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tv   Transportation Authority  SFGTV  August 31, 2022 12:00am-1:15am PDT

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>> okay. good afternoon and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission hybrid hearing thursday august 25, 22. i trust everyone enjoyed their recess. in person and remote hearings require everyone's attention and our patience. if you are joining us remotely, and are not speaking mute, broadcasts and streaming this live and we will receive public be comment for each item. comments during the public comment period are available by
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calling 415-655-0001 and entering access id: 2483 396 5354. we will take public ment if those in city hall first and open up remote access line. speak clearly and slowly. if you killer to state your name. each speaker allowed up to 3 minutes you will hear a chime indicating your time is almost up. when your time is reached i will announce and take the next personnel for those call nothing to submit testimony when we reach the item you are interested in press star 3 to be added. when you hear your line is unmuted, begin speak. best practices call prosecute i quiet location. speak clearly and slowly and mute the volume on your television or computer. for those attends nothing city hall come forward and lineup on the screen side of the room.
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i ask upper silence mobile devices that may sound off. and at this time i like to call roll. >> commissioner chair moore. >> here. >> commissioner diamond. >> here. >> commissioner imral. >> here >> commissioner cappel and commissioner ruiz. >> here >> first is consideration of items 1a and b for case 20 nan 000499prj. and drm avanzadaistry a dr are proposed to conditionance to september 8. 2 case 2022-003902 the neighborhood combheshl mingsed use district planned code to october 6. 22. item 3 case 26 senate-000302d
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valleto a dr proposed for indefinite continuance. item 4 case 2021-009356, 2845 fillmore a dr with drawn. regular calendar item 15 case 206-0106227, third street a k u authorization is requesting to be conditioned to september 8 of 22. i have no other items proposed to be continued we should go to public comment. this is your opportunity to address the commission on the items proposed to be continued. if you are in the chambers come forward. if you are call nothing remote you need to press star 3. public comment on continuance calendar is closed. and it is now before you.
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do i hear a motion? >> okay. i will speak. move to continue all items as proposed. >> seconded. >> thank you. commissioners on that motion to opinion comes commissioner ruiz. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> air. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye >> commissioner koppel. >> chair moore >> that passes 5-0. and it will place us on your consent calendar all matters institute a consent are considered to be routine by planning commission. and may be acted upon by a single vote. no separate discussion unless a member, public or staff requests. in which event it will be
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considered at a separate item >> item 5. case 2021-142nd street and 6. case 2022-000166c, 5200 diamond heights benefitted. a cu authorization. i did receive a request to remove item five from consent. we hear that at the end of today's agenda? >> yes. >> very good. americans that leaves us with item 6 on consent a member would like to request to have this removed from scene. come forward or if you are call nothing press star 3.
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move to approve item 6 >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to approve item 6 on scene commissioner ruiz. >> aye >> commissioner diamond. >> aye. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye. >> commissioner koppel. >> aye >> moore. >> that passed 5-zero. >> microphone. >> under commission matters item 7 adoption of draft minutes for july 21 and 8 eighth. this is your opportunity to address on the minutes. come forward or press star 3. no questions to speak from the public, public comment on minutes is closed and they are before you. commissioners. >> adopt the minutes. >> second. >> thank you.
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commissioners. on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner ruiz. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> aye. >> commissioner imperial. >> aye >> commissioner koppel. >> aye >> chair moore. >> aye >> that motion passes. 5 to 0. on item 8. commission comments and questions. >> i like to welcome everybody back after a long break. myself not having been in city hall the left 2 years i'm delighted to see familiar faces and meeting my commissioners for the first time. that's a record. never happened before. i like to start with our land acknowledgment. planning xhiz ramaytush ohlone acknowledgement the planning commission acknowledges that we are on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone, who are the original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula. as the indigenous stewards of this land and in accordance with their traditions, the ramaytush ohlone have never ceded, lost, nor forgotten their responsibilities as the
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caretakers of this place, as well as for all peoples who reside in their traditional territory. as guests, we recognize that we benefit from living and working on their traditional homeland. we wish to pay our respects by acknowledging the ancestors, elders, and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and by affirming their sovereign rights as first peoples >> commissioner comments. i like to start by acknowledging the h pc dedicating a memorial plaque at the comstock cafeteria in the tenderloin a remarkable piece took many years to come through and well what we will hear later about a new piece of legislation for the neon
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district and the tenderloin. those are my comments. is there anybody else? of i would like to before i forget i said that first. like to say a heart felt thank you to commissioner fung who will not be joining us on this commission any longer. his service has been remarkable, not only the experience he brought to the position having served on multiple commissions including this one for decades. and general spirit of being here and strong forward for us juniors, i include myself on that. have greatly added to this being a good commission and i want to thank himful i regretd he is not here we could shake hands in the traditional way we do. he will be missed. thank you, commissioner fung. >> i like to add comments first
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with in terms of commissioner fung. i will miss him. and -- hope i got to say fareweland want to acknowledge in terms of the intern presentation that happened this week. i was not able to be to see the presentation. i wonder if the staff can sends the commissioners the recordings of the presentation so we can watch them later. thank you. >> commissioner koppel. >> i attended one day of the presentations and appreciated how the interns worked with the leaders and staff. and really used good examples with really good pictures. put if in a good context this made it enjoyable. >> i like to echo the
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appreciation for the summer intern program a tremendous amount of work i observe today for years and secretary inon upon had us to see it would be good for us. >> i'm fair leave certain they will be posted our web page shortly. if you could alarm us. it will help. >> thank you. >> commissioner diamond. >> thank you. i wanted to add this i will miss commissioner fung and want to second the comments made about him so far. i appreciated his wise council, his deliberative manner and the experience he brought to our deliberations for multiple tours of duty.
