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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  October 21, 2022 6:00am-10:01am PDT

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and then i think people weal accept that. >> >> good afternoon and welcome to the october 18, 2022, regular meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. madam clerk, would you please call the
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roll. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan? >> supervisor chan? >> present. >> supervisor dorsey? >> present. >> supervisor mandelman? >> present. >> supervisor mar? >> present. >> supervisor melgar? >> present. >> supervisor peskin? >> present. >> supervisor preston? >> present >> supervisor row know man? >> present. >> safai. >> present. >> mr. walton present. >> the san francisco board of supervisors acknowledges that we're on the unseeded -- “we acknowledge that san francisco heritage stands on the unceded ancestral homeland of the ramaytush ohlone, the
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original inhabitants of the san francisco peninsula and an integral and active community in the bay area and beyond. heritage affirms their sovereign rights as first peoples and pays our respects to the ancestors, elders and relatives of the r ramaytush community. we are grateful to work with the american indian cultural district, who are leading efforts to preserve and share american indian cultural heritage here in san francisco, and we join with them to honor these ancestral grounds that we are gathered upon and to support the resilience and strength of >> colleagues, would you stand to recite the pledge after allegiance. ["pledge of allegiance"] >> on behalf of the board of supervisors, we like to acknowledge the staff at sfgovtv, today we have colena
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who record our meets and make the transcripts to the public online. madam clerk, let's go to our 2:00 p.m. special order of business. and i do believe i see mayor breed. >> yes, mr. president. the special order at 2:00 p.m. salmone is appearance by the honorable mayor, london breed and the mayor may address the board up to five minutes. >> thank you, madam mayor, you have five minutes for remarks you have for the public and for the board today. >> thank you, president walton and good afternoon, supervisors. yesterday governor newsom announced he'll end the california pandemic state of emergency in 2023. that is still a number of months away, it has led to questions about what this means for san francisco. and as you know, we've been retiring a number of emergency orders over the last year at the height of the pandemic, we had more than
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50 emergency orders. it's worth taking a moment to think of all the work we were able to accomplish especially during those first months when we knew so little about the virus. people were scared, but day after day we issued orders to provide access to testing, to food, to rent relief, to small business support, outdoor dining and to expand safe, public spaces to gather and half orders expired or terminated and i want to thank president walton and supervisor peskin for their collaboration in winding down these previsions. while the virus is with us still, the emergency has faded. now we are working with city attorney and our departments on analyzing what our next steps are with this latest news from the governor. including what it means for our fema reimbursement. another is allowing remote meetings. these are the kinds of issues we need
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to be planning to sunset at these emergency, as these emergency orders wind down. this pandemic has been long and covid is not going away but the severity of it that marked the early days is truly behind us. now, we have to manage and we have to focus on recovery. and one thing we all need to do is to make sure our residents are getting access to booster shots to please encourage them to get their shots. we appreciate all that you continue to do to support our recovery and looking forward to our continued work together. thank you so much for the opportunity. >> thank you so much, madam mayor. madam clerk, do we have topics for today's discussion? >> no, mr. president. there were no topics submitted. >> thank you so much, madam clerk and thank you, madam mayor this. concludes our 2:00 p.m. special order. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> yes. thank you,
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mr. president. the board of supervisors welcomes the public into the legislative chamber here in room 250 in city hall to advise the board in person or to just listen to the proceedings. the meeting is airing live on sfgovt award-winning channel 26 or view the computer live stream at www dot sfgovtv dot org. remote participation is possible via the telephone call in system and the best practices are to call in early from a quiet location and once it's your turn, make sure you turn down your computer or your television so that you can avoid the feedback. the board will prioritize hearing comments interest those who attend in person -- comments from those who attend in person and the board will hear from those who use the remote system to call in. the telephone number is stream ongoing your screen. it's 415-655-0001, when you hear the system prompted, that's when you
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should enter the meeting i.d. which is 24937073233. press the pound symbol twice and you have joined the meeting and your line will be meted and once ready to provide comment, you should press star three to be added and you have been unmuted and you should begin speaking your comments. if calling in today to provide comments, there's one agenda opportunity for public comment and that's general public comment during item 39. you may speak to the mayor's appearance and the board will consider minutes for september 13th and 17th and items 40 through 42 and these are on the adoption without committee reference calendar. as well as other general matters that are not on today's agenda but within the board's jurisdiction. all other agenda content would have been reported out to the board by an
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appropriate committee where the public comment requirement has been previously fulfilled. you may still communicate with the board though. you can send written it to the mail, number one carlton place, room 244 in city hall, san francisco, 94102. or you may send an e-mail using bos@sfgov dot org. in great partnership with the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs and our consultants, the land associations, we will have interpreters present today during the general public comment item. we'll have them introduce themselves at that time and provide the access information in language. and finally, if you have any questions on how to access this meeting or any other questions, we do have a live clerk standing by at 415-554-5184. members, mr. president, thank you. >> thank you so much, madam --
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thank you madam clerk. and before we get started, colleagues, just a friendly reminder to please mute your microphones when you're not speaking. we are now at approval of minutes. today we are approving the meeting minutes from the september 6, 2022, and the september 13, 2022, regular board meeting. i don't see anyone on the roster. may i have a motion to approve these minutes. made by supervisor preston. seconded by supervisor stefani. >> madam clerk. >> on the minutes, supervisor melgar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor preston? >> aye. >> supervisor roman? >> aye. >> supervisor safai? >> aye. >> >> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor are walton? >> aye. >> supervisor chan? >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey?
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>> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> and supervisor mar? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you, without objection, the minutes approved after public comment as presented. madam clerk, let's go to our consent items, item 1 through 6. >> these items are routine and if removed, it will be considered separately. >> thank you. i don't see anyone on the roster. so we'll take these items same house, same call. without objection, these ordinances are finally passed unanimously. madam clerk, call item 7. >> item 7, [reading item 7]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call new business item no. 8. >>] [reading item 8] >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we will take this item, same house, same call. and without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading
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unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 9. >> [clerk reading it >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this ordinance passed on third reading, unanimously. madam clerk, will you call items 10 and 11 together. >> [clerk reading items 10 and 11]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster, same house, same call. without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 12. >> [clerk reading item 12]
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>> thank you so much, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 13. >> [clerk reading item 13] resolution authorizing the department of technology to enter into a first amendment with cellco partnership d/b/a verizon wireless to purchase wireless telecommunication services with an increased amount of $21,126,500 for a total not to exceed amount of $30,626,500
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-- >> thank you madam clerk, we'll take this. same house, same call. this resolution is adopted unanimously. >> madam clerk, please call item 14. >> [clerk reading item 14] >> thank you, madam clerk. supervisor preston. >> thank you, president walton. with a big sigh, i will speak to this quote pro housing resolution before us. so, let me just make this clear. i'm going to support this resolution today. i'm going to urge all of you colleagues to do the same you can't let this go to a vote
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without commenting on the propaganda that our state legislature has allowed to infect this program you'll note we're applying for and i quote, pro housing designation as a city, so pro housing folks is a term you didn't used to hear five, ten years ago and now you hear it all the time. it's a term invented by the developer lobby and it's online component to create a fictional world where there are pro housing people, ones who want to deregulate market rate development and anti-housing people, apparently. those of us who want to prioritize affordable housing and as absurded but it's a well funded -- the media embraced it using pro housing. every time they talk about industry lobbyist and those advocating for market rate housing and never when referring to affordable housing advocates.
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so we will not fix that here today. you we important that this pro housing propaganda worked its way into state law and we are a state law allowing us to apply for quote pro housing designation and of course, we will apply and i certainly don't criticize mayor, ocd and the cosponsors for applying and we should apply and need to comply to be competitive for affordable housing money but it's worth judge asking why they thought it was appropriate to use this in a state law. quote, pro housing is defined under this law, government code 6489 and it lays out what makes a city pro housing? notice what's in here colleagues, not just by right zone and stream lining and all the usual suspects but also
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quote reduction of development impact fees. so by this definition, colleagues, if we get less money for affordable housing and transportation, upgrades we're apparently a pro housing city, so this is an industry wishlist. it is also noticed what is not in the testify next of what is a -- what is in the definition of a pro housing city and that's anti-displacement policies, rent control, right to counsel for folks facing eviction and routine rental housing inspections. so our state is actively working to undermine those things and then lecturing us about what is or is not pro housing. so yes, let's vote for this resolution but let's continue to reject propaganda that margin allies those which is all lives matter nonsense or the misuse of pro housing in state law to mean pro developer
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and pro real-estate lobby. let's call it what it is. it's not pro housing but pro developer, plain and simple. so, it's very sad that this propaganda is a part of our state law and contributes to our affordable housing crisis, thank you. >> thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen. >> i wanted to say here-here and thank you, supervisor preston for constantly fighting this fight against this ridiculous propaganda. i appreciate you. >> thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor chan? >> thank you and i share the sentiment with supervisor ronen. thank you supervisor preston for bringing this up to our attention. and i do want to flag, you know, one thing about this program is that in my conversation and briefing with, i believe, sorry, my apologies, my memory lapse, i think it was the mayor's office of housing, yes, and in that the
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conversation, there was a city that qualified for this program without meeting all the housing elements demands and that is incremental so it's not really equal for all city. apparently, that is for sacramento, it didn't meet all tee -- demand to be a part of this program so it's something for us to think about. thank you. >> thank you supervisor chan and colleagues, well said. i don't see anyone else on the roster, so we will take this item same house, same call and without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item 15. >> [clerk reading item 15]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item number 16. >> [clerk reading time 16] >> thank you madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 17.
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>> [clerk reading item 17] >> thank you. supervisor mar? >> thanks, president walton. i would like to be added as a cosponsor for this item. >> thank you so much, supervisor mar. madam clerk, i don't see anyone else on the roster. so, we will take this item, same house, same call. and without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items number 18 and 19 together. >> [clerk reading items 18 and 19]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster.
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so we will take these items, same house, same call. and without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call items 20 through 22 together. >> [clerk reading items 20-22.]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster. so we'll take these items same, house, same call. without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 23. >> [clerk reading item 23]
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>> thank you, madam clerk. i don't -- supervisor ronen? >> can i please be added as a cosponsor? >> thank you, supervisor ronen. and madam clerk, i don't see anyone else on the roster, so we'll take this item same house, same call, without objection, this ordinance is a passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 24. >> [clerk reading item 24]
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>> thank you so much, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we'll take this item, same house, same call and without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 25. >> [clerk reading item 25] >> thank you so much, madam clerk and i just want to state for the record, one i want to thank community for their participation and their responses to our response and resolution and response to the civil grand jury report. as
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stating in the hearings, we'll focus on the items that we can address as a city, while we continue to push the navy for one hundred percent cleanup on the shipyard in making sure our community is safe. i appreciate the responses to our resolution and will continue to move forward on what we provided as a response to the civil grand jury report. i also look forward to working with members of the community to create a task force which is what we do have the authority to do. i know there are some folks that want us to be able to do more and most certainly believe me, there are things that i would rather be in a position to do so we can push the navy and push the environmental protections agencies and push all the authorities that are involved with making sure that the shipyard is entirely clean and we'll do everything in our power to do that but make no mistake about, this is one step forward and one step closer to making sure our community is safe so i wanted to make sure i stated that for the record because i know that we have some
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recommendations that we are going to push as a body and some folks and community want to see us do more but everything we are doing and will do is most certainly within our status of power, so we'll continue to push in that direction. and madam clerk, i don't see anyone else on the roster, so we will take this item same house, same call. without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, please call item no. 26. >> [clerk reading item 26]
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excuse me. >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we will take this item same house, same call and without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk, i think that brings us to the perfect time for us to go to our 2:30 p.m. >> yes, special order at 2:30. [reading 2:30 item. >> colleagues, today we'll be celebrating filipino american heritage month. and we'll start with supervisor dorsey and safai with opening words and then their honorees in that order. >> my script says supervisor
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safai but i'll let you two fight it out. >> thank you, president walton and supervisor safai. so colleagues, today i'll be honoring someone who is truly special to the selma community but i want to share the history of the filipino community in district six. in the 1920s and 30s, the ho till was an affordable place to live that many asian working families called home and that was especially true of the filipino community. it was located on kearney street in present day china town. and in the surrounding area, a small manila town begin to grow and during redevelopment during the 1960s, tenants were displayed and after eviction notices, the residents fought back to acquire the property and return it to the advocates who fought hard to keep it. unfortunately, the courts rejected the plan.
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leading to the infamous evictions well-known in our city's history. on august 4, 1977, riot police confronted three thousand protesters forming a human barricade to protect the i-hotel. within hours, two hundred tenants were removed and it signify the last stand of manila town and shifted the filipino town where challenges were to come. the redevelopment of the south -- to attract businesses and tour ifrm, and placed near -- displaced elderly and they organized and fought to have low-income senior housing built to offset the destruction of the community's fabric. community organizers pushed for the naming of streets in the area after important figures in the filipino liberation struggles
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and the streets -- they offer testimony to the spirit of activism and they continued into the 2000s to the present day and the filipino community saved those from evictions mostly low-income residents and families and many of them my neighbors, working closely with my predecessor, supervisor chris daily. they secured housing for those in trinity place. more than that, they won groundbreaking like expanded rent control for new -- new units and you live in one of those units. it was beyond 1979 and earlier unit have become a model for expanding san francisco's rent controlled housing stock. it's a model i'm proud to be working on with supervisor peskin and others on legislation currently underway to further expand rent control.
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in 2016, selma philippinist was recognized as the filipino heritage district. in my short time on the board of supervisors, i've had the honor of working with many of the filipino organizations that remind -- continue the spirit of avenue can the see today including selma, equity center and cultivate labs. throughout selma we have markets from victoria, betsy carmichael education center and the 4 mentioned streets in honor of filipino leaders and district 6 honoree which i'm led to. i'm honoring a small business owner and my dear friend tess or tia.
