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tv   BOS Rules Committee  SFGTV  October 31, 2022 6:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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for a long time. connectivity we have to the waterfront and san francisco is important. i can't wait to experience it as a residents and district supervisor. [music] >> good morning and welcome to the rowels committee of the san francisco board of supervisors for today, halloween october 31, 2022. i'm the chair aaron peskin joined by vice chair mandelman
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and member supervisor chan. our clerk is mr. victor young. do you have any announcements? >> yes the board of supervisors committee are convening hybrid meeting still prosecute voiding remote access and public comment via phone. will be taking the public comment as followed:first comment taken on each item on the agenda. those in person allowed to speak first then those on the phone line. those watching channel 26, 28, 78 or 99 and the public call in number is streaming. the number is 415-655-0001. the meeting id access code: 2492 770 5750 ##. when connected you will hear the meeting discussion but will be
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muted and in listening mode only. when your item of interest come up and public comment is called those in person lineup to peek and those on the phone should dial story 3 to be added to the line. if you arol phone remember to turn down your television and all listening devices. >> as indicated, we will take public comment in person first and then go to the comment phone line. you may submit public comment in writing e mail them to myself the clerk at victor. young if you can submit it by e mill tell be forwarded to the proirzs and include as part of the file. send the comments u.s. mail to city hall.
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>> thank you. call the first item. >> first is item 1. ordinance approving surveillance technology policies body come ras by rec and park security by the deputy elections and the airport and finaling in support of said approvals. >> thank you, mr. young. this is the third time this item appeared before this committee. there are a few nonsubstantive changes that i put before you putting in the correct file number and filling out terms. >> i'm happy to go through them most low it is put nothing file 221043 in numerous places throughout the ordinance. i will reminds folks that the provision with regard to the
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location managementment system of the rec and parks department has been stricken. and is not part of this approved policy. and with that, is there public comment on this item? >> yes, members who would like to speak on this matter can lineup to speak at this time. for those remote call 415-655-0001. upon upon enter access code: 2492 770 5750 ##. once connected you will need to press story 3 to enter the speaker line for those in the queue wait until the system indicates you are unmute then begin your comment. can we have our first caller in the room? come forward. >> you have 2 minutes for public comment. >> thank you, yes.
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i'm [inaudible] and i would like to say i'm [inaudible] yea, on surveillance i would understand why it would be needed terror the lessons upon given the scene because of the laws of fraud. so that ponent that having said on the 2020 election. so but um -- i would really oppose it in parks and rec and other public venue because we are going inclusion a police day for everything surveillance and i'm protecting and defending constitutional rights i heard on the news yesterday that no action can be taken against those people that were in -- voting places. they were -- armed and
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threatening [inaudible]. said than i have a right [inaudible] i [inaudible] i can't believe they have nothing can be done [inaudible] they have a lot to [inaudible] speech and the press. so i support that but i would like to say that we have enough surveillance i don't want to go to parks and see the come are watching my every move. it does not sound right e approximately you go to public performs. >> thank you >> thank you. there are other member who is would like to testify on item one? >> yes we have a caller on the line. can we have our first caller. >> can you hear me okay. >> proceed. >> great. david, i wanted to speak in support of the ordinance. appreciate the technical review
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and edits proposed by chair peskin. and i think these 3 use makes sense and have been fair low scrutinized and appreciate the work of the various departments and jillian johnson of [inaudible]. thank you for listening. >> thank you. >> that was our last caller on the phone line for this matter. admissible comment is closed. i will make a motion to adopt the amendments technical and nonsubstantive on that motion a roll call. >> on the motion to adopt the amendments, supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. gi will make a motion to sends it as amended with recommendation to the full board of supervisors. on that motion a roll call. >> on that motion, supervisor
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chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection. next item. >> next on the agenda is item twoshg ordinance amending the code to require board of supervisors approval of a policy governing the funding acquisition and use of certain law enforcement equipment consistent with the criteria in state law and approves the police department's use of equipment policy. >> colleagues, we have heard this on 4 occasions in the intervening week. the police department made some signatured changes to the changes i suggested at the last meeting. but they are they are still as of the last time communicated with them -- contemplating additional changes waiting on
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the chief who was otherwise busy with the pelosi matter to opine on their comments. i will make their comments to me a part of the record. for next week. i believe that there are police department representatives available if you have any questions. they will be the back and forth will be in next week's board packet. is there anybody here from the department withhold like to add or subtract or otherwise comment? i believe supervisor chan? supervisor chan. my thank you. i did have the amendments from
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last week. that i don't know if i need to again read my amendments to the legislation or we can >> you can i mean the legislation itself this is a bit like 19 b. which is in order to have changes to the policy we would do that by ordinance. the changes that you suggested were a part of the comments that i read in the policy itself. so they, and i believe by the way, and i will hundred this to you i believe that the department did -- accept those changes. >> yes. >> you don't need to read them they will be ultimate low incorporate in the the policy if the board of supervisors cease fit to do so. this supervisor certainly does. >> thank you.
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is there anybody from the police department who would like to say anything? all right. if not, are there members of the public hold like to testify on item 2? >> yes, members wish to speak on this item can line up to peek. listening remote call 415-655-0001 then access code: 2492 770 5750 ##. once connected you need to press story 3 to enter the line. those in the queue continue to wait until the system indicated you have been unmuted then begin your comments can we have our first commenter? >> in the room? >> yes. i oppose that legislation. we don't need tanks, machine guns i'm opposed to guns.
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i remember we was going to go [inaudible] [inaudible] that was [inaudible]. he did not understand english i told him to drop the weapon he had a machine gun this would [inaudible]. 2016. its like why having tanks and machine guns? you know. [inaudible] like jackson, mississippi the african and white students were [inaudible] i don't see why people are not up in arms. [inaudible] that is so wrong machine gun and tanks for a police encounter. it is ridiculous.
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>> thank you. >> moving to the phone callers. can we have our first caller. >> good morning chair and supervisor this is policy is missing >> reporter:s of state law and vital to community safety produced for our [inaudible]. we ask you incorporate the amendments to fully define authorized use for all weapons that a date compatible with the 23/24 budget process for receiving the [inaudible]. and direct sfpd require full transparency. police department require military grade equipment are like low to use violence and military equipment is deployed in black and brown communities the risk and impacts of sfpd
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militarization will be responsiblesed acute low in marginalized communities. there are desparity in policing in san francisco and a report found san francisco the worse in the state with police [inaudible] rates for black residents. military equipment is a multiplier and have consequences for further exacerbating san francisco's desparities. based on the [inaudible] by commune members and clients impacted by the generational harm caused. should be aggressive in our prop to oversight had policy does in the safe guard the public's welfare, safety, rights or civil learnt this is is a requirement of ab41. ordinance must be resunriseed pesifiy what uses are authorized for each weapon and a report with the budget process and
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require transparency in equipment restocking. please incorporate come community concerns. thank you. >> and -- before the next speaker. the last speaker referred to the community version. i'm not if that exists i gotten public comment letters with various suggestions this are in the file and i'm reviewing the file. but in the sure hacommunity version this speaker from glide is referring to. anyway. if somebody has this and wants to make it a part of the file i encourage them to do so. >> thank you. next caller, please. >> good morning. supervisors tess welbourn.
