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tv   Transportation Authority Board  SFGTV  August 6, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> good morning everyone. welcome to the july 26 meeting of the san francisco county transportation board. i am chair mandelman and supervisor peskin is our vice chair and today we have our new clerk and welcome and to angela for being the acting clerk the past several months and also i want to thank michael at sf govtv. mr. saunders could you please call the roll.
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>> yes chair. commissioner chan. >> present. >> chan present. commissioner supervisor dorsey. >> present. >> commissioner mandelman -- excuse me chair mandelman. >> present. >> mandelman present. commissioner mar. >> present. >> commissioner melgar. >> present. >> commissioner preston. >> present. >> commissioner supervisor ronen. supervisor ronen absent. supervisor safai. >> present. >> commissioner stefani. absent. commissioner walton. >> present. >> thank you mr. clerk. and actually i am -- i have been requested to excuse commissioner stefani which i'm going to do. and i believe you
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have public comment announcements. >> i do thank you. for members of the public interested in participating in the meeting we welcome your attendance in presence in room 215 city hall or may watch capable channel depending on the provider or stream the meeting live at our website. for those wishing to make public comment remotely the best way is by dialing 415-655-0001 and when prompted entering the access code of access code 24810464075 and then pressing pound and pound again. you will be able to listen to the meeting in real time. when public comment is called for the item you wish to speak on press star three to be added to the queue to speak. do not press star three again or you will be
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removed. when the system says you're unmuted the operator will advise you're allowed two minutes to speak. when the two minutes is up we will move to the next caller. calls are taken in the order revenues and speak slowly and loudly and on the agenda for members in attendance in the chambers and then the remote speakers on the line. >> thank you mr. clerk. before calling the next item i would like to limit public comment for 30 minutes for today's meeting and with that please call our next item. >> item 2 chair's report. this is an information item. >> thank you. so colleagues this month i attended the opening of san francisco's newest open space gem, the tunnel tops park above
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the presidio park way and the transportation authority funded and delivered in 2015 and joined by the former executive director and together we congratulated and extended our thanks to the trust and the park service and speaker pelosi and mayor breed and for the officials delivering the project. it was sweet and amy was there and one of the folks that [inaudible] the ggnra and the first place back in the day. this space (-- (checking audio). please stand by. >> in a unique public-private partnership. that resulted in successful delivery of the project in
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2015. the project seismically secure the facility and access between the presidey and the field. i encourage everyone to visit this area the tunnels to the west. this month we welcomed the award of $130 million in transit grants to san francisco projects. muni received $116 million grant to improve the lines as well as the first phases of muni metro's modernized train coal system and the ferry received funds to fund the zero electric ferry and the service treasure island and the bay and congratulations to everyone involved. finally thank you colleagues for your support last week and
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placing the sales tax expenditure plan on to the ballot and move to the voters and now we're developed on doing the county wide plan and the investment program and before i conclude colleagues as this will be our last meeting until september i want to thank all of you and the staff including our own legislative aides and transportation authority staff for everyone's hard work advancing the business of the ta and i want to wish you all a safe and restful august recess and with that i conclude my remarks and we can see if there's any public comment on them and i don't see any in the chamber so let's see if we have any virtual public comment? >> checking for virtual public comment on item 2. and there's no public comment. >> great. thank you.
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mr. clerk please call item three. >> item three executive director's report. this is an information item. >> i believe that our executive director is still before the ballot simplification committee so we will take this item up later in the meeting. mr. clerk please call item four. >> item four approve the minutes of the july 12, 2022 meeting. this is an action item. also we have received one public comment on this item which has been posted to our website. >> all right. thank you. is there any public comment on the minutes in the chamber? seeing none. do we have any virtual public comment? . >> checking for virtual public comment on item 4. and there is no public comment. >> all right. public comment on item four is closed. is there a motion to ac prove item four, the
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minutes. moved by melgar. is there a second? seconded by preston. mr. clerk please call the roll. >> commissioner chan. >> aye. >> commissioner supervisor dorsey. >> aye. >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner -- excuse me. commissioner supervisor ronen. >> everabsent. commissioner safai. >> aye. >> commissioner stefani. >> excused >> excused. commissioner walton. >> aye. there are nine ayes. the minutes are approved. >> thank you mr. clerk. please call our consent agenda items five through eight. >> 5-8 comprise of
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the consent agenda. staff is not planning to present on the items but here for questions. >> is there a motion to move the consent agenda? moved by preston. seconded by dorsey. please call the roll. >> commissioner chin. >> aye. >> dorsey. >> aye. >> mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner peskin. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. absent. commissioner safai. >> aye. >> commissioner stefani, excused. commissioner walton. >> aye. >> there are nine ayes. the motion passes. >> great. thank you mr. clerk. please call item 9.
