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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  June 21, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> hello everyone, i'm san francisco mayor london breed and i am so excited to be here today announced the budget for the city and county ofsan francisco . [applause] i see all the department heads clapping. they're really excited about thesenew budget numbers . when i think about the challenges that have existed in the city i can't help think about all the things that we have tried to do for the past couple of years especially during this pandemic. and when people have made a number of requests for additional services or additional support or additional assistance, it's not just about the dollars and the
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policy. it's about the people who actuallydo the work . the people who work for both the city and county of san francisco and the people who work for various nonprofit agencies in san francisco though as we unveiled this 13.95 billion dollar budget for the city and county of san francisco, it's important to take a deep dive into what we need to do as we come out of the global pandemic. we need to focus on the people. we need to focus on our workforce we need to focus on our economic recovery . we need to focus on the challenges that exist with public safety. we need to focus onhelping our most vulnerable and homeless populations and improve our transportationnetwork . so many things to do but i've
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got to tell you on this beautiful sunny day in union square i am hopeful . i am optimistic aboutthe future of our city more than i have ever been because i am confident about the investments that we are making . [applause] so let's start off with our economic recovery. any of us remember last november where we saw mass looting that happened in union square . and allof a sudden , people put us on the map virally like they never have before. so what they didn't show was our response to what happened here in union square. not only more of a police presence but also more of our incredible humidity ambassadors who showed up time and time again. the beautifulice-skating rink , tree lighting and all the othe activities . so much so that many of the retail businesses said itwas
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one of the best years they've ever had . think about that san francisco and our downtown and our economy, not just our retail spaces but ourworkers . this downtown economy of tourists, this downtown economy of conventions and business visitors generate anywhere close to 30 million people visit a year which creates about $10 billion for our economy. $10 billion. that's not only as it relates to taxes but supported many of the people who work down here. many of the people who work at our hotel rooms and many of the folks who work at our retail establishments and many of our programs and supportive services. so it's important we focus on our economic recovery because it doesn't fall short, it doesn't fall on me that many of our storefronts are empty and we need to do something about
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our economic recovery. we need to invest in our businesses and so we're going to be making a significant investment of $50 million for various small businesses to helpwith grants , to help with loans and help with our economic recovery. money that will help support thiscommunity . we're investing almost 20 million additional dollars to help clean our streets. to help improve the conditions of the streets. to make sure the garbage is empty. that the streets are power washed. that we keep san franciscoclean and green . make sure the investment goes towards our community ambassadors who are friendly faces that when people come and visit our beautiful city they have a lot of folks who are native san franciscans who know the right restaurants to go to and the places to visit and the best place to jumpon the cable
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car without waiting in a long line . we're going to invest in our economic recovery by making sure conventions are coming back and providing subsidies and otherincentives to make sure san francisco is their firstchoice . when i traveled to promote san francisco , people talk about the city and how much they love it and how they want to come here but what they also talked about is their concerns about safety and there was recently a survey done about publicsafety in san francisco . you want to know what over 1000 10 franciscans said in the survey aboutwhat they want to see ? over 80 percent wanted police officers walking the beach. [applause] we made that happen in union square and we didn't see those mass looting situations occur since then. we have consistently tried to make it happen even though the tenderloin is geographically a
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larger footprint, we have tried to make it happen inthe tenderloin community and wewill continue to doso but let's be honest . it's been tough . it's been tough for law enforcement . and we have seen over 400 officers leave our force andwe anticipate more to retire . so in this budget not only are we proposing academy classes, we are increasing the starting pay of police officers. we are adding incentives bonuses for those who choose to stay in san francisco longer and we're going to make a commitment to do everything we can to not only for our police force in san francisco but to also do the reforms necessary to make sure we are leading the way aroundpolice reforms in san francisco . we don't have to choose between having a diverse, incredible, active and engaged law enforcement agency and doing the reforms necessary to increase public safety for all
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communities. that is what we're going to continue to do and in fact we have invested significant resources into our street crisis response team. into our street wellness needs, into our street overdosing and by the end of this year when those 911 calls come in for people who struggle with behavioral health, those street wellness teams will be the first responders. those alternatives to policing will be the first responders so that our officers can focus on the crimes they need to focus on and not some of the behavior and challenges that continue t persist not only in san francisco but all over this country . we will also make significant investments in making our streets cleaner and safer and we will also not only support the ambassadors of downtown but the ambassadors and other
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resources throughout our city. art streets crisis response teams, our street violence improvement program that supports cross cultural and engaging with the community and dealing with the challenges throughout san francisco will be an important part of the work we do .now i want to talk about homelessness the little bit because we always make significant investments in homelessness but finally this year we are seeing that investment pay off . since 2019 the on sheltered homeless population dropped by 15 percent. and it's taking off since 2018 we've been able to get 6500 people off the streets so while other counties saw an increase in there on sheltered homeless population san francisco finally saw a decline and we should be proudof that . [applause] but we know there is
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more work to do.we will invest in our various cabin communities, continue to invest in our various shoulders and many of the hotels that we acquired during the pandemic when funding ran out we are investing the funding to keep those hotels in our portfolio so we can keep people housed. other key investments include making sure that we support our families . $50 million of children and family recovery providing additional support for child care for various families throughout san francisco and a new partnership around mental health . between some of our nonprofit agencies and the university of california san francisco because if what has happened in