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i support that the peeshg from glide said. and i'm horrifyd that this equipment -- in the hands of sfpd in view of the many heinous acts they have already performd and could perform in the future. i personal low would recommend this the equipment donated to the national guard or the equal. thank you. i endorse comments from glide. i sent you 3e mails with comments similar to what glide said the last few months. i will in the repeat that but we
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need an ordinance that defines authorized use clearly. so the opinion knows that the allowed uses, endorse plan to the budget process. that is the account at tool the board of supervisors has. and will give the public an opportunity to see that you are looking and viewing the uses to see if they are still necessary and meet the public safety and guideline in the state ordinance. i would like to request had the police department submits their comments they get posted early enough appears this will be continued until 2 weeks from now? i believe the election is next tuesday. may not be meeting on this day.
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thank you very much. >> that was our last caller. public comment for this item is closed. and i the make a motion to condition this item to the meeting next monday. on that motion, a roll call, please. >> >> on the motion to continue the matter supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. chair peskin. >> aye. >> that matter is continued. next item. please. next on the agenda is item 3. motion reissue pointing supervisor mandelman term ending december first of 23 to the california state assembly of counties. would you like to make a motion. >> so moved. motion to recuse supervisor mandelman. >> on that motion, supervisor
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chan. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> motion passes without objection. with mandelman being excuse friday that motion. >> is there public comment on the motion to reappoint supervisor mandelman to the california state association of counties? >> members who wish to speak in person should line up at this time. for those remote call 415-655-0001 then access code: 2492 770 5750 ##. once connected press story 3 to enter the queue. for those in the queue continue to wait until you have been unmuted then begin your comment. anyone in the room withhold like to comment on this merit? >> seeing none. we have one person on the line
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for public comment. >> proceed, please. >> we lost that person. >> so we don't have callers on the line. >> opinion comment is closed i make a motion to sends this to the full board with positive recommendation on that a roll call, please. >> on that motion supervisor chan. >> aye. >> vice chair mandelman is excused. chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes without objection with vice chair mandelman excuse friday this matter. >> next item. >> next on the agenda is item 4 motion to director the clerk to initiate request for proposal process to facilitate a working group to explore ownership or resident control at mid town park apartment in the western edition. >> supervisor preston, i look
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forward to being regaled with the charter conundrum this motion is facing. >> thank you, chair peskin and i will do my best and appreciate you calendaring this and allowing to condition with the city attorney and if okay with the chair i do need to go in background on this one. i have been thinking about this all weekend. >> right. >> so -- colleagues the item buffer occurrence mid town park apartments affordable house nothing the western edition and i want to say that ma in many ways mid town is a moral test for the city how we support the residents puts to the test our city's commitment to racial equity, housing stability and
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reparations to the black community. mid town is city owned. the only such property in the city. true municipal housing right now existing in the heart of the fillmore. the only impedament to a resident lead future of mid town is the city itself. many of you may be familiar with the situation at mid town in 2020, this board voted approving an ordinance to provide rent stabilization to the long-term legacy tenants at mid town. some of whom received had we viewed as very unfair rent increases. that important step to redress rent increases that were as high as 300%. was always viewed by my office and by the residence denials in mid town as a step on a
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long-term path. motion before the committee is intended to commence the next step and to monopoly out long-term vision for mid town. one in which residents voices are centered this step is a long time coming. mid town existence owes itself to an explicit emission by the city the redevelopment era saw the mass displacement of the black community was a tremendous mistake. the 138 unit complex mid town was created to house western edition residents had lost homes during the shameful chapter in san francisco history. it was created by the city giving the property to private developer barton western and according to historic documents the company advertised the units with the slogan own your own. promoting which tenants have equity ownership in a
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coprittive. as reported on, including reports by reporter natalie. that promise was taken away by the private develop exert settle in the court and colleagues i could go in the long twisted saga that is the story of mid town in the intervocabularying years the transfer of ownership to hud. eventual low to the city. the ever changing property management companies and series of broken promises to they residents. equally is the resilience and dedication to community the residence have shown. i will fast forward not to present i will fast forward it june fifth, 2007 a crucial moment in relation this to
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board's activities approve a resolution to guide the city and mid town park residents in formulating a long-term ownership structure and development plan. and again that was in 2007. the resolution detailed 5 principles realize long-term ownership. name low prevenning displacement involving tenants and protecting affordability and exploring alternative ownership structures and faith, sanitary and decent housing. where as clause noted that quote, mo is committed to working with the tenants to complete the planning transfer of ownership and rehab of mid town p apartments.
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15 years later, 15 years later, it is clear no progress has been made by the mayor's office of housing to achieve this. this past budget cycle my office allocated limited funds to jump start this process. we invested district add back dollars with the purpose of retaining community housing consultant to have a conversation among mid town residents how to best achieve the long promised goal of resident control or ownership with residents voices the center of the discussion. funds pay for expert to lead a conversation among residence denials what affordable housing model, ownership structure, best suits their vision and needs this information can be used to inform the board of supervisors
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about our next steps with regard to mid town. one can make the case the funds allocated to major's office of housing. that department shown it is unable or unwilling to perform this work. they were urgeed do so 15 years ago by the board and taken no steps to see this to fruition. >> unfortunately this is not an isolated situation and previous add backs from my office the mayor's office and community development has been unable or unwilling to implement funds for their purpose. last year's budget we put tw00 thousand dollars toward public housing organizers, funds aimed helping residents in public and subsidized housing add vo indicated for repairs and dignified conscience for months after the budget was approved offered excuses to why they were not moving the funds forward.
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finally, we introduced legislation to represent the funds to a different department. eve of a committee hearing on that motion. on that ordinance that informed us agree to move the funds elsewhere. i take no pleasure in recite thanksgiving history but it is relevant why we allocate the funds at issue in this motion. limited funds. instead to the clerk's office to issue the necessary rfp. we were adviseed introduce the motion directing the clerk to perform this function and did that. after introduction of that motion my office was contacted by city attorney who raised concerns about whether this function is allowed under the charter. i will let the city attorney weigh in if they chose the theatre as i understand it from the city attorney's office is the board could be stepping into an executive function with this motion to be approved.
