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tv   SFUSD Board Of Education  SFGTV  June 20, 2022 12:00am-4:01am PDT

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>> start the interpretation translation announcement, please. >> will provide sign language services throughout today's board meeting. live transcription can be found here, http s--dot stream player question mark event equal sign. type their name and handle and
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list the item and agenda. the attendee will have a functioning camera in order to communicate with the interpreter and the board. translation go ahead please. >> good afternoon. interpretation services in spanish and cantonese. if you need interpretation, please dial the following phone number after dialing please use pin number. this message will be repeated in spanish and cantonese.
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[speaking spanish] [speaking cantonese] >> thank you, that concludes our translation services.
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>> thank you, good evening, i would like to commence the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for june 14, 2022 is now called to order. roll call please. commissioner alexander. >> here. >> student delegate hansen. >> here. >> student delegate canosta? >> here. >> vice president. here. >> president lamb, here. >> thank you. i juflt want to extend our
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celebration and it's wonderful to be out there at mac tier campus as well as the stadium for our graduations and thank board members who are able to attend. so big congratulations. i'm also excited to help our new student delegates for this upcoming school year. we're going to hear a little bit more from them and their introduction in a little bit but just wanted to also extend a big warm welcome to our student delegates. and lastly, i had the privilege and honor to spend time with the commission neighborhood collaborative as well as jeffery canada and for his amazing leadership in education over the years, it was inspiring to spend the
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afternoon examining the collective impact and the work and impact of positive student and children outcomes and for families and that was granted particularly in the mission district. so just wanted thank again to the neighborhood and to meda for inviting the school district and for me to tendon behalf of the board of education. at this time i just want to also extend the childcare will be provided from 9 to 5--from 5:00 to p.m. 9 p.m. snacks will be provided. we've reviewed observation to meet the meeting and participate virtually. tonight our land acknowledgment. we acknowledge that we're on the unseated homeland of the
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ramatosh alony who are the original hab tants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indidge luce of this land and in cord nans with their tradition, they have never needed lost or care takers of this place. as well as for all people who reside in their traditional territory. as guest, we recognize that we benefit from working and living on their homeland. we wish to pay respects by acknowledging the elders and relatives of the hamatash community as their first rights people. and we have the minutes, i would like to ask for a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> second.
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>> are there any corrections? seeing none, roll call please. >> commissioner alexander. >> yes. >> vice president. >> yes. >> commissioner hsu. >> yes. >> commissioner. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. commissioner wise ma*p ward. >> yes. >> president. >> yes. >> six-ayes. >> thank you and right on time. and at this time, we will go into our student delegate allegation and i would like to provide a couple of brief intro remarks. >> hello i'm a rising senior at the school of arts. i'm excited to beginning servicing as one of the two student delegates this year. i look forward to building a accessible environment for every student. thank you.
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>> speaking at rally, so glad to be here this evening with you all. i want to thank you all for being here. i want to start off with our health and safety update to let you know that covid continues through january 31. swabs will be available at summer school sites with programs for daily pickup through july 31.
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555 franklin will have daily pick ups, the same through july 31. this year, san francisco student staff and families will be marching in the parade once again. a district is excited to come together as a parade to celebrate the right of everyone to be who they are and love who they are. we're committed to create environment where each student is supported in the best environment and supported in learning to the best of their abilities. and bathrooms welcoming and affirms, for lgbtq students and families.
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this year, summer learning will take place at other city sites with a capacity to serve 17,000 students. fraemz and available for pk through 12. this year summer programs will be primarily in-person with some virtual tutoring. a couple of highlights for you, san francisco unified will host a variety of programs in collaboration with springboard collaborative. they will host five sources aimed at helping student achieve literacy by fourth grade. this year one book one middle
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school as a good kind of trouble by lisa moore raim'. the black star rising program will return in-person at balboa high school. finally free meals for all of you this summer. which was a practice before the pandemic. all meals are free for any youth under 8. you do not need to be a san francisco unified student or enrolled in the prm. must be eaten at the location. meals included entree, and a side of vegetable sxz milk. find a list of locations serving, serving sorry. find a list of locations
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serving summer meals. president, that ends mia nounsment. >> thank you very much. moving on to recognitions resolution of a comelation, awarded by organizations that tonight i would like to invite gerald.
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>> good evening, we had the pleasure of celebrating our filipino grad units on may 25th. and we have over 50 scholarship awardees. so we would like to stay with their names. so from, and also for them, we apologize if we say their names wrong. so for ruth asawa school of the arts high school, we have parker bureaus, christopher flores, theadoro nas. ryan javier and kaya torres. from balboa high school, we had alana, sydney peel and maliah.
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from burton high school, we had maxine corpus, angelina cruz, faith de leon, fran civic a spi no sa. jis he will, jasmine gatica. sharam k, mie land ennilo, christian and journey segua. from gal will he a high school, we had jira and susan tanya maun. lincoln cool, we award today fatima, jordan, carla degandan, michael, keira gala, and ethan
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roger. for loel high school, we have alyssa agudelo, rack he will, mckenzie. >> santiaa, cassandra, res lien, jana nicole umagat. matthew, dennis, from marshal we have carlos, king ivan sabroso and from mission high school, we have rich and then
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lisa monica a gi ba ra. and from the academy high school, asherina, we have hand, lucerio, and from washington, we have aid en amores, jaber ooh a and caylee williams. >> thank you. >> thank you again to our student recipient and we wish you well in your next education endeavor. for tonight, we have no rave awards this evening. and i also want to note before we go into the next agenda item of public comment, i will be moving agenda item number j to after d. so again, we will be moving up
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item j to be heard after item d. again, we will go to public comment for non agenda comment. we have allotted 40 minutes for public comment. i see that we have several mini cards, i encourage people who are speaking on the same topic, so the board can hear. and please note that the board accepts written public comment have i' mail. and at this time, all speaker cards must be submitted. we'll be taking 20 minutes in-person and 20 minutes of virtual comment as well. this is note that public comment is an opportunity for
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the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction. in accordance with district policy. as a reminder board rules and california law, do not allow us to respond to comments or attempt to answer questions during the public comment time. if appropriate, the superintendent will ask that staff follow-up with speakers. mr. steel? >> thank you, president. this is general public comment
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for items on the agenda. 20 minutes in-person. i'm going to call the first five minutes, please line up and forgive me if i miss pronounce. the first is susan wong, brian, writer. josephine jawel? i think it's paisal mamoa, sorry if i miss pronounce, i cannot read it. and go ahead. >> hello, thank you, honorable commissioners, thank you for being here to take public comment from the public. i'm here to talk about low emissions. you claim you want equity, but
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a lottery of loel will destroy the expense that characters it. so it's not inequity to send a student in legal. i'll use the basketball analogy' since we're in the championship. for example, the chicago bulls were a dynasty, but they're not at the top anymore. and i believe part of it is, i pr* please bring back a low merit, thank you.
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: i'm here to speak about campus safety concerns at loel. created project, titled high school, door lock replacement. thank you. this will allow teachers to use columbine locks and lock our doors from inside the classroom. that said, there are two additional related issues. the first is that loel does not have a fully functioning p a system. it's not possible to communicate a message to every class simultaneously. this issue must be solved. the second is our shortage to security personnel. last year, we had 5 on our security team. where we were allotted security personnel. we need the full allotment for the upcoming hear. thank you for your time.
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i encourage you to please to reinstate loel as well as the advanced math, algebra in those programs as well. thank you.
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>> hello i'm ana wong. i stand here not asking for anything. i'm here to point out that my peers are going to lose an incredible opportunity if you vote to unlawfully implement another year of lottery admissions. again i'm not begging you, i'm telling you. another election is coming, all eyes are on your vote. the people will know and electorate will remember. you can strep all private schools from such consideration. do not take away from the school from deserving kids who meet bench marks for administration. this has not divided the city. it has overwhelmingly, united the majority and we will not stop. thank you.
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asking you to consider restoring emission. actually the three base emission. 30% of the emission is based on equity and my daughter qualify for band too, she did not qualify for band 1 because of her score but she went through a lot of adversity. i think we need to restore the three band before we go forward. otherwise, the risk for lawsuits, one way or the other, there will be lawsuits. respecting the spirit of the outcome of last year's lawsuit. that creates a basis for us to move forward. and then i know that we have a lot of discussion that we can make about the different emission strategies. restoring it so that we can come together, unite everyone and then move forward, that will be the best way possible. thank you.
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>> okay, selena 2, rex ridgway. jennifer mnugen. allison cabales, again forgive me if i'm miss pronouncing and daisy lopez. >> hello i'm i oppose extending the lottery for the following reasons. most importantly, we're assuming all students learn the same. the same speed, the same method, we have to recognize that our students will learn differently at different speeds. should offer more options for students and we had that back
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in 2019 where laurel was merit. in 2019, have two onsings for which are lower and soda. as of offers 16 other public high schools for lottery. we took that road forcing lottery on loel. we should not expect all students are the same. some students need the competitive environment and we should not forced to what they have already learned it. we should recognize the students needs and support them not discouraging them with words of white supremacy. >> thank you. >> speaker: i do have, this is for 2019.
