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tv   Port Commission  SFGTV  August 11, 2022 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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on public policy in terms of the policies and practices the district has been notorious about interms of inequities. all of those are just the beginning of what is possible in terms of growth and impact. ♪ [ music ] ♪♪
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>> 4118 pound. during each public comment period, our moderator will be instructed to add you to the key. if you are watching this meeting, on gov. tv, streaming, there is a short delay. listen only through your telephone which has no delay. and that brings us to item 8, public comment not listed on the agenda. >> thank you, carl. we will now take public comment on items not listed on the agenda. is there any public comment in the room? seeing none, corey will provide instructions now for remote participants. >> thank you, vice president brandon.
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at this time, we'll open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make a comment on items not listed on the agenda. please press star-3 if you wish to make public comment. the system will let you know, if the line is open. comments will be limited to three minutes per person, the queue is now open please dial star-3 if you wish to make public comment. and i'm opening the line right now. and then they stopped. so at this time, there are no members--hang on a second, they're back. okay, open the line now. >> hi there, i'm brian berk, i just wanted the council know that the alcatraz crew is going
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through unionization efforts with ibu. >> thank you. >> okay, and i would like to read our section letter to the council if time allows. >> okay. >> all right, great. this letter was addressed to michael berk, b pc oo of park services and concession and also assistance to general manager. contract within nps it also has created an llc that operates out of 133, so that is the
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background information. and the letter starts off, we are writing to request that you formally recognize our union. we're working with inland union of the pacific known as ibu. each day we provide quality services to the tours and residents of the greater san francisco bay area. not only do we transport people from all over the world to one of the most historic areas in the area. we clean the facility, we train new hires, we serve guest we transport fuel and waste and fresh water and we have done this during a change in ownership, during a pandemic,
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during fires and during rise in cost. we are union, we will work to create a work place that is collaborative and supportive. that create ability to our personal lives. lastly, we want to collaborate on proper training that will ultimately lead to higher standards and greater respects for our co-workers and our profession. this mediator will support our cards with the part-time workers and our following department.
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engineering, food and service, tram driver and services department. we ask that you accept or reject. >> thank you, brian your time is expired. thank you, your time if you want to send me the rest of the letter, i can include it. >> thank you for your call. >> madam chair, i'm not sure what the beef is. i mean how do we read this letter. there is a beef with the workers and somewhere on the port, and it's not clear to me exactly what the holdup is. how do we get this issue before us?
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it's kind of a rhetorical question. >> he's still on the line. >> commissioner burton, it's not on the agenda so we cannot discuss it. >> can we ask a question. >> would you like to open it up again? >> well i don't know, how do we get it to? i'm interested in the issue. we don't have to deal with it today. how do we get it on the agenda so we don't read in the paper that there might be a union strike. >> commissioner, i think they're trying to form a union with that operator.
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so madam chair, so so it's a property that is not recognizeder by the inland. they've always been a problem. >> they're totally non union. >> okay, so either, how do we proceed? >> i don't know offhand, i would like to understand better about what we do. >> so we can put that under new business for further discussion. >> agreed, that will be under new business. >> corey, any other callers on the line? >> at this time, there are no
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other members on the public on the phone--take that back, somebody just showed up, sorry. opening up the line now. >> hi, can you hear me okay? >> yes. >> my name is edmond i'm actually the northern california organizer for the union, the union that worker does alcatraz cruises working to join right now. just wanted clarify. right now, we just want to make sure that the commission knows that workers are trying to organize to get better commissions. we want to make sure that the commission knows what is going on. we're in the process of getting an nrb election and we're hoping that blower remains a respectful and lawful employer
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and works with us collaborative to get a contract and better working conditions. at this time, we want to make the commission aware of what is going on. we want the commission to know what is happening. thank you. >> thank you, very much it would be helpful. >> thank you. >> okay, at this time, there are no other members of the public on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> thank you, public comment is now closed. >> next item please. >> item 9-a is executive director's report. >> good afternoon, vice president, commissioners and port staff and members of the public. i'm michael sitting in for our executive director elaine forbeses and i'm here to
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deliver this report on her behalf. proud to welcome steven lee to the commission. he's been a passionate advocate for hospitality entrepreneurs including service on the california and culture association and the san francisco entertainment commission. and this experience and this focus will be greatly beneficial to the port and all of its business. so welcome commissioner lee. >> thank you. >> moving to economic recovery. port staff have worked hard to recover and grow our business. and today we're seeing more glimmer of hope as they celebrate, eat and enjoy all that we've got to offer. i'm excite today report out on
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our financial status and our innovative mild stones for the organization in september and october. and after much anticipation, we invite them back to our climate part of the economic prosperity and will continue to be today. it has a long history in our city, the vessel was built in san francisco by the shipping corporation in 1954. it was between 1850 and 19 38 there were 120 ferry boats in transportation. today the climate is just one of 5 of that number that can be accounted for. so we're happy that this treasure has been restored and will be available this month. it will be in the conference center and will be open to the public to enjoy. the bay area council continues to ready the site for the
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climate's arrival to once again contribute to the city and welcome more people to the water front in new and creative ways. turning to equity i want to highlight the san francisco youth. the summer interns have been hard at work learning what it takes to oversee the san francisco water front. our interns have been working on some very important projects. guide have guided our interns to create maps. review an updated database on on board property to ensure a current visual record. assist staff to review and assist needs. create a director with black latino and indigenous populations and many many more
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vital tasks. we wish our task. they're an inspiration to us all. everyone is a decision to serve a better generation. that presents a nice segway to our next section. resilience and will be integrated to all operations. director forbeses is looking forward to add updates to the report going forward. at this time, several mild stones have been achieved this year and port staff have reported out on many of them.
