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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee  SFGTV  September 24, 2022 6:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> the meeting will come to order. this is september 21, 2022 budget and finance committee meeting and supervisor ronen chair of the committee joined by our newest member, supervisor chan. we are so excited you are here supervisor chan, who is going to take the place of supervisor gordon mar, and we should be joined by
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supervisor safai shortly. our clerk is- >> i'm here remotely for the moment. >> good to know. we are joined already by supervisor safai. our clerk is brent and like to thank michael. >> with return to the chamber, please sure to sulns cell phones and electronic devices. the board of supervisors and committees are convening hybrid meetings. (inaudible) via telephone. the board recognizes that equitable public access is essential and we'll take public comment. public comment will be taken on each item on the agenda for those in person they will be allowed to speak first and then take those waiting on the telephone line. for those watching
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channel, 26, 28, the call in number that number is 415-655-0001 . enter the meeting id294931747009 and press pound twice. you will hear the meeting discussion and be muted and listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up and public comment is called those in person should line up to speak and those on the telephone dial star to 3 to be added to the speaker line. if you are on the phone remember to turn down the tv and listening devices you may be using. each speaker is allowed up to 2 minutes to speak unless otherwise stated. you may submit public comment in writing. e-mail to myself the budget
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finance committee clerk@brent-jalipa@sfgo if you by e-mail forwarded to the supervisors. you may submit to postal serve 1 carlton b goodlett place. items are expected to appear on the board of supervisors agenda of september 27 unless otherwise stated. >> thank you so much. please call item 1? >> item 1 is resolution levying property taxes at combined rate of approximately $1.19 on $1 is resolution levying property taxes at combined rate of approximately $1.19 on each $100. for city county unified school district county office of education, community college education. establishing a pass-through rate of 7
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kepts per hundred dpls of assessed value for residential tenants pursuant to had ministrative code 37 for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2023. members joining remotely who wish to comment call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # # (493) 171-7009 # # press star 3 to enter the speaker line. (inaudible) when the system indicates you are unmuted that is the queue that you are unmuted. >> thank you so much. we have james whittaker here from the controller office. >> may name is jamie witture and work in the budget analysis division in the controller. before you is the annual tax rate resolution and also pass-through rate for residential tenants. the slide i can straighten out a little bit--shows the break-down of this
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year's composite tax rate of 1.1793782 percent. the first one percent is set by prop 13 from 1978. the other portion above 1 percent is the rate that is needed to raise the revenue to pay for the voter approved general obligation bonds. principle and interest payments due this fiscal year. for the city and county of san francisco, that tax rate factor is.10761763 percent. the significant thing to note is our capital plan, we try to not exceed 0.12 percent, and we are a decent amount below that this year. the other portion is the combined tax rate factors for the city college general obligation bonds. the school district and
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also bart. bart has bonds that were approved by voters in contra costa alameda and san francisco. and so, the tax rate is decreasing slightly from last year thanks to growth in our assessed values of about 5.3 percent. the other slide i was going to show is just comparative tax bill. if you took the median assessed value for a single family dwelling from last year, which was $649.818, note the assessed value is limited by prop 13, so while market values of single family properties in san francisco may exceed a million dollars, the value we actually tax is capped, so $649 thousand last year would have resulted in
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$7600 tax bill last year. this year the consumer price index allowed increases assessed value by 2 percent which is prop 13 cap and so the tax due this year would be approximately $7736.88. $135.66 more. this is excluding any direct charges, special assessments that are additional. and that is the conclusion of what i was going to present. happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. before questions we'll hear from the budget and legislative analyst. >> thank you chair ronen. item 1 is setting the annual property tax rate for the city. we show the change the tax rate between this and last year on page 4 of the report and property tax creates are
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decreasing from 1.18 to 1.179 per hundred dollars och assessed value and this fiscal year and as noted the median valued home owner would see a slight increase in property taxes of about $135 because of increase in assessed value, however, the tenant pass-through is based on go bond rate is actually going down slightly for that same median value residents. we do recommend approval. >> thank you so much. any comments, questions? no. we are open the item up for public comment. >> members of the public who wish to speak and joining in person should line up now. for those listening remotely call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # # once connected press star 3 to enter the speaker
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line. for those aurlds in the queue continue to wait until the system indicates you have been unmuted and there is a queue begin your comments. seeing no speakers here in the chamber, mr. lam kindly unmute the first caller. >> sorry. i raised my hand actually to speak item 10. i will do that when that item comes up. >> you can press star 3 to get back in the general pool. mr. lam, do you have anymore speakers? madam chair, that completes the queue. >> public comment is now closed. make a motion to send to the full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward to the full board with positive recommendation. [roll call]
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>> we have 3 ayes. >> the motion passes unanimously. >> item 2 resolution supportingteneder loin neighborhood development corpination 730 stanyan associates lp and mercy housing agent applicant submission of application s under the infill infrastructure grant program to california department of housing and community development to receive program funds in order to construct 100 percent affordable multifamily rental housing development afoud fordable to low income house holds at 2550 urvening street, 730 stanyan street and 2350 18th street. members who wish to call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #, press pond twice. once connected
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press star 3 to enter the speaker line. when the system indicates you are unmuted that is your queue to begin comments. >> thank you. we have sheila (inaudible) >> good afternoon. >> director of policy and legislative affairs mayor office of housing and community development and we have a quick presentation to give you a overview what the grant program is and what it will do for san francisco. next slide. the super nova is this particular project is infill infrastructure grant program for construction and there are $200 million state wide for which we are applying. i want to highlight changes at the state level around funding and first of all, the state funding is a significant source offunding for san francisco affordable housing projects. in response to a state law the hcd is streamlining the application process so
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the 2022 super nofa combines 4 programs and the applications are accepted one annually. the local jurisdictions are required to be a joint applicant and assist with program monitoring. for all competitive funding hcd grants for sites located in high resource census tracts. that is a significant change. to give a quick summary of the 3 projects. the first is 730 stanyan in the height. it will be 160 units of varying sizes, 50 units for homeless(inaudible) ami is between 25 and 80 percent. the ground floor include child care senior center, drop encenter and low cost restaurant or cafe and tech training sentser
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and we expect construction for the project to start in 2024. i want to provide a quick snapshot of the funding because it illustrates the complexity of financing affordable housing. there are 10 funding streams to bring to fruition. three are city sources representing 40 percent of construction cost and the rest are state and other sources as well. our second project included in the grant application is 2530 18 street. mercy housing is the developer. 50 percent homealize households. 30 to 70 percent ami and ground floor incluse space for the homeless prenatal service and programs we hope construction will start september next year. and again, just a snapshot what thefunding looks like emphasizing the cityfunding is one piece and we rely on
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lots of other sources to help get the project constructed. the third project is 2550 irving (inaudible) this is family friendly housing. 22 of the units will be reserved for families experiencing homelessness. the ami will be for households ranging from 20to 60 percent. the ground floor dedicated to make sure the ground floor includes community service spaces so a residential community space, office space for the sunset chinese cultural district staff and meeting room available to the community and hope construction for that will start spring of 2024. again, the funding snapshop of this notice the city funding is one piece and complex mix offunding to make the
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projects happen. this is a proposal is resolution to express your support for the grant application and the funding goes to the affordable housing developers for these projects. thank you. >> great. thank you so much. any questions? >> really glad this is happening. thank you. >> likewise. these are the most exciting things we get to see. lots of affordable housing in the pipeline, so thank you so much. mr. clerk can we open the item up for public comment? >> yes, members who wish to speak and joining in person should line up now. for those listening remotely call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # # once connected you need to press star 3 enter the speaker line. for those in the queue please continue to wait until someone indicates you have been unmuted and that is your queue to
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begin comments. seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, mr. lam. madam chair, we have no seekers in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. if you can please add me as a cosponsor and supervisor chan would you like to be added? and supervisor chan and i like to make a motion to send to full board with positive recommendation. >> ahead of that vote madam chair, we were in communication with the department and they were going to offer a clerical amendment and please correct me if i'm wrong. >> yes, just a correction to the address on the first page. >> yes, and to be more specific that is correcting-there were portions of the resolution that erroneously had the address as 2350 18 street. >> first make a motion
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to amend the item as you just stated. >> on the motion to correct the address from 2350 18 street to 2530 18 street. [roll call] >> we have three ayes. >> now motion to send the amended item to full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward the resolution to full board with positive recommend as amended. [roll call] >> please add me as a cosponsor. [roll call continued] we have 3 ayes. >> motion pass unanimously. thanks so much. mr. clerk, please read item number 3. >> yes, item 3 is a resolution approving the original contract agreement between toyon associates inc. and the department of public health to provide regulatory report and reimbursement and
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revenue optimization services in amount not to exceed approximately $6.7 million for a total contract term of october 1, 2022 through september 30, 2027 and to authorize the department of the public helt to entering into amendment or modification to the contract prior to execution by all parties that do not materially increase the obligation or liability of the sit city. members of the public who wish to call please call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #, once connected press star 3 to enter the speaker line. the system will indicate you raised your hand. when the system indicates you run muted you can bein your comments. madam chair. >> thank you so much, and we have matt (inaudible) from the dch. >> good afternoon chair ronen, vice chair safai and
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supervisor chan. i matt, san francisco health network reimbursement director representing department of public health on the toyon contract resolution. i have to call to your attention that we are submitting a amendment to the resolution and to the contract today and you should have received copies of the amended resolution but i have hard copies if you don't have them. you have them, great. so, due to a oversight on our part, the amended resolution and contract includes a 5th year funding which is in accordance with the term in the rfp related to this contract. there is no new-excuse me, the new not to exceed amount is 8 million 492 thousand dollars and-492, 339 dollars and the amount added in the 5th year is higher then the previous independent individual years but that's just to account
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for the annual agreed upon hourly rate increases that we agreed to with toyon. there are no other changes to the resolution or to the contract term and while the bla reflects a not to exceed amount of 4 year term, they have noted in their report the oversight and our intent to amend the resolution for the 5th year of the-in the report. happy to take any questions regarding the toyon contract. >> wonderful. before questions we have a report from the budget legislative analyst. >> thank you. item 3 is a resolution approving a new contract between department of public health and toyon associates inc. toyon provides reimbursement reporting and revenue optimization reporting at the hospital and patients who receive health care at home and the resolution states and approving a 5 year contract with not to exceed of $6.7
