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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  July 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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related management, they continue to create hostile en vinerment they have vehicles towed stating that they were stolen and registered. i don't know too many people who were steal a car and then go outside and argue with the department of traffic saying please don't take my vehicle away. so instead of them providing her with this information, they provide her with a stay away order.
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enough is enough, we need to just have peace, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, or evening, supervisors my name is benson nidel and i'm with the abutment office and i'm speak to go agenda item number 63, if i'm out of order because i just got off of work, please let me know. i want to focus on one issue, paperwork or package being sent to the laguna honda. that package of information, it may be inadequate, there is no sample available to the abutment office or to anyone
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outside of the laguna honda. i'm honing on this assessment and care planning process. one of the 13 findings was that tt care plan was not centered but using a generic and maybe attributable to epic and electric system i don't know. very sandwiched and condensed. also there is the assumption of one nursing home with another.
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people with huntingtons. these individuals will not be accepted at nursing homes. this relocation must be revised. >> thank you, thank you for your comments. all right, let's hear from our next speaker please, welcome. >> on the roster theres a timer, the first bell is 30 seconds and the second bell is hopefully when you have concluded the comments. >> thank you for the information. i just have a question of observation is it break time because it seems like a lot of empty seats once it's public comment and that's my observation. what i would like to address
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today, we have our justice for the bay view, that's district 10 suffering. i have been a victim of three arson fires. i have been involuntarily displaced from that day to this day. i have been reaching out, that's my public comment. and i would like to say that, hineous point, district 10 is suffering. we need support. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> good afternoon, can i speak. >> clerk: yes. >> hi supervisors i'm coming
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from district 10, i'm dr. espinola's daughter, and we have place in district 10. they not helping doing that. so i say you need to come down and see where your money is at. i got denied everything and the other people don't even answer the door. the same people that has a retraining order on her for just asking a question. and then again, this is my first time, but best believe i'm coming back. and i'm coming back and you all going to feel espinola jackson in the building. she was fired, so i'm going to make sure we get what we deserve and need to have in our community. so i thank you guys.
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i'm tony we coming back with the dr. espinola collaboration organization, be ready. looking out for me. >> clerk: thank you for your comments this afternoon. welcome. >> i'm la vet arnold and it says justice for bay view. richard yau, from executive center. came like he owning a plantation and he made it a plantation to abuse the bay view. so what i was trying to do is have a voice for the community. so what i got was a retraining order, that's okay, god's got my back. finally after i got mr.
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richard, he basically said, there was four million dollars given to bay view. he said everybody got paid, i didn't get paid and a lot of people in bay view didn't get paid. i didn't put the word out, i bought these little t-shirts with my money. you gave them the money to say, they're going to need the rental assistance. many of these piganes, first time talking like this, maybe i don't remember, i just know one thing. i'm speaking for the people. mission street and crusader. we wanted it closed down.
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we don't want you coming into the community and robbing the community. this is what you guys say, what happens to us, we get robbed and i'm one of them. thank you, thank you sir, district 10. i went to one of the two places. either one of them paid it but i'm talking about the community which in the building right below was paying people's rent.
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i'm here in our community, which 100 point. and worked with jackson, worked with housing authority. president of phta so these people coming to our neighborhoods, making all of this money and we don't see them anymore. you know, they're coming over here and write grants, they don't doing it for us. so i'm here to let you all know, puerto rico is needed. and this man comes here to san francisco, we are born and raised here. and he who is he to get a restriction on somebody. okay, that's all i came to say, thank you. >> thank you juanita for your comments. welcome.
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>> good afternoon, everybody. >> my name is michael jackson, that's my grandmother, i ran an organization called we help the people. i helped a lot of people get resources and a lot of people who is under served and we've been going through that since i was young. a lot of the community. it's a shame to keep coming back to see the people under served. if we can get, you know, i respect you a lot, i respect all of these supervisors that i don't even know.
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thank you for your comments, before the next speaker, i'll remind members of the public to address the comments as a whole not individual member of the board. >> my name is sala chandler and i want to say, is that i'm here to support porto rico. i'm here to support her. because it seems to me that me living in hunters point we've been coming to these meetings as many know, plan the political gain, trying to show kindness, being gentle, and i see my people dying every single day in baby hunters point.
