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tv   Transportation Authority Board  SFGTV  October 1, 2022 7:30pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> i am rafael mandelman, i chair this board. vice chair is aaron peskin.
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with sfgovtv we have mendoza, our clerk is i elijah seaneders and commissioner chan will not attend today. with that, mr. saunders will you call the roll. >> american dorsey. >> commissioner mandelman. >> present. >> commissioner mar. >> (. >> commissioner melgar. >> present. why commissioner peskin. >> present. why commissioner preston. >> present. >> commissioner ronen. >> present. >> commissioner safai. >> absent. >> commissioner stephanie. >> absent. >> commissioner walton. >> present. >> >> stephanie present.
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great. thank you, mr. clerk. before our next item. i know you have public comment announcement. >> yes, i do. >> for the public interested in participating in the meeting we welcome you in person in the chamber room 250 in city hall or watch chabl channel 26 or 99. streamed live on for those wish to comment remote dial 415-655-0001 then access code: 2495 385 4046 ##. you will listen for the mote nothing role time when public comment is called press star 3 to be added to the queue to speak. don't press star 3 again or you will be removed. when your line is unmuted you you will be allowed 2 minuteses
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to speak. then we move to the next caller calls are taken in the order which they are received. speak slowly and clear and turn down anything around you. public comment will be taken from the public in attendance in the chamber and then after from the remote queue on the phone line, thank you. >> thank you, mr. clerk. before calling our next item i'm invoking rule 3.26 to limit total comment to 30 minutes per item. each have 2 minutes to speak on a given item. >> will you call our next item >> 2. chair's report an informational item. >> thank you. who i we were on recess the transportation authority joined our partner in celebrating a number of important mile stones. i got to join officials and community members to celebrate
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bart's 50than verse row event in oakland. congratulations director dusty opened the time cappsule and putting new items a bart pride sticker in my case and to be open in the another 10 years. i thanked the bart board and staff for efforts to improve the system and keep the wrar moving. hard to imagine the bay area without bart. the vote to create bart passed by 1% showing the impact and investments we make today has on future generations as we plan and turning the tide on the climate crisis. i hope all of us here at the ta and in san francisco will keep that in minds. >> and i'm happy to note as the voters are thinking about the future that the chronicle endorsed prop l along with lots
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of other great endorsers. second, we heard news on the central subway with the mta announcing service on november 19th. the transportation authority has been a long time funding partner originally conceived to restore access to china town lost following the embarcadero freeway now that is a major boom for residents and visitors to so many aunion square and china town. this month the mayor and peskin and other leaders welcomed transportation secretary peat bud jej and the public transit support for the project. we look forward to welcome the secretary back to learn more about key priorities. i know the secretary has our next major rail project the cal tain downtown extension. which will strengthen connectiffity and economic
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recovery of city and state by bringing california high speed rail to san francisco. past months transportation insure staff supporting the tjpa to advance this project exit hope the metro transportation commission will support a multiyear endorse am of dtx for state transit funds this fall to the federal transit administration to enter in the engineering phase. thanks to commissioner ronen as our represent at mtc. september is transit month in san francisco. i joined mayor breed senator wean and district 8 muni ride torse ride the f from castro to city hall to rally transit the beginning of the month. i want to thank the san francisco transit riders and the month ride contest for the 7th year in a row. it is inspire to see voices
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coming together for safe, relike transit system san francisco deserves and foiblely a word of thanks to jacob in my office who has been with me near near low 3 years and getting me ready for the board meetings during that time. among other things he has done and -- many things i'm grateful for and will miss. jacob will be leaving in october prior to our next meeting. i wanted say a thank you to jacob. and with this, i will conclude my remarks. and before our director's report is there public comment in the chamber? >> nope. >> is there public comment online? checking for public ment for item 2. there is no public comment. >> all right.