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[applause] she's the living example of hard working service to the community and neighborhood. tess on the owner of jt restaurant but i don't think that title does her justice much she's a resource and staple to her community at a restaurant and not only can you buy the best beef stew in the city which i'll touch upon shortly but provides a sense of community. many of the people living within short walk of her restaurant are seniors in sro living in small apartments and they have a place to visit to have a home cook meal and she helps her neighbors directing them to services and to my office when needed. she embodies the filipino communities value of hard work and care. she wakes up early and begins cooking in the morning hours and closing in the evening, operating as a one
6:36 am
or two-person shop with her husband juan. when you walk into her restaurant, you'll notice her multitasking. she's having a conversation with a customer in tagalog and cooking in the back and serving the customer in front of them and the second thing you'll notice is her restaurant is the cafeteria style setup with a wide array of options. everything from adoba and her olmbia which we snacked on before this meeting and she cooks everything in her restaurant by herself and my personal favorite is a beef stew at the risk of sounding culturally decisive puts my irish ancestors to shame. over the years i have been a regular customer of hers and i see her often in the faith community we share at st. patrick's catholic church. she provides me influential guidance i'm seeking in and in a church for having the best candles christened. my
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aid and i went for lunch at jt, madison actually come to know tess through a course she took at usf about the filipino community where she took a tour of filipino sites and she remembers the joy of her experience along with classmates and after visiting with tess, supervisor stefani -- i go to jt to talk to tess and enjoy her food and she's a resource to the community, she's a resource to me. she lesses me know what the -- she lets me know what the folks are complaining about and need help with. tess is not immune to the economic windfalls over the last couple of years with her downtown location, many of her lunch customers and it's coming back. she has seen a downturn in business which is difficult in a restaurant industry that operates on raiser thin margins and things are
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improving but i encourage everyone to grab lunch at jt restaurant and tip well. she has a wall of words to state legislatures so i hope you'll hang this on the wall to add to your collection and i'm honored to present to you with this award. i'll come out shortly, but teta i would like to invite you to say a few words now. [applause] >> thank you for the, yeah. it's amazing and i'm so happy and thank you for trusting me. i'm a volunteer in st. patrick church and i'm involved to the community for almost 23 years. i've been in san francisco, when i first came, i start doing the business. so, until now for 23 years, i'm still here. thank god
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and thank you for the support of the filipino community and all the supervisors that they trust me. this is my third award, 2014, 2019 and this year so i'm so blessed. thank you, everyone. [applause] >> thank you so much, supervisor dorsey and congratulations again, tess. supervisor safai? >> thank you, president walton. colleagues, as supervisor dorsey stated today, we're celebrating filipino history month in the city and county of san francisco. and this month
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commemorates the first recorded presence of filipinos in the united states when they landed and many in the audience knows this, moral bay in california, that was october 18, 1587. 435 years ago to this date. so, after years of advocacy also, congress passed and recognized finally recognized filipino american history month in 2009 so we've been celebrating this for a little over a decade. this month honors the filipino americans that have contributed greatly to music, dance, literature, education, business, journalism, sports, fashion, politics, government, social movements, science, technology, the fine arts and other fields that enrich the landscape of our city here in san francisco, the
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state of california and the united states of america. i'm happy to bring this to today's special commendation to the board because along with supervisor dorsey, district 11 is the largest consensus traugs, many of you know this, filipinos in the city and county of san francisco. the cultural home is in selma. that's beyond doubt but the largest number of filipinos is in district 11. i'm proud to represent that community. today, i will be honoring and if i can flick the lights on and off right now while i was saying this name, i'm honoring franko fin in celebrating filipino history month. i was saying turn the lights on and off, he's the hype man for the golden state warriors to get things going. [cheers and applause] he's entertains -- he's ready to speak. i'm ready. i'm ready to
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hype the crowd. [laughter] he's been entertaining thousands for each games for over 20 seasons. franko's mother was part of the wave of immigrants who sought the american dream in the 1970s and it was through his mother, a warrior's lifer that he discovered his love for basketball and he was born and raised in san francisco and it came full circle for him when he warriors moved to chase center in san francisco on our side of the bay and he worked with cbs as entertainment and lifestyle entertainment interviewing celebrities and he provides content and red carpet content and interviews on cbs. franko manage his professional inactive entertainment production. that's no surprise. franko conducts variance yours corporate events and wedding. franko is also a professionally
6:43 am
trained auctioneer and worked with the most recognized nonprofit organizations including the red cross, march of dimes and the ronald mcdonald house, bys and girls club, make-a-wish-foundation and walt disney and verizon and more and i sat two fridays ago with catholic charities as he performed his magic in helping raising money that night. in addition, he's also a small business owner and investor in brew, veno, restaurant dining experience within [foreign language] he brings the energy into every room he's in and getting everyone hyped to be a warrior's fan and san franciscan. i'm happy to be presenting this special commendation to franko in celebration of filipino history month which lands on the home game opener game for the
6:44 am
warriors tonight. franko. >> thank you so much, supervisor safai and everyone here. i'm honored. you know, i'm a servant to this city. i've realized a long time ago i had a voice that i had to use for positivity and change and i've been happy to evolve as a professional auctioneer which i enjoy and meeting a lot of folks and raising money. it brings a tear to my eye because i think about my mom who immigrated in the 70s and her first love was basketball, that introduced her to american culture so i was an only child. you grew up in the mission district and moved around in the city all my life and she said either you go to sleep or you watch warrior games with me and of course i was this bundle of energy that could not go to sleep so i'm going to do what mom does and i'm going to watch basketball all day long all night. she never missed a
6:45 am
game. and she witnessed that 75 season when the warriors, rick berry won the first championship right here and it's like a story book book because she gets to see her -- the second -- after 40 years so she's seeing that and it's just an amazing honor to be here and i'm excited to keep going and serving the city and i just got to say, make some noise! [laughter] [cheers and applause] so thank you. >> thank you supervisor safai and congratulations franko. obviously, you got a lot of fans in this room.
6:46 am
[applause] >> i do want to thank supervisor safai and supervisor dorsey, one, for handling the order diplomatic but providing history and background around the greatness and just the exciting opportunities that have been provided here in san francisco by the filipino community and thank you for doing that. today, i have the honor and privilege of honoring brianna butler and brianna, if you can come and stand at the podium. [applause] brianne that's was born and raised in san francisco and is a thriving entrepreneur from bay view hunters point. her drive for excellence is deeply rooted in love and legacy building which is attributed to her filipino mother and grandparents. throughout her life, she has served her community through her internships and career with the
6:47 am
city and county of san francisco. some of her greatest efforts were poured into initiatives such as the city eats and now which we'll break ground on saturday, the new southeast community center at 1550 evans. recently, receiving her master's of arts in leadership from st. mary's college, she considers herself a student of life. following her time spent as a city employee, brianna is now pursuing a journey in wine making. established in 2021, beale estate is a local wine that brianna and her family are excited to share with the community. i can remember when she was working at the southeast community facility a few years ago and you could see her leadership ability and love for community from all said. she's been committed to supporting the needs in the community and no task was too small for her to take on. i'm proud to have the opportunity to honor her here at
6:48 am
the board of supervisors for filipino american heritage month. brianna believes that liberation and authenticity will drive genuine growth and change in our community. congratulations, brianna! [applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you, supervisor walton or president walton. my apologies. i don't have much to say. i'm embracing all of the greatness i'm standing along today in today's honoring so i'm grateful to be leaders and staples in our community and my career is just beginning so i've made a couple of pivots. i'm 31 years young and i look forward to continuing to connecting with everyone and continuing to drive good work in our community, so thank you. [applause] >> now, we have supervisor
6:49 am
melgar. >> thank you, president walton. colleagues, before i deliver my commendation, i wanted to acknowledge some really important people, rock stars, that we depend on here at the board of supervisors. and that's the many folks who work for the
6:50 am
clerk's office who are a filipino heritage who keep us running and do so with grace. they feed us whether we're here late. they could all kinds of things to make our lives possible and easier. and that is ms. alisa samara. [cheers and applause] erica. brent. and edward. thank you so much for everything you do for us. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, supervisor. >> today, i'm honoring andris and entrepreneur and volunteer and mother. angelis was born and raised in district seven. she attended notre dame. after graduating from the university of san francisco, she entered
6:51 am
the piece corps for two years. she returned to the u.s. and headed to washington d krr where she started the declucks restaurant group she told in 2010 after 17 years. and she's present -- right now, the president of -- a san francisco bay area company whose mission is to create healthier and affordable body hair project and she volunteers as a board member of kid stock, helping youth build confidence with singing and acting. she continues to serve on the state cecelia mother's club that put up their annual festival this weekend and angelis taught an after school entrepreneur program which resembles shark tank but for youth. she has been a member of the filipino women's network since 2017. joining her today in chambers to celebrate angelis is
6:52 am
former supervisor bill mar and garly house and her mother, helen and her husband, mark mcglad and children, lilly and kate. and angelis, i'm proud of you and proud to give you this award. if you can come up and say a few words, thank you. [applause] >> supervisor melgar and supervisors, thank you so much. this is such an honor and privilege to be representing the filipino community in district 7 and very appreciative. i do also want to thank my -- my grandparents who came here many years ago and sacrificed for a
6:53 am
better life for their family so we can make san francisco our home. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor melgar and congratulations again, angelis. all right. [applause] and thank you supervisor melgar for acknowledging the clerk's team who really run the city for the folks who are a filipino heritage that works for the clerk's office. we do appreciate each and every one of you and appreciate you, supervisor melgar for that acknowledgement.
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and before we go on to supervisor peskin, i have been reminded that we have former supervisor bill here in the chamber with us. if you could please stand and be acknowledged, supervisor. [applause] supervisor peskin? >> thank you, president walton. there are probably less and less folks who realize although billy certainly will that kearney street by jackson near columbus avenue was once san francisco's manila town starting at the dawn of last century whether it was full of filipino restaurants and barbershops, clustered around portsman square at a time whether it cost $0.05 to ride the city's cable cars. people
6:55 am
would see the baton drug store, pool hall and restaurant operating side-by-side, mandalay offered music and was a social center for filipino community which was 40,000 filipino males in search of work to send funds back to their families because filipinos were legally prohibited from owning land and homes and local boarding houses filled with seasonable workers was the housing of last refuge for transient labor that was purposefully kept from settling down here in san francisco and the boring houses and sro hotels as we know them were the preferable alternatives to labor camps that had terrible working conditions for immigrant workers. and the international hotel which i think all of us are familiar with, was one such sro that as supervisor dorsey
6:56 am
said became the epicenter not of only filipino cultural performance in the hungry eye nightclub where my mom and dad courted but a fierce immigrant and tenants rights movement and the legacy informed a lot of the tenant protections and anti-eviction laws that we continue to build on today. you know, as supervisor preston was talking about, what pro housing means, it was really at the height of san francisco's dark days of redevelopment and urban renewal in the 70s with the anti-black and anti-filipino sentiments colliding with power plays for land and speculation and profit that players like justin herman, i think i authored the legislation to take
6:57 am
his name off what we call embarcadero drive and they drove black and filipinos out of their home. that happened in the hotel that culminated that supervisor dorsey spoke to in 1977. but that morphment didn't end with the (indiscernible) hotel. it raged on with next generation of allies working to rebuild the i-hotel in 2005 which today is 104 units of 100% low-income senior housing and a ground floor community art space, the i-hotel, manila town center operated by the manila town heritage foundation. i heard an advocate holding forth on why we recognize filipino history month as opposed to filipino heritage month. well, heritage celebrates
6:58 am
culture, remembering and becoming educated about a community's history and serving that collectively we never forget the community's struggle and hardships and hopefully never allow those moments to repeat themselves and continue to use those experiences to pass the kind of legislation that most of us are here to champion. so this month, it is truly my honor to recognize the incredible work of the manila heritage foundation and the i-hotel manila town center and i want to invoke the name of bill sower who was seminole in that struggle to continue legacy of education and resilience informed by those struggles. with that, i'd like to bring up manila town director caroline -- i'm going to blow this again,
6:59 am
cabading and her team member jebril to speak and accept this commendation. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor peskin and thank you, supervisors for this honor. we are so pleased, on behalf of the manila town heritage foundation, we're pleased to be recognized in this manner and as a fourth generation philippine that san franciscan myself, the great granddaughter and my family came in 1904 and i'm the grandfather of an earthquake survivor and great granddaughter of the first pandemic and the granddaughter of a -- my father fought in the korean war and the vietnam war. my dna runs through kearney street and historic manila town. it's my absolute pleasure to represent the manila town
7:00 am
foundation and represent this legacy of historic manila town and this proud legacy of the international hotel, you know movement. this is the ground floor event of the tenant's rights movement in the world, not just to mention, you know, the united states in san francisco. it's also a key event in history that developed the asian-american consciousness in which that is one of the one beautiful things that happened in this country in which in asia, everyone is considered different but we figured out how as asian-americans we could be in solidarity to be more empowered and even extend that with our contribution during the third world strikes that our, who we were as people were beyond that. we were people of color and we were in sisterhood and brotherhood with the rasa people and with african-americans and with the gay and lesbian people and this
7:01 am
started out of this heritage. for the filipino american people, i see this as being key in determining, this is the key event in which they chose to determine their own destiny instead of letting someone determine it for them. and regardless of whether you lost the original i-hotel or not, we wouldn't have known until decades later we would have built that in 2005. we stand as the manila town center holding down this legacy so i want to let people know and remind them we're back on the block and we're there in china town, our current neighborhood to help you remember historic manila town and we're still doing wonderful programs like we did in the basement of the international hotel at 868 kearney street and we do that there today. thank
7:02 am
you. [applause] >> all right. thank you, supervisor peskin. [applause] supervisor preston? >> thank you, president walton and thank you supervisors dorsey and safai for your work in organizing this today, for your introductory comments. i'm very excited to honor an amazing filipino american activist who lives and works in the tenderloin, jaime valoria. [applause] jaime was and raised in the
7:03 am
philippines. 26 years ago he immigrated to sacramento in his early teens. in middle school and high school he saw the beauty of multi ethnic california as well as the ugliness of racism deeply engrained within u.s. society and he learned about the injustices in u.s. history and its effect on people like him. this started his path towards learning more about history, politics and society. in college he switched from majoring in computer science to political science. his first protest march was against the war in iraq in 2003 and in 2010 he moved to san francisco first landing in treasure island and then eventually moving into the tenderloin where he learned more about how society treats people who have less or no money. jaime is a 12-year resident of the tenderloin and spent years empowering and strengthening the
7:04 am
voices of the residents of the neighborhood. in 2015, jaime became a food justice leader with the tenderloin healthy corner store coalition where he helped the community establish four corner stores, serving produce and healthy foods. at the same time, he helped organize residents to form the tenderloin people's congress which is an important voice for the community and often here in these chambers. two years later, jaime became a full-time community organizer with the nonprofit organization, tndc whose first project, his first project there was actually organizing residents to engage in the planned redevelopment of the civic center public realm which he ensure the tenderloin residents had a voice. they formed the eddie street as a sidewalk activation campaign
7:05 am
which was da railed for a riel with the pandemic but being -- derailed with the pandemic but being redone. he led other organizations in the tenderloin and in central sell what. even though he could not vote because he wasn't a u.s. citizen, for five years he educated and encouraged those the tenderloin to vote. she helped with registration drives and visibility events such as the walk with windy march muches to city hall to encourage voting here in san francisco. those were coorganized with hospitality house and served to remind, educate and inspire residents their votes matter and they needed to vote each election. jaime often said, vote is an individual act but it
7:06 am
takes a collective effort to be heard. during the pandemic backed by the community, jaime quickly sprung to action in many ways but especially organizing around restoring public transit lines and this is when i first started working closely with jaime. in fact, it was at a rally calling on the sf mta to restore the 31 balboa. and he was not only a leading organizer to get back the 31 balboa but also a leader in the effort to unite all voices of riders across san francisco who needed their own transit lines back and he led a citywide effort to build a coalition to restore muni service to support others who needed their bus lines back and to prevent the situation of communities and neighborhoods being pitted against each other
7:07 am
and riders in other cities. it would have otherwise been abandoned forever. jaime has been a board member with san francisco transit riders and is in my opinion, one of the most effective and outstanding transit activist leaders in the city and county of san francisco. exciting news that happened last month in jaime's life, september 13, 2022, after over 26 years since he immigrated to the united states from the philippines, jaime became a u.s. citizen and voting for the first time along with residents in of the -- in the tenderloin in the upcoming election. so the timing of this celebration and commendation couldn't be better so jaime, you're a leader not only in the
7:08 am
tenderloin but across the city and i'm honored to celebrate you here today for filipino history month. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. you know, good afternoon, everyone. [speaking foreign language] first off to supervisor preston, thank you for this recognition and thank you to your staff and the support they have given especially to preston. i can't forget about my community organizing staff, the fantastic people from many orgs that i worked with like hospitality and glide and filipino house to name a few. i would like to thank central selma who i learn from and be inspired so i dedicate this to them. it is a long one to hold on to your seats. i'm thankful to involve in many
7:09 am
communities, in my community and my goal is make an impact in society as a pill need know american and follow in the footsteps (indiscernible) who partners with cesar chavez who lead the farmer union and the fight for the i-hotel that resonate today with the lack of housing for low and income people and the threat of displacement and gentrification in neighborhoods like the tenderloin. i'm not going to filibuster or more appropriately filipino-buster, but i do want to take this opportunity to remind the people of this chamber about why we do this work. i don't doubt that everyone sitting in front of me today started out to be leaders in order to do good but often time the focus is lost or shifted and let me remind folks to center on policies what's beneficial on those who need the most help. people don't have the means to make life easier.
