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tv   Small Business Commission  SFGTV  October 21, 2022 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the small commission meeting on october 11, 2022. this meeting is held in person in city hall, room 400 and broadcasted live on sfgov tv and available to view online or listened by calling 415-655-0001. as authorized by california government code section 54953e and mayor breed's 45th supplement to her february 25th, 2020, emergency proclamation, it's possible that some members of the small business commission may attend this meeting remotely. in that event, those members will participate and vote by video. the small business commission thanks media services and sfgov
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tv for televises the meeting on sfgov tv dot org. we welcome the public's participation during public comment. there's an opportunity for general public comment at the end of the meet and an opportunity to comment on each discussion or action item on the agenda. for each item, the commission will take public comment first from people attending the meeting in person and then from people attending the meeting remotely. members of the public who will be calling in, the number is 415-655-0001. the access code is 24832908494. press pound and then pound fen to be added to the line. when connected, you will be muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest comes up, dial star three to be added to the speaker line. if you dial star three public comment is called, you'll be added to the queue. when you're called for public
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comment, mute the device you're listening to the meeting on. when it's your time to speak, you'll be prommed. to do so. public comment is limited to three minutes and a timer will alarm. speaker was are requested to state their name but not required. >> the san francisco small business commission and office of small business staff acknowledges we're on the unseated land of the ramahash people. [reading land acknowledgement]
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please call item two. >> item one, roll call. >> commissioner carter? >> here. >> commissioner dickerson? >> present. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> here. >> president laguana? >> here. >> vice-president zouzounis is absent and commissioner zouzounis -- >> next item. >> next two. >> this is a discussion and action item. the the commission will discuss and possibly take action to approve legacy business registry applications. we have rick with the small business of --
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>> good afternoon, president laguana and city staff and members of the public. i'm richard, legacy business program manager. i would like to acknowledge michelle reynolds who helps with marketing and communications for the office of small business. michelle was instrumental in helping review, colate and process the business registry applications before you. sfgovt tv, i have a powerpoint presentation. before you today are six applications for your consideration for the legacy business registry. each application includes a staff report, a drafted resolution and the application itself and case report and resolution from the planning department. the application were submitted to planning on august 24th and heard by the historic preservation commission on september 21st. item 2a is blazing saddle and bike rental tours and it's a bike rental and tour company with multiple
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locations in fishers mans wharfing. blazing saddle was found theed under that name in 1994. in 2002, the business was sold to american scooter and cycle rental inc which was founded in 1988 and has a history that extends back to 1982. the official lien age of the businesses consider the blazing saddle lien age, and the americans scooter and cycle rental is a critical component of the company's history. playing saddle has the largest fleet of rental bikes in california and the recognized leader in bike tours over the golden gate bridge. riders can follow self guided tours or join guided tours led by blazing saddle staff. the businesses actively involved in the community and has been partners for many events. four featured tradition, the business must maintain to be on the business legacy is tour companies
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featuring bicycle rentals. item two b is cafe la boheme and the business was founded in 1973 for poets, dancers, politics and activist. it's a driving culture -- experience the living art of the mission through poetry performances and local art exhibitions. cafe boheme offer food and beverage menu item that's have changed throughout the years. sometimes referred to as a living room of the mission, cafe boheme attracts a diverse base and popular for tourist and the population alike. it must be maintained as coffee shop. item two c is club deluxe. the
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business is a live music and cocktail bar founded in 1978 near the intersection of heeight and it was a gay bar. it was renamed club deluxe and it's an important part of the live music scene and it retains the 1930s to 1950s oasis with wood panel walls and circular mirrors and cafe style mirrors. and dior style. they announced their closure due to then ability to agree on a fair lease with their landlord and after mediation with district five supervisor preston on august 22nd this year, which included mentions of the legacy business program, club deluxe on the property owner reached an agreement
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allowing the jazz and blue club to remain in its home and the core feature tradition of the business must mean tame as bar. item two d is hotel boheme. it was established in 1991 and inspired by -- with the interior of the hotel designed as a recreation of the late 1950s. recreation of the late 1950s. the rooms are thoughtfully arranged with cast iron beds and large mirror am mores and beach generation. there's 35 museums taken in north beach in the 1950s and 1960s by jerry stole. the building that houses hotel boheme was constructed after the earthquake in the architectural style and the tradition and business must maintain is hotel.
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item 2e is lrarkins brother company and established in 1950 when found, they sold new and conditioned tires until 1967 many the business expanded to include full ought motive services and thanks to a loyal customer base the store is open six-days a week to serve the san francisco bay area. many of these employees stayed with the company for 20 to 30 years. the business has been able to establish a customer account with the city and county of san francisco, servicing their service vehicles. the core feature tradition of the business maintained is automotive services. item two q is mayor po that yacht lub and the organization is a nonprofit membership club dedicated to selling and community service in
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the greater san francisco bay area. mariposa hunters club was established in 1974 when mariposa ramp club and hunters point yacht club consolidated under the goals of promoting good sportsmanship and providing docking and arranging cruises for (indiscernible) and other activities that increase interest and small craft boating. the roots of the yacht club date back to 1932 in the mariposa book club and ramp club was pounded. mariposa hunters point yacht club represents 30 to 40 members and guest per day that may utilize the club's boating facilities, patio and atmosphere clubhouse to host or attend indoor or outdoor events. the organization is a member of the pacific inter club yacht association which fosters communication cooperation among the 100 yacht in northern californias. the court featured tradition the business must
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maintain is recreational boating. all byes met the cry tear -- all businesses met the criteria and received positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission. staff recommends adding the businesses to the registry and drafted six resolutions for your consideration. a motion in support of the businesses should be framed as a motion in favor of the resolutions. thank you. this concludes my presentation. we're happy to answer any questions and there are business representatives in the room and possibly online who would like to speak on behalf of the applications during public comment. >> there we go. great. thank you, rick. commissioners, do we have any questions? >> okay. is there anyone -- if there's anyone who would like to make public comment on item no.
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2, approval of legacy business registry. >> stand up on the line until it's your turn. >> i would like to welcome small business commissioner steven adams. please steven. >> good evening, president laguana and it's great to see everybody back here in city hall. commissioner dickson, i get to see you live and in person. it's great to see you. and executive director tang, welcome. it's a pleasure to be here and also to rick curlio, i'm in support of larkins brothers tires and south van ness. jason here in the room purchased the business from his father who bought the business from the larkins brothers in the 1980s that business starts in the 1950s but the business itself goes back into the 1860s.
