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tv   Building Inspection Commission  SFGTV  August 22, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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come to our bistro located on 50 moroo avenue in presidio. and i'll wait here with my open arms and giving you a welcome to try my food. (♪♪) >> sfgovtv, ready to begin. good morning today is wednesday, august 17th, 2022.
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this is the building inspection commission. i would like to reminds you mute yourself if you are not speak. the first item is roll call president bito. >> here. vice president tam. >> here. >> commissioner alexander. >> hee. >> commissioner sommer. >> we have a kwoer update, commissioners eppler and neuman are excused. next we have our lands acknowledgment. thank you. ramaytush ohlone land acknowledgement the building inspection commission acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone, who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the caretakers of this place, as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we
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recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders, and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples. >> thank you. >> thank you. next for members of public who are listening in our public event come call in information is 415-655-0001 access code: 2488 742 3353 ## raise your hand for public comment press star 3. and this meeting is being held remote and in person, public comment members of the public first then remote comment.
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>> and -- will next we have item 2, which is findings to allow teleconference meetings under california government code 5493e. commission will assess and possibly adopt a resolution findings under bill 361 allow the bic to hold meetings or commissioners attend remotely according to the brown act teleconferencing set forth in ab331. is there a motion to meet remote when necessary. >> moved. >> commissioners in favor? >> aye. >> thank you that motion carries. and president bito you had an announcement to the motion. is this with respect to moving -- yea. so, because of some schedule
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conflicts we wanted move come items forward number 12 and 13 after we get through other after we get through public comment. i'd like to make a motion to move 12 and 13 first on the agenda after public comment. >> seconded >> there is a motion and second to move that item. i will vote. president bito. >> yes >> vice president tam. >> yes. >> commissioner alexander tut. >> and commissioner sommer. >> yes. >> is there comment on that motion. >> this motion carries. next we will do the general public upon comment and we are going to go to the items 12 and 13. >> so. we are on -- addressing item 5. general public comment.
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bic will take public comment on matters in the commission jurisdiction not part of this agenda. >> if you could turn on the over head projector for the documents. it should be on. >> good morning i'm jerry, each city commission is required submit an annual support to the board of supervisors.
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in the end we each commission addresses the issues facing their commission and the major challenges and the accomplishments of the department they over see. i would like the current bic annual report to address the following of concern to me, city controller rosenfield and mayor breed. the bic and dbi's plan to reduce the 30 million dollars operating loss at dbi. result of dbi internal corruption investigation. has a report been issued? if not why not? the specific challenges dbi the specific changes dbi implements and the current year to address the internal control weak thinks out lined in the city controller's integrity review of dbi's permitting and inspepgz process; the slide on the screen
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is page 19 of the controller's report. >> mayor breed's response to the controller report was to issue an executive directive to reform dbi. mayor challenged dbi and the bic indirectly to take actions to prevent misconduct. improve processes and make the department more effective at providing services for san francisco residence dents. i agree with the mayor when she said the people of san francisco deserve better. thank you very much. thank you is there anguish public comment. there does not appear any anremotely.yaremotelremotely.
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next is item 12 and 13. i will read both them. discussion and possible action on the annual performance evaluation for the bic secretary. continued from the 2020 regular meeting and discussion and action on the performance evidence for the director continued from the april 20, 2022 meeting. is there public comment on items twelve and 13? >> seeing none, next we'll have item b for 12 and 13. public action to convene a closed session is this a motion to convene a closed session? >> motion to convene in closed
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session. >> sect. >> a motion by president bito and second by commissioner alexander. il do a vote. president bito. >> yes. >> vice president tam. >> yes. >> commissioner alexander-tut. >> yes. >> and commissioner sommer. >> yes. >> that motion carries unanimously. we are now in closed session it is 9:27 a.m. i would like to ask that all members if you could leave the room and then we will call you >> hello this is the building inspection meeting and we are on agenda item 12d and 13d. reconvene in open session to vote whether to disclose any or all discussions held in closed
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session. >> make a motion to not disclose discussions in closed session. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second by president bito a vote on the motion to reconvene and not disclose. president bito. >> yes. >> vice president tam. >> yes. >> commissioner alexander-tut. >> yes. >> commissioner sommer. >> that motion carries unanimously. >> can i make a motion to move >> the [inaudible]. could we make a motion to move up item 6 and review that? second. okay. all commissioner in favor for that? >> any public comment? seeing none there is no remote
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public comment as limp we are on agenda item 6, the discussion and possible action regarding the san francisco amendments to the 2022 california building standard a code the building, existing building. residential, plumbing. electric and green building codes. >> just one moment. i was trying to get the microphone together. you should be able to speak now. >> testing. >> okay. >> good morning, commissioners.