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>> i'm a grandparent at lincoln who tried to get to loel. i want to come from a different angle. 24% of the kids got ds o and cs, and we have a kid at braet heart, where only 20 percent read at grade level. only 12 percent are proficient in math. only 26% of the kids read at grade level. and then they go to loel it's like the michael jordan of schools where the teachers are not going to be easy with them. what i would like to is we concentrate everything we have on fixing the schools, the mission schools where they can, once they get to loel any high
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school at that matter, they can succeed. right now, it has been a failure. we need to put it back to merit, thank you so much. >> hi i'm mayor teacher of the school. i ask myself what i need to do for them to succeed. and i'm wondering if we're asking that of loel teachers as well. i'm disappointed in the board and your add vocations of your responsibility of the nearly 10,000 people who work in this district. money of my paycheques have been corrected. i have errors of up to 2000. i have four tickets out right now. three are six years old. one of them, i was told two weeks ago, i owe additional 600 dollars. i have not heard how that will be paid and i have already
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notified that my june paycheck will have errors. i do not make the kind of salary that our unrepresented management who are responsible for this make. i expect you to audit every check and get a standing item on your agendas. take responsibilities. le >> can we start over? >> hi, everybody i'm allison, ethic studies state university. i'm also the proud mother of a graduate of balboa high school. and she originally was at language fellow elementary school. i'm here because i'm one of the writers of the original curriculum that we know as the world language program. and we are under the impression that is it's being cut and we
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are pissed and mad. and it's teaching us that we feel we don't matter to this district. there is tons of research that shows that this supports self determination and support and we want to make sure that these programs are living for the next generation. so in terms of the desire to cut or like to limit the program, it's nl only that we're addressing now, we're also worried about the future of the program. please don't cut the program now, because it will show that you're going to cut in the future. thank you.
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in his amazon neighborhood, it's very crucial that we list the enrollment caps on our program specifically. for our students. thank you. [applause] >> next group. elaine vaplor.
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nicki santiago, maya masaka, mary beth. and tory lanterman. >> a parent at elementary school and i've been working as a service providers during the organizers for more than 15 years. and i'm here in support of our school community.
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we want the ability to be able to en roll and educate more kids and find more families that want to be in the program. and this means that we cannot. >> hello i'm nicki and i'm a parent at long fellow. my child ca i can't, attended the filipino program from kindergarten to 5th grade. because of this program, my child has blossomed from being a anxious child to being the confident young person that she is that is rooted in her filipino culture. filipino long fellow.
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maricina is an in coming kindergarten still waiting for a letter from. even if it's under the same program will displace my child from a community that she is already en grained. not just for my children's sake but for the sake of many others. thank you. [applause] >> hello my name is maya an 8th grader at car mikele filipino. even though i did not attend young fellow, middle school i also picked the new filipino class. those who emigrated may not have a chance to be in the program. even though i'm not from the philippines, most of my friends are. because it helped them to address to living in the u.s. and example of this, is
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teachers speaking to them to help them understand how to solve a math equation. the program also helps them feel less alone in this new environment knowing there is a lot of people with them. they help students but also the children of filipino children that were born in the u.s. incaed ally hard, please do not cut the enrollment and support the filipino program. [applause] >> hello my name is mary beth and i'm a staff meth at the filipino community center. and migrants and families, we now how important and beneficial competent program like the long fellow world language are to our community. i'm here today to ask the board of education to stand with us in the supporting the program,
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and tell the educational placement center to lift the enrollment cap immediately. we urge to not turn your back to our community. think of the families that will continue to benefit from this program. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. i'm tory and i'm a fourth grade educator at long fellow elementary. i felt like it was important to hear from the student. this is my former student now graduating. here we go. >> hello i'm matthew, a former student of 5th grade. at long fellow elementary school. from the start of my life, my parents spoke to me in talog. i was more encouraged to learn about my ethnicity and homeland.
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for the sake of future students getting to learn their origin. [applause] >> next group, leo cordoso, solisa, jason herbert. t.j. bass. sarah june harris. and j a y a. all right, you can go ahead. >> good evening, my name is i'm a 5th by literacy spanish fellow. i'm going to pass the mic to
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one of our proud long fellow students. >> hello i'm carina and i just graduated from long fellow school. i want to be able to attend, kindergarten to 5th grade. i have the privilege to be at a school where they have incredible filipino teachers who teach us about filipino and history. singing and learning the songs are fun and it was exciting to share what i learned from school to my parents. current to the income trans student at long fellow elementary school. tradition is plays a significant role in my life, since i'm half chinese and half filipino.
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class devoted to learning history will help us understand and gain deeper understanding. and this should start from the early age. i'm asking you today to last program also our friends can have the benefit to this wonderful program. thank you for your time. [applause] >> hi, my name is alyssa, i broad aouted from the filipino world and i'm an in coming 8th grader. when i heard that the classes had a cap, that means they would not be able to learn about the filipino culture. they caught me so much about myself and it would be terrible, future long student can have the same opportunity.
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>> how many more cards do we have for in-person? >> i think there are at least 3 still in this line and then we have 1, 2, 3, five more cards that we have not called yet. >> we'll take those and we'll have to, we'll see how many virtual. >> okay. >> all right, hello. okay, i'm surge.
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the bay area has the most filipino outside of philippines. i learned this where there is the only philippines study in the nation. programs like few those programs that are historic and important. and my professor was at risk of losing her job. they say the same that i think that you're all saying. they talk about budget and enrollment and i just don't see how we're going to keep enrollment in the district if we keep cutting programs that connect to the community that bring child activist out here, to speak for themselves to speak for their community. i don't see how capping this program is going to raise enrollment and give us funding that we need. and i want to say thank you so much to all the students here today, this is so important. and i hope that the adult who make decisions for you can make the same bravery, that you all do. thank you.
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>> hello, hi. my name is jason, i'm a parent of a rising second grader here in the district and i'm just here to talk about a couple of issues. so i've been following this board for a while since my the board has been in school. and i'm here today because i, i was told that it was blocked for procedure reasons last time it came to committee. how mitch mcconnell, it's a shnging, but we're just culture institutions these days. i'm going to skip my middle one so we can go to the last one. as a matter of urgency.
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>> hi i'm here today as a community member who volunteers in the neighborhood to express my support for the filipino program at the long phil elementary. this program was created, by the community for the community, to meet the needs of the community. and feed the youth, thank you. hello i'm t.j. and this is my
12:44 am
family, nar i don't is two years old, between 7-month-old, we live across the street from long fellow. we're a chinese american family from the philippines and we're raising our kids to be bilingual in a few years we'll be ready for kindergarten and we hope that they can en roll so they will have knowledge and community to the wider world. >> hi, i live across the street from long fellow, i just want to say that sarah and one in the philippines as president of the vice president on campaign of this information and lies which they have been doing so by watering down martial law and high schools in the philippines. only program to teach the ability of marshal law during that time that is needed to keep the people informed of who they are and how to fight batches. thank you. [applause]
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>> that's all we have for in-person cards.
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each will have one minute to speak. can we have that repeated in chinese and spanish please. >> [speaking spanish] let me set mia lamber.
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to get rid of 8 grade algebra and september election. please fix the two grade level behind situation to mirror to ever--[audio breaking] acknowledge and not be out done getting rid of the term chief financial officer. instead of wasting taxpayer money on this stuff. just do your job and stop wasting taxpayer's money, please. this is literally.
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>> thank you, that's your time. >> ruby. >> hello, can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. >> my name is ruby i'm a parent at filipino education center. and speaking today to stand in to so* lid airity with the program. my own child was part of the filipino and it greatly impacted the sense of community, belonging as well as pride and who he is as a third generation filipino. i impact benefits of learning filipino language extend beyond our students. it also strengthens our community. capping the long fellows less program will reduce access to education that affirms filipino
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identity. this tells us better language and our stories do not matter. the language programs are sensitive to all of our students. i urge that the board let the enrollment out, thank you. >> thank you. jennifer? >> i'm jennifer, i'm principal and i'm here to speak in solidarity with our teachers and parents and students in asking the education center to please repeat the cap on our kindergarten and first grade classrooms. we would like to be able to enroll up to 22 students in both kindergarten and 22 students in first grade filipino. this is an equity issue. we need to have these spaces
12:50 am
available in order to provide ethnic studies to our youngest. thank you. >> thank you. >> shandra. >> hello can you hear me. >> yes, we can hear you. >> speaker: hi i'm social worker, [audio breaking up] provides a cultural curriculum with equity and justice, high expectations and business for the community as a whole. this program is vital not only for the academic for the children but also for the help. if this board and district and city care, as you say you do, not only about the education
12:51 am
but overall health, of young people move it by raising the enrollment cap. the importance of this program cannot be overstated. thank you for your time. >> thank you. riand. >> good evening, board commissioners. while i understand that change is difficult, change is necessary. the admission process will first result and it's just a matter. to say that the school is being donated because the students are not able to pass their classes, as freshman, why will we remember that these. small portion and classroom and
12:52 am
none of their 8th grade in an actual classroom. represent the entire number of students that are failing, is simply ignore enter. we don't even have enough babies in the district to rate the percentage of numbers of babies that have these nets. all the babies are struggling. so shame on you, teachers. if you were not prepared to educate our babies and understand that we're coming out of a pandemic. we have to do better. we need to end this crisis now. >> thank you. [applause] >> teen 3, are you there?