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that's truly a san francisco legacy business and i'm so proud of jason and all his four barriers are looking down, that he kept this business in san francisco and most of his employee was from the neighborhood and from san francisco. it's awesome. and so, i'm here that you approve larkins tire as a legacy business, thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? please. >> hey commissioners. i'm jess from blazing saddles, bikes and tours. first i would like to say thank you to supervisor peskin for nominating us for this legacy business dez nag and thank you richard and michelle for helping us navigate through the application process. they really did a good job. thank you
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very much. i appreciate it. and back in 1978 when i was in high school at george washington high school, my mother was able to get me a job at fisherman's wharf as a crab cracker to help pay the bills and do my share and that was my introduction to the tourism industry in san francisco. my wife and i were married in the early 80s and immediately started a bicycle business shortly after that down at the wharf and we've been there ever since. our son has recently taking over the management of the business and he and his lovely wife, sean, they are expecting their first baby. that's four generations here. and we're exciting that they are expanding their family and we look forward to having
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them run the business and us having a little more free time, so thank you for considering our nomination. >> thank you. is there any other public comment on item no. 2. >> we have callers online? >> if there's a person in the room, please come up. >> okay. >> take your time, no rush. >> good afternoon, i'm margarita tourist, the accommodate of the yacht club. we're 90 years and we do, besides the boat and maritime which is what we're focused on, we do a lot of community outreach and donations to, once a month to a particular charity and i'm proud to say this month, last saturday, we raised over $2,000 for muttville so our charities range from red cross, muttville, junior giants,
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women on water and all these other maritime thing so we're very proud of our thumb print and want to stay by the water and be part of san francisco. thank you so much for considering our application. >> thank you. are there any other public commenters in the room? okay. we'll go to the callers, please. >> hi. my name is saleba abdul. i'm speaking on behalf of cafe la boheme t. was established in 1973 and the few san francisco coffee houses left in the mission. my family (indiscernible) just a year before i was born and on the night of my birth, my father was hosted what would be the poetry readings. and since our ownership, la boheme has been a
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place for not just my family by the san francisco community. a place where poets, activist and politicians alike all meet and prepare for their readings, marches and campaigns and (indiscernible) embody the roots of our city and everybody is welcome and everybody is family and everybody needs to stand together. we believe (indiscernible) against the massive gentrification that's happening in the mission district. as we continue to (indiscernible) to be the original 1973 living room that was established. as immigrants themselves, my parents, (indiscernible) and jackie built la boheme as a place for everyone to feel welcome and safe from book choreographers and examines and a place for everyone to come and put amazing work enjoyed by people in the city and country and around the world. la boheme has been the backdrop for my families and extended families memories from
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weddings, to wakes and community knows they have a place at our table at la boheme. thank you. >> thank you. are there any more callers? next caller, please. >> hello, my name is carolyn monte and president and ceo of san francisco heritage. san francisco heritage is proud to support club deluxe legacy business application. this is a well-deserved recognition of their contribution to the cultural heritage of the height neighborhood. we were honored to partner with the city's legacy business program and supervisor dean preston's office to support the owners of club deluxe with their business application. we fully support their joining the legacy business registry. thank you for the opportunity to call
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in and provide this testimony. >> thank you. next caller, please. proceed. >> hi. hi name is luna and i'm calling to support wawad and his family and cafe la boheme. i want to say how much of a staple it has been to the mission, myself and at latino community. when i first moved back to san francisco, i want to say back in 2007, it was a space that my parents found community, joy, last ter and more. we made lifelong relationships with those who came religious to la
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boheme. it's afternoon place to my self but those finding a home far away from the home and the community gathers there to have beautiful events that are later shown at la boheme or shared through the rest of the neighborhood which is really important. it's a safe space to plan and execute community gatherings and wada and his family given back to the community by letting us gather there and be amongst each other. i could go on about how this is a staple to the community but anyone who has grown up in the mission has worked and will tell themselves how this has been a safe space for artis -- event planners and thank you for listening. >> thank you. next caller, please. >> hello commissioners, my name is la lay and i'm the daughter of (indiscernible), the owners
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of la boheme. they have been serving the mission district for a little over 45 years and out of those 45 years, i'm blessed and honored to be present for half of that time. my family took ownership of this cafe and i was three years and for the last 27 years, we call this our second home and my dad loves to call this place his third child and cafe la boheme raised me in so many ways and i have met poets and authors to politicians and professors and businessmen and women who had a hand in building who i am today and the woman i am today. if it weren't for this cafe the community and the culture, i would not be as rich in knowledge. getting the cafe to be a legacy business would mean the world to not only my family but the san francisco and bay area as a community. a community i would like to refer to as my second family and acquiring this legacy bid would be the icing on the cake to the -- thank you for considering our
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application. >> thank you. is there any other caller. >> >> there are no other callers. >> okay. commissioners, do we have any comments on our legacy business nominees? commissioner ortiz cartagena. >> i just want to thank all the applications, all the people that called in, all the people who took the time. two special shout outs, cafe la boheme and i mean, that's our babysity hall on 24th street. like, so much stuff gets born, gets activated out of that space and the ownership, i mean, that family has been always beautiful to the community and that's what, that's what small businesses, like a place where community can thrive, have a place to be nourished. it's just a beautiful space, so i'm so excited that it's here today. larkins, i met the owners and it has been a
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staple. and i hate to say it, i peel out once in a while so i need tires. [laughter] y'all have always been there and since i was a little kid, that was a place to get your tires so i'm excited for both businesses and all businesses here today. >> thank you. commissioner huie. >> i also wanted to congratulate all of you for being in business for so many generations and i work and have always kind of worked in family businesses in our family businesses and it's a special place to raise my kids, kind of starting from, i think as soon as you can start doing anything, you're kind of tasked to do something and you know, it really shows them what community really is and i like to be able to come into the store and into the office or into the shop or
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into the restaurant or wherever it is and feel like all those people around them are home is a real gift, so thank you very much for thriving in san francisco, growing your business here, being committed here and yeah. it makes me excite and proud and i love this portion of our meeting. thank you very much. >> commissioner carter? >> i want to congratulate the legacy visitors here today to make it this far in san francisco and being a part of the fabric of what makes san francisco san francisco. this is my favorite thing to do. i'm a city kid and i love mom and pop's so congratulations again to all of you. >> thank you. commissioner dickerson? >> definitely congratulations to all of you. as a small business
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here in san francisco, you all are like the people that we all look up to, the small businesses that had been open for two years, five years, ten years and i want to just honor your persistence, your commitment. i know sometimes it feels like i got to do the job because i've got to pay bills but i want to broaden your perspective of these small businesses, you no, they by a lot of value to the community and for people to be able to keep coming back, being able to depend on you, being able to know that when they need that bike to ride or they need that coffee to sip, they can come back and see the same people and you can ask about the kids and the family and the dog, all of those things are so important to the city of san francisco especially, so i just want to say congratulations, thank you for your persistence, perseverance and long suffering
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and the joy you bring, the assets you bring to the city of san francisco. so, thank you. >> thank you. you know, i think, first i'd like to give a shout-out to the two companies that are really on this list that are helping to attract people to come to san francisco, blazing saddles and hotel boheme. blazing saddle in particular, you have such a visible presence in this city and makes a huge contribution to the experience that visitors have. you can't drive down golden gate bridge without seeing your bike fall all over the place and even in the salsaly dough and it gives visitors something to do. it's on the leading edge of bike culture and more sustainable future for this city so i can't commend the work that you've done enough making the city a
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more fun place to visit and i appreciate everything you guys have done. i want to echo commissioner ortiz cartagena about cafe boheme. we're so lucky to have these community spaces that help bring people together, to connect people together. it has been an extraordinary contribution to the mission community, so many ideas as commissioner ortiz cartagena mentioned, have come out of there, so many important changes to our city. so much important community building and it's so lovely to see that kind of business thrive and succeed for such a long time. with respect to hunters point yacht club, i want a job there because i want to become a commodore. that's the most exciting job i heard here. it's so rad and it's
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an amazing place for people to gather and for san francisco. certainly in my mind, not least, if there's one busy have personally probably spent more money at than any other business, it is larkins brothers tire company and i want to give a big shout-out to jason and his brother-in-law randy who, you know, for those that don't know, i run a little van rental company and i've been, our vehicles have gone there for tires off and on, now approaching two decades. i recently seem to be running over nails over the time so i take my personal car there all-time. it's a quick turnaround and great staff and everybody there is fully professionally. what i really appreciate about you guys
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coming up today in particular is it has taught me i should never rent a van to commissioner ortiz-cartagena. [laughter] because my goodness, that's our worst nightmare. so, with that, congratulations to all of you. it really does -- as some of the other commissioners mentioned, this is the highlight of our work here. oh, and club deluxe, before i forget, the legacy business appointment for that business in particular was critical to that business's survival because they were on the verge of losing their lease with their landlord and i want to give a shout-out to supervisor preston and the legacy business team for working very hard to get them through the processes as quick as possible. so rick, thank you for all your hard work on that but
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this legacy business appointment soon to be, hopefully, pending a vote, was a critical part of them being able to renegotiate a lease with their landlord and continue on as a business and that was very much in doubt and for the music community, of which i consider myself a member, that would have been a terrific and horrendous loss so it's legacy business at its best and i want to thank bos staff, supervisor preston and rick and your team on the legacy business team. thank you. and club deluxe, we're very excited that you're here before us today and excited to see you downpours. so with that, do we have a motion?