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and expansion of that study to much larger efforts. in june the work program earned recognition at the 2022 flood and postal excellence awards hosted in united kingdom. the water front resilience was strongly committed. we're proud to partner with the army corps of engineers to protect the water front and the city from flooding.
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highlighting defense of work in october. next i'll provide enhancement program of which we can see today. the project has created a new bike way to the fairy building to broadway. the update preserve and expand taxi zones in the water side of the embarcadero. the project i am praofpz two of
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the sections, at washington street, and add broadway. at a education plan which is critically important to encourage proper travel and traffic behaviors along the embarcadero as well as comprehensive update. newly installed signage directs all users into the bike way and in doing so limits to limit e scooters. next steps for the programs are the following. to use a new bike way and to be ambassador of appropriate use over the promenade.
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the evaluation will include changes using bike way versus prom nod and traffic compliance for all modes. and feedback from the commission. in closing, we want to thank you commissioners for your steadfast commitment. but before i close, i do want to say that director forbeses and all of port staff are happy to congratulate our president on a huge mild stone. was appointed in august 1997 making her the longest-serving commissioner. also the first african-american woman to serve in the port commission. director forbeses and i can
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spend the whole day talking what the port accomplished. together with port staff, our partners and stakeholders. but what director forbeses really want to highlight is how generous commissioner has been with her time and responsiveness to in particular. in fact, it was commissioner brand on of the southern advisory committee which was intended that the communities were engaged in development planning affecting their neighborhood and promoted equity and contracting. happy 25th anniversary. if you step down we would love to give you a token of our
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appreciation. >> thank you for your port. >> madam chair.
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>> yes, commissioner burton. >> yes, i was struck by something in that about the awareness program. >> nt a is informing the public as ambassadors along the embarcadero. >> what does that mean? >> i don't believe it's an education campaign at this point to see if behaviors can be modified. and as part of their report, they will talk about what further strategies may be pursued in the behavior is not moving in the direction they want to.
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what steps can be taken and sta discussion will happen at that time as well. >> nt a, has very little confidence all over, i have a lot more in the new person, but, i felt like you can do anything you want when they want, and not tell anybody. >> thank you, we will now take public comment. >> thank you, at this time we will open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to
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make public comment on executive director's report. please press star-3 if you wish to make public comment. others will wait on mute until their line is open. comments will be limit today 3 minutes per person. the queue is now open. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> this is support director, thank you. and i wanted to have an opportunity to comment on commissioner brandon's 25 years of serving the port. i was reflecting on her years while providing policy director
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and director encouragement and accountable of huge of water front which is a great transformation that she is overseeing. so we're ready for the future. and i think she was able to needed to start strong because she has seen literally thousands of agreements over 25 years and project planned and policy and contributed so much to guiding back to our best results. so i want to thank her for innovation and knowledge on what the port wanted to do. now who is commissioner brandon? she is completely dedicate today transparency and our
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organization travels with. and also very loyal to our partners. makes huge public comments. very wide ranging not just for the port but for many many public institutions, she has dedicated her time and she is an amazing public servant. she also mentors people including me, she has many people under her wing that she encourages to do their best and move forward and responsities. she has guided us through so many good and challenging waters and i thank her so much for her contribution and look forward to more years with commissioner brandon and her wisdom and expertise.
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thank you. >> thank you, and i feel better. >> at this time, there are no other members on the public on the phone wishing to pick public comment on the item. >> thank you, corey, public comment is now closed. president adams was unable to be here today. as one of the newer commissioner, i want to say your support for me has been phenomenal, a word that you like to use a lot and your diligence over your career over
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the port of really elevating, but the southeast front. you're one of the main reasons that that they have looked at obligation which previously in its pay day was industrial shipping and manufacturing. and to ensure that they have transparency and always, ensures that our partners are equity partners and our san francisco small businesses lead by individuals of color have a
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seat at the table and have access. i want to thank you, thank you very much. that you have and you parents are justly proud of you and what you've done. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> even though i'm a new bee, it's a pleasure sitting next to you. i've got four more years, congratulations. >> thank you so much, i really appreciate it. this is totally unexpected and i really appreciated, i felt so
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honored to serve with so many amazing people. thank you, thank you, thank you. go ahead commissioner. to revive and bring it back to the water front. we discussed prepandemic so how excited i am to see that happen. i want to thank leader pelosi for the 5 million for the resiliency fund. i know that we'll look at how we can reconfigure lanes.