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>> andrea. >> speaker: i'm andrea mackey, former educators calling to demand that the board of education support the program and to tell the education placement we want them in ford. research the u.s. department of education and health and human services and important from the stories that we hear from educators have shown and maintained the languages, decent relationship support the community collaboration and this program is critically important. yet there is thousands of
12:54 am
residents being impacted by the lack of translated materials. still unworthy and ignorable. thank you. >> thank you. >> can you hear me. >> yes, we can hear you. >> speaker: i'm student and professionals. we are many of organizations. this program is important to me because i wish i had something like this growing up. it has a big filipino population similar to the area.
12:55 am
connecting to our communities allows us to be closer to us and separated from. i ask that you protect this program and allow acres their right to education. thank you. >> thank you. valerie? >> i'm a parent of a rising second grader at the filipino program. i have a son waiting in line to en roll. if the caps are not lifted, we will not be able to give the same culture and education as
12:56 am
our daughter because of the enrollment cap. list enrollment caps, filipino children enroll. this is maya my daughter. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> tom? tom? >> hi, yes, can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you.
12:57 am
>> i'm a teacher in the district and i think what the caller said earlier about bluff and costumes, i don't think that is, that is bluff to make up things just because you don't agree with it. another thing is this, i mentioned many times over the past year, year and a half for the upper district staff management andi'm teaching an
12:58 am
12:59 am
autism class for the first time. while i've been given curriculum materials, they're online and my students are having trouble doing things on the video. so i'm trying to make my class useful and i'm struggling. i was given two days to know that i would be in a credential area that i'm not qualified to teach. then you take away a bunch of the parents from my class at the start of the second day of school. it's not right, fix it. >> melony. >> hello can you hear me. >> yes, we can hear you. >> speaker: great thank you.
1:00 am
good evening, [speaking tagolian] i'm a mother of potential long fellow filipino student. we're awaiting for the application. the filipino is the program that we have been waiting to en roll in ever since we knew it was possible fm as a previous community and educators, i used to provide support sxej occasion to students of a program at betsy carmichael and we know the impact and sense of identity and academic success. and professionally and therefore trust, it is where we feel safe to en roll our child for their education. and this is very important for us as our child has experienced
1:01 am
bullying and educational setting before even turning five years old. our son and family will have a trusted community. >> thank you. >> please lift the cap. [applause] >> samsung. >> hi. can you hear me? >> yes, we can hear you. >> i'm in support of reintating the low merit base emissions because my kids, they were fortunate enough to have to option. they went shadowing and chose school setting for themselves. and i would like to have our future generation to see have the same option.
1:02 am
they can have the choice to go to the school that are so schools for their own interest. so loel search that interest for my kids and i want my other generations to have that choice as well. so please reintate the base admission. >> thank you. >> mary travis. >> i'm advisory board present for the culture district. first of all, i want to say, we stand in solidarity with our filipino relatives and what they're advocating for their family. why do you say land
1:03 am
acknowledgment? is that just words on paper or resolution? at the may 24th meeting closed session, there was a vote taken to not appeal the lawsuit >> thank you. that is your time. thank you. marty. >> speaker: hi i'm marty maze, i'm the community liason at long fellow school. i'm so proud of our students as well as the staff. please list and future students to benefit from our program at long fellow. our community needs it and deserves it. thank you. and also tom for your public comment to the board.
1:04 am
>> thank you. >> hi, thank you. i come to you as a parent first and for most. my daughters mixed of both being black and filipino p.i stand in solidarity with the program. i want to thank of our culture values and we have the shared identity and even though the girls don't go to long fellow, they have learned about the culture and history. soy ask you to list the cap. and i also stand in solidarity and that we combat what is happening at the school. being filipino myself, we know that we stand in solidarity,
1:05 am
please keep open enrollment. thank you. >> thank you. >> mary travis. >> speaker: yes, i was cut off earlier, i want to say that the may 24th. >> sorry, mary, ifyou already went, we're going to hear from people who have not given public comment. thank you.
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>> what we hope will be a useful tool in promoting this work. is a development. executive director of school tragedy and cohere enter joya bulk, dr. rogrik and district staff and coordinator, mitchel, is in the process of creating a cyclecal calendar enrollment and student assignment timeline
1:33 am
and instructional calendar planning and more. the goal is to have a comprehensive plan and engagement activity and stage informational opportunities for staff and families. and to make the important decisions that for example, school site samples are tasked with making. we're also partnering with parents from public schools to help provide resources to families, schools and best practices and a lot more. in order for this work to be successful, several things are needed.
1:34 am
and for the board to find ways to increase dialogue and follow through with family advisory groups. as asking families to respond to a selection of actions that were identified as having been implemented effectively and also on actions that staff had identified for initial focus for the 22-23 school year. visible at their child school, we then ask families select two to three years of focus for the coming year as well as inform us of what we were
1:35 am
missing. we experienced that some families need the educational jargon and acronyms to be traps lated into more easily understandable wordings. next slide. we must valley this. thank you. and in need for tutoring, appropriate literacy supports and clear and timely communication. communication conditions to be on going issue. especially for our families who
1:36 am
are not fluent in english. speech the lack of clear communication regarding the expectations and services provided to support the stud entsz, families need more information and guidance to be able to use the tools and technology provided to help your students. specific concerns we included our foster youth and other students experiencing delays and assessment and delays in accessing mental health services, by language wal learners not getting evaluated for or being denied an evaluation for disability as well as delayed reclassification of english language learners. early services findings of african-american students being disproportion atly delivered under the eligibility of other
1:37 am
health impaired, emotional disturbance and suspension for the last seven years. families also had requested, sorry, next slide please. we ask that the district provide as much clarity and transparency as early on when tough decisions are being made. as a joint advisory council, we acknowledge and volume ooh family choice, we also want to acknowledge that we heard from many of our most vulnerable families that continue emphasis on masking is critical for their safety. across difference everyone is in agreement that free school
1:38 am
meals has been transformative. please continue this important service. next slide please. meaningful engagement for our advisory and support direct lines for communication between advisories and staff. that included providing for an l.a. cap coordinator which is already in the works. and transparent advisory council and to publicize a clear plan with moving forward with this process. we ask that you find ways to include parent leaders when possible, and to provide
1:39 am
technical support necessary for family volunteers to equitable engage in district advocacy and district making. this includes access to devices, reliable internet, hybrid meetings and we also ask that you exempt volunteers from meeting requirement by either lobbying for a b 19 44 or in ex sam ption from the board of education, next slide please. we ask that you prioritize fund to go support students who we are failing, not we are not educating each and every equitably and not successfully. you want to be clear that is not what we believe it's
1:40 am
everyone intention not to educate our children but it is true. at this time, we're asking that they readdress situation and throughout the district to move from being active to proactive to engage in work. recently and historically addressing longstanding tensions in our community and facilitating the much needed healing among structure, we must work together and not against each other, it will be hard work. we thank you for this opportunity to present to you tonight and we look forward to your questions and feedback. >> thank you for your presentation and your work with your parents and in the community. before i open it up for questions and discussion, i would like to open up for public comment please.
1:41 am
do i see a public comment? >> rex. >> ecclesiatics, they gave the african-american a achievement learning initiative 611,000. now to be fair with spark, they asked me to meet with them, and i met with 23 of march and sent them a letter of 19 questions which was the african-american
1:42 am
initiative they emailed me back and said rex, we would like to meet with you and talk to you about that. so i just want to say to the african-american parent, i will stay on spark, because they have boo coo money and they have not been funding that trust. advocacy fair for special education and so grateful for our liason. i think some of the hardest people in the district sitting at the table, you are all loved and thank you for everything that you do for all of us advisory committees, we see you and appreciate you and depend on you and we need more of them. we need that full cap adviser. as mitchel said, all of these
1:43 am
parents are existed, that's why we're not up here in ways that we have been in years past. if we want to move from compliance to commitment as they say every time. we need to stop asking us to come up up here with the same recommendation, yaefr after year after year, we make the same recommendations every year. please, please, listen to us. please do things. >> that concludes in-person, we divert to virtual. >> please raise your hand if you care to speak to the joint on the local accountability plan.