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>> i make a motion to approve all the legacy business -- >> sorry, i didn't see your name. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena, did you -- oh, okay. got it. >> should i -- >> go ahead, please, i'm sorry. >> i make a motion to approve all legacy business applicants. >> uh-huh. >> i'll second that motion. >> i'll call the roll. >> commissioner carter? >> aye. >> commissioner dickerson? >> yes. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> yes. >> president laguana? >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> yes. >> vice-president zouzounis is absent. motion passes. >> great. thank you, everybody. >> congratulations. [applause] >> next item, please. >> item 3, board of supervisors file no. 220970. waiver of
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permit, license and business registration fees for certain small businesses. this is a discussion and action item. the the commission will discuss and may take action on an ordinance amending the program established in ordinance no. 143-21 waiving certain first-year permit, license, and business registration fees for certain businesses, retroactive to november 1, 2021. and we have anna, ledge slabtive aid to supervisor ronan. >> hello. >> welcome. >> good afternoon. first time here. i'm getting used to this echo. >> yeah. >> good afternoon commissioners, thank you for having me. my name is anna herrera and legislative aide for hillary ronan and i'm here to talk about legislation that supervisor ronan introduced to expand the first free program. you heard about it last
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month when amanda freed and (indiscernible) from the treasurer and tax collector's office presented to you so hopefully this is a hopeful refresher. as you know, first year free is a program to support and reviefsh small san francisco businesses as the city recovers from the pandemic. the program waived the cost of initial registration fees, lie fees and first year permit -- license fees and first permit and the program enrolled 1700 businesses and waived over $375,000 in fees since it began last november. by all accounts, the program has been very popular and successful and supervisor ronan would like to expand the program so even more businesses can qualify. based on feedback from the treasurer and tax collector's office along with the office of small business, the legislation will do the following, it will extend the qualifying enrollment period through june 30, 2023. it will also expand eligibility for
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small businesses from $2 million to five million and max gross receipts and it will eliminate the ground floor limitation so businesses such as food trucks can also qualify. the treasurer and tax collector's office estimate that over nine hundred businesses will benefit from the changes and we're excited that -- we're excited for this and overcoming the pandemic can be done in one year alone and we know several of you on the commission have been great supporters on the program from its inception and provided feedback and outreach when it first began so we're looking forward to your continued support and i'm here if you have anymore questions. >> great! commissioners, do you have any questions? >> commissioner huie? >> thank you very much. thank you for being here today. i don't really have any questions necessary, but i wanted to just kind of share, i guess, recently
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there was a, i guess, an aspiring young business who had reached out and she has this, like, almond butter business she started during the pandemic and she was excited about it and she was hoping to kind of formalize her business even further and somebody, like, her -- she hasn't found a kitchen, like a commercial kitchen yet but she wants to become a small business and so, i was encouraging her to look into san francisco as the place to register her business because you know, she kind of has choices, right. she has choices to be able to register in south city or daly city or other municipalities and but her hope is really to grow a business in san francisco. would her business be a first year free business in the expansion? i have a question. sorry. i had
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a story and then question. >> yes. because we're -- currently, it's slated to end this month, so this will expand it through june 2023, so i think as long as she registered within this period and files during this period, she would qualify. >> okay. even though she doesn't have a brick-and-mortar, i mean, she -- she's hoping to -- i mean her business is best catered for farmer's market or other types of collective selling probably since it's a product. >> yeah. i don't, oh, amanda is here. i was thinking, i wish amanda was here. [laughter] >> hi. good evening, sorry. i came in just a little late. amanda freed from the treasurer's office. yes, with the proposed legislation, the definition is expanding so currently, it's very specifically for ground floor commercial use, which is really
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more like a retail or restaurant kind of defined. there is a proposal to expand that more generally, so something like a commercial kitchen as long as they are under the gross receipts threshold would likely qualify. i say likely because there's always specifics, so there could always be a reason and we're happy to go through some -- a specific case with a business but we just want to make sure they register within the time period is the most important thing and that they, you know, don't say i actually started in 2020. that would disqualify them. >> no, yeah. i think, you know, after having had this experience speaking with her and, like, she seemed really excited about this program and i just kind of thought about how businesses of her scale and starting in this period, it would be like an ideal kind of situation to
12:38 am
attract a business like that, you know, because waiving the first year fees would be really significant for somebody who is just kind of taking a leap and you know, she may not have a straight site presence but she's going to be in farmer's market so in your expansion, i was hoping to put that in your ear that there's a lot of business in general where in the past, san francisco has felt like a hurdle and i would love for them to be more just attracted to the idea of coming to san francisco and registering their business here, not to take away from any other municipality, but i do love san francisco, so.... thank you. >> thanks, amanda. [laughter] >> are you done, okay.
