound twice. once connected youwill need to press star 3. for those in the queue wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted
8:28 pm
. we have no in-person speakers. mister king's, do we have any on the telephone? [inaudible] that does appear to be an unattendedcolor . >> are one color appears to be an unattended line. >> chair: public comment is now closed. roll call vote on the motion to continue items one and two. >> on that motion offered by chair ronen seconded by member walton, that one is to be continued to june22 meeting of the budget appropriations committee, vice chair safai . [roll call vote] we have 5 aye's. >> that motion passes unanimously.mister clark can
8:29 pm
we please open up items four and five to a public comment, one minute each. >> madam chair. members of the public who wish to speak on the appropriation ordinance and salary ordinance of the apartments that presented today should line up now.for thoselistening remotely call 415-655-0001 . the meeting id is 2488 854 3976 then press pound twice, once connectedpress star 3. forthose in the queue continued to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and that is your cue to begin your comments and we havein-person speakers . mister actions do we have any on the telephone ? >> evening supervisors . my name is sandra traveler and
8:30 pm
i'm here to speak on behalf of faith in action in support of senior and disability action. specifically in support of the $4 million for senior operating subsidies that most impact our members. we must find a wayto use it now, not five years from now . subsidies enabled for the extremely low senior households to move into senior housing who otherwise would have been excluded. we cando more. affordable housing and homelessness are the number one issues in san francisco and the state . folders passed prop i, don't let these funds be diverted. >> thank you for your comments. mister actions anymore speakers in the queue? >>there are nocallers in the queue . >> thank you so much .
8:31 pm
>> public comment is closed. and so tired i can't even find the words. mister clark can i see a motion to continue items four and five to tomorrow, june 16? can i have a second? >> on that motion by chair ronen that items four and 5d continued to the june 16 meeting ofthe budget and appropriations committee , vic chair safai . [roll call vote] we have 5 aye's. >> chair: that motion passes unanimously. have we done everything we nee to do today ? >> madam chair that completes our business for today. >> chair: the meeting is adjourned .
8:32 pm
>> >> i don't want to be involved
8:33 pm
in the process after it happens. i want to be there at the front end to help people with something in my mind from a very early age. our community is the important way to look at things, even now. george floyd was huge. it opened up wounds and a discussion on something festering for a long time. before rodney king. you can look at all the instances where there are calls for change. i think we are involved in change right now in this moment that is going to be long lasting. it is very challenging. i was the victim of a crime when i was in middle school. some kids at recess came around at pe class and came to the locker room and tried to steal my watch and physically assaulted me.
8:34 pm
the officer that helped afterwards went out of his way to check the time to see how i was. that is the kind of work, the kind of perspective i like to have in our sheriff's office regardless of circumstance. that influenced me a lot. some of the storefronts have changed. what is mys is that i still see some things that trigger memories. the barbershop and the shoe store is another one that i remember buying shoestrings and getting my dad's old army boots fixed. we would see movies after the first run. my brother and i would go there. it is nice. if you keep walking down sacramento. the nice think about the city it takes you to japan town. that is where my grandparents were brought up. that is the traditional foods or
8:35 pm
movies. they were able to celebrate the culture in that community. my family also had a dry-cleaning business. very hard work. the family grew up with apartments above the business. we have a built-in work force. 19 had 1 as -- 1941 as soon as that happened the entire community was fixed. >> determined to do the job as democracy should with real consideration for the people involved. >> the decision to take every one of japan niece american o japanese from their homes. my family went to the mountains and experienced winter and summer and springs. they tried to make their home a
8:36 pm
home. the community came together to share. they tried to infuse each home are little things. they created things. i remember my grand mother saying they were very scared. they were worried. they also felt the great sense of pride. >> japanese americans. >> my granduncle joined the 442nd. when the opportunity came when the time that was not right. they were in the campaign in italy. they were there every step of the way. >> president truman pays tribute. >> that was the most decorated unit in the history of the
8:37 pm
united states army. commitment and loyal to to the country despite that their families were in the camp at that time. they chose to come back to san francisco even after all of that. my father was a civil servant as well and served the state of california workers' compensation attorney and judge and appellate board. my parents influenced me to look at civil service s.i applied to police, and sheriff's department at the same time. the sheriff's department grabbed me first. it was unique. it was not just me in that moment it was everyone. it wasn't me looking at the crowd. it was all of us being together. i was standing there alone. i felt everyone standing next to me. the only way to describe it.