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i'm seeing them murdered. and i don't mind fighting and putting my life on the line to send a message to let my people go. so this is now a warning, because it's going to be a time that is not going to be a warning. everyone of you all have a family. >> thank you, thank you sala chandler. welcome to our next speaker. >> all right, i'm sarah, i don't have a community i've been homeless over 20 years on purpose, in the early 80s, i came to san francisco.
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i worked to we wills fargo and lost an investigation. william spot junior who later married me and i told him no. later i met an abusive guy, i decided not to deal with him anymore. but i had two kids by him, two boys by him. he stopped mecious he just got, he did make me lose my job. i called 9-1-1 one day after he beat me and william let him go, leave me there bloody. my kids were stolen again by them. i was forced to buy a home by
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gang members. murdered two people and will they ever get out. i get threatened every day, i'm sick now, i cannot go down the street. every time i go, everything is messed up and they say i'm crazy. i came yesterday to speak i was so speak. i'm a very good person. please, give me a place to stay, i would get voucher 8 voucher. i came here and they told me that they stole the hotel, i told them about everything in a room. >> thank you, sarah for your comments.
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>> hello i also live in the bay view, i'm here to support paourt rico and what she does for the community. it was an agency that came over to the community and i referred a family member. that was november of last year and she still has not got a response. so if this was going to be held for the residents, then you nyed to make sure that they can actually help her, she is still waiting and her pg&e 7, 800 dollars now. and it has not gotten paid at all.
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thank you very much for listening. >> thank you for your comments. >> no more we'll go to the remote system, i'll ask mr. adkins he's asking if we have a caller on the line. we're seth the timer for two minutes. let's hear from our first caller, i believe we have about 13 callers in the queue, welcome. hello. >> may i ask that you turn down the volume on your television before you begin. >> can you, is it okay now? >> clerk: yes, thank you i'll set your timer now. >> okay, all right,
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identificationer i'm dava from view, i have four children in the foam, i have three kids under the age of 5 years old, 8-month-old baby, my son is sick, she is consistently congested with mucous and has not gotten rid of it yet. my as ma has been triggered consistently. we don't use my bathroom which is the main bathroom. we take five or six hours. they are not doing anything, but yesterday they're outside selling cars, they schedule with the city to tow our cars.
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smells really bad and they're not helping, they sent the letters in and they cok the bathroom and they did that already two times and i'm telling them, that it's behind the walls and they don't believe me and they have not come down here. they're not doing anything that they need to be taken from us and they need to take over by some better people because where we're living is not fair at all. >> thank you for your comments to the board.
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all right, mr. adkins let's hear from the next caller, please. some of you all, who have not been paying attention should wake up. people cannot be suffering like this. even as i'm speaking i can see it. you're the ones that who are
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fostering corruption who want to give some sort of exemption related to payments. this is a caring call, thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you francisco. i have we have 19 who are listening, and 10 wait to go give a comment. unmute yourself. >> it's david, my pronouns are she and her. it's sad that the supervisors are distracted. pay attention to the public, a bunch of people were talking
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about bayview. mushrooms beinger i think it's a really good idea. as i have mushrooms available to me, i would not be a fuck up. also thz pocaok and another great loss. let's talk about tenants people who live in thc housing. i've been hearing people say,
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we need trash housing first. let me tell you something, i know there is another coming down the pike and i think it's about, time that when it comes out, you actually treat us a single partner and don't try to make value judgment because it's f*ung en rude and offensive to do that. >> thank you for your comments. apologies if i interrupt anyone, we're setting the timers for two minutes. let's hear from our next caller
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please. >> good afternoon, i'm deputy director for housing at mayor's housing and community development. contribution that she has made to the work here in san francisco. as other speakers have pointed out, lives or so, talented and passion a and so committed and smart. the work that we do is hard and liz, always brought humor and humility to it.
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>> thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. let's hear from the next speaker please, welcome caller.
