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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  July 13, 2022 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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sorry. august 202 and start of constructionlet august of 2022. and construction completion tarted for late of 2024. this concludes and i want to thank you and the team including our alley and housing corporation is on the line and happy to answer questions you may have. after the report. . thank you. du -- will get the budget analyst first exit know sproirs mar's the sponsor i want to give him an opportunity to speak >> thank you. item 13 is a resolution approving 2 different loans from mocd to mid pan housing the developer of the housing project that was described bite department. it is one loan for tw.7 million
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dollars for the low income portion and one loan for 45.6 million for the mod rit income the project will prosecute void 135 units of affordable housing. this will be prioritized for edkirts through a restructured lottery process. we showed the budget for the development on forty-four of our report. the cost of the development is within 04 million dollars through the loans is prosecute violeting finances fret.2 million dollars.
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the first educator housing project. this project hen a long time coming. you remember going to the first neighborhood meetings about it. even before i step in the as district 4 supervisor and overwhelming support from the neighborhood. it was stroll lined by prop e and sb35 we are anxious to get it build and more housing for public school educators and really the barrier has been financing and we know san francisco projects are in the competitive funding form lapse causing delay to necessary projects like this. with this agreement we will begin construction on it and historic and innovative development can be a model for building housing for essential
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wir in the sunset and the entire city housing teach and ares educators at fordable reasons on an underutilized upon land we thoughed in approved and built and then build many more projects like it in the future. i want to everyone thatting morea and joud and he director shaw and alley gaylord and the village team at mid pen and sfusd tht teacher's union in initiates this project. i. to say, too much having watched in help for i don't know how many year its has been. 4 or 5. but the conversations to get this project going. wasseen many years before that i could not be more excited to see this foiblely moving forward. our teachers are the
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quintessential w force of stan fran that can't afford to live here and critical to the success of the city. i would love to be added as a cosponsor to this item andment to thank everyone who is involved supervisor mar. the mayor. and mohcd, uesf, sfusd, everybody who hen a part of the project, it was a long time coming as the first and hopeful low we move fast or future projects similar to it. >> with this can we open this up for public comments. why members who wish to speak and join nothing person line up now. remote call 415-655-0001id24954145466 press pound, pound then story 3.
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hi. this is paulinea i do agree with this i'm supportive and excited. and great to see that -- some of people i don't agree with -- have collaborated and arc lined with the people that i do agree with. and thank you so much. i yield my time. >> thank you for your comments. that completes our queue. >> public comment is closed. priors mar? >> i must have this we sends this to the full board with positive recommendation. >> roll call row
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>> on that motion this resolution forwarded with positive recommendation safai. >> aye and add me as a cosponsor. >> member mar y. aye >> chair ronen. why aye >> we have 3. why motion passes unanimously. read item 14. >> item number 14. ordinance approving health service system plan and rates for year 2023. members of the public remote and wish to comment call 415-655-0001id24954145466 press pound, pounds then story 3. president system indicates you have been unmuted that is your woo to begin comments. why woo have abby to present. keep comments brief.
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why i got that message. where thank you. i know the last one today. why not yet we have a couple more. why okay. good afternoon. supervisors. i'm abby the director of healing service system and let's see i'm watching my slides. go to the next one. calendar 23 the helling service system agrees with the budgetan lest report. i'm grill for the contributions to the w and the presentlies of motorcycle clark and r cfo. michael or contracts administration manager andive want it comments this riis our new ceo and you may feel free to reach out to him should you have questions. i acknowledge supervisor chan's
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sponsorship. thank you very much. >> snk slide. today i have before you an ordinance approving the health service system plan and contribution rates for year 23. this is establishes the amount contributes by the employer active and retiree healing promotiums requires a survey of the 10 possible lutz counselys to determine the contribution made by each county toward the prosecute vision of health care plans for each employee of each county the average upon county contribution establishes corrected boy employers under each the county medical plans and the bases for the emplayer contribution to the retoiree rates and the 10 county rated for plan year 23 is 780 dollars. representing a 3 opinion within
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increase. health service system services for you emplayer the stele, college sdrith the cost increase of 3.22% includes contributions boy etches retireies for medical issue dentsal life certains and disability of the cost increase of 319% increase for the city only. contribution the medical only cost increase for the stele it is 2.98%. all of these increases come per se to available bench america the 22 kaiser family employ [speak fast] over 5 years. we provide medical cover annual to employees and retirees not
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medicare eligible. and medicare eligible retireo and departments it prosecute void the plan choice condition transact with 4 health plans to offer 8 that range in types. and 3 funds arrange ams fully self and flex fund the the details of the changes in the report and in this presentation. you see on this chart there is variant in rates all are based on projected usage of services. the dentsal plan and health service boards 15% for denial and heying service approved preventstive and total of 5 plans 2 for active and retoiree and one that serves both. the vision plan the healing service board 5% rate increase
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for basic vision and 8 penalty 7 increase for premiere vision both include enhanced benefits. life insurance and long-term disability plans for employees prosecute voided by hartford they are life insurance long-term disability insurance, supplemental employee life insurance and child life insurance and accidental and death dismemberment insurance. the board approved 22 penalty 3% decrease due to the planned experience no benefit changes. in conclusion we concur with the blr report i request rural recommendation for rates for year 2023. thank you for your time and commitment to the help of our work 4s.