8:38 pm
it is not about me. it is from my father. my father couldn't be there. he was sick. the first person i saw was him. i still sometimes am surprised by the fact i see my name as the sheriff. i am happy to be in the position i am in to honor their memory doing what i am doing now to help the larger comment. when i say that we want to be especially focused on marginalized communities that have been wronged. coming from my background and my family experienced what they did. that didn't happen in a vacuum. it was a decision made by the government. nobody raised their voice. now, i think we are in a better place as country and community. when we see something wrong we
8:39 pm
have change agents step up to help the community affected. that is a important thing to continue to do. you talk about change and being a leader in change and not knowing whether you have successes or results. the fact of the matter is by choosing to push for change you have already changed things. through inspiration for others, take up the matter or whether it is through actual functional change as a result of your voice being heard. i think you have already started on a path to change by choosing that path. in doing that in april of itself creates change. i continue in that type of service for my family. something i hope to see in my children. i have a pretty good chance with five children one will go into some sort of civil service. i hope that happens to continue that legacy.
8:40 pm
>> i am paul, sheriff of san francisco. [ music ] .
8:41 pm
>> neighborhood in san francisco are also diverse and fascist as the people that inhabitable them we're in north beach about supervisor peskin will give us a tour and introduce is to what think of i i his favorite district 5 e 3 is in the northwest surrounded by the san francisco bay the district is the boosting chinatown oar embarcadero financial district fisherman's wharf exhibit no. north beach telegraph hill and part of union square. >> all of san francisco districts are remarkable i'm honored and delighted to represent really whereas with an the most intact district got
8:42 pm
chinatown, north beach fisherman's wharf russian hill and knob hill and the northwest waterfront some of the most wealthier and inning e impoverished people in san francisco obgyn siding it is ethically exists a bunch of tight-knit neighborhoods people know he each other by name a wonderful placed physically and socially to be all of the neighborhoods north beach and chinatown the i try to be out in the community as much as and i think, being a the cafe eating at the neighborhood lunch place people come up and talk to you, you never have time alone but really it is fun hi, i'm one the owners and is ceo of cafe trespassing in north beach many people refer to cafe trees
8:43 pm
as a the living room of north beach most of the clients are local and living up the hill come and meet with each other just the way the united states been since 1956 opposed by the grandfather a big people person people had people coming since the day we opened. >> it is of is first place on the west that that exposito 6 years ago but anyone was doing that starbuck's exists and it created a really welcoming pot. it is truly a legacy business but more importantly it really at the take care of their community my father from it was formally italy a fisherman and that town very rich in culture and music was a big part of it guitars and sank and combart in the evening
8:44 pm
that tradition they brought this to the cafe so many characters around here everything has incredible stories by famous folks last week the cafe that paul carr tennessee take care from the jefferson starship hung out the cafe are the famous poet lawrence william getty and jack herb man go hung out. >> they work worked at a play with the god fathers and photos he had his typewriter i wish i were here back there it there's a lot of moving parts the meeting spot rich in culture and artists and musicians epic people would talk with you and you'd get
8:45 pm
>> we worked very hard with the san francisco venue coalition, the independent venue alliance to advocate for venues. put this issue on the radar of the supervisors and obviously mayor breed. the entertainment commission and the office of small business and we went to meetings and showed up and did public comment and it was a concerted effort between 50 venues in the city and they are kind of traditional like live performance venues and we all made a concerted effort to get out there and sound the alarm and to her credit, maybe breed really stepped up, worked with matt haney, who is a supervisor haney was a huge champion for us and they got this done and they got $3 million into the sf venue recovery fund.