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upon i'm michelle i'm with tech nal service division i want to present you a brief overue of the code adoption office the state level changes to participate in the upcoming year. and finally, what we really do in san francisco as a local jurisdiction. and what the large to middle package you received is about. >> every 3 years the model code gets updated initial low. this happens through the code council are members across the nation in all fields of construction and design voting on changes to the national code. once the model code is approved the state agencies in california a lot of acronyms take a review
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of national code. they repeal the old version of the california code the 2019 previously and adopts the national code and in the entirety with state specific amendments to be the new 2022 code of regulation. there are 12 parts to the code of regulations. which you may know as title 24 building standard or the california code of regulations this is comprised of the california building code. existing code. historic. green and mechanical, et cetera . there are all parts. all of the code gets effective january first of 2023. next slide, please, if possible.
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so, what are you going to see in the upcoming year? state wide? in the previous big meeting, the department of environment talked about the major changes to tackle climate change. and the green building code. what you will see is basically for charging spaces state wide will be an increase in the number of ev capable ev ready parking spaces required in addition of 2 even install ev chargers for the parking spaces. what it means on photo [inaudible] panels on the roof. previously, the state did not require new residential construction to install pv panels. now almost all residential construction will require pv panels and also mostly all new nonresidential construction as
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well. slides are out of order. can we go to slide 4, please? slide 4, please. another thing you will see state wide and nationally is the new term or the new definition for efficiency dwelling unit this is an effort to tackle the housing crisis. they defined that an efficiency dwelling unit needs to be within a living a single room. they reduced the size of the dwelling unit from 224 square feet to 190 square feet. potential low to allow to build more efficiency units.
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and then for construction, mass timber introduced to california. and actually nationally the national and model code developed maslow timber. history kelly for construction mass timber was heavy timber. the width size governing fire resistance. and therefore we limit it to 5 stories of construction. nought introduction of 3 types of construction type of type 4 construction a, b and c talks about the fire resistant rating of the material and protection
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applied directly to the material will allow 18 stories of mass timber construction. you see this affects the sustainability of buildings, environmental factors of construction. and these are a few highlights there are more in the changes to the california code. >> what happens in san francisco? as you see the national code gets adopted by california. california adjusts to state regulations and the findings within the state for environmental geological factors. in san front we do the same. repeal parts of the readopt the california code and the national code and then we put in our amendments to address the local factors. the 6 san francisco codes real
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amendment state and nationally is the san francisco building code. existing building code. mechanical, electric code. plumbing code and san francisco green building code. what the san francisco do in the code adoption package. we carry forward the san francisco amendments the changes specific to our local jurisdiction based on our climatic continues in san francisco and compare it to the changes in the model and then the state code. and then we make the changes and carry them forward. >> what you will see in the package you have is clean up. grandmaal, punctuation and spelling. you will see a lot of check changes meaning the state
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renumbered certain chapters and we node to make sure our san francisco building code and san francisco amendments align with their changes. also where at the state in a lot of the in the green building code we previously were more restrictive than the state. now the state has caught up with san francisco. and so they took a lot of the language or developed language and moved it in the state code and san francisco will need to either remove the code because it is stated in the state or if there are things that san francisco likes we sends it become it our san francisco amendments. >> another thing. next slide, please. slide 9. so, we have submitted to you the package of the 6 san francisco
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amendments. these amendments have been reviewed by the subcommittees and cac and approved and waiting for your approval. in the package what you will see is also important is the formatting. so -- anything that is grayd that is state or model code verbatim in the languageful anything not gray is where san francisco makes their amendments as a language upon you will see red struck out the language we are removing from the code a lot has to do with clean up and upon under lined the things we're adding into the san francisco code. a lot of it is clean up. removing redundancy. >> next slide, please. so, examples of what you will see in the package you have. check the number changes. an example is state wide in the
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california building code, chapter 510 which is 1510 through top structures gets renumbered to 1510. we have to renumber all of the chapter 15 sections to accommodate that change. we remove redundancy in the code. that is another example inform 406.3 the state has that language verbatim. we previously had it and it is the same in the code removing redundancy we struck it out because it is already captured. >> one of the things we included in the code adoption package is to arc line with current practice. currently, we section 106a more administrative required original signature, which throughout the time it is implied it is i wet signature. we are rethe engineering code
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architect's act does in the require wet signature and also to align with the our current electronic review and submittal moving forward in time. right? and then another change you will see, which there is a lot of strike out in the package you have the section that has sunset. so we don't need to report that anymore. that requirement has sunset. it is over with. so we remove that entire being section from the code and realign the chapter numbering to match that. again, you have a large package ahead of you. just want to reiterate most is clean up language. nothing substantive or controversial in there. and what you will see is clean up with grammar, chapter number changes also to remove redundancy sunseted ordinances.