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million but we did review the updated contract that shows the 5th year during the reporting process. as we show on page 9 of the report the cost of the contract is $1.7 million a year. over 4 year period at least historically the contract more then paid for itself. we therefore recommend approval. >> thank you so much. any questions or comments colleagues? >> i understand you spoke on the record. what is another way to say revenue optimization services? >> (inaudible) >> revenue optimization service. >> they recommend changes to our operation when they see areas of improvement with
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operationalally or just financially how we are situated in terms how we are reporting expenditures. >> are they essentially an accounting firm? >> they are consulting firm but have accountants that work for them. >> i just wanted to clarify for the record. thank you, madam chair. >> they dont do the actual reimbursement request, they help review the reimbursement request dph makes and notes where there's areas that could be improved and get greater reimbursement? >> they do both. so, they generally-the operations are to file reports on our behalf and as they file reports they note where improvements could be had. >> supervisor chan. >> thank you chair ronen. sorry, could you walk us through again why are we increasing the not to exceed amount from 6
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million 700 something thousand to 8 million? >> so the rfp and the contract term is 5 years, but as we were putting together the actual not to exceed amount the years of the contract we only built in 4 years of the contract so the difference of about a million plus dollars is for the additional year of work. >> so bla has looked at this and agreed the additional amount is verified? >> correct, we believe it is reasonable. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. mr. clerk, can we open this item up for public comment? >> yes, madam chair. members of the public who wish to speak joining in person should line up now to speak. those listening remotely please call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #,
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press star 3 to enter the speaker line. those in the queue please wait until the system indicates you are unmuted and that is the queue to begin comments. seeing no in person speakers in the chamber-madam chair, there are no speakers in the queue. >> public comment is closed. like to make a motion to amend the contract as stated by mr. sur. >> yes, on the motion to amend the resolution to increase the not to exceed amount as stated. [roll call] >> 3 have three ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. the motion to send item to full board with positive recommendation. >> chair ronen. >> yes. >> there amendment to increase the amount is substantive amendment so needs to be continued. >> thank you for the
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clarification. i will make a motion to continue this item to the next meeting, which is september 28 meeting. >> on the motion to continue this resolution to the september 28 meeting of this committee as amended. [roll call] >> we have 3 ayes. >> thank you, the motion passes unanimously. thank you so much. mr. clerk, please read item 4. >> yes. item 4. resolution ret row active authorize department of public health to award emergency contract to tryfacta inc. as
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authorized under section 21.15 of the administrative code, for the purpose of providing temporary staffing services, in an amount not to exceed $3,500,000 for a term of six months, from june 17, 2022, through december 17, 2022; and to authorize the department of public health to enter into any amendments or modifications to the contract that do not otherwise materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessary or advisable to effectuate the purposes of the contract or this resolution. members of the public who wish to comment please call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #, once connected press star 3 to enter the speaker line. the system will indicate you raised your hand and when the system indicates you are unmuted you can begin your comments. madam chair. >> thank you, we have (inaudible) from dph to present. >> good afternoon supervisors. thanks for having me. chief operating officer for san francisco health network and currently laguna honda commander for instant command .
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this is temporary staffic service contract focusing on the needs for dieticians, (inaudible) and possible needs for res pertore therapist and (inaudible) happy to take questions. >> we hear from the bla? >> sure. item 4 is a resolution retroactively approving emergency contract between department of public health and tryfacta inc. they provide temporary staffing and we show on page 16 of the report this resolution has a not to exceed amount of $3.5 million. the department was able to provide a staffing budget of $2 million but could not provide scopes of work for some of the positions noted in that budget and we noted the department had only spent $200 thousand and the contract only goes to december,
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mid-december, so on those basis we are recommending a reduction in the not to exceed amount from 3.5 to $1 million, which i understand the department agrees with. the other piece of this resolution i wanted to flag for you is that the existing legislation on file has a provision that allows the department to amend the contract up to $10 million or 10 years without further board approval. i think i would recommend you strike that out so any change to the contract would be subject to board review and believe the department agrees with that as well. happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, just want to confirm the department agrees with those recommendations of the bla? >> yes, we agree with there bla recommendations. >> thank you. i just want to note for the record, the
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retroactivity in the contract is allowed because of the special emergency nature of this contract. that is not a normal thing that contracts usually must be approved by the board before they go into effect, so at least since i have been budget chair this is the first retroactive contract i have seen but want to note that is only because of this emergency power. if there are no other comments or questions from colleagues we can open the item up for public comment. >> the public who wish to speak or joining in person should line up now to speak. those listening remotely please call, 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # # is for those in the queue please continue to wait until the
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system waits you have been unmuted and your queue to good begin comments. seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, mr. lam. madam chair there are no speakers in the queue. >> public comment is closed. make a motion to amend the item in the two ways described. >> on that motion to amend the resolution to accept the bla recommendations as read into the record- [roll call] >> we have three ayes. >> and now i like to make a motion to send the item to the full board as amended with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to send the item to the full board with positive recommendation.
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[roll call], >> we have three ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. >> item 5. resolution retroactively approving amendment no. 1 to the agreement between health services advisory group, inc., and the department of public health, as authorized under section 21.15 of the administrative code, for the purpose of providing specialized consulting services, to increase the agreement by $5,211,317 for an amount not to exceed $6,989,564 for a total agreement term of seven and one-half months, with no changes to the term of may 9, 2022, through december 31, 2022; and to authorize the department of public health to enter into any amendments or modifications to the contract that do not otherwise materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessary or advisable to effectuate the purposes of the contract or this resolution. members joining remotely and wish to comment on the resolution please call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #.
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press star to enter the speaker line. the system will indicate you raised your hand and when the system indicates you have been unmuted that is your queue to begin comments. madam chair. >> thank you. welcome back. >> good afternoon again supervisors. for this particular contract this particular contract is focuseded on health service advisory group. this group is providing in depth evaluation target improvement and training to all hospital units and 24/7, 365 rounding on the units to insure that we are prepare frd the cm surks recertification audit when the dph and laguna honda submit for the recertification. after the bla reads the recommendation happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. item 5
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is resolution ret row actively approving agreement and first amendment to the public health contract with health service advisory group may 2022 through december 2022. provides training for laguna honda staff to bring practices and policies into align with federal standards. we show the budget for the contract on page 22 of the report of approximately $6.9 million based on staff time. this resolution also has the same provision to allow the department to amend the contract up to 10 $10 million and 10 years without coming back to the board and again recommend you take that provision out. but we otherwise recommend approval of the resolution. >> great. supervisor chan. >> thank you chair ronen. because-i do understand the nature of this contract. one
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is retroactive because of the circumstance, but also i like to have a better understanding because i do understand it is emergency nature, but the fact it went-it did not go through a competitive process and simply just staff selecting this service or these services, could you just elaborate the decision process how you came about to select them? >> absolutely. we did pursue a solicitation process and based on the respondents was the one that responded so we did review all the submissions that had come in due to the accelerated solicitation process but they rose up to the top because they have designation of the formal quality improvement organization for cms. in this capacity they are not representing cms but they partnered with the department of public health when we were certified with them. given we were
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decertified when hsag was able to contribute a proposal we realize we benefit immensely from their experience and specialty in helping organizations navigate these obstacles to make sure we are ready and prepared when we do submit recertification so that is the thinking that went into why hsag we feel is the crem day lucrem of the groups that help us navigate our current challenge. >> my apologies if this is actually in the legislation or there is like additional documents that i did not get a chance to go through that with this selection what exactly do we except for results and delivery? >> that is a great question and will try to hit it and be succinct. we had the opportunity to address the full board of supervisors with our progress and so one thing for us in this
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particular contract that will allow us to show us we are reap the benefits of the contract, we are engaging in daily rounding which is across all shifts 24/7. those roundings blow up into observations can be 6 or 7 thousand observations which entail a individual walking out of the room, have they have performed hygiene and wearing the correct ppe and the whole cycle of the care delivery in the particular area. as they monitor this and benefiting from the hsag team coaching just in time teach-backs make sure we effect culture change and partnering with staff and the labor in those moments, that is really what we are tracking. as we see the benefits and we see improvement of compliant behavior is how we are in our standing meetings or biweekly meetings and
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reports from hsag as we are also trying to monitor the contract very closely is how we are also tracking progress. overall the last thing i'll say is as we provide updates back in front of the board november 1 and within our health commission we track and report our overall progress how we are fairing to be survey ready. >> thank you . i appreciate it. thank you so much for the explanation. it sounds like it is basically providing a independent perspective to help us to really meet the demands of the mock survey and making sure we deliver the results, so thank you. >> great. looks like there is no more questions so please open the item up for public comment. >> members of the public who wish to speak should line up to speak. those remotely call 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #,
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once connected press star 3 to enter the speaker line and those in the few continue to wait until you are unmuted and that is your queue to begin comments. seeing no unperson speakers in the chamber, mr. lam could you unmute our caller, please? >> good afternoon. this is patrick shaw. i hope you read the testimony i submitted. i tried to speak on the last agenda item, but i'm glad you forwarded it to the board with positive recommendation. mr. (inaudible) explanation just now about the just in time coaching is really ridiculous for an expense of nearly $7 million. (inaudible) should know about gloves and gowns and
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not need close observation whether they are (inaudible) appropriately. after all, cms certification is on the line and the nurses should know that. between these two contracts, if you forward a positive recommendation on the hsag contract, you will be saving $9.5 million between the two contracts. in addition, the hma contract, which i hear the health department will amend next week will save an additional $6.2 million for total savings of $15.7 million. those savings could be better used to expedite recruitment efforts to hire a actual nursing home
6:40 am
administrator and assistant nursing home administrator for laguna honda hospital and bring both new hires on-board. please also support a positive recommendation to the full board of supervisors on agenda item 5. thank you. >> thanks so much for your comments. patrick munet shaw. madam chair, that completes our queue. >> thank you. public comment is now closed. i like to make a motion to >> madam chair. >> yep. >> i just realized i want to make a correction. i think i may have fumbled my words around the competitive bid process. the summary in the packet it references 3 contracts so for trifecta and hma there was competitive process.