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>> very good. no additional requests it feek from commissioners we move on to item 9. case 2021-009777 remote hearings this is our month low reupping of the resolution in the event none of you can come in to conduct our business remote. >> take public comment on item 9. any member wishing to address the commission on this resolution, for remote hearings come forward or press star 3. no requests to speak. public comment is closed and item 9 is before you. >> secretary onin do keep acknowledge as a commission. we need a motion to adopt a resolution. >> looking for a motion to adopt the resolution. >> yes. commissioner -- move to adopt a resolution.
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>> seconded. >> thank you, on that motion to adopt a resolution to allow remote hearings commissioner ruiz. >> aye. >> commissioner diamond. >> aye >> commissioner imperial. >> aye yoochl commissioner koppel. >> aye >> chair moore. >> aye >> that passed 5-0 under item 10 director's announcements. >> welcome back. to the program we'll get you the link to the presentations than i were great and thing tina tam and the staff for working with interns. she has built our program college intern and high school intern program. hufrng thanks to her. i want to echo the thanks and appreciation near commissioner fung. i had the pleasure of serving with him on this commission. on the board of appeals, prior to that in he will be hard to
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replace. brought a tremendous amount experience and decades of service. his advice and decisionmaking was clear and direct and much appreciated. he will be missed. i wanted reiterate i sent you over when you were on break information on i am sure you read about it on the stair's one initial response to our housing element. so, they're gave us comments on draft housing element this . is part of the process. in some reports was the atd rejected it. they didn't. this was anticipated we would get significant comments from them. we have not submit today for approval or denial at this point. we gallon through another wound everrounds of this, too. with getting comments on the next draft. we are working to respond to their comments. in separately related, hcd would
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undertake the housing policy can special practice review. upon driven by analysis they did that shows our approval process. you know along one not something that is news to us, either. but they want to look at why it takes the time it takes for you to remove approve housing projects not just the planning department or commission. that look at legislative processes how we. add upon minster ceqa. excuse me. we'll have don't have their scope yet of work. we are hope to get that instead next couple weeks and talk how this will work. we will schedule a time to come talk to you when we get that scope about that. as well as comments real
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received. hopeful low we are back with a formal presentation in september to update you on this. that's all i have. thanks. >> i have a question. in terms of the hc the comments and you mentioned that hcd electric to impose entitlements. we'll hear it more in terms of we had all the discussions about entitlements approved but not being built. that is also part of the hc the comments? >> i mean i think they are looking at the -- city's entitlement process. you know >> through permitting and building permits issued. i don't believe they will look at why a project experience may not move forward witness hay get entitlements. it it is strict low the city's process. >> okay. they are looking beyond the planning entitlements to actual
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pulling and building permits. >> okay. >> thank you. we can move on to item 11 review of past events at the board of supervisors, board of appeals and historic preservation. i don't believe there is a report from board of appeals due to recess the zoning administrator has a report from the board of appeals. >> yes. >> thank you, jonas. good afternoon. commissioners, corey, zoning administrator. i have longer than typical report from the board of appeals they met last night and announced depart tour of tina chang and you recall she used to be a plan in our department and her planning experience was missed on the board. her seat is in the filled. they will be down it 4.