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thank you. >> thank you. is there public comment on this item in and -- there does not appear to be virtual public comment. commissioners did you have questions or? >> i have one general question. apart from this public meeting to apprise the public and in general of the changes and -- the counter the permit center, is there son somebody there to field questions about the code or is this happening as people are submitting plans if they have i question. how does that work at the department for applicants? >> so, there are various levels where the department provoire dires service for the customer code or process related.
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we have the information upon counter which has a general walk in, i don't know what i'm doing. more specifically, have the technical service counter. which is code based questions. can i have a door swinging over my door step. i heard this is where i can't do that they can go to technical service counter. walk in and we assist them in giving them the code language that will state weather you can or cannot or other services like that. and then finally there is also plan checks. if you are red with your submittal and everything flushed out you submit to get a permit. if there is anything code related, i'm not sure i need my accessibility check list where is that in the code. i see it but where is it. the plan checkers can do this and the technical service
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division. >> and forgive me, i take it for granted someone who submits plans and gets comment and something specific we want to address we have contacts or consultants or experts we deal with for public that come in to your point like, what do i do? we have a general -- it is good to reiterate there is an information counter. do they require an appointment to come for field questions? is it something they do in person. >> they do a lot of general questions. basically the form number i have. where do i go to finds records within the department, i have a complaint. i'm talking to code. >> sorry. >> not process. code. the specific code question. >> and upon then a lot of time its goes to the information upon
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counter the information counter will direct them to the technicality service division purely code questions. and feeling out that is it that the desired homeowner may need to achieve their designed goal. and making sure that they are in compliance with the code temperature is like a, what is it. planning has that. a consulting thing we do for the code at technical service. >> okay. >> do my other commissioners have question in >> yes, once this is adopted i'm assuming on the website new changes to the belling code will be on the website for anybody to view >> this goes to the board supervisored and submit tot publisher then tell be.
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the effective date of the san francisco codes is in line with the state. tell need to be effective january first of 2023. i forgot to mention, in my note but, i gave you the cliff notes i hope is helpful. there is a large packet you see a lot of under lines. there is a cliff notes to highlight wa you are seeing and explanation of what that change is. commissioner sommer. >> i was going to note, there was also in our packet online letter from the code advisory, they have been discussed, michelle has been wonderful in presenting them to detail to that group, which was helpful. commissioner tam. >> no further questions, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> we have to make a motion to approve. >> deputy city attorney. i wanted direct that all the changes we made are based upon the california law allows us to make specific changes to our processes for reasons that administrative or building standard fist they need local reasons geographical or demographic reason. we have an index that shows the reasons why we make changes there are no new changes we are doopth as part of this repeal and replace it is ones we carry over. every time we amend the building code we make findings say this is a standard as required for san francisco or a process we are allowed to do locally without making a finding. >> commissioner. >> thank you.