6:41 am
your question was pertaining to h sag. my answer answers that but i said hsag went through competitive bid process but had (inaudible) >> also i want to make sure you agree with the bla recommendation? >> yes, we agree with there bla recommendation. >> great. thank you. in that case, i would like to make a motion to amend the item as stated by the bla. >> on that motion to amend the resolution to accept the recommendations by the budget legislative analyst- [roll call] >> 3 ayes. >> i like to make a motion the item as amended to full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward to full board with positive
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recommendation- [roll call] >> we have 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. thank you so much. mr. clerk, can you please read item 6? >> item 6, resolution authorizing the office of contract administration to amend peoplesoft contract id 1000015461 between the city and county of san francisco and denali water solutions llc for the hauling of biosolids and grit from public utilities commission's oceanside and southeast wastewater treatment plants, increasing the contract amount by $10,200,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $18,800,000 and extending the contract end date by four years, with a contract duration of seven years for a total term of october 1, 2019, through september 30, 2026. members joining remotely and wish to comment please call, 1-415-655-0001 meeting id: 2493 171 7009 # #
6:43 am
>> thank you so much. we have mrs. carla here to present. >> yes. good afternoon chair ronen. supervisor safai, supervisor chan. (inaudible) i have a brief presentation on this contract. so, in april of 2019 issued solicitation for these services biosolds and grit hauling for the puc. we awarded 4 contracts for two different aggregates. aggregate 1 is the hauling of biosolds and grit and 2 is for the hauling of
6:44 am
untreated wastewater solids from treasure island. these 4 contracts provide for the hauling of kickt 60 thousand tons of bio solsaid, 4 thousand tons of grit, 600 thousand gallon s of primary treatment solids. denauly is the primary awardee and s and s was the secondary awardee. and s and s was the primary awardee on aggregate 2 you see the contract amounts for these 4 contracts here. the pricing is based on fixed unit pricing with base price for mode and pricing can be adjusted based on
6:45 am
diesel fuel index and any potential changes to the prevailing wage rates. we are here today to request approval for aggregate 1, the primary contract with denali. hereia see the expenditures on aggregate 1 for the contract with denali, which has a total spend at this point of $5.28 million. and you see here the expenditures in fiscal year 2021 is nearly the same as 9 months of service in fiscal year 19-20 because biosolid dropped by more 20 percent. (inaudible) the year covid started and remains much lower then pre-pandemic levels. expenditures for proposed 7 years duringation of the contract are expected
6:46 am
to increase and return to pre-pandemic levels. contract costs are expected to increase based on fuel cost increases and are potential changes to prevailing wage rates for this service. based on these factors the estimated expenditures on this particular contract are anticipated to be $18.8 million. so, again, oca is here to request approval of the resolution to amend this agreement for aggregate 1 with denali, based on actual and expected expenditures with duration expended to total of 7 years through september 30, 2026. we agree with the bla recommendation on the contract. thank you. >> thank you. we'll hear from the budget and legislative analyst. >> item 6 is resolution approving
6:47 am
the second modification to the puc agreement with denali water solutions, which hauls biosolds from the wastewater treatment plants to the end destinations which are typically fertilizer and composting facilities outside san francisco. this modification exercises a 4 year option to extend the agreement through september 2026. we showed the budget on page 26 of the report, which we know is assumed to-spending assumed to increase this year by 40 percent as noted based on return to pre-covid processing loads. we do recommend approval of the resolution. >> thank you so much. any questions colleagues? supervisor safai. >> no, i don't have any questions. i just want to point out and something we have to further conversation about, so many of the contracts and work we have in the city iminate from states becoming more and more out of the scope of
6:48 am
reach of what (inaudible) allows for. we have 30 states on that list. at some point it will make doing business in city county of san francisco all most-we'll be unaudible to do our job and compete if not for the ability to renew this contract, so i started discussion with some of my colleagues just want to put that on the record that some of the departments know we have to have a real--and the contracting chief know that we have to have a serious conversation about this because there are ways to still meet the policy objectives as it pertains to all the issues we put forward with voting, women's reproductive rights and lgbt rights but we do have the ability to do and provide services at competitive rates for the citizens of san francisco. we need to
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have a honest discussion about that and come up with real solutions on how we will proceed, because by this rate we'll have no states left we can contract with. just wanted to put that on the record and note that we will continue to further this conversation and insure we'll still be able to provide services to the city. thank you. >> thank you. if no other questions or comments we can open up for public comment. >> yes, members who wish to speak joining in person should line up to speak. those listening remotely call -seeing no in person speakers in the
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chamber. mr. lam, please unmute our caller. >> my question to contracting is, at one time teamsters had this contract. millions of dollars. so, now what measures are taken similarly to what the supervisor stated? what measures are taken to allow companies especially in this pandemic to have access to such a huge contract rather then giving it to outsiders? secondly, i think we the taxpayers have to get some analysis on the
6:51 am
biosolds, because i heard you say that the section of the biosolds is treated by the larger amount is not and this makes no sense. are we allowed to move (inaudible) affluents not treated to another area and who's responsibility is it if there are diseases contained in those waste? the supervisors (inaudible) about biosolds to ask the relevant type of issues, nor does the city attorney and the controllers office and the mayor
6:52 am
representative is sitting down, they don't understand such issues. they just go by the generalities and those are my comments. i will follow up on it with the epa. >> thank you for your comments. mr. lam, madam chair, that was our last speaker in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. like to make a motion to send the item to full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward the resolution to the full board with positive recommendation. [roll call] >> we have 3 ayes. >> thank you so much. please read item 7? >> item 7, resolution
6:53 am
authorizing the office of contract administration to execute amendment 2 to contract 1000024326 with bar none auction for auction services on an as-needed basis; extending the duration by one year for a total contract duration of four years from october 1, 2019, through september 30, 2023, with an increase in anticipated revenue of $800,000 for a total anticipated revenue amount of $2,100,000. members joining remotely and wish to call 415-655-0001. [providing public comment instructions] >> thank you. again, director (inaudible) >> thank you supervisors. yes, (inaudible) once more with brief presentation on this particular contract. so, in late 2018 issued a solicitation to procure auction service to allow obsolete and surplus sitee owned items including vehicles
6:54 am
equipment and other materials. the contract was awarded to bar none auctions with initial duration of 2 years from october 2019 to september 2021 and the contract was amended once to extend the duration by one year to september of this year through september of this year. while the contract does include some pricing and cost for transport and handling these cost are deducted from the final auction proceeds so this is revenue generating contract. when oca came to the board for approval revenues were estimated at $1.3 million for the 3 year contract duration. again, this is city wide as needed contract and it is quite heavily used by mta, airport, puc, public safety departments, rec and park, public works and basically any department that
6:55 am
utilizing fleet and heavy equipment. so, this slide provides the total revenue received during the term of the agreement. as you can see as of may 2020 this stands at $1.22 million with average of approximately $61 thousand in revenue each month. at this time seeking to amend the contract to extend the duration by one year to september 30, 2023 and we anticipate that total revenue for the full 4 year duration will be about $2.1 million. thank you. >> thank you. any questions colleagues? nope. if we can open this item up for public comment mr. clerk. >> yes, madam chair. members who wish to speak on the resolution joining in person should line up now to speak. for
6:56 am
those listening remotely- [providing public comment instructions] seeing no in person speakers in the chamber and no speakers in the queue. >> public comment is closed. make the motion to send to full board with positive recommendation. >> on that motion to forward the resolution to the full board with positive recommendation- [roll call] >> 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. thank you so much. >> item 8, resolution
6:57 am
approving amendment no. 4 to the terminal 2 newsstands, coffee and specialty store lease no. 10-0232, between world duty free group north america, llp, as tenant, and the city and county of san francisco, acting by and through its airport commission, for a reduction in the total leasehold square footage of the demised premises by approximately 20% which results in a reduction in the minimum annual guarantee of $302,625 with no change to the term of may 1, 2011, through june 30, 2023, effective upon approval by the board of supervisors. members ginning remotely and wish to comment call- [providing public comment instructions] >> madam chair. >> thank you so much. we have diana (inaudible) from sfo on the line i believe. >> good afternoon supervisors. happy international day of peace. the proposed
6:58 am
resolution approve the 4th amendment to existing lease between the airport and world duty free group or wdfg which provides for removal of a portion of the leased premises designated as coffee caf e from the least. (inaudible) includes 5 locations. four retail and one security coffee location. due to the pandemic, the location closed in march 2020 and not able to be open before the sublease expired april 2021. since the lease ends june 30, 2023, it was difficult finding a coffee operator willing to take over the space. staff believes it is in the best interest of the airport oprationally and financially to (inaudible) issue a rfp for new long-term lease pairing the space with a post security location to improve financial feasibility. the
6:59 am