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public comment on item 2 is closed. >> mr. clerk, item 3. >> executive director's report this is informational. >> good morning. chairman and commissioners i begin today with a bit of more good nows from the federal government of the sfmta and earlier september was awarded 23 million dollars in federal grant funds for the hour street scape project. this was part of theus department of transportation office of the secretary's award program and will support safer streetos wourd and compliment improve ams on folsom street. together tell benefit the commuters and neighbors and visitor in that area. a busy area and join sfmta in thanking speaker pelosi and the staff for this funding.
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thanks to the leadership of feinstein and alex pel dio the appropriation's bill included funding to community based grant funds to caltrain for 10 million dollars. and 2.2 million dollars for our yerba buena west side bridges retrofit. 12 million dollars will be included in the federal budget and thanks to our senators for their leadership and support. >> in terms of the state funding front. on august 25th the california resource board set a new rule and path toward zero e mission vehicles. well is a year by year road map 100% of cars sold in california to be zero by 2035. this regulation includes provisions to the equity in the transition to zero e mission and provides certainty anytime
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long-term policy. as well as the industry. the biden administration needs to approve the new requirements before the plan can start, 17 other states do have plans to adopt california's tail pipe e mission rowel and 15 backed california zero e mission requirements the rule will not only help california transsxigz impacts throughout the nation. thank you for that leadership and we look forward to track thanksgiving through funding programs as well. at the state level the california rail authority in august adopted the final environmental impact statement and report for the 43 mile bay area segment of california high speed from san jose on san francisco. in the corridor high speed will share the caltrain tracks and system in a blended arrangement connecting transit center to south. and down to los angeles.
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we have been submitting comments with sfmta and planning expressing support for the development of the system. and need to condition to work toward rail part merfunding for the downtown rail extension and the great separation for the pennsylvania avenue extension. through the mission bay area. >> and this past weekend i was pleased to join federal and regional officials in community members at the caltrain electric celebration for the first electric train sets to come to the bay area to our region, congratulations to caltrain on this important mile stone. this marks the first new electric train set to replace diesel up and down the peninsula and a diesel system for within 50 years. this will reduce 97% reduction in e missions. i don't know about remaining 3%.
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we call it pretty much e mission free and noise impacts and faster service. prud to contribute 141 million dollars to the investment. toward a large state and federal partnership that was put together for the project itself. thank you for commissioner with theon and look forward to bringing benefits including new access to the bayview. one more update in august the metro transportation commission with bart and other transit agencies participating in the clipper system launch a 2 yee pilot giving unlimited travel with the exception of special event services to or from oracle part. it will enable students have access to a clip are day paddle this is multisystem pass for
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students at santa rosa, uc berkeley. san jose state and san francisco state university. all those folks will be affordable and community housing participates from the housing folks. we are tracking in closely it serves a model for the treasure island pass. and this will help prosecute mote mobility, giving folks access to multiple systems through a single multiagency pass. calls the bay pass employees we will update that as it rolls out. local issue and updates. thank member ting state fund fist sf rebuild of the square and million dollars for safety improvements on walter place the western edge of the park. the immrufmentes include wide are sidewalks.