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>> item 9 is the southeast rail station study final report. this is an inform item. also we have received one public comment that has been posted to our website. >> director rogers, hello. >> [off mic] is my mic on? thank you very much. we have a slide show today. thank you andy from the staff. this is the conclusion of the southeast rail station study including the planning commission endorsement of the study and their recommendations for next steps by both san francisco and regional bodies. so here's what we're going to cover today. this study purpose had three goals. first increase access along caltrain corridor. second restore service to the bay view and three get ready for the
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pennsylvania avenue tunnel on the caltrain alignment in preparation for high speed rail. how exciting is that? [inaudible]. sorry for that. this grant study was within a two year window and unfortunately timed due to the pandemic and we funded the analysis portion and held outreach for the last eight month when is people were comfortable meeting and generally more available. the schedule emphasizes the recent events including the bayview community meeting in person, the endorsement and today's hearing. so this study looked at two sets of station for improvements to caltrain. the northern sets in dark
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work with potrero and bay view and dog patch and served by the 2200 street station. the southern set in yellow would be the site to restore service to the bay view replacing the paul avenue station that closed about 20 years ago. at the may hearing the commissioners reviewed the pros and cons of each station's location in detail. you can see the summary in your packet on pages 11 for the bay view and pages 10 for the potrero dog patch. at that may hearing one thing that caught our planners by surprise was the length of planning to replace the paul station for the bay view residents. doug johnson remarked as a transportation planner in this region for more than 20 years he hasn't see another area that had so many studies. here's a list of them -- with no significant progress of advancing for an
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actual station but now after these decades of knowledge progress we find ourselves with momentum and there's studies in 2020 and 2021 and now this study in 2022 reasserting the importance of giving service to the bay view that was striped in 2005. this is the context, so let's talk what happened recently. at the may commission hearing in detail we had broad support for the work and the need to make good on promises to the bayview community. we also heard lots of concern and caution ensuring that benefits of the station go to current residents. we heard support for industrial and pdr jobs to provide living wages especially around cesar chavez area. and the most recent event held on a pleasant
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evening in june with 20 members present in the bay view. there were key stakeholders such as members of the shipyard cac and the bay view cac boths of have been active contributors to this process and sister agencies were is there and commissioner walton and planning president was there too. it was a good robust discussion even if no consensus was achieved but we didn't expect that. the strongest sentiment expressed was that we should return caltrain service to the neighborhood. we didn't hear a lot about the importance of the station for an opportunity for economic development both in terms of new access to jobs but also in terms of new jobs that could be provided during construction or for operations of caltrain. there was concern about environmental impacts that might be associated
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with construction and will be addressed in the next meetings. this feedback mirrored what we heard in the virtual settings but it was great to i have a real meeting with real life and not on video. the focus was on two of the three options. the third option williams got left out of the debail given the community opposition. there was a group interested in the evans discussion and closer to the community center and the shopping center on third and the las community college. there were promises to bring the station supporting businesses and residents found along oak dale and third street. president tanner specifically asked they share this little informal barometer.