7:10 am
through history, whenever lives are to be improved -- labor rights civil rights and human rights should be our guiding stars. a lot of us will not be here today if it weren't for all the work that has been done in establishing and implementing those rights. i ask the members of this board to focus on issues affecting people in neighbors line the tinder lane and bay view hunters point or outer view. let's not only look by neighborhoods but also to focus on the poorest and least resource people in san francisco. the problem in the tenderloin and communities like it, san francisco problems magnified and need to be solved by san francisco as a whole and not by a few or one or three supervisors and the reason for this is not just because it's the right thing to do but it's to progress as a society. if we don't -- we we risk to fascism.
7:11 am
look at what's going on in the world where equality and equity is more evasive. i ask our leaders that after suffering through years of political recidivism, we deserve to be inspired rather than be used as pawns to consolidate power. we deserve policies that take care of the people that needs it the most and not use whenever convenient and set aside. i challenge you all to risk your own political careers to do the right thing. especially if it's impactful in furthering the good even after your tenure. i hope others outside of this chambers and in this building specially ones who have the power to do good, to do the same, rather than dividing and concurring, inspirational and unity have more impact than division and coercion. i'll end my statement by sharing this phrase, when one person in our community falls,
7:12 am
we all fall. and when one person rises, we all rise. [foreign language] one more thing, go warriors! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, supervisor preston. congratulations again, jaime. [applause] supervisor ronen? >> thank you, president walton. and i am so excited to honor julio. if you can come up to the mic and be recognized.
7:13 am
[applause] julio is a long time advocator and activist and born and raised in san francisco. julio is the son of my dear friend and community activism julio who is the crowd and bill who supervisor peskin mentioned who is a legendary and beloved community organizer. but julio made quite a difference in san francisco in his own right. since his own childhood, julio has been aware of youth and working-class people in our communities from joining the movement from immigrants rights and response to californian tie immigrant prop 187 to the many local effort to protect and
7:14 am
develop affordable housing in san francisco, julio has been active with community grassroots movements and causes. before working as a teacher, julio worked and instituted community led programs at san francisco college and neighborhood center. and he left san francisco for a couple of years to teach in bronx. he returned to his hometown in san francisco and began working as a high school school at june jordan school where he taught for 15 years. as an educator, he's remarkable for the love and dedication he brings to his student and health and humanity classes and he's we loved for taking the time to listen and to learn from his students. and models a dynamic
7:15 am
-- julio is the kind of teacher who takes the time to get to know his students and known to go above and beyond forever them. one example and this is one of many, he learned that ice agents raided his students home and arrested her parents, he rushed into action and connected a family with san francisco's immigrant legal and education network and fortunately the family today remains lawfuly in the united states, that's the educator we need that don't get recognized enough in my opinion. this is the many examples of your dedication of julio to your students and your skills and special event as an educator. he has been a long and active member of the teachers union and the father of three beautiful children. we are so proud and so happy to be honoring you today,
7:16 am
julio. thank you for your service and activism for our communities, we love you, congratulations! >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you, hillary for -- being your neighbor around the block. thank you to those i do know and those i don't. good to see yo -- angela, it has been a long time. i interned with tom and angela was a head person and she's here now. thank you. and i appreciate those words and just the spirit where we came from, we heard the international hotel a lot and just kind of like the spirit that i was taught and embracing and still working together, it really came from a lot of people that came before, the middletown heritage foundation that we came out of and there's so many people that came and just did this work in
7:17 am
this community in the filipino community. it's about all people and there's people like jaime who is still doing work and jenny who is in hawaii and the pet program which my daughter goes along fellow and i can go thereafter to pick her up so we're still here and doing things in the community and just a little history, my father after the international hotel where he married my mother when they came back from cuba, the family of soles started -- a lot of my family members and some made it through and some didn't but my father and i have to credit his life, he made a change in his life when he went to cuba and he go the to see brown people and black people and not tore up and tore down and he said i'm going to do something different. excuse me. so, when he came back here, he knew he was going to make a
7:18 am
change. and it is about housing but it's about the people who are the bottom and the people who keep pushing people at the bottom. and when i come up with the filipino i'm raised with, we fight. i have so many homies from san francisco that is not here no more and they've been pushed out and gone so we're still fighting for those not here because we're not going to have this history month if we don't say, filipinos are going to stay here, black people are going to say here, latino people are staying here and in the site because otherwise, it's not going to be worth it. [applause] i shed tears because my father is not here because his name was mentioned many times. it's anger. what's happening in the city, it's not built for the filipinos we were raised with. we're going to stay here and
7:19 am
keep fighting here even if there's a few left, we're going to be here because that spirit is here and that's the filipino spirit. you heard things before and we say power to the people. [applause] >> thank you supervisor ronen and congratulations again, julio. [applause]
7:20 am
supervisor stefani? >> thank you, president walton. i'm just so impressed today with all the nominees and honorees. i just teared up. that was so powerful, your honoree, supervisor ronen and thank you to supervisor dorsey and safai for kicking it off. this is really special when we get to do this and i'm very excited about my honoree, dr. gonzalez and i'm very happy to be able to honor you for filipino heritage month. dr. gonzalez or j as his students call him is the vice provo of global affairs and mayor -- professor at golden gate. he chairs gg's department of public administration, the oldest public administration program in northern california. prop j is a long time filipino american community leader and he's been the energetic president and ceo. filipino
7:21 am
resource center of san francisco since 2014. after the horrific events of 9/11, he accepted a call to purchase service from mayor willy brown who promoted him as commissioner. he served our city in that capacity for nearly ten years. and in recognition of prop j outstanding public service, in 2005, the united states congress awarded him with a special congressional recognition. prop j is a four-time teaching excellence and five-time research excellence awardee, you're making me want to go back to school, he held professional -- and was the found being director of the university ever satisfy philippine study's program. prop j served our county as a u.s. department of defense pre-deployment trainer
7:22 am
for the u.s. and filipino armed services and a senior technical advisor for the u.s. agency for international development projects in the philippines in tanzania. he written 20 books highlighting the api and filipino experiences in senior care, homeless care, immigrant rights, veteran care, gun safety, thank you, and school safety. prop j san francisco is grateful for your service to the filipino community. our city, the county, the country, and for all you have done to help foster the next generation of public servants. i'm so proud to honor you today and we would love to hear from you. [applause] >> thank you so much, supervisor. i arrived here in 1988 with just $200 and two suitcases in search of the
7:23 am
american dream. i never emergency -- i never imagined i would be in this place 35 years later being honored by you so i want to thank you and i want to thank you for all of the honorees that you've recognize today, that we exist. that we are something to the city, to this state and to this country. and that we will continue to advocate for our rights, our justice, and our american dream and you are who we expect to support us. we don't have any filipino representation at this chamber. we've never had any. so we are relying on you to be our -- to be representing us and so thank you so much for all the things that you will be doing
7:24 am
for our community. [foreign language] and carryon, city. [applause] >> thanks again, supervisor stefani and thank you again, and congratulations, prop j. supervisor chan?
7:25 am
>> thank you, president walton. and all this conversation around international kind of reminds me of photo i have sitting in my dining room and that's from the chinese progressive association and it was a protest at i-hotel us and remind us of the rainbow coalition and it reminds us that the fight decades later continues. the struggle continue, but i also believe that the rainbow coalition continues here in the chamber today too. so, while you may not have, as a community for the filipino community representation sitting on this floor, you have the rainbow coalition partners on this floor. and that leads me, sometimes are in despair thinking about we still -- we're still in this fight decades later and i feel the anger and i share the anger but today also
7:26 am
is a day i share a hope, the hope that is given to me by people like -- that the district honoree, john tow onto. [applause] >> she's a proud filipino and district one resident. she was born and raised in san francisco. she received her bachelor from san francisco state and her master's in urban and public affairs from the university of san francisco. she has dedicated herself, continuing that tradition and fight against displacement in advocating for housing for all san franciscans. during college, johntell began her avenue cat see through volunteering internship on the board of supervisors and volunteering for ballot measures advancing
7:27 am
housing rights for san franciscan and after college, she join the filipino heritage district where she advanced community stabilization through her creation of the cultural history, housing and economic you can sustainability strategies report for sel -- filipino. she wrote 15 articles including two top stories as a freelance reporter for 48 hills and combining two of her passion, writing and community activism, johntell is the community organizer and staff writer for people power media. a power people media, she facilitates the race and equity in all planning coalition where she oversees nearly 40
7:28 am
grassroots organizations to advance racial and racial equity in city planning. i'm grateful for her tenacity and dedication to our community and i'm on toed to present her with this accommodation but before i do, i want to say just a quick few words because i think that we should hear from them as well is joseph smook and diane and they are the cofounder of the people cofounder, also district one residents. they could not join us today but they have a quick word and i'm going to briefly, that read their notes. so, prior to joining the staff of people power media, john distinguished herself as a lead on the cultural history, housing and economic sustainability strategies report for the selma filipino. filipino cultural district and a writer for 48 hills. after joining people
7:29 am
power media, her writing was quickly recognized after publishing two major pieces, one about the roots of anti-asian violence and its connection to other people's struggles and the second about the importance of culture and the establishments of cultural district by and for marginalized communities. so, i'm going to stop there because i think that would take more time to hear from you than me. rambling on. but i just think that i want to say thank you johntell. you give me hope about the fight and the struggles and in that we will prevail and that we will win in this struggle so thank you for your leadership and thank you for your contribution to our community. [applause] >> thank you so much supervisor chan for this recognition and
7:30 am
thank you all, to president walton and all the board of supervisors here today. i didn't prepare words so i'm going to speak off the cuff but i am just really appreciative of the legacies and histories being lifted up here in this room by my fellow honorees and folks here. the filipino community has a really rich history in san francisco. 120 years and many folks, our history is obscured and people don't know how much we have contributed to the fabric of this city, the labor that was put into building this city and building the bay area, the ways in which we contributed to the modern housing movement and you know, i want to say while we really -- i'm deeply honored to be recognized for my contribution to the community but really it's more than just celebrating the work we've done and the folks in this room who i deeply admire but it's also
7:31 am
about investing in our community, the struggles that were lifted up today and the history and legacy spoken here are still being experienced, struggles with housing and struggles with, i want to say the recognition of our world war ii veterans who sacrificed their lives south of market to fight for this country during world war ii. the fact that so many of our folks are struggling to be stable, to thrive, we need to do more than just celebrate, though it's beautiful and you know, we deeply appreciation it, we need real investment in the strategies that the cultural district put forth in the calls and demands for more affordable housing and the cause and demands for -- more investment in our youth and i look to this board for your support so we can do more than celebrate. we can thrive and continue to be a living legacy to i appreciate
7:32 am
it. thank you all so much. [applause] >> [applause] >> thank you supervisor chan and congratulations jontell. now we have supervisor mandelman. >> and could i get robin abab to come up? so colleagues, today
7:33 am
i'm offering district 8 special commendation for filipino heritage month to robin. as many of you may know, robin is the director of the shares space program under the city's planning department. under in's heard shup, they worked with nonprofits and arts and entertainment and cultural organizations to reactivate public spaces during covid. for small businesses and communities in district eight and across the city, the shared spaces program had a welcome lifeline during the pandemic. but folks may be less aware of all of the many other ways in which robin has contributed to the many and varied san francisco community which she's a part. robin has worked as development manager and served on the board for lyric, has volunteered for frame line, served on the board of directors for harvey milk and was the torch barrier for the
7:34 am
pink torch precision marking pride month '21. that list of affiliations does not begin to sketch the surface of robin's involvement. he was a volunteer with the friends of the pink triangle for several years helping the organization set up the triangle every pride month. he then became the volunteer captain and was instrumental in building a bridge between the board of illuminate and the lgbtq plus community as they planned the first ever pink triangle lighting in 2020. he brought together supporters and monitored the process for that and every year, robin goes to the top of twin peaks to set up the lights with volunteers and for the filipino community, robin worked to celebrate the stories of the diasper. last year he also curated an exhibition for the san francisco urban film fest and it was
7:35 am
titled echo location. the culture gio politics in the south of market and located at the buena center for the arts in the heart of filipino cultural district. this exhibit highlighted the beauty, struggle and importance of the contributions made by the filipino community to our city. robin is a community activism, educator and model of a civil servant who goes above and beyond. for all robin done to empower, celebrate and advance the small business, lgbtq plus and filipino communities, i'm proud to honor the very extraordinary robin abab. [applause] >> thank you supervisors and thank you to my supervisors, supervisor mandelman and his incredible team at the da office. i'm very honored to be acknowledged alongside the other honorees this afternoon. i would
7:36 am
like to dedicate this to my grandparents. i'm a first generation filipino american. my parents and my grandparents came to the united states and left during the philippines during dictatorship. that was characterized by curtailed civil liberties and delusion of democratic institutions and diminishing economic opportunity. growing up in los angeles, in the 80s my brother and i were raised by our family to take defensive civil rights and my grandparents show us that stamina and work ethics was needed for personal philadelphiament and community service and mutual aid were even more important and those were, that lifting each up was the path to a real shared best
7:37 am
future. my grandparents instilled in my an ethic of community service and philosophy of citizenship, it's the reason i'm a public servant today. it's reason i'm standing here and that i serve the city in the way that i do. alongside the pride of being a queer person, my filipino heritage is the most defining element of my identity and my elders of the communities, keeping grounded in my life's work which always centers intergenerational power and community activism. this is a great honor but as much as i established, i think it will pale to what my grandparents achieved and the hardships they overcome and they seized life opportunities, so lola, this
7:38 am
