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tv   Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  August 1, 2022 6:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[gavel] >> good afternoon and welcome to the july 26, 2022 regular meeting of the board of supervisors. madam clerk please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan. chan, not present. supervisor doers'. >> present. >>. >> clerk: doersy present. mannedleman present. supervisor mar. mar, present. mill gar? mill gar present. supervisor peskin. >> present. >>. >> clerk: supervisor preston.
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preston present. supervisor ronin. ronin present. rahai. not present. supervisor steph thee, stephanie present. and mr. walton. >> present. >>. >> clerk: walton present. mr. president, you have a quorum. >> thank you, very much madam clerk. we acknowledge that we're on the homeland of the ramatush, as the indigenous of this land and in accordance with this institution, the ramatush have not forgotten the responsibilitied of care takers of this place as well as everybody who resides in their territory. as guests, we recognize living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by
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acknowledging our ancestors, and relative of the ramatoush and rights as first people. colleagues, please stand with me to reside the "pledge of allegiance" >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> and on behalf of the board of supervisors, i would like to acknowledge the staff of sfgovtv, who record each of the meeting and makes the video available to public online. madam clerk, are there communications. >> clerk: yes, the board welcomes the public to here in city hall to both listen to the proceedings or advise the board of supervisors in-person. this meeting is airing live on
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award winning channel 26, where you may view the live stream by going to www.sf g.o. v alternatively, you may participate remotely. the best practice is to call in early from a quiet location and once it's your turn to speak, make sure the volume is turned down. there after the board will hear from those who have called into the remote system. please note that once the remote system is closed, it will not be reopened. throughout the meeting, the telephone number is streaming on your screen. when you hear the system prompt enter the meeting id. you should be press the pound symbol twice. you know, you've joined the meeting once you hear the
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discussion, however your line will be muted. to put yourself into the speakers queue. the system will prompt that you have been unmuted and then you should begin your comments. today the agenda content eligible for a comment once item 29 is called, that is general public comment. where you may speak to the minutes which should be considered by the board for a moment and approve. item 60 through 70 these are the items for consideration on the adoption without calendar and other general matters that are not on today's agenda but are within the board jurisdiction. all other agenda content will have been reported out to the board by an appropriate committee where the public comment requirement has already been fulfilled. you may still be able to communicate with the board by sending written correspondence. if you use the u.s. mail, send
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it to the address. here in san francisco california. in a great partnership with the office of civic ingaugement, interpreter will be present during general public comment. at that time, i'll invite the interpreter to introduce themselves in the service that they're providing to join this meeting remotely in language. and finally, if you have any questions accessing this meeting, please call the clerk's office, we do have a live person standing by to assist you. that number is 415-554-5184. sxl mr. president i do have one other communication. this is to the members of the board from the mayor's office, mayor london breed, vaoeting on item on your agenda this afternoon. this is file number 220446 that
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is item, item 13. this is the fourplex ordinance that was passed by the board of supervisors on tuesday june 28, 2022 and again on tuesday july 12, 2022. le that concludes my comment, thank you. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. and colleagues just a reminder please to mute your microphones when you're not speaking. we're now going to go to our pool of minutes and we have four sets of minutes to approve today. our meeting minutes from the june 22, 2022, special board meeting and the june 16th, 17th and 23rd 2022 special minutes at budget and appropriations committee which constitute a quorum of the board of supervisors. and i don't see anyone on the roster, so madam clerk, would you please take the roll on this item. >> first and second mr. president. >> oh i'm sorry, can i get
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approval made by supervisor and seconded by supervisor stephanie. >> clerk: thank you, on the minutes for all four sets of minutes as presented, supervisor stephanie. >> aye. jeff knee aye. supervisor walton. walton aye. supervisor chan. >> aye. >> clerk: chan aye. supervisor dorsee. maraye, pes kinaye. supervisor preston, preston aye, supervisor ronin, roenin aye, and safai. safai aye, 11 ayes. >> let's go 1 through 12. >> clerk: items 1 through 12 are listed through consent calendar. these items are considered to be routine, so there will be no
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separate discussion unless a member so requested then a matter should be considered. otherwise, items 1 through 12 will be acted upon upon a single roll call of the board. >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anybody on the roster, so we will take this item same house, same call and without objection, the ordinances are passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 13. >> clerk: item 13 is the ordinance to amend the planning code the administrative code, the subdivision code and the zoning map pertaining to density exception in residential districts as i stated earlier mr. president, the mayor has submitted a communication to the board vetoing this matter. so the question, i will just state is shall should ordinance be approved over the mayor's veto, which means a yes vote
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you're voting in favor to override the veto. a no vote is you are voting in opposition to the veto override, the ordinance would not be approved over the mayor's veto. this item has an a hold threshold. >> thank you so much. >> clerk: and mr. president, this ordinance would finally be passed with one reading. >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor madam? >> thank you supervisor walton and colleagues, after working two years on this legislation, i was hoping that last week would be the last we would have to talk about this. and i was hoping you would think about that. the mayor had different ideas and so here we are. some have faulted me for describing this legislation as modest and incremental and the reality is, that it is. our response to california's housing crisis and mandates
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coming from sacramento will need to be bolder and go further. but i still believe that this legislation does important things and i want to express my deep gratitude to my colleagues who helped me get to the finish line or what we thought was the finish line. or allowing for us to try things that were aggressive and risked more speculation than people were comfortable with and i'm grateful that folks were willing through the legislative process get me a piece of legislation that i was proud of. as i have said, i did not support every amendment that this board made but that is the legislative process. and even with your amendments, this legislation does still does important pro housing, pro market rate housing things. first, it ends single family zoning in san francisco.
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rh1 goes away if this becomes law. rh1 stays if this does not pass. there has been some confusion on this point, i think and we can talk more about that in a minute. two, the legislation creates a path to small multi family apartments in san francisco in every neighborhood in san francisco that have not been allowed since the late 970s. 3, it allows for new units created the program to be hold as condos, that is important because one of the challenges with the adu is that property owners who choose to add an adu have no short-term prospect of recap touring the hundreds of thousands that they have spent to create the units. fourplex, this board's version of fourplex let's property owner sell the additional units. sd four the most important
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thing about this legislation for me, is that it shows that we, can actually advance important policy at city hall. i would have liked this legislation to go further and move faster. some of you feels that it goes too far too fast. but as a body we manage to tackle the challenge of fourplex and half zone halfway up the city. make no mistake, we have lots more to do. i have made clear that we need to do work on streamlining not just affordable units but market rate units that meet clear criteria set out in our zoning code. i have been clear that i believe we need to challenge, we need to tackle the challenge of demolition control and figure out what set of protections for tenants for vulnerable communities and neighborhood character, need to be written into our laws for us to be able to equitably build
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the more than 80,000 new units the state requires of us. but legislation like fourplex is important, incremental though it may be, in that it shows that we can do this and as a foundation that we can build on. in that context, mayor breed's veto does not make sense to me, except as politics. in her veto message she suggested that if the board could not pass a better fourplex bill we should rely on the state to get it done for us. in this case through sb9. now, sb9 may make sense for some suburban communities but sb9 ain't all that for san francisco. for one thing, and contrary to a lot of chatter, it does not end single family zoning. what it does is create a relatively tortured path to duplexes and lot splits for
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people who can meet its requirement excluding any developers from using it. two, it will also not create the housing that san francisco needs. of the 18 eligible application that have come into the san francisco planning department since january 14th, 14 have been for lot splits or duplexes, only four have been for a lot split and a duplex. streamlining single family homes, and duplexes is not the solution to our house hading crisis. not even close. streamlining monster homes is not my idea of good housing policy but in san francisco, that's exactly what sb9 could become if it becomes anything at all. three, sb9 is not good planning for san francisco. sb9 cancels our local open space environmental review and
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historic design review for new construction project and home expansions. but for what? for single family homes and duplexes, not for small apartments, not for large apartments, not again for the housing san francisco needs. that is why the mayor's own planning department and her own planning commissioners recommended the very provision of my fourplex legislation to which the mayor seems to take the greatest exception. i am puzzled, i am dismayed, i believe there are more than 8 votes at this board to do what supervisor pesquinn suggested we do. i resisted that proposal at the time because i thought we could do more and thought we should do more. i still think we should and i'll look for opportunities to allow small and condo buildings in all of san francisco
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neighborhoods. but i strongly resist the suggested embedded in the mayor's veto message that we should rely on the state to do this work for us. that friends, is add vokation to all of those future san franciscoians who need us to do a work of planning for sensor san francisco, now today here. if sb9 is any indication to rely on the state will look like, it will not be good and i don't imagine that the votes are going to change but i would love for us to be able to override this veto. thank you. >> thank you supervisor. supervisor milgaard. >> thank you, you actually took all of my technical talking points and i could not say it better so thank you very much for that precise overview. i would just like to add two more points. one there is a lot of
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misinformation about what this legislation does and does not do. one of the things that has been out there is that the planning department considered this not feasible. and that is just not true. folks are getting it mixed up with a couple of other legislation that the planning department analyzed. the other one is that it just will not be doable for folks. it will not produce any housing. our committee went through a lot of conversation and deliberations into what we eventually ended up with.
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when you access for construction and you have to pay it back, you're looking at a return for your investment. we very deliberately crafted this who are cash poor or who want to keep the assets in the family to sub divide to make sure that you know, extended families can live in the family compound to open up the possibilities for folks in our neighborhoods. that is not making it in feasible, that is cutting down on the speck la tory aspect that sometimes, you know, colors development in our city. do i wish that we could have gotten the perfect legislation? yes. but i think that this is a good proposal that is modest, yes. but it does make progress and i
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do not want to be put in a position as a board where our only option where we're polarized on issues if they go to the ballot to break the tie, that is expensive and it can have a lot of unintended consequences without the analysis of staff and all kinds of things that can happen. so i would, you know, respectfully beg my colleagues to over vieed this detail in support this legislation, thank you. >> thank you, president. as i said hats off to chair milgaard who did really good work bringing three pieces of legislation together and ultimately choosing the one that started out with the least
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barriers to entry. we did not go with versions that had higher levels of affordability. and the vas majority of the amendment that's were made, were made without any objection from the mayor or her staff. some of them actually as supervisor madam said, were made at the be hest of the mayor and her staff. it is the height of ludicrousy and when the staff that was hand selected by the mayor makes a recommendation that we adopt only to be vetoed by the mayor. that is nuts. that is exactly here is in her veto letter, relative to sb9. those were the amendmented that the committee adopted at the
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suggestion of the author who took that suggestion from the planning commission who in turn took that suggestion from the planning department staff run by the mayor's appointee. i've been here for a minute or two, and i've never seen political behavior like this. this is not about public policy, this is about raw politics and it's totally messed up and i be seige one or more of you, not to let this behavior run rampant at city hall. let's overturn this absurd veto. and when you veto something, tell the board that you're going to veto it and tell us why. are you dwg to veto because you don't like rent control? because the look back, that's the rumor in your street. be clear with this board. >> thank you supervisor pesquinn. supervisor mar. >> thank you, president and i
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want to express my strong disappointment that the mayor vetoed this legislation after the land use committee and really this board. deliberated for months and as others have said start withed three different fourplex proposal. my proposal was trying to ensure that the new housing that is being created through the density bonus is the housing that we need and that is the middle housing and family house hading. but i do appreciate all the many hours and months of hearings that happened around this in the land use committee. and this is a very important step for for us to take as a city to support small scale development in our low density neighborhood to help us meet our large goals. so and also to point out, that the last major density bonus
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legislation that the board adopted was home and had to go through many months or even two years of debate and required 2.0 amendments to be made. so again, and just one final point, i appreciate that the committee committee and adopted an amendments that i had suggested requiring an annual report on the number of units created and also the affordability of the units and also the equity impacts so that we can look at really what the legislation whether or not the legislation is really creating the housing that we need and want and if needed make amendments and do fourplex 2.0. i would urge my colleagues to support, support us on this and override the veto, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar.
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supervisor dorsee. >> thank you, i'm going to be voting to sustain the mayor's veto but i would like to commend the original proposal. and as i mentioned when we first came into this, i know, i'm coming into this debate late, still in good conscience i want to give credit to everyone who worked on this. and if there is some cause for optimism we seem to be on the same page. minds can disagreement and i don't think this is an incremental step in the right direction. i believe that they can up stale the development that we need in san francisco and i want to make sure that it has an opportunity to work by reviewing processes. we have to produes under our 8
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2000 units of housing in the next two years and failing to do this, risk the funding for housinging and loss of control and all of those nightmares will disproportionately affect my district. i agree with the legislation that even incrementally, i don't think this is taking us in the right direction and for that reason i'll vote to sustain the veto. >> thank you supervisor dosery. >> supervisor ahai. >> i appreciate moving this debate and this conversation forward. there are a few things for me that just didn't allow me to support this one of which is sb9.
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i think that going the way of many communities. you have to leave options on the table. there are people that are not going want to build. they want to build at a smaller scale. the other thing too and i want to be clear, this for me has nothing to do with rent control. in fact, my version got sent back, the version that we were talking about got sent back to the planning commission. we had the conversation of the planning commission. the other thing too i had this conversation with supervisor milgaard yesterday, having affordable measures whether it's in lieu or onsite. the analysis came back and
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showed it might work for some but it does not work across the board and we're not able to build on that scale. so i will be amending that out of that version. and i think that for me, one of the biggest impediments was the five-year holding period. although and this is just the truth, a lot of people are house rich and cash poor but because their cash poor, they will not be able to access the capitol, the resources actually even build on this scale. and you have to be able to let some of the market meet the demand that is out there and produce the production that we need to do to meet some of our long term goals. so i know, we have something coming up at 2:30, i'm not going to be able to support this today. but i do look forward to continuing the conversation and as supervisor marsaid, it took us two years to get home sef right, we still have time to
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get it right. thank you milgaard and marand others for all of your hard work and i look forward to continuing the conversation. >> thank you, i was not smiling at you, i was smiling at the young people entering the chamber. supervisor preston. >> thank you, president walton. i want to echo some of the comments that were made. i want to thank supervisor for their hard work on this and also our land use chair, milgaard for her work on this measure as well as the other ones and a lot of time inland use, getting this right. you know, i will just call this like i see it. this is, this is a very strange veto. i agree with supervisor pesquinn, it has nothing to do with housing whatsoever. and the fact that no explanation for the veto is really given as to whether it
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was the rent control provisions, the anti speculater. make it a little bit difficult to take seriously. what is the position of the mayor's, i would love to know? is it an object jebsing to rent control protection when we up zone? is that a policy position? that that the mayor's office is going to take? it's a strange position, we're not going to accept any kind of up zoning that does not allow landlord to impose any limited rent increases. is it that we're only going to allow up zoning if it results in incentivizing speculater to buy up neighborhood and demolish all the single family homes and displace all class residents. is that what the mayor's office was looking for? and i ask those questions with
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the knowledge. i don't think it would have made a dam bit of difference, there is no engagement from the mayor's office from land use committee or supervisors what they were looking for. what this is is, this is theater. that's what this is. this is thaoet o. the veto is designed to get forward. this is picking unnecessary fights with the board of supervisors rather than directly engaging in discussing constructive way. instead we get a destruction.