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when asked through a saw poll three preferred each location and the planning commission added recommendations to the record but more lays ahead. we know there are critical steps to forward. the community provided important information that will guide the work. they asked for more detailed analysis of ridership and cost of construction so we do have preliminary information on those but commitments were made to continue that analysis and of course there will be a need to continue the robust engagement with the community. let's talk about the recommendations from the planning commission. they endorse the study and urge future decision makers and partners to take certain actions. first for the bay view recommendations. first and foremost the
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commission recommended advancing the station with all due haste to repair the long gap in service for the neighborhood of the they're familiar with the shortcomings that were in this part of the city. the commission saw the caltrain station as instrumental part of the improvements that can overcome that deficit. in order to ristore service of course funds are needed. the commission urged dedicated and sufficient funding to advance the work so it can be competitive for state and federal grants. consistent with public feedback the commission asked that caltrain and staff work on coordinating fares and service for residents and riders who seek to use transfers between the two systems. based upon the four factors listed here including community support, current and plan land uses, other transit connections and cost of construction the commission recommended the oak dale as a
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preferred lotion for the station. the study addressed the potrero dog patch neighborhood. we spent a lot of time including this presentation the bay view station and not surprising given the activity and the community concern and interest. nonetheless that station cannot be under stated for that station. the need to continue work is strong here too. we are advancing the work on the pennsylvania avenue extension and that work proceeds we're highway patrolful they can integrate this work. >> >> and supporting the current location and public low a location further to the north depending on engineering results to come. the reasons for supporting these two areas doesn't include cost. as the southern option here appears less costly. however there's less value providing a station
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where there is low ridership potential and the idea will give information about relocating or refurbishing the 22nd street station so what's next? at our hearing a commissioner asked about -- i'm sorry. wrong slide. there we go. what's next? one of the challenging aspects of this project and some of the history is determining who is leading the every time. there are a lot of agencies, acronyms and jurisdictions at play and to help clarify and connect the work with real people this slide recognizes that we reach have a role in order to get the project done and improve our transportation connections so that concludes the publishing of bolt the southeast rail station study and the summary of the
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planning commission's recommendations. i am available if you have any questions. >> thank you. director rogers. commissioner walton. >> thank you so much. just a quick question whether we look at the number of agencies that are playing a role for achieving this reality when is the decision going to be made in terms who is responsible for what and how will that process work? >> yeah, i think there's different responsibilities and so you know caltrain owns the land and the right-of-way, so they can't be say where the station is located but the board has power as the ta board and funding allocation and it is executive director discussed advancing some ideas in the fall to further the work here and put as
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andy said put a fine point on the study and resolve issues in advance of environmental review. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioner walton. commissioner melgar. >> thank you. just a follow up on commissioner walton's question because i am always frustrated by how long it takes to make these decisions, so you know in district 7 we created an ocean avenue task force because there are no less than 27 different plans and studies that have been done on pedestrian safety, on transit, on you know just on that little stretch between san jose avenue and juniper and nothing moves forward and nobody makes a decision and nobody takes the lead and it's ta. it's muni and i am wondering again to commissioner walton's question who
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initiates this? what is the next step? it's been 20 plus years so what is the process? . >> anyone want to try that? >> good morning commissioner. i am the principal planner at the san francisco transportation authority. we're wrapping up this phase quickly and will allow aside that to assign the roles and responsibilities that you have asked about in this case and who is responsibility for environmental? who is responsible for developing the funding plan? most importantly we don't have a funding plan for this station, advancing through design and construction so i think one of the lessons we've learned in other projects we need to do the work up front to assign the role and responsibilities and that's what we're proposing to do in the
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next phase of this work. >> thank you. >> all right. let's open this item to public comment. if there's anyone in the chamber that has public comment? i don't see anyone so let's see if there's anyone online. >> checking for public comment on item 9. hi caller your time begins now. >> good morning commissioners. [inaudible] san jose. i have a whole slide presentation in the packet. i only get two minutes so feel free to read it at your leisure and reach out if you have any questions. the main comment i have here and i will come back under general public comment on discovery recently is that 10 years ago i personally spent 18 months trying to save the oak dale station and i lost
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because the portal disappeared. the portal was [inaudible] and vacated so tpw could start building digesters on this side and i don't understand the recommendation from the planning department, but in closing my recommendation is first of all merge the [inaudible] quite frankly it's a disaster and marry the proposals into a seventh street station essentially between 16th and townsend. cesar chavez absolutely. not fixing the wrong place that put it too far north to close to the tunnel and
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williams it's actually the old [inaudible] station and nobody commented that muni already has a [inaudible] which means you can fully integrate the muni pieces at williams. it's the closest connection. it be part of muni in front of it but my closing comment here so the way i am proposing seven street known as portray i don't north --. >> . >> cesar chavez [inaudible]. >> i'm sorry caller your two minutes is up. >> thank you. >> thank you. hi caller. your two minutes begins now .
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>> hello my name is [inaudible] and a long time resident of the bayview community and i would like to show my support for the station to be at oak dale given the proximity to transportation lines and support the economic development of small mostly blacked own businesses on the corridor and also because this is a promise that has been given to the bayview community for many, many moons and it's about time that commission delivered on that promise and report to increase more activity in terms and work to the financial district as well as promote folks from out of town to work in the bay view and the surrounding area. thank you. >> thank you caller. hi caller. your two minutes begins now.