modification reduced the total square footage by 20 percent which requires a pro rata reduction in the minimum annual guarantee of $302.625. the budget legislative analyst office recommended approval and happy to answer any questions. >> thank you so much and let's hear from the bla. >> thank you. item 8 is resolution approving amendment to the airport concession lease with world duty free group. this lease has 5 locations including one sublease for our coffee store subleased to starbucks that closed before the pandemic so this amendment would remove that business from the lease, which free up about 865 square feet. the concession leases provide the airport with minimum ganen teed rent subpended due tolow employment. now tenant are paying percentage of sales under the leases but because there is no
7:00 am
tenant here, removing this premises from the lease doesn't have a immediate fiscal impact. the minimum rent associated for the space is about $300 thousand a year once the minimum rents resume. we do recommend approval. >> thank you so much. any questions? comments? nope. please open the item up to public comment. >> yes, members who wish to speak on the resolution joining in person shad should line up to speak. those listening remotely call [providing instructions for public comment] seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, madam chair there are no speakers on the telephone. >> public comment is closed. make a motion to send to full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward the resolution to the full board with
7:01 am
positive recommendation- [roll call] >> we have 3 ayes . >> motion passes. please read item 9. >> item 9, resolution approving port commission lease no. l-16846 with aardvark storage unlimited, inc., a california corporation, dba american storage, located at 600 amador street within seawall lot 344 for approximately 279,740 square feet of paved land for an initial monthly rent of $99,961.20 and a term of five years with one one-year option to extend the term, to commence upon board of supervisors approval; and to authorize the executive director of port to enter into any additions, amendments, or other modifications to the lease that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city and are necessary to effectuate the purposes of this resolution. members
7:02 am
joining remotely and wish to call please call [providing instructions for public comment] madam chair. >> thank you so much. we have rebecca (inaudible) from real estate here. >> thank you so much chair ronen and hello good afternoon supervisors safai and supervisor chan and members of the public. rebecca (inaudible) developty director for real estate and development for the port. a colleague will advance the slides for me remotely if that works correctly. as he is doing that you have the introduction in front of you. a 6 year lease in the resolution for a self-storage facility we are releasing the land for the self-storage and thank you ken beale is on
7:03 am
the line who helped negotiate the lease. the item before you is to enter into the lease with aardvark storage. they are couple blocks south of (inaudible) it is all most 6.42 acres in total. next slide, please. to give you the full skinny on it, we have a existing lease with this tenant. we have been in the lease for about 10 years. they had a 5 year lease with 5 year option which they did exercise. the lease expired earlier this year, now month to month. the current rent under the lease they now have is about $82 thousand. the proposed new lease before you is for a shorter term of 5 years with 1 year option. the new lease will increase the rent from $82 thousand to $99 thousand. that is 20 percent increase, and we worked in the lease to increase more each year in order to get them up to the
7:04 am
rate that we need them to be at. specifically the first year it will increase by 20 percent, the second year will have increase of 12 and a half percent, then 11 percent increase, then 3 percent, 3 percent and if they wish to exercise the option they are set to the rate at then current parameter rent. next slide, please. to give policy background and framework, the port commission annually sets lease rates for our sort of typical commercial type of properties. land, storage within our sheds, office spaces. they set these each yeert year in order to allow us to administratively do leases with hundreds of tenant we have at the port. we typically can accommodate these type of uses up and down the 7 and a half mile so it is not a very competitive landscape. tenant comes we can usually find them a office, storage space or land. we do competitively solicit for development
7:05 am
projects, retail restaurant lease excurgz operations. they did not bid the lease because there is a (inaudible) the tenant does own the self-storage equipment. we have stable tenant in place who is in good standing. they not fallen behind onerant even during the pandemic and have 7 acres of land very close to the site where we could accommodate tenant should they come forward to lease land at the parameter rates. finally, on the lease rate itself, we in negotiating with the tenant wanted to bring up to the parameter rate for sure. that is what we charge for land. we applied a leasing tactic the port commission approved right after covid for office and shed leases which ramp up tenants who signed at least a 3 year lease up to the parameter rate a bit slower, so we applied the same percentage that i showed on the screen. this approved
7:06 am
and port commission agreed we should apply the tenant that tactic of the lease up strategy for this particular tenant. next slide, please. so, we are seeking recommendation for the resolution for the reasons mentioned before and earlier. i want to point out kim and are focused-we have economic recovery and trying to make sure we are filling our vacancies and working hard on bringing new tenants to the port. we have been very lucky, we have state and federal budget to help the port in the coming years but we are focused out of getting out of the economic difficulties and getting restaurants and vacancies filded in other land use types. we are happy to recommend this to you and hope to keep the tenant for the next 6 years. thank you. >> thank you so much. any questions colleagues? supervisor chan. >> before i call on you, can we hear from the budget and legislative analyst?
7:07 am
thank you, sorry about that. >> item 9 is resolution approving a new lease of port land to aardvark storage unlimited . 5 year term with one year offer to extend and provide the port $7.2 million over the initial 5 years. we know in the report and just noted by the port that the tenant is paying 30 cent persquare foot. the port has a rent rate of 45 cents per square foot so the lease brings up to the standard rate over the first couple years of the lease but we do consider approval of (inaudible) below the standard rent. happy to answer questions. >> thank you. supervisor chan. >> thank you chair ronen. i just wanted to understand a little better about the parameter lease rates.
7:08 am
from your presentation based on the presentation, two factors. one is the fact the tenant has-it is stable and paying rent, doesn't owe back rent and the second parameter is there fact that there is vacancy in the-more then 7 acres, and the only way i understand the volume or acres is like 8 acres i think one football field, so why 7 acres? >> why should they get 7 acres? >> seven acres-in the event within that tenant that you have 7 acres of vacancy, therefore that is considered as a factor to-it does not. then therefore as a result this contract or this agreement does not have to go out for bid? >> i think i understand. let me try-we have two items going on here. first with regards to the lease rate. we did
7:09 am
apply that tactic. we call it with the port commission approval to allow them to ramp up their lease rates and that something we applied in office and shed cases. we ask the port commission to apply it here in this land case. we happen to have 7 acres available close by that is where we are right now. it is a real factor for us because we are trying to lease that land and it is vacant and we are concerned if we did continue to let this lease expire and not lock this tenant into the long-term rent paying situation we would have 7 acres south and are have their acreage and have a 13 acre vacancy which is difficult. we typically lease a couple acres at a time at the most. we would have a lot of vacancy is the main thing we are concerned about. >> what is the logic or calculation that you determine to say let's ramp up the rate
7:10 am
from i believe i what bla said was 30 cent s and ramp up to 45 which is your market rate. what is there logic or why you determine that you much rather have ramp up to start with? >> when we set our parameter rates, lease rates schedule there is more then 115 rates each year. with we set them in august and use a consultant of real estate economist, brokers and technical team of analyst and go through the rate and they help set the rate and give advice how we can attract tenants and one of the pieces of advice is people are skittish if you want them to sign a multiple year lease if you give them incentive in order to have slightly lower rates at the beginning of the lease term and then higher rates later on they might be more willing to sign a term lease rather then a 1 or 2 year lease. that is the logic they
7:11 am
applied to us and we applied in the land situation. >> thank you, i expressed during the budget process for fiscal year 22-23 when port came before us and expressed concerns about leasing out property with the rfp and thinking about more to the broker approach or consultant approach. in the event i think for the future just having that information about who the consultants are just for transparency so we know the consultant providesed the advise and understand who these people are and how they come about to provide you that advice and consultation. thank you. >> thank you for the questions and are extra explanation. that was very helpful. mr. clerk, can you please open the item
7:12 am
up for public comment? >> yes madam chair. members who wish to speak and joining in person should line up now to speak. for those listening remotely please call- [providing instructions for public comment] seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, mr. lam--madam chair, we have no speakers in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. i like to make a motion to send the item to full board with positive recommendation. >> on that motion to forward the resolution to the full board with positive recommendation- [roll call] >> 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. thank
7:13 am
you. please read item number 10? >> yes, item 10, resolution authorizing the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute amendment no. 2 to wastewater enterprise contract no. cs-235, planning and engineering services, southeast plant (sep) biosolids digester facilities, with brown and caldwell, to increase the contract amount by $55,000,000 for a total not to exceed amount of $208,500,000 and increase the contract duration by three years and six months, for a total duration of 16 years from july 29, 2013, through july 28, 2029, pursuant to charter, section 9.118. members of the public who wish to comment please call [providing instructions for public comment]
7:14 am
>> thank you so much. we have howard fung and carolyn chew here to present. >> good afternoon chair ronen, members of the committee. howard fung with the sfpuc. i'm the interim director of wastewater capital program and the manager of the project management bureau. like to provide a quick introduction before i turn it over to the project manager carolyn choi. biosolid project is long in the making and identified as a need in our early master planning. the biosolid project is our largest capital improvement project and addresses the aging infrastructure at one of our most critical wastewater facilities. like many large and complex