1:44 am
can we have that repeated in spanish and chinese please. >> [speaking spanish] >> thank you. >> thank you. m? >> hello. >> yes, we can hear you. >> okay, at this. i just wanted to say thank you to all the advisory, i thank you for the homework that you've done. as a fellow parent advisory member, i know that i hear a
1:45 am
lot of what is in that support. report. and i want to highlight what is missing that you have to pass the resolution. and i'm reminding that you pass the resolution there is been no money committed. we need a staff worker and it's time in our nation where trans unpack naturally and even in the state of california. here we need to care about our queer families. i want to remind you all. >> thank you.
1:46 am
>> thank you. >> seen a. >> speaker: good evening can you hear me? >> yes. >> i'm calling to show my support of the a pack committee, as a new parent, in the a pack and with sfsud. also want to be able to, i want to express some of the concerns that were linked to black children achievement. and i want to make sure that black children stay front and center when it comes to a lot of concerns that the board is addressing. >> thank you. >> marecha. >> speaker: hi, everybody.
1:47 am
i just wanted give a shout out advisory. what is cross difference to impact policy and change for our most disadvantage students and for our focal population? thank you for putting in the hard work and long hours for not only bringing issues to the for front but showing and giving families examples of how to do the same and grow within themselves to be advocates as well. that we're always included and end up the other advisory council also come whenever we say to give us input and information especially as a pertains to the l tap or special education and any other
1:48 am
issues that they may specialize within the district. so thank you to those who could not be here today. >> thank you. >> h kelly. >> speaker: hi, i would like to thank you. for this collaboration and this work, i'm incredibly grateful. the second thing i would like to highlight, and that is work cooperation is important, transparency, is important. it's inter woven in all the work that you do. but sometimes, it needs to be
1:49 am
addressed poverty and impact. all the impacts need to be addressed separately. and respectfully ask that currently right now, the category is students who are eligible for a free lunch. >> thank you that's your time. >> speaker: thank you, i just want to give love and appreciation to all the coordinator and managers that are up there for all of your endless nights and hours of your dedication well beyond your working hours to do this work to bring together the collaboration. second my question goes to the
1:50 am
board. year after year and the burn out is real. the burn out is real when it's in the recommendation, what are you going to do with what is being shed? you have a choice, you have it collectively throughout the district. our children and our staff, thank you. >> thank you. ms. marshal, as always, and stuff on what leticia, says the coordinator.
1:51 am
whatever the recommendations are, implement them. and summer is here, make sure that the children have reading materials, that children have as you did last year. i spend this group and i support they will implement the recommendation and let us know. thank you. >> thank you. >> tony. we work for all children in san francisco.
1:52 am
now more than ever, you need to support they deserve your best. thank you have a great day. thank you. >> that concludes public comment for this item. thank you so much. at this time i would like to open up for questions. discussions? commissioner shu. >> thank you for the presentation, while this joint report includes a number of packs, i understand there are more packs in our district, those are not all included in this property. and i understand there is an informal chinese pack.
1:53 am
question for you, have you talked to the people from the informal chinese pack? i can address that. we tried very hard to coordinate a specific engagement events with collaboration of folks from the advisory council. with communities including and others. and we were not able to pull that together. we tried that different times both in-person and online, it was very difficult that's where the some of the technical supports came in.
1:54 am
it baifm like this jumping board of like are we going to do it in-person or not. i'm in collaboration with folks who are in with the cpac. so we get the voices in. that falls into that we're not satisfied but we have been in conversation and we have made some efforts. and that is also with the -- ~>> engaging the d lack that incompasses many of our latino or latinx families, so they were engaged with this conversation along with many of our chinese speaking families.
1:55 am
they have a large participant group that represents both our chinese demographic and chinese speaking families so they were engaged in this process, yes, thank you. we do understand that we have to do a bitter job of engaging, and the support that we can get from the board when we advise the other advisory council to let us know so we can be in contact. we'll definitely work harder to engage all. >> commissioner wiseen card. >> thank you for your question i had some other questions. i want to transition to where
1:56 am
you left off. we as a collective wish we would have done better. no we didn't get everything done, and i don't mean we as you in all, this is a collective we. when a presentation is like we got it, this is where there is some things missing, some really really grateful for that. i acknowledge that you're willing to work. really great. so often, we're focused on silo work and when we can come together and learn from each and build on the expert he'sed is when we're going to thrive.
1:57 am
i hear you on need for a coordinator, this is the all the work that you're doing. and if we're talking about el cap which should be some of the guy post. and i just want to say, i think the value, one of the many values to the process but the importance of elevating voices and also saying, now there is accountable. ipg that's something that i'm hearing and sort of internalizing in terms of what we want to do to support the l.cap work and making sure that this is the document that gets us where we need to be.
1:58 am
>> and may i respond quickly. i will say that, we said it a bunch of times, an l cap coordinator will make that coordinated engagement and everything so much better, really will. i guess mia additional question is what additional knee do you need to do to acknowledge that we're on a path forward. kind of undering the long term directive like we've taken step in positive directions but have not accomplished the goals. what is it that you need to see from the board this year to know that we're headed in a
1:59 am
different direction. i want to appreciate the work of marie and jill, they have been side by side with all of the advise making sure that we understand the budget and breaking it down and making sure that before we go to the community we have all the resources necessary to engage. and it has been strong this year they have been responsive, it's not changing anything and our families are saying the exact same thing. and i think we need more of that.
2:00 am
we talked about self experience. self experience and every day school sites matter and it's hard when families can't see it. so this year, where do you see evidence in your school, so we can cece it is happening. and where it's not happening for the boards to come back to our families and say this is why we could not. thank you. and i'll, i'll say it again, l cap coordinator and i have heard rumor that we're hiring one. i've been leading this this year and trying to lead the task force. that's the kind of open clear, so i think when we can see that, because so many of the
2:01 am
rest of it, will fall into place. thank you. >> i think a lot of issues that are being brought up by families and advisory councils and provide advisement to the district, kind of are reflective of some of the larger issues that we have in the district like our ability to engage families as a whole. i wonder how many capability that they have to reach our families especially our families that are not regularly attending school. so i think we need to listen to families. that's where people come to let
2:02 am
their problems be known. we're the worse people to support with individual problems because we only supervisor one person to how having people at individual sites making sure that things are happening and ensuring that we have consistent experiences so people can have the same experience everywhere they go and we can guarantee them on them. so i guess to say, i definitely want to be engaged as we try to meet these recommendations and have families actually see them. but also really thinking about how we can trans poemer the way that we're listening from families and how they're being responded to. so you don't know the board are the only people who care and listening to you.
2:03 am
and showing the more outcome for all the hard work that we're cutting in. yeah, please. >> if i may, i want to respond to your initial support of what would be supportive. one of the reasons, our families, we can't come in public and we're concerned about our safety. and they're exhausted. so our families, that are trying to juggle childcare and come to our meetings and participating and doing all of this work and volunteer leadership on iphones and ipads. they don't have district emails. many don't have speck support. anything we can do, can we get
2:04 am
at least some of our advisory lead, some of our chair, some of our folks are doing a lot of work. can we get them a district email and laptop. we are asking them to sack price a lot and we don't have a lot to support them. so si would ask us to think about how we support families. yeah, i do want to thank you all. i know how much time you put in and this goes for of you some, it's above and beyond, some of you it's addition to the job that you already have at the district. so thank you. i'm going to go further than
2:05 am
saying, we need an l cap coordinator, this has to be owned by the district. this is a document that we communicate all the time. this is not about the individual going after people. this is about a center document that is about our priorities in the district. it's not about a budget document it's a priority document and the budget follows the priorities. this is not the venue and ms. jacques you started whole conversation referring to this is venue you have access to. this is insufficient. oakland employee and l.cap coordinator, not board meetings.
2:06 am
duckerly does have trainings for all of advisory that people can sign up for that are available. you can just watch them online. there are many things that we can do to own this as the state intended us to. and that they meet with students to include the student perspective, discussions with labor leaders, board governorance on major needs. this is not a board lead effort. and it is not a volunteer to board effort. this is suppose to be a district effort. and i'm grateful to hear that you have positive interactions and you had a mid-year update this year, that is, that is progress.
2:07 am
and i know anne marie board on has been working her a lot. i'm glad to hear our chief of staff or our head of staff is now engaging with you. i'm going to head out some code sections from the calendar department of education so we're all aware, code 520621, the superintendent of the school district should present the control annual update to the advisory committee established to sections and then the superintendent of the school district should respond in writing to comments received from the parent advisory committee.