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talk about the ability and i think the resume, transparent candid about taking about it. and doesn't do, about the fact to have one. i think we also need. social housing some of the things that we all came together and i appreciate the collaboration with the mayor
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and the certification of the bigger steps that we can take. and the fact that we are here debating the veto of an incremental move from single family to fourplex on a lot is just, such a waste of time, i think, such so disrespectful of and his team and land use committee's time and for what? there is does it grab a headliner or two yes? it's, it's at best distraction. sxil say, i say this somebody who supported this legislation who this has no direct impact. i have no single family home zoning in my district. this has no direct impact in my district.
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i'll be supporting it again today. but looking at real solutions if the affordability crisis instead of. the >> some of the black community has been able to and owning the single family home and the fact that a good chunk of have been pushed out due to. this is a policy equitable that will guarantee, and we'll start , couple of conversations.
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this is a policy that will harm the districts. rather than speculate, we have a representative from the mayor's office. why don't we ask mr. pelino if he can respond to the question if we were to come back with some version of this, what would, draw another veto and what wouldn't? is it the look back vision? is it the rent control? is it the combination of the two? is it the sb9? is there any magic sauce that you want to share with us? or should we pass legislation and guess? >> mr. polino? >> thank you, for the question. supervisor passquinn.
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as far as any specific policies i don't have any on hand. but as the mayor says, she welcomes any opportunity to work with any to solve the housing crisis in the city. >> that was really response, are you going to send a smoke signal? how about a veto letter that says, apparently the mayor,; wants this but it's not good enough? so what portion of it isn't good enough? what thing should we change, because i mean we're going to get supervisor mant is going to bring his back and bring his back. i sit on land use. we'll see if there is objectionable or, i'm not clear of where.
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>> any response? >> as far as to answer your questions, i'm unable to right now as far as continuing the conversation. i'm certain that the supervisor will contain in other use and chair milgaard on this matter for sure. >> that's about as much engagement i've had over the many months that we've deliberated it and i'll say this for the record and i'm not trying to be provocative. i've been getting along with the mayor's office lately, this is embarrassing. >> thank you, supervisor pesquin, thank you madam clerk. >> clerk: item 13, shall the be over tuner. sdef knee no. walton no. supervisor chan. >> aye. chan aye. dor zee.
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dor see no, mannedleman aye, supervisor march, mar, aye. milgaard. aye. milgaard aye. pesquinn. >> pes quinn. aye. supervisor preston, aye. and supervisor safai. >> sfai, 7 ayes and 4 nos, with supervisor stephanie and in the dissent. >> this ordinance is not approved of the mayor's veto by an 8 to 4 vote. >> it was a 7-4 vote. >> my apologies, by 7-4 vote. madam clerk, let's take us to our 2:30 p.m. recognition of common daysing. >> yes of service to the city of san francisco, we have two supervisors, supervisor milgaard and safai.
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>> today we have two special commondation. supervisor milgaard. >> thank you, president walton. today, i am thrilled to welcome the oropesa family to the chambers. on the occasion of their retirement. and to bring us decades of joyful memories. the board today will later vote on commendatory resolutions that i'm honored to present to them today. in 1963, ramon and his wife native of mexico began their journey in the great and diversity in san francisco where they raised 7 children, that all grew up to receive education here in our city and went on to earn higher degrees and trade education.
6:39 pm
ramon senior established a construction company providing renovations in new home building, developing and participating properties in san francisco area where he provided employment and housing to many families. mr. oropesa senior set his eyes in the industry where he learned the language of italian and food. became the crown july of ramon and inocensia career. it's in lakeside village in district 7 on ocean avenue where villadesa has served throughout the 1980 and 90s and well into the new millennium until a month ago. eventually became one of the
6:40 pm
most family centeric areas. it's bittersweet but last day of operation was in june. upon learning of ramon's retirement, patrons old and new and friends and customers across the bay area, went to bid farewell and share the memories of the last four decades. with the success of his american dream and now a growing family of 3 generations of oropesas in san francisco, this he have closed this chapter in their lives and will transition to focus their time with their family and develop their horse ranch in bacaville california and traps m wine, a place where they have a second home. ramon we applaud your dedication, to establish a
6:41 pm
solid foundation modeling good work ethic and sharing a positive outlook on life and delicious food. your legacy lives through your children and grandchildren who are now professions and engaged resident in san franciscoians themselves. on behalf of the board, we wish you a wonderful retirement and thank you for your contributions. we would love to have you and some of your family come up and share a few remarks. come on up, mr. oropesa. [applause] >> thank you very much, supervisor. everyone knows my name now. i was fortunate to land in san
6:42 pm
francisco and it's been very very good. i met a lot of nice people at the restaurant, i met a lot of people throughout this years. and i've been very satisfied and people compliment me a lot. i employ a lot of young people which i started with them and i continue to till today. and i raised 7 children, like you said, they all professionals now. and i'm professional in my residency. and so now i'm going to be retiring. like you said, and i'm very happy, thank you very much for inviting us. [applause]
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[applause] >> congratulations again, thank you supervisor milgaard. supervisor safai. >> thank you mr. president. today i'm so proud to honor the san francisco youth baseball league. the san francisco youth baseball league is the largest and oldest youth baseball league in san francisco. common known is currently a partnership between the recreation and parks department. and sf flame. san francisco fire departments athletics program. sfybm is run by the board and partners and commissioners. i would like to highlight some
6:44 pm
of the rec and park staff who made this possible and were some of the ground breaking leaders in promoting us. gerald if you can stand to be recognized. lender bernard. [applause] linda bernard, jimmy chen and from flame, bern do. they're all here. we also have the san francisco recreation and parks advisory commissioners, emanual blackwell and nathan, thank you for all of your help. division commissioners, brent lou allen and melissa anderson linn, thank you for all of your help. with over 30 years of
6:45 pm
experience, this partnership continues to give san franciscoians kids, the commitment necessary to experience competitive and fun youth baseball with unique opportunity of forming their own team, and its done at a price of affordable to all working families. i want to emphasize that, if you look at the travel baseball leagues or any of the travel sports, you're talking about thousands of dollars. and this was excessable to working families for less than $200, around $100 plus included the uniform and coaching and access to all of the things and i just want to over emphasize that that is something that is unique to san francisco and that's how we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to sports in the city. this summer, san francisco was able to return after a two-year hiatus given covid to all-star
6:46 pm
play fielding three teams. all competed in the coast region tournament in 2022 nor cal super region tournament. the city of san francisco is proud of all of our players and young people. bounded as friends and prepared for competition from all over northern california in the coastal region. they represented our city with great integrity, determination and love for the game of baseball. i would like to highlight the team for bringing the silver
6:47 pm
medal from the nor cal, they were one game away from going down to orange county. it was an amazing tournament, it was 103 degree. let me emphasize, we leaving our city and the difference in temperature was almost 50. they had to stop sometimes and take water breaks. and some families were like hey, if you can't take the heat, go back to san francisco. it was amazing for the families that came out. i want to recognize all the parents, it was a tremendous opportunity and a show of leadership for the younger teams. we have two of the teams here with their families and their coaches and managers.
6:48 pm
i'm going to read off smft names and ask the managers of 10 and 14u to come up after i'm done recognizing the names so say a few short words. we had manager, jeff please stand up and come here and be recognized. we had coach alex abo, i don't know if he's here today. >> can we save our applause because he's going to announce a lot of names. you coaches come up, so the players of 10u, we had dj, we had quinn, we had hay swanson, theo sink, we had lay hin thnd dress, pierce, wes saobo,
6:49 pm
isaiah sueda, ki, roomy safi, and bodi ferraro. thank you for your work and championship. all the players, please stand up. [applause] it's got to be my son. settle down. we had manager james burke, thanks jaim. come on up. we had coach and we had coach alejandro hernandez.
6:50 pm
so players were l & l, elliot beach, nicholas chew, robert and enriques, reggie fong, jerry hal, ewamewa, trevor, milo, outsideen slava. if u14 can stand up. [applause] and i want to particularly thank them, they came and gave a lot of encouragement to our u10 team when they were playing. we had an instant fan base and that gave them a good fan base and i want to thank them for
6:51 pm
being a good role models for the team. [applause] so if we can hear from manager, if you want to come up and say a few words and then we'll ask manager james to say a couple of words. >> well first, thank you supervisor and entire board of supervisors for taking time to honor our city's all-stars. is that okay? this is a group of young kids that showed to be champions on and off the field. as coaches it's our job to put you in a best position. in just about five weeks, you
6:52 pm
went from players to runners up in the super regional, really close to representing northern california. i want to bring attention to success of your true character. it's not how you respond to win rather than when you lose. and you were champions in that too. after a heart breaking loss to rockland you could have hung your heads and gone home. but you didn't do that, you did the opposite. you came back to win the next two games in 105 degree heat and went home for a little bit of sleep and beat the team we had just lost to. that gave us another team in the heat. at one point when it was clear that the end was clear, i gave you guys a challenge.
6:53 pm
and at that moment, our victory became not winning the baseball game but continuing to compete to not quit, to play six inings and that's what happened. and i'm so proud of you guys, not only for your victory on the baseball field but overcoming adversity throughout the tournament. you should be proud too. [applause] this was a magical ride that i'm happy to have done with you. for me, thank you for what we did on the field and supporting the team off the field as well. and to those who took an extra step in practice, you know who you are.
6:54 pm
and louis sobo and all you did behind the scenes to make this happen. really appreciate it. finally, city of san francisco, we are grateful for this opportunity to represent the city through in this baseball and we look forward to show you the incredible value of competitive baseball and investing in the growth of our very own baseball league. team work does the dream work not just on the field but out on the world. they are our future leaders and investing are more opportunities to have experience like we had this summer. thank you.
6:55 pm
>> and then the next manager come on up. >> hello as you heard my name is james burke. it's an honor to to be here. i just want to go into, you know, i was born and raised in san francisco. i've been here all of my life, i went to junior college high school, and state. vad is in the same situation, born and raised in san francisco and never left. baseball in the city when we left, especially when i went on to college, we talked about, man there is a lot of talent in the city, how can we make this such a great experience and how can we help everybody here. i was lucky enough to join and rec and park who understood who
6:56 pm
that vision and how baseball can really strife and move forward in the communities. one of things, i'm also the coach at lincoln high school and baseball team at u.s. f and the coach of per sidio middle school and i also do a rec and park team. i have vad over here, i'm a full-time teacher in san francisco. vad here works at hoover and baseball coach there as well. and one thing we talked about, we've never been ho to* city hall. and right when i walked in i was like, kind of cool, have you guys been here before? they're like no this is really cool and all the families are talking about how awesome it is and it's moments like this,
6:57 pm
that people remember. i coach all of those teams and i have moments. moments, from playing san francisco all stars myself growing up, i still remember those summers. those were my favorite summers and i think of high school and college. and what it meant to represent san francisco, and that's why i still do it. coaches are saying i'm tired, let's go. it's really, it's super fun for me. sd it comes back to the team. i coach all the parents, the players the commitment that they gave to the team was just incredible. they were there for everything. we had them show up to all extras and show up in 104 heat.
6:58 pm
this team did a lot. they kept getting better and better. they grew bonds and built friendships that will probably last forever. it was a great, great summer to be part of. and most of all and everybody should be proud and this is why i i feel they should be honored. every team that we came in contact with and parents may not know this, every parent and every team that coached, the head of umpires in san francisco. they all came up to us and they said, they're class act, they cheer each other on. it's everything it should be. every single time, i got compliments from everybody. i never got anything bad. and that speaks involves. it's just amazing, and something to talk about.
6:59 pm
so when we talk about this team, that is amazing. kids and everything it was an awesome summer. i also want to talk about vic, he is the veteran that did a lot. thank you vic reed, thank you for everyone. this has been amazing, thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. we're going to go outside because we have to continue the meeting. but i want to thank manager and burke and all the families, all the kids, thank you for putting your heart and soul into the sf all stars and we're going to keep make ing youth baseball something that is accessible to
7:00 pm
all families in san francisco. thank you mr. president. if we can go out here on the steps. >> congratulations, again. thank you. [applause] >> all right, madam clerk, i believe we're on item 14. >> thsz an ordinance to authorize settlement by the lawsuit. parapharmaceutical ink for ten million. this lawsuit involves allegation that's departments created a public nuisance and
7:01 pm
violated a fair competition law by falsely and misleading marking opioids as safer than they were. in and around san francisco. >> thank you, ha dam clerk. please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 14, supervisor stefani, i, walton. walton, aye. supervisor chan. chan, aye. supervisor dorsey. dorsey, aye. mannedleman, aye. mar, aye. supervisor milgaard, aye. peskin. aye. >> supervisor ronen. ronen, aye. safai, absent. there are 10 ayes. >> thank you, this item is passed.
7:02 pm
call item 15. >> an ordinance to amend the code to approve the use of form contracts to sell and purchase electricity. the to grant waivers of related requirement in codes and to delegate to the general manager, the authority to execute certain contracts through june 3. >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anybody on the roster so we can take this item, same house same call. without objection, this is approved. madam clerk, could you please call item number 16. >> clerk: item 16 ordinance to approve health service system plans and contribution rate for calendar year 2023. and mr. president this is a nine-vote threshold. >> thank you very much. would you please call the roll on item 16. >> clerk: supervisor stefani.
