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tv   Disability and Aging Services Commission  SFGTV  September 6, 2022 12:00am-2:06am PDT

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san francisco department of disability and aging services meeting of wednesday august 3. i'm the commission president martha knutzen provisions of the brown act and orders issued by the upon governor to have teleconferencing. the brown act sets rowel for teleconference. allow it during a state of emergency provide commissions makes findings. to comply with this items 5 and 6 on the agenda is the request to consider continued use of teleconferencing will minimize health risks and if our
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commission can use it that allows public participation and transparency. members may observe this meeting via and channel 78 and offer comments by calling the comment phone number. welcome the members of public and staff for watching us live on and thank the staff of sfgovtv who make this meeting possible with all the technology we need to conduct these meetings at this time. >> commission ask and thanks you for patience during the times. we ask the public to have patience, expect delays and gaps during the meeting during public comment. to eliminate backgrounds intfrns all presenting via web exmute when not speaking. the commission acknowledges we
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are on home land of the ramaytush ohlone the original inhab tantss. as stewards of land and with their traditions they never forknot their responsibilities as the care takers of this place as well as for all people to reside in their traditional territory. as guests we recognize we benefit from living and working on their home lan. we wish to pay respects by acknowledging the ancestors and relatives of the ramaytush ohlone community and arc if he wering their rights as first peoples. >> thank you. commissioners respond with present. martha knutzen. >> present. >> vice president janet spears. >> present. >> sascha bittner. >> present. >> commissioner jung. >> present. >> commissioner carrington. >> present.
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>> nelson jung. >> sklar. >> present. >> kelly deerman. here. we have a quorum. >> commissioners the next item 3 is communications. we like to provide instructions for the public comment process. public commencement available on each item and during general public comment. channel 78 and streaming the number on the screen. each be allowed 3 machines to speak. comments or opportunity to speak are available via phone call. during each public comment period viewers and callers instructed call 415-655-0001 using access code: 2484 045 4675 # you will be muted and
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listening mode. when your item come up dial star 3 to be added to the speaker line. call from a quiet location, speak clearly and slowly and turn down your phone or radio. you will have 3 minutes to speak. you will be informed bite moderator when you have 30 seconds left. after that you will be muted and placed back to listening mode. public comment can be submitted by e mail to ravi dlt ravi. durbeej. are there communeses from the members? move on to the next item >> commissioners next item is approve think minutes of wednesday june first of 22 meeting are there comments or questions from the commission
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regarding the wednesday june first meeting? i think you had a quick -- yes. >> one correction the organize i will share -- and [inaudible] other comments or questions. commissioners who are reading their minutes. anyone from the public who wishes to comment. >> anyone from the public wish to comment? open the phone line for public comment. we'll allow time for callers to submit their requests. there are no callers in the queue.
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>> hearing no requests to speak on this item is there a motion it approve the wednesday 21st minutes. >> a second? >> commissioner bittner? >> mr. secretary, take a roll call to approve the wednesday june 2022 commission meeting june first meeting. >> president knutzen? >> yes. >> vice president spears? >> yes. >> commissioner bittner? >> yes. commissioner jung? >> yes. >> commissioner lum, >> yes >> and commissioner slar. >> yes >> unanimous vote. >> thank you. commissioners your next item is 5. the resolution to hold in person meeting with members appearing remote. are there comments or questions from the commission regarding this resolution?
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do we have anyone from the public had wishes to comment on this item. >> anyone from the public who wishes to comment? open the phone line for public comment. there are no callers in the queue >> no questions to speak is there a motion to approve agenda item 5? >> i move. >> from commissioner bittner. >> and commissioner sklar seconded. can you take a roll call row to approve the resolution in person with some members remote. and noting that commissioner sklar and bittner are appearing remote today. >> president knutzen? >> yes. >> vice president spears? >> yes. >> commissioner bittner? >> yes.
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commissioner jung? >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar? >> yes. >> thanks, unanimous vote. >> thank you, the next item is item 6 authorization to allow third party presenters not city employees it attend the meeting virtual. pending government code change or mayoral supplement to the emergency proclamation are there comments or questions about this motion from the commission? >> hearing 91 do we have members of the public had wish to comment on this item? >> anyone from the public who wishes to comment? open the phone line for public comment we will allow callers to submit requests. there are no callers in the queue. >> no requests to speak is there a motion to arc fruf item 6?
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>> i move. >> from bittner. >> and so i read it authorize to allow third party presenters not city employees to attends meetings virtual pending california code change or mayoral supplement that was moved by commissioner bittner. and second from commissioner jung. and can we have a roll call? >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> bittner? >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> and commissioner sklar? >> yes. we have a unanimous vote. >> thank you very much, commissioners and we will move to item 7 and welcome our executive sdreshth. deli dearman for her report. >> thank you. good morning. commissioners. i hope you had a restful july. in terms of my updates, i have
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no federal updates. and for the state updates the older adults recovery and resilience funding is coming our way and mike will speak about had in awhile. for budget updates, we are working on 31 add backs from the 22-23 budget process totalling 6.upon 7 million dollars for 22-23 with 6.3 million available in 23/24. some include on going funding to continue the mayor's 900 thousand dollars investment in lbgtq + services from 21/22. i want you to know 600 thousand dollars of the funds supporting the launched lbgtq + mental health connection and technology support and 300 thousand dollars
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is increasing staffing at lbgtq + focused programs. 425 thousand dollars on going for residential care facilities for elder low pilot to increase affordable, quality care in san francisco. 3 huh thousand dollars on going for house being subsidies. 400 thousand dollars on going to support the formerly city college older adults learning classes now through das. 2.20 million dollars on going to meet the increased demand for nutrition service. home delivered meals. as far as digital divide das is tracking 225 thousand dollars of new funding for expansion. digital divide efforts for school year 22/23 received through the add back process. this amount is lower than the community was advocating for. they were advocating over 3
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million dollars. we have other new funding which will go to support these efforts. other resource such as 425 thousand dollars new funding allocations and expecting 1 million. in new funding from the state of california for digital divide efforts to a ratifiad das this year. there is progress being made. >> now on to laguna honda. the california department of health care services agreed to allow them to discharge as required. this is good news for the residents and all of us who were facing heart 80.
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>> required the transfers and discharges because laguna honda lost certification that allowed them to participate in the provider participation program. they continue to work achieving recertification. the center for medicare and medicaid allowed to continue to participate on a temporary basis. laguna honda identified a small number who don't require nursing home level of care. das is working with the hospital to develop care plans for these residents who will be discharged on a voluntary basis to the community. shout out to das staff for working really hard on this. next, you all might have seen, heard, read the report from the budget and analyst office regarding the housing shortage for older adults and an article
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in the sunday chronicle regarding this. so, the bla so you know, they reached out to das and planning to be interviewed for this report and met with them several times. we provide additional information for the follow up sessions. there was a hearing a couple weeks ago. to introduce this report. there has not there will be another hearing imagine paut taught by supervisor mar to go to details on the report. bottom line is as usual, we continue to say, we are the subject matter experts on issues regarding older adults and people with disabilities. and provide support from service. we don't dot building of the housing. we are hoping we will have more information once we get the hearing date and get some time to digest the 123 page report.