2:08 am
number 2, shall respond to comments received from the english learner advisory committee. three submit written comments proposed to be included in the laxer-cap. this is normally done and communicated back to the community. the superintendent of school district should review pursuant to section blah blah blah for schools within the school districts. suppose to be informing what you see. so when you see this, you understand what is happening at the site levels and can engage with the community in a way that is meaningful. lastly the superintendent of the school district shall cult
2:09 am
with the special education administrators to determine that specific actions with individuals with exceptional needs are included in the l cap. why did i take this time, because i sat where you sat where you are in the last three years super stressed that the board did not take the board seriously and didn't own it. and then set out that person to fail as a paid professional rather than volunteer. with that said, i'll return to my comments and i'll say that you know, it's clear. i also appreciated that you that you sent it to the community.
2:10 am
it was difficult to digest. a lot of things were focused on the things that we spent money on. and i know you've been commune communications. . on evaluation with students with disability on going involvement with continued comprehensive coordinated intervention services. and you should not be suggesting those are the things that we should focus on. there is not really a question in there and i know it's been kind of, i've been monologuing but i want to express my
2:11 am
gratitude for you musling through this work without the real support and the partnership with the district and it will change. it will change. we need to focus on student outcomes. i want to talk about the student outcome that's what i would like to see. i know that you all feel similarly having spent time with you. so thank you for louing me to express my strong feelings on this subject. [applause] >> thank you, i just wanted to wound out our discussion for tonight.
2:12 am
i hear you, that's why this board is making its decision to really acknowledge when things have not been working. and it has to require change and i take this to heart to the recommendations and i appreciate you all coming to this and wanting to partner with district staff and board. that's why i feel strongly that some of the districts is part of how we become more focused on governoring. so again this ising a partnership, i acknowledge all the work that you put forward and similarly as my colleagues have expressed how important it
2:13 am
is. how we communicate stronger but how the families feel, how that has changed as an impact of the decisions being made at the district. we hope to be positive change for improvement. again thank you so much. thank you. >> good job. [applause] we will now move on to item 2 of the childcare planning and advisory council c-pack.
2:14 am
dwaod evening, i'm head of the early education department. and before i read the names, i would like to give a background on what the planning and advisory council cpac is. to a all local and to set priorities for determining state and local spending to meet existing needs. large centers family homes, license exempt care and after school care to determine the needs of children and families in san francisco.
2:15 am
by providing a forum where consumers and childcare workers and community works and westbound agencies with come together to explore ways of supporting all aztecs of early child wood. according to local ordinance, the board of education is the appointing body for half of the cpac membership. cpac membership are for three terms. the recommended action is to confirm deferle the following candidate. jennifer martinez to a public agency seat, cheris to a public
2:16 am
agency seat. carry parada to a community seat. caylee to a public agency seat reappointment. and aid a al vaca do to consumer seat beginning july 1, 2022. >> thank you for that recommendation, at this time is there any public comment? either virtually or in-person. >> none for in-person. >> seeing no virtual public comment. >> thank you. clarifying questions, commissioner shoe. >> thank you. i apologize for not being familiar with this before.
2:17 am
people apply to the city and they're vetted through the rules committee through the city supervisors office. so it's vetted there. and then it's brought forward here for the appoint he's. >> so the rules commit not of the school district. >> and can you share how many people applied and what criteria was used? >> i can provide you that.
2:18 am
itch that but i don't have that memorized but i'll be happy to share that with you. >> i can also clarify the other half are appointed by the board of supervisors to serve on the cpac. >> thank you, commissioner. this brings up for me, i think there is, there is there is a lack of clarity of all the advisories and all the oversight committees that are appointed by this board. i know that there is others, that have and so i would just
2:19 am
ask in the future as we have we're asked to appoint that we know what those are and that they're standard policies, i think that is a body that would be helpful. there are many numbers of committees, council and oversights and advisories and it's unclear how as board members how to get the information about what the process is to be on those and when we will see them. i know that that has been, i'm going to flag it an issue with the cbok at this point. >> i'm still confused, half are appointed by the board of education.
2:20 am
if we are the appointing body of half of the members why wouldn't this be on the agenda for a vote, why would it go to the board of supervisors? >> so in the last, during my tenure and prior to my deny you're the practice of this board has been to approve. there is not been an ap site or interest. so i've spoken to the alt naturer it's just not been a past practice so that would be something that they would love to do. is this a voting item tonight? >> yes, you're voting on the names that have been brought forward that have been vetted to be seateds a cpac members for the advisory committee.
2:21 am
so they've been vested and these members have to be voted. >> where they make recommendation some to the board of advisers and some to us. >> correct. >> got it, thank you. i really don't understand why we're doing this. why they give us half to approve and half to the supervisor. >> so sf u.s. d serves one-third.
2:22 am
it's a joint committee that basically informs all the san francisco childcare. san francisco is part of the process, it's just that there has not been, there has been an appetite in the past for this topic to be agenda eyesed and for the cpac members to bring forward some of the things that have been happening in the city. so practice has been that we share the names that then get appointed. >> and as commissioner suggested, that there is other committees that need us to approve recommendations.
2:23 am
and what we would like to do, for anything entity that seeks our approval, we would like to know what the process is. and why were these people recommended overall the other applicants in order for us to say yes. i don't know how they were selected. >> i guess my question then to district staff, did you all vet these? they've got the application and
2:24 am
it's boarded through the process. and they're bringing them over to us to be appointed because they've been already been vetted. >> i'm going to wrap up this discussion. go ahead. >> i have two quick questions. so firstly, would this fill out the all vacancies on the committee or would we still have open positions? those are the positions that are being filled. >> and my second is more of a comment. i think half of the members should go through the recommendation instead of through the city in order to make sure that the board of education is still having some
2:25 am
some meaningful and not just coming to the board of education for rubber stamping as commissioner shoe said. i also want to provide a comment. while we provide that service as minute eewh had highlighted, half are in our preschools. i want to, the candidate have gone through a process and have extensive experience. soy wanted to name that and take the feedback this evening from colleagues about having a much more truck tours policies
2:26 am
so we have that institutionalized. >> i like when i get to leverage my work as well. so with that, we are going to take roll call for the appointments, thank you. >> thank you, i ask for a motion and a second. >> i'll move to approve. >> second. >> thank you. >> commissioner alexander. >> yes. >> vice president bogus. >> yes. >> commissioner hsu. >> yes. >> commissioner. >> yes. >> commissioner sanchez. commissioner wiseman ward. >> yes. >> president.
2:27 am
>> yes. >> six ayes. >> thank you. thank you. >> and we will now move up agenda item j, the discussion of other educational issues. in support of achievement and success of all students. i would like to call on dr. matthews to introduces. >> thank you, president lamb. the staff presenting is the leadership. dr. mccray and she will be accompanied by the alley team.
2:28 am
>> greetings, commissioner and members of the dais. i'm raynald the family and culturally a son. my colleagues, director, dr. sinmccray, ashley brown, program manager of advance. leticia irving of african-american advisory committee. and josh ooh jones the african-american parent advisory council program assistant. i'm here to present, the alley,
2:29 am
presentation in support of achievement and success of all african-american students. next slide please. today's purpose is to review the historic and current context of ali. to provide a summary of research and program evaluated to strategies for black students and their families. and finally to chair recommendation for ali to further support black students and their families. and now i would like to introduce again, dr. mccray. >> good evening, dr. lamb. dr. matthew and board commissioners. community, my name is salindra director of the african achievement initiative known as ali, and i want to begin by
2:30 am
saying that ali was established to provide recommendation to see inter represent the pattern of outcomes. in 2015, through the leadership and advocacy of the n a a.c. p and san francisco of black school educators. our core purpose by supporting academic and emotional learning, elevator affective practices and strategies and cultivater laiders in the work of deconstructing berries from african-american achievement. but taoult is less than half of our grad units are eligible for
2:31 am
usc c institutions. if we're not looking at ways that our practices take away from. then there is no way that we can meet sf u.s. d vision 2025. next slide please. therefore we believe coordinate for african-american students. and ensure that they receive rigorous instruction, then we will build relational trust with students and their families. prepare african for post secondary success and create conditions to learn so that
2:32 am
african-american students are receiving action and equitable support. now i will turn it over to ashley brown who will give more information about how this action is realized through the implementation of our program. >> we believe that the key to quality, must be found in partnership with their families and through human eyesing. ali has implemented, next slide please. ali has implemented sources of younger students as well as maps and skills. as a difficult we stand by instruction driven by the assets of san francisco african community. this year our advance sites will check in. we held our first-ever counseling professional learning community. we create a partnership
2:33 am
including content in math and humanities to align language and strategies of students and families. to reenforce rising, the relationship built this spring and summer freedom academy summer are sustained throughout their high school years to maintain adult and school support. in our african-american student a pack has began to expand its team and reach. one was create a road map. hot off 9 press is the a pack
2:34 am
how to program. and i'll turn it over to leticia. >> hello again, according to the resolution, next slide please. according to the resolution, we are to create an annual report every year that includes an assessment of programs and interventions provided to african-american students over the course of the prior school year. for the past 7 years or so, we have written a report that covers the work of several department in support of african student success. although there is great work, we still struggle to sis matise results. therefore from a continuous stand point, our department decide today take an internal look into our own programs and practices. and reflect on the actions that we can leverage and reproduce. we partner with sarah, outside
2:35 am
research firm to connect with various educational partners connected to each of the programs executed by ali. while we're still processing, hear some of what is echoed. one family said, that she feels traumatized when they looks at the make up of our children. her child school campus because there are no african-american or black people. a pack has final ly allowed her to see other african-american children. another parent in tears says she loves the fact that a-pack exist. we heard that they have longer goals. one parent described how the program linked her son with
2:36 am
inter ships. he also took a bio technology class in community college. they said with a lot of our children, the focus on everyone else but them. it's a bunch of kids that look like me and we're pushing each other and it's all african-americans. for our master cultural program. the program is making a big difference. parents talked about coming home and teaching them about history. they come home and do their own internet research on african-american history and culture. as one parent said, it gives them something positive. a parent also said as we're closing out, that we spend a lot of time learning about other cultures.