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lighting and street scaping identified through out reach planning as part of the ta's 2020 square community based transportation plan. requested by vice chair peskin. and 2 study updates. our school access plan requested by commissioner mar is in full swing with online survey. the study will be looking at ways to provide k-fifth students and families better way its commute. and provide better options. earlier we did convene focus groups to hear about challenges that care givers and parents face. we come up with strategies to address the challenges now giving folks a chance to weigh in. the survey will be available through october at our website. and we anticipate bringing an update to the transportation authority board and the cac in
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october. i think we might be updating folks throughout commissioner mar's upcoming public meetings. folks can contact our staff for more information. turning to treasure island. we are conducting out reach on the upcoming shuttle pilot project. this is a key element of the treasure island plan transportation plan. on island shuttle that will enable folks to move around without relying on automobile subelementing and complementing the 25 line that serves the treasure island neighbors. the purpose is to understand how the community and riders respond to the new technology and how it frit in a mixed traffic environment on the island. first pilot of the shuttle services on public roadway in california. so an important effort and we
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appreciated partnership of the sfmta and economic and workforce development and have been working and meeting with labor commute leaders to make sure we are identifying ways to help transition the industry toward the newer technologies and services. treasure island resident and businesses can take our survey. finally 2 more quick updates better market street phase one construction contract was awarded. this covers 5-eighth streets. the project is getting ready to start construction and upgrade those few blocks new improve ams bulb outs. curb ramps. benches and traffic significant until upgrades. and we will bring you updates in the coming monthos that project. [speak fast]. that is coordinated effort with
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mull pull city agencies. and we have one out reach effort under way at the transbay level from oakland to treasure island to san francisco the multimodal corridor plan. there has been out reach. as well as with the east cut neighborhood. again our website does include surveys to further weigh in on ways to cross the bay to bart and ferry but through the new connections on treasure island biking and micromobility and a multiuse pedestrian pass. >> invite folks to take part in that. on the sales tax front the end of 22 i'm pleased to report that we collected 104.8 million dollars. which is 21% higher than the 2021 physical revenue and exceeds the amendment for catch
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93 million by 13%. we are tracking that and hope to see the revenues rise with the city's economic recovery. tax rough news on the rise the prop d tax on ride hail trips within san francisco. the revenues in 22 came in at 12 million up from 5.7 in fiscal 21. the graph to show how trends have continued to ride and trying to collect trip data to understand the neighbor of the trips. add our straf thanks to jacob chair mandelman, your aid -- for all transportation items. you have to turn my mic on and
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off. open the director's report to public comment. in the chamber. i don't see any. we received one comment posted our website. >> great. thank you. >> and do we have any remote comment? >> checking for public comment for item number 3. there is none >> all right. public comment on item 3 is closed. mr. clerk, next item y. item 4 approve the minutes of accept 13, 22 meeting an action item. >> i don't see comments or questions. let's open this item to public comment in the chamber and there does not appear to be any and see if we have any online public comment. >> checking for public comment for item 4.
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no comments. >> public comment is closed. moved by commissioner safai and preston. mr. clerk, call the roll. >> commissioner dorsey. >> aye >> commissioner mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner peskin. >> aye joofrment preston. >> aye >> ronen. >> aye. >> commissioner stephanie. >> aye. >> commissioner walton. >> aye >> there are 10 aye's the minutes are approved >> thank you, call our next 2 items consent 5 and 6. >> item 5 and 6 consent staff is not plan to present but available for questions. >> all right. we took comment on this last time. is there a motion to approve item 5 and 6? moved by dorse and he seconded
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by preston. >> mr. clerk? call the roll. no audio... >> dorsey aye. >> chair mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner peskin. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> commissioner safai. >> aye. >> commissioner stephanie. >> aye. >> commissioner walton. >> aye. >> there are 10 aye's the consent is approved. >> item 7 final approval on first perns adopt 1 bay area grant cycle 3 project nomination this is is an action item >> thank you, mr. clerk this item is back. we discussed it -- at our last
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meeting. and -- i believe that our staff has been able to work with your offices. and with bart to address the issues that were raised and so we department drkt for policy and programming back to update us. >> yes. thank you. >> sfgovtv i will pull up my slides says i'm already sharing the screen. >> i'm not able to pull up my slides if somebody is able to help me with that. i will get started. >> let's -- see if we can soch
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the problem. there we go. now it is sharable. >> great. >> all right. this item was before the board at our september 13th meeting and since the meeting, or at the meeting several members expressed concerns about the lack of funds recommended for the mission and balboa elevators and the perception there is an underinvestment at the stations compared to the downtown bart stations. following the meeting we worked with bart staff to revise the staff recommendation for the project nominations to include 4.9 million to fully funds bart's request for elevator modernization at 16th street. 24th street, balboa park stations decreasing the amount funds recommended for the next generation fare gate we have to do that to stay in the
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establishes funding tart for recommendation trs are no other changes to our recommendation. air remindser that this is the oshg bag 3 framework the board adopt in the may. includes the screening and prioritization we complied for call to projects which is before you today and also aproofed school and cma planning and on the 12th of may we released a call for projects. this is the question received. i will not go into detail we received 71 million dollars in requests against the 52 million dollars available this is the original staff recommendation i will not go in detail about this is what was presented at the last meeting. and this is our revised recommendation. the the -- project order what you see in front of you in red indicates the changes that were made to the recommendation.