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mayor sde claired a health with monkeypox. and have resources to responded to the health emergency. das is rolling out training to staff to educate them about the virus. . lastly, yesterday i spoke us aging on a panel with u.s. aging, about their aging commit to connect summit. we spoke aboutin are generational programming. it was uplifting and. upon engaging panel. i was happy to hear things this are happening regardingin upper generational programming and the benefits of it. >> there is a care giver panel, care giver conversations a day of learning, support and
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information. which is sponsored by family care giver alliance on the 18th of this month. i will be on a panel for that as well. really a time for care givers and providers to come together and take a breath and pat themselves on the back and be reminded how important the work is. that is all i am i'm happy to answer questions. >> questions from commissioners? >> good morning. >> good morning. >> do we das have any plans to be proactive with the vaccination for the monkeypox? >> we are keep nothing upon tough with department of public health the issue is when the we will have enough vaccinations and so -- we're hoping that california and san francisco
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gets the number of ridiculousinations that are necessary. i believe we will do training but not sure we will be doing the vaccinations. that will be with the department of public health. >> thank you. >> i wanted to -- do you -- it has to be done in a very careful way. and i'm glad that people are going to be -- and -- thank you
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commissioner bittner, we, too, are really happy we are no longer having to move people out of laguna honda. that happened because they are working on 2 tracks to regain cert sxifkz they had to work on a closure lan plan. all the trauma it was cause to residents, staff and the families. commissioner bittner i share your joy that is not happening. anymore. but well is a lot of work to begin at laguna honda but we are not worried about moving people out at the moment.
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>> yes. >> any other comments from commissioners? move on to item 8, employee recognition. i think we have quite a few people recognized today. looks like executive i'm sorry i'm cut to had our secretary is supposed to say. [laughter]. commissioners item 8 the das employee recognition. executive director dearman, knutzen and the commission will honor derrick chong. diane an wang. tailor. say and linda tang who make up the in home support services quality assurance support team. >> thank you. so -- this is an exciting time. the in home supportive service quality assurance support team in recognition of hard work assistance to the quality assurance unit, the department would like to recognize these 5 individuals who stepped up
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during a time when the ihss quality assurance unit was short staffed. the ihss unit over sees many tasks ensure the program is in compliance with state regulations. when this unit lost staff, these 5 individuals voluntarily took on duties to ensure the unit was able to meet performance goals the 5 are derrick chong. program specialist. derrick has a wonderful attitude and never says no. jose mentesor to new staff. he is a reliable and valuable part of the unit. diane wong, social worker, her work completing case reviews was vital to the quality assurance unit's ability to meet goals. learned quick and accomplished a lot of work in a short amount of
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time. diane was an absolute ascells. taylor a social worker assisted the quality assurance unit training classes of new employees. trainee's report is an effective trainer, supportive and knowledgeable and did a wonderful job updating the training materials. your efforts are appreciated. >> linda tang a program specialist, supported the team ensure this quality assurance reports were accurate and took on additional responsibilities to ensure the dash boards and reports were maintained. has a positive outlook and always approaches a problem with a solution and a style. a pleasure to work with. >> [inaudible] program analyst assisting the quality assurance unit she helped to draft a new and improved policy for over
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payment and investigation referels. her organizational skills were appreciated by the team. these staff members were critically necessary and supported the unit to meet objectives and goals for the state. their contributions were meaningful. the program thanks them for supporting the program during a challenging time of low staffing and das is so pleased and proud to have you as part of the team of consideration. there is a person on web ex. >> do you want to say something we would love to hear from you. >> am i want to say thanks for the recognition and the kinds words. thank you, you guys. >> thank you, taylor.
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>> anyone else >> this is derrick. i really appreciate the acknowledgment. it is a joy to work and i want to credit ihss in general the staff is working hard and doing the best they can. we appreciate the acknowledgment. thank you. >> thank you. >> had is linda, i'm happy to be a part of the team and appreciate the recognition as well. >> thank you. we are your certificates and will make sure you get them. >> and i want to echo everything that the director said about this group. i feel you were ground zero of things happening during the pandemic and nothing could have been more heroic by helping the
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most vulnerable and you are heros. thank you for your work and appreciate that you were hob honored today all the pieces going to make the program work the way it did. thank you. on behalf of the commission. >> i think we are good. >> thank you. i'm glad you could participate today in this. >> then >> ready for item 9 >> commissioners item 9 the council report presented by diane lawrence. >> good morning president knutzen and executive director. i will report on the june 15th and july 20th meetings.
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since there was no july commission meeting. the no action items. at the january i don't know why i'm january. july 20th meeting the members of the dignity fund oversight committee provided the update this came as a result of the july 18th meeting. we at this meeting there was discussion on the member uponship regarding the long-term care coordinating council. the service provider working group looking at that is to reach out to the community during the funding cycle. advertising has been done in various languages. and there are discussions around how to bring people in the out reach process and this has been an on going conversation the last few years. again the -- discussing the
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resource director and moving up the rfp process. the there was a budget update from executive director dearman much of the same points she just went over on the laguna honda status and the good news about the temporary pause in move am of folks. there were 3 announcements at that meeting, july twixt the 32nd anniversary of americans with sdablths act. 29th the 50th anniversary of medicare and an event at the federal building. and then there was a mention that yesterday was tom nolan day in san francisco. tom is retiring. there were no lbgtq updates as the doctor who provides them was attending meeting for the
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commission on aging. at the june meeting we had a site visit report on the ymca in china town this was an interesting discussion and really pointed out the advantage of our doing the virtual site visits as well as physical site visits. challenges on getting there. the ymca china town on a steep hill. and the website provide only general information on seniors. no specifics or contacts or phone numbers and the promise under adults along with community services. ful just to shorten the report. the -- there was discussion with the councilmember and staff at the y and aware of the challenges with the website. but they also have found that
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word of mouth works best within the community and that there is in the a high usage of internet services which we are finds next a number of the communities. the site itself was clear. some a lot of public transportations. it is one of the signs of the 14y's in between the san francisco and san mateo. this focussed on chinese-americans in china town. and service available for you members. there is no focus on a nutrition program in regular meal service. as there are a number of meal
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programs and nutrition cites in the neighborhoods. they decided to use the resource in another way. they are working on a grant that will result in 30 appropriate meals for 550 households in collaboration with the san francisco marine food bank. we know covid increased the need. they offer taichi they have safety programs trying to address the a ap i hate issues. exploring the good friend's program parris seniors and volunteers and they make about 300 calls a weekch starting tech programs using smart phones. there are no medical service the over all impressions were wonderful programs. but no programs for person disabilities. great facility there was a
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discussion on websites. not so much but especially for importance helping find service for seniors and -- the councilmember found it was a very profitable visit. we did not have reports in july. but 2 scheduled for august. the executive director's report, we pretty much what executive director has gone over. we also had to guest speaker at the july meeting. program manager of the office of community partnerships gave an update on the dignity fund community need's assessment. with that, we have had all 4 reports but informed them the dignity funds community need's assessment made to the council over the last few months.