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thank you very much and have a good day. >> clerk: benjamin thank you for your comments to the board. okay, let's welcome the next caller please. >> board of supervisors teresa palmer, i worked at laguna honda for 3 years. i'm calling on item 63 and donna who has a elderly relative and could not stay longer than three and a half hours waiting to testify. both of us are add adamant,
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please stop the charges at laguna honda, what is happening is dysfunction by management at laguna honda and at this point by all levels of government. this is somebody who needs to be near family. this is a death sentence and four people have already died. that is ten percent we're looking at 60 for deaths which we as a city will be complicity in if these discharges continue.
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intoeder to please the government and state, let them clean up their attribute without discharge most vulnerable people you can imagine and killing them. please support this and please pressure our state and our schedule people to support stopping the discharges while lag no honda cleans up the act. it makes no sense to destroy the people to fix it. let's hear from next caller please. >> hi, good evening. board of supervisors. i'm my name is sharyl and i'm a resident of district 10. and i called in first to say
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that it's imperative that we stop the charges at laguna honda as people have noted our most vulnerable are dying. two, i want to thank president walton and supervisor chan supervisor preston, supervisor ro nen and supervisor safai for calling fortress i go nation of anne chow or shu from the board of supervisors. as we can see we have a lot of problems and we have to have better schools to prepare our residents our communities for the workforce. and we're not preparing the youth for the workforce.
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with the public school system. i thank you for all the work around student fund and calling for board of supervisors, that's what i wanted to saycious thank you very much and thank you for your hard work and commitment to the city and county of san francisco. i can see that this job is very, it's a lot of commitment. thank you very much for your service, everyone. >> thank you for your comments to the board. this evening now. let's hear from the next caller please.
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i'm calling on item 63 we've been working with ems and try to urge them to extend the date in which the laguna honda will be closed. we've been trying to work with the department of public health and other agencies, because we donough that firsthand that families and residents are not being followed up with the care plan. we have people that are being released to shelters without a care plan and they have nowhere to go. so at this point, really grateful that the resolution to urge secretary becerra to this continue any discharges and then allow for laguna honda to get in compliance, thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. i see we have six callers in the queue. let's hear from the next caller, please.
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>> madam clerk, will you just let me know that my voice is coming through. >> yes. i wanted to say a few words. i want to say out loud what a crushing loss it is for san francisco and my heart goes out to whitney and their kids and family. she was such a salt to the earth, you don't meet many people like liz. i had the benefit of working with her for about 12 years as executive director of housing organizations. and liz would always step up.
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she was always to willing to dive in whether it's internal issues or advocating at the board or walking the streets and dropping the lid. she was quintessential but also a activist which means putting everything into it. liz was a tough woman she was a kick-ass person. there is a few strong women who really push hard and i give a lot of credit to liz for not taking any bs taking no shit, and i think we should look to her as a reference point for a north star and i'm really really sad to see her go. >> thank you for your comments
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to the board. >> do you have another caller in the queue please? >> supervisors i'm a lifelong citizen, i have so many things that i want to express to you but basically, i'm just going to tell you that as far as i'm concerned each and everyone one of you have completely failed the citizens of this city. that people that came in and spoke in-person, spoke very clearly to your incomplete inability to manage the citizens finances, your job is to keep the budget balance and to keep the city street safe,
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that's what i think. you're going on vacation soon, please get back to basics, you would do the city a work. i strongly encourage you barack obama gave a speech in father's day in 2008, it was about where we are as a country. youtube that speech, barack obama. i'm intimate lea ware and familiar with that place. look at this failure. this is your responsibility.
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that ferris wheel in the park, i walk by it five times a week, there is never anybody on it. we need you to get out of the way you're all complete failures. >> clerk: all right, sorry to cut you off we're set the timer for two minutes. do we have another caller in the queue? >> yes. >> i'm going through a situation in my building. i have been gone back and forth to my rental office complaining about the noise, the older i'm 52 years old disabled and barely walking.
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itch called the security people, the office gave me this number. this lady living over here for 7 years. i got piece approximates of everything that is good to my ceiling that live over me. i got pictures for this young girl that has been torching me for seven years. this has been going on for 17 years. i got plasters, falling from the ceiling from what is going to take a hammer and beat on the wall and on the floor to where the plaster fall down. i had to park my car on the street.