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board considered 3 items of interest to planning. the first board heard a rehearing request for appeal that was denied for 706 vermont this came before planning as a dr in february of this year and voted unanimously to not take dr. the dr, appeal and rehearing request focusod the intended use of a roof deck labeled as a green roof. and the board voted to deny rehear and request that planning department and commission be deliberate and how such features are described in the future to ensure everyone is on the same page how such decks may be used. board heard a building her mitt to construct a 1 story detaches ad u at the rear of the report 1526 masonic avenue. the original project to construct a standard new
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dwelling unit in the rear yard and the commission and the zoning administrator heard it in various case in january of twenty 20. that hearing was continued with the commission providing feedback to the applicant to consider and analyze addition to the rear of the historic building instead. am that would have not triggered a variance. however, state law for ad u's was amended arch attached without a variance or neighborhoods notification or a dr process. the appeal argued the ad u permit plans included inaccurate information regarding the existing grade and believed the height of the proposed ad u exceed the max height of 16 feet. applicant provided a site survey to confirm the height will be 15 feet 11 inches from grade and comply with state law and the board agreed with the applicant and voted unanimously to deny
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the appeal. >> finally, the board heard an appeal of zoning administrator determiningination regarding change for on site affordable at 1145 polk filed by 2 separate lottery winners. it was never before planning commission over the last few months raised the situation to the commission. the planning code and procedures will allow for change of tenure in this case it is going from rental to ownership this was unique the decision to tenure was made after a rental lottery was conduct this change required a written determine agsz from the zoning administrator neither the planning code or manual provided directions on the situation. earlier i issued a determination attempted billions the right was
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property owner. rights in the planning code and procedure's manual the expectation lottery winners 4 of the 8 offered for sale at the lower 55% ami that is for rental instead of 90% for ownership. that was paled and heard in june. the board recognized the challenging [inaudible]. and stated a determination that provide miles an hour deference to the lottery writteners and instructed the pers to work on an outcome to bring back to the board. >> upon the owner and compromise that would also reviewd and supported by planning and mocd it was not supported by the second appellate. the compromise required all 8 units priced the lower 55% ami and unsold units could revert to
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the 90% level for ownership. the board recognized the difference with rental and ownership tenants with affordable housing and the comp moiz to be the best outcome considering city law and voted unanimously to adopt the revised determination. that concludes this long are report i'm available for questions you may have. >> there are no questions the preservation commission did in the meet yesterday. however they did meet on august 17th i will give a brief report because it was unique. . they did adopt recommendations for approval for legacy business applications. that included the piedmont boutique on haight. out post on battery street. po plus on castro street.
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st. john church on marina boulevard. and pop's bar on 24th street. but the more unique was they adopted recommendation to designate landmark designation to the board of supervisors the site of the cafete building on 101 taylor this was unique it wasave site opposed to a structure for cultural reasons. commissioners if there are no commencements or questions we can move on -- to general public comment at this time members
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may be we were in a plateau now what the post pandemic era this may be like the post great recession years the extreme alterations that made noe valley the epicenter of de facto deming lagz per the staff in september
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of the summer of 2021 when that started the post pandemic. that is why i harp on the need for the commission to follow at section 317b2d in the code and hat staff said on march 6, 2009 when the first document was approved and when they said was they come become in a few montes to adjust. so -- that is that. i hope you read the e mill. i like to see xhg something about commissioner fung. in the 70s and 80's the cool commercial with that noise and said, when ef hutton talks everybody lynch and got quiet x. that's how i feel about commissionering fung when wee he talked we had to listen i wish him luck. i'm sorry he will not be here.
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>> thank you very much. no additional speakers we will go to remote caller. when you hear your line is unmuted begin speaking. >> yes. this is david eliot lewis. just here to thank the planning department and commission in spchlt tenderloin community action plan. i have been working vision 2020 for the past year with sf planning on setting this plan up and we erforming a fwroup this will start meeting september 15th. we got over 100 residence den in the tenderloin signed up. and 40 community based organizations signed up for the stake holder group temperature is a large group is if only 50%
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show tell be a big meeting the support for plan negligent effort hen helpful and appreciative as a long time 16 year tenderloin residents. and somebody involved in this project. so, that is all my comments, thank you. >> last call for general public comment for items not on today's agenda. okay. no additional requests to speak. commissioners, general public comment is closed we move on to the item 1220 twoop-0005505 pc a. the tenderloin neon special use direct planning code amendment. >> good afternoon, veronica florez planning staff the item is the tenderloin neon special sign direct ordinance. and this
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was sponsored by supervisor preston we have mr. neil tow introduce the item. i want to note that today i'm joined by trent joan and a architect who will be available for questions. >> good upon afternoon vice president moore and members of planning commission. kyle neil chief of staph for dean preston speak nothing the spchlt tenderloin neon special use legislation. it is nice to see you in person. i would like to provide back grounds helpful to the commission in yosh deliberations. the involve am of our office began a few months ago when the redistricts task force add to district 5 new constituents.