7:03 pm
stefani, aye, walton aye, supervisor chan. chan aye, dorsey, aye, dorsey, aye, mannedleman. aye. mar, aye. supervisor milgaard. milgaard aye, pesquinn. aye. peskin aye. supervisor preston, preston aye, ronen, aye, safai, sai absent. >> can you call 17 through 27 together. >> clerk: comprise the budget for city of san francisco. item 17 is to appropriate receipts and expenditure for city departments as of june first, 2020. 18 the sl reordinance
7:04 pm
enumerating all positions for which compensation is paid for city funds and appropriated. in the annual budget and appropriation ordinance, both items for fiscal year, ending june 30, 2023 and june 30, 2024, item 19 this is the police code to update the outdoor filing fee to current apartments. item 20, this is the ordinance to amend the administrative code to authorize the chief of the fire department 2.3 rather than two deputy and to ensure one of the deputy have emergency medical service sxz community paramedicine experience. item 21 an ordinance to amend the administrative code to increase the surcharge to san francisco address in accordance with the california state law. item 22 ordinance to amend the administrative code to increase
7:05 pm
the fees imposed by the administrative services for reproduction and notary services provided to the public. item number 3 gra pe tee clean up fund for tax year 2022. item 24 ordinance to authorize the execution and delivery of 140 million in certificates of participation, sax exempt to finance project within the city. this also approves the form of notice of sale and intention to sell the certificates. it approves the form of an official statement and final form. it approves the form of contractor one or more initial purchases of the certificates as defined here in and disclosure certificate to take the necessary actions in
7:06 pm
connection with the organization sale and delivery. item number 25 ordinance to amend the tax regulation code to update medical emergency fees to reflect amount under annual adjustment provision sxz require fees and amend the health code to include a definition of stroke center. item 25 this is to resinned the surcharge on probate filing, that the city previously collected to support the acquisition and construction and financing of courtroom or courtrooms buildings and for item 37. this amends the health code to set patient rates and other services for fiscal year 2022 through 2023 and 2023 through 2024.
7:07 pm
>> thank you so much, madam clerk. would you please call the roll on items through 27. >> on 17 through 27, supervisor stefani. stefani aye. walton, walton aye. supervisor chan, chan aye. supervisor dorsey, dorsey, aye. mannedleman, mannedleman aye, mar, maraye. supervisor milgaard. >> aye. >> peskin. >> aye. >> peskin aye. preston. >> no. >> preston, no. and ronen aye, and supervisor --10-1 vote. with one no. >> item 28 is an ordinance to amend the bar code to impose a sur garage in addition to the
7:08 pm
license fees at that marina harbor and to affirm the secret determination and make the appropriate findings. >> thank you, supervisor stefani. >> i need to be recused. >> can i get a motion to excuse supervisor stefani to this vote. >> clerk: on the motion to execute supervisor stefani from item 28. . >> clerk: walton aye. chan aye, dorsey, aye. mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, aye. milgaard, milgaard, aye, supervisor peskin. aye. >> supervisor peskin. aye. no.
7:09 pm
>> and supervisor sfai? >> aye, there are nine ayes, and one no. with supervisor preston. >> that was not the budget. >> my mistake, i thought it was not--my apology. >> motion to resend the vote. >> yes, motion to rescind the vote. >> made by supervisor milgaard seconded by supervisor safai. >> motion to rescind the vote. walton. >> aye. >> walton aye, supervisor chan, chan, aye. doeredsey, doeredsey, aye. mannedleman, aye, mar, mar, aye, milgaard, milgaard aye,
7:10 pm
peskin, aye,. >> clerk: excuse me, presston aye. ronen, aye. and safai, aye. there are ten ayes. >> thank you, approved unanimously. and now motion to excuse supervisor stefani from this vote. madam clerk, on the motion to execute. >> clerk: on the motion to excuse supervisor stefani from item 28. aye. >> aye. dorsey, aye. mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, aye. maraye, milgaard. milgaard, aye, peskin. pes kinaye. supervisor preston. aye, ronen aye, and supervisor safai, there are ten ayes.
7:11 pm
>> thank you without objection, stefani is excused from item 28. >> clerk: on item 28, walton aye, chan, aye, supervisor dosey, aye, supervisor mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, mar, aye, supervisor milgaard,♪ aye, press upon, preston, no. ronen, aye, supervisor safai, there are nine ayes and one no with supervisor preston in the descend. >> this ordinance is finally passed. supervisor stefani, you are welcomed to return. >> supervisor safai.
7:12 pm
>> can we rescind the vote on -- ~>> motion to resinned the vote on 14, 15 and 16, supervisor stefani. stefani, aye. walton aye, chan, aye, supervisor dorsey aye, mannedleman, mannedleman aye, mar, aye, milgaard, milgaard aye, supervisor peskin. >> no. kes kin, no. preston, aye. preston, aye. ronen, aye. and supervisor safai. >> aye. 10 ayes and 1 no. >> i voted 10-1 motion to resinned carries. madam clerk, please call the roll on 14, 15, 16. >> clerk: on 14, 15, and 6,
7:13 pm
supervisor ste nanny. >> stefani, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, mannedleman, aye. supervisor mar, mar, aye. supervisor hill guard, milgaard aye, peskin, aye. preston, preston, aye, supervisor ronen, ronen, aye, and supervisor safai. >> aye. >> passes. item 14 and 15 and 16 carry. madam clerk, let's go to item 29. >> item 29 is a charter amendment forest draft. to provide for accelerated review and approval of eligible affordable housing project, educators housing project and market rate have provided significant increase and to
7:14 pm
provide minute steerial review by concern. to make corresponding amendment to the code. to amend the administrative code to provide for an annual affordable allocation report as part of the deliberation process and to declare city policy, the need to accelerate approval of 100% affordable project, educator housing project and market rate project that provide significant increase a nord ability to make the appropriate findings and the ceqa determination, to be held on election on november 8th, 2022. >> thank you very much, let's call the roll. >> on item number 29. supervisor stefani. stefani no. walton aye, chan, aye. supervisor dosey, no
7:15 pm
mannedleman, no. mari aye, milgaard. milgaard no, peskin. aye. pes nind kin aye. supervisor preston, preston, aye, ronen, aye. and supervisor safai. >> aye. >> clerk: sai, no. in the descend, thank you this charter amendment will be committed by a vote of 7-4. madam clerk, please call item number 30. >> item 30 is a third draft. to selt forth the requirement that when the city amend the planning code to allow for density or height. to amend the code as a
7:16 pm
establish as a height dense limit, those controlled in affect as of november 8, 2022 and to allow the board to amend the planning code to exceed the ordinance if they require a regular tory agreement to subject all dwelling units in development other than affordable units to rent control. to make the compliance with the act determination at an election to be held november 8, 2022. >> thank you madam clerk, supervisor peskin. >> thank you mayor walton. let me start by ex tology the virtues of went home and what it meant for san francisco. rent stabilization which we had have had to getting on for a half a century a little bit
7:17 pm
more, is really community stabilization. and it has allowed our neighborhoods to be the neighborhoods that we love. not only for their business but because of the beauty of the people that age in place and that are our neighbors and characters that otherwise, in many instances would have to be and story of san francisco rent control ordinance, dating back to 1979, has really been remarkably successful. and it is something that has been expanded even though powerful state wide real estate interest have done everything they can as we saw in the
7:18 pm
earlier items, to predem many local government. but san francisco has done it. the cost of talk. we have done it on accessory dwelling aoun, something that was able not because of the rent control but in those days over a decade and a half ago, interestingly enough the west side were opposed to it and aef side were but the matly was you brought back by none other than my former colleague scott wiener and has been championed by boards ever since. it was when the mart happened. maybe i should not be saying
7:19 pm
this. it was an ekted and supervisor milgaard's district. and in deed was a part of the ill faded handle ma*p measure that the mayor vetos that this board did not see fit to over side, a few minutes ago. but the truth is, i don't think that mayor vaoeted that because of rent control, rent control has been good for calf calf. and and i believe that this is something that we should do as a matter of and this charter amendment would do just that. it to say that whf the city of county by and through the board
7:20 pm
of supervisors grabs an up zoning or additional density that can be a waiver can allow chapter 37 of the add i have code to code. i. i want to thank cosponsors who did this early on. i want to thank my colleague on the rules committee. who and i want to thank supervisor ro that means that there are six members of this board of supervisors who are willing to put this item before the voters. this entire experience has been, very interesting and
7:21 pm
enlightening to see that thed support from housing heights committee and rene from the clinic, thought that this this brain child from my former lee was worth supporting. acknowledging that today's market rents in a city that has no vacancy control cannot have vacancy control are not inexpensive. but also in acknowledge that today's market rents, become tomorrow's affordable rents. and that's why it's a community stabilizer. it was also interesting to hear from the opponents. wasn't the apartment association, and i say that as an apartment owner, apartment
7:22 pm
owners can do just fine with rent control. they can make a reasonable return. it was interesting not just because it was opposed by the largest landlord on courtium, coalition for better housing and brooke turner and these are the largest landlords, trinity, they didn't oppose it. it was fascinating because the true colors of certain organizations appeared, the housing acting coalition, actually oppose an expansion of rent control, i find that to be fascinating. those neo conservative use were closely guarded until this came to committee and that's the way they see it.
7:23 pm
it's interesting to me, because the argument that rent stabilization will diminish the development of new housing, is a crock of bologna, why? because it's predicated on the initial market rents that are protected. predicated on the initial sale prices. not on rent stabilization and future increases in price. that is what construction financing is predicated on. and which way, those people who do this for a living, will tell you that that is true. they will also tell you that capitol is finicky.
7:24 pm
and to that end, we added a provision that would allow for a grace period, a phase ing period before rent control would apply. let me tell you why i'm going to take a motion to table it, and i'm going to make that motion based on a simple analysis of the following fact. the supporters of rent control don't have the hundreds of thousands of dollars that this campaign will need to go up against the millions and millions that will come in from you name t the state realtors,
7:25 pm
the developers, et cetera et cetera. nr so far, i say it's time for us to do that right now. to make that a policy of the board. to enact it where we can enact it. that is a threshold matter and i've talked to competing authorizes, they all agree on that. and then there are places wherewith we already give waivers where we can enact it right now. and let's do that.
7:26 pm
and there will come a day, are going to reach deep into their pockets and we'll have a source of funds, not to meet the massive millions of dollars that are going to come out out of the real estate but nef to get the message out and win it. so to that end, thank you very much to the cosponsors and supporters. thank you to the community that has fought to preserve and expand rent control. and i will be making a motion to table this matter for the time being. and thank you to my former staffer, hefner and many folks in the city attorney's office who we drove crazy to come up with something that would survive legal challenge.
7:27 pm
thank you to them as well and i make a motion to table item number 30. >> thank you. supervisor dorsey. >> thank you president walton and colleagues. i wrestled on how i was going to vote on this charter amendment while it was still pending. to the extend i was uncomfortable with the charter amendment it was largely because it was a charter amendment and logitic al problem when we need to fix laws that we take to voters. however, i do rent my colleagues support for rent control. sxwh furlt i share his view that in doing so, we're laying the groundwork. i'm a rentercious but more than
7:28 pm
that, as supervisor mentioned, i oppose rent control by agreement. i'm a resident of trinity place like park merced that's a high density development where the developers agreed back in 2007 to did he --designate units. during era, during that time, the rental market, i was in an apartment where the rent up 6 or 800. in san francisco, it's better than that. so that is why, as supervisor
7:29 pm
mentioned, peskin mentioned, we're working together to co-author legislation that would add rent stabilization as an ability option to home sf developments. for me this legislative approach solves for my larger control generally that we can endo or fix them while taking an important step forward. i'm grateful to my colleagues. when when we get back in september, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor dore see. >>ed thank you, i just wanted to thank supervisor, not just for being the most pro landlord i've ever met but to making the
7:30 pm
right decision to pull this off the ballot even though it hurts. and making sure that we're continuing. i have to add my personal story control is so important and has been so important in my life since the day i was born. i was born and brought home to a rent controlled unit in los angeles california where my parents, my mom because my dad recently passed, still lives in the rent controlled unit. sometimes i think how many times she's paid for that tiny apartment ten times over which sucks but my family never had the money to pay for a property.
7:31 pm
we were never homeless, we were never forced to move against our will. and i had a stable place to grow up my entire life. thank goodness for my mother's teacher pension, she was the bread winer, it was that teacher's pension from lausd and rent control unit that meant my parents had a place to live. with my father's social security check alone they would be on the street or with me, which would be hard in san francisco. i came from a working middle class upbringing and rent controlled has played a such an important stabilizing force in my life.
7:32 pm
so i wanted to give a personal space to what rent control means to many of us. and how important it is for this board to act. >> thank you supervisor ronen. >> thank you supervisor walton, i want to thank supervisor peskin for and his staff and former staff.
7:33 pm
and maybe elaborate on what stands in our way here? that has a certain appealing sound especially foeser those pushing for market house. new don't have the representative control there is no way that it's going to be the affordable house hading. so the real estate industry. but before that was the contra casta act.
7:34 pm
so we talked about trinity and part of us were part of the fight to threaten to go to the ballot to ban the demolition if that developer did not agree where they specifically agreed to rent control. there was no other way to force that. it was lost that one of the way standing in the way around the approach of development, is our inability to apply new control to new construction. so the state law, very profitable, industry costa hawkins, which precludes the city from applying rent control.
7:35 pm
is part of why they see the new construction. so i think what peskin was trying to do here and constantly done in adu is to try where ever we can to require rent control. on rent control. i hope we don't lose that advocates have been calling for years for the repeal of costa hopkins. and that will do more than anything else than not to have all of us focus on the little way to chip away and lay the groundwork for more unity in a real approach to development.