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>> thank you. i am a resident of bay rue and vice chair of the [inaudible] advisory committee. i wanted to support the bay view station at oak dale avenue. there's been a commitment to bring the station to bay view and makes no sense for the community. the evans is inequitable and on climate change sensitive land and on a dangerous street in bay view. it puts the station next to the junkyard and out of walking distance and according to the planning department it could cost twice as much to build the station in that location that doesn't work for the bayview community of the it's in the best interest of having the station within walking distance of homes and businesses and schools. the oak dale station has the greatest impact and residents to unleash job opportunities in the
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peninsula and downtown and can't access because of gas cost and transportation and i appreciate the leadership on this matter. thank you. >> thank you caller. there's no more virtual public comment. >> all right. public comment on item 9 is closed. thank you to our presenters and mr. clerk please call item 10. >> item 10 adopt revised classifications and salary structures. this is an action item. >> all right. colleagues i want to thank vice chair peskin and commissioner ronen for joining me last week at the personnel committee where we were briefed on the item before us. the committee recommended approval of the staff recommendations to add four job classifications and update salary ranges except for the executive director and the salaries were revised four years ago
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and this provides succession pathways to attract and retain high quality staff which is important in this competitive job market and rising job inflation. the action doesn't change the size from the 47 full time equivalent positions. staff will suggest that the result increase aggregate expenditure of approximately between 311,000 and 450,000 representing average increase in salary expenditures of approximately 5-7% which can be accommodated in the agency's budget. staff is not planning to present but we have the executive director of finance and administration here if anyone has questions and so are there any questions or comments? i'm not seeing anyone. okay. thank you colleagues. since
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this item was already heard by the personnel committee we don't need to take public comment on it nor require a motion or second to act. mr. clerk would you call the roll on item 10. >> commissioner chin. >> aye. >> commissioner dorsey. >> aye. >> chair mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner pence kin. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> commissioner safai. >> aye. >> commissioner stefani, excused. commissioner walton. >> aye. there are 10 ayes. item 10 is approved. >> thank you mr. clerk. thank you deputy director fong for all your work on this and i think we had hoped that director chang would be back in time and no, i am wondering
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deputy director lombardo if you're willing to give the executive director's report? >> thank you chair. i will do that. i will do an abbreviated report and the chief director and last meeting before the august recess and i want to echo the chair's welcome to elijah saunders our new clerk and thank you to angela while we did that and extend although she's not here today a we lated welcome to the assistant planning director for planning and worked in a consultant role and supporting the treasure island development authority mobility agency and before that in new york and before that had been in service planning at sfmta so familiar with the work she's stepping into. the executive director's report i should add is posted on the website and i will highlight a few of the entries to echo something the chair
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said we're are pleased that the state awarded $800 million statewide in transit grant and sfmta got one of the largest grants with the projects described by chair mandelman which we're funding with the prop k sales tax and deeply involved in oversight. on another exciting front for many that hope to have in hand soon in 2018 the met tan transportation commission had a incentive program and pot of $71 million that is deliveried up the top 15 bay area counties in measured in the greatest number of affordable housing units produced by transit and the date is a little slow so mtc released data through 2020 and san francisco so far has 2600 eligible units about 47% of the region's total so weaver expecting if
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the trend continues the city will receive a sizable anticipate of $71 million for transportation capital projects that the city gets to pick. mtc is also working on the major transportation involvement policy and a multi-year list of the largest capital projects and programs in the region that will have mtc a blessing. this is very significant in terms of competing for discretionary funds and mtc presented a preliminary endorsement table for discussion despite the status as a long priority for expansion and the downtown extension wasn't on the list and we're disappointed in that and see it as a downgrade to its status. we need that blessing from mtc and working very hard with the joint powers authority and those on the project
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to compete up to 2.5 billion dollars in funding and we're grateful for the commissioner and the public that testified at that committee with mtc and adjoicate with them and the mayor's office and others to elevate that extension when it approves the map program. moving to local issues. on the school access plan study i wanted everyone to know we completed the first round of outreach on the plan and focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged youth and outreach and focus groups in english, spanish and candidate candidate trying to. >> . >> cantonese and caregivers and the challenges identified threats to public safety while riding public transportation and coordinating transportation for children at multiple
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schools. we're working on developing draft strategies and in september we will call them in again in a session and online survey to come up with recommendations for that plan. there's more information on this and everything i am highlighting on the website. briefly on treasure island development authority we're continuing to outreach. >> >> and thank the supervisors that joined the staff at an in person town hall on the program and that same content is offered in a virttown hall this thursday at 5:30 p.m. and that information is available on our website. we are aiming to incorporate all the latest round of outreach into our policy and bring it back to the board for approval in 2023. on the san francisco transportation plan we have been doing outreach and gearing up for another round this summer. i wanted to highlight some of the
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top desired investments that have been bubbling to the top. in terms of transit service reliability and street safety are absolutely at the top in terms of policy priorities equity, affordability and accountability and project deliverability rise to the top and the last two i think you have a slide on this list and the geneva area we have been working on the feasibility study working to improve traffic circulation at the ramp intersection. our staff and consultant team worked with cal trans to adjust the signal times at the geneva north and southbound ramp intersections and streamline the movements and remove some of the hazards to pedestrians and we're appreciative caltrans is working on that and made the changes in may of this year. the overall study we're working on we're seeking to complete in the fall and bring it back to this body.