7:15 am
projects we have worked through a few challenges but happy to say we made study progress and in construction of those facilities. this project including the proposed cs235 amendment before you are budgeted and within the adopted 10 year capital financial plan. now, let me turn over to carolyn and she's been leading the project since the beginning to provide a bit more details. >> good afternoon. chair ronen, members of the committee. i'm carolyn chew with sfpuc project manager for biosolid project. so-next slide. here we have here as a aerial view of the southeast plant. this by far is one of the
7:16 am
puc most critical facilities in it treats 80 percent of the city wastewater and storm water. it is one of two facilities werely to offer 24/7, 7 days a week without any way of-so it has to stay in operation. the point of this project is to address much aging infrastructure. basically we are replacing all the paneling facility at the plant. one half of the plant and you see it by the bottom corner of this aerial, the circular tanks are it digesters. you can see one of them is already out of service and they were built in 1952 so over 70 years old so way past useful life. i give credit to the operation for keeping this going this long, but it is like howard long in the making so we are building a brand new facility from the ground up. adjacent to the plant at the two sites labeled central (inaudible) i also wanted you to
7:17 am
know how constrained the site is. it is boardered by residential homes, commercial and businesses and couple railroad tracks, so it is a tight footprint, but obviously they are able to do a lot within there. this project like i said is aging infrastructure, to insure long-term reliability and operations and regulatory compliance but more importantly to insure sustainability. we built the project to insure we can use 100 percent of the biosolds and bio gas generated and made a commitment to the community to eliminate odors from the facility within the fence line and also to be more of a visual asset to the neighborhood. next slide. here is just a brief timeline. you can see it started as a thought on a piece of paper in 2011 so we have come a long way between planning and
7:18 am
eir, design and in the middle of construction finally. i like to tell folks we in the home stretch. we are looking toward final completion of may 2028 with final close-out a year later. so, where are we today? the project budget is $2.4 billion with the construction being $1.9 billion of it. we are deep in construction. we have done all the excavation, done all the foundation work and pile instillation and now if you come out to the site you will see digesters being erected. the photo here is dated because we have skirt walls on all 5 digesters, so we are moving well ahead and starting to also build the other facilities that go with it. currently, we are delivering this project as a cmgc construction management general contractor delivery approach, and so we are-we have bought out over 50 percent of the project and we
7:19 am
anticipate to complete the major facilities before the end of the year. next slide. here is just a little static picture of the progress going left right, left right. february 2020 i don't know if you remember what the old central shops used to look like but progressed with demolition and excavation and in august or september and you see not just the digesters being erected and walls coming up but work at the adjacent building. i did want to share some metric around the construction that i feel we have done very well since the construction started in 2019. we have exceeded our local hire goals by-right now we achieve 35 percent, while the city requirement is 30. similarly, the aprints participation
7:20 am
at 60 percent and local hiring ordinance is 50. for local business enterprise, we are at a goal of 22 percent. awarded over $118 million to lbe to date. so, now let me transition over to the item before you today. we are looking to amend the professional services contract with brown and caldwell. brown and caldwell was one of the first team members we on-boarded in 2013 to help with the planning when we didn't know wlaut we were go toog build and they work segued to the full design. it made sense for us now the design is of record to keep them on board and for construction and squrs and (inaudible) and also more importantly they have technical expertise we can utilize for commissioning and start up of the new facilities so we are
7:21 am
looking at them to provide training and resources to our operational side. one thing i did want to mention and think howard also did as well, this amendment is in line with the approved budget and schedule and a part of the approved 10 year cip. the request before you now is increase this brown caldwell correct by $55 million to total of 208.5 and extended in time alignment with the current schedule of completion. as mentioned, it made sense to keep them on board for continuity and for consistency. with that being said, that ends my slide. this picture is just a nice rendering of what the new facilities will look like when we
7:22 am
are done. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you so much. i am-first hear from budget and legislative analyst. >> item 10 is resolution to approve the second amendment to puc agreement with brown and caldwell related to biosolid digester. this increases the agreement from (inaudible) extend the agreement term from december 2025 through july 209. when we last looked at this contract in 2017, the project budget was $1.2 billion and since then the project costs doubled and the timeline for completing the project exteneded from august 2023 to mid-2028. the
7:23 am
puc has taken steps to control cost. one of the steps they took was to redesign the project. that has exhausted the existing billable hours on the contract so the purpose of the amendment is really to extend the agreement coterminus with the expected timeline of the project and also provide billable hours for the engineering support during construction that is a task in the original contract and has to be carried out now. we showed the budget for the new spending on page 44 of the report. a function of staff time and hours and finally i'll note that the during the reporting process the department completed the annual performance reviews of this contractor as they are required to do under their capital planning procedures . we reviewed the documents and did not see issues
7:24 am
so it is on that basis and also on the basis they have taken steps to control project cost and validate brauject coast so we are recommending approval. we do recommend an amendment to the resolution, however to memorialize request from the board of supervisors to the puc to obtain the annual performance review of this contractor and submit to the legislative file for this item so it can be used for future reference and keep you all in the loop about the status of the project. as you know, this has enormous impact on the community given the nature of the facility. >> thank you so much. colleagues, questions? >> i have a few questions. no comments. thank you madam chair. so, couple of things i want to put on the
7:25 am
record. i understand that this contract is subject to the citywide pla, correct? or you all have your pua? >> this contract is professional service but the construction contract is a part of the project is under the pla. >> great. and then i received a list of all the different people-organizations that were beneficiaries of the social impact partnership. look like a list of 20 organizations. can you talk about that? >> yes. for cs23 in caldwell when the project was ish aooed they made a commitment of million dollars for community benefits. since then they upped that amount and their commitment to $1.725 million and to date they have met close to 78 percent of that
7:26 am
commitment in contribution and volunteer hours. >> when you say volunteer hours can you explain that? >> they probably explain better thane can. they volunteered at different charities, fund raiser or event listed in the report out that you got. they had people dedicate time from the company. >> okay. great. is there a representative from the group here today? >> brown and caldwell? >> yes. >> not in the audience, no. >> okay. you said you can hear from them directly, i thought maybe that is what you were referring to. >> yes, becauseeme i'm not directly involved so further questions they are probably more suited to answer. >> great. can you talk a little about the in terms of the preaprintsship work and amount of hours and-i understand this
7:27 am
professional services, but this is related to the overall construction contract. >> i can certainly talk high level. i do think if anymore detail i have to bring in our-a different crew to do that. yes, i think for this construction we are committed to-i think you question is about work force hours? >> city build. >> yes, we are completely utilizing those programs-actually y have a--there is opportunities for local workers we are maximizing these opportunities and utilize city build as the vehicle and oewd to facilitate bringing those workers on-board and it has been a program we have done since we started this. and we have been using -we have done a lot of outreach and engagement to not just
7:28 am
bring local workers from the city but hyperlocal so the zip codes that surround the treatment plant and we tried to use the sources already established to provide training vehicles and class time to make those workers not just for our construction and work coming, but also the other construction the city may put out. so, right now i am looking at the statistics. 35 percent of the craft hours are performed by local san francisco residents. like i said, if you have more details i- >> that is good. >> okay. >> continue. that information i have says also exceed 66 percent of the aprintsship hours on projects- >> you are reading the same-- >> i think the important we get it into the record especially when pa contractor is
7:29 am
exceeding the goal set forth by the city. that is the question i already know the answers to but wanted them on the record. >> that is is a advantage why we chose so they can put forward different construction packages to maximize the opportunity for local workers and local lbe. >> the bla reference to size of the contract growing over the course of time, can you talk about how the contract is exceeded the original expectations and in terms of we are going from a 3 year 6 month contract now to a looks like 16 years, is that right? we are extending the time, significantly. >> through the chair, that is correct. this amendment extends the agreement by 5 years. >> okay. can you talk about that a little bit? >> yes. brown and
7:30 am
caldwell, cs235 the contract grew in response to what was going on in the actual project. so, we had a couple two significant events or items that happened where we responded where we had a cost increase. one of them was in 2019, have a 95 percent design in front of us now. it went from being planning level to detailed adrawing and the cost estimate exceeded the budget we had so we paused the job, we did a what i think a robust cost reduction effort. we brought on everybody. by then we had the correction contractor, design team, wastewater enterprise, all of us on the puc side. -everything was on the table to bring the cost closer in line with the budget and that was outlined in the report, that is where (inaudible) we got rid of the maintenance building, found a better way to do odor control.