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i do believe we, how a promenade is used, we still need to look for our procedures, for skates, skate boards and bicycles as we see tourist go back and somebody who patronizes it often, we're still having a lot of, competing uses on our promenade particularly on the weekend. >> new business. >> thank you, we'll add that to the list. >> commissioner lee. >> no, no comment. great report. >> thank you.
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>> commissioner burton, anything else to add. >> no comments. >> thank you, again, everyone, thank you so much. i don't know how but i actually forgot that it's 25 years this month. so i really want to thank you for acknowledging it and it's been a true experience over the last 25 years to see transportation of this beautiful water front and to work with so many wonderful people and the staff and, so commissioner lee welcome. >> thank you. >> we're so happy to have you here with us to serve with us and your hospitality will definitely help us. >> i'm here to help you guys. >> thank you, i look forward to
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receiving and reviewing, i think that's going to be a great addition to the water front. thank you so much for supporting our program. resilience is great to see that army corps has expanded their study and that is going to really help us with the future and it's great to have them as a partner.
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i want to thank them. i'm definitely looking forward to hearing their evaluation of restructuring and how that is going. and i agree that we still need to discuss the wield still competing so i do think we need to look at that. it's a promenade but also a sidewalk we need to figure it out, so we don't have any pedestrians on the embarcadero. thank you so much for your report, it was a great report. carl next item please. >> and number 10 is the consent
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calendar, adopting funding understate urgency to allow members of this body to continue to attend remotely for the next ten days. monthly rental rate schedule parking skaul rates and special event rates known as parameter rates. resolution 2241 and approval of proposed lease amendment with golden gate steam ship doing business as red and white fleet and 2022 to 2022, that's resolution 2241. >> i so moved. >> second. >> thank you, we have a motion and a second. we will take public comment is there any public comment in the room?
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>> thank you, vice president, at this time we'll open the queue for anyone on the phone who would like to make public comment on the consent calendar. please press star-3. the system will let you know when the line is open. others will be unmute. comments will be limited to three minutes per person. please press star-3 if you wish to make public comment. at this time, there are no members of the public wishing to make public comment. >> public comment is closed. we have a motion and a second. all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> any opposed? >> aye. >> the motion passes unanimously. resolution 2240, 2241 and 2242
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are adopted. carl, next item please. >> 11 a is information presentation to support access to capitol for local business enterprises loan as lves. >> good afternoon, i'm here to discuss the program. i'm joined today on the line have i at phone, kaidle shaw. and we are really delighted to have her and her wonderful team and her department engagement. thank you, you've been invaluable to this process.
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and it's fitting, this is an item that she helped sphere head and champion. during the pandemic, the port also took action with the short-term micro emergency loan and relief program. i believe,r director mentioned in a previous meeting all of that money has been funded and
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a majority has been issued as black and black owned businesses. t t.x. has the authority for the city to engage in banking relations. they manage 14 and recently negotiated on behalf of the entire city. i believe there are 5 financial institutions who the city is doing their banking with. to make sure that our money is
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being used and tra taoej i can values and other values that we have in the city. t t.x. will be the leading in the program. i'm delighted that they're engaging other city departments to understood to expand not just the port dollars but how we can do this on a city wide basis as well. you can see before you, there is a number of federal the state and the city county level. there are, if the city reinvolving loan program. there is all of these, there is a vas network of different programs that exist.
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is there an unmet need. as we move forward, i want today tell you the strategy of why we're doing it this way. first the port and conversation with owe and other stakeholders what we see in its grap. and these are valuable and wonderful. we heard that, i think they're nodding yes, that's what we heard in many small businesses. we didn't see what we call entry level products.
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so how are you managing the money. that's what we heard over and over from the small business community. we didn't see that program available. the other thing we saw, is banker needs to know you. they need to have a relationship with you. and we think that many programs like the financial institution, we use the loan program are wonderful program. le and that's where we thought, hey is there a way in which we can do something in which a policy level, they're lending their money not our money. and product and working with the bank. we think this business, having a program having cd fied program.
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finally we want to maximize our impact. how do we do this with our city and how do we use a very city department and having greater impact and that's where this partnership is really really valuable. so this is our concept. the concept, this would be for
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certified lbes who have a contract. it would be a 5, it would be a guarantee for the funds. we would have a million dollars and the money would be held by the financial institution. part of the reason that they will be is that they will be better in the interest rate when we structure it that way. they would be and one of the requirement is that we want to make sure that, returning it back and that's the idea that you need to repain, you need to be putting the money back so that you're getting ready to this volving the funds. you would have to maintain zero
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bals for 30 days. many of these items, they would ask are you in business, history, you can have a history of financial crime. we also need to know that you have funds to pay this back that is related to the service ratio. we think this is the right but not too own russ.
