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tv   BOS Land Use Committee  SFGTV  October 3, 2022 9:00pm-12:09am PDT

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interaction with experts to guide then rather than filling in forms. they will have good conversations with our staff. >> good afternoon. our staff. welcome to the october third, 2022 regular meeting of the land use and transportation committee of the board of supervisors i'm
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supervisor melgar chair. joined by vice chair dean preston and supervisor peskin. jot committee clerk is erika major. and i would like to acknowledge jason. at sfgovtv for staff thanksgiving meeting. the board and committeeers convening hybrid meeting and providing remote access and public comment via phone. equal public access will be taking public comment as follows:first on each item on the agenda. those in person will speak first and then take those waiting on the remote call in line. for those watching on channel 26, 28, 78 or 99 on the call in number is streaming across the screen. number is 415-655-0001.
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access code: 2497 343 6447#. you will hear the meeting but in mute and listening mode only. when your item of interest come up and comment is called those in person line up to the hite right on the phone dial star 3 to be added to the queue. remember to turn down your listening devices. we will be taking public comment from those in person first and moving on to the remote call in line. you may submit comment in writing to myself. and if you submit e mail tell be added to the official file and forwarded to the supervisors. s one moment, chair.
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they were not hearing the pc line double checking if we need restart. you may submit your written comments u.s. postal service to city hall. actions appear on the agenda of october 18th unless stated. madam chair. >> thank you. to add to the announcements masking k is recommended although not required throughout this building. be respectful and provide spacing if you are seated in the chamber or lined up for comment.
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call item one. >> a resolution various locations within and near the leather and lbgtq district in recognition of the history and contributions to leather and lbgtq community the process set forth in public work's code. [inaudible]. members who wish to comment should call the number 415-655-0001. access code: 2497 343 6447#. if you have not done so and would like to speak press star 3. madam chair y. thank you. we have bob here. the president of the leather and lbgtq cultural district had will make remarks and we have brian, supervisor dorsey's office on
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stand by for questions. thank you. >> hello. supervisors. i'm bob the executive director of the leth and lbgtq cultural district a 25 year resident of san francisco and 45 year regular payment in activities in soma. the leather community is the reason i moved here in 1997 and thing leather community put down rot in soma in the mid 60's when we were displaced from the embark defero. in 1980, there were 40 leth exert lbgtq venues, bars and businesses in soma. we now count 11. so again wore displaced by gentification and redevelopment. the installation of the sidewalk
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plaques will commencement rit our community in soma. a xount halead to events the folsom street fair worldwide attention for the city. not only for the event itself but leather culture flourished due to diversity and communities that are marginalized. the sidewalk plaque project am be a feature help draw people to the area visitors and residents alike. it will be a symbol of san francisco's acceptance of all. rafael machine man will join as a cosponsor and i would like to invite to you express your support by joining as cosponsors. and i urge you to support this
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legislation. thank you very much. if you have questions i will be help to answer. >> thank you. do we have questions for bob. joy will heed his admonition and like to be added as a cosponsor. >> as would i, thank you. >> do you have questions. >> no. >> thank you. >> thank you. 3 for 3. >> >> a notation from our web ex connection a bit of my announcement was heard i will repeat a few instructions. again we are at the this is land use and transportation mittee for october third. if you would like to call in the number is 415-655-0001 access code: 2497 343 6447#. if you would like to speak press
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star 3. you can submit comments e mill or postal u.s. our address. you can e mill me to be added to the official file. erikamajor let's take public ment for item yen one. you have 2 minutes. >> good afternoon supervisors. if you can speak in the mic right there. why okay. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for gospeling mow the opportunity to poke to you this afternoon. i'm bob brown, i'm a president of the board of the san francisco leather and lbgtq
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cultural district. i'm here in support of the passage of this resolution for the designation of cites, street plaques and leather and lbgtq leather history crews. lbgtq community established in soma through the 60's and experienced significant can displacement to gent sxifkz redevelopment. our district working hard to maintain our presence in soma sponsoring the establishment of murals on local artists and existing businesses. we are refurbishing the alley. and we are supporting our existing and new businesses. we consider it voilths to establish a physical place making markers such as those in
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sidewalks and plaques to commemorate our rich history. that has been contributing to the fabric of the city and lead to word recognition of san francisco as a place to hold events. i urge you to support this legislation and thank you for your help. >> thank you for sharing your comments next speaker, please. >> i'm david high man on the board of leather and lbgtq district. i spoke to many fascinated by the history of san francisco and our special neighborhood the area once known the avenue of the kings. they want to know it was located where and bh. how they evolved and why they were lost. the plaques would be lasting reminder of those accomplices we
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realize that memories fade and the internet is unreable. not just for visitors and tourists locals care about our history, too. plaques give us provide and make us feel responsible for make the area pleasant and welcoming i hope you help make these historical markers possible. >> thank you for the space you made for us. i'm jay ortega a board member of the leather and lbgtq district. i hear from many people of all
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genders and identities and being a part of the district before there was a district. these politicals are a step for preserving our lbgtq history in the city. with the tax on the lbgtq community this is also a major step ensuring san francisco remains alli of the lbgtq community. i thank you for giving us the time for speaking and hopeful you will help pass this legislation. >> thank you. >> hello. i'm danielle cherry. leather cultural district arts. and i am in support. i'm not good at this stuff. i want to say thank you for having us and letting us share our voices with you. thank you very much. bye-bye. >> thank you.
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other members of the public had would like to speak on item one? we will move to remote line. we have 6 listeners with 2 in queue. if you can unmute the first caller. please. >> hello, caller? move to this call exert take the next caller. >> good afternoon this is cal the manager of the lbgtq cultural district. i'm sppth this measure. establish the place for the history but it commemorate the -- the rich culture that
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exists once and still exists in the district. and as jay connor said in a time had the community is under attack cross the country and the world. this sends a powerful statement that san francisco stands in our support. thank you and i urge you to approve. thank you. >> next speaker, please. hello, caller? >> that completes the queue. >> thank you very much. i like to make the motion we sends this to the full board with positive recommendation. supervisor peskin. >> i did not close public comment. >> public comment is closed. >> on this motion supervisor
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peskin aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> melgar. >> aye. >> >> thank you very much that motion passes. let's go to item 2. the san francisco municipal transportation agency to empower parking control roches for site azs for power scooter safety violations and modify permits to power scooter companies to mandate cease of operations for all devices not equipped with antiwalk sensing technology. member who is wish it provide comment call 415-655-0001 access code: 2497 343 6447#. and if you have in the done so and like to speak press star 3. >> thank you. we have [inaudible] here and also jimmie parks with mta.
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this is supervisor peskin's legislation. and i will turn it over to you. >> thank you, chair melgar and thank you for scheduling it and thank you to the 4 members who cosponsored this walton, chan, ronnin and stephanie and by history in background. some time in late 2017 or 2018, i was at a coastal commission meeting in southern california and one of my counterparts on that state wide body let me know that e scooters were the new thing in wherever that was santa moncamp the commission was telling mow about and this was one of those instance san francisco was not the trial
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guinea pig for the testing of new technology. and the commissioner warned me that it was only a matter of time before san francisco would see these device deployed. and i went to the then head of the san francisco mta and asked him if he knew these were like low coming and -- he was somewhat aware and was fourth aware that the mta did not have in it -- laws in the authority to -- regulate them. and so hoe and i worked with the city attorney and came up with a regular over site authorize that the board of supervisors bestowed upon the mta so they could revving lit and issue permits and the like.
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that was as all the advent of all new things tex the subject of media attention. and it was known thing legislation had been introduced and was at the end of the 30-day rowel and about to come to the board of supervisors for approval when bird followed moments later by scoot. no. excuse people bird was scoot. bird by lime decided they would jump the gun is deploy thousands on the street without permission nothing that scheme was days away. and then dpw pound them and put them in trucks and not so referred to this period of time as scooter getton.
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and any rate, eventual low, the mta was given that authority, short low after and had their own regulation and permitted back in 2018 or so, 3 of the companies scoot spin and lime. am i right? >> yes. >> skip. >> right. >> and over the intervening years have continued to run that program and we'll hear about this from kate who in addition to taxis has scooters in -- her portfolio. i think all of us have heard although i disproportionately here you see on the maps that a number of those devices are deployed in the nerth east part
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of the city. prepandemic buzz of activity that existed downtown as well as the number of tourists that are used to exist in now are back. at the wharf. when you look at the heat maps in the presentation you will see the vast of number of these the lion share are in the northeast corner we see them all over the city and we can quit and may be we will hear whether or not this is what the mta representatived a first last mile transportation solution. to decongest our streets to get people out of cars and around the city. this is not the purpose of this hearing the purpose of the hearing from the beginning to this day the skoerj of these devices on our sidewalks is not
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only driving people crazy but is dangerous. and we have plenty of instances of that fatalities increased 3 fold. injuries including tragically to the head of the mayor's office of disability. continue to mount and all of these or many of these on sidewalks, which is to my mind and pursuant to luan area for pedestrians. for the disabled community. for strollers, wheel chairs. but not for these devices that go 15 miles per hour or in some case faster. 2 years ago, or so the mta worked encourage the permittees
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to adapt adopt antisidewalk riding technology there are several out there ranging from gps to cam are technology to vibration technology that detect sidewalks and slow these down or bring them to a stop on a sidewalk. i attended the 2 public dem strigzs of this in the south of market on brandon street and the other recently long the embarcadero in district 6. and i have been patient. i have been waiting and waiting and waiting and here we are, the number of complains is going up. enforcement was nil for sidewalk riding. and i had it. and this is really simple.