7:31 am
>> what happens to the maintenance building if you get rid of it? >> basically the maintenance building is needed. we differed it to another project. the one that is probably more addressing some of the larger wastewater enterprise needs around staffing and office space and warehouse needs and maintenance space, so we fold it into a larger problematic staff need for wastewater enterprise. the maintenance didn't go away just deleted from biosolds and part of a future projectf. >> is that needed for this particular work? >> it wasn't. that is how it became something we can differ to later. we are adding to a existing facility, so there was resources already there. >> okay. thank you. >> in response to supervisor safai's question about just the massive increase in cost, all most
7:32 am
double, you talked one strategy, which was scaling back the project but said there were two main strategies, can you talk about the second one? >> obviously 95 percent we are in construction, everything was still on paper so we had a lot more option in front of us, but now in 2021 we are in construction, so we received a couple bids from mechanical and electrical that exceeded the expectation and budget so we paused. we paused, we stopped the contractor from bidding. we to say wait a minute, maybe is this cmcg approach the right approach to deliver this. once again we started to look at options of maybe this isn't the path forward. we tried to look back and say what happened and so in that we went into the commission to talk about changeing the scope for web corp which is the construction contractor or even
7:33 am
considering-decreasing their scope. as response to that, mwh web score changed the leadership. we started a more collaborative process with the puc feels we were taking advantage and seeing more benefit from the cmcg approach which is how we decided to do it in the first place so saw shift how the package was bid because we paused the job and say we need to relook at this. so that was the second significant shift in cost and like i said, by then we were in construction. we have the excavation already done. we had holes for the digesters already, so we were limited in what-there wasn't anymore scope to cut because we already did that earlier, so those are the two challenges we face as the prices grew. obviously since
7:34 am
2021 covid also hit and now we are also seeing the impacts of commodities increase and supply chain but we are all responding to the market now. that is the second one. >> in terms of putting in the monitoring reports into the file, the suggestion of the bla, is that something you agree with? >> yes. i think as the analyst mentioned, our own puc has infrastructure procedure manuals where it clearly states to provide a annual performance review and fully acknowledge and own i was remiss and didn't do that. that being said we work with brown and caldwell every day so if there was issue with performance we dealt real time and they responded immediately. i can't say they never got any performance review but agree we should be doing and so-to your
7:35 am
answer your question a long way, yes. we are fine submitting it every year and that is my commitment to not have that gap again and to do this every year at the anniversary of the contract. >> okay. great. thank you. >> thank you. >> i think it is more a comment. i appreciate-it is a huge project, $2.4 billion project with $1.9 billion of construction cost and look forward seeing it to complete as you have stated in 2028. it is a much needed upgrade for the city to make sure we are in the forefront of the sewage and are storm water treatment and that we continue on. i appreciate definitely looking forward to learning more about the annual report and look forward having more of the discussion in the upcoming budget process to just
7:36 am
understand that as-in the event we approve the not to exceed amount to increase and extend this contract, want to make sure construction is going to continue to be on track. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> yes, i just wanted to-there is another thing i want to point out for the record, which i think is in the bla report that talks about the subcontractors and just the scope and number of subcontractors that are lbe's. i think that is a good thing in terms of engineering and geo technical and acoustics and whether the different services being provided here locally. i want to give you a opportunity to talk about that. highlight the relationship between those contractor and local small businesses. i think it is good thing. >> yes, when we issued the contract back in
7:37 am
2013, the lbe was 10 percent. brown and caldwell when they submitted the proposal they exceeded that goal and came in at 14 percent and maintained it throughout the whole project. right now i think they are hovering around 14.12 percent, and i agree with you supervisor that brown and caldwell has utilized a lot of local sources that are lbe firmts to par fis pate on the project. i think it is a credit to them. obviously they have done a lot of business within the bay areas so resources of people they work with as well and they are also willing to bring on new lbe's and shepherd them into the lbe program and obviously a big scale design so the experience you can get from a large scale design like this, they were very good at providing that teaching and mentoring vehicle. >> great. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> i think we can open
7:38 am
the item to public comment. >> thank you mr. vice chair. members who wish to speak on the item and joining in person line up now. for those listening remotely please call [providing instructions for public comment] seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, mr. lam, please unmute the first caller. >> deer budget and finance committee, thank you for the opportunity to speak. my name is (inaudible) the director of programs interaction inc. and request your support vote in favor of the amendment with item 10. as part of
7:39 am
the impact part narship, brown and caldwell supported one of the (inaudible) which is culinary incubator program and collaborative commercial kitchen space that provides entrepreneurship and workforce development opportunities to the bayview hunters point and black indigenous people of color community. (inaudible) receive technical assistance to formalize their business (inaudible) access to commercial kitchen space and critical income generation opportunities (inaudible) the funds have been able to support 7 local bayview hunters point vendors throughout the pandemic by (inaudible) [difficulty understanding speaker due to audio quality] aible to utilize the commercial kitchen space and accomplish milestones empowering
7:40 am
(inaudible) putting one of the original (inaudible) at the san francisco ferry building. our team is also successful through the partnership to secure a partnership with food (inaudible) formally (inaudible) at the ferry building for thursday starting april 2022. this exposure lead to one of the vendors gumbo social to have a dedicated booth at the farmers market on the embarcadero. one of our other vendors (inaudible) successfully apply frd a food truck permit and on his way to getting his food truck permit accepted and licensed. (inaudible) various events - >> your time expired. i apologize for cutting anybody off. we are timing of 2 minutes and thank you for the comments. mr. lam, next speaker,
7:41 am
please. >> good afternoon madam chair and members of the budget committee. my name is (inaudible) and i'm a (inaudible) you just mentioned that have been able to grow our business because of the opportunities brown and caldwell provided us and (inaudible) [difficulty hearing speaker due to audio quality] and urge you to vote in favor of the design amendment for the brown and caldwell because they have been a excellent partner for local small business. the planning design work (inaudible) is very highly specialized that you just heard from your team. brown and caldwell has gone above and beyond to insure the work that can be done by local businesses is done by local businesses. we have hugely benefited from this opportunity of working with brown
7:42 am
and caldwell. our staff we were able to hire highly qualified staff, and grow our business and provide better services to the city county san francisco. again, we are well renowned lbe and growing was of the opportunity brown and caldwell provided us. i appreciate your time and thank you for your attention. >> thank you for your comments. mr. lam, next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is peter (inaudible) a small local business enterprise in city san francisco. i would like to urge the board to vote in favor of the design amendment for contract with brown and caldwell. we are one of the small lbe with the sit a ea long time and waiting for a
7:43 am
opportunity to demonstrate our capability. we have worked on a lot of small contracts but rarely get a opportunity to have large ones like this one. brown and caldwell brought us on board and will have a small portion of the contract (inaudible) demonstrate our capability and responsiveness. they increase the scope appropriate to our capability and capacity and we improve through the contract and also help the project to accomplish the design goals. we actually end up being one of the lead construction engineering firm on the contract which is rare for large contracts, so i wanted to (inaudible) brown and caldwell effort bringing small lbe into the contract who continues to support the contract. we are here and like to pitch
7:44 am
in our vote of confidence for brown and caldwell's capability and so thank you for the city for supporting the project and small business like ours. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. mr. lam, next speaker, please. >> supervisors have been following this project from 2009. early in 2013 i was closely working with brone and caldwell representatives jay patel. this project-i mean the sewer system improvement project
7:45 am
started with a budget of $6 billion. it is now $12 billion and the project analyst had to mention exactly what it is. yesterday when (inaudible) spoke she said, $10 billion. so, it is surely not $6 billion or $8 billion. it may be $10 billion but according to bio (inaudible) it is $12 billion heading for $20 billion. now you have the taskforce, community and they agreed they would be periodically told what is happening in the digesters. my understanding is there is a big problem with
7:46 am
the electricity or energy that is linked to the digesters. this project now (inaudible) biosolds was stalled a couple of times. mhw has done projects all over the nation. they are not a problem. - >> your time expired. again, i do apologize for cutting anybody off but we are timing each speaker at 2 minutes. thank you for your comments. mr. lam with you unmute potentially our last caller? >> yes. my name is (inaudible) calling on behalf of ycd a non profit other in district 10 calling to urge advocate for brown and caldwell. i
7:47 am
overheard someone asking how brown and caldwell have utilized volunteer hours for unxhooty benefits and happy to talk about that. brown and caldwell had been working with ycd since 2013 and been amazing supporter for youth internship effort. (inaudible) which i run called (inaudible) this specific program was designed to if had crease equity and access to opportunities for unrepresented minority group across multiple sectors, with the goal to get in the work place and gain skills necessary for academic and career success. with paid internship provided yuck adultss valuable work experience they otherwise wouldn't have access to. i say this because none of it, none of it would be possible if not for the partner such as brown and caldwell so to give perspective they had, the positive
7:48 am
impact in our community, we had 99 students come through the program since inception in 2012, 38 college graduates, (inaudible) 18 currently enrolled in the community. brone and caldwell commitment to our program and community is greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with them through the project completion. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much for your comments. mr. lam, can you confirm that was our last speaker? yes, madam chair, that was our last speaker. >> public comment is closed. i just wanted to ask the deputy city attorney if-just for memorializing the commitment of the puc to provide-memorialize
7:49 am
the commitment in writing as needed. any advice on that? >> ann pearson you heard a commitment to do that and i trust you will honor the commitment. you could of course amend the resolution to ask they do the same. >> okay. then would you like to make the motion supervisor safai n. >> i think it would be good to put in the record the resolution that we would request there be annual performance audits if you are amenable to that. >> yes. >> motion to amend the resolution to add language to ask for performance audit. >> motion by vice chair safai, the resolution be amended to accept the recommendations offered by the bla- [roll call]
7:50 am
>> 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. >> motion to send the item to full board with positive recommendation as amended. >> on the motion by vice chair safai that this resolution be forwarded to full board with positive recommendation as amended- [roll call] >> we have 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. thank you so much. mr. clerk, please read item 11. >> item 11, resolution
7:51 am
approving the 2022 grant application for the united states department of housing and urban development continuum of care program in an amount not to exceed $54,655,600; and fulfilling the board of supervisors review and approval process for all annual or otherwise recurring grants of $5,000,000 or more. [providing instructions for public comment] madam chair. >> thank you so much. we will hear from dylan snyder, our weekly presenter at this point. >> good afternoon honorable committee members. i seem to be here weekly so thank you pr having me back. dylan snyder manager of legislative affairs department of homelessness and supportive housing. here before you today with a very brief presentation on applied for resolution for annual hud continuum of care grant application. the resolution before you today would authorize hsh to apply for funds through huds annual continuum of care or coc grant comtgz for 2022. the total not to exceed is
7:52 am
$54.6 million and include annual renewal funds of $48.6 million youth annual renewal fund, $1.6 million, bonus funds for new projects at approximately $2 million, planning funds of approximately $1.2 million, and a small contingency for hud fair market rate or fmr adjustments of $1.3 million. i think most are all familiar with this process. the is a annual process we collaborate closely with local homeless coordinating board on as they are the governing body for the continuum of care in san francisco. so, over the spring and summer of 2022, we worked with lhcd scr community to develop a list of projects for prioritization that include proposed grants included in the application before you today that would funds 22 non profit providers with focus on housing. on
7:53 am
september 20, 2022, the local homeless coordinating board approved the final tiered priority list and this application and copy of a letter of support from the lhcd is on file with the clerk of board. we appreciate your consideration of this resolution and really looking forward to moving forward next week with full board approval to meet the very quick hud deadline of september 30 for this application. thank you so much. happy to take any questions. >> thank you. any questions? nope. can we please open up for public comment? >> yes, madam chair. members who wish to speak on the item and joining in person line up now. for those listening remotely call [providing instructions for public comment] seeing
7:54 am
no in person speakers in the chamber, and madam chair there are no speaker in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. like to make a motion to send the item to full board with positive recommendation. >> on the motion to forward to full board with positive recommendation- [roll call] >> 3 ayes. >> the motion passes unanimously. mr. clerk, can you read item 12? >> item 12, resolution approving a lease amendment extending the term from january 1, 2023, to
7:55 am
december 31, 2032, for approximately 69,402 square feet at 1390 market street (fox plaza), with sfii 1390 market st, llc as landlord, for use by the office of the city attorney, at an initial annual rent of $4,959,042 (or $413,253.50 per month) with 3% annual increases thereafter; approving the continued use of a portion of the premises for childcare services; and to authorize the director of property to enter into any amendments to the lease or the day care license that do not materially increase the obligations or liabilities to the city, do not materially decrease the benefits to the city, and are necessary or advisable to effectuate the purposes of the lease or this resolution. members of the public who wish to call- [providing instructions for public comment] madam chair. >> thank you. director penic. >> thank you and good afternoon chair ronen,
7:56 am
vice chair safai and supervisor chan. (inaudible) director of real estate i also have with me katie puller from the city attorney's office. i believe that the clerk has a brief slide presentation queued up for the item. >> give us one second, director. >> before you this afternoon seeking positive recommendation for a resolution to amend a lease at 1390 market street for the benefit of the city attorney's office. just wait to the slide deck. the next slide , please. city attorney leased the space since 1980 for all most 40 years. they occupy all the 5, 6 and 7 floors as well as half of the 4 and 10 floors and
7:57 am
approximately 1700 square feet on the ground floor used as infant care center. the city attorney would like to amend this lease to extend the term and move their offices from the 10 floor to the 4 floor at the landlord cost and expense. approximately 250 attorneys and appallatize for the slide that says 150, and support staff work at the location and provide a wide range of legal services to the city. the expansion space which is created by the fact that the 4 floor is slightly larger then the 10 floor space used which is 5600 square feet will accommodate approximately 16 offices, 12 work stations, and the city attorney has 10 new positions currently in the budget that will help fill the space. however, with the expansion space the city attorney still needs to share offices at this location. next slide, please.