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despite the fact the charter nowhere presented the board from directing the clerk to issue an rfp and or to retain an expert to work with residence denial in the american at issue the city attorney conclude today is imployed by the charter. this conclusion is baffling to me and reflects a tortured reading of the charter this unreasonable low constrains the power of this board of supervisors under this reading a supervisor would not be able to host a community meetock a topic if there were an issue the department may act on that happened be of course, an executive function. to say this unreasonably tied the hands i don't think it is consistent with the charter. colleagues,il ask you today to continue the motion to the call of the chair. not because we are giving up on this effort. for from t. we come to far and residents sufferd and fought back for too long for you to 3
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up a white flag. it is my sincere hope the city attorney the revise its legal analysis here. cease obstruction of the board's work to deliver for the people and my hope would be we can then bring the item back to the committee. at the same time in order to minimize delays of getting funds out the door we will explore finding another department or agency that is willing to help us facilitate the work our contit wents demanded for over 15 years. i would be remiss to not express frustration with the imppediments to our efforts by the office of the city attorney unneeding putting restrictions to the power of the board and not giving us a warning about potential issues nor suggesting ways to accomplish our goal in getting the funds to work
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through amended language or revised motion but instead, advising clearly, thisseen if this body if this committee and the board of supervisors were to pass a motion directing the clerk to issue the subject rfp the. city attorney will refuse to sign a contract to form and making moot efforts boy this body to accomplish this goal. this is an inproperty action by the city attorney who is supposed to represent the board on the heels of years of the city government inactualitying, delay and disrespecting the residents of mid town. and i want to just before i wrap up. butt this in a broader context. i invite you, colleagues and anyone listen to walk the basement of this building where the paragraphs of david johnson on display they show once i have
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bran african-american community across san francisco especially admit harlem of the west in my district. photos are here at city hall at 1 doctor carlton b. goodlet place. namesake was once a proud residence den of mid town park apartments. the communities, the per and the lives depict in the mr. johnson's photos on display in the building have a hawning beauty we know the actions of the city through redevelopment irreversible low took much of it, way again and again the city failed its black community. mid town was an attempt to redress to some small extent the failures. first residents promised a dream of ownership deferd and since denied. by standing in the way the city
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attorney adds another chapter. we will not be deterd and neither will the residents of mid town. and so with that i want to thank you again, chair peskin and committee member and chief of staff for w on this and his work on mid town and i look forward to discussion of the item and ask the committee continue to the call of the chair. >> thank you. >> thshg supervisor preston. and operate and apart from the history of mid town and your and previous attempts and 2007 to address that. i am troubled by the constitutional charter matter. it is interesting to me in a number of ways relative to the
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19 nic charter, proved by voter in 1995. which differed from the 1932 charter as to interference by the legislative branch in matters of the executive. and the 32 charter to my mine was more clear than the 96 charter. when i came long in 2001, i was advised by ordinance, and i realize this is a motion we can get in the details of that. that the board of supervisors had great latitude by ordinance in asserting its will as a matter of luin the workings of the executive branch.
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i also note that in the company decades i have been in and out of this building as a supervisor, that the city attorney and this is a broad statement. don't make it has generally found that things that are not specifically addressed or precluded by the charter are not inconsistent with the charter. we just saw that in the resignation letter matter. where in the city attorney did in the say it was not spelled out in the charter. i think the sentiment of the city attorney's letter was
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inconsistent with the spirit of the charter. here i think you can, ploy the same logic which is, this is not preclouded by the charter. we go out for an rfp, in 2009 asked me as a former supervisor to sit on the selection panel for a mule budget and legislative analyst contract. and i did so. i don't see how creating a working group is inconsistent with the roles assigned legislative branch under the 1996 charter. i realize this is a complicated matter i have not assigned political mote vision this is
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about a reading of the charter and its application thereof. i don't think there is any behind the scenes political shananagans going of i don't think that of the professional staff of the city attorney's office. to whom i would imagine that the elected city attorney would defer to. so, but i also actually given that she has been around as a board aid and then now for many years as the clerk of the board would be interested in hearing our clerk's take on this. i mean after all this is a legislative branch temperature is a department also. it is a sitting city department. it is department number one. so, i don't know if you have any noncity attorney words of wisdom to add to this?
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>> members of the committee afternoon la, the i think for the clerk, the perspective i like to take to leave my personal opinion out of this conversation. and just indicate to the committee and to the board of supervisors that just pursuant i will ask sfgovtv to look at the projection. 2.117 the highlighted section, the clerk shall have other duties and aren'ts as the board of supervisors may prescribe. of course, the committee's will and of the boards should you ask that any duty performed including an rfp we will be happy to perform this role for you. and of course work with as always our general council and
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deputy city attorney on any of those matters in the event this this board and the city asked us to move forward with that. >> supervisor chan. >> thank you. i think that is a question thank you, chair peskin and thank you supervisor preston for bring thanksgiving to us. this question is for madam clerk as well. is that we actually have done something similar. i think at lafco, which there is a press for request for proposal. for the public or reinvestment grew for the public bank. issue the proposal and be able to hire a consultant but i guess my question is, we have that. we have done it, in fact not directly with this body but a body that a body that is
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independent from us over seed by the board of supervisors. >> member chan, clerk of the board, it is true that when there are areas of interest to the board that the departments have not shown initiative on or did in the chose to move it as a priority of this board did initiate a lafco there were matter items removed in that life landfall. there was funding that was appropriated or garnered for some of the duties in lafco. it has been done, perhaps the city attorney's office can indicate issues that would distinguish the matters, way from this matter? you are correct the department has done it. >> and this is for us, clothes to think about. lafco is unique and different
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from the other counties because of when we are and city and county of san francisco, the body as local formation agency commission is independent and that it does have the authority for municipal service review that is irrelevant that body. can actually what actually does is it review municipal services and that in my opinion falls under municipal services. i will leave that for supervisor preston to pursue and city attorney to determine. thank you. >> supervisor preston. thank you. chair peskin and thank you, supervisor chan. it may be that we should explore that with this and lafco has been a great resource as you say
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with the some items asthma dam clerk referenced departments may not have been prioritizing them. look forward to conferring with you about that and whether that might be a good fit. i want to briefly touch on just point out 2 things on the issue. of the balance power interpretation here. first of all, to point out, following up on chair peskin's comments and the charter has and section 101 all right and powerhouse city ask county not vested shall be exercises by the board of prierzs that is a catch all that empowered the board of surprises broadly. i would point out this is a
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central issue. >> the city's charter does not have an exclusivity clause. if you look at united states constitution and the state constitution, they preclude a branch are exercising a power this another branch has this is in the the case in our city charter. so, of the idea this just because you know, buss and trines are under the mta, that means that the board could not hold a community meeting or contract for an event space to hold a meeting about bus and trains in our district that is none an interpretation that is consistent with the charter. approximate so what the conclusion reached boy the city
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attorney's office. is reading into our charter and exclusivity clause that does not exist in our charter but does exist in the state and federal charter. and importing the cases that interpret state and federal law that have different mandates from ours. per of why we want to elevate the here in this committee is i think it sets a bad precedent and i think we need clarity as to this had appear to be the interpretation because a department could do something, that precludes the board from acting on that same accept to pass legislation on the topic. i will leave it at that. thank you mr. chair. >> madam city attorney, any light you want to shed on this from the city attorney's office perspective?