award is for you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you supervisor mandelman and -- congratulations again, robin. supervisor mar. >> thank you, president walton and actually thanks to everybody for an inspiring and beautiful celebration of filipino american history month at the board of supervisors. i think this highlights how, yeah, the rifrp history of struggle -- the rich history and struggle in the filipino community and how it's
7:39 am
an important fabric ever our city and it reminds me how the filipino community has been a part of my own development and being inspired by the i-hotel struggle and the work that the community continues to do to lift up, not just your, the community but everyone here in san francisco and how central the filipino community is to the on going struggle for the right to the city here in san francisco for working-class people, for communities of color, families and steiners so thank you so much. congratulations to all the amazing honorees. you guys are inspiring and last but not least, i have the great honor of recognizing abraham lincoln principal, sherry for her dedication to, the students at lincoln high school and public education in the filipino community. sherrie was born in manila, the oldest of five children with the hope of a better life. at the age of two,
7:40 am
sherrie came to san francisco with her grandparents. and the goal was to ensure that she received the best education. growing up as the eldest in the filipino family meant the world's weight was on her shoulders. it was expected she would set an example for her four siblings. sherrie was separated from her siblings and parents until in high school. but she would travel back to the philippines every two years to advise sxit she learned to be into one -- sherrie has committed herself to uplifting yurng people here in our sit -- young people in our city and working as a dedicated employee of sfufd for the last 25 years and she started at san miguel children city where she believed that motivated children are the future of this world. she moved on to peer resources at apg and continued peer resources at
7:41 am
mission high school. and which sealed the deal and decided she wanted to pursue a career in counseling and went to usf to pursue a master's in education with an emphasis on personnel services and then she transferred to balboa high school as an academic councilor and while at balboa, this solidified her dedication to sfusd and later as a counselor at abraham lincoln high school, she was the class councilor for my aide aaron. in 2016 she ascended to the current role as principal of abraham lincoln high in school in the sunset district. under her leadership, lincoln become an inspiring model of academic achievement and diversity. and really support for everyone and i know sherrie is really prowled of the fact that lincoln high school --
7:42 am
sherrie is proud of the fact that half of the students are from san francisco. sherrie's has been committed to helping those who look like her and students whose voices haven't been heard. she's joined several professional organizations and dedicated her time to the filipino education association and through this organization until now, she has helped fundraise for scholarships for filipino students and the joy of meeting families similar to hers makes her feel she's helping the next generation of filipino students achieve their dreams. throughout her work, sherrie ensures she constantly builds leadership skills in her staff and others and with her positive attitude and tireless dedication to encouraging others to work hard and succeed, she consistently centers and lifts up the voices of students.
7:43 am
finally, sherrie is inspired not only by the students but by her family and her husband and two sons and being filipino means your family runs deep. in her free time, sherrie likes traveling especially to tropical islands and hanging out with her family especially her nieces, nephews and god children and an accomplishment that will hold a special place in her heart is handing out diplomas to thousands of students and handing out scholarships to filipino students especially, so thanks again sherrie for your dedication to your students and to the filipino community. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor mar, this is the first time a principal will be speechless. i didn't expect to speak today but thank you supervisor mar and legislative aide alan because he was a counselee and it adds to the heartwarming feeling. thank
7:44 am
you to the board of supervisors, press walton and thank you for this honoree. to be at the table with everyone, i'm -- i'm speechless and amazed how we were never recognized like this, so sorry. i thankful to be at the table with all of us and let's do something for the future students in san francisco. i went through a shameless plug because i'm trying to get all students in san francisco for a special fair in the spring so i'm going to invite you to come to lincoln high school and so they can see where they could be and what they could accomplish. i want to thank my family and i want to say something to my sons and please be proud of who you are, where you come from, be proud of being brown and create that future for all of us and i want to thank my supervisor eric for
7:45 am
being here and all the lead team as well as my staff at lincoln high school, the community there, especially this award i'm going to share with my students and my students tell me every single day and they teach me a lot of things and they keep me on my toes every single day and i appreciate that but the most important thing is that they always tell me be the best version of myself and thank you again and thank you again supervisor mar for all your support. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor mar and
7:46 am
congratulations again, principal balico. colleagues, this concludes our 2:30 p.m. special order. i want to thank everyone who came out today and stuck around to see all the wonderful people who got acknowledged today and i want to thank the honorees to their great service to this city. we appreciate you and we're excited to be able to honor you today at this board of supervisors meeting. madam clerk, we are now back at item no. 27. >> clerk reading item 27] >> thank you so much, madam clerk. >> roll call, mr. president. >> we'll do roll call. >> item 27 --
7:47 am
>> real quick madam clerk, i want to make sure that all colleague was in here so they have an opportunity to vote on this item, so -- why don't we go to -- thank you, madam clerk. can you read, reread the item. >> item 27. >> [clerk reading item 27] >> thank you so much, madam clerk. madam clerk, would you please call the roll on item no. 27. >> item 27, supervisor melgar? >> aye. >> supervisor mess kin -- possess cannot >> preston? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> supervisor safai? >> aye.
7:48 am
>> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> no. >> supervisor chan? >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> there are ten -- there are 10 ayes with mandelman in the no. >> this is passed on first reading. call item 28. >> [clerk reading item 28] >> thank you madam clerk. call the roll on item 28. >> supervisor melgar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor preston? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> supervisor safai?
7:49 am
>> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor chan? >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> and supervisor mar? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you. without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. [gavel] . madam clerk, please call item 29. >> [clerk reading item 29] >> thank you, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster,
7:50 am
we'll take this item same house, same call. and without objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, please call item 30. >> [clerk reading item 30] >> apologies. we're going to mute that individual. [reading item 30] >> thank you so much, madam clerk. supervisor peskin? >> thank you, president walton and thank you for your cosponsorship along with super majority of the board.
7:51 am
supervisors chan, ronen, stefani, preston and melgar, in taking this item up in committee, we heard from the scooter companies from mta staff and from quite a cross-section of the public who share this supervisors frustration in this e-scooter sidewalk riding. this is simple, of all those we suffer in an urban environment having these things freaking out seniors and the only kind of scooters that belong on sidewalk are scooters for individuals who have disability challenges and that and strollers are the vehicles that belong on our sidewalks. the scooter companies got off to a terrible start in san francisco when on the eve of our passing regulatory authority
7:52 am
for the mta to administer bird and whichever the companies were at the time, dump thousands of scooters on -- dump thousands of scooters on our streets and dpw had to confiscate them by the truck load and since that time, mta has gone about a permitting program and there are now three permitted companies, lime, spin and what was scoot that got bought out by bird, one of the original offenders, the reason i'm speaking is because my frustration despite the outpouring of public sentiment, despite the shared vees and the totality of this board and the mta is not stepping up their game and it starts and i'm going to say it with their tumblin himself and despite the public position this is a first mile, last mile solution, doesn't seem to care that it is mostly a
7:53 am
joyride for tourist who are freaking out our residents, the response i get from mr. tumblin, oh, what we need it more bike lanes, damn right we need more bike lanes but right now, we need them off the sidewalk. lime stepped up to the plate and actually did one of the things that we've been asking there which is instead of spending their hundreds of millions in venture capital on a financial losing proposition, they are passing through a portion of the sidewalk riding citations to the user as a behavior modifier but the mta is not suggesting the other companies do it so it's an unlevelled playing field. they have been slow in putting their food down on riding technology which exist but expensive so they have them on a handful of
7:54 am
their devices and my response is mta, if you're not serious about this, just shut the whole thing down until they are equipped with anti-sidewalk riding technology, people are getting hurt. the number of fatalities for scooter users has tripled. the head of our, i mean, ironically and tragically, head of the mayor's office of disability had her leg shattered and was hospitalized for two months being hit by one right around the corner from this city hall, so it's like what do we have to do, mr. ramos to get the leadership of your organization to take this seriously and let me just say, i mean, i threatened this a few weeks ago to the airport, which was, we as a matter of policy, relative to things and i don't like to confuse fights but relative to things that had nothing to do with the strike at the airport
7:55 am
per se, this board is a matter of policy was pursuant of the charter stop approving until the airport put their foot down and resolve the injustices going on at the airport and fortunately we didn't have to go there and the matter was resolved. and i have been so patient. i went to the live demonstrations over the course of a year as the anti-sidewalk riding technology was implemented, which everybody said would be fully implemented on all four thousand devices, long before this day, they are on a handful of the devices either shut them down or equip them but when the supervisor starts fighting for six votes to say no to some other thing, don't claim that you're surprised. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor mar? >> thank you, supervisor peskin, i would like to be added as
7:56 am
cosponsor. >> supervisor dorsey? >> i would like to be added as cosponsor. >> supervisor safai. >> thank you. as somebody within inches almost got run over yesterday and it wasn't a tourist by the way, supervisor peskin which i'm sure might be the case in a lot of situations. it was just someone going down gary, deciding they were going to ride the sidewalk the entire way going around 20 plus miles an hour. it really is no excuse. there's no excuse that these companies can't figure out the technology and implement it and do it in an aggressive manner so add me as a cosponsor and thank you for putting this forward. we appreciate it and we will be watching as more things come forward. >> thank you, supervisor safai. supervisor mandelman? >> thank you, mr. president. i think i have been added as cosponsor but if not, please add me. >> i apologize colleagues and
7:57 am
mta but if i could have the mta representative here, i do have a question and i don't want to throw anybody off guard but my question is coming now because i for the first time ever decided to ride on one of these scooters this past weekend when i went to the niners game in atlanta and when we got to centennial park, they cut off on us because the scooter had a device that said, you cannot ride your scooter in this area and i was in the street. and when we got to the stadium and tried to park, the scooter told us we could not leave our scooters in certain areas because they had to be parked in certain zones so i had to go to the equivalent of bart station to drop the scooter off which is across from the stadium so these scooter companies obviously had to do the work to
7:58 am
make sure that scooters could not be rode in certain areas so i'm wondering if scooter companies have done that here in san francisco and i don't know because i haven't ridden a scooter in this city. >> not to take this away from mr. ramos but that's the technology they showed us on brandon street and the embarcadero and it's called geofencing and they can do it and they don't because it's not a part of their business model. >> can you answer that question. >> absolutely. thank you for the question, mr. president. and i do need to apologize on behalf of my colleagues who are currently at our board meeting which is happening right downstairs, otherwise, director toren would be staffing this item. that's technology we have asked the scooter companies to employ on their devices. we share the concerns that you have
7:59 am
and that supervisor preston has been sharing with us on the daily basis. we were talking about it this morning how we regularly get 30 e-mails per day on this item from constituents through out city. we're doing our best to do everything that we can do within the permit structure that's currently in place. we will be looking into every mechanism that we can to change this behavior. we will also most certainly be restructuring the permit system for the next round of permitting once this current round ex spires to address these concerns that you have expressed today. >> i guess i want to understand why we're asking these companies to do that and not demanding that these companies do it. as you know before -- before this legislation even came about, i was reaching out asking questions about why are scooter companies just running rampant throughout the city,
8:00 am
particularly on sidewalks in areas where we know they are not supposed to be so why are we asking? >> there are terms in the contracts that we have that we're trying to respect with the permits, i should say with the permit we have, the permits that we've gotten into a dpreem -- agreements with them on. i don't think the technology was available at the time. this is relatively new technology that supervisor peskin had come out to preview but we are going to be requiring them to employ on their devices with this new permit program as the new permit system begins a new -- within the next, i think it's five months. >> thank you, mr. ramos. i think one -- respect goes both ways and companies that are operating here are using that technology other places in this country. and so i think that we can move
8:01 am
them faster to ensure safety. >> we're doing everything we can within our means, we're currently exploring what our options are to get this scooters to comply with -- the real concern that you have expressed here today and we sincerely thank you for your vigilance on this issue. >> thank you, mr. ramos. supervisor chan? >> thank you president walton. i want to comment on this. i think it's a general attitude of our transportation agency. i think it's just -- it's just having that nonchannel lant attitude and creating disruption in san francisco and generally speaking, colleagues, i think our transportation agency is having sf mta is not really enforcing the law or really trueing to figure out pushing,
8:02 am
you know, the boundary and making sure protecting the integrity of our roadways and public transit system. you see that in this case, enforcing the permit and the rules or you know, the third-party app for the taxi hale app or i mean, you see it. and you see that you know, constantly letting these tech companies or rideshare companies, all did you have types of companies just actually making our system worse and talking sort of the -- taking that and allowing it to make it worse for our priority which is actually public transit first city. so, i just want to make that comment, thank you. >> >> thank you, supervisor chan. and i don't see anyone else on the roster, so i believe we can take this item same house, same call. without objection, this
8:03 am
resolution is adopt unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, please call item 31. >> [reading item 31] i will state that this item was from the land use and transportation committee with a recommendation of do not pass. >> thank you. supervisor dorsey? >> thank you, president walton. colleagues, i want to take a minute to explain why i'll be voting no on this item and while i ask you to vote no as well. the project sponsor requested additional time to work with the office of community investment and infrastructure as modifications to the financing schedule and schedules. ocii plan to return to the board early next year for final approvals, however under the
8:04 am
charter and planning code, the general plan amendment will be deemed approved if the board does not act to approve or reject it by november 22nd. therefore they are requesting a rejection at this time and the general plan amendment will be reintroduced once any project financing modifications have been agreed upon, if you have further questions, the project sponsor is here in person and we have an ocii staff member attending remotely. thank you. >> thank you so much, supervisor dorsey. >> item 31, supervisor melgar? >> [no response] >> no. >> that was a no, correct? thank you. melgar no. supervisor peskin? >> no. >> supervisor preston? >> no. >> supervisor ronen?