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all i want is for the law to be enforced which is these devices can be in the bike lane and the street right-of-way and not on the sidewalk. and the 3 incumbent companies have not been aggressive riding technology only a small percentage of the fleets number 5,000. have this technology. and so i introduced a resolution urging the mta to do 3 things. one, is to only allow the devices that have the technology to be deployed on our streets. number 2, to up the enforce am game it suggests and staff
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enforcement and it is sidewalk riding and improper parking. and embarrassing instances promise blocked tied you name it. 2 up the enforcement parking control and the third is an interesting one there are fines they have irrelevant stiff low the requirement -- to the riders. let's be clear about the business model. all 3 permittees benefit from mass amounts of the account they are mall a race to gain market share. they don't want to stop anybody
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from consuming their brand. as a result, they pay the fines. in we will hear from the companies themselves. than i don't want anybody to have market advantage. all 3 pass some of the fines for the simple if you do it and i money i will tell you hai get this 84 dollar ticket for staying in the metered spot, i remember to feed my meter. the same concept when somebody is paying the parkingly ticket. those other 3 simple things. it is not that sdpichl we will hear from the mta that those companies have permits that last until the end of this fiscal year the middle of 23. june the 30 and there are things
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they do immediately. i encourage and offer amendments to the resolution to encourage them and after, there are more things that they can do. this is may seem pedestrian but this is actually important and it is another one of those things that drive people crazy, freak people out. if you happen to be the supervisor who represents the northeast corner of san francisco disproportionately so. i want to and i say this sincere, thank kate and her staff and philip criminal for the w they do. i send a huge number of come plains there way there is one gentlemen who made it his work
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to sends all of us literally dozens of e mills a day. and so far we are all kept us aware of that if. i did have my intern take some of the videos that this gentlemen has sent us and credit a 3 minute may be fun but in the funny, vo, and if i can ask the clerk and thank ray from my office. our -- fall intern for her work on this erika, if you can roll our 3 minute vo, which is sped
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up not because i'm trying to make it look faster but because i'm trying to compress 5 minutes of video to 3 minutes. thank you.
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double write specialing there are scenes from a couple weeks ago an elderly chinese gentlemen who got nailed by one in a crosswalk and picked up by an ambulance. central station captain farmer says that they have become the get away vehicle of choice in robberies. the list goes on. today's resolution and hearing is about sidewalks and keeping the damn things off the sidewalks. thank you for humoring this supervisor. >> thank you for your lead everiship. hi. kate the director of taxi, access and mobility for the sfmta. thank you melgar, preston and peskin for your leadership in
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this area. this is a daily conversation that we are having. and so we have a presentation today that it is quite long i will go through in of this quick low we want context for the permit program. i want to thank phil concerna the legal affairs manager for the sfmta. and represents a team effort. so there is a lot of staff behind us working on had effort. so -- thank my team. >> and -- i will say, we share the concerns about safety concerns for pedestrians those that are the met vulnerable and that's why we have a permit program that has improved when we had scooter getton.
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thousands of complates of improper riding. numbers were off the charts. since the permit program you will see when i get into the presentation, come mrinlts a number of toll trips has been reduced dramatically. not to say that there are not a lot of concerns we have to say we have seen a lot of success with our enforcement and have more to go. today i will prosecute void a brief background of the scooter share program and initiatives and next steps. i'm happy to answer questions as we go or toward the after the presentation. i appreciate you are take at this time time to have us here today. >> for our desired out come. these are all goals we share.
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state, scooters provide mobility option. we want scoot torse remain a viable mobility option as part of the transportation network. and there are many promises of shared scooters we want to make sure to ensour they are delivered on. but what we are seen is that we have alots of desired out come the challenges remain. so -- the scooter share program as supervisor peskin's introduction highlighted. there are still improper riding behavior continue and unsafe riding includes, the supervisor mentioned; riding on the sidewalk. double riding. could mean riding the wrong direction down the sdproet this
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is i concern for us. and so again in order for scooters to remain a part of the transportation network. those other key issues we need to address. also part of the context is some of the root causes related to the unsafe riding where some may feel unsafe riding in the roadway where they are intended to ride. mta spent resources and attention and focus to ensure that there is bike infrastructure and those bike lanes and protected bike lanes. if someone does not feel safe riding on the street where they
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should be and elect to roadway on the sidewalk illegally the domino affect is other vulnerable pedestrians are impacted in their safety is impacted this is a concern for us. there are many treatments to the problem. the currently we have 3 permitise. bird which was scoot, line and spin. authorizeed operate up to 1300 devices authorized to operate up to 2,000 each. the current program term spires at the end of june.
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>> this gives a snapshot of some of the basic high level statistics we have more detail. we have high level. there were 2.4 million on scooter share. and issues 13,000 citations and received over 9,000, 311 complaints. will kweef have requirements i called out a few on the slide we have structured terms and conscience. over 75 permit terms and conditions we require of the permittees. there is safety and rider accountability. parking >> reporter: and guidelines with the mayor's office on disability. and have an extensive equity
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focus that included in that is our adaptive program. low income plans and neighborhood distribution requirements and so on. a penalty structure and 2 a level of sidewalk detection technology. because the scooter share program and industry is fair low new, when the mta issued the application we did not punish requirements about sidewalk detection tech untiling. not a specific technology or require an escalating penalty structure. had we said is to the applicants you tell us how you will claesz
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the occurrence of the policy makers. and how you will address rider acounsel abltd and safety. et cetera . each applicant proposed how they would solve the problems. then they became part of their permit as well. of this is important not mta, one of our key values at the mta is disability access. to that end, men of our program requirements relate to disability access for example. way back at the beginning of the program in the pilot and after we developed a device looking requirement. that was specific low to address maintaining a path of travel on
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the sidewalk. without the look to requirement the looking >> reporter: we saw scooters strewn all about the sidewalk. and it was a problem and impacted people with mobility challenges. mobility difficulties. impacted that accessible path of travel. the looking >> reporter: is an example of will mta's commitment to ensuring working to ensure the program does not have a negative impact on seniors. and our device parking guidelines with the mayor's office on disability and the mta has a program to reach the most riders. these of the heat mappings. it is leer, most of the scooter trips happening in the downtown
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core area temperature is clear. every map we can show you will show the same. part of the developing conditions for safe riding i mentioned mta has a commitment to encourage safe scooting parking and rider behavior through infrastructure and bike lanes. we work to support this transportation if we want it to achieve the promises there are a lot of yours that need to be supported enforce am is one of them. permittee's commitment to
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rider accountability and their riders and mta ensure the infrastructure is there as well. allowing the public it complain is an important part of us for monitoring and allowing that the cond wit oui want to hear from the football we want to utilize our enforce am team and the public can make complaints through 311 and the phone. through the app. and through the web page. worked heard it is show what we see shoes with little airose how the public can make a complaint steps you 1, 2, 3 and for you.
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how to make a complaint through 311. a lot of impprovements the program ma toured. our enforce am matured and collaboration with other city per ins in toured and 311 come plains go to our enforcement team and the permittees so they can address the complaints immediately as well and if the permittee gets to the device before the mta does, they might save them the citation, fine that they would have received otherwise. and they have the ability to close out the complaint. if hay show the device has been properly moved they are for improper parking. i want to call the heat map
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where you see the chronotropic mrints in the downtown core your. and the 311 complaints are fed to the dash board this is a public facing barb board. members can go online and see where mta enforces you electric at a map. and see the saturday through the complaint of a complaint you filed. nolook at the number of citations we have it here both as a percentage of trips and a percentage of devices in service.
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you see that it is less than 1% of parking citations are issued per trip. the dash board is broken now. >> we have our team following up i followed up immediately. i'm not sure what the issue is. a wealth of information to the public. our enforce am team is on the
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street 7 days a week the mobility investigators. we're authorizeed issue be pentses for improperly parked devices improper riding. citations are issued via an enforce am app the image shows one of our investigators out on the street issuing a citation and it provides a look what the app looks lining that the investigatedors use and so. there through the app communication to the permittee know the device. with a question for removal if it is improper parking. and i mentioned the enforcement app is integrated with 311 and the dash boards.
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relates to respecting and daily trip activities and complaint it is. and use the sale force as an again to help provide an efficient tool to track and manage our enforcement activities. a snapshot of improper ping and riding citation the. from july first of 21 to september 30 issued 12,000 citations for improper scooter park. collected over 1.3 million dollars in fines the find for improper am park was 1 huh human from july first through end of february of 22 and increased 2150 dollars on march first. 2022. upon and for improper riding i
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will spend a minute on that. as supervisor peskin rightly pointed out in his introduction this the mta started issuing citations for improper riding. we had quite a long look at the story for this . typically a citation issued to a roadwayer would full in the moving violation category, which is the responsibility and purview of sfpd and try to address the problem with the tools we had. we were able to um -- understand the authorization was there. to site the permittee not the rider. but the permittee for improper writing as an administrative citation this was a huge enhancement in our enforcement
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abilityive want to call this out. i thank supervisor peskin. this is a result of digging deep and wing to know the authorization. as of mid march, we issued 509 @administrative citations to the permittee for improper riding that could mean righting on sidewalk or double riding or wrong way down the street. collected 75 thousand dollars in fines for that. we started with 150 dollar citation amount for improper riding and increase that up to 200 dollars as of september first. our next slide shows -- scooter citations versus trips by
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permittee to not to look at the data more carefully and look and understand how the scooter companies themselves are how they are fairing. here we have it by permittee. we have lifted out parking citation. riding citation i they are lower. because we started citing. for improper riding. a percentage of the trips and you see -- the bird has the highest the line the lowest less than half a percent and spends half a percent of total citation per trips. we go to the next slide.