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>> deputy city attorney, i'm happy to answer questions i think supervisor preston summarized our advice. this is a motion before you direct the clerk to engage to employ the services of a facilitator for a noncity group to organize. we have advised that should the board pass this motion and the clerk engage we would not approve the form to contract and begin that advice because it is our opinion that such a contract reflect executive functions and not legislative functions. the board has within the power many powers but they are only to act by ordinance, resolution and motion and the board may not under charter section 2.114 get involved in administrative affaired the board could set policy.
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adopt ordinances requiring o krushgs d to appropriate funds and credit a group. but the board may not choose for whatever reason to dot work it would prefer a department does. so we have advised here that we would not approve this contract to form if were initiated. >> isn't this the power of inquiry? doesn't the formation of this working group, 2.114 accepts for the purpose of the power of inquiry. isn't this really pursuant to that power of inquiry in >> i don't think so. i know pursuant to the power of inquiry the board holds hearings and the board by ordinance creates working groups that advise the board. but i don't think the board negotiates contracts to fund
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service as part of the power of inquiry. >> not necessary low. i would argue that the budget and legislative analyst or for instance, if this board of supervisors pursuant to an issue needed to obtain at cost expert advice that would require a hiring somebody. if i was wrestling with refuse policy and needed to go out and hire a national expert on refuse policy in order to inform this board as to to what policy steps tuesday take that is power of inquiry. >> the role that the bla plays under the charter. the bla might need to subcontract to obtain this. why could this not go through the bla to form an outside group to enforce the policy of the
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board of supervisors? >> if you know we will be happy to look at that as an option. i understood this rfp to look to organize a community group. which i think is different from -- informing the board of supervisors. and it would require with all due respect to the clerk's office who has expertise in the support of a policy body and legislative process, i think her office would need some assistance in coming up with a scope of work for this type of project. and the board may not fulfill this role this is an executive function. joy think i begin supervisor preston some things to think about. >> yes. thank you. mr. chair and we will follow up with city attorney on that and
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the clerk and bla on that suggestion. and i did want to add one other thing that is part of the frustration is that you know there is no dwhae this board could pass an ordinance setting up a working group we do that at the time we have the power to set up a working group. do you know why you are not seeing an ordinance to set ump a working group here? the simple fact that contrary to the city done with respect to mid town, we want and the residents want a majority of any decisionmaking body or anyone making recommendations to to the residents of mid town. which, of course, >> conflict issues and add voice from the city attorney i think correctly show raising a flag if the major of the body are people who have a stake in an outcome, that legally you cannot set up a working group the we have
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jurisdiction to create a formal working group but don't have jurisdiction to bring on someone with to retain an expert? who can meet infurthermorally with the residence denials. gage what they and want report become to the board so legislate it accordingly i think it it is a problem. i appreciate the suggestion and the creative approaches to trying to figure out how to do this and look forward to consulting with city attorney on that suggestion. >> thank you. supervisor. are there any members of the public when would like to testify on this item number 4? >> members the public had wish to speak are joining us in person line up to speak. for those remet call 415-655-0001 then access code: 2492 770 5750 ##.
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you need to press story 3 to center the line. if you are in the queue wait until you have been unmuted then begin your comment. there is nobody in the room for public comment at this time we have 2 on the line. first speaker, please. can you hear me >> yes, we can. >> great. david again. so very interesting issue i appreciate the history and frustration here. certainly could be a powers and duties issue but reasonable minds can disagree this is an example where [inaudible] had an emgant solution and i guess i'm surprised that the current city attorney team has not come up with something to solve this. seems to me it is more like creating an advisory committee
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or requesting a bla report it is exploring options. regardless of the composition of the group which could be a majority of residents or not. it is just exploring options and ways to get to a different place from where you are now temperature is not directoring an executive branch department here. i seem to recall that watkins was involved in this effort years ago. i hope he is still involved. and i checked on the website and there are certainly a long list of advisory bodies the board created on topics that fall under executive branch departments. because they provide add voice to that those departments or this board on the topics. and don't exercise powerhouse of the city i think they are fine.
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and i think this this logic employed here puts in the question the way business is done in the city. and i support continuance and continuing to explore the issue but i'm sure well is a solution to this. that would allow exploring other options. thank you for listening. >> thank you, next caller, please. >> hello. i'm very pleased with the discussion that supervisor preston brought up and the thoughtful comment this is all of you other people in the committee supervisor peskin and chan, have made. and also the clerk. thank you.
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i -- think that these are very important issue this is need to be explored the board passed a number of piece of legislation that the executive branch chosen not to implement. and we are touching on a larger issue, too. and -- i appreciate your thoughtfulness and like to say i support mid town getting a chance to have some kinds of ownership even land trust style ownership the land remains in the stele's hands. big are issues and the one initiating there, thank you very much for considering this and for continuing it. >> are there other members of the public for this item? >> there are no additional callers for this matter. >> all right. why public comment is closed.
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supervisor preston i'm happy to work withow this and may be there are nuanced changes that account be made empowering the budget analyst and under the tw.114 clear exception for the power of inquiry but we can take that off line and with that i will make ail motion to continue this item to the call of the chair on this motion a roll call, please. >> on that motion supervisor chan. why aye. >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. why motion passes without objection. next item. >> item 5 is motion approving rejecting the mayor's nomination for gloria li to the municipal transportation board of directors term ending march first of 25. >> colleagues the mayor nominate third degree individual on or about september 16th.