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you also have to have a continuing relationship with the port. that's part of the idea of the qualification but the small business is going to be working with the bank. ultimately we want to know is this making a difference. are you able to participate and are you hiring more people.
10:48 am
the port is excited as we're going to understand there is going to be things that we don't know about some of our criteria and relationships at the bank. that's part of the exciting things. i imagine that i'll be coming back to port commission or through written briefings to let you know, hey how are things going?
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and with that i look forward to the presentation. >> thank you, stephanie. let's open it up for public comment. is there any public comment in the room? please press star-3. the system will let you know when your line is open. others will wait on mute until their line is open. there is one person on the line. please open the line. >> okay, opening now.
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jie,z my name is francisco. small business in san francisco have suffered. and while the san francisco received millions of dollars from federal government, they did injustice to small businesses that mostly needed, now if you attend virtual meetings as i do and participating in the meetings with a small business, this is county of san francisco, they will tell you, that they don't
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get themselves involved in program such as has been presented by this presenter. and i have been attending the meetings for a long long time. in my opinion, as long as you have a person like duane jones working closely with the port, you are subject to it.
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and i know small businesses and even i would say, middle businesses meaning, who deserve up to 20 million dollars. those who have never been, i'm a straight shooter and you know that our or five management, from your exercise department, so all, pilot models, projects, affect something. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. costa.
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are there any other callers? >> at this time, there are no other members on the public wishing to make other comment on this item. >> thank you, corey. public comment is now closed. >> commissioner lee. >> yeah, this program, actually is really good timing, because, you know, with the ports you know backing, a lot of these banks will not give us known. we suffered a lot during the pandemic. there was a supply, cash flow is key. and sometimes, but you have to pay your employees. and you have to pay your employees first before you pay your invoices. and cash flow because of covid
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there was always an issue when getting the cash flow. so this 50,000 as a credit line, not only helps the business but also that business that does not have the credit, or the small backing to develop a credit. so that's why i really support and applaud this issue, because it really helps, especially right now. is this loan is going to come in handy and hopefully, they will be able to pay their credit and pay down and also buildup their credit and they will not need the port support, so i applaud this program and thank you so much for doing this.
10:55 am
you have my support on this one. >> thank you. >> thank you for this support, this is one of the last thing that commissioner hoa wanted us to do. i'm fully supportive, i would hope that we would give incentive for credit unions to be looked at beyond banking institutions. you have my full support, thank you. >> commissioner burton?
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>> thank you, thank you so much, i really want to commend you and katie. i know this time, several years ago, we had several meetings and i was like we have to do something. we're not going to survive the pandemic. we were focusing on alternates but those could not afford the lag time and uncertainty of what was going on. you should be so proud of yourself.
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so i just have a couple of questions. t t.x. and are they considering putting any money into this and how are they working to expand this program? i'm going to give you a long answer. we can use a cdfi, and as we were looking into, you know, you saw the strategic plan and the raegt, we talked about the bank. they're the only one that says we're going to have. this is a partnership but also
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a requirement that we do it this way. to identify what else may be interested. that is not something that we as a port would do alone. that's a way that t t.x. has been invaluable in thinking through. as for t t.x., that i don't know. and if you're on the line, you can jump with probably also. >> good afternoon, i'm really sorry, i'm not there on this beautiful day.
10:59 am
it's something that we've been hearing a lot about also, in the department and businesses that we work with. will they also do underwriting. mostly because we don't have in relation ship and the contracts that we have, don't have the and normally in traditional to the scope that we have. we did reach out to a lot of departments and we got i lot of responsible. that they would be interested in participating in the program after the four and after with the power are accomplished.
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we feel confident, in terms of the partners, we would be reaching out also are the credit union to the commissioners request and that is definitely part of our four, union list of bank that's we reach out as part of this, the san francisco federal bank. i want to support that part of the design that is not an obstacle for them. and the other thing that we would meet regularly to see and check to make sure that there is a, they're having some challenges and we're able to
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bring some coaching at a timely manner before they're in a situation that is in jeopardy. >> thank you, and so is it a component or do you do it in the sports or do you have 50 million for people to respond? >> go, go. >> the department but we've always spoken about the port itself. and benefit obviously is for the companies to see the potential progress.
11:02 am
>> also are we requesting that these institutions develop relationship with whoever qualifies under this program? within a service, say you automatically get you know, prequalify for a >> that would be within the bank the factors on what they would want to do.