7:36 pm
i concur every opportunity, i share the concern that to the extent to veto was based on rent control that would be pretty alarming, hopefully we can get more clarity on the mayor for that. thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor preston. >> clerk: on the motion to table item 30, supervisor stefani, stefani aye, walton aye, supervisor chan, chan, aye. supervisor doresey, dorsey, aye, mannedleman, aye. supervisor mar, aye. mar aye. milgaard aye, peskin aye,
7:37 pm
supervisor preston, preston aye, ro anyone, ronen aye. and safai, aye. safai aye, 11 ayes. >> madam clerk, please call item number 31. charter amendment third draft to amend the charter of san francisco to establish the student success fund under which the department of children youth and their families will provide grant to the san francisco school district and schools in the district. to be held on election. >> thank you colleagues, very
7:38 pm
excited to be here. and to ask you to vote yes on the november ballot. almost every district if not every district where under 50% of the student in the school in the richest county of the world for values and innovation. it is this reality that is making people and i hope you don't mind speaking for mu, supervisor peskin but it's making people like supervisor
7:39 pm
peskin who famously or infamously depending on your perspective is against set aside that don't come with a source. he won't stand in the way for the status quo. we're excite today say that we have a charter amendment that is part of the answer to this longstanding problem. it is a measure that has the wide support of all the key sectors that work with schools, including broad coalition of parents, educators, sfud leadership, the department of children use and their family.
7:40 pm
i want to extend a very very thank you to my initial drafting partner, supervisor milgaard, to president walton and supervisor safai who helped improve the language and favorable agreement with sfiu, i want to thank supervisor preston for his steadfast support during the most difficult part of the legislative process, we would not be here today without all of you. thank you for your incredible unwaivering support. together we agreed that the charter amendment will make a real difference for children and their families by providing 60 million dollars a year when it's fully implemented in long term stable funding to our public schools.
7:41 pm
for two too long chronic under funding have failed our students. we know that there are many times of interventions that can be placed to reach the two goals. what we have been lacking is sufficient and stable and the keyword here is stable funding to put and keep these programs in place and in practice. we are finally in lock step with the district at about how to make sure we achieve success. we are working hand and hand to address the need of all students, every single one of our students.
7:42 pm
we are leaving no one behind. finally, i want to thank the original drafting committee that designed this ballot measure. maria sue, our ucsf president and secretary leslie hao, coordinator michele, full executive director vanessa morero, the community coordinator nick.
7:43 pm
and for holding us together, the can't thank you enough team. and last but not least i want to thank john for all of his support from the city attorney's office. i don't know about you but when i get a sign john i literally jump for my joy in my office. you're always right there, always working to get things done on time. thank you so much. i'm crossing my finger for unanimous support from the board and i really appreciate all the board. >> thank you ronen. supervisor milgaard. >> thank you, i just wanted to say thanks supervisor for your leadership on this and for taking this on with your usual tenacity.
7:44 pm
i appreciate you and your wonderful energy. earlier today, supervisor sahai, showed us the magic when young people learn and engaged with something. it is this kind of activity that this will support. whether it's sports or math tutor or arts. regardless of who can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to make those things available.
7:45 pm
who have spent the last couple of years on zoom, not being able to participate in soccer or whatever it is that moves their imagination and their learning young developing minds. so i'm proud that we're doing this. san francisco had been at the more front of the movement and this is taking us so we can be that city that provides opportunity for all young people to be engaged and learn to recover from this pandemic and to be successful. i invite my colleagues to work so we can get it over the finish line in november. thank you.
7:46 pm
>> thank you, supervisor dorsey. >> thank you president. i want to be transparent, that over many years of working in this building. i also thank in general budgeting can be over scriptive and how dollars are spent in years. that's the skepticism that i bring. i'll tell you how this applies to this charter amendment. first, i was not only satisfied but impressed that this charter amendment thoughtful lea dressed scenarios that city could face. second i thought this was a crafted policy that was needed for policy and how dollars will be spent before community schools including the car mikele school in my district.
7:47 pm
and third i spoke with a number of activist including some who share my skepticism about charter amendments like this who were very complimentary. so i was prepared to vote, but i'll tell you if there was a moment that took me from being a supporter to enthusiastic supporter, it was two weeks ago, that supervisor ronen chairs. the department of children presented the 2022 needs assessment report. and i will tell you, it was sobering. we have a lot of work in san francisco to better support our public school students and fulfill the promise of community schools. so i agree that this is a priority that should be
7:48 pm
enshrined. i ask that i'm added as a cosponsor and i thank you supervisor ronen for her leadership together with all of my colleagues who worked on this policy. thank you. >> thank you supervisor dorsey. >> thank you, president walton. i think we're going to look back on this vote and remember the historic movement that we made sheer to be at the board of supervisors. i baunt to frame this, i played a small part in hefpg the they goeshing. i want to give these two women the credit that they deserve for leading this and being
7:49 pm
tenacious and not backing down. i want to reframe something, when we got on the board of supervisors, all of a sudden, our controller and our city realized that we were the beneficiaries, five other counties where we had what was access eraf funding. because of the money that we sent to sacramento, this was set up to avoid really having the chair in the full burden of education funding. supervisor walton knows that
7:50 pm
being a school board member intimately. so we find out that we have this additional money and formula for which this calculation has been done has not been adjusted ever in a really long time. so we fill that bucket and that bucket gets filled down with the city. and we say, we have money to spread around. that money has risen to over 350 million dollars. without that funding, we would be any crisis. and to be on record about making resolutions and stating the will of this body, we did that.
7:51 pm
we made a resolution, to put 50% of funding. we have not achieved that. so in my mind, this is not a budget set aside, it's the adjustment that needs to be made over decades. at the height, we'll be putting aside up to 60 million dollars. schools that can go raise a million dollars to fund mental health and fund educational support in math and literacy. all of the things in the enrichment.
7:52 pm
each school will be able to apply up to a million dollars that will be dramatic, that will be a game changer for the schools in the city that don't have access to those funds. and i over say this a lot and i'm going to say this again, guadalupe has less than 10,000 in their pta account, they could not finish a mural on their building because they didn't have the money. that have developed community schools but they're funded for a few years. and sometimes pulgt rug out is
7:53 pm
even worse because you raise hopes and expectations and raisin vestment and in the worse case as you've seen in some of the middle schools, i'm going to call them out, their support system was taken away overnight. we need to ensure that there would be? some basis in funding. this is a game changer folks.
7:54 pm
we are a tail of two cities. thank you for your tenacity. i know this will be 11-0 i know the voters will embrace this and we'll remember the day when we voted for the student success. thank you. >> thank you, safai. supervisor stefani. >> i too want to thank supervisor ronen for her work and i'm always skeptical for set a sides but for me this is a no-brainer. this is something that we must absolutely invest in.
7:55 pm
if we're not addressing what is happening with the next generation in terms of learning loss, mental health issues what are we doing here? as a mother of two children, i cannot even fan tem where we are right now in in terms of gun rights. my daughter has less rights than i did. our planet is on fire. if we're not sitting here asking ourselves what we can do for the next generation and the children that have suffered so much in our school district and during the pandemic, i have to ask myself what are we doing? sometimes it's our friends who can really push us to limits at the time i admire your tenacity.
7:56 pm
especially on our children. i want to add my name as a cosponsor, i cannot believe i'm not on there yet. thank you. >> thank you, president walton. i'll keep it short because everybody has talked about the reason why this is so important. i want to go on the roster to thank you for your leadership for your tenacity. and also for doing this, i don't know if you have slept in the last month or so but i hope in the recess you get an opportunity to rest.
7:57 pm
itching this is a huge step. i want to say that one of our schools was a md he will and really recognize some of the progress at john muir elementary. how things were piloted there. i think this is the best step forward for realizing our steps. very proud to be a cosponsor and i want to thank you for your tenacity and vision and leadership. thank you and the other
7:58 pm
supervisors, thank you supervisor ronen. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i just wanted to add my deep appreciation and thanks to you supervisor ronen for all of your tremendous leadership and supervisor milgaard as well. i would agree with all the comments this is a transformative that is being put forward. i just wanted to live up the communities that this is guided on which is something that i'm very strong supportive and have worked on for many years.
7:59 pm
i think this measure is going to be empowering. to figure out the best ways to support student academic achievement and emotional wellness at the school site. and to provide, and i'm proud to be a cosponsor to this. >> thank you supervisor mar. and i want to commend supervisor ronen for her work on this, i know what it took to get to this. i want to thank supervisor milgaard and safai, i didn't get an opportunity to say this in the press conference, these are all of our children, they don't just belong to the district. the city is responsible for all of our children here in san francisco and so to me, this is
8:00 pm
just a small token of how we can step up and do everything we can to ensure equity across the school sites here and a the city. the reality is i know that we cannot do that. but ensuring that we can hafsh out, e funding itself. i want to thank everyone for all of your work on this. and just excited about this charter and create this equity across the district. so thank you. madam clerk, on item 31. >> item 31 stefani, aye. walton aye, supervisor chan, chan, aye. supervisor dosey, aye. aye. mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, mar aye.
8:01 pm
milgaard, aye, peskin, aye. supervisor preston. aye. preston, aye. ronen, aye, and supervisor safai. safa h*i, aye. 11 ayes. >> thank you, this charter amendment will be submitted by a unanimous vote, [gavel]. please call item number 32. for owner of property and to delegate the authority to grant such penalty and cancellations to the tax collector. thank you, i don't see anybody on the roster without objection, this ordinance has
8:02 pm
passed on first reading unanimously. please call item number 33. >> item 33 resolution to adopt the recommendations of the guaranteed income advisory group report entitled from pilots to policy change. and to establish a policy of support income. >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor safai. >> thank you. i just want to talk reiterate some of the policies. last week, we talked about income advisory group. we learned that there were over dozen initiatives already happening. many of which were coming from the department human resources,
8:03 pm
hrc and hsa. this is on the work on hain' who started the conversation and established the income advisory group. is it to advise the city how we can move forward on universal basic income. covid-19 more than ever, under scored the need and the needs that are out there and how we can go from something that was happening recovery to more sustainable.
8:04 pm
many families are being squeezed as the cost of money rises to food and security to childcare, to so many of the things that we face. so there is a lot of local project, serving pregnant women particularly black and pacific islander. and looking at now, we have a pilot program that we're going to initial in the city that is dealing with foster youth as they leave the foster care system and how they can transition and sustain themselves as they become more independent. another one that we did was mercado program. that would work on food and security working with families that need that support.
8:05 pm
we found that to be a very successful model and we're looking to expand that as we move forward. we're going to be working over the break to work with a centralized location within the city and all the different programs. i especially want to thank the treasurers office for providing the initial infrastructure to move this forward. thank you colleagues. >> thank you so much supervisor safai, we'll take this item same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call item number 34. >> clerk: resolution to approval 3 3000 sale to santa clara water district for real property located near in
8:06 pm
sunnyvale california. to affirm the planning ceqa determination and to adopt other wreck sit findings. to the sale agreement as stated. >> thank you, so we'll take the same item same call this resolution adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 35. >> clerk: item 35 resolution to approve the issuance in sale of revenue by the california enterprise development authority in an amount not to exceed 7.5 million. to be owned and operated by the progress foundation the california nonprofit benefit
8:07 pm
corporation. >> thank you, madam clerk, i don't see anybody on the roster so we'll take it--this a adopted unanimously. >> clerk: item number 36, tax exempt obligation by the development authority for 40 million to finance or refinance various to be owned or operated by college of the arts. >> thank you, i don't see anyone on the roster so we'll take the same call some roster, this adopted unanimously. item resolution to retro active authorize public works to accept and expand 42 million dollars caltrans.
8:08 pm
in support of the south of mashlgt street nursery project through june 30th, 2023 and enter into a cooperative agreement with caltrans and implementation to and make the appropriate findings. >> thank you. seeing no one on the roster, we will take the same call same roll. this item passes unanimously. please call 38 and 39 together. >> clerk: two resolution that's declare the city's to reimburse certain expenditure from proceeds of certain debts. vons in the amendment of item 38, 51.2 million.
8:09 pm
this authorizes--item 39 in the amendment of 32 million, and this is also for the issuance of revenue bonds for 9le franklin street. >> thank you madam clerk, seeing nobody on the roster, we'll take the items same house same call, without objection, these resolutions adopted unanimously. please call item number 40. >> clerk: ordinance to create electric vehicle charging locations and complete charging as auto motive uses to allow service station to see electric vehicle charging locations without conditional use and permit conversion to other uses to vehicle charging locations. additionally to revise the zoning control tables to reflect the changes and report annual reporting regarding
8:10 pm
these locations and project approval. >> thank you, seeing no one on the roster we'll take this item, same house same call, this passes unanimously. please call item number 41. >> clerk: resolution to declare the intent of the board of supervisor to see order additional vacation of street vacation area containing portions of jigera and garza drive naoen as the easement vacation area. to reserve in third party utility, subject to continues specified to adopt ceqa and
8:11 pm
planning code findings and authorize city officials as pes fied to take actions. and finally to set all of this to be heard at a committee of the whole hearing date of september 20, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. for all members of the public interested in the proposed vacation and public service easement. thank you, madam clerk, seeing no one on the roster, we'll take the same call, same roll. this is adopted unanimously. please call item 42. >> item 42 to support mid-pen housing corporation. their submission of an application to receive program funds to conduct 100% rental housing development affordable to low households at a state
8:12 pm
owned excess site. and to support the project to be included in the application. >> thank you madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor stefani. stefani aye, walton, aye, supervisor chan, chan aye, doerssey, aye. mannedleman, mannedleman, aye. peskin aye, preston aye, supervisor ronen, ronen aye. and safai, there are 11. >> thank you without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously. please call 43 through 45 together. >> clerk: called together
8:13 pm
determine liquor license transfer. to golden gate consulting doing business as olive will serve the public convenience. super 42 liquor license to unwind sfllc doing business as milli wine bar. and item 45 this resolution determines that the issuance of a type 51 nonprofit club on sale beer wine and dis pilled liquor license to the rouge club located at 500 jefferson street will serve the public convenience. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> thank you, president walton,
8:14 pm
i need to disclose that while i have been advised by legal council that i do not have a conflict, i'm a member of the south end club but have no financial interest there in nor do i drink their liquor. >> thank you supervisor peskin. [laughter] seeing no one on the roster we'll take these items same house same call and without objection these resolutions are adopted unanimously. my apologies, supervisor stefani. >> motion to rescind. my apologies. >> thank you, i tried to let everyone know, as i did in committee that i'm a member and disclose the same thing that supervisor peskin did as well and also don't drink the liquor. >> thank you, no need to resinned the vote.