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the healing system plan and rates for year 23. we mote in the report had most don't have benefit changes and that the over all cost of the city it is just over 3% we hoe on page 54 of our report. abby for you will her w and team, too and went through transition with staffing including her cfo and amazingly nothing fell through the critic and everything wed out smoothly during pandemic appreciate her effort and leadership and help to experience this legislation and urge for your support. thank you.
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cements like a painless year andment to thank you for this. and all your hard work. can we open this for comment. why members who wish to spoke in person line up now. for row mote call 415-655-0001i d 24954145466 press pound, pound then story 3. >> continue to way. until the system is unmoouted. in the chamber and mad am chair there are in speakers >> public comment is closed. a motion tow sends this to the full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion vice chair
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safai. aye yovment more, >> aye >> ronen >> aye >> that motion passes unanimously. thank you. can i make a motion to rescind 9-12? safai >> aye >> mechanic mar y. aye >> chirp ronen. aye >> we have 3. >> make a motion to send 9-12 to the board with positive recommendation >> on the motion to forward to the board with positive recommendation safai. >> aye >> member mar y. aye. >> chair ronen y. aye. >> thank you, anymore items on the agenda. that completes our agenda y. wonderful before i -- gavel down on thisset meeting i wanted to
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make a -- note that we will start budget and appropriations immediately. nobody leave. >> who nodes to be about near this and to supervisor preston nononononononononononononononon
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this at this time july 13th 22 budget proerpgdzs meeting chair of the committee joined by
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members voice chair supervisor safai. supervisor mar and supervisor chan we are joined today boy sfriers preston and our clerk is brent jalipea and broadcasting this meeting at can we take a quick vote to excuse president walton from today's meeting. >>00 that motion to excuse member walen. vice chair safai. >> aye >> mar. >> aye. >> ronen >> member walton is excused >> announcements. why the board of supervisors committee are convening hybrid this allow public comment and provide remote access via phone and recognizes public access
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will take comment first public comment available on the item on the agenda in person will speak first and those witting for thez watching channels 26, 78 or 99 sfgovtv the number is across the screen it is 415-655-0001. id24954145466 and press pound twice you will hear discussions mou exclude listening mode when your item come up those in person line up to speak and on the phone dial star 3 to be added to the line. if on phone turn down your tv and listening deviszs each speaker will be allowed 2 millions to speak. you may submit comment in
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writing e mail to budget and appropriations at brentjal and sends written comments by u.s. postal service 1 drr carlton b. good let place. items academied on today will appear on the board of supervisor's agenda of july 19th unless otherwise stated. >> thank you call item one. >> item one is an ordinance appropriating 112 million of certificates of participation proceeds to the mayor's office of housing and community development for a notice of funding for land acquisition
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with prior for development of within00% affordable project in california allocation committee. high need or resources yours repair for public or federal house and urban developmentment fordable housing and elevators in the city's single room occupancy povrt foal i don't and acquisition for sites and 3 there are.8 million certificates of participation prosecute seeds for various associated finance and costs and fiscal year 22. to 23 and on reserve pundzing sale of certificates of participation. members who wish to comment should call 415-655-0001id24954145466 press pound, pound then star 3.