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the individual who has been nominated is out of the country. >> i believe show is on the line >> great. >> excellent. love it. beautiful. let me before we do that -- ask a couple of questions of the city attorney. or may be of the clerk to this committee. question number one is, the charter lays out some specifications not by seat. so it says that 2 of 7 directors must possess significant cab knowledge or professional experience in public transportation. fourth sets out that 4 must be regular muni, riders to which seats are these ascribed or which individuals are those
6:57 pm
ascribed. well is nothing this says these other muni ride and 2 with experience. steve professional experience. this one can figure out by looking at the list. i don't know who the other one in that category is. do we know? department upon city attorney, this is a situation where having seat numbers would help. in a case like this the clerk keeps electronic of which individuals who have been appointed have the specifications so we know whether we need another transit rider. but i would defer to the clerk on the current list. >> i'm not this is victor young not aware of that information i can check with the add administrator of the board of
6:58 pm
directors. iel, i don't think it is -- cajina or -- yekutiel. mr. hooinz i love to know the other person with program importance and in the same breath the for you regular muni riders are. the board made that finding in the past. nothing this say this is satisfies that requirement. under 8a102. of the charter. i would need to check to ask them to report become to us on this matter. >> okay and madam deputy city attorney it is my belief in
6:59 pm
reading 8a.102 this board of supervisors has no time by which we must act? >> that's correct. >> all right. mrs. li? floor is yours. thank you for joining us. >> >> hi. supervisors [inaudible] good morning. can i'm sorry a can't join you in person i'm in hong kong now it is grit to see you. i'm gloria li live in the trans bay area of san francisco close of the transit center. i have been serving on the tgpa for 6 years [inaudible] the district 6 representative i helped navigate the [inaudible]. creating neighborhood friend low activities and advocates for the dtx and pushing for way find
7:00 pm
nothing multiple language especially chinese. i was on the transbay cac which over cease the development of the former transbay terminal. i cofounded a neighborhood group when we found out that the city has plans to [inaudible] turn it to a [inaudible]. the space turned an out door community space instead of the tent site. close to [inaudible] and tens of thus arounds of residents near. we worked with supervisor hene and the tjpa to make this a reality. it is a needed space our residents don't have.
7:01 pm
i wed for the former board of under ma i started as a district liaison with the chinese community in the of bay area. and i'm a first generation immigrant and college graduate. i have a passion for certainim grant community and ensure equal access to local, state and federal resources and language access. i translate resource in chinese and cantonese and [inaudible]. the small business owners in order for them to access the resources. my goal for serving on the mta focus on the safety of the transit system including pedestrian safety. increasing language access and xhoungzs to the chinese speaking stake holders especially in d 4 and ensuring the needs of the
7:02 pm
users [inaudible] like myself non-english speak and [inaudible] if appointed i will [inaudible]ville tear service for the community above personal and political needs thank you for your time. >> thank you mrs. li. relative to our use and frequency there of muni, which i referred to in my opening comments could you speak to that, please. >> [inaudible] i work in the state building i was a rider of muni to and from work. i encountered a few attack on the platform and muni platform and during covid refrain friday using public transit i have a young child at home.
7:03 pm
i'm not surety definition of frequent. >> any agrees committee members. supervisor chan? >> thank you, chair peskin. i had the opportunity to peek with mrs. gloria li. and it was a very informative and pleasant conversation. i felt grateful that of her interest to serving the city. it is a very critical role and i think she has been trying and both her public service work and personal life to really being involved in the city's transit issues and policy work. that said, i want to say that i think there are others this i can easily name off right at this moment that 2 not only have
7:04 pm
done it is work but done the w for much longer. in this case i want to say you know looking at the make up of the sfmta board of directors filling the role of lye look to see an a ap i ownership chienys american or chinese speaking on this san francisco mt aboard of directors. and looking at more specific low if you know we are seek representation for chinese speaking or rep centation but a woman of color that i think i can easily think of many others that have not more passionate have even more experience in this case. come i will 3 those names without there permission. you know.
7:05 pm
and that's including the in fact that the district 3 youth commissioner rosa chan. but no longer youth commissioner she is older now. and have done the china town advocacy work and before her queena chan and doing a lot of advocacy work for residence den in san francisco. both not just in china town but the connection and the connectivity critical between china town and viz valley and bayview and have been identified as a muni equity strategy zone. and last but not least i want to also 3 out there gent chan who now is working on that issue especially during pandemic done
7:06 pm
critical work trans lagz survey and working with residence denials, making sure they understand the transit survey critical for making sure that we have our muni businesses really recover and bring back critical services in initial days when we -- 70% of the public transit service were down. they all with the last name chan than i are not related to each other or me. it happens we share the last name. different spelling for smchl all which to say i really appreciate mrs. li's application and thank the mir for being considerate about appointing another woman of color in this case a chinese speaking woman to really be serving on the sfmta board of
7:07 pm
directors looking beyond that, to look really to for those who have done the w in the community and really critically knowing the issue, and having a relationship on going relationship with the community. not just in china town but across the city i congress of those candidates that are more than qualified as well. with that i regrettablely will not support mrs. li's appointment today. thank you chair peskin. >> thank you supervisor chan. approximate i'm not prepared vote on this just boy virtue of the fact i believe mrs. li said she does not consider hergz to fit the requirement which mior may not apply to her of being a frequency, regular muni rider.
7:08 pm
nor does she claim that she fits the professional experience. i would like to have answers to those threshold 8 a102 questions that are up to this board to determine wlo we have the right compliment set forth in the charter. i would after public comment like to continue this merit to the call of the chair. having established that there is no time frame which we must act. and i understand that mrs. lieshgs are li will return in a month. so may be we can interview her in person or may be the mayor will reconsider a suggestion by supervisor channel and i concur with the thrust of the comment this is supervisor chan articulated why den we open item 5 up for public comment.
7:09 pm
>> yes. members of the public who wish to speak and join nothing person line up to speak. for those remote call 415-655-0001 then access code: 2492 770 5750 ##. press story 3 to enter the queue. in the queue wait until the system indicated you have been unmuted then begin your comments no one in the room for comment and one on the phone line. first speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors i'm paulina fair. i'm listen to the honest low i'm surprised and floored to be honest with you. i know gloria li has policy and
7:10 pm
community experience including relevant experience. show is highly passionate and collaborative. she is ap i. i'm confused by supervisor chan's comment. i'd like to opine that everyonesing older people with more experience a pierce ageist the electric of clarity which qualifications needs e specialing given this hen on going. september is disorganized i'm not sure what that is about should that not have been clarified by the spierdzs on the committee. anyway i appreciate that you would like to interview a person when she come become from the country and i do hope at that
7:11 pm
time you will consider how qualified she is and allow her to proceed. >> are there other speakers? >> yes. can we have the next caller, please? can you hear me now? proceed. >> great. dave you'd again. so i don't know the nominee. she appear to have limited experience with transportation planning. and as indicated san francisco residents reject her either today or in the future and seek a qualified enemy neil. we definitely and desperately need independent and knowledgeable mt aboard members. member channel's suggestion of chen would be fantastic.