11:03 am
it's so that they can perform so they added to the scope, the component specifically. also stipulating that we'll have the financial office with the bank to check in and we'll see how that progress is. to see that opportunity for the work bank. recognizing that need and hoping that they show the case and inspires or really pushes us to create products that meet the needs. >> thank you, and i like the impact requirements that you put in place.
11:04 am
i think that is great and will give us a lot of information on the success of the program. i really want to congratulate you and thank you for the partnership. sounds encouraging, thank you. >> commissioner gilman. >> i have two follow-up conversations. that you're issuing this rfp on our behalf. i was looking from a scoring criteria, that other unions sort of when an lbe applies, credit union are similar versus institutions that they should have some weighted benefit to applying to this fund. does not mean that you have to take my comment and execute it
11:05 am
but i wanted to be clear on my comment, i understand thank you. >> any other comments or questions? thank you, both, we really appreciate that presentation. and good luck. >> thank you. >> off-shore, for remediation project.
11:06 am
>> good afternoon, commissioner and welcome commissioner lee. my name is catherine, i work in the planning division. as detailed in the staff report. >> can you get a little closer to the microphone. thank you. as detailed in the report provided, we provided a information in march of 2019 and an undate in october 2020 on the peer 39 sediment remediation project which is being performed by pacific gas and electric with support from port. i'm pleased to provide port commission and the public status report and the work that pg&e continues to perform in compliance with the requirement
11:07 am
from the san francisco water quality control board. sd detail on courtation and stakeholder engagement currently under way. what we call from the early 1900s to approximately 19 31. this was sold in the 50s, demolished and then in 63 a hotel was constructed in this block.
11:08 am
past forward, identified what are called air pahs in sediment in the peer 39 east and west basins related to the historic manufactured gas plant. in 2017, the water board ordered pg&e as a responsible party in the sediment and the port is the property owner to further investigate these off-shore sediments.
11:09 am
as zone on this group, pg&e have respond today water board orders since the approximately 2014, completing over 5 years of remedial investigation work, followed by the submittal of a draft feasibility study remedial action plan in october of 2020. the lead agency, the water board completed ceqa study for the clean up plan. and finally, the water board adopted what what is
11:10 am
declaration in february of 2022 and issued a order to pg&e and the port detailing the site clean up requirement. and the environmental finding in the ceqa document. pg&e with the port, peer 39 and while in october of 2021, and again just this past may 2022. can discuss the plan in september 2021 meeting october and december meetings.
11:11 am
i want to point out that as a result of stakeholder feedback on concerns about and impacts from proposal to rehandle dredge materials down at the property. pg&e withdrew the so that portion of work is no longer part of our project. it's no longer part of the project that we're talking about today. now pursuing setting up their construction staging and handling operation.
11:12 am
requires plans and sediments gas plan operation located beneath the bay floor in the off-shore areas shown on this map from peer 39 to peer 43 and a half. the sediment pose potential hazards to fish and other marine organisms and bay ecology. the sediments did not pose hazards to humans.
11:13 am
sxwh institutional controls as shown on this issue, remediation will be performed in 5 areas less i go natured area 5, 2, and 3, based on the 2020 estimate, the total estimated cost for bgne to implement this plan was 211 million. pg&e will begin construction in 2023 complete construction by area over a 5-year period ending in 2027. pg&e mobilize spring of each year followed by construction activity from june to november during what are called end water regulatory work windows. work is assumed to take place
11:14 am
monday, through saturday during daytime hours. foltd by the end water construction work which will include demolition, contaminated sediments, installing clean and rock material and then site restoration. as construction equipment will be water side, the project does not anticipate impacting land site traffic, parking, public and pedestrian access to peer 39 or the visitor experience along the water front during the busy water seasons of each year construction will take place. monitoring and reporting
11:15 am
program that is required under the order. construction contractors including those listed on the slide. third party field inspectors will be used to observe and document field operation and ensure compliance with the monitoring plans including those protecting the community health. as shown here, the pg&e in collaboration are performing a number of critical coordination task to support remediation of area a and b. pg&e work on the project has undergone extensive review by the water board state and other
11:16 am
federal agencies. including core of engineer and b.c. dc and other agencies. these permits will require pg&e to make measures and compensate for disturbance. based on design document, 60% has undergone expensive review by port staff and technical consultants beinger would the port.
11:17 am
we anticipate pge applying for a permit for the area a and b remediation later this year. in addition, sport staff associated with additional have been reimbursed to support. later this year, sport staff will work with pg&e and a reimbursement agreement tied to the remediation project.
11:18 am
preconviction who will be impacted during construction. followed by 339 next month and will include the topics listed here. included in these working group meetings are port real estate, and engineering staff who are focused on insurance that construction minimizing impacts to tenant operation and community uses in the project areas.
11:19 am
due to contamination. and finally, i want to note that issuance indicates that the proposed remedial action is proposed.