8:15 pm
>> clerk: with the member's consent i'll add to the minutes. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> please call item 46. >> clerk: to apply for grants administered by oewd on board he serves are in compatible with the business commission of which he is a member. subject to conditions. >> thank you, seeing no one on the roster. this motion is approved unanimously. >> item number 47 is motion to appoint jeb to the shelter monitoring committee term ending july 1, 2023. >> thank you, seeing no one on
8:16 pm
the roster, we will take this item same house same call without objection. please call item number 48. item number 48 this is a motion to appoint catherine stefani, term ending june 1, 2024, to the reenter tree council. >> thank you very much, colleagues before we vote on this, i'll take a motion to execute supervisor stefani. >> on the motion to excuse stefani from item 48. >> aye. walton aye, chan, aye, dosey aye, mannedleman, aye, mar, mar, aye, milgaard, milgaard aye, peskin, aye, supervisor preston, preston, aye, ronen,
8:17 pm
aye, and supervisor safai? >> aye. safai aye, ten ayes. >> without objection, supervisor stefani is excused on item number 48. >> clerk: on item 48, walton, aye. walton aye, chan, aye, chan, aye, supervisor dorsey, doeredsey, aye,manleman, aye, milgaard, aye, peskin, aye, supervisor preston, preston, aye, supervisor ronen aye, and supervisor safai, aye. sfaai aye, ten ayes. >> thank you, without objection, this motion is
8:18 pm
adopted unanimously. >> please call item number 50. item 50 was recommended as a committee report it's a resolution to approve the recommend dumb between joint powers board. >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anybody not >> on item 50, supervisor stefani. aye. walton, aye. chan aye, supervisor dorsey,
8:19 pm
dorsey, aye, mannedleman aye. aye. milgaard aye. supervisor preston, aye, aye, ronen, aye. and supervisor safai, there are 11 ayes. this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call number 51. >> clerk: i will first state that 51 through 53 were considered by the land use and transportation committee at a regular meeting on monday july 25, 2022, these are items forwarded to thed board as committee reports, item 51 this is an ordinance to amend the planning code to allow the signatures of verified tenants to count towards the threshold needed to permit and appeal of continual use authorization.
8:20 pm
to make the appropriate findings. >> item 51, this is an ordinance to designate mother's building situated within the san francisco zoo logical gardens. as a landmark. [reading resolution] and to make the appropriate findings and item 53, this is a resolution to add commemorative street name poly tech way. [reading resolution] in recognition of first public high school. >> thank you, seeing no one on
8:21 pm
the roster, we'll take the items same house same call, without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 54. item 54, this is an ordinance to amend the administrative and campaign and conduct codes to establish a department of early childhood. and updates the responsibilities of child of the children and families first commission. >> thank you, supervisor milgaard. >> thank you, president walton. so as you know, colleagues this
8:22 pm
department was proposed and formed through the budget process last year which merged the office and first five commission. this is a very exciting moment for san francisco. this is a new department which will be tasked with strategy when it comes to the framework in the outcome for our city's youngest resident baby 0 and 5. we're at the for front of this movement nationally. and cae framework much in the way that the community schools amendment that we just passed earlier in this meeting will.
8:23 pm
i want to start by thanking all the folks who have worked to make universal childcare in san francisco a reality. to acknowledge my predecessor. supervisor jaim kim who put baby prop c on the ballot. parent voices, alliance and many many folks who have worked tirelessly to make universal childcare a reality. this provides governorance. we still have a little bit of a way to go to figure it out. but it has universal support for everything.
8:24 pm
i want to thank the director of new department for folks in the field and coming up with consensus on the language of this department. we will likely need trailing legislation to address them of the emerging needs that we may not have foreseen and some that we may have foreseen in terms of the transparency for spending the money and achieving the goals. the process that has highlighted the great racial disparity that exist in our city for babies and toddlers and being ready for kindergarten when they enter the school system. and the access that many
8:25 pm
families need to be successful. i also want to thank, jenny lamb for her support and her work in make thising happen and for the diverse advocates who came together to make this a reality. thank you president walton. >> thank you so much, supervisor milgaard. seeing no one on the roster, we will take this item same house, same call. and without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk please call item 55. >> 55 is a motion to find that tiffany carter proposal to for contracts. and to benefit the mission are not in compatible with the statement of incompatible with
8:26 pm
the commission of which she is a member. >> thank you madam clerk, seeing no one on the roster, we'll take the same house same call, this motion is approved unanimously. please call item number 56. >> clerk: a motion to approve the mayor's nomination of lieutenant david falzon terming july 1, 2026. >> thank you, seeing no one on the roster, we'll take the same house same call and this is approved unanimously. call number 57. >> clerk: item number 57 is to approve mayor's appoint of john trasvina. >> i don't see anybody on the roster same house same call,
8:27 pm
this is approved unanimously. we're now at roll call for instructions. >> yes, supervisor stefani is first to introduced. thank you. supervisor walton. >> today i have two introduction sxz memberium. and to make sure other changes and implementation workforce development programs. as i continue to serve on the workforce investment san francisco which is our workforce committee, this is is a major mild stone for us. my job is always to bring people together for the best outcomes for the city and communities.
8:28 pm
i would like to thank everybody and amazing team director josh, gin handle who is the workforce assignment manager and city attorney, and an pierson. and i cannot forget all the support that we've done together here. secondly i'm also pleased to introduce a resolution approving a set of amendments between the current lease between the city of san francisco and wholesale produce market. for those who don't know about our produce exchange, role and food systems. and ultimately the workers and residents of this city. the market has been a local
8:29 pm
institution for over 100 years and located in point for 60 of those years. to obtain critical financing. i look forward to a fuller discussion of the market in september. last but not least it breaks my heart to present this for a young district leader. chloe, grew up in visitation valley and leader who was involved in many of the community programs.
8:30 pm
and sunny advocacy group. she was a member of the boys and girls club serving in the advisory committee last year. she would have turned 17 years old this year. growing up, clowely loved connecting with her vietnamese roots and yearned for family trips to vietnam to reconnect with her nature. here chloe was passionate about her community and worked hard to make it a more clayinger and beautiful place. she was happiest when she got to spend time making memories with friends and loved one in nature.
8:31 pm
when chloe was with family, tried her best to ensure that her younger cousins with raised in a better housing environment. as the younger sister, to brother, showed maturity and educated her family about many topics that she was deeply passionate about. in the words of her older brother wilson, chloe taught me about the issues of mental health within the asian community. chloe made me and my family better people, even in her final words, they wanted to enjoy our lives fully. i hope everybody hearing this, can honor my history's request
8:32 pm
by continuing to live our lives happily. as her older brother losing clowely felt like losing a core part of me that i will never regain. words will never capture those who knew her and missing her. the discussion of mental health is still taboo as it was for chloe until it was too late. if you or anyone has suicidal thoughts, please remember that there are so many people who cherish and love you. don't ever convince yourself that there isn't. 988 is a rerently launched hotline that is available 24/7, there will not be a busy signal but somebody that you can talk to if you're in crisis.
8:33 pm
chloe's friends have created a fundraiser. rest will support to disadvantage students, the rest i submit. >> thank you mr. president. supervisor chan. submit. >> dorsey. submit, thank you. supervisor mannedleman. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i'm introducing a ordinance renaming the mission street margo in honor of margo antoneli who passed away, [applause] on may 26, 2020. spent three decades working in the nonprofit world playing an integral role.
8:34 pm
she also influenced policy harm reduction and supportive housing policy. and ensuring people drived. not only professionally to helping, but known for stopping on walks to ask unhoused people how she can help. margo's found the direct access to dpc and helps innovation and then spent four years managing the new treat i have for the pole of supportive housing. margo's legacy is an important reminder that the city has helped thousands exit homelessness.
8:35 pm
and helping others who would otherwise be on the streets. naming 21 mission after margo is part of her legacy. i want to thank jackie in my office for all of her work and i want to thank supervisor ronen and dorsey for your cosponsorship and the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor mar. >> i have a few items today first. i'm introducing an ordinance to codify the great weekend as a private project. early in the pandemic and we were in desperate of opportunities for our mental and physical health, i requested that we keep it close.
8:36 pm
a year ago, i reached an agreement to restore access on week days. on holidays when it has been more used. i think largely successful. since april 2020, millions of visits to the roadway have shown its value as space for community.
8:37 pm
and countless who have not seen until the promenade became a catalyst. the ordinance i'm introducing today will maintain and study the weekend promenade for the next three years. it will require engagement and regular data collection and reporting, meaningful traffic management planning and finally the development of a sand management plan. that portion of a road is coastal winds and rising sea. we cannot maintain south of sloegt as a way for cars. we will have to make a decision on the best use on the rest of this road.
8:38 pm
this pilot will be on commitment to climate action and transit first and to find a workable affective road on what has been a contentious issue. the question of what the road closes for weekend, i look forward to further discussion on that and on this legislation as a whole as it moves forward. i'm also introducing a fire fighting system.
8:39 pm
and diligent work. declaring a state of urgency to expand the efws to all protected neighborhood and release of ews planning study by puc at the end of last year. and rofrt on trux on dwelling units and duplexes and quad plexes. as we continue the controversial quad plexes, in our low dense i neighborhood
8:40 pm
haods, it will be helpful to better understand the data and current status of a du status and construction since we ended single family zoning by allowing the construction of adus and expanded this new type of scale development further by allowing duplexes and triplexes through sb9ed beginning of this year. through this hearing i'm interested in streamlining of our adu program have been. and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor milgaard. >> thank you, madam clerk, thank you mr. president and colleagues. as you know laguna honda hospital is in great crisis. while they're working feverishly to regain information, we have been
8:41 pm
pressured aggressively by the medicaid services team for not moving vulnerable frail patients transferred quickly enough. after last week's meeting, we learned about another death of transferred patient. now we've had four deaths of patients. i introduced the resolution last week, pleading with south ba sera who is a former congressman from southern california and attorney general to allow patients to stay until recertification is completed. we have an imperative item for you today to consider to urge
8:42 pm
government, governor newsom and state health officer to use their special powers under the california constitution to help hault patients transfers. ier urging to reverse the vision and save new lives through this relocation trauma. i hope that i can count on you for support of this item later today in the imperative agenda. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor milgaard. supervisor peskin.
8:43 pm
thank you a remember of res loses, all of them will appear in the legislation and we'll deal with them in september. and i have three memorial one where i will speak at the last meeting before the recess. i would like to adjourn on a extraordinary women who spent most of her life in the nonprofit world, liz hype poe cok was born in crystal lake illinois in 1969 and graduated from high school there before earning a bachelor of fine arts in 1991 at nyu.
8:44 pm
sme traveled to l.a. with eyes on acting. it was in l.a. where she started in the work she was to pursue for the rest of her life, serving at a permanent housing for very low income and homeless single adults and families. she moved here in 2005 where she became the director of property management. when citizens dissolved, became the director of asset management episcopal services of san francisco working closely with others in affordable and housing community to solve some of the very same and trackable challenges that we all continue to work on. liz was very involved at ecs and design from the project now
8:45 pm
being completed at 1064 mission and also in acquisition of the first two san francisco home key project both of them in the northeast corner of the city in district 3 and granada and diva and in 2021, began working as a senior mercy manager overseeing a portfolio of some 22 buildings. liz lived to be a turning point in federal investment in tournament supportive houseling. has created a individuals who are committed to this unharolds work. you'll likely hear from some of these individuals today. many who knew her as a thoughtful and fun friend.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
homeleness, the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. >> i'll have multiple items i'll be speaking to one. colleagues today i'm introducing a resolution you thinkering local and state action to stop decriminalize of adult use of an genic use, one that includes mushroom and similar substances. i want to thank ronen as seen
8:49 pm
sb5 19 is scheduled to be heard in committee on august third. that will decriminalize their possession to them. in in support of psychedelics decriminalization antigens. many countries and cities have done this already, this is not san francisco leading the way. i think we should join other jurisdictions including seattle, oakland, sant cruz, denver ar arbor michigan, washington dc and also the state of oregon have decriminalized some or all antigens.
8:50 pm
so portugal, brazil, jamaica other countries have done this as well. these plant base substances have proven benefits for depression, anxiety, ptsd, addiction, grief and end of life anxiety. there is an unmet need in san francisco communities for the compassion at and affective care that these medicinal plants can provide. currently it's a little unclear what the city's policies are. therefore individuals who cultivate and transport them for use in religious, spiritual, healing, or personal growth practices either for individual use or for shared
8:51 pm
use, with themselves and other practitioners, they're currently not protected from arrest and prosecution. sxwh folks are also not protect from arrest or prosecution when their cultivation becomes evident to police officer during an encounter for a reason other than the possession of these substances. decriminalization have wide support from users from health professionals, as i mentioned, there is immense healing potential that they have to offer. sdaoe criminalization has the potential to offer transparency for safe qualified and ethical psychedelic practitioners. historically, cannabis was championed in san francisco, by
8:52 pm
so many advocates dennis, mary jane, and also known as brownie marie and so many others that lead to the movement to legal lies cannabis in states across the nation. san francisco has developed a deep presence regarding education and tro if hesing al certification. the university of california, has created a multi disciplinary research center focused on psychedelics. ucsf brings together scientist and care providers to understand antigens and other related compounded and how they impact the brain and other organize nann systems. our city is also home to the
8:53 pm
california institute of integral studies. and offers program. i want to thank decriminal nature. and time on educating the office and working with us to put forward this resolution and just to name a few. jenny, carlos plasola, nicki summers, dr. general christian and as i mendsing a broad range of folks involved in decriminalization movement.
8:54 pm
finally, i want to thank melissa hernandez on my team and i hope san francisco will join the many jurisdictions in california that are supporting these decriminalization efforts. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor presston. supervisor ronen. >> thank you, today i have a piece of legislation to introduce to address problems in major come compliance with our permitting process. for years, developers have been skitering to increase their profits and avoiding serious requirement to increase rentable or sellable space. because profits were so much larger than any fines. recently which is in my district one of the most
8:55 pm
agrecious examples came into attention. they permitted a ten-unit building. the project began construction based on those approval and in two years later in 2019, we learned from the planning force enforcement team that 30 units were constructed illegally. from i can nothinger to changing the design and altering scare cases and fire egress, converting garages into other illegal uses and required exterior and open space into parking. but most urgently, the majority
8:56 pm
which are occupied to this day. this means dozens of families have been unknowingly living in these units with roundabout, protections imposed after the fact. which are still inadequate. only a fraction of the profit made. they do not increase the penalty so long the develop cer moving actively towards compliance. the problem is that there is no timeline so long as any symbolic gesture is made in an order to abate. this has dragged on for three years. the developers did this intentionally and with the act
8:57 pm
of complexity. violations will be treated as multiple violations to discourage we saw in the port la.