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wee understood we would need to listen. we did. we contacted every community leader. nonprofit head. neighborhood advocate. asked them about neighborhood priorities what they would like it see addressed in the near term and what they have been working with the previous supervisor's office. we learned a lot. among the many perspectives brought to our attention the tenderloin community action plan the lynching sessions going on for years dating back top 2017. when the tenderloin people congress engaged with stake holders 1200 people. to map out a vision for the neighborhood's future. the result of the work meetings, surveys and the tenderloin people summit a document a powerful statement of the community values and priorities. the document includes categories like communities improve am. economic opportunities.
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housing and homeless ness and arts and culture. in the arts and culture a reference to restore and encourage more new neon signs to help create a tenderloin identity. this was brought to our attention by 2 neighborhood lead irs katie conry from the tenderloin museum and checky the central sro collaborative. they were pursuing legislation to deliver on the priority and our office was eager to help. she found a photo from the for you's showing the neon sign for the cadillac hotel. the ground upon floor of the museum. creates not exact replica but new replacement for the neighborhood showing the original cadillac on onad and the other a declaration, the tenderloin this was not permitted under current regulations we worked with planning staff, city attorney and advocates to draft the legislation creating new rules
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for neon signs the prixes evolved we recognized there could be broader applications for making neon signage permissim. that includes allow legal noncomplying neon signs to issue removes and returned to the property in existing conscience special important aspect to allow the restoration of the classic signs significant or revived. all this adds up to the policy intendses to make it easy to create new neon signs and to easily repair and rediscovery those that exist. flz florez will have a detailed description of the ordinance and staph recommendations i would like to take the opportunity to express we appreciate the department's work. agree with the recommendations in staff report and plan to incorporate them in the legislation moving forward long with the zoning map amendment. out of respect for time i will
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not go through each i will leave of that mrs. florez. happy to answer questions the commission may have. i would like to close by situating of the effort the broad issue context of huwe see our work admit tenderloin as commissioner moore mentioned the h pc direct evidence iing nayed turk and taylor and the property where the compton's cafeteria riots took place as a historic landmark. there are challenges the tenderloin faces and work to address them. [speaking fast] among the people who work and live there there is a sense of pride and love for the neighbored. the time and effort that produced the tenderloin community action plan. the public is focus on the problems we continuing is imperative to not lose sight what makes the tenderloin the few diverse working class neighborhood in san francisco u
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nobodying that includes the lbgtq + rights movement. live music and home to a third of neon sign in san francisco. it is complicated but i believe we will [inaudible] that statute core of the proposal before you today. i will turn it over to mrs. florez. thank you. >> ordinance would create the tenderloin neon special sign direct control for signs that are large are than permitted today. as he mentioned supervisor preston will include a zoning map amendment this was cover in the the notice and up for consideration today. the proposed tenderloin neon special sign direct follow the north of market residential
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special use district has 2 sections. the ordinance proposes a special sign direct to follow the outer perimeter north of market sud boundary. >> which were include instead packet for you. the details will be refined and returned later hearing date. the planning department received 1 letter support from the tenderloin museum co-signed by 12 community members including not limited to the tenderloin people's congress, tenderloin merchants and property owner's association. sf neon and san francisco heritage. the letters of support note the the historical significance in the tenderloin and the tenderloin action plan called for it is restoration of existing and creation of new
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neon signs in the tenderloin. they noted that neon signs will provide needed street lighting and encourage foot traffic. dru in visitors and increase neighborhood safety. after the packet the were published the department received 7 letters of support from neighbors, business owners and general san francisco residents. the letters mentioned experience and cost effective nature of physically detach neon signs refurbish them off site and return to the property. upon the other letters of support noted and supported the 2550 by 5 foot sign dimensions. recommends the commission approve the ordinance with the
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following modifications within the proposed special sign district. the first recommended modification is strike neon sign revisions that are more restrictive. currently neon signs are permitted in c4 sdrishths up to 2 square feast per foot street front an or 100 square feet, which ever is left this . is permissive than listed in the ordinance of a neon business sign up to 24 square feet. staff recommended the sign regulation and removing the provision in the draft ordinance. the second rmdzed modification as mr. snowy mentioned was to allow legal noncomplying neon signs remove from the building and returned to the property in existing condition. section 604 allows nonconforming signs for maintenance and repairs but completed on site. and 604 does not allow signs to be physically removed from the
