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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 17, 2022 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> hole to everybody i'm the executive director of the office community investment and infrastructure, oci. i want to welcome to the grounds breaking of the mission bay, bayfront park. [applause]. >> you seat park sit in intersection of person open space transit and development project in mission bay. 5 and a half acres will largest mission bay park in the 40 acre mission park system. future ferry service. fantastic chase arena where the warriors play and tell be a contribution to the 350 mile bay -- san francisco bay trail system. >> this park once complete will be a huge benefit for the 6
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thonned houses in mission bay and the bay area residents who will criminal the city's other new parkses bay front will be an amenity for those who visit. i want to thank the mayor for her leadership in developing parks throughout the city and supervisor dorsey for district 6 and our commissioners oci commission. wee have commissioner gustos in the audience and charles whitaker and e lane forbes from the port and the port staff this will be their park and we look forward to turning it over to you in a year. >> i like to invite our great mayor to speak. mayor london breed. >> thank you. you know it is hard to believe that this entire area of mission
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bay just over 25 years ago was a place that was under utilized railway. and this was a place that most people never visited. so to see it come arc live and i started on the former redevelopment agency commission ocii for 5 years. remember when the buildings and the conversation around ucsf and the things happening here, i thought to myself, how are they get being that done? well, we look at mission bay today and -- it is truly a jewel of san francisco. over sick thousand new homes have been created. over 25 acres of park space. new restaurants, new small businesses even i come for the market which i love. one of my favorite markets in san francisco. but there is also people who work and biotech.
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they are ucsf, we all know has been extraordinary lead and helped us get through a difficult global pandemic. and last but not least i will say how excited i am to have the national championship team the warriors right here at chase arena playing -- on a regular basis but the concerts issue events and activities. this is such an extraordinary place and now with this new park this bay trail park, tell be more beautiful to watch when we play in the final games and other things the arial views of san francisco. and people will continuing is more beautiful than they remember. the past year. already, weave have the docks the parking and other areas the bay trails and the bike trails. so many great things but i
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already know upon that this is going to be a destination. get ready e lane forbes, because people are not going to want to watch the games at the thrive center they want to come here and watch a number of games played bite warriors. some of the soccer games and other activities this will now be a place to be as it relates to getting together on the great lawn for sports and activities. we are luck tow see this community finely come arc live. i wanted to thank so many people for making so the developers, thank you for your work and leadership on developing this mission bay. and we want to thank the port. and ocii and so many folks including especially the warriors for really putting mission bay on the map like never before. we know that curing diseases and the important work ucsf does is
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truly remarkable but there is nothing that puts a smile on your face more than watching a game here at chase arena or any place in san francisco. the spirit of san francisco exists. because of the warriors and because of the life that mission bay is bring to san francisco like never before. i'm excited be here with all of you to break grounds. and to get this park done. on time and under budget. finger's crossed. >> thank you. [applause] >> thanks i'm matt dorse i'm the prierz for district 6. and you know like mayor breed i will tell you, it hen a joy to watch mission bay come arc live. 22 years ago i worked on berry
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street during the. comera i remember this space, it was under utilized. a year when they were building the ballpark and to watch this remarkable neighborhood come to life, i remember i think this was an idea that started as far as the jordan administration with ucsf it was envisioned as a place this was fwk to be an initial leader in limp sciences and biotech and health care and we are seeing that come to life and seeing the density that fulfills the promise of progressive urbannism. and an important part is open space and high quality public realm this park represents. so, it is just an honor to be able to represent that this and to be a part of this. i am coming up on my third month