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commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> ana, thank you for the presentation. i want to thank commissioner ronan. this has been a dope program and i know sometimes the fee seems nominal but it helps a small business like you know what, it must be a team. it's a sign. if the fees are waived for retail and it doesn't have a big financial impact but it's a push, like, if the city is with me on this. and my organization especially restaurants or cafes, this is a huge financial burden is lifted. like those $20,000 that -- dpg and all the run around, that's significant. that's really significant and it has been really the, just that little extra help, that little extra push that the city needs and needed at such a critical time and you know to me in my head, it's not even like we lost fees because for 1100 businesses,
12:40 am
let's say half probably won't have started a business without this legislation and think about the sales tax revenue we generated and the jobs we have created and the vacant storefronts with very activated in the mission. this has been huge. this has been huge and i wish we could do more but this is just awesome and i want to say that. >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you. commissioner carter? >> i just want to say how much i love this ordinance. this is great for marginalized community and for my nonprofit, sfgov black street. we're starting on our third cohort and this will mean so much to very small businesses to not have to worry about those fees and we also should be doing more to make san francisco easier and welcoming
12:41 am
for small businesses for people to want to do business in san francisco so that we can have more legacy businesses. you know, it also diversify what our small business, our small businesses look like in community, so i would love to see this extended. i would love to see, where is it, number three. where did it go? number three, yeah, to remove the requirement that the business be located on the ground floor. i would love to see that removed. but yeah. >> hopefully if this happens, it will be. >> this is really great, so thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> thank you. director tang. >> thank you. i really just wanted to echo everyone's comments here and appreciate supervisor ronan office and you of course, ana, for spearheading this expansion and extension legislation. we probably, and i also want to thank my permit center team because this is the
12:42 am
top question they ask of every business, have you heard of first year free and they check their eligibility and it's a life saver for many businesses and an incentive. we were thrilled when we heard supervisor ronan was going to introduce this to continue the program. we're grateful for your partnership and working on additional amendment to broaden the scope to be covered even more than the current program. thank you and thank you to amanda and the treasure and tax collector's office. >> thank you. commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i want to say amanda is god sent. you have been the only one in your department that has the empathy to understand a small business so it's like you were the perfect person from your department to do this and i want to highlight this because if anyone has dealt with your department, they know. thank
12:43 am
you. >> so i want to echo everybody's praise of supervisor ronan and the work that she did getting this legislation across the finish line. thank you as well for your work spearheading this on behalf of the supervisor and for coming down and speaking with us today. a big thank you to amanda at tax and treasury for all the work that you've been doing even while on vacation when i pestered you about stuff, so that is very much appreciated. you know, a couple things, first of all, the expansion is absolutely very much welcome. i also appreciate your receptiveness to possible amendments. i don't think, i won't speak for my other commissioners but i think we're inclined to be supportive in this hearing, knowing those
12:44 am
conversations are on going. but i will say, i think for benefit of the public some of whom might be listening in or review this later, the fees that get waived by this are typically not the lion share of the fees. it's -- there's some pretty significant fees that are not waive-able under this legislation. five million was originally budgeted. 12 but before it passed -- by the time it passed, i think it was at 5 when the budget was finally done, so you know, spread across 1700 businesses that applied for this, it was an average of $220. the expansion of 900 would potentially, i mean, assuming that average held up which it might not, i mean,
12:45 am
presumably businesses with larger gross receipts might have larger fees but if we extrapolated that same 220 across 900, we're talking about another 200,000. we're still under one million. if that five hundred or five million was the final budget, we actually have room to include or cover another 20,000 businesses if we could expand it to just all businesses that were applying for these permits. now, giant caveat, i recognize the fees aren't always going to average out to $220 but you know, i think that there is a lot of room for expansion here. also, you know, i think you might have heard about this but i become aware of businesses, even some in of the supervisor's district that had started the permit process
12:46 am
before the pandemic but weren't able to complete and then the pandemic interrupted their plans for lack ever a better word. interrupted all of our plans to be honest. so they put everything on hold and when they heard about this program, they got inspired and excited and thought that it would be a good time to pickup the (indiscernible) again. because they filed for the original permit prior to the dates on this time, that they weren't able to avail themselves of it. and even though the benefit is fairly modest when you're looking at fees. every little helps and it's critical we get our economy back and going and encourage every business that we can to get back up and going because we are trailing the rest
12:47 am
of the country in terms of new business openings. we're still, i think, operating at a net loss, that we're losing more businesses than we're actually gaining so i had a conversation with controller rosenfeld earlier today. he recommended, amanda, that i speak with you and that maybe we start to zero in on what the total universe of fees that we collect, how much does that total out to. like, over the past, i don't know, trailing over 12 months. and start to get our heads around the fact about whether we can afford or potentially have room to expand it even more than what's contemplated. but again, just kind of putting this out there because i know there are some folks paying attention to this hear and i want them to know that they've been heard and
12:48 am
that we're engaged with this process. i can't commend you and your office enough for your willingness to listen, supervisor ronan absolutely led on this issue. i have sung her praises from the high heavens, you know, as much as i can and will continue to do so because i think this is absolutely the right direction for us to go right now. given the current economic climate and everything that you all have done has been wonderful and appreciated and i hope i don't seem like i'm gifting like (indiscernible) towards the mouth but i do want to take advantage of the opportunity to try and do everything we can to make it as invite and enticing as possible for new businesses to open because we're still struggling. >> yeah. i appreciate the feedback and we've been having conversations with director tang about additional amendments and
12:49 am
we're working with city attorney's office on those so we're hoping to have additional language by next wednesday when it's budgeted and finances. >> there's a legal aspect and administrative aspect so you have to make it possible for the departments to execute on this stuff so i know it's -- you got zeroing in between those three things can be challenging but again, thank you very much for all the work that you're doing on this. is there anybody else? okay. is there any public comment? >> there's one caller on the line. >> okay. caller, please proceed. >> hello. my name is joey mucia and i'm a small business owner here in the mission district. i run an arcade rental business. i started about ten years ago so it's inspiring to hear these legacy businesses talk about their 40-year anniversary and
12:50 am
i'm just part of the way there but i have been renting arcade games out to the bars and restaurants for the last decade and the game plan has been to open my storefront and i've actually kind of been working on a permit since 2018 and met some red tape at the discretion of review and then the pandemic hit and people weren't allowed to go into bars and restaurants and touch arcade games so i got put on hold and then helped to serve on the business of merchant organization and i heard about this program and it got me fired up and i'm a big megaphone (indiscernible) so it's inspiring to see this support from the city of small businesses. but then i went to look at the verbiage and found out and i applied and (indiscernible). i haven't gotten the building permit yet. i'm waiting on the invoice from the city but my rough
12:51 am
calculation says just my permit fee might be in the six-figure range which is wild because it's just a tenant improvement inside of an existing building that's 2600 square feet, so just, you know, i'm really inspired by the first year fee program because kind of in this we're spot where i won't benefit from it so hopefully there's an amendment to accommodate my business and keep pushing this program forward, thank you so much. >> thank you. so, commissioners, i think it's a time for a motion. i'll move to approve the ordinance amending the program with our banks and gratitude to supervisor ronan. >> motioned by president laguana and seconded by commissioner
12:52 am
ortiz-cartagena. i'll read the roll. commissioner carter. >> dickerson? >> yes. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> yes >> president laguana? >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> yes. >> vice-president zouzounis is absent. motion passes. >> thank you, ana. >> thank you. >> i appreciate you coming and thank you amanda as well. next item, please >> item 4, draft rules and regulations of the legacy business historic preservation fund. this is a discussion and action item. the commission will consider the adoption of amendments to the rules and regulations of the legacy business historic preservation fund grants to landlords. presenting today we have richard, legacy business program manager with the office of small businesses >> hi rick. >> hello. good evening commissioner laguana and
12:53 am
commissioners and staff. my name is rick, business legislation -- sfgov tv, i have a presentation because i don't like the camera on me. >> grants to landlords. administrative code section 2a243c, grant to landlords is commonly known as the rent stabilization grant and the amendment was minor but it's important to ensure that rules are monitored regularly and improved when needed. article one section two of the rules of order of the san francisco small business commission requires a ten-day public notice for all rules and regulations prior to action. and we did do a ten-day public notice hearing for the amendments. rule 11, notification of funding allocations to prior year qualified landlords. we are
12:54 am
proposing to change the date from july 30th to august 1st, so the rule will read, on or before august 1st of each fiscal year, the office of small business should notify qualified landlords from the prior fiscal year of the grant -- (indiscernible) will notify the legacy business of the grant amount the landlord will receive. the annual city budget is passed by the board of supervisors by july 31st, not july 30th. and it makes more sense to reach out to the rent stabilization grant landlords and legacy business tenants the date after the budget is adopted which is why we're picking august 1st. rule 12, receipt of grant payment. we're changing the world vendor to supplier, making grammatical changes and the vendor has to -- the rule will read, to be paid, grantees must be city suppliers and the
12:55 am
legacy business program manager may assist application in completing registration requirements for becoming city suppliers as needed and when the city went live with the new financial system five years ago, vendors became suppliers and becoming a supplier is the only way a landlord can receive the rent stabilization grant. we don't always have a third-party. so getting setup as suppliers is mandatory. i would like to take this opportunity to say that the supplier setup process has proven to be difficult and time-consuming for many business owners which is not consistent with the city's equity goals and they hire third-party so grantees can get paid easily. city departments go through time-consuming procurement and contract processes to hire third-party organizations, then spend city funds to pay those organization to get through the
12:56 am
city's difficult process. sometimes that means less grant money available for small businesses and a simple solution is to have a financial system called grantee. in addition to the existing supplier and better categories and the third-party organizations we're paying are requesting w the from grantees so why can't the city department do it selves instead of using third-party to do that. it would be an easy fix in the financial system in my opinion so it might be perhaps the small business commission can take up this issue as an action item in a future meeting. rules regarding the historic preservation fund is subject to disapproval of the board of supervisors. the board of supervisors can introduce an ordinance within 30 days of delivery to the clerk of the board and act on it within 90 days or the rule will go into effect. i'm available for questions, thank you very much.