2:37 am
for us, it's slavery and now we're here. it would be nice to have this type of support through the process throughout the process from young children to young adults. one parent who came to sf u.s. d is pleased and inspired. you can see the quote on the screen. she is grateful for the changes she says a pack making. the sentiment was felt throughout the board. i will now turn it over to bobby pope, elementary school manager to tell you more about another program that our educational partners showed deep appreciation for. >> good evening, student voice and leadership are integral and contribute to our student sense of self and belonging. this is through uc berkeley
2:38 am
framework. students engage in a youth participatory research project designed to increase student ethicacy. develop a research method and present out their findings. students were able to present their findings teppo tension 2022 hosted by spark. research focus on student safety, campus, campus bathroom cleanliness and challenges. like why is there a lack of paper in the bathroom.
2:39 am
when lunch is served that like to play at lunch time. moving forward, we will continue to partner and make sure that we plan a integrated model in all classes. and now i will pass it on to gerald. >> we've prioritized a number of for ali.
2:40 am
we're hoping to expand on our strategy that center black students and their families as key voices and designers of equitable education and wellness and safety can look like. building off the white par study we implemented, history social studies and ethnic studies department like bobby mentioned we plan on exploring that integrated civic framework to support the identity classes as well as the black student union in san francisco unified. next slide. thank you. we're also continuing in the fall and spring.
2:41 am
to make tangible recommendations with our opportunitier timeline we hope to turn in front of the board next spring. thank you to cn a, and educators and every other department and person and/or organizations that helps to make our work continued success. thank you. thank you so many to the team. before we open up for discussion, i would like to turn it over for public comment please. thank you, president. we have three speakers. a lita, virginia marshal and
2:42 am
rev. brown. if you can come up to the podium and speak in that order please. >> speaker: introduction. >> right on. >> speaker: >> you know, i feel like my situation is now through that. at a homeless camp. so many for a question, of
2:43 am
achievement of black folk. it's a deep one, and one that this nation has insulted. many may not know but even my ancestors for education, even though the system fault to keep us from learning, cutting our fingers. so i fight this the same.
2:44 am
black folks know, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. where we're known as pit schools. our an testers. learn how to read and write, to reading the bible. and another instance, to a baptist preacher in st. louis missouri, back in 1847 for a black person to read. what did mission do?
2:45 am
he built a school and pad eld to the state of illinois where my ancestors said, nobody is going to keep me from being polite and i'm a learned person. fast forward today, i think it's time that we come to the realization that we need to get rid of that boogie man that black children can't learn. and when you get rid of that lie, more black people with that, it will dumb down the standard. we got ph degrees, we know how to study hard.
2:46 am
and let us learn in a culture and a setting welcoming and never feud us. i've heard the news. did you plan on changing this commission rule. we are not going to come back. we're going to make sure that we make loel high school at the top a welcoming setting so the students there will receive all the wrap around services and all that they will be able to
2:47 am
excel and make it in spite of the fact that we don't have a sense of community in this town? why? because it's torn up. and the mission. so tonight, thank you ali members, you did a wonderful job. but now the ball is in the corner. to show whether or not they believe show them really really that black folks can learn and we're going to proof and we know how to make great contributions to this culture here in the city of st. francis. woufp out, don't be sly.
2:48 am
where we can all learn together. >> you know i hate to follow rev. brown, how do you rev. brown. there is a negro spiritual saying that says i ain't going to let anybody turn me around. to board commissioners, young lee and all our student dpel gates, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, i say your team job, while there is there is scripture, job well done. excellent presentation. you know that the a pack means a lot to me. on the day of the first meeting, it was my birthday, i went shopping for their meeting and somebody tell me, it's for a group of parents.
2:49 am
from that meeting forward, every meeting at harvard and across the district. some are there for the female nal agenda, thank you very much. phenomenal so next time, let's get a copy of your presentation and i also want to hear about numbers. you can look at your meetings agenda and all around the district, your meetings are full, they're very productive. so job well done. thank you.
2:50 am
>> on behalf of education, i would like to say thank you very much to a pack and ali. the work has to be owned by every single employee. it has to be accountable to make sure that students are what they deserve to be. it has to go beyond tonight's presentation. we all have to believe that our black children are bright, brilliant, capable scholars and unfortunately that's not the experience that we have in our schools. as we look at changing
2:51 am
committees and things that we do, please make sure that community members and especially our parents of black kids have place to see come to share our experiences. i cannot tell you how amazing a pack meetings are into in two very difficult year for families. so thank you. >> that concludes in-person public comment. >> if we can open to virtual comment please. >> at this time please raise your hand to fair to give public comment in support of the achievement and success of all african-american students. can we please get that repeated in spanish and chinese.
2:52 am
>> [speaking spanish] >> thank you. >> speaker: i see over the last two and a half years, stud ejts have been harmed by u.s. f u.s. d. not enough out reach and mental health support. the pandemic racism has reared its ugly head in the progressive city of san francisco. they have been concerned about slide and now we have to do with the slide. we have lost all eyes on the board of education. we are assaulted by families and whoever is next.
2:53 am
who among you will protect and ensure education to the students of san francisco. who among you will stand up for black children. history is watching. thank you. >> thank you. >> rianda. >> speaker: good morning commissioners and our amazing ali team. i'm a very proud a pack leader. it's hard and necessary. as our babies deserve the very best.
2:54 am
and our achievement is achievement for all students. please believe that our behaviors are brilliant. the numbers may not reflect it but they are. we have numerous students, we have numerous master degree students, myself included. we hear and show up and put in countless hour to ensure that every baby is supported. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening, i just want to give acknowledge to the ali team for all the work and appreciation for inviting an outside agency to take a look at the work that is happening and uncovering areas of need
2:55 am
support and areas of achievement and also taking the opportunity to highlight and uncover and unearth the work that happens behind the scenes for advisory parent council. the work that a group of that have been dedicated leaders has been lead by leticia and all the things that we do when everybody's eyes are closed at night i thank for being in the structure that makes this to be.
2:56 am
in terms of this failure to protect and provide for black students. we come here time and time again year after year, begging the school district to take action against anti blackness. that is driving black parents out of the district. just a week before finals without notice. so when you sit up there and say, you're concerned about what is happening and achievement and but failing of how parents are being harmed and ignored, it does not make any sense to me.
2:57 am
i also sent an email to your board asking for the proper process to file a ucc complaint. >> thank you. >> mary. >> hi my name is mary i'm a pack leader and also, a pack leader. and i want to thank for earlier for their presentation. they have supported in accountability and implementation of culture and restoration.
2:58 am
i reiterate culture and having dialogue across difference about case. and that niced to happen in and outside of the class. and this we know will not help student academic achievement. and i hope each member will speak as to how they're going to support students. thank you. >> thank you. >> ms. jordan. >> speaker: thank you very much. to dr. matthew, president lam,
2:59 am
deputy superintendent louie board members, and the ali team. educators, we are in support of your work, we always have been. we've worked within this district for over 48 years and we will continue to work with the district and with ali team. we are here in support. i would like to thank you for your priorities and as ms. marshal already pointed out, we need to see more numbers.
3:00 am
how many qualify for the csus, we need to see all of that and i want today come in to say this is not easy work as you already know. but we and you believe that this can be done and it's not done in a silo it's done with partnership. and i can keep going. the n a a.c. p, it takes a village. >> thank you. i'm a philosophy major. we're the number one debate team in the country and this
3:01 am
summer, i'm studies at basic firm in the world and i only speak to these achievement because they would not be possible without ms. linda jordan. they has helped thousands of students like me in san francisco. she should be allowed to continue to do so. she is irreplaceable thank you. >> thank you. >> that concludes public comment. >> thank you. colleagues comments or discussion for the ali team. commissioner alexander and then commissioner shu. >> thank you for your work and your leadership. i have a simple question, what do you need from us as a board of education in terms of support?