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ain't got no business suffering for 7 years with this lady, this young girl living over my head and my house and authority people will not do anything about it. i don't think that is right and i pay my rent. please help us, and thank you all and have a blessed day. >> thank you ms. williams for your comments to the board. let's hear from the next callers please. what does it say xwh there is a system for the poor.
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the city concluded with the developers so seniors were thrown into the streets and board and care homes got brought up and torn down. so they can have higher paying acute beds. the city script and cut substance abuse services so people went into full blown crisis. and the city closed three quarters in the locked beds in san francisco general and turned them off into a board and care. cns came in and now residents are dying. this is all about profits.
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>> good evening, thank you to supervisor for your leadership in introducing the issue and thank you to the san francisco board of supervisors. i'm dr. norris studies in san francisco which has been a leader and a cofounder of nonprofit 'eming occasion.
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we cannot retro companies to ma lop nice before having access to the people. now 14 cities have passed resolutions. washington dc had 76% voter approval. also communities in proposing this policy, it's past time for san francisco to take a rightful place. san francisco decriminalizing and be one of the first 15 cities.
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there have been zero reports in crime. this is the case in the other cities that have decriminalize. thinker incredible stories of healing emerging from these communities. how much can this heal our communities. it is time to try another approach one that in honor of. >> thank you, for your comments to the board this evening. if you are in the queue and would like to provide the comments, you should star 3 otherwise we'll take the couple of callers to the end. let's welcome the next caller. >> good evening i'm speaking on item 3.
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supportive of this resolution to ba sera and it will not have impact on him because reported lea noid end quote. didn't tell this board on june 21gal hearing, he had filed informal dispute resolution request to california's department of public fund. or the dispute of that. department of health and human services in february april,
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may, challenging the deficiency laguna received on october 14th. those res loses don't seek injunkive relief. these appeals will not be heard until late october at the latest. the city attorney office informed me this morning that it is not filed a federal lawsuit seeking injunkive relief to stop further discharges in august, september or longer. those discharges will continue happening despite this resolution to ba sera while laguna cms recertification. >> thank you for your comments to the board this evening. mr. adkins let's hear from the next caller please.
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hello caller have you joined us? >> hi i'm calling from district 1, i'm sad to hear about what is happening in bayview. i'm talking about the double rock area they mentioned the same thing about a nonprofit that is not doing their part to keep their community organized. excessive ticketing of people's cars or towing of cars. when i listen to the stories, i live in district 1. so our garbage is picked up at
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least three or four times a week. and their garbage is only being picked up once maybe even twice which is very disturbing because they're all paying rent. then we hear that their children are sick and absentee children from school. i don't think what the process is. what the process for these tenants to get help? the nonprofit is the landlord and they're not responding back. when they're parked in front of their own home.
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this is not right, these are working class people. they're paying rent and it seems like in my district 1, i only see the people for the cars on street sweeping days. it's just heart breaking to hear. is there another caller in the queue, please? >> madam clerk, there are no further callers. >> clerk: thank you, mr. adkins, mr. president. >> thank you, public comment is now closed. [gavel] madam clerk, we are now at 60 through 70. >> clerk: yes, 60 through 70 were introduced for adoption
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without reference to committee, a unanimous vote is required for first reading today. a member may require a resolution on first reading to go to committee. >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor milgaard. >> 63 please. >> 63, thank you. supervisor pesskin. >> 66, i assume, yes, 66. >> sewer it's automatic. thank you, sir. seeing no one else, can we take a vote on the remaining items except for 66 and 63. >> clerk: yes on 60 through 70 minus 63 and 66 and 65. >> 66. >> okay. superintendents stefani.