11:20 am
once completed, remediation will achieve clean up and will not interfere with maritime. this concludes my presentation and i'm happy to answer any questions or make clarifications. any other comments. >> at this time we'll open lines for public comment.
11:21 am
line is open now. >> speaker: environmental justice advocacy. this matter and this presentation to all san franciscans. you know that the public trust
11:22 am
land, is unique because it involves the participation of the community. i'll repeat, [indiscernible] has not been done. a lot that begin has got
11:23 am
they're talking about has been marked. and one of her children was adversely impacted.
11:24 am
you have one commissioner sitting over there that knows that the regional water, the regional walker knowns >> thank you mr. decosta, are there any other callers? >> at this time, there are no other members of the public on the phone wishing to make public comment on this item. >> public comment is closed. >> commissioner gilman. >> i want to thank you for your report. this is still very critical issues. i actually want to commend you
11:25 am
on the out reach particularly with the impacted businesses for 39. i have no questions, thank you. >> thank you, commissioner lee. >> i do have a question. i know there is possible relocation.
11:26 am
under the meetings, they're going to evaluation beginning with red and white area, what kind of temporary relocation is available to minimize impact within the area so their business would continue. any cost reimbursement will be subject to negotiated cost agreements between pgn in the port and the tenants that currently in the process. the tenants are retaining consultant to see work with them on temporary relocation options, and on the cost of that relocationer or loss of business.
11:27 am
the schedule for the work is shown in this schedule here. you start construction in water construction dredging june first is the earliest you can begin. so it could be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks as they proceed with their dredging in area, a, b, c, e. dredging piece of it is a couple of months within the work because they have to demo dredge and put down clean rock and be out of there by november 30th.
11:28 am
so now pg&e will figure out the cost as part of their as part of the cost agreement. >> the cost agreement between the tenants and legal council and pg&e are working towards those components. >> that's important because it's good revenue. covid, we're still recovering so i don't want anymore issues. >> our maritime and staff are participating in the working group are so all of this is
11:29 am
critical part work to get them into a construction mode next may. >> okay, thank you. >> out of curiosity, where is the hotel? >> so on this map, so on this map, the hotel is not on port property, it's between mason beach. >> which hotel is it do you know? >> you know, i don't know. >> it changed names, it's not the ar go naught, that's further down. it changed names a few times. i can follow-up and give you
11:30 am
that. >> thank you again for your presentation. i think most of my questions were answered. it sounds like a very complex project and i'm glad that we are work withing our tenants and advisory committee and work withing everyone involved to make sure it does not have a lot of impact. it sounds like the planning process has been long enough to be able to find great solutions to upcoming problems. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> that would be item 13 new business. >> commissioners do we have new business? >> i've recorded one is receive between horn blower election and see if there is further
11:31 am
action at a future commission meeting. second was request as fmta comes back to also bring back discussion and recommendations of potential action this commission can take with your authority to further deconflict the promenade. is there any other new business? i'm curious if we can discuss how to do more publicity in general public. programs that may be available. i don't know if we such a department, you know. that web maybe beef up a little bit. i know a lot of people out there don't know what is available ob the port. i'm wondering if that can be in the future. >> would you like the
11:32 am
information on leasing opportunities? >> leasing, space available, i mean, you know, anything, the loan program so it sounds more of how we're out reaching about our different leasing opportunities and other programs that we offer. i'm wondering if we can speak about it. >> we can see what can be useful. >> great. >> go ahead. >> i was hoping possibly this year, if the schedule allows
11:33 am
origining of q1 of next year, i would like us to revisit our signage and weigh finding. many of our signs have been vandalized and pointing to our neighborhoods border rest. sorbet view, china down, i would like to way finding and signage. and i think that goes to commissioner lee is saying too, i went and bought 8 pounds of it. but i need to say, i had a very hard time with all the direction and commissioner and using gps to see where i was going to find my fish.
11:34 am
so maybe also, tying to what commissioner said, what our strategy really is beyond just pointing to the website or to instagram which is i love. celebrating what you're doing. >> sounds good. >> any other new business? if not, can i have a motion to adjourn. >> i make a motion that we adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> any opposed? the meeting is adjourned at 4:50 p.m. >> madam chair. >> yes. >> what the benefits of those lights that are blinding me? >> for the camera.
11:35 am
>> you're watching san francisco rising with chris manners. today's special guest is katy tang. [♪♪♪] >> hi. i'm chris manners, and you're watching san francisco rising, the show that's focused on rebuilding, reimagining, and revitalizing our city.