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the numbers make sense that -- line people have been throwing devis miss the behave they will grab a scooter shared device and dump it in the bay this is a
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huge problem. a big concern. you see that down below. 've 750 dollars from recontroversialal from the bay and 250 for retrieval from the land side port property of the port board has to remove an abandoned scooter. >> we worked with the port and installed signage in that area. it is i think it can be the team
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work to update our enforce am app if well is a request for device removal from the bay that will go automatically to the port. now we e mail and do it and it happens with the improvement tell happen through the app. so00 autobig topic today is the sidewalk detection technology. and what each permittee is doing in that arena. this is hugely important to us to pedestrians especially to vulnerable pedestrians. so in december of 2021. mta had a coordinated a sidewalk
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detection demonstration for each permittee to show us and show parties how their tech untiling works. we did a demtrician and had characteristic of the demonstration and we were testing when than i promise and the application. when are they deliver and dog now. and from this demonstration we issue guidance and recommendations. there are lessons we learn exclude are still learning with technology and we will use that as we think about going forward. use the lessons to set more specific requirements. in may of 22 we did a second test on the embark defero and we tested conditions.
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not guilty bikes lane and out of the bike lane. getting up on the curb. moderate number of pedestrians there and from that we also had keep learnings. and we highlighted some of them and a couple things we called here. 1 the claire ifkdz we had that in the condition we needed to clarify the size because they were small for some of the permittees and at that dem strigz in may a member of the public med that comment loud and clear this . is an example of us hearing from the public and immediately following up after following up with clarifying that requirement f. you are making a sign on your device no
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sidewalk riding people need to read it. ful got to be ledgeable. we issued guidance about sounds. active deceleration and the veterans gps and cameras showed most promise. a lot learned in this arena. and recently, we held not a full flown demonstration an outit to test and see where they are at. each permittee with the roll out of their sidewalk detection and how it is functioning. so. testod embarcadero there are pedestrians and this still in process it helped last week the team is looking at compiling the assessment.
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>> the next 3 are information from the scooter share permittees about their sidewalk detection technology and where they are at. the it is -- by permittees the first is bird they reported they have 91 enabled vehicles and circulation. most of them i say all the 3 permitise targeted embarcadero your that is our high use and complaint your example they are targeting rolling it on the to, dish devices. they use a technology based on mapping and data analysis and have messaging and other feet tours get messaging out to riders. line. reported 50 units deplayed along embarcadero and they are rolling
9:56 pm
out camera based technology. focusing on audible alerts and in app messaging. and progressive discipline. we will goet that later. going back to bird. what they are representingly to the mta is that within 5 weeks from today on or about election day they will have not at their on the bell on the they could be. half of permitted devices out fitted with antisidewalk riding technology. >> yes and they have representatives here today. >> we are all 3 companies are -- in the next slide.
9:57 pm
91 out of 1500 and get to 8 huh by november the 7th? right? that's the representation. >> correct. why and for an apple to apple comparison lime. 2,000 units 50 have the technology and well is no rep centation what the rest will be upgraded? >> that's right. at this point this is the information we have they may have additional to report. the difference is loyal is willing to adhere to the urgent. in the resolution and pass on 50% of the citation tot passengers and bird not so much. >> i believe there is a hard
9:58 pm
look prosecute each the permittees at this request. and this is something mtaments to understand. we want to consider equity, too when we consider pass throughs. the information we have here is the latest information. i do believe it is unfield folding with commitments y. go to spin. >> okay. and so spin, has 194 units. carabased technology and gpa. they can scale city wide with technology. my understanding is more quickly based on the camera.
9:59 pm
technology. there is more as we get to later slides there is more about the penalty structure j. your fine is finite. when you levy i fin is had it is 150 now 200 dollars. they passed through 33 of the however many hundreds of citations you listed earlier? >> that's right. so 33 body repeat o fendzers? >> that's right. and if we go to the next slide. we will show more information. i see the citations passed
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through. i will just own this as you know we need to make sure weave have the information correct. this is the information received and kinds of worked in the presentation. up until the left minute this gives a picture or snapshot of -- by permitteeing you see it at the top of table. spin, bird, line they have penalty structures and that upon line has committed as we are discussing passing the 50% pass through. to riders. and -- want to make a point about this i mention today earlier. mta did in the specify a specific upon pent structure
10:01 pm
that was per of the question you tell us how you will develop this. where we have a specific requirement. based on lessons learnd and input from our key stake holders and policy makers there are yours that we are paying attention to and hearing messages we are receiving. spin as a structure in the last slide it looks flat in this slide. >> that is, thank you. this is true. i will say i let and bird
10:02 pm
suspended. i mean the problem here i knowledge the way this is higher level observation. sfmta's approach is a permitting scheme but everybody picked their own lane and will look at you. you don't have a level playing field and you don't have similar basis of comparisons. it is like everybody do your own thing. we are telling you we want them off our sidewalks you figure out how to do this. and you ends up with the aneapic stuff, okay. spin. flat at 27 and a half. they have been then. loyal under the handle issued pon 82 warnings. and 1443 fines of unknown amount.
10:03 pm
which -- if i it is all this you see feels like -- not too use another intended pun but not riding them. point well taken. the program matured from the drop off with no program to this program we have now. if you look where we have come. come a long way. where we want to go, we certainly have a distance to go. and these are lessons learned we want to include in the next permit program. >> this is all and i want to step back. this is all predicated on the notion that we want to have them. there are major international cities cross this planet that experimented with them like mexico city now you can't find
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one there they came to the conclusion it was not workable in a dense urban environment. other then and there a handful of private owned ones they don't exist there. so, we keep acompidating but the ultimate accommendation is you figure it out or we will get rid of you i can't do because that is solely in the charter authority of the sfmta. i could do require going to the ballot and ask the voters whether or not they want to take that power away from the sfmta. are you done. >> in the quite done. and i will inch along thank you for your patience but i want to -- also mention additional enforce am initiatives and process. we are improving wing on improve ams with 311 to the app so we
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enabling it easy for complainabilities or the public to make complaints about improper riding through the app. when we connect the app. in that feature or function that will connect to the dash boards with improper riding complaints and show the same heat maps and make that available. we are all auditing the device marking requirements. continuing to audit the sidewalk detection technology. we are excited launch a public safety campaign in the lower right hand corner of the slide. an image of a campaign from ucla safe scooter riding. approximate -- you know i saw this and i loved it. we want to do it here. i think this gets to a large are point thap -- when we rangeled
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the issues with the scotter share riding and ping, there still are a lot of patriot low owns and run scooters. we want the broader messages out about safety. it is also we want to work to solve the large are issue with the tools we have in this type of safety campaign we think is important. we are working on that. working on increasing our staffing. in high dom mranlt areas. i mentioned a couple times we are conducting a scooter share program evaluation. that's in anticipation of the next program or after july 30th. additional low, we are looking at enforce am initiatives strict
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embark defero device cap. given the problems are occurring there. given this we through our permit terms and continues have things we can't amend. and given had the distribution and the caps are in the there we have the tool to the enforce am tool or authority to credit a carve out in a higher cap or strict cap on devices pritting in the embarcadero and allow more to operate based on good behavior that is manage we are exploring. have the third degree. we believe we do and set hat caps are currently for permittees operating 1500 devises. well is an existing 500 device
10:08 pm
cap in the core a broader area. we want to carve out specific low the embarcadero for those operating dwo,000 devices a sick huh human device cap in the downtown core. we are looking at enforce am tools to manage our hot spot areas. we also can increase the will administrative citation may or may not up to 500 dollars for improper riding this is such a big program and heard about it earlier and i'm sure we will ton. and we are looking at developing a scaled prospect so there is a higher fine. we look at how to implement that that sackive conversation we have the authority this is manage we will do. what this looks like is had we
10:09 pm
are discussing. the next slide. enforcement remedy in the terms and conditions. to make sure we are clear hathere saturday ability to in susspends a permittee based on the threat to public health or safety and then the ability to rekwoek or partial low revoke that is there as well. as it relates to compliance with permit terms and conscience. and application. and our next step, steps again include taking a hard look at the scooter program itself. dog an evaluation. consultant to look at the areas with the technology requirements. vehicle design >> reporter:s, which also play into people's feeling of safety
10:10 pm
on the devices. look toward best practices to enhance safety of the vehicle and eliminate sidewalk riding. expanding the bike lane infrastructure and do this all to ensure the scooter share lives up to the promises of a sfafr and cleaner transportation option. thank you. why before we hear from nicole bond from the mayor's office of disability. let me respond. this should not be complaint driven. it should be proactive. when i look at the numbers of.37
10:11 pm
of 1%. i guarantee you and you can save the money on consultants and whatever. go do an approximately. you will find the numbers are overwhelming that people are this is indignity in everybody's life day in and day out f. you ask them. is this okay. the numbers will be overwhelming, it is not okay. but it is like, it is is in the on a member of public. to complain about this. the numbers are skewed the one guy who sends a huge number. complains every day. and that person does in the exist in supervisor melgar's district or preston district.