7:12 pm
queena chen would be amazing and wonderful member. and final low on the and there are other qualified individuals, residents of china town. on the legislation itself online 6 it is color 8a there is no period in there and online 18 should say serve and not serves. and at some point you will approve or reject. those are my thoughts, thank you very much for listening. >> are there remaining commenters on this item? >> we don't have additionaling callers at this time yoch public comment is closed. supervisor mandelman. >> thank you. chair peskin i know mrs. li a bit.
7:13 pm
have not had the town to talk to her. prior to today and don't feel cape okay of or qualified weigh in on this. nomination. at this time. i would appreciate a little more time. >> so it shall be i will make a motion to condition this item to the call of the chair. and i do note that so as far as oftentimes nominees reach out before they have been nominate today has been an among and a half since the enemyination and it is -- telling this the enemy neil has not reached out to supervisor mandelman. i will make a motion to condition this to the call of the chair a roll call >> on the motion to condition to the call of the chair. supervisor chan. >> aye >> vice chair mandelman. >> aye. >> chair peskin. >> aye. >> the motion passes.
7:14 pm
we are adjourned.
7:15 pm
>> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local businesses and challenges residents to do their business in the 49 square files
7:16 pm
of san francisco. we help san francisco remain unique, successful and right vi. so where will you shop and dine in the 49? >> i'm one of three owners here in san francisco and we provide mostly live music entertainment and we have food, the type of food that we have a mexican food and it's not a big menu, but we did it with love. like ribeye tacos and quesadillas and fries. for latinos, it brings families together and if we can bring that family to your business, you're gold. tonight we have russelling for e community. >> we have a ten-person limb elimination match.
7:17 pm
we have a full-size ring with barside food and drink. we ended up getting wrestling here with puoillo del mar. we're hope og get families to join us. we've done a drag queen bingo and we're trying to be a diverse kind of club, trying different things. this is a great part of town and there's a bunch of shops, a variety of stores and ethnic restaurants. there's a popular little shop that all of the kids like to hang out at. we have a great breakfast spot call brick fast at tiffanies. some of the older businesses are refurbished and newer businesses are coming in and it's exciting. >> we even have our own brewery for fdr, ferment, drink repeat. it's in the san francisco garden
7:18 pm
district and four beautiful murals. >> it's important to shop local because it's kind of like a circle of life, if you will. we hire local people. local people spend their money at our businesses and those local people will spend their money as well. i hope people shop locally.
7:19 pm
>> there is a lot of unique characteristics about visitation valley. it is a unique part of the city.
7:20 pm
>> we are off in a corner of the city against the san francisco county line 101 on one side. vis station valley is still one of the last blue color neighborhoods in san francisco. a lot of working class families out here. it is unusual. not a lot of apartment buildings. a lot of single family homes. >> great business corridor. so much traffic coming through here and stopping off to grab coffee or sandwich or pick up food before going home. >> a lot of customers are from the neighborhood. they are painters or mechanics. they are like blue color workers, a lot of them. >> the community is lovely. multi-racial and hopefully we can look out for each other. >> there is a variety of businesses on the block. you think of buffalo kitchen,
7:21 pm
chinese food, pork buns, sandwich. library, bank of america with a parking lot. the market where you can grab anything. amazing food choices, nail salons. basically everything you need is here. >> a lot of these businesses up and down leland are family owned. people running them are family. when you come here and you have an uncle and nephew and go across the street and have the guy and his dad. lisa and her daughter in the dog parlor and pam. it is very cool. >> is small businesses make the neighborhood unique. >> new businesses coming. in mission blue, gourmet chocolate manufacturing. the corridor has changed and is continuing to change. we hope to see more businesses
7:22 pm
coming in the near future. >> this is what is needed. first, stay home. unless it is absoluteliness scary. social distancing is the most important step right now to limit spread of virus. cancel all nonessential gather everythings. >> when the pandemic litly land avenue suffered like other corridors. a few nail salons couldn't operate. they shut down. restaurants that had to adapt to more of a take out model. they haven't totally brought back indoor seating. >> it is heartbreaking to see the businesses that have closed down and shut because of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first hit it got really slow.
7:23 pm
we had to change our hours. we never had to close, which is a blessing. thank god. we stayed open the whole time. >> we were kind of nervous and anxious to see what was going to come next hoping we will not have to close down. >> during covid we would go outside and look on both sides of the street. it looked like old western town. nobody on the street. no cars. >> it was a hard eight or nine months. when they opened up half the people couldn't afford a haircut. >> during that time we kept saying the coffee shop was the living room of the valley. people would come to make sure they were okay. >> we checked on each other and patronized each other. i would get a cup of coffee, shirt, they would get a haircut. >> this is a generous and kind community. people would be like i am
7:24 pm
getting the toffee for the guy behind me and some days it went on and on. it was amazing to watch. we saw a perfect picture of community. we are all in this together. >> since we began to reopen one year later, we will emerge stronger. we will emerge better as a city because we are still here and we stand in solidarity with one another. >> when we opened up august 1st. i will not say it was all good. we are still struggling due to covid. it affected a lot of people. >> we are still in the pandemic right now. things are opening up a little bit. it is great to have space to come together. i did a three painting series of visitation valley and the businesses on leland.
7:25 pm
it felt good to drop off the paintings and hung them. >> my business is picking up. the city is opening up. we have mask requirements. i check temperatures. i ask for vaccination card and/or recent test. the older folks they want to feel safe here. >> i feel like there is a sense of unity happening. >> what got us through the pandemic was our customers. their dogs needed groomed, we have to cut their nails so they don't over grow. >> this is only going to push us forward. i sense a spirit of community and just belief in one another. >> we are trying to see if we can help all small businesses around here. there is a cannabis club lounge next to the dog parlor to bring foot traffic. my business is not going to work if the business across the street is not getting help.
7:26 pm
>> in hit us hard. i see a bright future to get the storefronts full. >> once people come here i think they really like it. >> if you are from san francisco visit visitation valley to see how this side of the city is the same but different.