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member updates, we discussed housing. changes in the bound easier with districts 5 and 6. and then our those were in june and our july the focus on -- discussion on laguna honda. the one error i node to report on my part, we elected a representative to serve as the senior senator for cfl, and her application was being filed and therefore the election was not valid. we announced that at the meeting and. will our senior researching to see if there are other options. . will continue to attends our council meetings to stay on top of the discussions and will hold an election in the spring for the senior senator and for the vacant senior rep. now we have one representative.
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we had the submitted an application which you will vote on for a commission appointment. and in a few minutes and we are working with the board of supervisors. thank you very much. are there other questions? [inaudible] i don't think so. i think we will move to the join legislative report. commissioners item 10 the joint legislative report. which also presented by the council president diane lawrence. >> good morning againful so, we had our joint legislative meeting on the 15th of june and 20th of july. we discussed the changed and [inaudible] the point in the year things are beginning to
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wind down. there is the quiet period in upon june the legislator is focusing on the budget. and that completed and a brief recess. so since the budget was passed those have moved. many case now moved appropriations. and they will go back to the state senate. for rerue and discussion. the last step will be a vote. they recessed during parts. july they are coming back this monday. there were also bills put in suspense but we can see active again. and the detail when their time table is. off the legislative website. so we kinds of help keep the joint legislated itch committee and myself on board with where we are going. few changes are noted and there
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are comments in bold in the report so tell give you an idea of what happened. the one bill was completely gutted. we left it in so you can see how the bills at this time sometimes will be [inaudible] different. >> only one and -- number of the master plan bills have been solved. and that's may be because so many require funding. i have a feeling our meeting on august 17th will have will see a lot of actions since all of the fiscal committees will have hit their last date for them to meet. which is the 12th. >> thank you for that. any comments or questions from commissioners on this report? >> we are hearing somebody just background noise. know if you are not
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participating mute yourself on web ex. thank you. >> i don't think we have comments, your reports are thorough we appreciate the detail on the site visit. good. thank you. >> thank you all. i will let the council know we are making progress and we really are feel very we are glad we are adding the virtual it is adding an insight that we did not have before. and it also helps members not comfortable making the physical cites yet. >> uh-huh. and brings out the aspect of the need for digital, >> exactly. >> connection. gi think that is now a part of what you are evaluating, which is great. and access. >> we will move on and thank you very much.
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>> commissioners item 11 the case report by daniel gallagher. >> good morning, commissioners. executive director dearman. reporting on our programming for june and july and august. here -- i have starting the report was a statement the case mission statement. [inaudible] can i not going to read that. but i felt the need to reiterate the mission statement of the case it is there for your enjoyment to read. our case programming, i wanted to reflect back on the programming where the hummingbird project presented on the creativity in aging to help
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older adults and people living with dementia experience joy and purpose and answer the earlier question in the last meeting, the hummingbird project devoteed providing services and products that promotes quality of life for older adults when they are home or not guilty community. the project is to cultivate joy, engage curiosity and foster personal expression. elders presented their executive director mark campbell, and assistant director darcy o'brien. and older adults live nothing senior communities and weekly fine art's classes taught by professionals and share their work and life experience during public exhibits. the classes bring people with shared interests together
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building community and giving them opportunity to continue to grow cognitively and exercise creativity. those were really well received presentations by both of the hummingbird and arts with elders. in july, we spent our meetings discussing budget advocacy for year 23. and providing updates on the funding for seniors and the disability community and the [inaudible] campaign for fiscal 23. in august, michael of nicos, a coalition of 5 health care organizations representing the chinese community northeast medical services, chinese community health association,
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chinese hospital, [inaudible] and self help for elderly. presenting on the work of the coalition. you can see the mission of them there. in my report. case activities. recent activities, we are convening a discussion group on creative aging lead by arts with elders. this is an effort by arts with elders to see if they can provide a -- more education and out reach. through case programming. we are conducting the survey we did conduct a survey amongst the case membership for feedback on current programs and services with the goal to educate the membership and assist with out reach and referels and focusing
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on out reach for the case membership, so the membership understands what others are doing in their programming. and where hay can reach out as needed. that's an important project for us. in the coming months. we are happy to under take that lastly the case will survey membership to identify discussion and program topics. as usual, we are always look to educate or membership on items and -- discussions as we move forward. a report on the dignity fund coalition and budget proposals you heard the executive director dearman and diane lawrence report on this as well.
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keep us connected campaign was 3.5 million dollars for 2 years. with unachieved dignity fund did not achieve that. board of supervisors at this process to 100 thousand dollars was funded in year 1 of the budget cycle and 100 thousand dollars in year 2 and during the allocation 350 thousand dollars, although i thought i heard dearman say that was 425 now? and then -- as executive director dearman mentioned, das is expecting about 1 million dollars from the state toward this effort. and then other asks -- supported by case funded throughout dignity funds allocation. 20 thousand dollars for group care giver counciling and
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support. and 75 thousand dollars for the hardware for hybrid programming also part of keep us connected campaign. that concludes my report. >> thank you very much, are there questions or comments from commissioners on this item? hearing none. thank you for your work over the last couple montes and your report on this we received. thank you very much. >> thank you. commissioner. >> we are ready for general public comment. commissioners item 12 is public comment. opportunity for members to address the commission on matters that are not on today's calendar are there member who is would like to address the commission today? please open the phone line for public comment. we will allow time for callers
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to submit requests. do we are callers in the queue? >> there is a caller in the queue. i'm transferring over. >> thank you. >> hello you have 3 minutes. >> i'm francisco decosta. i have been paying attention to this meeting of diligently. apparently, i take on some items like director's report there should be public comment. now i want to bring your attention that i do attend virtually some of the important meetings dealing with housing and disabilities.
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and what i failed to understand is why we don't have input from you, commissioners, on the our city -- oversight committee? which -- makes decisions on housing and disabilities. we do not have really in real time an assessment on many disabled people who are suffering. and who should be housed. we have a tendancey during this commission meeting to address other agenda items -- but don't
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focus on the suffering and the trials of those in a wheel chair, paralyzed and those, some of them, are in the beds. who need some acute care. i have fought very hard as a former congressional liaison for laguna honda. one of the issues that happened at laguna honda was addicts transferred to laguna honda. you folks do know and should analyze that that's because the federal government was paying the [inaudible] laguna honda with intent transferred drug addicts to be rehabbed at laguna honda.
12:46 am
that is wrong. >> mix the seniors with drug a be addicts. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. caller in the queue >> there are i no other caller in the queue yoochl that concludes the members this wish to address under this item we are ready to move to the next item. commissioners the next item is item 13 old business. please indicate if there is old business you like to discuss.