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aye, aye, chan aye, dorsey, aye, mannedleman, aye, supervisor march, mar, aye. milgaard aye, pepess peskin aye, preston, preston, aye. ro nen aye, and supervisor safa h*i, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> thank you,r so much without objection, these resolutions are adopted and motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 63. >> clerk: resolution to urge the united states department of health and human services secretary xavier becerra to suspend a requirement for medicare and medicaid on relocating and transfering vulnerable hospital and to extend coverage of payments
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until the end of the year. >> thank you all for all the support on this issue and these items, supervisors peskin chan, stefani, mar, preston and now ronen and supervisor have all now have signed on as cosponers. i want to thank louis california advocate for nursing
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home reform and great panthers who have been advocating and doing everything that they can to make noise and get heard. we are being put in an impossible situation by the federal government. we have this disclosure plan that we have agreed on. that requires us, cms is assessing our progress on that plan but has put nothing in writing. so there is no, there are no metrics about the progress. they are telling verbally, despite putting nothing in writing that we're not being aggressive enough in transferring patients. but in the meantime, four
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people have died in laguna honda. it's a human rights atrocity. despite many attempt, the mayor's office and us, the supervisors we have not been able to get through cms. i wanted to update this resolution, in the long title, i would like to amend the language to urge cms to extend payments on medicare and medicaid until the process is
10:52 pm
complete rather than just the end of the year. so urging the secretary to suspend requirement by the centers for center and medicaid on relocating and transferring vulnerable patients. and to extend coverage until the defrmation on recertification. as of july 2022, and update the number of deaths from 3 to 4. oftener page 3, delete the language until the end of the year. we need to do all we can to fix
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deficiencies and compliance issues and to get laguna honda decertified. mr. president, i would like to make a motion to adopt these amendments as read into the record and i would ask that all of my colleagues support this resolution. thank you. seconded by supervisor ronen. >> thank you colleagues, i just, i just wanted to express my frustration with the federal government. i don't understand the vice president kamala harris who used to be the district attorney in san francisco, and has incredible power, where is the leader nancy pelosi who is in charge of the entire of house of representatives, where
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is diane feinstein our senator. where is ja here and every single family, they organize what are you doing? this is a hospital of last resert a long term care facility for 700 people in san francisco that are so sick, that they must be in a long term facility. most of them homeless do not have any other options anywhere judge? why? ? because you're government fails our seniors our mental ill by not prioritizing human beings in the united states of america who are dealing with these
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issues by not building affordable housing by not making sure that every human being has a house to live in. by making sure that there are significant mental healthcare for everyone. this is san francisco! the only place who has stood up for our residents with a minor issue of hand washing and and some younger person brings in marijuana which is legal in california. taking our away our medical coverage. this is a crisis of the highest order. four people have died because you're forcing us to kick out the sickest residents of our city on to the street, where are you? why have the natural press core not not covering.
10:56 pm
when they offer zero zero alternative for people who cannot afford healthcare. this is outrageous, this is a story that should be broadcast across every major talk show, 60 minutes where are you? where are you every single reputable national media outlet reporting this story? federal government are criminal na they're not getting involved. we're doing everything in our power to protect these people. what is happening an outrage and i have not seen a leadership.
10:57 pm
especially when you wash your hands of the problem yourself. this is an outrage and i'm asking every public leader to step it out. every media to step it up and show outrage that the federal government is forcing upon san francisco right now. and our hands are tied, we're doing everything in our power but in the meantime, they're forcing us to kick out the he willest, the oldest and sickest people on to the street and they are dying. where is the outrage. where is the outrage and where is the media. >> thank you, very much. >> i would concur with the comments of my colleague. it really is a scandal and any reasonable person who looks at
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what is going on at laguna honda and what is phasing the residents, you know, would be horrified. is i want to thank supervisor milgaard for kharnling in. the people who have the power to change, continue to insist that they have no power that they cannot do anything. this is of their hand, this is untrue. people who are dying, the people who the families that are living in fear now, that their loved one are going to end up on the street or in a county far far away, that is absolutely at the doorstep at the california of public health. and cms and that is something
10:59 pm
that our state and national government and elected officials going right up to the biden administration can change. they need to stop these pore i believe things from happening to real life san franciscoians. we're trying to get too many care in a system that does not provide enough care. we would appreciate the help in providing the beds for very sick people who cannot care for themselves. we would love to have that
11:00 pm
burden that is being shouldered by san francisco and government. but meanwhile, the squarely and they need to take responsible for what they are doing to these people. >> thank you, supervisor mannedleman. madam clerk, by on the motion made. >> clerk: on that motion, stefani, stefani aye, wald on, aye, dorsey, aye, mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, mar, aye, milgaard, aye, milgaard aye, peskin, aye, preston aye, supervisor ro nen, aye,