8:05 am
>> no. >> supervisor safai? >> no. >> supervisor stefani? >> no. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor chan? >> no. >> supervisor dorsey? >> no. >> supervisor mandelman? >> no. >> supervisor mar? >> no. >> there are 11 nos with supervisors melgar, peskin, preston, ronen, safai, stefani, dorsey, mandelman, dorsey in the decent. >> thank you, this ordinance is not passed unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, call item 32. >> [reading item 32] >> thank you madam clerk, i believe we have to call the roll on item 32. >> melgar?
8:06 am
>> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor preston? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen? >> aye. >> supervisor safai? >> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor chan? >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> there are 11 ayes. >> thank you, without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, read time 33. >> [reading item 33] >> thank you, i don't see anyone on the roster. so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this motion is approved unanimously
8:07 am
[gavel] . madam clerk, please call item 34. >> [reading item 34] >> thank you, madam clerk. i don't see anyone on the roster, so we'll take this item same house, same call. without objection, this motion is approved unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, we are now at committee reports. item no. 35. >> yes. i will first state that items 35 through 37 were considered by the public safety and neighborhood services committee at a regular meeting on thursday, october 13, 2022. item 35 was recommended as a committee report. it's a resolution to determine that the person to person premise to premise transfer of off type 20 off-sale beer and wine liquor license doing business at 3801
8:08 am
third street. [reading item 35] >> thank you so much, madam clerk. and my apologies, would you call 36 and 37 along with 35. >> yes. they were recommended as amended but with any titles. >> [reading item 36] >> this amendment strikes the requirement to impose conditions, that's the last two sentences of that paragraph. there are no longer conditions associated with this item or with the next item, item 37.
8:09 am
[reading item 37] to strike the language to impose the additional conditions. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. seeing no one on the roster, we will take these items same house, same call. and without objection, these resolutions are adopted unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk, we're at roll call for introductions. >> now, time to introduce new business. we'll start with supervisor melgar? >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues, today i'm introducing an ordinance that adds pregnancy status as a protective characteristics to explicitly prohibit pregnancy
8:10 am
discrimination in all types of housing, and earlier this year, we discussed housing access for black and indigenous people of color, women who are pregnant and persons and families with young children. what was highlighted during this hearing were the disturbing facts around the experiences of bi poc community in the black and indigenous community. the correlation between the housing insecurity and homelessness in san francisco. there is a significant body of data that links housing insecurity and birth outcomes and pregnant women experiencing homelessness in sacramento is twice as likely to deliver pre-term and black families are likely than any other groups to experience pre-term birth and homelessness, according to the recent 2020
8:11 am
census data -- experiences housing insecurity increases once chances of pre-term birth by 20%. in san francisco, plaque moms make up four percent of birth but 32% of maternity mortality cases. the covid-19 pandemic increased housing instability for low-income communities and in according to the data from the sacramento human rights commission, landlords continue to discriminate based on the source of income of protected tenants, telling people who have section eight vouchers there's no room or they do not accept section eight. the overwhelming majority of source of income discrimination complaints that the human rights commission received over the past two years have been made by black women
8:12 am
with children. pregnancy and status discrimination continue to be a pretext for denying housing which ultimately results in pushing the working poor out of san francisco and pregnancy is a time sensitive issue and we have to make sure it doesn't leave mothers and birthing people unhoused particularly black and brown pregnant folks who are already the most impacted by many social and economic disparities. the health of birthing mothers and people in future generations depend on it. housing vouchers and class discrimination are pretext against housing -- the vast majority of complaints received come from heads of household. unfortunately, data is not available because ever all complainants identify their race but we know these numbers are high. i want to thank britney
8:13 am
and matt at the human rights commission for working with us on this ordinance as well as shanell williams and her team at the california pre-term birth initiative and the community that have been impacted and coming forward to share their experiences and dedicate so much toward this effort and i cannot believe we have not done this sooner. i also want to thank supervisors ronen, chan, stefani, walton, preston, mar and dorsey for their cosponsorship. i'm also introducing a resolution urging the recreation and park commission to remove the name show lake from that lake. the boat house located at that lake and the drive that surrounds the lake. and to engage in a renaming process to include community that come up with a name that reflects san francisco's expressed values as the sanctuary city in celebrating diversity and
8:14 am
fostering inclusion. for those who don't know or haven't heard, the lake is named after assembly member william w.stow who served two terms representing the county of santa cruz and a speaker in 1855. during his time as assembly speaker, stow made headlines speaking against jewish people and proposing legislation targeting jewish people. stowe tried to pass a closing law for businesses in santa cruz which he represented at the time, records show that assembly member stowe declared during section, i have no sympathy for the jews and if it's my power to enforce a regulation that would eliminate them not only from our county but state. proposes a tax on jews he claim that would be a prohibition and demonstrating
8:15 am
discouraging jews from moving to california. he went on supporting his tax stating, i'm for a you tax that's so high that jews would not be able to operate anymore shops, they are a class of people here only to make money and who would leave the country as soon as they make it. furthermore, in 1856, assembly member stowe ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor of california on the no nothing party ticket. the no nothing party was notorious for anti-immigrant status and the members supported deportation, a foreign (indiscernible) and 21-year naturalization period for all immigrants, mandatory bible reading in schools and the elimination of all catholics from public office. around 1856 he quit his political career and moved to san francisco where he became a partner in the law firm paterson wallace and stowe. he
8:16 am
was appointed to the san francisco park commission in 1889 and known for immediately complaining about the lack of funds for golden gate park which he then ironically cut in half during his tenure in the community. the park including the lake and the -- while we can acknowledge his contributions to the park and to san francisco, we can not ignore the harmful racism principles he promoted which are completely opposed to our san francisco values and parks and outdoor spaces are for everyone in our diverse community and shouldn't not shrine the people to promote hatred and inclusion and we can do better and we'll do better to correct the wrongs of our past and move forward with love and inclusion iwant to thank mr. steven miller for his work in advocacy on this effort and bringing this to our attention
8:17 am
along as congregation -- i want to thank supervisor chan and peskin for their cosponsor and the rest i submit. >> peskin? >> submit. >> supervisor preston? >> thank you madam clerk. to give you a quick external board are we doing that. are we doing that, mr. president? >> yes. >> great. just wanted to mention that the, so i sit on the state legislative committee with supervisor chan. it hasn't met since july 20th. the committee as you know colleagues consist of representatives from city attorney's office controller, treasurer, the mayor and the board of supervisors. so, the most significant things since the last update was september 30th was the last day for the governor to sign or veto
8:18 am
bills. a lot of that has gotten a lot of media coverage. i think some that hasn't and some of the bills that our committee voted on and we voted on a lot of bills this -- session ranging from housing and transportation bills and the ones that the committee supported that were signed by the governor include sb1008 which was around calls free of charge for folks who are in prison or in detention. so we're glad to see that one signed, sb975, which creates additional consumer and credit protections against co-- coerce debt. and abortion rights bills that were signed by the governor 1142 and ab1242, which prohibits enforcements of subpoenas from other states that's directed to folks in state in connection
8:19 am
with supporting our providing abortions in california. and then the governor also signed ab2091 which similarly prevents release of medical information, again, relating to abortion or support for abortion access. so, the legislature will reconvene in january and the next state legislative committee meeting is also in january and just a reminder to the public and colleagues to all of you, any questions or suggestions of things that the legislative committee should take up, please let me know or supervisor chan know. as far as introductions, i have one item and an in memoriam today. colleagues, as you know since january of this year, the tenderloin center has been
8:20 am
operating right there next to un plaza and offering overdose prevention services that are otherwise unavailable through out the rest of the city. since that time, the tenderloin center has been the subject of a lot of discussion, these chambers and elsewhere. i want to say despite any bumps in the road through out the process that it's really important to note that as of this weekend, the tenderloin center served over 100,000 people. 100 to be precise, 104,200 guest with nearly 400 people a day since february and at least 249 overdoses that we know of have been reversed at the tenderloin center since its inception and thousands of doses of narcan have been distributed at the center and undoubtedly
8:21 am
saved -- and undoubtedly saved many lives and i want to clear especially as someone who is critical of the aspects of the declaration of the state of emergency at the time because of issue -- around policing and this is positive that came out of the emergency declaration and the mayor and the department of public health, nonprofit partners and this board did a good and very important thing by launching funding and operating this site and it has helped many people and as i've mentioned, saved a lot of lives. three months ago, the mayor announced her plan to close the tenderloin center by the end of the year citing different reasons and my position has been clear on this, that the site has always been temporary. i don't oppose closure of the tenderloin center as long as there is an add o- -- adequate replacement of services
8:22 am
at minimum for those being served by the tenderloin center. i have made it clear to the administration repeatedly that it would be -- unconscionable to shutdown if they can't replace the services nearby, so since the mayor's announcement, our office and various community stakeholders engaged with the mayor's office and the department of public health to request a plan that includes detailed commitments and timelines around replacement of the services offered, so that there isn't a gap in services for the folks who are rely ongoing the tenderloin center. unfortunately, as of today we haven't heard of any meaningful commitment to ensure that the hundreds of people who rely on the tenderloin center have a place to go upon closure so i'm
8:23 am
introducing a resolution that calls on the administration to share plans for a new wellness hub in the tenderloin and make sure replacement services are available and up and running by the time the continued -- the tenderloin closes. if no replace services are available, the resolution calls for a delay to the closure of the tenderloin center until services are in place. under no circumstances should we undo the progress we made by opening the tenderloin center. less than a year, the tenderloin center served over one hundred thousand people and offering showers and meals and referrals and hundreds -- and hundreds of overdoses reverse and we can't take a step backyards by leaving hundreds of people daily without access to these crucial life saving
8:24 am
services, so i want to thank my early cosponsors, supervisor ronen and chan and also hope to have the support of others for this important resolution. and lastly, i want to offer an in memoriam along with supervisor ronen who i know will have some words as well. i wanted to offer in memoriam for john crew. john was a tireless champion for justice, civil rights, and police reform in san francisco. he passed away unexpectedly october 6th and survived by his two daughters, erica and simone. he survived by many friends, colleagues and countless advocates including many who he mentored throughout his long
8:25 am
career and during his retirement. born in los angeles in 1957, john crew attended northwestern university in chicago before moving to san francisco to attend uc hastings and and during his last year, he joined the liberty's union of northern american as intern and served the aclu as northern california director of police practices of the police plays project for many years and he later served as interim director before he took an early retirement. it's really no exaggeration to recognize that john's work for civil rights and police reform in the city and county of san francisco has been legendary. he began his career representing antiracist demonstrators who were arrested for protesting against the kkk, he helped deescalate tensions
8:26 am
between police and protesters at aides vigils and helped stopped the practice of police using horses to break up arrests, to break up protest and make arrest. he helped shape new rules for officers using batons after the san francisco police department used batons to beat dolores. in 2018, john joined a small group of community act kates and against all -- advocates and defeated a measure by the police officer's union to get around a restrictive policy on the police department's use of tasers. john also spent hundreds if not thousands of hours helping shape department general orders for sfpd well into his retirement. john was
8:27 am
well-known to all of us for his generosity with his time, expertise, and mentorship of advocates in a variety of fields. he was always happy to be a resource to supervisors, to mayors, to police commissioners, legislative aides, and community members, interested in fighting against unchecked policing and government overreach. in a world increasingly dominated by sound bites, spin and misinformation, john's depth of knowledge substance and thoroughness and yes, we all received his e-mails and i mean thoroughness, was really remarkable and stood out. he challenged us all especially policy makers to dive into the substance to understand the history and context and importance of this work and to
8:28 am
do better. he fought battle after battle and when there were losses and doing this kind of work, you can be sure there were many. he felt those losses deeply and personally and shared that with those of us who worked closely with him. but those losses never stopped john from gearing up for the next fight no matter what the odds were. he had an intense passion and drive to fight for what he believed was right and our city is better off because of it. his loss has been felt across the community and will undoubtedly be felt for years to come. on a personal note, i really came to rely on john's guidance and knowledge, his insights, his friendship and it will be very challenging to continue to do this work without
8:29 am