8:58 pm
i want to thank supervisor peskin for his early sponsorship and look forward to discussing this legislation after the legislative break. the rest i'll submit. >> clerk: thank you supervisor ronen, supervisor safai. >> i don't have anything to submit i just wanted say thank you to our city attorneys, i know this was an unusual difficult and arduous legislative session based on the amendment of charter amendments and late requests, based on the amount of changes that were happening up until the moment through this legislative process. i'm not going to call anybody in particular. but the team was tremendous and i just want to thank them for
8:59 pm
their hard work and hope they enjoy a wonderful break this session. >> thank you, that concludes the new business. >> madam clerk, it's now time for public comment. >> at this time, the board of supervisors welcome your general public comment, we'll first hear from those present in the chamber and then take those who have joined us remotely. to provide your testimony remotely, you must be connected to the remote call in system and you can do that by dialing the phone number streaming on your computer or television screen.
9:00 pm
once you're connected that's when you should press star three. when the system indicates you have not unmuted that is your queue. and other general matters that are not on the agenda but within the board's subject matter jurisdiction. all other will be have where the public requirement had been fulfilled. the board will accept any correspond.
9:01 pm
we are joined by our partner by office of civic engagement. i welcome each interrupter to introduce themselves and how to connect to the remote system and the service that you're providing. let's begin with agnus lee. welcome. [speaking chinese]
9:02 pm
thank you. >> lucy have you joined us?
9:03 pm
[speaking spanish] >> we know that you know to jump in if you >> we'll start with those of who have joined us in the chamber. sir as you approach the podium, we're setting the timer for two minutes.
9:04 pm
and i apologize if i interpret anyone but have the floor sir for two minutes. >> good evening, president, distinguished the members of the board of supervisors. i'm sherman i'm a capitan of san francisco fire department. and secretary of naacp. today i'm here to thank preston for his steward ship, we spent three years of our life, trying to get early changed, through supervisor presston's help and leadership, we finally got the street and this was the mural that was put on the street. and we're here to present, a fax simile to supervisor presston and those who helped pass get street changed. early was the first black fire
9:05 pm
fighter, his first day was 1955. so we're here to thank you and give you this fax simile. >> i'm lisa brewer, thank you for supervisor preston for make thising dream reality. it's been a pleasure and a blessing working with you. >> clerk: thank you for your comments, next speaker please. >> hello, my name is barrie alexander, and i reside in district 8 and i would like to
9:06 pm
thank supervisor jean preston and hillary ronen for introducing the resolution for decriminalization of anti genic, plants and fungi. i wunt to tell you i have benefited from the healing. these medicines offer options when all other options may have failed. so please consider decriminalization. and help us enable compassionate care.
9:07 pm
thank you for this resolution. rent control is very important very. my son and myself are involved in baseball league. we have two of the most iconic. and right now, there is a huge conversation occurring across
9:08 pm
the great nation resolving around plant medicines naturally occurring tripomenes these are being resoifd and we're already leaders in this discussion. however we saz a city have yet to come forward and take a stance on the discussion. so i find that this is an amazing first step for us as a local for us as a city to actually bring forward discussion points to everybody in our greater community. let us help build these bridges for greater conversations in our communities. thank you for your time. >> clerk: thank you for your comments to the board.
9:09 pm
i'm the ceo, i'm here to support of decriminalization so that all communities can gain access to healing medications. we can decrease the use of street drugs. i assist people in the community every day. the hospitals don't have all the answers. educating and having access to healing medications. i want to say thank you
9:10 pm
supervisor preston and also want to say a special thank you to supervisor milgaard for all of his work for our veterans and to end it, i would like to piggy back on what preston said, leading medication have demonstrated that inthio genes have outcome for depression and trauma and terminal illnesses. so i encourage you to this. all right before the next speaker begins, i'll just say that if you want to show your support, it's probably best if you go like that, rather than
9:11 pm
to make a audible noise in the chamber. >> greetings. i can only handle one loss. i'm haoefr today as a co-chair of housing provider honor of liz poe cok, i have to read so i can keep it together. liz was a big part of the ecs. she was a mother, and friend and advocate. she worked hard she and i shared a love of cursing, i in her honor, i would say they
9:12 pm
took no shit and took no fuck and no bullshit when power was being prioritized she was fearless as committed to her work and our community. she cared deeply about our residents. she raised bar to make the permanent housing stronger and spured innovation in the property she was involved with to ensure that they would meet the needs. she was ready for the challenges of balancing life and work and great support to many colleagues and friends. always ready for a good laugh and help defuse good situation with her humor and deep praoeshs for life.
9:13 pm
she can find humor can anything even her battle with cancer and embrace that joy of life to the end. >> thank you for your comments. we apologize for cutting anyone off, we're setting the timer for two minutes. thank you, kindly. welcome. i'm here to echo the words of speaker in honor of liz poe cok. she was a consumer advocate and she knew her work, knew the business and she made things happen. you have the this afternoon considered a number of resolutions around the issues of housing. and i just urge you to and to
9:14 pm
honor the family who gave her life to this worthy work, thank you all. >> thank you for your comments to the board. welcome. >> i'm speaking owner underfed ral owner for the u.s. attorney federal charges. i was extorted locked in jail, five years, after a fabricated trial by asian judge lillian sing. judge hanes across the street refused to come out on a fabricated eviction case.
9:15 pm
and especially 893 retired chair fred frank. and the woos of 8990 were doing organized crime. my property got used for 1.2 million dollars. you guys said i was crazy. we're in federal court now. if you don't do your job i have the allegations to bring to you court. i'm frank boyd and i'll be back
9:16 pm
to use your projector,. >> thank you for comments to the board. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, san francisco board of supervisors, i'm dr. jen christian i'm a licensed clinical psychologist and i spern eyes in psychiatric integration and trans personal psychology. i both work and live in san francisco. the taoeld of mental health and the communities dha we serve. a root cause is untreted and unprocessed traumatic experiences. these medicines provide a shift in consciousness that allows individuals to uncover and
9:17 pm
process old traumas heal psychological defenses and connect with expansive state of consciousness. medicines offer a profound opportunity for the integration, processing and the healing of trauma on an individual and collective level. this resolution, would support public safety in risk reduction by providing safe access and education and training. thank you to supervisor preston and hillary for sponsoring this bill. thanks. >> thank you, it's interesting listening to thank you.
9:18 pm
i'm a mill many maker and former case manager for many years. and i'm here to support the decriminalization, thank you for introducing it and thank you so much supervisor ronen for cosponsoring it. it's clear that can so many people dying from drug overdoses with a raging opioid crisis and a whole large range of mental health issues that affect everybody. we as a city and community can move forward from one of the last prohibitions. that scientific communities have all embraced. plants and fungis are not magic bullet. they are not going to solve all of our society's problems, they're not going to house people and they're not for
9:19 pm
everybody for many people and many people have found them affective and many people who have not had access and prohibition. these are substances that maybe somebody takes in a lifetime and not every day. >> thank you. >> thank you for your comments. all right next speaker please, welcome. >> greetings, my name is mika pinksten i'm a community leader for baby hunters point. on may 10, 2022, the community has requested for financial procedures aweditied.
9:20 pm
we have difficulties with related management, they continue to create hostile en vinerment they have vehicles towed stating that they were stolen and registered. i don't know too many people who were steal a car and then go outside and argue with the department of traffic saying please don't take my vehicle away.
9:21 pm
so instead of them providing her with this information, they provide her with a stay away order. enough is enough, we need to just have peace, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, or evening, supervisors my name is benson nidel and i'm with the abutment office and i'm speak to go agenda item number 63, if i'm out of order because i just got off of work, please let me know. i want to focus on one issue,
9:22 pm
paperwork or package being sent to the laguna honda. that package of information, it may be inadequate, there is no sample available to the abutment office or to anyone outside of the laguna honda. i'm honing on this assessment and care planning process. one of the 13 findings was that tt care plan was not centered but using a generic and maybe attributable to epic and electric system i don't know. very sandwiched and condensed.
9:23 pm
also there is the assumption of one nursing home with another. people with huntingtons. these individuals will not be accepted at nursing homes. this relocation must be revised. >> thank you, thank you for your comments. all right, let's hear from our next speaker please, welcome. >> on the roster theres a timer, the first bell is 30 seconds and the second bell is hopefully when you have concluded the comments. >> thank you for the information. i just have a question of
9:24 pm
observation is it break time because it seems like a lot of empty seats once it's public comment and that's my observation. what i would like to address today, we have our justice for the bay view, that's district 10 suffering. i have been a victim of three arson fires. i have been involuntarily displaced from that day to this day. i have been reaching out, that's my public comment. and i would like to say that,
9:25 pm
hineous point, district 10 is suffering. we need support. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> good afternoon, can i speak. >> clerk: yes. >> hi supervisors i'm coming from district 10, i'm dr. espinola's daughter, and we have place in district 10. they not helping doing that. so i say you need to come down and see where your money is at. i got denied everything and the other people don't even answer the door. the same people that has a retraining order on her for just asking a question. and then again, this is my first time, but best believe i'm coming back. and i'm coming back and you all
9:26 pm
going to feel espinola jackson in the building. she was fired, so i'm going to make sure we get what we deserve and need to have in our community. so i thank you guys. i'm tony we coming back with the dr. espinola collaboration organization, be ready. looking out for me. >> clerk: thank you for your comments this afternoon. welcome. >> i'm la vet arnold and it says justice for bay view. richard yau, from executive center. came like he owning a plantation and he made it a plantation to abuse the bay view. so what i was trying to do is have a voice for the community. so what i got was a retraining
9:27 pm
order, that's okay, god's got my back. finally after i got mr. richard, he basically said, there was four million dollars given to bay view. he said everybody got paid, i didn't get paid and a lot of people in bay view didn't get paid. i didn't put the word out, i bought these little t-shirts with my money. you gave them the money to say, they're going to need the rental assistance. many of these piganes, first time talking like this, maybe i don't remember, i just know one thing. i'm speaking for the people.
9:28 pm
mission street and crusader. we wanted it closed down. we don't want you coming into the community and robbing the community. this is what you guys say, what happens to us, we get robbed and i'm one of them. thank you, thank you sir, district 10. i went to one of the two places. either one of them paid it but i'm talking about the community which in the building right below was paying people's rent.
9:29 pm
i'm here in our community, which 100 point. and worked with jackson, worked with housing authority. president of phta so these people coming to our neighborhoods, making all of this money and we don't see them anymore. you know, they're coming over here and write grants, they don't doing it for us. so i'm here to let you all know, puerto rico is needed. and this man comes here to san francisco, we are born and raised here.
9:30 pm
and he who is he to get a restriction on somebody. okay, that's all i came to say, thank you. >> thank you juanita for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> my name is michael jackson, that's my grandmother, i ran an organization called we help the people. i helped a lot of people get resources and a lot of people who is under served and we've been going through that since i was young. a lot of the community.
9:31 pm
it's a shame to keep coming back to see the people under served. if we can get, you know, i respect you a lot, i respect all of these supervisors that i don't even know. thank you for your comments, before the next speaker, i'll remind members of the public to address the comments as a whole not individual member of the board. >> my name is sala chandler and i want to say, is that i'm here to support porto rico. i'm here to support her. because it seems to me that me living in hunters point we've been coming to these meetings as many know, plan the
9:32 pm
political gain, trying to show kindness, being gentle, and i see my people dying every single day in baby hunters point. i'm seeing them murdered. and i don't mind fighting and putting my life on the line to send a message to let my people go. so this is now a warning, because it's going to be a time that is not going to be a warning. everyone of you all have a family. >> thank you, thank you sala chandler.
9:33 pm
welcome to our next speaker. >> all right, i'm sarah, i don't have a community i've been homeless over 20 years on purpose, in the early 80s, i came to san francisco. i worked to we wills fargo and lost an investigation. william spot junior who later married me and i told him no. later i met an abusive guy, i decided not to deal with him anymore. but i had two kids by him, two boys by him. he stopped mecious he just got, he did make me lose my job. i called 9-1-1 one day after he beat me and william let him go, leave me there bloody.
9:34 pm
my kids were stolen again by them. i was forced to buy a home by gang members. murdered two people and will they ever get out. i get threatened every day, i'm sick now, i cannot go down the street. every time i go, everything is messed up and they say i'm crazy. i came yesterday to speak i was so speak. i'm a very good person. please, give me a place to stay, i would get voucher 8 voucher.
9:35 pm
i came here and they told me that they stole the hotel, i told them about everything in a room. >> thank you, sarah for your comments. >> hello i also live in the bay view, i'm here to support paourt rico and what she does for the community. it was an agency that came over to the community and i referred a family member. that was november of last year and she still has not got a response. so if this was going to be held for the residents, then you nyed to make sure that they can
9:36 pm
actually help her, she is still waiting and her pg&e 7, 800 dollars now. and it has not gotten paid at all. thank you very much for listening. >> thank you for your comments. >> no more we'll go to the remote system, i'll ask mr. adkins he's asking if we have a caller on the line. we're seth the timer for two minutes. let's hear from our first caller, i believe we have about 13 callers in the queue, welcome. hello. >> may i ask that you turn down the volume on your television before you begin. >> can you, is it okay now? >> clerk: yes, thank you i'll set your timer now.
9:37 pm
>> okay, all right, identificationer i'm dava from view, i have four children in the foam, i have three kids under the age of 5 years old, 8-month-old baby, my son is sick, she is consistently congested with mucous and has not gotten rid of it yet. my as ma has been triggered consistently. we don't use my bathroom which is the main bathroom.
9:38 pm
we take five or six hours. they are not doing anything, but yesterday they're outside selling cars, they schedule with the city to tow our cars. smells really bad and they're not helping, they sent the letters in and they cok the bathroom and they did that already two times and i'm telling them, that it's behind the walls and they don't believe me and they have not come down here. they're not doing anything that they need to be taken from us and they need to take over by
9:39 pm
some better people because where we're living is not fair at all. >> thank you for your comments to the board. all right, mr. adkins let's hear from the next caller, please. some of you all, who have not been paying attention should wake up. people cannot be suffering like this.