12:57 am
>> >> commissioners, any questions? is there any public comment? >> there is none. >> >> rick, i want to thank you for your work on this. it's a set of rule change that's will make the program he can kwbl -- more equitable and sufficient so i'm inclined to support this. i will make a motion to approve the regulations as drafted. >> second that. >> >> moved by president laguana and seconded by commissioner carter. commissioner carter? >> yes. >> commissioner dickerson? >> yes. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> yes. >> president laguana? >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> yes. >> and vice-president zouzounis is absent. motion passes.
12:58 am
>> thank you. >> thank you, rick. next item, please. >> item 5, resolution making findings to allow teleconference meetings under california government code section 54953e. this is a discussion and action item. >> commissioners, any comments or discussions on this resolution? seeing none. is there any public comment? >> there's none. >> seeing none. public comment is closed. i move to approve. >> >> i'll second. >> motion by president laguana and second by dickerson. commissioner carter? >> aye. >> commissioner dickerson? >> aye. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> yes. >> laguana? >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz? >> yes. >> vice-president zouzounis is absent. motion passes. >> thank you. next item, please. >> item 6, approve of draft meeting minutes, this is a discussion and action item. the council will discuss and possibility take action of
12:59 am
august 12, 2022, and august 22, 2022, draft meeting minutes. >> commissioners any questions or comments on the minutes? okay. seeing none, is there any public comment? >> >> yes. >> please proceed. >> hello. i'm mike patrelis and i want to address the draft minutes. as you know, your first attempt at the draft minutes from august 22nd, you totally omitted what the public had said. that was unacceptable. and the buck needs to stop with the president, sharka luna. it's outrageous that the minutes or were prepared without our
1:00 am
comments and i believe if i had not shown up at your next meeting, that you would have okayed the minutes where all you did was list the names of the public speakers without the content of what we were saying and of course, what we were addressing was the castro theater and effort by the people at another planet entertainment to rip out of the seats of the orchestra at the castro theater and my sign refers to saving the seats and i really don't think the minutes adequately reflected the trauma of those of us who were here from the castro trying to save the seats. that's really outrageous that our trauma was
1:01 am
not recognized and that the president said things like, oh, this is just a placeholder, don't get too concerned about the language of the draft. it really added to the trauma that was in the community at that .7 months after the announcement was made that a was taking over the castro theater. so, ooip i'm glad you have corrected the omission and have included the content of what we were saying. i want to address the minutes from the following meeting and it says that i read a written statement into the record. i gave you a 150-word written statement. i did not read it into the record. and i do not see that statement here in your minutes as you are required to include it by city law. so i
1:02 am
hope that you will take all of this into account and better preparing your minutes in the future. thank you. >> thank you. >> noted. just, i have the minutes and i have injure statement on the website -- i have your statement on the website from the meeting. >> okay. i'll make a motion to approve the minutes. >> second. >> motion by president laguana. seconded by commissioner carter. i'll read the roll. commissioner carter? >> yes. >> commissioner dickerson? >> yes. >> commissioner herbert is absent. commissioner huie? >> yes. >> president laguana? >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> yes. >> vice-president zouzounis is absent. motion passes. >> great. thank you. next item, please. >> item 7. general public comment. this is a discussion item. >> is there any member of the public who would like to make comment s items not on the agenda -- comments on items not
1:03 am
on the agenda. mr. patrelis. >> how i want to show one-page from the br-a- newspaper. should i do it here or the web? >> could you start the clock. hi, michael patrels again. i'm asking the sfgov tv to show the bay area newspaper and i'm going to read the headline from their october 6th story. castro merchants group declines to endorse another planet theater plans. this appeared on the bar website and in the newspaper
1:04 am
this week. back to me, please. sfgov tv, so, what we have here is proof that sharky laguna misspoke. he may have lied when he said the small businesses of the castro were in favor of another planet. they, the businesses did not endorse another planet letter calling for support of them ripping out the seats, so it really needs to be addressed by this commission. what you were attempting to do on august 22nd on behalf of the small businesses in the castro was, as i've said, traumatic and as we see, did not have the
1:05 am
support of the small businesses. on october 6th, the castro merchant's association rejected another planets proposal. if you guys had passed your resolution, it would have been at raul odds to put it mildly with -- real mildly what the businesspeople in the castro feel like. i'm asking luna to resign and he was appointed by the mayor to submitted an updated residential nation letter. why did he do that? it calls into question his independence from the mayor and calls into question the integrity of how he has conducted himself as the president of this commission. it's really unacceptable that he did not disclose his submitting
1:06 am
an updated letter -- un-dated resignation letter. regarding another planet, one of the things that was in sharky luna's resolution, he misspoke and said that another planet was having town hall meetings. they've held one. since then, they've not had any transparent communication with the community. they had a serious setback at the castro merchants association. they've also received a six-month continuance from the historic preservation commission because they don't have community support. they don't have their act together and we in community are asking for the historic
1:07 am
preservation commission and the planning commission to put the castro theater on their agenda now. we have waited in the castro, in the gay community since january to have the matter of apes plan abated here at city hall. right now, we are going to wait another six months, march of 2023 is when the historic planning commission will finally consider the matter. that's six months of more trauma, of more controversy, and as we had seen since the beginning of this year where ape has not shown movies, there aren't going to be movies shown at the castro theater. we're not going to have folks coming there going to the bars,
1:08 am
going to the small businesses and spending money. this is really unacceptable. [timer] so, if this commission wants to make a mends, i don't think sharky is going to give me the apology that we deserve but if you would like to make a mends for what has been wronged up to now, put it back on the agenda. ask the small businesses of the castro to come here and explain why they rejected apes proposal. finally, here's my new statement to be included in the record, 150 word statement to be include. thank you. >> thank you, michael. i'm note for the record my last name is pronounced laguana. item or yeah, there's no action required. next item. >> item 8, director's report.