8:46 pm
>> we have represented about 40 independent venues in san francisco. basically, all the venues closed on march 13th, 2020. we were the first to close and we will be the last to reopen and we've had all the of the overhead costs are rent, mortgage, payroll, utilities and insurance with zero revenue. so many of these venues have been burning $1,000 a day just to stay closed. >> we have a huge music history here in san francisco and the part of our cultural fab lick but it's also an economic driver. we produce $7 billion annual'
8:47 pm
here in san francisco and it's formidable. >> we've been very fortunate here. we've had the department of emergency management and ems division and using part of our building since last april and aside from being proud to i can't tell you how important to have some cost recovery coming in and income to keep the doors open. >> typically we'll have, three to 400 people working behind the teens to support the show and that is everything from the teamsters and security staff and usualers, ticket takers, the folks that do our medical and the bar tenders and the people in the kitchen preparing food
8:48 pm
for backstage and concession and the people that sell key shirts and it's a pretty staggering amount of people that are out of work as a result of this one verne you going tarkanian. it doesn't work to open at reduced capacity. when we get past june 15th, out of the into the blue print for our economy we can open it it 100% and look at the festival in full capacity in october and we're just so grateful for the leadership of the mavor and dr. coal fax to make us the safest ♪ america and this is been hard for everybody in san francisco and the world but our leadership has kept us safe and i trust them that they will let us know when it's safe to do
8:49 pm
that. >> a lot of people know about america is military stuff, bullying stuff, corporate stuff. when people like me and my friends go to these foreign country and play music, we're giving them an american cultural experience. it's important. the same way they can bring that here. it sounds comfy buyia, you know, we're a punk band and we're nasty and we were never much for peace and love and everything but that's the fertilizer that grows the big stuff that some day goes to bill graham's place and takes everybody's money but you have to start with us and so my hope is that allel groups and people make music and get together because without out, hanging together we'll hang separately, you know. >> other venues like this, all over the place, not just in the
8:50 pm
san francisco bay area need to exist in order for communities to thrive and i'm not just talking about the arts communities, even if you are here to see a chuckle bucket comedy show and you are still experiencing humanity and in specific ways being able to gather with people and experience something together. and especially coming out of the pandemic, the loss of that in-person human connection recovering that in good ways is going to be vital for our entire society. >> it's a family club. most our staff has been working with us for 10 years so we feel like a family. >> what people think of when they think of bottom of the hill and i get a lot of this is first of all, the first place i met my husband or where we had our
8:51 pm
first date and i love that and we love doing weddings and i expect there to be a wedding season post 2021 of all the make up we haddings and i hope that many people do that because we have had so many rock ep role weddings. >> i told my girlfriend, make sure you stand at the front of the stage and i can give you a kiss at midnight. at this got down on one knee at the stroke of midnight. it wasn't a public thing, i got down on one knee and said will you marry me and is he she had are you [beep] kidding me and i said no, i'm dead serious and she said yes. we were any time homicideel of the show. we just paused for new year's eve and that was where i proposed to my wife. this is more than just a professional relationship it's
8:52 pm
more than just a relationship from a love of arts, it's where my family started. we'll always have a special place in my heart. >> venues, you know, represent so much. they are cultural beckons of a city. neighbors can learn and celebrate and mourn and dance together. venues and arts and culture are characterized as second responders to crisis and they provide a mental health outlet and a community center for people to come together at and it's the shared history of our city and these spaces is where we all come together and can celebrate. >> art often music opens up people to understanding the fellow man and i mean, taz always necessary and if anything, it's going to be even more necessary as we come out of this to reach out and connect
8:53 pm
with people. >> we can sustain with food, water and shelter is accurate and does anybody have a good time over the last year? no. >> san francisco is a great down. i've been here many years and i love it here and it's a beautiful, beautiful, place to be music and art is key to that. drama, acting, movies, everything, everything that makes life worth living and that's what we've got to mow proteasome no san francisco and that's what is important now. [♪♪♪] >> you're watching san francisco rising with chris
8:54 pm
manors. today's special guest is mary chu. >> hi. i'm chris manors, and you're rising on san francisco rising. the show that's focused on rebuilding, reimagining, and restarting our city. our guest today is mary chu, and she's here to talk with us about art and the san francisco art commission. well come, miss chu. >> thanks for having me. >> it's great to have you. let's talk about art in the city and how art installations are funded. >> the arts committee was funded in 1932 and support civic review, design
8:55 pm