11:36 am
with us today is katy tang, and she's talk to -- talking to us about assistance and services provided to local businesses. can we talk about the role of the office of small business? many small businesses are struggling to help. how can you help? >> director tang: we are here as the city's central point of information for all things small businesses, so we can help people start, stay, and grow in the city. if you want to start a small business, we can pair you up with small business advisors, who can talk you through your business plan, help you develop it, whether it's regulatory requirements, business permits, and just help you understand the journey that was up ahead. and if you'd like to stay in san francisco and perhaps your business is facing challenges, we can also pair you with a
11:37 am
business advisor who can assess your business needs and figure out whatside that would best help you. so for example, perhaps you need more marketing assistance or you need to be connected to a loan, a low interest loan or a grant program, if that's available. those are services we can provide to you, whether you're starting out or trying to stay in san francisco. and of course, if you want to expand and grow into a new space, we can help assist you with that and help prepare you for the journey ahead. we have a team dedicated to assist you you with all the small business needs, all the requirements needed to help you establish your small business in san francisco. >> do you have an e.s.l. program for people who want to start small businesses? >> director tang: we have staff
11:38 am
that can speak spanish and mandarin and cantonese, and we understand if english is not your first language, it can be difficult, so we want to be as helpful as possible. >> excellent. i know that s.f. shines was created to help with restoring and improvement. can you tell us more about that? >> yes. it's run out of a sister development and it's much needed in the small business community. if you are trying to improve your storefront, whether it's outside, perhaps you want to make some interior improvements, a lot of times, that involves a lot of cost and resources to be able to do so. for example, you may need to hire an architect to submit drawings so you can get your work done.
11:39 am
currently, s.f. shines is offer a pairing of business sign services. you can be paired up with an architect to get your drawings done to help you start to do the actual work. we hope that people will stay tuned, and you can find out more information on our website. that's >> let's talk about the shared spaces program. it's been a huge success, and outdoor dining spaces are very popular. >> the shared spaces program, especially during the pandemic, really helped spaces survive. to have an outdoor space where
11:40 am
people could safely gather was critical, and the office of small business has been working with these shared spaces during the pandemic. some may or may not have been up to the city's code regulations, so department of public works and other departments have been trying to figure out what violations are and help businesses come into compliance. the planning department and the city have decided that they'll give businesses until 2023 to come into compliance. also in the meantime, for businesses that want to start new shared spaces, new parklets, that is still an on going program, a new program, so people can always submit their applications for shared
11:41 am
spaces regardless whether they started one during the pandemic or not. >> do you anticipate there being other shared spaces programs in the future and how do small businesses go about finding out about them? >> small businesses can find out about it by visiting our website, sfgov/osb or you can call 415-554-6134, and we can connect you with the planning department and other agencies that would be connected with the shared spaces programs. >> over the pandemic, businesses have been victimized by vandals and other crimes. how can you help them? >> the city offers a program called the vandalism relief fund, and this would allow
11:42 am
businesses suffering from graffiti or broken windows to apply with the city through our neighborhood services division, and you could get up to 1,000 or 2,000 if you submit certain documentation, such as a photograph of the damage or a copy of the receipt or document showing the amount you paid for to correct the incident. we are so excited that the city now has a centralized permit center, where people can come and get their business done, hopefully, in the same day where there are several different agencies, ranging from department of building inspection, planning department, public health, fire department, all here to help people, whether you're building a new business or even new construction, to be able to, again, fit all of your
11:43 am
appointments in one day and get things done quickly. so starting in may, our office of small business has actually started working out of 49 south van ness at the permit center, and we have a team of two staff who are dedicated to helping small businesses through their permitting journey. so we do encourage people, you can come to the permit center or you can e-mail us at, and you can communicate with our staff dedicated to helping you with your permitting needs. we hope that people will consider consulting with us before you even sign a lease so that we can help you on the path to success and understanding the journey of setting up a small business in san francisco. >> well, thank you so much. i really appreciate you coming on the show, miss tang. thank you for the time you've
11:44 am
given us today. >> director tang: thanks for having me. >> and that's it for this show. we'll be back shortly. you've been watching san francisco rising. for sfgovtv, i'm chris manners. thanks for watching.
11:45 am
>> today's special guest michelle ginsberg. >> i'm chris and you are watching san francisco riegz the show that focused on reguilding and reimagining our city our guest is the general manager of the san francisco rec and parks,
11:46 am
with us to talk about new parks, music and other developments. mr. ginsberg, welcome. >> thank you a pleasure to be here >> nice to see you again. >> last time was during the pandemic and virtual. so it is good to be back here. >> indeed. before we get in specifics, let's start with a broad question, how can will park's system play a part in the economic recovery? >> well, our parks system playing an important role throughout the pandemic. parks were here when people in san francisco needed them the most. a place where people could gather and could care for mentality health and fizz cat health and have a sense of community and a sense of place during a really weird time. and now that things are reopening and figure out how to recover, parks are going to
11:47 am
continue to play a significant role >> people are out and having a good time. there are special events happening in parks. concerts and the weather is good. the best way parks play a role in our economic recovery is to motivate -- people to come to our city from other places and to motivate our residents to get out and enjoy themselves >> exciting to her we opened a new park and there is another. what is special about the 2 new projects? >> sure. san francisco is going through, i think, a park renaissance. we opened the francisco park, which is just magnificent property that sits on top of an old reservoir dating back to the gold rush and has tremendous views of the golden gate bridge and bay and a place where you can bring kids. a cool play ground to bring dogs
11:48 am
an amazing dog park. a meadow to watch the fireworks. fog willing. fleet week, community gardens, it is just such an incredible unique space. we are proud of it. >> and then right down the road in a few years, we will be pleased to welcome everybody to india basin in the bay view in the southeast part along the southern water front. 1.7 miles of waterfront that until recently has been under utilized and under fulfill in the a community this needs it the most. india basin is really a feel moment for the bay view and southeastern part of san francisco. it is going to be san francisco's next great and one of the most important parks >> that's fantastic.