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lastly i want to highlight the alameda interchange and the multiuse path and finally starting construction and thank you to commissioner ronen for prioritizing some of the funds for this and provide a bike and ped path connecting the farmers market to san bruno with a new signalized crossing. thank you. that concludes the report. >> thank you deputy director lombardo. i don't see questions or comments from colleagues or in the chamber on public comment. let's see if there's comment online for the executive director's report. >> chair for public comment on item three and there's no public comment. >> all right. public comment on item three is closed. mr. clerk please call item 11. >> item 11 introduction of new items. this is an information item >> and i do not see anyone jumping in
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the queue and i am assuming that commissioner mar is not raising his hand and so mr. clerk please call item 12. >> item 12 public comment. >> if there's any general public comment in the chamber? i don't see any. let's check remote. >> checking for remote public comment on item 12. hi caller your two minutes begins now. >> hi there again commissioners. [inaudible] from san jose. my item today is the ta website. i have been highly support of that site. it's wonderful and i have actually recommend that multiple agencies in the bay area follow your example. now having said that there's always room for improvement. the first thing i would
10:39 pm
like to see is that the executive director's report be posted so i can review it later because all i have right now is the transcript on sf govtv. the second thing has got to do with ada compliance and i would like to bring to your attention that the access report that you just heard earlier is not ada compliant. i was able to read it on the screen but there were sections i couldn't read once i printed the report. the minimum font i think is 16 point. i believe it the intent. that report needs to be redone so people who are visually impaired can read it if they print it. the last thing i want to bring to your attention is very concerning. as i mentioned 10 years ago i spent 18 months ago
10:40 pm
trying to save the [inaudible] station and i tried to find the material on the new website and anything prior to 2015 has disappeared. i understand it takes a lot of time to make these materials ada compliant but you have to keep that institutional knowledge out there on the website whether it's ada compliant or not because we really when you hear about the systems taking 20 years we really have to go back and did what we did wrong and learn from new mistakes and thank you and happy recess. >> thank you caller. there is no more public comment. >> public comment on item 12 is closed. deputy director lombardo i believe that the executive director's report is posted on the website. okay. all right. so we
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think it's there. all right. thank you. well folks i think we've come to that time. mr. clerk could you please call item 13. >> item 13 adjournment. >> all right. we are adjourned. we will be back on september 13. have a good summer recess everybody. [gavel]
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>> happy pride. everyone. [applause] [crowd noise]. [music] >> amazing. incredible for the city. for the citizens. for our visitors and the fire department and our public safety partners to come together today and to celebrate pride weekend. >> i came because this is my first, year of pride and i wanted to experience with my
10:43 pm
mom. i'm most excited for everything i will see. celebrities just surrounded by so many fun people. my besties. we'll have a great time. >> >> i'm most excited about the expression of freedom and things which have to be this way well is no other way to do it. everybody is wrong and we should all be like the pride people and proud to be who we are >> we are here to celebrate pride >> san francisco pride. it is my first one experiencing the new atmosphere and learning. >> my first one, too. >> so close we could not pass it up. it is san francisco it is the biggest ones can you pass it up.