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>> thank you very much. commissioners the next item is item 14, new business and the first item is informational only. 14b-k are action that will require a vote by the commission. if we could call 14a, review of the department's fiscal year 22-23 report presented by kelly dearman. >> welcome. >> there it is. good morning, everyone i'm pleased present this year's department -- annual report. in our highlights.
12:48 am
okay. so -- we published our strategic report for this year. what it does it out lines what we will work on this year in support of strategic goals and provides a look back at major achievements from last year. this report as you know, posted on line on our report's page. today, i will talk specific low about our annual report for 22-23. you will remember the presentation about the strategic plan through [inaudible] all of the human services agency. our work is structured by the [inaudible] main goal include equity, inclusion and accessible. strong workforce, employment and economic security, health and well being, safety and care.
12:49 am
for my presentation i will highlight one action from each. >> so, the first goal around equity inclusion and accessibility are the strategy one is to invest in initiate itches to welcome and include all community members and social [inaudible]. so -- we are currently working to procure a service provider to develop and begin implementation of the disability community cultural center. we are fine uponizing the rfp this month and hope to get it out in september this . is an exciting time and you continue is there on -- [inaudible] this is a very exciting time and in
12:50 am
person and -- hybrid people can participate in many ways and will be as i said several times the first of the kind in the nation. we are excited about that. next slide. >> so, the goal is a strong workforce and collaboration. so -- one of the strategy system to facilitate partnerships and research to collaborations and system level change. you all know, we completed the second dignity fund community need's assessment this past april. and we will begin working on the services and allingcasion plan for the 4 year funding cycle from fiscal 23/twour to 26/27. you know this is community wide,
12:51 am
many cbo's, it is huge collaborative process. and -- the need's assessment is our hope that really by doing this we are really able to hear what those that we serve need, want and will make their lives better. this is economic security. and the action is a pilot program to reduce barriers for people accessing means, tested benefits like medical and ssi. means tested benefits are complicated and many people who are on them are staying out of fierce having benefits impacted. we know that extra income is good and having a part-time job
12:52 am
gives people things to do and connect with community. when we hope to do is pilot a program that will provide benefit and support to keep people on means tested benefits and take on work. born out of the work matters collaborative. which includes some of our cb oh ,'s who have been getting together to cord mate and advocate around employment. so. the program currently is in the rfp draft stage. we hope that will be able to get out by the ends of the month and to be ail to launch the pilot some time in november.
12:53 am
once we achieve you are looking a great outcome. goal 4 -- is health and well being. last year we launched the collaborative care giver support team of this model build on the partnership cultivated during the covid-19 with das and other city agencies like the department of homelessness and supportive housing and the department of public healing. this year we floon scale it up to new buildings supported by expanded team of ihss social workers that we advocated for
12:54 am
during the budget cycle and will upon begin hiring for new budgeted positions later this month. next slide. for safety and care, the state expanded ap s eligibility and the scope of services in january of 22 to include seniors ages 60 to 64 and individuals experiencing homelessness. we focused last year on preparing for this expansion and the increase in reports to abuse. this year we are continuing to enhance community out reach to educate reporters and other key partners about the changes the service eligibility. implement planned growth in staffing and support greater inter~ agency coordination to ensure effective service deliver tow clients in need across city system like health and housing. so, if you hopeful low you will
12:55 am
look at the report. there are many action items we wanted to highlight 5. and if there are questions we are happy to -- >> thank you yoochl thank you to for all her help. >> one correction. the action number 3 on [inaudible] [interference]. in the report. >> thank you. >> >> any comments or questions from commissioneros this report in [laughter] you were looking at me. i begin this one. >> please, go ahead. >> first, director dearman i think this is an excellent report. excellent document. it rises a great summary of the work of what was done. i loved the format where you
12:56 am
state the goal. combugz of honors. what has been don special going on to talk about the different plan goals for the next year. it is an excellent format. the plans for the future. and arc lines with the planning that has been going of in terms of strategic planning. will it fall in place and connects the dots. the things that i really thought -- the specifics you discussed in general, under goal one, what i appreciated was a focus an out reach and the various strategies. in the fund community need's assessment. it was well highlighted we think
12:57 am
we are okay out reach but are not quite getting it. and that i know that the glow is various strategies noticed especially to the different communes they want to work with and improve of people with disabilities. the community, the lbgtq + community and veterans. as far as go to -- again, what i really liked and -- that we are put nothing place is emphasis on collaboration. another point that was pointed out through the community need's assess am. we think we are okay we can do better in collaboration well was discussion there on how we plan to do that. as far as also that we are using data we gathered to help focus
12:58 am
work upon between the community need's assessment and the listening sessions with the community of color. it is just really -- really hit home in terms of seeing -- the work that the discussion. and the plans that all this is put in accomplice. and the last is -- note on focusing on making sure we are providing services to the inclusive and being responsive. very excellent, a lot of work ahead of us. but important and well plan said. thank you. excellent work to you and your staff. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner, i will say -- a lot of work ahead of us and to get here. and all the thanks goes to staff
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because there was a lot of pushing and pulling hair out and we have dead lines to meet. let's sit down and focus on this. clearly all of the work is centered in when we hear. from the community. and i think that is really reflect in the this document. i'm also pleased to see that all of hsa can look at our file we can look at our 5 goals and all build our programs under that. i think it is working. commissioner comments about this report? remote? hearing none i want to broader statement about the fact that we heard this morning about may be
1:00 am
funding we did not get. because -- we have a plan. and whenever there is our funds available, which for now, there seem to be; we are ready for those. and because we have have done home work and listened to the community. we listened to the staff and developed some very clear and precise goals about what we want to do that are very integrated into what is a very, very big framework. this is a time of huge change in our country. and because of the pandemic and just cultural changes. and -- our senior community and disabled communities and veteran community are reflecting all of those things. and i want to say, let's keep being a model for what we are doing. keep pushing for the programs we
1:01 am
know we need. keep make them happen. around cross the digital diroadway and coming up with innovations around that. this is all complicated and has each thing you mentioned has 8 dimensions. that's when we recognize. thank you and for being so concrete. i know as an exmanager in the city that when you also assigned responsibilities to the different parts of your programs and i got this, too. if i was a direct of this i would be like okay here is my plan. i understand that is alone in terms of the management. an agency so >> approximate i like this part. in terms of those things. so -- thank you very much. for the work this went into this. i think we are fine this is for informational only. we surface comments from the commissioners. there is none we will go ahead
1:02 am
with it then. >> we ask for public comment on this. if we can go ahead with that. >> members that would like to comment on the review of the department fy22-23 annual report? please open the phone line for public comment for the review of the department's annual report. there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> hearing no requests to speak we will close public comment. commissioners item 14b and k are action items require a vote by the commission. and 14b is requesting a vote by the commission to appoint darlene to the council for a 2 year term. i think we received information about this . very well qualified.