10:12 pm
this guy is serious i'm telling you -- you get him, too. he lives in -- i hear you. but and i say this respectfully, i hold you in high esteem and don't say that to everybody that the responses from the mta over now a number of years, in light of when i went to the 2 demonstrations i went back with a smile because the representations made by the company thasz you nodded your heads to of this was deplay in the quarter within and 2. it is 50 out of 2,000. your response system are tepid we will think about we will raise the find and we will think about upon cap the your. if we raise the point tell
10:13 pm
escalate. kate. use the power this you have you have the power to suspend you have the power to revoke. the longer you wait the more pissed off everybody will get the worse tell be for the program. at some point the voters will take it and put it on the ballot. or 4 or 6 will put it on the ballot and scooter line will spend money it will win overwhelmingly you will wonder am why everybody was pissed off in the sales tax loss because had is the indignity living in the town the baloney that you could say, no, to. if i could regulate this i would. but i can't the charteder does not allow mow to do that short of going at this time voters, which i motive do. have you to take it more seriously.
10:14 pm
talk about why we believe in this technology. the reason we believe in it is not because we are trying to make money for a company the not because we want to offer joy roadways to out of town people here for the weekend or off the cruise ship. reason we are doing it because alleged low, it was a transportation solution that was going to be added our tool book of public transportation and taxis and what have you that was going to decongest the streets. get people out of cars. the fact a number are deployed at the wharf is not a transportation solution. it is a part of their business model. and it is driving people nuts. you have the power under the existing permits to say, they are beened at the wharf.
10:15 pm
do that. you have the power to say, they can be part at an existing bike rack. comper seed they're can be ridiculoused a pole and this and that which is why i get complaints from business owners they are in front of their front door and complaints it over limited partners in the curb r. you say they are parked in an existing bike ridiculous and i know we are slowly implementing bike rack when is i hear about we need more bike lanes i agree. but am we need more bike lanes because we need more bike lanes not because we are spending millions. i almost lost it the other day when jeff tumlin's response was all we gota do is have better bike lanes on the embarcadero. i'm not going to wait for 2
10:16 pm
years and millions, jest get them off the sidewalks. you have the tools to do temperature i don't need a study. you take it to 500 bucks and if i will say and amend this resolution if my colleagues agree to say, the board of supervisors gave you the authority to impose citations we can take that away and tell disappear from code and disapore from division 2 of your code i don't want to do that wauz you have issued per mist and they are valid permits. the folks and you have a 9 month running head start until the end of john. this is 5 years of patience. otherwise. get rid of the program. i sxheen by the way what i'm telling you is i think if you did a state's exhibitally you know, scientific survey of san
10:17 pm
francisco is what people with the xepgdz of handledful of testosterone do do's will tell you. >> i'd like to chime in. very little testosterone and i like the scooters. i hate them on sidewalks and i think that you know to just go a little fourth in what my colleagues supervisor peskin was talking about. i think when we lack is a cohesive vision for what the program could be for us. not the are companies or the bottom line. just that's bless them they are doing what will it do for us. when is your vision, kate what it will do for us. yes, i agree these -- devices need to be on the bike lane. that's where they need to be.
10:18 pm
that was what we envisioned they would be. we don't have enough bike lanes. i can tell you. . and it will take us awhile. i have yet to see a plan for the bike lanes where is it. what is the time line. map of which are implemented by when. if we this it is a big part of our carbon reduction goals for the city. this program and the bicycles and electric vehicles. we don't yet have a comprehensive plan or time line or vision. so if the vision is to implement this will in a time line where it will work, and you know tell be fast so we don't piss off the entire population of san francisco they got their kids hit. i heard you know in my district or mama's on strollers compete with these things whizzing by.
10:19 pm
you know, i do thing that is something it is part of had need to dove the other thing i noticed and i did not see any of this data in your opinionation is who uses these things. i eyeball it. i'm in district 7 home to ussf, city college and san francisco state who i see riding are young people. young people. lots of students. which is great. one thing i notice thered is no coordination with the bike share program. tell seems we should be like you know you are have a bike this , is an alternative. and that we should knowledge about you know bart stachlgz muni stations. places where people go like city college. there is no plan of like the back and forth.
10:20 pm
and then the last thing i will say there are 2 buckets there is the moving violations on the walk and then other things we have not talked about. and then the parking stuff. it seems than i may be in 2 buckets of enforcement. i know in district 7 you know we are a bit further behind in terms of put nothing ad a ramps and stuff and people get upset this these things are attached to signs and poles that impedes the curb the mobility of wheel chairs up the ramp. so that -- seems like there should be a plan. this stipulate not complete with the folk who is need to look a bicycle and not in the public
10:21 pm
right-of-way so a wheel i chair or baby stroller can't get through. i will leave it and the last thing i will ask is that why is it this we like you know with you know with cars you have a number a license plate why is it oui can't have a device number or way to identify it somebody who is -- hurt someone or doing stuff they are not supposed to be doing. >> can i responded. >> okay. on that specific low. there is a rirm for unique device number for each scooter. we have requirements that we clarified with [inaudible] the identifier and part of the audit or team is doing to make surety markings are specification the
10:22 pm
intention is this. than i are easier for the public it see for member to see so you don't have 12 point font on this string of other information. so this is a requirement. and -- points well taken about the over all vision and the plan and you know we started with our out come we want to see. sxf what i'm hearing, too, is more filling those in with more specific time lines. and especially on the bike infrastructure. riding infrastructure. so -- making notes as we peek and my colleague jamie park system here from the liveable streets division. i'm not sure if jail emmentes to speak broad low to what is happening, this is his baby not mine. >> thank you. i proernlt jamie. had you have like a vision and
10:23 pm
goal and you prescriptionalize the implementation, sometimes things work and sometimes things don't work. i would appreciate that -- specificity and a vision. are we look to replace, x, number of trips. if that is the case, then to me then we would necessary low need to have a plan of having then the bicycle lanes and boy a certain date and time tom go with our goals. i never have seen that. so. >> okay. thank you. jamie parks. liveable streets for sfmta. bicycle and pedestrian program. the over all vision for bike
10:24 pm
lanes in the city. we talked about with this board we have been focus on the quick build taking tundz upon where we see them and rescue niz we need if a more comprehensive vision for the city which is why we started a san francisco calling active community. a bike land that is a process which is under way. a presentation on the specifics -- may be appropriate at some point. say a bit about the vision for shared nobility am that we don't have i target number of trips but it is a piece of the 80% of low carbon trip goals the city has set. and kate did mention the distribution >> reporter:s a bit. it it is important this we have
10:25 pm
in the simple low allowed the companies to distribute scooters. weave have distribution >> reporter:s that require not only no more than a certain dun town and a certain percentage in community cross the city. we have med that >> reporter: in the program. and there hen challenges of cowherdination cross companies with bike share and scooter companies. this is our job to make sure that is coordinated and working for users. >> yea. thank you. >> do i want ask about i think educational campaigns are great. as you note that there are some users that have privately owned
10:26 pm
devices. my recollection the original permit fee was thousands and paid the finds that you showed including for the port and the bay. with respect to funds go for part time aid staff and education campaign. the team estimates what the program will cost. obviously things like the educational campaign is manage that you know. exploring mid stroll with the fer mitt program. the can have the we try to anticipate but not every cost is built in. but there is a high level analysis and the well is a cost
10:27 pm
recovery established i appreciate that should not cost the sfmta mony and education is important but should not cost money i rather build bike lanes. upon i don't know if there are questions. ms. bond has things to say in her professional capacity and personal of capacity. where after being hit in her wheel chair she was hospitalized for a period of time. the individual who slammed into to her on the sidewalk has not been apprehended and -- i'm very sorry for that. which befell you. and -- i want to say your case
10:28 pm
is unique and horrible. it is horrible is not unique. what happens to the family a lot of people paid attention >> hi. good afternoon. i'm nicole vaun director of mir's office of disability and in that hat i service the over all ad acoordinator for the city. i will be brief. we can do -- moving forward. all of my remarks i'm not looking for -- everybody feels horrible when they hear about happened to me and should it is horrible but i'm not looking for sympathy or pity i want to foind a way we can solve this problem.