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anniversary as a member of the board of supervisors, this is my third grounds breaking i was at one last week. last week a graduation at one treasure i lands for young people who were trained got 17 certifications in construction trades and were going to work. we handed out certificates for them. and i was saying how important it is that the job that you have to do is not just it is a great job and contrary and provide for your family but it it is a way to shape the future of our city and right wrongs of zoning and things that happened in housing. this is meaningful. the work that they are doing is changing the world and making our city better. i told them a bit about what to expect. i wanted educate them and do my part. i said the beginning of projects you will have a ground break. there will be politicians who show up and for no reason they
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will put hard hatos there is zero chance of them getting hit in the head they will pick up a shovel and shovel one shovel of dirt and get the press and leave and you will do all the work. i said go with it. because those politicians other people i need to work with to make sure we get the projects approved. i will go to the mat to fight for the projects like this open space and that housing and the kindses of work we need do to improve our city and fulfill the promise of our ambitious housing goals it is an honest torto be here and a part of that. and i would that i would like to -- thank partners the port of san francisco. mission bay development brew. bay confirmation will ocii and everybody the members of the communities and -- one i say, among my favorite constituents i
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am so proud to represent the world champion your world champion golden state warriors and happy to introduce brandson schneider. thank you. [applause]. >> cutting the cord with the celtics. i love that. hello, everyone. and thank you all. especially mayor breed. supervisor dorse and he the team at ocii for your leadership and partnership o this exciting project. i wanted acknowledge we had titan in our sport's world pass away. so first bill russell. who we know speak of the boston celtics 11 time champion with the celtics. but perhaps more important low is civil right's pioneer. we know him as a basketball player, his contributions off the court exceeded what hoe did on the court. the other one, yesterday was
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vince skill. we are all giant's fans he was a dodger. 87 years as the voice of the dodgers but an incredible man and pinormal in our sport. i wanted to acknowledge those before i started. >> what an incredible day it is to be here with you all. to celebrate the grounds breaking for the bayfront park. as we go back i'm looking arc lots of you involved throughout the process, the vision in bringing the warriors here in chase center in san francisco. what we talk about, the park was always a huge part. i hear peter in my head talking about every detail of what this park was going to be and how it would compliment when we were doing across the street. talked going from a basketball team and sport and entertainment company the basketball team was the center piece we celebrate our fourth championship in 8 years. we are proud of.
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yes. we think about our expansion and building a communities gathering place. so you heard a bit from the mayor and supervisor of what this is. inside chase you have warrior's games wee hosted the ncaa tournament in march fer the quest regionals the world finals coming up. concerts. family eventses that in the chase centers then outside, we got 3.2 acres of open space and in the last week we hosted fitness classes. concerts the live at thrive city series we the have movie nights we will add more restaurants and retailers for everybody to enjoy. and the park the site now, will be complementary to all of that. we are so we look forward to partnering with the city and communities organizations to have the right programming, to have something for everybody
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this is what this about. diverse. we talked before we started a diverse wave of event its is crazy to here but not everybody is a warrior's fan we want something for everybody that hen the goal. the park helps bring that together for all of us. >> we are so thankful for the partnership with ociiu mission bay develop employment mayor breed. supervisor dorsey, mayor's office and the port and mission bay community. and surface design, designs the park that we will see here. thank you to everybody, we can't wait to be standing here a year from now. as we cut the ribbon on this incredible park. with that, i would like to welcome speak of the mission bay neighborhoods our neighbor and my new friends a member of the mission bay cac that is sarah davis. >> thanks for coming out and having this day with us. what you are seeing here is
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years and years of people think burglar mission bay. when i grew upon here we moved here when i was 7 the house boat upon community abandoned train yards with jack rabbits and a group partnered with all city friends, some are in this room, to envisionmation bay and sat at tables with building blocks about what ideas the whole community would have. and what it needed to be an addition to the city. you know when i was a little girl, the mission rock would rent row boats row from mission rock to the ferry building and fishermachine's wharf, tic toc was down the way. everybody friday night you see along this strip, city workers gathering with their friends drinking beer and fishing along this water front.