7:58 am
this slide points out the deal points and how they relate to the current agreement. as you can see, we are here before you for a 10 year lease that expired december 30, 2032 with a 1, 5 year option. the premises expands from 69 thousand square feet to approximately 75 thousand square feet. the rent is reduced from $73 down to $66. you can see the annual and monthly rate. there is a 3 percent annual increase and the landlord is offering a 4 montherant abatement as well as tenant improvement and move cost which range between 400 and $600 thousand. next slide, please. thiss concludes my presentation. katie porter from the city attorney and i are available to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you.
7:59 am
supervisor safai. >> i think we need to hear the bla report first. sorry. >> are thank you. >> thank you. iletm 12 is resolution that approves amendment to existing lease with 13908 market street and city attorney office. this is lease extended for 10 years through december 2032 and option to extend to 2037. we show the lease terms on 49 of the report and the rent was confirmed by an appraisal review as required by the administrative codeism we show the lease will cost the city approximately $55.2 million over 10 years, generalfund cost. there is another city tenet at fox plaza, department of children youth and families and
8:00 am
when we reviewed the lease a couple years ago we recommend the board amend improving the lease amendment to memorial request to director of property to evaluate the feasibility moving city tenants out of fox plaza to city owned space. we did talk to the director of property about that analysis and basically what it showed is that number one there is no room in the capital plan right now to purchase a new site of this size that would be required to have those tenants. there was capacity in the capital plan but that was cap tured by the board on certificate of participation you all approved during the most recent budget cycle if you reorder the capital plan to purchase the site with you look at the debt service and then the rent savings of moving the tenant to a city owned site which is to
8:01 am
accommodate them all the break even would not occur for about 20 years so it actually makes--it made sense to extend the leases right now and on the basis that we are recommending approval of this resolution. >> thank you. supervisor safai. >> great. i'm glad you put the cost of what 10 years would be for the extension because it gives us a snapshot. we have been in this property since the 1980. if we added the money we probably could buy 2 or 3 buildings for that amount. it is over-simplification but we have in the ongoing conversation with director of real astailt similar when hsh wanted to move to a lease south of market, i was not supportive of that. we had city owned property at 440 turk that we pushed them-spnt money to
8:02 am
renovate. that is our charge in a lot of ways on this body is be the fiscal watch dog of the taxpayer dollars and i understand that maybe the snapshot presented today might seem to be good based on the current market conditions, but we had multiple hearings in this committee alone talking about our commercial real estate market. we have-it has been projected based on the best estimates that in terms of office occupancy we are about 30 percent. that doesn't account for the leases that are about to expire and ones that will be going to submarket rate. we have the slowest recovery of any major city in the entire united states and there is not a major seismic shift predicted on the horizon. all that being said, many of these leases are going to be coming up for
8:03 am
renewal and/or sublease motivation for subleasing. my opinion is a 10 year lease of course the landlord is motivated to give some credits and improvements. they want to lock us in for 10 years. based on there best rate they can get today. we understand and believe based on conversation with city economist, property owners, commercial property owners, interested parties that represent commercial property owners that the rents are going to come down even further. i do not feel comfortable doing the 10 year lease. director penic, i think you have appraisals that say this is a slight value below what is appraised, i think we should have further conversation pushing the landlord for a smaller amount of
8:04 am
time. maybe 3-5 years and definitely trying to get a rate below $60 a square foot if possible. i like to hear your responses to that. i know that again we have been in the ongoing conversation about purchasing. i don't think there are any options to purchase out there unless you tell me otherwise you would have brought us some, but give us a little insight in terms of your professional perspective on the current for sale purchase market and then the options that we discussed. >> thank you supervisor safai. (inaudible) drether of real estate. i will answer the question presented and also like to give mrs. porter from the city attorney an opportunity to speak to the specific need of the city attorney's office for this particular lease. speaking more broadly on your view of the market, i do not disagree. i believe that the market
8:05 am
trajectory is certainly downward. interest rates are high. the fed is just raised interest rates again. we do have a large occupancy deficit here in the city county of san francisco. it is-worst case scenario looking from 30 to 50 percent. right now i saw a article last week that basically said that office occupancy was at 50 percent pre-covid levels but that was only for tuesday and wednesdays out of the week. monday thursday and friday are still seeing mass vacancies with people telecommuting or working remotely. we have not seen significant declines in the class a office market as it relates to purchase price. we have seen those declines in class b and c. in my opinion, the class a market
8:06 am
will experience those declines in the next 12, 18 to 24 months if the economic trends continue. so, i don't disagree that the city should be positioning itself to take advantage of those market opportunities, but at the same time we also have to look what is before us today. the real estate division has been sinking its civic center leases to be able to take advantage of a buying opportunity should one present itself. that first buying opportunity is in 2023. you mentioned earlier we have not only the city attorney lease coming up for renewal, we will have several other leases in the civic center area coming up for renewal because they have been (inaudible) to be so. i believe the opportunity for a purchase in 2023 has past. it takes the city 2 to 3 years in order to gather
8:07 am
resources, get a strategic plan together in order to position itself in order to make such significant moves. i believe that we have synced up for the 2023 transition, we didn't quite fulfill the steps necessary to take advantage of that. i also feel the market is still a little too high so we haven't lost a opportunity, but we are now faced with the ability to really position ourselves for that next window, which is in 2028. if we do our planning for both fiscally politically, look at our policy on telecommuting and remote work to right-size our portfolio we should be in a position to take advantage of buying opportunities in 2025 that are currently out of reach. now, bringing this conversation back to
8:08 am
the micro and what is before us today, the city attorney has been in the building for a long time. that is true. but we provide an essential city service, and we will always have a need for real estate in the civic center area. we believe that the 10 year deal in exchange for concessions the landlord was offering us was a good deal and worthy of presentation to this board. however, i hear you loud and clear. if it is the wisdom of this committee that 10 years is too long, i would recommend that we continue this item to the call of the chair and go back and have another conversation with the landlord and see if we can come to a deal that meets the guidelines you just presented. at this point, i like to ask
8:09 am
katie porter to say a few words. >> thank you. good afternoon supervisors. i would just second what director pendrick said. we engaged in protracted negotiations with the landlord and negotiated what we thought was the best deal. we were able to get that met the needs of had city attorney office. we need extra space. the landlord wanted to consolidate our 4 and 10 floor spaces and that made operational sense for us as well. we did take the mayor's direction to heart and filled our vacancies and through the support of the mayor and the board got extra positions so we are bursting at the seams and back 3 days a week. many employees are working more then thats when they have a trial or big project. some employees are on site all the time or 4 days a week so we do want the additional space
8:10 am
and need the additional space but we understand the direction we are hearing from the board and happy to go back to the landlord and explain the constraints we have. >> i just want to say for the record, i think the set up at the plaza is a great set up. i know the former city attorney was really motivated to have on site child care space and have a vertical office people can be able to access city hall. i just think based on everything we have been hearing and learning over the last year, it would be wise to go back and try to push for shorter period of time and try to work for additional concessions if possible. that would be my will. that would be my desire. >> supervisor chan. >> thank you chair ronen. i think the city is just like everyone else trying to figure out do we
8:11 am
buy or own and can we afford to buy and can we afford to own and do we buy or lease. do we own or rent? i think the question that i do have for us to also consider-i'm most definitely open to continue the item so we can have a conversation as long as it does bring us in a more advantageous position in our conversation with the landlord then i'm open to that so i like clarification to say to understand if we do continue this item to go back actually put us in a better position or just not at disadvantaged position. >> i would differ to director pendrick. he is leading the negotiations with the landlord. >> good afternoon supervisor chan. excellent question. the current lease the city attorney has
8:12 am
expires on december 31 of this year, so we do have a few months to negotiate a new agreement that would start beginning of the new year. the current lease also has a hold over provision that allow us to continue occupancy after the expiration of the lease, however, the rent rate for the hold over is punitive, so it would be our desire to conclude negotiations and get back to the committee prior to the end of the year. >> great. i think ultimately the conversation i think for this body to have and i agree at times with supervisor safai about again whether we own a property or we lease a property, but i hear you loud and clear director penic, it is true i think we have the conversation previously with city administrator chiu to try to figure long-term and how do
8:13 am