1:03 am
we appreciate very much. for her to step forward and participate as a volunteer on this council. and i think we need to ask for a motion to appoint her for a 2 year term. >> president spears a second. >> thank you. and we have that are there comments from the commission on this? none. a roll call or are there anyone from the public who wishes to comment on agenda 14 b. are there members who would like to comment. agenda item 14b. >> we will allow time to do we
1:04 am
have phone callers in the queue. >> a motion before public upon comment. we have a motion could you take a vote to approve item b >> knutzen >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum, >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> we have an unanimous vote. >> thank you. the next is agenda item c requires a vote by the commission requesting authorization to enter a new grant agreement with the bay view multipurpose senior service prosecute vision of out reach and nutrition support for older adults and adults with disabilities july first of 22 to june 25, 450 thousand dollars
1:05 am
and 10% contingencey not to exceed 495 thousand dollars. tiffany kearney will present the item. >> thank you. >> good morning. president newts sxen executive director dearman. will ip tiffany kearney the lead nutritionist for das. i'm seek prove for a new grant agreement to provide a program and partnership with the san francisco african-american faith based coalition consisting of 21 churches this work together to address health among communities in the city through advocacy and collaboration to provide culturally responsive resources. >> the recent dignity need's assessment and listening sessions report published this past october highlights the sprjs of culturally competent
1:06 am
out reach and the benefits of collaborating with trusted voices in the xhoo you know to engage hard to reach populations the partnership leverages each of the organization's strengths to deliver needed services where there are gaps. the coalition will publicize the prosecute and conduct out reach through church liaisons. bay view will provide a hot, culturally relevant meal to the consumers the coalition is able to reach and engage in services. the connection to bay view's newtrician program will service as an access point for other home and community based services that the new das upon clients may not be aware of. bay view will provide the administrative support that is required to deliver a nutrition program this is successful, system tainable and positive
1:07 am
impact. similar to all meal programs the meals meet nutritional standardses and nutrients. the meals will be prepared and commercial kitchens that are monitord and evaluated quarter low for food safety and sanitation, which is essential when delivering nutrition support to high risk populations. clients screened for risks and food security and education will be provided. we are very excite body this new grant and the partnership it brings to the department. reflects our effort to provide affordable, health and he responsive nutrition support to das consumers and under scores the department's ability to cap tommize on existing network of community organizations and their partners to connect hard to reach populations. bay view and the african-american coalition intend to reach at least 500 new
1:08 am
consumers and provide 17,000 meals through this grant. thank you for your time and i'm happy to answer questions you may have. now. >> thank you. are there comments or questions from the commission? >> i noticed in the grant document that the -- location and time of service will be decided. has there been movement or how will that be done? >> good question. they are working on sorting that out now in terms of -- the reason why it is to be determined because now congregate meal settings are hybrid. you know now they will be reaching out to the community and most likely delivering a lot of the meals and then as you know there is more and more now
1:09 am
91 of bay view's centers are open now. it is now it is like a delivery model. once bay view goes to in person services or a hybrid approach it will be going most likely to doctor davis senior center. western edition and rosa park. >> thank you. >> thanks. other comments or questions from commissioners on this item? do we have anyone from the public had wishes to comment on item c? members that would like to comment on agenda item c? moderator. open the phone line for public comment on agenda item c. >> doe woo have callers in the queue. >> there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you.
1:10 am
>> hearing no further requests we will close public comments. is there a motion to approve item c? >> i move. >> that is commissioner bit merand second from commissioner jung. mr. secretary, tick a vote to approve item c >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears? >> yes. >> commissioner bittner? >> yes. >> commissioner jung? >> yes. >> commissioner lum? >> yes. >> commissioner sklar? >> yes. we have a unanimous vote. >> thank you. >> commissioners the next order is agenda item d requires a vote by the commission, requesting authorization to modify the existing grant with senior and disability action for the following. home care add vo kase kaes, housing and counciling, long-term care consumer rights, senior and disability empowerment during the period of
1:11 am
july first of 22 to june 20 of 24, 100 thousand dollars plus 10% contingencey not to exceed 2 million dollars and justin chico will present this item. i believe he is joining remote. >> yes. >> good morning. good morning president knutzen i'm justin chico with office of community partnerships help older arc did you tell us understand rights and the services available to them. and show them how to ensure them how to get the service. the work with collaboration with consumers cbo's and legislateors the modification for senior and disability ask through the next
1:12 am
2 fiscal years, of 22/23 and 23/24 and additional funding add in the 21/22. will support modest wage increases and make the positions sustainable for staff. with turn over within the positions, this is our attempt to increase their salaries to make them sustainable and keep the programs operating the tell cover costs of some operating/infrastructure costs such as remote hybrid participation of community members. . the costs include zoom memberships. captioning, american sign language. spanish and intercepting and computer equipment of another area of infrastructure tell support is the disability book series within the long-term compare community consumer advocacy program.
1:13 am
the book series features disabled authors and books related their disability experiences. the other policy areas will work on are advocacy of affordable housing for older adults and with disabilities. new housing development. sro elevator replacement and housing accessibility we don't see service objectives but will reflect the costs of work. thank you for your time and i'm happy to answer questions you may have. >> thank you. are there any commentses or questions from commissioners. >> i'm am known people and they do wonderful work.
1:14 am
>> thanks, commissioner. >> i'm pleaseed zoo there was an address of wages -- [inaudible]. the unique service i want to applaud that as well. so we are able to susstain that. for this program. any other comments? and -- anyone from the public who wishes to comment on item c? are there members that would like to comment on item d?
1:15 am
[background noise]. open will line for public comment on item d we will allow time for callers to submit requests. >> do we have callers in the queue. >> there are no callers in the queue >> thank you. >> we will close public comment. is there a motion to. >> aye. >> i am [inaudible]. >> bittner. >> thank you. >> and a second? from vice president spears. can you take a vote to approve item d >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. we have a unanimous vote. >> thank you, commissioners.
1:16 am
the next order is agenda item e and also requires a vote bite commission review and approval of california department of aging and disability resource connection infrastructure grant which is contract ad 2223-05 associated budget and amendments and melissa will present this large item. >> thank you. welcome >> good morning. president newts sxen commissioners, director dearman. i'm a program manager with office of [inaudible] i'm here this morning to request to approval to enter in contract with the california d. aging for the aging and disability resource connection structure grant. this contract will allow the department to access fun everfungdzing for expansion. aging and disability resource
1:17 am
centers. throughout the city. the purpose of this funding is to support ad rc's developing implementing and sustaining the no [inaudible] system of access and enhanced services and support for older adults. [heard to hear]. first to enhance and strengthen language capacity in the ad rc system. language enhancements this we're include russian and vietnamese and chinese. second is using funds toward the development of the disability community [inaudible] referred to the dccc. which will host an ad rc. the dccc will be located in the civic center area and ad rc
1:18 am
focus is [inaudible]. and to determine whether request for proposals and or contract modification will be [inaudible]. we would bring these actions [inaudible] [inaudible] thank you. are there questions? >> comments or questions for the commissioners on this item? commissioner bittner. >> i wanted to -- i'm glad this -- and -- >> thank you.