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it is system prosperity the kcet if you raised your hand.f you r. supervisor preston. >> thank you. procedure it. so -- chair ronen thank you for hole thanksgiving hear and hearing this item you had a long day i want to just reminds the public and thank you all again and chair ronen you for your role in the negotiating on the eve of the budget. really i think a remarkable package for affordable houseings in san francisco that i think we can all be proud of and thank the mir's office, your office. chair ronen and many others who i know are supportive of the
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package we went over it on budget night i will not go over it again. thank you for take the amendments last time we are here with the continued item because of the amendments to reflect this deal. hi one clarification and i'm told that by the by deputy city attorney pierson and the controller we discussed claire foiling ma'am i would request be moved in committee that is informed is a nonsubstantive amendment that is specific low a clarification it appear 3 times in the document where it says the california will debt limit allocation committee. designate nitted high need/resources yours. add croindicates point the out
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that there is no suburban thing as a high need's area. and the wayed to do this in the requested metropolitan this would in in 3 places page 1 line 10. page 3 line 13 and page 5 line 16-19 in those 3 maces the same amendments changing high need/resources area. changing that to designate nitted high resources area and/or high need area. areas. this accomplishes it is intent of the language and i said is a nonsubstantive amendment. i want to thank others for pointing that out and thank the mayor's office and controller and deputy city attorney for wing with us to get that
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clarification get us all on the same page and hope that is move in the committee. >> thank you. >> thank you. supervisor chan in >> thank you. budget and i did in the get a chance i was remote and i did not get a chance to thank you all of you chair robe extent vice chair safai for leadership in negotiating with the mayor and her office. really in a successful and american to include the communities ask. reallimented appreciate you both. greatly and on the behalf of the community and thank you supervisor preston being a good partner in amending this certificate of participation so we can all win together. thank you. >> thank you. >> and i know there is a bla report on this item? thank you. item one is an ordinance that appropriates 1 frisk.8 million dollars of certificates of
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participation for the projects that were described in the legislation. we show them on page 2 of the report as well as some of the costs issued at debt. the ordinance does not authorize new debt that will be a separate action the board takes after the projects reviewed by capitol planning. we do have a preliminary estimate 251 million dollars. based on the debt service reserve fund. ip want to note that the city's financial policies limit the amount of certificates of participation that can be issued by capping debt service it 3.225%. buzz the city has cash finance certain projects or just not funded certain projects. and then the most recent years, well is a spare capacity within
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the certificates of participation program for 100 million dollars that could range 80 and 120 million dollars depenning what the general fund ref now funds. and if in the future the new debt issuance would push the city over that limit. the board would have to chos to reorder the capitol projects to not hit that cap. you may consider for the board. imented to -- thank this committee and -- especially supervisor preston and chan. for bring thanksgiving forward. supervisor preston, i know you worked closely with the controller. to come up with the idea of
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creating more access to funding for affordable housing. thank goodness you came up with it. it would be have been hard, otherwise to have had this major win. for fordable housing in the budget. ive have so much proeshg for you and your office and the activists and commune 'd vocates you have been fighting with for so long to get a real significant source of funds for the most important priority of our city that relates to everything that is plaguing us from homelessness to you knoween people's phis physical and mental health that is tieed wlo they have a stable source of fun to the workforce crisis. you have to ford to live her to work here. and you know it it is a driving cause of our workforce crisis.
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i also you know, continuing to be frustrated the priorities of the state they don't allow us to get funding for projects in some of the most -- neighborhoods under gentification which is frustrating. but to have this new source of funding focused on neighborhoods where we can get this matching or that subelemental funding tax credit funding from the state. i was a really great way of making sure that leveraging one source of be able to access another begin they are expensive. just thank you supervisor preston for not only fighting it psz prop i to create a new source and because it was not dedicated by law continuing that fight at this board to make sure
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that every year we have new sources. funning for affordable housing i appreciate you so much. thank you. >> supervisor safai. thank you we are involved in the negotiations and it is important to have access to this while we have a housing krois in the city and nonprofits that are in communities that have over looked. my question is, my statement is -- this is the appropriation. this is the not the authorize. really looking forward to and i help that -- those involved with identifies the land acquisition for priority 100% affordable housing the and others from the ap i community the cites will be
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brought become to the committee so once we dot novelty just of the appropriation but authorization of submitting the debt there will be a public conversation of had the cites and are what have been selectd and how the communities will be impacted. there was confusion this morning and glad you got it resolved. whenir read it there did in the make sense i'm glad we made the amendment today. and supervisor chan making sure ap i community has haaccess and come become with a list. we should be working to identify the cites as quickly as we can. why thank you. why thank you supervisor mar >> thank you. i wanted to thank supervisor preston and also chan for both of your leadership on what came together in the one -- unified
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community of participation measure and thanks to the mayor and the mir's office for also working collaborative low with us. i was proud to cosponsor both supervisor preston budget proposal and supervisor chan's, pi proposal. i'm excited they came together. i want today acknowledge the community stake hole they'res drove this process on both sides for the associate and affordable housing peculiarage that was the housing stability funds or -- over site committee. and all the -- incredible housing and folk in the city and the ap i equity funds the ap i council. this was a great partnership. keep building on this. and get building with the funds.