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and i will go briefly into discussion about them. got changes. there are no changed to the elevator modernization phase 1.3. which was recommended previously but did want to call out the construction phase which we are recommending funding for would be starting in february of 26 and the elvirtmodernization design for the 16th street/mission, 24th mission and balboa park stations would begin in january of 2025. total is 13. there are 8 elevators rehab in the phase 1.3 and 5 elevators at the balboa and mission station. there will be bat boa and 2 at each of the mission stations.
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changes in the recommendation is that the funding will now fully fund this request and allow for the project to proceed on the schedule that is in the recommendation or in the application. starting design in january of 2025. the next generation request the change in this request is the funds have been reduced by a like amount in order to fund the design at the mission station and balboa park elevators. the recommendation for the next generation fare gates bart revised recommendation and would install the fare gates at 5 stations howl, civic underwent, 16th, mission, 24th and balboa park. bart will sequence the fare gate in i marine that is efficient and avoids potential cost impacts.
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one thing i want to point out about the contract is that bart has a base contract with options. provides additional time to secure the funding for the remaining stations of which there are 3. and i do want to call out that we are already working with bart on a grant application to california transportation commission. for the local partnership program in front of the board next month approving priorities we would submit applications for. as required bier c pc guidelines, they have to have the board approve the competitive application list the end of november. the applications are due so that would be one of the applications that will be submitting. we added a clause to the resolution that states that we are going to be working with bart staff to identify funding for the 3 stations it is codified in the resolution as
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well. the project recommendations are due the nominations are due to mta by ends of month on friday. our nominations are 120% of target and that mtc will make the final decision and we don't know how much we will get or for which projects until they are released in january. so with that, i'm done sharing. i wanted to recognize director dusty who is in the as you yens and interested in making a few remarks and director lee on the phone, bart director lee. i wanted to mention that. all right. thank you. director dusty. welcome. >> good morning, everyone. wonderful to see you again. being here again med me think about the fact that i know many of you involved in the transit challenge approximate next year we could have a transit board
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meeting challenge and how many go to the mtc and golden gate bridge district and tgpa that would be fair, right? bart appreciates the feedback of commissiones ronen and safai and freeshth the collaboration to revise the project nominations to include 4.95 million it fully find the request for elevator modernization design at 16, 24 and balboa stations. to decrease the funding for bart's next generation fare gates the net result for next generation uncled the prosecute curement and installation of powell, civic 16th, 24th and balboa park stations. the sfmta staff and director chang have commitmented to
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continue the work with bart to funds next generation fare gates at the remaining san franciscoizations embarcadero, montgomery and fare park the bart is working with sfmta on the upcoming program which is competitive. bart supports the staff recommendation funding for all 3 bart priority protects. i know that hopefully our next president is awaiting to comment virtual. i will complete and thank you all and i really do feel that working through the process that our bart directors simon, myself and lee have really established strong relationships with you and appointees and feel good what has been accomplished. thank you, again. >> thank you. director dusty. do we have director lee on remotely?