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building. once signs are removed, they could only be returned be reinstalled if complying with existing sign regulations today. this is an official for existing neon signs that require more involved repair and maintenance to be completed off site. the primary goals was to address this issue for the noncompliant neon signs. originally, we thought this could be addressed in the design guideline, however since this press is not really design based this would suited be called out in the proposed special sign district language. the -- next recommended modification is to amending the proposed code language changed late steins projecting. blade signs are not in the code this is more for convince and clarity. and just to make sure terror is
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clear what died lineups are to be permitted. fourth recommended modification is related to minor clarifications for residential hotels. they are a residential use. so any related signs are not business signs in the draft ordinance they are identifying signs. this should be corrected in the final ordinance. the proposed ordinance allow residential hotels to install projecting signs 25 de feo in height and 5 in width. the planning code measures the height of a sign from the topmost area point the sign area to the ground directly below. so, the recommendation is to clarify the proposed projecting sign is for the sign itself that is clear the 25 feet is for the sxien not from the to which sign to the ground below. as mentioned, there are design
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guide lines, these are objective and include prescriptional krir tearia staff recommends these be renamed to be sdpien standardses instead and ensure it does in the result in dr sign approval. this last recommendation not in the draft resolution. make note of it in your motion today. and lastly am thereupon is zoning map amendment and ordinance reflecting is introduced that will not return to you because it was include instead hearing notice and up for consideration today. that will conclude this presentation and i am available for questions. thank you. members of the public this is your opportunity to address the
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commission on this matter. lineup on the screen side of the room and those call nothing remote need to press star 3. >> i'm katie i'm the executive director of the tenderloin museumful we are the sponsors of san francisco neon and with oewd have tenderloin neon a-0 to restore neon signs in the tenderloin. we need this new legislation to finish the work. neon signs are crucial asspect of the line loun's visual identity with this new legislation tell be easier to restore signs and add haftically neon signs to the tenderloin landscape. after the devastating impacts of the pandemic creating path ways relevant advertising is what the businesses need thou. we would like it create a neon sign
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district allows for helpfulically appropriate neon signs. to be add. and make its easy to restore existing signs. with communities input we worked with supervisor preston's office. san francisco neon and sf planning create this legislation. it has broad community support. the tenderloin community action plan noted that a priority is to restore and encourage more new neon signs in the neighborhood to create a tl identity. we believe the tenderloin historic sign district will positively embody tenderloin identity and i like to add in addition to historical significance and beauty they provide needed light for foot traffic and increasing night time activity and making the neighborhood safer. museum would like to add a new neon sign to the side of our
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bodiesing. dates back to the 1940's. this is a historic restoration. since the sign is not there according to the current code this would be a new sign and this new legislation needed to complete the project. >> the one sides will say cadillac and the other say tenderloin. in line with the communities action plan arcsertion that the new neon signs create an identity. we believe the sign would help establish a positive identity for the neighborhood providing beautiful, bright and authentic emblem for an area characterized negatively. i would like toendz with a quote. there are many ways to increase public safety. standards ways more ice street and culturally ways to do that that means lighting up streets. one of the easy ways is
12:44 am
focussing on lighting improve ams. but what better way and more special way to do that than by having historic neon signs lighting up our streets at night. casting awayor shadows >> thank you. >> i'm with a small tiny organization called san francisco neon. thank you to planning for this opportunity to speak i love to talk about neon. i will talk why we should love neon why it is important to community and the tenderloin. now neon is an al chemy of
12:45 am
gashgs electric and community. you can't take the communities out of a neon sign that has americans that's when we have left. corporate neon signs are gone. mom if pop signs survived every small neon is representing a small business. and that's where we find the community spirit. in our work. a bit about san francisco neon. my husband al barn and i 8 years ago, saw or favorite signs in the city were disappearing over night. we have to document these. we are photographers we are graphic designers we can make a book. we photographed all of the beautiful sign in lovely city and -- created a book that
12:46 am
documented them the beginning of kick starter. we did a campaign and funds in the 10 days by people all over the world. did not know there was a neon community but there is one. and like a lot of photographs we became advocates. we walked the tenderloin museum and asked katie if she would support us to continue and took her 2 secondeded say, yes. she knew this was important at this time neighborhood. we knew the tenderloin has more vicinitiesage neon signs than any other not nishgd in san francisco may be in the world. there are over 98 we did a winds shield assessment. and. put them on spreadsheets. that is unusual neighborhood are the tall blade signs for the
12:47 am
hotels. in closing i want to say that if this historic sign district passes, we are all going to be proud to have the third historic sign district in america. there is one in tucson, arizona and one in idaho. we are excited for this world class city to have a historic sign district. thank you very much. seeing no members in the chambers we will move to our remote callers. when you hear your line is unmuted that is an indication to speak. i'm call from san francisco heritage a 50 year old organization with a mission to preserve and enhance san francisco's cultural identity.