3:02 am
>> we need to not lose focus on that. as educators we think that we can speak on behalf of black students and families. and we have to figure outweighs to do more than just validate and play cate them when they come.
3:03 am
so creating plat forms for our families to come and sit and be on decision making teams. and we give them transparent. colleagues? thank you. ali was created in 2013 and since then, a lot of money and resources have been spent. my question is what metrics have you been using to monitor whether all or any of this programs by working? our team has also read a book
3:04 am
called street data up lifts and acknowledges the data that we receive from our community. so the research incorporated a lot of focus groups and receive and qualitative data that determine themes as well as some of the statistic cal quantitative data that we can give you if you have specific questions around that. but that's what this engagement was about. making sure that we evaluate our program for effectiveness and that's what we share tonight that we receive from the focus group. >> so that is research is on going now? is that right?
3:05 am
in support of what we said is ali has a number of programs under our umbrella that we have intentionally looked at in the past 7 years. in terms of their data and effectiveness. of our department. >> go ahead. sorry let me know if i'm misquoting the statistics. i'm curious as the increase in
3:06 am
graduation rate has occured, has there also been an increase for those who do qualify? i would say that it could get better and it has not increased so much. >> but it has increased. sorry to interrupt, back 20 years ago, it was like 20%. they say, usc,r they say, csu
3:07 am
and uc rate has increased. who support and push all of this work forward. pe blifp the up the importance and figuring out how else we live that up and get na information to the public. in a different century but it just really the roll that they have played in centering black people and calling out anti blackness and being a real ally
3:08 am
they often feel isolated, alone harassed and being a counter point for that and being the first phase, a lot of black family see of support and hope throughout the district. i think a lot of work exist off your directive to respond appropriately. and so i really feel like us as a board are trying to take that charge seriously and figure out how to be accountable and responsible and urgent as we try to address this that long plagued the district. and i guess what i'm curious about is where do you see the gap?
3:09 am
the rest of the district needs to pick up and support the families. just the lack to be supportive and a lot of things falling on principals so i think lifting that up but if there are other areas and things that you would highlight or beyond guard to support you and your efforts and your mission. yes, thank you for that question, ali is looking to see difference. we saw that there was a disconnect between the work. so what we're doing is creating a system now that not only focus on academic successful our african students but the wellness portion of
3:10 am
african-american students reality. so that's where we are right now in terms of ensuring that we streamline the processes for more clear communication within our department and outside of our department. i wanted to acknowledge that we're trying to turn something that is hundreds of year of failure. our children did not fail. we have failed our children. and we all have to acknowledge that. there have been programs and initiative that's have come down. and each time, when it does not
3:11 am
produce results trying to untangle and fix the harm, we're like throw the baby in the bath water and get it out. rev. brown mentioned a program and how it just got out, right? we start something and we don't finish it. because we don't see immediate results. and i want to acknowledge, this does not happen overnight. we're standing in the gap that we can uplift and find where the gaps are and hold our folks accountable. it's not an easy thing to do. and i don't want to seem like with all do respect, i think that's a huge and important question about data and i know
3:12 am
thalt team when we go back in our report, we have reported on data, year after year after year and that's all, it's all present. and i do think, that we should know it off the fop of oufr heads but i think what we're moving to is a sense of belongings and building relationship so our kids can thrive. if i feel like constantly i'm being pushed out, ali is not in control of discipline, it's not even in our school sites like that. we have programs and way that's we're pushing in and working with our counseling, from where we had zero sites. now we have over 25, now i finally have a space where i can have voice.
3:13 am
that i actually can meet the individual child. i do think that we have to match quaul tate tiff and it lights a little bit of a fire but to know that we cannot do it alone and we have to continue that our kids feel safe. commissioner wise man. >> thank you, and thanks and then a comment.
3:14 am
this is important not just to san francisco but to the state and the county and picking up on the what you mention in terms of the system. we must acknowledge that the system, the systems of harm and impression upon which the education system is built. maurice describes that education allows for regoe, of power and that can be really scary for some folks. that is perceived as a threat. so after we acknowledge the systems of power, then we have to move towards achieving equity and that relates to obtaining and allocating resources. most particularly our black students of color. so i appreciate that we can
3:15 am
lose sight of, we didn't just get here. there is a whole system that is rotting at its core. we're not done but we have to acknowledge that as we move forward. thank you. >> when i first started in 2018, i spent my first 90 days going around this district. we as a district have to do a better job but the second
3:16 am
thing, which is really the first thing, i heard that over and over, is that this district is a good district but will never be a good district until african-american, youth, african families are seating at the highest levels. this was said over and over again, site a community meetings that was the number one thing i heard over and over again. it clearly spells out that our focus african-american students. when you look at the second highest performing district, larger district in the state, but we also have a huge gap.
3:17 am
looking at the work of ali it's about collaborating that culture and making sure that the sense of belongingness is in place. students will not achieve if they don't feel like they belong. i feel like this is not the place for me. there is no way i'm going to achieve. when you look at the data around pitch, which looks at african-american students in the classroom. we now know that african-american students in high schools are now reaching higher. the data, that is used for pitch, we actually look at aspect and their literacy and
3:18 am
math rate. so from 2016 to 2022, we've increased 10%. so it has increased but not at the same level of overall graduation rate. and we want to condition that culture making sure that we're doing everything we can.
3:19 am
until all of our students are thriving and that's what this is all about. i wanted that long speech was about saying thank you for your work and continued work. i just wanted to add one more thing, in the fiscal climate and structural deficit that we have and kind of what that means for our district. i think it acknowledging that for me, like the ali program, the work we do with a pack. double down on it because it reflects the right path forward. what it means for us to do that.
3:20 am
gefn just thank you and i want to share my commitment to the program as we move forward. i appreciate the work that went into this. as far as back to the data and the outcomes that we want to see and we want to see our students be successful. and i wanted to get a sense if that is work in progress, or is that something that you're hoping to do?
3:21 am
where is that partnership today? >> or let them the schools those are important things to get in front of our research department early. so they have the time to do that analysis that we hope to partner with them to do. we can look at the performance level but where we started to see a form of impact is where we saw the students individual growth when they move from this score into first assessment window to the next.
3:22 am
some of those reports are just not accessible. so making sure those reports can be accessible for us and that they're building some of those reports with some of the students and courses are important. i agree what needs to be modified a little bit like whether there is the advance program black star rising. so to the extent that we can have that data especially as we're in financial con trained situations so we can be sure to be protecting and advocating for the things that we know are working and expanding what we know is working.
3:23 am
and other things is not to steal pete's thunder one of their recommendation is more data around a to g and understanding when students are moving off course from getting to their a to g requirements so definitely appetite throughout the district to do this work. so to the extent that we can be collaborating, they made four recommendations and that was one of them. and the other thing, cses, when we think about early on and how we're going to get our kids so they're prepared and ready and supported to get to those a to g requirements.
3:24 am
i believe you're well involved with that and what we can do better to support early intervention to ttsz not just a referral situation. i would love to hear your thoughts, i think that under pins a lot of work that i'm seeing that you're all doing here.
3:25 am
how we're matching our outcomes and do they match. and then just being more explicit how are we supporting? we have a lot of support after a student has failed the class. credit recovery and what not. how are we supporting them before that? and how to be clear and just doing it, this is something that is typically left up to our site leaders to sort of create a system and manage on their own. it's really difficult to do without funding, without more human capitol and guidance. so this is just about puting an academic matrix into creating an academic matrix. we have a lot of information, that is very public about how we respond to behavior and discipline, right?
3:26 am
everyone can see it but we don't have anything that says what we do with a student is struggling. we have things like child find but they get lost and stuck in the mud. and process, so it's t just means we need to get clear on what these processes look like. and make sure that that is throughout and especially in the second and third grade area where a lot of students are starting to get over identified for special education so what is happening in these spots where we're over identifying students and where are the gaps and how do we address the gaps sooner than later. what you just described, i think we need to spend a lot more time there to get to the work that we need to do not
3:27 am
just within ali, systematically. door open, i want to move forward. >> absolutely and one of our recommendations is that the academic matrix is placed in the student family handbook so that it's public so our families know how to advocate for their child and say, did we do this nobody called even though that is ed code. thank you. commissioner alexander you had a data request. >> yes, just to add. dr. matthews talked about, going to be one of the important legacies of his leadership. like you said, we know that black students are brilliant. one of the times in which we adjusted the system to allow that brilliance to flourish.