investments and art galleries. projects we have are funded by the city's art enrichment ordinance which provides 2% of construction costs for public art. >> so art is tied to construction. there's been a great deal in the southwest of the city. can you talk about some of the projects there? >> sure. our city has some exciting projected in the bayview-hunters point coming up. one artist created a photo collage. in the picture pavilion, one artist formed a collage of her
8:56 pm
one-year residency coming together with residents, and anchoring the new center is a landmark bronze sculpture, inspired by traditional ivory coast currency which the artists significantly enlarges to mark that it's a predominantly african american community in bayview hunters point. >> are there any art installations around town that uses light as a medium? >> yes. the first is on van ness between o'farrell and geary. it's funded with the m.t.a.s
8:57 pm
van ness geary street project. another project is for the central subway. it is one of ten artworks commissioned for the new line. it's over 650 feet long, consists of 550 l.e.d. panels between the powell street station and the union street station. it's called lucy in the sky, and the lights are patterned with unique sequences so that commuters can experience a unique pattern each time they pass through. >> perfect. what about the early day sculpture that was removed from the civic center? >> this is a question that cities have been grappling with nationwide. following the removal of early days in 2018, there was a
8:58 pm
toppling of statues in golden gate park as well as the removal of the christopher columbus statue. we are partnering with the parks department as well as the community to engage with the public to develop guidelines to evaluate the existing monuments and memorials in the civic arts collection and evaluate the removal of a monument or statue but also installing new ones. >> finally, it seems like the weather might be nice this weekend. if i fancy taking a walk and seeing some outdoor art, where would you suggest i go? >> well, i would suggest the
8:59 pm
embarcadero. this work was commissioned with funds from the fire station 35. this suggests the bow of a boat and the glass panel surrounding the structure depict the history of fireboats in the bay area. >> and where can i go from there? >> then, i would walk up to the justin herman plaza to check out the work of the art vendors. then check out the monuments like the mechanics monument. also, be sure to check out the poster series, installed in bus kiosks along market street, which features four artists each year. >> well, thank you. i appreciate you coming on the show, miss chu. thank you for your time today.
9:00 pm
>> thank you, chris. >> that's it for this episode. we'll be back with another sho. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
9:01 pm
9:02 pm
>> right before the game starts, if i'm still on the field, i look around, and i just take a deep breath because it is so exciting and magical, not knowing what the season holds is very, very exciting. it was fast-paced, stressful, but the good kind of stressful, high energy. there was a crowd to entertain, it was overwhelming in a good way, and i really, really enjoyed it. i continued working for the grizzlies for the 2012-2013 season, and out of happenstance, the same job opened up for the san francisco giants. i applied, not knowing if i
9:03 pm
would get it, but i would kick myself if i didn't apply. i was so nervous, i never lived anywhere outside of fridays fridays -- fresno, and i got an interview. and then, i got a second interview, and i got more nervous because know the thought of leaving fresno and my family and friends was scary, but this opportunity was on the other side. but i had to try, and lo and behold, i got the job, and my first day was january 14, 2014. every game day was a puzzle, and i have to figure out how to put the pieces together. i have two features that are 30 seconds long or a minute and a 30 feature. it's fun to put that al together and then lay that out in a way that is entertaining for the fans. a lucky seat there and there, and then, some lucky games that
9:04 pm
include players. and then i'll talk to lucille, can you take the shirt gun to the bleachers. i just organize it from top to bottom, and it's just fun for me. something, we don't know how it's going to go, and it can be a huge hit, but you've got to try it. or if it fails, you just won't do it again. or you tweak it. when that all pans out, you go oh, we did that. we did that as a team. i have a great team. we all gel well together. it keeps the show going. the fans are here to see the teams, but also to be entertained, and that's our job. i have wonderful female role models that i look up to here at the giants, and they've been great mentors for me, so i
9:05 pm
aspire to be like them one day. renelle is the best. she's all about women in the workforce, she's always in our corner. [applause] >> i enjoy how progressive the giants are. we have had the longer running until they secure day. we've been doing lgbt night longer than most teams. i enjoy that i work for an organization who supports that and is all inclusive. that means a lot to me, and i wouldn't have it any other way. i wasn't sure i was going to get this job, but i went for it, and i got it, and my first season, we won a world series even if we hadn't have won or gone all the way, i still would
9:06 pm
have learned. i've grown more in the past four years professionally than i think i've grown in my entire adult life, so it's been eye opening and a wonderful >> hello everyone. welcome to the bayview bistro. >> it is just time to bring the community together by deliciousness. i am excited to be here today because nothing brings the community together like food. having amazing food options for and by the people of this community is critical to the
9:07 pm
success, the long-term success and stability of the bayview-hunters point community. >> i am nima romney. this is a mobile cafe. we do soul food with a latin twist. i wanted to open a truck to son nor the soul food, my african heritage as well as mylas as my latindescent. >> i have been at this for 15 years. i have been cooking all my life pretty much, you know.