7:27 pm
7:28 pm
7:29 pm
7:30 pm
>> hi. i'm alita fisher running for san francisco board of education buzz i'm a former foster paraphernalia now adoptive parent and in the past 17 years
7:31 pm
4 children attended 8 sudden fran schools. i have been an active partner at each one. mom and grand mother were teachers i loved school. i was that kid who came home and played school with my toys it was nile journey identifying my children's disabilities that trance formed me to parent activist and school was nots set up for everyone to succeed. now i'm a special education advocate by profession. daily, meeting after meeting i fived fight with families to get passport to help children succeed in school. i see how society marginalizes people who think and learn different low i can proviedz educationar all students and help everyone succeed. i'm a policy [inaudible] a data nerd and more then and there 10 years serving on district level committees. i served on work fwroup and task
7:32 pm
force. i have been a collaborative partner and coalition builder. work with teachers, districts and city leaders and more to increase funding for schools and improve out come for all students. now more than every we need commissioners with a proven track record of collaboration on behalf of most marginalized. endorsed by teacher's union. labor council, democratic party, many democratic club and elected officials and hope you will join me in voting them in voting for me on november eighth. thank you very much. hello i'm karen fleshmachine i'm running for board of education
7:33 pm
unified sudden fran for know fran unified. as a mom to 2 students daughter of retired edindicatored. public school graduate and voltory in my kid's school. i demly value public education and community service. i'm not a politician. i'm a paraphernalia and community development practical tigzer committed to rolling up slows and vesting in our public school silence. if elected, i will priorize investing in educators and students social emotional well being and academics. providing budget trans paraphernalias and accountable and prosecute meeting collaborative decision make. il use my 20 years of experience wing for local gentleman and nonprofits to help young people succeed in college, careers and life. and 10 years of experience helping immigrants become u.s.
7:34 pm
citizen. shifting w accomplice and school community culture to be safer and positive for everyone. i will bring all this experience to support curriculum and programs and strengthen per inship this is prepares stounts for college and liveable wage careers. on november 8 vote karen fleshmachine for cool board. >> hi i'm ann sheur the immigrant and business person on the san francisco school board and running this november. i spent 25 year work nothing high-tech as a professional and entrepreneur running my own companies. i don't got involved in school approximately ticks during the
7:35 pm
pandemic had nightmy sons enroll in the public schools disengage friday learning doing zoom school. they were playing video gameless. watching net flex and talking with friends 15 hours a day every day. i also found a school board playing politics inside of addressing issues. this got me angry and worked with parents cross san francisco to successful low recall 3 school board members. after mayor breed a pointed mow to the school board in march i worked with clothes to accomplish a few person tasks. first we hired a students focused superintendent. we passed a balanced budget and rescinded all layoff notices. then restored criteria admission policies to lower high school and dropped the wish wash lawsuit pel that would have cost half million dollars. and we restored jrotc to high
7:36 pm
schools. there is more work to do and that is why i'm running for election in november. i will prioritize students achievement and academic excellence for all students. safe schools physically and e megzal for all students. and develop and operational excellence for our district. time to reform sfusd and stop the politics. time to focus educating students i'm counting on your preponder in november. >> hello i'm gabriela lopez
7:37 pm
running for the board of education. my background is rot in the education. dating back over 13 years. starting off as a pair educator builted fundation to become a bilingual teach upper. work nothing schools, i learned the importance of union work and became the union building representative and i member of the school counsels. i was the art's coordinator and participated in districted with ment for for success program. become the youngest woman elected to the board of education a was feature advocate and elevate voices, concern and priorities of the people often left out of the spaces. during the pandemic, i med sure our district protected teachers, students and families. on the ground every day helping communities knight providing educational materialings. supplies and workshops that
7:38 pm
helped parents learn to navigate. i continued to be advocate for sxejz working at university of san francisco appropriating edindicatoreds for this role many in sf schools i'm dedicated to this critical work and when it is like to work for our city serving on the board of education. i learn friday this, grown and red to continue advocating for all of us to better serve our students. >> i'm lainie and i was ash pointed in march of this year on the bell on the this november. i would love your support. i'm focused on ensuring student
7:39 pm
success and building trusted. last 6 months i hoired a new intrnlts. billionsed the budget and focussed on had students need. whether you have kids in public education or not a well functioning public education system is necessary for a community to retain young people and felless in the city and public school graduates prep exclude red for futures. i have been a parent in the district for a decade. both my mom and step dad are retired teachers. had i join third degree district i pitch in how i can. involved in pta. school councils andvilletory nothing schools in ways i could be of most help. 4 years ago appointed to budget committee devices on millions begin to the district from the city. the service gave mow insight in district funneling and student priors and awe a need for more transparency and honest
7:40 pm
conversations about what is working for our city councils, what is not and what our educators and schools need to serve students. no matter what school they attends. draw on experience from state gentleman in regulation and policy. business experience in tech untiling and program management and my nonprofit board experience i novemberigate added vocating needs of students and our district. i'm running as a parent and language time advocate for quality education because i love our city. i'm running because i want sfusd to be a world class public education system all families have a great option for children. let's do this together i'm lainie and i love your support in november.
7:41 pm
>> i'm lisa worried i was ash pointed the board of education in much of this year. i'm product of public schools if circumstance-law scoop i understand and benefitted from quality public education. i'm sociality director ofim grant [inaudible] the job i have 2 rolls royce attorney hat i representative individuals facing deportation. wearing the educator hatted i teach and mentor law students. teach about growth minds set and critical discourse, consensus building and talk to others using a trauma informed lens. because of my worky appreciate the value of starting conversations from a point of community rather than a point of
7:42 pm
difference. but i'm a mom a paraphernalia to 2 children. an honest torto be appoint third degree spring i accept today i know and experience first handled as a paraphernalia how body low the trust is broken with the school board and public i focus to rebuild the trust sxf equity for all. in 6 months we have been busy. passed a balanced budget. staff layoff notices. hired a new intrvenlt bring new revenue. created a community driven framework to improve high schools and enengage intensive w to improve our presses to focus on improving student out come in closing the opportunity gap. i have the skill this is will move us forward for the quality education this all students deserve i want my kids and yours and niches to have the best
7:43 pm
education possible. thank you. i'm stephanie a district 2 supervisor in san francisco running for another term this november dp love your support past 5 years i have been focussed on things that are important to conscientist webs public safety, helping small businesses and fighting corruption at city hall. looking forward it another for you years to work on those with regard to public safety. this past june i passed prospect d, which creates the office of witness rights and for the first time ever in this nation we will provide a right to free legal council for domestic violence
7:44 pm
victims. a mom and prosecutor and city hall veteran and gun violence prevention advocate and love public service. i look forward to running and would love your support. thank you. >> i'm [inaudible] chung i am rung for city college board. as a child of chinese refugees born approximate san front i know the communities this city college serves. at city college my parents learned english and took classes and my siblings and i earned credits forker bachelor. since returning to pursue public health in 2017, upon wing at a
7:45 pm
variety of opportunity resource and retention centers i realized that city college plays a role in addressing health desparities this predate covid-19. i was elected to the board as a student trustee to fight unsound community health compromising instructional plan and budgets down size our college. are put our educators out of work and robbery blk and brown communities of access to social economic opportunity. as trustee i will champion investing unspent soon to expire funding from the american rescue plan on registration and infrastructure that our trauma and accessible for community of color. committed to organizes to reverse policy this is under fund public education. >> combat racist policy this is seek to down size our college.