12:48 am
we upon support the creation of the tenderloin neon special sign district. the tenderloin has a third of all the neon in the city and a character defining feature of this neighborhood. it is rich in physical and cultural history. this ordinance will allow the existing neon signs in the neighborhood to be repair exclude restored. and allow selective signs to be installed the cadillac hotel boost line allowable museum. which both are important community anchors. i thank you againing for your consideration of this and for your recommendation of of this. i am aenant advocate for the sro collaborative and lead the
12:49 am
vision 2020 committee. i heard positive support for this [inaudible] to credit a special sign district inform our out reach in the [inaudible] congress we did community meetings and and properties over 1200 tenants. we did a survey of over 1400 residents in the upon tenderloin confirm when we learn in the meetings. the meetings were prepandemic twenty 18 and 19 up to 2020. and heard strong support for this legislation it is a positive, beautiful embellishment for the tenderloin a neighborhoods that is written about negatively and has i have
12:50 am
brandt culture and might the signs affirm our culture and life and wisdom and beauty. i wanted to say we support this. and all the amendments that will help expand to large are signs and to make the legislation more inclusive. again, please, pass this. tenderloin neon special sign district legislation. with amendments as proposed unanimously supported by the residents of tenderloin. thank you. >> good afternoon planning commission. this is a great day for tenderloin. i'm greg johnson a resident of the and supporter of the ordinance create the tenderloin
12:51 am
neon special district. thank you for allowing me to speak. i'm speaking and reminded people in communities narratives or [inaudible] to understand the world and their accomplice in it. as narratives become inclusive we are looking for ways to deliver the new store toes represent as many [inaudible] as possible. we know neon signs are beautiful and look great and [inaudible] energy efficient when you compare to the [inaudible]. the latest biotech nomgs stands up to neon for efficiency when it come to colored lights. people use neon lighting and [inaudible] the color of the light and the [inaudible] used. that said. you could expect 3.5 [inaudible]. rung 12 hours a daily be 15 and
12:52 am
18 [inaudible]. up to 50% energy efficient [inaudible] [hard to understand recording]. with changes in commitments from the tenderloin and hope of delivering the neon special district will be possibly more visitors not to our city but the tenderloin and this would be beneficial not only to our neighborhood but the san francisco in the future. i ask we move this forward it has been a long time coming. thank you. >> good afternoon i'm felicia smith. i'm representative from central
12:53 am
city sr oshg collaborative we are in support of this ordinance and the amendments that you suggested. i personal low and in support because of the safety. that tell create. making things brighter. thank you for your time and have a good afternoon. >> good morning this is [inaudible]. i stand in support of the tenderloin with [inaudible] light to bright and better [inaudible] and see things at night. thank you very much. >> okay. last call for public comment. again if you are in the chambers come forward and call nothing press star 3. no questions to speak
12:54 am
commissioners public comments on this matter is closed. and it is before you. i like to start by thanking everybody here and people call untiling remote low for powerful testimony on this legislation. casting away our shadows -- i think that calls for action. and delighted support this legislation. the thing i would like to ask is mr. smiley, to please, weigh in on the department's modifications. i found them reason but i ask the legislator or representative of the legislator to comment on the modifications themselves. >> happy to. thank you. we are in support of all the recommendations. we have worked with the staff and city attorney. plan to incorporate in legislation the reason they are not in the legislation is because we are in the recess we
12:55 am
plan to introduce substitute legislation to incorporate all of them. happy top go through them they are in keeping with the original intent and really the impetus of this as we look at the public commenter say the broader benefits to the neighborhood and community from this legislation. >> thank you. >> thank you for skillful handling this. i remind moiz in the past i had people from china down neon lights are important come and lost the signage once they took it down it needed to be repaired it was not allowed i hope them is a trail blazer for opening the door for other districts to pick it up peculiar low china city council a night time environment and benefit from functioning signs with
12:56 am
wonderful. calligraphy, i hope that people hear me and we move this on to a broader level. thank you supervisor preston and thank you and will [inaudible]. >> add a comment that i'm supportive of this legislation. and the plus the recommendation of the planning commission. i want to thank the planning department to be inclusive in terms of the tenderloin community action plan. part of the trail legislation of the creation of the plan itself. and -- i with this i also hope that this legislation will actually help small businesses and looks like oewd granted grants for small businesses to enable to help the small businesses for the neon signs.