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this area's had a history of people gathering and having a good time. i think for the people in the community when we saw this all this mission bay come in fruition, we were not sure like how it was going to affect us. and when chachs center moved in and the ballpark moved in, it welcomed people to this neighborhood. and i think that the challenge now is that san francisco come down here and take the bayfront park and make it a san francisco park and recreate the tradition this is we had in the past. it has been a pleasure to be here and i wanted acknowledge that we stands on the shoulder of great people and acknowledge woods from the mission creek harbor who yea, there is not a city family that she did not touch. and i wanted to acknowledge her today because she would be proud of this. >> also you may want to explain
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what you mean by tic toc not. >> okay. so -- tic toc burger was on the corner and weate there all the time. waitresses give my family christmas presents. and it was funny when than i upon went away it was only when spashs came in and chase center came in i saw our community gathering in the same way it had. >> [applause]. >> thank you, sailor's. i want to thank the mission bay cac and their work. the early residents of the community had a lot of input to where this community was designed, parks and buildings. now there are new residents we want to thank them. i think i want to thank everyone we will head over to dot actual dig. everyone make their way over here. 4, 3, 2, 1... there we go.
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that's all we are doing. [laughter]. [applause] [music] learned and it across the city. [♪♪] the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers, and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin emergency
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initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services, and increase investments in the neighborhood. >> the department of homelessness and supportive housing is responsible for providing resources to people living on the streets. we can do assessments on the streets to see what people are eligible for as far as permanent housing. we also link people with shelter that's available. it could be congregate shelter, the navigation center, the homeless outreach team links those people with those resources and the tenderloin needs that more than anywhere else in the city. >> they're staffing a variety of our street teams, our street crisis response team, our street overdose response team, and our newly launched wellness response team. we have received feedback from community members, from residents, community organizations that we need an extra level and an extra level of impact and more impactful care to serve this community's needs and that's what the fire
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department and the community's paramedics are bringing today to this issue. >> the staff at san francisco community health center has really taken up the initiative of providing a community-based outreach for the neighborhood. so we're out there at this point monday through saturday letting residents know this is a service they can access really just describing the service, you know, the shower, the laundry, the food, all the different resources and referrals that can be made and really just providing the neighborhood with a face, this is something that we've seen work and something you can trust. >> together, city and community-based teams work daily to connect people to services, >> you're watching san francisco rising with chris manners. today's special guest is katy
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tang. [♪♪♪] >> hi. i'm chris manners, and you're watching san francisco rising, the show that's focused on rebuilding, reimagining, and revitalizing our city. with us today is katy tang, and she's talk to -- talking to us about assistance and services provided to local businesses. can we talk about the role of the office of small business? many small businesses are struggling to help. how can you help? >> director tang: we are here as the city's central point of information for all things small businesses, so we can help people start, stay, and grow in the city. if you want to start a small business, we can pair you up with small business advisors, who can talk you through your
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business plan, help you develop it, whether it's regulatory requirements, business permits, and just help you understand the journey that was up ahead. and if you'd like to stay in san francisco and perhaps your business is facing challenges, we can also pair you with a business advisor who can assess your business needs and figure out whatside that would best help you. so for example, perhaps you need more marketing assistance or you need to be connected to a loan, a low interest loan or a grant program, if that's available. those are services we can provide to you, whether you're starting out or trying to stay in san francisco. and of course, if you want to expand and grow into a new space, we can help assist you with that and help prepare you for the journey ahead. we have a team dedicated to assist you you with all the small business needs, all the
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requirements needed to help you establish your small business in san francisco. >> do you have an e.s.l. program for people who want to start small businesses? >> director tang: we have staff that can speak spanish and mandarin and cantonese, and we understand if english is not your first language, it can be difficult, so we want to be as helpful as possible. >> excellent. i know that s.f. shines was created to help with restoring and improvement. can you tell us more about that? >> yes. it's run out of a sister development and it's much needed in the small business community. if you are trying to improve your storefront, whether it's outside, perhaps you want to