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these school shootings and other challenges in our school system, if this has taught us nothing else it should teach us that we need to address the crisis that our children are struggling with before they crossed the line. before things get out of control before they take a life or lose their lives themselves . so mental health be a key part of thisbudget in helping our children . in helping our workforce and in helping the people in the city and county of san francisco. there are so many investments. i can't get into every last investment today and this budget but as i said, he focuses include definitely our economic recovery. people that includes children and families. he focuses of this budget include public safety and homelessness. and addressing many of the challenges that we face as the city and i want to also be clear that many of these
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investments came about because of what the people of the city and county of san francisco said they wanted. people in communities not just here downtown but folks in the avenues. people on the west side oftown. people in the bayview hunters point. for from all over the community . they want us to make sure they are not forgotten and this budget is not only supporting the economic engine of the city but it's supporting our entire city from every corner of this city is touched in some capacity with additional resources that will truly make their neighborhoods better and ultimately make ourcity better . let me just finally say before i turn it over to some of the amazing people who serve san francisco. i started off talking about services, funding and policy
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but what makes services, funding and policy possible are the workforce of the city and when i say workforce of the city it's not just the people who work for the city andcounty . it'speople who work for various nonprofit agencies . many people despite this pandemic still had to show up to clean the streets. to clean the buses, to get people to and from the hospital and many people had to show up to work during this pandemic to this budget wardellworkforce , providing a significant raise over the next two years to ensure they know how valuable they are to continue to see the city work and thrive. but the extension of that is also our nonprofit workforce. we've heard from so many of the nonprofit agencies including those who work in prominently supported housing .they too struggle that they love the work they do but it is hard work and they commute here.
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as far as lodi and stockton and other places it is expensive so we are also providing additional support for that workforce, for the nonprofit workforce as well that we can see increases in wages that can hopefully help make life a little bit better for the people who serve and workin the city and county of san francisco . lots of work to do, folks. but let me tell you something. there are people who tried to count san francisco. there are people who have tried to only focus on the negative and takethose various viral videos , put them all over the map. but here's the good news. we know what our city is. we know we are thephoenix.
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we noticed by earthquakes , aides, pandemics when we were left on our own and previous pandemics heard that when faced with a challenge like the phoenix vr we rise to the occasion and we make the investments and we provide the support and we come together as a city like we did during this global pandemic even though you are one of the preeminent cities in the country. we were an example and we saw one of the lowest death rates of any major city in this country and we should be proud of everything that we've done during the pandemic . [applause] so now it's time for a newday . it's time for a new day filled with happiness, filled with joy. filledwith optimism . wesurvived a global pandemic . to tell the story.
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part of that story is our economic recovery. part of that story is making life better for the people of this city. part of that story is making theinvestment and seeing those investments get put to work every single day throughout this entire city . i know what is possible in san francisco. we've been through challenging times before. and because of these investments and because of the work that we all are going to doincluding the many men and women who stand here with me today , we're going to see san francisco shine andsee san francisco thrive. i want to thank you all for being here today . we will release the details of that budget so we can start diving in to the specifics but ultimately i'm excited. i'm excited to be to see downtown come alive again. to be welcoming, to be thrivin , for folks to be spending money in all the stores and our
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restaurants. i'm excited to hear the bell ring for those cable cars. i'm excited to see people feel safe about going to their homes in the tenderloin. i'm excited to see streets clean and for people to say you know what? san francisco is better than it ever has before and we're going to continue to make sure we not only make thathappen but make sure it continues to happen so people know why this is one of the most incredible beautiful cities anywhere in the world. thank you all so much . [applause] >>with that like to introduce the captain of central station , captain julian ames. [applause] >> good morningeverybody and thank you mayor breed . i want to thank mayor breed, of course chief scott and the entireconnect staff . mayor breed talked about longer than six months ago the mass
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looting's in union square. we acted swiftly because of the support from the city. we were ever to get officers down here and now you see the officers by me making a differencein public safety . i look over and i see been over there. as i look at you right there and looking back the six months at the hard work we've done including all ofour partners behind me , to make union square better and safer. i think about the budget that mayor breed just talked about and how important it is. i'll give you one example. one example thismorning in:00 there was a retail store just about 100 yards from here . 8:00 in the morning there's a worker that came to open the door and foundsomebody inside
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the store . and their thinking oh my god, there'sa trespasser . luckily we had officers around the corner and she walked forward to find an officer but the officer responded with her and saw an individual and called a couple more officers ends up theindividual comes out, he's not a trespasser, he's a burglar . they came up with four bags of merchandise and had a cop at the front door. this is what i mean. thank you. this is why it's so important to have the officers out there making a difference. we recovered about $4700 in merchandise that would otherwise be gone. it's very important. i was born and raised in san francisco . and worked there for the last 23 years as apolice officer . probably the best profession i couldhave chosen . the best thing i can hear every
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day and from you all the community thanking the officers aroundhere , they are the backbone. they are the boots on the ground. they are the ones workinghard and long hours every day to keep our city safe . but union square is the last six months the rest of the city needed as well. the rest of the city deserves it. so i thinkthat's exactly what this budget is going to do so i thank you very much mayor breed . >>. [applause] >> thank you and today we also have one of our wonderful ... i get so manyemails about our community ambassadors . both are always talking about the work that they do. urban out to me, the ambassadors of union square and today we have paul fields with
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the san franciscowelcome ambassador program . [applause] >> thank you mayor breed. my name is sue. since i've been a san francisco welcome ambassador i had the honor ofworking with local community partners, business owners and the police department . as part of this team witnessed the value we bring to tourists, natives and san francisco providing insight on restaurants, offering direct i , giving hospitality escorts to destinations. or just a few examples of how we enrich the experience here. when visitors come from all over the world we make them feel at home. our california welcomes outshines southern hospitality.