1:19 am
>> i -- [bad audio] on going do we have a [cannot hear]. they are -- one you know for the current year the contract is -- we hope and expect that there would be [inaudible] it -- and/or use our [inaudible] [audio going in and out] [cannot hear well] commissioner lum? >> good morning. since this is a staple grant and we are asking you are asking permission to enter in a contract what if the funding stops. are we anticipating we are going to take over that funding?
1:20 am
>> the contract is for the current year. the funding [fuzzy]. any other commissioner comments? and hearing none. anyone from the public who wishes to comment on item e? call for public comment. >> are there members that would like to comment on item e. moderator open the phone line to comment for item e. we will allow time to submit requests. do we have callers in the queue? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> hearing no requests to speak
1:21 am
we will close public comment. is there a motion to approve item e from commissioner sns >> i move. >> from bittner. and moved a second? from commissioner jung. >> thank you. >> take a vote to approve item e. >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> thank you, we have a unanimous vote and just a reminder sf goff asked all commissioners to speak clearly in the mic. >> move forward a bit >> myself included. >> the next order is item f and requires a vote by the
1:22 am
commissioner review and approval of california department of aging contract if2233-06. the associated budgets and all amendments. and mr. mike will be presenting this, welcome >> good morning, commissioners executive director dearman. happy to be here today. this item before you is -- a big one. >> it is approximate me getting your approval to enter in contract with california department of aging to get 1.4 million dollars to fund services in san fran it was 98 pages, 2 memos and many abbreviations i will take you through that approximate what this all means. >> we are seeing more state funding for service for older adults and with adults with disabilities. it is great. you will see that coming before for prove in the coming months.
1:23 am
this is the older adult recovery and resilience funding. california department of aging advocated to the state and received a chunk of funding. parcelling out in piece this is a big chunk coming now they have taken at this time california department of aging put it in 4 program areas and then done it funding allocation for each aaa throughout the state. then it is dollars come down to us. the 4 categories we receive funds nothing for fall prevention. nutrition inner generational. family care giver support and senior legal services. in your memo, i have -- a description of our general intent and how we plan to use the funds.
1:24 am
the action item here is truly just to approve this 1 tract with california department of aging to accept those funds. the easy part it gets more complicated and i wanted to bring to the commission's attention that with the funds coming on the will heels of our american recovery plan act dollars. gave us pause in how we want to allocate the dollars across the different programs we are funding. this is where i attempted explain. between our plans and our new or funds, we will continue with all program efforts as planned and described. but what we will do is shift some of the costs of the legal service programs on to this state funding. as well as our plan and un. am services pilot moving that on to local funding and sort of
1:25 am
retroactively opening up 500 thousand dollars in arp funds we received back in april. and giving you us the ability to repurpose them. we will take those funds move them over to supporting nutrition everybodieses, where we are experiencing increase demand for services and increasing costs of service that will go in that area. the funds are not programmed or locked in a contracts. that is the process we are going through over the coming weeks. i wanted provide notice to the commission how we are moving buckets around a bit. but also to answer questions about that. or lay anything [inaudible]. >> that's my thing for today. happy to answer questions to on anything. >> i have one question.
1:26 am
this is future what's the timing of when we think this will be contracted? >> um -- these funds run through -- december 30 of 2024. it will be a mix. so, nutrition and family care giver funds will be able to get in contracts quickly. some of the legal service funding with will happen within the next month. the other legal service funding is further out 3-4 months. >> we should expect to see some [inaudible] >> yes. >> okay. >> but before [inaudible] >> we want to send the funds begin to us we want to show we need them and are using them to people need them and also we need to tell the store tow the
1:27 am
state of california we like it had the state gives us funds it is good and keep doing it. >> >> other comments from commissioners. ja the old term was being shovel ready. >> yes. >> i feel like again the comments i made about having are -- annual plan and all of these reports and all of the studies and things we do to make sure we are creating programs that are relevant to the community when we receive funding we are ready for it. and able to leverage that in a way that let's us operate optimum. we promise we will not take anymore vacations and be ready for the contracts. >> coming our way >> that is a good tie in with how the meeting began with reports on things we want to do and things we plan on doing.
1:28 am
and plan on using the funds. >> any other comments? have a chance for the public who wishes to comment on agenda item f? >> >> on item f. >> moderator open the phone line for public comment on agenda f. allow time for call torse submit requests. >> >> moderator do we have callers in the queue. >> mr. secretary, there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> great. >> no further requests to speak we will close public comment. is there a motion to approve y. f. >> so moved >> from commissioner sklar and second from vice president spears. mr. secretary, take the vote to approve item f. >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes.
1:29 am
>> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote. >> okay. great. the next order of business is item g. requires a vote. requesting authorization to enter a new grant agreement with stepping stone the provision of lbgtq + pilot for july first of 22 to june 30 of 20. a total amount not to exceed 934, 283, not to exceed 1 million 27 thousand dollars. danny will present this item. welcome. >> good morning. want to make sure my mic is loud enough. >> great >> good morning, commissioners,
1:30 am
thank you for your time. and dearman i'm sandy i'm the director for the das >> and i'm here on office of communities partnership requesting authorization to enters in a >> provision >> the communities services pilot program. specifically focused in design for lbgtq plus and adults with disabilities. >> vulnerable lbgtq + most of which have chronic health chfrnss risk for institutionalization or isolated and alone. >> the lbgtq + pilot will be
1:31 am
open to participates in enrolld and not in the ad hc. open to all lbgtq older adults and with disabilities and care givers. we know from the community assessment that was done in year that prospects and services for the lbgtq + community continue tos be a high need. the pilot program will conduct activities and provide services designed to support lbgtq + anticipates and care givers to increase awareness of the services and reduce barriers for engagement to service. >> program staff will be trained in lbgtq history. humility, care and other topics. that will help increase understanding of the strength and challenges -- facing the lbgtq population.