him. i'm thankful for the many advocates and the legislative aides in our offices and activist in our communities who were mentored by john and who will continue the legacy of his work into the future. i know i speak for many people when i say that john crew will be missed. rest in power, john and thank you for your incredible service to our city. we extend our deeper condolences to your family and loved ones. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor preston. supervisor ronen? >> thank you, colleagues. i'm not going to repeat what supervisor preston just said so beautifully. but i just wanted to add my own condolences to john's family and friends and fellow activist and fellow work
8:30 am
crew and attorneys. you know, this is -- police abuse and the abuse, violence towards communities of color by the police is not an easy topic to spend your life fighting for and john did it with such passion and such brilliance and like supervisor preston said, he did it based on detailed analysis of the law and where it was being broken and how there should be protections in place that limit the ability of city employees that carry weapons to abuse that authority and i can't imagine
8:31 am
san francisco without this person who held so much institutional knowledge and was una -- who was unapologetic for his fight to those in our society. john, thank you so much for everything you do, may you rest in power and i love -- my love goes to your daughter and your community. colleagues, i have a couple of memoriam and ordinance to introduce and the next memoriam is for maggie lopez. and i'm hoping we can close our meeting in honor of her, a beloved community member and dedicated city worker and maggie passed away september 30,
8:32 am
2022, at the age of 59 after a courageous battle with cancer. maggie was born in mexico in 1963 with seven sub linings and in -- sub linings and came to the u.s. in '71. she'll be missed by her lovely family and devoted friends and those she guided over decades and she was a dedicated public servant who served the people in san francisco with a variety of capacities over her 30 year career and worked for several nonprofits where she trained and managed and mentored disadvantaged youth and prepared them with skills to thrive in the workplace. maggie had superpower for understanding and interpreting bureaucratic regulations and explaining them to her client and it made her
8:33 am
invaluable when she joined the human services agency in 2012. she worked to ensure that underserved low-income families received benefits using her bilingual skills to full average. she led the team that held job trainees obtain -- under maggie's expert guidance, job seekers found employment in city departments and beyond. maggie's home and family were the center of her life. she and her husband george off lated as one unit and loved hosting family gathering and traveling and attending ball games. she enjoyed claz i can music and loved reading and she loved tar trek and prided her on self keeping up with the latest technology. as wife, stepmother and grandmother and aunt and mentor and friend she brought her unique style warmth and wisdom. maggie lovingly called my maggie by her grandchildren
8:34 am
will be remembered most for treating everyone she encountered with kindness and compassion. she believed in the dignity of all people no matter where they came from or what happened and her no nonsense way she light the path forward and helped those. her legacy is remembered for generations to come, thank you maggie for all you have done for your family in san francisco and making it a better place for everyone. may you rest in peace. next, we have an in memoriam for our coworker -- this is known as mika. mika, she was known to her friends and family was the sister of san tee ago go, a legislative aide in my
8:35 am
office and she passed away to chronic health challenges at the young age of 39. she was born and raised in oakland and firstly loved and embraced her city. i can tell you that her city loved her back. her memoriam exceeded capacity as her friends joined together to honor the difference she made in their life. she loved all the diversity and nature she had at home and loved cooking and being with family and friends and community. she was happy at berkeley and in the backyard barbecue but she found joy and peace in the mountains and rivers and long walks and she may surpassed her mother as a chef and hostess and her beauty was striking and smile lid up every space she entered. however, all who knew her know her real beauty lay in her heart. her -- she was woven into
8:36 am
the her lives and organized events for community organizations and for fun. she brought humor and style to events large and small and always showed up for people in need. she made everyone feel safe in her company and her home was a refuge of art and cell expression showing a witty and compassionate sensibility. she's survived by her parents, her brothers and sister-in-law and beloved nephew. she has a permanent and public memorial y'all thanks to the generosity and abundance of love and support for her and her family. thank you to the landma family for your hospitality and for those who loved meka who will never be forgotten. rest in power. >> colleagues, today i'm introducing an ordinance making
8:37 am
amendments to the whistleblower legislation. you may remember that last the scandals, the board of supervisors discovered a substantiated whistleblower complaint against the department head. while it is troubling to discover malfeasance, it yours hearings and both supervisors demanding information to find out about this wrongdoing. many times we would find out about wrongdoing not from within city government but from the fbi filing charges or from press, calling for a comments, well, i wholeheartedly support whistleblower programs in the confidential nature of those investigations, it is a serious flaw in the system when a complaint about a department director goes unreported to the board. today i'm introduced ordinance to next this law. current law requires that the whistleblower programs
8:38 am
investigation remain confidential with limited exception. however, existing law doesn't describe under what circumstances the whistleblower program shall or may inform the board of supervisors about complaints against department heads. and the ordinance of introduces will amend the government conduct code to require the controller's whistleblower program to report to the board the results of whistleblower investigations when wrongdoing by a department head or elected official have been substantiated and this ordinance require the controller to report to the board of supervisors, the results of any investigation where the controller concludes that the department head or elected official engage in improper or unlawful acts and misuse of city funds or cause diminished funds of city -- subsequent and investigation and will not reveal the identity of any person who files a complaint or
8:39 am
provides testimony. i hope this law will make employees in the city feel that it's worth it to come forward and report problems in their department. colleagues, i hope you'll support this ordinance and thank you supervisor peskin for his early cosponsorship and santiago of my office for doing the heavy lifting to bring this ordinance forward. with that colleagues, the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor ronen. supervisor safai? >> submit. >> thank you. supervisor stefani? >> thank you. thank you president walton for setting aside this time to allow us to share updates about outside boards and commissions and i'll speak about the board of directors for the transportation district and family violence council. with respect to the bridge board, the most significant update from that body involves progress made on
8:40 am
the installation of the bridges suicide deterrent net. we still expect the project to be completed in 2023, however, we did need to authorize additional funding to the tune of $8 million to account for contractor delays and 30 or people more die from suicide each year and others stop from harming themselves and the efforts of the district patrol and the board saw this allocation as the necessary investment towards saving more lives and the golden gate transit is celebrating its 50th anniversary which is milestone. i'm looking forward to reconvening with the council. i'll be sitting on the san francisco reentry council and i'm looking forward to joining my first meeting this thursday. in addition colleagues, i would like to remind everyone last year we unanimously passed a
8:41 am
resolution to declare each october domestic violence awareness month. domestic violence awareness month was launched nationwide in october of 987 -- in 1987 for those individuals to raise awareness related to domestic violence. according to the national coalition for domestic violence, on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the united states. here in california, 35% of women and 31% of men will experience intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence or stalking in their lifetime. we're not immune to this epidemic here in san francisco. in 2021, the family violence council found in 2020, more than 7,000 domestic violence related 911 calls were made and more than 3,000 incidents were responded to by the police. of those incidents, black and latin communities were over represented with a share of 29% and 27% of the incidents.
8:42 am
during the pandemic, calls to the san francisco crisis lines increased by almost 40%. calls to the cooperative restraining order dlin i can increased by 6 of % and the turn away rate for victims seeking emergency shelter was 79%. concerns remain regarding under reporting of domestic violence due to lingering effects of the pandemic and labor shortage and decrease interaction with mandated reporters. most concerningly, gun sales continue to surge dramatically across the united states. as we know, firearm access fuels domestic violence. abusive partners access to a firearm is a serious threat to victims of domestic violence making it five times more likely a woman will be killed and domestic violence assaults involving a gun is 12 times likely to result in death than those involve information other weapons or bodily force. with high rates of domestic violence, related to gun violence, the u.s. is the most
8:43 am
dangerous country in the developed world when it comes to women and guns. women in the u.s. are 21 times more likely to be killed with a gun than women in other high income countries. every single day, people all over this city are harmed, threatened and abused large and small and that's why i campaign for proposition d, the victim's rights initiative which was supported by some of you and thank you for that. in addition to creating a one-stop-shop for victims of all crimes, outside of law enforcement, so no one needs to feel afraid or coerced out of seeking help, it creates a rightful civil council for survivors of domestic violence and survivors will have a tool to end the cycle of violence. i hope we can continue to show that we stand with all those who have been affected by domestic violence, recognize those individuals in groups who have stepped forward to break the cycle of violence and readmit to
8:44 am
cultivating an environment that refusing to accept incidents of abuse as the norm. and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor stefani. president walton? >> thank you so much, madam clerk. first, i just have a few updates starting with the joint powers board for caltrain. ridership increased steadily over the course of the calendar year. last month, we saw a slight dip from august on weekdays but healthily gross on saturdays and sundays. average weekday ridership is at 30% of pre-pandemic levels with saturday ridership at 66% and sunday at 83%. on september 19th, work began on the rehabilitation of the bayshore station overpass here in the city in the project -- and the project is expected to be completed by of the end of
8:45 am
year. meeting >> the bay area with the caltrain ride from palo alto to san jose during the station. this included mayors, vice mayors and council presidents ever large cities across the u.s. including some cities such as atlantic, boston, san diego, nashville and several others. on september 24th, caltrain board representatives and executive staff were joined by federal state regional and local officials and community members to sell brapt the first public viewing of the agencies new electric train cars and it will be the first project. for those who missed it, public tours is a new vehicles and planned for early '23. on october 5th, caltrain hosted a virtual community meeting on the san francisco rail yards project. the meeting included project partners, pro logic end and the city and county of san francisco
8:46 am
and export the private development and rail facilities of the 20 acre site. and finally, the caltrain electrification project is nearing the finish line with revenue service beginning in 2024, executive staff is working to close a $410 million funding gap. on october 26th, mtc will take action on the major project advancement policy which is the funding table for major projects in the region and the draft table, $300 million in state funds are recommended for caltrain electrification with the 110 million gap, how to close this gap was discussed at mtc and staff and policy maker work continues to get this over the goal line. bay area air quality management district, i want to say that supervisor melgar is back. thank you so much, supervisor melgar. the bay view hunters point, they received -- which will result in
8:47 am
reduction plan driven by residents. this can possibly bring millions of dollar and funds to retired dirty technologies like diesel and result in cleaner alternatives. the equity committee recommended this designation on october 6th and we're hoping the full board to a proving this november 12th and it will go to california air resources board for official designation in february. the workforce investment board at the december meeting will provide its annual program outcome review and we'll be discussing next steps for the newly reinstated workforce alignment committee recently approved by this body. and i do want to say we had the opportunity to host last month with san jose, vice mayor, chappy jones and we had 19 city
8:48 am
council presidents from all over the united states from cities with more than now hundred thousand residents and this was the national league of cities. we started the first day in san jose and highlighted our electrification project. also in san jose, we learned about the housing development and partnerships. we had a conversation with san jose mayor sam ricardo and spent the afternoon on a mobile tour visiting housing and homeless solutions that san jose implemented. on the second day, we hosted everyone here in san francisco and had conversations on civility and politics. our very own dr. davis led a conversation on racial equity and in the afternoon we visited the latino task force which is a model for covid-19 community response and the bay view vehicle triage center to share one solution to addressing the needs around people experiencing homelessness. it was great to have the opportunity to learn from other city council
8:49 am
presidents as we shared the work we have been doing here in the bay area and learning what they have been doing across the country. lastly, i do have one in memoriam on behalf of the district ten community, the indian basin neighborhood associations mourns michael who died of cancer on september 27th of this year with his wife shirley at his side. michael was quite the community leader, a long time board member, former chair and all around advocate for the people of india basin. over the years, michael served san francisco as a member of the southern waterfront advisory committee and the bay view project area committee among other volunteer posts. professionally, he was a general contractor, location alley, historian. most gracious host, his home, the barn was a setting for many parties and meetings
8:50 am
and some i had pleasure of attending and he'll be missed, service details to be announced once the family makes arrangements. the rest i submit. >> can you add me to that, for michael. >> definitely, thank you, supervisor peskin. >> thank you, mr. president. supervisor chan? >> thank you, madam clerk. since our last report, we've been busy at lafco, the local information commission i'm chair of. i'm proud to report that since our last update, we now have elected commissioner jackie fielder as the vice-chair of the commission. we also have amended our bylaw to add a second public seat. we appointed a new member to this public seat. after two months of posting notices and interviewing candidates, now we have appointed miss hope williams.