11:49 am
now, we have a great history of having conference in parks. can you touch on the year's highlights? >> upcoming and on going. this is something i'm particularly excited about. i don't think there is ever have been more music in san francisco parks than there is right now >> so, let's go around the city and talk about music. stern grove, is in the 85th concert season. back after the pandemic. in this just fabulously treasured meadow. free concerts all summer long. in golden gate park, at the man shell not guilty music concourse free concerts 4 days a week. wednesday, friday, saturday and sundays. we have sing are song writer wednesday. jazz and seoul on friday. communities performances on saturdays of different kindses and sundays reggae it is
11:50 am
extraordinary. and of course, later this summer we are pleased to welcome back outside lands for an exciting 3 days and 3 nights of incredible concerts and food and community. as we go across the city, we got wonderful performances in the jerry theatre in mc clarnin park a special jerry day coming back to the theatre. on june 21st we had make music day appearing all over the city in park in civic center. on the marina green. again in golden gate park. it has been a great time for music and ties into the recovery and the tremendous energy where we are feeling and -- you know anybody who says san francisco is struggling needs to hang out in the park system. where well is joy and beaut and
11:51 am
he inspiration every day. >> so, the san francisco board of supervisors passed legislation to make jfk drive in will golden gate park car free. how have residents responds. >> the san francisco residents responds positive. families. bicyclists, joggers, people with dogs and people from every corner of san francisco have discovered that jfk promenade is a treasure. it enhances the parks so much. imagine a beautiful day in the park and weather on foot or on bike you are strolling down jfk, you pass sixth avenue and head to the music concourse for a concert or the museum; it is joyous and made golden gate park sproord. i have been hering about disk
11:52 am
golf and pickle ball. can you tell us about and where people can practice and play. >> i knew you were going. pickle ball the fastest growing sports. you know across between 10 and is ping pong and may be with a whiffle ball. ping pong on a life sized course it is easy to learn about skill based people who are good are irrelevant good and it is easy to play. it is fun and accessible. we are trying to accommodate sport. we have over 55 courts around san francisco. 11 dedicated just for pickle balt others per pickle ball and tennis. we have 5 or 10 space you can play pickle ball indoors and keeping up with the tremendous popularity of the sport. disk golf has a loyal following
11:53 am
it is also going to continue to growch we opened our first disk golf course in golden gate park in 2005. and you know, whether you are an expert at disk golf or beginner, the idea of chucking a frisbee through the beautiful park and. it does not matter what you score t. is just a good excuse to be outside and enjoy a beautiful day in nature. >> exactly. well, thank you. i really appreciate you coming on the show, thank you for the time you have given us tuesday. >> thank you, i hope everybody enjoys summer. get out and play in san francisco's parks. >> thanks again. that's it for this episode we will back with another shortly you have been watching san francisco rising i'm chris manners, thanks for
11:54 am
the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services and increase investments in the neighborhood. as city and community-based partners, we work daily to make these changes a reality. we invite you to the tenderloin history, inclusivity make this neighborhood special. >> we're all citizens of san francisco and we deserve food, water, shelter, all of those things that any system would. >> what i find the most fulfilling about being in the tenderloin is that it's really basically a big family here and i love working and living here.
11:55 am
>> [speaking foreign language] >> my hopes and dreams for the tenderloin are what any other community organizer would want for their community, safe, clean streets for everyone and good operating conditions for small businesses. >> everything in the tenderloin is very good. the food is very good. if you go to any restaurant in san francisco, you will feel like oh, wow, the food is great. the people are nice. >> it is a place where it embraces all walks of life and different cultures. so this is the soul of the tenderloin. it's really welcoming.
11:56 am
the. >> the tenderloin is so full of color and so full of people. so with all of us being together and making it feel very safe is challenging, but we are working on it and we are getting there.
11:57 am
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>> good morning. i want to thank all of you for joining us i'm david which you the city attorney of san francisco we are here to announce 2 lawsuits fileed protect the patients of laguna honda and keep this institution open. my office filed a case on behalf of the city of san francisco, the reigning law group fileod behalf of the patients of laguna honda. fove