10:29 pm
within and make it safe for everyone. what happened a year ago i was coming home from dinner after coming home from work and injured on the van ness corridor not the embark defero. and -- what happens was it was dark but not too late. it was around 8 o'clock in the evening. and unfortunately as i was crossing the street and going up the curve r. someone driving too fast on the sidewalk attempted share the curb r. which then hit me and then unfortunately my leg fell off my wheel chair and they were
10:30 pm
going fast and could not stop to republican over my ankle which crushed it. now i have pin and plates and then -- i spent 77 days in different hospitals and rehelp and off on medical level for 3 and a half months. the good new system i'm pretty good. not back to where i was before the injury but with good care i'm fortunate i have health insurance and a good job. i was able to recover. because i have resources. a lot of people with disabilities do not. and biwould say that the one place where i'm still not comfortable or back to where i
10:31 pm
was before is i'm really still not comfortable at all without an escort on the sidewalk. when the sun guess down. we are now entering the winner months. daylight change again and make its more treacherous for folks who don't have a way to -- move out of the way. there is no way i could i did in the see the person or hear the person. i don't think than i irrelevant saw me i think than i were trying to make a light and there was no way to move out of the way. that's my story and i heard the director of mayor's office of disability many stories about people not comfortable on the sidewalk. we talked about mobility devices. the community afraid of these
10:32 pm
things not in because they are not a strong community because we all are. the devices are not safe. we heard concerns from the deaf community approximate hard of hearing community whop cannot hear the devices coming up. fast enough to move. and folks with molt devices i heard from folks with health conscience. it is just too much and need to do more. and it is a disability issue. but it it is an issue for older people, kids, babies, families and it is an issue of all of us coming together and taking responsible right? we really can take the time change as a reason to take the time to do more right now. i'm not convinced without
10:33 pm
stronger actions with enforcement and fines that we can do enough to be impactful. i'm not convinced 200 dollars is high enough. i'm encouraged i had a chance to be at the one at the embarcadero the first i was in the hospital the second one i was able to attends. the need to go slower in my opinion with their ai and that i would like to get faster to a place of the the ultimate consequence it is a permit revocation if we need to go there i would like to do that faster so we can be safer
10:34 pm
faster. i mentioned to supervisor peskin i'm concerned about e bikes. as well, which is in the the topic of the hearing. i saw 2 of them i reported on the van ness corridor next week. we have that issue as well. i reality hear your message, supervisor melgar about the vision and if this program is truly intended to help with the commute i hope that can be our message. feels like the community feels like these are toys and not meant for assisting folks and so i would fully passport and glad to help with the mir's office of disability and how we may work on that messaging and
10:35 pm
encouraging as we do that to focus on multiple languages as well. people with disabilities under report. there are 20 people with disability hos had the same experience and under report because of lack of ability to do that in the real time. not having the technology. folkses with disabilities having other marginalized wagzs it makes it difficult. so -- i want to say hait is is likely that folks with disabilities have been under reporting incidents. and then last thing i will say is with the ad a and with building codes and architecture, we can basically we have as a
10:36 pm
city, told the public how to achieve better access. and -- urn the ada that less cut and driwe are in the degree what building code and other regulations but i do think we could do more to be for the mta to be directive in how we proceed. and i would encourage us to help with that. so this we can make the streets and the sidewalks safer for if folks with disabilities. and older adult and our entire community who need to use the streets and sidewalks. i will stop there. questions i'm happy to answer them. ms. bond said one thing that occurred to me when i went to the sidewalk demonstrations you
10:37 pm
missed you were in the ppt hospital and the one you were at. i felt that sense the mta was coddling the city. it was clear they can program the antisidewalk tech medicaling to do what they want or we want, which is than i can program them when they go to a sidewalk to turn off. ms. bond had the same sentiment i did that is inpresent on a sidewalk. the mta said yea sidewalk riding is illegal but that's okay. my response was. no if they halt people will fall off. find they come to a halt in slow
10:38 pm
down over the course of 15 feet. mta response was 3 miles per hour. no that is mta is okay to ride on the walk and that is illegal. i walked away from that with the same thought. this is a massive improvement but not okay. thank you, i foal in every instance no offense. the men this come from the commissioner or mr. tumlin over whatever. there has been a, we can't really impose our well. yea, you comprehend you other authority that can commolest low do whatever you want under the law. eventual 3 there will be another ms. bond and tell be a huge tragedy. we have been consistent.
10:39 pm
go to the scooter companies. those don't have to be permit this is could be an rfp. we discuss third degree yesterday and before we go to the scooter companies we can talk about this which is it does in the have to be 3 it could be an rpf and you could have your say this is hayou do and don't do. winner take all. >> can i ask a question. we are not the only place in the world with scooters. what are other cities doing? >> san diego said if not equipped with devices they are not getting permits that worked. >> i i'd like to know what your staff, have you locked at l.a., boston, toronto. other major cities that are
10:40 pm
tourist destinations when are they doing? why i'm going to address supervisor peskin's last comment and add to this in vpned. i want to say to clarify i'm not sure there was miscommunication at the may sidewalk detection demonstration but the deceleration is intendsed signal not intended so this member could keep going special they go slowly it is a signal with an oddable significant until that sidewalk riding is not okay and in the allow annual and one of the key learnings was the deceleration was gravity based or friction based. the mta issued guidance we want
10:41 pm
active deceleration. the riders should not be on the sidewalk. we have been talking with other pierce across the country on their scooter programs. and most recently we talked to san diego. it was mentioned and wanted to understand when san diego did regarding sidewalk riding they had an rfp. we are interested in and will explore. their timing wed. their program was headed into the end of the term and were part of the new program they issued the rfp with structured >> reporter:s and specific
10:42 pm
guidelines. something we want to explore the next few months as we issue the next permit program collaboration. my colleagues spoke to san diego. if are you there specific questions about san diego. phil can answer i say broadly peeking about other pours mta has a robust enforcement i guess we have more enforcement in schooler realm than most other locations we have more are bust adaptive requirements. and that said, does in the no one is enough or where we want to be. i want to make sure that is clear but i heard from clothes that various conferences and they come back and they are wow, mta requiring adaptive devices beyond what is required in other
10:43 pm
jurisdictions. san diego provided lessons learned. i will mention of interest they have drop zone requirement in san diego there is a decal on the street. for does in the go on the sidewalk or in that bike choral or the bike parking infrastructure. it goes in a marked you know area. on the site itself. and so this is -- something of interested we had discussions about that. because -- that could be a start a to start of the trip should not be on the sidewalk.
10:44 pm
this is interest to us. i would be interested in cities you know like boston and new orleans, new york buzz they are will all tourist destinations and older cities with narrow streets and lots of competing uses for their streets. this is -- bikes have been around for a long time. you know despite people misbehaving most of the time are you don't see that. you see on the you know where they belong especially if we have good people have the scooters on the sidewalk they feel unsafe on the street. aside from the plan i would be interested in seeing what others are doing rolling out this new technology and how they make it
10:45 pm
work with their existing infrastructure. should we go to the 3 companies approximate we can ask each one what their doing thank you. who wants to come first. spinful first in class. making their way up. and has the best implemented technology. >> good afternoon thank you for your time i'm fong head of gentleman for spin. we support the intent around the resolution. we have been a leader in purke for and deplaying technologies
10:46 pm
in various nishgd in san francisco. we were first it deplay the antiwalk tech untiling we use a camera based system any vehicle with the camera can detect and deter sidewalk riding not just in the embarcadero. we have seen a few trip in district 5. we have not yet seen vehicle in district 7. i think storied prit nothing san francisco we have issued 11,000 warnings and citation. the 38 that kate was kerfing to the sidewalk riding citations we
10:47 pm
passed on. and the sfmta started passing on riding citations of those we have the lower in the industry at 122. we review the photos that are sent to us. try to identify the useders. i want to clarify in cases we can't identify the folks because the photos might have of someone's minds or side prosecute file make its hard to prove it was that rider butt 38 citations are during the last couple of months. we have suspended question accounts and do require that they review and take a quiz they
10:48 pm
have to pass that quiz with at least 80 percent accuracy in order to renew accounts the intent is to target education and encourage people to continue to use shared device. thank you for your time. question swon when is your time horizon for implementation of antisidewalk riding technology on your devices? so. to date since march we deployed 194. primarily they get deployed on the embarcadero. sfmta will see that people ride, seen vehicles with the come
10:49 pm
raunits ridden as far south as bayview. and as far as west just update border at thein are richmond. so. will unit with the camera on it could actually be used city wide now. and we are experiencing some challenges with supply. we are try to add to the fleet. but address the supply issue as well. it is continuing the next few months. >> you are at a 10% penetration rate now. 194 of 2,000; right ? >> the toll number of vehicles we deploy each day don't hit our cap of 2,000. because generally we have supply constraints. our average is dependsoth days might be 600 to a thousand
10:50 pm
vehicles the last couple months. to the original questions not with standing is it your intent it out fit 100% of the fleet with the technology. hopefully we will get tr i don't have a time line as to when 100% of the float could be equipped. but for all of the vehicles we have you in they could be used in any neighborhood and -- be able. i got it. one out of 5 or 10 deal. so i money -- i'm not >> they apore in the northeast corner of san francisco. i want antisidewalk riding technology from here to the san ma te'o border. so its fine that it is portable. it is a portable device what is in the fine you can't articulate
10:51 pm
is this 2 or 3 mons. 50% in 6 months. never? supply contranlts not with standing i know that it will take longtory get new refrigerator but not stuck in the conditional forever. what is the time horizon? >> to be honest unfortunately have been impacted by theft deter our ability to continue to grow this float. i can't say -- you are abandoning retrofitting them because people are tossing them in the bay and steeling them. we add to the fleet but can't control how many vehicles that will continue in circulation. we are adding to them as much as we can. witness we started in march, we
10:52 pm
deplayed 25 and slowly started adding to the floated as son as we get them for us san francisco is the top prior we want to continue operating here. as we get the supply this will be one of the first cities to replace the units. you order these from many cities and command in many cities everybody has the same problem and we are getting as many as you can but they go to seattle and portland and l.a. and everybody wants this technology? not everybody but men do. we do prioritize san francisco given we have a huge employee base here and our team is represented by local 665. >> we love local 665. but love our retrofitted scotters more. your answer is evasive and
10:53 pm
frustrating to me. have you ordered them are you attempting to order as many as have you permits for >> yes. >> okay. that will be delivered on a tollly open end time frame. as to the 38 you say you passed fines on, how much of the fine. what percentage. 50, 2%? so -- when wee laufrped in the city our fine escalation ismenting 10 dollars. $25 plus quiz suspension and fourth is spanning about a month ago we changed that to 2750 then 2750 and the quiz and suspension and the third is automatic ban. there is some product limitations of why we could in the raise it higher at the moment it requires additional
10:54 pm
engineering support. we want to balance hudo we target and -- educate users issue a fine without driving people from micromobility forever. i think we are trying to finds that balance. >> did i hear you say you suspended 83? >> yes. >> since we started pritting from october of 2019. did i hear you infer that as to the suspended ones this you reinstate them after they pass a test at 80% rate? yes. how many of those du reinstate. >> 83 but than i have not been banned they have not broken the rules again after the third infraction. >> okay. and then let me can you one last question. are you willing or have you
10:55 pm
deployed any of your own staff. i did this experiment i went discipline stood on the little embarcadero at the wharf and stood for half an hour and counted countless scooters weaving in and out of pedestrians do you deplay your staff. because the thing with the mta, it is just complaint driven. since march, going on for 4 years they issued citations for sidewalk riding. you go down there now and stand at pier 39, you will counsel 10 in an hour. do you do anything to enforce? >> in terms of enforce am you saw the report earlier that a toll of 13,000 citations passed
10:56 pm
on to all providers. we have in addition to that we have proactively issued over 11,000 of our own warnings and citations. if you are addressing about the sidewalk riding, we have staff who goes out. they have fliers. to educate folk fist than i see they are breaking the rowels but in terms of enforcement it is heard for staff. i think we have also encountered situations where our staff is threatened. not fullef safe for our staff to dot enforcement but they do have noticers when they go out and try to educate riders who are breaking the rowels. the goal here is to educate and encourage people to use the devices maintaining safety for them and other pedestrians. >> thank you.