9:08 pm
i like cooking ribs, chicken, links. my favorite is oysters on the grill. >> i am the owner. it all started with banana pudding, the mother of them all. now what i do is take on traditional desserts and pair them with pudding so that is my ultimate goal of the business. >> our goal with the bayview bristow is to bring in businesses so they can really use this as a launching off point to grow as a single business. we want to use this as the opportunity to support business owners of color and those who have contributed a lot to the community and are looking for opportunities to grow their business. >> these are the things that the san francisco public utilities
9:09 pm
commission is doing. they are doing it because they feel they have a responsibility to san franciscans and to people in this community. >> i had a grandmother who lived in bayview. she never moved, never wavered. it was a house of security answer entity where we went for holidays. i was a part of bayview most of my life. i can't remember not being a part of bayview. >> i have been here for several years. this space used to be unoccupied. it was used as a dump. to repurpose it for something like this with the bistro to give an opportunity for the local vendors and food people to come out and showcase their work. that is a great way to give back to the community. >> this is a great example of a
9:10 pm
public-private community partnership. they have been supporting this including the san francisco public utilities commission and mayor's office of workforce department. >> working with the joint venture partners we got resources for the space, that the businesses were able to thrive because of all of the opportunities on the way to this community. >> bayview has changed. it is growing. a lot of things is different from when i was a kid. you have the t train. you have a lot of new business. i am looking forward to being a business owner in my neighborhood. >> i love my city. you know, i went to city college and fourth and mission in san francisco under the chefs ria, marlene and betsy. they are proud of me. i don't want to leave them out
9:11 pm
of the journey. everyone works hard. they are very supportive and passionate about what they do, and they all have one goal in mind for the bayview to survive. >> all right. it is time to eat, people. my name is steve adomi and i'm the director of the adult probation department. i do want to thank our partners from the department of public
9:12 pm
health with community services we've opened 300 units in the individual justice system trying to live drug and alcohol-free. so, before i begin, i actually want to thank destiny pledge and victoria west brook who -- they're my staff and one of the advantages of this project is the city spent no money remodelling this building. the ownership took on the remodel and it's 75 units. it will be an opportunity for 75 adults to mitigate the barriers and provide real-time access for people in jail that
9:13 pm
need to get support in the community and not in custody. so i want to say thank you to destiny and victoria for all your leadership on this project. now, i have the honor of introducing our incredible mayor london breed. [ applause ] >> first of all, i'm glad to be here. i love what you're doing and i love seeing my people do well in san francisco. let me tell you, it's been a hard time for so many folks who are part of this community over the years. in fact, there have been a lot of conversations happening around criminal justice reforms and this whole d.a. recall and it's a set back to supposedly a
9:14 pm
set back to criminal justice reform. and, what i reject as the mayor of this city is the need to choose between justice and reforms. we can have both. both exist. it exists for the moms whose children were gunned down in the street who deserve justice. it exists for the people who have been falsely accused of crimes that they did not commit. it exists for people who suffer from addiction of various things who want to turn their lives around and when they come home want to re-enter society and have the dignity of having a roof over their heads. it exists when we make it a priority. we don't have to choose. we have to invest in it all. we have to invest in people in
9:15 pm
this city. and, part of that includes supporting folks who are re-entering society who want a second chance. i can't even list the number of people that i grew up with who paid their debt to society and some others that paid somebody else's debt to society and they would come home looking for help. and maybe their mom or their grandma was displaced from the place they grew up in. and they were rejected time and time again for employment opportunities to make a decent living to be able to have money to pay rent. and so, what happens is -- what happens when everyone is slamming the door in your face. what happens when everyone is telling you no.