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make some interior improvements, a lot of times, that involves a lot of cost and resources to be able to do so. for example, you may need to hire an architect to submit drawings so you can get your work done. currently, s.f. shines is offer a pairing of business sign services. you can be paired up with an architect to get your drawings done to help you start to do the actual work. we hope that people will stay tuned, and you can find out more information on our website. that's >> let's talk about the shared spaces program. it's been a huge success, and
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outdoor dining spaces are very popular. >> the shared spaces program, especially during the pandemic, really helped spaces survive. to have an outdoor space where people could safely gather was critical, and the office of small business has been working with these shared spaces during the pandemic. some may or may not have been up to the city's code regulations, so department of public works and other departments have been trying to figure out what violations are and help businesses come into compliance. the planning department and the
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city have decided that they'll give businesses until 2023 to come into compliance. also in the meantime, for businesses that want to start new shared spaces, new parklets, that is still an on going program, a new program, so people can always submit their applications for shared spaces regardless whether they started one during the pandemic or not. >> do you anticipate there being other shared spaces programs in the future and how do small businesses go about finding out about them? >> small businesses can find out about it by visiting our website, sfgov/osb or you can call 415-554-6134, and we can connect you with the planning department and other agencies that would be connected with the shared spaces programs. >> over the pandemic,
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businesses have been victimized by vandals and other crimes. how can you help them? >> the city offers a program called the vandalism relief fund, and this would allow businesses suffering from graffiti or broken windows to apply with the city through our neighborhood services division, and you could get up to 1,000 or 2,000 if you submit certain documentation, such as a photograph of the damage or a copy of the receipt or document showing the amount you paid for to correct the incident. we are so excited that the city now has a centralized permit center, where people can come and get their business done,
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hopefully, in the same day where there are several different agencies, ranging from department of building inspection, planning department, public health, fire department, all here to help people, whether you're building a new business or even new construction, to be able to, again, fit all of your appointments in one day and get things done quickly. so starting in may, our office of small business has actually started working out of 49 south van ness at the permit center, and we have a team of two staff who are dedicated to helping small businesses through their permitting journey. so we do encourage people, you can come to the permit center or you can e-mail us at, and you can communicate with our staff dedicated to helping you with your permitting needs. we hope that people will consider consulting with us before you even sign a lease so that we can help you on the
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path to success and understanding the journey of setting up a small business in san francisco. >> well, thank you so much. i really appreciate you coming on the show, miss tang. thank you for the time you've given us today. >> director tang: thanks for having me. >> and that's it for this show. we'll be back shortly. you've been watching san francisco rising. for sfgovtv, i'm chris manners. thanks for watching. is r. my name is debra alvarez rodriguez. i'm the deputy director in san francisco. my background is one in which
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i have spent the entirety of my life committed to finding solution to poverty and addressing the issues of inequity so people and communities can have accesses to resources and financial freedom. one thing true anode dear to my heart was the power of business ownership in creating pathways to financial freedom. we have still in infancy. we had over 100 entrepreneurs come and start their businesses. some are food trucks. some are restaurants. some are in farmer's markets and so farther. that's an incredible legacy and record to build upon. this was the perfect opportunity for me to come back home, you know, come back to the neighborhood and take my skills and networks and resources and put it backseat in service of the community. given everything with racial reckoning and pandemic it was
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time for me and everyone else that had the opportunity to leave and get educated to come back home. we have a opportunity to grow our impact in terms of the number of people we serve and how we serve them. we grow our impact in taking the money we make with our entrepreneurs and circulate those resources back interview the community for community development. the third thing is we have a opportunity to have an impact on public policy in terms of the policies and practices the district has been notorious about interms of inequities. all of those are just the beginning of what is possible in terms of growth and impact. ♪ [ music ] ♪♪
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>> good morning welcome to the august 12 ethic's commission. >> this private meeting is held pursuant to the 45th [inaudible]. [cannot hear speaker] >> and online