10:44 pm
[crowd noise] [music] [crowd noise] >> it means everything that we have a common goal a common operating picture and a common mission. it is great to be together and walk together and show that. [crowd noise] [sirens].
10:45 pm
the message is the lbgtq community is reflect in the our police department in san francisco. it sends a message that there are members of the department the police department, sheriff's department, fire department that are just like the people that we encounter in san francisco. and i think it sends a message of hope the more we honor the lbgtq community now, the stronger we can be in standing up against those that don't want our representation. [crowd noise] [music] >> [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish]. [crowd noise] [music] [music]
10:46 pm
[drums] [crowd noise] this is my first time at the san francisco pride even though i have been here a couple years, i felt like now was the time to go. um -- really just coming to show my support and love for the whole community out here. um, i'm really excited to be here today. >> i think i am most excited be such an arc mazing community
10:47 pm
come together. just the love and support i think that especially in san francisco, um, people bring together it is this such a deep feeling. and i'm excited feel that today. [crowd noise] [music] [music] [sirens] [music] [crowd noise] whoa!
10:48 pm
[music] [cars honking] [sirens] [music] [horns] we never been to
10:49 pm
a parade or something like that. >> i'm excited for the parade never been to an actual pride parade. pretty pumped. [crowd noise] [music] i'm excited celebrate with all of my queer people and to stand together in a hard time like we affirm each other and support each other. >> same, ditto. >> [laughter]. [music]
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[crowd noise]. you love who you want to love >> happy pride. >> happy pride! >> go san francisco! happy pride! happy pride. >> happy frigin pride, everybody. [music] [music] happy pride!
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of [laughter] [music]
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>> you're watching quick bite, the show that has san francisco. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> we're here at one of the many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street corridor which locals have affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights
10:53 pm
is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18 raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we
10:54 pm
wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife, supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. in 2008, sam started 18 reasons, which is our community and event space where we do five events a week all around the idea of bringling people closer to where the food comes from and closer to each other in that process. >> 18 reasons was started almost four years ago as an
10:55 pm
educational arm of their work. and we would have dinners and a few classes and we understood there what momentum that people wanted this type of engagement and education in a way that allowed for a more in-depth conversation. we grew and now we offer -- i think we had nine, we have a series where adults learned home cooking and we did a teacher training workshop where san francisco unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to
10:56 pm
meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from buy right where really everyone is treated very much like family. coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and bring people together. people come in in groups, meet friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit across from someone and start a conversation. we're excited about that. >> i never worked in catering or food service before. it's been really fun learning about where things are coming from, where things are served from. >> it is getting really popular. she's a wonderful teacher and i think it is a perfect match for us. it is not about home cooking. it's really about how to facilitate your ease in the kitchen so you can just cook. >> i have always loved eating food. for me, i love that it brings me into contact with so many
10:57 pm
wonderful people. ultimately all of my work that i do intersects at the place where food and community is. classes or cooking dinner for someone or writing about food. it always come down to empowering people and giving them a wonderful experience. empower their want to be around people and all the values and reasons the commitment, community and places, we're offering a whole spectrum of offerings and other really wide range of places to show that good food is not only for wealthy people and they are super committed to accessibility and to giving people a glimpse of the beauty that really is available to all of us that sometimes we forget in our day to day running around. >> we have such a philosophical mission around bringing people together around food. it's so natural for me to come here.
10:58 pm
>> we want them to walk away feeling like they have the tools to make change in their lives. whether that change is voting on an issue in a way that they will really confident about, or that change is how to understand why it is important to support our small farmers. each class has a different purpose, but what we hope is that when people leave here they understand how to achieve that goal and feel that they have the resources necessary to do that. >> are you inspired? maybe you want to learn how to have a patch in your backyard or cook better with fresh ingredients . or grab a quick bite with organic goodies. find out more about 18 reasons by going to 18 and learn about buy right market and creamery by going to buy right and don't forget to check out our blog for more info on many
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of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> so chocolaty. mm. ♪♪ >> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪♪
11:00 pm
>> good morning. i want to thank all of you for joining us i'm david which you the city attorney of san francisco we are here to announce 2 lawsuits fileed protect the patients of laguna honda and keep this institution open. my office filed a case on behalf of the city of san francisco, the reigning law group fileod behalf of the patients of laguna honda. for over 150 years willing lag provided critical skilled nursing and rehab service for our most vulnerable for seniors, fail