7:46 pm
as an sprjsed community organizer, i have a plan to restore fiscal and community health to the college and our city. visit chung for college board to learn more and join the san francisco log of women voter s and vote vishg chung on or before november 8. hi i help to earn your vote for municipality college boofrmd ccsf suffered i decade of serious financial mismanagement and incompetent oversight with strong responsiblesed guidance can regain financial stability, resteb reputation and endure as an important educational and
7:47 pm
economic engine this serves our community. i bring the perspective of 24 years of leadership. including 9 years on the [inaudible] my familiarity with the effective governors and funds raising and academic snougzs including twoft top university in thes westerlied cereal when is needed successful low over come the many challenge the. failure is a crisis for all of san francisco. electing the same type of canidates, approximately tigzs behold annual to stake holders over and over will yield the same out come. i hope you chos to row more me i'm independent reclinedal offers of consideration for endorsement to focus on dog had is right for ccsf i have board experience where i also piloted i curriculum.
7:48 pm
only candidate raised 42 million dollars and will bring creative funding ideas and opportunities. i will not add parcel taxes to hide mismanagement. final low i'm the only chaired the audit and finance of a fiscally fit within 50 million dollars gentleman organization. i'm an 8 generation san francisco approximationate about the trans formative power of sxejz i believe ccsf is a gem that must be preserved. il being you were independent and responsiblesed voice on the board. thank you so much. >> i'm danielle land row a candidate for trustee board of
7:49 pm
city college. as a native of san front growing up i went to public schools and lived in low income houses facing poverty and dealing with quality of life,. it was difficult it focus on education as a teen without proper resources and support which is necessary and important on your journey toward higher learnings a youth. working in san front for 29 years and believe education is a human right and protected in addition, some of my past experience include wing as an assistant teacher for the san front educational service in 95. helping to craft prop f fordable housing for bay vow in 2008 and a member of the restoration board to the nest in 2009. i'm the executive director of san francisco cats academy and the human right's commission task force committee. if elected my priors to support
7:50 pm
stounts and teacher need, mandate fitsical over site for budget of minnin that and expand tuition fro enroll am program and ensure ccsf keeps accreditation restore lost class and faculty competence bringing back credit and nun credit courses for students. i believe if we want to stroll line enroll am. we must stop politic dps elect the peep not [inaudible] i will be honored serve and i respectful low ask for your vote on november 8 of 22. thank you. clear clear >> hi i'm am [inaudible] running
7:51 pm
for reelection for trustee of city college of sudden front. i am prutd to have been the president and city college had we implemented free stele and increase the enrollment by 25%. we hoired a permanent chancellor who is cpa and have balancedor budget for the first time in i language time. hai want to do moving forward is make sure this we keep that balanced budget and get reacredited. i was here 7 years ago when credited i will make sure we get it again. i want to grow enroll am. i'm a marketing out reach and communication professional. i want to use those skill its make sure we grow our students and lost 30% of enroll am during covid and with the grouth we grow our program and grow faculty and staff. i want to continue to work on
7:52 pm
our transit pass. we other only higher education institution in know fran without one. i'm working with students, leaders when are working the transit tome to get a pass for communal college. we gotten a private developer to give us 400 thousand dollars to w on that come pain and i have been part of the tome this got 100 plus units of husband to diversify the faculty endorsed by scott wiener by cohen, lieutenant governor and matt hane upon hene and all of trustees i serve you in and 6 different supervisors i would be honored get your vote this november. thank you.
7:53 pm
>> 30 years ago i earned my degree at city collegeful left year i earned my recent degree in middle eastern. i am city college. with my candidacy for i seat on the board of trustees for city college my history speaks. as a student, counciling intern and councillor before i retired as chair. in 2021, working parliament time at city college i have served as a councillor at san francisco state university working with transfer students. as a former student and chair of city college for 20 years i understand the workings of the
7:54 pm
school from the perspective of a stun to low are management. my experience at city college provided mo with knowledge required to be an effective board member to address issues that city college has endured the last 10 years beginning with the credit crisis and the financial predicament. i would bring in thor perspective to the board while making decisions with policies and dj budget decision this is make city college a strategy and are sought after educational institution. keeping it a commune college. my platform consists of rehiring instructors, adding more classes, grow being programs such as nursing and bring back the airport program. while. keeping the commune in our colleges of san francisco.
7:55 pm
i'm jill yooe i have experience at city college as a 10 year faculty department chair approximate know academic deanful city college is facing 2 over arching problems. one it must balance the budget and learn to live within its means. 2, it must address the declining enroll am. 3ing more machiney at a problem is in the the a. it enables the unrealistic expectation that the college will always be rescued by taxpayers. from the self inflicted wound.
7:56 pm
more money for more classes to hire more teachers does not magically produce more students. but tell funds more low enrolled classes to cope upon nerve place. it is build and than i will come approach was tried and failed. resulting in deficit pending this caused the layoffs of last semester. my plan is it rebuild the college strategically in the blind low fun everything. the college needs to cultivate other funneling strolls by one, aggressively pursuing grant funding. 2, would stronger business and community partnerships. and foible low doubling down on vocational program this is will be a pipe line to living wage jobs.
7:57 pm
i know i have the deep institutional knowledge needed to move the college forward. voters have a choice. either to continue bailing out the college or final low hold it accountable and stand on its own 2 feet. >> thank you. >> everyone has a right to own body and fir chance at [inaudible]. our country restrives for equity men get left behind. i believe city college will be fro for all of an fran. because gives everyone a chance to fight. no merit their become ground, age or history. removing barriers to education is the way to help people out of
7:58 pm
the poverty electronic. to accomplish this city college needs to meet diligence it is in the a destination it is a step to the rest of your life. investments of academic and students service are key and support staff such as advisor. many people don't have an idea had they want. having machine to guide them willrous the time spent there and more on enjoying a life after. i intend to keep city college free for san francisco forever and also. stroll line requirements 99. professional low i'm a data engineer i hold a bachelors in mechanics from beshg low and [inaudible] i republican for san francisco board in 2015. since then i travelled the counsel row and returned hem in 2021.
7:59 pm
through faith i responsiblesed poverty during the pandemic living helpful a year out of my car it is difficult to comp henldz that the tools are in the there for people to fight out. you can look yourself behind the mc donalds counter or stay homeless. education is a third option.
8:00 pm
>> good morning, everybody. this is i big