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yes. i'm here. >> we hear you and now see you. >> excellent. thank you chair mandelman and commissioners, i of course want to echo commissioner dusty's remarks and thifrng ronen and safai. gives me hope that this board is likely to fund it all and deep need in the transit system. even elevators, construction design and next generation fare gates. i want to thank the quick work of staff. and bart staff in manage together and figuring out a path forward. so thank you for your time and thank you for your, yes, vote on this today. >> thank you. director, lee. >> and if there are no others you want to weigh in let's open this item to public comment.
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is there any in the chamber. any online? checking for public comment for item 7. there is no public comment. >> public comment is closed. is there a motion to approve item 7. moved by safai? seconded by upon ronen. mr. clerk, call the roll. >> commissioner dorsey. >> aye. >> chair mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner are mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner peskin. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> commissioner safai. >> aye. >> commissioner stephanie. >> aye. >> commissioner walton. >> aye. >> there are 10 aye's it is approved. >> thank you, call our next item. >> item 8 final approval of first appearance adopt and support prop 30 the clone cars and clean air act this is an
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action item >> thank you, mr. clerk. colleagues we have been asked to weigh in support of prop 30 on the november ballot. other ta's around the state as well as counciling and boards of supervisors weigh in the in support. prop 30 is a measure that would raise 3-5 billion dollars annually the next 20 years to provide incentives for consumers and businesses to buy electric vehicles and funding programs to support ev charging infrastructure and homes including multifamily buildings and public charging stations. some of the funds designate nailed to support wildfire response and prevention. the transportation sector is the leading source of green house gas in san francisco and the state. and ev adoption will be critical to meeting the climate action goals the action plan set targets for ev use and the state set similar mcgonigles to phase out the sale of vehicles by 2035
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the hard part will build the infrastructure in helping people low income and small businesses by these vehicles over the next decade. so i'm supporting. i think it makes sense as a body. we also have amber crab our policy manager to present and answer questions folks may have. >> ms. crab >> thank you. so prop 30 will raise approximately 100 billion dollars over 20 years through 1.75% increase in income tax personal income over 2 million dollars. and sunset earlier if the state achieves the green house e mission goals for 3 consecutive years. so as the chair noted. 80% of funding used to support
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zero e mission vehicle transmission and 20% support wildfire suppression and prevention efforts. went e mission vehicle category, 45% of proposition spends for example zero e mission vehicle affordable. including incentives for the purchase of vehicles, members of the public and businesses and governments and transoperators. it could support transit passes and e bikes. the remaining 35% would for zero e mission investment and infrastructure program for charging infrastructure in multifamily homes. other homes and accidents and public locations. so the proposition mandates that half of the revenues go to support and benefit the
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disadvantaged and low income know communities. there are budget impacts to the proposition. the state has invested significant funding in zero e mission vehicles and this funding would not surplant but prosecute void a study on growing source of revenues over the life of the measure. it does here reduce the state's flexibility over the budget by committing funds to the expend tours because a portion of the revenues go toward an institutional mandated state appropriation limit. and that means that if the state hits the limit as it has the past few years it could not reduce these expenditures and require higher spending cuts elsewhere. prop 30 commits funding from the source of revenue that could otherwise via legislation or another ballot initiative, be used to support other types ofment haves.
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so as far as endorsements. it haen has been endorsed by stake holders for the reason the chair out lined. environmental and public interest organizations. public healing organizations. some labor organizations busy groups and san francisco chronicle and mayor breed. with respect to obsuspicion the govern newsom lead thanksgiving effort. other opponents include teacher organizations, busy groups and chambers of commerce and taxpayer organizations the reasons for this opposition are in part due to the impacts on the state budget i out lined. and also a concern over the initiative potential benefit for private industries and lyft, which has been a major contributor to the signature gathering effort and the election campaign.