1:09 am
this is a discussion item. >> good evening commissioners so a couple of updates. one regarding legacy business programs especially since we have legacy businesses here. early october the mayor signed an ordinance that we had worked on with the (indiscernible) peskin to waive the $50 application fee so you won't have to pay $50 to apply to be on the legacy business registry, so that was exciting news, so thank you rick and michelle for working on that in our office. the second update, just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of shared spaces program and somethings happening coming up soon, so this week starting this week, businesses are supposed to start receiving the compliance advisory which many of you got a presentation on this and it was called a clean bill of health at that time but now it's a compliance advisory so it will go out in batches this week but we hoped this will go out to
1:10 am
businesses earlier so they would understand what they needed to do to meet the design guidelines and then as a reminder, november 11th the deadline for businesses -- november 11th the deadline for businesses to submit an application to say they would like their shared spaces continuing on a permanent bases and there's concern and the compliance advisory going on so close to the november 1st deadline, so just as a reminder that march of 2023 is actually when businesses need to comply with the design guidelines for shared spaces. that was in the ordinance, however, november 11th to submit the application. so that you're paired with a case manager from the sheriff's spaces team that will then -- shared spaces that will communicate with you and back and forth about your particular shared space and the need so i wanted to make sure that was on your radar because i do imagine once the notices will go out that we'll hear a lot of
1:11 am
questions and concerns from the small business community. and then also, i wanted to update everyone that as we continue to make additions and improvements to our osd website, we added to our starter guide section, two new starter guys and one for popup events and another 1 for street activations so it was our attempt to try to get our minds around all the permits required for the two types of activities and so i want to thank kerry and michelle and our small business permitting team, morgan and rachel for their help on this and working with different departments on getting this information and it's a work in process certainly, so hopefully people will benefit from these guides to get you started. on another note, i wanted to share that at the state level, we had been working on advocating for a continuation for local jurisdictions to receive $4 of every business registration in
1:12 am
the state. and this previously it was $1 that we received and it went towards the disability access fund, so we are thrilled to share that the $4 which was the increase in fees, it was going to expired and we advocated for it to be continued in perpetuity and what this means for us, we'll offer our disability access grants for small businesses, currently offered up to $10,000 in reimbursement for businesses to make accessibility improvements and we'll continue that for as long as the funds are available so we're really thrilled about that given the huge need right now for grant funding for accessibility. to update on the legislative and policy front and you heard about first year free and expansion legislation and we're continuing to work on that
1:13 am
as an office and through some of the commissioners to continue working on those amendments and then also i wanted to point out there was legislation recently sponsored to address the rolling gates that are on storefronts existing rolling gates. that may not meet planning code transparency requirements and those potentially would be grandfathered in, so i know there's been some interest on that front, whether grandfathering or moving forward but this particular legislation addresses those that's in existence already. those are my updates and happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> thank you, director for such an efficient report but those, you know the popup guides, amazing and i want to give kudos for the street vendor things. that's what we use on the ground. that was so sufficient. i was in a meeting and somebody said look what dpw did. i said
1:14 am
uh-huh, their was kerry from the office of -- this was kerry from the office of small businesses and it creates good content and we do tik tok and blast them and it's commonsense and people understand them. thank you. keep them coming because you're simplifying and demystifying the complexity of doing business in san francisco. [whispering] [laughter] >> thank you so much and again, great shout-out to kerry, our policy analyst to digest complicated information across agencies and uncover the mystery of doing business in san francisco. >> commissioner carter? >> following a new business that opened on third in the bay view, we have talio coffee and tea open for business at 4732 third
1:15 am
street and also cafe envious that's open for breakfast at 9:00 a.m. the old monte carlo. >> great, thank you. >> commissioner huie? >> yes, thank you. i was really excited to see the e-mail in my inbox about the popup guide and things like that, so straight activations have been my joy and my pain this year as we have been producing artwork sf and you know, my goal for that and our organization goal for that has been help communities build capacity create street activation on their own and for street activations to be of different scale and sizes, right. because i think it's one thing to produce a big music
1:16 am
festival and another to have a block party and they are all super important right now and i think what we have learned in the past year of putting these things together is one, it requires a tremendous amount of resources in terms of volunteer hours and even financial resources. so, you know, all of that information, i've kind of put together and i'm happy to share and continue to share. the other thing that i've learned is that people are so hungry for more of these, so we just finished 1 on clement street, and outer sunset. were you in outer sunset. i heard from many people you were there. [laughter] and you know, i think every politician who came to stage that day was very excited to see more of this and to see more, six like, more frequency, more
1:17 am
neighborhoods and everything so hopefully this guide will help not just this program but this type of activity to really scale. we have been getting from request from people who are neighbors and groups of neighborhoods who want to see their small businesses grow and thrive and so some of the best practices that we've seen is really to encourage people to have a meal in the restaurants that are nearby. simple things and you know, it actually really does help, so thank you very much for putting this into a format that can be shared with so many different groups and you know, then i don't have to go to 20 meetings each month to talk about these things. we can have a starting block for this. so thank you very much. >> great. it looks like all
1:18 am
questions are done. is there any public comment? >> there's none. >> okay. seeing none. public comment is closed. no action items here, so i guess next item. >> item 9, commissioner discussion and new business. this is a discussion item. >> great. commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> director, i had a question. i know the city -- citywide we have implemented equity in every department, our department as an equity subcommittee, commissioner carter and myself, we serve on the equity council for planning and what -- i just want to know, like, if we get updates from other department s their equity initiatives as it pertains to small businesses, planning is just like -- in our eyes, it's leading the way and typically historically in community, planning has been one
1:19 am
of our biggest them says for a lack of a better word and they are changing the culture from the director down and it's excite and refreshing and they are outlining planners to underserved communities and if we had an exan indicter or land use attorneys so it's -- it's nice and refreshing but what about our other departments, sf mta, the tax collector's office, dph. i'm really concerned or curious. i don't know yet, right. i would like to see if our office can reach out to these departments and just see and i know we're all at capacity so i'm not trying to, you know, put it in that or frame it that way but i want to see what's going on. >> and if i may respond, perhaps this is also worth a conversation with the office of
1:20 am
racial equity which is overseeing all department in our racial equity plans. if it's worth a conversation with them outside this meeting or here as well, wherever i think suits your interest level, so just want to put that out there. certainly that's what that office was created for. we are, obviously happy to have these kind of conversations and i think we were just kind of half joking about how kerry put together all this information, demystifying information. that is truly a part of being equitable in our services. if people can't understand it and get passed maybe english is not their native language, we have to make things simple and easy to understand, so certainly, how should i say it, we understand that even if we don't see it coming from certain departments that our job then is to help play that role too.