3:28 am
and 8% more were college eligible. i want to commend not only the work but where are the schools that that is happening? and then how can we use those to reply ate. >> thank you to the team. i'm so excited to know that is moving. i remember when i started on the board, the team was really thinking about ali and how the work of ali not only lives within the team and centrally but how are we looking at working out systematically. so i'm happy that they're going to be lead and owned by ali, i
3:29 am
think that is a really important move and thank you dr. matthews as part of your legacy here at the district. it is our responsibility to lift up and show that every black student is successful in our district. and when we are not successful ttsz our responsibility on us on the adults and educational system. there ising a lot of work to be done in healing work. and i will stand by that each and every one of our students and all of our black students are brilliant and i think that's really important for me to convey to you all as a team but to the public and with
3:30 am
that, i also want to ask about the opportunities within ali. sense belonging if there is some initial recommendations or what you're exploring for that. there have also been investment and you have demonstrate today really leverage what type of partnerships happen. i'll pause and see if there is a response. >> yes, so one of the things that we were doing as a restructure is merging some of the secondary reports that focus on the projectory of our students.
3:31 am
and that they will be infusion the two that feed into the academic success stories of students as well. i can get you more information about that job description so you can conceptualize how we intend that that wellness piece is incorporated. >> doctor can i add. >> we know that there have been people doing this work for a long long time. we are working with the best team and learning. and part of the group is with student group, we want to make sure that our students are informing what we do. and with the work that we continue to do with the revamping and making sure that
3:32 am
they exist how do we bring in and support them or maybe they don't want that. and this is a similar having that responsibility for like all secondary is also, the approach that you all are arriving from working with our social workers, working with the emotional team. and that, really the i am panting that we're all seeking long term. so thank you for all our work. i want to thank dr. mccray for all the work. i'm sad to see you move on and thank you for leading ali team. one other closing thought, i know that the brighter futures
3:33 am
is very personal to me work withing director davis in that program design. so working very closely with the dream worker initiative to make sure that we're partnering and doing the work. and how we talk about in our city. if you look at the numbers for our sense of belonging and sense of self, they continue to rise as well as we are doing
3:34 am
some literacy work in that course. we invite you to come out and see what is happening in the classrooms. we should know it at any given point from the time they're with us in transitional kindergarten to 6th grade that we have those support and know how we're supporting that entire family.
3:35 am
i'm thrilled to see the support. with that, thank you again for all your work. [no audio] >> there have been three major initiatives in the school district in the last 25 years. thed dream schools, the consent decree. and moeflt recently gold, everybody. students promise.
3:36 am
cause ip constituted by this community. there was a room for young people that spoke achiever but you know what happened? the politic killed that program. it's nothing wrong with black folk. when we start excelling making progress, there are enemies who say we're going to push it back. that's exactly what is going on right now with this voter suppression in this nation. after mr. obama was elected,
3:37 am
you're going too far, what happened? include clubsing clan came in the rise in my native state of mississippi, over 50 black folks were massacres on september the fourth, 1875. why? because those evil democrats didn't want the abraham lincoln republicans. so there is the evidence and we want to know is this board going to work with us with ali? because of politicking. >> thank you, rev. brown.
3:38 am
thank you team, at this time i would like to call for a recess for ten minutes. >> thank you ali. >> thank you.
3:39 am
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
would litch the the base by 16 million dollars. and while that is also extremely meaningful as would be the current year, a d.a. protections, you can see that
3:44 am
the legislature proposal is more than four billion dollars more than what the governor has proposed. and really, that level of additional funding of equates to a 60%. but givener the variances, not being clear on how that augment would be applied and fiefn alley, but very meaningfully.
3:45 am
the governoring proposal would bring in upwards of 67 million dollars on a one-time basis and while the legislature as a similarly size albeit a larger proposal, the legislature proposal has more restrictions and would be applied over multiple years. so we did build in a 20 million dollars assumption, really just recognizing that assuming one time funds, felt like a safer approach, not building on going expenses. and also recognizing that we really need to see how the budget lands between the
3:46 am
governoring and legislatures proposal. one point to make when looking at the legislature proposal, while it is significantly larger, by not having the a d.a. projections, it will have less of a positive i am panting of school that face impact to their ada as as a result of covid-19, so some districts that had better attendance this year would receive more for example, than those who really saw a lot of decline in their attendance as as a result of the pandemic. first of all, recognizing the revenues that are being proposed in both the governors
3:47 am
and the legislature budget. and the second interim report for fiscal year 2021-22, we did more to build in that revenue forecast and reduce cuts to schools in particular. particularly around declining enrollment and attendance it really is critical that we're building and budget balancing measures to reduce our deficit spending overall. so no cuts have been restored through proposal. and just thinking about the conservative approach of reflecting revenues, given the potential of what could be coming our way coming to our school district, why pump the
3:48 am
brakes? why be slow and hold back on our assumptions? not on this point but i do want to highlight just through conversations with cde, we want to continue to be careful and particularly because of declining enrollment. but cd is en kaournling our district to be conservative can our assumptions. jufptd noting na it's a mix versus on going. why are there one-time funding sources. the reality is, that it's an indication of larger economic concerns. so we want to be more concern if we're building in expenses that we're aligning them with one-time sources and not building inadvertently and
3:49 am
we're facing declining enrollment and that will slow the pace of revenue growth. we saw significant increase between the governors and may recession. however our revenue progression did not turn. we need to be firm on the assumptions that we're making on how declining enrollment may impact that growth. one time assumptions as well as small cff increase.
3:50 am
in order to accommodate immediate funding needs. a differed net pay project, 9.6 million dollars because the board did previously approve that, we went ahead and assumed enough funding to cover that expense. we'll go into more of that in our special meeting next week, but i did want to highlight there are key needs to do meet the support of this new funding. so it will be important that it will be critical for us to exercise a 45-day revision which is something that is allowed for school districts to
3:51 am
do. after the state has passed its budget. and to give a better sense of timeline, here we are june 14th, we'll be introducing the budget. it's all very exciting. i may be calm and collective but i'm very excited to talk about how this improved revenue can be used to help address have you beening tour deficit. the register slate you're just
3:52 am
yesterday passed an approved, uj set to now it's being reviewed by governor gavin newsom negotiations are i'm sure already under way. and they have a time line by which the state bill must be signed and passed into law. but in the meantime, we have our special meeting next week. i'll be coming back seeking passage of the budget. so with that, thank you for your time and i'm happy to answer any questions. >> thank you sof and before we go to public comment, i want to also discuss the student delegates and thanks for joining, even on your summer break.
3:53 am
>> we are open up for public comment. >> there are none in-person. >> seeing no virtual public comment. oh. >> two hands were just raised actually. >> one minute, please. >> you'll have one minute. please raise your hand if you care to speak to this item. can we have that repeated in spanish and chinese please. >> [speaking spanish]
3:54 am
>> hello chris. >> >> speaker: can ask you hear me. i'll be super past i hope with new budget information that you'll consider fixing the problem that we're having in washington where our tech support person who is amazing is being laid off and consolidated into the city employees. he's been in washington for over a decade. i can spend too much time talking about him but i'm not going to do because it's been a long time. your zoom, your filter is on, so all of you are blue. i don't know if somebody can
3:55 am
fix that, the interrupter is not blue. but the people in the room are showing up on the zoom, thanks. >> thank you. >> kharlds, i'll need to promote you to panelist in order for you to share your comment. but we will be able to see your camera. promoting you now, charles go ahead please. >> can you hear me? now. >> yes, we have an a d.a., how
3:56 am
many of the chronickly absent students those not included in the attendance for those decreasing school funding are not at grade level. in our target populations. how do we we connect to those families to increase student achievement? how do we build social workers and psychological services built into schools for students and families with city funding? and even if we have a wind fall, a recession is coming and we need to think about things like unfunded pension mandates,
3:57 am
thank you. >> thank you. >> that concludes virtual public comment. >> thank you, colleagues you have comments or questions for meghan? >> that still sounds weird to me, head wallace, i want to be respectful but i'm not sure how to say it. i apologize, really appreciate your work on this. i can imagine members of the
3:58 am
public asking, the governor proposed 16 million in legislature why wouldn't we build in 16 as an assumes for example as that seems the minimum or why are we only assuming 20 million of the discussion block grant when it will be at least 67. what is our thinking? i'm assuming that we would come back to those in august. what is your thinking in not having that conversation now and delaying it until august. >> great question, i would say that, there are multiple reasons. for one, whatever we budgeted would be wrong in one form or fashion, it could be that we could get one more time. it could be that it's more discretionary block grant that is the same thing but in terms of block grant versus lcsf.
3:59 am
if legislature is approached is what approved and that funding level is sbraed over 7 years, then we've miss applied a calculation around the source. the other this board needs to consider the strayed off. and so not wanting to over step and build in place holder
4:00 am
expenses, that certainly you know, it would create a substantial fund bal. and it's worth noting that the board has 10% requirement. so putting additional money in there means that it would be put incorrectly, i would not want to spend it and therefore creating surplus reserve that would trigger issues with the state. >> thank you, that sounds super thoughtful and then so then the criteria for what to invest now is kind of around these critical