9:40 pm
even as i'm speaking i can see it. you're the ones that who are fostering corruption who want to give some sort of exemption related to payments. this is a caring call, thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you francisco. i have we have 19 who are listening, and 10 wait to go give a comment. unmute yourself.
9:41 pm
>> it's david, my pronouns are she and her. it's sad that the supervisors are distracted. pay attention to the public, a bunch of people were talking about bayview. mushrooms beinger i think it's a really good idea. as i have mushrooms available to me, i would not be a fuck up. also thz pocaok and another great loss.
9:42 pm
let's talk about tenants people who live in thc housing. i've been hearing people say, we need trash housing first. let me tell you something, i know there is another coming down the pike and i think it's about, time that when it comes out, you actually treat us a single partner and don't try to make value judgment because it's f*ung en rude and offensive to do that.
9:43 pm
>> thank you for your comments. apologies if i interrupt anyone, we're setting the timers for two minutes. let's hear from our next caller please. >> good afternoon, i'm deputy director for housing at mayor's housing and community development. contribution that she has made to the work here in san francisco. as other speakers have pointed out, lives or so, talented and passion a and so committed and smart. the work that we do is hard and liz, always brought humor and
9:44 pm
humility to it. >> thank you so much. >> clerk: thank you for your comments. let's hear from the next speaker please, welcome caller.
9:45 pm
thank you very much and have a good day. >> clerk: benjamin thank you for your comments to the board. okay, let's welcome the next caller please. >> board of supervisors teresa palmer, i worked at laguna honda for 3 years. i'm calling on item 63 and
9:46 pm
donna who has a elderly relative and could not stay longer than three and a half hours waiting to testify. both of us are add adamant, please stop the charges at laguna honda, what is happening is dysfunction by management at laguna honda and at this point by all levels of government. this is somebody who needs to be near family. this is a death sentence and four people have already died. that is ten percent we're
9:47 pm
looking at 60 for deaths which we as a city will be complicity in if these discharges continue. intoeder to please the government and state, let them clean up their attribute without discharge most vulnerable people you can imagine and killing them. please support this and please pressure our state and our schedule people to support stopping the discharges while lag no honda cleans up the act. it makes no sense to destroy the people to fix it. let's hear from next caller please. >> hi, good evening.
9:48 pm
board of supervisors. i'm my name is sharyl and i'm a resident of district 10. and i called in first to say that it's imperative that we stop the charges at laguna honda as people have noted our most vulnerable are dying. two, i want to thank president walton and supervisor chan supervisor preston, supervisor ro nen and supervisor safai for calling fortress i go nation of anne chow or shu from the board of supervisors. as we can see we have a lot of problems and we have to have better schools to prepare our
9:49 pm
residents our communities for the workforce. and we're not preparing the youth for the workforce. with the public school system. i thank you for all the work around student fund and calling for board of supervisors, that's what i wanted to saycious thank you very much and thank you for your hard work and commitment to the city and county of san francisco. i can see that this job is very, it's a lot of commitment. thank you very much for your service, everyone. >> thank you for your comments to the board. this evening now. let's hear from the next caller please.
9:50 pm
i'm calling on item 63 we've been working with ems and try to urge them to extend the date in which the laguna honda will be closed. we've been trying to work with the department of public health and other agencies, because we donough that firsthand that families and residents are not being followed up with the care plan. we have people that are being released to shelters without a care plan and they have nowhere to go. so at this point, really grateful that the resolution to urge secretary becerra to this continue any discharges and
9:51 pm
then allow for laguna honda to get in compliance, thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments. i see we have six callers in the queue. let's hear from the next caller, please. >> madam clerk, will you just let me know that my voice is coming through. >> yes. i wanted to say a few words. i want to say out loud what a crushing loss it is for san francisco and my heart goes out to whitney and their kids and family. she was such a salt to the
9:52 pm
earth, you don't meet many people like liz. i had the benefit of working with her for about 12 years as executive director of housing organizations. and liz would always step up. she was always to willing to dive in whether it's internal issues or advocating at the board or walking the streets and dropping the lid. she was quintessential but also a activist which means putting everything into it. liz was a tough woman she was a kick-ass person. there is a few strong women who really push hard and i give a lot of credit to liz for not
9:53 pm
taking any bs taking no shit, and i think we should look to her as a reference point for a north star and i'm really really sad to see her go. >> thank you for your comments to the board. >> do you have another caller in the queue please? >> supervisors i'm a lifelong citizen, i have so many things that i want to express to you but basically, i'm just going to tell you that as far as i'm concerned each and everyone one of you have completely failed the citizens of this city. that people that came in and spoke in-person, spoke very clearly to your incomplete inability to manage the
9:54 pm
citizens finances, your job is to keep the budget balance and to keep the city street safe, that's what i think. you're going on vacation soon, please get back to basics, you would do the city a work. i strongly encourage you barack obama gave a speech in father's day in 2008, it was about where we are as a country. youtube that speech, barack obama. i'm intimate lea ware and familiar with that place.
9:55 pm
look at this failure. this is your responsibility. that ferris wheel in the park, i walk by it five times a week, there is never anybody on it. we need you to get out of the way you're all complete failures. >> clerk: all right, sorry to cut you off we're set the timer for two minutes. do we have another caller in the queue? >> yes. >> i'm going through a situation in my building. i have been gone back and forth
9:56 pm
to my rental office complaining about the noise, the older i'm 52 years old disabled and barely walking. itch called the security people, the office gave me this number. this lady living over here for 7 years. i got piece approximates of everything that is good to my ceiling that live over me. i got pictures for this young girl that has been torching me for seven years. this has been going on for 17 years. i got plasters, falling from the ceiling from what is going to take a hammer and beat on the wall and on the floor to
9:57 pm
where the plaster fall down. i had to park my car on the street. ain't got no business suffering for 7 years with this lady, this young girl living over my head and my house and authority people will not do anything about it. i don't think that is right and i pay my rent. please help us, and thank you all and have a blessed day. >> thank you ms. williams for your comments to the board. let's hear from the next callers please.
9:58 pm
what does it say xwh there is a system for the poor. the city concluded with the developers so seniors were thrown into the streets and board and care homes got brought up and torn down. so they can have higher paying acute beds. the city script and cut substance abuse services so people went into full blown crisis. and the city closed three quarters in the locked beds in san francisco general and turned them off into a board and care.
9:59 pm
cns came in and now residents are dying. this is all about profits. >> good evening, thank you to supervisor for your leadership in introducing the issue and thank you to the san francisco board of supervisors. i'm dr. norris studies in san francisco which has been a leader and a cofounder of
10:00 pm
nonprofit 'eming occasion. we cannot retro companies to ma lop nice before having access to the people. now 14 cities have passed resolutions. washington dc had 76% voter approval. also communities in proposing this policy, it's past time for san francisco to take a rightful place.
10:01 pm
san francisco decriminalizing and be one of the first 15 cities. there have been zero reports in crime. this is the case in the other cities that have decriminalize. thinker incredible stories of healing emerging from these communities. how much can this heal our communities. it is time to try another approach one that in honor of. >> thank you, for your comments to the board this evening. if you are in the queue and would like to provide the comments, you should star 3 otherwise we'll take the couple of callers to the end. let's welcome the next caller.
10:02 pm
>> good evening i'm speaking on item 3. supportive of this resolution to ba sera and it will not have impact on him because reported lea noid end quote. didn't tell this board on june 21gal hearing, he had filed informal dispute resolution request to california's department of public fund. or the dispute of that.
10:03 pm
department of health and human services in february april, may, challenging the deficiency laguna received on october 14th. those res loses don't seek injunkive relief. these appeals will not be heard until late october at the latest. the city attorney office informed me this morning that it is not filed a federal lawsuit seeking injunkive relief to stop further discharges in august, september or longer. those discharges will continue happening despite this
10:04 pm
resolution to ba sera while laguna cms recertification. >> thank you for your comments to the board this evening. mr. adkins let's hear from the next caller please. hello caller have you joined us? >> hi i'm calling from district 1, i'm sad to hear about what is happening in bayview. i'm talking about the double rock area they mentioned the same thing about a nonprofit that is not doing their part to keep their community organized.
10:05 pm
excessive ticketing of people's cars or towing of cars. when i listen to the stories, i live in district 1. so our garbage is picked up at least three or four times a week. and their garbage is only being picked up once maybe even twice which is very disturbing because they're all paying rent. then we hear that their children are sick and absentee children from school. i don't think what the process is. what the process for these tenants to get help? the nonprofit is the landlord
10:06 pm
and they're not responding back. when they're parked in front of their own home. this is not right, these are working class people. they're paying rent and it seems like in my district 1, i only see the people for the cars on street sweeping days. it's just heart breaking to hear. is there another caller in the queue, please? >> madam clerk, there are no further callers. >> clerk: thank you, mr. adkins, mr. president. >> thank you, public comment is now closed. [gavel]
10:07 pm
madam clerk, we are now at 60 through 70. >> clerk: yes, 60 through 70 were introduced for adoption without reference to committee, a unanimous vote is required for first reading today. a member may require a resolution on first reading to go to committee. >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor milgaard. >> 63 please. >> 63, thank you. supervisor pesskin. >> 66, i assume, yes, 66. >> sewer it's automatic. thank you, sir. seeing no one else, can we take a vote on the remaining items except for 66 and 63. >> clerk: yes on 60 through 70
10:08 pm
minus 63 and 66 and 65. >> 66. >> okay. superintendents stefani. aye, aye, chan aye, dorsey, aye, mannedleman, aye, supervisor march, mar, aye. milgaard aye, pepess peskin aye, preston, preston, aye. ro nen aye, and supervisor safa h*i, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> thank you,r so much without objection, these resolutions are adopted and motions are approved unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 63. >> clerk: resolution to urge the united states department of health and human services
10:09 pm
secretary xavier becerra to suspend a requirement for medicare and medicaid on relocating and transfering vulnerable hospital and to extend coverage of payments until the end of the year. >> thank you all for all the support on this issue and these items, supervisors peskin chan, stefani, mar, preston and now ronen and supervisor have all now have signed on as cosponers.
10:10 pm
i want to thank louis california advocate for nursing home reform and great panthers who have been advocating and doing everything that they can to make noise and get heard. we are being put in an impossible situation by the federal government. we have this disclosure plan that we have agreed on. that requires us, cms is assessing our progress on that plan but has put nothing in writing. so there is no, there are no metrics about the progress.
10:11 pm
they are telling verbally, despite putting nothing in writing that we're not being aggressive enough in transferring patients. but in the meantime, four people have died in laguna honda. it's a human rights atrocity. despite many attempt, the mayor's office and us, the supervisors we have not been able to get through cms.
10:12 pm
i wanted to update this resolution, in the long title, i would like to amend the language to urge cms to extend payments on medicare and medicaid until the process is complete rather than just the end of the year. so urging the secretary to suspend requirement by the centers for center and medicaid on relocating and transferring vulnerable patients. and to extend coverage until the defrmation on recertification. as of july 2022, and update the number of deaths from 3 to 4.
10:13 pm
oftener page 3, delete the language until the end of the year. we need to do all we can to fix deficiencies and compliance issues and to get laguna honda decertified. mr. president, i would like to make a motion to adopt these amendments as read into the record and i would ask that all of my colleagues support this resolution. thank you. seconded by supervisor ronen. >> thank you colleagues, i just, i just wanted to express my frustration with the federal government. i don't understand the vice president kamala harris who used to be the district
10:14 pm
attorney in san francisco, and has incredible power, where is the leader nancy pelosi who is in charge of the entire of house of representatives, where is diane feinstein our senator. where is ja here and every single family, they organize what are you doing? this is a hospital of last resert a long term care facility for 700 people in san francisco that are so sick, that they must be in a long term facility. most of them homeless do not have any other options anywhere judge? why? ? because you're government fails
10:15 pm
our seniors our mental ill by not prioritizing human beings in the united states of america who are dealing with these issues by not building affordable housing by not making sure that every human being has a house to live in. by making sure that there are significant mental healthcare for everyone. this is san francisco! the only place who has stood up for our residents with a minor issue of hand washing and and some younger person brings in marijuana which is legal in california. taking our away our medical coverage. this is a crisis of the highest order. four people have died because you're forcing us to kick out
10:16 pm
the sickest residents of our city on to the street, where are you? why have the natural press core not not covering. when they offer zero zero alternative for people who cannot afford healthcare. this is outrageous, this is a story that should be broadcast across every major talk show, 60 minutes where are you? where are you every single reputable national media outlet reporting this story? federal government are criminal na they're not getting involved.
10:17 pm
we're doing everything in our power to protect these people. what is happening an outrage and i have not seen a leadership. especially when you wash your hands of the problem yourself. this is an outrage and i'm asking every public leader to step it out. every media to step it up and show outrage that the federal government is forcing upon san francisco right now. and our hands are tied, we're doing everything in our power but in the meantime, they're forcing us to kick out the he willest, the oldest and sickest people on to the street and they are dying. where is the outrage. where is the outrage and where is the media.
10:18 pm
>> thank you, very much. >> i would concur with the comments of my colleague. it really is a scandal and any reasonable person who looks at what is going on at laguna honda and what is phasing the residents, you know, would be horrified. is i want to thank supervisor milgaard for kharnling in. the people who have the power to change, continue to insist that they have no power that they cannot do anything. this is of their hand, this is untrue. people who are dying, the people who the families that are living in fear now, that their loved one are going to
10:19 pm
end up on the street or in a county far far away, that is absolutely at the doorstep at the california of public health. and cms and that is something that our state and national government and elected officials going right up to the biden administration can change. they need to stop these pore i believe things from happening to real life san franciscoians. we're trying to get too many care in a system that does not provide enough care.