8:51 am
we're lucky to have applicants to choose from but ms. williams really impressed us with her background with housing and labor and her work and uplifting underrepresented communities of color. i know we all look forward to working with her to further our work at lafco. we're making progress on a memorandum of understanding with mou with the sfpuc to have them support some of our oversight and study work and determining the final scope and length of contract of this mou and the focus really is going to be on clean power sf. and to think about local build out and how we can really continue to build on what we already have done in the last decade. on top of that, the reinvestment working group has
8:52 am
made progress in hearing proposals for and refining governance plan and community outreach for the public bank proposal and we need to extend the sunset date for them to complete this work because we had a late start to get a consultant onboard, so an ordinance will come before us all of us soon so we have to have your support for that. in the coming up meeting, we'll have an update about clean power sf integrated resource plan and the financial and revenue bond plans. we -- we've been working with sfpuc in communicating, including our annual portfolio mandate we're reporting back to sfpuc. there's a lot of technical work and we're making
8:53 am
progress. i want to remind colleagues that lafco needs one more appointment from the board of supervisors, so anyone interested, please let us know. but i think that what lafc now has -- lafco is making progress and take on the responsibility for municipal service review authority, thinking about not just municipal power by really also municipal bank and what other municipal services that we should -- that we're examining and welcoming. and we welcome feedback. the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor chan. supervisor dorsey? >> thank you. i'm introducing several items to address illegal doesn't driving events which are referred to as sideshows in most news reports and these orchestrated driving events occurred with increasingly
8:54 am
frequency in many san francisco neighborhoods and neighborhoods i represent are no exception. some neighborhoods i represent are prominent tar getted for sideshow because they are proximity to freeways where those can flee quickly. many of you may recall our work together last year when the san francisco police department cited ten individuals involved in one stunt driving event at the intersection of delores and 30 street and not one of the vieters were from san francisco and their ages raged from 18 to 23 and they were highly inexperienced drivers in dangerous activity on our city streets and we have seen more than one stunt driving event at one intersection in my district. main and harrison street and the lawless episodes are dangerous. it showed an individual being hit and nearly run over. two
8:55 am
people reportedly hit in september near the border of my district and supervisor ronen's. in oakland this year, a person died from injuries sustained in the stunt driving crash. and not only are the risks for injury and death from traffic violence but armed violence is too often present at these events as well. two years ago we saw home side in supervisor safai's district earlier this year. stunt driving related to shootings claimed the lives of two people in the east bay. to continue to address this problem, i have a few things to introduce today. first i have a letter of inquiry to mta, public works and sfpd asking them to report on several items which include a list of where stunt driving events have taken place and consequences that followed. i'm asking about the efficacy of improvements to street infrastructure like bot dot and speed bumps and others that may deny intersections to stunt drivers and asking for estimated cost to clean up and repair the
8:56 am
messes and damage the sideshows too often leave. by getting a firm grasp on these costs, i'm hoping to explore options for pursuing financial recoveries from these laws to reimburse taxpayers and send a message that san francisco won't tolerate this conduct. second, i'm requesting that bla prepare a report on strategies they employ to deter and enforce against stunt driving in their injures. when law -- law -- so san francisco doesn't become a soft target. it isn't be easier to get away with these events in san francisco than south san francisco or oakland or fremont and look forward to seeing the findings. third, i have drafting request for the city attorney that my office is in communications about. i'll about requesting an ordinance be
8:57 am
drafted that strengthens penalties from 2020 which allows the city to inbound vehicles for a certain number of days depending on how many offenses the driver has. currently, offenders can have their cars i am -- i am pounded for -- i am pounded for 40 days. understanding that there's a 30-day maximum to impound a vehicle. that hold our city back from imposing stricter penalties. i'm urging the state legislature to amend the vehicle codes so cars can be i am pounded longer than 30 days and urging if we impose municipal fines for sideshow participation that reregistration of a vehicle is made contingent upon payment of that fine, similar to how the
8:58 am
system works for unpaid tolls and parking tickets. also urging the legislature implement is seem blow bill three earl why than its date of 2025, ab3 authorizes state to suspend licenses of stunt drivers participants and i want to thank supervisor safai for his work on this issue over the last few years and thank my staff especially madison who have been leading the effort and thank supervisor safai, stefani and melgar and -- i discourage this and improve street safety. in addition to items on stunt driving events, there's a resolution i'm going to be introducing to raise awareness for overlooked community. every year since 2010 the lgbtq plus community sell -- celebrated ace
8:59 am
week. ace week is an annual event that puts a sexual in the spotlight. in part it sell brapts the progress made by this community and in part it's a campaign for greater understanding and acceptance of a sexual spectrum identities. the a sexual community or ace community made progress over the last few years that's worth celebrating and it continues to improve and lgbtq organizations this and the community groups sprouted and flourished in cities around the world. there's progress to celebrate the fight for a sexual visibility and acceptance endures and ace identity was overlooked or misunderstood and many aces (indiscernible) not realizing that a sexual is an option. it's influenced by their intersection with other marginalized -- aces who identify with lbgtq
9:00 am
community and more. they can face barriers. in light of this, ace is all over the world. participate in ace week by creating educational resources, sharing information on social media, and organizing community events, these global initiatives serve to raise awareness, educate the people and help eases finds the acceptance and inclusion all of them deserve. i want to thank the community based nonprofit a sexual outreach for their work to organize ace week, also one of my favorite organizations, the trevor project provides more resources so people can be educated and i'm introduced next week as sexual awareness week and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor dorsey. supervisor mandelman? >> thank you, madam clerk. i want to start by just thanking supervisors preston and ronen for the in memorial for john who
9:01 am
was a constituent of mine and who shared his views with me and helped me think about public safety criminal justice issues. we did not always agree. sometimes he was quite cross with me but he continued to call and e-mail and i want to send my condolences to his family. and to all who loved and cared about him. on updates, the california state association of counties on which i sit did have a board of directors meeting on thursday, september 1st. there was much conversation around homelessness and the homeless guiding principles developed by the c-sack homelessness action team. we discussed and voted on endorsing proposition 31 which is the referendum on the flavored tobacco legislation passed by the legislature. so, i
9:02 am
have also an ordinance, a letter of inquiry and two in memoriam. it's to delay the business tax through december 31st to 2025. recent analysis conducted by the controller at my request shows while overall sales remain stagnant the legal cannabis community faces challenges including cost pressure and elicit market and price volatility and a high overall tax burden. cannabis businesses pay higher tax rate because they are unable to deduct business expenses and they lack access to regular banking channels resulting in heightened security risks and operating cost and this is in addition to a web of unique state and local regulations with which cannabis businesses have to comply and above all else the reality that they are competing with a
9:03 am
massive market and they -- and legal operators are struggling to compete with this large large market. this is why we must prioritize the legal cannabis industry in this critical phase as it struggles to complete with. the controllers report recommended a lining our local tax policy with further state actions and the state is planning to review its tax for potential increase in 2025. so today i'm proposing this delay as an approach to allow the city to monitor the industry and make longer term -- i want to thank rosenfield and his work on this analysis, and cannabis retail alliance and business owners who engaged my office on this ordinance and thank jackie who has been put nothing a lot of time on this and our chief tax
9:04 am
attorney scott briber and california's efforts to legalize recreation cannabis has been far from perfect but we've been on the cutting edge in san francisco and there's a delay of this tax as a step of replacing the elicit cannabis market with legal cannabis industry. secondly, the letter of inquiry. and a related budget and legislative analyst report. today, supervisors peskin, ronen, safai, stefani and i are introducing a letter of inquiry asking the city administrator to -- prohibits the city from funding employee travel or doing business with states that have discrimination of abortion or voter suppression laws and
9:05 am
discrimination. states discriminate against the lgbt community. the board of supervisors responded to this development by approving the administrative code prohibiting city funds to travel that enact lbgt laws. or where work on the contract would be performed on the states and the board expanded chapter 12x in july of 21 with states with abortion laws and october '21, amended it a third time to suppress -- fast forward to today, 12x prohibits stauts from contracting with businesses headquartered in 30 days and by prohibiting the business from doing business, this resulted in administrative tifb and compliance cost and po -- today our budget and
9:06 am
legislative analyst is releasing a budget. the cost of the city associated with implementing 12x and impact of contracting, on the cost associated with 12x. it's poor compliance across city departments and found dozens of waivers for tens of millions of dollars spent in banned states and 2020, city departments -- with a value over 75 millions and companies in banned states between july 21st and '22, 35 departments approved a total of 538 waivingers totaling over $391 million. it accounts for the increase in the number of waivers and value of the associated contracts. but compliance is not without cost and analysis estimates to be half a million in staff cost so far. more significantly, the
9:07 am
analysis limiting contracts may increase by 20%. another cost of 12x not described in the bla report is its impact on the people the law is supposed to help. queer people and i was looking about a furniture business located in north carolina. it occurred to me that 12x would prohibit city and county of san francisco from acquiring furniture from that business. that result cannot be correct. i'm grateful for the work bla put into this evaluation of 12 and and peskin, ronen, safai and stefani believe it's time for analysis and goals of policy alternatives. we're asking the city administrator by may '23 to take on that task and report back with a range of
9:08 am
policy apts to the travel and contracting band for the board's consideration. i request we adjourn in memory the patrick. was 33 years old. he's survived by his mother vicky, older sister and friends and family who knew and loved him. patrick was a happy child and excellent student, well liked by his class mates and teachers and kind, creative, sensitive and he loved to make people laugh. he losinged watching skateboarding videos and enjoyed traveling with his family who have fawn
9:09 am
memories of their adventures with patrick around the world. patrick experienced mental health challenges and self medicated and he worked with the -- worked at a recycling center. patrick isolated himself from friends and family struggling with the disorders for over ten years. his family supported his attempts to manage his conditions and held on to hope he would find a path to peace and stability. patrick sought that peace through his belief in god and mental health treatment and he fought to live, participating in multiple therapeutic programs. he left one of those programs just two days before he died. after 18 months of sobriety, he used again one last time. patrick's family will love him and treasure all the positive memories they made together and they hope he's finally found the peace that alluded him for so many years. patrick's family would like to thank all the social workers and mental health
9:10 am
providers, addiction specialist and others who supported patrick through the years and continue their work with others with a special action -- acknowledgement family friend -- patrick's mom vicky, who loved him very much and stuck with him through it all asked only that i point out how her son has become statistic, one of 4 had -- 44 lives lost to overdose. and 331 lives lost in san francisco this year. rest in peace patrick hennessy. may your memory be a blessing. the next one is hard too. i'm asking that we adjourn today's meeting in honor of ken.
9:11 am
who died in his sleep october 1st, at the age of 75. ken and jack his life partner over 50 years, husband to 14 years were residents of disstrikt 8 diamond heights neighborhood. ken was born in san francisco in 1946 and was a graduate of washington high school and later the cad meet of art university. ken and jack co-owned bay winds lighting company for 18 years. ken was a long time supporter of lgbtq -- the imperial council of san francisco and the aids foundation and more. a member of gapa from the beginning, he and jack were fixtures at the events attending every center runway since 1988. he was ever present for the imperial council and given the title of march queue to the brother mood of emperors of san francisco, an honor --
9:12 am
ken donated papers to the historical society. ken was a dear sweet man and always ready with a hug and two kisses one for each cheek. i will miss him a lot and so will others and most of all his husband jack in the chambers and rest in peace, ken. may your memory is a blessing and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor mar. >> colleagues, i have a brief update on my work with the free city college oversight city and this is the site that's overseeing the -- this is the city overseeing that the college is free for san francisco residents. we're in the third year of mou and there's
9:13 am
$16.4 millional -- 16.4 allocated. there was also gist completed an equity impact report by some outside consultants looking at the equity impacts of the precity program that was very enlightening and the key findings and equity finding report will be (indiscernible) in the free city college program and i mentioned it and because of the decline, it happened at other community colleges, there's a bit of a growth in the reserve, the free city reserve
9:14 am
fund, so the oversight committee and dcyf and city college have been discussing possible uses of the reserve fund to help bolster enrollment at city college in the last, in this current budget year, you may recall, there were $4 million in reserve funds were used to support sf -- it allows city high school students to take classes and paid internship and that's a good way to build sf high school students and city college to grow enrollment. there's another proposal that city college administration presented at the last meeting to use access reserve funds in a student debt relief program that would help, that would waive debt on city college enrollment
9:15 am
debt. the discussions about these new programs are ongoing. colleagues, i have one announcement. today i'm requesting a report from the budget and legislative analyst on converting commercial spaces to housing. in the phase of two crisis in san francisco right now. the collapse of demand for downtown office space following the pandemic and on our on ongoing affordable housing crisis and converting retail to housing, and it caught attention and it deserves to be taking serious. if we can find effective ways to use our over supply of offices or other commercial spaces to help address our undersupply of housing, we need to do it and as we prepare to update the housing element in plan for creating
9:16 am
812,000 new housing units, we need every option on the table. this report would build on the work already underway on the report, supervisor charn chan requested on the future of downtown and we want to deeper that research by looking more narrowly and deeply at the specific questions and challenges on housing conversion and not just limit it to office space and not just limit it to downtown and i hope this report can help us identify and answer questions on feasibility, cost, and regulatory and legal barriers to office and retail conversion, learn from peer cities who have led on this work like (indiscernible) and i look forward with working with the bla and the board and the stakeholders from the mayor's office to the departments and members of the public as this report moves forward. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you so much, madam
9:17 am
clerk. and can we please make the in memoriam for patrick on behalf of the full board of supervisors. >> noted, thank you mr. president. >> thank you madam clerk. we're at public comment. >> at this time, the board of supervisors welcomes general public comment, and we'll hear from those present in the chamber and those who joined us remotely. to promote remote testimony, you must be connected to the call in system and the telephone number on your -- enter the meeting id24937073233. press pound, twice. you'll mayor the discussion but your line will be still -- muted and when ready, press star three and the system will indicate you have been unmuted and you can begin speaking and you may speak to the mayor's appearance and minutes, considered earlier by
9:18 am
the board, you may speak to items 40 through 42. those are the items without reference calendar and no public comment on item 25, that's the buried problems and a buried process on the hunters point project. if you speak about that, i'll redirect you. you may still connect with the board by utilizing written correspondence and us mail is the number one, dr. carlton place, city hall, room 12344, san francisco california or send us your comments in an e-mail, bos at sfgov dot org. we're joined today by our partners from the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs and from land
9:19 am
associates. can -- can each interpreter introduce them self. >> [foreign language]
9:20 am
9:21 am
>> >> thank you to the interpreters and thank you for supporting this public comment. let's go to those who are here in person. i ask the first member of the public to come to the podium. please notice the timer on po yum and the timer is -- podium is set for two minutes and we ask you set microphone close to you. >> dr. miller, i'm a long time resident and physician and worked many years in san francisco. i have to take off my glasss and keep it in the timeframe. i'm here on behalf of
9:22 am
family friends and neighbors, residents, citizens known and unknown. i want to address the sales of the city to follow the american with disabilities act. in regard to sidewalk passageway as required by law. this is to be follow 24/7 and no options for encampments, covid. as a long time resident, it seems the city's failed and continues to fail to maintain its sidewalks, clear debris and other structures, tents encampments and cars, which is necessary to make it sidewalk readily accessible to people with mobilities, visual and other disabilities. the city must clear its sidewalks of tents and camps so people with disabilities can safely navigate around them. persons with
9:23 am
disabilities are being deprived of the city services because so many city sidewalks are impassable. good citizens are the riches of our city. i would appreciate if the city admits there's a violation of the american with disabilities law and they clear the sidewalks from deprix and keep them clear -- it requires oon appropriate signage, i have never seen this to date for any obstructions on any sidewalks in the city of san francisco. unfortunately the homeless crisis drug crisis and garbage crisis has been allowed to grow. that is impacting residents who are disabled. >> thank you for your comment, sir. time has concluded. welcome
9:24 am