we manage our public assets to say you know, we see that it is not just city attorney office, the many city departments actually do lease their spaces, and are we having a hybrid working schedule, but i know that we talk about the technical challenges with that too, because a worker is still occupy a space and clear with the expansion your attorneys are still sharing spaces at fox plaza, and so we understand you are at capacity, but at the same time, will we be in a better situation if we are to buy a building then we have to cost of maintenance and liability and so on and so forth? so, i think that the question then is also, how do we proceed with that approach or conversation for the long-term for the
8:14 am
approach or strategy for public assets management overall? >> those are all good issues for further discussion. in truth, the biggest hurdle between that keeps the itisy acquiring property is the up front cost. when there is a fallacy that when you lease property the tenant doesn't pay for maintenance. that is not true. the landlord passes those cost on to their tenants through common area of maintenance or cam charges, so we are paying the same maintenance cost whether we own or lease all things being equal, but the idea is that if you are leasing 12 different buildings and you have that overhead at 12 different locations, you can greatly reduce that cost if you were to buy one class a
8:15 am
building that met all your needs. you still have to maintain the buildsing and still have those cost, but those cost would be greatly reduced because you only have one set of overhead opposed to a dozen. however, the upfront cost of acquiring that building is something that the city politically and economically has to come to grips with and that is the consistersation aheadism >> i'm trying to understand-if we continue this, again, i think and try to understand what you were saying earlier is that we could have-we are start planning it because the opportunity to buy we missed that window for 2023. what we can start thinking is in 2025 between 2025 and 2028 that perhaps, but when you say that it
8:16 am
is really perhaps specifically for the city attorney space. or in general? >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify that points. no, the buying opportunity i would be looking towards would not be just for the city attorney. in fact, if this board were to approve the 10 year lease, the city attorney wouldn't be able to participate in a buying opportunity in 2025. we have more then 300 thousand square feet of lease space in the civic center area that can benefit from lease to own. if we sync the city attorney with the rest of those leases that will increase the amount of lease space we can sync and transition to owned space. >> understood. so, i just-this is through chair ronen to supervisor safai, is it that your desire
8:17 am
and your intent to direct the department of real estate to go back to the drawing board negotiating this lease so that we could have the opportunity at least in the future to sync the leases? >> that might be one of the outcomes for sure. i think that is a positive thing. i think also this particular lease length given the current real estate market is more of my concern and the price per square foot knowing it is most likely going to come down significantly over the next year so that is the primary motivation but the secondary result is things will be synced that is benefit director is highlighting as well. >> i will be in agreement to continue the item given the fact if we can-the bigger goal of syncing the leases, so we can be in a better position to strategically think whether we want to continue-have a chance to buy or we continue
8:18 am
to lease then i'm down with that. >> thank you supervisors. >> thank you. let's open item up for public comment. >> thank you madam chair. [providing instructions on public comment] seeing no in person speakers in the chamber, we have no speakers in the queue. >> public comment is now closed. normally i would say you negotiated a great lease and congratulate you, but- >> that how we felt about it. >> but i definitely understand both my
8:19 am
colleague's point of view. we are just in uncharted territory. everything is just so up in the air in terms of the nature of work and offices all over the country and especially in san francisco, so i'm supportive of the motion supervisor safai, if you like to make it. >> i like to make a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> can we have roll call vote on the motion? >> on the motion by vice chair safai the motion continue to the call of the chair- [roll call] we have 3 ayes. >> motion passes unanimously. thank you so much. mr. clerk, do we have any other items before us today? >> madam chair, that concludes your business. >> meeting is adjourned. [meeting adjourned]
8:20 am
8:21 am
my name is doctor ellen moffett, i am an assistant medical examiner for the city and county of san francisco. i perform autopsy, review medical records and write
8:22 am
reports. also integrate other sorts of testing data to determine cause and manner of death. i have been here at this facility since i moved here in november, and previous to that at the old facility. i was worried when we moved here that because this building is so much larger that i wouldn't see people every day. i would miss my personal interactions with the other employees, but that hasn't been the case. this building is very nice. we have lovely autopsy tables and i do get to go upstairs and down stairs several times a day to see everyone else i work with. we have a bond like any other group of employees that work for a specific agency in san francisco. we work closely on each case to determine the best cause of death, and we also interact with family members of the diseased.
8:23 am
that brings us closer together also. >> i am an investigator two at the office of the chief until examiner in san francisco. as an investigator here i investigate all manners of death that come through our jurisdiction. i go to the field interview police officers, detectives, family members, physicians, anyone who might be involved with the death. additionally i take any property with the deceased individual and take care and custody of that. i maintain the chain and custody for court purposes if that becomes an issue later and notify next of kin and make any additional follow up phone callsness with that particular death. i am dealing with people at the worst possible time in their lives delivering the worst news they could get. i work with the family to help them through the grieving process. >> i am ricky moore, a clerk at
8:24 am
the san francisco medical examiner's office. i assist the pathology and toxicology and investigative team around work close with the families, loved ones and funeral establishment. >> i started at the old facility. the building was old, vintage. we had issues with plumbing and things like that. i had a tiny desk. i feet very happy to be here in the new digs where i actually have room to do my work. >> i am sue pairing, the toxicologist supervisor. we test for alcohol, drugs and poisons and biological substances. i oversee all of the lab operations. the forensic operation here we perform the toxicology testing for the human performance and
8:25 am
the case in the city of san francisco. we collect evidence at the scene. a woman was killed after a robbery homicide, and the dna collected from the zip ties she was bound with ended up being a cold hit to the suspect. that was the only investigative link collecting the scene to the suspect. it is nice to get the feedback. we do a lot of work and you don't hear the result. once in a while you heard it had an impact on somebody. you can bring justice to what happened. we are able to take what we due to the next level. many of our counterparts in other states, cities or countries don't have the resources and don't have the beautiful building and the equipmentness to really advance what we are doing. >> sometimes we go to court.
8:26 am
whoever is on call may be called out of the office to go to various portions of the city to investigate suspicious deaths. we do whatever we can to get our job done. >> when we think that a case has a natural cause of death and it turns out to be another natural cause of death. unexpected findings are fun. >> i have a prior background in law enforcement. i was a police officer for 8 years. i handled homicides and suicides. i had been around death investigation type scenes. as a police officer we only handled minimal components then it was turned over to the coroner or the detective division. i am intrigued with those types of calls. i wondered why someone died. i have an extremely supportive
8:27 am
family. older children say, mom, how was your day. i can give minor details and i have an amazing spouse always willing to listen to any and all details of my day. without that it would be really hard to deal with the negative components of this job. >> being i am a native of san francisco and grew up in the community. i come across that a lot where i may know a loved one coming from the back way or a loved one seeking answers for their deceased. there are a lot of cases where i may feel affected by it. if from is a child involved or things like that. i try to not bring it home and not let it affect me. when i tell people i work at the medical examiners office. what do you do?
8:28 am
the autopsy? i deal with the enough and -- with the administrative and the families. >> most of the time work here is very enjoyable. >> after i started working with dead people, i had just gotten married and one night i woke up in a cold sweat. i thought there was somebody dead? my bed. i rolled over and poked the body. sure enough, it was my husband who grumbled and went back to sleep. this job does have lingering effects. in terms of why did you want to go into this? i loved science growing up but i didn't want to be a doctor and didn't want to be a pharmacist. the more i learned about forensics how interested i was of the perfect combination between applied science and criminal justice. if you are interested in finding
8:29 am
out the facts and truth seeking to find out what happened, anybody interested in that has a place in this field. >> being a woman we just need to go for it and don't let anyone fail you, you can't be. >> with regard to this position in comparison to crime dramas out there, i would say there might be some minor correlations. let's face it, we aren't hollywood, we are real world. yes we collect evidence. we want to preserve that. we are not scanning fingerprints in the field like a hollywood television show. >> families say thank you for what you do, for me that is extremely fulfilling. somebody has to do my job. if i can make a situation that is really negative for someone more positive, then i feel like i am doing the right thing for the city of san francisco.
8:30 am
>> broadcast live on sfgovtv and phone. we public publicpicion comment in person and remote. for each discussion item the board will take comment those in person and then from call nothing remote. the number to use today is 415-655-0001 then access code: 2484 339 0312 ##. dial star 3 to enter the speaker line. speakers will have 2 machines to provide comment. we ask you speak clear and sure you are in a quiet location and turn off tv's urnld thank you for joining us.