1:32 am
stepping phone will ensure the physical face of the communities service is safe, welcoming and attuned to the communities. the components of the community services program. and that would be activities, they will provide activities in the form of educational presentations, cultural or social events, exercise classes and arts class. there will be [inaudible]. >> field trips and other group activity this brings people together for the purpose of social connectedness and wellness. >> there will be enhanced out reach by stepping stone and the senior center to reach low next seniors and adults with disabilities those have chronic health conditions and are facing isolation. they are the plan to do an out
1:33 am
reach campaign to reach the disconnectd and unserved individuals focusing on homeings. reasonable houses and residents of sro's to connect the most isolated lbgtq seniors and adults with disabilities to services. >> program staff will provide social service through one on one assistance to participates. really helping them resolve challenges that would include things like information and referral service. completing applications and forms. and also providing emotional support by phone and in person. stepping stone will provide translation service for participate in various languages. that would include spanish, chinese, vee meez and korean and interpretation and translation of all rights, forms and other documents. and finally for the next 6
1:34 am
monthses through this grant, stepping stone will offer a 17 week college class level class called body dynamics and the aging process this is part of the former city college older adult program. taught by an instructor with an advanced degree and teaching experience in the field of age. teaching strategies for physical activities, techniques for stress reduction and key health aging concepts nutrition and [inaudible]. the class is open to any older adult or with disability interests and register for the class as a separate activity within the community service program. >> with that, i'm happy to answer questions from the commissioners. >> great. thank you very much. are there questions? >> one
1:35 am
>> i'm curious why we call this a pilot? i'm just >> yea. >> that's a great question. this is consider a pilot stepping stone has made a change to the previous model. they are partnering with different contractors with senior center this time around. there is a different level of service delivery, different training. there is more enhanced service. we call it a pilot we want to make sure it is manage that will we can sustain and make sure it is successful in the next year. >> after the 5 years it could be considered a program. >> yes. >> okay. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> anything else? >> i have a comment. i wanted to say, i'm pleaseed see this [inaudible] what -- the
1:36 am
2 elements i noted in the grant document that i think is excellent it is written that -- there will be lbgtq training for staff. that is important. and also well is a plan for enhanced out reach that may include subcontractor forms and agreements. this is important, often time there is are individuals out there in the community because of confidentiality concerns that they cannot be connected to the services. having this enhanced out reach makes a difference. thank you. >> thank you. >> other commissioner comment or -- questions >> we should we have anyone from the public when wishes to comment on item g? >> are there members that will like to comment on item g? >> moderator open the line for comment on item g.
1:37 am
we will allow time for callers to submit requests. do we have callers in the queue? >> there are no callers in the queue. >> thank you. >> we will close public comment. is there a motion to approve item g? i will move >> dpr commissioner sklar. second from vice president spears. take a roll call vote to approve item g >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> thank you, a unanimous vote >> thank you. >> commissioners the next order is agenda item h requires a vote requesting authorization to
1:38 am
enter a new grant with san francisco marine food bank for the provision of food assistance for the time of july 1, 22 to june 30 of 25 amount not to exceed 7 million, 822 thousand dollars. plus a 10% contingencey not to exceed 8 million, 604, 998. stiff neil will present the item >> thank you. hello, i'm asking commission to approve a new grant agreement with san francisco marine food pafrng bank for das food assistance program this grant hospitals support the food bank pantries and the food procured and distributed to das consumers at pants reals and through the home delivered grocery program. current the food bank has 84
1:39 am
pant reals located throughout the city and in every district. 9 of the food banks pantries are for older adults and with disabilities. they are located at senior housing cites, senior centers and other community based organizations. about 75%, about 63 of them are pantries run by partner organizations supported by food bank staff and remaining 25% are pop up pantries staffed by the food bank. the pop ups are not part of the grant. older adults and adults with disabilities are at high risk for food and nutrition insecurity. pandemic exaceerated this and underscored the significance of das nutrition partners and providing nutrition support to
1:40 am
those most in need like the san francisco marine food bank. >> although we responsiblesed positive downward trendses with the pandemic this last year, the need for newtrician support in the community remained elevated and having access to fresh cross cultural foods weekly to supplement a person's food budget is vital for many das consumers the tan san francisco food bank will serve 3600 and provide 3 thenned supplemental bags of food with quantity to prepare at least 7 meals. thank you for your time and i'm happy to answer questions you may have about this grant. >> thank you. >> are there questions from commissioners on this contract? >> [backgrounds noise]. are there any -- anyone from the
1:41 am
public who wishes to comment on agenda item h. >> members that would like to comment on item h? >> please opening statement phone line for comment on item h. we will allow time for callers to submit requests. >> there are no callers in the queue >> thank you. >> great. hearing no requests to speak we will close public comment and hear a motion to approve item h. >> second from commissioner jung, thank you. take a roll call vote on item h >> president influencen. >> yes >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes.
1:42 am
>> thank you. we have a unanimous vote >> thank you. >> commissioners the next order of business is item i requires a vote by the commission requesting authorization to enters in a grant with [inaudible] for the provision of community service for veterans gentlemen 22 through june 27 in the amount of 562, 755 dollars and 10% contingencey not to exceed sick 19, 031. danny will present this item. >> welcome. >> hello, commissioners and executive director dearman. [inaudible]. we are requesting your authorization to enter in a new grant for you provision of a community service program for older adults and adults with disabilities who are military veterans in san francisco.
1:43 am
this is a program that they have providing since 2018. and this grant allow them to continue to provide the service in the next [inaudible]. the community service program will take place at the drop in center at 1060 howard. it will serve veterans to promote socialingization, build community and supported by staff and providing services to this population. tell be focused on physical, social, economic, educational and creative needs of participates. the program will maintain or improve the well being of veterans providing activities and service designed to support them to live independently in the community. help reduce social isolation and serve as an access point for other services available to them.
1:44 am
the program like our other communities service programs include components like activities. again activities that bring participates together for education, recreation, social connection or wellness purposes. ville a clinical case manager conduct a group therapy peer support classes and recovery meeting. they will also have workshops and training on computer literacy. financial empowerment and other benefits like employment and housing. the programming will include enhandled out reach efforts namely increased street out reach with weekly visits to homeless encampments and locations where unhoused individualings gather. have a client service navigator to expand thap out reach in collaboration with their out
1:45 am
reach staff. social service will be provided bite clinical case manager. connecting veterans to services and supporting them through individualized case management. referrals include like [inaudible] mental health and housing. tell serve low income or unhoused veterans in san francisco including people color and lbgtq + veterans. that's t. i'm available to answer questions >> thank you very much. comprehensive description. thank you. >> any questions from commissioners or comments. >> good morning. i'm looking at the amount of money being requested approximately 100,000 per year
1:46 am
for the next 5 years is this the amount asking for or the amount that is allocated. >> amount allocated. this is the of same base fliendzing we have been providing to them. to support the program in previous years this is a continuation. >> thank you. my perspective this is a [inaudible] amount of money for a large community of veterans. >> yes. >> we totally understand and -- ocp will look at the funding support for you know their services including veterans and you know they -- look at the need and there is a balancing act so -- certainly for at least for the next few year this is is the baseline that is allocated for the service but there is always an opportunity to expand.
1:47 am
funding when there is additional funding available. >> thank you. >> other comments or questions from commissioners? >> okay. >> we have anyone from the public who wishes to comment on item i? >> members of the public would like to comment on item i >> open the phone line for comment for agenda item i. are there cue callers in the queue. >> there are in callers in the queue >> thank you. >> hearing no requests to speak we will close public comment. is there a motion to approve item i? commissioner jung moved and second from lum. thank you. mr. secretary, call the vote to approve item i. >> president knutzen.