8:08 pm
we are recommending support. for the reasons the chair out lined basically vehicle electrification a major strategy to how the city and state can veterans the green house emission reduction roles the program includes the goal advancing the adoption zero emission vehicles through new state funding source. and the measure may help private industries today help the public and government fleet transitions this includes transit agencies facing their own zero e mission bus electrification mandates. if it pass the distribution will be determined boy california energy commission. it is approved and engaged in
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the efforts to mixture myself the funding for transit agency. so i would be happy to answer questions. i believe mark watts is also on the phone. >> all right. thank you. ms. crab. >> i don't see comments or questions from colleagues. let's open this item po public comment. i don't think there is anyone in the chamber. see if we have no audio... checking for public comment for item 8. no public comment? i do see public comment. >> let's hear it.
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hello caller. >> hi. i'm stewart co hen the founder of transform. i'm senior policy advisor to them. we are supporting probable 30 and hope that you do as well. i wanted to help clear the air on the governor's statement has been which has a bit of misinformation in them. staying that the funding scheme to fund company lyft. nothing is further from the truth. and tomorrow there will be a press upon conference out lining the origins of this initiative and how it was developed for 2 years by environmental organizations. i was one of the 4 people that helped put it together. and -- it was only after we had developed the all of the details
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and had tried to raise the money we are unable to find the fund to dot signature gathering. it was last minute. that would came in to help get us over the line. to have the funding needed. and so -- a lot of things in here the support for transit to help shift over our public transit vehicles and meet the mandates without big hits to the transit general funds, will be important to the school and our kids are going on clean buses to school instead of diesel. and of course a lot of help as ambedroom mentioned, 50% to benefit disadvantaged community and dedicated for multifamily housing charging stations. so -- we urge to you support this proposition. really nothing in my mind is
8:12 pm
more important than the climate challenge and do it in a way that prioritizes justice. that's what this proposition does. >> thank you. caller. that it? hello caller. >> thank you. good morning i'm august june and i work at spur [inaudible] nonprofit public policy organization. first in strong support of prop 30. the association estimates california the worse air quality in the country. 9 of telephone streets worse wild fires occurred in the last decade and the heat wave the last month. prop 30 provide the funding
8:13 pm
needed to address the impact the transportation and wild fires 2 largest emissions and air pollution. the measure generate billions of dollars for california and san francisco priorities. including potentially billion tologist support transit agency transitioning to zero e mission to bus and ferries. school 0o emission buss and local governments transitioning fleets of on and off road vehicles to zero e mission. >> measure raises taxes on the richest 22% those who earn over 2 million dollars a year and requiring half benefit low income and disadvantaged upon communities. prop 30 will fund the highest priorities and will bring [inaudible] to san francisco and the bay area. the part of the coalition supporting state building, state firefighters, democratic party
8:14 pm
and environmental justice and public health groups like the energy c and american lung association. [inaudible] government and [inaudible] of elected officials across the state. urging to you support it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. caller. >> hello caller your 2 minutes begins now. >> good morning i'm emily garcia. i'm he were to speak on behalf of [inaudible] in the last 5 years california witnessed the largest number of acres burned in record history and the transportation sector ash counts for 50% of the green house gas e missions. fires and poor air quality [inaudible]. [echo [. help solve the crisis we need to address the source of climate
8:15 pm
and air pollution and the biggest impact. wild fires. prop 30 will invest 100 billion dollars over 20 years of programs to [inaudible] [echo [. to back [inaudible] needed to change the infrastructure and im[inaudible] to fighting wild fires. the e mission vehicles and investments ned in low income and [inaudible] hope you support prop 30 to help california to lower emissions. combat fires and climate safe just future with cloner air for communities. thank you for your time. i see no further public comment. why public ment on item 8 is
8:16 pm
closed. >> thank you, ms. cash. is there a motion to approve item 8? >> moved by dorse. seconded by ronen. mr. clerk, call the roll. >> commissioner chan. >> aye. >> commissioner dorsey. >> aye. >> chair mandelman. >> aye. >> commissioner mar. >> aye. >> commissioner melgar. >> aye. >> commissioner peskin. >> aye. >> commissioner preston. >> aye. >> commissioner ronen. >> aye. >> commissioner safai. >> absent >> come stephanie. >> aye. >> commissioner walton. why aye >> there are 10 aye's. it is approved >> thank you. police call item 9. >> internal accounting, investment report and debt expenditure report for june 20 of 22. informational item.