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thank you for your presentation and for the way you present today clear. i appreciate that. my question on the mass timber changes, are there retrofit being consideration that might be specific to san francisco or areas that have a lot of earthquake activity? or is it because of the not required? i see a push in new construction for mass timber, retrofit i see how the 2 maintain the characteristics of a building. sometimes they may not use that method because some of the building for example, soft story. a lot of the residential building system not used of mass timber and very smaller sizes for that time construction or building. for larger type buildings may be
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san francisco has historically used concrete or steel . and so i don't think that it is not viable for retrofit however it is up to the design and the preservation of the characteristics of the building to be maintained as concrete type. like similar to this building or steel. you might not want to see wood features sticking out. >> any further comments? >> thank you. is there a motion to approve this item? motion to approve. second. >> familiar there is a motion by president bito and second by vice president tam and is there any public comment on this item?
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not seeing anything remote comment. a vote on the item. a motion to adopt the 2022 san francisco amendments to the california building standard's code. so -- roll call vote president bito. >> yes. >> vice president tam. >> yes >> commissioner alexander-tut. >> yes. commissioner sommer. >> yes. >> that motion carries unanimously. president bito are we going to another item or vote to continue items. >> we have a hard stop at 11:50. and we will not have a quorum i would like to are we -- city attorney, can we discuss open low how we like to continue on and make a motion, is that possible? >> if you talk to my fellow
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commissioners about and the director earlier about a moving other agenda items to another meeting date and discusses about -- not having a commission meet nothing september. how do we deal with that. there are 2 items one is not having a bic meet nothing september and 2, taking these agenda items we don't have a lot of time to talk about in any detail in moving them to october? >> deputy city attorney, we have items that are standard in each meeting we don't need to continue will not be heard federal item 4, item 3 if we don't have time or not 3. item 4, item 10 -- and -- i
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would suggest that we approve the minute fist we have time on item upon 11 and continue items 7-9. >> could we discuss it first? >> yes. it would be a schedule motion. if you like to make a motion to alter the schedule and discuss that motion or discuss right now president's prerogative. >> say that again? we are considering a motion to amend or change our schedule. you can discuss that motion if there is a second. >> okay >> the first item is to not have a meeting in september based on the department's conference and there will not be availability on resources in september. that makes sense.
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does anybody have anything. director? >> we would "cancellation of the meeting due to our staffing situation as you said relating to training scheduled for the same time. >> okay. >> i like to make a motion to cancel september and resume in october. >> second. there is a motion and second to cancel the september meeting and the meeting will resume in october. are all commissioner in favor? >> aye. any opposed? any public comment? >> there is no public comment. >> the next item i'd like to approach is to move agenda items
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i'm -- city attorney we are talking about the items not regular items on the agendaful number 7 and 8 and 9. i would propose to move 11 because i don't want to do thing in a hurry. so -- as much as i would have liked to have heard about item number am 8 on the reforms, i think that deserves time for us to have a discussion director o'riordan, >> i'm amenable. >> given we have 5 minutes left. i think may be one item that city attorney suggested number 11 we can approve the minutes. i will retract that. but the motion that i would like to make is to move number 7, 8
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and 9. is that. >> yea. >> to october. >> deputy city attorney. motion would be to continue those items to october? >> yes, please. >> thank you. there is a motion to continue the agenda items 7, 8, 9 to the october 2022 bic meeting. there was a motion? i made the motion. could somebody second? >> second. >> thank you. is there public comment on this item? seeing 91, remote low are all commissioner in favor? >> air >> any opposed? >> i would like to also make an apology to the staff that put together that presentation i know it takes time and effort to do that and but i did not you
11:37 pm
know want to rush the. performance evidences we did not have time to review them. we appreciate your efforts to put the material together to review today. apologies. skwoo thank you. president bito are we okay with hearing agenda item 11? >> yes. >> item 11 is review and approval of the minutes of the meeting of judging 20 of 2022. >> motion to approve the minutes. >> is there a second? >> second. >> is there public comment on this item? >> and seeing none. are there changes or edits by commissioners? that is not are all in favor? >> aye. >> any opposed? the minutes are approved.