10:20 pm
we would appreciate the help in providing the beds for very sick people who cannot care for themselves. we would love to have that burden that is being shouldered by san francisco and government. but meanwhile, the squarely and they need to take responsible for what they are doing to these people. >> thank you, supervisor mannedleman. madam clerk, by on the motion made. >> clerk: on that motion, stefani, stefani aye, wald on, aye, dorsey, aye, mannedleman, aye, supervisor mar, mar, aye,
10:21 pm
milgaard, aye, milgaard aye, peskin, aye, preston aye, supervisor ro nen, aye, and supervisor safai, there are 11 ayes. >> motion to amend passes unanimously. madam clerk on the amended number 63. >> on item 63 as amended supervisor stefani. stefani, walton, aye. chan, chan aye, supervisor doresee. supervisor mannedleman, aye, supervisor maraye, milgaard, aye, peskin, aye, preston aye, ro nen, and supervisor safai, aye, there are 11 ayes. >> item 63 passes as amended unanimously.
10:22 pm
madam clerk, call item 6 of. >> this is a motion to authorize written authorization and rebuttal battle arguments for the november 8, consolidated general election. >> thank you so much and i would make a motion to amend item 66 with the following and please bear with me, colleagues in the public it is a mouthful. proponent arguments item 22535 charter amendment homelessness oversight commission, page 2 line 1 to it designating superintendent safai, 22626 charter amendment library preservation fund, 7 through 9 designating mayor brie.
10:23 pm
22631, charter amendment initiative ordinance and policy declaration affordable production act. itemed 220, additional density and height rent control page 3, line 14, through page 4 line three striking entire reference to the ballot measure. city election and even number of years. less i go natured supervisor preston.
10:24 pm
item 220, 639 page 4 line 21 through 22 designated supervisor ronen. 220, 640 charter amendment retirement board contract with executive director. designated supervisor safai. business and tax regulation code. page 5, lines 24 through 25 designated. mayor breed, no amendments,
10:25 pm
220749 underground parking facility, golden gate park. mayor brie no amendments. access and safety program. and opponent arms, item 220748. city approve awful affordable housing affordable homes now, initiative page 13 line 15, by designating supervisor chan.
10:26 pm
by striking all ballot measures. can i have a second. seconded by supervisor safai, madam clerk? >> on the motion to amend, supervisor stefani, stefani aye, walton aye, chan aye,r dorsey aye, mannedleman aye, maraye, hill gar aye, supervisor peskin aye, preston aye, ro nen aye, safai, aye, there are 11 ayes. >> motion to amend is adopted unanimously. and madam clerk, seeing no names on the roster, i believe we can take this amended item
10:27 pm
same house same call and without objection, this amended item is approved unanimously. [gavel]. madam clerk do we have any impair i have agenda items. >> clerk: yes on behalf of the supervisor milgaard, this is resolution urging gavin newsom to proclaim a state of emergency relating to the displace ing the elderly and laguna hospital and rehabilitation and to urge dr. tomas a ra gone the directer of public health and the state state officer to withdrawal, the california department of public transfer of all patients. >> we have one imperative
10:28 pm
resolution which requires the board to adopt two findings for each matter for this matter before unanimous adoption on the resolution. is this a motion and second that finds this resolution, has a serious finding. and groan act funding that need came to the attention of the board after the agenda was posted and thus the resolution meets the standard of the brown act made by supervisor mandleman seconded by supervisor ronen. >> clerk: on the matters, stefani aye, walton aye, chan
10:29 pm
aye, dorsey aye, mandelman aye, mar aye, milgaard aye, peskin aye, preston aye, ronen aye, and supervisor sfai aye 11 ayes. >> thank you without the objection, the findings are approved. supervisor milgaard. >> thank you colleagues so much for hearing this item. after the fourth death it was reported after the agenda had been finalized for this week. but you having listened to testimony in public comment now
10:30 pm
know that the state of department of public health. is the agency of our former directer who is now at the state who has the power to assess our progress on this transfer plan in hault the transfer. when we had negotiated had asked for 18 months in terms of coming in to compliance and that was rejected by the staff at the california department of public health. and we had no choice but to agree to their terms which was four months.
10:31 pm
we have no choice but to stand up and say this is bottom line. so we are asking the folks who do have the power to do this, the governor and our public health officers for the state of california, to declare a state of emergency and you know, go back to the drawing board and stop the transfer of patients not require that we continue to transfer all patients. thank you so much colleagues, and i ask for your support. >> again, i want to agree and associate my comments made by supervisor ronene and i want to thank you for your taking the
10:32 pm
lead on this supervisor milgaard. before we take a vote on this imperative for resolution, we need to open up the item for public comment. >> clerk: seeing no members of the chamber i'll ask mr. joe adkins from the clerk's office if we have a caller on the queue. we're setting the timer for two minutes. >> speaker: hi, this is dr. teresa palmer, i did work at laguna honda, one of the things that we need to understand is there is plenty of blame to go around about what happened at laguna honda including the san francisco opinion health and management of laguna health itself. the consultants that have been hired have a lot of work to fix laguna honda and it needs to be done. the main point is that not
10:33 pm
laguna is claimless. beener blameless, the most vulnerable people should not have to suffer. when there is a reasonable shortage of nursing home beds. and the best thing to do is for laguna honda to fix, its policy and its practice while the patients are there without transferring them and putting them at risk of desk. i really appreciate everyone's support, laguna honda to do. making calls to nursing homes to try to transfer people is not something that people
10:34 pm
should be spending their time doing. thank you for your comes. mr. adkins let's hear from the next caller please. >> madam clerk, there are no further callers on the queue. mr. president. >> seeing no other speakers public comment is now closed and madam clerk now on imperative resolutions. >> clerk: stefani, aye, walton aye, supervisor chan, chan aye,
10:35 pm
supervisor dorsey aye, mannedleman aye, mar, mar aye, milgaard aye, peskin aye, preston aye, ronen aye, and supervisor safai aye, there are 11 ayes. >> thank you with that--without objection, will you ples present the memberiums? >> yes, today's meeting will be adjourned in baf of supervisor peskin for the late ms. liz height pokok and mr. bob macintosh and on behalf of president walton for the late ms. clowely co. >> thank you colleagues this brings us to the end of our agenda and end of our session for this year. madam clerk, is there any
10:36 pm
further business for us today. >> clerk: that concludes our business. >> resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as compassion for others,
10:37 pm
>> this is a huge catalyst for change. >> it will be over 530,000 gross square feet plus two levels of basement. >> now the departments are across so many locations it is hard for them to work together and collaborate and hard for the customers to figure out the different locations and hours of operation. >> one of the main drivers is a one stopper mitt center for -- permit center. >> special events. we are a one stop shop for those three things. >> this has many different uses
10:38 pm
throughout if years. >> in 1940s it was coca-cola and the flagship as part of the construction project we are retaining the clock tower. the permit center is little working closely with the digital services team on how can we modernize and move away from the paper we use right now to move to a more digital world. >> the digital services team was created in 2017. it is 2.5 years. our job is to make it possible to get things done with the city online. >> one of the reasons permitting is so difficult in this city and county is really about the scale. we have 58 different department in the city and 18 of them involve permitting. >> we are expecting the residents to understand how the departments are structured to navigate through the permitting processes. it is difficult and we have
10:39 pm
heard that from many people we interviewed. our goal is you don't have to know the department. you are dealing with the city. >> now if you are trying to get construction or special events permit you might go to 13 locations to get the permit. here we are taking 13 locations into one floor of one location which is a huge improvement for the customer and staff trying to work together to make it easy to comply with the rules. >> there are more than 300 permitting processes in the city. there is a huge to do list that we are possessing digital. the first project is allowing people to apply online for the a.d.u. it is an accessory dwelling unit, away for people to add extra living space to their home, to convert a garage or add something to the back of the house. it is a very complicated permit. you have to speak to different
10:40 pm
departments to get it approved. we are trying to consolidate to one easy to due process. some of the next ones are windows and roofing. those are high volume permits. they are simple to issue. another one is restaurant permitting. while the overall volume is lower it is long and complicated business process. people struggle to open restaurants because the permitting process is hard to navigate. >> the city is going to roll out a digital curing system one that is being tested. >> when people arrive they canshay what they are here to. it helps them workout which cue they neat to be in. if they rant to run anker rapid she can do that. we say you are next in line make sure you are back ready for your
10:41 pm
appointment. >> we want it all-in-one location across the many departments involved. it is clear where customers go to play. >> on june 5, 2019 the ceremony was held to celebrate the placement of the last beam on top of the structures. six months later construction is complete. >> we will be moving next summer. >> the flu building -- the new building will be building. it was designed with light in mind. employees will appreciate these amenities. >> solar panels on the roof, electric vehicle chargers in the basement levels, benefiting from gray watery use and secured bicycle parking for 300 bicycles. when you are on the higher floors of the building you might catch the tip of the golden gate bridge on a clear day and good view of soma.
10:42 pm
>> it is so exciting for the team. it is a fiscal manifestation what we are trying to do. it is allowing the different departments to come together to issue permits to the residents. we hope people can digitally come to one website for permits. we are trying to make it digital so when they come into the center they have a high-quality interaction with experts to guide then rather than filling in forms. they will have good conversations with our staff.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
[crowd noise] [music] as a city we do a lot of parades and celebrations. public work system in the middle of things, doing inspections and cleanings and organizing our crews so we are used to creating something it is something we know how to do. >> this is managed by city workers. they are out here doing the jobs to make sure our city looks good in our city time.
10:45 pm
>> we are also routing for the warriors whether we work. it was thrilling when they won and we had to get to work to plan for the parade and to make sure that everybody in the city everybody that come to the city is safe and taken care of. >> a lot went everwent in 100 hours of planning with the warrior and mayors office and city partners it took a team to make today possible. >> important this the department has the presence, seeing the priority and vehicles makes everyone feel safe we value our commute and serve it, it is important. >> the giant crowds we are to bring out our specialized equipment. we have small response united staffed by a paramedic and mt
10:46 pm
the small golf cart devices have a gender and he get in and out of crowds. >> i'm here to help people get to where they need to go and figure out the bus routes and navigate things temperature is important we take care of safety and make sure everyone gets to where they need to so everyone can celebrate the warrior and be out on parade day. >> how is or ems book >> when we have been able to do is set up mobile command posts. and we partnered with the private sector with verizon to provide priority communication so we can run our entire emergency response on that network for our first responders. we know they will work even though we are getting thousands of people all competing for the same network to send photos and e maild and texts and video our first responders are able to do the same amongst the large
10:47 pm
crowd. >> get out here at 5:30 a.m. and saw employees cleaning the street its takes a team to build a champion. >> i love it and bum when he left i'm glad he is back no matter how much he plays or does not play that man's heart and spirit he carries everyone along and really mentor people and mentoring is so important whether in basketball or the fire service or ems. mentoring is huge and having a presence like that around is huge. >> my favorite player is jordan i like he is a role player and come out as a starter i feel similar to the city i like a structure and plan when there is an opportunity to lead i like that, also. >> the player i like lisa. he is similar to me all there
10:48 pm
and game is in the pretty but gets the job done. every time he scores all right. my man is back. >> happy with seth curry's wife strong. she is a leader and she just really puts on a great face for females and being strong and in the face of challenge and negativity. [music] [crowd noise] >> they were tons and tons and tons of blue and yellow confetti. every wrchl the end we picked up 38 tons of trash. mostly confetti. >> in terms of for our crews we were ready. after we had been data break and done carnival in may. our team was prepped to do the work and they felt tremendous
10:49 pm
pride in part of the huge celebration and tremendous pride in the coordination we did with the mayor's office, the police department issue public health and the city agencies that got together and put on a party for the bay area. put on the party for the nation. [crowd noise] [music]c]c]c]c]c]]
10:50 pm
>> so the march started in 2004, there was a lot of action going on at the time against transgender people. so an email thread went around and everybody decided to meet here at the loweris park and really send out the message to the community that we're here
10:51 pm
and just because the legislation does not validify who we are, we are still here and we deserve to be loved and empowered. >> so for me trans march is a safe place where i will not be quiet and i can be unapologetic against my trans siblings to be in the community and say okay, you can bring yourself to the safe places. we're normal human beings and we can exist.
10:52 pm
>> this is one of the largest trans marches that happens in the world and this space is ours. we can at least have one day where we are seen and not over shadowed by the greater pride, hostilities everywhere. trans march means so much to me. but it means so much more for me and my community. >> we really felt it was important to have a special day just for transgender people where we can have our voices lifted up and specifically seen.
10:53 pm
>> after coming, i feel so proud of this place and also this whole movement. this joy is strong. so maybe trans march that is a lot of joy. >> my partner is transgender and you know ,z we've been together for 25 years. and i learned a lot about trans generaleder and her what it means to be transgender. to give people pride of who they are they are beautiful and an important part of society and they should have equal rights.
10:54 pm
>> for me being here is an act of celebrating myself and feeling okay in my own skin. >>ed we have a lot of momentum here at trans mart, we have a lot of community for support from our sponsor to our tal ept, everybody is happy to support this event because we all want to be together and after two years of not being able to be together this year, people were especially excited. [applause]
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>> i am iris long. we are a family business that started in san francisco chinatown by my parents who started the business in the mid 1980s. today we follow the same footsteps of my parents. we source the teas by the harvest season and style of crafting and the specific variety. we specialize in premium tea. today i still visit many of the farms we work with
10:57 pm
multigenerational farms that produce premium teas with its own natural flavors. it is very much like grapes for wine. what we do is more specialized, but it is more natural. growing up in san francisco i used to come and help my parents after school whether in middle school or high school and throughout college. i went to san francisco state university. i did stay home and i helped my parents work throughout the summers to learn what it is that makes our community so special. after graduating i worked for an investment bank in hong kong for a few years before returning when my dad said he was retiring. he passed away a few years ago. after taking over the business we made this a little more
10:58 pm
accessible for visitors as well as residents of san francisco to visit. many of our teas were traditionally labeled only in chinese for the older generation. today of our tea drinkkers are quite young. it is easy to look on the website to view all of our products and fun to come in and look at the different varieties. they are able to explore what we source, premium teas from the providence and the delicious flavors. san francisco is a beautiful city to me as well as many of the residents and businesses here in chinatown. it is great for tourists to visit apsee how our community thrived through the years. this retail location is open
10:59 pm
daily. we have minimal hours because of our small team during covid. we do welcome visitors to come in and browse through our products. also, visit us online. we have minimal hours. it is nice to set up viewings of these products here.
11:00 pm
>> good afternoon. i was about to say good morning but we changed the meetings to the afternoon. good afternoon and welcome to the july 27, 2022, budget and finance committee meeting, i'm hillary ronen, and joined by safai and supervisor mar. our clerk