9:16 pm
what happens is when you're trying to figure out where you're going to sleep. that's why this is so important. it's important for people to have dignity. the for people to have a foundation. for people to truly get the second chance that they deserve in life and to have stable housing at the center of all that. but also what steve has created is more than just housing and abstinence based programs. who uplift 1 another and in turn, all of the folks who are part of this incredible family, they're going to try and continue to help other people, other people who are struggling with some of the similar issues that unfortunately they've had to endure and they are living
9:17 pm
examples of when it's done right. they are living examples of when redemption happens, when second chances happen, when opportunity happens. this is more than just a building when it's being remodeled and beautiful artwork and nice paint. it's more than that. it's what we are, what we represent in san francisco. and what we have to continue to invest in. we can't keep saying that we believe in it, but not make the investments to change it. and, so that's why we're here today. and, i couldn't be more proud because seeing people that you know who've been through challenges and seeing them here doing this great work, gaining
9:18 pm
a little weight. now, some people are like i don't want to gain weight, but trust me, this is the good kind of weight. the good kind of weight. and so i'm so proud to be here. and i'm so happy for what this is going to do for not just the folks who are part of this family, this community, but what it's going to do to turn around peoples' lives. so congratulations. i guess we're cutting the ribbon. i guess we're almost full. we're going to get full soon. but, steve, i've got to say, are i'm so happy that you are really spearheading many of these projects because i know they'll get done and they'll get done right and every single dollar that the city provides will be invested in the people to make this kind of difference. thank you for your work. thank you for your commitment. and, let me take this
9:19 pm
opportunity to introduce the next speaker. can i do that? so i want to introduce the next speaker because you know a lot of you know where i grew up. sadly, addiction was not only common, but involvement in the criminal justice system was common and getting access to programs and opportunities was definitely not really an option and many instances. and, so when i was trying to make a decision about who would serve on the board of supervisors for district six, the reason why matt dorsey is a person that i picked had a lot to do with his compelling story having very similar experiences to so many people i know and so many people in this community. someone who has unfortunately suffered through an addiction, has been through rehab, has
9:20 pm
been through resources to get through help. and he and i had a very in-depth conversation and i'll tell you this is really important to me because we know it's hard and we know there are people who aren't with us because of their addiction including my sister. you know, waldon house tried to help, but we need more. and we don't need people who've not experienced things in the same way that you have experienced making decisions about what should happen. part of what i'm here to do is not only listen to what you're struggling with and provide it necessary but also making sure we have representatives, policy makers able to help me on the
9:21 pm
board of supervisors instead of against me to help me to get the resources necessary to turn things around for so many people in this city. and the person who is definitely going to be a leader in helping all of those efforts because of his own personal story is the supervisor of district six matt dorsey. [applause] >> thanks everybody. my name is matt and i'm an addict and alcoholic. [cheers and applause] it was the convergence of a public health crisis in accidental drug overdose deaths in the last couple of years. in my own personal journey in drug addiction that moved me to ask mayor breed to consider this vacancy. it was the collective toll of
9:22 pm
being on a monthly call with the office of the chief examiner and the officials of the department of public health. and it was the heroic championship of mayor london breed in the tender loin initiative and the hard fight that was and if there was a moment that moved me to say to think in my heart. i want to be an ally on this. i believe in the promise of recovery. and i believe that the city has an essential role to fulfill that promise. and i am inspired by the stories of my brothers and sisters in recovery. i'm inspired by the people, i go to meetings. as part of this journey, i was prepared to talk about how i was going to tell my personal story publicly.