1:21 am
>> if i could encourage here. the more the merrier, the more times they come here. this should be an on going -- i feel our department, may i have a bias but i think we're leading wait, demystifying information. i know kerry personally, you fought to translate information around the street vendor legislation, so like things like that. i want to hold us accountable obviously because that's our purview by other departments because we intermingle and intertwine and like you said, director tang, most businesses are multilingual and what are you doing for us and i want to hear it here and hold people accountable on the record. >> thank you. commissioner huie? >> just jumping off of that for a second. i also want to say
1:22 am
that even just simplifying things in general, even if it's not a language barrier, i mean, i feel like there's so much jargon for people to understand that it is intimidating and like most people i don't think speak the same language spoken at city hall and i think, you know, our commission really does have kind of a unique place where we kind of operate in both spheres and so i find myself opt times kind of translating, okay, this is what is happening and, like, bringing that forth into the community and so, i think if we could, you know, kind of have some mechanism to run it by people and say does this make sense and does it seem readable or understandable to you, i think it would be really -- it would make a world of difference. i do think that what
1:23 am
we have is readable and for us to continue on that path. and -- >> are you saying our office is the best in the city? [laughter] that's what i understand. >> we're not.... not saying that. >> i'm definitely saying that. [laughter] speaking of our office, one of the things i was curious about because i have gotten a lot the inquiries about this and i kind of bring it up a lot in conversation, i'm curious to see how we can support the vacancy mitigation work that our office is doing? i would love to help support that, understand where there might be areas that we or our networks could really help with that and is there a way to amplify the work that they do. and also wanted to get everybody
1:24 am
up-to-date on the survey that the survey so far has been super successful, i think, in my mind. i think kerry, we have maybe like 700 plus respondents so far and pretty wide range of people and i'd also like to note that kerry has been (indiscernible). she probably called 700 and something businesses, so thank you very much for your outreach and you know, your persuasion, your gift of -- i'm excited the survey will close october 17th and after that, the team at san francisco state and our team here will kind of go through dissecting that information and we'll have some really nice things, so i think also whatever information is kind of interest to you, feel free to bring that
1:25 am
forth because i think we're just going to have a lot of stuff. from last time you can look at it one thousand different ways. >> yeah. i had a reporter asking me about that survey and i said it takes a while to digest because all the different ways you can cross tab the data is, you know, can really lead you in different directions. you know, commissioner huie, you and i were talking over the week about this but for the rest of the commission, we are seeking more outreach and involvement from the latino community, from the african-american community. we can use more native asian speakers. pretty much just everybody that is not an english speaker is highly encouraged and english speakers are also encouraged but that's not where we're weak right now. maybe weak is a strong word but it's not as
1:26 am
an big area of opportunity in terms of survey outreach. over the weekend, i reached out to several supervisors -- solidify their engagement. i echoed that call, i think would be very welcome. we have about a week or so, less than a week now, six-days until we're closing the survey. i think this last time around, as far as i know, the biggest survey of small businesses that has been done in san francisco, many attempts but ours was the biggest. their is going to be bigger than -- this is going to be bigger than that so i have a stretch goal of, can we get it up to one thousand businesses which i think would be pretty significant. and i think we can do it if we just do one last big push, so i want to
1:27 am
encourage everybody to help get the word out and because i think that this can -- this information is used by legislators and aides for coming up with ideas, last time around it has been a talking point for many bids ever legislation that came out of this survey and i want to thank commissioner huie for her leadership on this and doing such an incredible job of getting it up and going again and steering it and working with professor chateri and her team and creating that partnership to begin with. i think it has been a real benefit to the small business community, reflects well on this commission of which i'm very proud to be a member, so thank you. commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> i was going to bring up something else but i want to tell you commissioners, thank
1:28 am
you -- the last survey, that data was just, i have never seen data like that. i'm a data freak so that was really helpful. kerry has brought it to our attention about the latino community and we have brought it up twice in the latin -- latino task force and we did a tik tok. >> i want to see that tik tok. >> we're going to try and hit the floor because we need that data because if it doesn't represent us, then we're excluded from the data, so i want to make sure the population i represent is in that because it's a dope survey and when we have all the data, seriously, it guides policy and legislation. with that i was going to say, i don't know if dr. (indiscernible) and maybe this is to director, this is changing from the survey but i know we have teddy, but he's an
1:29 am
economicist but maybe reaching out to uc berkeley, business school of house, there's latino and african economist. i brought it up and bringing the (indiscernible) to speak here. she's local. why not. well, if you're saying the millions and millions of viewers, make sure your federal reserve comes to the small business of office to speak. seriously. our communities -- it's a different -- our inflation rates are higher than whatever the inflation are. our unemployment is always higher historically. and in our small businesses, we don't have the same access to resources, capital, et cetera. that would be great to have a different kind of presentation and you know i love ted. when he speaks, that's truth and i love it but we need something for our
1:30 am
communities. >> agreed. director tang? >> i was actually going to respond to commissioner huie's question about how the commission can support work in commercial, addressing commercial vacancies. so i neglected to mention we are in the process of hiring a commercial vacancy specialist that would be housed within our office. we've never quite had that position and i don't know that owd has a specialized dedicated position on -- on this topic so we're excited about it. the first step get the data points that's currently available which are not comprehensive on their own and really consolidating that and creating a much more comprehensive database so we can do better match making when entrepreneurs want to open up in a vacant space. we can look at what is the business proposed use and what is on our list of vacancies and the zoning already allows for say someone who wants to open a restaurant and maybe
1:31 am
there's already restaurant equipment there and we don't need to make that applicant or that business owner go through all these different hoops in order to get the business that they desire. so that's just one example of how we hope to use that data so i'll keep you posted once we are able to hire this position and start creating some of the tools that will help us with better feeling commercial vacancies in the city. >> great. commissioner huie? >> just speaking back to a possible guest speaker. do you remember, i attended that virtual conference or online presentation from, i think it was researchers in berkeley, right, where they did the, i think it was asset funders. it might have been and then i think urban displacement project. they did a whole data survey on
1:32 am
businesses owned by bi-pock owners and it's not ready available. this information is hard for them to find and so they kind of did almost like a heat map type of thing and they came out with all sorts of different types of information from that. i can find that, i know kerry, you have the presentation. we can maybe watch it again and see if there might be some things we can bring forth to this commission and see if they might have, you know, proceeded to do more research in that direction since then because that would be really helpful. >> definitely. i remember that helpful. just again to forecast because you know, as 2023 comes in, you know, (indiscernible) indicators, there's a lot of data and a lot of stuff out there but not how it pertains to our community. usually we get stuff reactive after the fact but i want to show economic
1:33 am
indicators before then. i know the doctor and her network and she's dope and maybe i'm asking too much. >> i think it's good to be proactive and i don't -- because if you start looking at economic kind of trending and for the general public kind of thing, small businesses are going to reflect the same kind of thing. i think it will be more polarized and we see that in our small business community now, so i think the more support, the more that we can kind of understand. because it's also nuance too, i think. things will not, i don't see that a blanket solution as everything is the way to go. so if we can tease out the understanding it's to our benefit, i think. >> great. anybody else? so, i want to bring up something to
1:34 am
everybody's attention. all out sf dot com. it's next week, 16th through the 23rd. on day two, we are having small business flash mobs. so, organizing flash mobs to go to small businesses and just buy the heck out of everything in there. super fun. super cool. you can sign up for it at all out sf dot com. and there's like an event bright thing and one in every district and there's captains and commissioner huie, are you a captain? i'm going to be an a commodore. >> well, i don't know who ranks higher but -- [laughter] >> i like the sound of commodore. it was probably ranked lower but -- [laughter]
1:35 am
one other thing. i don't have tik tok but i have instagram reel, so i thought for the survey, we'll start it right now. i'm at the small business commission meeting here with my fellow commissioners and director tang and secretary byrne bock whose name i garble. i want to tell everybody about the small business survey which we have over 700 responses but we need more, particularly from non-english speakers so if you're saying this instagram reel, we need you. >> (indiscernible). >> i'll figure out how to do that later. [laughter] so, okay. >> i want to plug clement street since you're talking about all out. i'm going to be on flag mob
1:36 am
and a captain. we'll be starting at golden hour and then we'll be moving to park life and then to green apple and having drinks afterwards at high treason. that soundses fun. i don't know where sharky's is going to be. >> i think i'm going to take the recommendation to resign. [laughter] and join your -- >> join my flash mob on climate street. >> i like the drinks in particular and green apple. i can't go into a notebook store without walking out significantly poor. okay. anybody else? commissioner ortiz-cartagena? >> i would like to request if possible if we can make memorandum for the victor hernandez who park passed a --
1:37 am
who passed away. >> brother of the mayor of the mission. i'll let you make that closing note. do we have public comment on the commissioner comments? >> we do not. >> okay. that item is closed. next item, please. >> item 10, adjournment. sfgovt tv, please show the office of small business slides. >> we'll end with the reminder that the small business commission is the public forum to voice your opinions and concerns about policies effect the economic vitality of small businesses in san francisco. and that the office of small business is the best place to get answers about doing business in san francisco during the local emergency. if you need assistance with small business matters, continue to reach out to the office of small business and we will close today with commissioner ortiz-cartagena
1:38 am
comment. >> this is for rual hernandez. you'll always be missed. thank you. >> thank you. meeting is adjourned.