8:17 pm
>> we have cynthia fong for finance and administration. >> good morning. this is your update for the june 30, 22 financial internal report. we have the investment and debt compliance we were closing the books i will be back in december with the results for the audit. >> so in june 30 of 22 we had 107 million dollars in the accounts. 49% was sitting in the treasure tax pool. the investments are in compliance with california state government code and the t aboard adopted policy. we have enough funds to substantially cover expenditures for the next 6 months. debt compliance. you remember we have an outstanding 125 billion dollars revoling credit agreement we can draw there have been no draws in the last quarter. we make our principle and
8:18 pm
interest payments timely for sales tax revenue bond. a special item to note. fixed rating came to the agency and reaffirmed our aaa rating the highest the transportation authority can a previously. they have also indicated there would be a financial stable financial outlook and as the executive direct reported today we see 21% increase in sales tax revenues. with that i'm happy to take questions and ends this presentation. thank you. >> thank you. e director fong for the good news and excellent work. we will open this item to public comment. if there is anyone who wishes to comment on this item. step forward. and seeing nobody, see if we have virtual public comment. remote public comment. check for remote comment for item 9.
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there is no public comment. >> all right. >> thank you. public comment on item 9 is closed. and mr. clerk. call next 10 >> introduction of new items ~age an informational item. >> i don't see anyone in the queue. so let's call item 11. >> item 11 public comment. >> if there is anyone in the chamber withhold like to make general public comment. come forward. let's see if we have remote comment on item 11. yes, well is public comment. >> let's hear it. hello caller your 2 minutes begins now. >> good morning, commissioners [inaudible] san jose i like to
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[inaudible] system issues made it very challenging for participates rely on bart. to across the bay reliably in a timely fashion. the last couple of weeks. moving forward, i urge the authority to consider requesting a presentation by link 21 team from the crossing alternatives currently under continuation. including the transit center and the potential for reaching mission bay to point west in west san francisco. it completes my remarks. >> thank you. >> thank you. caller. chair. i see no further public comment. >> public comment on item 11 is closed. >> item 12, adjournment. we are adjourned
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hi, sandy, how are you? >> hi, fine, thank you. how are you? >> good. i want to ask you what inspired you to be a paramedic? >> that's a good question. you know, i wanted to go into med school and after i found out how much time it took and all of that, i decided that that was going to be a little too much schooling, but i still wanted to figure out a way that i could provide medical care and doing that as an emt as well as a paramedic was a way to do that. >> can you give me a break down of a typical day for you? >> i come to work and sit at my desk and then i respond to e-mails and try to figure out what are some of the issues we
8:28 pm
need to address. can we hire more people. what kinds of policies we want to try to create that will help us do our job as ems. >> what does it take to be a female paramedic? >> you know, it takes quite a bit of schooling, but also required somebody who's empathetic. it can be a very stressful job and so we want people to be able to hand that on a day-to-day basis. >> so what's your greatest satisfaction in your job? >> trying to make sure that the work that we provide and the services that we provide to the community is the best that we can in ems so that when we go out to see you if you call us for an emergency, that we'll be able to treat you in the best way possible and that you get the care as quickly and as effectively as possible. >> why is it important for young girls, women of color to see women in these roles? >> i think it really is important for us to be able to get into these roles because we are effective, we are able to
8:29 pm
reach out to the community. we are able to do the job in a very effective manner and to be able to relate to the community and be able to do that is one of the best things that we can do. and people of color and as women of color, you know, we are in a great position to be able to do that.
8:30 pm
>> alright! that's why i love doing these things with maliah cohen. state board of equalization here. happy early women's equality day. my name is carmen chui. every year we brought this today for the importance of voting and iman