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then adjournment? >> okay. and we would also need to do a motion? we are -- in before we adjourn to state we are going to hear the other standard remaining items at our next meeting in october. >> can i ask a question. those are month low reports would we get the -- those would be added in october? is this how that would work. it is a report on something that happened previously. would that have a combined report. >> deputy city attorney that is the request of bic they would have the august, september and august a 3 mont update instead
11:39 pm
of one month. is this acceptable. >> absolutely, yes, we can do that. >> i was curious because we were moving it. >> thank you. on item 14 then adjournment. is there a motion? >> moved. second. all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? it is 11:47 a.m. force -
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>> welcome to the epic center did you know you may be eligible for a 3 thousand redefeat beating he'll learn about the stay safe program hi, everybody i'm patrick chief resigns director for the city and county of san francisco welcome to another episode of stay safe i'm here with jennelle for the california earthquake authority she'll talk about
11:41 pm
brace and bolt good to see you. >> earthquake brace and bolt the first incentive program of california mitigation program as jointly managed by the earthquake authority and the california gvrnz of department of emergency services. >> and what is the mission. >> brace and bolt is $3,000 up to a homeowner that retrofits the equivalent in a single-family. >> we're down owe epic center the public demonstrates we've built a mock house so i don't in the take a look at it and and show you what we're talking about we're in a model house in the epic center to demonstrate a variety of things jen i will i want to focus on the portion of the house and tell us how brace and bolts help to keep the home
11:42 pm
safe. >> this is a particular foundation and that mockup shows the first floor right here and, of course, this one is the concrete foundation and this short wall that is in between those two you're first floor and the concrete foundation is called a cripple it is a short wall this is a particular vunltd in 0r8d homes they're designed before metamorphic coddling codes and will slide off the foundation. >> if you come to my home look at the previous work. >> so see if any anchor bolts between the wood and this mud and concrete foundation that is a collar bolt. >> what if i don't have enough space power a think collar bolt and we have foundation plates made by a company where a flat plate that is bolted to the
11:43 pm
concrete foundation and screwed into this flat mechanism. >> if i applied to a bolt what is a it coffer what type of work should you do in my hope. >> up to $3,000 funding with the collar bolts or foundation plates and plywood up to the top of the short triple wall that going around. >> what are the tips. >> you want to make sure the capital improvement plan emancipation proclamation he will the short wall is less than 4 feet tall you'll use the provision to adopt it to the city of san francisco so a contractor can use that. >> so if i have a typical house over a garage and did that quality for the program. >> that would qualify for the program you need an engineer to
11:44 pm
design the riefrt it is not specific for that kind of house it is really they're looking for short cripple walls maybe a couple of steps up. >> so jen i will if i want to find out more information. >> earthquake brace
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the tenderloin is home to families, immigrants, seniors, merchants, workers and the housed and unhoused who all deserve a thriving neighborhood to call home. the tenderloin initiative was launched to improve safety, reduce crime, connect people to services and increase investments in the neighborhood. as city and community-based partners, we work daily to make these changes a reality. we invite you to the tenderloin history, inclusivity make this neighborhood special. >> we're all citizens of san francisco and we deserve food, water, shelter, all of those things that any system would. >> what i find the most fulfilling about being in the tenderloin is that it's really basically a big family here and i love working and living here. >> [speaking foreign language]
11:46 pm
>> my hopes and dreams for the tenderloin are what any other community organizer would want for their community, safe, clean streets for everyone and good operating conditions for small businesses. >> everything in the tenderloin is very good. the food is very good. if you go to any restaurant in san francisco, you will feel like oh, wow, the food is great. the people are nice. >> it is a place where it embraces all walks of life and different cultures. so this is the soul of the tenderloin. it's really welcoming. the. >> the tenderloin is so full of color and so full of people.
11:47 pm
so with all of us being together and making it feel very safe is challenging, but we are working on it and we are getting there.streets. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i wanted to wish you a best wishes and congratulations the community has shifted a lot of when i was growing up in the 60s and 50's a good portion of chicano-american chinese-american lived in north beach a nob hill community. >> as part the immigrant family is some of the recreation centers are making people have the ability to get together and
11:48 pm
meet 0 other people if communities in the 60s a 70s and 80s and 90s saw a move to the richmond the sunset district and more recently out to the excelsior the avenue community as well as the ensuring u bayview so chinese family living all over the city and when he grape it was in this area. >> we're united. >> and growing up in the area that was a big part of the my leave you know playing basketball and mycy took band lessons and grew up.