1:39 am
>> it's great to see everyone kind of get together and prove, that you know, building our culture is something that can be reckoned with. >> i am desi, chair of economic development for soma filipinos.
1:40 am
so that -- [ inaudible ] know that soma filipino exists, and it's also our economic platform, so we can start to build filipino businesses so we can start to build the cultural district. >> i studied the bok chase choy heritage, and i discovered this awesome bok choy. working at i-market is amazing. you've got all these amazing people coming out here to share one culture. >> when i heard that there was a market with, like, a lot of
1:41 am
filipino food, it was like oh, wow, that's the closest thing i've got to home, so, like, i'm going to try everything. >> fried rice, and wings, and three different cliefz sliders. i haven't tried the adobe yet, but just smelling it yet brings back home and a ton of memories. >> the binca is made out of different ingredients, including cheese. but here, we put a twist on it. why not have nutella, rocky road, we have blue berry. we're not just limiting it to just the classic with salted egg and cheese.
1:42 am
>> we try to cook food that you don't normally find from filipino food vendors, like the lichon, for example. it's something that it took years to come up with, to perfect, to get the skin just right, the flavor, and it's one of our most popular dishes, and people love it. this, it's kind of me trying to chase a dream that i had for a long time. when i got tired of the corporate world, i decided that i wanted to give it a try and see if people would actually like our food. i think it's a wonderful opportunity for the filipino culture to shine. everybody keeps saying filipino food is the next big thing. i think it's already big, and to have all of us here together, it's just -- it just blows my mind sometimes that there's so many of us
1:43 am
bringing -- bringing filipino food to the city finally. >> i'm alex, the owner of the lumpia company. the food that i create is basically the filipino-american experience. i wasn't a chef to start with, but i literally love lumpia, but my food is my favorite foods i like to eat, put into my favorite filipino foods, put together. it's not based off of recipes i learned from my mom. maybe i learned the rolling technique from my mom, but the different things that i put in are just the different things that i like, and i like to think that i have good taste. well, the very first lumpia that i came out with that really build the lumpia -- it wasn't the poerk and shrimp
1:44 am
shanghai, but my favorite thing after partying is that bakon cheese burger lumpia. there was a time in our generation where we didn't have our own place, our own feed to eat. before, i used to promote filipino gatherings to share the love. now, i'm taking the most exciting filipino appetizer and sharing it with other filipinos. >> it can happen in the san francisco mint, it can happen in a park, it can happen in a street park, it can happen in a
1:45 am
tech campus. it's basically where we bring the hardware, the culture, the operating system. >> so right now, i'm eating something that brings me back to every filipino party from my childhood. it's really cool to be part of the community and reconnect with the neighborhood. >> one of our largest challenges in creating this cultural district when we compare ourselves to chinatown, japantown or little saigon, there's little communities there that act as place makers. when you enter into little philippines, you're like where are the businesses, and that's one of the challenges we're trying to solve.
1:46 am
>> undercover love wouldn't be possible without the help of the mayor and all of our community partnerships out there. it costs approximately $60,000 for every event. undiscovered is a great tool
1:47 am
for the cultural district to bring awareness by bringing the best parts of our culture which is food, music, the arts and being ativism all under one roof, and by seeing it all in this way, what it allows san franciscans to see is the dynamics of the filipino-american culture. i think in san francisco, we've kind of lost track of one of our values that makes san francisco unique with just empathy, love, of being acceptable of different people, the out liers, the crazy ones. we've become so focused onic maing money that we forgot about those that make our city and community unique. when people come to discover, i want them to rediscover the magic of what diversity and
1:48 am
empathy can create. when you're positive and committed to using that energy
1:49 am
1:50 am
1:51 am
1:52 am
1:53 am
for us, we wish we had our queue and we created spaces that are active. >> food and drinks. there is a lot for a lot of folks and community. for us, it started back in 1966 and it was a diner and where our ancestors gathered to connect. i think coffee and food is the very fabric of our community as well as we take care of each other. to have a pop-up in the tenderloin gives it so much meaning. >> we are always creating impactful meaning of the lives of the people, and once we create a space and focus on the most marginalized, you really
1:54 am
include a space for everyone. coffee is so cultural for many communities and we have coffee of maria inspired by my grandmother from mexico. i have many many memories of sharing coffee with her late at night. so we carry that into everything we do. currently we are on a journey that is going to open up the first brick and mortar in san francisco specifically in the tenderloin. we want to stay true to our ancestors in the tenderloin. so we are getting ready for that and getting ready for celebrating our anniversary. >> it has been well supported
1:55 am
and well talked about in our community. that's why we are pushing it so much because that's how we started. very active community members. they give back to the community. support trends and give back and give a safe space for all. >> we also want to let folks know that if they want to be in a safe space, we have a pay it forward program that allows 20% to get some funds for someone in need can come and get a cup of coffee, pastry and feel welcomed in our community. to be among our community, you are always welcome here. you don't have to buy anything or get anything, just be here and express yourself and be your authentic self and we will always take care of you.
1:56 am
>> ever wonder about programs the city it working think to make san francisco the best place to work and will we bring shine to the programs and the people making them happen join us inside that edition of what's next sf sprech of market street between 6th is having a cinderella movement with the office of economic workforce development is it's fairy godmother telegraph hill engaged in the program and providing the reason to pass through the corridor and
1:57 am
better reason to stay office of economic workforce development work to support the economic vital of all of san francisco we have 3 distinctions workforce and neighborhood investment i work in the tenderloin that has been the focus resulting in tax chgsz and 9 arts group totally around 2 hundred thousand square feet of office space as fits great as it's moved forward it is some of the place businesses engaged for the people that have living there for a long time and people that are coming into to work in the the item you have before you companies and the affordable housing in general people want a safe and clean community they see did changed coming is excited for
1:58 am
every. >> oewd proits provides permits progress resulting in the growth of mid businesses hocking beggar has doubled in size. >> when we were just getting started we were a new business people never saturday a small business owner and been in the bike industry a long needed help in finding at space and sxug the that is a oewd and others agencies were a huge helped walked us through the process we couldn't have done it without you this is sloped to be your grand boulevard if so typically a way to get one way to the other it is supposed to be a beautiful boulevard and fellowship it is started to look like that. >> we have one goal that was the night to the neighborhood
1:59 am
while the bigger project of developments as underway and also to bring bring a sense of community back to the neighborhood. >> we wanted to use the says that a a gathering space for people to have experience whether watching movies or a yoga or coming to lecture. >> that sb caliber shift on the street is awarding walking down the street and seeing people sitting outside address this building has been vacate and seeing this change is inspiringing. >> we've created a space where people walk in and have fun and it is great that as changed the neighborhood. >> oewd is oak on aortas a driver for san francisco. >> we've got to 23ri7b9 market
2:00 am
and sun setting piano and it was on the street we've seen companies we say used to have to accompanying come out and recruit now they're coming to us. >> today, we learned about the office of economic workforce development and it's effort to foster community and make the buyer market street corridor something that be proud of thanks to much for watching and tune in next time for >> what i will bring up my lovely cohost and i realized we went to the same high school in sacred heart the lovely of the bay area! >> i love that you did an amazing job after all the year