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can we open up for public comment? >> yes, members who wish to peek and joining in person lineup now. for those listening remote call 415-655-0001id24954145466. press pound twice. press star 3 to enter the line. the prompt will indicate you have been unmuted that is your queue to begin comments. >> begin and i will start your time. members i'm charlie i'm here representing council of community housing organization. i wanted thank the committee and supervisor ronen for leadership and all the countless hours and the leadership in getting us to this point in the any knowledge press and i wanted to
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acknowledge supervisor preston and chan for creativity in putting forward the certificate of participation a way to grow resources to finance our cities affordable housing strategies. could in the come in a more important moment san francisco is looking for a life line to make sure there apartment building is in the sold to an investor and to make sure there is affordable home they turn to when evicted. to make sure that needed repairs and accessibility upgrades can help this is a bold and innovative prop toward resourcing our city's are affordable housing strategies and we want to make sure that our black, american indian, immigrant and others people of color are first in line to be able to benefit from the needed investments and it make sure
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working class neighborhoods in the city and with that we would like to support preston amendment to urge this committee to clarify the high resource areas and areas are available for the investments. thank you very much. certificates of participation are being used to issue hundreds of millions in debt without going before the voters. cop's short for debt and higher interest rates the issuance is prosecute pose in the a time of
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inflation and higher interest rates. the city has 1.3 billion dollars in that standing cop debt as well as 2.5 billion in general obligation bond debt this does in the account for revenue bond debt. the sfpuc has a debt of 6 billion dollars. i'm opposing issuance they don't go for voters. bonds do. a member of antidisplace am coalition. encouraged bite agents report saying that we have a healingy
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budgetful i don't see a problem with issuing the certificates. to expand the program priorities to include cites in neighborhoods that are risk of displacement and i thank supervisor preston for making the amendments to clarify and recognize it is funding high need and resource areas. >> bravo. bye. >> thank you. are there more speakerings in the queue? there are no further callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> public comment is close said. >> like to make a motion to amend as specified by supervisor preston. on that motion by chair seconded by member mar to accept the
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clarifying ma'ams as offered by supervisor preston. vase share sa fei i fay. >> aye yoch mar, >> aye >> member chan. >> aye. that motion passes unanimously. priors chan do you want to do the honors? >> so i will move this with positive recommendation to full board. >> thank you. >> we need a second. >> second. >> okay. >> on that motion by member chan. seconded boy chair ronen. this this ordinance forward today the full board with positive recommendation. vice share safai. >> aye >> member mar. why aye >> member chan. why aye. >> chair ronen. >> aye. >> we have 4 aye's the member
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waltock excused y. that motion passes unanimously. mr. clerk are there other items. that completes our business this meeting is adjourned.
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>> i moved into my wonderful, beautiful, affordable housing march 7th. i have lived in san francisco since i was two-years-old.
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i've lived in hunters view for 23 to 24 years now. my name is vlady. i use titus and i am the resident commissioner for the san francisco housing facility. from the very beginning, this whole transition of public housing and affordable housing was a good idea. but many, many residents didn't think it would ever actually happen. it's been a life changing experience. and i'm truly grateful for the whole initiative and all those that work on the whole sf initiative. they've done a wonderful job accommodating the residents, who
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for many years have lived in delap tated housing. now they have quality housing. i was on a street where the living room and the kitchen and stairs. it wasn't large enough to accommodate. the children are grown. i had the accomplish of having a dishwasher in my home. i really like that. [laughter] i really like not having to wash dishes by hand. we still do it from time to time. the mayor's office has been a real friend to us, a partner. we know that our city supports us. i love san francisco. just to be able to stay in my community and continue to help the residents who live here and continue to see my neighborhoods move into new housing, it's been a real joy. it's been a real joy.