11:49 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> allergies welcome to the community fair it kicks off three weeks of celebrations for the year and let's keep everybody safe and celebrate the biggest parade outside of china on february 11th go best wishes and congratulations and 3, 2, 1 happy enough is enough. >> i grew up volley ball education and in media professional contrary as an educator he work with all skids whether or not caucasian hispanic and i african-american cumber a lot of
11:50 pm
arrest binge kids my philosophy to work with all kids but being here and griping in the chinese community being a chinese-american is important going to american school during the day but went to chinese school that is community is important working with all the kids and having them exposed to all culture it is important to me. >> it is a mask evening. >> i'd like to thank you a you all to celebrate an installation of the days here in the asian art museum. >> one time has become so many things in the past two centuries because of the different did i licks the immigration officer didn't understand it became no
11:51 pm
standard chinese marine or cantonese sproupgs it became so many different sounds this is convenient for the immigration officer this okay your family name so this tells the generations of immigrants where they come from and also many stories behind it too. >> and what a better way to celebrate the enough is enough nuru with the light nothing is more important at an the hope the energy we. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> relative to the current
11:52 pm
administration it is, it is touching very worrisome for our immigrant frames you know and some of the stability in the country and i know how this new president is doing you know immigration as well as immigrants (fireworks) later than you think new year the largest holiday no asia and china those of us when my grandparents came over in the 19 hundreds and celebrated in the united states chinese nuru is traditional with a lot of meaning. >> good afternoon my name is carmen chu assessor-recorder i want to wish everything a happy
11:53 pm
new year thank you for joining us i want to say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm proud to be a native san franciscan i grew up in the chinatown, north beach community port commission important to come back and work with those that live in the community that i grew up in and that that very, very important to give back to continue to work with the community and hope e help those who may not be as capable in under serving come back and give
11:54 pm
>> each has their own areas of concern. the renaissance with the paint chipping and is not containing trash. the why the that we need to have a trash can that works for the city of san francisco came from seeing how the front cans are not working. so we wanted something that is able to enclose and willing to sloarn when they come to pick up a trash can, they can just put it into their trucks and reduce accidents. we need to have a recycling exchange and nots to have large pieces of contents in twhr. we need to have everything clear
11:55 pm
and look good while we're doing it. we wanted it to be compatible with the surroundings as well as not draw too much attention to it there isn't a lot that is available to meet this requirement. then we thought this idea of designing our own trash cans. we need to go to a professional industrial designer that has the experience do a design. they came up with 15 or 20 different ideas. we picked three that we think would work best for the city. we have a total of three custom design trash cans and three off the shelf cans. we'll put 26 into the program strategically across the city. we're trying to come up with one design. if the trash can is able to perform the way it's designed,
11:56 pm
it will save us in the long term because we're spending a lot of money to maintain the trash cancel. we want a solution to minimize the long term maintenance. >> we're trying to pick materials that will last a long time. that is variable depending on whether it's a beach. we're losing stainless steel. the coding that we pick is about a sen-year coating. it's pretty durable. we're confident that the materials we're picking will have longevity. the designs are attractive and i think the materials are durable. people that come to san francisco or live in san francisco, these will be things you won't see in any other place. that's going to be a san francisco thing. >> i think the project itself is
11:57 pm
not a complicated one. it's going through all of this process, get us to properly do our outreach so everyone is aware of the project and gathering the agency approvals is the most challenging part of the project. there will be an on-line survey for the public and include qr code stickers. we'll analyze the data and provide a recommendation to our executive leadership team to make a final. >> i can.. >> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers
11:58 pm
of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain unique and successful and rib rant where will you shop the shop and dine the 49 i'm e jonl i provide sweets square feet potpie and peach cobbler and i started my business this is my baby i started out of high home and he would back for friends and coworkers they'll tell you hoa you need to open up a shop at the time he move forward book to the bayview and i thinks the t line was up i need have a shop on third street i live in bayview and i wanted to have my shop here in bayview a quality
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dessert shot shop in my neighborhood in any business is different everybody is in small banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who
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san francisco department of disability and aging services meeting of wednesday august 3. i'm the commission president martha knutzen provisions of the brown act and orders issued by the upon governor to have teleconferencing. the brown act sets rowel for teleconference. allow it during a state of emergency provide commissions makes findings. to comply with this items 5 and 6 on the agenda is the request to consider continued use of teleconferencing will minimize health risks and if our commission can use it