dr. >> good afternoon, thank you for the privilege of the podium. my name is dr. shy. california law governs the local health officers decision to declare or proclaim a public health emergency in order to exercise extraordinary protective powers to respond. the term emergency can be applied to any situation where urging and immediate action is required to mitigate and prevent adverse situation that threat notes public health property or the environment under section 10108, a regulation expanded to include approximately threat of introduction of any contagious infection or disease, chemical agent or toxic or radio actiontive act and local health officer or designee may have a public emergency to exercise power to expand to threats to human health and safety as local
9:25 am
health officer designee operating a license medical facility within the one mile buffer zone of the federal super fund sites at the hunters point shipyard and radiation contaminated and landfill shoreline and campus of the radiological -- >> dr. sunshine. i'm pausing your time. >> [speaker speaking] >> this is not helpful. thank you so much for your comment, dr. sunshine. we ask everyone respect -- >> there are four letters written to -- >> thank you, dr. sunshine. that was in committee. thank you. thank you so much, dr. sun spine. thank you. we received
9:26 am
your e-mails and thank you. >> we'll have the sergeant the arms take it up. >> it's not helpful. >> next speaker, please. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> on february 28, 2022, in a meeting of citizens action committee, a san francisco citizens action committee in response to a question about high-risk of cancer in bay view hunters point, a certain expert, an expert who is supposed to advice the community on healths
9:27 am
and safety and in response to high cancer in bay views hunters point, -- >> i'm going to pause your time, sir. just for a moment, i realize you might be speaking about items you've heard about the bay view hunters point but i'm going to ask that you do not speak about any of the findings or recommendations contained in the actual civil grand jury report. >> understood. >> i'll resume your time. you have 11 seconds left. >> in response to a question about high cancer rate in bay view hunters point, a certain advisor often community who supposed to advise under health matters said that it's really challenging to do cancer risk
9:28 am
assessment from radiology exposure because you have to tease out all other factors that are present that could have gone to the cancer, including bad genes. i hope i don't have to tell you how racist that is. if you have a problem understanding, it means that you die because you have, you're black, you have cancer because you're black. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors. beverly, san francisco domestic violence connoisseur yum and i want to thank supervisor stefani for and all of you for supporting domestic violence awareness month which is october across the country and in san francisco so thank you so much. i'm also hear with an invitation that we will be having a rally
9:29 am
next tuesday because we actually thought there would be a vote on tuesday but this is wonderful to be here today. we'll do a rally around domestic violence awareness at noon on the steps of city hall. i want to thank supervisor stefani's office and all of you. we'll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our newest member of our domestic violence community which is black women (indiscernible) against domestic violence. we're so proud of the work their doing with families and youth. really helping to light the path for those affected by domestic violence in san francisco. so, we're excite and eve, the opera, if you haven't heard it yet is a story of composers stories of resilience and survival and has a one-day run at the palace of fine arts and they will be closing our events and all of you are invited and i hope some of you will speak, join the hr c
9:30 am
and director davis and join the mayor's office of victim rights, hopefully jackie ortiz will be joining us and community members from every district. we have domestic violence services in every district even though they are confidential and 20,000 people are reaching out. 911 tells us most people want to hear and speak and trust somebody from the community that speaks their language and understands their cultural issues so as the domestic violence consortium starts our 40 year, we would be honored to have you for all of them and is so much and thank you supervisor. >> thank you beverly for your comments. welcome, michael. >> hi, michael here. i first want to address the fact that you, every week disrespect the
9:31 am
public by not giving us 15 minutes of public comment in the beginning. virtually and oakland city council set aside 15 minutes at the building and then they will take public comments on item s their meeting and take general public comment at the end. i many a watch for the past three-and-a-half hours on tv while you all con graj lated yourselves, handed outcome dagss and you're campaigning when you're doing that. before we could get to public comment. please at least make public comment item ten or item 30. make it a fixed item on your agenda and maybe your approval ratings will go up from 13% that the chronicle found last month. i'm really here to call for saving the seat at the castro theater. it is shameful that eight months after another planet announced that they were taking over management of the
9:32 am
castro theater, we have not had our supervisor holding a single town hall meeting. yet, the supervisor for that district has had many meetings behind closed doors with the eight lobbyist and the executives. we need transparency. another planet in their greed for profits. they are trying to rip out the seats of the orchestra. and there is much community opposition to this. unfortunately, the supervisor for district 8 got a 6-month continuance at the historic preservation commission so we have six more months of anxiety and trauma in the gay community about what is going to happen to this cultural institution. that is unacceptable. i'm here to say to everyone watching on tv, start showing up at these meetings and holding signs that say, save the
9:33 am
seats. >> thank you, mr. patrelis. any other members that would like to address the board on general public comment. seeing none, we'll go to the remote call in system. mr. lamb, kevin lamb from the clerk's office, do we have any callers in the queue, please. >> welcome. >> can you hear me? >> yes, we can, welcome. >> hi, thank you very much. i'm already (indiscernible) neighborhood. mainly (indiscernible). i would like to (indiscernible) that was brought up during this discussion. and the non-ada compliance of sidewalks and trash, filled
9:34 am
encampments. they are also -- it's also trauma for my neighbors and general rating a lot of crime and a lot going on and this situation is not being addressed despite our calls to 311 and the mayor's office and dpw and our supervisors. most of my (indiscernible) and supervisor peskin has remained unanswered and my attempt (indiscernible) and that remains unanswered and it has been saying with all of my neighbors who also have (indiscernible). why isn't this a top item on your agenda. i hope this will be in future meetings and i hope we
9:35 am
address homeless encampment. [speaker is muffled] >> around public comment and indeed, i would say it would be -- it would be nice to make a decision before hearing from the public because some of the feedback you would receive would be helpful in making a decision. >> thank you for your comment, sir. all right, mr. lamb, do we have any other callers in the queue, please? >> hello. it's jordan davis, my pronounces are she and her and i want to say it was a beautiful ceremony for the filipino community and i'm glad to have seen it. i think they -- i do
9:36 am
not hearing about people talking about the ada and using that against, as an excuse to do encampments sweeps and a lot of people homeless on the street are disabled as well. and there must be solutions to our homeless crisis. must i want to say something that is kind of weighing heavy on me. as you know, members of the board of supervisors recently made some extremely and racist comments towards a former city employee and i really think that in light of what is going down in la that supervisor aaron peskin needs to resign from the board of supervisors. those comments were disgusting beyond the pale and i can speak of a transgender woman and we're onhurt. . what he did was comparable to what nury martinez did and she resign and
9:37 am
people in l.a. are coming out against this and disrupting council meetings and shutting things down until we get the other two out, i mean, there's no room for that. i know supervisor melgar just talked about anti-semitic of some historic figure. we need to reckon with the fact that somebody said something bigoted and supervisor peskin needs to resign. i yield my time and fuck you and >> thank you jordan davis. >> i want to remind the public to direct your comments to the entire board of supervisors. >> mr. lamb, our next caller, please. >> >> hi, i'm calling and i just wanted to make a comment about police response. especially in
9:38 am
district six. i've had two friends call for police response and the police haven't shown up for at least 11 hours and one in eight hours. they told me they reached out to the district supervisor for that, to make a comment to see what was going on. one of the excuses given was it was fleet week. fleet week was cancelled on sunday and the other was that they just have too many crisis so i'm hoping that you all are paying attention to this. you know, both of these incidents were somebody being followed or someone breaking into their home while at home. i think that if we're going to give a lot of money to the police, we need to find out what's going on regarding making sure they are showing up at least within one hour. and if they can't do it, and they need help with other issues which was brought up at their taken care of things on
9:39 am
the street regarding cart related, i think you should reassess cart again because if we're going to have them and they are going to get all this money, they need to be responsive within an hour. the other thing, listening to jordan, you know, the mayor said some racist comments on october 5th and i was really sad to hear that. and to hear jordan state, another member of our leadership has stated trans phobic comments. do you all understand you are are leaders. that you represent us in that you shouldn't say things and offend countries or certain races or certain sexes. i would like this to be addressed. i would like you all to have a meeting about how -- >> thank you for your comments. thank you, mr. lamb. do we have another caller in the queue,
9:40 am
please. >> hi there. calling in just to speak about the recent use i heard about some suits wanting to live in a remote public and i want to speak about the reasoning because i don't think it makes sense. nonsatisfy ans would be calling in to hijack meetings and is that true and how are you, what data are you using to determine that because i watch a lot of sfgovtv and most people call nothing are sf residents with a few exceptions and yeah. how is the data being used, is it area code because there's different sf's that have different area codes. i read this but -- don't have enough time to talk. you guys don't have a platform or unlimited access to the media or untimed introduction. so i just found that, like, the reasoning to not make a lot of sense. and you know, if you look at the past
9:41 am
timestamp, they average the thing, same length of minutes pre-pandemic. i don't see a big difference so i would actually just appreciate the honesty and have more respect if you said you wanted to eliminate public comment entirely because i feel most of you have your minds make up and this format doesn't make a difference for you. be honest (indiscernible) because those were laughable. calling into com[up] public comment isn't easy and you have to wait for hours to hear your line was unmuted and i was on a group chat and me were surprised, this is really hard. last thing i say from the disability -- and you make exceptions but not good because if it's another step you're going to make chronically ill people, disabled people have to prove that they have -- just make it accessible so eliminate it entirely or come up with better arguments, thank you. >> thank you for your comments. mr. lamb, do we have another
9:42 am
caller in the queue please. >> madam clerk, no more callers in the queue. >> thank you mr. lamb for your help. >> mr. president. >> thank you, madam clerk. no more speakers and no more callers, public comment is closed. [gavel] madam clerk, would you please call for adoption without committee reference agenda. items 40 through -- 42. >> [reading item 40 through 42. [ >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues, does anyone wish to sever any items? i don't see anyone on the roster. madam clerk, would you call the roll for items 40 through 342. >> items 40 through 42. supervisor melgar. >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor preston? >> aye. >> supervisor ronen?
9:43 am
>> aye. >> supervisor safai? >> aye. >> supervisor stefani? >> aye. >> supervisor walton? >> aye. >> supervisor chan? >> aye. >> supervisor dorsey? >> aye. >> supervisor mandelman? >> aye. >> and supervisor mar? >> aye. there are 11 ayes. >> this resolution is adopted and motions are approved unanimously. [gavel] madam clerk do you have imperative agenda items. >> none to report. >> will you present the in more yums. we'll adjourn in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor peskin, for the late ms. tara may. on behalf of supervisor preston and supervisor ronen for the late mr. john crew. on behalf of supervisor ronen for the late
9:44 am
ms. maggie lopez and ms. makalia. on behalf of president walton and supervisor peskin, for the late mr. michael ham. on behalf of supervisor mandelman for the late mr. ken and on behalf of supervisor mapped, on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, for the late patrick hennessy. >> thank you so much, madam clerk. colleagues, that brings us to the end of our agenda. please remember just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. this meeting is adjourned. [gavel]
9:45 am
9:46 am
. >> president yee: of the 26 neighborhoods we have in west portal, it's probably the most unique in terms of a small little town. you can walk around here, and it feels different from the rest of san francisco. people know each other. they shop here, they drink wine here. what makes it different is not only the people that live here, but the businesses, and without all these establishments, you wouldn't know one neighborhood from the other. el toreador is a unique
9:47 am
restaurant. it's my favorite restaurant in san francisco, but when you look around, there's nowhere else that you'll see decorations like this, and it makes you feel like you're in a different world, which is very symbolic of west portal itself. >> well, the restaurant has been here since 1957, so we're going on 63 years in the neighborhood. my family came into it in 1987, with me coming in in 1988. >> my husband was a designer, and he knew a lot about art, and he loved color, so that's what inspired him to do the decorations. the few times we went to mexico, we tried to get as many things as we can, and we'd
9:48 am
bring it in. even though we don't have no space, we try to make more space for everything else. >> president yee: juan of the reasons we came up with the legacy business concept, man eel businesses were closing down for a variety of reasons. it was a reaction to trying to keep our older businesses continuing in the city, and i think we've had some success, and i think this restaurant itself is probably proof that it works. >> having the legacy business experience has helped us a lot, too because it makes it good for us because we have been in business so long and stayed here so long. >> we get to know people by name, and they bring their children, so we get to know them, also.
9:49 am
it's a great experience to get to know them. supervisor yee comes to eat at the restaurant, so he's a wonderful customer, and he's very loyal to us. >> president yee: my favorite dish is the chile rellenos. i almost never from the same things. my owner's son comes out, you want the same thing again? >> well, we are known for our mole, and we do three different types of mole. in the beginning, i wasn't too familiar with the whole legacy program, but san francisco, being committed to preserve a lot of the old-time businesses, it's important to preserve a lot of the old time flavor of these neighborhoods, and in that capacity, it was great to
9:50 am
be recognized by the city and county of san francisco. >> i've been here 40 years, and i hope it will be another 40 year >> i don't want to be involved in the process after it happens. i want to be there at the front end to help people with something in my mind from a very early age. our community is the important way to look at things, even now. george floyd was huge. it opened up wounds and a discussion on something
9:51 am
festering for a long time. before rodney king. you can look at all the instances where there are calls for change. i think we are involved in change right now in this moment that is going to be long lasting. it is very challenging. i was the victim of a crime when i was in middle school. some kids at recess came around at pe class and came to the locker room and tried to steal my watch and physically assaulted me. the officer that helped afterwards went out of his way to check the time to see how i was. that is the kind of work, the kind of perspective i like to have in our sheriff's office regardless of circumstance. that influenced me a lot. some of the storefronts have changed. what is mys is that i still see some things that trigger
9:52 am
memories. the barbershop and the shoe store is another one that i remember buying shoestrings and getting my dad's old army boots fixed. we would see movies after the first run. my brother and i would go there. it is nice. if you keep walking down sacramento. the nice think about the city it takes you to japan town. that is where my grandparents were brought up. that is the traditional foods or movies. they were able to celebrate the culture in that community. my family also had a dry-cleaning business. very hard work. the family grew up with apartments above the business. we have a built-in work force. 19 had 1 as -- 1941 as soon as
9:53 am
that happened the entire community was fixed. >> determined to do the job as democracy should with real consideration for the people involved. >> the decision to take every one of japan niece american o japanese from their homes. my family went to the mountains and experienced winter and summer and springs. they tried to make their home a home. the community came together to share. they tried to infuse each home are little things. they created things. i remember my grand mother saying they were very scared. they were worried. they also felt the great sense of pride.
9:54 am
>> japanese americans. >> my granduncle joined the 442nd. when the opportunity came when the time that was not right. they were in the campaign in italy. they were there every step of the way. >> president truman pays tribute. >> that was the most decorated unit in the history of the united states army. commitment and loyal to to the country despite that their families were in the camp at that time. they chose to come back to san francisco even after all of that. my father was a civil servant as well and served the state of california workers' compensation attorney and judge and appellate board. my parents influenced me to look
9:55 am
at civil service s.i applied to police, and sheriff's department at the same time. the sheriff's department grabbed me first. it was unique. it was not just me in that moment it was everyone. it wasn't me looking at the crowd. it was all of us being together. i was standing there alone. i felt everyone standing next to me. the only way to describe it. it is not about me. it is from my father. my father couldn't be there. he was sick. the first person i saw was him. i still sometimes am surprised by the fact i see my name as the sheriff. i am happy to be in the position i am in to honor their memory
9:56 am
doing what i am doing now to help the larger comment. when i say that we want to be especially focused on marginalized communities that have been wronged. coming from my background and my family experienced what they did. that didn't happen in a vacuum. it was a decision made by the government. nobody raised their voice. now, i think we are in a better place as country and community. when we see something wrong we have change agents step up to help the community affected. that is a important thing to continue to do. you talk about change and being a leader in change and not knowing whether you have successes or results. the fact of the matter is by choosing to push for change you have already changed things. through inspiration for others,
9:57 am
take up the matter or whether it is through actual functional change as a result of your voice being heard. i think you have already started on a path to change by choosing that path. in doing that in april of itself creates change. i continue in that type of service for my family. something i hope to see in my children. i have a pretty good chance with five children one will go into some sort of civil service. i hope that happens to continue that legacy. >> i am paul, sheriff of san francisco.
9:58 am
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>> the meeting began at 10 o'clock a.m. call the roll. >> good morning respond with hereby or present l