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so thank you so much everyone. it's great to be here. thanks to myteam members. i couldn't do it without them . >> thank you so much, sue. and i want to also introduce someone who is working in the tenderloin every single day. i know that we hear a lot of complaints but i'm going to tell you right now it wasn't for the department of public works and the various agencies that wework with to help keep the streets clean it would be a lot worse . and one of those persons is supervisor for public parks green team is nicole delagarza . >> thank you mayor for the opportunity to speak.
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the hard-working men and women at public works. the power washed, pick up meals. cleaning the debris left on the sidewalks and work together on a daily basis to help maintain the city clean. my name is nicole de la garza. i'm grateful to behere. this is my home city . i'm a native occurrence residents of the city and we're grateful for the age increase the mayor has given usfor all our hard work. for the men and women who are boots on the ground every day . the essential workers are out here during the pandemic and 24 hours a day to keep the city safe and clean. thank you to our partners that work with us every day. to help clean and to be a presence in the city.
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i'm so grateful for the efforts of everyone. thank you to jade and to carla. they are great leaders and i appreciate all they do for me and for the city . and thank you guys so much. >> last but not least i have one of the owners of schroeder's bar andrestaurant , andy chung. [applause] >> thank you mayor breed. when the pandemic started is no secret hospitality was hit particularly hard. as the rest of the city recovered of the restaurants along the city recovered as well unfortunately the story downtown has been significantly
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different . workers have been slow to return back and retail has been slow to recover along with the tourists we count on. a lot of times we feel alone as a hospitality or business owner and you kind of feellike your forgotten . i was really excited to hear about the mayor and city's commitment to revitalize the downtown core this budget goes a long way inproviding that first step . our hope is at the downtown economic core transitions to whatever it becomesin the world of hybrid work , that's the businesses that have made san francisco unique and i know it's been around since 1893. down the street they been even longer than us and our businesses represent the history of our city. so as we transition to the next generation of what downtown becomes we love to see hospitality become a big part of it the mayor has allocated
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quite a bit of funds to help the arts, restaurants, bars, music and wehope to use those funds to activate the streets and make downtown an attractive place to come and visit . as she's made a commitment to clean the streets i think our heart is to enjoy those streets. to come back to downtown and support the thing that we all want which is therevitalized new san francisco we canall be proud of . you . >> this is not as traditional as what we've done in the past in terms of announcinga city budget . because the fact is it's so important to me that when we talk about these budget numbers and we talk about these things that we need to do that we definitely understand the people that make those things
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happen yes, as mayor i take all the credit for all the good stuff . i take credit for the badstuff too but at the end of the day , the reason why many of the great things that you hear about happening in san francisco, they happen because of so many of the people attending with me here today. the department heads, various these services,nonprofit agencies . the restaurants, the businesse . it's all of us. we really are in this together and as we come out of this globalpandemic went try to remember that . we're here to helpwith this city. we're here to focus on the positive . we are here to develop our own narratives, our own about what san francisco truly is and what it means to us and what it can mean to a visitor when they have a wonderful experience what it can mean to the kids whose walking downtown on their way home from school and feels safe in their community.
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it's what we need to do to change the city for the better as i know about being a native san franciscan, i know without a doubt that we cannot only persevere, we can thrive and that's exactly what this budget is going to help us do. it's going to help us thrive as the city and i hope all of you will join me inhelping san francisco bride. let's open the door and get back to work and get back to having fun and having a good time.thank you all so much . >>
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>> president walton: good afternoon and welcome to the june 14, 2022 regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madame clerk, will you please call the roll. chan not present. >>supervisor dorsey: present. >> supervisor mandelman: present.