12:57 am
i always think of the implementation as we are going to be the first in san francisco neon district and this legislation is being implemented. grown there is other comments. mr. koppel. i was going to second a motion made is this a motion. >> yes. >> second. >> and -- for claire thafkz motion includes >> approval of the amendments and staff's last amendment. >> yes. approval with modification. good. commissioners. on that motion commissioners to approve with modifications and staff's amendment read in the record commissioner ruiz. why aye yoochl commissioner dimonds. >> aye
12:58 am
>> commissioner imperial >> aye >> commissioner koppel >> aye >> commissioner moore. >> aye >> that motion passes unanimously we are on item 13 case 20 twenty-004398prj the san francisco international airport's shore line protection program this is informational presentation. >> good afternoon upon vice president more and members of the commission. michael li from environmental planning we will have a brief over view of the shore line
12:59 am
protection program designed to protect san francisco airport against flooding and sea level rise. this has been under going environmental review and publishing a draft eir on august 31st. public comments from september first to october 17th with a hearing on october 6. with the mile stones this was an appropriate time to tell you more about the project. so i'm going to turn it over to david kim who is sfo project manager. he has prepared a short presentation and available to answer questions you might have. >> good afternoon vice president moore.
1:00 am
commissioners. thanks for giving me the opportunity to present on this project. i'm dave you'd kim and the senior environmental planner for the san francisco international airport. i'm here to give you a project description in release of the environmental impact report. >> sfo an important peeves transportation infrastructure for the region and in addition and economic engine for the region and continued operation has national and international impacts in 2019 the 7th busiest airport in the u.s. serving 58 million passengers. sfo is the learningest employer in san ma te'o county. 46,000 people. we are responsible for about 8 billion dollars in director benefit and 62 billion dollars
1:01 am
to the region. the airport at risk from flooding and sea level rise that's why we are here. the figure on the left shows the risk from 1 huh human year flood event. you see most of the airport land would be covered and because of this, sfo required to impelement the city of san francisco flood resistant construction >> reporter:s for new structures for the san francisco upon flood plain management program. compounded with the sea level rise on the right showing the airport ournd hypothetical future 3 foot sea level rise and most of the airport in under them this. the airport existingly protections from flooding gapless in the perimeter and certainly in the high enough to protect against the flood riskless. next slide.
1:02 am
wroo we have a number of objectives for the shore line protection program. first we want to protect our travellers and worker. airport operations and city assets. secondly, we want to remove the airport from the hundred year flood plane. we are required to implement the costly flood resistand everant construction measures. third we want to create a protection system that is adaptable to future projections of sea level rise. we continue is happening but there are uncertainties as to what the future levels are. fourths, we want to create a protection system that pose said no safety hazards to airport operations maintain run way capacity and satisfies faa design upon standards. we are an airport we make surety shore line protection program we establish is in line with
1:03 am
specifications and no mai way impede our aircraft accyst >> we want to enhance emergency vehicle access in the fuel tank farm. minnize arc tractants to prevent bird straks. the protection system that we established create the protection system as fast as possible for safe and continued airport prescriptions and minimizing disruption to aircraft prescriptions during the construction. this is the project over view of the protection program. basically protect the 8 miles of shore line around the airport. it is divideed 16 reaches. heights of the wall range from 4
1:04 am
to 14 feet depending where you are you on the shore. most of this will be metal sheet walls and upon reach one on the north side by south san francisco and reach 15 on the south side those would be concrete walls. 16 in yellow dotted line on highway 101 and only be built if the protection suggests we create is unable to correct neighboring shore line protection systems with south san francisco north or down south. >> i highlight reach 7 off our run way 19 ends we will be building protection in the bay to arc void conflicting air space for the run ways and that will result in open water fill.