9:23 pm
but it was interesting when i was sworn in and announced, i hadn't prepared for what i was going to talk about publicly. in a meeting of crystal meth anonymous or some of the meetings i'm apart of where they knew i'm interviewing for a job and people were supportive of me but they didn't know i was going to be on the board. i didn't know. we've been through a journey together. we've seen hell and back and to hear from them hey matt, now we've got a seat at the table. it is terrifying to have that expectation on my shoulders, but it is an honor. it is the inspiration of my career to have this opportunity to work for my neighbors and my city on the issues that i care about. people that i love and people
9:24 pm
that i want to support. the real lesson of recovery i think is that we help each other. it is something that i know for a fact what i have learned in recovery and i've had some setbacks over the years and what i've learned again and again in recovery is when i help others, it's 100% effective in keeping me sober and if everybody can internalize that, we're here for each other. that's the work that steve adomi is doing and that's the kind of work that i'm really excited to be supporting on the board of supervisors. so, thank you everybody. thank you, matt. >> thank you, mayor, and thank you, supervisor dorsey. >> you know, when programs like this move into neighborhoods, neighbors usually lock their doors and i got a letter from a neighbor who was concerned. i want to welcome a couple of
9:25 pm
our neighbors here today because they're no longer concerned, they're excited and happy and we welcomed them into our family. they all live on this block in this neighborhood and are part of this energy and they're making this project happen. i want to say thank you for welcomed them. >> you know, sometimes collaborations are complicated, but they're not complicated when peoples' visions, missions, and values are aligned. in march, the adult proand we didn't have any funds for it. and our next speaker made this happen and i'm so grateful to partner with the san francisco department of public health who stepped up and made this dream a reality. so dr. colfax. [applause]
9:26 pm
>> thank you mayor breed. thank you supervisors. and thank you, steve. i really appreciate everything you do for the community. you know, i get a lot of e-mails. i always read yours because they're so informative and they're also really inspirational. they're very meaningful. so thank you. and i just want to take a moment to thank everyone in this endeavor. this is a shared collaborative effort. a wonderful example of when departments come together. we can solve things with community, with the neighborhood and most importantly with the people who we are serving and i really want to take a moment to thank the dph team that works so hard on this. dr. hillary our director of behavioral health. dr. payting from behavioral health. and she's in the back a little bit right now but she's amazing. we are so fortunate to have
9:27 pm
dr. lisa pratt our director of jail health. that's jail health director in the country if not the world. i just want to put that out there. >> so i'm so pleased to be out here. we all know the story, right. people coming out of incarceration having complex needs, experiencing homelessness, substance use, behavioral health crisis. many experience stigma and discrimination. and, for many people and for many systems, the culmination of these challenges at first may seem insurmountable. and we know what happens when people are not supported. the cycles of incarceration, of homelessness, of mental health crisis. we see people landing back in jail. landing back in the e.r. and
9:28 pm
back in the psychiatric emergency facilities. well, this is going to break that cycle. this is going to break that cycle meeting people where they are and supporting them on their journey to recovery. 75 people will be able to access these services offering stability of housing. we know it takes whatever it takes. every door's the right door to get people to support them with their behavioral health and other life needs. now we call this lots of bureaucracy here. our goal is for people to make lasting changes in their lives and transition to independent living and i know this program's going to be
9:29 pm
successful and i'm so thrilling to be working collaboratively. >> hello everyone. this is really an amazing day. it is a continuation of the work that adult preservation does to help restore their lives. at adult prevation we're a small department but we lead with passion and commitment. we believe that building therapeutic pathways for people is what works. we believe that recovery works. the minna project reflects a lot of pain and experience that people experience, but more than that, it reflects hope and
9:30 pm
promise that comes with the opportunity to transform your life. we are so grateful to the mayor's office. andrus powers, sean elburn. and you, mayor. thank you so much for this support. [applause] we are so grateful to be in partnership with dph and west side community services, positive directions equals change [cheers and applause] we are -- that's right. we are very grateful for the support we receive from the board. supervisor safai, supervisor