10:57 pm
go on to further lines. i got a brief statement. good afternoon i'm the senior government partnership manager for bird. i'm here before you to let you know we agree on the importance of prevenning sidewalk ride nothing san francisco. our company taken many steps to support the shared goal. e scooters provide a service and per of a growing diverse transportation options. i know had i was exposed to shared mobility program in santa cruz it changed the way i got around. i could go meeting to meeting without getting sweaty. all avoiding car trip and having
10:58 pm
fun. was this vision of a car free community this inspired me want to to be part of the industry. i believe this is the shared vision we have for the new transportation options. our company is 5 years old. from our beginning in 20 upon 17 we expanded to serve 450 ecstasy cross 25 countries and celebrated 150 millionth roadway. evidence is clear access to the vehicle system part of our transportation future. with a third of trips replacing a car trip we need to push the envelope if we care about climate change that said we agree the sidewalk riding is a problem. i want to reaffirm our commitment to work with you and the sfmta to get people off the walk and become in bike lanes to realize the benefits mitigating
10:59 pm
the drawbacks. the resolution is step in the right direction. like to talk about what it does right and areas where it could be improved. >> purke the actions of individual ride eshs rather than only fining operator system the right way. similar it a car and bike they as individuals need to be upon public for actions. might be changes pursue to gives the citations to individuals rather than the cutches. empowerhouse p to issue fines this increases the people am power and capacity to help old individuals ash count okay. it is feasibility. we need to strike a balance that is over low punitive and what will reduce the equalization of the vehicles. correcting to shared goals of
11:00 pm
climate change. important for the reconciling of preventing sidewalk riding. bird mapped out every walk in the service area ahead of schedule we sent to the sfmta. and today we have 700 vehicle negligence the float today and halfway done mapping the city. we feel confident with this. that said, time mapping and ensure it is crucial for safety of riders. we want to be transparent for limitations of our technology it performs well and done through rigorous tempt in san diego and nevada it is not perfect and requires maintenance and remapping. when it come to compliance riders learn from feedback from the vehicle slowing, alerts and messaging, we believe we can be
11:01 pm
successful. i want to express gratitude to address the issue and affirming appreciation for our shared vision of getting cars off the road and easy and enjoyable for people to get places utilizing scooters. it is at a high globalally and san francisco. inspire someone tolls reimagine how they get around without a car is worthwhile pursuit. thank you. >> as to the questions so -- relative to if i felt % pass through you are okay if everybody did that? i was in the sure. >> the all right of the law we will comply. now we have created a staggered tiering and suspensions can i look up the last 3 of data directly to show you see a drap off after the first fine we are increasing the finds. how many folks have you suspended or terminated, banned?
11:02 pm
>> we have just this combreer 12 suspensions out right in july. 3 in august and 25 in september. and we fined just shy of 7400 people in that same time frame. >> i don't think kate is still here. kate is here. you gotta give them a level playing field or they will one will doll it 1 will not it does not make sense if you don't impose it they are worrying about market share approximate who will leave their platform it does not work if you tell all 3 this is how it works have you to pass through half they will. otherwise, you know they will give a dainty dpoin mior may in the work otherwise it is like am this incentive oriented mumbo jump bow you are doing is hog wash. >> i do want to reiterate going
11:03 pm
after the individual the bad behavior is an effective strategy. joy get this it works. and ms. bonds said is right. way this work system enforce am. and their job is attract customers. our job is to teach customers and educating the end of the day when you roadway on the walk and get a fine and not paid by the venture capitol and the rider, ding! it works. but if he you know will this one is 10 dlrz this is 20 thrs this is 50% it does in the make sense. >> it is -- here is another thing in the 2 dem strigzs
11:04 pm
everybody was red to hit go. this guy is saying he is ahead and he is you know monopolying and he is ahead of everybody else in mapping because gps requires mapping i thought in quarter within and 2 everybody was red to go as it turns out they mapped that section and that section of embarcadero. we were all impressed. great. 700 god bless you that is half your float. only as good as the brain and it requires programming and the programming is happening where you know the food bowl is but -- as the woman from spin said they go every where. and -- so you gotta map the city or you know -- my people will be
11:05 pm
happy but supervisor melgar's people will not be happy. this is -- i commolest low i will in the say it again. why don't we hear from lime and the public and i want to thifrng my colleagues for their indulgence for this long hearing about this resolution. it has to be dealt with.
11:06 pm
we the commit to passing 50% of the penalty fee with all citations to identifiable riders responsible for the ticket and offense i can confirm this we will have this updated and implemented the end of this week. >> we support the intent of peskin's resolution to ends sidewalk riding and eatingtory deploy the technology when available and accurate. currently, gp abased is not accurate for wide scale implementation.
11:07 pm
industry ouied there are limitations to the tech untiling. it is satellite based there are obstacles. we do deploy gpa sidewalk riding limitation in parts of the city, it alone is not precise to be deployed city wide. and i want to clarify our gpa sidewalk limitation and throttle is on all offer vehicles for the embarcadero not just 50. as a result it is slowing down vehicles base on the inaccuracies of the geofencing. it is dangerous the imperfections this is inherrant in the technology. riders anthropologied down to walking spoed in san francisco around upon fast cars despite not riding on the sidewalk. our solution to sidewalk ride to out fit a portion of our fleet
11:08 pm
with the new vision camera and combuoyant it with technology. it will be teaching our current float what is the road versus what is the walk. this will safely identify when i roadwayer is on the sidewalk and road and imperfections. this teching nomg is a work in progress we deplay a system the result of our data collection press and accurate for city deployment on vehicles by no later than next permit cycle of 23 and hopefully sooner we urge to you operate as we are committed to be good partners. thank you and i'm happy to answer questions. why thank you. i guess by way of asking the same, hum folks have you suspended, banned to date?
11:09 pm
>> i can get you the exhibit numbers. pacific low i know we had issue over 7,000 finds since last december and in just month of september we issued over a thousand. we circumstantial litd that information to the sfmta this morning and happy to get your office numbers. >> i appreciate and thank you for your wellingness to adopt the 50% pass through and if loyal can do it spin and bird you can do it, too, and level the playing fold before we level it for you. all right. if there are no questions from clothes i'm help to open up to public comment. are there members of public this would like to peek on item 2? prop approximate line up to your right near the curtains. for those on hold press star 3 to be added to the queue.
11:10 pm
>> linldza chaplin from knob hill i want to thank supervisor peskin for his leadership on this and to thank his future cosponsors there. i was at the transit justice meeting left week this was a topic of discussion. and it was obvious low like unanimous support for those upon occurrence. one of the thing this is impressed mow bh they had hearing the left time when i came to speak was all of the people who were riders had said we have to ride on the walk it is dang out there riding in the street. until well is proper bike lanes we'll roadway on the sidewalk that tells you this you know when supervisor peskin said in a densure ban environment they are not appropriate. back around the 9's there were a
11:11 pm
lot of scooters it was a fad if you were here at the time i'm not sure the 90's or 80s and men in suits riding down bush street. people come mrin exclude there were none. buzz they were banned obviously from because of walk riding. i told you the last time there were 6 of them coming at mow in a block on third street. random low i'm walking not rush hour i did in the report them. i don't report others i have in way to identify them. you know and had they in from behind that's when they are frightening you can't hear them. any time i may step aside to see something or baudz of pavement irregularities than i run into me i can't get up off the ground if than i anybodying me down the woman then out in the intersection the cars were coming at her was rescued by a
11:12 pm
passerby. we might not be rescued we could be dead. thank you. i live in supervisor peskin's area. i want to thifrng him. i'm legally blind and had encounters of almost killed by these vehicles coming down the sidewalk. and -- i have reported them it muni. calling 311 and i never got a return call become to a solution this they would implement. i called back and said you can't see we don't know to do to help you. if is experiences like that that are disheartning and it is
11:13 pm
experiences telling the police down by union square to help. i'm sure they are overwhelmed but it seems like the vehicles on the sidewalk are a bad idea and obviously can kill peopleip want to echo hanicole stated did an excellent job speak and the woman before me as well. and thank you for your support on helping pedestrians stay safe on sidewalks. thank you for sharing your comments next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors speaking on behalf of receives of team steer 665 inform support of the company this is unionized in the city. spin than i asked us to support their pel for the special tech
11:14 pm
untiling they are installing. our members would be ativitying with this and it is a city wide technology. when it can be supplied and stalled our members doll this work. i agree with supervisor peskin, 665 is fine but safety does come first. in the trying to make light when we do is labor organization is if way want to make sure people are safe at work and coming to and from work that includes sidewalks. also the testimony that nic coal gave. i met her boy my friend director mcfadden upon. for this to have helped it you or anyone in san francisco or any city at all is unacceptable
11:15 pm
that is in the an adequate worried. we want to offer our support for everything that is going to be going through the pilot. for this idea to be brought forward and see if we make this industry a better one. thank you. >> thank you. no more speakers in the chamber. we have 13 callers on the line and 6 in the queue.