1:05 am
result in 26 acres of open water fill and 3 acre of wetland fill. construction would last 7 years. >> the next slides showing the construction what this is going to look like. eaches 1 and reach 15. most of the construction will be the typical sheet pile wall driving dope in the ground metal sheet piles the elevation maintains our flood and sea level rise protection. rock on the bay side otherwise it is large rocks. absorb energy from crashing
1:06 am
waves. and i wanted highlight at reach 7 the run way 19 ends constructing the bay will be bay fill. double sheet pile construction and bay sidor water side that armorrock as well. so, those were the primary components of shore line protection program. other elements include storm water out fall recorrection. vehicle service load and relocation. a new roadway at reach 2. and lighting tressel reconstruction. with respect to storm water out fall recorrection we elevate 9 out of 10 storm water out falls to go up and over this new protection around the perimeter.
1:07 am
also relocate the vehicle service roads they will be in the areas thatir highlight in the the red boxes. shown in the map. and realign the roads so they meet faa airport design upon standards for taxi way to vehicle service road separation. maintain aircraft operations in those areas. . would be building a new reach 2 roadway around our fuel tank farm and treatment plant. this would support fire safety access in the your. and improve internal roadway connectivity. a nonpublic road for that region. this would facilitate the construction of the wall on that area. lastly we construct run way 1
1:08 am
right. 19 left. approach lighting will tressel. so this we can make surety lights are above the elevation of the new shore line protection in that area. and that concludes my presentation. thank you for your time. happy to answer questions on this important infrastructure project. seeing no questions we should take public comment. members this is the opportunity to address the commission on this matter. if you are in the chambers come forward or remote press star 3. okay. seeing no speakers from the public. public comment is closed. and this afternoon informational
1:09 am
item no action is required by you >> thank you for the presentation. >> am if there are no comments from the commission -- we can move forward. commissioners item 14 case 20 it would be-010332imp, 375 laguna honda an informational presentation however, if you are satisfied with the institutional master plan we need you to actually acknowledge that and close the public hearing. >> >> good afternoon laura planning
1:10 am
department staff. project is an constitutional master plan for the laguna honda hospital and rehab center. planning coals 30 for you.5 post educational institution in hospitals to have a master planni mp on file with the department. planning commission must hold a public hearing on the imp for the receipt of public testimony and does not constitute a prove or disapproval of the imp itself or any facility describes there in. any proposed change envision the as part of the future development of the institution will require separate approvals. the planning commission will retain discretion on reviewing the applications. when they come in at a later date. laguna honda hospital is located
1:11 am
on the western slopes of twin peeks 62 acre site is bounded by del brook and panoramic avenue to the east. claire ton and olympic way on the north. wood side avenue to the south and laguna honda boulevard on the west owned by the city of san francisco and blocks 2842 lot 7. remainder of the site by the youth guidance center housing bite housing authority and claire ton avenue pump station, fire station and an mta electric substation. the project site is in the public zoning district and a mix of height and bulk district. development portion of the project site is in the 80d height and bulk district
1:12 am
>> the site is designated category a historic resource in the laguna honda historic district. the project site -- excuse me. tint of the imp to document projects occurred since the last imp submit @al and describe projected projects a major development replacement of the 1926 hospital with the new one in 2010 the formy hospital partial low repurposed in office spaces. future projects include continued retrofit of 2 former hospital wings to be usedad office space and construction to provide a combination of affordable senior housing and affordable assisted living. during the course of the public
1:13 am
notification period for this public hearing no comments were received. with the planning code the imp addresses topics the nature of the institution, history and growth, service provide, service population and. am characteristic. as noted in the executive summary it has been reviewed at planning for completeness and department believes it is includes all required information. no formal commission action is required and your accept analysis of the imp by closing the public hearing does not indicate an approval of any project. closing the public hearing the commissionarc knowledges the imp contains items out line in planning code section 304.5 and there has been a public hearing. this concludes my presentation i will be available to answer
1:14 am
questions. our colleagues -- from the d. public health will start with an update on the recertification process. next will be mr. greg wagner. thank you. >> good afternoon i'm greg wagner with public health. thank you very much for your time on this hearing. and your attention today. we remembered ask to give a brief update on issues regarding the hospital's certification under the medicare and medicaid program you may have heard about in the media or otherwise. so we will give you a brief update on -- what is happening
1:15 am
inform that area. and turn it over to the team for a short summary of the imp. so, very briefly i think there are slides coming up. but -- you heard about laguna honda as you know a corner stone of our public health system and health care system in the city. it it is an upon one of the nation's largest skilled nursing facilities housing full capacity over 700. the major whom are medicare or medicaid insured and low income. there is a wide variety of service on that site we are very proud of and that are very important to san francisco and a number of ways. earlier this year, i guess beginning in late