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>> [inaudible] i'm a illustrator by day and a [inaudible] composition teacher. right now i'm practice by transscribing [inaudible] that is what i have been doing the past couple years, teaching myself. california college of the arts, illustration there has
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really great teachers. robert hunt, vance story taught me a lot. what i'm working on is a portfolio [inaudible] riding a donkey unicorn in the process. >> my name is dawn richardson and musician, drummer and drum teacher. i guess i would say i started my professional path quh i started playing in bands and teaching drum lesson when i was in college. they were definitely not that many women that would do what is doing. in 198 8 i graduated from cal state los ang and studied mostly classical percussion and music education but at the same time i was in hollywood so played at night in rock bands so was doing two different things.
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>> the reason i'm [inaudible] the people. there is a extremely vibrant art community especially arounds the red poppy art house [inaudible] as a artist in the past 2 or 3 years there is a event called the [inaudible] every 3 months a free art music festival that i usually play at and just met so many people. >> i was teaching a little bit and doing odd jobs like waitressing and going at night and playing in bands and meeting a lot of people. i chss in ban that had cool break jz get parts on tv shows or things like that. a friend of mine, we had mutual friends that got signed to a record deal in san francisco called 4 nonblaunds and i addition frd the bands and
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moved to the bay area. i think things are different now than 30 years ago, the world evolved a lot. it could be a challenge but have to know how to negotiate everything and sometimeatize is [inaudible] it was great to get to a point where i was just treated like another one of the people, a musician not a female musician and that is always what [inaudible] >> you don't hear stuff on the radio [inaudible] i need to write music [inaudible] be more conscious in their decisions and somehow make that poetic so they will be convinced. i think i will do that. [singing in backgrounds] drawing and writing music since i was a really little kid and fortunate enough to have a good education in art
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and parentss who supported me. i hope my life will continue to allow me to do both. >> for me now having all male, female girls, boys students it shows the world has changed a lot and people areope toon open to a lot more than they were in the past. you can get a deep satisfaction from responding a lot of year practicing in one thing and becoming really good at something. sometimes i think that it is better to get lost. you have to practice and become good at what you do, so if you have everything together then go out in the world and do what you do and then i think people weal accept that.
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>> by the time the last show came, i was like whoa, whoa, whoa. i came in kicking and screaming and left out dancing. [♪♪♪] >> hello, friends. i'm the deputy superintendent of instruction at san francisco unified school district, but you can call me miss vickie. what you see over the next hour has been created and planned by our san francisco teachers for our students. >> our premise came about for san francisco families that didn't have access to technology, and that's
2:56 pm
primarily children preschool to second grade. >> when we started doing this distance learning, everything was geared for third grade and up, and we work with the little once, and it's like how were they still processing the information? how were they supposed to keep learning? >> i thought about reaching the student who didn't have internet, who didn't have computers, and i wanted them to be able to see me on the t.v. and at least get some connection with my kids that way. >> thank you, friends. see you next time. >> hi, friend. >> today's tuesday, april 28, 2020. it's me, teacher sharon, and i'm back again. >> i got an e-mail saying that i had an opportunity to be on a
2:57 pm
show. i'm, like, what? >> i actually got an e-mail from the early education department, saying they were saying of doing a t.v. show, and i was selected to be one of the people on it, if i was interested. i was scared, nervous. i don't like public speaking and all the above. but it worked out. >> talk into a camera, waiting for a response, pretending that oh, yeah, i hear you, it's so very weird. i'm used to having a classroom with 17 students sitting in front of me, where they're all moving around and having to have them, like, oh, sit down, oh, can you hear them?
2:58 pm
let's listen. >> hi guys. >> i kind of have stage flight when i'm on t.v. because i'm normally quiet? >> she's never quiet. >> no, i'm not quiet. >> my sister was, like, i saw you on t.v. my teacher was, i saw you on youtube. it was exciting, how the community started watching. >> it was a lot of fun. it also pushed me outside of my comfort zone, having to make my own visuals and lesson plans so quickly that ended up being a lot of fun. >> i want to end today with a thank you. thank you for spending time with us. it was a great pleasure, and see you all in the fall. >> i'm so happy to see you today. today is the last day of the
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school year, yea! >> it really helped me in my teaching. i'm excited to go back teaching my kids, yeah. >> we received a lot of amazing feedback from kiddos, who have seen their own personal teacher on television. >> when we would watch as a family, my younger son, kai, especially during the filipino episodes, like, wow, like, i'm proud to be a filipino. >> being able to connect with someone they know on television has been really, really powerful for them. and as a mom, i can tell you that's so important. the social confidence development of our early learners. [♪♪♪]
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>> staff