11:16 pm
can you hear me? >> yes. >> this is regina i'm a senior. i live in san francisco at a senior resident on geary boulevard. i'm very in support of this resolution. i learned a lot from lynching with the testimony today i'm interested in learning more about adaptive scooters they may solve the needs i have for transportation. fizzical safety for senior system paramount i'm on blood thin and ares, farewayed of being hit by anything on the sidewalk. i encounter them in a medical appointment at kaiser. i go up to the dentist up the hill. coming become down to fillmore
11:17 pm
down the hill. had one of these scooters kick mow i felt it clove to my good if i stuck my hand out i valid ended up in the hospital. physical safety for senior system paramount we need the scooters off the sidewalk. i support the fact that complaints are under reported i never reported anything. i think it is the waste of my time perhaps i should i would report it daily men that is in the going to work. we need a kin fine with all companies. they can't have different structures someone could scam the system and have 8 violations before they got banned that does not make sense. i like the idea of capping the
11:18 pm
device where is they can operate. may be they should not operate original medical if sillities or senior housing. >> thank you for sharing your comments. greg. district 3. if there is a protected bike lane may be the roadway are use its but often the rider ends up on the sidewalk going the one wayo a 1 way. riding with a child or breaking every rowel of the road.
11:19 pm
the scooters and bicycles to be acceptable geofencing for all sidewalks must be mandatory. for 2 along sfmta locked the other wyatt scoot and bike rentals as the companies and end user broken laws while sfmta playing lip service huthan i interact with the public who i parked. in the a day guess boy a see them park in the ad a ramps, 11 in the bay, in the sidewalk or on the building gate where i live. this makes micromobility device a nuisance and hazzard. that model consists of do you meanation. it did not consist of p it
11:20 pm
anywhere which is we have today. since fines are minimal we demand they docked at appropriate bike racks. patrol officers must city rowels a dozen taxi investigator cites incorrect low parked device. the force that is currently ticketing these -- is inadequate given numbers how much there are. i'm paul. and i'm a member of the coast neighboring association and part of safety committee.
11:21 pm
we have a concern for the scooters. and the concern since the first started being used. than i can be helpful but have to be safe. the devices are i heavy, large, and many of the roadwayers are not aware of the danger they impose on pedestrians especially on narrow sidewalks. enforcement of the rules or riding on sidewalks we find to be laxed. and the effort of the sfmta in for example, posting signs to be somewhat limited. for example, the vice president
11:22 pm
to have good signs posted on the embarcadero on the limited portion. i never seen a sign and the other area of the city. over all, the -- sfmta is [inaudible] it appears to me. and we like to see them forceful in preventing the scooter cutche its enforce the rowels. we applaud the effort of precinct and the other supervisors who spoken out today. why thank you. thank you for sharing your comments next speaker, please. we have 12 listeners with for you in the queue. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm kevin ortiz the vice chair of counsel transportation
11:23 pm
authority. a cofounder of mission well tino transportation organization on advancing needs of the transportation roadwayers, pedestrians and operators. my grandfather was hit multiple times boy bicyclists riding on the sidewalk. my grand mother hit boy a scooter, my other grand mother is blind. i'm keen to pedestrian safety with our neighborhood and to the latino community. pest safety at the forefront how we look at this technology. we [inaudible]. the scooter program is worse with 3,000 come mribts in the first waist roll out before all permits were pulled and applications submitted allowing the companies now in place. 9,000 come mrint in a year. approximate we look at the vice
11:24 pm
caps, i would support i ban if the companies kent get it together. i think on top of this with all the applications that have been in accomplice. there was all of them scored low in community out reach and engagement and like to see a big are push with the company that is doing the right thing and doing proper community engage am to make sure they are dmn a way more culturally comp tent. >> thank you for sharing your comments.
11:25 pm
next speaker, please >> yes. i'm david i live in district 3 and i want to thank mr. peskin for having this discussion. it is extremely person i'm an elderly person. our neighborhood -- polk area, the scooters fly up and down the sidewalks i have hit 2-3 times and actually fell to the ground. i rito stay away from them i have balance problems. i think we should my thought is that the things should be completely gotten rid of. i mean i agree with -- mr. peskin in they should be get rid
11:26 pm
of the whole thing they are dangerous. that's all. thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello. good afternoon this is lance kershawin. live in district 3 i'm a senior and want to thank supervisor peskin for having this dialogue with the scooter company and it is public. as a senior, my younger years i could walk on the walk now i'm 2 miles per hour an hour. the scooters come by me silent low at 15 and perhaps more miles per hour. so i'm thinking that if one of the riders of the scooters who are is probably 20 or 30 years old.
11:27 pm
was hit they would dust themselves and get and up move on. as a senior figot whacked boy a scooter i would be in the hospital for several days to weeks. so. okay. that was the last caller in the queue, madam chair. >> thank you. in dam clerk public ment is clezed. sproirz precinct >> one more just popped up y. take that caller.sproirz precin >> one more just popped up y. take that caller.clezed. sproirz precinct >> one more just popped up y. take that caller.
11:28 pm
keep know people roadway scoot and bicycleos sidewalk when is they feel unsafe weave have not built the infrastructure for them. specifically in district 3 there are near low zero protected bike lanes. people only feel safe riding on sidewalks. what i would love to see is renewed focus on creating safe infrastructure. on our streets so people feel safe and are safe riding scooters and bicycles on streets and to supervisor peskin in d3 other than the embarcadero there are zero protected bike lanes i would like to see a hearing or solution on that. and the other thing i wanted to touch on border patrol is this we also see a number of cars park and driving on sidewalks
11:29 pm
throughout our city. and there is in resolution. or focus on that. i love to see a similar focus from surprise peskin on cars that park and driveway on sidewalks as well. i'm not sure why we are not talking about tech medicaling to limit cars. i think broad low speaking, obviously the incident with the scooters are serious and need to do everything we can to make people feel safe that includes people riding the devices the most effective thing we can do is create safe infrastructure. we put the parking on the street would involve removing on street parking y. thank you. >> let's take the last caller
11:30 pm
well is one more this popped up. >> hello i'm diana taylor i'm president of the neighborhood association. i represent residence denials and businesses in the [inaudible] to neighborhood on the northern water front. we serve on the sfmta, port, embarcadero project and have informed the sfmta and the port about our concerns related to meritized scooters and bikes. and the new bike listens on embarcadero have been rolled out. many of our residence denials and members have complained and -- reported a number of accidents [inaudible] and so forth as you heard from others. we. really support supervisor peskin's resolution with mems
11:31 pm
that relate at this time emb defero. thank you very much. why thank you and mad am chair that completes the queue y. thank youmented to underscore and point a number of folks made this is a city wide issue not embarcadero and manage we have seen people riding the sidewalks a bit in district 5 and van ness and other part it is of my district. i agree with the caller around safety on the streets and making the streets a safer place for folks on scooters. well taken. we cannot have electric scooters riding on sidewalks used by seniors and people with disabilities and other who is want to be safe walking on
11:32 pm
sidewalks a minimum we provide. i appreciate surprise peskin's leadership on this and put thanksgiving residence lougdz forward and turning up the heat for us to make progress quick are then and there we have been so for and like to be added as a cosponsor, thank you. why thank you. add me as well. supervisor peskin and do you want to make a motion? >> i do and before i make suggest minor amendments let me thank and acknowledge the letters in the file that came from senior disability action and support. of this resolution and the results it intends choina town trip. self help for elder low and unlook as well as many individual e mills. and as to one of the speakers, let mow say that the embarcadero
11:33 pm
has protected bike lanes has not seen reduction on sidewalk riding. i'm pleased that probable d the tax i authored and the voters boy a 70% major voted for funded the protected bike lanes but they have not result in the many of the vos that we all witness the beginning take place next to those bike laneos that sidewalk. with that, i have a number of nonsubstantive ma'ams. mentioned by one of the scooter companies that geofencing is one of the technologies in the long title at line 8 i like to throughout the resolution instructor:geofencing and replace it with riding. and have the long title ends with city approved antisidewalk
11:34 pm
riding technology available city wide that is page one. page two add an additional where as line upon 20. that reads, the sfmta has the authority to modify permit conscience including the limits on power scooter devices by geographic area and top of page 3 line one add another that reads permittees companies have been slow to finished relocation requests demonstrated by the following average times from july 1 of 21 through september 6 of 22. where birds average response time was 7.22 hours limes average was 7.25 hours and spin average response time was 3.upon 34 hours. and i'd like to insert where as at line 10 on page 3, where as
11:35 pm
the sfmta increased the pen for citations to 200 dollars but the 8 to issue fines up to 500 dollars. and then online 14 and clothes have you a copy of this i want to change this just slightly, to insert the end of line 14. until march 2022 after which the agency issued a total of 401 citations for improper and unsafe riding through september sick of 22. including 123 violations to bird, 186 to lime and 92 to spin. so in the copy that is before you than i say moving violations but moving violations can be issued by the pd they are citations i taken out what is before you the word, moving.