1:48 am
>> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote. >> all right. the next is item j requires a vote asking authorization to enters in a grant with provision of supported services and service connection for veterans for july first of 22 through june 30 of 27 in the amount 1 admissible, 811, 945 plus a 10% for total not to exceed 1 million 993140 dollars. >> danny is still here to present this item. >> thank you. this next item is a request to enter in a new grant with plow
1:49 am
shares for supported services and service connections for veterans, this program is providing since 2018 this would allow them to provide important service in the next few years. this service connection program will be provided older veterans and with disabilities in 6 veteran supported housing cites located in san francisco. the over all goals are to one, ensurety veterans are able to maintain independent and housing stability. two, make sure that they increase sense of community and social engagement and three, make sure they continue to age with safety and dignity in homes. the program will promote community engagement through group, therapeutic activities and opportunity for social
1:50 am
activities that will emphasize community building and support for the veterans at the housing cites. some examples would include coffee chats. art classes, recreational outings, game or movie days. various groups for nutrition and mindsfulness and recovery. and be computer training. celebrations. informational speakers and poetry and gardening among other things. this will support a full time community organizer that will help with the community engagement activities. the program will include service connection focus on providing information to the veterans about the service available to them. in the community dp facilitating connections to services. program staff who provide case manage. meet regularly with each veteran resident. they provide counciling.
1:51 am
assist with the referrals to services and including those service available in house like legal assistance. employment. job service, homeless prevention service. money management and assistance with accessing the v. a. benefits. with this grant they will be able to employ full time service assistance or home health aids who can provide needed home support services and ensure safety of the resident as they age in place. the service assistant will float and perform personal care mobility assistance, medication reminders, meal prep, house maintenance services. they can assist with transportation, making appointments, and other tasks of daily living as needed.
1:52 am
finally because of the difficulty that veterans face when connecting with their peers, communities and the services; they will make a kohn effort to engage the veterans there to out reach. there will be one on one out reach and informal out reach and they will make sure the community organizers are visibility at each of the housing cites. with that, i will be theme answer questions >> great. >> thank you, there are questions from commissioneros this item? . that was comprehensive thank you for this detail. >> no requests for this mr. secretary do we have anyone from the public who wishes to comment on item j. are there members who would like to comment on item j.
1:53 am
opening statement phone line for public comment for item j. we will allow time to submit requests. do we have callers in the queue? >> there are no callers in the queue >> thank you. >> i have been hearing no requests to speak we'll close public comment. is there a motion to approve item j? >> so moved. >> vice president spears. second from commissioner sklar. >> i heard. mr. secretary. take a vote to approve item j. >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> of we have a unanimous vote >> thank you so much. the next order is agenda item k. requires a vote by the commission, requests
1:54 am
authorization to enter in a grant with ej wood centers for children and families the provision of kinship family care giver support service the period of july of 22 through june of 26 in the amount 249, 752. not to exceed 274, 727 dollars. erika will be presenting this item who is joining us remotely. welcome. >> hi. there. >> thank you. good morning commissioners. i'm erika i'm the program analyst for the office of community partnership. thank you for your time. before you is a new grant request for edge wood centers for children and families. care giver support service part of the larger care giver support program.
1:55 am
also known as title 3e provides grants to state fund various supports for care givers to support their families. this small grants provides critical services specifically for older adult who is are the primary care givers of churndz 18 or to an individual with a disability of upon any age. the purpose of this kinship care giver grant is to assist san francisco residents who are grandparents or any other older relative of the child by judge, major or dpoopgz 55 or older and the primary care giver through a legal or informal agreement. edge wood will provide services which include 2 types of respite. one out of home day care. will care receiver will be begin
1:56 am
transportation to a social, ejszal and recreational activities. depending on the health director they will take place out doos. participates are provided a snack or a meal. vouchers ares other respite utilized the care giver can decide on the date and location of respite [inaudible] fits their needs and care givers are reimbursed. edge wood will provide care giver assessments connected by trained staff that are able to provide counseling services. the sessionings may be in person or via phone depending on the need and individual counseling or with their family support system. edge wood kinship coordinator will conduct monthly wellness checks or more often as needed
1:57 am
with care givers. edge wood will provide monly support groups dependsoth health directive they may be in person or virtual through controlled access. will provide resources for care giver in terms of emergency cash or material aid. examples of this include food, purchase eligible for weekly grocery bags through the food pantry operates 48 weeks out of the year. emergency aid accident be like transit passes or emergency cash. provide information on resources will available to their community. this is a critical and addresses the gaps that came out during the latest needs's assessment. in addition, they will conduct community education and out reach such as senior centers,
1:58 am
schools, churches. health clinics and worth note thanksgiving information about the service is also available in multiple languages. will disseminate information through out reach. presentations, quarter low news letter. media and other electronic publiccasion resources. also part of the grant is the >> reporter: that edge wood conduct a care giver survey to determine if the services are meeting the needs of the care givers. edge wad has been providing service since 2007. have a wealth of experience and successful in connecting with and providing services for care givers. they learned lessons from covid they will adopt to serve the care giver needs. the implementation of the kinship family support service program will enable older adults and care givers to take advantage of resources so they
1:59 am
with be a care giver and access to support services to take care of their own well being. i thank you for your time today and happy to answer questions. >> great. >> thank you so much for that really good explanation of the program. >> do we have comments or questions? >> do we have any public comment. for agenda item k. >> are there members withhold like to comment on item k? open the phone line line for public comment for item k. dom we have callers in the queue? >> there are no callers in the queue >> thank you. >> great. hearing no requests to speak we will close public comment.
2:00 am
is there a motion from commissioners to approve item k? moved. >> commissioner jung moved and second from commissioner sklar. mr. secretary take a vote to approve item k. >> president knutzen. >> yes. >> vice president spears. >> yes. >> commissioner bittner. >> yes. >> commissioner jung. >> yes. >> commissioner lum. >> yes. >> commissioner sklar. >> yes. >> we have a unanimous vote >> thank you very much commissioners that endses the action portion of our meeting. are there announcements? >> hearing none i will adjourn the meeting. thank you for coming. >> thanks for conducting it.
2:01 am
adjourned. >> shop & dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their shop & dine in the 49 with within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in
2:02 am
the 49 my name is jim woods i'm the founder of woods beer company and the proprietor of woods copy k open 2 henry adams what makes us unique is that we're reintegrated brooeg the beer and serving that cross the table people are sitting next to the xurpz drinking alongside we're having a lot of ingredient that get there's a lot to do the district of retail shop having that really close connection with the consumer allows us to do exciting things we decided to come to treasure island because we saw it as an amazing opportunity can't be beat the views and real estate that great county starting to develop on treasure island like minded business owners with last week products and want to get on the ground floor a no-brainer for us when you you, you buying
2:03 am
local goods made locally our supporting small business those are not created an, an sprinkle scale with all the machines and one person procreating them people are making them by hand as a result more interesting and can't get that of minor or anywhere else and san francisco a hot bed for local manufacturing in support that is what keeps your city vibrant we'll make a compelling place to live and visit i think that local business is the lifeblood of san francisco and a vibrant community
2:04 am
2:05 am
>> good morning welcome to the august 12 ethic's commission. >> this private meeting is held pursuant to the 45th [inaudible]. [cannot hear speaker] >> and online at