11:36 pm
at line 19, remove on page 3 the word geofencing it says antisidewalk riding technology. line 23 to add the couplet and most often operates silent low watt warning the end of line 23. and on page 24 to add -- page -- page 4 line 9 again on strike geofence and insert the word, riding and after technology, inter, city wide it says device is not equipped with city approved antisidewalk sidewalk technology city wide and further resolves that the sfmta urgeed modify all permits now to carve the embarcadero out of the
11:37 pm
downtown zone and apply the mack limit on power scoot erred to the high use area and be it -- keep the next further resolve at line 70 to add another that the sfmta urgeed immediately increase the penalty citations to the mack 500 dollars. and then a last further resolved at line 23, this if the sfmta does in the take action on the policy directives by july 1, 2023, which the day after these permits expire i'm adding that. it is the intent of the board of sproirdzs to rescind the authority granted to the agency by the board to impose administrative citatio gee with other things approximate any number. section 9.118 president trumps that exactly to the board of
11:38 pm
supervisors in the course of business and we use that to some affect last tuesday in bringing peace to the labor unrest sudden fran interinitial airport them board of sprierdzs med it 100% clear that we would pursuant to nine charter authority not approve leases or modifications, lease extensions while labor unrest. we could -- take thap as a policy relating to the mta until or unless they are done. i dent want to go there i'm 10 times run out of patience. i like to offer those amendment and send the item to the board and thank you for your cosponsorship and for your indulgence for today's hearing. >> thank you, let's go ahead with the amendments. >> on the motion -- hold on city
11:39 pm
attorney says a have one geofencing deletion page 3 line 21 i may have missed. thank you you are something. supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> and on the motion moved by supervisor peskin to recommend as amended supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> melgar. aye >> colleagues i will call item 7 and 8 out of order because we have supervisor mandelman here with us and he's gota scoot out to another meeting. don't say scoot. [laughter]. not on this sidewalk. >> and let's do that. madam clerk >> 7 amending the planning code
11:40 pm
permit up to 4 units per let and up to 6 in corner lots and all rh house zoning districts and approving appropriate finings. item 8, an ordinance amending the planning code to very well zone all r heart attack 1 zoning districts except residential 1 family detached rh1d to 2 zoned rh1d and new districts called residential 2 family detached and affirming appropriate findings. members who would like to speak on items 7 and 8 call 415-655-0001, access code: 2497 343 6447#. if have not and like to speak press star 3. >> thank you. welcome supervisor mandelman the floor is yours. >> thank you chair melgar and
11:41 pm
clothes for accomodating me apol joes to matt schneider waiting and will have to wait longer i hope i can -- get out quickly as i have to be at noe town square at 5 o'clock. when this committee left heard the 2 items it was one item and you gracious low agreed to split and created a foil that was rezoning the city for any rh1 to 2 and second peez of legislation that was the 4 plex and 6 plex piece of legislation. and i expressed think these are the right policy. i think we should e eliminate rh1 and credit a path to creating small paurment buildings throughout the city. with regard to the first of the 2 goals i had conversations with colleagues about the prospects
11:42 pm
and concerns this different folks have about e eliminating rh1. it seems at this in a moment that is not easy to do with this board committee mayor >> there are conversation everadditional conversations i have not begin up on this and perhaps you know in the future we may be able to take it up again i ask for the committee to than item 8. the call the chair. with regard to item 7, i believe there is a path. i believe the remaining question on item 7 is whether and how much they look back to have the look back was the mayor's office indicated caused them to veto the prior piece of legislation this committee indicated come type of look back is important to it. i had conversations since with the major's office and they are willing to accept i year look
11:43 pm
back. and i'm hoping the committee is as well and that is an amendment we have circumstantial litted to the committee members. and -- so that is when those are my 2 requests the committee continue 8 to the call the chair and 7 amended take the look become to a year and that item forwarded to the full board with positive recommendation. supervisor preston. i would like more information on where the one year is coming from which until getting the requested metropolitan boy e mail, this is not a discussion.
11:44 pm
i artic litted the policy goal. entire time through last time that it was in the a request from the major's office prior to veto or reduce that number. if you upon the one year, where is this coming from? >> supervisor mandelman. >> as i understand it from talking with planning and the mayor's office, i believe any look back is bad. i tends to think that is right. now someone can buy a home that is a middle class home of
11:45 pm
some -- now a very valuable middle class home buy that home demo it and begin wing on their monster home immediately. and from their perspective put nothing a look become to allow the development of the housing we need more than monster help and single families in rh1, is it does in the make sense why we would be disfavoring apartment buildings rather than monster homes i have sympathy for that see thanksgiving happen nothing my district. as a gesture of compromise or consider signing a version of this would accept i one year even though they think it is i
11:46 pm
bad idea. why thank you supervisor machine man. i'm the person had proposed the ownership >> reporter: i did not propose a look back period. i understand your reasons. although i didn't quite agree it was the same thing in terms of evictions versus homeowners who frank low most low have a lot of equity in homes. you know, i think that -- my worry was about the stability of the neighborhood. so hai wanted was a looking forward period. we put in. i was not as worry about theed look back. i think the look back period will bring us a lot of am enforcement headaches. people will do all things to prove. and i appreciate this supervisor peskin put thought about who is an owner and when circumstances
11:47 pm
but somebodyy gota do that work. in each project. i'm just i would preferred no look back at all. if it is the will of the committee i can live with a year. you have been let me you know reminds us that i have prosecute posed that to begin with before discussions with the mayor's office so that was not part of my calculation. >> thank you y. if there is no one else go to public comment on this item y. are there members of the public this would like to speak on item 7 and 8. approach the podium. online press star 3. >> good afternoon. executive director of liveable city. i'm speaking in favor we are believers of increpal develop that is the solution to housing
11:48 pm
crisis. legalize sudden fran to legalize the ways we have added housing where we diversified housing in our neighborhoods up to the city had exconclusionary zoning this legislation takes us an important step forward and making sure we can build more housing in the nishgds that have service and ps. create more diversity in housing types and different income levels and household sizes. we never liked the look back. it was marketed at antispeculation measure. can you buy a house and flip temperature that's okay. buy a single family house and supericize t. you want to build for you units including reason control you can't do this. we think that look back creates the wrong cynive the most social
11:49 pm
low useful thing you might be able ton do with a small lot. or a small building in a residential district is the thing this with the look back you could in the do if you were a new buyer. you know i don't think folks will wake up and say turn the house in the 4 plex. that will be small buildings buy them to do this. i think you have been thoughtful in the way you tried tablize, protect existing multiunit building. replacement in kinds. you have been thoughtful. a good piece of legislation you should allow everyone to do this. thank you very much.
11:50 pm
so. it supervisor peskin du want to say something.
11:51 pm
the policy rational because show is the mayor and show at got 4 votes and we got 7. i'm over it and i -- grudgingly can live with one i want to be done. now you wanted continue item 8? to the call of the chair. why and amend item 7. to read on page 9 line 11. -- owned the lot for which they are seek the exception for a minimum of a year. replacing 4. why prior to the time of the submittal of the application.
11:52 pm
on the motion on the flower for file 220099. >> i'm sorry. supervisor peskinments to say something. i failed to close public comment y. public comment is. i don't think people add united. the entire exercise driven boy every single person when poke to this. other than safai. framing this in our original hearings as a way for that very homeowner to wake up one morning and add units that was the entire exercise and discussion.
11:53 pm
i appreciate that now as that went through and then the restrictions when we were trig to do was disincentivize the other speculation not the homeowner creating additional unists on property. i just this hen a moving target and in terms of the reasoning here. i share with splierz peskin's desire to just move this forward. i would appreciate i have appreciated a more policy based explanation around the choice of a year if this is where it settles and the author feels good about it and wants to move it forward the mir is on board for that. i don't -- i will reiterate this was an effort to address a situation that was for the entire first time through the
11:54 pm
legislative body a situation everyone is greg we want to deter. it seems like this has now shifted. i do agree with the point made around different types of housing. folks in the business of flipping stuff we try third degree in 2047 a speck later tax that dealt with that issue instead of singling out a type of housing versus another. i'm prepared to passport it with an amendment i'm glad that supervisor mandelman navigates and find a place here.
11:55 pm
hamay bring everybody together. thank you. >> thank you supervisor preston. you know i knowledge this affects district 7 in ways that it does in the affect 5 and 3. it affects district 8 as well. i -- have all over district 7 neighborhoods empty single family homes bought for 30 and 40 thousand dollars where the owners are seeing you know -- heavy capitol gains tax if they sell and you know like they are management. all over. we real eatingtory have a solution for how to utilize the property and repurpose them so families can live within them. than i can be affordable. you know i hear you that our goal was to -- allow property owners to have this option and
11:56 pm
not invite speculation. just like folks afraid when sb9 passed things were going to happen. it has not turned out this way. i -- would like us to be able to move on some things to address you know the, this are affecting our neighborhoods and you know not have it take a year and rep direct if we are seeing preston speculation in ways that you are you know thinking may happen. we can come back and amend the legislation. to deter this. you know i'm eager to finds a solution because i said, you know how doing affordability is number one and the west side neighborhoods there are lots of single family homeless. pep don't live the way than i did.
11:57 pm
40 or 50 yearses ago and houses the we have sdrushths unaffordable. i hear you and keep watching. continue to the call of the chair. on the motion to instructor:4 years and replace with a year supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar aye. >> and supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. you have 3 aye's >> thank you and continuing number 8 to the call of the chair.
11:58 pm
on the motion to continue item 8 to the call supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor preston. >> aye. >> supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> you have 3 aye's. >> thank you. >> that motion passes. >> thank you supervisor mandelman. >>
11:59 pm
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>> good morning this meeting will come to order. welcome to september 29, 2022 special meeting of the government audit oversight committee of thboard of supervisors. our board presidenttia monwalton temporary in for supervisor mandelman. the clerk is alisa samara and thank sfgtv for staffing the meeting. madam clerk, do we have announcements? >> the board is convening hybrid meetings that allow in person attenance and public comment. providin